The supplemental draft takes place in seven days time with a handful of prospects hoping to get their chance in the league. Josh Gordon might be the only one who gets that chance as a 6-4, 225lbs receiver with reported 4.3/4 speed. He also recorded 714 yards and seven touchdowns as a sophomore with Baylor. That’s pretty much where the positives end.

He left the Bears after a series of incidents, including an arrest for misdemeanor marijuana possession. Gordon was eventually suspended by Art Briles and opted to transfer to Utah, where he never played a down. He left the programme for undisclosed reasons and will hope a team in the NFL gives him a shot. How likely is that? A long list of red flags will concern a league not known for throwing away picks in the supplemental draft.

Some have talked about Gordon as a potential first or second round talent who will be available for much less. He could be a worthwhile gamble later in the draft for a team willing to see beyond his off-field issues. Even so, you have to seriously limit expectations and ask why he didn’t stick it out at Utah to prove his worth before turning pro in 2013?

Josh Gordon might be the only player picked in the supplemental draft this year, but his ceiling may not be much more than a 6th or 7th rounder. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a chance to make it with his obvious physical potential. However, I’m not totally convinced the Seahawks will bite on this one, even if he sounds like a prototype Pete Carroll project. But he’s the one player most likely to be taken in seven days time.