Jarran Reed stays in Seattle & other notes

I’ve just woken up to see the big news from last night so here’s some thoughts…

— The Seahawks placed a big emphasis on culture, fit and familiarity. It’s not a surprise to see Jarran Reed return. At the combine John Schneider talked of his importance and value in the locker room.

— The deal is a good one for both parties. The Seahawks are not committing major money on a long term contract but they keep a key player at their biggest area of need. Reed gets a decent salary and can reach the market again in two years. Win-win. A good start to free agency.

— Either way, the success and failure of this free agency period wasn’t resting with Reed. They need to improve the pass rush. On day one hardly any of the top pass rushers left the market. That could be a good sign — is it colder than many anticipated? Or is it just slow to get going? We’ll find out soon. But the last time the market was chillier than expected the Seahawks landed Bennett and Avril.

— Luke Willson joins Jacob Hollister in returning to Seattle. Suddenly, the Seahawks have an army of tight ends. Clearly they are placing a lot of emphasis on the position. For that reason, I’m loathe to totally rule out them adding another (eg Hunter Bryant) in the draft. After injuries hammered the position in 2019, it seems like they’re taking no chances in 2020. Yet their moves so far could easily be inspired by the weak draft at the position.

— As noted earlier — it’s probably a good thing Jadeveon Clowney is biding his time.

— Can anyone remember a few weeks ago when Field Gulls decided to write a long article saying there’s absolutely no way Minnesota would trade Stefon Diggs for a first round pick in the 20’s?

— Today is a big reminder to all of the people who dismiss trade suggestions during the lull between the end of the season and free agency starting. Deals are always unlikely until they happen. And they happen all the time. It’s best to stay open minded. Because next year nobody will anticipate the equivalent of DeAndre Hopkins for a second and David Johnson, Calais Campbell for a fifth or Stefon Diggs for a first and change.

— The Dallas Cowboys had a good 2-3 years in terms of front office decisions. Allowing Dak Prescott’s contract to run down, getting into a potential Kirk Cousins situation with him on the tag and being forced to give Amari Cooper $20m a year to stop him going anywhere else is… an error.

— The 49ers retained Arik Armstead on a big contract and then paid out to keep Jimmie Ward. They also acquired the #13 pick but lost DeForest Buckner. That’s an exciting first day for the Niners but I’m not sure it makes them better.

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  1. Benjamin I. DAVIS

    Love the Reed signing! Great price too. I’d love to see us grab another RB in the draft, I just hope it’s not with our 1st rd pick. Maybe there’s somebody they like in the mid rounds.

    Secondly I guarantee they’ll take another OLineman this year just like I did last year. Losing Fant sucks, but I had a feeling it was bound to happen with him being so effectively cersatile.


      At this point with Moore, Hollister, Willson & Reed back in the fold we can now focus on the draft and wether or not Clowney stays or goes. If he stay great! If he goes fine.

      This is who I would like our picks to be used if we don’t try and trade up for LB Simmons, which I’m totally down for doing.

      1. RT Wilson
      2a. DT Davis or LT Cleveland
      2b. DT Davis or LT Cleveland
      3. DE Weaver for the LEO or BPA

      Wilson is a plug & play at RT. Davis is the same at DT. Cleveland will be the LT of the future, but for now will be used at the swing tackle and Blocking TE because of his athleticism like Fant was. Weaver if still there at the 3rd round pick would be a bonus but highly doubtful. If we come away from the draft with those first three guys I would ecstatic. Excited to see what will happen from here on out.

      • Rob Staton

        We’re one day into free agency. It’s not Clowney and then focus on the draft. It’s Clowney, let’s see what value we can get from the deep pool of remaining pass rushers, sign a veteran hedge at RT, see if there’s value anywhere else then the draft.

        • SMSCOUG

          Obviously yes, let’s look at the deep FA pool of players before the draft. Sorry Rob, I should’ve made more sense with that previous post.

          If Clowney goes then PCJS will make decisions on what to do at both DE spots. I personally would like Marcus Golden on a 2 year deal for the LEO with a draft prospect either this year or next. You’re not excited about Golden which you discussed with me the other day. That’s fine but he could be a low cost hedge at the LEO if we can’t sign one of the other bigger named rush DE’s. We have Collier and Green for the 5Tech. Not glamorous but that’s what we have.

          I think we can find our future long term tackle solutions in this draft. Let’s go get them. If we trade up for Simmons we can still get the OL prospects we need, just not maybe the guys I want. Besides Glenn as a RT hedge, I’m not too hyped about any of the other remaining FA’s out there besides bringing back Ifedi for similarity. Just my opinion. Looking forward to the rest of FA.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s not so much that I don’t like Golden. He’s just not the LEO profile.

            • Greg Haugsven

              We need to sign two pass rushers so I agree its not just focus on the draft and if Clowney goes whatever. If he goes we need to find a way to obtain two good rushers.

  2. SoCal12

    Free agency seems to be about retaining our own so far, which while it isn’t sexy or flashy is a valid strategy that’s worked for us so far. PCJS seem to really like this group of guys they have and retaining that continuity and culture will do more than people give it credit for. I’m certain they have a plan in the upcoming days to try and put us over the top.

    • Rob Staton

      It will be about adding too. None of the key pass rushers are off the market.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        Not even Arik Armstead? Which was a stroke of genius move. Getting rid of a sorely needed DL for Seattle put of the division for #13 overall pick, to create signing room for one of you’re own.

        What do you say in England? Bullocks!

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          Out of the Division***

        • Rob Staton

          Armstead, IMO, always felt like a plan B if Clowney left. Not a great pass rusher really. More of a 5T.

          It’s bollocks — and really it’s about time that word travelled. Because it’s a fantastic and highly useful term.

      • SoCal12

        Yup Griffen, Fowler, Quinn all still on the table and Yannick is very likely traded. I have a good feeling we’re gonna see one these guys added soon.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    I can’t decide if I think HOU got too little for Hopkins or if BUF paid too much for Diggs. Just kidding. I think both.

    You were way out front of everyone else about Diggs being traded for a R1 pick. And as much as he’d make a great addition to the WR group, I’m glad SEA didn’t make the trade. Especially considering how much BUF paid.

    Signing Reed is a good start to FA. The contract is fair for both sides. He’s a core player at the position group of greatest need. He’s a locker room leader. PC said resigning him was a priority. Check.

    Clowney next!

    • Rob Staton

      I would’ve only been interested in a Diggs trade if they could get the pass rush sorted too. Until that’s done — everything else is/was secondary.

  4. Rob Staton

    Quick note to point out Tony Pauline reported weeks ago:

    — Seattle’s priority to keep Reed
    — New York’s interest in George Fant

    • Trevor

      I don’t always agree with Tony’s draft grades but as a league insider he has proved to be one of the best over years that is for sure. Hopefully you can do another podcast with him this year leading up to the draft.

    • Sea Mode

      And you’d better bet he’ll let everyone know about it on Twitter too… ☺️

      • Greg Haugsven

        Funny Sea Mode, as good as he is with his insider stuff he isnt very humble about being right…lol

  5. Trevor

    I thought the Browns had the best day of any team outside of the Cardinals theft of Hopkins.

    Singing Hooper and Conklin to lucrative but not crazy $ deals adds two really solid character guys who while not dominant are really good at two positions of big need for the Browns. If they can get a LT in the draft that offense is going to be scary.

    • Sea Mode

      How the Cardinals managed to simultaneously dump David Johnson’s salary and rob the Texans of Nuke is still beyond me. Either one of those would have been bad enough for HOU on its own, but both in one day? Blows my mind.

      Hope nobody else decides to bail out the Rams from Gurley’s contract like that. Gosh, the NFCW is hard enough as it is, folks.

      • Uncle Bob

        I share your hope on Gurley, but his well reported knee issues coupled with CV driven restrictions on med evals will likely limit the market for him. Then again, there’s always at least one crazy GM out there it seems. The Rams will likely have to eat some cap hit to unload him, so only gain limited relief. We can hope anyway…..

      • Hawk Mock

        Hopefully the BOB doesn’t double down on crazy

    • Trevor

      Love what the Hawks have done at TE. They have secured the position with Veterans on short term deals so now they can avoid having to draft a TE in this weak class and address the position early in next years class which is stacked. Means they don’t need to rush Dissly back as well.

      Rob you mention the importance of fit in the locker room and chemistry. Clearly they brought back Willson primarily for this reason and I like the move.

