Is the Seahawks coaching search a foregone conclusion?

I’m going to post a mock draft either later today or tomorrow. Briefly though, I want to share a thought that has lingered on my mind since Tuesday.

What exactly is the Seahawks plan? I’ve seen a few different reporters hint that they’re not close to concluding their coaching search. Tom Pelissero, when he announced the list of second interviewees, said there’d be others and called it a thorough process. Albert Breer said the Seahawks were being open-minded about the search and had interest in Mike Macdonald (who they can’t even speak to until after the Super Bowl). Tony Pauline cited sources claiming the franchise has a “long way to go before making their final decision.”

If the process is drawn out and the Seahawks land a top candidate, then it’ll all be worthwhile. A job well done. However, I’m starting to have some reservations.

For example, why haven’t the Seahawks requested second interviews with Ben Johnson or Bobby Slowik yet? The Falcons and Commanders have done so with both. There’s nothing stopping the Seahawks making a request, even with Johnson preparing for the NFC Championship game.

Is there no intention to speak to them? Are they just biding their time? Why wouldn’t you arrange an interview with Johnson now? If nothing else it shows a degree of keenness in a competitive market for his services.

No interview has been arranged or conducted with Mike Vrabel. Increasingly, he doesn’t appear to be a candidate.

So unless they’ve decided to wait it out for Mike Macdonald, who they’re yet to even have an initial interview with, you can’t help but wonder whether this second interview list is who they’re picking from.

Maybe they will wait for Macdonald? I’m not sure how wise that would be, given you’d be weeks away from building a staff while other teams begin that process already. The big question with that hire would undoubtedly be, who will be his offensive coordinator? Several potential options will be hired by mid-February.

Perhaps we’ll discover in the next 48 hours that the Seahawks do intend to speak to Johnson for a second time and the process will actually continue into next week? However, as I noted in a video on Tuesday, I’m starting to fear that this search has been little more than due diligence.

Has Dan Quinn been the target all along?

You have to go through a process due to obligations over the Rooney Rule, so a Quinn coronation was never viable. In the aftermath of the Green Bay debacle in the playoffs it would’ve been especially difficult to rush through a Quinn appointment.

Some of the steam off that Dallas disaster has died down. While many fans will see it as a disappointing and underwhelming hire, others will convince themselves it can work.

Maybe it’s been a true process and they simply approached it with a mindset of seeing if anyone can usurp Quinn? That’s viable. Yet with no known interviews scheduled for next week, you’d be forgiven for wondering if they’ll just announce someone on Sunday or Monday and that’ll be it.

The problem with Quinn — or even Mike Macdonald for that matter — is exactly what we saw today. Dave Canales has been hired by the Panthers after one solitary ‘decent’ season as an offensive coordinator. He produced the 20th best offense, per DVOA, and Baker Mayfield was the 19th ranked quarterback per PFF (level with Derek Carr).

An achievement as relatively unspectacular as that enables an offensive coordinator to claim a Head Coaching job these days.

Quinn, Macdonald, Ejiro Evero, Patrick Graham, Raheem Morris — they’ll all only be as good as their offensive play-caller and quarterback. If they appoint even a reasonable offensive coordinator, the chances are they’ll need replacing. How many times can you do that successfully? And when other teams are considering employing Kliff Kingsbury, Shane Waldron has already been snapped up and Chip Kelly’s name is doing the rounds — isn’t it true that there’s now a dearth of prospective or unemployed competent coordinators? Mostly because the better ones are now Head Coaches or about to become Head Coaches.

It’s why the Seahawks should really be focusing on finding an offensive mind to lead this team, which has already been built to be offensive-led with so much investment in the skill-positions.Then they should try and coax one of Evero, Graham or someone else to come and be an Assistant Head Coach and defensive mastermind.

Until we hear of further interviews scheduled, there has to be an increasing fear (at least if, like me, you think it’d be a underwhelming appointment) that all along it was Quinn. The man who Kyle Shanahan smirks about beating, who couldn’t get a handle on a McVay protégé in the playoffs and has had to rely on Micah Parsons and the LOB for success as a coordinator — neither of which would be going with him to Seattle in 2024.


  1. Peter

    1. I’ve long opined that John has shades of paralysis by analysis. Of course a logical case can be made there was no need to draft a qb while Wilson was here other teams with locked in qb’s never felt that way including Green bay and the Patriots.

    2. Maybe it is getting some distance from the “green bay debacle,” with Quinn. But I’ve wondered if it’s not partially to create some distance psychologically from firing Pete. If it was quinn all along, most fans ( seriously most fans are not commenting on YouTube, blogs, or Twitter) and essentially all of the media….Wyman, brock, Wright, etc, would rejoice to keep the flames of 2013 burning regardless of the outcome of that game.

    • Peter

      Additionally… many slow played free agencies have we all witnessed where Seattle did not come out anywhere near the top?

      I am very hopeful John is going to crush this decision.

      I am slightly reserved by a guy who has apparently been thinking about this for years, and started seriously working on this since between week 8-9 and week 15-16 depending in the reporting that it’s taking him this long. Unless it is Ben Johnson.

      • Chris 206

        I was about to post something along this line.

        It feels like John is using the “value” free agency model, where you wait until after all the big names have been signed and then see if you can get some good bang-for-the buck signings amongst those that have been sitting around unsigned for a while.

        Completely inappropriate for coach hiring. If I was John I would’ve been on a plane 2 seconds after Pete’s firing was announced to get to wherever Harbaugh was, with a 5 Brink’s trucks packed with gold bars to meet me there when I arrived.

        • Parallax

          Harbaugh? Not me. No way!

          I’m in the young, brilliant OC mode. Johnson the best option. Slowik more risky but worth it.

    • Hawkster

      Did I read that wrong? Green Bay drafted Rodgers in the first round with MVP Farve starting and drafted Love in the first round with MVP Rodgers starting. Both times they angered their reigning HOF QB, both times they had other holes at QB, but they invested early. The GB way.

      • Hawkster

        Other holes *to fill*

  2. Cysco

    I suppose it’s also possible they’ve made up their minds already. It’s Johnson and if it’s not, it’s Quinn. The other interviews could be fact finding in case coordinators need to be brought in.

    It’s possible they’ve told him, “you’re our #1 target. Don’t agree to anything, go take care of business and we’ll talk after your playoff run is done.”

    This could also explain why the Washington FO seems to be in a bit of a panic. (interviewing other candidates, flying to Detroit, etc.” They aren’t acting like Johnson to to DC is a done deal. They probably thought they’d have a verbal agreement by now and it sure seems like they don’t.

    • Peter

      Fingers crossed.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I sure as hell hope you’re right. The thought of DQ as head coach just fills me with apathy.

    • BK26

      I hadn’t heard anything like panic from DC. That gives me some hope. I did see an article earlier that had Slowik tied to them, which surprised me.

      There is just something about this whole process that feels very…tense? I think it is maybe that we are so close to breaking through and having a future and hope. But this coaching search has been nerve-wracking. With the press conference, interviews, second interviews, I’m more than a little worried.

    • Rob Staton

      Plausible, Cysco

    • 352 Hawk

      I love this positive take. I sure hope you’re right Cysco.

  3. line_hawk

    Posted in the older article but just saw this new thread, so repeating-

    What about Kafka? You said you had an article about him coming. His path is similar to Matt Lafleur or Zac Taylor so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had similar success. For reference, Lafluer’s offense wasn’t good either in Tenessee before he became a head coach. Of course, he has to interview well but I don’t get why Slowik is a hot name and Kafka isn’t generating any buzz.

    • Mel

      Because Slowik shepherded CJ Stroud to ROTY, winning 7 more games than last year and putting what looked like middling offensive talent into the upper half of the league, from 30th in points to 13th in a single year.

      Meanwhile, Kafka piloted whatever it was in NY for the Giants. Yes, there were injuries, but that offense did not gel much of the year. On the positive end, he was able to make DeVito look much better than he had any right to look.

      • geoff u

        In fairness, he did turn the giants offense around from 32 dead last to 16th in his first year (per DVOA), making Daniel Jones look good enough for them to sign him to that stupid deal. Then things fell off the rails this year. Would Slowik have done any better with the Giants, having Jones at QB instead of Stroud? Stroud as a rookie is far better than Jones will ever be.

        • Peter

          The only reason why I’m out on Quinn is he’s shown me too much.

          On Kafka…I often think of Rob talking about what a prospect can be. That was Daboll’s team.

          If Seattle said we are hiring the OC with the 27th ranked scoring offense for HC fans would be screaming from their keyboards. Except most fans would want Matt Lafleur as our head coach and his TENN offense sucked before he took over in Green bay.

      • WLO333

        Many players regressed as well, according to what I’ve heard. That’s not what you want if you’re trying to to turn an underachieving team around.

    • Rob Staton

      Yesterday someone went on the radio and said in an interview, his own mother called him boring

      • Blackthorn

        JS and PC always talked about looking for prospects that “tilt the room”. I imagine that John will be looking for someone with dynamic personality in this coaching search too.

        Doesn’t really sound like Kafka, right?

  4. Patrick Toler

    So many unknowns here I refuse to stress out about this until the actual hire. The narrative you’ve laid out certainly seems plausible, though I still have a hard time seeing Schneider make his first HC decision being Pete’s former DC. Maybe they like someone (Slowik or Vrabel?) enough to not need a second interview? And possibly they are just waiting for another shoe to drop (Johnson to make a final decision?). There are a lot of ways this could go still, it would just seem so out of character for bold John Schneider to choose Quinn as his one, and maybe only, head coaching hire. Love hearing your perspective on this process, thanks for all the great articles!

    • Parallax

      Yes, I feel that way too. I’d be surprised and disappointed but not shocked. We don’t know John Schneider. All we’ve ever had is circumstantial evidence of how he might run a team if he ever had the chance.

      • JimQ

        I think Quinn is way too much like PC and also lives in the past. I want to see a young, aggressive, innovative head coach. PC’s ways weren’t working for years, why would any fan want a repeat of that crap? The NFL has changed significantly over the years and head coaches need to keep up or get out.

        • PeteS

          Exactly this. Why even fire Pete if you’re going to turn around and hire someone just like him?

  5. Bmseattle

    Ugh…this article leaves a pit in my stomach because it states the fear that I have had all along in this process.

    At times, I can convince myself that JS will want to make a bold, risky move, with extreme upside…which is what i strongly prefer.
    However, in so many ways it makes sense that JS would stay in his comfort zone and appoint a guy he knows he can “work with”, quickly and efficiently.

    The implications of this potentiality go beyond the coaching hire, unfortunately.
    What does it mean about JS’s idea of where the team is overall?
    What about the QB position?
    Is he inclined to “play it safe” with that issue, as well?

    I am excited for what I imagine a bold, ballsy JS could do for the team…
    Not so much for a cautious, comfortable JS.

    • Cysco

      I just can’t get over the feeling that Quinn just doesn’t fit the image of the seahwaks as a franchise. The team’s overall image is a bit flashy and exciting. They’re known for colorful characters. The team fits the region it’s in. Innovation, success, excitement etc.

      It’s a team whose image was built on Holmgren and Carroll’s backs.

      It’s just hard for me to imagine John going with the most boring guy in the room. It just doesn’t feel like a very “seahawky” thing to do.

  6. Joseph

    If JS messes up this hire, especially if he hires Quinn, I’m declaring him the new Dave Gettleman.

  7. cha

    Canales is interesting to me because it comes off of only one season of Coordinator experience. Everyone that says he turned Baker Mayfield around and got the offense working in Tampa is overselling it.

    #20 in scoring per game
    #17 in passing yards per game
    #32 in rushing yards per game

    Best you can say is they were #6 in fewest turnovers, and that number is really hard to make sustainable.

