Updated mock draft: 19th March

I’m feeling pretty confident the Seahawks are looking at receiver and the offensive line at #32 and #64.

Why wouldn’t they?

They’ve cut Sidney Rice and allowed Golden Tate to sign with Detroit.

And although they’ve apparently shown moderate interest in re-signing Rice (and they’ll meet with Kenny Britt) — these are only short term options.

You’re not re-signing Rice on a multi-year deal, fresh from a serious knee injury after his back-catalogue of issues.

The fact is they’ve lost two starting receivers this off-season — and Doug Baldwin is an unrestricted free agent next year too.

The offensive line needs depth. For all we know they’re very optimistic about Michael Bowie and Alvin Bailey as potential starters, while James Carpenter remains on the roster.

They’ve lost Breno Giacomini and Paul McQuistan is talking to the Browns.

It seems fair to suggest they’ll spend at least one early pick on a player who can potentially start at left guard or right tackle.


When I listened to Golden Tate’s interview with Bob and Groz yesterday, a thought crossed my mind. It’s like they already know how they’re going to replace him.

The derisory offer made to Tate — and that’s clearly how he felt about it — was almost a “thanks, but no thanks”.

The Seahawks always seem very focused on what they want to get out of a draft.

They wanted a tackle and a safety in 2010 — at one point in the process it looked like it could be Eric Berry and Trent Williams. They ended up with Russell Okung and Earl Thomas.

In 2011 they were desperate to improve the run game and the offensive line, so they grab a great college run blocker in James Carpenter.

In 2012 it was all about adding speed in the front seven and Pete Carroll knew all about his “ideal LEO” Bruce Irvin.

Call it a hunch, but maybe Carroll has spotted his “ideal receiver” in this terrific class? Or maybe they just see so much talent they’re willing to let Tate walk knowing they’ll be able to replace him at a much cheaper price?

If they’d re-signed Tate they were probably looking at a minimum pay out of $5m a year for the next 4-5 years.

If they take a receiver at #32 or #64, they’ll be paying a fraction of the cost over the same time frame.


I wonder if we’re going to see a crazy rush on receivers in round one.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s a great year for the position. And the assumption is you’ll be able to wait until rounds two, three or four to get a great pick.

I’m not sure about that.

I think there’s a very good chance several teams will have eight or nine receivers with first round grades, and they’ll want to come away with one as early as possible.

Martavis Bryant could easily go in round one. The more I watch of him — the more I can see a team thinking, “We can work with this.”

He’s electric. Positively brilliant at times. And I get the issues — I’m not ignoring them — but the upside is incredible. It’s first round upside.

Donte Moncrief can be a frustrating watch. Greg Cosell this week compared him to a Demaryius Thomas or Josh Gordon style receiver. I kind of see that. He can develop into that. He’s a 6-2, 220lbs receiver who nearly jumped a 40 inch vertical and runs a 4.40.

I think back to Thomas and Gordon coming into the league and they were pretty frustrating to watch too, particularly Thomas.

Don’t be shocked if there’s a few teams out there with a first round grade on Moncrief.

In this weeks mock I’ve got eight receivers in round one.

I think the rush will continue into round two, involving players like Davante Adams, Brandon Coleman, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, Paul Richardson and Jordan Matthews.

By round three, you might be looking at scraps.


I think it’s a pretty fluid situation in terms of whether Seattle goes receiver or O-line in round one.

If eight wide outs are off the board by #32, it maybe forces your hand. If a few of the top group are still available — I could see them showing interest in a Beckham Jr, Moncrief or Bryant.

I still believe they’ll have a strong interest in Brandon Coleman, but may chance him being available at #64 if they go OL early. I also think they’ll love the competitive streak in Jarvis Landry — if not his performance at the combine.

One way or another though, unless things change dramatically, I’m preparing for a WR/OL or OL/WR combo with the first two picks.


First round mock draft

#1 Blake Bortles (QB, UCF)
He’s elusive for a 4.93 runner. He extends plays. Bortles is a very creative quarterback. Houston’s offense is set up for a big rebound year.
#2 Greg Robinson (T, Auburn)
Hang your hat on this guy. I’m not sure why St. Louis is so desperate to trade this pick with Robinson available.
#3 Jadeveon Clowney (DE, South Carolina)
The Jaguars have filled out their defense with veteran leaders (Bryant, Clemons). This is the perfect environment for Clowney to enter the league.
#4 Khalil Mack (OLB, Buffalo)
They’ve appointed a defensive minded Head Coach and with it looking increasingly unlikely they go QB here, Mack could be a nice bookend for Barkevious Mingo.
#5 Sammy Watkins (WR, Clemson)
The best receiver prospect to enter the league since A.J. Green and Julio Jones. You can build around a talent like this. Get a quarterback later.
#6 Jake Matthews (T, Texas A&M)
The Falcons should just sit tight and see what falls to #6. This looks like a great match. They need to protect Matt Ryan.
#7 Mike Evans (WR, Texas A&M)
Tampa Bay is a strong candidate to move up for another pass rusher. If they stay put, they might consider adding another talented receiver.
#8 Marqise Lee (WR, USC)
Lee’s just a quality receiver, an insane competitor and he’s going to go early. The Vikings need to keep adding weapons on offense.
#9 Taylor Lewan (T, Michigan)
Some believe he’s a bit of a phony tough guy. Others really like him. It’s worth a shot here.
#10 Justin Gilbert (CB, Oklahoma State)
He’s had a fantastic off-season — and yet he was nearly benched by Oklahoma State during the season. He has all the tools to be a lockdown corner.
#11 Johnny Manziel (QB, Texas A&M)
Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t appear to have any faith in Jake Locker. Manziel is going to find a home somewhere in the top-20.
#12 Aaron Donald (DT, Pittsburgh)
He should be a top-10 player in this draft. He ticks every box. The Giants can feel very fortunate if he’s still here at #12.
#13 Ryan Shazier (LB, Ohio State)
Speed and physicality is king in the NFC West. Shazier is an insane athlete — the type you need at linebacker in this division.
#14 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (S, Alabama)
Chicago’s defense was a shambles at times last season. They’ve added Lamarr Houston up front, now they need to improve that secondary.
#15 Kelvin Benjamin (WR, Florida State)
The Steelers don’t have a big man on the outside who can be a threat in the red zone. Benjamin’s potential is through the roof.
#16 Anthony Barr (DE, UCLA)
The Cowboys need to keep adding to the defensive line. After bringing in Henry Melton, now they need an edge rusher.
#17 Ra’Shede Hageman (DE, Minnesota)
After losing Arthur Jones in free agency, the Ravens could use an athletic replacement up front. Hageman fits the bill as a possible five technique.
#18 Odell Beckham Jr (WR, LSU)
Incredible athlete, massive hands, return man, playmaker. Beckham Jr is the real deal and deserves to go in the top-20.
#19 Zack Martin (G, Notre Dame)
An absolutely superb tackle in college, but expected to move to guard in the NFL. Could play left guard next to Brandon Albert.
#20 Brandin Cooks (WR, Oregon State)
Receiver isn’t a huge need for the Cards, but he’d add another dimension to the offense as an explosive playmaker. Keep Ted Ginn on returns.
#21 Eric Ebron (TE, North Carolina)
Perhaps not quite ‘can’t miss’ enough to go in the top-15. He’d excel in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers. Very athletic but not out of this world.
#22 Darqueze Dennard (CB, Michigan State)
A physical corner who plays with an edge. Good blitzer. Philly wants tough football players on defense.
#23 Donte Moncrief (WR, Ole Miss)
They can’t rely on their current group of receivers. They need a big #1 type who can make plays and grow into Andy Reid’s offense.
#24 Bradley Roby (CB, Ohio State)
Cornerback is a big need for this team. Roby needs to do a better job staying focused on the field. From an athletic point of view he jumps off the screen.
#25 Stephon Tuitt (DE, Notre Dame)
There just aren’t many players over 300lbs who can run a 4.8. Strong as an ox. Some teams will love his play.
#26 Kyle Fuller (CB, Virginia Tech)
Two picks on defense and no QB? Perhaps. It’s entirely possible they wait until round two and keep building that D.
#27 C.J. Mosley (LB, Alabama)
This is all about value. If he checks out medically, Mosley is a plug in and play defender who can have a quick impact. New Orleans wants to get tougher.
#28 Morgan Moses (T, Virginia)
I’m not sure how Carolina has allowed a situation to occur where they’re suddenly desperate at receiver and the offensive line.
#29 Louis Nix (DT, Notre Dame)
He’s a big bodied guy who’s tough to shift. He isn’t a fantastic athlete, and that’s why he might last until round two.
#30 Martavis Bryant (WR, Clemson)
The 49ers have plenty of possession style receivers. Why not add a home run hitter? You’ve got the quarterback to make it work.
#31 Chris Borland (LB, Wisconsin)
Denver needs a tone setter. A leader. A guy who flies around. This would be a smart move. You want this guy on your team.
#32 Joel Bitonio (T, Nevada)
Underrated, incredibly athletic tackle or guard. Versatile. Outstanding character. He’s a Logan Mankins clone. Can either replace Breno Giacomini or play left guard.


