Instant reaction: The real Seahawks stand up

The Seahawks celebrated.

And boy, did they celebrate.

The memes. The graphics. The GIF’s. The post-game interviews.

The former team mates gloating.

The smiles, the jubilation.

Nobody thought we could win this game!’

It all felt a bit much for 1/17th of the regular season.

I appreciate it was a big game with meaning. The NFL schedule-makers played a blinder. Russell Wilson’s return was always going to be billed as more than just a game.

I didn’t quite expect the Seahawks to treat it as such, though.

Not to the extent they did.

The push-back for my video in the week wasn’t particularly well received. I wanted to beat the Niners. They’re a fun team to beat.

The risk of an emotional let down was always high after a Monday night opener. Yet it felt the Seahawks, as I said, turned a victory lap into a victory mile.

My fear wasn’t a let-down performance, rather than a melt-down.

Or a beat-down.

And that’s what happened.

The 27-7 scoreline made this one look better than it was.

This was a thoroughly miserable experience.

The tackling was generally awful on defense again. There were blown coverages. A lot of the same defensive issues we’ve seen in previous years were present once more. There’s no obvious pass-rushing plan and players you want to see step up (Darrell Taylor) aren’t getting it done.

On offense, they’ve now not scored a single point in six quarters. That first-half flourish against Denver looks like a mirage. It appears to be the benefit of weeks of scripting and preparing — or Denver being rubbish. Maybe both.

The Seahawks came into the season with Pete Carroll declaring they were ‘going to run the heck out of the ball’. Two games in and they can’t run. Teams don’t respect the pass, they load up the box and attack. All very predictable.

Geno Smith can complete the odd pass but, remarkably, he is still Geno Smith. They also seemingly have no idea — short of a miraculous trick-play that was brought back due to a rookie error — how to game-plan D.K. Metcalf into relevance.

When they get into the red zone, they opt to run back-to-back ‘wildcat’ snaps and ask Deejay Dallas to throw the ball (with a predictable result).

I’ve said countless times this year. My expectations couldn’t be lower for the 2022 season. But can we please avoid nonsense like that trick play?

It was embarrassingly bad.

I’m ready for a basic brand of football. I can live with Pete-ball.

But let’s actually do it.

And as part of the bargain — the bargain that means low expectations — I want to avoid dumb decisions, missed tackles, ill-disciplined and ill-timed penalties, I want to see something that resembles ‘different’ on defense and signs of development.

I don’t want to see Nick Bosa unblocked over and over again (whose idea was that?).

I suppose you could cling to a silver-lining that it could’ve been worse. Certainly, there’s absolutely no justification that a blocked field goal could get the Seahawks back in this game. Yet San Francisco’s inability to finish things earlier kept things somewhat alive.

But there’s no hope — none — that when this team puts itself in a hole they’ll be able on offense to claw things back.

It’s also a legit concern that an offense looking this bad will develop anyone.

They finished with 210 total yards — 38 of which came in garbage time at the end. A further 56 yards came in garbage time at the end of the first half. Theoretically, they produced the grand total of 116 meaningful yards today.

Losing this game isn’t the problem. Losing this way kind of is.

They wrote me off, I aint write back though

Nobody thought we could win this game

The Seahawks might’ve won the only game they really care about in week one. This afternoon in California was a glimpse into the future. What we will need to endure for most of 2022.

I’m ready for it. Are others?

And if we’re going to do this, can we have honest and open conversations about it along the way? Because it’s not just about getting through one year. It’s about whether the people building this team, organising this team, putting this together are truly right for the task.

A performance like this, for me, makes it a conversation we should have as we go along.

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  1. Chris

    Rob, I seriously doubt that you will get the same amount of push back this week🤣. Where is this creative attacking defense we were promised this off-season?

  2. KennyBadger

    “This is your team” – Norman Dale

  3. bmseattle

    I’m pretty sure that Rob’s negativity last week, directly caused the Seahawks to play like crap this week.
    Damn you, Rob!

  4. Mike

    This is the team I expected. Fun win last week. Let’s settle into being mediocre and earn a shot at a good pick. Or two….looks like Denver will struggle all year.

    • bmseattle

      “Let’s settle into being mediocre…”

      If only.

      • AggieHawk

        Indeed, being mediocre but hard-playing and well-coached would represent a massive improvement. Missed tackles, questionable schemes, poor execution all around. I can live with shortages in talent this year, but the coaches should be on the hot seat if they can’t get this team better prepared.

  5. Trevor

    Games and performances like this are the type that get head coaches fired. A few more performances like this and the war drums will start beating louder and louder for Pete. As you predicted Rob this could get so ugly that Pete decides to walk away. Perhaps that and a top 5 picks along with the development of some young players is the best we can hope for this year.

    • Roy Batty

      If the Falcons win at Lumen (and judging by how they almost came back against the Rams, they probably will), the drums will start to pound.

      If the Lions trounce the Hawks in two weeks in Detroit, those drums will be causing tinnitus.

