Matt Flynn traded to Oakland


  1. Beanhawk

    Another update (let’s see if this works):

    The 2 picks the Raiders sent for Flynn are in 2014 and 2015 draft. Both are later rounds— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) April 1, 2013

    • Beanhawk

      Whoops! Thanks, Rob. You beat me to it. Eager to hear your take on this once the details come out. It would seem that pushing the picks back a couple years could raise them a bit higher. Maybe a 6th and 5th? Or something to that effect.

      Regardless… it is a good trade that needed to be made (for both parties).

      • Rob Staton

        Time for the team to move on. I applaud the move. Never been a fan of Flynn’s skill set. He served a purpose last year as a potential place holder type, but Wilson stole the show. Now he’s better off elsewhere and Seattle can draft a rookie to grow under Wilson.

        • woofu

          LOL! Duh.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I guess I appreciated Flynn’s skills more. But regardless, I agree this situation was a hangup for this team. In more ways than just salary.

          Wilson won the job. And convincingly so. It’s time to align our team with that reality and that means adding players that can execute Wilson’s gameplan more fully, and to get guys who are role players. Flynn wouldn’t have been happy being a backup role player. It’s not good to keep guys that aren’t happy on your squad.

          Good move for both parties.

          • woofu


        • HawkMeat

          So, I wonder what QB makes it to the 5th-6th round that will be lucky enough to be a HAWK!

  2. Troy

    Todays April 1st & that could perhaps mean April fools? Just throwing it out there

  3. Christon

    I’m just glad the Raiders aren’t using us as leverage to get Carson Palmer to rework his deal. They’re doing us a favor but getting the $ off of our books. Any pick compensation is an added bonus the way that I look at it.

  4. Jon

    Now I am at the point where I just want to know the picks. Why don’t they just tell us that the 2014 pick is (such and such round) and the 2015 pick will be (“this” but could move to “this” with performance level increase). It seems like we allways know what we trade away instantly, but when the Hawks trade a player away it is allways undisclosed and frankly old news by the time people find out the details. I am not bashing our FO, in fact I think that they have done well in this no matter the compensation as they got 2 picks (no matter the round) out of the deal).

    On another point, I think it is awsome that they will be getting picks beyond the year that his contract would have expired. That is awsome.

    • woofu

      Some hersay is 5.14 and 5.15. but who knows.

      • Jon

        yes, heresay. That seems to be all I here and say about this.
        I would be happy with that though, two 5s could turn into Kam and Sherm in 3 years time with the way this FO drafts.

        • Chris F

          I think it’s been confirmed. A 5th round pick in 2014 and an unspecified conditional pick in 2015. What’s worse is that there are rumors going around that the Seahawks are looking at Tyleer Thigpen and Matt Leinert as Flynn’s replacement. I would much prefer Colt McCoy.

          • Jon

            First off I dont think the fifths are bad, I mean Rob has been saying for well over a month that we should not expect more than a swap of picks. We ended up getting a 5th and potentially another depending on the language of the trade. Also, Matt Leinert and Tyler Thigpen have both won more games and thrown more tuchdowns than Matt Flynn. I may be crazy, but this is a signing for a backup, we should be happy that we have a starting QB.

            Why does it seem like some fans are dissappointed unless the Seahawks have a backup that they percieve as the quality of other teams starters. With a Salary cap, you cannot have 53 starting players on the roster.

            That said I don’t care for either of the supposed ‘front runners’, but I realy don’t care as long as the 2nd string position is not handed to anyone. This will be a competitive battle for the second string QB spot. And then in a couple of years the Hawks will get another draft pick out of a backup QB. How can we complain when we have always dreamed that this teams backups would be worth draft picks.

            • Chris F


              I agree that the back-up doesn’t need to be starter quality, just please don’t let it be Leinert! I posted a link down below to a P.I. article that has some Schneider quotes in it that made me feel that they weren’t in a hurry to fill the position and would do their due diligence in locating their best option. I haven’t had time to look for the podcast as I’m at work, but I’m hoping there was more to the conversation.

              • Jon

                there has been no spot on this team that has been handed to a player. It will be the same for filling the spot that Flynn held. This FO is amazing because they will not settle for the status quo. Always competing and allways improving.