  1. red

    Hi Rob

    Any thoughts on Brandon Thomas OT Clemson? hearing his name a lot of late.

    • Rob Staton

      Like him. Could be a late first rounder.

  2. Cameron

    I’ll take the counterpoint on this one. In many economies, the greater quantity of something, the less value it has. I see the plethora of WR’s with 1st and 2nd round grades as being overall deflationary in terms of draft value. Teams will be drafting primarily for need in the 1st round, believing a receiver they have a 1st round grade on will there for them in the 2nd.

    There are still more premium positions in the NFL. I don’t see how Teddy Bridgewater falls out of the 1st round. After the buzz of his combine/pro day dies down teams will go back to the tape. The guy is better right now than 10 or 12 QB’s in the league.

    I also believe a few more OT’s will end up in the 1st, maybe a guard or two (Su’a Filo?). Same goes for Safety (Pryor). Again, teams should feel comfortable about getting a difference making WR in round 2. Can’t forget the edge rushers either.. Dee Ford, Kony Ealy. Premium position and there are teams with needs at these positions.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure players like Dee Ford, Kony Ealy and even Pryor the safety are first round players. Premium positions or not, for me it’s just as much of a reach to take Dee Ford in round one as it is to take a chance on a Moncrief or Bryant. They have far superior upsides.

      • dr

        “I’m not sure players like Dee Ford, Kony Ealy and even Pryor the safety are first round players.”

        agreed …. and imo you can add barr, tuitt and nix to that list

    • bigDhawk

      Even though I don’t always agree, I appreciate Rob’s attempts to produce thoughtful mocks with varying, out of the box picks that don’t look like everyone else’s mock, while still being intelligent and plausible. Moncrief in the first and no Bridgewater is definitely bold, but not unthinkable. Kenneth Arthur at FG made a great point today about one of the top rated QBs potentially falling to us, and how drafting that QB could create a Joe Montana/Steve Young scenario that could turn into a couple first round picks in two years for us, by trading the backup that slid to us. Arthur suggested Manziel as that QB, but Bridgewater would be a great candidate as well. I honestly like that idea a lot better than Bitonio at 32.

    • Rock

      Sure! If eight teams take a WR in round one, then every team that has WR as a need satiated themselves leaving plenty for the Hawks later. Meanwhile, more valued position groups are not getting their usual emphasis. DL is always hot. Pass rushers and QB’s are in short supply. Not many teams will use their first and second round pick at the same position. There has already been a pretty good run on free agent WR’s. If anything I tend to believe, as Cameron suggested, the WR class could fall as a group. I expect the run on WR’s will occur in round 2 and 3. Absorbing all of this WR talent is going to be tough. At the end of camp a lot of good ones are going to be unemployed.

    • KBPhD

      While this is just impressionistic, I recall a lot of drafts going exactly as Rob called it–a deep draft in a certain position tends to cause runs on that position, not the opposite.

  3. mrpeapants

    hi rob do u have any info on duwyce Wilson wr out of Indiana. my friend told me about his story. could he be a late round guy?

    • Rob Staton

      Not a player I’m familiar with. Apologies.

      • mrpeapants

        he didn’t do much after his freshman year, apparently do to injury coaching changes….his parents are deaf(and his inspiration), and he wasn’t invited to the combine. which he wasn’t to pleased about. 6′ 3″ 209 and can high point the ball well(just found a little usa today article on him). anyway he sounds like a seahawk to me. pro day on the 26. im curious

  4. Madmark

    Well thanks a lot there Rob. You put me into a dilemma I can only get 1 pick LOL. I like Donte Moncrief but not in round one. He has the talent but he’s no round 1 prospect. Here’s where I ‘m at today. I still holding out hope for a Jared Allen signing and Jeremichael Finley passing his medical so we can sign him.
    32 Joel Bitinio G/T thought this was deep draft to take OL first. This guy will be gone pick 40-50
    64 Donte Moncrief WR I think he’ll be here but won’t make it out of the 3rd round
    64 Brandon Coleman WR if as this moncrief guy goes in the first round as this monk says
    128Anthony Steen G
    134Ed Stintson DE
    160 Tevon Smith ILB/SS
    192 Brock Vereen CB/FS
    223 Cody Hoffman WR
    UDFA Eric Schultz G/T Utah Tech
    that is as of now

  5. Ray bones

    Very interesting mock Rob. Teddy B falling out and Cleveland and Oakland both qb less sets up a bidding war for the #32 pick does it not?? I would love to see it but…….? Also I wonder about Houston picking bortles at #1. Everything I read about him says huge upside but needs some seasoning. In my mind (such as it is lol) Houston has a relatively short window to re-tool and might not be willing to wait for him. Teddy B seems much more of a plug and play option to me. But if this draft unfolds this way and we pick up a good third and still get Bitonio ,well that would be just freakin awesome!!

