Jalen Carter draft nuggets from Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter joined 97.5 The Fanatic’s The John Kincade Show this week and offered some interesting thoughts on Jalen Carter’s likely draft position:

“When you talk to people around that Georgia program, they say that one guy – maybe the one guy – that kept Jalen Carter really in line was Jordan Davis. When he was around Jordan Davis, he was on some of his best behavior. Philly would have that advantage, bringing Carter to Philly and having Jordan Davis as a guy that could help out there.

He’s the guy in this year’s draft that, outside of the quarterbacks, is really fascinating and intriguing to see. What happens to this all-world talent and who is the one that turns in the pick on him? I’ll say this, I think there’s a decent chance that the Eagles are the team that has that decision to make here.”

The reason I wanted to raise this in a new, separate post is to provide some counter perspective to the recent stuff from Peter King — who reported the league consensus is that Carter will be taken fifth overall. It’s important to acknowledge King’s report, which we have, but it’s also worth drawing attention to this from Schefter.

Let’s be clear — he’s not ruling out Carter to the Seahawks, Cardinals, Lions, Raiders or anyone else picking before the Eagles. However, this line is telling:

“What happens to this all-world talent and who is the one that turns in the pick on him? I’ll say this, I think there’s a decent chance that the Eagles are the team that has that decision to make here.”

Essentially, Schefter is saying there’s a ‘decent chance’ he’s still on the board at #10. That’s a far cry from the ‘won’t get past Seattle and Detroit’ talk we’re increasingly seeing.

This is what I’ve felt for some time. Howie Roseman is the perfect GM to take a chance on Carter. He already has a Super Bowl roster. There’ll be no blowback if he takes Carter with a bonus top-10 pick and he busts. Eagles fans will appreciate taking the shot. When you’re already the top team in the NFC, there’s nothing to lose.

Philadelphia has a quarterback, an O-line, weapons on offense and a pass rush. They have more or less a complete roster and just need to fill in some gaps. They can draft Carter to be part of an already excellent rotation as the heir apparent to Fletcher Cox. They can use him as an impact situational player in year one, without the pressure to come in, play lots of snaps and dominate which would be prevalent in Seattle. They could do with Carter in 2023 what they did with Jordan Davis in 2022.

Having New Orleans’ first round pick this year (what on earth were the Saints thinking a year ago?) is a total gift to the Eagles and one they can take a risk with.

Even though the Seahawks and Lions also have extra first round picks, they are in a very different position. The most obvious being neither came close to the Super Bowl but also, both franchises are in building mode. They can ill-afford for their top-10 picks to bust.

Seattle and Detroit also have two very distinctive coaches. One preaches competition, the other introduced himself to the fans by announcing at his opening press conference:

“We’re gonna stand up, and it’s gonna take two more shots to knock us down. And on the way up, we’re gonna take your other kneecap, and we’re gonna get up, and it’s gonna take three shots to get us down. And when we do, we’re gonna take another hunk out of you.”

As I keep saying, I’m not sure these quotes from anonymous scouting sources via Bob McGinn quite chime with either coach:

“Doesn’t play hard like (Devante) Wyatt. That dude gave it his all. Carter’s motor runs hot and cold. He’s disruptive, but not overly productive. He’s a worrier for me. A lot of these Georgia dudes aren’t as good individually as they were as a whole. Travon Walker. They all were overrated because of how dominant that D was.” Was a 5-star recruit from Warren Sapp’s hometown of Apopka, Fla. “Best player in the draft but he’s lazy,” a third scout said. “They put him on the treadmill damn near every day. He doesn’t love football, doesn’t love the weight room. Horrible family background. Not a leader.

I listened this week to a podcast featuring Jim Monos, former Director of Player Personnel for the Bills. He had this to say about Carter, reacting to McGinn’s report:

“That’s a trigger word, ‘doesn’t love football’. ‘Treadmill’ — that means weight issues. You really should just move on. It’s tempting, because of the size/speed. You have to move on. Let somebody else be the hero. I would let somebody else be the hero. It would be a luxury pick for a team. A top-10 pick? You have to love football. You have to be productive, you have to be ready to play right away. It’s a hard no, it’s an easy hard no almost. Especially at defensive tackle.”

I appreciate I’m running the risk of creating a hill to die on. I’ve laboured this point so much now, I’m probably boring a lot of the wider community while irritating people who do want to consider Carter.

I just feel like a perspective needs to be offered that isn’t being discussed much elsewhere. If I have to come on here and eat crow next week, that’s fine. I’m happy to do it. As I’ve said in recent streams, I’m only trying to project based on the evidence we have. I won’t regret trying to offer some balance to the endless ‘Carter to Seattle’ chatter that often doesn’t go beyond ‘Pete will love this guy!’ and ‘ideal Seahawk!’. If they do draft him, I’ll take my lumps and then analyse what he will bring and how they can get the best out of him.

I do think the perceived fit is based on flimsy anecdotal evidence. “Carroll loves to take a chance on players” — well yeah, if they have high football character. A troubled soul has never been a turn-off for Carroll. He wants competitors though. I’m not sure “lazy”, “motor runs hot and cold”, “doesn’t love football” and “doesn’t love the weight room” are lines that scream ‘Carroll’s Seahawks’.

Even this line from Schefter sets off alarm bells: “When he was around Jordan Davis, he was on some of his best behavior.”

Some of his best behaviour? That’s the kind of thing I say about my nine-year-old and six-year-old.

Don’t get me wrong — every team that passes on Carter will shake their head as they do it and wonder what could’ve been. If he’d just been able to apply himself differently — and some of that isn’t all on him — teams could feel more comfortable taking him. There’s just too much going on — and will be too much going on — for some teams.

Again though, this isn’t a perspective you hear often. For example, Chris Simms brushed off any concerns on PFT yesterday. He acknowledged there were moments on tape where he looked tired or took plays off. His counter was to say teams in the NFL will monitor his snaps — ignoring the fact that Georgia did that for three years already. He put it down to the no-huddle nature of college football — yet teams in the NFL are more than capable of playing with tempo.

Simms called questions about his conditioning and football character ‘nitpicking’, which I think is fairly astonishing and makes for a non-serious review of the player. It’s very possible to acknowledge that Carter is a sensational talent in terms of when he brings it, it’s exciting to watch. But you can’t just dismiss the bad moments on tape, or the character concerns, or the practise habits, or the conditioning, or the pattern of mistakes that led to legal trouble.

I think this is why we have to acknowledge that Carter’s agent Drew Rosenhaus, for all his quirks, is so good at his job. He has created a narrative where everyone now assumes Carter will go early. As we edge closer to the draft, there actually seems to be media momentum behind Carter. That’s a far cry from his pro-day, where it was difficult to imagine what might happen to his stock.

People aren’t talking about any issues — they only focus on the positives. Rosenhaus has played an absolute blinder here with his ‘no meetings outside of the top-10’ idea while planting seeds around the media that he’s been assured by a team they’ll pick him early.

Even stuff like this tweet below is all part of the plan. It feels cringey and forced — but it’s effective. Rosenhaus has worked overtime for his client:

Interestingly, Rosenhaus was also the agent for Malik McDowell, if that makes any difference. It might not but I wonder if Seattle, in attempting to learn from past mistakes, are one of the teams that are less likely to be swayed by this agent doing the lords work for his client.

People don’t like the McDowell/Carter comparison but it basically comes down to this. The Seahawks can’t babysit these players in the period between mini-camp and training camp. How do you force Carter to work on his conditioning? Or to live his life properly? Or to not continue his pattern of mistakes? All after you make him a top-five pick and guarantee him $30m — essentially sending the message that how you acted in the past was all OK. There are no consequences here. Only rewards.

McDowell did something reckless before his first training camp and that was that. With Carter, it might never be anything as serious as that. But is he going to train? Eat properly? Sleep properly? Live like a pro who is ‘pissed off for greatness’? You can make as many Aaron Donald comparisons as you want, Seahawks Twitter. Until Carter has Donald’s mindset and commitment to the game, he won’t get anywhere near his NFL performance.

A high-impact, disruptive defensive tackle would be so good to see in Seattle. But have they already made their move in that regard by spending big on Dre’Mont Jones? Could the plan now be to add reliable depth? Can the Byron Young, Zacch Pickens, Keeanu Benton, Mazi Smith types help add some ready-to-start, consistent, functioning play to complement the splash on Jones?

Eight days to go — and I apologise in advance for not being able to guarantee there won’t be eight more Jalen Carter articles.

What I can say is I’m going to be on the Cigar Thoughts podcast this week. I’m also recording with an Irish NFL podcast and Robbie, Adam and I will be doing a live stream on Thursday. I’m also working on a very interesting article I think you’ll like.

In the meantime, if you missed it — check out yesterday’s piece on why the Seahawks need to draft a quarterback and improve their D-line.

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  1. kza

    No comment, except to say that I just love the content on SDB!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

      • Elmer

        You can’t force him. Professional teams have gone so far as to hire babysitters. That mostly doesn’t work. At some point he has to accept personal responsibility. If not, you either find someone dumb enough to trade for him or you cut him loose. Neither is a good outcome.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Scouts keep saying he is elite but I’ve seen no signs of this in his tape or his playing performance. I just don’t get the love. Take a chance on him? Sure in the late second or third round. He isn’t better than a host of other defensive linemen and he will be handled by the pros just like every other rookie.

          • Brennan

            I think it may be more accurate if they say, “…..he has elite “moments””. The body of work doesn’t speak to being elite, but the moments make you go…..If only….

        • Troy

          Afaik dez bryant had a baby sitter and that seemed to work…but ya do you really want to put yourself in that position in the first place?

      • Russell Clifton

        Maybe Philly would trade up to 5 for 10 and 30. If Hawks do that they would probably have a shot at one of the following Richardson Witherspoon Gonzales or Wilson. One of those would fall to ten

        • Rob Staton

          Not a big fan of that. Pick the guy you want

  2. samprassultanofswat

    Rosenhaus’s campaign is working. Most of the talking heads at 710 ESPN are on board with taking Jalen Carter. Many of the mock draft’s have the Seahawks taking Jalen Carter. Jalen Carter is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Ben

      KJR too, well at least Softy and Dick.

      It’s really really hard for me to see Suh, McCoy, Donald, etc in his game. He could be a real impact player, but purely looking at on field play and production, it’s just hard to see that level of consistent domination. Go watch Suh’s old college highlights, he’s TERRIFYING. You can project all you want, and you can weigh risks, but that doesn’t add up to a top 5 pick in my book…

      • Malanch

        Ndamukong Suh was a vastly superior college player to Jalen Carter (see: production), and he was a true all-sport athlete who had no fear of the gym. The obvious qualifier here is level of competition, and that’s not nothing; however, Suh was consistently dominant against the best teams he played, and in a just world he would have won the Heisman Trophy. Though his own personality quirks reputedly made him an awkward locker room fit, he nonetheless translated to the pros immediately.

        In terms of natural ability and “country strength”, Carter probably is on Suh’s level, but then Malik McDowell would be in that conversation, too. I will say that Carter’s technique is unusually refined for a player who “doesn’t love the process”, but I’m inclined to believe that his innate giftedness, again, is at root. Natural ability only goes so far in a league peopled by passionately driven men…

        …So, if I were to choose which player I’d rather have holding Carter’s diaper bag, I’m taking Jordan Davis over Bobby Wagner every last one of the eight days remaining till draft day.

        • Roy Batty

          Didn’t Suh get into engineering in college.

          The guy is very, very smart. You hear him talk, then you see this massive man and you think, “Holy crap.”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Working on sports radio hosts maybe. I’d be very surprised if Rosenhaus has swayed any team in the top 10 one way or the other.

      • TatupuTime

        I don’t think it sways a front office in how they think of Carter. But, the court of public opinion does play into front office decisions to varying extents depending on the security of the front office.

        When the Seahawks picked Frank Clark, they had to answer a lot of media questions about him. A lot of people on blogs said stuff like I’m no longer a fan of the team. I think there were only a limited number of teams that would have drafted Joe Mixon when he came out. Same with a lot of the guys the Cowboys have taken over the years.

        Different situation with Jalen Carter for sure, but I think what Rosenhaus has successfully done is ensured that the general fan base of whoever selects him is going to be mostly excited. Most fans will say “hell yeah” we got the most talented guy in the draft. He’s a good young kid who’s made some mistakes but our team will be able to fix him.

        • Glor

          Exactly , however I think owners as well can be swayed by his and the media blitz campaign. Which again could provide some buffer to a FO that wants to take a chance. I don’t think it would sway a gm or hc who doesn’t want a project.

      • Ron LaCroix

        Rosenhaus affects the sportswriters, who affect the fans. The GM’s and Coaches don’t care what he’s saying.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I think the key is that all the talking heads are willing to pick him. These are the same people that projected QB after QB in the first round last year. I think most teams see things FAR differently than these guys. I just hope Seattle is one of those teams that has a different view.

  3. London Seahawk

    You’re on top form with this one, Rob.

    ‘Some of his best behaviour’ made my eyes pop too and likewise think of my kids!

  4. BoiseSeahawk

    How ridiculous is it that a team who narrowly lost in the super bowl last year is choosing between two blue chippers in mocks (Jalen Carter / Bijan Robinson)

    …signed Rashaad Penny in the offseason…

    …and they STILL have another first round selection.

    • London Seahawk

      They did also lose a lot of talent in free agency too mind..

  5. Spenny Dunks

    During the season you mentioned Carter often. It’s not like you have some preconceived beliefs or are trying to push a narrative. You were a fan of his before a lot of his baggage came to light and are simply following the evidence given to you to make a rational viewpoint.

    I want nothing to do with Carter at 5, but I agree that it’s going to make me shake my head as we pass on him. The thought of what he can become is tantalizing but we really need to go in another direction.