    • Madmark

      the 2014 pick is a 5th rounder the 2015 is a conditional this is according to Seahawks official website.

  5. Jake

    I was of the opinion that we should keep him as a backup unless we could get a 3rd or higher in 2014 draft to recup the Harvin pick.

    Now that it’s finally done, I feel differently. The reason I was a holdout is because I am a fan of Flynn’s skillset. I feel that he can be a good QB in the right system and that Bevell has shown himself capable of playing to his player’s strenghts, which always mitigated the fact that he’s so different from Russ. That said, it might not be worth it with the changing landscape of the Seattle offense – maybe its too much to ask of the receiver group to have to modify THEIR game. I wonder if the evolution of the offense is getting further and further from Flynn’s skillset which is why the team was so motivated to move him. I feel that we are getting below market value, but sometimes I guess you have to cut your losses… something is better than nothing if the cap or locker room were the reasons they decided to do it.

    I really think Flynn will have success in Oakland if he wins that job. They will have to do (at least) two things though to allow for that: (1) Get him a decent TE to replace Myers and (2) McFadden has to stay healthy. I will be rooting for him, he seemed to be a good soldier here and dealth with a tough situation with class.

  6. James

    I always believed that Flynn’s elbow injury was more significant than generally realized. Not that he has some major structural damage, but that he was competing with Russell Wilson for the starting job, and it was obvious that his arm strength was sub-par. I believe he strained himself trying to throw and suffered the injury. Remember that he was out for something like three weeks due to the injury. Flynn did not have enough arm strength to do the job, and it will be interesting to see how it goes for him at Oakland. The trade of Flynn was essential, because you cannot carry this kind of salary for your backup QB at the expense of resigning your key younger guys.

    • Sam Jaffe

      If that’s true, then it’s healed now. There’s no chance that the present management of the Raiders would have wasted a pick if he was seriously injured.

      BTW, I am of the belief that Flynn is seriously underrated. No, he’s not a franchise quarterback. But he can win games and compete for the top job. That’s all that Oakland wants. He’ll be a great point guard quarterback, which is what Seattle was looking for from him. Unfortunately, he was competing against someone who can be a power forward/center/point guard all at the same time. Among Flynn’s other strokes of bad luck was that he was saddled with Terrell Owens during the preseason last year. I was at the Denver game and watched three perfectly thrown balls dropped by Owens for absolutely no reason. Two of them would have been touchdowns. Wilson still would have won the competition, but if Owens had caught those balls, people would be looking at Flynn a little bit differently now.

  7. SunPathPaul


    Between the money saved by trading Flynn, cutting Obamanu, and not resigning Haushka, we saved a bunch of money to push forward to resigning our vital players…!

    All of our draft picks will be on minimal contracts, and we have armed up BOTH sides of the ball by adding Percy Harvin and Avril / Bennett!!

    For those who question the Harvin trade, I would so don’t worry. It was a stroke of genius, and we can easily afford it whilst we keep making moves like this…

    Draft Dustin Hopkins in the late rounds to fill in our Kicker slot (with some LEG), and grab BJ Williams to backup Wilson… Boom! Of we go!

    • SunPathPaul

      * I would ‘SAY’… Don’t worry! PC and JS know what they are doing…

    • Chris F

      Not to be a downer here, but I can’t understand how you can get excited about a 5th round pick. If they replace Flynn with Leinert, I’m really going to be unhappy.

      • Dregur

        Sherman. Kam. We’ve gotten value in the 5th.

      • Kyle

        I think it’s more the savings on the cap, and therefore the possibility of keeping the core players together, than any picks.

      • Kip Earlywine

        I’m sure Seattle will bring in at least two more quarterbacks. It’s rare for a team to enter a preseason with fewer than 3 QBs on the roster. If Seattle does sign Leinart, that only means that he’s here for competition and he’ll probably be joined by an additional signing or perhaps a draft pick.