    • Rob Staton

      If there’s going to be a bidding war I doubt it’ll be for the #32 pick — the last pick of day one before everyone packs up and heads home. It’s more likely they’d target Carolina at #28 and New England at #29, if not sooner.

      Although I’m not convinced we’ll see a bidding war. I think teams are prepared to sit and wait on this position more than we think, which is why only Manuel went in R1 last year and a bunch of QB’s sunk like a stone.

      I’ve not been truly convinced with Bridgewater at any point since the 2013 season began. Tape’s only OK. Not great physical tools. I’m not optimistic about him at the next level.

      • Ray bones

        And that’s the beauty of the mock draft, we all get to play gm if only for a little while. I’m only basing my bidding war scenario on your completed round one. So therefore NE and Carolina have made their picks leaving seattle in the cat bird seat!! Bid away boys!! Lol

      • Chris

        I’m sorry, but I seriously don’t understand the idea that everyone just “packs it up and heads home” on draft day simply because it’s the 32nd pick. These are among the most important days of the entire year for a franchise.

        Certainly people have “packed it up and gone home” in years where they weren’t interested in the 32nd pick. That doesn’t mean they would do the same if there was good reason to be interested in the pick, such as a slipping Bridgewater.

        Do you seriously think people will just over-pay for the 28th or 29th pick because they need to get home for naptime?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure why you’d have to overpay for the #28 or #29 compared to #32? It’s not like the Pats are going to drive a much harder bargain. The point about packing up is — if you want a QB who’s falling, you don’t wait until the last possible pick to do the deal. You’re talking to teams in the 20’s. And really, for me, Seattle only comes into the equation if teams like NE, CAR, NO, SF etc pass up the chance to move down. We’ve seen in previous years when round one = day one… none of the SB winners have moved down.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I hope SF does move down. But they already got way more picks then they will ever use. Starting with two in the 2 nd round.

  6. John

    I like Bryant, but strictly in the sense that he fits what Seattle needs and I think Wilson and Carroll can really develop him into a true #1. It took Tate 2 years to really figure it out, and if Carroll was willing to develop him, I can see him taking on a project like Bryant. I also believe in Carroll’s ability to get people to buy in and compete, so if we do draft Bryant I imagine Pete feels comfortable with his ability to put in the time regardless of the character flaws.

    That said, I think Bryant will likely fail with most other teams and would have no fear if he went to the Niners. I don’t think Harbaugh develops talent particularly well and I definitely don’t believe Kaep is someone that elevates the play of his receivers the way Wilson does.

    I believe Bryant will be a product of his situation. He has the tools but he needs to land in the right place to cultivate and maximize his talent.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree on Bryant’s home being crucial to his success. But I have to say I think he’d be a great deep ball threat for Kaepernick. They never really replaced Moss last year. This guy can do that job for them.

      • John

        So could that about Lockette and he didn’t last long at all, though I think Bryant is a significantly better prospect. Let’s keep in mind Kaep primarily only scored throwing to 3 receivers last year, (Crabtree, Boldin, Davis), all of whom were very good receivers, with great hands and could fight for the ball. I just see Bryant suffering Lockette’s fate in Frisco.

        Whereas Lockette has made a few catches in Seattle, even hauling in a deep crossing route in the SB. Hardly a highlight reel, but Pete isn’t afraid to put him on the field and Wilson isn’t afraid to throw it to him if he’s open. If Bryant doesn’t take off right away, I don’t think Kaep even looks his way and reverts to throwing to his most comfortable targets.

        And just food for thought, I would think if Patton was in Seattle he would’ve contributed last year, yet, even when SF was thin at WR, he didn’t have an impact. I just can’t see Harbaugh or Kaep trusting a guy that will likely struggle in his first year or two.

        • CC

          It is possible that this is the year that Lockette can shine. He now has some confidence, has caught more balls than he dropped and knows he has a place on special teams. It takes a few years for many WRs to put it all together. I look forward to seeing if he can pull it all together.

          • Robert

            PC is gonna keep Lockette’s hammies loose. Can you imagine RL and PH wide open throttle with RL headed for the tunnel and PH cutting across the deep middle? RW will just throw it where the safety isn’t. PC can take the safety out of the play at will with Lockette’s jets!

      • Madmark

        I just like to say it may have took Tate 2 years but some of the reason was Hasselback, Jackson, and then his break out with RW. Hard to be consistent when they keep changing QBs on you.

    • xo 1

      With Rob’s nudge here, I went back to Bryant and dug into his web scouting profiles. As I did so, I started to ask, how different is Bryant than Benjamin? Bryant is faster and a hair shorter (arms more so than body). But both are raw guys and who have some questions about drops. Both of them have a boom-bust quality but huge, exciting upside.

      • CC

        It seems like Bryant catches better than Benjamin. I agree with you that it is hard to know how successful either will be.

      • John

        If you asked me to quantify, that would be hard. Benjamin feels slower when I’m watching him on tape and he also benefited immensely from having a future #1 pick throwing to him. I think Boyd relied almost exclusively on Watkins (and rightfully so) and Bryant suffered for it. They both suffer from drops, they both are raw, but there is just something I see when watching them that tells me Bryant has true #1 potential whereas Benjamin looks like BMW 2.

        If I had to choose I’d take Bryant without a moments hesitation.

  7. Matt

    Great mock draft! Think it’s way more realistic than many I’ve seen out there…Charles Davis’ of the NFL Network continually produces some of the worst! My only major beef is not having Bridgewater in the first round. If he falls in the draft, and he could, i think Cleveland grabs him with the 26th pick. I’ve seen Carolina get mocked an OT in virtually every draft, which with Gross retiring is a huge need. At this point it seems like WR is a bigger need, as they basically have no receivers on their roster. IMO Again great mock!

  8. rrsquid

    Thanks Rob for some more thought food. Do you have a guess what WR would be available in Rd. 2?

    Do you have any thoughts on Jeff Janis (Saginaw Valley State)? Not necessarily for Rd. 2.

