Josh Portis returning to Seattle


  1. Jeff

    Is he allowed to just walk on Toronto? And if he can it makes bad financial shape unless Seattle is guaranteeing him at least what he get in Canada. The CFL may not be NFL money but its better than offseason workout and training camp stipend money.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure if he was penciled in to start in Toronto, if not then it’s probably worth a shot on his behalf.

      • Jeff

        Even if you assume he gets the CFL minimum (around 42K) it’s still a poor financial move without some guarantee.
        I’m talking business since football is his job. It’s a 42K risk.

        • Nolan

          Yea but it is a chance to live his dream, he also figures he has a leg up having familiarity with the playbook and past strong performance. Sure he might have made a good years salary in the CFL but that means nothing compared to a life time of what ifs… You have to bet on yourself! This is absoultly the right move for him to make I just started my job and I started at 42k so it’s not like it is hard to find that kind of money any way

          • Jeff

            Again, that assumes he is making the minimum, QBs are typically 6 figure players in Canada.

            From a business sense I’m not convinced. It’s not like a year in Canada ruins your NFL dream and if he can win the job in Canada and play well it can put him on the NFL map with more teams.

            Remember football is a career. NFL may be the dream, doesn’t mean it’s the best business choice.

            • Rob Staton

              But here’s the thing though… life isn’t always about earning $5 more. He doesn’t want to turn round in five years and regret not taking that chance in the NFL. If it doesn’t work out, at least he gave it his best shot. The CFL will probably still be there in 12 months anyway. If it doesn’t work out in Canada, the NFL definitely won’t be there in a year.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d say if it gives him another chance to make it in the NFL it’s worth the risk. Live the dream.

  2. Miles

    I do wonder if he’s ready to play at a NFL level.

  3. A. Simmons

    Josh may believe he can do it. Nice thing about the way Seattle does business is that players have a real chance to take a job if they prove they can play. This isn’t a token tryout for Josh Portis. This is real competition for a backup job on a playoff contender with quality offensive weapons. If he can take the backup job, he knows he’ll make a million or two a year at least and have a chance to become a starter as Seattle is looking to turn their backups into draft picks.

    • Robert

      Great point! There is probably not a better backup QB opportunity in the NFL. Our team is great at developing talent and getting them in the games to contribute. Our FO is so opportunistic, they are surely looking to develop the backup QB and cash in for draft capital. Josh Portis has mobility, speed, a good arm and delivers an accurate football. He has the height that is apparently so important to most teams. He also has two years in our system. He has RW to mentor him with his ubeleivable work ethic, communication skills, mindset etc. And we will likely have many opportunities in garbage time blowouts to showcase him on the field!

  4. Darnell

    Is this confirmed or just Mort speculating?

    He signed with Toronto in March and those contracts are pretty iron clad (that’s a legit league up there) aside from the option year window. Camp up there also opens up soon. I find it hard to believe that he could just walk out on that deal, not to mention it would be a bit of a jerk move this close to their camp opening.

    • Jeff

      Yeah, I didn’t think you could just bail on CFL contracts either. Still think a legit shot at starting in Canada (if he has that) beats fighting for a back up role in the NFL but it appears I’m in the minority on that. Still curious about the contract he signed in Toronto and how he can just leave.

    • GottaLove HAWKS

      My understanding is that the CFL teams have an opt out policy for players recruited by the NFL. I do not know any specifics, but there might be a time frame (Like NFL training camp, or until the start of the CFL season. I would think Josh would use this clause. He was active for so many games that he must know he would be the front runner for the B/U position. In a year or two, he could be starting for the Jags or something.

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