Is there any chance Seattle trades up in the draft?

However unlikely it may be, Mike Evans would look great in Seattle

It’s not something we’ve really considered thus far. And with good reason.

This is an excellent draft class, bolstered by 98 underclassmen.

There’s depth at the positions Seattle will probably target (offensive line, receiver).

With some of the old guard moving on, we’re getting an insight into the future.

Re-load. Re-tool. Almost re-build certain units within the team.

You keep your key players, as we saw with Michael Bennett. We’ll see it with Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson too.

But you make sacrifices elsewhere.

Giving up multiple picks to get one player doesn’t make sense.

It’s the kind of move Atlanta pulled in 2011 to get Julio Jones. They were chasing a ring.

Seattle’s already reached the top of the mountain.

Now it’s all about staying there.

So before we even get into this piece I’ll admit — trading up is very unlikely.


The Seahawks need as many picks as possible because this year is just the start.

Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Golden Tate, Breno Giacomini…

Even more will walk next year.

And they’ll need to be replaced.

The Seahawks will always be somewhat active in free agency, looking for bargains.

But predominantly they’ll lean on the draft.

A year after making a bold trade for Percy Harvin for multiple picks, a similar move this year seems unlikely.

But we’ll have the debate anyway.

Let’s look at the scenario where this could have some benefit to Seattle, however unlikely.


There are three reasons I think you consider moving up in any draft:

1 — an opportunity arises to secure one of the top prospects in the draft

2 — you have an opportunity to address a major need (eg moving up for a quarterback)

3 — you leapfrog another team to secure a player you couldn’t leave the draft without

I don’t believe the Seahawks need to consider #2 and #3.

Really, for me, it comes down to scenario #1.

Will there be an opportunity to get one of the top players in the draft, at a price you can justify?

There could be more opportunities to trade up this year than ever before. Asking prices should come down because picks in this draft are like gold dust. It’s such a good class.

There are teams within the top-15 who might be willing to take a drop of 10-15 spots simply to acquire another second rounder. Two really good players for the price of one.

For the Seahawks to move up, they’d have to hope there’s a team prepared to accept what constitutes a ‘bargain’ deal for extra stock.

I think the maximum amount they’d be willing to invest is the #32 and #64 pick in 2014. To make a substantial move they’d probably have to throw in some 2015 stock too, maybe as much as a second or third rounder.

I’m not convinced they’d be interested in spending two first rounders — but they might not need to.

Within the top-15 there’s one potential trade partner who might be open to a big move down the board.

Minnesota at #8.

The Vikings need a quarterback but Rick Spielman is already talking up his interest in moving down.

Spielman: “I really, really think we’re going to do a lot of movement in the draft.”

Here’s why I think Minnesota would at least consider a substantial move down the board:

— New offensive coordinator Norv Turner likes a certain type of quarterback — a big pocket passer with a decent arm. Bortles is really the only one of the big three who fits the bill, and everyone expects him to go first overall to Houston. Minnesota might target Derek Carr, Zach Mettenberger or even Logan Thomas later on. Matt Cassel’s return after originally cancelling his own contract suggests he feels he’ll get a chance to start in 2014. So they might not be thinking quarterback in the top ten, increasing the chances they’re at least willing consider a trade.

— If the Vikings aren’t taking a quarterback at #8, who are they going to take? They have a top-five pick at left tackle, a first round receiver, a first round three technique, a first round corner. All drafted in the last two years. They might see value in quantity over quality.

— After Minnesota and Tennessee, there really aren’t any teams in the first round you’d say are obvious landing spots for quarterbacks apart from Cleveland. And if Houston and Oakland address their need in the top-five, they might feel pretty comfortable dropping down substantially to target ‘their guy’.

— Spielman is a dealer. Aside from his trade with Seattle for Percy Harvin last year, he also moved back into the first round to get Cordarrelle Patterson. In 2012 he managed to dupe the Browns into swapping picks so that they could secure Trent Richardson. He makes trades.

Would they be interested in a deal that gives them the #32 and #64 picks to go along with their own #40 pick?


If you throw in a 2015 second or third rounder for good measure will it sweeten the deal? It really comes down to their willingness to trade and the other possible offers on the table.

They already have Seattle’s third round pick this year because of the Harvin deal. If our example here comes off, in the first two days of the draft they’d have the following picks in 2014: #32, #40, #64, #72 and #96.

They’d get five players in the top-100.

It’d be a good deal for the Seahawks in terms of perceived value to move up. Yet in a great draft full of talent, it’d give the Vikings a real chance to get better very quickly — while still addressing that quarterback need.

Again, I’m not saying a deal is likely. I’m just throwing out a scenario that might have some value for both teams.


If the trade was completed, the Seahawks could then target a player like Mike Evans at #8.

In this scenario you’re relying on finding offensive line depth from round four onwards. This is perhaps another reason why such a deal appears fanciful. Being able to go OL-WR or WR-OL in the first two rounds make so much sense.

Getting Evans would be a major boost to the offense. But do you really want to wait until round four at the earliest to add some much needed depth to the O-line?

You could argue Seattle appears comfortable allowing Tom Cable to go digging for diamonds. There’s every chance Michael Bowie and Alvin Bailey take on bigger roles in 2014 — so hunting for depth in the later rounds wouldn’t be a disaster if you’re talking about finding backups.

But it just might be that they see a greater urgency to bolster this unit having lost an established starter (Giacomini) and some depth (McQuistan — although technically he could return).

Evans would be a perfect fit in Seattle’s offense. He’s competitive, he wins at the red line and he’s spent the last two years working with a scrambling quarterback.

That experience with Johnny Manziel puts him in a unique category. He already knows what to expect — and his instinct to work back to the quarterback would be a major asset playing with Russell Wilson.

Athletically there’s a lot to like too. He’s tall (6-4), long (35 1/8 inch arms), fast (4.53) and he can jump (37 inch vertical). He had 1394 receiving yards in 2013 alone with 12 touchdowns.

He’s legitimately among the best players in a great draft. A Vincent Jackson-style receiver. Who wouldn’t want a 20-year-old version of Jackson on their roster?

And don’t you just know Pete Carroll watched this game and salivated over what he could do in his offense…

Is a trade for Evans likely?

Heck no.

I don’t think it will happen. I doubt Carroll and John Schneider even consider it.

But if there’s one scenario where it’s even 2% possible, this might be it.

I just wouldn’t get your hopes up though.

Henry Melton set to join Dallas

Meanwhile one player who definitely won’t be joining the Seahawks is defensive tackle Henry Melton.

It had to be a multi-year contract. The Cowboys don’t have enough cap room to sign a short-term ‘prove it’ deal.

And they likely threw a ton of back-loaded money at Melton to ensure they actually have a defensive line in 2014.

It’ll be interesting to see what Jared Allen decides to do now…


  1. David M

    Evans is Wilson’s dream reciever

    • Rob Staton

      Might be Pete’s too.

      • David M

        What i really love is the trust Manziel had in Evans, he could just throw up the ball and know Evans would come down with it. is it just me or does it seem Wilson has trouble trusting his WR’s? in the superbowl, Tate was pretty open on a deep pass play, but Wilson didnt throw it. there were numerous plays like this where he just didnt seem to trust his recievers throughout the season. He needs that guy he can have 100% trust in. Or maybe its the effect of Pete getting in his head about not turning the ball over no matter what, that could be having a effect on not taking the risk of throwing the ball… hard to say.

        • Rob Staton

          I think the Arizona game was the most frustrating. Wilson took shots and none of the receivers made a play on the day when it really mattered. They want to take shots. And they could use a player who excels in those 1v1 situations. It’s just a shame Evans is likely to be well out of reach — and as noted in the article, I doubt they trade up.

          • Mylegacy

            I don’t follow the college game much during the season – but my brother watches 15+ games every Saturday (he has 8 machines to record stuff) – last season I asked him about Manziel and he replied, “The guy’s OK, but overrated, he gets in trouble and just throws the ball and the big guy (Evans) goes and catches it. If Manziel didn’t have the big guy I doubt people would be very high on him.”

            Evans is my dream pick…sigh.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Because we pass less often then other teams it can be hard for Wilson to get into rhythmn. Then every missed throw or dropped pass is magnified. With Manning or Elways you know that a dropped pass will be followed by 40 more passes and some of those will be good for a third down or touch down. It feels like our 3rd and 7 passes our magnified in importance.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Oops Elways should be Brady. We got way too many passers to face!

  2. Vin

    Part of me wishes for something such as this to happen. But like you said, this is just the beginning of some very hard decisions the FO will have to make regarding our current players. I think we actually need as many picks as possible, not less. Like you said, this move is reminiscent of the ATL trade for JJ…..but in hindsight I dont think they make that same trade. I dont see the Hawks as being a Mike Evans away from being a SB contender year in/year out for the next 3-5 years. IMHO, if the hawks had a few more of the defensive starters A) locked up for the next few years OR B) the guys behind them were of a known quality, then I’d be willing to give up the 32/64 and a pick in 2015 for Evans, or whoever else for that matter. But I believe they need to draft as many guys as possible this year and next to see who will be our future starters and/or depth/starter. If Im not mistaken, besides ET/Sherman/Avril/Wilson/Baldwin, guys like KJ, Smith, Irvin, maybe even Wagner, are coming up on contract years. We’re all pretty certain Wilson/ET/Sherman stay. But after that, who knows? And thats why I think they’ve gotta draft as many guys as possible to see who can step up and fill some of those shoes in order to Win Forever. Thanks for the post, Rob….everyday I always look forward to what you have in store on SDB.