  8. Madmark

    I like Flynn and I don’t believe he hurt his arm last year. RW flat out won the job because of his study habits, big time leadership and a wow factor. Flynn will do just fine with short and intermediate passing and play action pass but he’s never been a deep ball thrower. this allows the Raiders to draft a QB over the next 3 years in there search to find there QB. In all the deal isn’t really bad for anyone even Palmer going to make out and after what I’ve seen him do in Cincinnati and Oakland and actually liking it that he’ll be going to Arizona and screwing them up for a few years.

  9. Bobk3333

    Win, win, win deal.

    Seattle trades a player who did not want to be there, clears about $3million in cap space this year and $2million next year and receive a couple of future low round picks, which was the least important part of the transaction for them

    Oakland got a servicable to very good QB with a relatively low salary for a starter without giving up a lot.

    Matt Flynn will be a starter in the NFL.

    The Seahawks now know they have to get a good backup. It is now their highest priority.

    Unfortunately, their aren’t any good veterans out there. Colt McCoy and Tyler Thigpen are terrible and would not be good alternatives if Wilson goes down. I would not want them even for third string, behind a QB we draft. MCCOY AND THIGPEN ARE GARBAGE!

    EJ Manuel would be perfect, but they would need to trade up to get him. Matt Scott of Arizona would also be a great pickup.

    • Chris F

      Bob, FYI:

      • Chris F

        And then I read this which makes me marginally more hopeful:

      • Madmark

        I’m pretty sure we’ll draft a QB in the later rounds and probably bring in a veteran to compete for number 2 spot, I just hope its not Matt Leinart.

        • Chris F

          McCoy to the 49ers. So much for that idea.

          • Chris F

            Dominoes! One good thing the 49ers had to trade a 5th and a 7th for McCoy and a 6th. I wouldn’t have done that deal.

          • Rob Staton

            I just have a hard time thinking this team would trade more picks for McCoy. Aside from the fact he’s a terrible quarterback, I think they’d rather just draft a later round rookie.

            • Attyla the Hawk

              Um, no the Niners did trade for McCoy!

              Too funny. And a 5th and 7th. Guess they can burn through these choices pretty quickly after all.

              • Jon

                these choices from the 49ers are not that bad (though McCoy is). They got a 6th that was equivalent to 10 spots below there fifth and lost the second to last 7th round pick. The trade equate McCoy to 5 draft value points.

                • Chris F

                  That was why I cryptically wrote “dominoes” to start my post. I think the flurry of QB signings and trades we’ve seen recently have a great deal to do with the Flynn transaction. Even the Bills signing Kolb was likely related as they watched their options diminish (Flynn and Palmer). His signing was certainly a godsend for Flynn since it removed any leverage McKenzie had and, coupled with the exhorbitant amount of money Buffalo paid, probably forced his (McKenzie’s) hand.

                  San Francisco, also in desperate need of a decent back-up watched it’s options diminish as well. Now that Seattle is a player in the free agent market, they probably felt compelled to trade for McCoy rather than to wait for him to be released as they aren’t in a position to win a bidding war with anybody. Last I checked they were about $4.5M under the cap and they still need money to sign their rookies.

                  Because of this, you are probably right, they didn’t really do badly in the deal. They just spent the only capital that they have, draft picks.

                  • Maz

                    Nicely put sir.

  10. Madmark

    The official website for the Seahawks is saying the 2014 pick is a 5th rounder and that 2015 is a conditional. Its not a 3rd but then again Flynn isn’t a Harvins

    • Beanhawk

      Don’t know how common it is to know or make public, but is there any word on what those conditions are and the potential range for the second (2015) pick?

      • Rob Staton

        I suspect it’ll be a pick in rounds 5-7 based on performance. Might even be ‘no pick’ if he doesn’t start enough games.

        • Beanhawk

          That’s about what I would expect. Just wanted to check. Thanks.

        • Jon

          I do hope they get a garunteed 7th just in principle that you should not let a pick (that may not be given at all) influence a trade. I think that for this trade they will get a pick (unless he is released by the raiders). I don’t think the minimum will be starts (at least in 2014) If he starts this year or is on the roster at all in 2014 then they should recieve at least something. Starts, stats, probowls, playoffs, should be the escelators to upgrading picks not set as a bottom end.

          I am just happy to be done with the contract, and see value in the 5th that we are going to recieve. Maybe the Hawks see it this way as well, and would just see the extra pick in 2015 as a cherry on top.