    • Rob Staton

      During the season you mentioned Carter often. It’s not like you have some preconceived beliefs or are trying to push a narrative. You were a fan of his before a lot of his baggage came to light and are simply following the evidence given to you to make a rational viewpoint.

      Thank you for pointing this out.

      In two of my first three mocks, I paired Carter with the Seahawks. I celebrated the way he played in the second half of the 2022 season, until the concerns starting emerging.

      I have adapted my opinion based on the information at hand.

    • MountainHawker

      To build on this…Rob has banged the table for years about building up the dline/pass rush. If Carter was a can’t miss prospect without issues you bet he’d be shouting for the Hawks to take him.

      • Rob Staton

        Correct Mountain Hawker

  6. KHammarling

    What is it about Jordan Davis that gets through to Carter? That’s what i want to know (not expecting anyone here to actually give me that answer).

    If it’s because there were friends and Carter responds to friends, why did he not have more friends? Was Davis more willing to push and hold him to account (and if so, why would we not expect another player or coach to find that and also work with Carter)? Why could one guy make it work, and not a whole coaching staff?

    Equally, if you are the Eagles, what happens if Davis gets injured? Do you expect him to still come in and bust Carters butt? What if Davis himself struggles and needs to me moved on, does Carter then regress as well? Is $22mil guaranteed instead of $34mil going to really make a difference to how Carter conducts himself?

    I appreciate Schefters report, but it just adds more questions onto the pile that surrounds Carter. Do I feel more comfortable with Richardsons questions than Carters? Yes, I do. Same for Stroud. Same for Anderson. Or my preference, take the guy who doesn’t have questions – Bijan. (There’s also a reason i’m not an NFL GM)

    • McZ

      Jordan Davis could be the de-facto mature elder brother to Jalen Carter. A role model, if you like. There are many explanations.

      I wanted the Seahawks to draft Davis in 2022, because he is the leader this DL need.

      That said, I could easily see Philly passing on Carter at #10, picking him up with their original pick.

      • geoff u

        Or maybe Jordan Davis also enjoys strip clubs and fast cars, he just drinks responsibly. Something to think about…

      • Malanch

        I don’t remember Jordan Davis’s leadership skills being singled out as a defining characteristic during the run-up to last year’s draft. Was it? Or maybe Davis and Carter are just buds…

        • McZ

          You don’t get those skills because some analyst calls you a leader. You get it by elevating a group by elite play.

  7. OakleyD

    Is the Cigar Thoughts podcast the same as Dan’s Seahawks Forever podcast? Or does he run 2 separate ones?

    • TatupuTime

      Cigar Thoughts is run by Jacson Bevans and Mike Barwin (so totally different than Dan’s Seahawks Forever). It’s a pretty mixed bag from a football analysis standpoint, but they get some great guests (none better than Rob!).

      It’s one of my go to Seahawks listens. I watch and follow the Seahawks for fun, and there is no one in my mind that is more optimistic and fun than Jacson. Getting the real talk here and the fun talk on Cigar Thoughts is a great combination for me.

      • BK26

        I’ll actually listen to it. Normally I don’t. I like Jacson on other platforms, but when I’ve listened in the past to Cigar Thoughts, I couldn’t get very far in. Could have been the guests too.

        Big kudo’s to him however for getting someone like Rob that has a very different take (just a simple IDEA of not going defense at 5). Some people won’t do that.

        It’s nice when there are discussions about the Seahawks with people with different opinions. Discussions. Meaning no “I’m right, your way is stupid.” “You don’t know football.” “The team would never do that, learn to grammar good.” Actual discussions are going the way of the dinosaur.

        • Ben

          I think it’s a pretty good listen, good guests. Jacson is pretty open-minded and runs a good conversation.

        • TatupuTime

          The guests vary a lot. The Gregg Bell one recently was painful. He guaranteed that the Seahawks would have no interest in Will Levis. No analysis behind that. This coming from the guy that was painfully and deliberately condescending to any fan that suggested a Russ divorce might happen because he had a “source” that said there was no tension between the front office and Russ. This being at the same time Russ was trying to get JS/PC fired.

          Anyways, looking forward to these pod guest spots. Heads up that they are big fans of O’Cyrus Torrence on Cigar Thoughts Rob!

          • Rokas

            Gregg Bell is the worst. He was constantly mocking fans for even daring to think, that RW could be traded, tried to shame the fans who wanted to move on from RW, pointing his frequent visits to children hospital. And after the trade, when reminded of that, he still shamed the fans reminding children hospital once again, and saying, well, he had sources telling him that RW won’t be traded. He hasn’t eaten 1% of all his statements. I have zero respect for any man, who can’t eat his own words.

        • Malanch

          “When I’ve listened in the past to Cigar Thoughts, I couldn’t get very far in.”

          This. The gratuitously foul language is obnoxious and distracting—a dealbreaker. And if I hear the word “like” multiple times in the same breath, that’s a guaranteed canx for me. I prefer listening to adults.

          • cha

            The gratuitously foul language is obnoxious and distracting—a dealbreaker


  8. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Someone please forward this article to the 710 hosts. I’d say JS/PC but my guess is they already know.

    • BK26

      They’d get confused getting through it..

    • Peter

      Topics on 710:

      Should Seattle forfeit the season if they pass on Carter?

      Should Seattle spend 5, 20, and 37 to move up and draft Carter?

      Anagrams of carter’s name.

      Five fun facts about Carter.

      We asked the biggest Georgia booster how good Carter is.

      Bump and Stacy just signing “Carter, Carter, bo-barter, me-my-mo-marter, banana-fana-fo-farter…CARTER!!” For about 8 minutes straight.

      • nolyon

        I’ve been a loyal listener to 710 for over 10 years, and yes it is ABSURD the amount of Carter content they have. When I see on the podcast that it’s Carter conversation again I just don’t even listen anymore.

        It’s wild how much they talk about Carter, but because Brock said he didn’t like Levis that one time, they have spent NO time talking about him even though all of their scenarios have him being available. They’re like no way the Seahawks would take that guy, Brock said so.

        I love Brock, but people forget the buzz around his combine. If Richardson hadn’t been at that combine, Levis’ athleticism would have been THE story of that day (outside of Carter’s incident of course).

        I just don’t understand.


        • Peter

          My number one problem with 710 is this is the most exciting draft in 14 attempts for John and Pete and the talk is essentially that they only have the number five pick and that’s it.

          I mean #20 is interesting. The two second rounders as well.

          Seattle has 52 guys on the roster and there’s tons of needs. Why not at least pretend there’s other stuff going on.

          • Patrick Toler

            I am so grateful for the incredible amount of draft content available online including of course Rob’s videos which are always eagerly awaited. 710 and particularly Brock and Salk pretty much saved Seattle sports talk radio for a few years, but there are so many better options for becoming educated about the draft (and sports in general).

          • nolyon

            This is a good point too.

            They aren’t just ignoring it, Salk’s recent talking points have been, if you take a QB at 5, Number 20 is WORTHLESS! There are NO GOOD PLAYERS LEFT! Uses it as a reason to bring things back to Carter.

            He like gristles every time that pick comes up because he thinks all the talent is gone.

            • Chris

              In his defense, he at least wants Richardson.

          • MountainHawker

            I think 20 is more interesting than 5 to be honest. The options at 20 are all over the board

        • Rob Staton

          Not been on since Jake left so I’d guess never

          • Wilson502

            Which is really unfortunate. I guess they are afraid of having their dumpster fire narratives exposed by somebody who actually puts in the work to do in depth analysis and not recycle the same flaming pile of crap day in and day out.

          • JDH

            I used to be able to listen to Bump and Stacy but following your site for the last few months has educated me about the upcoming draft to a level I’ve not had before. It has made listening to Bump and Stacy in particular unbearable for the drivel they produce. I must say that I am tired of the Jalen Carter talk but totally get why you are continuing to post on it. You are patiently and methodically laying out the case for what is more likely than not going to happen and why. It is so much better to be following someone who has actually done the background work of watching film with an engaged brain. I cannot imagine how many hours a week you put in doing this during the college season. Without new film, you’ve got to use that work ethic somehow! I can imagine the relief you will feel when the draft finally arrives. I know I will, with a much better understanding of what is happening, especially during the first two days. Thanks, Rob!

            • Rob Staton

              I cannot imagine how many hours a week you put in doing this during the college season.

              For the last 14 months, it has been virtually all of my free time

        • Malanch

          Brock is a fantastic color guy, and for many years I’ve appreciated his football insights, but he just doesn’t put much time into draft-related content. His Very Biased Top 20 is a good start, but for every minute he dedicates to draft research, I’ll bet Rob puts in an hour. Of course, he could be brilliant at it if he wanted, but draftnicking just isn’t his bag—never was. Nonetheless, he’s expected to spill forth draft opinions as one who has put in the time, so spill he does.

          Brock talks about Will Anderson like the guy is Von Miller reborn, a “generational pass rusher” who “checks every box”, but he doesn’t back that up with sufficient contextualization. Neither does he qualify Anderson’s high volume of unblocked sacks and low volume of impact plays versus Darnell Wright, the latter of which many see as a bellwether performance. He could at least cite intel from league personnel, I would think, but I still haven’t heard that. He wouldn’t hesitate to spend both #5 and #20 to move up to Houston’s spot and get Anderson, but I’m guessing he has hesitated to watch last year’s Tennessee game. Meanwhile, he dismisses all non-Bryce Young quarterbacks as first round-worthy with no depth of analysis: The Seahawks already have C.J. Stroud in Geno Smith, Will Levis is Jake Locker, and Anthony Richardson is just…no.

          Mike Salk is the only one on 710 whom I’ve heard offer tentative support for the idea of drafting Richardson, but he still argues for D-line at #5—because Need. He’d take Carter over Richardson.

          I don’t mind these people’s opinions being different from mine; that’s not it at all. It’s that their opinions are mainstream chalk, bearing little consideration for the possibility that the Seahawks might not yet be in “win now mode”. Tiresome.

          • Glor

            There is no incentive for them to be good. They get paid regardless of the time they put into actually doing the job. Now, if they were losing listeners over their lack of quality research/coverage etc, then station would either fire them or at least light a fire under their butts, but it is no different from these lazy guys at the NFL network.
            Rob puts the crazy time in…. I would say because he loves it, but he’s also a little crazy 😜 (we love you Rob!)
            These other guys, they are just paid talking heads and this is a sweet gig they landed, I don’t think they really have a passion to watch 100s of hours of film for a 1hr segment they are being paid to produce. Of course there are exceptions, but it sure seems like today it’s more the rule.

            • Malanch

              Right on. The poorest quality analysis reaches the widest audience, which seems a shame, but really that’s just the way things are in modern times. The greater the artistic merit, the lesser the commercial viability; the greater the commercial viability, the lesser the artistic merit. If Rob truly dedicated himself to growing SDB, Step One would require dumbing things down by at least 20 or 30 IQ points. More style and less substance would help, too, as would increased conformity with mainstream views, formats, et cetera. 710 Seattle Sports is a Disney product, and that’s really all that needs to be said about them.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        Hilarious. Don’t miss the episode : “What Jalen Carter did right that night of racing”.

        • Peter

          Another great potential topic to pitch to the producer.

        • Malanch

          Admittedly, Carter’s leadfoot should help him cut down on tardiness (provided he intends on showing up to practice in the first place).

          • DJ 1/2 way

            If Carter has a 700HP ride in college he will have five over 1000HP when he is a pro.

      • Wilson502

        Seattle Smooth Brain sports. Your source for all smooth brain takes and dumpster fire analysis. Listen to us repeat the same stupid narratives day after day!

      • Wilson502

        Tbf all the local media (even national media) is recycling all the same low IQ garbage smooth brain narratives. 710 however has gone full smooth brain with their incessant Carter jock riding and worship of the guy.

  9. Trevor

    I think Carter should be completely off the Hawks board with the concerns about work ethic and love of the game but I do kind of understand the Hawks fan base infatuation with him.

    In a draft with very little high end DT talent he is the one guy who fills a huge need for the Hawks. Most fans view the draft with hope and optimism only thinking what a player could be not all the warts as well. They see Cortez Kennedy and forget Malik McDowell.

    I have to admit there are times I want to take that view as well because if the Hawks were to draft for example.

    Carter, McDonald and Mazi Smith the front seven on defense go from looking dreadful to fantastic pretty quickly.

    DT : Carter, Smith , Jones
    LB : Wagner, Busch, Nwosu, McDonald

    That looks a whole lot better than what we rolled out the last couple of years that’s for sure.

    Unfortunately the flip side to that is you take Carter at 5 and he is Isiah Wilson 2.0 and he flames out of the league in a year or two. The most valuable draft asset in the PC/ JS era wasted when you could have had your QB for the next 10 yrs.

    Sign me up for the QB option no questions asked please.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      “I think Carter should be completely off the Hawks board with the concerns about work ethic and love of the game but I do kind of understand the Hawks fan base infatuation with him.”

      Exactly this. In highlights and on paper Carter looks like the missing link. The reality of Carter as a prospect is much less appealing. Hard pass.

      • Malanch

        “…Carter looks like the missing link.”

        Ka-damn! 😂

  10. Trevor

    Isiah Wilson might be the best comp for Carter coming out not Malik McDowell.

    Same program and coaching staff. Same concerns about work ethic, immaturity and not loving the game despite incredible physical talent.

    • BK26

      This is a great take. Wilson just…gave up and checked out. Will Carter be able to take NFL pressure? All of the coaching, the rules. No one is going to give him a long rope after where he’s already put himself.

    • Seasharks

      Always felt like the Jordan Davis connect would be a big factor, Philly has the capacity to take the risk, and they’ve got his close teammate right there in the building. They have more information than anyone and from a human standpoint, they’ve got a friend to naturally guide him along and hopefully get him pumped and happy to play. Seems like if there’s a good healthy landing spot for him, it’s Philadelphia.