  6. Matthew509

    That trick play at the goaline was absolutely horrendous on all levels. Terrible play call, terrible execution, just a mind boggling decision that took all momentum away from us. This can’t continue, how long before they get tired of a stagnant offense and try Drew Lock, do younthink it will be Rob? I would have much rather them ran a predictable pass with Drew Lock than the trick play they tried today. Thats the one play that just burns me up, and makes me wonder if pete is really the man for the job going forward, I do think John Schneider should be safe, but unfortunately both are attached @ the hip. Gonna be a long season

  7. Dave1401

    Not only is Darrell Taylor not an impact player, he’s a liability out there. That is really disappointing.

    Positives: Owusu was good again, Al Woods had a good game, Redzone D is stout.

    Negatives: everything else

    • Dave1401


    • Hawkdawg

      Taylor snuck into the backfield a few times on running plays. He wasn’t all bad. But he is losing one on one battles with the tackles. And he is being paid and pumped up to do that…

  8. ShowMeYourHawk

    I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

    • mtpgod

      And Al Woods is getting larrrrrger!

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Surely you’re not serious.

  9. pdway

    It was ugly – but I’m not nearly as down about it – and it’s not just b/c expectations are low, we all know the state of things this year. I guess I’m just feeling there are some signs that this D is going to be scrappy and lively this year. Yes, there were dumb plays and too many missed tackles, no argument there, but I feel like i’m also seeing some talent – from guys like Nwosu, Mafe, Taylor, Woolen, Brooks – that gives me hope that we are seeing the beginning of a more athletic, more spirited defense than we’ve had in the post LOB era.

    The offense is obviously an issue, Geno not good enough, but we knew it would be a struggle. Wish we would work harder to get the run game going – this game never broke that way after those two really dumb/bad plays in the 1st half that broke the game open.

    • Seattle Person

      I think Nwosu had another great game.

      Woolen and Jackson had sticky coverage when asked to be in man. They both need to work on getting their heads turned but they can stick to their man.

      Bryant is struggling in the slot vs shifty guys. He was really grabby today in order to prevent what happened last week with Jeudy.

      The young tackles held their own for the most part. But after the team fell behind, Bosa got to pin his ears back and rush.

      Brooks and Barton have not been good in run defense. The whole defense looked better in the 2nd half but our two LBs are struggling. Ditto on Taylor. He hasn’t shown much as a rusher.

      • Roy Batty

        Bryant hits guys and bounces off like they’re made of silly putty.

        Bosa switched to rushing inside and began to get to Geno.

        Barton is much better this year, but still not great, and Brooks is absolutely whiffing.

        Taylor was all dancing bluster during the pre season then forgot to show up for the regular season.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d feel better about the ‘scrappy’ defense if they also:

      – Tackled
      – Rushed the passer
      – Ever gave the slightest hint they might force a turnover

      Three things that this defense hasn’t done well in years

  10. Seattle Person

    Right on Rob! Embrace the suck. Still plenty of time for players to improve but I still think about the mid-season mark or the 3/4 mark. This is when I’m going to start making my judgments about which players are keepers.

    On a side note: Broncos fans counting down the play clock at the stadium in order to prevent a delay of game is genius and funny at the same time.

    • Simon McInnes

      And still, with seven minutes to play in a one score game, Denver had used all their time outs

  11. bk matty

    fantastic loss. Everything we want this year. DO NOT WIN ANOHTER GAME!!! Stroud is a generational talent and he can be ours. Dont go screwing it up by winning games. We got our win vs RW now just play steady to bad ball and lose.

    Lucas had a rough game. Cross looks more than fine, really excited about his future. Secondary took their lumps, they will all year and now with no JA it will be an ugly season for them but we have to hope its all great learning. MJ and TW have a long way to go but Im super excited about them too.

    Al Woods is just a fantastic player!

  12. 12th chuck

    prepare to have the seahawks play 2 decent games against bottom tier teams. One, if not both games to be won in the 4th quarter, and pc come out and say smugly, blah blah blah blah no reason to worry.
    One or 2 things are almost certain, tackling will be an issue, and lose the time of possession as usual.

  13. Trevor

    To make matters worse the Broncos get an ugly win.

    • bmseattle

      Yeah, would have been really cool for them to lose at home to the Texans.
      But, this was a game we probably all had as a win for them, going in.

  14. Gross MaToast

    The thing is, this won’t be just for the rest of this season, but likely for 2023, as well. Pete won’t be fired. He’s the caretaker until new ownership arrives (assuming it does), and he won’t walk away. I don’t want this regime using any further draft picks or even developing players currently on the roster. Neither would any team with an engaged owner/GM.

    Sean Payton is sitting in a freaking television studio, waiting to be offered a gig.

    Also, if anyone can point out what the identity of this team is, please do so and use large print because I can’t see shit.

    • BA

      Pretty much. My main concern is that Pete stays on long enough to set the next coach/GM back another 2-3 years, whether by screwing up the QB pick or by ruining the development of the current crop of young players (or both). It’s clear he’s just completely lost it.