          • Jon

            That entire first thought is about the 2015 draft pick. We know that the 2014 pick is a 5th of course.

          • Jon

            also, I do think you are in the right range though

  11. Jon

    I posted this in a longer discussion/post above but think it is important to realize.

    “I don’t care for either of the supposed ‘front runners’, but I realy don’t care as long as the 2nd string position is not handed to anyone. This will be a competitive battle for the second string QB spot. And then in a couple of years the Hawks will get another draft pick out of a backup QB. How can we complain when we have always dreamed that this teams backups would be worth draft picks”

  12. woofu

    Some folks were not in favor of Flynn before they even signed him. Funny how they are the ones that did’nt think he was worth even as much as they just got for him.

    The moves they made in FA changed the dynamic to trade him. Once you increase the need to trade him down goes the price. Without the FA moves he may well have fetched somewhere near a single third round value in some manner. So the picks they got are most likely fair value under the circumstances and in addition can be useful since they are more than likely high rounders.

  13. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’ve been struggling with this news all morning. Like many of us, I spent the weekend hoping to get more for Flynn than a R5 in 2014 and an extremely nebulous conditional in 2015 (that may not even materialize). Was I wrong to expect more for a player the FO thought was worth $20m for 3yrs barely a year after making that deal?

    Then I heard JS on ESPN radio explain a big part of rationale behind signing Flynn — going into the 2012 draft with 2 QBs on the roster (TJack and Flynn), and Flynn’s promise of being the team’s legit starter (if not an outright franchise QB), enabled SEA to wait for RW rather than make a costly and controversial move for Luck or RG3. I say costly AND controversial because, aside from the high price WAS paid to acquire RG3, it could prove very controversial given the specter of an injured RG3 who now must alter the very way he plays the game, and thus might never fully realize his potential.

    In the end, it cost SEA approx $5m to put themselves in a position to draft RW in the 3rd. With the benefit of hindsight, would any of us think spending about $5m to “acquire” RW, and doing so without losing a single draft pick, a bad deal? I certainly would not. And when you factor in the 2014 R5 (and hopefully at least a R5 in 2015), I’d say it’s a bargain. The best we ever had.

    It’s often been said that being a GM is akin to playing chess. And like the best chess masters in the world, the best GMs think multiple moves in advance. I think JS has proven his “master” status.

    • Kyle

      Nicely put, that’s great analysis.

    • Rob Staton

      Brilliant post.

    • Hawksince77

      Not only did signing Flynn free them from attempting to acquire RGIII or Luck, it also allowed them to pass on Wilson in the second round (a risky move, considering how highly they valued him) and draft their starting MLB, a very good player in his own right. Perfect GMing, I’d say.

      As for the compensation, I have to say that Rob got it right, in the end. I also think Flynn is under-rated, and will prove a genuine bargain for Oakland. Even if he proves to be a bit above average for a starting NFL QB (anywhere in the top 16) they will have paid almost nothing for him, in terms of draft capital.

      Now watch Oakland go and draft Geno Smith…that would just be sick (for Flynn).

      • James

        It is better to be lucky than good, but John and Pete have been both. Last year, they were bright enough to be the first to see the potential in Russell Wilson, and they were lucky that no other team picked him first. If they had even a clue how good he was, they would have selected him in the second round, but they “lucked” into landing both Russell and Bobby Wagner in what has been called the greatest team draft in the past 15 years. ps- remember seeing the tension in the Seahawks war room when they picked Wagner in R2? Many assumed that it was disappointment over missing on Mychal Kendricks, but a local tv sports reporter later confirmed that it was an internal disagreement/worry about whether to go with Russell in the second round, for fear he would be gone by their pick in R3.

        • Hawksince77

          To add to your point, I was (pleasantly) shocked to see Seattle’s top 3 picks placed in the top 15 overall in a recent re-draft. Wilson was 3rd (if memory serves) and Irvin at 15, with Wagner somewhere between them.

          Three top-15 picks in one draft. Amazing.

          • Jake

            You have that link? I’d love to see it.

    • Attyla the Hawk


      It’s always critical to consider that decisions aren’t made in a vacuum. They are a byproduct of the circumstances of the time. Changing those circumstances opens opportunity elsewhere.