    • Peter

      I’m stoked for Canales.

      Sure he did not turn msyfield around. Nut league wide he was definitely in bust territory.

      Even if he does a solid job there as long as our new coach kicks butt I won’t care.

      Matt Lafleur only had two seasons as an OC. One where he didn’t call plays. One where the offense was legit terrible for another team.

      • Peter

        Good grief. Mayfield. And ‘but,’…

        • Parallax

          I’d be happy if we cut Geno and managed to get Mayfield cheap. Not for what we’d actually, in real life, have to pay, but if there were a way to sign him for $10M and cut Geno, I’d be all in. The guy has real upside. Geno is Geno and not remotely worth his current contract. Heck of a nice guy but he’s not leading this team anywhere.

          Mayfield is my justification for believing Pete a fool for not giving Lock a real chance to shine. Guys with talent can learn to play the position.

    • GrittyHawk

      I’m bummed because this kills the 0.00001% chance that Tampa would trade for Geno to reunite him with Canales after Baker signs elsewhere.

      • Parallax

        My God, if someone would take Geno off our hands and give us something beyond cap relief in return, someone would have to scrape my jaw off the floor. Dallas gave San Francisco a 4th rounder for Lance, a guy with talent worth developing if you can. Mayfield, another guy with real talent, was signed as a free agent for something like $4M. Geno’s upside is not close to theirs. Maybe his floor is higher. But the guy is 34. Just not seeing it. If we cut him, another team might pick him up but not for much.

        • geoff u

          Aint nobody trading for Geno

  8. Andrew

    I sure hope this is not the case. Quinn is the guy I LEAST want.

    I hope that all of the guys who got second interviews are simply potential coordinators. It’s making me very nervous that there aren’t any reports of us requesting a second interview with Johnson and Slowik.

    The good news is, with Canales going to Carolina, that leaves only us, Washington, and Atlanta left (and it seems like Belichick is likely going to Atlanta). That could lead to Johnson/Slowik going to one of Washington/Seattle and the other to the other. I sure hope so.

    Let’s not screw this up. Quinn is just a lesser version of Pete. We need a clean break.

    • Chamberlain

      If Belichick does go to the falcons that only leaves 2 teams for Johnson and Slowik. Then Seattle hires Dan Quinn Is there really a possibility that Slowik then doesn’t get a HC job anywhere? That would be mind blowing to me. He is a very popular candidate and I can’t believe he wouldn’t get a job this offseason. Maybe teams are just worried about not having as much experience.

      • Osprey

        I like Slowik, but don’t overlook his CV is a little thin. As Rob noted, he’d need to be treated as a developmental project with assistance building the staff and likely a fairly autonomous DC.

        I’m fine with that scenario, but not every franchise would take that path.

        • Parallax

          I liked his comparison to McVey. Getting a guy like that requires a bit of risk. But if it doesn’t work out, you move on in a year or two. Not the end of the world.

  9. HawkfaninMT

    I think DQ is a fall back option… if he were the primary guy it would be done by now. How’s this for an intial press conference…

    Q: Why did you guys take so long to announce this hire?

    JS: Well we wanted to make sure people had forgotten about that ugly performance against GB. Or We thought we may find better… but he will do

    • Peter

      And then Pete carrol can come in for a big pop from the crowd ( reporters) and say:

      We were in it til the end

    • Rob Staton

      It wouldn’t be done by now

      They would need to fulfil their obligations to the Rooney Rule

      • Brodie

        Graham and Evero should have filled that, no?

        • Rob Staton

          They haven’t interviewed Evero yet

          Morris tomorrow, Evero Saturday

          So as of today, they haven’t fulfilled the Rooney Rule

          • king

            Yet other teams have hired. If they were decided on Quinn, I believe they would have already gotten it done. Nothing about Quinn being a foregone conclusion makes sense (to me) given what John has said and the fact that it isn’t done yet.

            Maybe I am being hopeful, but I think we are getting a smokescreen until they can strike and finalize a deal with Johnson.

            • Rob Staton

              Other teams fired their coaches earlier than we did and have literally ‘just’ started hiring

              Other teams have basically, if we’re being honest, fudged the Rooney Rule process

              The Seahawks to their credit are at least trying to make it seem like they aren’t doing that

              So no, they couldn’t have gotten it done already. They haven’t done two Rooney Rule eligible in-person interviews

              So let’s stop with this ‘would’ve been done by now’ chatter

              • Alex Potts

                I believe they only need to do one in-person interview to satisfy the Rooney rule which they would have satisfied with Patrick Graham on Tuesday.

                “Clubs must interview at least two diverse candidates from the Career Development Advisory Panel list, or a diverse candidate not currently employed by the club.

                Clubs must conduct an in-person interview with at least one external minority candidate for any GM or head coaching interview.

                Clubs must continue to consider multiple diverse candidates.”


                • Rob Staton

                  That’s not what every national reporter has been saying, including Garafolo yesterday. Two in-person interviews.

                  I think that link you’ve got there doesn’t reflect the new rules and might be from last year. Everything has changed this year on coaching hires.

          • Scot

            What about Patrick Graham?

            • Rob Staton

              He interviewed earlier this week but you need to do two

      • HawkfaninMT

        Sure… but they could have. If they were enamored with DQ and set on it, they would have gotten a Zoom call with Evaro or Morris together by now. Especially with DQ getting 2nd interviews, why would they risk all that if he was already their guy?

        • Rob Staton

          You have to do two in-person interviews. Not two ‘zoom’ interviews.

          So they couldn’t have just done that

          And as I said in the piece, they might want to go through a process. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t always been Quinn

  10. Chamberlain

    This could definitely be the case, but I really hope not. The thing I keep coming back to is the coaches they have had second interviews with. Those make way more sense for coordinator positions, and I think they will poach some of those guys. However, why on earth would you do multiple interviews with Kafka rather than Slowik or Johnson? He has a less successful track record, worse leadership personality, and has shown very little with scheme. Although now I’m talking myself into them only doing those interviews for coordinators and them hiring DQ with all that evidence. Please don’t let this happen.

    If they do hire Dan Quinn, what was John Schneider even talking about in his press conference? Saying the importance of an offensive guy especially since the league is heading that direction, and also so you don’t lose your offensive play caller every couple of years. Was he really just telling people what they wanted to hear? I wouldn’t think so but who knows

  11. Dregur

    The timing doesn’t make any sense if Quinn was primary. Why wait so long if he was your guy? There’s only three spots left, and Quinn ain’t going back to the Falcons.

    My guess is:

    1) Their guy is either Ben Johnson or Macdonald and they’re waiting until either one of their seasons are over.

    2) Their backup plans is either Quinn or Kafka, but they’re willing to wait for their guy before making that decision.

    Looking at it, the Seahawks are still looking good at the top guys on the offseason coordinator to HC list.

    • Rob Staton

      Because, as I said, you are obliged to interview others due to the Rooney Rule and they may have wanted to go through the process

      Not sure why people keep saying “it would’ve happened by now” when it literally can’t happen until you’ve interviewed two minority candidates in person

      • Peter

        This why I remain hopeful for Johnson. Seattle could have easily and I mean easily banged out two perfunctory interviews if they had wanted to by now. I ( like to ) think they are really trying to fund that great candidate and it’s not helping that two of them are still in contention.

      • Mad Dog

        I think if Quinn was your guy, you would have expedited your Rooney rule requirements. The fact that they are slow rolling those required interviews, tells me at least, that they are interested in other candidates.

        Sure it’s possible that the Rooney rule candidates were “busy” but I doubt that’s really the case. If Quinn was your top choice, you’d fly out to meet these guys, get it over with and hire Quinn so he can get working on staff.

        • Rob Staton


          How many times are we going to go through this?

          Hey black coaches, drop everything and come and do these phoney interviews in Seattle so we can not do any due process and just make a mockery of the Rooney Rule

          No. That isn’t how JS works, the Seahawks work and evidently there was no reason to do any of this.

          I know people don’t want Quinn (and I am one of those people). But it’s serious copium to think the Seahawks would’ve had him signed, sealed and delivered by now ‘if he was the guy’

    • GrittyHawk

      Agreed. I don’t think it’s a Rooney rule thing, either. For one thing, the NFL has already shown itself to be a complete embarrassment when it comes to actually enforcing it. Beyond that, we have already interviewed 3 minority candidates in Eviro, Graham, and Morris. If Quinn was the guy they would have announced it by now, unless they’re really going out of their way to draw out the process to make it look to fans like they really did their homework and Quinn won the job.

      • Simo

        Not sure I see JS unnecessarily drawing out the selection process just to make a show for the fans. If Quinn’s his guy then John should want to get it done and start moving on other tasks. They’ve already satisfied the NFL hiring rules.

    • Simo

      I tend to agree with you that they must still have serious interest in one (or both) of the guys who’s teams are still playing. Otherwise they could announce their selection and start putting a staff together.

      As Rob said, every week this is delayed possibly means we lose out on our ideal coordinators. However, I would take that chance in order to get the right HC on board!

      • Donald_Duck

        How many minority candidates have the Seahawks interviewed in person?

    • geoff u

      We will sign both Johnson and Macdonald and they will share head coaching duties. Hey, a man can dream.

      If all this has been just to sign Quinn I might just throw up in my mouth not just a little, but a lot, and no one wants to see that.

  12. Whit21

    Kinda shocked to see Canales hired.. David Tepper is just.. wow.. glad im not a carolina fan..

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Tepper has learned his lesson: hire people who are indebted to your employ.

    • Peter

      Why? Maybe Canales sucks. He has a ton of offense teaching experience and unfortunately for Carolina they don’t have a lot of options.

      Who else would he get? Johnson, Vrabel, even quinn would be way better off saying no.

    • geoff u

      He’s been good with QB’s and they’re hoping they can turn Bryce Young into something special. Definitely a hell of a risk on a big unknown, but I don’t hate the idea.

      • Parallax

        It’s a heck of a price, turning over the whole team to get a decent QB coach. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m rooting for Young. Seems a good guy with real talent.

    • Mad Dog

      If you are a meddling owner, it gets harder and harder to lure top guys. This was the Washington problem for years. Got so bad that they hired a known alcoholic as GM.

      I’m not surprised at all that they went with Canales. A lot of other coaches weren’t that desperate for an HC gig that they’d work under Tepper.

  13. Randy

    Starting to see Bo Nix creep into the top 15 of mock drafts? Is this just the media overreacting to postseason QB performances? Feels like he is the Malik Willis of this whole draft process.

    • BA

      As an Oregon fan I love Nix but he’s definitely not a top 15 prospect

    • Parallax

      The media says all kinds of stupid things about QB as the draft rolls around. Of course, I didn’t think Richardson was going in the top half of the first round. He surprised me by how well he was developing before he was injured.

  14. Jeremy

    It seems sometimes that guys are hired based on their most recent success. Canales got Baker to play very well at the end of the season to win the division, crush Philly, and then give it a solid go vs the Lions. But up until then their offense wasn’t great….a true “what have you done for me lately” type of deal.

  15. BrandoK

    If Quinn is hired my excitement for the next few seasons is very very low I just don’t see myself watching this team with joy. The results of this team would be 9-8 or 8-9 for every year Quinn is a HC plus 0-4 vs McShanahan.

    Please don’t hire Quinn

    • geoff u

      Yah but you gotta figure our defense will improve from 28th to, like, 27th or something, which is kinda a big deal.

      • Parallax

        Hiring Quinn would, for me, be like Seattle stepping on its dick. One would have to ask “Why?” It’s not like it was easier than just taking the next step. With only three teams left for Johnson and Slowik, I’m allowing myself to hope. Would be thrilled with either. Even if it turns out badly, I’d be happy. We swung for the fences.