  15. Adam B.

    It’s important for Seahawks’ fans to remember just how integral a quality Quarterback is to the play of a Football team.

    Russell Wilson–for all the legitimate criticism leveled at him over the last few months–did a LOT to cover up the warts in the play of the Seahawks. He kept the offense moving, generally kept the defense rested, and provided the team with enough of a passing threat that Metcalf and Lockett were legitimate All-Pro candidates and “Pete ball” could actually function.

    As the Seahawks showed today, they’re going to desperately miss all of that, and Peter Clay Carroll can no longer rest on his laurels and expect to squeak out his 19-16 victories with two rookie Corners and a lack-luster pass-rush.

    • Beagles in MCO

      Are you talking about the Russell Wilson of 3 years ago or the Wilson led Broncos of today? My optimistic takeaway from this is that at two of the “premier” positions (L-OT and CB) we have rookies. 2nd game in and to my eyes, both are exceeding expectations. That’s not even taking into account Lucas who is playing a dominant Right tackle.

      • McZ

        Meanwhile, in a parallel “what if” universe, Mike McDaniel turn the Fins into a SB contender, with a mediocre QB.

        It’s really unbelievable, how people talk themselves into acceptance of the mess created.

      • king.

        Wilson is not Denver’s problem. He was good in week 1 and was far better yesterday than most think he was. His receivers had a couple of drops. The Texans committed 60+ yards in DPI and the interception was a laser beam to Sutton, who made the grab then let the defender rip it out of his hands. He would have had another TD if Sutton gets his feet down, as he should have.

        The problem in Denver is that if Hackett doesn’t get his shit together, he won’t last long enough to be one and done.

  16. Tezza

    Just have to embrace the tank. Important will loose next game against Atlanta also need 49ers to beat Denver.

    • BK Matty

      even a win next year isn’t terrible. Looking at the schedule I see us maybe winning 4 games. That should be good enough for a top 3 pick. If we can find a way to lose to Atlanta I think we are all but gteed a top 3 pick….

  17. Elmer

    Geno did what can be expected of Geno. To me, other things were more disappointing.

    -Need to find a way to get Metcalf going

    -Need a running game. Defenses are going to load up to stop it. Figure it out.

    -Taylor needs learn his job or sit down.

  18. GoHawksDani

    Let’s be fair.
    Geno is not much worse than JimmyG. The issue is with the coaches.
    1, they are the worst screen team ever
    2, they are the worst against screens
    3, tackling sucks
    4, run defense is either no gain or 8-12 yard gain (probably an LB issue?)
    5, running game sucks
    6, ‘bend don’t break’ is a stupid concept (how about don’t bend either?)

    The roster is weak too but coaching and game planning is the worst with this team.
    As for the roster, who are the “must keep” guys?
    Nwosu, Lockett, DK, maaaybe Woods
    Who are the young guys who showed some promise?
    Lucas, maybe Walker, maaaybe Cross, Mike Jackson.

    Can’t really name anyone other.
    And even that feels a bit generous/optimistic.
    This is a weak roster managed by awful coaches.
    Give this to one of the top3 coaches and they might make something with it. But with this staff, you’ll need 7-10 more good/great players.

    SF is not even a good team. They have Deebo, Kittle, Bosa and maybe a couple of known players on D. But a ton of up-n-coming guys and a great coaching staff. The coaches can elevate a mediocre-OK roster to win more games that they should.

    Forget QBs as a ticket to competition. Hawks will need QB, 1-2xLB, 2xOG, 2xS, 1-2xCB, 1-2xDE, DT all pretty good to have some chance to even be somewhat relevant.
    With this staff even with OK/decent offseasons (unless they win the lottery), it’ll be 3-4 offseason.

    • Djack

      You’re off your rocker dude…

    • Mac

      Jimmy G is a lot better than Geno, he’s basically a handsome Kirk Cousins and Kirk Cousins is basically name brand version of Alex Smith.

      I mostly agree with 1-6, it’d be fine if I could see some cohesive football in a loss. The defense & offensive needs to show some creativity to adapt.

    • UkAlex6674

      Jimmy G is a far better QB than Smith.

      But Nimmy H is still a just above average QB.

      You do the rest.

    • GoHawksDani

      Jimmy throw the ball over and under receivers a lot. He has better arm strength than Geno, and a bit better feeling of the pocket and seeing the field, BUT he also has better scheme and the help of a good run game. Geno throw some decent balls to Lockett, DK and the TEs. He’s by no mean a starting level QB, but neither is Jimmy. You can think we’d win more with Jimmy, but I disagree.
      SF won because of the great rungame, our defensive issues and a good offensive scheme. On every pass from Jimmy that were successful the WRs were pretty wide open.
      Cousins and Smith are much better game managers with better vision and accuracy.

      I’m not a Geno fan, never was, probably never will be. But this game was lost because of stupid coaching decisions (like that trick play), lack of running game, not great passpro, bad mistakes and defensive struggles to stop the offense anywhere other than inside our 20 yard line

  19. One Bad Mata'afa

    “dumb decisions, missed tackles, ill-disciplined and ill-timed penalties”.

