How the Seahawks can improve their pass rush in 2020

Dante Fowler will be a free agent again in 2020

There’s very little the Seahawks can do in 2019 to improve their failing pass rush. Their hopes this season rest squarely with the MVP candidate at quarterback. They have become, like a lot of other teams, entirely dependant on their QB.

Very few win a Championship this way. Look at New England last season. They beat the Rams thanks to a defensive masterclass from the most successful coach in NFL history. The Broncos in 2015 won a title solely thanks to their defense. Seattle combined Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch with the LOB.

Usually you need a good defense to go far in the playoffs. It’s certain that Seattle’s off-season priority will be to fix this unit. In many ways the struggles this year might benefit the Seahawks in 2020. They know major work is required. They’ll be under no illusions. And they will almost certainly act aggressively to repair the defense and the pass rush.

But what can they do?

As we’ve noted quite a few times already, this isn’t going to be a strong draft class for defensive linemen. There’s some early round depth at cornerback but in terms of the other positions on defense, it’s slim pickings.

The clear strength of this class in the top-50 will be wide receiver and it might be that the Seahawks tap into that (see yesterday’s report on the brilliance of Jalen Reagor) with their first pick, placing the responsibility of defensive improvement on free agency.

It’s also possible they could use their first round pick in a trade. They’ve done it twice before to land Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham. For the right player who can provide proven quality to the pass rush, it’s possible they’d strike a deal. The options aren’t obvious. They might need to see who gets tagged and take it from there. They’d need a similar situation to Frank Clark a year ago — a team unwilling to pay up but also willing to strike a deal for a fair price.

It’s very likely Kansas City and Jacksonville will work to extend or tag Chris Jones and Yannick Ngakoue but they are the two most apparent options if the Seahawks were to make a Clark-style trade. Whether they’d be interested in either for such a high cost (picks and salary) is a question mark.

Some high profile players could be dealt for cost-saving purposes. Von Miller’s cap hit in 2020 is $25.6m. Considering he turns 31 in March and is having a relatively unproductive season by his standards, it’s possible the Broncos will think about moving on.

Presumably teams would have interest in Miller provided the Broncos were prepared to be realistic in trade talks. The problem is if you’re trading a first round pick you want at least four years of production for the investment. Can you guarantee that from a 31-year-old?

Miller does still have 21 pressures this season, good enough for #17 in the league. His 11 QB hurries are tied for seventh. The Broncos might try to extend his contract to lower his 2020 cap hit.

Another player who could be in a similar situation is Calais Campbell. His cap hit in Jacksonville is $17.5m in 2020. It’s the final year of his deal and by moving on the Jags can save $15m. At the moment Jacksonville only has $4m in cap space for 2020 and need money to keep Ngakoue. They have to make some savings and Campbell, aged 33, could be an option.

It also seems pretty obvious that the Jags love him and everything he brings on and off the field. They might be able to extend his deal to lessen the hit. The Seahawks have been crying out for a Campbell type player for years to anchor the D-line. If there was a way to get him — either via trade or signing him after he’s cut — it could be an appealing move.

Campbell has 23 pressures this season (ranked #14 in the league), 5.5 sacks and nine QB knockdowns (#3 in the league). This is great production for a defensive tackle and the Seahawks need someone to handle the interior.

There are three other names to consider.

Everson Griffen was linked to the Seahawks by John Clayton on a couple of occasions this year. He’s 32 in December but is having a bounce-back season for the Vikings. Griffen has 24 pressures — the eighth most in the league and level with Aaron Donald. He also has 5.5 sacks and nine hurries.

Dante Fowler is playing on a one-year contract with the Rams and quietly is having an excellent season. He has 25 pressures (sixth most in the NFL), 6.5 sacks and 15 QB hurries (third most behind only Khalil Mack and Cameron Jordan). Fowler doesn’t even turn 26 until next August so he’s at a really good age. While Calais Campbell and Everson Griffen would be short-term solutions, Fowler is potentially someone who could have a longer-term impact.

The Rams have $26m in cap space for 2020 but a large portion of that will go towards a Jalen Ramsey extension.

Arik Armstead is another possible option. He’s had an injury-impacted career so far but is having a strong 2019 season. He has 12 pressures and 5.5 sacks. He turns 26 later this month. San Francisco only has $17.6m in cap space for 2020 so they might not be able to keep him.

With $72m in available cap space next year, the Seahawks will have an opportunity to be aggressive. Their collection of draft picks (including three in the first two rounds) should give them an opportunity to fill other holes on the roster, creating the freedom to go after the free agents needed to improve the pass rush.

It’s also important that the Seahawks retain the players who are actually performing on the line currently.

Quinton Jefferson has 12 pressures — the same number as Armstead. Jefferson is unlikely to break the bank and could be retained for a modest sum to compliment the rotation.

Jadeveon Clowney has been a one-man band for the Seahawks with 18 pressures and 10 QB hurries. According to this ESPN article, Clowney ranks joint fifth in the league for pass-rush win rate at 27%. He’s level with Dante Fowler, while Calais Campbell is ranked fourth among defensive tackles (19%).

It’s perhaps wishful thinking to imagine a scenario where the Seahawks land Fowler and Campbell while retaining Clowney. It’d certainly be costly. It’s the kind of aggressive power-play this team is ready for though. The offense is playing superbly. The defense is being propped up and bailed out.

There’s a big question mark about Jarran Reed. In three games he hasn’t bolstered the pass rush since returning from suspension. He still has plenty of time to earn a large extension and help the team but he’s had a slow start. At the moment, he seems likely to test the market and take it from there. It’s hard to predict what kind of offers he’d get.

In 2020 they can become a serious contender with a bold off-season. The draft isn’t going to provide obvious solutions to the pass-rush dilemma. Free agency could. The Seahawks have been aggressive before — whether it was in 2011 when they paid out for Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery or 2013 when they traded for Harvin before adding Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

Expect 2020 to be similarly pro-active.

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  1. Eli

    Benson Mayowa – 4 sacks and 11 QB hits last year, 5.5 sacks so far this year. On a 1-year, $1m contract in Oakland. Could be a great, affordable option.

  2. Volume12

    This is one cool cat. I can tell, because he’s a cat.

  3. Volume12

    Oooh. OK St. corner AJ Green made the Senior bowl? Lanky, looks like a good athlete, but super raw.

  4. Volume12

    How is a guy who wasn’t gonna make it in the league because of a 3 cone score leading all rookie receivers in yds and tied for 1st in TDs?

    Almost like Seattle has played to his strengths.

  5. Von


    What are your thoughts on Bud Dupree?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really see him fitting the defense

  6. Sea Mode

    Wait, can they really be putting that stuff into their bodies…?

    Seahawks Wide Receivers Have MNF Watch Party!

    • Volume12

      Josh Gordon wasnt there Sea Mode

      • Sea Mode

        🤷‍♂️ Too busy passing physicals?

        Sponsorship w/Dominoes?

        Sleepover at RW’s place?

        • Kenny Sloth


    • CaptainJack

      It’s kind of shocking how sloppy the diets of some of these players are.

      • Sea Mode

        Nah, I was actually just joking about it. I knew a semi-professional soccer player who told me that after their games they were allowed to eat whatever they wanted. So like one splurge meal. Plus, I doubt our WRs actually ate much of that advertisement brought by the Hut anyway.

        • Rob Staton

          I know a lot of teams who used to give their players pizza after a game but I think more recent studies showed it wasn’t a good idea and they stopped.

          Not sure it’ll have much impact on these guys considering the shape they’re in but that much junk food isn’t good. I suspect they had minimal and most of it was shared with the crew.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Sports Nutrition Specialists and Dieticians are such a fascinating subject.

            Read an article about a woman that helped bring it to the NBA. She was talking about Dwight Howard had like a drawer of candy by his bed and he would chug 1/2 gallons of soda.

            She went on to say that his hands were like mittens when he was with LA the first time.

            Michael Phelps would eat like a dozen eggs and chocolate chip pancakes every morning, 3 lbs of pasta, and a whole pizza every day when training for Beijing. Like 20000 calories a day ts

            • charlietheunicorn

              Michael Phelps also would burn 2-4k calories each race he was in.. and in some cases, might have burned 30k calories while participating in the Olympics in back to back to.. well, you know, 8 races in 2-3 days. He was a fricking machine.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Seahawks nutrition plan and meal sourcing is also super fascinating. Wrote a piece about their system in college

      • Kenny Sloth

        They used to be so so much worse.

        In fact it just makes me more impressed with the athletes that have extremely rigorous regiments. But they’re the exception not the standard.

        Theae guys work out so much they can eat pretty much as much as they want.

  7. Sea Mode


    Tyler Lockett leads all WRs in receiving yards out of the slot

    Nov 6, 2019

  8. Sea Mode

    This guy is the one of the only non-undersized TEs in this class who has real athleticism to make you sit up and notice.

    Reese’s Senior Bowl

    · 3h
    Another One! We are proud to announce @BoilerFootball TE Brycen Hopkins (@Itsbhop89) has officially accepted his invitation to the 2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl!

  9. Kingdome1976

    I think Fowler would be a perfect book-end to Clowney for next season and beyond. I’m slowly allowing Reed to drift in my re-signing thoughts and at the moment I’m not sure I’d pay more than 10-12 mil per to keep him.

