Lions & Falcons trade could be telling for the draft

Is Tyree Wilson going to go earlier than many think?

I wanted to offer some thoughts following the breaking news that Lions cornerback Jeff Okudah has been dealt to the Falcons for a fifth round pick. I think it could have some fairly significant ramifications for the draft.

— This creates a hole at cornerback for the Lions and increases the chances they’ll take the best one in the draft at #6. It might be time to pencil in Christian Gonzalez or Devon Witherspoon to Detroit.

— I’d previously expected the Lions to take the best pass rusher available at #6. Dan Campbell is a trenches guy. Adding even more to their defensive front felt like a good fit. I doubt he’s the type of coach who has much interest in working with Jalen Carter. Campbell likes passionate, football die-hards. He once said he wants “kneecap-eaters” on his team. Carter is, well, the opposite of that. However, I could well imagine him having interest in Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson. Is this move, potentially setting the team up to go cornerback at #6, indicative of the Lions expecting both Anderson and Wilson to be off the board?

— The Falcons had a need at cornerback. Okudah has had a massively underwhelming career so far and this doesn’t definitively solve that problem. However, it seems they’re willing to give him a year in a new environment to see how things work out. Thus, they aren’t very likely to spend a top-10 pick on a corner.

— What will Atlanta do? I’ve thought for a couple of weeks they might be the most likely to trade up to #3. Their support of Desmond Ridder at quarterback has amounted to basically saying, ‘he’s our starter this year’ with no definitive long-term commitment. Anthony Richardson would be an ideal fit for their offensive system. Arthur Blank, the owner, isn’t a conservative type content to settle. It wouldn’t be a surprise if solving this need today is a precursor to the Falcons moving up.

I listened to Lance Zierlein’s appearance on Brock & Salk this week. He said he’d spoken to three teams who rated Tyree Wilson higher than Will Anderson.

We’ll see how this plays out. I remain sceptical about Wilson. The frame is certainly intriguing and coaches, undoubtedly, will feel like they can develop his game. At the moment he’s a good bull-rusher who prefers to barge his way into the backfield. There’s no speed rush in his arsenal though. I’d struggle to justify taking a player in the top-five who can’t scream off the edge. There are also too many ineffective, passive reps. Not to mention he has an injury that has lingered for some time and he’s an older player overpowering younger linemen in a poor conference.

The argument, I suppose, is that Aldon Smith’s college tape didn’t leave you feeling like you were watching one of the best pass-rushers in his generation.

Zierlein is plugged into Houston and got both of their first round picks right a year ago. Could they seriously take Wilson at #2 as he predicted last week? I think any team, including Seattle, sitting within range should be ready to move up if C.J. Stroud gets out of the top-two.

If the draft goes Bryce Young, Wilson and Anderson to kick things off, that’ll create quite a twist at the top of round one.

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  1. Schadyhawk001

    This probably fits in the other post but don’t feel like scrolling so here’s what I picked in the pfn mock draft simulator, choosing to do no trades more as an exercise to see range of players if we stayed put

    5 – Will Levis
    20 – Will McDonald
    37 – Josh Downs
    52 – Keion White
    83 – Luke Wypler
    123 – Jaquelin Roy
    151 – Tyjae Spears
    154 – Moro Ojomo
    198 – Colby Wooden
    237 – Yasir Abdullah

    What I think is astounding is that if the board follows something similar (some things are clearly unrealistic I acknowledge but as a what if) then there really is nice depth in the draft and I don’t see the argument that Seattle HAS to go defense at #5 when you look at how the board could potentially fall

  2. Awm

    This would be a dream come true start for the Hawks pushing the top 3 toolsy QBs down!!! Please let it happen.

  3. geoff u

    Bryce Young, Wilson, and Anderson going 1-2-3 might just be my dream scenario, therefore it’ll never happen lol. The thing with quarterbacks is they’re very risky that high in the draft. They will make or break a GM’s career, but picking a solid defender and scraping by for another season keep things chugging along. Higher risk QBs like Levis and Richardson might, at the end of the day, scare typically risk adverse GMs away.