      • Rob Staton

        Again, I wouldn’t make this assumption at all.

        They’ve signed Willson, presumably with no strings, and tendered Hollister for one year. On top of that, Olsen is a one-year rental. Dissly has to prove he can stay healthy.

        They’ve secured themselves, IMO, because they probably only like one TE in this class. Doesn’t mean they won’t take him given a chance.

        • Michael Hasslinger


          Willson is now able to train with the team. He may be a cut prior to season, and then brought back week 2. Same with David Moore.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Do we know how much guaranteed money Willson has? I dont know if they have ever kept four TE’s on the roster before. He might be a hedge against Dissly starting the year on the PUP.

        • Bliptai

          I’m hoping that TE is Bryant and I’m hoping you’re right!

  6. Sea Mode

    Solid start so far by the Hawks. The real test though is soon to come. I have faith PC/JS will do what it takes. They always do, or at least go down swinging.

    Keep Ifedi or sign a hedge at RT in the second wave.
    Retain Clowney and grab him a partner like Fowler or Griffen.
    Make an offer to Dorsett as a speedy WR3.
    Cut KJ and extend Britt to lower his cap hit.

    Go BPA in the draft, whether that be a splash move for Isaiah Simmons or loading up in the trenches.

  7. DaviidinBellingham

    Rob, not necessarily your exact area of expertise, but what is your take on Bill O’Brien’s trades these last two off seasons- taken as as whole? Did we and the Cardinals (perhaps among others) get the better of him in those trades or was he just getting value for players that were soon to exit anyways? I would enjoy reading your opinion, if you will offer it.
    Again, thanks for the blog and your great work. I visit this site more than any other.

    • Rob Staton

      I think both the Clowney and Hopkins trades were poorly executed.

      I think the Tunsil deal made sense given the dearth of LT’s but even that was botched because you HAVE to have an extension ready to roll right off the bat.

      Being a GM requires a specific skill set. Being a Head Coach requires a specific skill set. You can’t do both. Bill O’Brien has clearly convinced Houston he can do it the way Belichick does it. But Belichick is a legendary coach and had Tom Brady. That creates opportunity, the ability to let off-season’s come to you, plan around fit and culture and move on quickly from mistakes. They’re the exception not the rule.

      If he wants to continue doing this he needs a proper lieutenant.

      • DavidinBellingham

        Thanks for taking time to respond. I just realized I picture you surrounded by teleprinters and ticker tape type devices, wearing a green visor. I know it’s incorrect, but…

    • GerryG

      I’m no expert, but, holy smokes this Hopkins trade is right up there with the biggest blunders I have ever seen.

      To me, he is arguably a top 10 player in the NFL. He is incredible. If he wants a new contract, and is not getting along with the coach, ok, I guess you consider moving on. Figure out how he can bring in some serious draft capital. Get rid of him and acquire a top 5 RB, on a rookie contract, and a pick ok. But an expensive RB who has done nothing the last year or two? Bollacks (did I spell that right??)

      • DavidinBellingham

        Thanks for your take on it, Gerry. That Arizona offense could just ignite this year.

      • God of Thunder

        Nope, spelling wise you bollocksed it up. 😂

        But not as badly as Bill O’Brien. GMs should put him on speed dial, and anytime they are about to trade a player, give him a quick ring before they trade.

  8. Ghost Mutt

    Good to see the Colts and Dolphins spend a lot of cash and fill some needs – two of the teams heavily mentioned in all of the Clowney predictions.

    Fins signed two DEs and Colts broke the bank for Buckner. Looking more like the Colts sign Rivers too, which will likely be short term and tough to spread out the cap hit.

    Maybe the Giants and the Bills left as our main competition? I’m hopeful we get him over the line today with a similar APY to the Buckner deal (5 years, 105, 65 guaranteed).

    • DavidinBellingham

      Spend that money, Colts and Dolphins!
      Though if Clowney does go elsewhere, I would prefer an AFC team.

  9. SoCal12

    Looks like Brady’s out of New England. This year just keeps getting wilder.

    • DavidinBellingham


    • Aaron

      The Evil Empire is dead!!! Woot Woot!!!

      • Kingdome1976

        Just sit and watch the dark lord do it with Dalton. Would it diminish Brady if Belichick wins super bowls with Dalton?

        • God of Thunder

          Yes it would.

          Btw what’s Stidham like? Anyone watch him in college?

  10. ChrisClem

    If we are going for a FA for the right tackle spot, who would you rather have: Cordy Glenn, Bulaga or Ifedi?

    Glenn is more of a LT, isn’t he? And better at pass blocking than run blocking, which doesn’t scream Seahawks. I think Bulaga would be interesting, but it depends on the price I guess. Ifedi is frustrating player, but I think that he gets more hate than he probably deserves.

    • Hawk Finn

      Bulaga has short arms. Don’t think he’d fit the profile

      • Coleslaw

        He’s a proven player ala proven his arm length doesn’t matter. People can be good without that extra 1/2 inch arm length. Its ridiculously overrated. Every year we see a “T-Rex” come into the league and prove everyone wrong.

        • Rob Staton

          Not really.

      • Coleslaw

        That kind of rhetoric is exactly why Russell Wilson fell to round 3.

      • ChrisClem

        He has +33 inch arms though, so even if they are a bit on the shorter side I’m not that worried. And also, like Coleslaw said, he has proven that it’s not a big problem for him. I understand that for some guys it is an issue, but when a guy has a proven track record, an inch doesn’t matter to me.

    • Simo

      Stay away from Bulaga. His arm length may or may not be an issue to PC/JS, but his injury history should definitely be considered. There’s better options if Ifedi walks!

  11. drewdawg11

    The whole arm length thing is all fine a good when judging prospects, but let’s look at head to head performance in the NFL. Bulaga >>> Ifedi. Not saying I want to pursue him, but it’s really not an issue at this stage.

    • ChrisClem

      How much higher would you go to get Bulaga though?

      • Thomas Wells

        Not dredawg11 but I would only sign Bulaga if he was significantly cheaper than Idefi. Bulaga has missed a lot of games with injuries over the years and he is about to turn 31. For all his faults (which are exaggerated by many) Ifedi is durable and young.

  12. Von

    Jordan Phillips to the Cardinals

    • Sea Mode

      Drafting Cesar Ruiz becoming more appealing by the day as the NFCW loads up on the DL…?

      • Von

        He is for me. I’ve been saying release Britt and use that $$ for the defense.

    • Sebastian

      PFF has no love for him. Rated him as 103 out of 113 qualifying DT‘s. Let‘s See how this will work out.

    • CaptainJack

      Was not a huge fan of his. Hope I’m right and he’s not that good.

  13. ScottB

    Not trying to start a fight but technically the Field Gulls article didn’t say that at all. In fact, after arguing they had no NEED to trade Diggs before the Griffen opt-out date it stated that the Vikings may in fact trade him if the compensation was good – after that date (and assuming Griffen opted-out). It then went on and detailed why the compensation would be high (1st and 2nd or comparable other picks). I read content from both that site and this site – and find some I agree with and some I disagree with on both sites. I also appreciate all the work and passion writers and commenters of both sites put into their craft. I just wish arguments were represented accurately during the ‘debate’.

    • Rob Staton

      Sorry Scott but you’re wrong I’m afraid.

      The piece said the Vikings wouldn’t trade Diggs for a first round pick and change. I know this, because I had to use Amari Cooper going for a R1 (#27) to Dallas as an example of precedent when challenged by the writers on that site. It mocked the idea of proposing a Diggs trade — not just the timing of any trade. The words ‘they would have zero need to trade Diggs’ were used (missing the point). It was suggested the compensation for a deal would be ‘enormous’ (it wasn’t). That 31 teams would be scrambling to get him (turns out it was three).

      So I agree — I wish arguments were represented accurately too.

      • Gaeleck

        “In short, Seahawks fans can feel free to dream about the Vikings trading Diggs, but the likelihood of that actually happening are very slim. Especially in any trade with terms resembling the ideas that have been publicly proposed.”

        This quote from said piece seems to imply that the author poopooed Rob’s suggested compensation.

        Also mentioned in the same “article”…

        “I have a hard time imagining Andy Reid passing up the opportunity to send a first and a second and then some to Minnesota.”

        • Rob Staton

          It also said the comp would need to be ‘enormous’, that ’31 teams would be driving up the price (three called Minnesota, apparently), that there was no chance of him going for my suggested compensation (first + change).