    I would much rather sign Fowler than Campbell simply because of his age. Campbell might have 2 more good years in him as well as major leadership for a young defense like ours but I still think Fowler at 26 years of age would be the better long term solution for pass rush reasons. Clowney at about 18-20 mil…Fowler at about the same and we are solid on the ends for the next 3-4 years.

    On the inside is where I’m not confident. Reed is looking like a shadow of last years performance and I’m not seeing too much in this next years draft to fix this. Some have mentioned R. Davis from Alabama but I haven’t watched enough of him to make an assessment. Campbell would be an awesome signing but like Rob kind of suggested what are the chances really of us signing Clowney and pulling in Fowler and Campbell?

    Either way I don’t think we can really address the D-line through the draft this year so I think we should consider bolstering our receiving game with a TE and WR along with maybe an O-lineman with our first 3 picks. Early days but this is where my thinking is at the moment.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I have a different perspective. I think it’s easier to find outside pass rushers than it is to find interior ones. Calais Campbell is about as good an interior pass rusher as there is in the League. Pairing him with Clowney could be epic.

      Also I think interior rushers create more sack opportunities for EDGE defenders than the other way around. Campbell doesn’t have as many seasons left in his career as Fowler, but he has at least a couple. And SEA don’t want to waste any of Russell Wilson’s prime years.

      I say trade for Campbell, resign Clowney, and look for plus EDGE athletes in the draft.

      • Kingdome1976

        First of all Russ has at least 6-7 years of prime playing in my opinion and possible more. Second, after spending the last month or so researching and watching games on the top “EDGE” athletes in this upcoming draft I would whole heartily say none of them aside from C. Young and possibly Lewis from Alabama who has serious injury history are the only ones that could possibly contribute in the next few years that Campbell would be on our team.

        Basically you would be looking at Clowney and Campbell and then pray/hope somebody from the draft ends up being a superb bookend to Clowney. We drafted Collier in the 1st round last year……do you have high hopes so far?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Oh dear, I did a poor job of expressing my perspective. I wasn’t arguing Wilson’s longevity at all, but rather that Pete Carroll’s Seahawks have always been a win-now team, so any moves they make this offseason will be geared towards winning in 2020, as opposed to two or three seasons down the road.

          Also, I wasn’t arguing that SEA should look to draft an EDGE early in the draft. In fact, I was arguing the opposite: they should look for prospects in the later rounds who have the measurables to be successful as speed rushers, even if they haven’t produced big stats in college. Every draft has such hidden gems that typically emerge in the pros only if they go to the right scheme/personnel fit. A Seahawks DL with Clowney and Campbell could be such a scheme/personnel fit for an EDGE prospect with the tools to make the most of the opportunities given to him.

          And the main point I was trying to express was that between the two FAs — Dante Fowler and Calais Campbell — for me, Campbell would almost assuredly have the bigger positive impact on improving SEA’s pass rush, for two main reasons:

          1. Interior pass rushers are harder to find, and they typically create more sack/QB hurries opportunities for EDGE rushers than the other way around. This leads directly to my second point, which is…

          2. Dante Fowler may not be as good on a SEA DL as he has been on the Rams’ DL, because on the Rams’ DL he’s playing with Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers, either of which are vastly superior interior rushers than any DT on SEA’s roster. Those two are so good at collapsing the pocket, particularly Aaron Donald, that Fowler has had many more opportunities to get to the QB than he did with JAX. If he comes to SEA, without any interior DT capable of collapsing the pocket on a consistent basis, his production might drop off. It would be scouting malpractice not to consider his recent ascendency in the context of playing on the same DL as Donald and Brockers.

          I’m not opposed to adding Fowler. He’s a quality EDGE rusher in a League where there’s a dearth of quality EDGE rushers. And he’ll be a FA. But if SEA want to maximize their pass rush next year by adding a veteran, I think Calais Campbell would be the better choice.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Mistake: Campbell won’t be a FA next year. That’s the one detriment to obtaining him. He’d cost SEA more than Fowler would because they’d have to give JAX something for him.

    • cha

      With what we have seen from Reed so far, there’s a real chance he could want to do like Fowler this year. Sign a one year deal, outperform it and make a splash in FA the following year.

  10. Sea Mode

    Of course the Seahawks found him first…

    By the time Seattle Seahawks scout Ryan Florence discovered Dugger in March of this year, the safety’s arms were still extremely long, measuring 33 1/8 inches, and his hands checked out huge, as well: 10 1/4 inches. But this time, those measurements were considered assets. Only one safety at the 2019 Scouting Combine had longer arms (Donovan Wilson, 33 3/8), and none had bigger hands.

    And his body had finally caught up.

    At nearly 6-foot-1 and 218 pounds, he was clocked by Florence at 4.41 and 4.45 in the 40-yard dash. Had Florence asked, Dugger could also have shown him an eye-opening broad jump of 10 feet, 11 inches. Florence placed a draftable grade on him, and ever since a parade of scouting attention has blazed a rarely traveled path through Hickory. All 32 NFL clubs have stopped by Lenoir-Rhyne to evaluate the potential top-100 selection, many of them more than once, and with a combination of area and higher-level scouts. Nine NFL directors of college scouting had come through, along with four directors of player personnel, and one general manager (Marty Hurney of the Carolina Panthers). One scouting department from an AFC East team has been through Hickory five times.

  11. Volume12

    Dane Brugler has ‘Bama OT Jedrick Willis at 10, Jacob Eason at 19, Zack Baun at 65. *insert evil Jack Nicholson nodding gif here*

    • Rob Staton

      Nothing personal but I think Brugler is off base on a lot of stuff

    • charlietheunicorn

      I think Eason is sticking around UW for 1 more season. He needs it. He would be a top 3 round guy right now.. maybe, but I can’t see any sane organization investing a 1st rounder in him currently.

  12. Paul Cook

    Nice column on the WR’s. I will take a close look at Reagor. Sounds interesting.

    By the way, we’ve talked about the need for an edge rusher and the lack of them in this draft. Are there any DT’s that might catch the Hawk management’s eyes from your perspective?

    You’re obviously right that the Hawks front office is going to be all-over-it as concerns our DL this coming off-season. I’d be surprised if they didn’t make one or two pretty bold moves.

    Anyway…good stuff.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      For me, the top DT FAs are:

      DJ Reader
      Tyeler Davison
      Danny Shelton
      Javon Hargrave
      Jordan Phillips
      Maliek Collins

      Obviously not all will reach FA, but some might and I’d kick the tires on any of them.

      • Eli

        Maliek Collins is really good, would love to have him, but I suspect he’s a priority for them to keep with Trystan Hill not yet performing and being a knucklehead and Bennett getting up there in age.

      • Jamho3

        J. Clayton prettymuch grtd, D. Shelton would sign here this year not sure SEA likes him or ASJ very much. No idea why, or why not?

  13. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… 🤔

    Seahawks PR

    The @Seahawks
    have two of the top-five tacklers in the NFL in @KJ_WRIGHT34 and @Bwagz. #GoHawks

    Nov 6, 2019

    • Kenny Sloth

      #WeSuck tho right

      • mishima


        If we’re giving up 6 yards before tackling…

      • cha

        Can’t get off the field = more chances for tackles.

        This is like when the leading rusher in the NFL is only averaging 3.4 yards per carry but is getting 35 carries a game.

        • Kelly


    • TomLPDX

      I think the underlying problem is that Bobby and KJ (and Michael) are getting burned on the intermediate passing routes that are materializing because of the delayed pass rush (more time for the QB to find a target). Defense is a product of timing and if we give the QB that extra second, we get burned. Our LBs are awesome but we’re asking them to do more than they can legitimately do in the time of the play. KJ and Bobby are the top tacklers but look at what their pass defense is compared to the rest of the league…not pretty…and a direct result of giving the QB that extra time to find an open receiver. Just my feeling about it anyway.

  14. Kenny Sloth

    DK vs Sherman 👀

    • Kingdome1976

      Would rather have DK on the other side. Let’s see how Sherm handles Lockett.

    • Sea Mode

      I definitely think we know how to beat him with the speed of Lockett and DK, but he’s playing at a high level this season and will be out with a grudge so we may be wise to shoot our shots wisely against him.

      • Rob4q

        I’m with Kingdome on this one…smaller, shifty slot WR like Lockett have always given Sherm the toughest time. He’s always up for the task of going up against the other team’s big #1 WR, but Lockett will be trouble for him…DK will probably be a decoy in this matchup. Just to take Sherm out of the play most of the time!


      Honestly DK is having a great rookie year but he is no match for Sherman. He’s not using his size and strength enough to win the point of attack or fight through physical coverage (though his concentration through contact has been alright), and his routes are still really sloppy and round — not like we saw after he busted his butt all offseason getting low in and out of his breaks; he’s reverted in that respect. Sherman is gonna eat his lunch, it’ll be a good lesson, though.

  15. Trevor

    Rob why do you think the pass rush is so much worse this year? We basically swapped out Clowney for Clark. Then part time guys in Mingo and Martin for Ansah and Collier. I know Ansah has been awful but did Martin and Mingo make that big a difference?

    The rest of the group is basically the same and Jefferson has played much better. Can it really all just scheme as was outline by Schlereth in the link you posted or is there more to it? Reed missing time clearly did not help but he has been invisible since his return too?

    Is Pete focusing on the DL being diciplined to stop the run at the detriment to the pass rush? Hope not because they are not going a good job at that either. I just find it really puzzling.

