KJR radio appearance with Puck and Jim

I was invited onto KJR today to talk Seahawks with Puck & Jim. Please check it out below using the Apple Podcast embed (or click her for the website version).


  1. Peter

    This was great!!

    Hopefully they have you back soon and often.

  2. Adam Boyd

    Great hit, Rob. Hope they keep having you on to continue beating the drum on these issues since the Seattle Media has no interest in asking the serious questions of Pete.

  3. cha

    Maye declares

    Pete Thamel
    NEWS: North Carolina redshirt sophomore quarterback Drake Maye tells ESPN that he’s forgoing the remainder of his eligibility at UNC to declare for the NFL Draft. He’s a strong contender for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

  4. Dustin

    A dose of reality that Seahawks fans needed

  5. Big Mike

    Thanks for embed Rob. pot on as always

    • Palatypus

      Hit or get off the pot.

      • Big Mike


  6. geoff u

    Don’t know if they’re being serious, but should definitely make this a weekly thing, especially come draft time.

    • Rob Staton

      I would love to do it. I love going on the radio in Seattle and have always wanted to do more.

  7. Colin

    Looking back at the comments Michael Shawn Dugar made a couple weeks ago about how the Seahawks roster wasn’t far behind the 49ers. Delusional. Simply, delusional.

    The longer Carroll stays, the longer it will be until championship caliber football can return to Seattle.

    • Whit21

      Their dline is way different.. but overall, 49ers coaches could get a lot out of what the seahawks have on their roster too.. its a coaching problem for the most part.

    • CJ

      MSD might know some things about football, but who he knows is more important, and he protects that by being a shill for the Seahawks.

  8. Peter

    His pod post game….I think he’s moving off that a bit.

    Still with the argument that no qb could succeed…this we should retain Geno. Which to me if that’s the argument then that’s the reason to just pay 4-5 million for a qb.

  9. cha

    I was looking at my piece from January just to remind myself how much cap they had on the books for Jamal & Diggs before the restructures and pushouts.

    If they’d have cut Diggs before the 5 day post SB window and Adams as a post-June1, they would have picked up $18.34m of cap room this season. Take half of that and buy 2 new safeties. That leaves $9m, plus the $6m they have now for $15m of 2023 cap room.

    They’d have had enough room to swallow the whole Leonard Williams salary and pay something like a 4th round pick in trade.

    And their cap number for 2024 would currently be $37m, plus any rollover for the $15m minus any 2nd year of the two safeties contracts.

    Call it a wash and just say they have $27-37m of room in 2024.

    Tell me this team would not be so much better if they’d done that.

    • geoff u

      Just replacing those two with safety’s not ranked worse than 75th in the league would be an improvement. I mean there’s 32 teams, that means 64 starting safeties. That means these two yahoos are worse than all the starting safeties in the NFL, and a dozen more.

      • Elmer

        Absolutely right. If nothing else, we would still have our R2 draft choice. Plus, it is becoming clear that we don’t need them. So now that we have not done anything how much dead cap do we eat if we do it in the offseason.

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll’s ego – 1
      Roster Construction – 0

      Pete knows best cha. You’re just a guy on a site. Meanwhile as GrossMaToast said earlier today, this is a zombie franchise (being held hostage by Carroll’s ego).

      • Dave Stacey

        It’s astonishing that this whole mess with the safeties even got to be issue in Jan 2023 when you wrote that article let alone now.
        Why on earth did we trade the house for a safety and then pay him rather than trade him after year 1.
        And why the heck did we sign a 29 year old safety, coming off a broken leg to a mega contract – it’s ridiculous.

        The diggs contract almost felt like charity as if they felt sorry for him that he injured himself on his last game before free agency. This is the NFL, it’s supposed to be cut throat business.

        They’ve had chance after chance to move on from the mess they have created at safety and if Sunday’s performance isn’t enough I don’t know what is ! But I wouldn’t want to bet on both of those clowns being cut this off season.

    • Whit21

      Even bring back ryan neal even.. not sure if julian love play FS.. he was a CB/S. Probably better safeties than Diggs/Adams/Love combo right now..

      The free safety market next year is better than Diggs atleast.

