Leo Chenal is an aggressive, attack-minded linebacker

Before getting into today’s piece on Leo Chenal, if you missed it earlier — check out my conversation with the brilliant Rob ‘Stats’ Guerrera, discussing plenty of Seahawks, 49ers and NFL topics. It’s well worth a listen…

Trying to determine fit, potential and value is challenging with some players.

Wisconsin linebacker Leo Chenal is a classic example.

He wasn’t asked to do much more in college than chase downfield and attack. He was a force of nature as a blitzer. Equally, he works through traffic with ease and explodes to the ball carrier.

Listed at 6-2 and 261lbs — Chenal is one of the most aggressive, physical and impactful players in this class. He is surprisingly elusive considering his size, enabling him to avoid blocks and keep himself clean. From there, he’s always thinking ‘attack, attack, attack’.

Punishing hits. TFL’s galore. Sacks. Any team wishing to play downfield and moving forwards on defense (ahem) is going to love Chenal.

How does this translate, though, outside of the more blitz-happy schemes?

According to PFF, Chenal had just one interception and one pass break-up in three years at Wisconsin. Compare that to the 18.5 TFL’s and eight sacks he had in 2021 alone and you get a good idea of the type of player he is.

Is it a scheme thing? Wisconsin seemed to just ask him to read and react. Watch the QB. Watch the runners. There was a lot of freedom for Chenal to play what he sees. On tape, you just see him attacking the LOS time and time again. I can’t recall seeing a linebacker used this aggressively before. He rarely dropped and sat in coverage. It was always forward motion — attacking a gap or absorbing a block as he blitzed away.

The thing is, he’s really good at it. He’s a forceful, physical player. He delivered jolting hits to running backs. He would blow up plays in the backfield and shut-down short yardage situations. Opponents surely knew what to expect and yet he still made plays.

At the next level I’m not sure he can do this. He’s not Micah Parsons, moving to the edge and taking some rush snaps. He’s a pure blitzing linebacker. I sense most teams will attack his area of the field if he plays this aggressively in the NFL. I wouldn’t want to see a team isolate him with, say, George Kittle and force him into coverage.

I also think, though, that a creative defense that keeps an extra defensive back on the field can cover for his aggression — enabling him to be an extra rusher more often than not. It would be interesting to see, for example, Seattle use him and Jamal Adams to disguise which blitzer attacks. If the Seahawks really want to be ‘moving forward’ on defense this year — taking some more risks with players like Chenal and Adams would be a way to do it.

When he attacks linemen he shoves them backwards and impacts plays. He is a tone-setter and physical phenom. Personally I just love the idea of a bigger linebacker with his attitude and aggressive nature who still has the athleticism to avoid contact and work well in space.

And this is why I think the Seahawks might have some interest.

When I publish my combine preview next week, we’ll run through in detail what the Seahawks look for at every position. At linebacker, they’ve often sought high-end athleticism and agility.

It’s said that Chenal has been timed running a 4.00 short shuttle.

The Seahawks made a point of drafting Cody Barton and Ben Burr-Kirven due to their agility testing. Barton ran a 4.03 and BBK a 4.09. They were both among the top-15 combine testers at linebacker since 2010.

Jordan Tapp, who ran a 3.96 (the fastest time) also landed in Seattle. As did Kevin Pierre-Louis (4.03), Bruce Irvin (4.03) and Nick Bellore (4.00).

Linebackers who run freaky short shuttle times often are targeted by Seattle.

Regardless of what he shows on tape, it’s possible the Seahawks see major potential and fit within Chenal due to this agility testing. Reportedly he’s also capable of a 10-1 broad jump and he’s been recorded running at 20.95mph on the GPS. He benches 420 and cleans 385. This is the kind of profile Seattle typically drafts.

It’s unusual for Wisconsin players to declare early with minimal buzz, yet that is the decision Chenal came to after careful consideration. That suggests the league views him differently compared to the media.