    • Kingdome1976

      I’ll let Rob answer this on in complete form but shooting from the hip didn’t Clark have like 13-14 sacks last year? And come to think of it didn’t Reed have like 10?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s two things mainly. Frank Clark was a fantastic pass rusher. We miss any kind of speed and explosion off the edge. The pass rush needed upgrading anyway from 2018 but by losing Clark it’s actually regressed. Clowney is more of a dynamic base end. Clark + Clowney would’ve been otherworldly. Now they need to find that complimentary partner because Ansah isn’t it and Collier is, like Clowney, more of a base end.

      The other thing is Jarran Reed had 10.5 sacks last year and nobody is creating any interior pressure whatsoever. It’s almost like it’s been taken out of the game watching the Seahawks. When’s the last time a defensive tackle got near the QB???

      • Kingdome1976

        I would guess last defensive tackle would be Jefferson but that’s not really saying much even though I think he is a valuable asset to the team. Besides signing Campbell to a 2 year deal or C. Jones if it were even possible what do you think we could actually do as far as signing a DT with pass-rush potential? Seems to me this position in particular is extremely hard to find. I’m starting to realize that an Aaron Donald or C. Campbell are incredibly valuable.

        • Rob Staton

          It might be the hardest position to find.

          I wish they’d had the free $$$ to pay Campbell when he reached free agency.

          • jujus

            I still wonder if Jeffrey Simmons going so early to the Titans threw a colossal Wrench into the Pass rush plan.

            If we had Simmons now with Reed + clowney… we would be an edge away.

            • Rob Staton

              No I don’t think they were pinning their hopes on Simmons lasting.

      • JJ

        Rob, do you think Marsh was a mistake? He could have provided some other veteran option.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think the pass rush would’ve been any better to be honest.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          The person we miss most is actually Jacob Martin. To get Clowney of course you include him… but if we could’ve found another way we’d have a few more sacks right now. As Rob has said there is just no speed off the edge right now, and we don’t have anybody capable of bringing the heat. Martin was a role player, but damn, do we sorely miss that trait… He was a screamer off the edge. With this group he’d consistently be the first guy moving the QB off his spot (and closer to Clowney).

  16. Trevor

    I know it goes completely against his DNA but I hope Pete and Norton come up with a really aggressive defensive scheme / game plan this week and going forward. I would much sooner them pressure Jimmy G and get some turnovers even if it means they give up some big plays. If not you know Shanahan will have them ready to dink and dunk all night going up and down the field keeping the ball from Russ.

    If the offense is the strength of the team then Pete needs to adjust his defensive philosophy I think to try and get more turnovers and give up less long drives that eat up the clock and let the opposition control time of possession.

    Win the turnover battle and give Russ and the offense as many chances as possible and try to win shootouts. I think that this only chance this team has if it wants to compete in the playoffs.

    • Greg Haugsven

      They have to do something. I think if we can just play clean we will be better. We were down 21-13 against TB last week at half when we could have been ahead 17-13 which changes everything. Bobby gave them four points on that first series and they got lucky on the second TD when Blair almost picked it. If we hold them to two field goals there (which is what should have happened) and we make our two kicks we are up four instead of down eight which is a twelve point swing.

  17. Sea Mode

    Ok, it’s finally time for part 2/3 of the TE first look deep dive!

    Here was part 1:

    The most exciting guy by far was Purdue TE Brycen Hopkins. As I mentioned a couple times before, the athleticism he shows running routes and ability to cut for a 6-5, 245 guy is really impressive. First TE this year that actually made me sit up in my chair and want to watch more. NFL bloodlines: his dad, Brad, played 13 seasons as LT in the league. There is one caveat in the pass-catching department: he has a clear issue with drops. Teams will need to decide if it’s a concentration issue that can be fixed or a hands issue that will be harder. I lean towards the former, but still don’t know.

    And what us Seahawks fans all want to know: but can he block? Here, I came to an interesting conclusion. Usually, we describe many guys as “willing blockers”, meaning they show effort in blocking, but are not all that great at it yet. This guy, strangely, is almost the opposite: “able, but is he willing?”.

    I’m not concerned about pass pro. He handled it quite well except for missing a couple quicker DBs on the blitz. But in run blocking, from what I see, he understands his assignments and the positioning he needs to take to seal his man out of the play, and he is definitely more than quick enough to beat his man to the spot. But he’s never going to bury his guy into the dirt or get real physical. Usually, he just barely does enough on most plays to hold up his guy just long enough. Sometimes the play develops late and you wish he would have locked him down longer. Then there is this weird body language of almost apologizing to the guy he just blocked. (Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it does give off an impression of softness. He doesn’t crave contact for sure.)

    So if you believe you can fix or deal with about 1 frustrating drop per game and build on his ability in run-blocking, then you are looking at quite a weapon in the passing game. Total mismatch vs. LBs. He’s got around 500 yds/3TDs each of the last 3 seasons. Will be at the Sr. Bowl.


    The second guy I want to briefly mention is Oklahoma TE Grant Calcaterra. Undersized at 6-4, 233 and questionable athleticism, so not particularly interesting to me, but you just can’t not shout out this guy’s incredible hands. Best I’ve seen since Evan Engram.

    USF TE Mitchell Wilcox is getting a lot of hype from some scouts on Twitter. Chad Reuter even goes so far as to say “he’ll be picked early come April”. Tape is limited for me. Good size at 6-5, 245. Does show a nice catch radius. Doesn’t appear to me to be very fast, and despite his size he never lined up in-line at all. Eli here on SDB shouted him out a while back and mentioned he is averaging 18 YPC this year, but need to see some blocking ability before I bite. Hopefully he’ll get an invite to the Sr. Bowl so we can see what he’s got.

    In scouting TEs, I think we’ve learned that it’s always a good idea to check out the lesser-known guys from the large Big 10 schools. Ohio St. TE Rashod Berry is a 5Sr. listed as a TE/DE at 6-6, 250. Has vines for arms and definitely looks for contact in blocking (that DE nature in him perhaps showing), but just not enough targets to even know if he could contribute there. The other is Ohio St. TE Luke Farrell. He is a Jr. and also listed at 6-6, 250 and has a couple TD catches over the years, but isn’t used that much either. Team captain.

    Oregon St. TE Noah Togiai has decent size at 6-4, 246 and a little bit more production than some of the other guys, but I couldn’t find any highlights or cut-ups of his. Maybe some Beavers fans on here can tell us if it’s worth watching more of him.

    The most unique guy I watched so far was definitely Ole Miss TE Octavious Cooley. Listed at a whopping 6-3, 270 and I buy it! He blocks with real gusto and drive in the run game. He can’t change directions or run routes, but does appear to have nice hands and on the few occasions he did get the ball, his straight-line speed at that size was hard to believe and he’s (obviously) a load to bring down. Maybe he could be a George Fant type role for us as an extra blocker?

    Other guys I looked at this time around:

    Cincinnati TE Josiah Deguara (6-3, 240): has a short, squat body type with stubby arms. Does have good athleticism and hands though.

    Memphis TE Joey Magnifico (6-4, 240): 5Sr, short, squat build, limited athlete.

    Wake Forest TE Jack Freudenthal (6-3, 235): if I’m taking a TE under 6-4, 245 lbs, he had better have Evan Engram type athleticism or I’ll just stick with Hollister.

    Georgia TE Charlie Woerner (6-5, 245): meh.

    More to come in part 3, though it’s mainly just a few names off of the Sr. Bowl watch list that I have left. My favorites so far are Jake Breeland and Brycen Hopkins. Let me know if there’s anyone else I should check out!

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, I am officially very interested in checking out Togiai. Hit me up if you find any game tape.

      NCAAF Nation
      Jul 22

      ⚫ TE Spotlight ⚫
      Noah Togiai – Oregon State

      – Togiai had 3 receiving touchdowns in 6 games last season, in 2017 he had 461 receiving yards & 2 touchdowns in 9 games. Togiai really helped spearhead the Beavers rushing attack last season with his blocking abilities.

      He said in an interview that now that he’s healthy this year, he hit 20.33mph in a sprint. Injury bug has bitten him though over the years, so that is a concern. But there may be some serious untapped potential here.

      He has an excellent build for the position and some attitude that definitely makes me want to see more:

      Oregon State Beavers TE Noah Togiai shucks defender and gets first down

      • Sea Mode

        Nice lead block #81 here:

        • Sea Mode

          Athletic? I think yes!

          • Gohawk5151

            Ahhhh I see someone finally noticed the Beavs having some success and some talent coming out. Noah has NFL potential for sure. He has been through a lot. Lots of big injuries. Even this year started out shaky.

            Pros. Great dude and athlete. Willing and able blocker for a real good OSU run game. (Check out Artavis Pierce and in a few years Jermar Jefferson at RB). Locks on with good hands and has good legs drive. Not bad as a trap man on counter or slice plays. Soft hands and provides a good target. Good at settling into Soft spots between zones. Showed some improvisational skills in previous years with an athletic QB. Former basketball recruit and attempted to play both before settling in football.

            Cons. As stated long injury history which should be considered with Dissly’s current rash of injury. Injuries also seemed to hit him mentally as he seems tentative sometimes and not trusting his body. Often has back breaking drops though they seem concentration based not bad hands.

            Currently he is having a great stretch of ball blocking and catching. This is the guy many of us have been expecting. If we are making a list for Seattle he should definitely be on it. It will be interesting to see how he finishes the year and how he tests.

            • Sea Mode

              Thanks for the inside scoop. I am really intrigued by him.

              So the Ducks and Beavers have the two TEs I am most interested in so far this year. Who would have thought!