    I mean, it’s been the hallmark of Pete Carroll’s Seahawks really.

  20. Denver Hawker

    A New England fan called me today and asked, is a #1 overall going to fix the Seahawks? Getting first choice of QB in the draft does nothing if we can’t develop the young players on the roster. I expected this game to be an L, but not this bad.

    • Mark T

      No it won’t because the huge talent void that we are suffering from has been created over the past 6-7 years of short term decision making. It won’t be fixed by a single draft or pick but no.s 1, 10, 33 and 42 will go a decent way to helping…

  21. Scot04

    Got to love the quote from Diggs, post game.

    “We shouldn’t be feeding into all the hype, anyway.
    “Obviously, we’re not that good.”

    • Roy Batty

      I love a guy who got paid and still shows up to play his ass off (except for his missed picks) and still has the guts to tell it like it is.

      Refreshing compared to the HC.

    • Rob Staton

      I appreciate Quandre’s honesty

      And frankly, I’d like to hear a bit more of this

  22. Gaux Hawks

    four picks in the top forty… mic drop

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll “developing” those picks.
      Mic drop

      • Gaux Hawks

        …i already mic dropped, too late

        • Big Mike

          Never too late for Carroll to screw up a draft choice or 3

  23. Sten

    If they can’t figure out how to defend the run and run-block themselves, it’s gonna be an ugly ugly season with Geno and Lock throwing from behind trying to get us back into games: best case scenario they’re game managers. I don’t know how not only was bosa unblocked over and over (seems like Parkinson had the wrong call on one run) but Deebo not even being covered by anyone as Brooks continues to look clueless on pass defense irked me too. Bryant is looking like a rookie, hopefully he can improve. I can’t even blame the dbs for giving up all those penalties today, they’re all new and the calls continue to be trash just like last year. Teams will continue to set up bunch formations and ruin us because we can’t effectively play zone.

  24. no frickin clue

    Well, so much for all that 1972 Dolphins talk I guess.

    Guess we’ll just have to make do with the 1998 Vikings?

  25. Palatypus

    Good morning.

    The Seattle Seahawks natops.

    It contains everything they want you to know about your football team.

    I’m assuming you know the book inside and out.

    (Damn right. Damn straight. You got it)

    So does your enemy.

    [Drops playbook in garbage.]

    (And we’re off.)

    But what the enemy doesn’t know is your limits.

    I intend to find them, test them, push beyond.

    Today we’ll start with what you only think you know.

    You show me what you’re made of…

  26. Trevor

    If the Hawks end up with two top 10 picks and four in the top 40
    Is this a job Sean Peyton might be interested in?

    • Roy Batty

      Give him Pete’s level of control, and make sure to dump Schneider also, then he would probably consider it.

    • Bmseattle

      You mean as Assistant HC?

    • Scot04

      Well the Raiders didn’t help by falling apart. Need the 49rs to play well next week.

  27. Djack

    I guess you deserve to celebrate this loss…cheers!

    • Rob Staton

      I wanted the Seahawks to win

      I will never celebrate a loss

      I gave some honest opinions this week and people reacted very badly to them and got personal

      I won’t change because a noisy element on the internet don’t want to talk about anything that isn’t flowers and sunshine

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Wow, is this the real D Jack? We could’ve won XL if you hadn’t pushed off in the end zone. So… thanks for that, I guess.

      • Djack

        Is this a riddle?

  28. GoHawks5151

    Yucky game. Complete let down. Poor play. Geno was bad. Run D was bad. Taylor seems confused on his role and is getting tunnel vision for pass rush. Interior O line weak.

    Young OTs and CBs had rough time with play and penalties. Even if we are to accomplish the goals of setting the table for next year we will have to suffer some lumps with these guys

    The full house backfield is interesting and along with last week we may be seeing a little of Waldron’s style. But why throw the double pass on the second play of that formation? TE screen was a good idea, poorly executed as well.

    I’m almost numb to result honestly. Here for the development of the players

  29. Rob Staton

    According to Elias via @ESPNStatsInfo, Geno Smith’s 80% completion rate today is the highest (minimum of pass 30 attempts) in a game in which a QB’s team didn’t score an offensive point since statistics were first tracked for individual players in 1932.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Pretty cool to get in the record books. Atta boy Geno!

      • Justin Mullikin

        Geno is writing back lol

  30. Rob Staton

    Just updated this part of the article:

    They finished with 210 total yards — 38 of which came in garbage time at the end. A further 56 yards came in garbage time at the end of the first half. Theoretically, they produced the grand total of 116 meaningful yards today.

  31. Jabroni-DC

    We’re bad. I remember what it’s like to be bad for decades & not have a QB that you believe in. All roads lead to the 2023 draft. There’s hope there that we find our 2nd ever ‘great’ QB. If we don’t… that would be the opposite of good.

    Nice FG block by Woolen.