        • BrandoK

          Yes I would also rather go with the bold unknown trying to be great. Rather than just tread back to mediocrity with an uninspiring appointment of Quinn.

          • Mad Dog

            That’s faulty reasoning and I hope that’s not the FO reasoning. Known quantities are not inferior to unknown quantities. Many Guys will thrive in a better work atmosphere. Quinn with a stud OC can make the playoffs easily. Even get to a SB.

            The big thing with hiring Quinn is you need to pair him with the right OC. That might not be that hard.

            The big thing with hiring an unknown quantity is you have to know whether he’s Nathaniel Hackett or Sean McVay. That might be a more difficult proposition.

            Bottom line is, there is no single guaranteed solution to building a winner. Retread coaches are very well represented in the list of recent SB winners.

            • BK26

              No, the big thing with Quinn (or any defensive HC) is to find a good OC. And then his replacement. And the next, then the next if he lasts that long.

              All while knowing that he isn’t a good enough coach to mediate the lull periods in between by himself.

              And retread coaches made up quite a big list of who were fired this offseason. And top of my head, Raheem Morris was the only one that has been given another shot.

  16. Troy

    Let’s look at things through the eyes of Slowik and Johnson. As an offensive mind, you want to work with or have a path to good (young) QB. When comparing the situations in Washington, Atlanta and Seattle on QB alone, is Seattle the 3rd choice? Washington and Atlanta may not have “the guy” currently , but they are much better positioned than Seattle in terms of draft stock/position. Maybe they aren’t all that interested in Seattle? The murky ownership situation certainly is a factor, too. All speculative thoughts, but??

    • Peter

      Murky ownership? Blank is about 1000 years old and WAS has by their own reports people from all over with nothing to do with football all in the kitchen.

      Re: Jody. I think this move has shown the situation is fairly clear. Vulcan is the owner for some time now.

      • Troy

        I would bet the ownership of the Seahawks is a question being asked by every candidate being interviewed. I never said it was worse than WAS or ATL. But it most certainly lacks clarity.

        • Parallax

          Good thing we’re only up against Washington and Atlanta.

          • Rob Staton

            There’s talk Andy Reid might retire

            • Parallax

              That would be huge. Obviously, KC would be the prime destination for whoever’s seeking a job. Guess we’ll find out soon if Baltimore manages to take the next step on Sunday.

    • Big Mike

      Washington and Atlanta may not have “the guy” currently , but they are much better positioned than Seattle in terms of draft stock/position.

      Sady a possibility. And whjo would John have to blame for this? Himself and Pete Carroll. You john, the guy that stated he wanted to draft a QB every year. That John.

      • Big Mike


      • Parallax

        If Pete had final say, I’m not sure anyone can blame Schneider. I so wanted Jody to move on from Pete right after the Wilson trade. Seemed the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

        The last two draft classes have been good to great so we can’t say the opportunity’s been blown. But we have the guys Pete wanted rather than who John, with input from the new coach, would have chosen.

      • AlaskaHawk

        They got Ahlers last year, so quit whining. ha ha ha

        • DJ 1/2 way

          One of two left handed QBs in the NFL. Tua is the other. Penix is the next.

  17. Brodie

    Since we’re all just guessing, I’ll throw out my theory. I have a hunch that JS had a ranking of who he rated pre-interviews and that got thrown into a blender after actually meeting with them.

    He might have had Slowik rated very highly and then he bombed the interview and came across as a dud who JS couldn’t envision as HC. He might have had Graham/Eviro as tier 3 type of options, but then they knocked the interview out of the park.

    I also wonder if John is trying to figure out the direction of the team to an extent. I opined a few weeks ago about building the lines in the draft, slashing the payroll to eat all of the dead cap next year and trying to gain comp picks by sitting out FA. That seems like a nuclear option that would discourage established coaches like DQ & Vrabel, but could be seen as an opportunity for some of these young guns.

    Doing something that drastic could very well lead to a lot of ‘I told you so when they fired Pete’ heat on John. And while his job security for the last decade plus has seemed like a forgone conclusion, it feels like this is a make-or-break moment in his career. Would the FO be okay with a 6-11 season outlook? Would the new coach get assurance that if we cut $80M worth of payroll and stink that he doesn’t get scapegoated?

    Vision of the future aside, my hunch is that JS has been swayed (for better and worse) by some of the interviews. My optimistic side says that -for now- we haven’t missed out on anyone who was considered a priority candidate.

    • Jordan

      “He might have had Slowik rated very highly and then he bombed the interview and came across as a dud who JS couldn’t envision as HC. He might have had Graham/Eviro as tier 3 type of options, but then they knocked the interview out of the park.”

      Interesting thought. If I remember correctly, Mike Tomlin was just a one season DC for the Vikings and seen as a long shot when he interviewed with the Steelers. Aced the interview and has held that job ever since.

      • Chamberlain

        This is a good point. I think this is why I am basically saying anyone but Dan Quinn. I definitely prefer an offensive guy like we’ve talked about but I could get excited for a new guy that didn’t have as much buzz. Tomlin is a great example.

    • cha

      FWIW , Aaron Wilson was told Slowik’s interview with the Titans “went very well” but they still decided to hire Callahan.

  18. 12th chuck

    January 25, 2024 at 11:00 am

    Additionally… many slow played free agencies have we all witnessed where Seattle did not come out anywhere near the top?

    Good point Peter, I wish I had not read that. Now I am getting worried a bit, settling from the scraps was it JS or PC?

    • geoff u

      If John were approaching the HC search this way (and I highly doubt he is), he needs to be fired.

    • Peter


  19. Brett

    The entire process has been slow for Schneider in Seattle. They “fired” Pete on January 10 and didn’t start requesting interviews until January 15. I get waiting a day or two to let Pete have his moment and let the enormity of that decision set in, but 5 days is odd, especially considering what you mentioned that JS has likely been thinking about this for a few years and more thoroughly over the last half of the season. If they were slow playing it to try to get Johnson or Slowik I’d get it, but why don’t they have second interviews requested yet?

    It does seem like JS is good at keeping his cards close to his chest, I will give him that. While Russ’s camp was leaking, we didn’t get a sniff of it from the team while JS was hammering out a deal with Denver. Since nothing HAS to be reported for Vrabel, I do think it’s possible one day we get a report that he was hired without hearing about him interviewing with the team. Maybe JS and Vrabel talked early and had a handshake deal, but went through the ringer with everyone else and “let” Vrabel interview elsewhere to not let the league get notice that they didn’t take part in the spirit of the Rooney rule.

    It seems like Washington is having a similar process as Seattle. I know everyone is saying Johnson to Washington is a forgone conclusion and that could be true, but they seem to be equally as thorough as Schneider is being, or at least appearing to be. If Johnson is a done deal, why bring in the likes of Quinn and Slowik in for second interviews?

    • Parallax

      I didn’t think it was slow played because all interviews were on hold at that point. There was a bit of time to breathe. That may still be true. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. We know there are three teams looking and there are two guys we fans would be excited about. The possibility of disappointment is real but I’m not seeing clear writing on the wall. I think we’ll learn a lot about Schneider with this hire.

  20. Chuck

    Been reading the blog for several years. First time posting. Rob, your content is second to none and the first and last place I come to for draft and Seahawk analysis.
    I, too, would be underwhelmed by a Quinn hire. In a perfect world for me it would be Johnson as HC and Evero as DC. We’ll see. One thing, and I hate to be the guy trying to break news, so apologies, and apologies if this has already been reported (I missed if it was). Last Friday, my former brother in law flew to Seattle from the LA/Orange County area and Vrabel was on his plane. I suppose he could have been coming up here for a totally unrelated reason, but kind of doubt it. Again, love the site Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Chuck

      And if that was Vrabel, that’s interesting

  21. Danimal

    “Albert Breer said the Seahawks were being open-minded about the search and had interest in Mike Macdonald (who they can’t even speak to until after the Super Bowl).”

    “There’s nothing stopping the Seahawks making a request, even with Johnson preparing for the NFC Championship game.”

    Maybe I’m ignorant of the process, but on here you mention that they can’t interview Mike MacDonald until after the Super Bowl but could make a request for Ben Johnson whenever they like. Aren’t the rules the same for both since they are both coordinators? If they can’t interview MacDonald until after the Super Bowl they wouldn’t be able to interview Johnson until after?

    Could they be holding off on both as a professional courtesy?

    • Rob Staton

      No. If you request and hold a virtual interview with a candidate in the Super Bowl, you can do an in-person interview during the bye. Seattle did a virtual interview with Johnson last weekend.

      They didn’t with Macdonald, which means they aren’t eligible to talk to him until after his season ends

      • Danimal

        Thanks for the clarification. Basically missed the boat on doing a virtual interview with MacDonald and now have to wait.

    • Brett

      From what I’ve seen, the window to interview coaches from the #1 seeds (Baltimore and SF) for the initial interview was Jan 9/10 – Jan 15. Seattle didn’t begin interviewing candidates until Jan 17. After missing that window, the initial interview can’t begin with coaches from those teams until their season ends. However, coaches from any other team still in the playoffs were able to be interviewed while they were playing, which is why they were able to interview Johnson. These rules really make no sense to me logically, but that’s how it’s been set up apparently.

      • Rob Staton

        The rules are a total nonsense

        On a par with the stupidity of constantly increasing international games, the 17th game and the seventh playoff seed

        • cha

          Having part-time refs is my personal favorite example of NFL stupidity.

          40-50 year old guys that have day jobs and then on the weekends are tasked with making critical calls on a field with blindingly fast players that may or may not decide the fate of billion dollar companies in a billion dollar enterprise.

          • Big Mike

            And now matter how egregious the calls (e.g. Saints v. Rams) they just keep running them out year after year.
            It’s a flipping joke.

        • Tomas

          You speak the truth, Rob. And reportedly 18 games envisioned within a few years. That’s nuts.

  22. Parallax

    We’ve never known the extent to which Schneider participated in the bad strategies employed by this team in the draft, free agency and resigning our guys through the years. I think most of us have tended to mostly blame Carroll and give Schneider the benefit of the doubt.

    This will be one of those moments of revelation. If Quinn’s the guy, my assumption will be Schneider’s part of the problem. Either that or ownership is tying the poor guy in knots, but then one has to wonder why he’s stuck around this long. He’d be a strong candidate for a GM job elsewhere.

    I’m hoping this lull doesn’t mean anything. One thing we’ve long seen with this team is a tendency to be secretive. So I’m hoping the fact we’ve not heard anything about second interviews of Johnson or Slowik doesn’t mean anything. But I’m prepared for my hopes to be vanquished. That’s the game, though. As fans, we can only watch, hope and vote with our feet.

    • SeattleLifer

      I agree this could be telling with who John really is. My fear in this hiring process is that John has been right there with Pete all along with a combo of keeping things as competitive as possible each season at all costs without thinking of the future and disregarding trends and what is happening around the league at the moment to just ‘do what we do’ and be smarter than everyone else etc.

      Waiting too long in free agency and guys get away along with putting all your eggs in one basket ie – Clowney, letting contract talks go on too long to where the market gets reset higher multiple times and you end up grossly over paying, and now possibly carrying on in this coaching change process while other coaches and especially OC’s are being snapped up – these are scant few of the ways a GM can falter.

      And if John really is bent on a defensive mind as a head coach well that just reaffirms a number of the possible negatives I pointed out(and Rob as well from early on pointing out how you can lose your OC’s with a defensive head coach – and repeatedly). Trying the (percieved) quicker fix to shore the defense up with a defensive minded coach? – check trying to win now at all costs, add in going against league trends and what other teams are doing currently? Check to not be aware, not look to the future and to be smarter than everyone else.