  3. Andrew

    It’s article’s like this one that keep me coming back for more. I really appreciate your willingness to put a scenario out there that makes us Seahawk fans think. For me, given the depth of this draft and the potential exodus of players in the next two to three season, I would love to see Seattle try and move the opposite way and gather those very valuable 5th and 6th round picks. The problem is that every other team is probably thinking the very same thing and it may be that the “value” move would be to go up and get a stud while other teams get depth.

    • KBPhD

      Agreed–great article in laying out the thought process, all the ins and outs of these possible decisions. Blogs like these do the work that Pete and John do, in leaving no stone unturned.

      • CC

        Right there with you – I very much appreciate how thoughtful Rob is when laying out these scenarios.

        If we were more of a passing team, I could see a possible trade up, but we’re D first, run the ball and pass to make big plays. Depth is a key to this team’s success so I don’t think we’ll want to lose any more draft choices on another reciever.

  4. Belgaron

    It’s really interesting to consider who the Seahawks board would yield at pick 8, 15, 20, 25. It would also be interesting to consider different picks in the 2nd as far as trading back.

    It is also interesting to note historically that this type of move was exactly the type of move Tim Ruskell would do all the time. And his decisions played heavily in the team’s rapid descent from 2005.

    Also, really historically speaking, the move up for Cortez Kennedy really worked out well. And the move up for Curt Warner would have turned out even better if he hadn’t ended his career with a torn ACL, too bad medical advancements weren’t there for him back then.

    • dave crockett

      Warner did come back from that ACL to have a pretty good season with the Rams, but yeah. He did that at a time when it was much more difficult to recover from a tear.

  5. Belgaron

    OT: Eric Edholm authored a very interesting mock draft on shutdown corner. He would have Kouandjio available at 32 and Bitonio available at 64. Those two would offer a potentially large upgrade from Giacomini/McQuistan.

    • CC

      Bitonio is a better option at 32 than Kouandijo – I wouldn’t even draft Cyrus. Knee problems that early on a OT is trouble, just look what we’ve had with Carp.

      • Belgaron

        All linemen have injuries come and hopefully go. Look at Okung, Unger, & Giacomini. Only JR has done really well in this area so far. You can’t just cite Carp as a reason not to consider linemen. Injuries are an unfortunate and ever present part of football.

        Any prospect selected would have to be signed off by team docs, just as they were looking to do with Melton and Finley. When injuries are really red flags, they slide down the draft, like Jesse Williams.

      • Belgaron

        There are two things that make Kouandjio a guy the Hawks will consider, first he has elite length in both height and wingspan, and second he is a great run blocker from a running program. In terms of his overall athleticism, 16% body fat at 322 pounds is impressive. I haven’t seen any ratings that have him lower ranked than Bitonio. That’s not to say at this point it is clear who will have a better pro career but that’s the way they are grading them out.

        • Cade

          Did you see how vulnerable Kouandjio is when facing speed rushers? Dude got owned big time. His lack of agility was also present in his movement at the combine.

        • Rob Staton

          Anyone who takes Kouandjio in round one is asking for trouble IMO.

          There’s no smoke without fire when it comes to serious health problems.

          • Belgaron

            That may be true. If it is, he’ll slide.

    • Ben2

      I don’t like bigs with knee problems….I always think of Marcus Tubbs.

  6. phil

    Had we re-signed Tate, Evans’ skill set would have been somewhat redundant. IMHO, what Tate and Evans excell at is improvising — as Rob says, working with a scrambling QB. When we didn’t appear to be that interested in re-signing Tate, it made me wonder if we were going to target Evans.

    While PC and JS have been very good at finding value (especially developmental guys) in the later rounds of the draft, maybe this is the year they go after a pick who would have immediate impact. Evans is the guy I would most like to see them pick, especially if it would only cost us this year’s #32 &#64.

    • Kelly Orr

      Evan’s is something Tate isn’t though and that is a huge Jump Ball reciever who can run pretty well as well.

      • phil

        No doubt that Evans has a height advantage over Tate. Both can jump and both can run “pretty well”.

  7. MJ


    I honestly think a trade up is very likely this year, but I think that PC/JS probably have a baseline pick for this type of scenario.

    We all agree that WR/OL are the main targets in this draft. While I don’t think either constitutes an emergency, I do think they want to acquire a “sure 2014 starter” at either spot. While we will assuredly be looking at a nice prospect at 64, chances are that type of prospect is going to be a raw athlete, not ready to contribute regularly on the OL/WR. This mindset sets up the following scenario…

    PC/JS have a board of OL/WR that they see as sure fire upgrades/starters in 2014. Let’s assume this list of OL is: Robinson, Matthews, Lewan, Bitonio, Moses. For WRs, let’s assume the list is: Watkins, Evans, Beckham, Cooks. In essence, these lists represent (hypothetically) players that PC/JS have conviction that they can be impact players/difference makers in 2014, whilst providing long term value/flexibility when considering balancing the salary cap.

    The specific trade scenario I am proposing is basically this. PC/JS have identified that Pick #18 (conservative guess) is the pick in which they can simply trade 32 and 64 (with no other draft capital). From this point, they identify which players from the aforementioned list are still available and likely landing spots. They basically let the board play out until they are forced to make a move to secure one of the players from their list (above).

    In essence, a great prospect on the OL or at WR gives you great Cap flexibility going forward. If Baldwin wants big $, you can let him walk knowing you have Cooks/Beckham/etc to take over and you slide Kearse into the #2/3 role. Likewise, a top notch OL (Moses/Bitonio/etc) with the ability to play LT allows for you to let the Okung scenario play out. Is his health really an issue or was it simply bad luck? I know this seems somewhat counterintuitive in a deep draft, but a lot of these mid-late 1st round prospects would easily be top 10-12 picks in other years IMO. Why not do a little jump to secure that type of talent?

    I must emphasize, this trade scenario really assumes that PC/JS have great conviction with one of these prospects. My gut feeling as that the guys listed above are probably held in high regard with our FO. Just my .02. Probably won’t happen but I honestly have a gut feeling they wouldn’t hesitate to jump up a bit this year despite the depth of this class.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the main counter I would offer here is — how unrealistic is it that a Bitonio or Moses will be there at #32?

      If both are gone, I very much take your point. But I suspect one or both will be available. And then you can get one of your guys and still keep hold of the #64 choice.

      • MJ

        Oh absolutely. And that’s kind of the point of the baseline trade up point. You obviously would play the board accordingly and best case scenario, you don’t have to jump up. I just honestly think there are a handful of guys that PC/JS would identify as no brainer upgrades and would do a subtle move to secure.

    • Belgaron

      If Rice signs, receiver becomes less urgent. With this front office, I would never say the trade up is very likely. They outcompete other organizations by scoring talent on the cheap. Guys other teams pass over.

      • MJ

        Obviously signing a WR of Rice’s caliber would alter this strategy. I’m just speaking from the current roster position. And, I should have caveated with “a trade IMO is very likely under the right circumstances.” I don’t think they’d arbitrarily trade up.

        And I’d simply counter with, how do we really know that Seattle wouldn’t trade up? This isn’t meant to be argumentative at all, but there are a lot of assumptions made about teams trading up/back. After all, we made a huge trade for Harvin. I know JS is from GB, but he is very different from Ted Thompson (willingness to trade, sign big name FAs). Not to mention, we are now in a totally different stage of the franchise as we were before. We are no longer trying to build but rather maintain. And who knows, maybe the fact that we have created a system means we know what type of guy we can draft late to fill a role, thus allowing us to gamble early on.

        This is a fun conversation because with this FO, I really do think anything is possible.

        • Belgaron

          As an intellectual exercise, I enjoy looking at the trade up possibilities. But if they accomplish their goal of winning a 2nd Super Bowl, they are going to lose even more bodies. They need to maximize quantity and keep up their hit rate for finding elite undervalued talent. Comp picks can only be a great strategy if they can bridge the talent loss gap without signing high end free agents–an option that will pretty much be completely out of the question after they finalize extensions for ET, Sherm, and Wilson. This is why I would think the overall likelihood that they trade up are extremely low. They would have to be totally sold on a particular guy and have a great trade available in terms of lack of overpay.

          • MJ

            Absolutely. It’s an interesting debate that really stems back to, what is the best way to win in this league?

            One of the big reasons I make the case for WR/OL is that we saw how drastically different the offense looked without Okung and Harvin. When those 2 hit the field, it looked like a totally different team IMO. And, the beauty part about OL/WR, is even if Harvin/Okung stay healthy, that doesn’t prohibit said rookie OL/WR from contributing.

            Lastly, we have shown the ability to be able to fill roles on defense with late round picks with specific skill sets. With Sherm, Maxwell, Chancellor, Wright, Smith, etc; it’s now a trend that they are fully capable of filling these positions with non-premium picks.

            In all honesty, my suggestion of a trade involving 32 & 64, really shows how much confidence I have in PC/JS to find great talent in the back end of the draft. I just think if you see an Elite (potentially) talent who could play a vital role for your continued success, that it wouldn’t make sense to not consider such a move. Trust me, I wouldn’t be making this type of suggestion for a LB or RB.

            • phil

              In my opinion, one of the biggest arguments for moving up is that it is going to be increasingly difficult to find late round picks that will make the roster — PC and JS have made this point. In contrast to the way things were several years ago — when just about anyone who was picked was an improvement over who was on the roster — we now have one of the best, and deepest, rosters in the NFL. Sure, maybe a late round pick can be used to displace a more “expensive” player. But, an alternative is to combine picks and go after guys who can have an immediate effect on the team.