Frankly I’d be completely happy with the Seahawks drafting him. I’ve given him a second round grade going into the combine. The idea of having an impactful, TFL machine at linebacker who plays downfield and offers aggression, intensity and bad intentions is what this team needs. I think the Seahawks have become too soft and easy to play against on defense. They need to be more physical and aggressive.

If that means taking a few more risks, so be it.

Chenal, for me, can be a Demario Davis type impact player. Davis had 13 TFL’s in 16 games in 2021, among the league leaders. Matt Milano in Buffalo had 15. Roquan Smith had 12 playing in Sean Desai’s defense. Nick Bolton had 11 for the Chiefs.

Jordyn Brooks had 10 for Seattle in 2021. Pretty good.

Do you know how many Bobby Wagner had?


Three TFL’s.

This is why there’s no room for sentimentality. As mentioned in the stream with Rob Guerrera, you need to be prepared to move on when the time comes. That time has come with Bobby Wagner.

There are some excellent linebackers in this draft who can create a potentially devastating, aggressive dup paired next to Jordyn Brooks at a fraction of the cost of Wagner.

When I think of Darrell Taylor in a front seven with Brooks, Chenal and potentially Chandler Jones — that, to me, is a scary prospect for opponents in 2022.

Retaining the increasingly hesitant (and expensive) Wagner and not having someone like Jones is a recipe for the same passive defense, struggling to impact quarterbacks.

Chenal, if he tests as expected, could and should be a day two consideration for the Seahawks.

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  1. Rob Staton

    Mike Rob says Russell Wilson needs a change of scenery and should leave Seattle:


    • Tomas

      Scintillating conversation with Rob G, a kindred spirit I think. No more “Mike and Mike,” sadly, but “Rob and Rob” needs to be at least a semi-regular thing. Hugely enjoyable, good work gents. I think Carroll hangs on to Wagner somehow – and I agree that would be a mistake.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you!

      • Sea Mode

        Agree on Rob + Rob. That was an awesome conversation.

  2. Peter

    Really intrigued by Chenal. Can’t wait to listen to your latest podcast.

    Wilson in Pittsburg. 100% can see that. Lot of love for Burrows but Cincy wasn’t some world beating team. Division seems nice and open and the Steelers are pretty well loaded and ready to go.

    I’m not super sure of Indy’s team but could see Irsay orchestrate a multi player/ team trade allowing him the ammo to go after Wilson.

    Ultimately hope all this is gor naught and Seattle goes big in a few weeks when free agency kicks off. With all the slightly hopeful changes recently I’m still a little worried about a head coach that thinks there’s a nucleus here when it’s more like four players and some hope for some young guys and one of the pillars is a QB who may want out.

  3. Big Mike

    “There’s no room for sentimentality”.
    Yep. Love ya Bobby. I believe you should be a first ballot inductee. However, you’re just not worth the money anymore.
    As I’ve said in previous threads, how they deal with Wagner is going to say a lot about the offseason and how serious they are about improving the team partially anyway through free agency. If that’s going to happen, they need that 17 million that is right now earmarked for a player that isn’t worth the expenditure.

    • cha

      They need to cut Bobby Wagner as soon as possible.

      It would signal to RW that they’re serious. They just wrote a whopping roster bonus check to Jamal Adams. Time to reclaim some of that money.

      And Bobby gets almost a month to take meetings, assess his options and choose his next move before the free agent land rush when the league year starts. Would you want to know now and get a Greg Olsen type deal of $7-8m or watch as everyone spends all their cap and only has $3-5m come July? It’s a kindness to Bobby to let him get a jump on things. It could ‘make’ him millions.

      • Big Mike

        Good call cha.

        • TomLPDX

          As the other Rob said in the podcast…don’t fall in love with players!

          I think the majority of us are fine with cutting Bobby. We all love him but his time has come to move on. Do the right thing and be Seahawks first John and Pete. Make this team great again!

          • jed

            Agreed about the players. Griffey taught me that lesson.