    Watching the UW vs MSU highlights, Spartan WR Keon Coleman looks like one to keep an eye on for down the road. Made several of their big plays. 6’4″ 215lbs Sophomore.

  32. Jabroni-DC

    The game would have been closer if Trey Lance hadn’t gotten hurt. The 49ers got lucky on that one with regards to having a winning season.

  33. Justin Mullikin

    Two things:

    1. Rob, I enjoy your content. You develop well though out ideas and criticisms. I don’t always agree with you, but the topics you discuss are worthwhile. I love hearing from all the guests as well. Hearing (San Fran) Rob talk about how the 49ers fans are divided over their qb (poor Trey, get well soon) really shed light on how toxic some Seahawks fans are. I could never have boo’d Russell, maybe that’s just me. Not everyone that has an internet connection is worth listening to. Keep up the good work, most of us love your blog.

    2. The Seahawks. Being humiliated by the 49ers was hard to watch. Seeing all those 3rd down PI and holding calls were frustrating. It seems like this way of defending is getting called a lot more the last few years and the Hawks have not adjusted. Tacking was abysmal (normal for us). Our O line really struggled against the talented 49er D line. We could have a lot of these games this year. I’m not really upset or surprised about Geno, he is what he is. My question is why the hell can’t we scheme guys open. I wish we had a more creative/ modern offensive attack.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

      And 💯 agree

  34. 12th chuck

    if anyone knows how to get ahold of pc or js, please have them watch sunday night football, the packers are having lessons on “how to run the ball” that might benefit a team that “wants to run the ball”

  35. Rob Staton

    From the Athletic:

    They ran the ball 14 times for 36 yards with only three carries for first downs, one of which came on the final drive of the game.

    Seattle ran the ball for zero or negative yards on 42.9 percent of its plays Sunday, according to TruMedia. The league average is 20 percent. The remaining prime-time games this week notwithstanding, Seattle leads the league in percentage of run plays for zero or negative yards. Seattle has generated a successful run 32.3 percent of the time, according to TruMedia, which is well below the league average of 39 percent. Seattle’s EPA per rush is second-worst in the league among teams that have played two games.

    • 12th chuck

      my guess is they also lead the league in negative pass plays as well, maybe not so much today, but most certainly the last 5+ years

  36. Rob Staton

    This is kind of what I would want to see when you’re building

    They’re scoring 35.5 points a game by the way

    With backup O liners and Jared Goff

    • Denver Hawker

      A Rebuild needs a new coach. Several first wins today for new coaches that have teams pumped. We keep trotting the same old hat.

  37. cha

    Rob I appreciated the post-game stream even more than normal.

    Mainly because you always take the long-term look. “What does today’s game tell us about the future of the Seahawks?”

    You were proven right about being concerned about the post-Denver let down. Pete admitted as much in the postgame press conference.

    But you and the guys pivoted to how does this effect their handling of the 2023 draft and the subsequent development of the talent they acquire. Please keep it up.

    In that vein, I said during the game I wonder if they’re messing with young players again by playing Coby Bryant at nickel instead of his Left Outside Corner spots he was so effective at in college.

    I wonder if they’ve done a Damien Lewis with him, only fast forwarded it to his rookie year. It might not even be a question of if he has the tools to play there. But simply the fact that rather than start him where he was best at in college, they’ve thrust him into a vastly, vastly different role. Instead of having that “sideline to my left” mentality, he has to swivel all over the field and account for a lot of zone changes. I don’t know if this is super-relevant, but another factor is Bryant is left-handed. Putting him frequently in the nickel spot (which a lot of teams like to put on the right side) might further inhibit effective play by Bryant.

    • Big Mike

      Don’t forget cha, they put Blair in the slot after being drafted as and initially playing Safety in Seattle.

      • Big Mike

        And of course we could go even back to Drew Nowack

    • Palatypus

      You know what? I’m not too concerned about playing rookies out of position if they can learn the scheme. Let’s find out where they fit. We aint’ winning the Super Bowl this year. Play Coby Bryant at left corner, play him at right, play him at nickel, make him mirror an assignment. I don’t care. Let’s just take this draft class and make it better.

      • Scot04

        Well they screwed up a multitude of players this way.
        Whether it was changing positions or trying to bring in players who didn’t fit the scheme they were trying to run.
        The two most recent:
        Trading for a safety who didn’t fit your scheme, and never figuring out how to use him; & switching Damien Lewis to LG, which was another horrible decision.
        You can’t make rookies better by simply playing them.
        They need to be developed and put in their best position to succeed.
        Our coaches have done an extremely poor job of this over the last several years, and continue to do so.
        I’ll hope they get lucky with Coby as I prefer seeing him over Coleman.
        However, based on what we continue to see happening with player development, it’s hard to get very optimistic.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a good point on Bryant

      • cha

        FWIW Bryant said he is comfortable on the right side but I wouldn’t expect a 4th round rookie to say anything different.