          It was an unnecessary article that didn’t need to be written. But it was. It wasn’t a good look. And I think Field Gulls suffered for it.

          • Brian

            I quit visiting FG over a year ago. Much better analysis here.

            • Ben Ft. Worth

              I quit visiting all Seattle SB Nation the same as you. Not a fan of their community or news style. This is the best there is. If only there was one just like it for my Mariners and LSU Tigers. 😢

        • ScottB

          Seems to me you’re arguing apples/oranges. Rob’s suggested trade was for Griffen/Diggs for a 1st – John argued that was way too light – turns out, for that trade, it probably was (I say probably b/c it’s a trade that didn’t actually happen). The bottom line argument of that article was:

          1. Diggs doesn’t need to be traded until after the Griffen decision (turned out to be true)
          2. Griffen would opt out (turned out to be true)
          3. The compensation for Diggs would be high (turned out to be not as high as he thought – but again he was referencing the Diggs/Griffen for a 1st only – which didn’t happen)

          We may just have to agree to disagree. I just don’t see the need to argue ones point with all the vitriol and ‘calling out’ – on both sides. Having said that, Rob, I appreciate all that you do with this site. I read every day, have for the last 4-ish years, and will continue to do so. Your work on the draft is without comparison for sure. Thanks.

          • ScottB

            Sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to Gaeleck specifically – but is germane to the whole argument.

          • Rob Staton

            Sorry Scott but the point I made was Field Gulls said a trade wouldn’t happen.

            We’ve provided direct quotes where that was said.

            There’s no need to agree to disagree. It’s fine to accept that they said what they said and we’ve pointed it out. You could even go a further step and acknowledge that article was totally unnecessary, but I’ll leave that up to you.

            • ScottB

              So next time you propose a trade will/won’t happen and the opposite happens, I guess we can question the necessity of the article you wrote that contained it? Again, you’re glossing over the finer points – but ok, I’ll leave it at this.

              • Rob Staton

                Wrong again Scott.

                Every year I propose scenarios as talking points. It fills the off season. These are never predictions. We look at possible options and discuss with no commitment to them actually happening.

                There’s a difference between that and writing an unnecessary riposte to one of those proposals, telling everyone there’s no chance of it happening. If you’re going to do that, and get it wrong, you deserve to be called out.

                It’s interesting by the way that you claim to have read this blog for 3-4 years and yet your first and only comments are a staunch defense of Field Gulls. Not suspicious at all… 👀

                • ScottB

                  Alas, I’m not some agent of FG – brainwashed from youth to infiltrate this blog to bring it down or pick fights. I have truly read your blog for that long – disappointing that you wouldn’t take someone at their word and engage in a friendly debate, but would rather question their motives. I truly disagree with you and wanted to express that. In my opinion, that’s the point of these types of forums – maybe I’m wrong on that point? As I stated before, I appreciate the work you do with this blog and will continue to read it in the future.

                  • Rob Staton

                    That’s all fine. I’m sure you can also appreciate that it’s a bit strange. A claim to be a regular, but never post, until the moment comes to defend Field Gulls — which you continue to do.

                    This will be my last word on the matter. I said they claimed a Diggs trade wouldn’t happen. Others presented direct quotes to prove that. There’s nothing else to say really other than to repeat that the article was totally unnecessary and hasn’t done FG any good at all.

    • mishima

      “In short, Seahawks fans can feel free to dream about the Vikings trading Diggs, but the likelihood of that actually happening are very slim. Especially in any trade with terms resembling the ideas that have been publicly proposed.” – Gilbert, Feb 15, 2020

      “It’s also a completely ridiculous proposal. His proposal saves the team $13M while getting rid of two of the team’s best players in exchange for a single first round pick. Alternatively the Vikings can restructure two contracts by filing paperwork with the league to convert base salaries to signing bonus, lose zero of their best players and create $12M in cap space. Which of those options sounds more likely? ” – Comment by Gilbert, Feb 14, 2020

      • Rob Staton


        Definitely no way they’ll lose multiple players for only a first in order to franchise Anthony Harris.

        Oh wait…

        • mishima

          Wrong on every level / mea culpa not forthcoming.

          Gratitude and respect for your professionalism (and occasional snark and humor). Thanks.

      • cha

        One thing he was actually correct about was that Minnesota would extend Cousins to lessen their cap hit.

        But to be fair, it was presented as a savvy/smart move.

        It is not.

  14. Sea Mode

    Pats reportedly were in on both Hopkins and Diggs deals, so definitely still looking for WR help.

  15. Sea Mode

    Albert Breer
    · 3h

    The Bills/Vikings deal came together quickly on Monday. How quickly? The teams touched base on Diggs late afternoon. They traded a few calls back and forth.

    Then, around 9:45 p.m. ET, things heated up. And the deal was done a half-hour later.

    The Bills were one of the teams inquiring on Stefon Diggs in the fall. And they were one of 3 or so reaching out to Minnesota Monday (Diggs didn’t formally ask for a trade).

    Vikings’ model for this trade, I’m told, was the haul they got Percy Harvin in 2013. This one’s similar.

  16. Coleslaw

    Ya know who I really feel bad for? Deshaun Watson.. 5th year option will keep him there until the 2022 offseason and then 3 franchise tags will keep him until 2025… He will be 29 by the time he has a chance to leave Houston… And with his playing style that might be too long to wait.

    • Coleslaw

      29 hitting 30 at the start of the 2025 season too

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t feel that bad for him.

      He still has receivers to throw to and a team that has pumped picks into the O-line.

      They make the playoffs.

      He’s about to be paid an absolute fortune.

    • Jhams

      Has anyone in the history of the league ever actually received three straight franchise tags? I know it’s theoretically possible, but the cap hit is so high afaik it’s never been done. Certainly not for a QB anyway.

  17. Uncle Bob

    The Reed signing is interesting in several ways. He had drawn a line, perhaps a mix of bluster and reality, that $10m would be insulting, yet signed for only slightly more in annual average. When we see the details of the contract it will likely favor the team cap for 2020 at less than $10m leaving room for more acquisitions. The timing is what I like, early in the process. Did Reed’s agent do his job and find that the market was softer than they hoped? Is any softness driven by the CV restrictions and the uncertainty teams feel in discovery for health or character? I can see where there might be some suspicion of Reed on character and performance repeatability (the Seahawks naturally have an advantage on both). With Clowney it is conceivable that he too is finding the market less excited about him than he may have anticipated (again, there may have been a bit of understandable bluster in his recent commentary ). I still think the Bills are the one team that might draw him away if they really value his offerings more than any other alternative. Hopefully he realizes the tax implications of NY state over Wa. that could make a significant difference in real payout.

  18. mishima

    Breaking news: Stephen A. Smith talked to Robert Kraft.

    • Michael P Matherne

      No surprise here. After all they are, “close personal friends”

      • mishima


  19. SonGoku

    Ogbah to the Dolphins, 2 years 15m (Adam Schefter)

    • Henry Taylor

      Dang, I wanted him. And that’s a great price.

  20. mishima

    Tuesday predictions:

    Ifedi re-signs for 4/40 (25m guaranteed).
    Seahawks sign one of Fowler, Quinn, Griffen, Beasley.

    Boredom-19 > conviction.

    • Simo

      I support that deal for Ifedi, who’s at a decent age and has shown improvement throughout his career. This would bring back some of the OL stability Pete spoke so highly about.

      Let’s hope your other prediction comes true as well, although a Beasley signing by itself doesn’t move the needle much, or get anyone very excited. I’ll take any one of the other three though!

  21. Rob4q

    Quarterback carousel – where will they all land? Take a guess!

    Brady – LA Chargers
    Rivers – Indy
    Newton – TB Bucs
    Bridgewater – NE Pats
    Dalton – NO Saints
    Winston – Denver

    • Cameron

      Brady – Bucs
      Rivers – Indy (all but confirmed)
      Newton – Chargers
      Bridgewater – Panthers
      Dalton – Pats
      Winston – Bears

      • Cameron

        Bridgewater to Panthers confirmed, 1/1 so far. 🙂

    • God of Thunder

      Brady – Bucs
      Rivers – Indy
      Bridgewater – Chargers
      Newton – stays put
      Dalton – Denver

    • hawkfaninM

      Brady –TB Bucs
      Rivers – Indy (Why isnt this done yet?)
      Newton – LA Chargers (Panthers won’t trade him in division to Bucs)
      Bridgewater – NE Pats
      Dalton –Cincy (I think him moving has been overblown)
      Winston – Bears

    • Sea Mode

      Brady – Bucs
      Rivers – Colts
      Bridgewater – Panthers
      Newton – Chargers
      Dalton – Patriots

      This will be interesting, though:

      Charles Robinson

      As much as #Chargers ownership wants to chase Tom Brady (and it does), #Panthers Cam Newton fits more of the style/scheme of the QB that has intrigued the coaching staff heading into this offseason. Staff wants a QB that can move and create plays. Ownership wants to sell tickets.