      Very well put. One could just as easily extrapolate that exact scenario to our search for a 3 tech this year. These signings, while not the final solution, allow us the flexibility to get the right deal, or just as importantly walk away from the wrong deal in 2013.

      • Chris F

        Yeah, while RGIII is an incredible talent and all, Washington mortgaged their entire future on that one move and I’m glad the Seahawks have never done anything like that. Look at them now, with the cap penalty and the lack of premium draft picks they have, they aren’t in a position to become more competitive this season.

    • Kip Earlywine

      Great comment.

      A correction though: Seattle paid $8 million for one year of Flynn. He received a $6 million signing bonus last year which Seattle completely absorbs regardless of the trade, and in addition he made $2 million in base salary last season. So the total hit Seattle takes is $8 million, with $4 million being against the 2012 cap and $4 million being against the 2013 cap.

      Prior to restructure, $2 million of Flynn’s 2013 base salary is still guaranteed (Oakland absorbs this part). Add that to the $8 million Seattle paid and that’s the full $10 million that Flynn was guaranteed when he signed last year.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        You forgot the cost in life expectancy to Rob for trying (futilely I might add) to explain why Flynn wasn’t worth the exorbitant price some fans presumed.

        I’m sure that alone is worth the trade!

      • Glor

        Yes but a serviceable backup is 4mil (see MH)
        So net overage for Flynn was only 4 or 5 mil

    • A. Simmons

      Draft picks for nothing are always great. We didn’t get the 3rd we were hoping for, but we also didn’t trade him for a single 6th or 7th like some were saying his value was at. There were a lot of factors that affected Flynn’s value. I think the most important one was the egregious failure of both Kolb and Cassel as well as Schaub’s inability to make the next step to playoff QB. If you analyze trades for backup QBs, they have been utter failures or Schaub. That pretty much killed the market started by the Schaub trade to begin with.

      This is a copycat league. A desperate league filled with teams looking to become competitive in a limited talent pool. They often emulate a successful move by another team. That’s what inflated the backup QB market to begin with. Now it deflated the backup QB market.

      This move was a win-win-win-win. Our team cleared cap space and a contract for a player that was no longer worth what we were paying him and obtained draft picks for a player we paid nothing but cash for that was no longer part of our team’s future. Flynn gets a chance to start in a situation almost guaranteed to be in his favor. The Raiders give up very little in draft capital, clear out Carson Palmer’s contract, and get a QB candidate that can at the very least provide them some chance of finding a starter. Carson Palmer gets cut, so he can try to find some club that might be contending.

      Seems like John Schneider makes moves that benefit all involved. He’s making moves that will make him a guy other people will want to trade with. He doesn’t make them look like a fool, while still making himself look like a high quality GM. I’ve always heard the best businessmen are those that make money for others as well as themselves.

      • rrrhawkout

        “I’ve always heard the best businessmen are those that make money for others as well as themselves.”

        Good point. If he were brilliant _at the expense_ of other GMs he’d no longer be able to make any more moves.

        The same goes for his dealing with players, if the rumors that he turned downed a 7th for Leon Washington so the man could choose his own team is true. That has to help out his reputation as a fair guy in the locker room, and could help with future in-house contract negotiations.

    • hawkdawg

      Who’s Next?

  14. Lenny253

    Why not bring in Vince Young?

  15. connor

    This blog put me on to Matt Scott and after watching him I think he would be a great option to develop behind RW3. It seems like his stock may have risen a bit so I’m not sure how late he will be around but I wouldn’t be mad if we got him in the 4-5th round.

    • Kip Earlywine


    • Chris F

      I have a feeling that he won’t make it out of the 3rd. After his pro day performance, he’s been getting a lot of attention.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        One could fill several rosters with guys that ‘should be gone by round three’ that end up being available in rounds 4 and 5.

        This draft is so goofy deep. Or just remarkably and deceptively average all the way through. Either way there are probably 40 guys that will be taken in rounds 4 and 5 that would have been expected to be selected in round 3. Once you put names to teams in mocks, you start to see just how many decent looking players there are.

        There aren’t enough slots for 3rd round grade guys.