    • Rob Staton

      Janis intrigues me. From an athletic point of view, he’s pretty incredible. And yet there’s 40 minutes of coaches tape on youtube showing every 2014 target he had and he’s raw as hell. He’s a project. Not a guy I’d want to invest anything in, aside from possibly a late pick. Inconsistent hands, body position all over the place, not much of a route runner, doesn’t really dominate low level opponents. Someone I’d love to see get a shot in Seattle, but not with a high pick.

      • Mark

        Thanks, that’s my impression as well. It’s important to remember the bumper crop of WR also affected the college scouting. That left many to smaller programs with coaching that wasn’t as good. A little development in the NFL could make a star out of one of the small program late-round WR picks.

        ‘Late’ round picks have made the Seahawks the team they are now. I’m more excited to see who is picked in rounds 4-5 than rounds 1-2. Well… almost.

  9. Clayton

    “Call it a hunch, but maybe Carroll has spotted his “ideal receiver” in this terrific class?” Thought you were going in the direction of the Seahawks moving up to get Odell Beckham… after all we do need a punt returner.

  10. Arias

    Carroll might have spotted his ‘ideal receiver’ but it doesn’t do him any good if his ideal isn’t around when he’s set to pick at #32.

    That being said, I’d agree that the team was never serious about keeping Tate. Since they already knew he’d be willing to take a discount to re-sign, it feels like the super lowballing was in order to ensure he wouldn’t.

    • Rock

      I see them being willing to let Tate walk as a sign they have a lot of confidence in Kearse and Lockette. With Harvin, Baldwin and Kearse getting most of the targets we will be just fine. We already have several candidates for the #5 WR spot. The new ‘ideal receiver’ could be selected in any round. We found Kearse, Lockette and Baldwin as an UDFA’s. This just shows it isn’t necessary at all to use a draft pick to fill the position with talent. This year there should be plenty of guys that can play WR that go undrafted.

  11. CC

    Great draft Rob – I think it looks pretty realistic. I would love to see one of the OTs at 32. Bryant has performed better than Moncrief according to reports of the pro days. I think we can safely say we shouldn’t be surprised by anything Johnny and Petey do.

  12. Brad

    If one of the top QB prospects fall to us at 32, I think we will have a great chance to trade back and get more picks.

    • rrsquid

      Only if Houston didn’t take a QB at #1. Otherwise teams will have all night to work a deal with them. Everyone knows we won’t take a QB. Maybe if JAX or TEN don’t want to deal inside the division with Houston. It would get us an extra 4th or there-abouts.

      • CD

        Another reason for trading for the 32 overall pick and not the 33rd pick, the player taken in the 1st round is under club control for 5 years, if taken 1 pick later (33rd), its a 4 year deal.

        Imagine getting RW for 1 more year on the cheap?

        All other things being equal, I see the Hawks taking WR in the 1st as it seems to take longer to develop them so that 5th year would be nice to have. Not sure it takes OL as long to develop…again, all things being equal.

        • Mark

          Great point. I keep forgetting about the mandatory 5th year option in the new CBA. This would be very important espically on the QB position. I’m don’t think anyone’s really had time to absorb the ramifications of the 5th year option.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly, but I’m not convinced teams will wait until the last pick in order to make a deal. New England at #29 looks a good spot for a trade.

  13. James

    Rob, your scouting of Bitonio, from what little video I have seen, appears right on….the guy is incredibly athletic, very intense, and plays with a purpose. But I still hesitate because the concerns that other draft analysts have of him does seem correct, in that he does not have a good frame for a right OT. Most feel that his legs and bottom are slight, and not likely to fill out another 20+ pounds. I know Mankins was a similar size coming out of college, but Bitonio does look too skinny for an NFL OT to me. I wonder what your thoughts are about this….I’m sure you have heard the concerns? For this reason, I believe Xavier S’ua Filo is more likely at #32. I have given up hope that Benjamin will fall to the Seahawks, but I also doubt that 8 receivers will go before Pete and John pick. I feel that Moncreif and Bryant will almost certainly be there if we want them.

    • Rob Staton

      For me, I’m moving Bitonio to guard and opening up the competition at RT.

  14. Chris F

    Ed Werder just tweeted that Jared Allen is making his second visit to Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      Very interesting. I hope it comes off.

  15. Jon H

    Rob – Isn’t it entirely possible that we see a pick out of left field? I’m used to that with PC/JS. Irvin, Michael, and Carpenter kind of surprised everyone. Put aside the more obvious logical OL/WR thinking for a minute. What’s an out of the box unexpected pick that would surprise you but still make sense in terms of how this front office thinks?

    • Rob Staton

      I think to be fair nothing really would surprise me. Bryant, Moncrief, Coleman. Even this pick of Bitonio would shock the national pundits. We know to expect the unexpected. I guess a totally shocking pick would be someone like Jeff Janis. It’d take something like that to really stun me.

      • KBPhD

        I could see a defensive lineman, particularly another Leo candidate. Clemons was an overlooked part of the defensive line rotation this past year with all the attention Avril and Bennett got. The problem is few players fit that role at #32, so if the Hawks went that way, whomever they’d get might be called a reach in the national media.

  16. Adog

    I think they are confident that brenos replacement is on the roster already. .. Most likely baily. I think they trade back and pick back up the 3rd they gave to Minnesota . That would give them two 2 s and a 3rd. Likely they grab a wr here and a lengthy de.

  17. Turp

    OT, but Allen is on his way back here.

    Ed Werder ✔ @Edwerderespn

    Sources: Jared Allen making second visit to SB champion Seahawks and could decide whether to join them in next few days.

  18. jake

    Remember when we drafted a guard/tackle first round last time. It was Tom Cable’s first year and he picked Carpenter. Not a lot of people know remember what Pete said the year after. He said, “Yeah…we’re not doing that.” Just call it a feeling, but I don’t think Pete & Schneider are Offensive lineman in first round unless its a guaranteed HOF offensive lineman. Even then…I have my doubts. OL doesn’t have pizzazz, or the explosive factor Pete’s looking for. Defensive ends, WR, Safety are more his cup of tea. I’ll hang my hat on a WR or DE than a offensive lineman being picked by the Seahawks. Besides they’ve had plenty of success selecting offensive lineman late in the draft.

    • CC

      You have some really good points – they haven’t gone out to get any OL and are letting McQuistan go. For me that means they think they have the guys they need or feel really good that they’ll find guys in the draft. I’d take a tall WR at 32 though.

    • Madmark

      This is a running team. There no pizzazz in that. They have 2 guys gone and a 3rd due to be a FA after next year they have to take at least one OL in this draft. This draft is full of OL and WR its just a question of which one they take in the 1st round or the 2nd.

      • jake

        But they’re a running team that has been built with o-lineman from late rounds and FA (okung is exception). Why waste picks on Olinemen, when Tom Cable can just coach up late rounds Oline prospects to do same thing???