    • BK26

      Exactly. I feel that if you are a new coach or gm, the moment that you draft an early-round, young quarterback is when your clock starts. If you hold off and wait, you buy yourself more time.

      Seattle is one of the few that doesn’t have this issue, and can bring along a young quarterback slowly.

      • bmseattle

        Imagine if one (or more) of those bypassed QBs hit, though.
        Meanwhile, you settled for a DL who ends up being decent, or even good.
        Could you ever live that down?

        • geoff u

          While I agree, trying to find a franchise QB is worth the risk, but do we remember the teams that passed on Mahomes, Allen, Herbert? Anyone lose their job over it? Meanwhile the Jets and 49ers are hurting over their trades/selections of Wilson and Lance. 49ers were saved by the Purdy pick. Jets are desperately going all in on Rodgers. But the GMs still have their jobs, so maybe I exaggerate and I’m wrong.

          • CHaquesFan

            The only one you could make an argument for are Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace of the Bears – picking Trubisky over Mahomes

            • geoff u

              That was a double whammy, too. Trading up to pick…the wrong QB. Meanwhile, KC also trades up, and hits it out of the park.

              • Nathan

                I remember way back when the Sonics were going to sell they deliberately wasted a first round draft choice. Picking Wilson feels like that (pun on name)

        • JP

          Oh definitely, even at 5, I feel like it’s a horrible feeling. Imagine sitting at like 2 and Stroud goes on and has a HOF career and you took Wilson/Anderson instead. That’s why if you’re up there, might as well take a shot on a QB. We’ll not get this chance next season even if Geno regresses a bit.

        • BK26

          Agreed. I just mean in a short-term sense. Once you drafter that quarterback you are directly tied to them for your career.

    • Malanch

      “Bryce Young, Wilson, and Anderson going 1-2-3 might just be my dream scenario…” –geoff u

      I just watched Richard Sherman interview Quandre Diggs, and Sherm asked Diggs what he thought the Seahawks would do at #5. Diggs answered with his dream scenario: quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, quarterback…leaving Will Anderson to fall to the Hawks. Sherm liked that, and then added Jalen Carter to the wish list for #5, joking about the extremes to which McDowell-savvy Hawk management would go to ensure Carter stayed clean throughout the remainder of the offseason. Diggs liked the Carter suggestion, to, given that Bobby Wagner and Hawk alums would get Carter right—but he kept looking down and off to the left as he said it. Did he believe those words?

      • Malanch


      • geoff u

        Great interview, especially the part about Pete’s competitiveness.

        They’re just shooting the shit at the end there about Jalen, though. They don’t seem to have any inside info.

        • Malanch

          It was a good interview. I was cracking up numerous times. Sherm’s and Carroll’s rapprochement seems complete. Last year, I thought maybe there was a made-for-TV element to it, but now I sense no lingering bitterness at all. I wonder how many pro sports franchises cultivate this kind of an alum network. Pretty cool.

  4. Russell Clifton

    I’d be very excited about CJ Stroud. I also like Anderson and Richardson. But I’m most interested in Witherspoon. I think he is a tone setter and a shut down corner. Giving your high motor front seven time to get sacks. I think it’s easier to find good high motor DL then super special DL.

  5. bmseattle

    Wilson going that high would be perfect.
    Not only would it ensure that a top QB will be available to us… but it would ensure we don’t pick Wilson.

  6. cha

    I’d just like to point out that DK Metcalf may be responsible for breaking Okudah in Week Four.

    He had 3 sterling games to start the season, including an impressive outing against Justin Jefferson the week prior.

    He’d given up 108 yards on a 60% completion rate.

    Metcalf cooked him for 135 yards on 6 catches in only 7 targets.

    • Mick

      This is good to hear. I have the impression that DK is largely underrated and I hope he will take this year that little step that he needs to be truly elite.

      • MountainHawker

        I think Dk could add 200-300yds to his season total just in yac if he stops trying to be shifty and doing the start/stop nonsense. Focus on going north/south or using your speed to beat people around the edge. I remember specifically the crosser he took to the house against the niners a couple years ago. He caught it in stride and beat the defenders to the edge and down the sideline. It’s the yac we’ve been missing. Lately it seems he comes to a complete stop to try to make people miss and that’s not his game. He ends up getting into a shoving match and other defenders finish him off/go after the ball.