              • MJ

                Absolutely agree. I believe you mentioned this in another post, but we cannot take actions done in years 1 & 2 as Gospel because we are in a completely different phase of roster management. We are now maintaining, not building.

                The 2nd part of this equation is the fact that we clearly have a defense in which we know exactly the type of players we need to perform at a high level and have routinely acquired them later in the draft. We are not talking 1 or 2 flukey picks. Sherman, Maxwell, Chancellor, Wright, Smith, Lane…Knowing we can regularly acquire excellent talent later in the draft makes me like the idea of being aggressive earlier, especially if we identify an exceptional talent that is harder to find (ie Mike Evans type).

  8. jeff

    Yeah, I don’t see it. This team prefers quantity and quantity tends to turn into quality.

    They are almost assured of 4 comp picks next year (barring something crazy happening in free agency) so I could see them leveraging some 2015 picks to move around on day 3 but I don’t see a big day 1 move unless its down….

    • MJ

      Just to play Devil’s advocate, how would you justify the trade for Harvin?

      • jeff

        Harvin > than what they could have gotten in Round 1 last year….Harvin potentially provides far more value than any players that would have been available in Round 1 last year. Harvin was a special talent that is rarely made available.

        I am not saying they’d never make a deal, just don’ see it this year. What would you trade up for?

        Mike Evans? Awesome player…Is he special (like Harvin)? Time will tell but I think they are nearly as likely (maybe more likely) to find special through quantity with the depth of this class.

        Last year, they weren’t finding a Harvin type talent at their pick.

      • Jon

        Harvin was a known nfl player though, not a projection or guess. they took the risk on health and hopefully that will improve this year.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would trade up for Watkins, but I’m not sure that he is worth two 1sts. Clowney???? Maybe but I have a funny feeling that he won’t be as productive as he is rated. I just don’t know that he is worth the risk. I guess when you are the superbowl winner you just have to suffer with the 32 pick.

    • phil

      Jeff – no doubt that if you look at history, PC/JS “prefer quantity”. But, forecasting what the front office will do in this year’s draft by looking at what they have done in the past is ignoring the context of our past actions. In the past, PC and JS made literally hundreds, if not thousands, of personnel moves and amassed lots of draft picks to find guys who would improve the roster. But, with today’s roster, why would you assume that they are going to continue to do that? Aren’t the odds of finding a BETTER “diamond in the rough” increasingly tough when you already have a bunch of diamonds?

      • jeff

        Because they have lots of roster spots to fill with cheap bodies. And no, I don’t think finding a diamond in the rough gets any more difficult, finding them playing time to prove they are a diamond might but Seattle has spots with the free agent losses. Filling those spots with several young cheap players makes sense.

        • phil

          Filling roster spots with several young cheap players makes sense — sure it does. But, if you package the picks that you used to get those young cheap players, and then use the package of picks to move up in the draft, you might find greater value. JS and PC had no reservations about using last year’s pick and change to trade for Harvin. I have no doubt that if they think that Evans or any other guy could be a better use of their #32 pick, and subsequent picks, they will try to go after whoever the guy is even if it costs them multiple picks. I just think that too many folks are assuming that just because our front office has pursued lots of picks in the past, that they are going to continue to do so. I think they are smarter than that.

  9. mrpeapants

    we have enough depth, except on the oline. we need difference makers! we cant keep relying on the 4-7 rounds draft gems. eventually we will have to get a first rounder right! I love pc and js but the last couple of years there first round selections have been pretty bad. we have to hit our first rounder this year! what better way then to take a top 10 player. I like Minnesota as a trade partner, makes sense. but I don’t see them as the only trade partner. buff has there qb and a lot of holes to fill, oak has more needs then anyone. jack is in the same situation lots of holes probably wont take a qb(imo). plus Bradley wants the hawks to win at least 1 more title, im sure of it! evans, Sammy, robinson, mack, clowney, any of these will do. I know its unlikely, but im tired of watchin the hawks pick in the first round ands then sayin WHO?
    go hawks

    • Jon

      I think the missing on first rounders assumption is false in reality. Okung and Thomas were hits, Irvin has done well at what they have asked though I would hope he gets better and more playmaker in him, and Carpenter has been a little better than a complete failure/bust. Harvin while not a draft pick, was considered to be by PCJS.

      The only pick out of 5 players that we have spent a 1st round pick on in the PCJS era that with 20/20 hindsight, that could be called a bust is James Carpenter.

      1st Rounders under PCJS
      2010 Okung and Thomas (great 1st round)
      2011 Carpenter (Better than a bust IMO, and often injured)
      2012 Irvin (8 sacks as a rookie)
      2013 Harvin (when on the field tilts it more than any player on our Offense)

      2nd Round picks
      2010 Tate (great pickup)
      2011 none
      2012 Wagner (one of the best MLB in the NFL)
      2013 Michael (PC says he is the player with the greatest breakout Potential)

      3rd round
      2010 none
      2011 Moffit (Bust)
      2012 RUSSEL WILSON (3rd round, what!!!!)
      2013 Hill

      While I understand the idea that we have not been successful in the top of the draft I disagree. We literally have 1 bust (Moffitt) and 1 miss on Carpenter in the first three rounds since PCJS took over. The late round Heroics are simply amazing but lets not suggest that they have done poorly in the top of the draft just because of the greatness of the late round picks.

      Thomas (3 time All Pro) Okung ( pro bowl), Harvin (MVP candidate before injury in 2012), Wagner, Tate (best punt return man in nfl and a very good WR), Wilson (Franchise QB).

      50% of our picks in rounds 1-3 over the past 4 years could challenge for all pro honors if they are healthy in 2014.

      • mrpeapants

        just one more thought on bruce they thought he was the ideal leo, one year later hes a part time lb . that’s all gohawks

    • Jon

      I said this above, but wanted to point it out as there have been several posts about our early round failures.

      I think the missing on first rounders assumption is false in reality. Okung and Thomas were hits, Irvin has done well at what they have asked though I would hope he gets better and more playmaker in him, and Carpenter has been a little better than a complete failure/bust. Harvin while not a draft pick, was considered to be by PCJS.

      The only pick out of 5 players that we have spent a 1st round pick on in the PCJS era that with 20/20 hindsight, that could be called a bust is James Carpenter.

      1st Rounders under PCJS
      2010 Okung and Thomas (great 1st round)
      2011 Carpenter (Better than a bust IMO, and often injured)
      2012 Irvin (8 sacks as a rookie)
      2013 Harvin (when on the field tilts it more than any player on our Offense)

      2nd Round picks
      2010 Tate (great pickup)
      2011 none
      2012 Wagner (one of the best MLB in the NFL)
      2013 Michael (PC says he is the player with the greatest breakout Potential)

      3rd round
      2010 none
      2011 Moffit (Bust)
      2012 RUSSEL WILSON (3rd round, what!!!!)
      2013 Hill

      While I understand the idea that we have not been successful in the top of the draft I disagree. We literally have 1 bust (Moffitt) and 1 miss on Carpenter in the first three rounds since PCJS took over. The late round Heroics are simply amazing but lets not suggest that they have done poorly in the top of the draft just because of the greatness of the late round picks.

      Thomas (3 time All Pro) Okung ( pro bowl), Harvin (MVP candidate before injury in 2012), Wagner, Tate (best punt return man in nfl and a very good WR), Wilson (Franchise QB).

      50% of our picks in rounds 1-3 over the past 4 years could challenge for all pro/DPOY/OPOY/MVP honors if they are healthy in 2014.

      • Jon


      • mrpeapants

        okung is injury prone talented yes but has he played a full 16 game season yet? but ill still give u that as ok. Thomas is a stud period. carpenter complete bust wiil be gone soon. bruce, I hate to say it but for 15 overall hes a bust too. 8 sacks his rookie year is good but he never really showd the explosion that he was supposed to have. I know hes supposed to be super fast quick what have you, but it just hasn’t shown on the field. harvins great but I don’t really count that as as a first rounder cause he had been in the league a few years and already had proven himself. micheals looks like he will be great from what ive seen of him, but I thought it was a curious pick considering we needed oline help last year. I only include micheals on this because he was our first pick that year. so the way I see it Thomas has been the only dominant player pc and js have gottn in round 1. in round 1! weve been golden with the other picks. the list is much to long to type. I love pc and js but usually you get stars in the first, and from my point of view theyve only gotten 1 in four years.

        • Jon

          Irvin was starting at LB this year. Smith was not the starter until the very end but even then it was rotation. Okung was the starting probowl LT in 2013. If you are going to count 4 years of round one picks then you have to include Harvin as he is what we used round one on last year.

          from round one we have Harvin (mvp) candidate int 2012, Thomas (3 time all pro, and Okung (Pro Bowl LT) Name for me any team in the NFL since 2010 who has done that with first round picks.

          • Jon

            I appreciate the concern for Okungs Injuries, but how does anyone come off blaming that on PCJS. All they can draft for if player quality on the field.