    • Pickering

      Good stuff Sea Mode. Thanks

      • Sea Mode

        My pleasure.

    • Eli

      Sweet write up!

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for the feedback on the first one!

        • Eli

          For sure. A small school name that Dane Brugler plugged a while back is Dayton TE Adam Trautman. 6’6 250 lbs., but I doubt you’d be able to find any actionable data or insight on him at this point in the season. Could be one worth monitoring though.

          I also liked watching ND TE Cole Kmet in the Georgia-ND game. Apparently jumps a 40″ vert and runs a 4.65 40.

          • Sea Mode

            Yeah, I tried to find something on Trautman in part 1. Ended up just leaving in my notes: “Small school, late-round developmental. Hard to get a read on him.”

            I’ll check out Kmet in that game. Took a quick look at him last month when Dane Brugler suggested that he might be a sleeper who could sneak into R1, but didn’t see it at all. I do sometimes write guys off rather quickly though, and if they stand out in Combine/Pro Day testing, I’ll go back to see if I didn’t miss something.

  18. Greg Haugsven

    Fowler could be a good option and Ngakoue as well. The Jags can cut Derius and save $20 mill so I would imagine he would be the first to go so they can keep Campbell and resign Ngakoue. Reed is for sure a tough one. Its looking like his sack totals last year were kind of a one off. Also since he has been our starting DT in 18 and 19 those have been some of our worst run defense years. Last year was 4.9 a carry and this year 4.7. At this point it seems like keeping Clowney and letting Reed go may be the best bet. Then look to spend that money on another defensive end from outside. Maybe even trade up this year in the draft? Not sure if there is a DE worth doing it for but maybe for Delpit? Just some thoughts.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Could be worth letting Norton go as well.

    • Rob Staton

      The problem with trading up is if they pick in the 20’s or 30’s you’re talking about a kings ransom to get into the top five. Three high picks at least.

  19. Denver Hawker

    Jennings claimed by Dolphins, oh well.

    • Kingdome1976

      I actually liked Jennings and thought he might fit as a 3rd/4th WR on the Hawks in time. I wonder if it is his work ethic or personality.

      I’m going to make more of an effort watching interviews with these prospects after watching film on them.

    • cha

      Wish him the best. Too bad it didn’t work out in Seattle.

      Hope he’s more Kris Durham than Amara Darboh.

    • WALL UP

      With the addition of the WR that will be picked in the 2020 draft, he may have had a hard time making the roster, even if they did keep him this year. It’s better for the progress of his career that he moves on. Ultimately, that’s what we all want for him anyway, is to have success. He’s a good kid.

  20. Sea Mode

    I know it’s against what they’ve done in the past, but if they get desperate for a DE and can’t find a good FA/trade, maybe this is the year they take a chance on a talented edge guy who falls a bit due to injury history? I understand there might be a couple of those guys in this draft. Any of them good enough to be worth at least considering?

    • Trevor

      I was thinking the same thing and that is why I ha e been thinking Klavon Chaisson from LSU might be worth a close look. Seems to have the physical profile and upside.

      Also supposed to be a tremendous character guy.

      • Sea Mode

        Hard for me to get Nick Chubb out of my mind and I suspect it might be the same for PC/JS in hindsight.

        So I think they might give some of those medical flag guys more of a shot next time around. Gotta distinguish between injury prone and just repeated bad luck/freak-accident injuries. We know they give a durability grade to each prospect as well from their sports science team, even though we won’t ever know what it end up being.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Brian Schmetzer on if he feels he gets enough respect as a coach around MLS: “I get enough respect at home. My mom loves me, my wife loves me, my dog loves me.”


  22. Kingdome1976

    It’s funny how we all love to “armchair” the GM spot isn’t it?

    I can’t even imagine the hours/days/weeks/months that John and his cronies spend in determining which positions we need to upgrade and ALL the interrelations that accompany such a process. What a mind meld.

    Sometimes I feel like they overthink players but who am I. lol.

    • WALL UP

      We tend to do the same with Coaches as well. Pete has spent decades at coaching defenses and is well aware of what players can and cannot do in his defensive scheme. We just need to trust him to make the needed adjustments. He’ll get the best out of what he has at his disposal. It just might be good enough to get another “W” on Monday.

  23. JimQ

    I’ve been doing a little statistical research on potential pass rushers in the coming draft. There are prospects throughout the draft, obviously some are better than others. The players listed below are all high up in the National FCS pass rushing statistics per, in sequence by current rankings at (I’m NOT counting on Chase Young being available). Lots of tape to go through yet to determine if they are draft worthy for Seahawks. A few potential pass rusher prospects in the coming draft…..

    EDGE-Curtis Weaver, Boise State, 6-3/265, Currently #15 in FCS in TFL’s with 12.5 & #4 in FCS in sacks with 10.5. —-currently ranked #32-overall at
    2019: 8-games, 35-tkls, 21-solo, 12.5-TFL, 10.5-sacks, 3-PBU, 2-QBH, 1-FF
    Career: 34-games, 111-tkls, 61-solo, 41.5-TFL, 31.0-sacks 1-INT, 6-QBH, 6-PD, 1-FR, 3-FF

    LB/EDGE-Hamilcar Rashed, Jr. Oregon State, 64-236, currently #2 in FCS in sacks with 12 & #1 in FCS in TFL’s. —-currently ranked #109-overall at
    2019: 8 games, 47-tkls, 30-solo, 17.5-TFL, 12.0-sacks, 2-PBU, 1-QBH, 2-FF
    Career: 25-games, 106-tkls, 66-solo, 30.0-TFL, 14.5-sacks, 5-PBU, 3-QBH, 4-PD, 1-FR, 3-FF (Very nice stats, PAC-12, 2-nd in sacks to Young as well as #1 in TFL’s in FBS = Very Undervalued?)

    LB/EDGE-Oluwole Betiku, Jr, Illinois, 6-3/250, —-currently ranked #124-overall at
    2019: 7-games, 29-tkls, 16-solo, 11.5-TFL, 8.0-sacks, 6-QBH
    Career: 9-games, 32-tkls, 17-solo, 12.0-TFL, 8.0-sacks, 7-QBH, 2-FR (From Nigeria, inexperienced, RAW as sushi, but may have some significant upside.)

    DE/EDGE-Bradlee Anae, Utah, 6-3/265, —-currently ranked #185-overall at
    2019: 7-games, 19-tkls, 14-solo, 9.0-TFL, 8.0-sacks, 1-PBU, 1-FF
    Career: 34-games, 109-tkls, 67-solo, 35.0-TFL 24.5-sacks, 3-QBH, 3-PD, 2-FR, 5-FF (Undervalued?)

    LB/EDGE-Kendall Futrell, ECU, 6-2/226 —-currently ranked #209-overall at
    2019: 9-games, 50-tkls, 27-solo, 14.0-TFL, 9.0-sacks, 1-PBU, 11-QBH, 2-FF
    Career: 32-games, 104-tkls, 55-solo, 23.0-TFL, 12.0-sacks, 23-QBH, 6-PD, 1-FR, 2-FF. (Undervalued?)

    DE/EDGE-Carlos Basham, Wake Forest, 6-5/275, —-currently ranked #212-overall at
    2019: 8-games, 34-tkls, 14-solo,11.5-TFL, 6.0-sacks, 1=PBU, 11-QBH, 1-FF
    Career: 31-games, 122-tkls, 65-solo, 24.5-TFL, 9.5-sacks, 19-QBH, 5-PD, 3-FR(1-TD), 1-FF, 1-BK (Undervalued?)

    EDGE-DeAngelo Malone, W. Kentucky, 6-4/230, currently #2 in TFL’s with 17 & #6 in sacks with 9.
    —-currently ranked #225-overall at
    2019: 71-tkls, 41-solo, 17.0-TFL, 9.0-sacks, 13-QBH
    Career: 32-games, 157-tkls, 81-solo, 27.5-TFL, 16.5-sacks, 26-QBH, 1-INT, 2-PD, 2-FF (Very nice stats, Undervalued?)

    LB-EDGE-Alex Highsmith, Charlotte, 6-3/244,—-currently ranked #254-overall at
    2019: 9-games, 47-tkls, 27-solo, 14.5-TFL, 8.5-sacks, 2-PBU, 4-QBH, 1-FF
    Career: 41-games, 157-tkls, 99-solo, 40.0-TFL, 14.5-sacks, 20-QBH, 4-PD, 1-FR, 3-FF. (Nice stats, Smaller school, Undervalued?)

    DL-James Lynch, Baylor, 6-4/295, -An inside/outside guy? —Currently unranked at
    2019: 8-games, 21-tkls, 12-solo, 11.5-TFL, 8.5-sacks, 2-PBU, 7-QBH, 1-FF, 2-BK
    Career: 27-games, 80-tkls, 50-solo, 25.0-TFL, 15.0-sacks, 13-QBH, 4-PD, 1-FR, 1-FF, 3-BK (Undervalued? maybe a Bennett 2.0 type?)

    A “SELECT” FEW OTHERS (with “lesser stats” than above, mostly LEO types, not ALL rushers included.

