Interviews: Breno Giacomini & Geno Smith

Not Seahawks related, but I attended the Jets/Dolphins game in London yesterday and spoke to former Hawk Breno Giacomini and quarterback Geno Smith after the game.


  1. mrpeapants

    I sure miss breno. he set the tone for the line. I don’t know if we have that guy now. go hawks

    • Volume12

      Remember when some Seahawk fans in general said he was garbage and we could do much better? Careful what ya wish for.

    • JeffC

      After he fixed the penalty issues in the second half of the season, he gave us what we wanted from RT.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I rememberhim struggling in early season with pass protection and off sides, then improving enough that I was surprised the Seahawks didn’t match whatever he was offered. Gilliam should show that same improvement over the season, minus the penalties.

      • Volume12

        I hope so in terms of Gilliam. He has not looked good in the 3 games played so far.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Breno had his share of whiffs also. At least Gilliam is making contact, he just doesn’t always stick to his man.

        • Volume12

          True, but Breno brought an edge to him as peapants (love that name by the way) said, and Gilliam just doesn’t seem to possess it. I like Gilliam and see the sky high potential in him, but IMO he’s a backup/swing tackle that will give the Hawks fantastic depth on the edges for years to come.

        • Rob Staton

          Breno was deeply underrated. He shut down (no overestimation) some of the games top pass rushers in 2012/13. Was he perfect? Far from it. But once he cut out the penalties he became for me one of the NFL’s best right tackles. And he still is.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I totally agree that by the playoffs he was a great right tackle, I wish we could have kept him. He signed a 4 year 18 million dollar contract, so making 4.5 million per year. You can get a pretty good linemen for that amount. I guess I would like to see the Seahawks try and recruit an offensive line in that 4-5 million per starter range. Players who are average to above average, but not so exceptional that they get a high salary. A line that is consistent instead of the annual slide back to square one. Is it unreasonable to budget 25 million for the offensive line?

  2. Volume12

    What did ya think of Breno Rob? Charismatic guy?

    • Rob Staton

      Good guy. One of the more popular players in the locker room in terms of media too — lot of people were waiting to speak to him.

      • Volume12

        Seems like it. I always liked him and enjoyed listening to his interviews and what not. He fit us perfectly from a character or personality standpoint.

        I know I asked you about him back in August, and heard you mention him a couple times on the podcast, thoughts on A&M’s Germain Ifedi?

  3. Cysco

    Only matter of time before one of the networks gives you some football coverage work Rob. Good interviews.

  4. Volume12

    Is Bruce out for tonight’s game? If so, does that mean more Frank Clark and Cassius Marsh?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s playing.

  5. JeffC

    Alec Ogletree out for the season. What a huge loss for the Rams. He was giving us fits in game 1.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      The one place that the Rams could afford to lose depth, front 7. They have plenty of talent behind and around him.

      • Matt

        Ogletree will be hard for the Rams to replace. He’s a 3 down LB who had great cover skills. The Rams have great depth on their front 4 not front 7.

  6. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    First punt to Tyler it was to close to the end zone so he faked out the return team like he was going to catch it. Damn he’s on it !!! GOooo Hawks !!!

  7. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Those two plays were classic I’m thankfull Russel Wilson is our Quarterback awesome!!!

  8. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    I’m scared, where is everyone? It’s game time? I Love you guys!

  9. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    I just Love Jon Gruden. He’s da shit!!!

  10. Forrest

    Dear Lord Buddha Jesus…this game is scaring me!!!

  11. Forrest

    Chancellor is forgiven!!!!

    • Matt


  12. Forrest

    Ugly, ugly game…thank God it’s over…but a win nonetheless!!!