      If he makes it past 10, the issues the Rob keeps having to reemphasize were a very big deal. He’ll slide indefinitely, but my guess is to the Commanders because they genuinely suck at everything.

      People saying he’s going to Seahawks, Lions, Raiders are not thinking or not listening. Not happening.

      • Malanch

        Jordan Davis: Jalen Carter whisperer…or enabler? That could backfire, bigtime.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s who I think of every time, Isaiah Wilson

  11. Rob Staton

    Per Tony Pauline, Will McDonald had an official visit to Seattle

    • Trevor

      He makes so much sense for the Hawks in the back half of the 1st round.

      • London Seahawk

        My fave mock of Rob’s so far (and similar ones in the comments) is QB @ 5 and the next two picks on the D-line.. including McDonald.

        Could we trade down and still get him or would it have to be 20…

        • Trevor

          I agree that would be my prefered option as well.

          Based on his visits it seems like a lot of teams at the back half of RD1 hace interest. Packers, Bears, Cowboys, Bucs, Eagles, Bills, Vikings, Giants, Cards, Seahawks, Chiefs. Not sure how far you could trade back and still get him. Might even be gone by 20.

          • London Seahawk

            Yep, true, could well be gone..

      • KnoxHawk

        McDonald could very well be a must have for the Seahawks. I know the defensive scheme has changed, but my god he is a perfect LEO. Reminds me of former hawk Chris Clemons.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he could be our Brian Burns

    • Wilson502

      To me, this is a much better value than taking Anderson with the first pick. U even mentioned it’s plausible McDonald could have a better career in the pros than Anderson. There’s no good options at QB outside the 4 QBs at the top (Hooker I guess is an option but is clearly the 5th option).

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would prefer the Seahawks chose who they wanted at #20 rather than trading down and picking whoever is left over. If they want McDonald don’t screw around – just pick him.

        • Malanch

          Remember: A prudent GM only trades down if he has multiple options of equal or similar grade projected to be available at the destination slot.

  12. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I hope Carter goes to a good fit team and has a great career, but I am looking forward to watching the bewilderment on the experts faces when Will Levis goes 4, AR goes 5, and Carter doesn’t. “What are they thinking? He is a generational talent!”

  13. GrittyHawk

    Rosenhaus has unquestionably done a great job salvaging Carter’s stock, but I think it’s telling that this incessant media blitz is easier than just… getting Carter in shape and having him issue an apology or something. They’ve done nothing to actually improve his image and everything to act like he never had any issues to begin with.

    • Luis

      There’s a snippet with Sherm and Nino talking who they want the Seahawks to take. Diggs said the “Bama boy”: he loves Anderson. Sherm considered the “Boy from Georgia” and said we should go for it, but said that the Seahawks would almost need to house arrest him.

      • Peter

        I honestly could not tell if that last part was a joke, truth,or acknowledgement of what some here feel….that Carter would be awesome if x,y,and z thing happened.

      • Rob Staton

        I thought it was funny how Sherman volunteered Bobby, KJ, Cliff Avril etc to basically babysit or look after Carter

        Basically everyone but himself 😂

        • bmseattle

          Perhaps Sherman is a better self evaluator than we give him credit for.
          He know’s he wouldn’t be a good babysitter for anyone.

        • Luis

          I remember him including himself and Diggs in the list, but not KJ.

    • Peter

      Agreed. I made a comment about this after his terrible pro day. Just get him on that rice and chicken. A rowing a machine. Wait three weeks redo his pro day. Sound solemnand serious with an apology.


      But…..as tomlpdx and others said…..if he could do that he already would and would not be a huge question mark.

      • GrittyHawk

        Exactly. As I’ve long said in my jobs in the client services industry, never admit fault or apologize for a mistake without also explaining what you’re going to do to ensure that mistake doesn’t happen again. Why should anyone believe the results will be different if you don’t change the process?

      • geoff u

        Would’ve probably pushed him into the top 3 and been the easiest 10 million he’d ever have made. Apparently that was still too hard.

    • Rob Staton

      Correct Gritty

  14. LouCityHawk

    The Carter Cult is weird.

    I like Carter as a player and as a prospect, not knowing everything that is out there gives me pause.

    I talk up Zacch Pickens a lot, he is one of my favorites for surprise first day picks, I’m bullish on him for a 3-4 DE, he really popped at the Senior Bowl, the biggest knock on him is that you want him to dominate more, have more splash plays, be more productive.

    Recently, a lot of the ‘Carter must be the pick at 5’ crowd has just jumped on with some wild anti-Pickens narratives, saying that Stromberg owned him at the Senior Bowl, or in their meeting in the season (spoiler: untrue). They also pile on Byron Young the same way.

    The weird thing is that Pickens and a Young have less bad tape then Carter does, cause he gets handled by Wypler, Torrence, Wright…just to name a few.

    The Carter hype reminds me of people talking up Bozworth when I was young, or Ryan Leaf, or Ryan Anderson (Mariners). That is starting to give me real pause.

    • Malanch

      Zacch Pickens attended the Senior Bowl; Ricky Stromberg attended the Shrine Bowl. Wild narrative, for sure.

      • LouCityHawk

        Yeah, took me a solid review of Day 1 reps to look up where Stromberg was, didn’t see him, recalled he was a junior, was told ‘they played loads of times, he pancakes Pickens over and over…’


    • Madmark

      I don’t know why everyone thinks Brian Bozworth was a bust because I never saw it. In college he played the middle linebacker position in a 4-3 defense which allowed him to make the splash plays. When he came to Seattle he played the strong inside linebacker spot which doesn’t get those opportunities for splash plays in the 3-4 defense. Fred Young played the weak inside linebacker and he got all the glory that he went to the Pro Bowl and the next year the Colts signed him as a FA and he disappeared never making a Pro Bowl again. The play everyone remembers was the Bo Jackson one which I have watch very closely. Bozworth ran from his position all the way to the other sidelines to put himself in the position to make the tackle which was what he was suppose to do. If you watch that hit you that his shoulder was shattered and he lose the use of his being unable wrap up Bo. That hit ended ended his career like Chancellor but what people were upset about was they believe Seattle paid him 10 million dollars which is absolutely false. Bozworth negotiated a insurance policy in case like this happened and it was the insurance company that paid him. The strong inside linebacker is thankless position filling gaps between the 3 DL, taking on pulling guard and stringing out the play, and today instead of fullbacks it’s TEs you have to deal with. This year I expect Bobby will e playing that spot and everyone will be wondering if he doing the job.

      • LouCityHawk

        Bozworth was an example of everyone telling me that he was going to be this great savior, etc…. The Land of Boz, lots of kids has the haircut and the glasses.

        I just get a little hesitant when people start talking someone up like this, makes me remember that Bo Jackson play, fair or not, not all saviors are who you want.

  15. STTBM

    I think it’s nuts to spend a first or second on Hooker, or to go defense at 5 in this draft. That’s not setting this franchise up for the future. I’d be fine with QB at 5, then defense with the next two picks though, that makes sense.

    Still, I think if they do they’ll end up losing our on C or WR, which are also bi needs. They have literally nothing at WR3 and a backup at C…

    I think I would love to see them end up going with QB, DE, WR/C with their first four picks, then DT, LB, Safety with the rest of the picks, BPA all the way. WR/C might have to just take your guy so you don’t miss out on the position.

    Seattle rarely picks to the strength of drafts, waiting on positions the draft is loaded at, and overdrafting guys at positions the draft is weak at. I’m not sure that’s a great strategy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they take C and WR higher than many expect: those are positions of real need for Seattle, and after the second round pickin’s get slim. It would seem DT will offer some guys that should be appealing to them in the third and fourth. I have no idea what round they will grab safeties and a LB, but at least there are some good safety prospects that should be there in the third through fifth.

    As Rob has said, I too think Seattle has to nail this draft and next year’s to truly be competitive. I just hope they look long-term!

    • Patrick Toler

      Last year they went into the draft pretty much needing to OTs and were very fortunate that the draft fell as it did. Maybe the had enough intel to know that one of the top three LTs would be available, but Lucas was an incredibly lucky stroke.

      This year they absolutely need to add at least two big bodies on the interior, including one who can take on double teams. There are other needs as you note (WR and interior OL being the biggest) but you can’t come out of the draft with no cap space needing to add 3 or 4 DL who can play significant snaps. It will be interesting to see if they prioritize picking DL early or if they wait a little (as they did with Lucas). NT in particular they might wait on, as has been discussed, though I wouldn’t mind a Mazi pick.

    • MountainHawker

      If they force picks because of need I’ll be pretty disappointed

  16. Lawrie

    Amen brother…….

  17. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I haven’t heard enough pushback on the Carter worship in regards to his 2terrible games in the CFP. That doesn’t get brought up. Just how “dominant” he is except for his “overblown” car incident and weight gain caused by stress.

    I want someone to explain how a gamewrecker can be so bad…..

  18. Big Mike

    Having a bit of a time keeping up with all the content Rob as I’ve been traveling. Really do appreciate all your efforts.
    Hawks aren’t taking Carter.

    • Peter

      Getting some sun? Wtf with this weather from Vancouver down to eugene….Eugene…..

      Hope you’re having a good time.

      • Big Mike

        I wish my friend no I’m in Spokane taking care of helping my elderly parents

      • Malanch

        Man, I’m loving this weather…more please. Anything but those filthy forest fire-choked skies. Of course, Umpqua Basin weather isn’t quite the same as Willamette Valley and Puget Sound weather, but it’s close enough. Anyone who’s sick of the wet and the gray, go live in China or southeast Asia for a few years. Fixed. 👍

        • Peter

          I’m hoping for zero fires…

          But I farm and build barns.

          And in this weather I can’t do either. So while I’d love to live in vietnam…i don’t. And I need to get heavy equipment on fields.

          But if it means no fires I’ll take it all back. If it’s still fire season in late September then this weather can pound sand.

    • Rob Staton

      Apologies — I have too many articles, pods and streams lined up before the draft and it’s going to be overload for the next eight days

      • j hawk

        Love all your work Rob but you do sleep-right?

        • Rob Staton

          Not much, especially the last two days 😴

      • Big Mike

        Absolutely no apologies necessary I’m loving it

  19. TatupuTime

    Not only have I been convinced that the Seahawks won’t draft Carter, I’m also convinced that it has a lowish likelihood of success even if they were to take him.

    From Carter’s perspective the best thing for him would be for a team like the Eagles to take him. If he’s going to turn his life around it’s the best team for it. It’s a team perfectly set up to ease him into a rotation and not require immediate results.

    The really frustrating part will be the narrative in 3-4 years if it works out with Carter on a team like Philly. The narrative will be that the character concerns were overblown and that the teams ahead of Philly “missed”. Not much to be done about that, but I can feel future me being annoyed by that narrative!

    • Peter

      I think he can work out in Philly and it will not be a miss.

      To work there is to comfortably hit 40% of snaps. About five sacks a year. Maybe a cool fumble recovery or a sport center highlight interception.

      To work in Seattle with: Jones, Reed, mone?,others. He would been a massive jump up to play 17 games at about 65% of snaps. We actually need snap eaters at this point not two down role players at pick five.

  20. Sluggo42

    I’ve laboured this point so much now, I’m probably boring a lot of the wider community while irritating people who do want to consider Carter.

    I just feel like a perspective needs to be offered that isn’t being discussed much elsewhere. If I have to come on here and eat crow next week, that’s fine. I’m happy to do it.“

    This …

    • Peter

      I’m not touching one bite of crow.

      I need to see by the time his first contract is up a q. Williams, Mccoy, suh, buckner, cox, etc, level talent….or that pick will have been a miss.

      Can go that way for any position. Though I’ve personally never claimed Richardson or any other player in this draft is “generational.”
      Unfortunately for the other side of the aisle both nationally and locally I’ve heard the wildest comps to Carter including some positional defining players ( tez) and some all universe players ( reggie white).

      Apologies. I don’t make the rules. If you say he’s “the best player,” in the draft and he isn’t at a bare minimum a DROY candidate…..

      • BK26

        Or call him generational and he isn’t ever a Pro Bowler (let alone 1st ballot HOFer, as a generational player would be).

        • Peter

          That’s because you and I see fairly close on what that term means

          Change the paradigm if the position. Be the best at your position in a given time frame.

          Aaron Donald…both points.

          Love burrow, herbert, Lawrence, allen….but none of them are that as long as Mahomes is still playing.

          Brady before him. The best of his generation.

          Carter’s not even the best college DT of the last few years.

      • Rob Staton

        For me it’s different because I’m saying they won’t draft him, rather than he won’t pan out

        • Peter

          I hear ya. I don’t think they’ll draft him btw. I truly don’t see the fit.

          • seahawkward

            You don’t see the fit? How so? He’s exactly what they need. If it wasn’t for his off-field and attitude concerns, there’d be people talking about the Hawks needing to trade up for him.

            • Peter


              They have three d linemen. Dremont Jones has had small injuries and missed time. Reed is older so most likely plays a limited snap count.

              So now you need Carter to play 17 games and get up to quinnen Williams level of snaps. 65%.

              But he can’t do that over 12 games ever plus two playoff appearances with massive breaks in between the championship game and the first round playoff.

              So I ask you. How is a guy going to help the team out on around 40% of snaps?

              3-5 sacks. 8 tfls. 22 ish tackles.

              You could literally get that for a few million with jefferson, harris on a restructured contract, dunlap the year before on a few million.

              If it wasn’t for his attitude and off field he’d be a snap eating monster like Suh, Donald, etc, but he isn’t and has never been.