  10. Joseph

    I kid you not. There was a Seahawks fan in the comment section on a YouTube video who said he wants to have Pete and Geno for the next 5 years. Same type of clown to call us bandwagons or fair weather fans. Oh my god the delusions in some of these fans who think Pete will run it back. It pisses me off. I can’t stand them and the gutless Seattle media. Well, dude said he’s 62 years old so his intelligence and mentality is at the same level as Pete’s lol.

  11. Big Mike

    Easy. Some of us are older than the guy you’re referring to. We’re not all brain dead.

    • Joseph

      I’ll admit that came at wrong the about his age. Just frustrated by all the unnecessary support Pete gets. My apologies!

  12. Palatypus

    That was a very tight interview. Very precise.

  13. ok

    dude. brooooooooooo.
    that call with kjr was too clean, too tight, just on point. i hope it feels good, to be that good at something.
    i hope they have you back. seattle sports radio really needs a boost.

    @cha thank you, and dang it. wish they had chosen to take the hit this year. not only for financial reasons, i wish the staff would change their view on these older non performing, overpaid vets. why not just cut em now? sean payton cut some talented players (randy), and that unit is getting better. if the hawks started slicing and dicing, sooner than later, it might send the message that they are back to being serious. maybe there is a ryan neal already on the roster. when the seahawks, and pete, were great, they moved on from dead weight. now they cling to these dead weights.

  14. geoff u

    That Dolphin’s offense sure is fun as hell to watch.


  15. Palatypus

    It is Devon Witherspoon’s birthday today and he got some good news. His injury is being reported as a hip pointer and he is likely to be able to play on Monday.

  16. Whit21

    I was gonna say.. all the KJR refrences last few weeks.. it sounded like you’re trying to get on kjr.. lol.. i like it better than 710..

  17. cha

    Will Levis has guts.

    What a drive.

    • Justaguy

      John Schneider looks down at his phone

  18. Rob Staton

    Appreciate the nice feedback guys, thank you

    • Palatypus

      I thought your comments on the offense were particularly “chamber.”

      Sometimes it’s a chamber orchestra. Sometimes it’s a chamber pot.

    • Whit21

      Good thing you got off the air in time.. puck went into asking for Justin Fields trade for the hawks..

      • Justaguy

        Desperate times

  19. Justaguy

    Formidable interview. You speak the closest to the truth. Well done Rob

  20. Hawkcrazy

    Awesome job Rob. Love to hear more on Seattle radio. Here we know you are a 10 but you nailed it for the local masses. Is there somewhere on KJR site we can leave feedback asking them to have you back on a weekly basis going forward.

    • Romeo A57

      This is a great post. It would be niec to let KJR know that we enjoyed the interview with Rob and it would like to hear more interviews with him.

      Maybe a “Rob Staton Hour” at the exact same time that Pete is doing his weekly show with Brock & Salk as a counterbalance 🙂

  21. 509 Chris

    Watching Tennessee on MNF right now. I would feel so optimistic if Seattle had him waiting in the wings right now instead of JSN. No knock on JSN he could end up being really great but having an exciting prospect at qb wpuld change the trajectory of the franchise so much.

    • RomeoA57

      Levis is only a rookie but kind of looks like a stronger armed Drew Lock right now. That pick 6 and the bad pitch to Henry were atrocious. Also has some beautiful throws into tight coverage.

      Interested to see if he progresses in the offseason.

      Bryce Young has looked thoroughly unimpressive every time I have seen him this year.

      • Palatypus

        Tyjae Spears is finally starting to show why his peers voted him the best player at the Senior Bowl. I was trying to watch the 1v1s with the linemen at the Wednesday practice when I kept getting distracted by people cheering at the other end of the field. Every time it was Spears making a big play.

        He’s starting to show some chemistry with Levis tonight. He looked sharp on that last two-minute drill. And I think he is a big reason Michael Pratt has succeeded at Tulane.

        • RomeoA57

          I was very interested in Spears going into the draft based on the coverage and comments in SDB.

          Levis is sure fun too watch. Like a live wire act over molten lava.

          • Peter

            Scenario A: Levis instead of Hall and Young…Young is actually much more value than draft value chart. The real value to move up is more like Mike Morris.