      There’s no telling who the hire will be and it does seem to me that both John and Pete were bitten in past years with being either too forthcoming or with info ‘getting out’ so I do think there has been a big push towards secrecy and misdirections. We can hope the real prize in John’s eye will be a dynamic offensive minded coach.

  23. JJ

    I see Quinn is having a 2nd interview with Washington. Lets hope they do not let him leave building without a deal.

    • Big Mike

      Rebuild that defense Danny Boy…..great spot for you!

  24. Andrew III

    Rob, I’ve heard it said lately that Quinn was the ‘architect of the LOB’. Is there any ring of truth to that? Did he have a big hand in their success? Or, did he simply benefit from a ridiculous group of DBs all coming up at the same time? I honestly hadn’t considered the latter until recently, which makes me ask the question for a qualified opinion 😉

    • Rob Staton

      Rob, I’ve heard it said lately that Quinn was the ‘architect of the LOB’. Is there any ring of truth to that?


      The LOB were the architects of the LOB

      And John & Pete deserve credit for drafting them

      • geoff u

        Also to add to this, Gus Bradly was Seattle’s DC the first four years under Carroll, when it went from near bottom of the league to the best defense in the NFL — which landed him his head coaching gig. Quinn inherited Gus’s defense.

  25. Nick

    As others have noted, there’s a very real chance that John Schneider, hoping to differentiate himself from others, has told Ben Johnson and Mike McDonald that he respects their work and won’t interview them during this time.

    The issue is…if both the Lions and the Ravens get into the Super Bowl…where does that leave them?

    God if they end up with Dan Quinn I’ll be so bummed.

  26. Gross MaToast

    So, let me get this straight–JS has known for at least 3 months that Pete was on shaky ground and unlikely to return. JS reportedly started this process in November of looking at potential candidates for HC. We’re approaching three full months beyond that beginning and the list of 2nd interviews announced reads like a Who’s Who list of Who??? and there seems to be no real rush to get anyone in place. Excuse me, but other teams are currently hiring staffs.

    JS has acknowledged the benefits of hiring an offensive-minded HC, so we know he knows what we know. Unfortunately, the majority of the names so far released in the 2nd interviews is peppered with DCs. Maybe it’s just due diligence. Ben Johnson seems locked in at Washington, but Slowik is still looking for a home. Hiring a guy (DQ, RM, MV, etc.) even when you’ve admitted that he will put your team into a competitive disadvantage, not only this year, but for years to come, seems like borderline incompetence. I don’t think JS is borderline incompetent until he proves it.

    On my recent post, “3 Ways JS Can Screw This Up,” (and shame on you if you didn’t print it out and laminate it for further reference) ‘Number 3’ was “Get Too Cute.” I fear we may have entered the arena of getting too cute with this hire. Something feels off, like in those movies where they say, “It’s quiet.” – “Yeah, too quiet.” Bad things tend to follow in rapid succession. It’s quiet.

    Slowik ’24. Let’s go.

    • cha

      so we know he knows what we know

      The question is does JS know we know what he knows what we know?

      • Gross MaToast

        That we don’t know.

        • RomeoA57

          I know that I don’t know.

      • Cysco


  27. Daniel

    Interesting: Quinn’s newly scheduled meeting with the Commanders is actually his third meeting. They did a remote interview with him, then an in-person interview. And now they have announced a second in-person interview with him. If Johnson is a done deal, they really are investing a surprising amount in maintaining the charade. That situation may be much more in flux than national media people like Boomer Esiason would have us believe (shocking, I know).

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s just the way Rapoport worded it. It’s his second interview with Washington, this one in person. I can see why it would seem otherwise — but it’s his second meeting with them

  28. Matt

    I don’t care, I refuse to believe it’s Quinn until it’s Quinn.

    Canales got the Panthers job because no good coaches who have options want to work for that idiot.

    I just have such a hard time believing that Schneider would want to use his first, and possibly last, chance at hiring a coach to hitch his wagon to Quinn’s star. He must know that if Quinn were to flame out again, Schneider would likely be out as well.

    I don’t know about their plan, obviously, either overall or as it pertains specifically to Johnson or Slowik. Maybe they’ll circle back to them, maybe not.

    I know the names that are left are not the sexiest choices, but from what I’ve learned about these guys recently, I could get behind Graham, Kafka or Evero. Gannon was a pick that left most people scratching their heads when Arizona hired him, but he seems to be turning that tire fire around.

    The Seahawks are a notoriously secretive organization who always play their cards close to the chest. Most people didn’t know, or even think, Pete was going to be fires until he was. No one ever knows what the hell the Seahawks are going to do in the draft until the pick is in.

    I still think there’s a better-than-not chance that John nails this.

    • Rob Staton

      I completely hear that argument

      But it’s possible Ben Johnson doesn’t want Seattle, thus they might think Quinn is the best alternative

      FWIW — a lot of people thought Gannon was the prize coaching asset a year ago, it was a surprise he went to Arizona

      • geoff u

        “the best alternative” is what scares me. You can’t be trying to win Super Bowls with the runner up guy you had to settle for leading your organization.

        • Big Mike


          • 352 Hawk


  29. Schadyhawk001

    Interesting fact I saw today that further makes your point on hiring offensive minded HC: Every single NFL team had had to replace their OC since the 2022 offseason

  30. LouCityHawk

    lots of great discussion here

    My only comfort is my own realization that if Johnson were my target, I’d be acting more like the Seahawks right now, and not like the Commies.

    Especially with certain things in play, like the Rooney rule, If I were sold on a candidate, I’d make that clear to them, and wouldn’t want to take up any more of their time until they were available for hire.

    what are you going to learn about Dan Quinn that you don’t already know, why interview him at all?

    as frustrating as it is for fans, if Schneider like me, then Round 2 doesn’t have a candidate in it. you would never want to signal to the marketplace that you didn’t get your first choice, and the adults here know that you can’t pester someone into choosing you.

    It can’t feel comfortable waiting and not acting but it is the right move. When I’m trying to land a contract or customer all I can do is stress competitors. When I was a young man and dating all I could do was stress other guys.

    In the end, it always works out, as long as you’ve given your best pitch, put your best foot forward, and made it clear that you will beat any offer.

    I’ll spare personal anecdotes.

    Johnson is choice A. Macdonald is cover for why they haven’t made a decision. slowik/Smith is choice B, but as of now they can claim they were choice a all along.

    The Commies have played their hand, Schneider is waiting. Are you Hamilton or Burr?

    • Parallax

      I’d be interested in the anecdotes.

  31. Brian Chase

    I guess in the grand scheme of things we are not looking at 14 years under the next coach if Schneider gets it wrong. Not that any of us wants to sit through the next 3 to 4 years of crappy football but if he gets it wrong it will mean an entire overhaul of GM and Coach.

    • Parallax

      That’s true. It’s just hard to keep waiting for things to get exciting after waiting and watching this team that’s been like paint slowly drying for so long.

      I’ve been feeling ready for the Ferrari for so long. That’s why I was hoping Lock would start. High risk, high potential reward. Anything to juice up this dog of a team. Who cares that it costs ten grand to change the oil. If we flame out, so what. There’s always next year. And we could still say this year was exciting while it lasted.

  32. Blitzy the Clown

    To nobody in particular:

    Can you name one coach who’s been hired and thus no longer available that you wanted for Seattle?

    We started out with 2 strong candidates for what we want to see in the next HC — Johnson and Slowik — and 8 vacancies.

    We’re down to 3 vacancies, but we still have both of our preferred candidates.

    Cysco’s explanation makes a lot of sense about why things are quiet with Seattle and Johnson, but not the Commanders. Also explains why no 2nd interview request.

    • Rob Staton

      That’d be a lot more reassuring Blitzy if they asked for second interviews with Johnson or Slowik

      They haven’t, while Washington and Atlanta have

      • Troy

        Yep. It doesn’t make sense. Are the Seahawks higher on Mike Kafka than these guys?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Fair point. Though with Johnson, if Schneider told him he’s their top choice and to not worry about the decision until after his season ends, you might understand why they didn’t request one.

        Harder to see why no request for Slowik. Unless they weren’t convinced.

        I agree it looks like Johnson is the first choice. And I reluctantly agree that, as of now, the next most likely alternative is Quinn. I can’t imagine Slowik would make a lateral move to Seattle to be OC under Quinn. And I don’t know that tacking on “assistant HC” moves him much.

        There seems to be increasing chatter that Seattle want to interview Macdonald as well.

  33. samprassultanofswat

    Right now I have a very high opinion of John Schneider. But that could change. Depending on who he selects as the new HC, OC, DC.

  34. cha

    Another domino

    Tom Pelissero
    The #Falcons are zeroing in on Raheem Morris as their next head coach, per sources.

    • Aaron Bostrom

      Wow. Surprised. But that’s great.

    • BK26

      Woooow. Didn’t see that coming.

      Is this Ben Johnson thing really going on, where he might still be available?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Seems like it’s always been Seattle or Washington for Johnson.

      • Rob Staton

        Everyone says Johnson to Washington is a done deal

        • BK26

          Yeah, I had that belief for a while. But with them continuing interviews, especially with guys like Quinn.

          Just like us, not sure if it’s due diligence, scrambling for backup plans, or what. They’ve at least interviewed Slowik a second time….

  35. SonGoku

    Morris to the Falcons per Schefter

    So there’s only 2 spots left…

    • Brodie

      Belichek to the Hawks!


    • Jordan


      So assuming Ben Johnson gets one of the remaining two; either Belichick or Vrabel will be left without a seat at the table.

      • cha

        Feels obvious now that Belichick wasn’t getting the Falcons gig. He had a 2nd interview in Blank’s home and they kept interviewing others.

    • LouCityHawk

      Never go around the block

  36. Trevor

    Raheem Morris will be the Flacons new HC!

    Only two spots left.

    • GoHawks5151

      All of the top 3 (Johnson, Slowik, Macdonald) still on the board. Hope still alive

  37. Trevor

    Johnson, Slowak, McDonald and Vrabel available still wow. My top 4 candidates all still on the board.

    If the Hawks go with DQ I will beyond bummed out.

    • Rob Staton

      Well let’s run through the four…

      Johnson — haven’t requested a second interview when others have, everyone says he’s going to Washington

      Slowik — no second interview request

      Vrabel — no reported interview or conversation

      Macdonald — can’t talk to him until February 12th

      • bmseattle

        Yeah, I get that the perception is that JS likes to play his cards close, and he does seem to enjoy “surprising” people with his decisions…
        But there doesn’t seem to be any inherent advantage in being secretive or covert about his interest in any of the above.

        The signs are not promising.

        • bmseattle

          … though, this is a guy who took grinning selfies with all the top QBs last year… including Levis… and then didn’t pounce when the opportunity arose (Stroud withstanding).

        • Peter

          There is no advantage. This isn’t the draft. Rob is correct about the Rooney rule but this still doesn’t take in account that if you want Dan you could not just rack those interviews up and be done with it.

          which leads me to believe (hope) that multiple candidates have actually impressed them in this process.

          • Rob Staton

            You can’t just rack those interviews up though

            They’re interviewing in other places too, you can’t force them into the building in a rush. One of the candidates has taken a job before even getting to Seattle!

            And the aesthetics of doing that to rush the appointment would scream ‘we are taking the piss out of the Rooney Rule’

            Feel like we’ve wasted too much time discussing why ‘it would be done by now’ (when it wouldn’t be)

            • Peter

              Big disagree blog captain.

              My position remains if Quinn was the choice all along it wouldn’t be taking the piss out of anything. It would just be using the framework of the rules.

              John is not tied to Morris, evero and with Morris out has to restart the clock.

              I firmly think he is actually looking for the right person not just quinn unless it ends up quinn.

              Arthur Blank has been widely more “progressive,” as an owner in many ways but if they wanted BB they would have just done what they needed to do.