  19. Darnell

    Giacomini was a huge part in setting the nasty tone for the Hawks offense the last few seasons, and JR Sweezy has that in his game too. But something pretty substantial from an identity standpoint left with Breno.

    I love Joel Bitonio as an athlete, character and technician – my question is does he have that nasty edge to his game, is he a finisher ? (I am not saying that he doesn’t, just that I don’t know)

    • Kenny Sloth

      Completely just as feisty as Giac, IMO.

      • CC

        And will have a chip on his shoulder being from a small school and all

  20. Alex

    I’m really hoping that Optimum Scouting’s big board is the one teams are using, because I keep getting great hauls simulating against that board. Is there any chance in the world that Mike Evans takes a big fall to #32, and Bitonio takes a big fall to #64?

    A guy can dream…

  21. EranUngar

    Great work again rob. A pleasure as always.

    Regarding Tate – Something inside me always reacts to a young man being “disrespected” by a “laughable” offer of 20M or 5M a year. I think the hawks would be happy to have him at 5M a year and were ready for him to seek more and leave. When Tate said he is willing to take a hometown discount i was pleasantly surprised. When i saw his picture celebrating with a 100,000$ bottle of champain i knew immediatly he was gone.

    As for the draft – The one question left open is will they finish thier DLine setup in FA so they can look for offense first. If Allen signs it will be WR,OL first andf the rest later.

    Being a disciple of Gibbs – TC believes that an effective ZBS Oline is based on system and coaching rather then individual talent. I.E. Baily and Bowie on thier 2nd year are better then a great 1st round pick in his rookie year. That leads me to believe that the 1st pick will be a receiver. (Sorry bitonio)

    Tate’s departure will affect that 1st. pick. Usually this FO will place a premium on special physical attributes rather then being a polished player. However, if we do not add someone like Rice or Britt and with the Harvin risk looming above, we might go for polished skills and production over raw talent and upside.

    I also believe that we might add another receiver later on to groom for next year. I think an LB is a must too with K.J. and Smith becoming FA by the end of the year.

    I think Lockett will be this year’s Kearse and with this year’s talent pool and quantity of juniors we’ll see lot’s of UDFA action.

    • JeffC

      5 mill a year doesn’t sound like “half” the offer that Tate was talking about in his interview. Unless my math is wrong.

      • xo 1

        My understanding is that the Seahawks only came up to $5 million a year at the last minute. The laughable offer was the initial offer, which was roughly $3.5 million a year. I can’t find my source for that information Googling around, suggesting I may have gotten the information from Brock and Danny (or guests). More important than the specifics of when and how much, I think Tate’s reaction shows the downside of Schneider’s determination to pay Tate as little as possible. I’m not criticizing, because the pennies must be saved with a salary cap. But I understand Tate’s reaction to be dismissive of a low ball offer. I suspect that offer and the approach helped Tate move on from Seattle emotionally, where it might have been harder to leave had Seattle come out of the gate with its final offer. (Although based on his rejection of Riley Cooper’s contract as a baseline, perhaps that would have been too little in any event.)

      • Steve Nelsen

        Tate was not just talking about salary, he was talking about the bonus plus salary for the first two years. The guaranteed money from Detroit was what made their offer twice as much as Seattle for the first two years.

    • Emperor_MA

      I think you are right about PC/JS perhaps adding demonstrated skill and production in a WR over potential upside. Letting Tate walk, knowing Baldwin could walk as soon as next year and that Kearse might not be around, either, makes having our own Michael Crabtree a very good thing to not have to worry about for the next five years …. and we’d have it on the cheap.

      I think we end up taking someone like Davante Adams if we go WR in round one. The dude is a human highlight reel of high points and superb body control and he certainly has the production:

      102 rec, 1,312 yards and 14 TDs as a FREAKIN’ FRESHMAN!
      131 rec, 1,718 yards and 24 TDs as a FREAKIN’ SOPHOMORE!

      Those numbers are ridiculous. I know some may say it is the offense or he had Derek Carr throwing him the ball or that MWC DBs are weak…..but like Bill Walsh said of Jerry Rice (and his 4.7 40 time and weak competition at Miss Valley State), “I don’t care who he’s catching the football against, that is a lot of catches!”

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m afraid they will make the same mistake of low balling Baldwin. Starting with cutting and then resigning him next year for less then 1 million (a common negotiating ploy). Wouldn’t it be easier and less costly to offer him 6 year contract now? He would probably play for 3-4 million a year if we made half guaranteed. It would make a world of difference to have him locked up.

        I really like Davante Adams. I’ve seen him make one handed catches (one of my criteria for a great receiver). He has sticky hands and can catch balls up above his head. He is one of the reasons that Carr looked so good as a QB last year. I see him being taken in the mid second round, so I’m okay with us taking him at the end of the first. We will be lucky to see him at the end of the second round.

        • Emperor_MA

          Yep. I figure Adams goes between #30 and #45.

          I think he can end up being better than Crabtree.

  22. House

    It looks like Jared Allen is visiting SEA for a second time. He must be relatively ok with the offered number if he’s coming back. His market seemed to dehydrate and that is a GREAT deal for us if he signs.

    With the Allen signing, Bitonio in the 1st rd would fit ALMOST PERFECTLY. Draft a WR or Marcus Smith @ #64. With drafting a WR, we’d likely carry 6 WRs. Let Price, Matthews and the rookie fight for 2 spots


  23. Scott

    Just curious, but…

    Would you take Morgan Moses ahead of Bitonio, if available?
    I see Bitonio is mostly projected at Guard, whereas Moses is projected at both OG and OT.

    • House

      Moses to me doesn’t look very fluid. I think he will have issues the Chris Longs of the league. His footwork is good, but bend needs work. Not saying by any means that Cable can’t help him, but I think Bitonio has a higher ceiling of upside, even if it is at LG.

    • CC

      I asked Rob that a few weeks ago and he said Bitonio over Moses and Richardson

  24. John_s

    I know there will be some wheeling and dealing by JS. He’ll have more picks than what they have now, but this is my ideal draft.

