The Seahawks will never top the 49ers this way

There is a way to beat the San Francisco 49ers. There has to be. They’ve lost three games this year. Despite all of the success under Kyle Shanahan, they’re yet to win a Super Bowl.

The way to beat them isn’t by giving up 9.9 yards per play. That is what the Seahawks ‘achieved’ on Sunday. Think about that. On average, the 49ers got a first down for every snap they took on offense.

As we’ve continued to highlight as the Seahawks plummet down the DVOA defensive rankings (they were 24th, they’ll surely drop again after this), this defense cost a fortune. The three second-round picks on edge rushers. The big money spent on Dre’Mont Jones, plus the return of Jarran Reed. The first round pick at linebacker, plus the re-signing of Bobby Wagner. A top-five pick at cornerback. Two safeties who cost a king’s ransom in salary, with one also costing a treasure-trove of picks.

Then, to cap things off, a future second rounder spent on a 10-game rental at defensive tackle.

The amount of resource used on the defense is virtually unmatched in the NFL. Yet against a common opponent who they play at least twice a year, they gave up 10-yards per play today.

That’s despite, by the way, the Head Coach admitting that San Francisco just played their normal game. There was nothing new. “They just executed better.”

This is where we are. The Seahawks know that in order to win the NFC West, they have to top the 49ers. Presumably they invest considerable time planning to beat them, with some of their roster moves designed to gain an upper-hand against divisional opponents.

They’ve spent so much to build a defense that isn’t just incapable of limiting the 49ers, they actually gave up 9.9 yards per snap.

The end result is the Seahawks have now been swept by the 49ers and Rams. They officially can’t win the NFC West this year. They’ve won one division title in seven years and as Field Gulls notes, it’s the worst stretch the Seahawks have had since returning to the division in 2002.

This all comes off the back of a shocking week, where Jamal Adams embarrassed himself (and the franchise) internationally. Having doubled down on his appalling actions last week, his follow-up was to give up some explosive plays in San Francisco. At one point ‘Yikes’ was trending on Twitter/X. He’s made the world root against him and thus, the Seahawks. Quite an achievement for $17.6m a year.

His partner in crime, Quandre Diggs, spends considerable time defending himself online. Whether it’s Madden ratings, PFF or a rogue pundit or two, he’s never short of a few words. Yet PFF’s 78th ranked safety (at least for now) was also guilty of a bad angle on one touchdown and nearly lost his cleats on a superb move by Deebo Samuel in another near-score.

The pair are becoming poster boys for all that is wrong in Seattle. Expensive, over-hyped, lacking in self-awareness.

They’re on the books next year for a combined $48.1m in cap money. How has that happened? When will the question be asked about how the team came to be in that position? It doesn’t matter if there are ways and means to save money by cutting both, that will come with consequences. At a minimum, even if you cut both players, $20.6m of your cap next year will be spent for them to go away.

Guess what? Myles Garrett’s cap hit next year is $20.1m. It’ll cost you more to cut Diggs and Adams and move on.

It’s high time someone in Seattle was quizzed on that fact. Furthermore, the Adams trade deserves greater scrutiny. Particularly given the week he’s just had. It’s been a disaster. An unmitigated disaster.

It’d be wrong just to focus on the two safeties though. Or, for that matter, the ageing legs of Bobby Wagner, the way Seattle just looked so slow and ponderous on defense once Devon Witherspoon left the field, the struggle to properly maximise the weapons on offense or other such trivialities. It’s Pete. That’s where the focus lies.

He’s had two go’s now at resetting the team. He fired both coordinators after 2017, moved on several big name defenders and started again. Then he fired two more coordinators and further reset the roster after the Russell Wilson trade.

The Seahawks are drifting further away from their main rivals (now 0-5 vs the 49ers and McVay’s had their number for years), they have no true identity, the defense has been bad for a number of years (consistently ranking in the 20’s per DVOA — an analytical system Carroll values and often cites), the offense does not resemble the vision he talks about (why spend two second round picks on running backs to not run the ball that much?) and off the field we’ve had unsavoury moments like last week with seemingly very little remorse from the culprit or repercussions from the team.

The roster isn’t young, as some claim. It has young players like all teams. Yet it has a veteran quarterback, veteran players dotted all over the offense and defense. It’s an expensive roster, in terms of players and picks. Yet the results are mediocre at best.

What, exactly, is the benefit of having Pete Carroll as the Seahawks coach at the moment?

I’m not trying to be tricky here. Can someone explain to me what the benefit is?

Right now I’m looking at a NFC West with two fantastic offensive minded coaches who are 4-0 against Carroll. I’m seeing one playoff win in six years, possibly extending to seven in a few weeks. I see little to be encouraged about in terms of scheming, results or development.

Increasingly I’m looking at a record where Carroll was 15-19 before Russell Wilson, 113-60-1 with Wilson and 15-16 since trading him. In other words, 30-35 when Carroll doesn’t have the peak LOB defense and Marshawn Lynch or Wilson’s best years.

Is another round of coordinator changes going to make any difference? If the Seahawks have to move on from Wagner, Adams and Diggs in the off-season, while potentially losing free agents Leonard Williams and Jordyn Brooks, is another reset of sorts on the cards? How many of these does Carroll get?

And if, as former NFL GM Randy Mueller suggested this week, bigger changes are required and aren’t aligned to the timeframe of a 72-year-old coach who needs to win now, isn’t it time to consider what, to many, was once considered unthinkable?

The Seahawks are not close. They are not getting closer.

John Middlekauff noted in his reaction of today’s game:

“Don’t things run their course? Andy Reid once got fired in Philadelphia. Things just end. I watched Pete Carroll today and he has no answers, he’s had an incredible run, he resurrected the franchise, he gave them a competitiveness that they’ve not had. But it’s over.”

My fear is that what will actually happen is even more aggression in the off-season, with long-term planning thrown to the wolves in the desperation to rapidly improve with Carroll’s contract running out in 2025. The chances of such a situation working out are remote, unless you’re bringing in Tom Brady and his entourage as Tampa Bay did a few years ago.

I think Carroll, when he watches back the TV copy of the Niners game, will see that graphic Fox showed with Seattle’s record against the 49ers with Wilson and how they’re winless without him. I imagine him thinking about Jayden Daniels (for example) making the miraculous happen just as Wilson did and they’ll trade the farm to get him. Who knows how that works out but at least everyone will be excited, right up until the point the same issues keep emerging because the Seahawks are so schematically uncultured compared to their main NFC West foes.

Broader thinking is required. How do you top the 49ers and Rams? Probably by attacking them offensively in the way they so readily attack you and making the most of your weapons instead of struggling to maximise their talent. Probably by giving them something new to think about defensively, with younger and faster personnel working within the system. Probably by getting the future at quarterback in place and pairing him with your own version of Shanahan and McVay, whoever that may be, rather than relying on the man Carroll decides will be offensive coordinator next year.

In trying to achieve all of this, you might fail. But failure feels inevitable if we don’t change.

It’s time for a broader discussion to occur online and on-air about what’s best for the Seahawks.

Oh, by the way, the Seahawks currently have the #13 overall pick (the pick they’re sending to the Giants, at the moment, is #44).

And if you missed our post-game stream check it out here:


  1. 12th chuck

    It is so obvious that PC needs to retire/let go. Even if you let both coordinators go, anyone worth their salt isn’t going to want to come here. Painfully obvious

    • Parallax

      Beyond obvious. At this point, if Carroll isn’t replaced, we have to wonder what’s going on with Jody Allen. Is she alive? Does she exist?

    • Bill

      The biggest, dumbest and most idiotic move the Seahawks could make at this very moment is to get rid of Pete Carroll. Do you think this team is wandering in the darkness right now? Fire Pete, and you’ll really get a bitter taste of darkness plus a few 2-15 seasons to boot. Do you really want that? Or a decade of .500 or worse division finishes and zero playoff appearances?