  38. Denver Hawker

    I started a job recently at a company where the average age of the employees is much younger than me. They are each incredibly gifted, yet know very little of my expertise. They ask incredible questions to understand what I do, how I learned what I learned, etc. They learn my 20+ years of experience very quickly and then say, what if we did it this way, and kinda blows my mind.

    I’ve realized that I’m more of a spiritual guide now- I’m not executing, running plays, but helping people use my knowledge and making it better.

    Several older coaches have accepted coordinator roles recognizing this same thing- the league has passed them by, but some old principles remain true and they can coach that.

    Pete should not be a head coach anymore. The organization seems intent to honor his contribution and let him depart on his terms- it’s the wrong decision sadly. I’m afraid we’ll just endure pain of watching younger coaches pass us by and quality players leave via free agency until he goes.

    • Hawks4life

      Well said

    • Denver Hawker

      I didn’t watch the broadcast, but read somewhere a sideline reporter asked Pete about the DJ Dallas pass, said something like, “we ran the right play, but didn’t throw the ball well enough”. Sounds like maybe he walked it back post-game, comes across like, other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln.

      • GoHawksDani

        Pete said:
        “That play worked, we just have to throw the ball better”

        Interesting view on “working”. It was double covered, and did not fool SF one bit

        • Tien

          Agreed. DK was double covered and Deejay either wasn’t clearly told or he forgot that if he saw double coverage, he was supposed to shut the play down and not throw the pass. It was the opposite of “working.”

    • Rob Staton

      IMO, Pete is still here purely to:

      1. Prove his way of doing things is top notch, so he can solidify his legacy

      2. Not be known as the coach who had that play in the Super Bowl

      We exist for Pete, Pete doesn’t exist for us

      • Denver Hawker

        The emperor has no clothes

  39. KSB

    I didn’t expect the Hawks to win this game. But I didn’t expect them to look that bad.

    In some ways this was like the start of last season. They had a good game plan for the Colts but after that it seemed like didn’t have a good game plan (in the first half anyway) for the rest if the game’s.

    I’m afraid the Hawks offence isn’t going to score very many points this year. I Hope I’m wrong, but i got a feeling they may be in the bottom 3 for scoring.

    Saw some bits of the Denver game and Russell Wilson doesn’t look like one of the top QB’s anymore. Maybe he’s just getting used to the new team. But I’m starting to think the Hawks traded him at the right time to get what they did for him.

    Hope the Hawks perform better against the Falcons. Looking at the schedule before the season started. I figured that this game would be a win for them. But after what I saw today from both teams. I’m not so sure now?

    • Peter

      Here’s a what if that I would be willing to posit….

      The FO traded Wilson at perhaps the right time.


      Those picks won’t matter with this regime because something is very broken in seahawks land to keep producing the same sludgy results for year over year over year.

  40. Mick

    Cowboys won with Cooper Rush today. Not saying he will repeat this too often but it’s not only who you have at QB. Your game organization, your discipline, your coaches adapting to what your opponent does, all makes a difference and we lacked in all aspects of the game. If Waldron isn’t able to design a scheme to take advantage of DK’s skills he needs to go. If all the D coaches can do is give the opponent 8 yards per run and 13 per throw they need to go too. And if Pete can’t get his staff and players working as a whole, he needs to let someone else control the rebuild. They might as well draft the new Mahomes and not use him right. I’m starting to think that it’s not the players we draft, it’s how bad we manage them and how we don’t put them in the situation to succeed.

    • GoHawksDani

      Agreed. SF would’ve won with Trey Lance, who seems pretty bad. They won with JimmyG, who is not Allen or Mahomes. Bears won with Fields (hope I get their QB’s name right :D), who is really-really awful.

      It’s a team sport. You need skill players, defense, QB and coaches working well together to be a contender.
      Even if we’ll draft a QB that’s only 25% of the equation (ok let’s say we’re good with skill players).

      To be honest, I really fear we’ll draft a QB next year early and PC-Waldron and the other coaches will just break him. That’d suck for the QB and for our draft pick.
      Yeah, they developed RW, but was that Pete? Or Bevell? Or RW was special in that regard?

  41. UkAlex6674

    The sheer amount of people that are putting last night down as a one off blip is staggering. I do not understand their thought process.

    • Rob Staton

      Blind faith

      • Big Mike

        And their likely Wasted And Can’t Find (Their) Way Home

        And sadly no one’s likely to see this rather creative post cuz there’s a new thread up 🙁

  42. GoHawksDani

    Can someone please tell me why:
    1, we can’t run the ball almost at all?
    2, Can’t stop the run in most cases?
    3, Our screens almost always go for negative or 0 yards?
    4, Opponents’ screens almost always work well and generate 8-15 yards?

    Is this on Solari and DL coach? The players not athletic enough? WRs and TEs cannot block? LB coach sucks? Is this discipline, talent, bad coaching or all?

    I don’t understand as Hawks tend to struggle against these plays on D at least in the last 4-5 years badly. I’m not an NFL coach, but is it really that hard to figure it out?
    They wanna run well, it is their MO in Pete’s book. Why can’t they run well then? And screen is basically an extended handoff. It’s complex, as players need to work in tandem to block well and well timed downfield…but still. Most of the teams are at least OK at screens too. Who’s fault is this?