    LB/EDGE-Anfernee Jennings, Alabama, 6-3/259, currently ranked #53-overall at
    LB?EDGE-Julian Okwara, Notre Dame, 6-5/241, currently ranked #55-overall at
    LB/EDGE-Terrell Lewis, Alabama, 6-5/255, currently ranked #69-overall at
    LB/EDGE-Jabari Zuniga, Florida, 6-4/257, currently ranked #98-overall at
    LB/EDGE-Khalid Kareem, Notre Dame, 6-4/265, currently ranked #99-overall at
    LB/EDGE-Alton Robinson, Syracuse, 6-4/257, currently ranked #103-overall at
    LB/EDGE-K’Lavon Chaisson, LSU, 6-4/238, currently ranked #127-overall at
    LB/EDGE-Patrick Johnson, Tulane, 6-3/255, currently ranked #153-overall at
    DL/EDGE-Jonathan Greenard, Florida, 6-3/263, currently ranked #162-overall at
    NLB/SS?-Patrick Nelson, SMU, 6-0/212, Currently unranked at
    — et. al. Lots of film to be reviewed yet to sort these guys out. Rashed, Malone & Futrell are first

    • Eli

      I like James Lynch. Very versatile guy, underrated.

    • jujus

      I say we go OT 1st, then come and grab DE/EDGE-Carlos Basham, Wake Forest, 6-5/275

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t understand why people are so keen to go OT first. The O-line is finally not a stonking liability thanks largely to the preference to go with proven experience over raw youth. They have blossoming young players like Jamarco Jones on the roster. Germain Ifedi, contrary to what some fans think, is having a good year at right tackle. And there’s also George Fant, who might be signed a cheap alternative.

        Just keep on with the current plan. You’re not getting a game-changing tackle in the late first.

        • Trevor

          +1 with Ifedi, Fant and Jones we have better options than spending a 1st rounder on an OT.

          I do like that RT from Georgia and the Center from Washington a lot thought if either is there in the 2nd round.

          • Rob Staton

            Isaiah Wilson is a top-20 pick IMO so I wouldn’t expect him to last.

            • charlietheunicorn

              Is there a OG or C available at the end of round 1 you would HAVE TO take with a first round pick… if available???

              • Rob Staton


          • JimQ

            A few interesting prospects – likely available on or after day 2 of the draft, possible Seahawks?

            OT-Penei Sewell, Oregon, 6-4/319, -National leader in both pass/run grades per PFF
            OLT-Josh Jones, Houston, 6-7/310, -2-nd in both categories, just behind Sewell, per PFF.
            OC-Matt Hennessy, Temple, 6-4/295 -highest graded center, great in pass or run per PFF

            Also, PFF rates DL-Jordan Elliott, Missouri, 6-4/315, highest graded interior DL, so far this season.

            • Eli

              Sewell can’t go pro until next year, unfortunately. Josh Jones is a guy who’s caught my eye.

            • Gohawk5151

              Also Sewell gonna go real high next year. He’s is a straight BAMF up front. He got a younger brother we are all going to be interested in at LB in a few years too

        • BruceN

          Ifedi is rated the lowest graded T in the league. I wouldn’t call that doing OK. Fant, while better than him, is also graded in the bottom 4th among the T. Considering his versatility I would keep him over Ifedi.

          BTW, why has Reed regressed so much since last season? I was hoping he would make a difference after coming back but he hasn’t.

          • Rob Staton

            1. Where’s the evidence of this grading?

            2. If it’s PFF, can you explain why David Moore had a higher grade than Russell Wilson against Cleveland?

            3. Can you then explain why they once gave Aaron Rodgers a negative grade for a five touchdown performance in a blowout win against Kansas City? And had Earl Thomas as the 29th best safety in 2012?

            4. Balls to it, don’t bother answering any of this. The suggestion that Ifedi is the worst performing tackle in the league is utter nonsense.

          • cha

            Have a look at the tape Bruce. He looks pretty solid.


            • BruceN

              Thanks Cha for the link. See my response to Rob. Not sure saying someone is underperforming and is not good (even if inaccurate or based on poor sources) would warrant such harsh response. On second thought, he is one of the best linemen in the league and we should extend him for $13M+ a year!

            • BruceN

              Just watched the clips. He does indeed look good against the Bucs. Moved his feet quick, was in position and did his assignments.

              I remembered I had read another article about him on 12th man rising. I would prefer if he becomes our RT of the future.


        • Michigan 12th

          When I think about taking an OT with our first pick it is simply because I don’t know if we are going to resign Ifedi. He is a free agent and because there is such a dearth of talent in the league right now, no one knows how much he is going to get paid.

          I feel like the Seahawks need to make D-line a priority like you have suggested in free agency or trade, and then they will need to sign Clowney, and said D-lineman they pay or trade for. Because I think D-line is the priority, I would let Ifedi walk if the price is too high, sign Fant hopefully cheap, and draft Ifedi’s replacement. That’s all not complaining about the O-line we currently have or Ifedi.

    • Gohawk5151

      Wow talking about 2 Oregon State guys in one post! Hamilcar is an interesting guy. He actually lost his projected starting job at OLB until injury put him back in the starting lineup so this production has come primarily in the last 6 games. In the last few they have come in bunches (2 3-sack games). He seems to be doing it with speed and power. In the Cal game he beat the tackle with good bend around the edge. This past week he showed a nice bullrush to inside move for another sack. I haven’t seen him with his hand in the dirt much so he would be a pure Leo type guy. I need to watch him a little more intently but he has talent. He may stay but recently I read he may have family issues that may cause him to declare early.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the leg work on these guys. Certainly going to be a dedicated search for edge talent going on at SDB this draft season.

  24. Dingbatman

    I’m curious on Rob’s take on Re signing Chris Carson?

    • Sea Mode

      Supposing you read the Hawk Blogger article…?

      (he actually has some valid points and, somewhat surprisingly, doesn’t end up against extending if the price is right, but I think he underestimates what Carson means to PC and this offense. We’ve tried plugging in other RBs since Lynch and it hasn’t been the same.)

      • Dingbatman

        I’ve not read the article. I pretty much stick to this site. We’ve seen a number of running backs be pretty aggressive in their contract demands recently. I agree the philosophy now is to surround Russell with as many weapons as possible but I wonder how much value they give to Carson. I could easily envision him wanting top 3 money. That’s roughly 13-14 million a year. Be interesting to see how that plays out.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s probably best to wait until the end of his deal and make a judgement call.

      • Sea Mode

        You don’t think he might hold out this off-season?

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t. He hasn’t got the stock to pull a stunt like that.

          They’d simply roll with Penny.

  25. charlietheunicorn

    49ers game plan for the Seahawks is simple

    Give RW the ball… and out score them.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I guess makes more sense if you swap 49ers and Seahawks around in the sentence, but you know what I mean. 😉

  26. LouieLouie

    Since the Hawks have a large number of draft picks next year, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them make some kind of package deal to get a major upgrade on the D-line. As they always have, they’ll find some gold nuggets in the dirt when they sign a low budget free agent, like they did with Chris Clemons. Sometimes they pan out and sometimes they don’t.

  27. timon

    I know it’s a bit off topic:
    we paid a conditional 7th for Jacob Hollister but I vaguely remember us cutting him. Do we still owe the Patriots that conditional seventh even though we cut him (and then resigned him)? Cheers!

  28. Georgia Hawk

    Here’s a fun thought that ought to bug the crap out of folks here:

    Tom Cable has Oakland’s Oline ranked #4 in Run blocking and #2 in Pass blocking per FO…and as a bonus point has turned LT Kolton Miller into a fantastic looking franchise level LT.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s almost like he wasn’t the problem and the need to go ultra cheap on the OL to pay for everyone else was the issue…

      • Georgia Hawk

        Almost as if….


      • Pran

        Josh Jacobs and big investment

  29. Kingdome1976

    Am I seeing this right?

    The Seahawks next four games are in prime time against 49ers, Eagles, Vikings and Rams? 3 of these games on the road? Yikes.

    • cha

      Yikes? Yay!

      Hawks are 27-5-1 in prime time under PC. Best record in the NFL in that stretch.

      4-0 on the road this year.

      Add that to their Nov-Dec record to date under PC (this team closes like a freight train) and I’m on the positive train.


        It would certainly change the narrative this year if we survive that gauntlet at even 2-2. I’d take 9-4 with 3 games to go. Any better is perhaps wishful thinking. Now, if we go 1-0 against the 9ers on Monday 3-1 or even 4-0 becomes a possibility… 🤞🏼

      • Jamho3

        RTM gonna cut us deep. Outliers and upsets pls!

  30. Kingdome1976

    Just heard an analyst say without RW the Seahawks would basically be the Mariners. How is it possible to have such low quality players on the team even with Russ being paid so much? I did a quick search on almost every team in the NFL and we do seem to have a lower quality overall talent level. This is when I’m a Hawks fan so completely biased as well.

    We have this: (not trying to start a fight here either)

    Top 5 QB
    Top 5 LB Core
    Bottom level backfield
    Bottom level D-Line
    Bottom level O-Line (without Britt)
    Bottom level TE postion
    Average WR core

    I think the average non-Seahawk fan looks at our record of 7-2 and thinks we are a pretty good team all around in general. I think they are looking at our record and RW primarily.

    This Monday night will show exactly who we are. It will also show exactly who the 49ers are.

    We Seahawk fans know all about our limitations and unfortunately I believe they will be exposed Monday night. It will look to the rest of fandom that the 49ers are the best in the west and are the up and coming dominant team even though they will be playing a team that is a few years away from a moderate rebuild I fear.

    Somehow we have managed to look and play relatively good and apparently to the eyes of the nfl world we have not regressed too much since losing:


    This is an incredible list of players to lose and still somehow manage to stay afloat. Truly incredible to keep winning and stay relevant in the league while losing this kind of talent. I think most teams would have had drastic falls.

    Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and John Schneider……I salute you guys for winning forever.

    • Matt

      I agree with the overall analysis but have some pushback on the specifics.

      Top 5 QB – Top 3 QB…yes, just splitting hairs.
      Top 5 LB Core – Top 5 in name only. They are performing at a very mediocre level. I’d say average LB.
      Bottom level backfield – I think it is slightly below average.
      Bottom level D-Line – I agree with this.
      Bottom level O-Line (without Britt) – By PFF sure, but I think this unit is slightly below average.
      Bottom level TE postion – No argument here.
      Average WR core – Macro level – yes it is average. I think Lockett and DK are a pretty dynamic/high end 1-2 punch.

      Overall I really do agree with you. RW clearly carries this team but I think from a talent perspective we are probably in the low 20s. Again – not good but not nearly as dire as people make it out to be.

      • mishima

        Beat me to it.

        Top 5 QB
        Average LB Core
        Average backfield
        Bottom level D-Line
        Bottom level O-Line (without Britt)
        Bottom level TE postion
        Above average WR core

        Would love for them to upgrade Kendricks/Wright in the offseason.

      • Kingdome1976

        I would agree with this fine tuning of yours to a degree but to me if Dissly comes back healthy and stays healthy and we get one of these stud WR’s in the draft then our offense will be legit.

        I also believe that if spend about 85% of our remaining money next year in free agency(say about 60 million) on fixing our D-line then EVERY position behind that line will improve dramatically to the point of having a top 10-15 defense.

  31. GoHawksDani

    Yeah, we have 72m…
    But we also have these free agents we’ll likely retain:
    Clowney, Kendricks, Fant/Ifedi/both, QJeff, Reed?, Thorpe?, Luke Willson?, Hunt, Hollister?

    That’d be around 20, 5, 7, 5, 12, 1, 1, 3 (2nd round tender?), 2 (or something like those numbers) -> 56m, remove IR money, draft money and it’s over 60m. So you’d have probably less than.

    Maybe they don’t want Reed for 12m (which is not that much). They’d still need to replace him.

    They could cut/trade the following players:
    Britt (9m savings, 3m dead money)
    Ed Dickson (3,5m savings, 1m dead money)
    Fluker (3m savings, 500K dead money)
    and maybe some other players bot for those probably replacing them costs at least as much as retain them.

    So they can get +16,5m with cutting players

    With everything counted I think they have around 26m to fix the DL and also get some other players (like additional TE, starting OG/OGs). Most of those might be filled from draft, but still, I doubt they’ll only get DL guys from FA.

    I think it’ll be +1 bigger name from FA to the DL. And I think they’ll try to go value shopping in later rounds of the draft, targeting low floor high ceiling guys with their picks, maybe they hit lottery (round 4-7)

    • mishima

      Priority re-sign: Clowney (20), Ifedi (10), QJeff (4-6). OK losing the rest.

    • Simo

      Good summary here, it will definitely be interesting to see how all of this shakes out. Pretty amazing and interesting to see how teams shuffle their rosters pretty much every year. They are going to need to find the cap space to implement the defensive overhaul Rob has been talking about. It won’t be cheap to rebuild the def line, although it must be done. So,

      -I think they retain Ifedi or Fant, not both.
      -Think they let Reed test FA to see what him value is, maybe resign if the price is reasonable
      -Hope they find the funds to retain Clowney
      -Britt, Dickson, Fluker could all easily be gone as cap casualties, maybe KJ as well. This only happens though if they feel Hunt, Haynes and Barton can fill in adequately.
      -Bring back Thorpe, Hunt, Hollister, etc as affordable depth

      I’d rather they have $30m+ after the resignings and such to go shopping for defensive talent.

    • Michigan 12th

      Very well done sir, very well done!

  32. Frank

    Just taking a look at the draft position of the sack leaders this year #1 un drafted free agent, #2 first overall pick, 3# late first round, #4 3rd round pick. It’s a common belief every year on this thread and others that it impossible to land a quality pass rusher unless picking in the top ten of the first round, but do the numbers really bare that out? 3 out of the leagues top rusher have been drafted in a place we could have afforded over the past few years.
    I feel it’s a bit nit picky to critique the seahawks draft choices, as overall I think they’ve done a solid job on rebuilding this roster but you miss 💯 percent of the shots you don’t take and the hawks really haven’t taken any shots at a true pass rushing end since Frank Clark. We’ve taken run stuffing edges, with fairly high draft picks, but really hope with a stacked receiver room and offense firing on all cylinders they decide to take multiple shots at an edge rusher this draft.
    Rob, you aren’t wrong often but I kinda hope you are about them tapping into Wr again when there is a clear dearth of talent with pass rushers on the rooster. Green Bay solved it thru free agency last year, and I hope the Hawks double down and attack the problem in free agency and the draft both. Thanks for the awesome article Rob!!!

    • Kingdome1976

      I simply don’t see many…if any options in the draft for pass rushers this year. If we want to compete for a SB next year we need proven pass rushers on the D-line strictly from free agency. We simply can’t count on another Collier coming in from the first round and expect anything different.

      Now giving Russ another weapon or two on Offense from the draft plus a few studs who can disrupt the passer from free agency

    • Volume12

      You mentioned DEs. Same thing can be said for the WRs over the past few years and where they’ve been taken.

      Over the past 8 years, I can think of 3 guys who went round 1 and were some of the best. Mike Evans, Hopkins, and OBJ.

      • Volume12

        * have been amongst the best

      • dcd2

        I think that could be said about every position. A lot of success, particularly at certain positions, seems to depend on scheme. If OJ Howard played for the Pats, he’d probably be the top TE in the league. If Rashad Penny were a Saint, he might be having a much different career arc. Look at Amari Cooper. He was an inconsistent WR in Oakland who many considered a bust. He goes to Dallas and he’s one of the top WR in the NFL.

        We talk a lot on this blog about ‘fit’ or if a guy is ‘Seahawky’ and I think this is some of the best, targeted discourse on the internet regarding a sports fan base. I honestly can’t read a national writer trying to talk about the Hawks, because I know I can get better takes from the comments here and especially from Rob in regards to our team.

        Rob has pointed out that in past years (CB 3 years ago, RB 2 years ago and DL last year) that when there is a ‘strength’ of a draft that the Hawks tend to dip in early to get one of those guys. If WR is the deepest part of the draft in 2020, I think there’s a good chance that focusing on the prospects at that position won’t be a waste of time.

        • Sea Mode

          Well said on all points.

        • Volume12

          Yes. Scheme and fit is by far the most inportant.

          They, meaning Seattle, always talk about the pockets of talent. Where do the cliffs fall off at?

          Your getting much more bang for your buck in the 2nd and 3rd rounds lately at WR. I never said it was a waste of time nor did I say they absolutely wont gi that route. I do think it’s fair to look at both sides of the coin.

          Michael Thomas
          Kenny Golladay
          Sterling Shepard
          Tyler Boyd

      • Kingdome1976

        A few other WR’s come to mind:

        Round 1
        D.J. Moore
        Brandon Cooks
        Mike Williams
        Amari Cooper

        Round 2
        Michael Thomas
        Jarvis Landry
        Robert Woods
        JuJu Smith
        Davante Adams

        And probably more in each round as well as the early third. My point is getting a pass rushing-impact player on the D-line in the late first to early third round is much more rare than a WR or TE.

  33. Sea Mode

    Shoot, another one down.

    Bruce Feldman

    #FSU’s star DL Marvin Wilson sustained a hand injury during last week’s game against Miami. He had surgery earlier this week and is expected to miss the rest of this season

    Nov 7, 2019

  34. Sea Mode

    Well, since we’ve been in a lot of close games:

    Ian Rapoport

    Sources: #49ers kicker Robbie Gould has a strained quad that puts his availability very much in doubt for Monday night vs. the #Seahawks and SF is signing FA K Chase McLaughlin.

    Nov 7, 2019

    • cha

      Gould has been worse than Myers this season. Feels like one of those low-key things that might actually give the Niners a boost.

    • Logan Lynch

      My feelings will probably change closer to Mon, but my gut tells me Myers will kick a game winning FG or be 5/5 or something. I can just see PC gushing about him post game.

      • Denver Hawker

        Myers has been almost perfect on the road with one missed XP. All his FG misses are at Home.

        Something is wrong with the field. Guys slipping everywhere in Saints, Ravens games, missed field goals. Hawks may be better off as a wild card this year.

        • Sea Mode

          It’s so strange. Wonder what it is about going on the road that turns our guys on. Either way, let’s just hope it doesn’t rain Mon. night for RW’s sake…

          • Logan Lynch

            Maybe it’s going back to the old underdog mentality where they like being doubted?

            Not just the rain Sea Mode, it’s on natural grass too! RW doesn’t have a chance.

            • Jamho3

              You guys are entirely too smart to throw out 20 years of history or more for 6 games.

  35. mishima

    Hoping Green and/or Collier step up and QJeff continues to be productive, second-half of season; would clarify a very muddled DL group.

    • Volume12

      Collier is a weird situation. A team is desperate for pass rushing, same team took a DE at the end of round 1, and that DE can barely get on the field?

      • Trevor

        He just does not look like he is a good enough athlete to be a quality pass rusher IMO. At least so far.

        • cha

          Based on a sum total of 70 snaps in his NFL career? Good Lord.