              • Rob Staton

                I think people underestimate that they’ve paid big money to Dremont Jones to be the ‘X-factor’ rusher

                Now they need some high-snap, solid dogs to play up front

                • Peter

                  It’s why I liked the payne thought experiment. Big money but a sort of three for one player that Seattle hasn’t had in some time.

  21. Stephen H

    Appreciate all the work you’re doing Rob. Not only this year (which has been crazy busy for you) but over the last what feels like decade+ I’ve been visiting the site.

    I do feel that yes, we are at the point now where we’re over analysing everything and perhaps it could be worth it for your own mental health and having a bit of fun with the site and doing some alternative articles. eg: what would be the worst possible draft for Seattle? eg picking Skoronski at 5, Cam Smith at 20 (not bad players but just not addressing any needs). Perhaps your silver platter picks, so if you ignore who could be taken ahead of you, who would you pick (that’s in the 1-10 range, 10-25 range etc) and then possible a worst case scenario draft? eg Seattle gets cute and trades down from 5 but all the players they are hoping will still be there are gone.. Just something to break up having to deal with Jalen Carter articles 😀

    • Stephen H

      Also just wondering… If Carter is taken before Philly and Richardson or one of the other QB’s slip to 10 if we could be aggressive and trade up with the Eagles, 20&37 for the 10th

      • Peter

        Wouldn’t we just take Ruchardson at #5 and skip trading back up?

        The whole lottery pick nature of #5 is that we hopefully won’t need to for some time (ever?) Spend extra stock to get a qb.

        • Stephen H

          Yes 😀

          Unless Anderson falls to us

  22. Peter

    Before I read the comments:

    A scenario where Jordan Davis is Rob’s au pair for his kids.

    • London Seahawk


    • Rob Staton

      He’s welcome to babysit any time!

      • bmseattle

        I bet they’d be on “their best behavior”.

  23. McZ

    That pretty much nailed it.

    And the “Carter is our savior”-guys on Seahawks Twitter – talking themselves up about impact and stuff – should remember how tough it was and how long it took for the real Aaron McDonald to get to a SB, save win one. I’ll play devil’s advocate here… without McVay, an offensive minded young head coach, he wouldn’t have won anything.

    I hope Carter goes to Philly and wish he can repair his reputation. And when he does, Seahawks Twitter will erupt.

  24. Hojo

    Carter is such a boring topic at this point. Talented player with motivation / culture fit issues. Hard pass. Would love to see some additional articles on DT, DE, Safeties, C/G types, etc. that fit Seattles scheme. The 5 overall pick is fun to think about, but the Hawks have a lot of draft capital past 5.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I feel we have covered those players a lot too…

      • Hawk Mock

        Rob, we only have 8 days left – do better!

  25. Forrest

    I’m jealous that the 49ers can just admit a mistake that cost them multiple first round picks and move on. I wish the Hawks could do that with Adams.


    • Peter

      Why would we do that?

      We’re going to take his already jacked up shoulders and play him as a LB….

      But for real. Yeah. I do wish they’d get right and admit a guy who has been knjured three straight years and played half the games he’s been here hasn’t worked in any meaningful sense.

    • GrittyHawk

      Contract plays a big part in that, though. Lance is 2 years into a rookie deal. Adams has a more or less unmovable contract. He doesn’t have to play like a $20M player this year, he just has to be better than the cost of the dead money from cutting him. I always assumed he would be on the team this year because of the cap consequences, but I fully expect he will be cut next year unless he magically stays healthy and plays like a superstar.

      • EmperorMA

        When healthy, Jamal Adams has ALWAYS played like a superstar. It is not his fault that he gets injured giving 110% on every play.

        • Peter

          Availability is the best ability.

          This trade has been a bust. Whether you like him or not.

          He’s played half the games he’s been here. Next year he already looks like he’s going to miss time.

          The team is in cap chaos and part of that is they have multiple players worth of salaries tied up in a guy who is never on the field.

          They had to bring in yet another safety free agent and have looked at a good chunk of draftable safeties.

          Finally. If safety was that important why did the jets after actually get all pro play out of him ever let him go?

        • GrittyHawk

          I disagree. Adams has severe limitations. His coverage is questionable and his tackling is downright bad. He makes his share of highlight-worthy splash plays but I don’t think I’d even put him in the top 10 safeties in the league, healthy or not. How he has played when healthy is honestly the more frustrating part of that trade rather than his injuries.

          • Glor

            How many players have we traded for, given up massive capital for and then not played that player to the strengths that led you to go after them in the first place.

            A lot

    • PJ in Seattle

      This week it was being speculated that Purdy may not be able to play at all this season. If they are willing to trade Lance at this point to roll with… Sam Darnold? They are admitting he’s a total bust so what can they really expect in return for him, regardless of what they spent to acquire him?

    • PJ in Seattle

      Maybe a swap of QBs? Mac Jones might make sense for both NE and the Niners.

    • Rob Staton

      Yup, kudos to them

    • cha

      To be fair, they’re just taking calls. JS takes calls all the time but doesn’t leak it.

      And NO ONE is calling to make an offer on JA.

  26. Troy

    Thanks for the fresh take, if that’s at all possible, on what a flop Carter to Seattle could be.
    Picken, Mazi, Roy, Young….all have solid floors. Calijah Kancey at 20 is a physical clone of Donald and has a high motor, strong work ethic, production plus.

    • EmperorMA

      I beg to differ on the physical comparison of Kancey to Donald. See: Arm Length

      • Troy

        aah, ok….hard pass, arms are a bit shorter than Aaron’s….next !

  27. Tecmo Bowl

    “I’m not sure “lazy”, “motor runs hot and cold”, “doesn’t love football” and “doesn’t love the weight room” are lines that scream ‘Carroll’s Seahawks’.”

    Each of these concerns are major disqualifiers for any pick, let alone #5 overall.

    Are these accurate descriptors not being discussed elsewhere? Seems kinda important. I havent been paying much attention to 710 or other seahawk sites.

    Carters pro day performamce was absolutely abysmal. Dude was gassed in a softball workout. Its like he showed up latefor his job interview in a tank and shorts, with a hangover. Not sure how people easily brush that aside.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Hear, hear. I feel like I’m living in alternate reality with all these people insisting he’s the best defensive lineman in this draft and probably a surefire All Pro. Even if you set all of the racing and off field character stuff… How could anyone who watched that Pro Day, or the Ohio State game, say that with a straight face?

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Yeah an alternate reality where people close their eyes and ears for the months leading up to the draft.

        Think people often misconstrue ‘best’ and ‘most talent’. They can intersect but at times are worlds apart. Carter does have immense talent, but virtually every other aspect in his draft profile does not equate him as the ‘best’ prospect.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I agree, the hype is overwhelming and totally wasted on Carter. If he was to somehow magically get in shape you would discover he isn’t any better than some other defensive line prospects. There are draft prospects who actually want to get in shape and play football.

          I haven’t seen anything special about Carter on tape. He just played on a great defense and we all know that the defense has to work together. If you want good defensive players, look at his teammates.

  28. PJ in Seattle

    Very much agree. The Eagles are perfectly positioned to take Carter for so many valid reasons. It might be the best possible place for him to land and ultimately realize his potential. Philly would be very happy to ease him into their rotation, allowing him to make some splash plays here and there while they spend a year getting his conditioning squared away. Almost any other team and fanbase would be screaming bloodyt murder watching him play 20% of the snaps next year, which very well might be what needs to happen.

    It’s like the stars are aligning for them the way they are for Seattle with a QBOTF. Sure, there may be better options at your particular draft slot, that’s always debatable. But Philly is perfectly poised to absorb the risk with Carter banking on his upside, just as Seattle is poised to do the same with Anthony Richardson. Or Stroud or even Levis.

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    A top-10 pick? You have to love football.


    New rule: a top 10 pick has to at least love the game.

    • GrittyHawk

      Yes. If I have to answer “why do you want to work here” on applications for jobs that pay 1% of a top-10 pick’s contract then they should have to answer it too lol.

    • Troy

      This is one of those things that sounds like common sense or obvious, but like if you aren’t asking that question, or if you are convincing yourself its not as important because talent,x,y,z, then you could be bringing yourself into a mistake.

  30. Matt

    It’s just so very very disappointing that Carter doesn’t have Will Anderson’s character/attitude. Then we’d be dying to pick him because everything he is physically is EXACTLY what the Seahawks need.

    That said we cannot fall in love with potential – Especially when there are concrete issues that would suggest Carter will never reach that potential.

    The more that I learn about Jalen Carter the more I keep thinking about Albert Haynesworth. I don’t think Carter will be a total bust, but I think he will be more of a distraction than he’s worth – And that certainly isn’t worth the 5th overall pick.

    • Peter

      Bump and Stacey saying ha, uhh, of course no one would trade up for Carter….

    • BK26

      I’d still take one of Levis, Stroud, or Richardson. That’s the big difference maker. You can make up a lot of ground with a quarterback compared to the rest of the roster.

    • CD

      Have to wonder, if it does fall like the following
      1 – Young
      2 – Anderson/Stroud
      3 – Wilson
      4 – Levis

      And Carter is there at 5, you have to ask, why is the so call ‘most talented guy’ the 3rd D player off the Board, why isn’t he the 1st D off the board? If its the answer ‘red flags’, when why is 5 okay and not 3, or even 2 overall. If 2 teams go D before, especially AZ and Houston (not known as well run operations), why would the Hawks front office not do the same and pass? Sure a ‘fall’ make it more acceptable, likely someone will take the risk, but we are talking a fall of 2-3 spots makes it ‘okay’??? In summary, if 2 other teams picking earn the same area ‘pass’, I assume the Hawks will as well.

      • Matt


        Could not agree more with this post. Other than a team with a need at QB (like the Panthers), with his level of talent Carter should be the first defensive player picked in almost any draft. The fact that he’s won’t be is a red flag in and of itself.

        And just because he falls or the Seahawks have extra picks doesn’t make it any more likely that he’ll reach his potential.

        I hate that we have to pass on him….BUT WE HAVE TO PASS ON HIM.

  31. dahveed

    First and formost I personally enjoy pre darft sluething figurig out what the unpredictable Hawks are goig to do and while you Rob are very opiniated you have earned that and Do not come from a place of regurgateted Lazy narratives !

    Having said all that glowy stuff I like Carter at 5 and always have
    but not just for the Hawks… Im also fine trading that paick to Philly who has Jordan Davis the picks and the hole.

  32. cha

    Friend sent me this on text this morning, had me chortling…

    “Jalen Carter will be closer to Aaron Donkor than Aaron Donald in 2023.”

  33. Gohawks424

    Rob, great stuff. I am rooting for Carter the human I hope he gets his life in order because at the end of the day this is a young kid and a human. Having said that you can’t draft him at 5, the risk is too great and there are too many red flags. We have a rare chance to get a top talent at QB and we need to take it.

    • Malanch

      “Carter…is a young kid.”

      Ope, there it is again, just as I said in yesterday’s forum: the ‘he’s just a kid’ trope. No, he is NOT a kid. He’s a grown-ass 22-year-old biological adult, and should be treated as such. If you truly want him to get right, as we all do, start by embracing reality. He’s a man, regardless of what his behavior might indicate.

      …And if you’re considering playing the “Were you perfect at that age?” card, or its close relative, “I made mistakes at that age, too,” that was reasonably well covered yesterday.

      Words matter.

      • Gohawks424

        Did you even read what I said? I do not want the hawks to take that risk but i am not rooting against him to get himself right and learn from his mistakes.

  34. Trevor

    I am surprised there is no buzz about the Cardinals taking Carter. They have a massive need at DL and bad teams make bad decisions.

    • TatupuTime

      No team could better set up Carter to be a complete and total bust than the Cardinals. That’s a big swing for a new front office, and one that I think even that brutal organization has enough self realization to know it’s not a good situation to a total rebuild.

      But nothing non-Seahawks would make me happier than Arizona taking Carter at 3. It would be hilarious.

      • MountainHawker

        If Cards take Carter I fully expect Pete to sign him as a reclamation project after the Cards release him in 2 years.

        • DaveYoung

          Love this!!!!

        • PJ in Seattle

          He can have Nkemdiche’s locker!

  35. Zane

    I’ll be disappointed if we don’t tap into the TE class in the first two rounds.
    Mayer, Kincaid, LaPorta, Washington— they all look like plus starters in the pros.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Musgrave and Kraft are enticing as well. Kuntz has me enamored later in the draft as well because his testing is so freakish.

      The TE and RB classes this year are ridiculous! This is gonna be a fun one to look back on in 5 years.

  36. DC1234

    I wouldn’t draft Carter if I were the Eagles. I feel like the Eagles are in a similar position as the 2013 Seahawks. Deep Playoff run, stacked roster,rookie qb contract. Seahawks took a gamble on Percy Harvin. It didnt pay off. Looking at the 2013 picks 25-32, seahawks missed out on Xavier Rhodes, DeAndre Hopkins, Alec Ogletree, Travis Frederick, Cordarrelle Patterson (Harvin Lite). Also signing Percy Harvin to a contract extension, they lost Golden Tate.

    They dont need Carter to put them over the top to win the superbowl. I feel like they need more offense. Draft Bijon.

    • geoff u

      Damn, that trade was far worse than I remember. I guess winning a Super Bowl glosses over a lot, but shows why we dropped off a cliff after the second one that shall not be named.

      How many FO trades, we’re get go a get a player, have actually worked out? I feel like it never does.

      • DC1234

        All the 1st round trades didnt work out. Harvin, Jimmy, jamal adams, frank clark (drafted LJ collier)
        Second round mixed. Sheldon richardson, duane brown.

        Lower round trades worked out the best for the seahawks. Diggs. Clowney.

        • geoff u

          Marshawn, Clemmons…

          New rule, Seahawks, no more trading away your first round picks.

