Jadeveon Clowney vs Antonio Richardson


  1. Colin

    For any other defensive end in the country, this is a great performance. Countless pressures, numerous tackles for loss and just a total hellmaker.

    For Clowney, I felt this was a pretty good game. Not a great one.

    I felt the SC defense got a little gassed in the 1st half. They were on the field a long time and the offense wasn’t controlling much clock. I’m sure there will be people nagging on him for half assing it when he dropped into coverage, but you’re not drafting him to play zone. You’re drafting him to rush the passer. You can’t get on him any more than a WR/DB and the ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ on run blocks away from the play.

    Fairly disappointed in the SC defensive performance given Tennessee essentially forfeited any attempt to go downfield until late in the game due to the pressure, and they still gained tons of yards. That in itself separates college ball from the NFL.

    I still think Clowney goes #1. His presence on the football field is unrivaled.

  2. caleb

    to be honest, he just looks a little sluggish. yeah he is fast and explosive on some pays, but it looks like he takes plays off, and especially if he is in coverage, he doesn’t look particularly interested( see 6:18 and 6:30). Also, given his strength, and speed, why is he so tentative and slow on stunts to the interior? At 8:08 hes crazy fast and sneaky, but that was a sort of once off. Why does he bull rush with such a high center, when he comes off the edge he looks like he is getting pushed around quite a bit out there. His really flashy plays are are against no blocks or some poor tight end. No second effort that I could see if he missed a tackle the first time or ran by the QB on a rush.

    A perfect example is the 4:50 mark, when he just sort of lamely jogs by the LT for a run up the middle, which he could have gotten at least a hand on him, but at 4:55, essentially the same play call, he powers of the line and is able to tackle the RB. I mean…

    there are also a couple of times when he just doesn’t use his crazy strength, ans it hurts plays. At 7:58, he could have tossed that fool to the turf but instead he hugs him like a pet rabbit. Same at 9:02 and 9:50. JJ watt would have probably beat the rbs face into the turf there.

    not sure what to make of this performance

    that Tennessee Wr North though, he can play.

  3. Ben

    This was a good game by Clowney. He showed dominant run defense with some good plays against the pass too.

    I was most impressed by North though. Those were some damn fine catches.

  4. Kenny Sloth

    Starting to get interested in Paul Richardson.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Antonio Richardson? He didn’t have his best game this time out. Last year he handled Clowney pretty well. His footwork is really good in most games. This time out I think Clowney had something extra to prove.

      • Kenny Sloth

        No. Paul Richardson. WR for the Buffs. Should’ve clarified.

  5. Bob Dole

    Colt Lyerla just got arrested for possession of cocaine… Draft stock officially in free fall.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Damn. Can’t draft crazy.

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