            Scenario B: with Pick #13 Seattle stays put and gets whomever is still the fourth qb off the board.

            Scenario C: Seattle moves a future first and third rounder this year to move up to say #7 for Daniels or Maye?

            Again we don’t know if Ewers declares. I say Daniels or Maye because I could see Daniels gaining steam and going 2nd qb taken. So I don’t know yet.

            • Palatypus

              I think it would be hard for Ewers to declare after he loses to Washington again.

              • Peter

                Well played.

              • geoff u

                He’d want the hat trick and lose a third time next year? I dunno… Can’t beat em, join em, and head on up to lake Washington.

            • Whit21

              Might not have to trade up if some of these teams like titans GB bucs saints falcons… giants are 5 wins but ehhh.

              If they dont win against the eagles.. theres no sure thing win with titans beating dolphins and steelers/cardinals..

              Hawks could possibly go 1-3 to close out the year..

              • Peter

                After watching Seattle put in 3/4’s of a season with no identity I’m not sure where a ‘beatable’ team is on deck. Could be 2-2. With Pete calling out players could be L’s the rest of the way.

              • Big Mike

                1-3 is my prediction

          • Palatypus

            Which reminds me…

            If you were on this board that day, you may recall I brought a power strip with me for people to plug into so that I could eavesdrop on them. I recall in real-time describing some “scout type” because “they all wear under armor” in Titans colors on the phone while filling out a horizontal board (that I could not read – diabetes) saying that he had Spears in round three. Which IIRC is about where he went.

    • McZ

      Seahawks could study how to shorten a field for a Shanahanian offense when it’s crunch time.

  22. McZ

    Tommy DeVito, another no name college QB lacking a big arm carrying his team, succeeding in the NFL.

    • ukalex6674

      Very, very, very small sample size.

      Let’s see what he is like when teams figure him out. No-one had nothing on him.

      Personally I think he’s destined to be a career back up moving forward

      Good story though.

  23. Whit21

    Rams, packers, bucs lose.. basically all nfc south is 6 and 7.. besides panthers

    Giants and titans win.. our first round pick could reach top 10 if they lose 2 of 4..

  24. cha

    What a game by the Titans. Unreal.

    • Palatypus


    • Peter

      Let’s tip our hat to a game Big Mike and I are officially pushing towards….harder than we think.

      Great game. To beat the likely afc east Champs and possible 1-2 seed good for them.

      • Big Mike

        Vrabel teams won’t ever quit

    • RomeoA57

      Titans win after giving up an awful pick 6 at the goal line, horrible muff inside the 10 and an awful pitch by Levis in the Red Zone. Titans defense was great tonight.

      • Palatypus

        The narrative just changed about the Dolphins and Levis.

    • geoff u

      Wow, I totally wrote that game off at 27-13. Gonna have to watch the ending now.

    • cha

      It is entirely possible that Will Levis is a better QB right now than Geno Smith is. Let alone what he will be in a month, or next year, or the year after.

      He was a healthy scratch the first few games of the year.

      It’s amazing what not living in the moment can do for you, if you’re willing to not follow the norm.

      • geoff u

        Even worse, we could’ve had Witherspoon, JSN, AND Levis for a small trade up from the Hall pick. Then we could not worry about Geno’s big salary bump next year and, if they weren’t sold on Levis, still draft another QB 2024.

        This teams ability to think beyond a year ahead is crippling.

        • geoff u


        • Gritty Hawk

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Geno randomly having a fabulous 8-game streak set this franchise back by at least 2 years, maybe 3 or 4 if we still don’t draft a QB in 2024. This team wasn’t a contender last year, aren’t this year, and won’t be next year. Half a good season fooled a lot of people into desperately believing this “mini rebuild” or whatever you want to call it was way ahead of schedule.

          • Rob Staton

            Very fair observation.

  25. Palatypus

    Is it me, or does Mike McDaniel look like comedian Al Madrigal from The Daily Show?

  26. Ground_Hawk

    Would Seattle be able to resign Fant, Brooks and LW, if they restructured Dissly’s contract and cut both Adams and Diggs?