      Also key will probably be whether Brady prefers to play in his home state.

      • Rob4q

        So Bridgewater has interest from the Pats & Panthers…wonder which one he’d prefer? Pats are still a playoff team with maybe the greatest HC of all time while Panthers are in full on rebuild mode!

    • michael

      brady- bucs
      rivers- indy
      newton- bears
      bridgewater- panthers
      dalton- pats
      winston- stealers
      geno- chargers

      • Michael P Matherne

        Rivers – Colts
        Brady – Chargers
        Winston – Patriots
        Dalton – Steelers
        Newton – Bucaneers

  22. J

    Rumor is we signed Isiah Crowell.

    • Rob4q

      That makes a lot of sense and he will fit in well with the Seahawks. He can probably fill in for Penny early on and then compete with Homer for the 3rd down role…

    • SonGoku

      That would probably mean no Jonathan Taylor 🙁

      • Eburgz

        I wouldn’t be so sure about anything based off of low tier FA signings. If we look back to past years some of these moves have turned out to or appear to be draft hedges.

        • Rob Staton


          Any low level signing is not ‘they solved that position’. It can actually mean, ‘we’re signing this guy now as a hedge/protection’ or ‘we want competition’.

          The only signings to bank on are deals like Jarran Reed. He will start, they won’t replace him. But any cheap, low level additions or retentions… well they’re just that.

      • Spencer Duncan

        Probably not for a lot of money, just a hedge. Like Willson and Hollister, it doesnt rule out them drafting a player they like.

    • Cameron

      Feels like Crowell’s been around forever, but surprised to see he’s only 27.

      • mishima

        Out last year recovering from torn Achilles?

        • Greg Haugsven

          He is 5’11” 225 so our type of back with not alot of miles on him. He was also a starter before so could be a good backup. Lots of small deals right now, just waiting for the bigger pass rush ones.

          • Rob Staton

            Back in the day, Crowell was a huge recruit.

    • Thomas

      I think he is an excellent signing, assuming it is a one year deal at minimal cost. He fits our physical profile and has been productive in the league on a per carry basis. You could do a lot worse than him as a third or fourth back, and a draft hedge is critical given the legitimate health concerns surrounding Carson and Penny and the team’s commitment to the ground game.

  23. CaptainJack

    Crowell is a pretty interesting signing. I had no idea he was still in the league. Doesn’t say great things about Penny’s health.

    • Simo

      I don’t think signing Crowell says anything about Penny’s health. By all accounts Penny is on track with his knee rehab.

      As was said above, Crowell is simply a low risk, low cost hedge signing. He might not even make the final roster, or he might stick as a decent backup. And it still leaves the door wide open to draft Taylor if he falls right in the draft.

    • Davido

      I would not read too much into this. With your RB1 and 2 coming both back from an injury you need an insurance anyways. You don’t want to enter the draft without a single healthy RB.

  24. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Bears are signing pass-rusher Robert Quinn to a 5-year, $70 million contract with $30 million fully guaranteed, agent Sean Kiernan from
    tells me and
    . A new home for the former #Cowboys star after a huge year.
    9:09 AM · Mar 17, 2020

    • CaptainJack

      So Fowler Griffin and Beasley are still out there

    • Spencer Duncan

      Lots of years for a guy turning 30 with some serious injury issues..

    • Sea Mode

      So only $14m/apy and little over 2 years guaranteed. That bodes well for what Fowler might want.

      • Spencer Duncan

        Id love Fowler on that same contract.

        • Sea Mode

          I think ideally they point to that deal and bring in Fowler first at that $14-16m range and then lock down Clowney with $18-20m. (once again, this is “ideally”).

          I think if Fowler sees Clowney get that amount, he’s gonna hold out in hopes of a similar offer.

          • Davido

            Not saying you are wrong with that assumption but to me it would be crazy if Fowler wants to match the money Clowney gets. Clowney is a game changer, Fowler is a nice addition.

            • Sea Mode

              I get where you’re coming from, but Fowler also has way more sack production to leverage. We say sacks aren’t everything, but they are important.

    • cha

      Just a quick and dirty outlook for the Bears cap in 2021

      OTC hasn’t updated any moves yet, but they have $150m committed to 22 contracted players.

      Let’s look at additions and lowball cap hits and give them some credit

      + Jimmy Graham (2yr $16m so let’s call it $8m)
      + Danny Trevathan (3yr $21m so let’s call it $5m)
      + Robert Quinn (5yr $70m so let’s call it $14m)
      + Chase Daniel (3yr $13m so let’s call it $5m)

      That’s $182m committed to 26 contracted players for 2021.

      If they exercise the 5th year option on Trubisky pretty soon, that’s another $22m and puts them at $204m for 27 players.

      Which means they will have (generously) $20-25m for their remaining 28 players, which includes draft picks, injury coverage and play time incentives.

      • J

        Is that with them cutting Leonard Floyd?

        • cha

          He wasn’t on the books for 2021.

  25. drewdawg11

    Welp, here we go. Quinn is off the market to Chicago. Phillips now him. Things are about to get real. Oh, Bears releasing Leonard Floyd now. Wonder how much he’s going to want.

    • Rob Staton

      Not bothered at all by this news about Quinn or Phillips.

      • drewdawg11

        It just means that pass rushers are slowly leaving the marketplace, and also setting the market. That’s a very reasonable deal for Quinn, who was highly productive. What does that say for Fowler’s market? Younger, but not as productive over a larger sample size. What does Clowney deserve? What’s the trade value of Jones and Yannick? No panic, just feels like the logjam is moving along now.

    • Sea Mode

      Floyd fits the physical profile with length and a 1.59 split, but is he only suited for OLB in a 3-4?

      • Rob Staton

        Maybe. He’s not really shown anything as a pass rusher in the NFL. Perhaps a reclamation project if the price is right but who knows what he’ll garner as a free agent.

        • Sea Mode

          Right, and that lack of production was lined up alongside one of the best pass rushers in the league…

          I’m thinking he might shoot for what Miami gave Ogbah. Very similar production.

          Adam Schefter

          Defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah has agreed to terms with the Miami Dolphins on a 2-year deal worth $15M with $7.5M fully guaranteed, @RosenhausSports told ESPN.

  26. Nick

    Leonard Floyd released!


      Is he anything? I saw PFF was favorable to his work, though only 3 sacks. I’m assuming as an edge guy in a 3-4 he should’ve been a threat. Leo potential as a flier?

      • J

        I’m actually thinking as a LB. He hasn’t shown anything rushing but he can do everything else really well.

      • clyles

        I would love to see the hawks take a flyer on him. In the 2nd or 3rd wave of FA. I know he’s been a bust thus far but pure measurables the 1.59 10yd split, 39in vert and 10.5 broad is explosive.

      • Michael P Matherne

        The first thing I said when I saw Floyd at the combine was, “he’s too damn skinny for the NFL.” Does anyone know if he’s bulked up at all since then? Haven’t really seen him since because redzone only shows guys who make plays.

        • off.grid.iron

          He stinks of Barkevious.

  27. Greg Haugsven

    Sure have seen a lot of 3 year $30 million deals.

    • Coleslaw

      Its the new 3 year 24M deap that everyone gets lol

  28. GoHawksDani

    So passrushers still available are: Clowney, Beasley, Fowler, Griffen. Am I missing someone?
    Other than these 4 we might only have some trade options?

    • Rob Staton

      Ngakoue too.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Bruce Irvin though he isnt that exciting but if they wanted to add a bunch of guys he could be in the mix.

      • Sea Mode

        Do you think one of our R2’s would get it done at this point if we wanted him?

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure about that — but the trade market is unpredictable.

  29. Coleslaw

    Quinn got 14M APY. Gotta think Fowler and all the rest of the options get between that and Arik Armsteads 17M. Only one I think will be below 14M is Vic Beasley.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Beasley should be way lower I would guess. Like single digits lower for one year?

