Khaseem Greene (LB, Rutgers) vs Connecticut

In this week’s updated mock draft, we had Rutgers linebacker Khaseem Greene going to Seattle in the second round. The video above shows his tape against Connecticut from this year. Take a look and let us know what you think.


  1. MattH

    Certainly not the physical specimen compared to what we’ve been looking at recently, but I liked his intelligence in his placement on the field. Seems like the few big plays he made in that film were more because he knew where he had to be than an impressive physical reaction.

  2. Stuart

    I agree, how do you think Greene compares to Malcom Smith? He would add nice depth but could he become a starter? For a R-2 pick we should expect a starter. It seems like R-1,R-2 and R-3 should be for players who will become starters and R-4/R-7 for depth. Although our FO has hit homeruns in nearly every round so we just dont know…

    Kip thinks we are already elite and will be 13-3 next season with this exact same team. The way we are playing right now sure supports that! Who knows, maybe some of our depth players we have now will shine brightly between now and the end of the playoffs and we have to re-think our needs again, great problem to have:).

    No matter how it all plays out, this is my favorite all-time Seahawk team. Never ever before I have felt so sure of having a fantastic future. Imagine how pumped we will all feel in the off season. JS for executive of the year! Give that man a long contract extension…

    • Ely

      As Pete and John have mentioned before, they eventually want to get to the point where it will be hard for draft picks to crack into the roster. Drafting for depth in the early rounds is exactly the point the team wants to get to creating BPA draft strategy. So by all means if we are getting great depth in the second RD and beyond this would be a good thing. I do think they are one more solid draft away though. Sill need WR depth and we will get a good look at the current DL depth this week! Exciting times! Also very excited to see how our draft looks when JS has the luxury to go BPA from RD 1 on!

  3. chris

    im not really impressed by what ive seen on this tape. seems stiff and plays a little soft.

  4. diehard82

    Wow, pretty unspectacular given the hype. I don’t care how fast his 40 time is, he plays slow, and looks laxidasical on most plays. Kinda runs like a girl too. I think he’s a late round developmental pick at best in my mind now.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    I’m figuring that we will pick up a defensive linemen in the first round. That leaves us with finding wide receivers in the 2-4 rounds that would be able to rotate or relieve our starters. Of course if Patterson slides down to us in the first then the Seahawks might pick him and go defense in the second round.

    I’m having a hard time getting excited about the linebackers outside of the top few. The rest just seem to be playing at a lower level. Could this be a tough year for finding linebackers? It probably will be PC finding another diamond in the rough in the late rounds to compete with Smith.

  6. D

    Reads well, run OK but plays way to upright and thus doesn’t pack much of a punch at all.

    In Zone D he rarely looks for reciever but eyes the QB, not good but a coachable thing…

  7. cover-2

    The guy to watch on that video is UConn (TE) #94 Ryan Griffin. I have been trying to hype this guy up, he seems to be off the radar of the draft guru’s web sites. Griffin has good size 6-6 247 lbs, good speed, athletic, and good/effective blocker. He plays a lot of in-line, a fair amount split out wide, and some lined up as an H-back. IMO he is a 2nd round guy.

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