Jalen Reagor is really good

The 2020 draft will be defined by the quarterbacks and receivers. Multiple wide outs will be taken in round one.

I’m starting to wonder whether Jalen Reagor is the best of the lot.

College football is littered with receivers who dominate overmatched cornerbacks. Spread systems also extend the field to make stat-building a lot easier. So many players get overhyped on production and perceived ability that won’t translate.

The thing to look for is easy separation. A lot of college receivers box-out defenders or the quarterback takes a five-step drop in the gun to open up everything underneath. If a player is creating separation with quickness and savvy routes you’re onto a winner. The 2014 class is a great example of this. Odell Beckham Jr and Mike Evans made it look so easy with the way they separated from defenders. It’s easy to say now but you could just tell they were destined to be top pro’s. Receiver can be one of the easier positions to analyse if you’re looking for the right traits.

A lot of the top receivers in this class create that easy separation. Henry Ruggs reportedly runs in the 4.2’s and flashes for Alabama. So do team mates Jerry Jeudy and DeVonta Smith. K.J. Hamler can separate with his quickness. Ceedee Lamb is slightly different and plays a lot like Cordarrelle Patterson with receiving skills. It’s harder to judge Laviska Shenault because he’s used as a bit of a receiver and a bit of a runner and isn’t having a good final year at Colorado.

Reagor has extreme speed and quickness and you see him getting open on shorter routes with ease but he can also take the top off a defense by running deep on go-routes and posts. He’s sturdy with a good looking frame at about 5-11 and 195lbs and isn’t pushed around when he has to compete.

The thing that impressed me most is the way he has an impact in the red zone. There are several examples of him winning jump-balls and high-pointing the football with great arm extension. Despite not being the biggest, you can throw it up to him in a 1v1 battle.

His catching technique is clean, he can win on the shorter routes and he’s not just a downfield threat. As I watched the games I just kept wondering why you wouldn’t put him in the top-20. Where are the weaknesses?

At SPARQ he ran a 4.41. After a few years in college and with specific sprint training before the combine he could easily get that into the early 4.3’s. He also jumped a 38.5 inch vertical at SPARQ. He’s going to test superbly at the combine — possibly even better than Ruggs.

They might be the two to keep an eye on. Ruggs does a terrific job extending his arms to catch away from his frame and he too is an incredibly rounded wide-out and not just a sprinter. Both players are major home-run threats but they can also be incorporated into a system as potential #1 targets. DeVonta Smith also has a lot of suddenness and is extremely underrated by the media.

To cap it all off, Reagor’s interviews are great. He’s focused, interesting, passionate and determined. You can imagine teams really going for him when they get a chance to sit down and talk.

I think there’s a good chance the Seahawks will target adding a receiver with their first pick. Although their biggest need is clearly pass rush, the options are weak in the 2020 class. They might have to turn to free agency for answers there. The receiving options, however, appear to be excellent.

I’d love to be able to project Reagor to the Seahawks. I sense, however, that by the time we get into March and April he’ll have improved his stock so much he’ll be out of range. He’s underrated. He’s a fantastic talent. He’s a top-20 player for me.

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  1. cha

    That highlights package is impressive. All the different ways he wins really shows a range of skills.

    One thing that immediately jumped out to me is his ability to handfight and keep the defender at bay while he tracks the ball, without pushing off. Looks like he does that as well or better than most NFL WRs do right now.

  2. Trevor

    Nice breakdown Rob I love when you do these type of posts.

    Have to admit it would be hard to complain about at WR trio of Locket, Metcalf and Reagor. Russ and the offense are clearly the strength of the Hawks right now so giving him a dynamic weapon seems to make a ton of sense given that is the strength of this draft class.

    • Edgar

      It’s hard to imagine grabbing a receiver when the defense is a mess. But I like what you have been talking about….Seattle drafting the talent available and going after known free agent defensive help.

      The way Russell is playing right now, a 911 fix on the defense has to happen this off season.

      Rob, your content is the best available. Thank you

      • Greg Haugsven

        Yannick Ngakoue could be a good addition off the edge if Jacksonville lets him go.

  3. Zxvo3

    I believe that as Rob has said in the past, the Seahawks will draft a player from the strength of the draft. But I do also believe that since the Seahawks have 2 second round picks then they might feel inclined to trade their first round pick to get someone on the defensive line who could immediately bring sacks and pressure.

  4. Kelly

    Looking at Free Agency on Overthecap it doesn’t look pretty as far as free agency for the defensive line. Shaq Barret and Chris Jones are really about it besides Clowney.

    • Ben

      I’d be alright getting either of those guys. They probably both get franchised though…

    • Sea Mode

      Right, I think we’re going to have to trade for someone if we want a good pass rusher. I imagine that once the draft gets closer and bad teams have had time to take a closer look at the QBs in this draft, they’re going to be willing to part with some talent in order to acquire the draft stock needed to move up and get their guy.

      Hoping maybe a bit older vet (~30) becomes available for one of our R2 picks so that we can still get a top WR with our R1 pick. Still not sure who that vet could be, though.