        • Chris F

          I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

    • Attyla the Hawk


      That’s about the (upper) range we’d want to get a project backup QB.

  16. jdtjohnson

    With all this talk of M. Flynn being traded and us not getting enough in return for an above average starting quarterback…I’m sorry, but saying that there are 16 starting qb’s worse than him is laughable. I challenge anyone to name 5 starting qb’s that are worse than M. Flynn, let alone 16 of them.

    I am so thankful this is all over. I have been so tired of hearing about the would have’s, could have’s, should have’s with Matt Flynn. It got to the point where I resented him. And it’s certainly not his fault that so many ‘hawks fans had such unrealistic expectations. All this time, everyone has been hanging all of their certainty for him on 1 game…1 game. I understand the records that were broken that day and how impressive that may be. His fans act like he must be so great because B. Starr, B. Favre and A. Rodgers were never able to get those stats in one game…he’s gotta be good. I didn’t see anyone banging down the door for Jerome Harrison after he ran for 286 in a game. And yes, i know about his health presently and not long after that game. But still…Emmitt was never able to run for that…Barry was never able to run for that. Jerome Harrison must have been an above average back that year…or what is more likely, as is true with Flynn…dude had a good game…that’s it. Plain and simple…

    Anyways…as I said, glad we were able to even get ANYTHING in return for him and thankful to have an end to all of this delusion surrounding him.

    Looking forward to further draft coverage on the SDB, and hopefully having this issue disappear completely.

    • jdtjohnson

      sorry that should be “above average” in quotation marks…

      • Rob Staton

        I look forward to the day Matt Flynn is never talked about by Seahawks fans, unless he is performing badly against our team. Time for us all to move on after today.

        • Aaron

          We play the Raiders at the Clink in 2014. 🙂

          Hopefully he’ll still be playing for them so we can see him perform badly against us as you say, but also because that’ll bode well for the conditional pick.

          • Jake

            I’ll be rooting for him! He did well here, he pushed Russ – he seemed engaged on the sideline and was an excellent soldier no matter what. He also netted two draft picks and filled a role during a great 2012 campaign.

            The Raiders have become my #2 team now with Flynn (I’m from Sacramento after all…) I have too much hate toward the Steelers and 49ers to waste any on 1983…

    • Hawksince77

      Off the top of my head:

      1 – Blaine Gabbert
      2 – Mark Sanchez
      3 – Matt Cassel
      4 – John Skelton
      5 – Branden Weeden
      6 – Christian Ponder
      7 – Ryan Lindley
      8 – Jake Locker
      9 – Ryan Fitzpatrick
      10 – Nick Foles

    • Hawksince77

      Here are some more, week 17 starters from last year:

      11 – Thaddeus Lewis – Browns
      12 – Chad Henne – Jags
      13 – Brady Quinn – Chiefs
      14 – Terrelle Pryor – Raiders
      15 – Bryan Hoyer – Cards

      • jdtjohnson

        Pulling out any QB that started a game is hardly the same thing as being considered a starting QB.

        With that, your list dwindles to:
        1. B.Gabbert/C. Henne (not sure who will be the starter yet)
        2. M. Sanchez
        3. B. Weeden
        4. C. Ponder
        5. J. Locker
        6. Arizona QB (TBD, but most likely going to be C. Palmer)
        7. Buffalo QB (added this for you. Either TJax or K. Kolb)

        Of that list there is no one there that I can say, with much certainty, is worse than M. Flynn. There is simply no proof.