      Pete Carroll is the best coach the Seattle Seahawks have ever had. Period. End of story. Getting rid of him would be the biggest mistake since the 49ers showed the door to Bill Walsh and dared him to walk through it. He did. Oh, the team won for awhile without him. They even won another title. But they won all those games and that title with players that Walsh drafted and an offense that Walsh refined to perfection. Ten years after Walsh left, the 49ers hit the skids. They only got better after Walsh was retained as a GM for two years. After that? They hit the skids again. What followed was a decade of losing and some guy named Tim Rattay at QB.

      Fire Pete Carroll and I guarantee that Seahawks fans will get a taste of real misery.

      • Rob Staton

        I really dislike these comments

        As if Carroll is the only man who can coach the Seahawks

        Anyone else and it’ll be a horrendous disaster


      • Whit21

        I think history has shown us that a few draft years where you’re picking in the top 10, a franchise qb, and good coaches can get you back into SB contention faster that what PC has tried to do for the last 6 years.

      • 12th chuck

        I will always be grateful for LOB and Superbowl win with another appearance. Having said that, too many historically bad defenses, lack of offense with a stacked roster, and failure to have a complete game when offense and defense, can’t tackle, getting outcoached, squandering of the cap, making desperate trades…. I can go on but won’t.

      • Andrew M

        Is this you Tater? You are very conveniently ignoring the other examples of teams that moved on from a formerly successful coach and we’re back to seriously competing in just a few years. Like the Eagles. Like the Packers. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but when you accept the close possibility that the Seahawks will never reach another Super Bowl with Pete Carroll what is the point of retaining him, except for blind nostalgia? It is time to move on. Also, “2-15” years is strange notion. That is a very long expanse of time, especially in the NFL where a team’s fortunes can change quickly, for good or ill.

  2. Graeme

    Starting with John. They’re praised for their drafting and yet they overpay, badly for devalued positions. Is John the one making those decisions or is Pete forcing his hand. Is it enough to draft well? That seems only half of what a GM is required to do. If they draft well, their players don’t play well. That lands on Pete and his inability to develop talent/hire coordinators. Apart from the draft, this duo hasn’t succeeded at any of their other jobs. We won’t get anywhere until there’s a change. That’s why it’s so frustrating. We are absolutely stuck.

  3. Ground_Hawk

    One of the worst parts about this season has been the last minute desperation trade for LW, who I hope they can resign, not just because of the trade, but the gut punch is to think how much worse this defense would be without him! It’s just ridiculous.

    • Troy

      Why would Leonard Williams want to re-sign in Seattle? They’ve done nothing but lose since he arrived. At his age, I’d be signing with a contender and that isn’t Seattle.

      • Ground_Hawk

        Hopefully Seattle pays him instead of Jamal

      • bmseattle

        Pete was counting on us winning and LW loving it here.
        Instead we do nothing but lose…plus, if I was him, I wouldn’t love some of they guys I’m playing with, either.

        • Peter

          Good call. He’s out there trying and you have liabilities in the backfield.

          Leonard Williams to Rams….

  4. geoff u

    48 million on two great pass rushers would make sense. It makes sense nowhere else on the defense. Aaron Donald’s cap hit is 26 million this year. Garret’s is 17.5 million. They’re 5 million cheaper than these two screw ups running around like headless chickens. This is truly insane.

    • Peter

      It is absolutely brutal that it ever got to the point where jamal is currently going to the third highest paid defender at any position next year.

      I’m all about seeing what John can do but someone made that contract….

  5. Big Mike

    Just such a hopeless feeling right now.

    • Troy

      This is exactly where I am at. I expected them to lose today so I shouldn’t be upset. But it’s HOW they are losing. No creativity on offense and one of the worst defenses in the NFL (again). Same issues week after week. Hopeless for me until there is some changes at the top.

      • Parallax

        As with any addiction (in this case, Seattle’s mindless addiction to “the great Pete Carroll”), sometimes it’s necessary to hit rock bottom. Will the front office recognize and address the issue or continue on with their heads in the sand?

        • Palatypus

          My name is Albert and I am a Petaholic.

          No, not a child molester. Pete Carroll? Seahawks?

          Sorry, I’m in the wrong group.

  6. Rob Staton

    Watch this:

    The bit on the Seahawks is excellent

    • Big Mike

      How long til it quits being ads?

      • Big Mike

        I literally had to sit thru 5 mins of ads. Shitty

        • Big Mike

          All spot on

          • Big Mike

            Loved the dig at Jamal

    • Jabroni-DC

      On Pete.

      “He’s got no answers.”

      “It’s done.”

      On Adams.

      “Jamal Adams has to played and he gets COOKED.”

      “…he can’t cover a soul.”

      “He can’t cover anybody.”

  7. Saxon

    Brilliant synopsis and shame on the Seattle media for not raising these questions.

    Unlike some here, I hold no animosity against Carroll but his mantra ‘Always Compete’ must apply to him first and foremost. There must be accountability. The results have been middling to poor for too long. It’s time for him to admit that and that his prescriptions haven’t worked, despite two rebuilds in 5 years. If he fails to resign then he is a hypocrite and Always Compete is just another vacuous platitude.

    I’ll always be grateful for his contribution to my favorite team but he’s running it into the ground now and it’s time to hand the reigns to new leadership.

  8. Gross MaToast

    The Pete Carroll Era. RIP.

  9. Rob Staton

    We are officially just getting roasted on and off the field:

    • BK26

      And I don’t feel bad about it at all. The guys that people know and think of either eh team are the problems, the headaches, and with Adams, the cancer.

      We’ve seen this coming, yet people are surprised….

    • Chesterino

      15 plays on 2nd down for 18 net yards. Brutal!

    • Whit21

      Nothing is dumber than a long snapper trying to talk trash.. Especially like that.. DK got a cheap shot in the back of the head? that what he found out?

      Because it looked like he punked Fred Warner and then got cheap shotted again by Lenoir.

  10. Mick

    We’re not a QB away, or a difference-maker in the D away. The biggest problem is not roster construction – with all the terrible mistakes in the way the resources are distributed, I’m certain one could get so much more from these players. We don’t have a system that works, on either side of the ball. Sure you can fire the coordinators but we’ve done this already, and issues persisted. We need a change of philosophy, starting with defining how we want to play. We let Russ go and I’ll keep being nostalgic for his plays but in the end it was the right thing to do. Now I’m looking forward to have the same feelings about Pete Carroll.

  11. LouCityHawk

    To me it has been clear for weeks:

    Carroll needs to be shown the door, new coach hired, Prez/Adams/Geno & others shown the door.

    *fun note, Carroll is already starting to lose me the way Belichick has lost so many, tonight that was him glaring at DK following the Warner cheap shot.

  12. Rokas

    Defense is miserable. We greatly miss Chena to pair with Mafe. Taylor is useless unless he makes a sporadic splash when pass rushing, which sometimes happens once in a game. We whiffed with these safeties, including Love, and Adams&Diggs is the worst safety duo per buck in the history of the league. Next year they will be gone. And i am very excited for that. It’s not that i hate the allocation of resources into the position per se, but it has to bring the value. If these 40 + million brought us prime Kam and Earl, i bet we wouldn’t say a word. This is unrealistic of course, there are no such players.

    Now everyone has the right to want Pete go. In fact many are. I am not the one for example, and that’s my right as well. The reality is that he will be back next year, and if after every loss people will only think and comment “Pete has to go”, it’s gonna be long long stretch for them. As well as for those, reading the comments, who feel otherwise.

    Is Lock more decisive than Geno? After what i saw today, i am totally fine going with him as a bridge in the future.

    • Parallax

      Yes, those with eyes to see will say “Pete needs to go”. Because it’s true. So what are we to say? That everything’s coming up roses and lollipops? It’s going to be a long stretch for every Hawks fans with eyes to see if Carroll isn’t fired this off season. There’s nothing we can do because we don’t own the team. I see no point or honor in lying to ourselves or putting our heads in the sand.

      • Rokas

        If you said it once, don”t need to do that after every game day, or talk to a blind man for that matter.

        • Rob Staton

          Rokas, you don’t get to police the comments.