              When Denver hired Payton I know they “gave” evero an opportunity to interview. So what. Everyone knew it was Paytons job.

              You and are actually closer to agreement that they are doing an exhaustive search.

              • Rob Staton

                It’s wrong to think the Seahawks would blatantly rush through the Rooney Rule situation. That’s not what they are.

                And it’s not JUST this. The article says they’d likely want to go through the process anyway, even if it’s just to say they’ve done it.

                It couldn’t be done by now.

                • Peter

                  One day we’ll have an old fashioned at the mayflower and have one our thrice yearly arguments where we are actually in agreement.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Sounds good!

  38. BrandoK

    If Johnson is Seattle’s guy and he is hired is it not possible to name him as HC anytime before Championship weekend and if Detroit makes it to the SuperBowl does it have to be after his team gets eliminated?

    • DK

      Yes, that is correct, Ben Johnson cannot be hired until the Lions have been eliminated this weekend or if they win this weekend after the Super Bowl.

  39. Aaron Bostrom

    I don’t believe Quinn is their guy. If he was, why let him leave the building today when he has an interview scheduled w the only other team looking for a coach? They don’t have anyone on their initial 5 list either to interview. It should be done if it’s Quinn and it’s not.

    • Rob Staton

      Because they haven’t fulfilled the Rooney Rule recruitments! Feel like I’ve written this 10 times today.

      What are they going to do? Make him sit in another room until Saturday night when Evero has travelled over?

      • Aaron Bostrom

        Apologies, Rob. My limited understanding of the rule is they’re required to interview 2 minority candidates, which they did last week, and interview one minority candidate in person, which they did Tuesday.

        • Brodie

          It does look like they’ve had virtual with Morris and Evero and in-person with Graham.

          This is from the NFL page:

          Clubs must interview at least two diverse candidates from the Career Development Advisory Panel list, or a diverse candidate not currently employed by the club.

          Clubs must conduct an in-person interview with at least one external minority candidate for any GM or head coaching interview.

        • Rob Staton

          Aaron — a zoom interview doesn’t count. They need to do two in-person interviews with minority candidates. They’ve only done one so far — with Patrick Graham. Evero will be two when he visits on Saturday.

  40. Sandman

    Falcons to hire Raheem Morris! The top young HC talent are all available with only 2 openings left, Pick one Johnny!

  41. A-ok

    You don’t need a second interview if you’re convinced they’re the best pick after the first.

    Maybe offers have been made already.

    They might be waiting on one of those coaches to rule out other offers, and are scheduling 2nd interviews for their second-tier options in case their primary ones opt for the other offers.

    • Rob Staton

      You’re not hiring someone over a zoom interview for a NFL Head coaching job

      • Gross MaToast

        I would if it meant I didn’t have to put on pants and change my shirt.

        • Peter

          As long as you don’t give it the jeffrey toobin razzle dazzle I think zoom interviews are great.

  42. SimonGER

    Jesus Christ with Johnson, Slowik, Vrabel AND MacDonald all still available with 2 HC spots open, this would feel like such a punch in the stomach if they hire Dan Quinn as their new HC.
    “Let’s run it back boys..”

  43. Denver Hawker

    If Johnson was truly out- Seahawks would make an announcement any day.

    I’m holding out hope they are just keeping it classy. Like BJ is focused on getting to the SB. If I’m trying to court him, I’m making sure he knows I’ve got a bag and I’m serious about the job, but I’m going to let him focus on what matters most right now, and I’m willing to wait for him to finish taking care of his business. Respect.

    • Peter

      I’m grasping but hope you are right.

  44. Parallax

    Would be REALLY disappointing if, with just two teams left to choose among Johnson and Slowik, John chose neither. But I’ve been giving Schneider the benefit of the doubt for years so I see no reason to stop now. Hoping and praying for the best.

  45. MNF_Hawk

    Do we know if Quinn has actually left the building?

  46. Sparky

    I don’t think Dan Quinn would’ve been hired by now even if he was “their guy.” They had to do their interviews with other candidates, both for Rooney Rule consideration, to due some information gathering, and just to get a feel for potential coordinators.

    It’ll be telling to see if we get through the weekend without an announcement. If not, my guess is they are holding out hope for someone else (maybe Ben Johnson with DQ and Vrabel as backups?) and lining Graham, Evero, Kafka up as coordinators/AHC types.

    It very well may be that Ben Johnson is already a done deal to Washington. My recollection of years past though has been this usually gets leaked out with more certainty than reports this year. The reports on him feel more like speculation or “what I’ve been hearing” type comments.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure about that on Johnson — it’s fairly consistent among reporters and talking heads that Johnson to Washington feels like a done deal

  47. Trevor

    If JS goes with Quinn it screams taking the safe route you know becuase you don’t want to loose your job by taking a big swing on an unknown.

    Would also mean going QB early is less likely I think. Who is going to develop him? Chip Kelly or Kellen Moore?

    It would really suck

  48. Trevor

    With Morris being hired before they did the 2nd interview does that mean they now need to interview another minority candidate for the Rooney Rule?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, Evero on Saturday

    • Brodie

      Rob said above that Evero was scheduled for Saturday

  49. Brett

    Adam Schefter
    The last two head coach openings of this cycle are the Seahawks and Commanders. Neither team is expected to hire anyone until next week, after Sunday’s conference championship games, per league sources.

    Looks like we won’t hear anything until next week. Sigh.

    • Peter

      Is that you with the sigh or is that Schefter sighing😅

      • Brett

        I coded the block quote incorrectly lol. The “Looks like we won’t hear anything until next week. Sigh.” is from me.

        • Peter

          Just joking!.. just like the idea of schefter sighing in a tweet.

    • Jordan

      Patience JS.. keep holding that water and steadying that aim. Patience my man. Teams are removing the candidates that you don’t really want.

  50. Bilbo

    Rob, do you think the lack of Bobby Slowik to the Commanders rumors is a slight red flag? All this talk about Adam Peters being the new hotshot GM that everyone respects. He worked with Slowik in SF from 2017-2022. For there to not be more Slowik to Commanders talk would suggest a lack of belief from Peters who has years of experience working with the guy.

    Just something that came to mind. What are your thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Bobby Slowik has an in-person interview with the Commanders today

      • Bilbo

        Okay then, we’ll I’m very much rooting for Slowik in said interview. Hope he absolutely crushes it and blows the socks off the Commanders brass.

  51. geoff u

    Why does the NFL make the process of hiring a coach so goddamn confusing

    • Peter

      Interviewing coaches the playoffs is kind of messed up for their current team.

      Also there’s no right way to enforce it but it is weird that the league is so tilted one way with players and tilted so far the other way with coaches.

  52. bmseattle

    Curious what the general consensus is regarding JS’s league reputation.

    Rob has alluded to the fact that he is very highly thought of around the league.
    If this is true, then he likely doesn’t look at this current decision as a “last chance”.
    Perhaps it would be his last chance in Seattle… but the likelihood is that he would have little trouble getting another GM job with another team.

    It might not be his preference (though he may be more than willing to move on in a couple of years), but he might feel fairly secure in his future job prospects.

    So… he may not feel compelled to “play it safe” with this hire.
    Maybe he is ready to shoot the moon?

    • Pete

      Fired GM’s have a very low rate of return to the job.

      If John botches this I actually think he gets another Crack here. If he botches it twice he’s likely done in the league. Because it will then be “maybe it was Pete all along.”

      • bmseattle

        Might depend on what “botches” means to you.
        2 years of Quinn, with a .500 record might not satisfy us, but it might not destroy JS’s rep… especially if he is as highly regarded as it appears.
        And… I presume they would “mutually part ways”, and not fire him overtly.

        • Peter

          But….if we get 8-9, 9-8 for two years even then just like Tom brady v. BB will people say alright John the team didn’t get better with you calling the shots?

        • Peter

          Btw if we have a .500 record and no new qbotf I will consider this a botch in that everyone old should have gone. Russ, Pete, and John.

          • bmseattle

            yeah, I would too.
            But it seems that JS would still be pretty highly regarded around the league, despite what we think.

    • Jordan

      Chris Long on the most recent PMT podcast referred to JS as a great GM and Seattle as a great job. He’s never been here, so is speaking to the reputation from an outsiders perspective.

  53. Big Mike

    C’mon Commies the GOAT (not imo but seemingly most people) is available. Hire him!

    • Parallax

      Bill Walsh is interested? Don Shula? Vince Lombardi?

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Mike obviously means that Tom Brady is ready to stop doing adverts for Hertz and flash his rings as a HC.

  54. ShowMeYourHawk

    I’m putting it out into the universe: Johnson will be walking a Lumen sideline next season in Seahawks gear. His East coast history be damned. The Commanders’ full court press this weekend be damned. Our lack of cap be damned. The increased odds that Geno Smith is our starter next season be damned.

    Go get him, John. You, Jody, all of Vulcan, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, Mike Holmgren, Blitz, f*cking whomever it takes to woo him. Go get him.

  55. samprassultanofswat

    MFN_Hawk: “Do we know if Quinn has actually left the building?” No we don’t. But we do know that Elvis has left the building.

  56. Matt

    The Falcons, surprisingly, have just hired Raheem Morris. So, now it’s just down to the Seahawks and Commanders. The whole field is pretty wide open now.

  57. SeattleLifer

    To me it all comes down to what is John truly aiming for and does he have total freedom to follow his perfect scenario for the team and its future?

    Has he been given any input from ownership- like to just try to keep us in solid contention and go for wins in the here and now or something along those lines?

    If the above with ownership isn’t the case then what is Johns driving thought for the team? Does he want sustained success which definitely seemed to be the modus operendi throughout his tenure if you really look at things : they came in and built up a team largely through the draft, then chose to not over extend the cap during our top/glory years(diverging from the general league strategy of trying to maximize your Super Bowl winning windows), then as thier drafts went kaput and players got old the became more desperate with trades, extending and borrowing against the cap, overpaying thier own and to a lesser extent free agency all to try and keep on the positive side of winning.

    Or has he swallowed some part of himself all these years under Pete and does he want greatness – as in is he willing to do things right and think long term and get the right coach for the times and be willing to take some lumps to fix the damage of past years(poor contracts, keeping poor players, a fairly poor salary cap situation)? Will John show the vision and commitment to do things right or will he chose the safe path of trying to win here and now? We’ll soon see. . . .

  58. Sell The Team Jody

    The pain reading this because I think you have it 110% correct. It sure feels like Quinn has been the guy all along and it makes no sense to shove Pete out just to hire a failed Falcons HC with a defensive background, since, you know.. it worked out so well last time we did that to an all-time great Seahawks coach.

  59. Jhams

    So 8 head coaches lost jobs this year. 6 new coaches have been hired. None of those hires have been guys highly touted by this comment section. The 3 that are said to be the best options haven’t been hired so far.

    I’m wondering if this has been situation where us as fans strongly believe X is the best candidate, and the guys who work in the league and actual do the interviews have a very different impression?

    Let’s say Johnson goes to the Commies, and the Seahawks take DQ (which would be a huge letdown for me personally). I suppose it’s possible that 7 of the 8 franchises all screwed things up horribly and passed on all but one of the best candidates. But I try to be humble enough to recognize my own lack of knowledge, as well as how so much of the smoke we hear is teams and agents using media leaks as leverage.

    Maybe there’s a reason the guys we as fans want aren’t aligning with who the league wants? I still hope it’s not DQ but the people in the comments who keep saying things like if he gets hired they won’t watch the Hawks anymore and we’re doomed to perpetual mediocrity at best and it would prove JS is incompetent and should be fired etc are really overreacting I think.