    1st – Donte Moncrief – WR – Ole Miss – Needs polish and consistency, but possesses ability to high point and catch ball in traffic
    2nd – Jack Mewhort – OT – Ohio St – Versatile, Long arms (80 in), really engages defender
    4th – Anthony Johnson – DT – LSU – Like his quickness and ability to get up the field (Clint McDonald type)
    5th (from Raiders) – Brent Urban – DE – Virginia – Injury flier, if healthy could man the 5 tech
    5th – Quincy Enunwa – WR – Nebraska – Big, strong, fast. What Chris Harper was supposed to be but with actual quickness
    6 – Shaq Richardson – CB – Arizona – Fast, Tough cover corner. 6’0 4.4 yo
    7 – Larry Webster – DE – Bloomsburg – Don’t know much about him but 6’6 4.6 40 is something to look at

    • oz

      Like all of the choices. Don’t think Richardson will make it to the end of the fifth. First round could be a surprise pick. Wouldn’t count out the Georgia Tech. DE/OLB. Jeremiah Attaochu.(:

      • oz

        I like Shaquil Bennett from Colorado State a lot, in the late rounds. Ball striping monster of a LB. Had great games against Bama and Wazu in their Bowl game.

    • CA

      I’m a fan of this. I like the positions you addressed in the order you did. Can’t undervalue a DL pick early on.

    • bigDhawk

      For me, Cody Latimer is a better version of Donte Moncrief, and Latimer can likely be had in the fourth. I want to see BPA regardless of position with our first pick. Going OL/WR or WR/OL with 32 and 64 just because those are our biggest perceived needs (which is an extremely relative concept on a tram with this much depth) is not a Win Forever strategy in this draft.

      • bigDhawk

        Edit: ‘tram’ = team.

    • Madmark

      How about an Ed Stintson Alabama could take reds snap at DE and also cover Mebane position inside. He can cover a “30” front of the DL with his reach and power.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like the positions you are choosing. They all fill a need. I would want to use that 7th round for another offensive linemen. We need more competition for the offensive line!!!

  25. KBPhD

    Any chance of the team going Leo in round 1 or 2? I posted above I do think Clemons was generally overlooked this year, but an important cog in the rotation with Bennett-Avril-Mebane-Bryant-McDonald-McDaniel-etc. And I do think this past season proved the Seahawks would like to have a deep DL rotation to work with.

    So I generally agree with the OL-WR (or WR-OL) thesis, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see a DL candidate, whom the media will still call a reach. Of course, at this point having the SB ring to point to mutes a lot of criticism.

  26. AndrewP

    Rob- What are your thoughts on Morgan Moses regarding the following…

    1) His immediate fit in Cable’s ZBS, thus, his ability to immediately fill in at RT
    2) His ability to be a LT with enough grooming?

    I ask b/c he is the guy I am becoming more and more interested in takingat 32, if available. I don’t just want a G/RT, I want someone that can eventually take over at LT. The reason being I think Okung might eventually be one of the ‘tough’ calls this franchise has to make, as he is good, but hardly elite/irreplaceable. And if it comes down to him and one of the stars (Earl/Sherm/RWIII) it’s a definite no-brainer; and even if it’s between him and another solid player, like a Wagner, I’m not sure I take the injury-prone Okung.

  27. Madmark

    Its evident we will need low cost OL in our future if we wish to resign RW. The good thing was we hit a boon last year with a Bailey and Bowie. Okung, Carpenter, Unger, Sweezy, and Bowie probably at this time on paper are the starting OL. I really think Bowie takes that RT spot and Bailey will be backup Tackle pushing for a spot. Joel Bitinio would be a nice pc to add. If he doesn’t take the LG or RT spot he could be our McQuinstan for a year. I also picked an Anthony Steen OG from Alabama in the 4th round because he reminds me of a Chris Gray. If he can win a spot on the line you main try to replace him and find 10 years later he’s still there he just one of those high effort guys that doesn’t look the part but somehow does his job. To push for a little more competition on the line I like to grab a Eric Shultz from Utah Tech who G/T prospect I’ve read a few articles on. Could find a spot on PS. I believe with a couple moves like this we be alright and next year look for those DL guys we want.

  28. Max

    Very interesting take Rob. You seem to be very high on Marqise Lee – hypothetically, if he were to fall to 32 is that a no-brainer? I keep picturing Carroll mouthing “wow” at the combine after Lee’s disappointing 40 time.

  29. plyka

    Offensive line seems like a position that doesn’t necessarily require a top draft pick, with the exception of the LT position. I guess the RT position too if they see the right candidate. But I doubt it. I think the Hawks have been burned with high draft picks on olinemen (Carp, Moffitt) and have decided on a different route –like 7th rounders or UDFA who will most likely red shirt their first year, like bailey/bowie. They will find a handful of players deep in the draft that they can mold into offensive linemen.

    I think they spend the #1 pick on a WR. With the #2 pick, it’ll most likely be spent on the defense somewhere, probably on the LB corps or the LEO position. With Clem gone, even if they do get Allen, that’s a one year rental. You need a long term solution at the position.

    So my guess is:

    32: WR
    64: LEO, LB

    • Madmark

      2 years we drafted a OL. Okung and Carpenter still here. I’ll take a Joel Bitinio for 5years Alex. What I don’t want is 1st round, pick 15 Leo that I’ll have to move to the OLB.

    • AlaskaHawk

      My best guess is that we will have at least three player upgrades on the offensive line in the next two years. I’ll let you guess which positions I refer to. This places a premium on finding new players who are versatile.

      Bowie and Bailey both played well when they were in the game. Both are capable of playing guard or that 6th linemen spot. That’s why I was shocked to see Carpenter playing in the superbowl. Was that a vote of non-confidence with Bowie and Bailey? I’m not sure. I hope there is a real competition for those spots on the line this year.

  30. CC

    Devin Street – WR Pitt – 6’3″ 4.55 200 – on day 3. He’s underrated because he had a bad QB and a bad team but he was their money receiver. This is they guy I’d like the to draft in addition to a guy high in the draft if that is how it works out. He could fall to the 6th or 7th round or even an UDFA. He needs to bulk up, but he can play.


    • Beanhawk

      Somewhat ironically, Pitt’s QB Tom Savage is a possible late round steal for someone needing a quarterback. That o-line they had was awful!

  31. Steve Nelsen

    My original thinking was that Seattle would be looking for a tall (6-4) red-zone receiver with the potential to turn into a #1 – essentially a Sidney Rice replacement. Historically, the Hawks have preferred to trade for skill positions or sign them as free agents because the bust potential is so high; even for first-rounders. But we can no longer afford the $10M/year to trade for a proven star like DeSean Jackson. Evans and Benjamin have performed so well that neither will be available at 32. I don’t see a trade up for Benjamin (unless it is a few spots to get in front of SF). But, I would do two 1st-round picks plus a 3rd for Evans if it becomes possible.

    The loss of Tate opened up the possibility of drafting the best receiver available at 32, regardless of size, as long as they had something special like Brandin Cooks. I don’t think Cooks will be available at 32. The draft is deep at WR so if there is a run at the top of the draft, I am sure they have some guys they like in round 2 or 4. Tate was a round 2 guy in a draft with a WR class nowhere close to the quality and depth of this class. I don’t see Marquise Lee in the first round of this mock but I think he has a 1st round grade on a lot of team boards. He could fill in for Tate and they could get still get a big red-zone guy at 64.