          People can say whatever they want after the games about Pete Carroll’s future.

          • Rokas

            Of course I don’t.

            • Rob Staton

              Then let’s not tell people how often they can call for Carroll to go.

              • Big Mike

                Of course you’re entitled to your opinion Rokas, but why on earth would you NOT want him gone?

    • BK26

      So if it’s a common sense problem, we just don’t talk about it?

      And resources need to go to the right spots. No matter what, safeties aren’t worth what we are paying ours. There is a reason that the best teams have the best lines (usually) and the best quarterbacks.

  13. Matty B.

    In order for Pete or John to go…Jody Allen would have to step up and make that happen.

    Aside from the fact I wouldn’t trust her to find a better replacement…Why would she eat the roughly 15M she’s paying Pete/John for the next 2 years only to have to pay a similar amount to a new GM/coach.

    Odds are she has this franchise on “cruise control” until they are sold in 2024 or 2025.

    That means for all our angst the next 2 seasons are probably going to be exactly what we’re seeing this year.

    • Rob Staton

      People keep assuming what Jody would or wouldn’t do

      The truth is we don’t know

      We’d have to see

      • EmperorMA

        With all due respect, I believe we have seen what Jody will do. So far, it has been nothing despite this team being mediocre for years.

        This year is just putting an exclamation point on the continued mediocrity, And, she still does nothing.

        I do agree we do not know what she plans to do with the team in terms of selling or not, but it is clear that she does nothing about Pete and his lack of success.

        • Rob Staton

          We don’t really know though, do we?

          It’s not that unreasonable she stood by him to this point whatever I/we think

        • Scot04

          People also assumed Russell wasn’t going anywhere.

          • Parallax

            That’s true. We don’t know. It would help if Jody Allen made a public statement every now and again. So we fans knew she was alive and engaged. I’m not thinking a George Steinbrenner level of involvement. I don’t care to hear an apology for producing a crappy product or a promise to do better. Just a bit of evidence that she notices what happens and that there’s some reasonable modicum of care.

      • rando31

        Paging Tod Leiweke

      • Matty B.

        Yes…I will assume what Jody (or anyone) will do based on their track record.

        And her track record is zero.

        When John Schneider took over as GM he made transaction after transaction…And he continues to do so.,

        Paul Allen died 5 years ago and in that time Jody has done nothing but give rubber stamp of approval to keep things as they are.

        So you’ll pardon me if I don’t expect Jody to do anything else while she still owns the team, and also think that’s safe to assume.

        • Rob Staton

          You are letting your preference for change dictate your response.

          Whether you or I agree or not, it’s not ‘a track record’ for Jody Allen to not fire Pete Carroll one or two years after giving him a massive contract extension. Come on. Anyone claiming this is evidence of inactivity, it really isn’t.

          We don’t know what Jody Allen’s mindset is. Which is why I never try and second-guess what it is. Try it.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Honest question: does she follow the Seahawks? Watch games? Have meetings with FO?

      • Scot04

        According to Pete & John she does all 3.

        • Andrew M

          Does she attend many games? If they ever show her watching in her luxury suite I have never noticed it.

  14. Tony

    So dump all the wasted salary and gut the coaching from top down.

    Sign me up.

    • Parallax

      If the NFL were a democracy, that would be my vote. Unfortunately, you and I are mere NFL serfs. With no power other than our ability to vote with our dollars. Would Jody notice if people didn’t renew season tickets? She already has so much more than she could spend over the rest of her life, I’m not sure she has reason to care. We mortals can only bitch and moan and implore the football gods.

  15. IHeartTacoma

    I love the Yikes! picture, it reminds that Adams seemingly can’t raise his hands above shoulder level. Seriously, has anyone seen him do it?

  16. CHaquesFan

    I’m left wondering just how much worse this defense would be if they didn’t trade for Williams – I saw him and Reed constantly being gamewreckers.

  17. Roy Batty

    Who is a leader on this roster? I see none. Bobby is spent. Tyler is quiet. DK is a child. Diggs thinks he’s too cool. Adams is all huff, and no stuff.

    There’s no one. It’s a roster full of were’s and aren’ts , at this point.

    There is no settled defensive scheme. No cohesion. No leadership. On offense it’s much the same.

    When a team lacks any true on-field leadership, it is lost. When it has no sense of purpose or direction, it’s one down away from calamity.

    This franchise is not a fast sinking ship. It’s more like a foundering, bloated oil tanker beached on the rocks, leaking disgusting toxins. And we are all on the beach watching it with utter dread, knowing we have zero control over what is happening.

    • Big Mike

      Excellent analogy

    • Hawkdawg

      Witherspoon can become one, with both his play and his mouth. Bobby is respected as a leader on this team, but his play against the pass is just not working anymore, and he’s a short-timer anyway now.

      Tre Brown is a possibility over time.

      But the cupboard is pretty bare now, if you are looking for leaders…

    • Parallax

      Apocalyptic imagery which I consider quite fitting to this moment in time.

  18. Spencer Duncan

    It’s clear that it’s time to move on. Who are the most promising coaching candidates available? Does Eric Bienemey finally get his chance? Ben Johnson over with Detroit? Their offense looks awesome.

  19. Ashish

    I will ask Pete to respectfully step down, he doesn’t deserve to be fired. Need a new coach preferably offensive-minded let him select a new QB and build the team. Diggs, Adans, Bobby, and many others can back their bags.
    I’m just done with Pete now. Can’t take his BS, as things are not working, not working for 5+ years. He is out of his lifeline.

  20. Parallax

    I take exception to your assertion that the Seahawks have “no true identity”. They absolutely have an identity. Poorly coached. Can’t tackle. Hot knife through butter. Well deserved, Pete Carroll; well deserved.

  21. Jon W.

    Think the NFL brass
    Regrets our Monday night flex?
    A one-sided blowout
    They can clearly expect
    Eagles punch us in the mouth, humilia-ted again…

    Off to Tennessee
    A win Pete shall bestow!
    But horrendous Diggs and Adams
    Make Levis look like an All-Pro
    Six straight losses, YI-IKES indeed…

    Steelers come to town
    Shane has a solid game plan
    But terrible towel wavers
    Somehow outnumber Hawk fans
    Seven in a row, panic ti-ime is here…

    Victory within our grasp
    We’ve got the Cardinals on the ropes!
    But Kyler’s speedy legs
    Leave ole man Wagner with no hope
    Eight straight losses, Pete and John are unemployed…

    Sincerely hope that we lose out to get the best possible draft pick.

  22. Sean Harker

    This went from being one of the best run franchises, do one of the worst. Pete completely lost his mojo after the Super Bowl loss and has never been able to get it back. He lost the trust of his core group and it’s never been the same. Any other coach with this roster and these results would be fired the Monday after the season ended. I know Rob doesn’t like this assumption, but mine is that JA will do nothing with Pete. So until ownership changes, we are stuck with this. I would love to be wrong about that, but I will only believe it when I see it. Pathetic performance after pathetic performance, year after year. Anyone that talks about how successful PCJS regime has been and that they can never be fired for it, and that we should just be happy we aren’t the Cardinals has a loser mentality. Pete used to talk so passionately about his program, and his identity but this team has no identity and the players don’t believe in his Ra Ra program anymore. It’s over.

    • Peter

      There’s a through line from best to worst and it’s Paul Allen’s passing.

      • Parallax

        That’s the biggest flaw about the NFL in my opinion. It’s a capitalist enterprise. Nothing necessarily wrong with that. It’s about making money by providing entertainment. Again, great. Green Bay, which is publicly owned, is the exception. I wish more teams were owned by their city but, at this point in time, teams are worth too much for that to be a realistic options for communities anymore.

        So we live in a world where insanely wealthy people buy teams as play toys. I believe the fact that our society allows for some to be billionaires while others are homeless is evidence of a deep sickness, a kind of spiritual depravity, perhaps even a fundamental sociopathy, but let’s set that aside for the moment. It is what it is.

