John Simon (DE, Ohio State) vs Illinois

Nobody else is talking about this guy and I’m shocked. Stunned. I ranked Simon at #14 on my 2013 watch-list. For all 2013 prospect videos, click here or select the ‘Game tape’ tab on the menu bar.


  1. Jazz

    Some things to definitely like there. Good spin, finding the holes while stunting, powerful enough to hold the point, good open field tackling. For the most part thought he was not playing the option well though and seemed to loose some head of steam as the game went on, guess that is to be expected though, people get tired!

  2. ba_edwards24

    Does anyone see this guy as a starting, feature DE? For as big as he is I don’t see him play the run as well as he should, and he is not an explosive athlete. I appreciate his hustle and tenacity but his position is filled with the best athletes on the planet; he is not one of them. Fun to watch in this sense though. It’s awesome that draftbreakdown is already posting so many 2013 vids. I assume Michael Buchanan is up next. Not a starting caliber football player either, but his D slide before the tackle is pretty awesome haha.

  3. Ben

    When I load the website, there is no “game tape” on the menu. It actually looks like what currently says “Blog” leads to the “game tape” link. Just a heads up. Thanks for the great insight on here.

    • Rob Staton

      You need to clear your cache to see the updates Ben.

  4. rich

    Was watching Russel Wilson tape vs Ohio ( and Simon stood out so much I started watching him! He’s probably to big for LEO, maybe a 5-tech or 3-4 DE? High motor guy kinda like J.J Watts

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