Just a slight sprain for Cassius Marsh

Good news…


  1. Cysco

    bullet dodged like neo in the matrix

  2. Steve Nelsen

    This is great news. Marsh was playing well enough to be a part of the D-line rotation. The Hawks are going to need some productive low-cost defensive linemen over the next 3 years.

  3. James

    Whew…. thx to the football gods. Cassius is the first player drafted by John & Pete to show genuine pass rush skills. All other elite rushers have been acquired: Clemons, Avril and Bennett. Bruce Irvin, though productive in his rookie year, seemed to me to achieve based on otherworldly speed and athleticism, and has thus far not shown the moves to reach the Avril level. Cassius has, and could be an important cog, even in this his rookie season, toward another championship. Right now, the 2d Leo in the NASCAR package appears to be a battle between Irvin, Mayowa and Schofield. Cassius has a great shot at the DT slot in this package, though he could even win the 2d Leo over these other guys. I look forward to confirmation from Pete, and hope to hear that Cassius will return in a couple of weeks.

    • cha

      Irvin might be the most interesting guy to watch in the 2014 defense as a breakout player. 2012 was his ‘sack specialist’ year, 2013 was his ‘tackle/coverage specialist’ year, now can he put them both together? It will be interesting to see what role the staff puts and keeps him in.

      • Miles

        I would like to see Irvin utilized on pass rush downs. If he can return to 2012 form on the outside, with Michael Bennett and Cassius Marsh in the middle, and Cliff Avril on the other side, look out. If Irvin can produce at least six sacks this year I would say he’s well on his way to being a good pass rusher. But the Seahawks have to consider making him just a pure pass rusher again. He is excellent when he only needs to utilize his athleticism. Playing outside linebacker is much more difficult mentally so I think he can only be an average OLB at best.

        O’Brien Schofield had a nice game against Denver. I thought he showed some nice moves and good mobility getting to the quarterback. He could be an important player this year while last year he was an afterthought. The Giants cancelled his contract because of his “knee situation” but I think the real reason they scrapped the deal is because they were about to pay him $8 million. Schofield should use that as a chip to show his real worth.

        Mayowa looked terrible and lost in the Denver game. It’s the first preseason game and who could expect him to play better than he did? After all he’s a UDFA. But the reality is he’s going against guys who are trying to show they are ready to play now. If Cassius and Schofield keep showing up like they did last week, Mayowa has an uphill climb and better step it up.

        • DylanJacob

          To be fair about Irvin as a LB, he was actually pretty awesome for being a first year player at it. Like he made a position switch and was not a liability at all. I consider that a major success considering rookies that play a position through college often take a few years to make it right. Sure he was not pro bowl level, but he was good. Maybe that year was to give him some experience in the open field, and now they will move him back down. He can learn from Avril some moves and could be an amazing player. Not saying it will happen, but really we have only seen one pass rushing year from him. Last year might have been the coaches wanting to teach him how to drop into a zone or spy a QB so he could be more well rounded and eventually stay on the field for most of the game.

          While Irvin has not been a sack monster, he hasn’t been a bust yet. He had playing time both years, and for a team that stresses competition at every position, that is not a bust. We all wanted a 15 sack a season pass rushing monster, and Irvin looked like he might be able to do that with some awesome workouts and coaching. Sadly that hasn’t happened yet, but he is still a quality player that has potential to be unreal.

  4. CC

    YAYYYY – Marsh a sprain and Marshawn vidicated!

    A good day in Hawkville!

  5. David M

    Thank god nothing is wrong with his knee. I would still play him lightly, at tomorrow’s game (if play him at all) just to make sure it’s all good, no sense iin rushing him for a pre season game.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d consider holding him out altogether and waiting until week three. Is there any reason to risk him?

  6. Miles

    Hey off topic, but does anyone know when the new Rain City Redemption is coming out?

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect it’ll be out for the start of the new season.

  7. Michael (CLT)

    So good to be ramping up again.

    Rob, I hope all is well with the family and you enjoyed a siesta.

    EPL starts this weekend (go Spurs!) and real American football starts soon.

    Pure joy!

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