          • Trevor

            70 snaps that where he has shown absolutely nothing. Like I said so far. He is young and was hurt so not writing him off or anything but he has shown absolutely nothing to get excited about so far and he was not a great athlete test wise coming out.

            I like his tape in college and play at the Senior Bowl so I am hopefully he develops but he reminds me a lot of Green who has really not shown anything yet half way through year two.

            Would be so pumped if he proves me completely wrong and turns into a stud pass rusher because we badly need one and used a 1st round pick on him.

            • Rob Staton

              Collier is a base end. If people are hoping for a stud pass rusher you’ll be disappointed.

              • mishima

                Collier or Green? Who will be the better base end?

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  Green is more of an inside/outside DLer. FWIW I think he’s better inside than out. He started out the season strong, but has faded into obscurity since. Hope he turns that around down the stretch.

              • Trevor

                I guess if they were spending a 1st round pick on a DE I expected him to have the potential to be an impact player. I thought the idea was for him to be a Micheal Bennet type of inside outside pass rusher?

                • Rob Staton

                  Bennett played predominantly base end

              • Valentts

                Drafting a base end in late 1st round…that’s a huge mistake imo.

                • Rob Staton

                  Not when you need a base end

                  • Trevor

                    Don’t Green and Jefferson play that position?

                    • Rob Staton

                      No. They’re inside/out types.

                      Jefferson is also out of contract in 2020 and Green showed nothing as a rookie. Even if they were the same players, neither of those two eliminate a need.

      • Gaux Hawks

        Our FO consistently mentioned how hard it is for rookies to overcome injuries early on.

        • Volume12

          That could definitely be the case

      • mishima

        And they took Rasheem Green (similar, but slightly better athlete), the year before. Would they have drafted an edge/Leo if Metcalf wasn’t there at 64? By 120 (G. Jennings), cupboard was bare.

      • Jamho3

        Frank Clark didnt play much his rookie year… PC actually said it was a mistake.

  36. Denver Hawker

    I’d be okay with the Seahawks just keep drafting Utah players.

    I watched Bradley Anae, intriguing EDGE prospect. Worked a nice sack on Eason last week showing quickness, handwork, and bend against Tre Adams (I think).

  37. cha

    Gregg Bell

    Verified account

    45 minutes ago

    Pete Carroll says DE Ziggy Ansah “is still battling, physically.” Says shoulder surgery, returning from it zapped his strength. Weight is 258. Says he plays best around 270. “Still a developmental campaign to get him back to full go” performance-wise. #Seahawks

    Gregg Bell

    Verified account

    41 minutes ago

    A most lukewarm answer from Pete Carroll to me asking where that offseason idea of setting Shaquem Griffin flying off the edge at QBs, UCF-style, to help this needy #Seahawks pass rush: “He’s always competing to help.” No elaboration.

    Gregg Bell

    Verified account

    Follow @gbellseattle

    Pete Carroll says tight end Ed Dickson coming off IR is “ready to help us now.” #Seahawks
    12:57 PM – 7 Nov 2019

    • Sea Mode

      I’ll let this pass as the presser notes for now, cause I’m not gonna get to it today. So thanks for covering! 😉


      Ansah’s problem is not strength, it’s speed — he has none anymore. I wouldn’t want to see him any heavier….

    • Logan Lynch

      Not sure what to make of the Shaquem news. I listened to the presser and the way Pete said it doesn’t match the vibe Gregg was giving off. Then again, I wonder if Gregg is hinting at something by asking the question in the first place. When Brown first appeared on the injury report with that biceps injury, no one thought much of it. Bell kept bringing it up and was kinda hinting he might miss some time, which ended up happening. Maybe he’s hinting at something here again too?

      • cha

        It’s pretty straightforward to connect the dots. Shaquem was an effective pass rusher in college. He was spoken of as being worked into the pass rush equation in the preseason this year. So far, he hasn’t seen a single snap on the defense, let alone being sent in to rush the passer. The pass rush has been so poor it’s an obvious question to ask – are all options truly being explored at this point?

  38. Paul Cook

    All this player talk aside for a moment, if we go 3-2 in the next 5 games, I would consider that somewhat of a mini-miracle. Hallelujah!

    What do most people think, or peg our record at the next 5 games?

    1) 5-0
    2) 4-1
    3) 3-2
    4) 2-3
    5) 1-4
    6) 0-5

    I would think most people would have us going 2-3 or 3-2. I guess the more interesting question might be do you think we have a greater chance of going 4-1 or 1-4?

    These next five games are going to be real interesting and telling.

    • mishima


    • Volume12


      • mishima

        Pittsburgh, Arizona, Cleveland, Atlanta.

        • cha

          Scoff if you like but road wins don’t come easily. They lost to awful teams Denver and SF last year on the road.

          • mishima

            No need to scoff. Team (Home W – L): Pittsburgh (3-2), Arizona (1-3), Cleveland (0-3), Atlanta (1-3).

            Pitt and Atlanta started backup QBs; Arizona, rookie QB; Cleveland was/is a dumpster fire.

            Next set of road games will be more telling. IMO, we lose at SF, Philadelphia, LA, Carolina. We’ll struggle at home against Minnesota, SF. Confident we can beat Arizona at home. 1-6 is not unrealistic, but I’ll optimistically predict 3-4, for our last 7.

    • Jamho3

      I’d take 3-2 right now, but I would’ve been scared to cut Sherm. As it is if SEA wins @ either LA or Santa Clara and takes care of home that’s 5-1 in division. All 7 games matter as they’re all in the NFC as an unimportant but meaningful aside the average NFL mvp over the last 8 years is right around 13 wins. All 7 games matter a great deal.

  39. Kingdome1976

    The Niners had the 2nd pick in the draft last year and had what? 1 or 2 wins? How are they basically the best team in the league after being one of the worst? They have the same coach and most of the same staff and players.

    Is Jimmy-G that good? Is a rookie DE(Bosa) really so good that he makes a team the best from the worst in one year? What am I missing here? Has the schedule been soft?

    Somebody please explain to me how this incredible turnaround in one year can happen.

    • Rob Staton

      Well yeah, if you lose your QB for the season that can have a major impact. Plus they have spent money and high picks building a team. Now it has come together.

    • Kelly

      They had a lot of talent last year. I picked them to win the division over the Rams until Garopolo went down. When you have a talented team already and they end up with the #2 pick in each round of the draft due to injuries they are going to get a lot better and quick. Plus they added Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander in Free Agency. Armstead, Bosa, Buckner, Ford, Thomas. That’s 5 first round picks playing for the D-line. Is there any other team in the league who has been able to make that kind of investment?

      • Kingdome1976

        You picked them last year to win the division because of so much talent they had over the Rams? I certainly didn’t.

        Well I guess it seems pretty easy so let’s go hawks for next year. I assume we all think JS is a better GM right? I think Clowney is just as good as Ford and if we get a high profile bookend well then we are back in it baby. Last year Reed had 10 sacks and how many did Armstead have…about the same or less? Thomas doesn’t seem like he is really that great but what do I know anyway.

        So simple. Just so simple.

        • Kelly

          Yes last year I picked them to win the division. I picked them to win our division this year before the season started. Secondly yes it is simple. They have accumulated high draft picks, signed a QB, and gotten good talent in free agency not too mention the hiring of Kyle Shanahan.
          I think Pete and John are one of the best Coach/GM combos in the NFL and I hope Pete stays as long as he wants to. I wouldn’t ever want that to change. That is why I am looking forward to this upcoming draft and believe we could become a Super Bowl contender should they draft well enough.
          Definitely looking forward the second half of this season. Should the defense make any strides whatsoever then this team could work some magic. Pete Carroll teams have always gotten better as the season goes on. Let’s hope that trend continues. Thankfully we have a late bye this year so hopefully that will help energize the team down the stretch.

    • Volume12

      Losing their QB, adding instant impact pieces on defense, good scheming. Most important? Look at the QBs they’ve faced this year.

      Jameis Winston
      Andy Dalton
      Mason Rudolph
      Baker Mayfield
      Jared Goff
      Case Keenum
      Kyle Allen
      Kyler Murray

      They haven’t played down to the level of their opponent.

  40. Trevor

    Maxx Crosby is an impressive looking rookie for the Raiders. Love the motor. Its hard to evaluate those small school guys who dominate like he did at Eastern Michigan but he certainly looks like a 4th round steal so far.

  41. Tecmo Bowl

    Wish we had drafted Max Crosby with the Barton pick. He flashes every game for the Raiders-looks better than Farrell.

  42. charlietheunicorn

    Everything says the 49ers will win MNF

    and pretty much when that happens the opposite occurs in the NFL.


  43. Trevor

    If Richie Incognito was not such a complete lunatic off the field he could have been a HOF caliber player. He is still really good and the reason that Oakland OL has done a 360 this year.

    Duane Brown had that type of impact on the Hawks OL and He is a big reason Russ has really taken another huge step forward. I was never an Ifedi fan or hater but I think he has played well this year. I think if the Hawks can get him resigned for $10 mil /yr or less then you do that deal. I also think Fant has value as a swing OT and TE so would be nice to see him back as well.

    That’s why I think OL will be a low priority for the Hawks again in this years draft. They can release Fluker and Britt if they wish to pay Ifedi and slide Jones in at RG where he has looked awesome. Then let Hunt and Pocic fight it out for the C spot.

    • Jamho3

      If you get a chance check the ages and salaries as a percentage of SEA’s 2020 cap you might feel differently. OL issues loom large.