  37. geoff u

    Why do I get the feeling Carter’s going to take his 20-30 mil and that’s the last we’ll ever hear of him until he ends up on some “Florida man” google search.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I wonder how many hours you can spend at the night clubs with $30 million dollars? How many fried dinners? How many beers? How fast of a car can you buy?? Hmmm What could go wrong with this scenario?

  38. Jefferson

    Rob, always enjoy reading and reflecting on your thoughts. I think that regardless of whether Seahawks or whatever team drafts Carter, it will be premature to celebrate or eat crow. Rookie of year regardless of team would be a hearty dish of crow. It will continue to be delightful fun to follow his story for awhile yet!

    • Rob Staton

      I will need to eat crow if they take him because I’m predicting they won’t

      • Malanch

        I feel more and more assured about this, too, Rob. In Pete’s and John’s presser today at the VMAC, they made it very clear that they’re continuing with their new format of much smaller boards than in previous years. This means anyone who isn’t “a Seahawk” won’t be on their board, period. The prediction that they’ll double back and go risk-on again because they already loaded up on character guys last year—which, yes, I actually did hear that last week—is every bit as absurd as it sounded the first time.

  39. James

    Carter to the Eagles would be exhibit A in why Philly was in the Super Bowl and the Seahawks were not. You win with superior talent on a team that know how to maximize that talent. This is not rocket science. The hand-wringers pass on the best DT in a decade and the winners know how to make him a winner.

    • Wilson502

      For the eagles case, having a franchise QB in Jalen Hurts surely was a major factor in that..,.. Surely…….

    • GrittyHawk

      Not sure I really understand your point. The draft hasn’t happened yet. We have not passed on anyone, and the Eagles have not taken anyone. How can you use this fabricated anecdote to prove that the Eagles are a “championship team” and we are not? Which players on their team have character issues that they took a chance on and have maximized their talent?

      • Rob Staton

        Correct Gritty

        If the Eagles pass on him too… and he goes to a crap team who always make mistakes. Then what?

        James has no point. That’s what.

    • Peter

      This post inadvertently rules!

      Now I don’t think Fletcher Cox is the BEST dtackle of the decade. He’s super good. But not quite the best. Obviously that’s Aaron Donald.

      But….tbf Seattle did pass on him.

      But at least Seattle still bolstered their defense when they could. Like in 2020 when the eagles signed Hargrave for three years for less money than this years safeties are getting paid….oh wait, Seattle didn’t do that.

      Then they signed Suh.

      Then they traded for a WR who unlike basically every sizable trade for player Seattle has ever done actually worked.

    • geoff u

      What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach…

      • Malanch

        So you get what we’ve had here all offseason…

    • JimQ

      In my top-25 list of the “best DTs in a decade”, Carter wouldn’t even be a consideration. HYPE train is running fast these days. His stats are crap, his effort is inconsistent but mostly crap, his common sense is questionable, he’s lazy & he will be a locker room cancer. Carter will be a wasted pick by ANY team that selects him on day-1 of the draft. IMO.

      He shouldn’t even be a consideration for the Seahawks & entirely off their board. I know if I were a mid-round DT pick, or a veteran starter, I would not respond favorably watching as $30-million Carter sits on the bench for 75% of the game, while I bust my ass, thus the beginning of a locker room nightmare. Noone is talking about that.

  40. Steven Williams

    The Cortez Kennedy comparisons for Carter seem misplaced. From a bio piece on the HOF website Tez lost 20 lbs prior to his Senior year and then produced 92 tackles, 7.5 sacks and 16 QB pressures. I hear the rotation argument, but give me the guy who works hard at his craft and produces. I don’t see this with Carter.

    • BK26

      To me that is insulting. Same with the Reggie White comps. You have to EARN being in the same paragraph as those guys. All he has earned is McDowell and Isaiah WIlson.

  41. Aaron Bostrom

    I still think they’ll go QB, despite the noise to the contrary. If we were ready to snatch up mahomes and Allen when they had Russ, why would they pass on someone they really like at QB and think we’ll compete w Geno.

    • dahveed

      in any case the Hawks have done a masterful job making it look convincing they want every player at 5 and 20

      • Hawks Fan 0503

        Just read from Tom Pellisero that Will Anderson is visiting Seahawks today on the last day of visits before the draft.

    • Patrick Toler

      I am prepared for anything, but I think they will absolutely love Richardson and take him if he is there.

      • MountainHawker

        Yeah. I don’t see any way John passes on Richardson if he’s there. I think he’d break out the champ belt again

  42. Michael Hasslinger

    the San Francisco 49ers passed on Mahomes for Solomon Thomas. They then mortgaged the farm to get a qb.

    Why would Seattle pass on potential greatness in a qb for a nose tackle who will only play half the snaps per game.

    I guarantee Lynch wishes he had drafted Mahomes.

    • geoff u

      And the Jets took Jamal Adams at 6 instead 😂

      But at least they were able to trade him for two 1sts.

      Great, now I feel sad.

      • Malanch

        Now that’s funny! Yeah, the flippin’ Jets running rings around your front office is a notably bad look…

  43. TomLPDX

    Just got notification on youtube that John and Pete will hold a pre-draft press conference today at 12 noon. Here is the link for the live broadcast:


    • cha

      Thanks Tom!

    • cha

      PC/JS: Please no carboard cutouts

      Press: Please no ‘how good is Bobby Wagner?’

      • Hawkdawg

        How about “how good is it to have Bobby Wagner back”? That was asked, and by the same team suck-up who used to ask how good he was, too….

  44. MountainHawker


    The interest is obvious but cool to get him in the building

  45. Rob Staton

    Will Anderson official visit today

    • cha


      • geoff u

        To drive the narrative and prove to everyone we’re totally not interested in a quarterback.

        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

        • Wilson502

          You think they are playing a smokescreen on Anderson? I just dont see how you dont take a QB, Anderson just doesnt provide the long term impact and value to the team that a potential QBoTF does. If they are feigning interest in defensive prospects as a smokescreen, thats 1 thing I guess.

          • geoff u

            It’s very odd, being the last day to do a visit and awfully late to be making up their minds. I think they take him if all 4 QB’s are gone, and it’s certainly possible they take him if he’s there anyway (though I hope not).

            They’ve met with Carter, Witherspoon, and now Anderson over the past week. If that doesn’t tell the world they’re thinking defense at 5, I don’t know what does. The question is, are they showing their hand or concealing their hand? Tune in next week to find out.

            • PJ in Seattle

              This is all standard due diligence. At this point, no one can convince me they are going to pass up one of the 4 QBs. But if they stand pat and the QB’s go 1-4 via trades, I guess they need to know what they plan to do at #5 in that event.

              • geoff u

                Probably, but I wouldn’t rule out gamesmanship and all around tomfoolery this close to the draft.

        • seahawkward

          One could say that’s exactly why they took selfish with all of the qb’s. Nobody knows anything. There’s absolutely nothing to read into anything except confirmation bias and wishful narrative.

          • seahawkward

            Why they took SELFIES

      • GrittyHawk

        It’s obviously a smokescreen, or maybe an anti-smokescreen screen to throw people off the scent of our last smokescreen.

        • DaveYoung


    • MountainHawker

      Apparently both Anderson and McDonald came in today….that’s a hell of a pair

      • Peter

        Now that would be quite the combo

  46. cha

    Sometimes I wish more people would understand that decisions NFL teams make are not binary, and that two things can be true at the same time. I know it can be complex thinking but it’s true.

    You can love Geno Smith and still draft a QB at 5.

    You can say you have a need on DL and still NOT draft DL at 5.

    You can have every intent to compete in 2023 and still draft a player that might not see the field in 2023.

    You can win 9 games and still be a country mile away from contending for a Super Bowl.

    I could go on and on and on…

    • Wilson502

      Seahawks fans have to be the worst at getting this type of logic. For most it seems everything is binary. If its “complex thinking” then that just flies right over the heads of all the smooth brains and low IQ fans that make up a sizable portion of the fanbase unfortunately.

      • cha

        That’s another one.

        You can like Jalen Carter and be convinced he’s the best pick and also not be a smooth brain low IQ fan.

        • Wilson502

          While true, most with that line of thinking tend to worship the guy like a cult figure. I will admit if he didnt have the character or conditioning concerns that would definitely be a fair take.

    • dregur

      I think you’re either wrong or right. Period.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Excellent point Cha. There has been so much divisiveness among Seahawks fans (and media) leading up to this draft. In particular, between the “Draft a QB” or “Don’t draft a QB” at 5 crowds and the “Jalen Carter is a generational talent who must be drafted at 5” and “Jalen Carter’s character/conditioning concerns should have him off Seattle’s draft board altogether” crowds it has been a much more binary discussion this draft season. I think conflict generates interest and simple binary choices are easier to generate conflict.

  47. Mick

    Thank you for the dedication, Rob, I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with everything that happens here.

    My best scenario is QB at 5 and Will McDonald with our second pick. It starts looking possible, and I love it. I would be very happy with Anderson at 5 too. Carter would be a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Rob Staton

      I might do a summary post soon linking to everything I’ve talked about, in case people have missed stuff

      • Rich

        For me it would help a lot if the article previews on the main page were shorter, like just the first paragraph or two. That would make it a lot easier to fit more posts on the first page. Just a suggestion!

        • Rob Staton

          I used to do that but I can’t remember how.

      • Glor

        Would be great to have a link post to all the work you did on the different players.

  48. Ukhawk

    If this was Carter in a championship game, maybe


    But it’s not, and then u add in the offfield stuff

    No thanks

    • Peter

      Great trip down memory lane to watch a player who never needed excuses made about him.

      Oh teams schemed against Carter? How about a full grown oline holding subs arm and suh just sacks that guy and Mccoy at the same time.

      Btw…..go wiki up Suh’s page and look at the pile of awards he racked up in college.

      Then do Carters name. It’s not in the same air. Meaning even in college those actually watching never thought he was the best.

    • Rushless pass

      Man he was so dominant!!

    • Peter

      Just heard a clip of booger MacFarlane with Brock and Salk.

      Made some good points.

      Carter is not Sapp.

      Can be hard to acclimate to a new city.

      Then sandwiched between the reason like a drunk pensioner at a casino who thinks the waitress is flirting with him pushed all his chips in for this nugget:

      Carter is a TWITCHED up Suh…..

    • PJ in Seattle

      Thanks for that reminder. I got to see him play in Lincoln that year and he was clearly a man among boys. Suh’s highlights in that championship game alone are better than Carter’s reel from all of last season.

  49. Matt

    I’m excited for the days of “oh QBs can easily play into their 40s,” does a horrific death.

    It’s a dumb talking point by dumb people who think “well I flipped heads this time; so next time has to be tails.”

    • Matt


    • Peter

      Agree. The sample size of players kicking butt up to their 40’s is pretty freaking small.

    • Malanch

      “I flipped heads this time; so next time has to be tails.”

      Exactly. The league continues to extend quarterback longevity through further flag footballization of the game, but mortality is mortality.

      …Like with the opening scene of Act I in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: Unless a GM can get it to land on heads 92 times in a row, I need a team-building plan that isn’t premised on man’s rule over randomness. I think John Schneider gets it; Geno Smith is nowhere near forty, yet his contract suggests the team isn’t buying that his football age is the spry, upsidey 20-something that Brock Huard argues it to be. Nature can’t be fooled any more than fate can, so plan accordingly. Read: If the Seahawks don’t invest in a young QBotF now, when will they?

      “Life is a gamble, at terrible odds—if it was a bet you wouldn’t take it.”

      • Ishmael

        God what a great reference, one of my all time favourites. I’d say more teams should watch it but fear they’d take all the wrong lessons.

    • geoff u

      True. Players like Geno have much less wear on their tires and so can easily play into their 50s.

  50. JD

    Does Will McDonald’s age concern anyone? I agree he is highly talented but he turns 24 before the season. Could be a moot point but just wanted to get some opinions. I personally don’t think it will have much of an impact.

    • cha

      For me age is less about getting as many prime physical years – particularly when you consider the lifespan of the typical draft pick.

      It’s more about growth potential.

      A 21 or 22 year old with WM’s exact stats and profile is more valuable because he is less set in his ways and more moldable. The top sheet is ‘great edge screamer but needs major work in run defense.’

      Would you be comfortable picking him in the late first/early second with the potential that his highest aspiration that all he becomes in the NFL is a sacker?

      Even doing what you did in the NFL what you did well in college can be a challenge. Can you do that AND ‘learn a new trick’ at the same time?

      • samprassultanofswat

        I don’t get it. Will McDonald has 34 sacks. 40TFLs. Jalen Carter has 6 career sacks and 18TFLs.

    • Peter

      Darrell taylor didn’t play a snap for us until he turned 24 off a serious injury.

  51. Troy

    Drew Rosenhaus is really fucking good at his job. The gambit with the top 10 only really seemed to restore a stock that was lifeless after the combine. The fact that he calls teams during the draft to pressure teams into picking his guys saying other teams are interested…this dude knows how to market players and get the most for them. He def earns his % I think is fair to say. GOAT agent

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      He needs to because of his clientele.

    • geoff u

      I think it works great in the court of public opinion and getting new clients, I’m not so sure it works at all when it comes to teams. The GMs know his schtick, they independently evaluate the players, they aren’t going to be swayed by some HBO PR special.

    • Ben

      That’s the most interesting thing to me- never thought about agents trying to manipulate DURING the draft.

      • Sea Mode

        Nah, I call BS on that. No way teams with so much going on and only 10 minutes on the clock are picking up calls from Rosenhaus.

        • Troy

          I mean, its not just ONE person answering calls, sure JS is the head honcho but you not telling me multiple people in the war room can’t take calls? I very much believe he would call, and also wouldn’t the team want to know if he had information about his client (like say that they didn’t want to play or their team, etc).