    • Lewis

      Seems like great news to me. Teams not breaking the bank for pass rushers should help us.

  30. drewdawg11

    Very true. These deals are all sort of falling in line with one another. So far, the market hasn’t gotten insane. The colts gave the largest AYP to Buckner after the trade, and they kind of had to to grease that thing through. If that’s the standard that Clowney wants, give it to him. I just don’t know if teams want to set records right now, even when they have cap space. Now, more than ever, though it feels as if Clowney PLUS Fowler is completely doable and should be expected. If not… they’re going to have to wreck their draft to acquire the talent.

    Littleton going to the Raiders! Wonder how much room they have to lock Fowler down.

  31. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like Teddy Bridgewater to the Panthers for around 3 years $60 million. So much for leverage trying to trade Cam.

  32. Sea Mode

    Well, I nailed at least one of the QB predictions above:

    Chris Mortensen

    The Panthers and Teddy Bridgewater are negotiating a 3-year contract in the $60 million range, per source. The deal is not done as they work out details but it is expected to be complete when new league year opens Wednesday.

  33. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like the Colts are about to get Rivers as well, not sure on money.

  34. Sea Mode

    Lol. So it begins:


    #AbhorrenceForLawrence 😂


      I gotta commend #abhorrenceforlawrence 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      Well done, sir.

    • cha

      Who are the leaders in the clubhouse?




      The Chargers?

  35. Greg Haugsven

    Raiders get Cory Littleton for 3 years $36 million

  36. Greg Haugsven

    Wonder where Cam Newton will go? I thought the Chargers? But I think that Brady will go there. They wont trade him to the Bucs as thy are in the same division. Maybe Brady to the Bucs and Cam to the Chargers? I just have a feeling that Brady wanted to play in California.

    • Rob4q

      Hard to see Cam fitting into the NE system, but who knows. Arians could make it happen and get him to TB!

      • Thomas Wells

        Not sure Cam still has the arm strength to be a good fit in Arians’ offense

    • Lewis

      Cam is so overrated imo. And coming off injury, I don’t know why anyone would sign him to anything more than a “prove it” deal.

  37. Paul Cook

    We assume Clowney has an initial offer from the Hawks now, right?

    • Sea Mode

      Of course.

      • Paul Cook

        Just a sanity check. :0

    • Simo

      You would certainly think so, and if so, he’s clearly not satisfied and waiting to see if anyone will top it. High stakes game of chicken it seems.

      • Paul Cook

        I don’t know, but maybe his low sack total and perceived injury history is putting a bit of a lid on his market value? We’ll see…

        • Brett

          Possibly working to our advantage … with the rules in place for coronavirus teams can’t fly him in and perform a physical.

  38. Diehard82

    Leonard Floyd just released by Bears after word they are signing Robert Quinn. Floyd should instantly be a cost-effective target for LEO, perhaps on a short-term prove it deal like Bennett and Avril.

    • cha

      Or like Bark Mingo was.


    • Kingdome1976

      I would give him a 1 year 6-8 million prove it deal.

  39. drewdawg11

    Except he hasn’t been a consistent pass rusher with any effectiveness since he was drafted. Injuries and inconsistency, and you want to improve the pass rush my making him the Leo? He’s maybe a KJ replacement someday in that role, but he’s not going to make this team better by playing full-time Leo.

  40. Paul Cook

    Are we going to be disappointed if we don’t come up with Clowney and Fowler/or Ngakoue? What non draft package could come close to equaling that other than a trade out of the blue?

    • Kingdome1976

      Yes. Disappointed.

    • mishima


      Would love Clowney + Fowler, but have been preparing for Reed + 1 for a few weeks. Unless they cut and/or restructure some contracts, I don’t think they’ll commit $40 million to a 5 tech and LEO or spend the draft capital to acquire Ngakoue.

      I think their priority is to re-sign Clowney for around $20 million APY. I would target Fowler or Griffen.

      OK with keeping QJeff and Reed and adding Fowler/Griffen. Target Davis, Okwara, Zuniga, Gay Jr. in draft.

      • Rob Staton

        They will sign a LEO and a 5T. It’s just a question of who.

        • mishima

          Won’t be surprised and glad to be wrong.

  41. drewdawg11

    Absolutely it would be a massive disappointment. However, let’s not try to cushion the fall before there is one. Still several options and of course, the draft. This roster won’t be completed this week. They guys we want are still out there.

    • Paul Cook

      Agreed. From my perspective, I don’t see a misstep or disappointment yet.

      • CaptainJack

        Let it play out.

        It’s early on day 2. Come check back tomorrow and I’m sure we’ll have done something

  42. Kingdome1976

    I still think we end up with Yannick no matter what happens with Clowney.

    • John_s

      I would very much prefer Fowler, but Seahawks may have no other choice but to pursue Yannick

      • Kingdome1976

        I would very much prefer Yannick, but Seahawks may have no other choice but to pursue Fowler

        • dcd2

          It’s not just Fowler or Yannick though. It’s Fowler plus whoever you could get in round 2 for example. So maybe Fowler and Zuniga plus probably a little cap space.

          • John_s

            *ding ding ding ding*. 🙂

            • dcd2

              Hey John, I hope you caught my apology from a couple of weeks back. My bad on that one.

              • John_s

                I haven’t been on for a while.

                It’s all good DCD2. No harm, no foul 🙂

  43. drewdawg11

    Isiah Crowell a Seahawk?

    • CaptainJack

      That was from Ian Furness, but I haven’t heard anything confirmed besides that they were in talks with him today.

  44. BoiseSeahawk

    Which team do you think will be the first to use extra TP rolls as a bargaining chip?
    Even players gotta wipe.
    Plus we have Costco so we could really put together a nice deal.

    • Rob Staton

      $17m APY
      $40m guaranteed
      Seven rolls

      “Where do I sign?”

      • BoiseSeahawk

        That’s what I’m talkin bout.
        But those rolls better be guaranteed?

        • mishima

          Single ply.

      • MyChestIsBeastmode

        Extra soft – none of that cheap sh*t they use at the airports.

    • Michael P Matherne

      Anyone still using TP is unevolved. Bidet all the way.

      • Kingdome1976

        Where I live we are literally down to using leaves.

        • Roger Davis

          Leaves! That would be pure luxury – I live in a spruce forest. My wife calls our TP and me the same thing – little pricks.

          • mishima

            Spruce! Pure bliss.

            I live in the land of rock and sand and have been using UV rays for weeks. Quite time consuming.

    • Chris

      Depends on the type of roll. If it’s 1-ply, pass. 3-ply all the way.

  45. drewdawg11

    I just heard these guys on NFL network finally taking time away from Brady-palooza and Joe Thomas literally said he thought the cowboys would sign Clowney because “they just lost Quinn”. Umm.. they couldn’t afford him anymore. They just tagged Dak and he wants much more than his cap number. Just gave cooper $20 million per season. What the heck?

    • mishima

      LOL. Dallas is my dark horse team to sign Clowney.

    • Yimba

      Dallas Reddit are saying they have around 30 mill after restructuring zekes and colins contract

  46. Michael P Matherne

    I can’t wait for Brady to FINALLY not play in the easiest division in the league

    • Kingdome1976

      a torturous 20 years indeed

      • JJ

        What if he signs with the Dolphins?

        • Michael P Matherne

          That would be even better, if for no other reason than for the pretty boy to be forced into the ugliest uniforms in the NFL

    • BoiseSeahawk

      And to finally see what Bill can do without him too

  47. CaptainJack

    There are rumors flying around that John Schneider is trying to trade for Matt Judon of the ravens.

    This is ANOTHER under the radar guy I LOVED pre draft. Along with Hargraeves and Maxx Crosby.

    Time to make me a GM already (I jest but…. I am available).

    • Greg Haugsven

      Judon is just ehh for me. He would be expensive with not much production.

      • Simo

        Agreed! Judon can be part of a solution though, if the price is right.

      • Von

        I agree. He’s going to get more than he’s worth. I think Baltimore may get stuck w/ him honestly.

    • HawkfaninMT

      So there’s definitely two avenues in this period to add pass rush help (trade and FA)…

      In term of trade we have seen rumors about

      If price is the same, I prefer Ngoukou to Judon myself. But I feel like the price may be a bit steeper after the last two days move for him. Ravens have added pieces to their defense possibly making Judon more expendable, while the Jags have let players go meaning their need for Ngakoue is even greater.