            • mrpeapants

              I understand your point of view I just disagree. making the probowl really doesn’t mean shit! its nice but based more on name recognition then how they performed that season. okung played what 8 games this year and he made the pro bowl. not to mention when he did play, every game he had penalties. every game! as far as harvin goes, its not real tough to find a great player in the nfl that has already been great. does that make sense. harvin had already made his name as a dynamic football player. I cant give pc js credit for discovering him, like a first round pick, but it was a great pick up. and im sorry but Irvin is not special! even his 8 sack rookie year, he never wowed me, did he wow u? he might still be good but so far im very disappointed.
              now don’t get me wrong they built a super bowl winning team, and are very savy in the way they do things. lynch for a 4th sure leon wash golden rw in the 3rd cam earl Maxwell all of them awesome picks or singing or trade. I love these guys they gutted a terrible team and rebuilt it into a sb winning team with a chance at a dynasty! but they need to do better in the first round! that’s all go hawks

              • Jon

                so you want them to get impact players with 1st rounders? Well Harvin was picked up with a 1st round pick. You are using a huge double standard. name recognition for Okung was earned in 2012 his pro bowl year was 2013 and he got a second probowl in 2014 because of name recognition. The 2013 pro bowl selection was very much earned. How can a Franchise LT not be considered a good selection. Please tell me the team that has picked up a pro bowl LT, MVP candidate WR, and DPOY candidate in the last four drafts let alone there last four years of 1st round selections. It does not matter how you consider Harvin, when the day after PCJS made the trade they stated that he was for them part of the draft. They used the draft to do exactly what you want. Get an impact player!

                • mrpeapants

                  your missing my point. so we will try a different approach. do u think carpenter is a first round talent? irving? as of today. is it so bad to expect a little more then what our recent first rounders that we have drafted in the first round out of college, have given us. I don’t think so go hawks

              • Matt

                “I love these guys they gutted a terrible team and rebuilt it into a sb winning team with a chance at a dynasty! but they need to do better in the first round.”

                This statement doesn’t make sense. Sure it would be great if every first round pick is an All-Pro! It’s just not realistic. You’re judging our FO as failures because 1 in 4 1st round picks(not including Harvin) were AP’s and just 2 in 4 made the Pro Bowl. Those are really good %’s! The fact that JS/PC find great players in the later rounds too does not diminish the better than solid previous 1rst round picks.

                I do agree that the Pro bowl doesn’t mean all that much anymore, there’s so many injury replacements and SB team players sit out(naturally). Getting the PB nod does mean that the player is at the bare minimum above average.

                • mrpeapants

                  im not judging them as failures! all im sayin is they can do a better job in round 1. a better job. they’ve had great success with Thomas and even some with okung. percy is worth the 1 and 3 we gave up. but first it was carpenter and the next year they get bruce(the ideal leo). both are disappointing and busts so far. if that changes then great, but missing 2 years straight hurts. missing another will hurt too. we cant expect to find cam’s and Sherman’s every year and that’s why we need to hit with the first.

                  that is all go hawks

              • Michael

                I dont agree with you on draft failures from the first round. I will however agree that Okungs injuries and inability to stop a cold at the line of scrimmage make him a very poor 1ST ROUNDER. I also believe we could expect more from Irvin but I also understand that any player still starting material 3 years later is a success from the first round. With all that if pete trades this years first round for any player 25 years old for 6 years that is considered all pro thats a great use of a draft pick

        • AlaskaHawk

          I think the jury is still out on Okung and Irvin. Rob made a statement that the offensive line has to play together as a unit. Okung is the most important player on that line but he has been injured every year. There is no way the line can ever gell with that in and out at his position. I hope he can turn it around and stay healthy but I don’t think you can say that his pick has been a success yet. He looks elite when he is healthy.

          Irvin is a good player, but I haven’t seen a real impact from him. He was good the first half of his rookie season and then faded as a pass rusher, becoming ineffective by the end. At the time I said he wasn’t mean enough for that position, that you need to be a junk yard dog going after a steak. After a move to linebacker he played good but not elite. I have hopes that he will become even better. Mostly I just don’t see the impact that Kam or Earl bring to the plays. When Kam hits a receiver the whole stadium knows it. I think Irvin has that potential but hasn’t realized it yet.

          So Okung is elite when healthy but has been injured every season. I am concerned that he will have a short career. Irvin is average as LB (for a Seahawks team) but could become better over the years. I see Irvin as having a long successful career. He may even be able to play in other positions like strong safety.

    • CC

      I have to respectfully disagree – we will continue to lose our top players each year in FA, so drafting guys in the lower rounds is essential to continually have guys who can take their places. These guys basically get a redshirt year in the system, and then have their chance to make the line up. Next year guys like Maxwell, Kj Wright, Lane, Smith, Okung could all become FA – if you haven’t used draft choices to solidfy the future. First round choices are important, but you have to have guys to take over for those stars if they leave.

      • mrpeapants

        I agree and im not suggesting that we do a ricky Williams type deal for anybody, I would just like to see them pick a guy in the first round that really kicks ass like earl. instead of project type guys like bruce! go hawks

        • CC

          :o) What will become of Bruce …

      • Jon

        Lane and Okung both have two years left on there contract.

  10. Steve Nelsen

    Rob, I love the way your brain works and the thoughtful way you lay out these articles. Thank you.

    I think that a trade up is unlikely. Evans would be a perfect target for such a move but it is a deep draft for wide receivers and there will be at least one (maybe two or three) with legitimate first-round talent when Seattle picks at 32.

    Let’s take a look at the O-Line. I am not convinces that there is a pressing need to draft a guard or tackle in the first two rounds.
    1. Breno was a solid starter but he was already being challenged for his spot by Bowie.
    2. Sweezy didn’t progress as much in 2013 as hoped but the staff is still confident in his development and mentions him as a potential 2014 breakout player.
    3. The Carpenter/McQuistan rotation at left guard underperformed on the year. This is a make or break contract year for Carpenter. He either steps up or he won’t be on the team next year. I’m not confident he will make the jump but there is some chance. What if he doesn’t?
    4. Bailey is an improving player who could be in play for either the left guard or right tackle spot this year if Carpenter or Bowie doesn’t make the jump.
    5. Jeanpierre has been re-signed and he can provide some depth at guard as well as center. Could he compete at left guard?
    6. The staff seems pleased with the development of Caylin Hauptmann.
    7. Greg Van Roten was looking like a starter at Green Bay before his injury. I expect him to compete if he is healthy.
    8. I’m not sure what to make of Jared Smith but I think we have pretty good depth and a reasonable plan for both guard spots and right tackle in 2014. Even more so if McQuistan comes back.

    There are some great offensive linemen that are going to be available at 32. You can see a player like Bitonio or Su’a-Filo and easily picture them as a rookie starter. But, we clearly don’t have the pressing need we did when Carpenter was drafted in the first round. Cable is a believer that you can find guys for his scheme in the mid-to-late rounds of the draft and get developmental guys as undrafted free agents. You don’t need to use a first or second round pick even if it otherwise makes sense. The only exceptions to that are left tackle and center and we have our guys at those spots.

    This is also a deep draft for offensive linemen. I expect the hawks to grab on or two in the draft and bring a few more in as undrafted free agents. A guy with the athleticism to project as a possible left tackle behind Okung (or as a future replacement for Okung) seems to make the most sense to me. I admit to a bit of unease about Russell’s foot injury which skews my interest in this direction. And Okung’s future salary cap number could be a challenge.

    I would be overjoyed if Aaron Donald or Brandon Tuitt somehow slipped to 32 but that is unrealistic despite some other mock drafts out there. Ra’Shede Hageman is very intriguing if he is medically cleared. But, I think the most likely scenario is that we draft the best wide receiver that slips to us at 32 and take joy in the knowledge that whoever that receiver is, they would likely have been a top-15 draft pick in any other year.

  11. Rock

    A trade up is very unlikely. I would be shocked if that happened. This is a very deep draft. While Evans is appealing, he is not the only great WR in this draft. There are probably 45 guys that could make it into round 1 and 80 guys that could be in the first two rounds. Any one of them could turn out to be the next All Pro. We are missing the pick in the third. If anything I see the Hawks trading back to add a 3rd round pick. Next year would be a better time to trade up.

  12. Nate

    I can’t even describe how much I want to see Russel with Evans in this offense. I would trade Harvin in a nano second for Evans he would be so incredibly perfect for Russel especially with Russels tendency to throw high and scramble in the around for more time.
    Evans would be a monster here. I know its not likely but I would be more than happy to pass on an O lineman and pick up an elite talent like Evans for our first and second plus a future pick.

    • hawkdawg

      I think you might be alone among NFL GMs if you would really trade an unproven college player for Percy Harvin, straight up.

      • Ed

        I think I would make that trade as well. I have no faith in Harvin being healthy all year, plus we would clear a ton of cap space. A cheaper, taller, receiver without the injury history while still having a high ceiling, makes sense to me.

        That said…the idea of a full year of Harvin sure is exciting!

    • Matt

      Benjamin isn’t as athletic as Evans but he might be had with pick 32. KB would be a great red zone weapon! Plus we wouldn’t have to give anything up.

      • Rob Staton

        I think KB will be gone by #18.

        • Matt

          That’s probably true. I guess my point is there are a handful of players that would be solid options available at pick 32. The strategy that JS/PC of bring in players to compete would be greatly hampered by this proposed trade. We’d have to give up too much to move up in the 1rst round. IMO

          I have to agree that Evans would be perfect in Seattle! Just don’t want to see us give up the all the picks it would take to get him.

  13. cha

    The Hawks will have to replace Marshawn as the heartbeat of the offense in a year or two. If that role is taken over by RW (supplemented hopefully by Michael) then adding a lower-cost piece like Evans now makes sense.

    Even with the Big 3 signing in 2015 and some critical roster decisions to be made at that time, the Hawks have to ask do they have the roster space to add 7 draft picks plus 1 or 2 UDFA’s a year or will they just end up cutting those guys and filling roster space for Jacksonville? They should get at least a comp pick or two in the 2015 draft if things keep playing out as is.

    So it can come down to evaluating the talent currently on the lower end of the roster.