        So lets run through the list:
        1. Jax QB – I think C. Henne wins out in Jax. Probably the most questionable starter of any of the teams. Flynn might have the edge here, although personally I like Henne’s arm strength.
        2. NYJ – M. Sanchez. Played pretty poorly of late, but with that said, he has taken his team to two AFC Championships and thus has a much more proven track record. I think if we had him for a backup, people would be over the moon in Hawkland.
        3. Clev – B. Weeden was a rookie last year. Sure he was older than many vets, but a rookie none the less. I think he was at least on par with what people think of M. Flynn although a completely different skillset. But then again, no one really knows because M. Flynn has never really played before. Tough to compare.
        4. Min – C. Ponder had a decent end to the season. Was QB for a team that made it to the playoffs with only one offense weapon at his disposal. I think he and Flynn have similar skillsets. I see Flynn having the same sort of results in Oak as Ponder did during his rookie season.
        5. Ten – J. Locker…I think, although inaccurate, J. Locker has a much better skillset that Flynn. If he is healthy this year and Tenn tailors the offense to him a little more, he could be in line for a modest breakout year.
        6. Ari – C. Palmer will prove to be much more successful than M. Flynn this year. If it is D. Stanton starting in Arizona, then I see he and Flynn having similar seasons.
        7. Buf – K. Kolb…M. Flynn and K. Kolb are the same guy only their scenarios were a year apart and Kolb got a lot of money with limited results, which lead to resentment and being chased out of town. Now that Flynn has a chance to start, he will end up having similar results to Kolb in Arizona. Fortunately Flynn doesn’t have the huge contract to further the resentment for lack of results. I think Kolb, if healthy, has a better year in Buf than Flynn in Oak.

        With that, there are a few toss ups in terms of who might be better/worse, but it’s hardly a slamdunk for either side. Especially given the fact that Flynn has no track record to base anything on. Jacksonville, NYJ, Cleveland and Buffalo are really the only teams that could have a worse QB than Flynn. Having said all that, Flynn might not even become the starter in Oak, so this might all be a mute point anyways.

        And may tomorrow, and forever more, bring us a Flynn-less day. Never again

  17. Kip Earlywine

    This is a very good trade for both teams.

    Reggie McKenzie is showing a lot of promise down in Oakland. Given the incredible mess he stepped into, he’s done a good job of repairing their cap situation while adding talent on the cheap. If I was a GM of an expansion franchise (which Oakland’s situation mirrors), the first thing I’d do is offer late round picks for Matt Flynn, who was IMO the best value at QB in the FA/Trade period. This was a great moneyball move by McKenzie and speaks well of Oakland’s long term outlook.

    Palmer was old, likely to be injured, malcontent, expensive, and didn’t fit the rush-heavy WCO that Oakland is installing. Flynn is an upgrade in every way, and even saves the team money- especially if Oakland can pull off a trade to Arizona.

    Seattle gets what will likely be an early 5th for Flynn, plus another potential early 5th in 2015. Given Seattle’s track record in that range, it’s likely that they’ll come away with at least one good player (on a rookie contract) from this trade.

    They also save $2 million more than they would have had they outright released Flynn (since $2 million of Flynn’s 2013 salary is guaranteed). The overall savings for Seattle over the next two seasons is $11.5 million, including $8.25 million saved in 2014.

    The only downside to this trade is that it will make Arizona much tougher in the short term when they inevitably acquire Palmer. Sweeping Arizona is never as easy as it should be, and it will get a bit tougher if they have a competent QB.

  18. Leonard

    So let’s say the draft comes and goes and the Hawks were only able to pick up a developmental QB that for sure will not be ready next year. Would anyone be interested in a young veteran QB with a lot of past success running the read option, very good at the bootleg and is a capable leader? Hypnotically he is not very accurate, if he was he would be a starter and a star. BUT lets say he has proven he can lead a team with a strong running game and a good defense to a playoff win vs. Pittsburg or some similar team. If he doesn’t have any offers to compete for a starting job and is playing behind RW then there is no controversy. The locker room is too strong to get jealous of attention from ESPN idiots. If that guy, whoever he is, was available is anyone interested? Remember we are talking about a back up here.

    • Jon


      nice job, I have no clue who you are talking about. But only if we can convince him to battle for two different positions. FB, and 2nd string QB. Then he would lose out to be the Back up QB and could be the FB. I like Mike Robinson Better, but man that kind of athlete could be an addition to this team if he were willing to be used correctly.

      But then again, does that guy exist, and would he sign a 5 year vet minimum contract with $0 down and $0 gauranteed in exchange for some SB rings.

  19. Jon

    I am wondering about who the next guy to be put on the trade or chop block will be.
    McQuistan 3m savings (he would not see the field if the OL is healthy, he will be replaced in this draft)
    would he have any trade value, I doubt it.
    Heath Farwell saves about 1.5

    I also hope to hear abot some extensions.
    Tate – what would he get 4-5 per year?
    Kam – 5 per year?