      I feel like Judon could be had for a 2, while Ngakoue would possibly cost a 1st. In this case, I suppose I would rather Judon.

      But are either of these players that much better than FA options like Fowler and Griffen? I’m just not so sure they are

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t pay a R2 for Judon. Big no on that IMO.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Led the league in sacks after first contact (clean-up). Next was Fowler. Red flags for both, imo.

          • Michael P Matherne

            To be fair, how many Clowney-induced pressures would have ended in sacks last season if we’d only had a “clean-up” guy?

    • drewdawg11

      Where are the rumors? Let’s try to get to the source of these things while we are sharing. Who said it?

      • Ghost Mutt

        It was Corbin Smith – this SI article referenced it:

        I’d hate to see us trade for him to be honest, was surprised the Ravens tagged him and assumed they’d be on the hook for the cost.

        • Simo

          Not so sure they’re on the hook for him if they don’t want to be, think they can just rescind the tag unless or until he actually signs it. Its a gamble for the Ravens if they don’t really see him as part of their team this year, but they are obviously trying to recoup some draft stock for him.


      Where do you hear these rumors coming from? I am not very excited by Judon, personally. And wonder what kind of contract he’s seeking.

  48. MyChestIsBeastmode

    A few various things.

    1. Request for Rob – can you continue to update us on available cap space as terms for our various deals be made available?

    2. Prediction – I think we get Ngokue for a 2nd rounder.

    3. Clowney will be $21 apy

    4. Then Fowler for 3+ years OR Griffen for no more than 2 years. (Depending on Ngokue)

    • Paul Cook

      I don’t know about others, but I would do a 2nd round pick for Ngakoue so fast you would need slow motion photography to catch it.

    • Rob Staton

      I can but it’s a bit of a red herring. They could sign Clowney for 21m and it cost 7m this year. They can do pretty much what they want within reason.

    • Kingdome1976

      I bet we’ve offered Clowney 20 million as a standing offer. If somebody offers him 21-22 then we probably match and sign.

  49. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like about a $9.1 million cap hit in 2020 for Jarran Reed.

  50. Kingdome1976

    So the Texans have been trying to trade Hopkins apparently since before last years trade deadline. Not a single team was willing to give up a first, let alone more? Must be something about him we don’t know that teams wouldn’t pony up for the best WR in the NFL no?

    • cha

      Either Schefter or Rapsheet noted he’s unhappy with his contract and the Cards are reworking his deal. So maybe that’s part of it.

      Or it could be just that the Texans are idiots.

    • Michael P Matherne

      Maybe the rest of the league just knows that they can get whatever they want from Houston for less than market value. Why pay full price when you know there’s about to be a sale?

  51. Volume12

    Anyone that’s been franchised Seattle might trade for other than Ngakoue? Might be the way to go honestly.

    • Volume12

      Or Judon. Didn’t see that post above.

  52. Eburgz

    Top 10 remaining impact 5T/LEO’s

    5T types:
    Q Jeff

    LEO types:

    Trade possibilities:
    Ngakoue (5T)
    Jones (Not an end but still a top end pass rusher)
    Who knows?

    • Rob Staton

      Griffen more of a LEO

      • Eburgz

        True. Fast enough he used to be a gunner on punt coverage. He can do both, almost put him in the other group.

        • Eburgz

          Ngakoue too actually

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Pauline in his revamp of Day 1 Tampering states (paraphrasing) “Fowler is asking for a big contract. Barring that, Fowler is focused on the Falcons, or will returning to the Rams”

    • CaptainJack

      Probably should add Judon to the list of possibilities.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      Is Michael Bennett even an option? Or did that ship sail? I’m not exactly a fan of somebody that doesn’t stand up for the flag that my brother died for, for his country.

      • Eburgz

        I think so. Maybe not though.


        Let’s not go over the flag thing, dude.

        • Shady_Hawkster


      • Bayahawk

        Stop using your brother to win political points. Michael Bennett’s potential return can be discussed without pushing an agenda.

        • Rob Staton

          We can also talk to each other nicely without being really harsh to someone who has lost a brother defending his country.

          Consider this a warning, Bayahawk.

          • CaptainJack

            If the hawks DO sign Crowell, some of his former “social media posts” will be very upsetting for a large contingent of fans. I won’t get too into it so look it up if you must.
            Public image is a factor in being a GM, at least it should be.

      • CaptainJack

        Not regarding the flag thing, Michael Bennet seems to have a string of unrelated incidents that don’t paint a great picture of him. Why should JS feel compelled to bring back a guy who reverted to insulting the head coach soon after he was traded.

    • Henry Taylor

      Ngakoue’s more of a LEO too.

    • HawkfaninMT

      I’d like to add Kyler Fackrell to this list, but I feel like he is more in the Bruce Irvin at SLB mold, but I could be wrong

      • Eburgz

        That’s a good shout along with Floyd who others have mentioned. Both are closer to that Bruce type situational pass rusher/linebacker role so I think that’s fair. I think they’re more likely they end up on 3-4 team as an outside rush linebacker. Not sure if I want either of those guys on the line of scrimmage with their hands in the dirt too much.

  53. Von

    Ronald Blair back to SF.

  54. drewdawg11

    All these teams who were strapped for cap space are in the mix. Zero excuses for the Hawks here. Put the damn money on the dresser!

    • Michael Hasslinger

      It is beginning to feel like folks would rather not play for Seattle. Fowler is not going to play for Seattle unless he is highly paid. For similar money, Fowler will go to Atlanta or stay in LA.

      I suspect this is true for Clowney. If the money is similar, regardless of cap concerns, he would rather play in Dallas.

      I am from Seattle, but I prefer Carolina. I get it.

      This, to me, is the only plausible reason for the the long wait.

      • Sean

        There is no evidence to support this… Just have some patience, Seattle is a fine place to live in plus we don’t have income tax which is huge.

        • Michael Hasslinger

          We stated. I’ll refrain from speculation.

          • Michael Hasslinger

            Well stated…

      • cha

        What makes you say that players don’t want to play in Seattle Michael?

        With all due respect it sounds like you’re just speaking out of panic that the Hawks haven’t made a huge splash yet.

        If that’s the case. R-E-L-A-X

        • Michael Hasslinger

          Good advice.

          • cha

            No worries. We’re all in this together.

      • Volume12

        Or he does want to stay in Seattle and is giving them every opportunity to match what he wants.

      • DC

        I don’t know how LA could afford Fowler. They have literally no room and a huge extension to give to Ramsay.

      • Rob Staton

        We’re 27 hours into free agency.

        Come on man.

        • Michael Hasslinger

          Apologies y’all.

      • mishima

        Some truth to this: weather, culture, travel, etc.

        IMO, 2 factors are more relevant:

        1.) Teams are emulating the Seahawks’ culture and competing for free agents. We’re not the only game in town.

        2.) Recency bias: As we reset, others rise. Chiefs, Ravens, 49ers, others have become ‘hotter’ destinations with more competitive rosters. Game recognize game.

        • mishima

          Edit to add: Seahawks are still top 5 organization and will attract top talent. We’re good.

          • Matt

            Eh…we are a good organization; definitely not top 5 at the moment. We haven’t done anything in the playoffs for quite awhile and last year was the first year removed from several years of in house drama.

            PC has been in the NFL for a long time now, most of these guys played high school and college football when he was in the NFL. So there’s not the same USC Pete Carroll mystique.

            Again, we are a good organization but we are not what we used to be by national standards. 2014 was a loooong time ago.

    • CaptainJack

      Let’s be clear.

      Priorities of day one was probably the following.

      1. Keep in close talks with clowney.
      2. Bring Reed back.
      3. Wrap up all the tenders of important contributors (Hollister, Hunt, Jackson)

      Nothing terrible happened. Jets overpaid Fant so good for him. Trust me, we will make some moves. We are looking at several different options.

    • CaptainJack

      Another note
      Dolphins are being universally praised for spending big on a bunch of Free agents.
      I’m sure some of those guys will pan out for them but none look like slam dunk signings. If the hawks signed Ogbah or Lawson, fans would bemoan that both are rotation quality players. This is true, but Miami is getting so much praise for it. It’s funny, Hawks fans wouldn’t like signing these guys but they complain that we aren’t signing these guys.

  55. Dinosaw

    Leonard floyd to be released. Possible leo target. 1.59yd split..