  52. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: Hypothetical question. Suppose the Hawks go QB at 5. Between Adetomiwa Adebawore, Will Mc Donald and Calijah Kancey. Who would you pick?

    • Rob Staton

      I like any of them

  53. Big Mike

    Hey Peter:
    No, not in the sun. In Spokane helping my elderly parents. Weather just as shitty over here.
    Thanks for the shout out tho

    • Peter

      Big Mike, hope it’s nothing too serious.

  54. Andrew


    Thoughts on drafting Cody Mauch in R2 or 3 and moving him to center? Or compete against Phil Haynes to start at guard?

    • Peter

      Not Rob but I’d be into it.

      However if Steve Hutchinson gives Tippman the seal of approval he goes to the top of the hierarchy of needs.

    • Rob Staton

      I like him but think there are better alternatives

  55. Patrick Toler

    Listening to the press conference now and they are going on at length about how in the past few years they have focused in on figuring out ‘who the Seahawks are’. If you needed more information pointing away from Carter, this is it.

    • Rob Staton

      Which was the point they made after the draft a year ago

      The evidence has always been there on Carter

  56. cha

    Pre Draft Press Conf PC and JS

    JS: This our 14th draft together. Excited. A lot of thank yous. Jodi Allen for giving us the resources this spring to travel around and do our work. Got a lot of things accomplished. Scouts, working hard, coaches, excited about 5th pick. Lot of GM’s in this building right now LOL. Question

    [q] Exciting to have 5th pick? JS; Exciting way more. Research. Levels throughout all rounds, every class completely different. 5 is exciting. More coverage and accesiblity to all prospects.
    [q] PC: Work to do. Free agency but draft as well. Few question marks to fill out. Plenty of time to get done.

    [q] Drafting 25 vs 5 less variables? JS: Doesn’t feel like it LOL. 20 and 37 extremely important. Constantly painting pictures and scenarios of what you think will happen. Finished board with scouts yesterday, how they performed in spring. Coaches in this weekend. Heavy scenarios, talking with teams, speaking with agents. Trying ot figure out how and hwere we can acquire these guys.

    [q] Top of draft hard to predict than previous years? JS: Harder than last year, yes. Lot of differenct scenarios. PC: Exciting first challenge at 5, then right next at 20. Day Two same thing. Lot of scenarios. Keep us active and functioning and fun. JS: 5 stands out. Getting good feel for how it works out, now execute game plan.

    [q] Things you don’t know about prospects, feel iron clad by draft day? JS: Haven’t wrapped up yet. “Iron clad?” You never know what’s truly in someone’s heart. Once we know how we’re going to execute we move forward. Process? Evaluate the evaluators. That’s my job. Myself, Pete, the coaches, the scouts, the doctors. What’s the fit, the plan for that prospect? Help them help us be world champs.

    [q] Character guys evaulation changed? JS: Yes every year different. Learned early on never say ‘this is the way it is’ you back yourself into a corner. PC: Evaluation always going forward until there is no time left. Can shift as we get closer.

    [q] Changed in 14 years? Your process, how you work together? JS: Awesome Q. Pete made a point ‘this is the best marriage ever’ practically lived in this facility first 4 months. Learning each other, figuring each other out. Partners. With that comes buy-in, pulling back on ego, staying strong through process, constantly questioninig it in a positive way. Also with players – things have changed in college, NIL, portlals, coaches in college change. PC: Kids and players exposed to different environment now. Talked to Brennan in Arizona, it’s like college free agency now. Seeing guys differently now, we have to adapt as times change. Feel same overall view. Decisions more precise, combined experiences. More examples of things. Shocked when you look at past picks and how things worked out. Best we’ve ever been. JS: Grades changed at bottom of draft, UDFA tried to clean that up, had more guys on board but got cluttered, now ‘who are the guys are the best Seahawks?’ PC: We’ve really zeroed in on personnel and circled wagons and it’s about the guys and who they are. Gives us best insights to what we’re doing.

    [q] You really hit on people last year? PC: Exactly yeah. Huge contributions last year. Biggest class we’ve had in terms of plays. Sense of excitement going forward. Next class guys too. Want to match that up. JS: Opportunity too, two tackle, nickel spots wide open. Scouts and coaches worked together and buy in.

    [q] What footwork left done? Coaches Saturday. Sunday gathering of all info and reset with scouts. Input from coaches on front board. Jody Tuesday night what we’re thinking and process. Scenarios. I tell her scenarios sometimes and she looks at me like I’m crazy LOL. Then a day just the two of us. Speaking to teams, agents, as much info as fianl prep.

    [q] 52 players on roster. OK? Intentional? JS: No. Just our process and cap reality for us.

    [q] Trading up? JS: Periphery. Tues/Wed people set up parameters for moving up/back. Have to be really pliable once it starts. Have to be ready to roll.

    [q] Change players in NFL? PC: Get paid. Go where they want, not bound to a school. It’s evolving. JS (whispers to pete) Coaches constantly recruiting in college so its’ different. Guy makes a million a year, some guys already doing that. Don’t know result, but yes having an effect.

    [q] Pressure on players? PC: Can be. Different seasons with portal. Let’s see what happens.

    [q] Benefit of having all the guys at QB prodays etc? JS: Different ideas and thoughts. Questions off each other, challenge each other. Learn as much as you can. Constantly figure things out. PC: Max opp on campus to see as many as you can. Looked at guys not just QBs.

    [q] Conversations in depth? JS: not necessarily..

    [q] Combine Pro Day vs top30? JS: More relaxed in own envronment. Combine is stressful. Long days. Prospects. Pete doesn’t’ want to say but guys 20 or 21 meeting PC, ‘holy cow that’s PC!’ PC: Different feel here [at VMAC]. Relaxed, essense of who they are. JS: 30 visit and Local visit, coaches and staff awesome job of what our culture is.

    • cha

      [q] Adams and Brooks? PC: Very optimistic. See this week.

      [q] Camp? PC: Not resigned it will take it past camp. Could happen. We’ll be conservative by not hurrying them along. I’m wide open to them thinking they can do it.
      [q] Will? PC: No surgery in near future.

      [q] Mixing Bobby and Bush and Brooks? PC: Awesome. Flexibility. Julian, we’ll figure that out. Adams dynamic and has opened us up. Julian very flexible FB player. Diggs a nickel growing up too. Excited.
      [q] Close to decision on 5? JS: Not as close as I wanna be. By Wednesday PC: By weekend we’ll have it figured out right? JS: Oh yeah. Totally got this.

      [q] Process of not leaking who selecting high? JS: Not more protective [secretive]. Coaches coming in. Fine tuning. Get to Wed, draft room becomes much more off-limits. We trust our people. In 14 years, twice been in situation like ‘how did that happen?’ Early on like 2010-11 mix of staffs trying to figure things out. No difference in protection of leaks. PC: You’re either competing or not. LOL I don’t now how anyone else could know what we’re doing because we don’t’ know what we’re doing ! LOL don’t know that doesn’t sound good.

      [q] Evaluating with agents, etc? JS: Evaluate tools as well. Social media as well. No longer one mock draft a week. PC: How do we predict? This is John’s world. Assess what draft could look like, predict how it’s going. JS: Good meetings with staff. Pro staff in particular before weekend. Feel for what we think, what other teams thinking, their needs, players in front of us on the board. PC: Board comes off like John figured it to be. Fortunate to have.

      [q] CB spot Tre Brown fit? PC: First year of Tariq and Mike feel good. Tre didn’t contribute much. Coby good too, feel pretty good about that spot. Always looking to add, but know what we have.

      • cha

        [q] Look back at good draft, common denominator? JS: Competitors and people. Film is what it is. Knowing who person is. Not trying to push players based on specific needs.

        [q] JS talking about praying before the draft

        [q] Bobby Wagner back in the building? [cha ed- there it is] PC: Appreciates what we do given where he has been the last year.

        [q] Dee Eskridge fit on team? PC: Best shape ever. Not dealing with issues. Third year, that’s the year. Sometimes WRs take that time to get it nailed. Big opp for him. Overcome some years of not getting a lot done. Determined to do that.

        [q] Evan Brown pos? PC: Center but we know he can play G

        [q] Teams explore trading for 5? JS: Start by making calls by division. Broad strokes of parameters what they might be. Different trade charts. How bad do you want player move up or back?

        [q] Mock drafts – how do you do them? JS: Funny story, we did it one year and it didn’t go well. It was awful.

        • Trevor

          Thanks for the recap!

        • MountainHawker

          Lots of comments on competitors and avoiding need picks

          • GoHawksDani

            Just a smokescreen to draft Carter!!!4!4!

        • Sea Mode

          Thanks a million, cha! This was a long one!

        • Big Mike

          Thanks so much cha

          Pete: “Adams dynamic”
          SIGH 😕 😞

          • Big Mike

            Dee Eskridge best shape ever
            SIGH 😕 😞

            • Wilson502

              Seahawks and sunk cost bias, name a more iconic duo….

              • Malanch

                Daaamn, harsh—but fair. Hmmm, what to do, what to do…

                …I know: Let’s try hope. Yeah, hope! Hey, maybe Eskridge can field some punts this year! (Oh wait, the punt return has been all but removed from the game.) Or some kickoffs! (See previous.) Uh, perhaps the odd jet sweep? (Too brittle.) Sheesh, could he be a vertical specialist, then? Or at least a decoy? (LOL.)

                Ah, I tried, never mind. I’ve gotta go with George Carlin’s campaign slogan here: **** hope.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Awesome recap. Thanks cha. F’n work…

        “[q] Look back at good draft, common denominator? JS: Competitors and people. Film is what it is. Knowing who person is. Not trying to push players based on specific needs.”

        Tell me with a straight face this man is going to draft Jalen Carter at #5.

        • Rob Staton


        • Wilson502

          Smooth brains be like: “bUt iT’s a sMoKeScReEn!!!!!! REEE!!!”

        • Hawkdawg

          Exactly what I thought when I heard that…

    • Troy

      Thanks for the breakdown cha, I would LOVE to hear all the scenarios JS has come up and them match them up to reality and see how close he got. Sounds like they sort of do war games draft style to see how things play out.

      Also cool that they basically set up the parameters for trading up/down tues/wed, that explains how teams are able to make trades happen so quick. Basically pre work is already there, and then there are some minor adjustments made at the end depending on interest/etc.

      Man that would be cool to be in the hawks war room and see all of it unfold.

  57. JIm Kelly

    Will Levis being a gym rat lowers his draft stock, but when Jalen Carter “doesn’t love the weight room” his stock rises or isn’t affected?

    If the Seahawks do take him, I hope that he gets his life straightened out.

    Go Hawks.

  58. Trevor

    Read that Josh Downs and Kelijah Kancey both had zero top 30 visits? Why would this be the case? I know they are clean prospects but so are guys like Will Anderson and they have visits.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t read much into it

      Downs & Kancey are uber talented and clean

      • Blitzy the Clown

        And productive. They both bring receipts.

  59. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    General Question: Schneider said it’s harder to predict the draft this year…… How do GM’s (Schneider) know what teams are looking to do in the draft? It is not 100% guessing or ‘wait and see’. Is it 10% guessing? 50%?.

    Sounds like its agents telling them “Team X is going to take my guy, better draft him”… or do teams disclose when they call to discuss trades? “We want your trade slot because we want John DOE.”

    It’s a lot of subterfuge, but I also know teams are pretty confident in what others are doing.
    How’s it work?

    • Big Mike

      I gotta believe it’s mostly guesswork. Otherwise we don’t end up with LJ Collier

  60. Madmark

    Byron Young from Alabama has jumped on PF from 224 backup to 124 now.

    • Hawkster

      The 224 was areal head scratcher

      • Peter

        Pff and Daniel Jeremiah are doing there rankings at a smoke filled bingo hall just calling any number that pops out.

  61. samprassultanofswat

    Seahawks top 30 visits

    S Jerrick Reed Jr. (New Mexico)
    OT Dawand Jones (Ohio State)
    S Jammie Robinson (Florida State)
    DB Jordan Howden (Minnesota)
    OL Braeden Daniels (Utah)
    OL Jordan McFadden (Clemson)
    G Anthony Bradford (LSU)
    EDGE Byron Young (Tennessee)

    EDGE Will Anderson Jr. (Alabama)
    EDGE Will McDonald IV (Iowa State)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    • Rob Staton

      This is the full list I have:

      B.J. OJULARI

      • Trevor

        That’s a solid collection of players.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Thanks Rob

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        I thought Daiyan Henley met…..

        • Rob Staton

          Not an official 30 visit to my knowledge

        • geoff u

          At the combine, not a top 30 visit

        • Brodie

          He would count as a local, right? It would be odd to pass on a free visit from the only top 150 player in the state.

      • Madmark

        3 players on this list to watch in the late round.
        Jordan McFaddon OG Clemson
        Garrett Williams CB Syracuse
        Robert Cooper NT Florida

      • Sea Mode

        Devon Witherspoon

  62. David

    Shelter’s comment strikes a chord of truth. Basically, Carter has been the best player everywhere he’s gone. Coming out of high school he was five star rated and the only other DT ranked ahead of him was Bresee. At Georgia, he’s been their best guy the past two years and they’ve won two NCAA titles. And remember, he’s just a junior. It’s a common situation that the very best athletes develop such an objectively proven belief in themselves that they can become dismissive of the “lesser” views of others (ie coaches, teammates, media, etc). And that’s actually tough to argue as they live in such a “prove it every week” world.

    Not saying that view isright in the long run. Or that he’s already risen to the height of his profession. Or that even the best don’t benefit from relentlessly driving for greatness. But clearly this mind set is not uncommon among the top elite athletes.