    Is Auguste ready to contribute?

    Are Bowie/Bailey/Kauptmann ready to start on the OL?

    Is one of Brooks/Mayowa/Scruggs/Boatright able to fill depth spots on the DL and contribute in 2015?

    • mrpeapants

      great point cha! just too much talent

      • Ed

        I agree 100%, that we do not have space on our roster for a ton of draft picks. How many spaces do we have, do we have enough for even half of the draft picks to stay on the roster?

  14. plyka

    While this post is well worded and as well reasoned as possible, you’re arguing such a losing position that no one can make a believable argument that the HAwks will trade up in the draft.

    1) Generally speaking, draft “cost” is far out of balance. The price Atlanta, for instance, paid to move up in the first round shows how out of balance the cost is. So even a “bargain” relatively speaking, is most likely a lose even in a normal draft. The only conceivable reason one can have for moving up is to get a QB.

    2) I think the Hawks philosophy is #1. It is #1 in their game plan and it is #1 in drafting. I think their philosophy is quantity versus perceived quality. Their philosophy is that they would rather have more later picks than less early picks.

    3) Contract cost. This is a factor which is rarely even talked about. But the difference between Russell Wilson (3rd round) and Earl Thomas (1st round) was something like 10 fold. I think Earl made 5m per year in his third year while Wilson made 500k. That’s a massive difference in cost to the cap and the pocket book. So if you’re working to keep all your current talent, wouldn’t it be wiser to have 6-7 500k players versus 1 4million per year player?

    I think far more likely is that the Hawks attempt to move back in the 1st round. Let’s be honet, the Hawks have rarely hit on their early draft picks. The only ones they truly hit on were the 2 top 15 picks they had with Earl/Okung. The place they hit in the draft is late. So wouldn’t it make much more sense to trade away their 1st round pick for 3-4 late round picks? In fact, they could probably get more than 3-4 late round picks.

    • Nate

      Actually the Seahawks have done quite well in the early first and considerably less so in the mid to late first round.
      So I would argue it makes more sense to go get that guy they are sure about and fill in with late round guys were they have excelled as well rather than hold on to that late first and second pick.
      Unless a guy like Odell or Donald are there I would hope we trade back if we don’t make a move for Evans.

    • cha

      plyka just a heads up on point #3 the Thomas deal was under the old CBA so not quite apples to apples with RW’s deal.

      • plyka

        Yup, my mistake, thanks for the correction.

    • Rob Staton

      “While this post is well worded and as well reasoned as possible, you’re arguing such a losing position that no one can make a believable argument that the HAwks will trade up in the draft.”

      I’m not arguing for a trade. I’ve opened the debate up for this community while admitting such a deal is very unlikely.

  15. me

    Honestly I think we’re a lead pipe lock to trade up. From pick 128. We pick twice in the first 64 picks and then watch that number go by again before we get another choice, and with the depth in this class someone they live us going to be there early in the fourth. I think well find a partner who doesn’t want too much to swap fourth rounders and pick again in the upper third of the fourth round. There’s just bound to be someone there that just absolutely blows a typical 4R pick out of the water.

  16. matt509

    IMO do whatever the hell you got to do. Evans, Harvin, Lynch, and RW……… You have a little bit of everything. I would say that becomes the toughest offense to play.

    • matt509

      That being said I doubt we do. Some think we will trade up. The fact that we traded for Harvin and we don’t have a 3rd round pick I think makes it so we won’t trade up. I don’t think Seattle will only want 1 draft pick in the first 3 rounds when this is one of the deepest drafts and we still have a couple of needs. I could see us trading down if anything. try and get a 3rd and maybe a 2nd round pick. Get a WR, OL, and maybe a defensive player. Depending on who’s there. get a speed rusher who can sit this year and be ready next year when Avril is gone.

  17. Ray bones

    I cant see it. Its all about value. Is # 8 more valuble then #32 and #64? or to put it another way is one “A” player worth more then 2 “B” players? I dont think so. Part of my hesitation comes from the position that Evans plays. How many actual targets would he get in this offence? I think he would be at best option # 4 on offence. I belive that Lynch is #1 followed closely by Havin @ 2. I think Rw on the move is # 3. If we were able to secure a starting caliber OL at 32 and that 4/5/6 option WR at 64 the value to the team is greater then to secure that 4/5/6 player at #8 alone.

    • me

      Completely agree. It’s also a TON of draft capital to devote to a WR slot that gets very few target. You’d be talking about our top three picks in the last two drafts plus a third, so four of our top 5 picks in the past two years, spent on WRs. In an offense with fewer pass attempts than basically any other in the league.

    • matt509

      it doesn’t matter about the target’s. What matters is the mismatch he brings to our offense. Rw has a guy he can throw the ball to when he gets in trouble, just like he did with Rice. I think Evans has more upside than Rice. Evans can also play outside and in the slot which will help his PT and targets. If we find a OL in FA that we think can play RT then Im all for moving up. If not I’d rather actually try and move down. Either way I don’t really want to pick at 32.

      • Ray bones

        I disagree Matt509. Your still focusing in on what the move will bring, while ignoring the potential cost to do it. Sure it would be nice to have that luxury target for RW but not at the expense of replenishing our lost depth. The seahawks areworld champions today largely because of their astonishing depth last year. A valuble asset went down and their was no discernable drop off because they had depth. That depth has been comprimised this year and it needs to be replenished. Evans would be a marvelous addition to be sure, but, is he needed? No you cant say that he is. But rebuilding the depth we lost absolutly is.

    • phil

      Ray bones — regarding the number of snaps Evans might get in our offense, what makes you think that the Seahawks offense is going to be the same this year as the past? Or, what makes you think that the past emphasis on the running game is going to be the same in the post-Lynch years?

      Suppose that the Seahawks are looking forward a few years (maybe as soon as 2015) and they are seeing an offense without The Beast. Just maybe they are thinking that there might have to be more emphasis on the passing game and that vision, coupled with the loss of Tate, might make them realize that maybe this is the year to hedge their bets and see if they can’t make some improvements to the passing game. Why else would they be signing a receiver from the CFL, showing interest in Jermichael Finley (when they already have 3 TEs who can play), and apparently showing interest in Britt, too?

      I think we are going to see more emphasis on the passing game in 2014. While this year’s draft is loaded with receivers, few of them have the specific talents that Evans has and I think few of them could make the impact to our offense that he would. We all have our favorites — Evans is obviously mine.

      • Ray bones

        Well Phil, the reason I think that is because that’s Pete Carroll’s entire coaching philosophy. That’s what he did at USC, and was incredibly successful with it. It’s what he has built this roster around, and won a Super Bowl already doing it. Whether Marshawn is the feature back or not really doesn’t factor into it either. Ideally he would prefer to have a stable of backs that he could rotate thereby keeping everyone fresh and keeping the opposing defences on their heels. Coach Carroll is not about to adopt an uptempo passing attack now or any time soon I’m afraid, if it ain’t broke it don’t need fixin! In my humble opinion of course.

        • phil

          Ray, so you are saying that those SC teams with Carson Palmer, and Mark Sanchez, and Matt Leinart at QB were teams that reflected Pete Carroll’s lifetime coaching philosophy of emphasizing the run? Interesting. Being a UCLA grad, I am all too familiar with SC’s (and PC’s) potent passing attacks.

          I’m not advocating an up tempo passing game. I just think that PC is a master at using the skills that his players have and with Lynch getting older and with RW at QB, I expect less emphasis on the run in the future.

          • Ray bones

            You may be right Phil, I suppose it is possible that this offence could “evolve” to use Pete’s own word, into more of a passing attack. There is nothing that I can see to date indicates that shift in scheme and I would think that they would have made more of an effort to retain GT’s services if they were planning it. However the basis of my initial comment here was whether or not I considered that there was a possibility of the hawks trading up this year to aquire any specific player and I still don’t think that the value is there. I can’t see acquiring a WR as being crucial to the successful defence of their title. I LOVE the skill set the Mike Evans brings and would love to add him to the mix, but I wouldn’t do it at the expected cost of adding two top players to the roster. I guess it all depends on who those players are of course. If this draft wasn’t considered to be “so deep” then maybe, but #’s 32 and 64 should be very good this year.

  18. Belgaron

    If I were to move up into the top 10, it would be to grab a sliding Robinson. I think if the Rams stay at 2 and snag him, they are a lock to bypass AZ and SF in the NFC West standings this year.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I have already posted that I don’t see Seattle picking an offensive lineman at 32. But, the exception would be for a potential Pro-bowl caliber left tackle. Robinson certainly fits the bill in that regard. I don’t see Seattle trading up into the top-10 for a left tackle while Okung is on the roster but seeing your post did spark a question along a similar line of thought.

      Do you see a scenario where Zack Martin could slide? There are 3 great tackles ranked ahead of Martin and more than 3 teams that need OL help but several of those teams need help at other positions too. And with it being such a deep draft, I think we may see a few surprises after pick 15 where one team rates a player higher on their board. Also, if there is perceived relative scarcity at one position like CB, a team might defer picking O-Line because they know it is a deep draft for O-Line and some good guys will still be available later.

    • bigDhawk

      Sam Bradford will be their QB, and he will be less than 100% most of the year while still recovering from the ACL. They could have King Kong blocking at LT and not pass AZ or SF in the division.

  19. cliff

    What about trading up with someone in the 16-28 range if Beckham Jr. or Aaron Donald starts to drop? We should be getting a few compensatory picks next year so if we only have to give up another 3rd round pick or less would you consider that?