  56. Volume12

    Doesn’t mean they won’t, but has Seattle ever signed a FA DE over 28 under PC/JS?

    • Logan Lynch

      Raheem Brock?

      • Volume12

        He’s 1. Good shout. The only other one I can think of is Ziggy.

  57. drewdawg11

    More realistic scenario:
    Clowney talks to other teams
    Comes back to Seattle to see what they can do
    John realizes that he wants to make more moves and they try to figure out how to fill out the roster and who they might have to renegotiate or release
    Holding pattern.

    Waaaayyyyy too much negative speculation here that’s based on feelings.

    • Hawktalker#1

      And this isn’t speculation? Just saying. As long as opinions are expressed respectfully, I don’t think we should be shutting them down or getting negative on them.

  58. Mike

    This is a bit random, and admittedly unlikely, but what if we got Cam as a QB2?

    He’s out of Carolina, rehabbing his shoulder. He might have a cold market. I can see if he is still without a team later in free agency, this may be a surprise move.

    Watching New Orleans use 2 QBs, I can almost see Cam come in for goal line situations, or to assist with the physical game style the hawks love. Those misdirection plays where Russ chucks to Doug B or tyler, and they throw deep.. now you got an actual QB to do that. Plus the hawks have essentially never had a decent backup QB.

    For Cam, it makes his rehab have no timetable. Might not be his ideal situation as a backup, but if he gets no offers as QB needy teams dry up, or go after Brady/Rivers/Winston/etc., he may be the odd man out. He may need a team where he can establish he still has it and can bounce back.

    In the case Russell actually misses time (its a first, i know, but it is bound to happen eventually), we’d have a QB that could help us win out. He is mobile like Russ, so no major changes. He is “a superstar” as Russ has asked for. He has chemistry with Olsen, something backups usually lack.

    And if you showcase him enough, prove he still has “gas in the tank”, you can trade a starting QB and former “MVP” next year for draft capital. Maybe get an early-mid 1st round pick for a change, by leveraging a starter at the most valuable position. Teams that need QBs, have high picks.

    All that said, will they even have enough to pay him, or be willing to put $ on a QB when they need pass rush and o line help, and haven’t traditionally? Probably not. Will there be issues with 2 alpha QBs in the locker room? Yeah, its a potential issue. But hey, it’s fun to at least consider.

    • Michael P Matherne

      The only way Newton would be able to rebuild his value would be to get on the field. Russell is currently the most durable and consistent QB on the planet. If I’m Cam Seattle is literally dead last on my list.

      If I’m the ‘Hawks I have no interest unless he’s down to take Geno type money, call the coin toss, and expects to play zero snaps in the regular season.

    • CaptainJack

      I think Cam still deserves to play and get paid as QB1

    • cha

      Newton isn’t “out of Carolina”, he’s been floated on the trade market.

      He’d have an $18m cap hit. Plus the Hawks would need to give up a draft pick.

      So, no. It aint happening.

    • Lewis

      Cam is the anti-Russell in terms of demeanor and attitude. Everything is always about Cam. Not a chance this happens.

  59. Ben Ft. Worth

    Same. I love Seattle and as m from the NW, to prefer living in Texas WAY better. Doesn’t mean that a player shouldn’t sign somewhere just because he has a house in a different part of the country.

    • Denver Hawker

      Quiet Day 2. Lots of big names out there. Just hoping for some good news at this point.

  60. Denver Hawker

    Shoot- meant as new post.

  61. Coach

    The more I think about it, the more I’m rooting for these 4 as our next 4 moves:
    1. Clowney signed as one DE
    2. Vic Beasley signed to rush as the other DE (cheapest DE that has shot at 10 sacks as I see it).
    3. Trade a 4th for Jarvis Landry WR Browns – With Olsen, Landry, and Lockett – Russ will always have someone open on 3rd down (and also have the option of taking a shot to DK over the top)!
    4. Sign an OL – either Ifedi at OT or what about Peat or Erving at G?


    Is there another name that I should be rooting for instead?

    Go Hawks!

    • Simo

      It’s not a doomsday scenario you suggested, just doesn’t seem like you’re aiming high enough.

      1. A good decision, and one I think we’re all hoping to see announced sooner than later.

      2. If Vic Beasley is the only new addition to the def line, its hard to say that they fixed the pass rush. His track record is just so inconsistent. He might be a piece of the puzzle, if say combined with Everson Griffen.

      3. Love this one, but hard to imagine the Browns trading Landry at all. They are the Texans, at least not anymore.

      4. Would love to see them resign Ifedi to a team friendly deal. Would maintain some semblance of consistency on the OL this year, even if Iupati and Britt aren’t back.

    • Yimba

      I get the Texans kinda made everyone think that you can rob other teams,
      but Landry is legit the best slot receiver in the nfl. Is loved by the browns AND is in a long term contract. You are crazy if you think we would get him for a 4th

  62. drewdawg11

    Beasley to the titans.

    • CaptainJack

      This might set up Fowler to the Falcons.

    • Volume12

      Thank goodness.

      • mishima

        No doubt. I was anxious.

      • Sean

        Does he suck now or something? Not redeemable?

        • Volume12

          Have never been a fan. No technique, no plan of attack when he rushes, flat-out quits on plays going back to when he was at Clemson.

  63. cha

    Former Falcons’ pass rusher Vic Beasley will sign with the Titans, per his agency. The 27 year old led the league in sacks in 2016 when he was in Atlanta.
    12:36 PM · Mar 17, 2020

    • Sea Mode

      That’s pretty high for a prove-it deal, IMO.

      Ian Rapoport

      Vic Beasley gets a 1-year deal worth $9.5M guaranteed, source said, with a max of $12M. A chance to prove it in Tennessee

      • Rokas

        We paid even more to Ziggy for a prove it deal last year

        • Cameron

          Nah, the deal Ziggy got was $6m guaranteed, worth up to a max of $9m with roster, gameday bonuses.

  64. dcd2

    Now that Brady is going to be a Buc, who ends up as NE’s QB?

    Dalton, Cam, Rookie?

    • Volume12

      Blake Bortles baby! Seriously though, I wonder if they try to bring back Brissett.

    • SoCal12

      I’m all aboard the Jared Stidham train baby!

      Nah, but I think they’ll bring in a vet like Dalton and then draft like a Jake Fromm to sit and learn behind him.

    • Sea Mode


      • schuemansky

        Actually they don’t have any cap space to sign anybody significant.

    • Von

      I think it might be Cam.

  65. Eburgz

    Really hoping for Clowney & Griffen combo (with Fowler as a backup option). After that we’re looking at trades or cheaper options.

  66. Ben Ft. Worth

    Did Tom officially sign. I saw that Rivers officially inked a 1-year deal.

    • TomLPDX

      I was kind of surprised it was only for one year and not 2 (where they could easily get out of year 2). Good luck with Indy.

    • dcd2

      According to my ‘sources’ he has agreed to a deal. Look, I’m a modern day journalist!

      I got an alert on my phone. Dale Arnold, a Boston area sports guy was who dropped it. Talk of AB as well!


  67. drewdawg11


    Bulaga to the chargers.

    • TomLPDX

      Bummer, he was our primary hedge for Ifedi. I really hope we can bring Ifedi back

      • Rob4q

        All still available I believe:

        Demar Dotson
        Cordy Glenn
        Jason Peters

        • Rob4q

          Also, Jamarco Jones will be competing at both tackle and guard according to PC.

          Also still on the roster and listed as a tackle is Chad Wheeler, who might also be competing for a spot.

          • Cameron

            I’ll be happy to never see Jamarco play tackle again. Just lacks the athleticism for it.

            His best fit is guard on a pass happy team. Doesn’t get great push in the run game, but an above average pass protector.

            • Rob4q

              Well, the Seahawks seem to think he can play tackle so he will get a shot to do it. Lot’s of guys have struggled early in their career but learned to do quite well. But I do agree he may be better as a guard if he can develop more functional strength…

              I wonder who in the NFL would be a comp for Jones?

    • Sea Mode

      So Ifedi’s market pretty much set at $10m?

      • TomLPDX

        I’d say “up to” $10M/yr. I think that is a reasonable price.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Would have liked Wagner at $5.5 apy

        • Greg Haugsven

          He may be looking at a one year $8 million deal pretty soon as he is young enough. I would do that. Still need two pass rushers though.

          • Aaron Bostrom

            I’d be down for that. He hasn’t been great, but he’s made steady improvements every year, and he is always available each game, which is huge. We can draft a tackle too.