    • UkAlex6674

      Solari isn’t even there anymore

      • GoHawksDani

        Oh, it’s Dickerson now. That totally slipped by me. And he was an RB coach…well that doesn’t show on our OL

  43. CaptainJack

    I still fully expected to “embrace to tank” this season even after beating Denver.

    Team is too light on talent in too many areas and I still believe Geno Smith is the worst or maybe second or third worst starting qb in the league. And we need a new offensive coordinator for sure.

    That being said, seeing Houston blow a winnable game in Denver stings

    • Rob Staton

      Shane Waldron certainly isn’t ‘it’

      I think we can say that after 19 games

      • Mick

        I think changing the OC is a mandatory move next year with the new QB. Or you go for the whole package and change Pete too.

  44. Henry Taylor

    We are a bad team, but I don’t think that this offense has no right to be as bad as it has been the last 6 quarters.

    They have 2 good WRs that they aren’t using (why are we not seeing like 3/4 slants to DK every game?) They have good running backs and the line isn’t that bad. But the offense is completely flaccid because Geno Smith is the most conservative QB I have ever seen. They can’t throw it downfield, unless the opposing team leaves a TE 20 yards of space or Lockett finds a gap in the zones on a broken play, which means opposing defences have no need to ever drop guys into coverage so we can’t run the ball either. It doesn’t help that sustaining drives has proven too challenging to get any rhythm in the run game.

    I am prepared for this season to be bad, but I would like it to be less dull than the last game and a half. And I don’t think we’ll get that with Geno. Atlanta’s defence is pretty crap, so if we even experience another half like the last 3 he’s got to get pulled.

  45. UkAlex6674

    RW hasn’t just become bad over night. Imagine having the same job for 10 years and then moving to another company. New people new ways of working and thought.

    That’s all this is. Please don’t think RW has magically demised since he left Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s possible he has been regressing for some time

      But I also think there’s a base level of performance he will provide that we’re seeing currently — and they should really be 2-0 still

    • McZ

      Just watch the first five games of the Bucs with TB12 under center. Or the field games of Stafford with the Rams. They were downright atrocious. They both won a SB that respective season.

      Yesterday’s game was the perfect example what RW initially gives to a team. After three hours of barely watchable crap football, he orchestrates a drive or two to win the game. This is what Geno or Lock will never accomplish.

  46. L80

    The only people showing up on defense are Woods and Nwosu.

    They didn’t draft an LB because they felt so good about their 5th year LB that hasn’t done squat in all his “learning” years. Barton is barely serviceable, yet there he is being trotted out there. Brooks has forgotten how to tackle. Hell almost the entire defense has forgotten and if it’s team wide, then at what point is the coach responsible for said tackling held accountable?…….

    When I played, this was usually corrected by intense, dreadful drills until we “got it”. And if you don’t “get it” then guess what???…Your ass is sitting and the next guy gets his shot.

    The Seahawks made their bed. Unfortunately, they made the bed with several turds in the sheets, and now they’re seeing the results.

    This will NOT get fixed with the current crop of players.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Brooks is that good

      I’m not sure why he has such a strong reputation among fans and media. What exactly has he shown to justify a R1 pick?

      • James Cr.

        They celebrate how many tackles he gets, just like Bobby last year. I forget who but one of the media said Brooks and Barton were both really good yesterday because they each had double digit tackles.

        • Malc from PO

          The two of them were often completely wiped out of plays. Accumulating loads of tackles isn’t an indicator of anything very positive if they are all/mostly after substantial gains. As our defensive system is designed to allow teams to steadily march down the field before stiffening up in the red zone, players will rack up the numbers of tackles but without meaningful impact on the game.

      • cha

        Brooks definitely had a couple Bobby Wagner Jog & Avoid Engagement Specials yesterday.

        I say again, why move Brooks to MIKE and Barton to a WILL-type position? They’ve both proven to be better at their previous positions.

        • Duceyq

          Exactly! Barton and Brooks should be switched back. I do think Bryant played more RCB in college with Sauce at LCB. Nevertheless, playing players out of position seems ruinous by this regime.

  47. Forrest

    We got stomped by a team missing its starting QB, starting RB and star TE. Why the heck did we play 15 yards off coverage? Why is tackling still a huge issue? When was the last time you heard the name Poona Ford? Barton needs to be replaced (38 PFF?). We still need a real kick returner. Wildcat? What’s the point of having DK if we can’t figure out how to use him? Have Taylor and Brooks regressed? If you’re going to run trick plays, can you teach your line to stay home? Where was Penny and the run game? Be the bully LOL!

    Nwosu looks like a core player and 35 year old Al Woods saved further embarrassment. But, that’s about it. We were out-coached and over-penalized.

    This would all be expected growing pains if we weren’t stuck with Adams’ contract and hadn’t spent next year’s cap on (selfishly try but still fail to grab INTs) Diggs, Dissly and Quinten Jefferson.

