Pete Carroll & John Schneider press conference

John Schneider began the conference by thanking the team’s area scouts, coaches and of course Pete Carroll. The pair then rejected the opportunity to discuss the lockout for obvious legal reasons.

Carroll said he’d try to address, “a little bit of everything” during the off season and again stressed his desire to get better up front on both sides of the ball. He also admitted it would be a best player available approach with the 25th overall pick.

Clare Farnsworth asked how this year’s draft compared to 2010 for Pete Carroll, who said there was “a lot of familiarity” with players due to his background at USC, but also stated that would wear off after a couple more years. Danny O’Neil asked about the quarterback situation, with Carroll offering a stock answer without hints towards their approach during the draft. When pressed on his views on the QB class, he said that there are a number of guys who are “capable” with a “wide range of styles“.

Carroll on Jake Locker and his chances of staying in Seattle: “We have to go ahead and take the opportunity as it comes (at #25), if that ever came together it would be fun (for the community).”

Carroll on the offense: “The philosophy doesn’t change. We wanted to run the ball better and be more effective up front… I haven’t changed my thought on it at all. Hopefully you’ll see us be more effective up front. It won’t vary much in appearance.”

Once again, it’s a sign that rather than a proposed revolution to a more orthodox west coast offense, in reality the Seahawks’ changes to the offensive coaching staff is simply about greater execution. This is Carroll’s vision, his production. He’s simply switched the guys directing the film.

Does Carroll have an ideal type of quarterback? “We want a guy who can manage the offense, very understanding of the system. We’ve always liked a quarterback who can move, it fits into our style. We’re not talking about a pure runner, but a guy who can get out of the pocket.” That backs up my information from last week that suggested Ryan Mallett was not in the Seahawks’ draft plans.

John Schneider admitted he’d rather ‘groom’ a rookie quarterback than just start a young player. Carroll backed up the view and used the word ‘nuturing’ alongside ‘competition’. This would lend weight towards the suggestion that Colin Kaepernick is a target, potentially sitting behind Matt Hasselbeck or Carson Palmer during his first two years with the team.

Medical, pyschological, backgrounds, choice of ice-cream” – some of the things according to John Schneider that go into grading a prospect. He also said it ‘depends’ on who’s available at #25 as to whether it’d be disappointing not to pull off a trade down the board on Thursday. He also joked several times about arranged draft parties for the first round, again expressing his obvious desire to move down the board.

Carroll: “We’re in the infancy stages of putting this programme together, but we made some headway. The basic approach is to come together and make us a better football team. I think we can build, we have a nucleus of guys so let’s build on it.”

We relied too much on Red (Bryant) last year and found him to be unique.” – Pete Carroll hints at a five technique addition at some point.


  1. Brandon Adams

    And if this is all just a smokescreen, of course, than the converse would make Ryan Mallett look very likely to the Seahawks.

    Yes, I’m incorrigible. 😉

    • kevin mullen

      Or, completely opposite and maybe a PK in first round… Where’s that mock Rob???

    • Kip Earlywine

      I would party like its 1999 if Mallett gets called at #25. It’d be completely stunned too.

  2. Glen

    Think it is worthy to add he talked specifically about getting Golden Tate more involved said he was upset he “didn’t force the issue more last season” in regards to getting Tate involved.

    • FWBrodie

      Almost sounded like he was prepared to throw BMW, Obo, and Tate out there and call it good, which is probably fine for the short term. Give yourself a chance to really see what you have with Tate, get Obo a full season of playing time, see how much BMW grows and of course keep the waiver wire revolving door of receivers spinning.

      • CalHawk

        Dont forget Butler! Get that boy back on the field!

  3. Derek

    I have question about DT’s in this draft. What techniques do Mebane and Bryant play? And what technique are we lacking? Also, is there a difference in DT prospects that we would target as a compliment with Mebane, as opposed to a replacement for Mebane if the Hawks are thinking of letting him go play elsewhere (I really hope they don’t).

    • Blake

      Mebane is 3 tech, Red is 5. Mebane is better suited for the 0 or 1 tech where he can focus on just stuffing the run. We need a pure pass rusher to sort of replace and compliment Mebane. In a sense they would be replacing him at the 3 tech, but he would hopefully be moved to his more natural 1 tech. I don’t know if Carroll is willing to sacrifice that weight in the middle though which is the only problem. A pass rusher would likely be around 300 (down from Mebane’s 315) and Cole’s 330 would be downgrading to Mebane’s 315. Touch decision which is better. And yes, no UDFAs until there is a CBA, then they are treated like normal free agents.

      • Carl

        Cole might have 15 pounds on Mebane, but Mebane’s talent and ability far exceeds Cole’s at NT. Brandon should be the number 1 priority on the list of free agents to resign, above even Matt Hasselbeck.

  4. Derek

    Also, there is no signing of UDFAs this year, correct?

    • Rob

      From what I understand, that situation may change considering the injunction has so far been upheld. I think we’ll know either way at 5pm EST when they determine whether a stay will be declared. If not and they are forced to consider opening the league year under 2010 rule, then UDFA can be signed. I hope so for their sake however it happens.

  5. Bruce M.

    Looks like the earliest we’ll hear about a stay from the judge who issued the order is April 28. If she grants a stay, all bets are off. If she denies a stay, the owners will go straight to the appellate court above her in the 8th Circuit and ask for the same stay. That court would likely make a decision within a week or so. If it denies a stay, too, the owners are in deep dung. If either court grants it, though, the advantage swings back to the owners.

  6. Michael

    Bring on football. Open trading during draft and free agency monday following.

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