            One comment that stood out to me was when Rob said Cody Barton filled in for Bobby and the defense didn’t look any different. There’s a reason it looked the same.

            Small sample side caveat & stats from Pro Football Ref. Barton had 11 tackles against Arizona. Bobby had 170 tackles in his 15 games, excluding the Detroit game where he was injured right away. That’s 11 1/3 tackles per game. Cody’s passer rating against was 102.6 & Bobby’s for the season was 97.9. In that sample size, Bobby and Cody are the same player.

            Please don’t take this as a Bobby-hate comment. I just don’t think Bobby’s much better than a replacement level MLB going forward. Like cha said, cut him now and let him see what his market is. It sucks that he’ll get the KJ treatment and have to sign a contract way below what he thinks he’s worth. But, that’s the way of professional athletes and is why I root for them all to get as much cash as they can when they can get it.

            • Rob Staton

              You are right about Wagner

              And nobody is prepared to talk about it

              But it’s no surprise. Earlier today I watched part of a podcast with a prominent member of Seattle’s media proposing they pay Quandre Diggs 18m a year 🤦‍♂️

              • MychestisBeastmode

                Ya, it’s like all of these conversations by various media types about who we should re-sign and what amount individual players should be paid are made in a vacuum without regard for what or who we ultimately lose out on from a holistic roster perspective by making these signings.

                Sure, I’d love to sign Diggs and would he happy for the guy if he got $18mil, AND it’s a terrible move with regard to our cap and lack of resources to allocate towards other positions of need. Diggs at 18 would effectively cancel out any gains from cutting Wagner at 17, and leave us with a roster with one less starter from last season and nothing else to show for it.

                I think this site has identified key positions “worthy” of large financial investments, and I hope the Seahawks front office has too (questionable after the Adams contract). Big money needs to be thrown at the trenches, and I’d argue definitely an impact pass rusher needs to be priority #1 by a wide margin. Then and only then do we start working our way down through the other positional holes (LT, DT/Big DE, C, S, CB, *MLB, RB, TE).

                Prioritizing other positions does very little to remedy the fact of our horrendous time of possession, that while yes the Offense was shite on 3rd downs, while the Defense was beyond bad at getting off the field (by snap count we had about 2 games more than the next team in terms of defensive snaps last season 😖). If we can land a pass rusher — then we begin to fill in the bevy of other positions with the available cap space. Assuming roughly 18 million per year will be our biggest off-season contract, I truly hope it is not used on a safety – even if Diggs is one of my favorite players on this team — it’d just be bad roster building.

                *Assuming Wagz is released.

              • Peter

                Was this the same podcast that said the hawks should look to add CB JC Jackson and his projected 20 million a year contract as a splash in Free agency?

                If we were listening to the same podcast my eyes were popping out of my head trying to make sense of 55.5 odd million bucks for three defensive backs.

                Hat’s off to you Rob btw. I listen ever briefly to a ton of hawks podcasters. Universally I want all of their podcasts to be shorter and pretty much wish all of your’s were longer.

                When people on their own podcast talk about tackles getting paid but still think Lucas is going in the 100’s…unreal.

                • Rob Staton

                  Was this the same podcast that said the hawks should look to add CB JC Jackson and his projected 20 million a year contract as a splash in Free agency?


                  Apparently Quandre Diggs is now an elite-level, must-have player. Rather than a decent 29-year-old who the Seahawks acquired for a fifth rounder.

                  Stop spaffing money on non-priority players.

                  • Peter

                    I really feel for Diggs and I think everyone here loves the dude. But he is unlucky and the wrong side of a high dollar contract age wise *plus* the hawks completely boned his contract situation if they were going to pay him by waiting a year and their handling of JA’s contract.

                    That podcast was weird. Chandler Jones is too expensive but a 20 million a year corner is fine. Diggs is a must have (that’ll probably walk) that they could franchise tag (i guess but that’ll get ugly quick).