  13. Forrest

    Lynch not being there is a big problem…let’s hope he’s fine. A+ plus to the D. ST gets a B-. O with the exception of Russell “Houdini” Wilson gets a C…I still see a lot of positives on Offense, but too many STUPID mistakes…O-Line looks like a piece of Swiss Cheese that got puked on and thrown into a muddy field…

    • Wsugrad2006

      How in the world do you think Wilson is an exception for the mess the offense is? He is easily part of the problem on at least 3 of the sacks. Also free edge guys are a key sign of his lack of ability to diagnose things presnap. Rodgers would never get blitzed like that because he would kill them with pin point passing. And his Oline is terrible some weeks. And yes I will compare him to the elite because that is how he views himself and we pay him like a top 5 qb. If he wanted to make mid money and not be judged harshly that option was out there. O line sucks but on a lot of plays guys do get blocked and his scrambling causes the sack. I feel bad for a very cheaply constructed O line getting torn apart when they are not the only issue on that offense. And for anyone wondering life without Lynch might be pretty damn rough.

      • Ed

        I won’t say some of the sacks were Wilson. However, Bevell has got to go. Let Wilson make some presnap calls. We are stuck in the play. Even when they blitz, the plays are still 3-5 step drops. Has Bevell heard of a quick slant to get the ball out of Wilson hands. So tired of all the deep drops in a shotgun formation when our oline is suspect. At the same time, Britt picked up some outside blitzes, that was cool to see. Okung is average at best. He repeatedly got beat and I know a lot of people say they should pay him because who knows who would replace him, but I’m sorry, he is not worth it. The players that are all converts played just as well, so time to let him go. Trade him to Miami for 2nd round pick.

      • Forrest

        I think most of his scrambling plays were called by Bevell, and Wilson looked borderline mad after several drives (specifically when he was talking to Bevell). While he made mistakes today, he sure wasn’t getting much help anywhere else. Other than the two uncharacteristic (lost) fumbles, I didn’t see anything wrong with Wilson’s play as a whole…and don’t get me wrong, the Offense does look terrible, but Wilson created the only real positive plays they had on offense all night…therefore he gets a little slack…just a little…

        Life without Lynch will be dreadful…but I’m getting the feeling that in 2-3 seasons we’ll see a pass first offense with guys like Richardson, Lockett, and Graham being utilized more, and more of a RB Committee with physical/dependable backs. Will it be an easy transition? Of course not, but a lot of the pieces are in place.

        • Ed

          Isn’t Graham out of guaranteed money? If so, do you think he would be happy returning? I think we may have issues with Chancellor, Bennett, Lynch (health) and Graham next year. We better draft our 1st and 2nd rd better

        • Matt

          Ed- You think Russell scrambling for his life on a 5 step drop is called?!

          Bevel changed the game plan after Jackson went down. We were moving the ball with regularity beforehand.

          • Ed

            No, I’m saying because they were having, and continue to have issues with pass protection, stop calling 5-7 step drops. Look at the patterns, they take too long (not that the oline is giving much time). Look at GB, most of Rodgers passes are under 10 yards, but the WR make YAC. Please fired Bevell, time for him to go.

  14. Rad man

    I don’t think talking about Russell’s bad plays grants any meaningful leverage in understanding the problems on offensive.

    I’d submit that very few QBs in the league would have had a positive game, a win, or even physically survive that putrid O line performance. Russell just posted a great game with 77% completion percentage, almost 300 yards passing and 40 yards rushing. And no picks. He was hurried on more than half of his drop backs, hit 10 times, and sacked 6.

    So far, Cable’s experiment is an abject failure. They played a high risk/high reward game with their offensive line strategy and so far it’s fallen more on the risk side.

    They’re not going to go anywhere this season unless that O line gets a LOT better. Expecting much more improvement from Russell is either unrealistic and/or will have limited impact on the gaping hole that is sinking this ship.

  15. Matt

    All hail the LOB! Our elite defense is in full effect after Kam came back.

    We need to do more on offense to beat Cincinnati next week.

  16. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    It was a game of shit. A game of shit I tell you. Boo, and extremely frustrating. I still believe the Offensive line will work itself out, but for now it’s just garbage ballocks !!!

  17. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    I’m talking offensively.

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