        Notice how certain teams have reasonably caring and engaged owners. Those teams tend to have a reasonable share of successs. Philadelphia, with Jeff Lurie, is an example. The Hunt family does a good job with the Chiefs. Then think of franchises like Arizona (Jeff Bidwill who inherited from his daddy, Bill Bidwill, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree), Indianapolis (Jim Irsay) or the New York Jets (Woody Johnson, idiot scion of the Johnson & Johnson fortune). None of those teams have owners who are both smart and caring, and the teams never get very far. Unfortunately for their fan bases, Jimmy Irsay, Jeff Bidwill and Woody Johnson are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Not even sharp enough to turn things over to good football minds and butt out.

        I guess we fans can vote with our feet but the NFL has revenue sharing, the result of which is that a team that isn’t ridiculously overleveraged really can’t lose money. Which is why franchises sell for billions these days. There was a time when a reasonably wealthy person could buy a team and then make or lose money depending on gate receipts and concession sales. Those days are long gone. The NFL is now a major industry. More like Disney than Lockheed Martin but no matter. Money is money.

  23. Parallax

    An ode to Pete Carroll:

  24. Gary

    There’s a lot being made out of the fact that this is Pete’s first four-game losing streak. We should remember that the Commanders win took a Jason Myers walk-off 43-yard field goal or it would have been six. And counting …

    • Big Mike

      Against a bottom 5 team.

  25. Parallax

    On a Seattle rebuild, I think it makes sense. The last thing we should do is let Carroll trade up for a big swing on a QB. We need to step back. The great thing about the NFL is teams are biased toward current value. Trade off the pieces for future picks. If we can’t get a 2024 1st rounder for DK, perhaps someone will pay a 2025 1st or, hell, 2026. Trade this year’s picks for next year’s. Tear it all down and start again. Consider keeping Witherspoon because he looks like a real keeper but no one else.

    For God’s sake, fire Carroll. He needs to be far from the levers of power of this organization. No input on draft choices or trades or allocation of cap space. We need a whole new direction, new philosophy. Get young, inexpensive players and coach them.

  26. Hawkcrazy

    I wonder if it is possible that Pete just thinks this is enough and decides to retire gracefully. He must know that we are not close and his remaining time is limited even if the team won’t fire him. Hope he goes before he wastes all the goodwill jlhe has built up.

  27. Peter

    Finished the pod.

    I think Seattle does Not win three of four. Losing is endemic. Philly ends it more than us. AZ won’t quit. Stealers may need it more.

    Also I think it’s very possible we’ll be behind the cardinals soon. They’ve restarted and we think we are better than them but we barely are and can’t admit it. If Pete stays in two years the good drafts might become meaningless.

    • Big Mike

      And everyone seems to think the Titans will be an easy W, or a sure W anyway and I’m not convinced. I believe they’re home record is really good this year.

      • Peter

        Exactly. They are losing because they have a shell of a team.

        How we are losing, badly, with the ego level on this team feels different. I can’t speak to the inner workings of the Titans but with all our Free agents and underperforming players it feels like a house of cards on our side.

  28. Forrest

    Drew Lock is not the answer. But, he exposed that opportunities are available that aren’t being exploited!

    Seriously, the guy could have had 4 picks today. Several long balls were miserably underthrown. But, he did move around the pocket and let the ball go and we saw DK come alive – for two plays (and then go away after SF lost their best CB who was covering him and, after an altercation earlier on a kickoff, got himself ejected again).

    In looking at this draft class, I’m convinced the priority has to be QB. Go get your guy! I’m underwhelmed by most of the other position groups and their importance pale in comparison to QB.

    Then get back to playing press man defense! Rob’s right that we’ll never beat SF playing this way. We dominated SF for years with press man and our soft zone looks laughable.

    It honestly looked like SF made today WAY harder than it could have been for them. The defining moment for me was in the first quarter when it looked like they could throw to a wide open Aiyuk on EVERY play with an inside slant. Simple pitch and catch.

    Then, on offense, after scoring 10, it looked like the play calling went stale and we decided to play with the intent of not losing yards. The backward screen on 3rd and 14 looked destined to lose 2 yards and bring out the field goal unit.

    Adams and Diggs had TD lapses, showed bad angles and the tackling was poor. We also gave up too many runners into the offensive backfield. This combined with some strange running plays that lacked creativity and a team in the end that showed little urgency, huddling on their last drive down 12.

    I’m in complete agreement that Pete has to go. Ditto Clint Hurtt. As Rob pointed out, the offensive head coaches are winning with creativity. We need one!

    • ukalex6674

      Lock was never the answer, if he was, he’d be starting every week.

      We are playing losing football and have been for a long time now.

      Pete has NO answers. I am fed up with his perplexed look every time we get stung for a 20+ yard play, or when a pathetic screen pass yields us negative yards.

      It’s dull, lethargic, boring….and it’s time to end.

      Do the right thing Pete, leave at the end of the year while you have some dignity.

      • pdway

        god, I hate that look too.

    • Gritty Hawk

      Lock is just a guy people desperately want to believe is good because of his physical tools. He’s athletic and has a big arm. That much is undeniable. But my goodness, his deep ball accuracy is horrid. His decision making is atrocious. That play where he threw an incomplete pass 2 yards past the line of scrimmage when he could have run for a first down is everything you need to know about Drew Lock.

      • Peter

        Using my seahawks decoder ring I think people want Drew to be good partly because they think going from russ to geno is akin to going from Favre to Rodgers.

        It took Geno a decade to put in one season at a probowl level and at his billing as a former heisman potential. Thus….give Drew Lock about 4-5 more years *tada* he’ll be as good as Geno was that one time.

        I said it in Hawkbloggers post game but I think it’s pretty true based on how no one gave Lock or Geno any money last off season…the day Seattle stops signing their checks is the day both QB’s get relegated to their rightful position as spot duty bench warmers ala Andy Dalton, Flacco, etc.

        • Gritty Hawk

          I say the same thing all the time. If Lock was any good, why weren’t teams lining up to sign him? Here is a list of other QBs who signed UFA deals last year compared to Lock’s $4M, 1 year deal:

          – Case Keenum ($3.125M)
          – Gardner Minshew ($3.5M)
          – Baker Mayfield ($4M)
          – Mike White ($4M)
          – Sam Darnold ($4.5M)
          – Marcus Mariota ($5M)
          – Jarrett Stidham ($5M)
          – Andy Dalton ($5M)
          – Taylor Heinecke ($7M)
          – Jacoby Brissett ($8M)

          With the exception of Mayfield who is actually having a decent year, that is dreadful company to find yourself in.

          • Scot04

            They’ll be plenty available for 2024 as well.
            So if Geno won’t take a sizable discount, we have plenty of other options for bridge QBs.

  29. Rob Staton

    An FYI, I’m going to be on KJR with Puck & Jim at 12pm PT on Monday 👍🏻

    • Big Mike

      Someone please link this in case we aren’t available to listen live.

    • cha


    • Sea Mode


    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Excellent. Now why won’t they put you on predraft?

    • Scot04

      Awesome, will be looking forward to it.

    • cha

      Great spot, Rob.

      Robbie gets a shout out too!

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks cha!

  30. McZ

    I only disagree on one thing: it’s not only the offenses of the Rams and Niners dealing us the losses. It’s their shifty, modern defenses, that kill our lazy in-game decision making. It took the Niners two plays to adapt to Charbonnet.

    Unthinkable in Seattle. Deebo had a sloppy day at work, but they couldn’t stop him even if he had a broken leg.

    Press defense won’t solve this problem. Shanahanian offenses don’t show you whom to press and you cannot press everyone without creating coverage problems. Cover 3 isn’t working, because they will make your safeties bite.

    The only way is to have a damn good, intelligent QB making the in-game adjustments on the spot. You’ll get time of possession, you start to wear defenses down. Watch how the Broncos dominated a very potent Chargers defense, and you get the idea.

  31. Alex

    The players are acting as if Pete Carroll is the substitute teacher and they can get away with anything. No discipline. Now JSN is following DK’s lead and getting stupid penalties. Not to mention the immaturity off the field by Adams and Diggs on twitter.

