Margus Hunt (DE, SMU) vs Pittsburgh


  1. Darnell

    Hunt is like “create a player” in Madden – total freak.
    As interesting/intriguing as a prospect can be.

  2. Attyla the Hawk

    This is a guy that has ‘special qualities’ written all over him. He does things that a man would do playing with his kids.

    I’d be ok double dipping at the DE spot to pair him with Irvin. He reminds me of JPP. Not in the quickness/angular kind of way. But this guy has eye popping physical characteristics. He differentiates himself from a guy like Dontari Poe, who also possessed great physical skills. Hunt clearly shows consistent flashes of pure ungodly dominance in games. He needs to raise his floor to be a good pro. But his ceiling is ridiculously high.

  3. Rory

    Very interesting. I could see him fitting at the 5 tech spot. He struggles a little with getting leverage, but you would just avoid playing him on the inside. He reminds me of a poor mans Mario Williams. He doesn’t have the same exposiveness, but he does have the length, size, strength, and he does seem to possess abov average athleticism.

  4. RJD

    I like this guy. Versatile, big, athletic…Jason Jones 2.0?

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