John Schneider extends contract until 2016


  1. Turp

    My first response to this was…what? Only 2016?

    That’s a pretty good sign :).

  2. MarkinSeattle

    To go from Timmay to John and Pete. What a difference between good and bad management.

    Perhaps John can also help the Mariner’s…

  3. Michael

    Sweet! Now we just gotta get Carroll locked up for a few more years.

  4. Colin

    This actually happened over a year ago.

  5. A. Simmons

    Awesome. We must keep Schneider as long as possible.

  6. mjkleko

    Frankly, I don’t think much of this matters at all. In the short term, Schneider will be in Seattle as long as the franchise is successful (duh). However, his long term future largely depends on what happens with Ted Thompson in Green Bay. There has been plenty of speculation over when exactly Ted is considering stepping down. Although nothing appears imminent, I would not be surprised if he transitioned out of the General Manager role by 2015/2016. Thompson is 60 and approaching the same age that Wolf was when he stepped down. But regardless of when that happens, I for one am confident that John Schneider would leave Seattle for the GM title in Green Bay at the drop of a hat. His ties to the organization, region and success in Seattle using a draft-first model lead me to believe that he would be a perfect fit. Throw in his relatively young age and I believe Green Bay would love to make John their GM for the next decade.

    More then any contract situation, Ted Thompson is the guy you’ve got to look to when it comes to Schneider’s long term outlook with the Seahawks organization. There are very few reasons John would leave Seattle, but I would bet big money on Green Bay being a possibility for the young GM.

    • Charlie

      Theres no way in hell Schneider would leave his own legacy in Seattle for a lateral move to his old franchise, especially not at “the drop of a hat”.

      • Colin

        I agree. Schneider’s legacy is here in Seattle, not GB. And I’m pretty sure Paul Allen has enough $$$ to make the Pack think twice about trying to pry him away.

        • James

          I agree that John is unlikely to leave Seattle as long as his plan is working. I would also be surprised if Paul Allen does not continue to extend JS’s contract well before it expires. And GM’s generally are not allowed out of a contract to make a lateral move. An interesting discussion about JS’s future, but the more you think about it, the more it seems likely he will stay here for the long term.

  7. A. Simmons

    As long Schneider stays long enough to win a couple of Super Bowls and appoints a worthy successor, I guess I’ll be ok with him going back to Green Bay. I would prefer he stays here for a long, long time.

    • Turp

      Next extension for JS in 2015? What’s the longest GM extension/contract, anyone know?

  8. Kenny Sloth


  9. James

    You have to admire the plan that PCJS put into place when they came aboard, and count our blessings as Seahawks fans. In three short years they have completely rebuilt the team, and have them contending for the Super Bowl. It is fun to pick through the clues to try to figure out what the plan was comprised of, and how in a couple of instances they got really lucky to speed things up beyond what they possibly could have imagined.

    Obviously, they started with the offensive line and defensive backfield, with high picks in Okung, Thomas, Carpenter and Moffitt, and brilliant gold-strikes with Sherman and Chancellor. Then, they rebuilt the front 7 on D, with guys like Irvin, Wright and Wagner, to go with Mebane and Bryant, plus a brilliant trade to add Clemons. The offensive skill guys were produced like surgeons lifting them from the body of the NFL: Lynch, Rice, Miller, etc. Then, there was the QB and that is where it really gets interesting.

    Pete and John had brilliantly constructed a playoff caliber team after just three years, but the key piece was still missing. As we watched brick by brick of this masterpiece being built, we all wondered, “where and when will they find a quarterback?” First, it seems odd that they left this final piece to the last. Perhaps they reasoned that a franchise QB is so difficult to find, that you can’t base your plan on one, and you are better just to build with things you can control, and construct a championship defense to go with a championship running game, and see how far it takes you. Were they gambling on luck to find the elite QB? Certainly, Charlie Whitehurst and Matt Flynn could not have been their final answer. How on earth were they to find the guy, or is it more likely that they planned to win without a pro bowl QB? How do you land an elite QB picking in the last half of R1? And an elite QB never comes on the free agent market….and hitting the jackpot in the later rounds happens about once a decade, so surely they had no rational plan for that to happen (12 years passed between Tom Brady and Russell Wilson).

    John is now guaranteed a spot in the GM hall of fame for finding Russell Wilson in R3, yet despite the brilliance of that pick, it was probably 60% luck and 40% skill (he still gets the props because no other team brought even 40% toward discovering RW). Now, with an elite franchise QB, to go with a superb roster, it is game on….surely at least a couple of years earlier than they could have planned. And then, lo and behold, Percy Harvin, Cliff Avril and Antoine Winfield fell into their laps this off season, and PCJS were wise enough to pounce, and the Seahawks are the favorite for the Super Bowl. A little schedule and good-health luck, and next February can be feast time. Go Hawks!

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