    • MJ

      That’s exactly the type of scenario I was referring to earlier. There is bound to be an elite talent or 2 to fall further than they would any other year.

    • Jon

      I actually like this idea better. If you trade up 5 or 6 spots it may cost as little as a 4th round pick if you find a willing team.

      Trades in that range from 2012
      Broncos get (36 and 101) and Buccaneers get (31 and 126)
      Vikings get (29) and Ravens Get (35 and 98)
      Patriots get (25) and Broncos get (31 and 126)

      All of these trade are including picks going to each team within 7 picks of #32. The range of compensation for such a move cost the Vikings an early 4th, the Patriots a late 4th and the Buccaneers simply moved down 25 spots in the fourth and did not loose a full pick in the deal. If Donald, OBJ, or others slip into the 20s I could see this type of a move in a class when teams are trying to get a piece of the depth prize with moves to trade back.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d consider it for those two certainly.

  20. Jon

    I said this above, but wanted to point it out as there have been several posts about our early round failures.

    I think the missing on first rounders assumption is false in reality. Okung and Thomas were hits, Irvin has done well at what they have asked though I would hope he gets better and more playmaker in him, and Carpenter has been a little better than a complete failure/bust. Harvin while not a draft pick, was considered to be by PCJS.

    The only pick out of 5 players that we have spent a 1st round pick on in the PCJS era that with 20/20 hindsight, that could be called a bust is James Carpenter.

    1st Rounders under PCJS
    2010 Okung and Thomas (great 1st round)
    2011 Carpenter (Better than a bust IMO, and often injured)
    2012 Irvin (8 sacks as a rookie)
    2013 Harvin (when on the field tilts it more than any player on our Offense)

    2nd Round picks
    2010 Tate (great pickup)
    2011 none
    2012 Wagner (one of the best MLB in the NFL)
    2013 Michael (PC says he is the player with the greatest breakout Potential)

    3rd round
    2010 none
    2011 Moffit (Bust)
    2012 RUSSEL WILSON (3rd round, what!!!!)
    2013 Hill

    While I understand the idea that we have not been successful in the top of the draft I disagree. We literally have 1 bust (Moffitt) and 1 miss on Carpenter in the first three rounds since PCJS took over. The late round Heroics are simply amazing but lets not suggest that they have done poorly in the top of the draft just because of the greatness of the late round picks.

    Thomas (3 time All Pro) Okung ( pro bowl), Harvin (MVP candidate before injury in 2012), Wagner, Tate (best punt return man in nfl and a very good WR), Wilson (Franchise QB).

    50% of our picks in rounds 1-3 over the past 4 years could challenge for all pro/DPOY/OPOY/MVP honors if they are healthy in 2014.

  21. Attyla the Hawk

    This Seahawks team so reminds me of the 90s Cowboys. In terms of philosophy they are so similar.

    Evans is our Michael Irvin.

    If we’re talking about getting an OL/WR in round 1 and 2 — then trading up to Evans simply means finding another Plan B OL talent this year.

    This OL is not broken. No broken OL can run as effectively and with such regularity as Seattle does. It simply doesn’t happen.

    Evans is going to be a star. And in particular, he’d be a star here in Seattle. We do the deep ball about as frequently as any pass happy team in the league. We simply don’t throw the short stuff to set it up. We run the ball to set it up. It’s a major component of our passing attack. And for that purpose, Evans is simply perfect.

    I make a #32/#64 and a pick next year and not bat an eye. Evans is a huge missing component for us. Exactly in the same way that Bennett was our missing piece on the defense. This offense is constipated until we can threaten teams vertically. He makes our run game and the underneath Harvin routes open up tremendously.

    Without him, Seattle still ranked 8th in scoring. Evans could easily be worth 5 points on average. Not just his contributions, but also add the inability to focus on stopping Lynch and in double teaming Harvin. That’d put us very firmly at #2 scoring offense in the league.

    His ability to extend drives and turn 3-5 play drives into 6-8 play drives would be entirely worth it.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I’d also add the results of the Julio Jones trade since that seems to be a stumbling block for critics of the idea:


      Julio Jones

      Give up:

      Jimmy Smith
      Greg Little
      Owen Marecic
      Brandon Weeden
      James Michael Johnson

      Now I expect Seattle would do better than that with those picks. But realistically Seattle can add an elite talent to a roster littered with them. And as a draft pick, he’s not endangering our ability to extend a lot of the talent that we have. Seattle still would have 6 picks in this draft if they went R1/R2 and future R1/R2. Next year’s draft we should have a surplus of comp picks for depth and what have you.

      Our ability to draft deep affords us the ability to trade up without greatly sacrificing our ability to reload on depth.

    • MJ

      Absolutely right there with you Attyla. Great stuff per usual.

    • Steve Nelsen

      “Evans is our Michael Irvin.”

      That is a great analogy.

      His familiarity with operating in a scrambling offense also makes him a unique talent in this draft from the standpoint of our offense. He fits the PC prototype for a receiver. The Seattle front office prefers to trade for skill players rather than draft skill players but I think Evans is a fairly safe projection. He would bring to the offense what they imagined when they signed Sidney Rice and at a fraction of the salary.

    • phil


  22. Jeff M.

    Even if Minnesota were willing to move #8 for #32 and #64 (a pretty bad move for them by the draft value chart, but I agree that it’s not necessarily very predictive here), you still have to assume no one else beats our offer (unless Spielman is dumb enough not to shop it around) for this to be anything but a pipe dream.

    Wouldn’t Cleveland move #26 and #71 to go get their QB at #8 (assuming they don’t grab one at #4)? For that matter, wouldn’t San Francisco beat our offer with #30 and #56 to get Evans for themselves?

    I just don’t think there’s a plausible scenario in which we could get higher than mid-first round. In fact I tend to suspect that it would even be impossible to get above Chicago or Dallas to grab Aaron Donald without surrendering our 2015 1st (but if he gets past both of them and starts falling, since the next handful of teams are all bad fits, we should absolutely have the ammo to go get him in the low 20s).

    • Rob Staton

      Certainly others could beat the offer. San Fran is a good example. Cleveland I doubt would want to move back into the top ten. But yeah, San Fran could beat it for sure.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Rob, don’t talk about San Fran being an option. There were reports that SF was talking to Evans after the Aggies Pro Day which was sparking speculation that they might be looking to trade up for him.

  23. House

    While I think the FO has the “brass” to trade up if need be, but I think they will continue to keep picks and groom players. With the turnover we have seen in the past week and potential turnover we’ll see next year as well, last year’s draft was STRICTLY precursory. They said it during the draft… The players drafted in 2013 would impact 2014 and on…

    RB: Christine Michael is uber-talented. His biggest knock was focus/pass protection. Maybe we utilize him positions similar to Tate or Bush (USC).

    DL: Composition wise, Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams are direct replacements for McDonald and Bryant

    CB: Tharold Simon is the “Seahawky” CB that Browner helped build identity wise. Even with Browner and Thurmond leaving, Simon should slot in as solid depth behind Maxwell/Lane.

    I don’t think we are in such as bad a shape of some of the “Experts” would say and our lack of worry in FA proves that we are confident in what we currently possess.

  24. jake

    WR: Jordan Matthews…everyone is discounting this guy. But he is going to breakout.

    • Jordan

      I really hope we grab him and O-line in the 2nd.

    • CC

      I think JM is one of a few WRs who might fall to 64 who are talented. There are so many first round WR busts that I’m okay to wait for a guy on day 2

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure everyone is discounting him. Personally I think he’s distinctly average and set for a totally underwhelming NFL career. But considering how often he gets brought up, that’s not an opinion shared by the majority.

      • Belgaron

        Here’s some food for thought. Back in the 80’s, the Lakers had a habit of picking up guys who had had average careers and making them look like superstars because A) they had so much talent around to distract the opponents and B) they had a point guard that made others play better.

        Seattle has A) Lynch and Harvin and B) Wilson. If Wilson improves in his junior year as a pro quarterback, he is going to continue to make guys look better than they are. I think this is why the team was more inclined to pass on paying more to Tate. They could take an “average” guy like JM or a failed guy from another team like Kenny Britt and Wilson will throw them better, more catchable balls than they’ve had plus they know how to coach guys up in Seattle.

        This is why they need to add depth and talent to the O-line, so Wilson has a little more time and confidence to do what he does.

  25. Kenny Sloth

    Way to keep it interesting. I think we only trade up if there is a faller. If Evans is there at 19 it would be much more likely that we move up. I doubt Minnesota wants to move so far down and I doubt it would only take our first and second to jump to 8. Miami is going to miss out on the top 3 tackles and are going to want to cast a wide net. We get Evans, they get Bitonio. Something like that.

    • Belgaron

      Unfortunately, I think the tea leaves are pointing to the QBs again being the fallers this year. There should still be a few guys that rapidly move up the boards in the next few weeks to help push a few guys down to 32.

  26. bigDhawk

    Per walterfootball, the Seahawks had exactly three player interviews at the Combine. One of them was Mike Evans. Somehow that has to be squeezed into the 2% probablility of us making a move up high enough to get him.

    • Layne

      Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M (COM)
      Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt (COM)
      Connor Shaw, QB, South Carolina (INT)
      Per walterfootball,

      JM? interesting.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t read too much into these interviews.

    • Belgaron

      They talk to a lot of guys. Most doesn’t get reported.

  27. Nolan

    I do this trade for sure Evans give you an elite talent at a bargain price… I think our oline will be better then last year as long as we don’t have the pro longed injuries to okung and Unger. So we could add depth pieces later… We do need young talent though so it’s tough to justify giving away extra picks … If we could give away more picks from next year and keep our second this year I’d be happier next years draft will probably be much weaker with how many underclassmen are in this draft.