    From the Seahawks point of view, I have to wonder how Carter would respond to his nine time all-pro and future hall of fame teammate Bobby Wagner? Or the team’s emotional leader and three straight all-pro teammate Q Diggs? Or if he would respect the two time NCAA and Super Bowl champion coach Pete Carroll? To me, this is the all important question. Is he gonna truly believe that these guys have something to teach him? Or is he gonna be, “I’m already great so why don’t you all just shut the fuk up”.

    Now I’m not trying to discount all the other stupid crap he’s done. But as an old guy, I gotta admit I did loads of stupid crap when I was young too. I just happened to be lucky that no one got killed. And I turned out to be a productive member of society with good kids (a doctor and a corporate sales executive).

    End of the day, I have know idea what should be the right call on Mr Carter. I just don’t have access to all the information. I don’t know the guy. I’ve never played ball with him. I haven’t even met him. But I do trust that Pete Carroll is a grown up for sure, understands all this stuff very clearly and has done his homework enough to make the right “probabilistic” forecast. Especially with the McDowell situation in the back of his mind.

    Just an old guy’s two cents on the matter. I’d appreciate hearing other’s thoughts. Especially from those of you who played ball and have first hand experience in this type of situation.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Well said. You’re right that all of us are working with less information than Pete and John have. I have my own opinions, which are getting more entrenched as we wait for this draft to finally unfold. If what we do next Thursday runs counter to those, I’ll be bummed but will remind myself that I’m on the outside looking in at all this so give the guys who are on the inside the benefit of the doubt.

      After all, they’re the ones putting their reputations and jobs on the line, not me.

    • Malanch

      “I did loads of stupid crap when I was young too.” –David

      Thank you for not calling Jalen Carter a “kid”, David. The quality of your post went up several notches just from this. I do have a question about how you were as a 22-year-old man: Did you have a bad work ethic and still manage to fail upward?

      • David

        Malanch, good question. At times it was bad, but overall I would say “inconsistent”. What saved me was that I was smart. Academically. A major dumb ass in a lot of other ways. But I could crush school stuff. Always could. From the the time I walked into kindergarten I always knew I was the smartest kid in class. Thankfully, because of that pretty much all my teachers never gave up on me for all the stupid crap I did. And also thankfully my dad made sure I went to a good major university. Seriously, I was so full of myself that I didn’t think I needed college. Lol. But I found out I had to work hard once I got there cause the others in my program were smart too. That was an eye opening process. But I managed to take an engineering degree and an MBA, and hired on to a major corporation where everything just seemed to finally click for me. Bottom line, I was lucky. My life could’ve, and probably should’ve, turned out way different. And worse. But I’m just one example. And I wasn’t athletically gifted. Completely different set of facts. But life has a way of repeating itself generally. I’m gonna be interested to watch how Mr Carter winds up. I’m cheering for him. David

  63. Todd M

    Setting aside who the Seahawks *should* pick (my preferences are Richardson, Stroud, Anderson and Levis, in that order), if it (for some reason) came down to Jalen Carter or Tyree Wilson, who do we prefer? I’m inclined to say Wilson in that case. Carter may have a higher ceiling, but a much lower floor (never gets in shape and flames out). (Given that Seahawks are guaranteed 1 of the 4 QBs or Anderson, this hypothetical should be moot, unless the thought process is “defensive end no matter what”, in which case it’s very relevant.)

    • MountainHawker

      Boy I’m not sure who is take in that scenario. I would have to meet both players and go from there. Wilson’s get off is embarrassingly slow. I’d probably go Carter and bet on the upside. He has a clear position on the dline too. Wilson’s uses would have to be figured out.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I’d go with Carter as well, though it pains me to say it. At least he’s a scheme fit. I’m not sure where WIlson fits in our D and as MountainHawker says, he is really slow off the snap a lot. Carter has serious conditioning problems and disappears for long stretches. He is probably more likely to bust for all the reasons cited here on the blog for months but if he somehow turned it all on, he probably has the higher ceiling.

        Frankly if it somehow worked out that those two were my only viable options at #5, I’d be doing everything I could to trade back. If no takers, Carter, a shot of tequila, and a clothespin for my nose.

  64. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, do you plan on releasing another updated horizontal board before the draft?

    If so, may be you can use a green font for the prospects that the Seahawks have shown interest in, etc. (just a thought).

    Looking forward to your final mock (and horizontal board)… cheers!

    • Rob Staton


  65. Palatypus

    I saw Drew Rosenhaus on that phone. I saw that unwashed hand.

    • Lord Snow

      That phone needs to be dipped in Clorox

  66. Gaux Hawks

    …at this point, I am just trying to manifest this:

    5: Richardson
    20: McDonald
    37: Adebawore
    52: Tippmann
    83: Kraft/Mingo/Charbonnet (OF PBA)

    • PJ in Seattle


      • KennyBadger

        Zang 👍

    • Allen M.

      Schwing! x2

  67. J

    Dice roll trade down after Stroud, AR, and Anderson went in top 4:
    10. Levis
    20. Mi Mayer
    30. W Mac IV
    37. C. Kancy
    52. Tippmann
    83. D Rush
    123. Mingo
    154 Tyjae Spears
    198. Diaby
    237. C Rodriguez

    • Allen M.

      Why do you have 90% of my personal favorites in your draft? This would be amazing. I love Spears and Diaby late as well as your first five picks. Nice job.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Tough to draft Levis at 10 if he’s gone at 4.

  68. Troy

    As QB Anthony Richardson wraps up in-person team visits this week (#Titans today, #Falcons Tuesday, #Ravens Wednesday) I’m told the #Colts have scheduled a virtual follow-up with him, while the #Titans have carved out time for a potential virtual follow-up to today’s visit too.
    6:18 AM · Apr 17, 2023

    Seattle by now is either taking him if he’s there, or not. Both Titans and Falcons would be ecstatic at the chance to get him. While we’ll be stoked at Tyree Wilson or Witherspoon leading the franchise into the next decade

    • Allen M.

      Go up and get him, #Seahawks! Richardson is the man.

      • Patrick Toler

        Yep, if you think Richardson is the best QB you should move up and get him unless you are really sure he will fall.

        • Wilson502

          This is why I dont like the idea of relying on hopium for your QBoTF to just fall to you. They need to grow a pair and PAY THE IRON PRICE and move up. JS will be kicking himself for the rest of his career if he misses out on this opportunity.

          • JC

            I wonder if we more are willing to move up because we have a catchy term for it now.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt the Colts are remotely serious here


      I could see them moving up

      • Troy

        Moving up to 3 and taking AR over Stroud?

        • Rob Staton

          I could see it

          • Troy

            1) Young 2) Anderson 3) Richardson 4) Levis

            It would pretty wild with a clear choice on Stroud vs Carter/Wilson that we wouldn’t be running out the card in for CJ. But I’ve been deceived too often by Seattle to be smart. Last year was 1 in a row.

            • Rob Staton

              If that’s the top-four

              They better take Stroud

              • Wilson502

                Dunno bout u Rob, but I feel like with Seattle’s draft capital they should be all over either moving up to #2 or #3 (even if it requires a premium). Maybe you dont feel the same way, but I feel like JS and the Seahawks are just relying on hopium that one of the QBs just falls into their lap. Just feel like they need to just “Pay the iron price” and make it happen in order to secure their QBoTF.

              • Troy

                Smith-Njigba at 20 then. Read they are good friends off the filed. Burrow Chase vibes

                • Patrick Toler

                  Would love a Stroud / JSN combo in the first round. We would have maybe the best WR trio in the league and a 22 yo Geno clone (with upside) to develop.

                • Rob Staton

                  JSN is pretty overrated

                  • Patrick Toler

                    I’m on the other end of this. I think he is underrated.

                • PJ in Seattle

                  I hadn’t really thought about that since Stroud seemed like an impossibility until this week. I’m not as high on JSN either, but I do love the idea of our WR3 hole being filled by a guy our QBOTF has already rolled with. I’d be elated to have some of that Burrow/Chase chemistry in our offense.

                  Still, I would have to hope JSN falls to round 2 and we can get him there. There are too many impact defenders we would lose out spending #20 on JSN. I’m not willing to lose out on a Kancey, McDonald, Ade, or a Bijan or Mayer for the offense if they fall, to pick a WR there.

                  • DJ 1/2 way

                    Chase came a year later. Maybe Egbuka or Harrison?

      • Patrick Toler

        I know that there have been consistent rumors for a long time about Indy liking Levis, but I don’t know why they couldn’t fall for Richardson. If Irsay is on board with him as a future star, Ballard would get the time for Steichen to develop him.

        • Rob Staton

          They need a starter right now

          • Ryan

            Minshew is probably already an upgrade over every QB they’ve started in the last 3 years.

            • Rob Staton

              Minshew seems to have a reputation among fans that the NFL just doesn’t see — given nobody has show any remote interest in having him properly compete to start

              • Malanch

                Mustaches can do that.

              • Mac

                As someone who was driving 5 hours to go see him during Minshew mania. He’s an electric player who’s fun and has good character. His downside is his arm is very Tua/Hurts in arm strength and he has a habit of throwing high on plays at and around the line of scrimmage. Physically, his frame is maxed out.

                No bigger Minshew fan than me but Minshew wins against other young qbs in competency but not tools.

              • Ryan

                I don’t think too highly of Minshew, but if you’re looking for a bridge QB until a Richardson or Stroud is ready, Minshew seems capable enough.

                If I was Indy, I just wouldn’t cast my lot with Levis simply because he’s more ready this fall. They should take him only if they really like him better than the others is what I’m saying.

                • Rob Staton

                  Now put yourself in the shoes of a GM fighting for his job

    • Malanch

      “Seattle by now is either taking him if he’s there, or not.”

      Now that’s some hardcore prognosticatin’ there, boy. Josina Anderson does it again.

  69. Blitzy the Clown

    If Joel Seedman opened up his own gym


  70. GoHawksDani

    Draft wishlist:
    QBOTF – AR, Stroud, Levis
    punishing in between the tackles RB – Charbonnet (maybe someone else? Not sure who else could be between the tackles runner)
    Big boy NT – Smith, Roy, Ika, Benton
    C – Tippman, JMS, Wypler
    DE or EDGE – White, McDonald, Young, Henry
    A TE who’ll help in the screen and run game especially early in the play and can catch – Mayer, Washington, Kraft, Schoonmaker

    And for the later picks: LB, OG, S, WR, CB

    I think it’s doable.
    QB, Mayer, any C, Charbonnet, Young/Henry, Roy/Ika
    Or McDonald instead of Mayer and Kraft/Schoonmaker instead of Young/Henry
    Or C instead of Mayer, at #37 Mazi, and whichever TE left in R4
    Or something like these.

    With a QBOTF, a more short-yardage runner, a new C for the future, a space eater DT/NT who can play a lot of snaps, help with the run and maybe has upside too, some guys for the outside to help with the passrush, a TE who can help with screens and spring K9 for 60 yard outside runs and has upside I feel like this could be a much better team.

    In later rounds we could find some backups and projects, but I think this isn’t a great LB draft, we have some interesting young CBs, pushed a ton of resources into S, have some guys with WR3 potential and could find a serviceable OG.

  71. KennyBadger

    #1 pick in the NFL Rookie Name Draft- Bumper Pool. Trade up hawks.

  72. Palatypus

    Well we are Matt Hasselbeck days away from the draft.

    Tomorrow we are Geno Smith days away from the draft.

    I don’t know who #6 is.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes you do…

      Charlie Whitehurst

      • geoff u


        • Malanch

          …That’s Clipboard Jesus to you and me.

          • Huggie Hawk

            You beat me to it lol

    • cha

      Our $18 million safety

      The fact you have to think for a minute tells you all you need to know

      • Big Mike


      • Palatypus

        You guys know me so well.

  73. Ben

    1. Travon Walker
    2. Aiden Hutchinson
    3. Derek Stingley
    4. Sauce Gardner
    5. Kayvon Thibodeaux

    That’s the top of the draft last year.

    Right now the top 5 defenders in no order are Will Anderson, Tyree Wilson, Jalen Carter, Christian Gonzalez, Devon Witherspoon.

    If you combined the list, how would you rank them?

    • Trevor


      • Palatypus

        Not bad, Trevor.

      • Patrick Toler

        That’s a good order as long as you leave a decent gap between sauce and Witherspoon.

        Of course the real difference is that this you you have 4(!) quarterbacks at the top too. Puts it in perspective a bit when people say this is a weak class.

        • Palatypus

          You see, Sauce is a PC guy. He didn’t want to be called Sauce until he earned it. He was probably offended by people here who said that Stingley was better. Then he went out and proved that he wasn’t.

          Like Marshawn Lynch said to Deion Sanders, “We got some dogs.”

  74. Ishmael

    It’s the same in any walk in life, motivation comes and goes, discipline is what matters.

    Can you teach that? Maybe? It’s a bit like Kyler Murray to an extent – talent can get you so far, but at a certain point you hit a wall. Taking Carter at 5, when you’ve got a below average roster with holes everyone, would be an indulgence that this front-office hasn’t earned.

    • Malanch

      “Taking Carter at 5…would be an indulgence that this front-office hasn’t earned.”

      That’s a good way to put it. Ironically, the mainstream perspective holds that taking anything but a D-lineman at #5 is the indulgence. (I actually heard one talker today describe Carter as a “can’t miss” pick, and he was being serious. I can’t remember who said that, but it doesn’t really matter, because a wave of Carter love has been sweeping across the mass media collective ever since Drew Rosenhaus etched his line in the sand at #10—Carter as the smart pick is now consensus. By next week, it’ll be the safe pick.)

  75. Troy

    First domino to fall on Thursday will be Houston pick – or trading back to say….I dunno, FIVE. After Houston we have the most draft ammunition and yet it from what we’re hearing JS/PC say in the presser today is that a lot of what transpires depends on 1-4 and that this is a difficult year than most in seeing how the cards are going to fall……well, take control of the table, you’re the big stack!