                    Agree with them that Penny for about 3 million seems right. Though I’d probably go to 4.5 million. But not for their reasons that Carson is on the roster. Does he, Carson, even get cleared to play again?

                  • MychestisBeastmode

                    Aside: always cool to see when these convos get 10 layers deep in the responses. Absolutely love this blog and community.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Thank you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                • cha

                  Last year somebody on 710 proposed the Hawks go after Xavien Howard, he of the $45m contract he was unhappy with. The Seahawks had just inked Jamal Adams to a massive deal, and had no first round pick and no cap room at that moment.

                  • Peter

                    Howard is a good player but let someone else pay that contract.

                    I hate being this snarky but what on earth are people thinking? Because of the LOB i think a lot of hawks media think paying a ton for DB’s is where it’s at totally ignoring that the pass rush then was pretty fearsome.

                    I’m not the contract person you are Cha but it sure feels like the better dine a team had in the playoffs the better they did. I’m sure many of the teams had good maybe great secondaries but pissing huge amounts of the cap away into the defensive backfield when my guy Rasheem Green is a top 3 sack guy with six is no way to win games.

  4. Seattle Person

    This is what makes this blog truly unique. You often are able to identify trends of the team and match that up with good players and fit. This is the money maker for you Rob. I love this time of year when you discover names and introduce them to us.

    • Rob Staton


  5. Ashish

    Nice replacement for Bobby, he and Brooks can be next Bobby and KJ. Leo had 1 pass break in 3 years, is that concern in coverage? or he was primary used in running play? You know we have one peacock.

  6. cha

    Am I overthinking that the last few days’ media slips are another tactical PR battle between the RW camp and the PC/JS camp?

    Tim Hasselbeck and David Carr both say something to the effect of ‘some inside Seahawk HQ think RW has held them back’

    Two days later Cowherd does a big piece on the PFF proposed RW trade to Philly and basically says out loud ‘hey Pete Carroll you need RW. You trade him and you can forget getting into the Hall of Fame. In fact, trading RW to Philly hands them the division and a good shot at a Super Bowl.’

    Seems too coincidental. Too calculated to just be random musings.

    • Gross MaToast

      This Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff Dinner Party Vibe between the camps of PC/JS & RW needs to end one way or the other now.

      PC/JS want to keep him, but he’s really holding them back. I’m assuming Hasselbeck has ears in the building and this seems valid.

      RW wants to explore all of his options, but (apparently his) people say trading him will be so foolish that it will ruin PCs legacy.

      Just like sooner is better for resolving the Bobby Wagner situation, sooner is better for this, as well.

      Ownership, GM, HC, RW and his agent need to enter a room together, shut the door, sit at one of those really classy modern tables, offer each other greetings of the day, and then Ownership should ask a very simple question of each: you in or out? No hard feelings either way, just ask and answer. Either everybody’s in or nobody’s in. No conditions to be met, no stipulations – in or out? Get busy living or get busy dying, because this continued back and forth is a way of assuring unnecessary hurdles for a franchise that doesn’t need them.

      Like Tom Cruise’s character in the classic (not the same as ‘good’) film ‘Cocktail’ said, “everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.” Yeah, Russ may need a fresh start, but the franchise needs a fresh start too, which was why I was hoping for major change on Jan. 10. The fresh start opportunities in that scenario are so much broader and better than the one where you lose your QB.

      If Russ wants out, he should just say it. If Pete wants him gone, he should just say it. Live your best life, guys.

      • TomLPDX

        Gross, you are the master of understatement. Well said.

    • Poli

      I wonder what the purpose of all that would be when they can just talk face to face?

      • Rob Staton

        Seahawks and Wilson have been sending messages to each other through the media for years

  7. BobbyK

    Would love to see a plethora of guys like this added to the defense. Get younger. Get faster and more physical.

    I think there’s going to be so many good 3rd/4th round options that I’m hoping they can move down from 41 to get another pick or picks.