  5. Bigten

    If Raegor does rise himself out of range for us, or we do end up trading our first for a proven rusher, what range do you see devonta smith going?
    You have mentioned him before as a target, and o watched him and he seems to have those traits you mention. He almost seems like a terry mclaurin prospect. Little hype, but just pops out in tape. Terry ended up dropping to the third still, so smith could at least last to our 2nd right? How would you see him there?

    • Rob Staton

      For me Smith is top-45 but I thought McLaurin was too

      • Matt

        I think the only reason McLaurin didn’t go top 50 is because of his age. It might be stupid, but I do think there is always concern with older prospects in scouting. 18-22 is only 4 years, but as someone who played college baseball – I can tell you that when I played as a true Freshman, it felt like I was going against grown men – and that was in baseball. I can’t even imagine the difference in football.

        I don’t think it’s as big of a deal for a WR, but I do think teams are very cognizant of it when evaluating trench players – this was one of my concerns with Collier (older prospect) and his style of play.

  6. JimQ

    I’d like to add that Jalen Reagor also has: 13 punt returns for 239-yds & 1-TD, a 18.38-avg. & 10 rushes for 64-yds. in 8 games this season. He would seem to be an ideal addition as a WR and a bigtime contributor on special teams as well.

  7. Donovan

    Should the Hawks kick the tires on a freshly released Robert Ndemchike?

    • cha

      I don’t think the Hawks can afford to be picky on the DL at the moment. But all the guy had to do to get playing time in Miami was show up to meetings on time, and he couldn’t even do that.

      • Sea Mode

        As I mentioned in the last thread, I would be interested in bringing in Damontre Moore or even Dion Jordan. Can’t be worse than what we’re working with now.

        But even for all our lack of options to improve the DL at this point, I draw the line at Nkemdiche. Total headcase I don’t want anywhere near my team.

        Damontre’ Moore

        I would love to go back if they wanted me and I’m always ready! Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!

        Quote Tweet
        Cameron Corbin
        · Nov 4

        @tmoore94 aye bro I think the Hawks could use you! You ready?

        Nov 4, 2019

        Sure, he didn’t make the 49ers’ roster after this article, but they are loaded on DL and we are desperate:


        Sounds like he’s at least settled down from the incidents of his younger days FWIW if we want to take another shot.

    • Rob Staton

      Hard pass

  8. Coleslaw

    After limited study, dude is a baller and seems like a faster Golden Tate

  9. Kingdome1976

    As for the title of this article I say AMEN. He has been my favorite for sometime now but I fear by draft day he will be out of our reach. KJ Hamler is my actual hope in this draft. He is an amazing WR in so many ways and he can spell Lockett of his return duties. I will be sad if we don’t draft him.

  10. Aaron

    Seahawks release Gary Jennings, a SDB favorite…


    • Rob Staton

      Well, he was a favourite to the extent we identified him as a typical Seahawks receiver who fit the offense. And clearly that was accurate because they drafted him.

  11. JamesP

    Plus he sounds like he should be in Game of Thrones ☺

  12. Saxon

    Reagor looks like a taller Tyreek.

    • DougM

      I think so too. It would not surprise me if he runs a 4.2 something 40

  13. Michigan 12th

    I wonder if it would be possible to get Quinn out of Dallas. He is till fairly productive and could supply the speed we need for a pass rush. He is out of contract at the end of the year. But the Cowboys will have some money and he specifically wanted to go to Dallas, so maybe it is not possible, or maybe Seattle has no desire to bring him here. I think its worth consideration. I know he had some off field issues with the Rams but can’t remember the exact details.

  14. Matt

    Great write up Rob. Reagor looks a little like the love child of Golden Tate and Percy Harvin.

    Tate tested well but never struck me as a really explosive guy – he was extraordinarily strong at the catch point, which I see with Reagor. Percy was a lousy WR in a technical sense but had supreme athleticism. Reagor really does move in a similar manner.

    IMO, that is an absolutely perfect combo for a WR3 on this team. He really could be the perfect 1st round pick for this team where he provides immediate impact whilst providing a long term solution as a high end replacement.

  15. McZ

    Of all the first round WR options, Reagor is my favourite player.

    I think, he will go Top 15, because he will pull up a show at Senior bowl, and he will run a 4.30 or even better. He has all the skills, and even if he wouldn’t, he is all in effort, too.

    Will the Seahawks draft another ER, with DL and OL needing rework?

    This years WR class has depth beyond R2, and some say, the late round options in 2020 will be comparable to 2019s R3. Denzel Mims, BYU or Isaiah Zuber, MSU (former KS Wildcat) come to mind. If you need a huge target, Chase Claypool, ND. And a lot of other guys.

    I’m also quite confident in John Ursua making it at some point.

    So, no need to pick high, IMO. We should better watch the TE market.

  16. swedenhawk

    Hi Rob, Do you think having Collier on the roster increases the likelihood of Seattle targeting Reagor? Super impressive player. Thanks for the insight!

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