    I don’t think O-Line is the pick even though there are several possible picks who could be fine starters. it isn’t about those players, it is about value. They can find potential starters at G and RT in later rounds or even as undrafted free agents. The only exception for this draft would be if there is a really nice LT prospect that they see as insurance against an Okung injury or potential replacement for Okung down the road. I don’t see a guy like that on our roster now.

    There are 3 spots open in the defensive line rotation and Avril will be a free agent next year. Maybe free agent Jared Allen fills one spot (I hope so) and I am excited to see what comes out of the competition among Scruggs, Williams, Hill and Boatwright. But, I still think there is room for either a DT or a DE to add to the mix so if the right guy is there at 32, that would make a fine pick. Unfortunately, neither Aaron Donald nor Stephon Tuitt are likely to be there. Ra’Shede Hageman is intriguing if he is medically cleared. I’m OK adding some potential red-shirt medical candidates in Rds 4-5 if Dominique Easley or Brent Urban slips but not in Round 1 or 2 of this draft. Right now, the defensive line stands out as the only spot where we don’t have any players in entry contracts. We have 4 veteran free agents (maybe 5 with Jared Allen) and that will have to change in the next couple of years both from a financial standpoint and likely a level-of-play standpoint.

    LB would make sense. I don’t see us being able to keep Wagner, Wright, Smith and Irvin. We don’t need a rookie starter so that opens up some possibilities for a surprise pick like Irvin.

    We need a CB in my opinion since both starters are currently set to be free agents after next season and we can probably only keep one. Plus, we lost our starting nickel-back and some depth in Thurmond and Browner. Tharold Simon has been a bit slow to recover from his injury so we need more than Lane and Akeem Auguste. There are some guys I like for 64 (Stanley Jean-Baptiste) and later rounds (Philip Gaines) but not at round 1.

    I like the idea of adding a QB as a project to compete with BJ Daniels (how about Connor Shaw or Logan Thomas) but not in Round 1. It is fun to speculate about one of the top prospects slipping to 32 but too many teams have either Bridgewater, Bortles or Manziel in the top-10 for that to happen. Plus, New England, Denver, San Diego and New Orleans would be possibilities if they thought one of these guys is their next QB. Heck, there is even a chance that Carr turns into a late first-rounder.

  32. House

    We just signed Steve Schilling tpday. He was drafted by the Chargers in 2011. Looks like strictly a depth signing. With Van Roten, it appears we are adding backups to fight for positions. Here is what we currently have on the roster

    LT: Okung, Bailey, Hauptmann
    LG: Carpenter, Van Roten
    C: Unger, Jeanpierre
    RG: Sweezy, Schilling, Smith
    RT: Bowie

  33. Madmark

    I like the running game and you have to win that game in the Trenches. Lets face it the DL we face in the NFC West are the best the NFL has to offer. If we wish to continue winning this division we need a good OL. Carpenter is in a make or break year and I really don’t see him back. Bowie is going to be the right tackle, I truly believe that. We are talking about the guy that was to replace Okung at the T position in college. I don’t care why he slipped thru the cracks but he did and we banked it.
    The only question I have about Joel Bitinio is can he play from 3 point stance. He is a relentless run blocker to the point that on Beast modes run in 2010 he’d would have been one of those guys at the 5 to 10yd line trying to make a block for his RB. We can try him at LG with the option to slide him outside if we need too. There’s problem there thou. Bailey looks to me like he could be the tackle backup or make a run on Guard spot. Tom Cable would figure it out and we be setup for a few years at a very nice cap number. The OL has some really good players in this draft and I could see then being pick fairly early with KC looking and a Miami locker room fiascoes.

  34. Hay stacker509

    Rob, since Taylor lewan is facing 3 assault charges what’s your thinking about how it’s going to affect the first round and his potential slide down the draft? I know your not very high on him but a wr at 32 and possibly lewan at 64 if bitonio or moses is gone?

  35. Madmark

    Is Seattle trying to get that tall receiver by bringing in a Chris Mathews? How about we also try something new. The TEs are pretty set with a Miller, McCoy, and Willson. I really think that if Jeremichael Finley passes his medical he will be signed by Seattle to play that big receiver. A Chris Mathews WR and a Travis Beck WR/H-back brought in to compete.
    Travis Beck 6’3″ 235lbs 3rd round draft pick tore ACL his 1st year. combine numbers 38.1 vj, 118″bj, 28 reps, 4.61-40, 7.05 3 cone, 4.10 shuttle.

  36. AlaskaHawk

    Draftek is saying that because a lot of teams have signed free agent wide receivers that there isn’t as much need now. There may not be a run on them in the first round. They are projecting only four receivers taken with Mike Evans slipping to the Seahawks. That would be ideal for us if we still want a big wide receiver.

    • Madmark

      I don’t every really look at there placement of player. They have a terrible track record.

  37. Steve Nelsen

    Ed Werder tweeting that Jared Allen has signed with Seattle. Go Hawks!

    • Steve Nelsen

      Technically, he says that jared Allen is finalizing the details of a deal which will be signed today. I overstated my first post a bit but I was so excited.

    • House

      Just saw the finishing touches are in the works. HELL YEAH!!!

      • Vin

        So awesome….very interested in the $$$ figures…..Go Hawks…!

  38. Hay stacker509

    We reached an agreement with Jared Allen!!!

  39. Cysco

    So, let’s speculate on the deal.

    I’m saying 3yr $28m w/$6m guaranteed

    2014 – $6m
    2015 – $7m
    2016 – $9m

    • House

      My predicition: 2-yr/$15.5M
      2014: $9.5M
      2015: $6M

    • House

      My predicition: 2-yr/$15.5M
      2014: $9.5M
      2015: $6M

      • Ely

        1 yr /5.5 M

        • House

          That’s what I was thinking after I submitted mine. A 1-yr deal for $6M of less.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Two years for 10 million. 6 million guaranteed. I say the Hawks go cheap.

    • Madmark

      2 years 13 million and 6 million guarantee.

  40. AlaskaHawk

    FYI – If Allen signs for 5 million a year then I won the salary guessing competition.

  41. Steve Nelsen

    Stephon Tuitt in a boot at his pro day. Maybe he slips to is at 32. That would be great.

    • Rob Staton

      I believe he held a pro day just after the combine, where he ran a 4.8, so that he could take surgery to clear up a foot injury.

  42. zztown

    “I’m feeling pretty confident the Seahawks are looking at receiver and the offensive line at #32 and #64.

    Why wouldn’t they?”