    We all know Pete doesn’t care about the future, so this could be (another) year where we see a future draft pick traded to get a guy now. I don’t believe in most of Pete’s band-aids, but trading a 2nd in ’23 to get an early 3rd in ’22 might actually be okay with me (pending players available).

    No matter how many picks they get in those top 4 rounds… I hope all of them are for defense with the only exception being one RB. If Penny returns, I’m going to puke my brains out if the backup is Carson, Dallas, or some clown FA that nobody else obviously wanted too badly.

  8. KennyBadger

    Thanks for the write up Rob. Leo seemed to be in the midst of almost every play on defense this year. Granted there’s more running plays in the big ten but he tracks the ball well in short passing situations. He’s got a frame that you can put more muscle on and still retain some speed. All indications are he’s a great teammate and a hard worker- good potential to be a solid professional. Would love to see him in Seattle.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      More muscle!? The guy is 261. Any more and he’ll be a d-lineman. (Sarcasm)

      If he can bulk up more while retaining speed, then he’s even more special imo. And I agree, would be happy to see him in wolf gray thumping away each Sunday.

      (Did you catch that rhyming haiku at the end there?)

      • KennyBadger

        Point taken Mychest, but 261 seems a little generous and he has more of a lanky instead of a broad frame. I just think he’s not done putting on some mass yet. Sorry I couldn’t respond in iambic pentameter 😉

        • Rob Staton

          Lanky? I thought he looked incredibly stout!

  9. Henry Taylor

    The more you dig into this LB class the more obvious it seems they have to move on from Wagner, there’s just so many guys. As tough as that would be for me personally as he’s one of my all time favourites.

    Interview with Rob was also great btw, very entertaining listen.

  10. Sam Northeast

    What’s your thoughts on Desmond Ridder as a replacement for R.Wilson?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a hard sell to replace Wilson with any of the quarterbacks in this class.

      There are things to really like about Ridder. He threw some beautiful passes in 2021. He’s led Cincinnati to new heights. Athletic. Decent enough arm. John Schneider will like the 10 inch hands.

      However, he’s erratic with his accuracy and decision making. When he’s pressured, he panics. I can’t rate him higher than Davis Mills and Kellen Mond a year ago. From what I can garner from afar, he’ll work hard to improve and that could make him a starter at the next level. But I can’t say I ‘want’ him to replace Wilson because it’s such a risk.

    • Peter

      Just a guess but I think Ridder will have a very, very solid career as a back up. This is no slight against him. With enough reps he may even garner a chance to start down the road. There is a place for that kind of player in the league.

      I don’t think he flashes or can really put a game on his shoulders. However if Seattle didn’t have a ton of holes AND this draft didn’t have such a poor class at QB making a bunch of guys rise up that aren’t good, I would gladly see Ridder with a third round pick. Because I see someone who can play ball control and take a shot without too many goofy choices on the field.

  11. Sea Mode

    Huh, interesting for a quick pre-Combine glance of the “consensus” for now. Wish DJ were left off, though.


    • Rob Staton

      Couple of people on there I would’ve left off…

  12. Sea Mode

    Oooh, and look who just happens to sit atop this list, by a fair margin too… 🙂

    Tracking Football

    Best HS Discus
    #NFLCombine 2022

    196’08 – Cam Jurgens
    187’11 – Otito Ogbonnia
    183’01 – Austin Deculus
    182’00 – Darian Kinnard
    176’03 – Luke Wattenburg
    171’06 – Logan Bruss
    167’07 – Tyler Smith
    166’03 – Channing Tindall
    166’01 – Tyler Linderbaum
    161’09 – Haskell Garrett

    • Rob Staton

      Also, Channing Tindall is about 225-230lbs

      The rest are 300lbs


    • Peter

      One day I’ll stop but everytime I see discus results for football players I’ll think of DE margus Hunt.

      Very impressive though like Rob mentions for Channing Tindall.

  13. Sea Mode

    Dianna Russini

    Aaron Rodgers will be informing the Packers of his decision soon, per league sources. I’m told there are multiple teams with offers on the table but of course, nothing can happen until the Green Bay Packers allow a trade.