    They’d then be free to find cheaper Safety talent (actual talent) in free agency or use one or both of their 3rd rounders on those Safety replacements.

    • Gritty Hawk

      I don’t think Dissly can be restructured as 2024 is the last year of his contract. He can either be extended or cut, the latter of which would incur $3M in dead money while saving $7M. Cutting all three (Adams as a post-6/1 cut) would save $34.5M total in 2024.

      • Ground_Hawk

        Thanks for that piece regarding Dissly’s contract.

        With the news about the 2024 cap, Dissly, Adams, and Diggs may be gone, because of their high costs alone.

  27. Gary

    Will Levis was my draft crush and I will watch the rest of his career thinking he should have been a Seahawk.

    • bmseattle

      Ever since Rob’s article highlighting Levis last fall, I wanted him.
      It was so frustrating seeing him fall like he did, and we seemingly had no interest in him.
      There was a rumor about one of the QB prospects snubbing JS when he introduced himself to him… I always wondered if it was Levis and JS held that against him.

      Either way, I continue to cheer for Levis, even though it’ll kill me if he ends up being great.

      I”m not saying Levis is on a HOF trajectory by any means, but his drop in the draft reminded me so much of the Marino fall.

  28. Peanut

    There is just no way one can be positive about the way this team is run if Diggs and Adams are both starting week 1 next season. Adams is easy pickings weekly for the other team.

    • Rokas

      I agree with that. And there is no way both of them are back next year. Hopefully they manage to get rid of both. But they will get rid at least of 1 of them for sure.

  29. Sea Mode

    It’s the Pete Carroll Show, we’re all just here for it…

    Apparently, the coaches told the players exactly what they needed to do. They’ve identified and practiced some of this stuff since last season. (!) The players just… didn’t do it. 🤷‍♂️ (*Pitch Meeting voice*: whoopsie…) Gotta clean that stuff up now…

    The interesting part starts at 4:30 and end with Pete getting visibly frustrated and quipping back at a fair, direct, EXCELLENT question at the 8:30 mark. 😒

    The Pete Carroll Show breaks down Seattle Seahawks’ Wk 14 loss to the San Francisco 49ers (12/11/23)

    Fair shout to Salk for at least trying to follow up and not let Pete completely off the hook, though he had to basically put on his velvet gloves and stroke Pete’s ego to do so… lol. He was right to have a little chuckle at Pete looking ridiculous there.

    • king

      This is the reason I have been calling to move on from Pete for over half a decade. He is incapable of questioning his approach to the game. If the players would just execute what he tells them to do Seattle would be undefeated. There are just a few plays that turned the game? They averaged 10 yards a play! The defense is ranked 27th by DVOA.

      Pete controls the narrative and the media, for the most part, dances to his tune.

    • DC

      Ok….fair response that they’ve identified and practiced those things and the players just didn’t do it. So then when is he going to hold the players accountable? When is JA and Diggs going to get benched?

    • Georgia Hawk

      If the payers aren’t doing what you tell them to do, its your failure as a coach to not force them to or hold them accountable. Bench the offending player and find somebody that will do what you tell them to.

      As a coach, I will gladly take a player with 50% ability doing 100% of what I tell them to do with effort over a player with 100% ability doing 50% of what I tell them to do with no effort.

      The accountability has to start at the top. Every time we hear from Pete it looks worse and worse like he is checked out.

      • cha

        If the payers aren’t doing what you tell them to do, its your failure as a coach to not force them to or hold them accountable. Bench the offending player and find somebody that will do what you tell them to.

        To be fair “we practiced this all week and executed but just couldn’t on Sunday” is an excuse he’s used since 2020.

        I just see too many players out there with Bobby Wagner Disease. Symptoms include inability to accelerate, problems with vision, fatigue and an obsession with arm tackling.

        • Georgia Hawk

          There is definitely some of that, far too much. Riq biting on the play fake and losing deep 1/3 is an example though. #1 rule I teach my high school corners if they have deep 1/3 is nothing behind you, period. Give up the 10 yd run, not the 60 yd TD. Adams missing tackles in over pursuit, DE’s losing contain…thats the stuff that is correctable but seems to happen week after week and drives me crazy to watch.