    • ukalex6674

      I don’t think it’s that Alex; Carroll has always let players ‘express’ themselves/play on the edge/past the whistle whatever you want to call it.

      The difference between now and the golden years though, is that the players can’t back anything up. At all.

      Bennett, Sherman, Lynch….outspoken and volatile, but backed it all up.

      • Peter

        Agreed those teams were penalized all day long. It just didn’t matter because they were better than other teams.

    • Peter

      Dk’s penalties earlier in the season were boneheaded moves.

      Yesterday Warner cheapshotted him and had a scrum not broken out he should have been penalized.

      I like that we get on DK but it’s pretty lame that the only player on the team that enforces anything, right or wrong, is a WR.

      It’s kind if pathetic really.

      When we were great no one would hit DK from behind. No one would run down the field to make fun of one of our safeties.

      I’m one million percent not arguing for cheap violence on the field. I am arguing for getting rid of this baby soft over paid team for people that can set a tone put there.

      • LouCityHawk

        From my playing days, and I never played professionally, a shot like Warner did would have gotten ugly fast. My retaliation would have been 100% worth it in my mind. I don’t hold players to higher standards than myself.

        • Peter

          Every sport I ever played if you cheap shotted someone like that….go at your own risk.

      • king

        Hard disagree on this. Warner took a shot at DK because DK suplexed him (and the ref rightly threw a flag for it). Warner should have kept his cool, but DK was the instigator.

        • Peter

          Order of operations. Dk gives him a lame take down tackle. Suplex as it may be and completely flag worthy penalty hitting a player from behind….I don’t know…dk, Warner, and Lenoir should have all been chucked.

          • king

            I agree completely that Warner shouldn’t have done it, but my point isn’t about Warner.

            It’s about DK.

            DK shouldn’t have suplexed him (the argument that is the only way DK could tackle Warner given below is lame–DK is actually slightly bigger than Warner). Especially with DK’s record of hot-headedness. And DK knew he had taken a cheap shot and still lost his mind when he got one back. I don’t care whether some Niners should or shouldn’t have been tossed. I care that DK is the latest in a long line of players with highly questionably character that are allowed to consistently act the fool on Pete’s watch.

            • Peter

              Feels a bit over the top about DK’s character.

              I feel we are all weirdly focused on the only player on the team that is moving units.

              Marshawn used to jump into the endzone holding his junk and everyone thought that was a hoot. That would be a penalty everytime in today’s game. Just about that action boss…hilarious.

              We used to field subaverage dirt bags like Giacomini and most of Browners career here ( actual bad character) and it was generally fine to fans as we racked up a zillion penalties…..because we won.

              Now it’s pretty obvious our margin for victory is nonexistent so we look at one guy when say Riq is getting penalized seemingly every game. Only its not personal foul stuff its just bad play.

              I guess if I saw people groaning towards woolen at the rate of DK I’d think differently.

              • Brodie

                Marshawn didn’t ‘used to’ jump into the endzone holding his junk. He did it twice – after two of the greatest runs I’ve ever seen.

                The other 99% of the time he handed the ball to a reg and shook hands with his teammates.

                • Peter

                  And both would be two unsportsmanlike like penalties.

                  • Peter

                    Just going through the old Google it’s like we’ve all forgot that Lynch not only was levied tons of fines, was made a direct point of note for unsportsmanlike festures including the crotch grab tds, and an allegedly ‘lewd’ gesture after the packers nfc game.

                    Everyone loves Lynch. But when discussing character it’s weird to forget we got him because he was a malcontent going nowhere in buffalo who was getting into off field problems. Bordering on a bust for them.

                  • Brodie

                    Showboating after BeastQuake


                    Blindsiding a former teammate who’s 40 yards from the play as the whistle blows

                    Are we really comparing these ‘unsportsmanlike penalties’?

                    The one yesterday, I give DK slack. He got cheap shotted and responded in the heat of the moment. It’s the penalties that happen way outside of the play, that he instigates because he’s frustrated that hurt the team.

                    Marshawn talked about running through a MFer’s face. Over and over…

                    DK gets called out for cheap shots that ruin drives and says he’s going to keep doing it, because that’s what he wants to do.

        • Sten

          DK is an offensive player and he’s so big he doesnt have leverage to do much else. it was an overreaction by warner.

        • Spectator

          Hard disagree on your statement. The flag shouldn’t have been thrown for a “Suplex” but for the forward pass. Was hardly a suplex anyways and not instigation enough for the cheap shot from Warner. The whole game they were instigating DK, as every team now does.

  32. LouCityHawk

    I tried to think overnight about Rob’s question, what is the case for keeping Carroll when he has lost 5 times in a row to the M-F-ing 9ers?

    So realizing this morning I couldn’t make one I delved into some comment sections looking for salient comments. Many where ‘careful what you wish for!’ types (debunked at length), look at Carroll’s winning % (this argument gives me a nervous tick), ‘can you name someone better’ (passive aggressive much?)….

    A deeper dive revealed at least some points that are worthwhile ‘Pete’s a legend’, ‘Pete’s a figurehead, JS is the real problem?’ And ‘Pete needs 3 years for the post Russ reset, he is only in year 2!’ These all have some merit, but they run into a truthiness problem.

    Notably, all of these arguments choose to ignore the critiques, or worse just lump any criticism as being a ‘hater’. The is in spite of people criticizing Carroll doing everything short of showing off a ‘Win Forever’ tattoo across their chest.

    I guess the answer to Rob’s question is that keeping Carroll is better for some timid fans who have accepted that second place in life is what they will get. He is a kindly cheerleader who gives them feels, and was a savior who brought the trophy home. I just can’t buy into ceding a team I’ve spent most my life supporting to the mental health of a certain fan.


    Another argument that is getting rolled out is the rather toxic: ‘Carroll won’t be fired, it is stupid to discuss it, so why talk about it?’ I took a couple political science classes in college over 3 decades ago, I didn’t retain much, but I did retain that those type of comments are a form of suppressing speech – that if there is enough popular support even a very powerful dictator cannot survive.

    The worm has turned on Carroll, if the calls for his head get loud and frequent enough, action will follow.

    • Big Mike

      “Timid fans”…perfect.
      I sincerely hope you’re right about enough voices, often enough and loud enough to affect change. Color me skeptical i.e. Jody Allen. I so badly want you to be correct.

      • LouCityHawk

        If she is planning on remaining owner for 10-20 years, what we are seeing from the outside is exactly what would probably be seen if I was running things.

        I’d have had a discussion with Carroll about his transition plans, if he made it clear he wasn’t going to step down after the end of the season, I’d have engaged a personnel firm to start making contact with potential candidates. I’d have likely looped in only JS as to what was going to happen.

        I’d have called Carroll in for the Prez yikes! Left it where he did out of fear of being labeled a meddling owner. After all, my remedy is to fire Carroll and I’ve already taken that step. I’d probably add to my list of people to hire a ‘social media guru’ for players.

        Outside the org? The silence would be deafening, and leaks would be punishable by immediate termination.

    • Peter

      Pete needs three years post russ…

      I’ve always enjoyed this one. Where it takes Houston a year to turn their ship around Pete needs three carefully curated years to fix the mess he made.

      I like Cigar thoughts. Don’t love but like. Bevens seems like an affable, fun loving host, gets good guests, and generally keeps the conversation rolling.

      Recently he was on the three year train and that we are farthercalong then we thought we’d be post Wilson.

      Are we? Further along? See, for all my cynicism and jokes I actually believed a bit like Adam Nathan was speaking to that we are a championship team. I thought by now you lose the best QB this franchise has ever had surely we have moved heaven and earth for the next great one by now. No one seriously would look at a 30+ year old qb with one good year and think…job done.

      If you told me we were passing 62% of the time and had all these weapons I would have thought “old dog new tricks.” And we were New Orleans by the Sound.

      My worry is that as I posted a bit above that if we don’t get to the hard work of removing the problem we won’t see it happen but all of a sudden we’ll be the 4th team in the division having wasted two good drafts post Wilson on essentially nothing.

