Seven sign rookie deals

Aside from the two noted above, Chris Harper (WR), Jesse Williams (DT), Luke Willson (TE), Ryan Seymour (G) and Jared Smith (G) also agreed terms today. The players who remain unsigned are Christine Michael (RB), Tharold Simon (CB), Spencer Ware (RB) and Michael Bowie (T).


  1. Dan

    Scruggs tore his acl.. I was really pushing for that guy.

    • Miles

      The good thing is we’re loaded at the D-Tackle position in terms of prospects. How many D-tackles might we keep? Four? So Scruggs was going to be competing likely with McDaniel, Williams, Howard and McDonald for one of two sports. He may not have made the squad anyway.

      It does sadden me that he tore his ACL. It seems this will derail his career, for a guy who was already on the bubble and now has very little chance of making a legitimate comeback, in my opinion. Teams don’t wait for on-the-bubble players to return from catastrophic injuries. While he was on the rise, his career was dependent on staying healthy, especially with this team.

      I do wish him the best in getting back.

  2. Wes

    Wow surprisingly close total value for contracts of a 3rd and 7th round pick

    • Bobby Cink

      Not close at all. The 3rd rounds signing bonus is ten times that of the 7th round pick.

      • Jon

        um, he said total value. signing bonus and such is not the total value.

        • Belgaron

          To get the total value you have to play out the duration of the contract. These guys don’t even know yet if they’ll make the team so the bigger signing bonus as a higher pick is a nice difference for the guys who got selected.

          • Jon

            I think the biggest point for me is that this team will be paying an average of around .5m per year for the last 10 of there 11 total draft picks this year. If 7 of those players make the team, the will be beating out guys like Farwell who is making over 1.5m just to make tackles on special teams. I know that you need good special teems, but that is a lot for a guy who is not a heavy contributor.

  3. Colin

    I love Mike Rob, but man…. that Spencer Ware kid is a BEAST…. and he’d be cheaper.

    • John_s

      That’s assuming that he can lead block like Robinson and also contribute on all phases of special teams like Robinson.

      Ware’s running ability is unquestioned IMO. He has to show that he can contribute everywhere else

    • RJ

      I think we go with 4RBs and 5WR. Much rather have MROB than some 6th WR who never plays. Pretty sure PCJS are thinking along those lines.

      • RJ

        Sorry 5RB’s and 5WR.

        • Colin

          I don’t think so. You carry 3 RB’s and a FB. No sense in having 5.

          Sidney, Golden, Doug, Chris, Percy and one more. You need at least 6 WR to compensate in case of injury.

          • Belgaron

            There are at least 7 guys in camp for that 6th WR spot plus maybe a couple PS spots. They’ll likely carry 6 on the active roster again this year.

            • T-CARP

              54 Man roster so conservatively speaking that’s 27 offense/ 27 defense. As a rule of thumb I say 8 lineman, 3 qb, 3 hb, 1 fb, 6 wr, 3 te, and 1 k. that’s only 25. Defense should be 4 de, 4 dt, 6 lb, 7 db, and 1 p. That is only 26. So looking at the personnel we have brought in I’d say keep Ware to learn under Mike Rob. Probably won’t see the field except for special teams, but can grow under one of the best. We have some extra depth at DE this year, so give those spots to Powell and whoever produces. Of course we always seem to stockpile TEs for whatever reason.

  4. Darnell

    Sounds like everyone except Michael,Simon,Ware and Bowie

  5. James

    Luke-2-LLs-Willson got the prized mention by name by Pete after rookie practice today. Pete was on 710 radion and asked who stood out today and the only player he mentioned by name was Luke. Pete spoke about his speed and ability to get downfield.

    • rrrhawkout

      I love this tidbits starting to leak out. Can’t believe there’s actual football (warming up) happening!

    • Belgaron

      You gotta think that at least one guy really breaks out of this rookie class, a game changing Joker drafted in the 5th round would be just the kind of ace PC/JS are capable of pulling in late rounds. It would also be ironic if Willson outperforms his good friend and former teammate Vance McDonald this year.

      • Miles

        Definitely happy that Carroll is happy with Luke. I’ve never had this before with any other Seahawks coach; when Pete is happy, I’m happy.

        Except when we lose. Pete is sometimes happy after we lose. Which is weird.

        • T-CARP

          Hahaha. In PCJS we trust!

          I somewhat saw that Willson pick as a response to the Niners selecting MacDonald. Pete would love to get one up on his nemesis.

    • PatrickH

      Eric Williams of Tacoma News Tribune was at the practice and reported that Luke Willson repeatedly got separation from the UDFA defenders with his speed. It will be interesting to see how he does later in training camps against Wagner, Kam, and ET. Willson did struggle with run blocking though.

      Another interesting tidbit from Eric’s report: Jordan Hill was at the 1-tech position while Jesse Williams was at the 3-tech. I had expected the reverse based on Rob and Kip’s scouting reports, but perhaps the coaches were trying out different things.

  6. DAK

    I’m curious…who the hell is Aaron Wilson and why is he the one breaking news for us if he’s, I’m assuming, a Baltimore beat writer with his handle?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Check his twitter feed. He breaks news, particularly contract signings, for many NFL teams.

    • James

      Guys like this have cut a deal with a source – probably an agent, possible a front office guy – and the source reveals contract details to them before they generally leak out to the broader community. The source usually leaks for a quid-pro-quo on favorable stories from time to time. A well-timed leak that an agent’s client is being chased by a couple of teams, when in fact he isn’t, can often drive up the price with the one team that is interested.

  7. James

    OK… I give up. Check the photos of Friday’s rookie practice. Some of the players have clear, round patches, about 3″ across, on the front of their helmets. What are these things? The only theory I could come up with is that these guys, generally the draft picks, not the UDFAs, must be miked up?

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