    • SeattleLifer

      My guess is John and all the other GM’s that were looking to hire new coaches know that Seattle and D.C. are the two most desirable spots for coaches – and the top coaching candidates get to have thier pick of teams so the other less desirable organizations took what they could get when they could get it knowing they were always going to be big underdogs trying to land the biggest fish(es).

    • Big Mike

      See the thing us I want a complete break from all things Pete Carroll. A swing and miss on a Johnson or Slowik is to me far more palatable than extended mediocrity with Lete Carroll 2.0

      • Big Mike

        *Pete Carroll (of course)

  60. TMcQ

    Personally, I don’t have a deep enough knowledge base to predict who the next Seahawks coach will be but to me the “Quinn is a lock for the Seahawks” talk is similar to the “Jalen Carter was a lock for the Seahawks”. Schneider made comments that indicated that they wanted something that Carter wasn’t going to bring (without naming names). They interviewed him anyway and did their due diligence. That didn’t mean they ever expected to draft him.

    John Schneider’s role in the worrisome decisions the Seahawks have made in the past 5 years is impossible for me to parse (not to say that others better informed might not be able to). To say that JS doesn’t have any fingerprints on the safety situation, for instance, seems to me like wishful thinking, and nobody’s infallible. All the same I can’t believe that he’s that interested in Quinn; they could have gamed their Rooney interviews differently and been done with it long before now if they were in love with Quinn.

    Good data has been shared about benefits of head coaches having backgrounds in offense, but unless the whole model of the game is broken at some point the wheel will roll back to the defensive minded coaches taking their turn as the new geniuses.

    • Rob Staton

      Who said Quinn is a lock for the Seahawks?

      That’s not what the article says at all

      • TMcQ

        Fair enough, but I don’t think I said that anybody on this site has said Quinn is a lock? Just as this site never bit on Carter as a Seattle draft pick.
        And I also want to add that I didn’t mean to imply that Quinn would ever be the genius to make the next generations of awesome NFL defenses.

  61. Hawk Mock

    One thing that had me scared from the JS presser was how he referred to it being so long since they’ve hired a coach that there are new rules to follow. It made me think that, along with someone mentioning earlier that he went to church every weekend with DQ, that it is going to be harder then it used to be to just appoint my old buddy to the job. Which then got me depressed thinking nothing will have changed and that he and PC were running lock-step all along in their thinking and actions.
    One thing that I was excited for from the presser was how he mentioned the league changing to offense first and acknowledging how a good OC will get poached if they do well. Made sense and had me thinking he understood that was probably the better route to take and that gave me hope for a Johnson or Slowik hire.
    Well, all three are still available and I’m scared as hell about what he’s going to do!

  62. hoggs41

    JS mentioned having control of the coaching staff so some of these names could be to pair with the head coach. Give them the OC or DC job with an assistant head coach title.

  63. Joseph

    Now Raheem in Atlanta. I’m getting terrified and angry about Quinn most likely being the guy.

    JS will go against what he said in his press conference. Once again with the “run it back” bullsh*t. Only difference is we’re hiring a poor man less energetic Pete.

    • GoHawks5151

      I haven’t read every single comment but any chance Slowik is a bad interview? Atlanta was the other early interview he had and they just hired Morris who’s on field performance was just all right. Washington is giving him another look but if they pass then maybe he’s not ready?

      Also no interview for MacDonald during bye week hypothetically?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Poor comparison imo. Morris has been a HC before. He’s been a coach for 25 years. Slowik’s barely 10 years older than that. He also was assistant HC for Atlanta during their SB run.

      • cha

        Aaron Wilson the beat reporter in Houston said he heard Slowik had a great interview with the Titans. But they chose Callahan, so make of that what you will.

        The way he speaks, how much of a confidant he has in Demarco, I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t interview well.

  64. Mr drucker in hooterville

    What meets the definition of ‘reaching out’? JS can’t reach out to McDonald or Johnson yet. Can we reach out to their agents? What I mean is….of 4 still available, Johnson, Slowick, Vrabel, and McDonald, we haven’t schedule them for interviews. Is it possible any of them share an agent with candidates we have spoken to? i.e. In speaking with Dan Quinn’s agent, that agent also represents McDonald (hypothetically) and it’s been communicated to that agent through the process of interviewing Quinn that they also want to speak to , say, McD…..just haven’t officially reached out yet.
    Does it work like that?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sure back-channel conversations happen but not sure if they’re permitted with agents

      It’s probably like free agency at the combine

  65. PJ

    Career move for JS so hopefully gets it right. Cards falling SEA way with hires last few days so with the delay hope it’s a McDonald or Johnson.

    Next he needs a QB.

    Otherwise JA should show him the door too.

    How much contact do you think there is between a GM and the agent of a potential hire in this “can’t talk” period. Has/does JS gone to rep of McDonald and say he’s our target, is he interested, would he take it, etc? So not to get burned after waiting weeks to talk to a guy.

  66. PJ

    Bit off topic,…

    Who made the call on trades, drafts, etc – was it PC, JS, joint?

    They had some real duds – Adams.

    Wonder if the truth will ever be told. We’ll find out real soon how good or not JS is.

  67. Joe

    I don’t have the best feeling about this head coaching search.

    1. They want to maintain the culture that Pete built. Well, there is only 1 Pete Carroll. Good luck with that.

    Kind of makes you think it would have to be someone that fell under the Pete Carrol tree of coaching. But is there really anyone that truly follows that line of coaching philosophy? Pete is 1 of 1.

    2. It’s hard to imagine JS hiring someone with a bigger ego than him. That eliminates BB and why JH didn’t get a sniff, Perhaps MV falls in that category too.

    Hard to picture any of the current candidates being a lighting rod.

    For every Shanahan and McVay, there are a hundred 1 and done or do nothing coaches.

    I feel like they boxed themselves into a corner with only wanting the positive mindset coach and having JS lead the coaching search.

  68. Sea Mode

    Spitballing at 1am…

    Wonder if JS might be trying to convince Dan Quinn to come back as DC + Assistant HC. Pair him with hotshot offensive guy Johnson or Slowik as HC.

    Would the pull of coming back to Seattle and getting out from under Jerrah’s ownership be enough? Seems like he’s been waiting to pick his place carefully. Has that place always been Seattle for him? He’s unlikely to get a HC offer anyways this cycle (unless it’s ours…), but he will likely get others at some point in the future, so it’s not like he would be stuck here forever either if things didn’t work out.

    Final thought for the night: if the Chiefs make the Superb Owl, it might be good to lock down our guy in the two weeks before Reid potentially makes a decision, opening up a very coveted spot.

    • Rob Staton

      After watching DQ’s defense fail to force a punt against us, then get their arses handed to them by Green Bay, a few weeks after being trounced by the 49ers.

      I don’t want DQ for DC.

      • Big Mike


    • Ryan CTG

      I was wondering the same exact thing. Additionally, you have to wonder if Washington is thinking the same way. If you’re going with a young inexperienced HC, a verteran like Dan Quinn would be ideal as an assistant HC.

  69. Pran

    Totally agree. John will have to pick from what’s left after every other team made theirs. Johnson is 99% lock to commanders given the commentary and the connections. Is Slowik ready to be a HC? Using John’s FA process as reference, he will let the market come to him knowing all DCs will be out there still and will go $tree shopping!

    In any case, we are about to find who John is in a few weeks. Is he a YES man or competent?

    • Dregur

      It’s odd, Slowik technically has more of a connection to Peters since they both came from the Niners, Johnson stated he’d only met Peters briefly and seemed to state he’d really only known his great reputation from what others had told him.

      Was his statement just completely BS in that press conference? I swear it was stated that Peters and Johnson had more of a connection from a report a couple weeks back that Rob had linked to somewhere.

    • Jeff

      If Johnson is a 99% lock to the Commanders, why are they giving Dan Quinn a third interview?

      “Dallas Cowboys DC Dan Quinn will reportedly be the first candidate to get a third interview with the team. He had a virtual interview, and an in-person interview, and now gets a second interview with the head coaching search committee.”

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a second interview not a third interview

  70. Wilson502 no decisions expected to be made until at least after the Conference title game

    • geoff u

      So both teams are vying for (or extremely interested in) coaches who are still coaching, that’s what that tells me. Maybe even the same coach.

      • Patrick Toler

        Yep, that is my current thinking. Seattle and Washington have got to be vying for Ben Johnson. Seattle thinks they have a chance. And Washington does too – enough at least to be seriously going through the other candidates.

  71. Blitzy the Clown

    I think he would to

    Dave “Softy” Mahler @Softykjr

    “I think he would like to hire Ben Johnson if he can.”

    Mike Holmgren on who he thinks Schneider will hire as Hawks HC

    4:19 PM · Jan 25, 2024

  72. Rob Staton

    Off topic

    The way Ben Johnson talks reminds me a little of Mike Mayock

  73. Blitzy the Clown

    Just thinking aloud, but I imagine that Schneider will have to sell himself a bit to Johnson at their in person interview.

    Three things Washington can offer that Seattle cannot:

    1. Geographic preference
    2. Blank slate
    3. Full personnel control (presumably)

    There’s not much you can do about the first. Seattle is a wonderful place to live, one of the finest cities in the world. But that doesn’t mean much if you want to live on the east coast.

    There is no blank slate in Seattle. Indeed, the next HC will be walking in some mighty large footprints. Not to mention the GM is the franchise now who sees a core of solid players to build around.

    And after Schneider’s presser, we know he won’t give up final say on personnel to the next HC. But he also said (somewhat paradoxically at the time) that he always manages in a collaborative style, seeking input from all stakeholders. Sounds like a message to Johnson, we can work together to get the roster you want.

    I expect he’ll want to give Johnson the inside on his QB scouting over the years. His choice of Russell Wilson (even if Pete said wait a round). His rumored interest in making a move for Mahomes and Allen.

    • Rob Staton

      To be fair, I don’t think Adam Peters — the hot GM candidate on the market — has gone to Washington to cede personnel control

    • Jabroni-DC

      My personal biased perspective is that the only thing Washington (DoC) has to offer that Seattle does not is the #2 pick in the draft. You get an immediate shot at landing a F-QB. If said QB busts…

  74. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Can’t decide What would make me smile more: WASH hires an HC not named Ben Johnson …OR…Dan Quinn gets hired somewhere and is off the market…..

  75. TwilightError

    Now that Raheem Morris is hired as the Falcons HC, there are only two openings left: Seahawks and Commanders. Slowik, MacDonald and Johnson remain on the table. Maybe they really want Johnson or MacD and are willing to wait even though this season others get ahead in the minor coaching hires? That way they secure the main guy and can continue building other staff in later seasons. I’d be happy with the brilliant offensive Mind of Johnson or with the capability to stop a Shanny offense of MacD. Now that they have waited, they can get one of those if they want as there is only one other job left open.

    But will see… If it was Quinn all along, what was the point of waiting every other team to fill the position?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be happy with the brilliant offensive Mind of Johnson or with the capability to stop a Shanny offense of MacD

      A quick reminder that San Fran had 429 yards vs Baltimore, 6/14 on third downs, 121 rushing yards

      They won because of Lamar Jackson and freakish turnover luck. They didn’t stop the Shanahan offense

      • Troy

        Also, the Ravens squeaked an OT win (37-31) over the McVay and the Rams in week 14. The Rams had 410 total yards and rushed for 128.

      • TwilightError

        Maybe the interceptions against Niners were just luck but Ravens stopped/won other Shanny based teams too. Texans and Miami. They won the Rams too but that went to overtime so could be that there isnt much to the idea of MacD being anothe r Jim Swartch, who specializes in stopping Shanny schemes.

        Anyhow, I’d rather see an offensive head coach too for the reasons already pointed out. But if it was to a defensive coach, MacD is the one i’d be least upset about.