    Because Pete and John have always filled gaps like these before the draft so they have as much flexibility as possible to pick the best player available when their pick comes, instead of having to be restricted to just one or two positions. Look for another OL signing and a WR signing or two before the draft. Then expect to be surprised by the Seahawks’ first pick, like usual.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t agree there zztown.

      In fact they’ve been very deliberate with the holes they intend to fill early in the draft. Okung, Thomas, Carpenter, Irvin — all filled major needs at the time that weren’t addressed at all in free agency. They are happy to fill holes with rookies. Tim Ruskell is the GM that used to try and tie up all needs pre-draft.

      • zztown

        Wait, what? Did you forget the last draft? Did you forget they had Giacomini on the team prior to drafting Carpenter? Tim Ruskell???? Am I in the Twilight Zone here? Yeah, they had big needs the first season and had great players available at high need positions, luckily, but Carroll and Schneider have stated many times they don’t like being in that position and strive to be set before draft for maximum flexibility. Have you missed them going after Jared Allen, James Jones and others? Stephen Schilling?

        • Rob Staton

          The 2011 draft came ahead of free agency because of the lockout. So Seattle had no chance to address needs in the open market before the draft. That’s why, when faced with their biggest need (OL/run game) they went tackle and guard with their first two picks.

          Breno Giacomini was signed and released from the practise squad in 2010. He was re-signed in 2011 to be a backup, and when Carpenter was injured (knee) he had the opportunity to play in multiple games — they gave him a new 2-year deal due to good play. He only earned starting contention when Carpenter picked up an injury.


          It’s simply not accurate that Giacomini was viewed as a bona fide starter and was some kind of big free agent addition in 2011 ahead of the draft.

          Carroll and Schneider have always been open about the clubs needs and priorities. They stated on the record that the run game in 2011 was the priority (addressed in the draft), it was speed in the front seven in 2012 (Irvin & Wagner). They address needs in free agency, but the priorities have always been dealt with in the draft.

          The signing of Stephen Schilling or a passing interest in James Jones will have zero impact on the draft.

          I mean come on.

          Tim Ruskell bent over backwards to fill key needs to set up the draft for ‘BPA’ via his warped grading scale. PCJS identify the strength of the draft and where they can find the biggest upgrade on the roster with their picks. And this year the quality of the class (OL, WR) matches perfectly with the priority upgrades.

          • zztown

            Surely PCJS are heavily scouting the WR draftees, hoping a guy falls to them in the right spot because it would perfectly match their strongest need. The right draftee WR impact player would be awesome. But even that draft pick would have a hard time contributing his first season, as most draft pick WRs do. The

          • zztown

            Surely PCJS are heavily scouting the WR draftees, hoping a guy falls to them in the right spot because it would perfectly match their strongest need. The right draftee WR impact player would be awesome for the team down the road. But even that draft pick would have a hard time contributing his first season, as most draft pick WRs do and the Seahawks are contenders NOW and need the important gaps filled THIS offseason. That’s half the reason they’ll fill the gaps with FAs. The other half the reason is if they have only what they judge a mid second round WR available with their first pick, and they see a mid first round graded Olineman available, they won’t reach to get the WR. They’ll take the Olineman, or LB, or Dlineman, or whatever it is, even running back. And they’ll do that in the second and all the way down, maybe never getting a WR. That’s the way their FA acquisitions will affect the draft. …Unless they do it differently than they usually do.

            • zztown

              Also, PCSJ know that whatever the position strengths and weaknesses in the upcoming draft is, AT THEIR PICK there could easily be none of those players worth that high a pick available, as I sketched out above. So you have to make sure you have another reliable way to fill those gaps. NO WAY are they going into this draft assuming they will get an impact WR for 2014. No way on gods green earth. If you bank the season on that sort of thing, you don’t win Super Bowls.

              So the best way is to fill it beforehand so you have the most flexibility at each pick in the draft. The second best way is to make sure your Pro scouting department is up to snuff so you have scouted the guys who are most likely to be cut or traded leading up to the season. As they did with Lynch.

  43. David M.

    Hi Rob,

    What are your thoughts on Bruce Ellington?

    Seems to be a pretty sharp guy. He graduated in 3-1/2 years while being a 2 sport athlete. He’s 5’9″ 197lbs. – 39.5″ vert – 6.69 3cone drill – 3.95 20yd shuttle and 4.45 40yd. Quicker than fast, he’s also Andre Ellington’s cousin. Seems like an interesting value pick.

    Kinda of reminds me of a little bit of Russell Wilson (with his book smarts) mixed into Golden Tate…

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a player I intend to watch more of soon.

  44. Emperor_MA

    From Tony Pauline, who was at Fresno State’s pro day yesterday:

    “Davante Adams’ marks included 4.47s/4.48s in the forty, 37 inches in the vertical jump and 10-6 broad. He caught the ball unbelievably well, effortlessly making a number of deep receptions and showing he could run to the long ball.”

    Measures 6′ 1 3/8″ and 212 lbs.

    The guy is a receiving machine. I think he is in play at #32.

  45. OlyFrank

    Here’s a mock draft for you. Some players to go look at. 2 Suppositions for this one: 1) trade down w/ Minnesota (they don’t take a qb w/ their high first and they’ve got two 3rd rounders. 2) Free agent signings of Jared Allen & Jermichael Finley

    2 (40) og. Joel Bitonio, Nevada 6.4 302 4.97 think ur right about him but he can be had a little later.
    2 (64) wr. Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt 6.3 212 4.46 Like him better than Moncrief, hope he’s still there
    3 (96) cb. Nevin Lawson, Utah State 5.9 190 4.45 Go look at the tape, we need a nickel.
    4 (128) dt.Caraun Reid, Princeton 6.2 302 4.91 competition for Jordan Hill & Jesse Williams
    5( (134) ot. Seantrel Henderson, Miami (FL) 6.7 1/2 331 5.04 go for the gusto
    5 (160) ot. Matt Patchan, Boston College 6.6 1/2 302 4.97 in case go for the gusto doesn’t work
    6 (192) fs. Marqueston Huff, Wyoming 5.11 196 4.48 replacement for Maragos
    7 (224) qb. Connor Shaw, South Carolina 6.0 206 4.65 I just like him for us, might get him as a fa

    Notice very offensive line heavy, I think we use draft to get lots of guys for Crable to mold.

    • Belgaron

      I could totally see the trade down to mid-2nd. I think they’ll consider ASJ and Moncrief there too.

    • Belgaron

      I also agree on Seantrel. PC successfully recruited him to USC, then when Pete left for the NFL, Seantrel backed out.

      • OlyFrank

        Belgaron. I agree. I think Henderson is going to be drafted by Hawks. Awesome talent, needs to get head into game.

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