  14. Sean-O

    CBS Sports article from Joel Corry. Not a ton about Russ but does list money implications. Does mention IF something was to happen, likely before March 20th.


    • cha

      I doubt March 20 is an actual hard deadline. The Seahawks just paid two-time-busted-shoulder Jamal Adams a $12.44m roster bonus. A $5m bonus deadline to Russ isn’t going to hasten a franchise-altering trade.

  15. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, do you envision Chenal in the SAM? If so, maybe something like this:

    SAM: Chenal (74)
    MIKE: Barton
    WILL: Brooks

    DE: Jones (FA)
    DT: Wyatt (41)
    NT: Ford
    LEO: Dunlap/Taylor

    • Rob Staton

      No, I think he an extremely aggressive ILB

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen this mentioned a few times on the internet

      And it’s the biggest internet reach of the last 12 months

      This is just Wilson posting a picture of him with his Dad. If he wants to make a point about his future, he’ll do it a lot more effectively than this

  16. Big Mike

    Just saw on Cowherd that Wilson has had 4 straight seasons with 25+ TDs and a 100+ rating his last 4 years. That’s only been done one other time in NFL history, Aaron Rodgers 09-12.
    Tell me again Seahawks how he’s been holding the franchise back.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Or RW got to learn, practice, and display just how good our last 3(!) OC’s systems were during that span 😉

      But, yes, probably it was Russell rather than impeccable coaching that led to such an astounding stat.

      • Peter

        Under appreciated thought….how is gone mostly under discussed everywhere but here that Seattle values their qb so little they never think it’s important to get the best oc they can while other teams are doing backflips to pair their qb’s with the best minds they can get?

        Meanwhile poor Wilson “just” stays good regardless of system or personel.

        Holding them back. Okay Carr/hasselbeck/ and whatever goofs in the FO who think this. Holding them back from what?

        • Big Mike

          He has 104 wins in his first 10 years, the most in NFL history for any QB. So it would seem he’s not holding the franchise back from oh, you know, WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES!

          • Peter

            Yeah but that’s easy to do when you win 32 of 16 games each of your first three years with the LOB.

        • cha

          Just FYI Carr was just reporting what he’d been told and immediately said he thought that was ridiculous and that RW had carried them. Even went on a rant that ‘if the Seahawks don’t appreciate him, trade him to someone who will!’

          • Big Mike

            Yeah I directed my comments at “the Seahawks” for a reason. Leak all you want John and Pete, you’re full of shit and you’re wrong.

          • Peter

            Correction appreciated. I just saw the thumbnail. And following ryan clark’s “he’s good but not good GOOD,” garbage i was too prickly to get into it.

        • Rob Staton

          The funny thing is the pundits keep saying Derek Carr had a ‘great’ season in 2021.

          23 touchdowns
          14 interceptions
          76.3 PFF grade
          94 QB RATING
          52.4 QBR
          17 games

          Here’s Wilson, in a ‘bad’ year heavily impacted by an injury to a finger on his throwing hand:

          25 touchdowns
          6 interceptions
          73.9 PFF grade
          103.1 QB rating
          54.7 QBR
          14 games

          Pundits talk bollocks sometimes

    • Rob Staton

      YeH bUt He EaRnZ 2 mUcH aNd hE hAz LoSt sPeEd

      • Peter

        Minus that’s subjective if barely so. Let’s say that was true….

        Then build an oline and get speed or power in other areas and turn a super accurate passer into the best pocket passer you can.

        (Always wondered if that format crossed the pond. Learning new things everyday!)

  17. MyChestisBeastMode

    Chanel has a bit of a mix of TJ Watt & Ray Lewis to his game. Also brings back vibes Clay Matthews in his prime with the way he seemingly keeps on accelerating when attacking the backfield even when O-linemen get their hands on him.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      I don’t want to trade Russell, but I cannot lie – I want draft picks because these guys you keep highlighting, Rob, look pretty damn awesome. Maybe its recency bias but this draft looks really, really strong especially round 2 and maybe 3 or 4 as well. At least moreso than I remember the last few drafts to be.