        • Rob Staton

          The Ravens are the best team in the league

          With the NFL MVP at QB

          It’s not surprising they have won a lot of games

  76. nfendall

    The lack of second interview requests for Johnson and Slowik are concerning. For a team that is doing such an exhaustive search that just feels… off.

    At this point I am crossing my fingers that it isn’t Quinn.

    • Cysco

      The most likely answer is that there is no rush since Ben Johnson is still in the playoffs. It sure seems like Seattle is interested in someone whose season hasn’t ended yet. Probably safe to assume that’s Johnson.

      At this point, I would assume that if John wants Johnson, that Johnson’s people have told him he’s open to the idea. The fact that Seattle hasn’t hired anyone and all we hear is that this is going to be a thorough process combined with the fact that DC is still interviewing other candidates seems to paint a picture of what’s going on.

      Sure seems like both DC and Seattle are interested in Ben Johnson and once his season ends Seattle will make their pitch. Until then, John will continue to talk to people as his backup plan.

      If I’m reading the tea leaves, that’s what’s going on.

      • nfendall

        I hope you are right.

  77. Randy

    The plan is to be REALLY BAD for a year (like 2 and 15 bad) to be in position to get quarterback. Need to miss on the coach to accomplish that.

    • Cysco

      Well that’s certainly a theory.

  78. dand393

    Is it not a bit of a concern that these supposedly top candidates in Johnson, Slowik and Macdonald are all not getting hired? I wonder if this might be a bit of a tell that possibly there not as good as everyone in the media thinks they are, we don’t get to see or listen to the interview’s so if they were that good why wouldn’t all these other teams have hired them by now

    • Cysco

      Johnson and McDonald can’t be hired. Their teams are still playing.

    • Jordan

      Johnson and MacDonald are still working.

  79. Sten

    Hey guys, I hope this gives you some perspective. I, like Adam, am a fan of Tottenham, the English foot-soccer team.

    Back last year they had an awful search for their next manager (analogous to head coach) where they took multiple months without a manager, several candidates were taken by other teams or signed extensions, and this is piled on after years of mediocrity. The team eventually settled on their 4th or 5th option, and low and behold there’s a sense of profound optimism and love for the way the game is played for the first time in about 5 years.

    This is to say that hiring a man to decide the future of your team is not a race. Nor is the name on everyone’s tongue always the best fit. The Seahawks are an organization with a proven, well respected GM, a culture of success, and we have the advantage of being a low-pressure environment due to the lax media and the faithful (sometimes to a fault) fanbase. I would be more surprised than not if we don’t get who John wants and even more surprised if whoever he hires doesn’t work out, even if he’s on nobody’s list.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Welcome perspective Sten, thanks.
      I can attest that I despised Pete Carroll at USC & merely disliked him before that. Was hoping that he would suffer the consequences of his actions at USC rather than throw him a lifeline to the NFL while the school took it in the shorts.
      It worked out. I’m not worried right now. There aren’t any candidates that I’m pining for that have been hired by other teams as of yet. I only have an ‘idea’ of the coach that I’d like anyway.

    • Peter

      Sten I feel this.

      Kafka I’m not pumped about. But fans on other sites shouting “he’s a bum!!!”

      It shows me they have no idea that Reid was a positional coach who didn’t call plays. Lafleur was a pretty uninspiring HC choice. Zac Taylor same. Pete Carrol was a pretty left field choice.

      That guys like Staley were highly regarded. Nathaniel Hackett anyone…?….

      So much more too it than how great your side of the ball is.

      Oh and Mcvay. Super young. Called playes for Washington team that went bottom of the league, getting better, almost good in his 3 years there..with a now looking back boatload of talented assistants there. Not every team knew a green as grass “kid,” was going to be great.

  80. LouCityHawk

    Saw on Twitter in response to a Softy poll that most respondents preferred Macdonald over Johnson

    Can someone explain this to me?

    I know I’m in the minority, but I would take Quinn over Macdonald.

    • Peter

      Fix the defense and pretend the offense is good when it’s not.

      Presto chango!!! Superbowl here we come.

      • LouCityHawk

        Why are we so sure he can fix the defense?

        Why are we so sure the offense won’t suffer a drop off with random coordinator x?

        Basically a younger,less charismatic Quinn

    • Rob Staton

      Macdonald has become the trendy name and people aren’t considering the other factors in Baltimore’s success

      • LouCityHawk

        It feels very much like someone at the Hawks media office made some calls and said “you know, Macdonald is still out there and it was him all along.”

        It has been such a sudden and strong shift, and the narrative is so unified: we never had a shot at Johnson – Commies were a done deal. Macdonald is what we needed anyways, look what he has done.

        The more I have really looked into Macdonald the less impressed I’ve become.

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure about that. I think it’s more like ‘oh hey look Malik Willis had a cool pro day, second overall incoming!’

          People think because Baltimore beat the Niners he’s a defensive antidote — but they’re not considering all the other aspects of the Ravens (or what actually happened in that game)

  81. PJ

    Obviously JS pick is one of the active coaches.

    Say this does not work out? What’s plan B for JS? Does he have to walk back down weeks later to a Quinn or Vrabel with egg on his face offering them the HC job?

    • Joe

      I don’t like that they went into this without a targeted candidate(s). A miss with a head coach probably sets a team back a couple years.

  82. PJ

    This hiring of a head coach every Jan is a circus and recycling of talent. Morris been a HC now 3x with a losing record and gets hired again!

    What other industry works like this?

    It’s so hit a s miss with hidings and the draft. There’s a select few that figure it out but most fail out of the 32 teams.

    Hope Hawks get it right. Always hard to replace a legend.

    • TMcQ

      I agree that it isn’t reaching for the stars to go for coaches that have been repeatedly fired, but failed and retread CEOs get recycled too. A lot of decision makers are risk averse, and then there’s networking that keeps the same people popping up in discussions as well. How many businesses do you follow as closely as football?

      • Dream22

        Doc Rivers says hi

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Seattle was Pete’s 3rd team. It happens.

  83. Travis

    I just can’t see John firing Pete to turn around and hire a younger Pete coach. There are 2 head coaching spots remaining and Johnson, Slowick and Macdonald are all still available. No reason to assume it’s DQ until he’s actually hired

  84. PJ

    Tmcq – a lot. Just catching up on some news of WS I Banks with new CEO hires. Guys/gals get groomed for decades. Most miss out on getting the CEO job. Rare that you see a CEO fail at one and than become CEO at another. Typically they move on out of the industry. See how Morgan Stanley just promoted their new CEO and his path and all the other candidates and their paths. It’s not a ‘recycle’ or take a flyer approach. Wish our govt worked this way…

    • TMcQ

      Lots to discuss on this tangent but I don’t want to misdirect the thread any further than I already did! All the best-

  85. Rj

    With the hires this week and being one of two teams left, I feel like if it was Quinn or any of the other second interviewers it would have been announced either yesterday or today. In addition twitter insiders keep saying they expect the last two teams to make a decision next week. With all of that if they don’t announce a hire on Friday I think it’s more than likely going to be Johnson and the second interviews where just formalities. I am optimistic so I could be completely wrong

    • Ian

      Rob has already explained this: they haven’t yet fulfilled their Rooney rule requirement and won’t until they interview Evero in person on Saturday. No one can be hired until after that.

  86. Daniel D.

    I don’t see any reason to panic. Johnson and Slowick are still on the board, as is MacDonald. If you’ve got conviction about your team, and you’re a dude like Schneider, you’re not going to panic and hire Canales. And if a candidate like Morris doesn’t believe in himself enough to stick around for the Hawks’ process, he can go coach Desmond Ridder.

    I like the Seahawks’ process so far. Aim high, be deliberate, get it right. If that means you interview twelve guys, wait on MacDonald, get spurned by Johnson and hire Quinn, at least you’ve competed and left no stone unturned.

    • WLO333

      I don’t see any reason to panic either, seeing that the only two teams remaining are Carolina and Washington. If Schneider wants either Johnson or Slowik, he should be able to get one of them. My guess would be that most of the other coaches John’s talked to are being interviewed by for coordinator positions, and he’s waiting for our top candidates to become available after the playoffs. I mean, we haven’t set up interviews with Johnson or Slowik, but we haven’t with Vrabel or Quinn either, right? We’ll pretty much likely have our pick of coaches, so the real worry may be what coordinators are left. Maybe the team figures its not nearly as important to get them right as it is the head coach.

      And if the worry is that Schneider is going to screw it up, and he does, then he was probably never the top tier GM most of us thought he was. So be it. But, I find it quite interesting because I think we’re likely to find out whether he or Pete was the bigger problem.

  87. BobbyK

    Well said, Rob.

    I can’t add anything… He sucked at a head coach without Shanahan… he blew Super Bowl 49 (don’t give me the Avril excuse – he didn’t adjust accordingly) and blew his own Super Bowl 28-3. How the hell do you do that and still think you deserve something?

    We all saw the Green Bay game a few weeks ago. He’s a bum.

    He screws it up with the LOB (I don’t want to hear they were hurt… they were just fine the first 3 quarters), can win a Super Bowl WITH Shanahan, then totally sucks without him… and then is destroyed by Shanahan a few months ago… and yet this is who Schneider wants?

    If Schneider wants Quinn… then ownership NEEDS to fire the GM before he can screw things up any worse. It sucks when fans want to win more than the idiots in charge do.

    • Sparky

      I’m not excited about DQ either, but can we at least admit John has a lot more information about these coaches and a lot more incentive to get this right than anyone on a blog comment section?

      Totally fair to not like DQ and criticize the choice (if it is the choice). But the idea that JS doesn’t WANT to win is pretty ridiculous and insulting.

      • James Z

        He said ‘win more’ which is different than how you categorized it. He’s not wrong. Any fan worth his fandom wants the team to go all the way. The suits in upper management have different goals often. More information doesn’t necessarily mean better judgement.

        • Sparky

          I just don’t think it’s a matter of “want to”/not being totally invested/having goals other than winning. What other goals are served by firing Pete with a year left on his contract and hiring DQ?

  88. Matt


    John and Dan Queen are currently at a bar together in Renton. A good friend of mine is eavesdropping on their conversation and tells me it sounds like Quinn is begging for the job. John is not convinced. He overheard Quinn saying he has interest from Washington and he’s going to see them in a few days but he’ll give John right of first refusal.

    • Joe

      I wonder what bar in Renton and seriously are they going to have a private meeting about the job in a bar around people? Hmm…that’s odd.

      • Rob Staton

        I think we can safely say this didn’t happen

        • Joe

          Yeah this is total BS and Matt is a 🤡

    • Matt

      It happened. He goes to Dino’s and the mustard seed all the time. Anyone who lives in Renton can vouch for that.

      • Rob Staton

        I bet everyone joined in their conversation, worked out who the coach was going to be and then sang Summer of 69 together

        • Matt

          I hope that’s exactly how it went down 🙂

    • Travis Snyder

      I live in Renton a half mile from VMAC , John is in Dino’s bar and the mustard seed several times each week. Anyone in Renton can tell you that it’s common knowledge here. John holds meetings in bars all the time, ask anyone who lives in this area…
      John and Quinn were absolutely in that bar last night and John was not convinced by Quinn’s pitch for him to be the next coach.