    Play our young corners and bookend tackles this year to get them experience. Then get a franchise QB, some speed at ILB and FS, and an explosive returner in the draft. Get a veteran WR3, guard and star DE in free agency and ear Adams’ contract to free 2024 cap space for the next steps. This team is at least two years away.

    On a positive note, I’m so glad we traded Russ!

  48. Happy Hawk

    Hawks back on schedule. I think Atlanta wins comfortably. The big recap I need each week is on the college QB’s. Really when it comes down to it – this is the state of the Hawks until they can get a competitive QB. Sadly we are one of the “Have Nots”.

    • McZ

      The recipe for competitive teams has been a stout defense, a good if not great QB and a top notch HC.

      The Seahawks are have nots in all of those categories. Adding Levis or another rookie OB won’t change a single bit of that. Our ceiling – if nothing changes dramatically – is basically being the Bears; always one ingredient, never all.

      I stand by my December 2021 stance. Keep Wilson, sign McDaniel, trust the process. We have done the opposite.

      • Rob Staton

        I doubt McDaniel would’ve fancied working with Wilson

        RW is not a Shanahan style QB

        • McZ

          Possibly, but he inherited short-legged Tua. And Tua just hang nearly 500 passing yards on the Ravens secondary.

          Heck, in preseason, they played Skylar Thompson, and he was the best of all of the rookies in that system.

          What could RW have done in that system?

          • Rob Staton

            It’s not about height — it’s playing style

            I’ve heard the Shanahan tree didn’t want anything to do with Wilson (when the trade rumours started)

            And it’s not a surprise. Shanahan preaches — my offense tells you if you see X, do Y. If you see A, you throw B.

            Wilson is an off-script player

  49. CJ

    One thing on Russel Wilson. I think there is an assumption that most fans loved RW when he was a Seahawk and have turned on him since the trade. I think there are a TON of Seahawk fans that have never really liked Russel Wilson. They never boo’d him or anything but a lot of folks definitely gritted their teeth while he was here and cringed during every press conference.

    For me, I’ve just never liked his personality and the way he conducts himself. He just acts completely disingenuous. He just isn’t somebody that has ever inspired me. As for his football play, I just don’t think he has been that good lately. I do think there was a period of time that he was top tier but he was so reliant on a strong running game and a great defense that the team could cover up his issues. I think there are a lot of draw backs to his game (as the Broncos are learning) that really hurts the team: Clock management, team leadership, inability to throw over the middle, inability to throw screens, lack of mobility (newer issue). The things he does well are very well known at this point and I think defenses have a good idea how to stop him.

    Love your takes here on the state of the Seahawks, so right on. This game was hard to watch but I for one am having fun rooting for the Broncos to struggle. The draft picks are just a cherry on top. Call me what you will, but it brings me a bit of joy to what is going to be a long season!

    • Chris

      I don’t know what other fans thought of Wilson while he was in Seattle; but it seems a lot of people didn’t appreciate what he did both on the field and off the field. His charity work in Seattle was incomparable. He put in lots of hours at Children’s Hospital, and was good for the community.

      People criticize his press conferences and his lack of “authenticity” as if there’s only one way an African-American can act. Have you seen other QBs do press conferences? Most don’t do give much real content for reporters, and so Russ had a positive attitude? That’s a bad thing I guess. I WANT a QB who believes in himself, and not just with witty comebacks like Geno. I WANT a QB who overcomes physical challenges.

      Most people don’t care if their QB is “disingenuous”, they care about wins. Look at slimy Brett Favre. GBay loved him until he went to the Jets. And look at his slimy, criminal acts in Louisiana that will probably see him in a Federal prison. Look at how much the Browns are willing to overlook with slimy Watson. Me? I’ll take Russ any day of the week.

      And Russ’s performance has been best SINCE the LOB has retired; when there was no running game to rely on, and our defense was crap. Eventually the well ran dry and we’ve seen what happens when a QB has to carry the entire team. And I think putting the Broncos struggles solely on Russ shows a fundamental lack of football knowledge. This is a team with a new coach, and one that’s struggling in lots of areas. Russ will be fine.

      I’m a Seahawk fan since 1976, I’ve seen the worst and the best of this franchise. I would never boo any Seahawk player when they left the team. I rooted for Dave Krieg in KC, I’ll root for Wagz in LA. I’ll hope the Seahawks win in every game, but I’m mainly here for the players since the NFL is such a brutal, callous league.

      So rejoice in the Seahawks losing, eh? That gets us a better pick. Rejoice in Russ losing, cuz that’s going to help us. Sounds like the type of guy who celebrates when an opposing player gets injured. Me? I’d rather see the team play well, play with zeal not tank for a 1st rounder that statistically won’t pan out at QB.

      • Big Boi

        Couldn’t have said it better if my life depended on it. Thank you, Chris.

  50. MattyB

    Coach, cOach, coAch, coaCh, coacH
    Can we have a new one

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