      • LouCityHawk

        I hear all of this, and it is really clear from a number of data points that the plan was for Carroll to oversee a reset that ended after the 2024 season where his status would be reviewed.

        Like a lot of things in life, you can’t just sit back and be content because there was a plan.

        Carroll isn’t letting the young guys play (although it appears they finally relented on Bradford, who looks like a future pro-bowler). All of the things Rob and others have outlined, you have to accelerate your HC timeline.

        And the candidates are getting snapped up faster than I’ve seen or heard.

    • AL

      I don’t think Pete’s going anywhere he doesn’t want to go.

      We can speculate all we want about Jody Allen, but we just don’t know.

      The one thing we do know is the Seahawks are making a bunch of money despite their record, bad coaching and terrible play. I just don’t think theres enough motivation to do anything other than a terse after season meeting.

      But I take solace in knowing that the clock is ticking and at some point Pete will leave.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think Pete’s going anywhere he doesn’t want to go.

        We can speculate all we want about Jody Allen, but we just don’t know.

        The second sentence here contradicts the first.

      • Big Mike

        Interested in what you think this week about Jamal Adams as a person

      • LouCityHawk

        Why do you believe this about Carroll?

        Does it make sense for Jody as a business owner and fan to be ok with a mediocre product? She has been in business for a long time, there are agencies that do very discrete searches so as to avoid tampering rules.

        THE 9ers HAVE BEATEN US 5 IN A ROW! There is a 4 game losing streak.

        What would you do as the owner?

        • Parallax

          Is Jody Allen a business owner? She’s clearly a wealthy legatee. Has she ever made money on her own? I have no idea.

          • LouCityHawk

            Lazy wording from me, she is the co-executive and has been a co-owner of businesses.

            From what I have read the Whitman College grad was already good at logistics in a COO type capacity when she cofounder Vulcan with Paul.

            Reading older news from the 90s recently, it was Jody who first suggested to Paul that the Seahawks be purchased and was a driving force behind it.

      • Phil

        I wonder if Pete would go back to USC if they beckoned?

    • Hawkdawg

      The key is who is making the calls for his head. No attention will be paid to fans on a board. But attention might be paid to pundits/commentators and other voices in the league…and dwindling attendance, eventually…

  33. Mr drucker in hooterville

    “IF YOU ARE GOING TO KILL IT, DO IT NOW”—a smart person long ago.

  34. Peter

    Easy to bag on Wagner and rightfully so. Time has got him.

    Saw an argument that he’s playing like a (2nd team) all pro….maybe. possible name recognition pro bowl nod based on total tackles.

    But you know who should be getting ire?

    ‘Uncle’ Will Dissly. 2+ million more in cap hit than Bobby. Team can’t run. He’s on the field only 40% of snaps. And has 16 (!?!) Targets in 13 games.


    • Mick

      Wagner doesn’t have it anymore. Coverage he’s a liability but also in the run game he’s slowed down. I’ve seen a couple run plays yesterday where the 9ers schemed to take out Jordyn and that meant clear path.

      • Peter

        This needs to be the end of the line for Bobby in Seattle.

        But Dissly….that’s a yikes level contract. While we hem and haw on DK’s value, etc. His cap hit is 4 million more than Dissly. Next year it’s 2.5x Dissly’s. While we debate is that value there is no argument that Dissly should be making 9 this year, 10 next. For any reason. He’d have to be 3x funnier than Bellore to justify that.

        • Big Mike

          I agree that Dissly is grossly overpaid and most everyone here said it was a PCJS overpay special when the contract was signed. However, how much of that is lack of use of TEs in this offense? I mean cha mentioned people are going to be shocked at what Fant is going to get as a FA this coming offseason so is Dissly a similar case? Fant has better physical tools but Will isn’t lacking in that dept either.

          • Peter

            Will Dislly has two seasons that qualify as enough games played to see what he is. Both under two different OC’s and qbs.

            He pencils out around 3.5 tds, 300 yards, 35 ish targets.

            The lack of use on TE’s is unexplainable. The same OC who used them well last year is here. He’s a former TE coach. Who knows what is going on.

            Fant is still moving the chains at plus 14 yards a clip. He had in Denver with Lock, Bridgewater, upper level 3rd WR usage. That’s why Cha and I think he’s going to get paid this off season.

            I know way back when Dissly started out hot with a qb who didn’t throw to TE’s and got seriously injured. As time and injuries took hold I just think he is a steady unspectacular player.

    • 12th chuck

      The only reason that he has as many tackles as he does, is because our defense is trash, especially on third downs. Not even sure he would be a starter on a top 5 defense right now.

  35. Matt

    This doesn’t apply to Rob or SDB, in any way…

    I’m gonna get called crazy for this…and honestly, a few years ago I would’ve agreed. But after seeing what’s going on in the world of politics these days (not a political post btw) – is it outlandish to think Players pay bloggers and influencers to continually defend or advocate for them?

    I’m seeing a lot of higher Seahawks influencers who have intentionally made themselves look stupid to defend guys like Geno, Quandre, Pete, etc. I’m not talking about basic fandom here – I’m talking “do you know what you’re saying” type of drivel that serves as nothing more than irrational defense or advocacy for players.

    Is it crazy to think these guys throw some money or “friendship” their way to influence this stuff. Quandre and Geno really stick out on this front. I continually heard the craziest shit about these two – it’s wild. I won’t name names, but guys who previously provided thoughtful analysis have suddenly become emotional fangirls defending/advocating for these people.

    *Again – I’m neither referring to normal fandom or people with 100 Twitter followers. Thoughts? Am I crazy? *It’s ok if you think I am on this.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think money changes hands

      Do I think some people easily fall into the trap of trying to say/do things that curry favour with high-profile athletes? Yes. And is it possible that some athletes lean into that? Yes.

      It’s why you have to separate yourself to an extent and if you ever develop friendships as media/athlete/coach etc — you have to set boundaries still. Otherwise you’re not doing the job.

      • Big Mike

        Agree. The ‘friendship’ thing, or more to the point, getting to interact with a pro athlete and thus being “starstruck” seems like a real possibility.

      • LouCityHawk

        So here is my theory and the media savvy commenters can chime in

        Positivity (even to a ridiculous degree) gets more engagement from fans than Negativity (even if justified). I look at the comment numbers at FG, or the numbers on Twitter, or YouTube videos. It plays out. I’ve seen this with other areas such as tv shows/movies, positivity gets you more engagement.

        So, if you are about engagement, you are going to be positive. Consider two headlines “Seahawks almost fell Niners, the three moves Carroll must make to get team to Super Bowl!” Versus “Seahawks lose 4th game in a row, 5th in a row to Niners, Coaching and Preparation lacking…again”.

        So certain media voices are 100% going to recognize that they should remain cheery and positive regardless of results..

        What I will say is that I asked two mutual friends who are agents (one a Hollywood agent, the other sports) if they hired social media teams to create accounts – this was in response to seeing a lot of the pro-Jalen Carter accounts disappear – and each confirmed they have done this and it is an evolving industry practice. One even told me that the firm they hired to do this did positive and negative comments, with the negative comments being intentionally bad and to drive further engagement from fans-less-likely-to-comment.

        • Matt

          Outstanding post.

          And to be clear, I’m talking more than simple “overly positive” type content. I’m talking full throated advocacy/defense and using “analysis” to make the point. And to be clear, it’s not “analysis I disagree with.” It’s analysis that is laughably bad to the point where I simply don’t believe a previously thoughtful person would make – yet here we are.

          Great responses to this – sincerely. I thought people would think this was trolling, but it was a genuine thought.

        • Hawkdawg

          True to a point. But when bags on heads in the underpopulated stands start happening, positivity is a goner. Media will jump on the negativity bandwagon….

        • Brodie

          That’s a cool tidbit on the social media manipulation from an agency standpoint. Makes sense.