      • Peter

        Adams for a third?

        • cha

          Adams is untradable.

          The dead cap of $28m means it would add an additional $19m cap hit. Basically obliterating most of their cap room.

          And nobody is trading for a guy coming off another bum shoulder who the Seahawks just wrote a $12m check to.

          • Peter

            Oh i know. A guy can dream though. Kill your cap but maybe get a guy who can play for 1.3 a year or thereabouts. Honestly wonder if Adams will be cleared to play week one.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      *Chenal (damnit)

      • Big Mike

        Well if it was Chanel, he’d have to wear number 5 right?

        *you see what I did there, right?*

        • Rob Staton

          I grinned at this

          • Big Mike

            Thank you. I know I’ve got a long way to go to catch Gross MaToast in the humor dept. but the effort is there.

  18. ShowMeYourHawk

    Hey Rob,

    I know you discussed this a bit in your Chandler Jones post but do you think that Hurtt’s recent commentary regarding a “OLB pass rush” priority could actually start to adjust our base D to a 3-4? It seems unlikely that Pete would just abandon his base D but if Hurtt’s view is that more of “standing” edge rusher is necessary, might we see more 3-4 formations worked in strategically? If so, how radically would that alter your preferred draft board or FA, as the Seahawks are concerned?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. I think, when you bring in both Hurtt and Desai, it feels like that would be possible

  19. Rob4q

    Would you make this deal if Jermaine Johnson was there at 28? GB says yes every time in the PFN Sim when you propose this deal to them…

    GB Gets: Pick 41, 2023 SEA 2nd, 2023 SEA 4th

    SEA gets: Pick 28, Pick 171

    • Rob4q

      I had to give up most of the 2023 draft to make this happen, but still kept the 1st next year so could always trade back and get more! But a draft like this to go along with a strong FA period would go a long ways toward getting back to competing for championships! I really tried to get as many of Rob’s “gold star” players as possible!

      28. Jermaine Johnson, EDGE Florida State
      57. Channing Tindall, LB Georgia
      108. Cameron Jurgens, OC Nebraska
      115. Cam Taylor-Britt, CB Nebraska
      153. Hassan Haskins, RB Michigan
      171. Markquese Bell, S Florida A&M
      179. Spencer Burford, OT UTSA
      227. Jeremiah Gemmel, LB North Carolina
      233. Daniel Bellinger, TE San Diego State

      • Rob Staton

        To me, the idea that Jermaine Johnson makes it to #28 is about as likely as Aidan Hutchinson falling to that range

        • Rob4q

          So he’s maybe going to be top 15 you think? He seems like the ideal fit for what the Seahawks want to be on defense…and across from Taylor would be scary. He played some OLB so has experience there.

          • Rob Staton

            Not maybe.

            He’s a top-15 lock.

  20. cha

    Bruce Feldman
    · 10m
    SOURCE: UCLA is expected to hire Bruins great Ken Norton Jr as the new linebackers coach. The Bruin Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl champ has spent the past decade coaching in the NFL with the last 7 yrs as a defensive coordinator.

    • TomLPDX

      I was hoping KNJ would land on his feet somewhere close. Glad to hear it.

  21. cha

    Dianna Russini on Rich Eisen


    -Decide within a week, stay in GB, ask for trade or retire

    -Wants to be highest paid in the NFL ‘by a wide margin’ so looking for $50m/year

    -She’s spoken to a team who has told her ‘they’d make it work’ under their cap if AR is available in trade (she says she doesn’t see him fitting at present, so that means they’d clear salary off)

    -Multiple teams interested, waiting on his decision

    -No formal trade offers yet but teams are ready to make offers

    • Peter

      Just gonna say it.

      Scary move for a team. Picks and a ton of money for a player his age with injuries. Could go really wrong for that team.

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