    • PJ in Seattle

      This. My only concern is that JS has been playing small stack so long he’s not sure how to play big stack.

      But I believe if he is in love with a QB in this draft (Richardson is my guess, but could be Stroud or even Levis), he is going to do whatever it takes to make sure he lands his guy. He’s walked away kicking rocks too many times being stuck in the 20’s or out of the first round completely to let this opportunity pass him by.

  76. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Carter cult in full court press. This time Booger is with BrockSalk. I swear Drew Rosenhaus has people on retainer to prop up his client.
    He says carter is “everything Pete Carroll has wanted”. (Except for the compete part)

    • PJ in Seattle

      Yeah, Pete has always longed for a lazy, criminally-indicted, coddled DT who completely disappeared in some of Georgia’s biggest games this year. And who looked like Homer Simpson at his Pro Day.

      Fucking hell. People are getting paid to say this shit. I should reconsider my career options.

    • Palatypus

      I think Drew Rosenhaus is really good at telling people the bullshit they really want to hear. He tells people what they want to believe.

    • Peter

      Mentioned this earlier. Ol’ booger thinks Carter is more athletic than Suh….

      Give me a break. Suh was a ridiculously talented player who never took plays off and played 80 plus percent of snaps.

  77. Glor

    JS pulling away from the Mike, to give PC the talking point about how coaches are now having to “recruit” their own players….

    Wow, so what does that tell you about how a coach might treat a player that is highly skilled but lazy. If you know that player is stuck with you (the way it used to be) vs knowing that player can leave at any time through the transfer portal and is already making maybe a million a year.

  78. All I see is 12s

    Before I get the hate or accused of being in a cult or whatever, let me say that I would prefer to draft AR.
    That said, IF the Seahawks are not interested in using#5 on a qb, then where does that leave them? Anderson will likely be gone. Wilson is NOT worth it. Trade down options are limited. Carter is the one player with the tremendous upside (and downside as we know) at a position of need. I don’t think that makes anyone ina cult for applying this logic- especially when many nationally respected expert and reporters are saying the same. Granted, some are not as emphatic.
    As I said, I want AR, but let’s chill on the silly ridicule of others opinions

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Your reasoning is sound. The cult is the group who say Carter is a “generational talent”, a gamewrecker, the next Aaron Donald or Cortez Kennedy, that ge dominated on the field, that his troubles are no big deal and he will be fine as long as pete and wagner babysit him.
      They think he is superior to Will Anderson and he will lead this team to the Lombardi Trophy. That any criticism of him is out of bounds.

      That is not you apparently.

      • Ryan

        Every time someone says “yeah but IF he’s the next Aaron Donald…” in reference to Carter, I die a little inside.

        • PJ in Seattle

          THhs makes as much sense as saying Tyree Wilson could be the next Reggie White.

    • Troy

      If JS puts himself into a corner by pick 5, he will have no one to blame but himself. The pressure for this last ticket off the RW deal, after all of the planning and positioning with Geno’s contract and informing him of the he will be looking at QB at 5. Flying all over hells 1/2 acre to see them up close…have 10 picks and all the amo to slide up to two, only to let the Titans, Raiders or whomever to slide into his pocket and steal his entire 2 year plan on post RW – would be tragic. And along with Ruskell attaching the transition tag to Hutch, would be the biggest OOFF moment in recent history.

      If he wanted Richardson or Stroud at 2, he calls Texans and offers 5+next year 1st and closes the deal. Why next year? Let’s assume we are picking 15-24 range. Texans have their let’s say top 5 pick plus 15-24 and if they had a dance partner could push for the top 2 QB’s next year. It’s a win win.

      • Wilson502

        Completely agree with this, Ive been pounding the table for them to move up to #2 or #3 for weeks if not months now. The RW trade becomes an instant failure if he is unable to secure a QBoTF.

    • Malanch

      “IF the Seahawks are not interested in using#5 on a qb, then where does that leave them?” –All I see

      There is zero chance of them being caught pants-down by how the board falls on Day One, so they will not be left to accept whatever dregs happen to remain at their initial draft position. Rather, they will already have role-played every combination of trades and selections that could possibly unfold prior to #5, to include their own potential trade-ups. They could trade down, too, but only if their top target projects to be available later, which is unlikely. By this time next week, they will have already determined which one of the players at the top is a Seahawk and will have prearranged how to move to the spot needed in order to get him (if applicable). And then they will draft him. If the guy they want will not be available at #5, they will not draft at #5. Whether they do or do not want a quarterback or defensive lineman or whatever is irrelevant to this process.

      • All I see is 12s

        That’s the point. If they determine they do not want a quarterback, and can reasonably predict the Anderson will be off the board, there is Carter, and then a big drop off in talent. If there is not a reasonable trade to be made, then I do not think it unreasonable to roll the dice on the highest upside player, and just because we believe he is not the guy, does not mean the Seahawks don’t think they can make it work.
        I mean, when I watch Wilsons highlights, the one they show over and over again is when he knocks the ball out of the K State quarterbacks hand. The problem with that is that he was getting washed out of the play, and only made a difference because he has extraordinarily long arms. I don’t think that will work in the NFL.
        I don’t want the number five pick to be used on him. I don’t want the number five pick to be used on the corner back. Maybe a trade down… But if you don’t wanna quarterback, and Anderson is gone, Carter might be the best choice barring a decent trade back. And trust me, I know the perils of Carter. I follow this blog as close as anyone. I also remember screaming when McDowell was drafted and having all of my trepidation validated.

      • DaveYoung

        Thanks Malanch, feeling more confident already.

  79. DJ 1/2 way

    Theringer.com has a new mock and big board out the last two days. Interesting takes and some info I have not seen on QB accuracy. Stroud is highly rated there. Also on the site an article on Richardson that is quite convincing. I already preferred Richardson and so maybe it rang in my ears.

    • Patrick Toler

      Stroud is definitely accurate. The question is can he maintain that performance when he is asked to do so much more in the NFL? I think he has a pretty good chance.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Agree. All four have a chance. I like how Levis and Richardson have been challenged by circumstances. I think that bodes well for them.

        With the advantages of rookie qb contracts, I think teams should be looking at five years and maybe a couple years of franchise tags. If the Seahawks draft a QBOTF this year they should try to get another in three or four years.

    • Ishmael

      I hate what The Ringer have done with Danny Kelly. His great skill was his ability to break down and communicate Xs and Os, a natural educator. Unfortunately he’s never been very good at the draft stuff and for whatever reason that’s the niche they’ve plugged him into.

      The analytics they’ve got on the site are excellent though, the entire Big Board is a sensational piece of UI and UX design.

      • GrittyHawk

        Agreed! As someone who dabbles in UX design I absolutely love their site. Beautiful graphics and top-notch usability.

    • Troy

      I’m having a difficult time finding any mock lately that doesn’t have Richardson pencilled in at 4 and Tyree or Carter at 5

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Me too. I would love to get Levis at #5. Any of the four could end up being the best of this draft and maybe the best in the NFL.

      • Patrick Toler

        Draft media is uniformly extremely low on Levis and can’t fathom that he would be picked before Richardson. I think this is because they base their opinion on the tape, which kind of sucks unless you apply significant context to his situation. You could watch Stroud or Hooker (who many rate above Levis) and then watch Kentucky and say Levis stinks. But that’s like watching someone playing a video game on easy mode, then watching someone play on insane difficulty, and saying the second player is no good.

    • Allen M.

      Stroud would really be a gift to land in Seattle but my gut tells to take the home run swing on AR. I’d be very happy with the team to land either, or Levis. It would tell me they are realistic about the roster this year and have a plan for the future. I can live with that and be happy about it.

    • GrittyHawk

      Oh cool, I really love their UX. Cool stats and explanations, too. This is the kind of thing PFF should provide for $10 a month instead just giving you giant tables of uninterpretable stats and a terrible blog.

      After listening to Matt Waldman’s evaluation I am ALL IN on AR. It gives such a great context into his stats and tape, and it’s really interesting how he attempts to quantify confidence (basically, the time between when a QB identifies an open read and when actually makes the throw). I honestly don’t know how we could justify passing on his upside in such a weak draft class with a gift-wrapped top-5 pick. Just hoping at this point he even makes it to us.

  80. Jabroni-DC

    Why wouldn’t the Texans take Levis at #2?

    He’s used to playing with jack squat around him so that wouldn’t be the shock for him that it would be for Stroud. Tons of additional draft stock this year to improve the team & probably another full offseason of work in 2024 but then you’d have a young contender on the rise if all goes well.

    • Ishmael

      Probably because they’re absolutely miles away both off and on-field. Taking a year, aiming for a really solid draft where they get some building blocks at all levels, accepting they’ll still be shocking this year, then having a look next year makes a heap of sense to me. Not sure starting a full rebuild with the QB helps anyone.

      • Peter

        Plus they have two firsts for next year.

        If anyone can kick the can and frankly do what Seattle did 14 drafts ago it’s the Texans. Build, build, build.

  81. Palatypus

    This is what I think is going to happen in the top five, because it happens just about every year: Somebody is going to do something stupid.

    The question is, who’s your rube?

    • Troy

      Irsay has all the traits of a rube. If he can be not high on Thursday night they might get it right. Arz may not get a trade offer that’s worth dropping for. Titans realistically would be a good landing for Levis at 11, or wait and trade back into late 1 to get hometown kid Hooker. I don’t think they sell the farm for a QB. The rube is Richardson is there at 5 and he takes Carter or Wilson instead will be JS.

      • Palatypus

        I think you are a few drinks, a snort of pure Columbian cocaine, and a coin flip of being right about this.

        And Drew Rosenhaus is based out of Miami.

  82. Tomas

    The Seahawk “culture” and Pete’s positivity warrant picking Carter. It would be an idiotic risk, of course, but I remain concerned. One good draft last year doesn’t absolve PC/JS from years of failure. Hoping for two consecutive good draft years … cautiously optimistic. Great work, Rob Staton.

    • Malanch

      You can’t have two consecutive good drafts if you turn your back on what made the last one great. In other words, the Seahawk culture and Pete’s positivity warrant dropping Carter clean off the board and not looking back.

    • Rob Staton

      As I’ve written about numerous times though, this is overplayed and misunderstood

      Pete wants competitors. He will roll the dice on lost souls but not if they’re lazy

      • Allen M.

        Yesterday’s presser w/ Pete & John all but confirmed this for me (even more). They have to have the mentality to be hard working & all about the ball so they develop as expected and have a chance at the great career opportunity the Seahawks picking them affords them.

  83. Coach

    I hope it works out like this! Traded back twice.


    Anthony Richardson
    QB Florida

    Zay Flowers
    WR Boston College

    Joe Tippmann
    OC Wisconsin

    Keion White
    EDGE Georgia Tech
    trade icon

    Keeanu Benton
    DT Wisconsin
    trade icon

    Gervon Dexter
    DT Florida
    trade icon

    Sam LaPorta
    TE Iowa

    Tyjae Spears
    RB Tulane


    Cory Trice Jr.
    CB Purdue

    Jon Gaines II

    • Jeff M

      Sign me up for this draft coach. Almost anything after AR would seem great.

  84. Ely

    Rob I Just finished the podcast with Jacson Bevens and absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed the format of multiple pick at each slot and the discussions to go with. IMO You and Jacson are head and shoulders above the rest in Seahawks writing.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  85. ivotuk

    I’m a hard no on Jalen Carter. Here’s something I posted on dot net:

    Jalen left a Strip Club at 02:30AM, with a friend that he had to have known was drunk, that was illegally driving UGA’s Ford Expedition, with 3 passengers, and that she’d had multiple speeding tickets, which UGA staff “mitigated,” per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    He then proceeded to race, putting his 707HP Trackhawk up against UGA’s Ford Expedition, doing 105MPH in a RESIDENTIAL area, repeatedly driving in to oncoming traffic.

    Henry Ruggs the 2nd. Do you want your team and your front office to be responsible for drafting that guy? Who cares if he busts. I’m worried about the innocent people he’ll run over with his 707 Horses. Or maybe he’ll just instigate a race then plead innocent when someone else gets killed.

    Jalen has a history of speeding, and the football players got special treatment. You can see it in the video of him getting pulled over, the police officer said he pulled over several football players that day, and knew them all by name, and he asked them to “slow down.”

    And why Jalen had his cell phone in his lap is beyond me. A $90,000 Jeep Trackhawk has Bluetooth, and you can throw your phone in the glove box and still have full access to it without letting go of the steering wheel. The only thing you can’t do with the phone put away, is text while driving.

    I’ve got a 2019 Ford Ranger, and I just hit a button on my steering wheel to answer or hang up, or to change songs on my phone via Bluetooth. Safe and simple. Much simpler than actually handling the phone.

    No, this is NOT a guy you draft at #5, not even in the 1st round. I wouldn’t touch him.

    I did a lot of racing in my day, but we raced on old abandoned, or little used roads because we didn’t want to get caught. Apparently Georgia football players don’t have any such worries.

  86. Brodie

    Potential vet minimum guy? Have to think this would be the kind of fill-out-the-roster type PCJS would be in on if he’s open to a dirt-cheap offer. Wasn’t long ago that a lot of Hawk fans were hoping to land him.

    Colts defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said EDGE Yannick Ngakoue won’t return to the Colts this offseason.

    Ngakoue has been one of the “winners” of Media Disconnect Free Agency, drawing almost no interest in the offseason that we can find but routinely being mentioned as one of the top available free agents. Indianapolis signed Samson Ebukam to replace Ngakoue. Ngakoue did finish the year on injured reserve, but he had 9.5 sacks in 15 games and is still only 28.

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