  28. Jordan

    I could see them moving up in the 2nd but I think there’s enough talent in this draft that they won’t make any moves in the first… If anything, they might trade back and then trade up in the 2nd for two mid-second round picks.

  29. Stuart

    Rob, you have really ignited our curiosity!

    This is a fascinating discussion today!

  30. brandon

    Great topic for discussion. For those of you who are so worried about giving up picks to move up please see Chris Harper. If tharold simon and williams had not been injured they both would have been cut. We are reaching that point on our roster where we are going to start cutting draft picks because of our roster depth. Factor in the many compensatory picks we’ll be due next year and you can see the diemna forming. Moving up for the right player makes sense when considering these factors.

    For example let us say next year we end up with approx. 11 draft picks. Do we believe there will be 11 roster spots opened? I know this a little farther out in the future but I think my point still stands. I’d rather trade up then lose a pick for nothing. Don’t want to be Harper’d again

    • Jon

      For every Harper I would argue that there is a chance at a Wright, Smith, Maxwell, Sherman, Lane, Kam, Turbin, Bowie (?) and on into UDFA with Baldwin, Kearse, Bailey, Johnson. With our team the Late rounds have hit with the same regularity as rounds 1-3. What is garbage to one GM is a diamond for PCJS and the everlasting competition and ‘win forever young’ philosophy of this team.

    • Vin

      I see your point. The counterpoint is that we’re not talking about trading rnd 4/5/6 picks to move up for Evans. We’d be trading potentially Bintonio and Coleman (for arguments sake) and may be a 2/3 next year for Evans. We can probably all agree that you should be drafting potential starters with your 1/2/3 picks and depth with the rest. And we can all agree that the drafts a crapshoot. But statistically your quality picks should be your first 3 picks, not your later rounds. As awesome as it is to see later picks like Sherman maxwell wright smith succeed, we also have our fair share of harpers ej wilsons Simons legrees. So to count on the hawks hitting on those late picks is something I doubt this FO operates on. Now, if we had more guys locked up beyond 2015 then I think you take a shot and move up for an Evans. But we just lost some quality starters and depth and we face the same thing next year even after locking up ET Wilson and Sherman. I’m talking guys like KJ, maxwell, smith, Avril, Baldwin, etc. Those guys will want their paydays too. As much as we’ve heard about guys like Scruggs and mayowa Augustine (whatever his name is) they’re still an unknown. Yes they have good, maybe even great potential. But we won’t really know until they start or are thrust into the fire due to an injury. So for me, specifically for this years draft, I think they stay put or maybe even move back for more picks. But good discussion nonetheless. Go hawks.

  31. Madmark

    My Round 2, 64 pick I’ll take:
    Donte Moncrief WR Mississippi 6’2″, 221lbs., 32 5/8″ arm, 9 1/8″ hands, 39.5 VJ , 132″ BJ, 13 reps,
    4.40-40, 7.02 3cone, 4.30 shuttle.
    Why do I like this guy so much. Its all here the athletic ability and size. This guy has loads of unstored potential that with the right Coaching and a steady handed QB this guy could be a bigger and better Golden Tate. The one thing I see in his games is he is a willing blocker and relentless in his pursuit to block out his player completely. I would see him throw a block and allow the runner the edge to make 1st down on the sidelines. He dwarfs a lot of CB and just makes them disappear, on running plays,and somehow be farther down field still trying to get in a block. This guy is a Golden Tate but faster and bigger.

    • bigDhawk

      He doesn’t show well on tape for me. He is sloppy and erratic in between his occasional bursts of superior athleticism. Check out the video on Cody Latimner. He is Moncrief’s clone physically, but looks much smoother and polished. Plus Latimer had the most BP reps of any receiver at the combine.

      • Madmark

        Watch that Texas game again. 5 TDs were totally left on the field. the first was a straight go route and Donte is 4 steps by his guy and the pass is like 4 steps pass him. 1 way under throne ball that gets picked because he to far down field in the open streaking for the end zone. One TD is called back on defensive offsides when play whistle cause the OL moves killing the play. Another TD but in the collision he barely steps out of bounds. What I say over and over was the blocking allowing the running back and a scrambling QB to get around the edge for 1st downs. He’s always in the picture frame blocking when something ends up going in his direction. To me his tape looks exactly like Tates college tape. I’m telling you 1 year of conditioning for strength, some coaching in the routes and a good QB to throw the ball and this guy will take off. We are picking 64 which is basically 3rd round pick there stuff that all the candidates at this pick would need some coaching but for this guy it won’t be much in the blocking department.

  32. oz

    May 8th is way too far away!!!!!!

  33. red

    Looks like Seattle was at Delaware pro day looking at Zach Kerr. Huge man Gigantic legs.

    • Rob Staton

      And apparently they showed a lot of interest too.

    • bigDhawk

      I like the little video I’ve seen of him.

      • red

        Deandre Coleman 6’5 315 ran a 4.96 at Cal pro day 4.78 unofficial at combine. Looks like a promising 5tech.

        • bigDhawk

          I like him too. Lots of good interior linemen in this draft. Another one I like is DaQuan Jones of Penn State.

  34. Cade


    What if Seahawks do not think WR is high priority in this draft and choose to go after one in later rounds?

    I know we have a hole there. Hear me out.

    According to Tate, Seahawks offered him about half what his other offers were. They did not value keeping him on the team. Would rather invest into other positions.

    What does this mean? Maybe they don’t want to spend premium resources on WR. Maybe they planned on moving on and replacing him in the draft regardless.

    If they don’t place a premium on spending for the WR position, this is the perfect DEEP WR draft.

    • David M

      I don’t see how they don’t target one in the 1st or 2nd round, I mean they lost there top two WR’s this offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      I think low-balling Tate was a sign they simply wanted to move on, rather than an unwillingness to invest in the position. After all, they’re paying Harvin about $13m this year — and he’s the most expensive player on the team in 2014.

      If anything the deliberately low offer to Tate suggests to me they possibly have a receiver or two firmly in mind in the draft, knowing they’ll cost less than a re-signed Tate.

      • Cade

        Harvin is arguably there to augment the run game as much as the pass game though. His ability to stretch the field horizontally will open things up for Marshawn. Hes explosive out of the backfield as a runner as well (obviously)

        That’s not even noting his special teams impact.

        I don’t see the money spent on Harvin as being any indication of a FO willingness to invest in pass catchers. Make sense? Now Rice is/was a better argument. Maybe this FO feels like they have been able to score in late rounds/UDFA with WR so don’t feel the need to invest expensive resources in that position. Maybe not. Just spitballing some possibilities.

        • Cade

          Additionally, would them letting Tate go with the idea in mind of a few receivers point to Seahawks brass wanting to pick up a guy with punt return skills?

          Maybe they are looking to get an explosive guy rather than a long guy. Or they could get a long guy early and PR later.

        • Rob Staton

          I just think if we’re trying to argue Seattle doesn’t want to spend big on receivers, there are two enormous examples (Harvin, Rice) where they’ve paid mega bucks at the position. Not to mention how much they coveted Brandon Marshall to begin with.

          I don’t think PCJS have any issue paying out at receiver. In fact I think they see it as a vital position, because they aren’t throwing as much. The guys lining up have to be able to make plays.

          I suspect they didn’t want to pay Tate because they can get a cheaper, potentially better player in the draft.

          • Tomahawk

            Exactly….and that player you are probably hinting at is OBJ, who is just that. Not to mention he may only take a very small move up the board (mid-twenty range is a possibility).

      • David M

        Along with this, I think they realized they don’t need 2 of the same receivers, ie Tate and Harvin, both very good at YAC and Turing small passes into good gains. They Have there man in Harvin, and next is to find that True no.1 they were looking for in Sidney Rice, which didn’t work out, so this draft is perfect to find that no.1 I believe.

        • Cade

          That’s a good point

  35. David M

    Welp, Melton to Dallas, sounds like a multi year deal.

    Let’s hope Allen decides to come to Seattle!

  36. Cameron

    I think Pete has fantasies all day of Mike Evans falling into the late teens. If that happens I could see a scenario where we do trade up and draft him. More likely though, Seattle is targeting Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham is a faster, better route running version of Golden Tate.

    Although I doubt he lasts til 32… I see plenty of scenarios where he lasts til the mid 20’s.. If he lasts past 23 (Chiefs) I wouldn’t be surprised if John starts working the phones.

  37. James

    With Melton no longer an option would kevin williams be a decent interior player for a 1 year deal.

    • Jon

      isnt he like really old

  38. SunPathPaul

    Mike Evans would be a cornerstone for this team long term. Adding him to Percy, Baldwin, Kearse, Miller, Willson, ?Jermichael Finley?, would be incredible. I think he would be worth some picks to get.

    Maybe #32, our extra fifth rounder this year, and our 2nd next…? Anything close to this would be great! To shift a couple extra chances for a perfect fit talent like Mike Evans would be killer.

    I hope we sign Jared Allen to a year or two…(and Jermichael Finley)

  39. HD

    I have heard John Clayton say that because Seattle lost a number of free agents they would be in line with some compensation picks…say in the 5th round or so…what do you know about that possibility and wouldn’t that also help a Seattle reload with young talent……sound like you won’t need early round picks for good talent this year…especially in Seattle’s need area…I do like that kid from Nevada at T or G

    • Rob Staton

      They should get 3-4 picks in day three next year for the players they’ve lost this year. That’ll help. But you’ll have to wait a year to get any benefit there.