      • Rob Staton

        I can accept the idea he goes to a bar and maybe has meetings there

        The idea anyone can tell what was being said or how John was feeling… pull the other one

        • Travis

          You can believe what you want Rob. I watch your videos and have been a fan of yours for a long time. I have better things to do than make up a weird story like this. I’ve personally seen John in the bars by my house many many times. Again it is common knowledge around here. My friend spoke to Quinn and told him that he was his first choice . Quinn said ‘well go tell John that’. He deliberately sat near them to eavesdrop and thats where he heard Quinn say that Washington was after him but he’d give John first refusal. And all this fits, Quinn publicly said he wants the job if John wanted him it would be done already. My speculation is that John and Quinn are friends so John probably is humoring him and protecting his friends feelings. That’s purely my speculation. Of course no one knows what John is thinking but it’s not hard to read body language or overhear a conversation in a bar. Only reason I’m sharing this with you is I thought this was a hilarious story and situation so we decided to ‘leak’ this ‘insider’ info. I don’t have any other way to prove it nor do I really care to. We just thought it would be funny to share with you. Anyway I’ve always liked your show and I’ve wanted Carroll gone for many years and I respected that you were the only one that would say it for years. Most everyone else in the hawks media like Salk, who I can’t stand, would act like Carroll was infallible and never at fault for any of the poor performance. I couldn’t listen to that nonsense anymore. You actually called it out and stuck to your guns.

          • Rob Staton

            Ok — well fair enough. I appreciate you sharing. I’m sure you can also understand that when someone pops up in the comments section of a blog claiming to have seen JS & DQ sharing a drink at a bar — then adds that John wasn’t really convinced by DQ’s pitch, that we have to take it with a grain of salt.

            • Travis

              I can understand how random and silly it sounds. And I get we’re just some randoms on the internet that could say or make up anything. I’d probably feel the same if I was you. Take it for what it is. I also do not want Quinn to be our next coach, this made me feel a bit better that JS doesn’t want him. Again purely my speculation but this really felt like JS was being polite and sparing his friends feelings because he wasn’t going to give him his dream job. So for what it’s worth, maybe feel a little less hopeless that we will be stuck with Quinn.

      • cha


        Either way, the conversations between Paton and Seahawks general manager John Schneider started in late January at the Battle House Renaissance in Mobile, Ala., when the two were in town for the Senior Bowl. They continued a month later at the scouting combine, where the two met four nights in a row in a quiet booth at Loughmillers, a pub in Indianapolis that wasn’t as crawling with NFL personnel as other hangouts.

  89. samprassultanofswat

    Three things Washington can offer that Seattle cannot:

    “1. Geographic preference
    2. Blank slate
    3. Full personnel control (presumably)”

    Geographic preference: Agreed
    Blank slate: If you mean starting from the bottom of the barrel? I guess so.
    Full personnel control (presumably): No way!!!

    • Dregur

      Peters just got hired for the job, I don’t think he’d give up full personal control.

  90. Seattle Person

    Isn’t Mike Kafka almost a mirror copy of Mike McCarthy? The way they talk are similar. They are both boring as heck. But…we have to admit McCarthy was and has been pretty good with QBs. I think the ultimate goal is to hire a coach for the next QB of the future right?

    The only time John Schneider was involved in a coaching search was in GB and that was when they hired McCarthy. Wasn’t McCarthy mentioned multiple times during JS’s presser?

    • London Seahawk

      I’ve heard this Kafka ~ McCarty comparison a bit now. What’s it based – just that they are/were OC’s and talk in a dull way or is there something else to it?

  91. Forrest

    Maybe they’re waiting to see how Ben Johnson does against the 49ers.

  92. Forrest

    The only head coaching jobs still open are the Hawks and Redskins. Of those , I see the Hawks being the more desirable option.

    We should have our pick of:

    I’d rank them in that order.

    None of them should feel rushed to sign with the Redskins and should be happy to wait for the Hawks’ process to play out.

    • WLO333

      I agree. I’m actually more concerned about losing potential coordinators at this point. Head coach selection no longer seems to be time critical. Maybe a coordinator tracker would be more useful at this point, because the HC options that have been talked about on this site are mostly all in tact.

      • Julian

        It’s what concerns me about waiting until Mike MacDonald is available. He’s the potential HC, who we’d be most concerned about building a team around. It a leaves a Catch 22 situation, wait until he’s available and it might be beyond when an effective coaching team can be recruited?

        • UkAlex6674

          He’d bring his guys over. No drama.

          • Rob Staton

            Well actually there’d be plenty of drama

            Who are his guys? How many of them are about to be hired by Jim Harbaugh in LA? How far do his contacts stretch given he’s only ever worked for the Harbaugh’s? Has he even been planning for this process given nobody knew who he was a year ago? Who is going to call plays offensively?

            These are serious questions

    • SeattleLifer

      I am of the thought that having the number 2 pick alone puts the Redskins ahead of the Hawks – new coach gets to pick his QB to grow a ‘new’ team with, not to mention high second and third round picks and the Hawks have no second rounder. And if I’m not mistaken the Redskins have gobs and gobs of cap space to spend next year – another important feature to any prospective new coach. Outside of being hired onto a team with a top tier QB and/or a roster with a number of true game changing talents what new coach would’nt want to start with a 2nd overall pick QB and a team that he can build up and mold how he envisions?

      I wish the above were’nt so but imo it is. I would think a coach is a bit more concerned with a successful and hopefully long tenure and the roster is more important on that front than ‘great city’, ‘great stadium’, ‘great fans’ etc.

      • London Seahawk

        When this happens, a coach tends to hitch their fate to that of the QB. Let’s not forget the top QBs in the draft are still only prospects until they prove it in the Pros. Sea’s QB position is a safer/softer. You have a proven quantity in Geno that you should back yourself to get 10-12 wins with, allowing you to redshirt your QB pick and develop them – maybe one this draft, one next if the first doesn’t hit. Meanwhile you’re establishing yourself as the HC

        • SeattleLifer

          With Seahawks you would have a proven slightly above average Geno in a QB, who is going on 34 and is not the future – so yeah as the Hawks new coach you would still need to draft a QB. But when? This year with the #16 pick? Or next year if you take the middle ground and say we win 11, make the playoffs and are looking at a number 20’s pick? All the while Geno ain’t gettin’ younger nor better.

          I still think a garunteed number 2 overall pick to take a top tier QB in the draft (plus a full slate of picks high in each round…) trumps any soft landing and develop a QB with a 16 or 20 something pick a year later for a coach looking to stake his claim. And do we even want a coach that wants to play it safe like that anyways?

  93. Julian

    Was just listening to Mike Miller discussing the draft with Mike Salk on his show and he has Spencer Rattler outside his top 150. It’s got to be a great reason to draft him in the 2nd!?

    • Julian

      Of course that’s Matt Miller, who I actually like as an analyst, outside of the QB’s.

    • Rob Staton

      Matt Miller hasn’t had one noteworthy projection in 15 years

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Who’s 2nd?

    • BK26

      Matt Miller spilling his drink on a list of Senior Bowl invitee’s is more accurate drafting than Matt Miller himself

  94. Julian

    I think John Schneider has Ben Johnson as his number 1 preferred candidate and he’s trying to get him until he does or he’s unavailable? At that point if Johnson goes on to be a success in DC and his second choice doesn’t work out, he can point to the fact he had the right guy all along, did everything he could to get him, but in the end, it’s not the draft, so Ben chose to go elsewhere.

    This theory slightly relies on none of the other coaches in this cycle being home run hits, otherwise it can be pointed out, well he missed on them too.

    I think after Johnson the selection on the Offensive side of the ball gets a bit thin, even for OC’s backing up a Defensive coach. Bobby Slowick, might need another year to really embed his scheme stylistically? What are the stats like on Slowick’s running game, I think Ben Johnson’s Running Backs, impress as much as any of his Wide Receivers?

    • SeattleLifer

      I think John and Washington’s GM have known all along that the two of them would be duking it out for Ben with no other real competition as they are head and shoulders the best two destinations for coaches to go to.

      The problem indeed becomes if he loses out on Ben then what’s reeeeally left? Slowick May just not be ready/hsve what it takes/hsve the coordinators he needs lined up, McD is a defensive guy who would need an OC that could be poached(and as Rob notes has had the great benefit of a supremely talented team in both sides of the ball and an extremely well run and coached team top to bottom), and Quinn – well yeah meh, Vrabel – not sure he fits the culture/head coach persona John wants to introduce to Hawks land and yeah that’s about that.

      So no Johnson and then what? Maybe time will show out that there just were’nt many great coaches to be had this hiring cycle . . . .

  95. London Seahawk

    Has there been much discussion here on Kafka as HC?
    Analysing Schneider-esque proclivities/history etc. doesn’t he tick a lot of these boxes here…

    – Superbowl winner and multiple championship run experience
    – Fits the HC as OC trend / solves that challenge
    – Mahomes connection / QB developer
    – Bit more experience than a McDonald etc with the ups and downs in NY.

    He may not be numero uno – otherwise they’d have done the deal already right – but I think he could be a legit no.2 behind Johnson.
    He seems to have as much production on his CV as a play-caller as Bobby Slowik – it’s just a year removed after a tough season.

    • Ian

      “He may not be numero uno – otherwise they’d have done the deal already…”

      They haven’t yet fulfilled their Rooney rule requirement and won’t until they interview Evero in person on Saturday. No one can be hired until after that.

      • London Seahawk

        Ah good point thanks, forgot it was the in persons that count towards that.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve done an article on Kafka but haven’t published it. Partly because I’ve just had other things I want to write about and get out there, partly because I’m on vacation and thus I haven’t published as many pieces. I’ll stick it out today before the mock if I get a chance

      I’d hardly say he has the play calling experience of Slowik given he works for an offensive minded HC who keeps taking over the controls. Slowik runs the show in Houston

      The key connection is that Andy Reid likes him and there’s a lot in that. But he is incredibly uninspiring to listen to and it’s hard to imagine him setting a culture and leading a path. Seems more of a highly regarded QB developer

      • London Seahawk

        Interesting, cheers.
        Yeah Slowik def sounds like the better communicator

  96. L80

    So over the history of Seahawk drafts under PC/JS how many times were you surprised at either their picks or trades?……A LOT were head scratchers.
    Just sayin.

    I’m not going to be shocked by any pick as coach actually, I’ve been groomed for 13 years.

  97. king

    The top 2 guys are still out there with only 2 chairs remaining. Unless Slowik doesn’t feel he is ready, I don’t know how Seattle blows this.

    I still cannot bring myself to believe that Seattle moved on from Carroll just to play it ‘safe’ with Quinn, or even Vrabel.

    Even if Johnson goes to Washington and Slowik is hesitant, they have to make him a godfather offer. They have to keep swinging on bright offensive minds until they find the guy that can go toe to toe with Shanahan and McVay (and thus anybody) and be a good all around head coach.

    • Rob Staton

      Fingers crossed

    • Frank Frankson

      I would put McDonald over Slowik, but I feel you on pretty much the rest of it.

    • BK26

      Pretty lacking after those two, isn’t it?

      It’s weird how there are only two teams left, and both Johnson and Slowik made it through. And yet…we might still decide against either of them….

      • WLO33

        They’re definitely the blog’s unanimous favorites, but there’s very little indication that they’re John’s favorites, with the lack of interviews and so on. Hopefully, Schneider really knows his stuff and makes the best choice, and we have a lot less resources to draw from on than he does. I respect Rob’s in depth analysis and research on all this stuff, but there’s still a lot of guess work involved (which is fun), and we don’t know what hasn’t been reported, that goes on behind closed doors. For example, why is the NFL avoiding Eric Bienenemy as a HC candidate? Is he an intolerable jerk or something?

        Maybe Schneider is being overly careful. Some of coordinators don’t seem up to the task if running a team. If he rolls out a Carolina Panther type couple of seasons after all the winning years stacked up by Carroll, his job is probably in jeopardy. Hopefully, he doesn’t pass up on the best candidate because he fears for his job, but its likely a factor.

  98. Mr Lerf

    I can help but think Schneider has played his cards masterfully. Only two openings left, WA and Hawks. Ben Johnson and McDonald are probably the two most intriguing left and Hawks are assured of one. Fall back is Quinn and either the OC from the Giants or C Kelly. Personally Im not excited about Quinn.

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