      • Rob Staton

        OL issues don’t loom large.

        They’ve done a good job fitting in veteran’s and will no doubt continue that if/when that’s needed.

  44. Henry Taylor

    Chase Young out this week and facing an indefinite suspension for an ‘NCAA’ issue…

    I’ll be very sad if that’s the case, I was all in for a different team to win the National Championship this year, and Young has been a blast to watch.

    • Mike

      I know the Hawks would never do this..but would anybody else consider trading all of our draft picks this year for the right to draft Chase Young?? I think I pair Young with a newly resigned Clowney…use the rest of our cap room to sign some vets at positions of relative weakness…I like our SB chances the next few years.

      • Paul Cook

        No, I don’t see PC/JS pulling a “Ricky Williams” trade. I suppose they could consider trading up in the draft for someone they might covet using draft capital, but not something like that.

        • Mike

          Yeah I know they wouldn’t..but my thinking is that the Hawks don’t really need another fresh batch of rookies competing for a few spots at the bottom of the roster next year..they need 2-3 impact players immediately..and I see Young as a generational talent at a position of dire need.

          • Paul Cook

            I’m with you on the quality over quantity idea as concerns the next draft or two. We need some difference makers, especially on the defensive side of the ball. As someone, for instance, remarked about trading 3 first round picks to move up to get a potentially elite edge rusher, would you trade Penny, Ifedi, and Collier for a potentially elite defensive end? If nothing else, it serves as an interesting thought experiment.

            • Rob Staton

              You can’t look at it that way though. It’s selective to list Penny, Ifedi and Collier. What if you’re giving up Okung, Earl and Bruce? What if your next two first round picks end up being legendary players?

              Look at other teams who traded the house thinking they needed quality not quantity? How did the RGIII trade work out for example?

              Mortgaging your future on one player — a rookie no less — is not wise. If you were advocating trading two first round picks for Khalil Mack or Jalen Ramsey, that’s different. But trading three first round picks on an unproven rookie is just a recipe for disaster.

              • Paul Cook

                I get your reasoning. You never know for sure what picks are going to pan out in terms of of the draft capital you spent on them. Think Tom Brady and Ryan Leaf.

                I was more thinking that we’re going to have to take a few real shots at getting a few difference makers this off-season. In other words, you’re going to have to give up a lot to get something of high potential value.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think they have to be aggressive to an extent but I don’t think trading up is the answer. There’s only really one or two players they can do that for — Delpit and Young. Three first round picks to do that would be a titanic sized gamble. They’d be better off trading one first rounder for a proven vet or spending some money in FA. At least that way you’re not screwing the franchise if one rookie doesn’t work out.

                  • Paul Cook

                    I know. I read your stuff. You’re my new draft and talent guru. 🙂

                    • Rob Staton


                      Thanks for reading

              • McZ

                It’s 8 years down the drain that they have drafted that kind of talent with their first pick.
                Currently, I’m more inclined to trade up, especially if we could end up with a Kinlaw-type of player.

                The price limit is reached, when we could get a Curtis Weaver or Jon Greenard plus Okwara instead of such a deal.

                And even then, as we discussed when Khalil Mack was traded, the right player could instantly turn around this defense. I just hope, that PCJS have realized, how much work they will need.

                • Rob Staton

                  No it isn’t eight years down the drain. Come on guys, let’s not resort to fake news to try and argue a point.

                  Eight years ago they drafted James Carpenter who is still in the league and has had a fine career and was part of our Super Bowl team. Bruce Irvin in 2012 has had an excellent career. They didn’t have first round picks in 2013, 2014 or 2015. Their 2016 pick, Germain Ifedi, is a lot better than most people are prepared to accept because he’s a scapegoat. It’s far too soon to judge Collier or Penny.

                  Besides, any trade up might include second or third round pick(s). So you could equally argue you’re trading away the next Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett, Jarran Reed or D.K. Metcalf.

                  • McZ

                    In the years after 2012, how many Seahawks drafted in that timeframe have reached a ProBowl?

                    2010-2012 saw 7 pro bowl players, all with multiple appearances. After 2012, only 2, with one appearance each, and both special teamers.

                    That is a notable reduction in top talent.

                    Do you really think, at the time where the Seahawks were able to pick, that Christine Michael, pRich, Malik McDowell, Rashaad Penny, Germain Ifedi or LJ Collier where the most talented or even best matching guys available?

                    • Rob Staton

                      1. Pro-Bowls are a nonsense gauge on what constitutes a good pick.

                      2. Since 2012 they’ve only spent three first round picks. One of them can’t even qualify for the pro-bowl because his rookie season hasn’t finished.

                      3. Yes I fully believed Michael, Richardson, McDowell, Penny, Ifedi and Collier completely justified their pick placing. Regular readers of the blog will know the deal with these guys — and the others they didn’t take — because we covered them all extensively during the college season and draft season.

                      Just stop with this now.

    • Volume12

      Because he took a loan from a family friend to cover living expenses? College rules are so damb outdated.

      • Paul Cook

        I think most know the rules are outdated. It’s just hard to figure out how to change them. It kind of seems un-American to me to prevent college athletes from making money based upon their name/brand. What’s the true justification for that? When you really think about it, it doesn’t make sense.

    • Bigten

      This surely doesn’t affect his draft stock does it?

  45. Simo

    As always, enjoyed the piece Rob! You keep churning out one great read after another, and each seems to generate excellent discussion among the followers. Love reading the responses almost as much as the article!!

    Although its important to think about the 2020 team, and improving the pass rush in particular, it may be worthwhile to discuss what can be done to improve the pass rush over the remaining seven games (plus playoffs) this season.

    Have heard some talk about inserting Shaquem into the lineup on obvious passing situations. Is that a move that could help, or is he just not capable of consistent pass rush in the NFL?

    What if they move Kendricks to LEO, again in obvious pass situations and play more nickel with Diggs? Is this a recipe for more speed rush and better pass coverage?

    Have also heard about picking up D Moore, Jordan, others? off the unemployed list. Could any of them provide more rush than Ansah?

    The Hawks don’t have to become the best pass rushing team in the league, they just need some measured improvement over the remaining games.

    Other thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Unfortunately I think their goose is cooked. There are things they could try and do but none are particularly appealing or seem like a solution. They’ve got to hope that Jarran Reed can step up and find top form and that they get just enough from Clowney, Ansah, Jefferson and the linebackers. They’ll need creative blitzing and they need to get home when they blitz. But this season is going to be on Russell to outscore opponents. And that’s why they’ve added Josh Gordon. They know how it is.

      • Simo

        Agree, they know how it is, they just don’t want to talk about it publicly!!

        Do you think there might be any interest on the Hawks part if AB is actually cleared by the NFL to play? Not sure how much truth there was in the rumors of their interest. Or what about interest in Dez Bryant, who’s planning to comeback? Would either of these guys be a better option than Josh Gordon, as it’s clear we’re only going as far as the offense takes us this year!!

        • Rob Staton

          I think AB’s latest outburst has finished him off. Fingers crossed Josh Gordon can have an impact.

      • McZ

        Could signing Robert Nkemdiche to a proove it deal help?

        • Rob Staton

          No, that guy is finished.

    • astro.domine

      It does look like Dion Jordan has dedicated himself to playing again, based on his social media.
      He might be able to provide a spark.

      I believe his suspension ends after next week? Wonder if the Hawks have their eye on him.

  46. Paul Cook

    You gotta figure that JG must know that he not only is running out of time and opportunities in his career, but that he’s also landed in about the best possible place to resurrect it. I mean, if not here then where? If not now, then when? He either wants it, or not. He either tames his demons, or can’t. This is real endgame stuff for him.

    • Simo

      It definitely does have the feel of a “last chance” for Josh, but he’s been suspended and come back several times already in his career, so who knows, he may not be thinking its his last opportunity to make the NFL work out.

      It’s really interesting that we (Rob included) are pinning so much of our hopes of second half and playoff success on a player like Gordon. Or AB or Dez Bryant for that matter! All three are misfits, cast offs, or even serious problem children.

      I really wish there was some way to improve the pass rush and defense in general, instead of having to hope Gordon behaves himself and is more productive than Brown or Moore! Ugh!

  47. Largent80

    Reed missed 6 weeks of play. Even though he was in camp, that’s a month and a half. to expect him to pick up last years form is unreasonable. However, if last year wasn’t a one off, then I would think that having 3 games under his belt, he’s going to show something he hasn’t so far this year.

    Would be nice to get Jefferson back on the field this week. Also would be nice to see Diggs play. He played corner starting out his NFL career but has excelled at S. Taylor leaves a lot to be desired at slot CB so maybe he could slide in there for some plays?

    Shaqueem Griffin starred at UCF rushing the passer yet this team has not done it once with him…I’m not getting that since he was good at it and Seattle is almost dead last in sacks…..Can they actually try something different or are they ok with being dreadful?

    • Simo

      Sure, we can all give Reed a pass so far, but he better show some improvement very soon! He’s also in a contract year, so needs to put some good games out there in a hurry!

      I agree that Pete and Ken need to try something different, anything different! What have they got to lose right now by running Shaquem out there on passing downs? Why not put Kendricks at LEO and insert Diggs into the nickel CB role? Or pick up Jordan, Damontre Moore, anyone!! They obviously know the lack of pass rush and QB pressures is holding this team back, and will be the death of the team if not improved. Sure, there’s not a lot of great options right now, but at least try something!!

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