      • Matt

        Knowing that we’ll get a few compensation picks next year I could see us trading a couple present later round 2015 picks to move up in this draft. Possibly moving up in the 4th or 5th round to grab a targeted player by giving up say our 4th this year and a 5th in 2015 to move up in the 4th this year. People are saying that there aren’t enough open roster spots for all the 2014 draft picks to make the team, and I agree. The same will ring true in 2015, so we could parlay that knowledge into moving up in the late rounds of this years deep draft. I think that’s more likely than moving up in the 1rst or 2nd rounds of this upcoming draft. So yes we don’t receive the compensation picks until next year, knowing that we’ll get them could benefit us in this years draft.

  40. bigDhawk

    So let’s play this out. We get Evans for 32 and 64 plus whatever in 2015. Now our next pick is 4.32. I think at that point we are in BPA/depth territory, but if we are determined to address our OL need immediately, I’ll throw out a few names of tackles that might be there for us at that spot: Brandon Thomas, Jack Mewhort, Kadeem Edwards, Cameron Fleming, Dakota Dozier, Justin Britt. One question I have: is Evans plus one of those guys > than a Benjamin/Ju’Waun James-ish combo we might get at 32 and 64? What are some other ideas of what the rest of out draft looks like in the Evans move-up scenario?

  41. red

    So Seattle Wide Outs Coach Kippy Brown was at OSU pro day looking at Brandin Cooks. I wonder if Cooks could be available at 32. Jets were there as well scouting him. Not sure Pete would go slot receiver when there are a tons of good slot receivers in this draft that can be taken in day three such as Capanaro and Willie Sneed.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Cooks is more than a slot receiver. Not seen three guys shadow one receiver before, but that’s what Oregon did to Crooks vs OSU. I think he’ll be long gone by #32 though.

  42. James

    Can’t we do something to stop these pro days? Just when I was working on some small hope that Kelvin Benjamin could fall to #32, he goes out and has a great pro day in front of the whole nfl world. No way he will fall to us now after displaying the athletic ability he showed today.

    • David M

      The only think scouts didn’t like was him NOT redoing his 40

    • Rob Staton

      From what I saw, he looked tremendous at the FSU pro-day.

  43. James

    If not Jared Allen, then who? Pete was very clear this time last year that he needs 3 legit pass rushers, and with Clem gone, he is down to 2. I doubt he will look to the draft for immediate help in the D line rotation, so right now it is Benson Mayowa and…?

    All the off season moves make sense thus far, except for the 3rd pass rusher:

    Golden Tate is being replaced by Percy Harvin.
    Clint McDonald is being replaced by Greg Scruggs.
    Thurmond/Browner being replaced by Jeremy Lane.
    Big Red Bryant is being replaced by Tony McDaniel, Jordan Hill and/or Jesse Williams.
    Brenno Giacomini is being replaced by Michael Bowie.

    ….but, Clem? no clear successor.

    • JeffC

      Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Will Smith and then Bennett plays Leo on passing downs.

    • Ben2

      Mayowa maybe….?

      • Belgaron

        And Boatwright will both get shots.

    • Chris

      They could use Irvin in the rotation if they aren’t able to do anything else.

    • Rob Staton

      Mayowa? They liked him enough to red shirt him.

  44. Nate

    Cliff Avril is still on this team to my recollection. Pretty sure he will be getting Clems spot.

  45. Stuart

    Counting Avril we are still down 1 pass rusher. That player may already be on the roster and we just don’t now it yet but PCJS do.

    No matter, I would still like to sign Jared Allen.

  46. diFuria

    I wondered out loud if Dallas was desperate enough to offer Melton a multi year deal. Check….and poop. Thank goodness SEA doesn’t have to mortgage it’s cap future like that. In fact, for the second year in a row the Hawks are in a position to take the best player available. It’s rather extraordinary to not just talk about it but actually be able to take your favorite player on the board every time. I would not be surprised if Allen/Rice/Finley sign Super Bowl friendly deals. Then if there is a run on the receivers before their pick, I can see them trading down. And who would blame them for thinking they can find lineman later in the draft – Bailey and Bowie are going to be dirt cheap for a few years. In my opinion – admittedly based on limited info – JS/PC seem to get too cute at the top of the draft. But their go against the grain brashness is born out of their history of doing such a masterful job at the end of the draft. I’ll take that trade off any day.

  47. Madmark

    Hey rob I really what some better input on Donte Moncrief because Sloppy, erratic, and frustrating doesn’t tell me anything.
    I just finished watching 2 years of tape on this guy and I’m not seening what everyone is seeing. I’m not saying he’s a Watkins, Evans, or a Lee but those guys aren’t going to be around when we pick and we won’t be moving up. If we move I could see a move back with the 2nd pick moving into 3rd round. It wouldn’t matter I would still grab Moncrief. I like to remind you all that LSU game in 2012, Tharold Simon one of our draft picks last year was completely abused by Moncrief. He is leaving as a junior at the young age of 21 and in the 2 and half years of play in college he was never injuried.
    You claim that Brandon Coleman could have done better with a different system and better QB play.
    Well I can tell you the same about Bo Wallace who in his 1st year,2012, had 20 TDs and 9 INT compare to this year 20 TDs and 20 INT. This guy was a very spotty QB who rarely throws the ball on time to receivers in the area it should be thrown to. I saw so many open shots downfield completely missed due to QBs accuracy. I stopped counting at 10 for 2013. The more he got double team the more LaQuan Treadwell and Ja-Mes Logan benefited in receptions.
    Donte Moncrief I saw in an interview that also hit the spot for me. “It’s fast pace, get on the ball, when the ball comes to you make a big play. If the ball doesn’t come to you, make a big block and hope you score. This guy plays the game complete and realizes that blocking is just as important and I like that. Does this guy need coaching up, you beat he does after all he is 21 and coming out as a junior. Should he stay in college, to be honest I would have to say NO. Mississippi lack of talent and Bo Wallace QBing wouldn’t help him at all. This guy with some coaching and a year in the weight room would be a dynamic blocker in Seattle run game. Seattle takes player that they can coach up and use they’re unique talents and I find it hard to believe that PC couldn’t take advantage of this guys skills. We can get him at 64 that’s more a 3rd round pick than a 2nd round.
    I like to hear what people think of this WR, but please I need more input than a one word description?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Talk is cheap. He does NOT back up that belief on the field. He is the lowest effort player on the field. Also redundant with Kearse. He’s got hands like a snake. Runs ugly routes. Doesn’t high point, no YAC. He doesn’t really tick ANY boxes outside of athleticism.

      • Madmark

        Like I said watch 2 years of games. I said he needed some coaching on his route running but I’m telling you how can you evaluate his route when the QB not sure where to throw it. If the QB hit just 2 of the 5 times he was open against LSU his YAC would have been much higher. On the 5 missed opportunities in that game he didn’t have to high point the ball he was 2 to 4 steps ahead of the defender. When the RB and QB take off running I always see Donte in the picture frame doing a block no lack of effort there. His stats drop torwards the end of the year with him seeing more double teams which opened up the other WR.

        • Matt

          Madmark- I see a lot of the same positive qualities as you. Moncrief’s willingness and success in blocking is a big deal, especially on those WR screens next to Treadwell at Ole Miss and Harvin if he’s in Seattle. He doesn’t look like a very polished route runner, but a year next to Baldwin and working with Wilson would polish his game immensely! Donte’s hands are a bit of a concern-he doesn’t look to have natural hands. The athleticism he exhibits is first round quality in most drafts. If we got him or Matthews with pick 64 I’d be ecstatic! Bryant is intriguing as well.

    • Rob Staton

      I find him frustrating. There are games where you see why he’s a 4.40 guy who jumps nearly a 40 inch vertical. He has the potential to be a #1 type, a really orthodox receiver at the next level. And then there are just so snaps out there where he’s going through the motions, or not having an impact. I thought the game against Alabama was quite telling last season. He didn’t have a great day — and on one snap he’s running across the middle and makes a big completion. The DB comes across just as he makes the grab and just gets a hand to the ball, dislodging it. Not sure whether it ended up being a fumble or an incompletion, but you just wanted to tear your hair out. Close game, big play possibility and because he’s not securing the football and completing the play — it’s a major missed opportunity. He had a similar play in the end zone versus Missouri.

      And in another game he takes the top off a defense and runs it home. What you gonna do?

      He’s a ball of clay in that he seems relatively workable. Not a diva. He has all the physical skills. He needs to get tougher, be more focused. Get a little bit more pissed off with the world. If he manages that, he can be a top receiver in the right offense. He can reach those heights. But my fear is he’ll go into the next level, get to the brink of greatness, but never quite get there. I could imagine the Seahawks going after him though. He’s a SPARQ demon.

  48. Carl

    Will the Seahawks try to move up in round 1? Nope. Not really any chance of that. Actually, I’m thinking they’d prefer to trade down with a team desperate to get back in.

  49. cha

    Comp Committee has a Legion of Boom specific rule change proposal:

    “Modify pass interference so that it can be called within one yard of the line of scrimmage.”

    Wonder if this goes through if it will lead to “get the PI call” plays – specifically designed not to make a completion but to get a fresh set of downs through the penalty. Ala Drew Brees in the playoffs spotting a Seahawks DL holding the RB on a screen and throwing the ball at his feet.

  50. smitty1547

    Britt is a head case, but hes awful damn talented, would love to see him signed here and pull his act together.

  51. jake206

    Seahawks sign DE Jared Allen per Ed Werder….

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