  68. TomLPDX

    Wow, Jason Witten to the Raiders for 1-yr 4.5mil deal. That dude just keeps on going. Surprised Dallas let him get away.

    • TomLPDX

      meant up to 4.75Mil

  69. mishima

    Need more Brady coverage.

  70. Coleslaw

    Rodney McLeod back to Philly for 2 years 12M?? We should have done that. Would’ve been a really great big nickel option.

  71. Greg Haugsven

    I we could get Clowney, trade for Ngakoue and just keep his tag number at $17.8 million for one year to see how he fits.Then sign Ifedi for one year $8-$10 million would we be happy or sad?

    • Greg Haugsven

      We would probably have to make some cuts/restructures to make it work.

    • Coleslaw

      I would be ecstatic. Especially if we got Ngakoue for one of our 2nd rounders. He’s been the top option behind Clowney from the start for me.

      But Greg is right we would likely have to cut KJ and/or extend/cut Britt.

  72. Coach

    Malcom Jenkins just released! I think he’d be a great addition and then have him and Diggs at safety and then McDougald in Kendricks spot as our speed LB! Or Jenkins played down in the box a lot also, he could play that spot.


    He’s got the BAMF mentality that we’ve talked about on here before and that the Seahawks need!

    Go Hawks!

    • dcd2

      He’s 32 and wants $14M/year. Pass.

  73. Pearedu

    Can somebody please explain me how the niners created cap space for the armstead , tartt , RFAs deals (if tendered) matt breida , kendrick burton . Plus the club option for juzczyk.
    They havent released anyone. Last time I checked they had 9M cap space and they need space for their draft class.
    Much appreciated.

    • DC

      They have a higher salary cap than the rest of the teams in the league.

    • SteveLargent80

      They got rid of Buckner’s fifth year option

  74. Sea Mode

    Thank goodness we inked Reed before this came out… looking like a hometown discount now.

    Aaron Wilson

    D.J. Reader heads to Cincinnati Bengals, according to league sources. $53 million over four years, according to sources, highest paid nose tackle in NFL

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Indeed. Reed >> Reader.

      Also, apparently DEN were in the hunt for Reed.

      Broncos will turn attention to other DL.Missed on Reader, inquired on Jarran Reed but he re upped in Seattle.Keep an eye on Michael Pierce.— Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) March 17, 2020

  75. Greg Haugsven

    Bengals 4 years $53 million for DJ Reader

  76. Coleslaw

    I hope we sign Crowell. I really like him. Him or Breida please

    • dcd2

      Brieda was a 2nd round tender from SF

    • Lewis

      Is shoring up an injured RB group with a guy coming off Achilles surgery a wise move?

      • Coleslaw


        • Lewis

          How about kicking the tires on Devonta Freeman?

          • TomLPDX

            Wonder what he would cost.

  77. Denver Hawker

    So many Hawks FA still unsigned. Cooler market than they expected or Hawks playing chess.

  78. Coleslaw

    Just give Ifedi 1 year 8M with incentives to take it up to like 11 or 12, then draft an OT early (1st 2 rounds)

    • Greg Haugsven

      $11 or $12 might be to rich for me but I would be OK with $8 million. How would you do his incentives?

      • TomLPDX

        He added “with incentives.” That totally works for me because then Ifedi is producing to get those incentives.

      • Coleslaw

        Up to $1.5M for games started. 1.5 for pressure rate or something. 1 for penalties

        • Greg Haugsven

          I saw the word incentives. Other than games played (which Ifedi plays them all) its hard to give incentives to offensive lineman. I think if he did come back on one year it would be straight up pay. I wonder if he would even consider two years?

  79. Greg Haugsven

    Fackrell to the Giants for one year $4.6 million

  80. DW

    I keep seeing Reed posting pictures of himself in his 90 jersey and captions with captions like 9-0 or “jreed90” but clowney was/is 90… just something interesting

    • CL

      It’s on his Instagram for anyone wondering. I think that’s not a good sign, or why would clowney change his number if he’s staying..

      • CL

        Ok, apparently he already had number 90 before.. sorry for the confusion. I think this doesn’t have to mean anything

  81. Ben Ft. Worth

    Agreed Coleslaw. As much as I like the idea of grabbing another RB in the early rounds, mainly because they are cheap and durable, Crowell runs hard to our type of style, and one less use of a high end pick that we could use to rebuild our defense or grab another young receiver.

  82. Coach

    Devon Kennard released. He’s had 14 sacks in the last 2 years in Detroit and is young.

    Would this be a fit?

    Go Hawks!

  83. Gaux Hawks

    …curled on the floor whispering to myself during this indefinite period of free agency and self-containment: “i still believe, i still believe, i still believe.”

    • Von

      I with ya Gaux! I keep refreshing this page every 2 minutes.

  84. Rob Staton

    Everyone needs to chill the heck out.

    Who’s gone who we actually wanted??

    Vic freaking Beasley?? No thanks.

    • Gaux Hawks

      “i still believe, i still believe, i still believe.”

    • Denver Hawker

      While true, some of the Plan B and Plan C players seem to be dripping off the board creating an all-in scenario for the top DL left.

      • cha

        Not really. When players get signed that means available cap dollars shrink, as well as desirable situations. It’s about equal. Anyone that tells you otherwise doesn’t understand how the Seahawks have operated in the PCJS era.

        • Denver Hawker

          I can get that, just don’t have any data to back it up currently. It’s be nice to see updated cap room for all teams considered big spenders on pash rush to make that assessment, but that’s not available yet.

    • Aaron

      PC and JS are probably waiting to see what they have left to spend after a Clowney deal. That way they can decide to keep or move on from the likes of Britt and/or KJ and/or Ed Dickson to free up more cap.

      • Rob Staton

        For sure, Clowney is priority #1. Then you go after some bargains.

  85. Von


    I know you like both guys, but at this stage, who do you rated higher. Reagor or Aiyuk?

  86. SonGoku

    So you think that they really could consider trading up for Simmons now that it seems that we don’t get that huge upgrade for our defense through free agency?

  87. Kenny Sloth

    Kamalei Correa anyone?

    • Volume12

      Hell yes! Was just about to bring him up. I saw a list of remaning EDGEs. Didn’t know he was a FA.


    • CaptainJack

      I’d actually like that

  88. Von

    I know it seems like Brady is probably going to end up with the Bucs or Chargers, but I have a sneaky suspicion that SF may still make a play for him. Or maybe the Dolphins.

  89. Volume12

    Ian Furness said Seattle & Clowney are working on a deal

    • Robbie

      Do you have a link or was it on tv?

      • Volume12

        950 KJR. Should be on their twitter page too.

        • Ashish

          Wait is killing it. And with success we have retain our own talent, still no fresh talent to improve DL. Was hoping for more aggression but there must some plan. I trust in JS/PC

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      Great news!!! Assuming Clowney gets inked….where does that leave us cap wise, approximately?

      • drewdawg11

        It leaves them probably cutting a few people so they still have room for more help.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Come on baby. Let the ink flow.

  90. dcd2

    Bob Condotta
    According to the http://NFL.com transactions report, the Seahawks have tendered Exclusive Rights FAs Bryan Mone, Jordan Roos, Malik Turner and Ryan Neal. All get minimum salary deals.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Maybe an over simplification but…

      Some of these signings (Willson, RFAs, Turner) seem a bit like the basics when I’m doing my mo they budget. These are deals (bills) that I know I have to pay. Once these are done, then I know if I can afford the evening show with popcorn (Clowney, Fowler/Griffen) or need to do the Redbox (Clowney and Draft)

  91. Sea Mode

    Manish Mehta
    · 1m

    Jets have agreed to terms with center Conner McGovern, per source

    • Sea Mode

      If we could extend Britt for something similar, I would be happy.

      Tom Pelissero

      The #Jets are signing former #Broncos C Connor McGovern to a three-year, $27 million deal that includes $18M fully guaranteed, per source.

  92. Paul Cook

    1) Resign Clowney
    2) Obtain Ngakoue
    3) Rob’s draft scenario with Simmons comes true

    Defense pretty much set. Fiddle with the rest financially and otherwise and get it right.


    Draft pick
    Whoever else


    Whoever else


    Whoever else

    Me like. A lot.

  93. Von

    Per Schefter, Brady to TB

    • Kingdome1976

      As long as Belichick and Brady are separated I’m good.

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