          I also think you’re right with regards to the positivity aspect and would guess that the bigger the outfit, the more likely there is an editor saying let’s put a more positive spin on things (because there is a VP, who was told by an Exec that it’s a clicks over content game).

        • Rob Staton

          You are 100% correct

          Positivity drives views and clicks

    • cha

      I think a lot of it is cult of personality.

      Last week a reporter had two very embarrassing moments.

      The first one he asked Pete “What makes you think this team is a playoff team?” but prefaced it with “this may sound kind of snarky, but…” It is a legitimate question having lost 3 in a row!

      Later in the week he prefaced his question with ‘given you played semi-well against the Cowboys..’ and Pete retorted ‘I thought we played better than that’…and the reporter…wait for it…apologized! For saying they played ‘semi-well’ in a game where the defense gave up 411 yards and 41 points! That is a completely fair statement. And he apologized for making it.

      When a reporter for a major publication approaches his job that way, it’s not hard to draw a straight line to unpaid blogger types who get sucked in to that approach as well.

      • Matt

        Thanks for the thoughtful responses. I sincerely didn’t ask this as some emotional shoot from the hip deal. I think you guys are right…paid? No. Perceived friendship and interaction? Absolutely. Heck, maybe an autograph or something like that wouldn’t surprise me.

        Like I said, I only bring it up because this is becoming very mainstream in politics and honestly, the pressure ownership faces to keep fans happy made me think a similar phenomenon is not out of bounds in professional sports.

        • Brodie

          Guys like Drew Rosenhaus represent close to 100 players and have been a part of $7 Billion in contracts. I could see them using the approach that Lou mentioned above. Create a bunch of social media accounts, with the sole purpose of damage mitigation (supporting a player currently in some kind of ‘situation’) or inflating a market (prior to FA).

          There are definitely loads of fake profiles online pushing other people’s narratives. It’s closer to fraud than bribery, but it still has money behind it.

          So, no. I don’t think you’re crazy

          • Peter

            My wife gets paid good to great money to run the social media of a big non profit. They don’t use bots but all their chief officers are fake because it’s one woman who hates social media as all of their talking heads.

            Everyone knows you can buy followers. Why wouldn’t you pay a kid with access to time plus a little AI and all of sudden you can create narratives for athletes, sports, or anything else you want.

      • Sten

        Seattle media are such pushovers it’s no wonder the Sonics were so easy to move. Whether the coach can dominate the media is a good litmus test to see whether or not they’ll be an utter failure. I can vividly remember Jim Mora freaking out on multiple occasions when lightly pressed about his team’s performance and thinking he was a huge disaster. Pete is very good with the media but when his teams are failing it gives us the worst of both worlds from a fanbase perspective

      • jed

        Same reporter that mentioned on a recent podcast that they spend time with coaches, players, ex-players outside of work? I know that stuff helps with access and could be a smart career choice, but means any “opinions” from that reporter are part of that career/access and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    • Matt

      All these responses are so good. Testament to you, Rob, that I can pose a pretty controversial but genuine question and get legit responses. Thanks guys.

  36. DC

    Rob – just noticed on your youtube video above, the only tag you used is Seahawks. Putting in a few more on your videos will get it out to a bigger audience to those who are searching related topics (i.e. Jamal Adams, Yikes, Pete Carroll, 49ers, etc, etc). I want to see you get more views!

  37. MattyB

    Its definitely time for Seattle to think about a 5yr ish rebuild schedule/plan as currently with Pete & John we are blinkered.
    My sister worked for Arsenal FC in an important role for 20yrs during the Wenger management years . Great early success then a slow decline while being slowly taken over by Stan Kronke. In the end of this period everyone at the club feared being sacked due to the uncertainty so gave nothing day to day making everything stale. This feels like were Seattle are.
    We need the new owner in place asap

  38. JimQ

    I’m not sure, but I think the Seahawks have sold out games for a very long time. One of the ways that may be effective to accomplish real changes to the organization is for fans to boycott games. I know if I had season tickets right now, I’d sell them at a drastic discount or throw them away. However, as a non-season ticket holder, I wouldn’t want to buy any tickets to watch this inept team fail to perform – again & again.

    A fan “uprising” would very likely get the attention of ownership and send the message that “Fans want a coaching change – ASAP”. Maybe a petition from fans to management? Truth be told, I think a lot of the current players may want to participate in a team revolt because they see (beyond PC’s Rah-Rah) the coaching and miss-management firsthand and as the losses stack up, a player revolt may be a real thing for them to consider. IMO: ALL players universally HATE losing games & it will only get worse & worse this season.

    • Parallax

      I’m not sure it would. The money now is in TV and NFL revenue sharing makes it all but impossible for a team not overly leveraged to lose money.

      • Karl

        Yes, the TV deals are the real money

  39. cha

    Pete Carroll this morning on the defensive troubles rolled out the greatest hits

    * Some things to clean up, they’re not even hard things, easy things we just didn’t execute

    * Too jacked up, over pursued

    * Tackling isn’t good enough. Guys focusing too much on stripping the ball instead of making the tackle.

    * We talked about the plays all week. Easy plays, but got fooled. Practiced them well, couldn’t execute in game. That’s on me. I gotta find a better way to communicate importance.

    • Troy

      No shit, Pete. Since Week 9, your defense is 31st in points allowed per game and 32nd in yards allowed. Players, coaching, scheme, all of the above.

    • Justaguy

      Passing the buck to the players will not go over well in the locker room

      • jed

        Better than the usual when he says all the players and coaches are good even though anyone who watched the game could see they’re not good.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      On that second point — over pursuit — that has to be directed at Adams and his baffling over pursuit of CMC on the opening play TD run.

      CMC made two cuts to the inside — the first at the LOS, when Adams was still more than 10 yards downfield, which he had overrun by that point, and the second about 5 yards from Adams, when Adams was already overcommitted outside and had to perform that bizarre pirouette away from CMC.

      His over pursuit was so ridiculous as to be farcical, in the way that only he can be. But honestly, the entire performance was farcical, punctuated by the degrading and demeaning way the 49ers toyed with the Seahawks on the INT return to close out the game. Total disdain for Seattle as a competitor

    • Brodie

      Nice. I had all of these on my bingo card. That’s 4 bingo’s in a row for me now.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Not to harp on this yet again, but we’re back to Pete saying “my fault…I have to _____ better…we just didn’t execute….easy plays that we just didn’t take advantage of.”

      When does the lip service stop? Not only that, but did he watch the same game I did? Players were so lost at times they were literally spinning in circles (staring hard at you “Prez”).

    • Gritty Hawk

      It’s amazing how Pete himself literally admits he’s bad at his job on a weekly basis and still a large segment of this fan base doesn’t think it’s time to move on. It would be amazing to have that kind of job security. “Sorry boss, I knew what to do with those Q4 forecasts but I completely flubbed them for the 9th quarter in a row and that’s on me.”

      • cha

        I can tell you exactly why.

        They think Pete is taking the rap and protecting his players. Rather than seeing him saying he’s a poor coach as a negative, they see it as a positive. “He would take the hit for me if I screwed up!”

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll this morning on the defensive troubles rolled out the greatest hits

      Well, greatest hits albums do sell well at Christmas.

      Seriously tho, if I said you gave up a 1st down on average on every play would he get mad at me like the reporter last week and say “it was 9.9 yds per play not 10”?

      • James Z

        It turns out that if you exclude the kneel downs it was 10.2 yds. per play. No need to round up anymore but works to round down to 10 with that ‘nugget’ of info.

    • Big Mike

      You’re becoming a farce Pete. Please just go away.

    • Brodie

      Just listened to this. My favorite line was him rephrasing Salk to say “lesser degree of strength” rather than “weakness”.

      • Rob Staton

        I heard that 🤦‍♂️

    • pdway

      greatest hits is right….same old same old. no fire…’s demoralizing.

      I think it was Big MIke who noted that we shot our shot in the Dallas game (and you could feel the intensity in that one – players and coaches) – – and we played a good game there….but yesterday felt inevitable, from literally the 1st play.