    So much could happen before the draft and I am over the discussion of anything to do with some backup qb that will hopefully never see the field besides in garbage time.

  20. James

    John’s interview with KJR today dropped a couple of clues, sort-of. He did say that for the backup QB, they are looking for a guy with a good upside (ie, Tyler Thigpen, not Charlie Batch) and someone good with Russell and who brings a lot to the QB room. I heard a couple of clips of Thigpen being interviewed about the pistol offense and he came across as hyper-smart and enthusiastic about the X’s and O’s. Sounds like the guy to me.

    • James

      Another clue that John dropped is that they are looking as QBs that are “all football.” Notice he said all football and not all hot tub. This would rule out Matt Lienart.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Ryan Aplin out of Arkansas State. Watch this kid.

    • Trudy Beekman


    • Leonard

      I would be very happy with Aplin too.

  22. Dustin

    Now go and sign Branch for cheap. Not to fond of any DT other than Richardson and Ffloyd. Hopefully Bennett (DE i know) and Scruggs can provide pressure on passing down from the inside. Bring in Thigpen and keep playing hardball with Kam. My mock draft after trading Flynn would looks something like this.

    56th Kyle Long OT Oregon
    87th Vance McDonald TE Rice/DaRick Rodgers WR TN Tech/Zavier Gooden OLB Missouri
    123rd Vance McDonald TE Rice/DaRick Rodgers WR TN Tech/Zavier Gooden OLB Missouri
    138th Shamark Thomas SS Syracuse
    158th Caleb Sturgis K Florida
    194th Zac Stacy RB Vanderbilt
    220th Kyle Juszczyk FB Harvard
    231st Mike Catapano DE Princeton
    241st Montori Hughes DT Tennessee-Martin
    242nd BJ Daniels QB UCF

    Allows you to play hardball with Bennett, Miller, Rice, Tate, Robinson, and Chancellor. Lane and Thurmond are already in place in case we cant keep Browner. Cant keep everyone guys, let me know what you think.

    • Belgaron

      Interesting group…

      I expect Long to be drafted somewhere in the middle of the 2nd round. But even if he isn’t, I ‘d go with Arthur Brown, who is projected to be available at 56 by Todd McShay in his 4.0 (for what its worth). My second choice at 56 would be Tyrann Mathieu, whose aggressive tendencies could run wild with ET protecting him over the top. Pete isn’t afraid to take on character projects and ET, Sherm, Kam, and BB would welcome him to the Unit. He’d also provide another option at returning punts.

      Da’Rick Rogers is an intriguing prospect as his ceiling would be similar to Julio Jones. You’d have to think he’d be humbled playing against Seattle’s DBs in practice every day. And Pete could re-build him into a competitor. If he is still there at 87, he’d be a another great high risk, high reward choice imo.

      Zaviar Gooden has great measureables but you can’t teach football instincts and I think Seattle prefers LBs with a knack for reading plays quickly with an ability to always be in the right spot per assignment. I think they’d probably be more interested in Jamie Collins, especially his length.

      In the fourth round, they could possible catch a sliding John Simon and give him a shot. They could pick up Matt Scott in that round, giving them a project picked a round after Wilson. With talk of the top QBs sliding, it could push all QB prospects lower in the draft. They could go big with a DT or OT at that point, if they haven’t picked up any yet.

      If Sturgis has a leg like Zuerlein, it would be interesting to see if PC would actually kick the long FGs. It would certainly add another layer of strength to the team.

      There are a lot of interesting guys to take shots on in the later rounds. Rang has Montori Hughes graded as a 4th rounder. Catapano may go that high as well.

      I doubt they’d draft a FB unless he was an extraordinary talent in special teams and has great hands in the passing game.

  23. James

    Rob, your guy Tony Pauline said the consensus among NFL GMs is that there are only about 15 players with first round grades, and 60 with second round grades. John & Pete way ahead of the game obtaining an elite 24-yr-old playmaker in Percy Harvin with that #25 pick. A solid guy will be there for the Seahawks at #56, probably of the same value they would have spent the R1 pick on.

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