        • AL

          Bobby Wagner Disease, funny but at the same time so sadly true.

          I just keep asking my self how Pete could have all that cap space the last couple of years, all those draft picks and this is the product he put on the field.

          And we still don’t have a franchise QB…

          I keep telling myself it can’t get any worse

          • cha

            2020 was an utter disaster.

            They started with $50m of cap room.

            They blew a metric ton of money on TEs they never used, spare parts OLs when they could have pooled money and gotten real quality, played footsie with Jadeveon Clowney all summer, let KJ Wright play on a $10m non-guaranteed contract, added junk-drawer type players off the couch at RB and DE and then traded a very serviceable strong safety and two first round picks for Jamal Adams.

            • cha

              They’re still not fully recovered from 2020’s disaster. And they won’t be until 2025 and maybe 2026 if they don’t do the right thing this offseason.

        • Sea Mode

          PC came out with something even dumber this time. I’m not going to take the time to find it again, but it was something along the lines of: the coaches perhaps didn’t communicate well enough to the players the seriousness of them needing to execute what they were practicing.

          As if an NFL player doesn’t understand immediately that one blown assignment, one bite on play action, one false step can have serious consequences (i.e. giving up a TD). It was a weird way he was trying to take some blame without taking too much, I think.

          And that’s what scares me most in all of this: by the way he responds, you can be sure he’s selling Jody on the BS that he has all the answers to everything and just needs more time to “get everyone going” or whatever.

          • cha

            Yeah. Also “they didn’t throw anything at us we didn’t know” is a dead giveaway for that logic. If I recall, he said it after the last Niner game as well.

      • Peter

        As anything not just a coach. For a guy who waxes on about his philosophy ad infinitum it’s like he’s forgot how to lead.

        This shrug emoji energy he’s giving off sucks to watch and listen to. I also like how he’s ‘calling players out.’ It’s interesting that 14 years in this is the first time here where the vibes are not looking up. Even the year Wilson got hurt you could point to easy reasons why we were struggling. Early days 14 years ago it was exciting to be trying to find our way.

        Now there’s nothing. One of or the most expensive defense in the league looks like crap. The offense has more weapons, same oc, and it’s a streaky mess.

        Two good drafts can’t overcome the wasted opportunities the five drafts prior.

        If we don’t beat the eagles on Monday all bets are off on remaining schedule. We have a team full of low effort overpaid guys and a coach that prefers yes men coaches as opposed to the best he can find.

      • king

        The players are not the problem. They are being held to an unachievable standard.

        Pete still believes that if you run a basic scheme and execute flawlessly, you win the game. It is simply not true anymore. The Shanahans and McVays are playing on another level. Pete plays directly into their hands. They know what he wants to do and everything they do is designed to put Seattle’s players in positions where they are seeing multiple potential progressions of a given play on every play. They have to make the right decision every time and it isn’t ever going to happen.

        Seattle has to fight fire with fire. They have to be creative and they have to take risks and disguise their intentions. Pete does not believe that is the ‘right’ way to play football.

        Pete told the entire world this when he was hired. He believes there is a single best winning formula and he was never going to let anyone tell him not to do things the way he wants to do them again.

        It isn’t about winning games with Pete. It is about values and philosophy. He doesn’t just want to win. He wants to win in a manner that vindicates his world view.

        And I get that. It is why so many people don’t want Pete to leave. He preaches a style of football that resonates not just with how they want to see the game played, but also with their ideas of what it means to live a quality life.

        The problem is that those traditional values and ideas are being subjected to the same treatment that all human endeavors fall prey to. We learn and we grow and the creative minds in the league are running roughshod over not just Pete’s beliefs about football, but everything that he holds dear.

  30. no frickin clue

    Just noticed that Over The Cap did a piece on 12/9, indicating that the cap in 2024, which they thought might go as high as $255 million, is more likely to be $242 million.

    Based on that new number, Seahawks effective cap space next year currently sits at a deficit of $9.6 million, with 40 players under contract.


    • cha

      It’s not good news obviously but it’s not tragic.

      The entire league feels the cap hit, not just the Seahawks.

      In fact, it might push the Seahawks to make the hard (but correct) decisions about some of their massive cap numbers in 2024.

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