    • Pran

      Pete cant even acknowledge the disaster he is overseeing…
      few things here and there, few trades here and there…right in the mix..BS

  40. CL

    PFF grades from everyone’s favorites:

    Jamal “Best in the nation” Adams: 27.3

    Quandre “Mr. Twitter / X” Diggs: 34.0

    • Troy

      Legends in their own minds. They better not be on this team next year.

    • Geoff u

      What are their ego grades? OFF THE CHARTS! And that’s how you win, it’s not by playing well, or studying well, it’s in believing you’re better than your opponent, no matter how bad you play, especially how bad you play. As long as you believe it, that’s all that matters.

    • Brodie

      Good thing they played 100% of snaps. When they’re playing that well, there’s no way to give them a breather.

    • pdway


    • Rob Staton

      Passes the eye test

    • cha

      Would you believe there are still scheme people out there who are sticking to their guns about PFF safety grades? And that they think things like “as long as Diggs is taking away the deep middle he is earning his money”?

      Because there are.


    • pdway

      for all his deficiencies…I do think Adams tries. I don’t know if it’s the added bulk, or age/injuries, but he looks so slow to me now. Diggs, on the other hand, I think is playing on cruise control a lot of the time. Both just stealing the Hawks money this year.

  41. Ryan Purcell

    Ok. This stretch has been as bad as we feared.

    We can’t run the ball at all and that’s a big problem. I’d personally be ok with drafting the best offensive lineman we can find in the first round and waiting till the third for a QB.

    It seems like we are going to need to win out to get into the playoffs. I still think it’s a possibility! Does that seem crazy?

  42. Blitzy the Clown

    poster boys for all that is wrong in Seattle. Expensive, over-hyped, lacking in self-awareness

    Bloody brilliant

    And brilliantly depressing

  43. Peter

    Live stream is going with Pete and fellas.

    Every comment about football but one is….

    Time for Pete to go.

  44. Gross MaToast

    The Pete Carroll Era is dead. You can argue that it’s not dead, just fair-to-middling, but so what? This is a dead franchise from the top down. Yes, guys still show up dressed in Seahawk uniforms and Pete continues to do his Pete imitation up and down the sidelines every week, but this is not a serious football franchise. It’s a zombie franchise.

    We’ve spent years here trying to fit the pieces together: “if the Seahawks just (fill in the blank), then they’d be able to (fill in the blank) and then Super Bowls? Boom, right around the corner.” Unfortunately, the Seahawks never (fill in the blank), so they’re never able to (fill in the blank) and I’m about as close to winning a Super Bowl right now as is Pete Carroll. We’ve seen for the better part of a decade that Pete and Co. are incapable of putting the pieces together. Yeah, they did it once and it was great, but that’s in the distant past, football-wise.

    And, just as I don’t want Pete having any say in the drafting of the next QB, I don’t want Jody Allen and her lieutenants having any voice in selecting the next coach. I’m not even sure that I want JS making that decision, either. “He’s made some great draft picks!” Maybe, we don’t know who makes those calls with any certainty, but if he gets credit for that, he also gets credit for signing the two safeties for $50m next season. He gets credit for all of the overpaid, under-performing contracts, as well. We can’t pick and choose only the good stuff and assign it to JS. There should be a new hierarchy in place for the true rebuild.

    The next meaningful phase of Seahawk football will come with new ownership and some renewed sense of purpose. Who knows when that will be, but it can’t come soon enough. We’ve tried to normalize having Shane Norton Jr and Clint Hurtt, the Coffee Cup and the Madden Rating and the ghost of Pete Carroll. These are not people a serious football franchise would employ. They all need to go – as unceremoniously as possible, they need to go. Until then, this is a zombie franchise with a zombie coach and zombie players eating our brains every week as we continue to have even the slightest hope that this is the week or season that it all comes together. It ain’t ever coming together; it’s dead.

    • Peter

      Made me a little sad* to see all the fire Pete comments on 710 today.

      You might be as close to a superbowl as he is bit he’s getting closer to villain the longer this persists.

      Agree with a lot of this. When they looked square at the numbers for the qb last year and went around doing their fun times boy weekend stag-doo taking selfies with all the QB’s and gifted ( GIFTED!!!) A top five pick by Seattle’s enemy #1 and after all that goofing off did not see then, not now was the time to strike you knew they were getting ready to have a fork put into this team.

      * = as sad as one can be for someone who has had a great run making millions of dollars to essentially do something empirically as unimportant as coach of a sports team(s)

      • BobbyK

        Sad, yes. But definitely overdo.

        How the hell can you say you want to be a running team and never make the proper investment in the unit (OL)? I’m so sick of all these bums they go with at Center. It’s like they think having one decent guard is good enough and they can “find someone” somewhere else.

        If you want to run the ball – you should have the horses up front. You don’t need a stable of TEs and Safety’s instead.

        Two resets and worthless each time and one was with a franchise QB (future Hall of Famer) in his prime. You have to be especially worthless in terms of constructing a roster if it’s crap with a great QB. Bla, bla, bla… he made a lot of money… think Chiefs fans hate Mahomes, think Rodgers was the reason the Packers finished last every year (opposite), etc.?

  45. Jabroni-DC

    I don’t want Pete fired. I want him to choose to walk away with dignity at the conclusion of this season, leaving the championship legacy intact.

  46. Big Mike

    I missed Rob “Stanton” on KJR (tis the season…..fa la la la la). If a link happens, please post.

    • Rob Staton

      If I can I’ll embed the podcast on here

      • Big Mike

        thank you

  47. Rob Staton

    The defense is now ranked 27th per DVOA

    Quandre Diggs is now ranked 85th out of 91 qualifying safeties per PFF

    Jamal Adams is 78th

    • geoff u

      Our “lesser degrees of strength”

      • Rob Staton


  48. Rob Staton

    Here’s the page for my KJR appearance:

    Can someone grab the embed code for me? I can’t listen to iHeart media content in the UK it’s locked.

  49. neil

    I am for tanking the rest of the season and getting a top ten pick. Lets ” suck for luck ” so to speak.

    • geoff u

      In the sewers for Ewers?

      • BobbyK


  50. QAGrizzly

    The answer to the often asked question as to why Metcalf slipped in the draft is now painfully obvious after watching his immaturity and lack of professionalism.

    • Peter

      Respectfully if you don’t like DK just say it. It’s fine. A lot of people don’t for a wide range of reasons.

      He slid in the draft because he near career ending injury on a block during a kickoff. Not because immaturity or whatever other reason you think.

      • QAGrizzly

        Im entitled to my opinion as are you, teams look at both physical as well as mental makeup, so please no dictates
        His selfishness is a problem.

    • Gritty Hawk

      He fell on draft day because he wasn’t a polished receiver. Teams were concerned about him being able to run a full route tree, and he doesn’t have the best hands in the world. I don’t think his mental makeup was a big factor.

      • AlaskaHawk

        On draft day he was recovering from a spinal injury to his neck. No one knew if he would ever play again. If he did play, he might very well be paralyzed with the next blow to his spine.

        Fortunately he did recover and was able to play.

      • Rob Staton

        The truth is teams were worried about the neck injury that his family feared would end his career during his time at Ole Miss plus the agility/change of direction testing marks and the fact he was basically just a big-play specialist in college.

        The NFL overthought the situation big time — and that was obvious during the draft, not just now.

        The Seahawks played a blinder moving up to get him.

        They now need to find a way to maximise his potential (and DK also has to learn to control himself and become more consistent).


  51. AlaskaHawk

    Watching a few other teams this week (like Kansas City) I’m struck by how fast the defensive secondary is on some teams. Guys just flying around the field. And they often have a lockdown corner that they put on the number one receiver.

    Pass rush, yes they usually have a good one. but really it is dependent on the quarterback holding onto the ball too long or the play taking too long to develop. It does help to have a mobil quarterback with a big arm.

    Two to three solid running backs , I’m seeing a lot more running backs who are jittery, they can run into a hole, burst sideways, and then accelerate forward. Even in the smallest of holes.

    So something the Seahawks can aspire to.

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