  7. AlexHawk

    Imagine passing on Stroud to pick Tyree Wilson. I wouldn’t want to be the Texans GM if that backfired!

    It might be that Ryan’s wants to bolster up the D Line in the image of creating something similar to the 49ers, but surely you have to take Stroud there?

    • TatupuTime

      I can see the thinking a bit. The Texans are comfortably the worst team in the NFL for my money (Arizona without Kyler are close). Given where their roster is they aren’t going to be any good this year. It’s potentially a terrible spot to throw a rookie QB to the wolves. Gotta think DeMarco Ryans has some job security. It might be best for them to get a really talented rookie class in (which they should given their capital) and taking more of a swing next year when they’ll pick high again and have this draft class entering year two.

      If they take Stroud/Young and they get shit kicked while throwing to the Nico Collins and Robert Woods of the world, where does that leave you as a team? Good QB prospects can be broken.

      I still think the QBs are too good to pass up, but I can see a good argument for why the Texans are the one team that could punt on QB even without a solid QB there.

      • geoff u

        Texans also have 2 first round picks next year, so they can kick the QB can down the road.

        • IDhawk

          This is a really good point. As Seahawk fans we are clamoring for a QB at #5, because we know that we’ll provably be back to picking in the 20’s in the years to come. Whereas teams that are perennially bad can play the long game at the position. They’ll have a totally different perspective going into the draft.

          • Wilson502

            Agreed, this is why Ive been so adamant about a QB at 5 or w/e we pick. I just believe this is a once in a generation opportunity to land a high ceiling QBoTF, and Will Anderson just doesnt elevate the team all that much compared to how much a franchise QB can elevate the team. Will Anderson would just be massively disappointing (even if hes good), and we will be stuck in QB purgatory for years to come.

        • Peter

          Hold up….

          Why is Seattle not on the phone with them?

          I completely forgot about all that trade compensation.

          Now I’m way less certain they take stroud.

  8. Niro

    When I first saw the news of the trade I thought the falcons were trading up to 3 and started envisioning how Seattle could convince Houston to trade. This however is much more interesting if Houston does indeed prefer Wilson and takes him at 2

    • Blitzy the Clown

      But it’s Atlanta and Detroit trading.

      Arizona isn’t even mentioned. Why would their pick factor into that?

      • Brett

        I could imagine there’s a headline out there “Atlanta trades for former No. 3 pick Okudah” and at first glance “Atlanta” “No. 3 pick” are what stuck out.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Fair enough, thanks

  9. EIEIO

    While I do not agree with his ratings, Chris Simms did a ranking of his Top 5 Edge rushers. He has Wilson as #1 and explains why. It’s an overly long pod cast, but here it is:

    To skip and go directly to the beginning of his actual evaluation, go to 20:15

    • Jim Green

      Very interesting. Sims top 5 starts at 17:00.

    • Brian Chase

      The announcement is Draft party at the Space Needle.

    • Duck07

      Yes, he says Anderson is the 5th best Edge according to him and then the very same day he releases his Mock Draft on youtube in which he overtly states that his picks are based on what he would do as GM.

      So naturally the 1st Edge he drafts for a team off of his Draft Board based on his rankings is…Anderson.

      It’s just an obvious and overt troll-job by some of these guys at this point.

  10. dand393

    I wonder what news diggs is going to break next

    • Rob Staton

      Might be the throwbacks

      • Brett

        Shot in the dark: Diggs restructured his contract and Seattle signs Poona Ford.

        • Rob Staton

          Highly doubt he’d announce his own contract restructure

          I doubt this will be a signing

    • geoff u

      Clearly it’s that the Seahawks fell in love with Jalen Carter today. They were particularly impressed with how quickly he raced to the VMAC and, learning from previous mistakes, without getting anyone killed.

      • hoggs41

        I still think they will do a small restructure with Diggs. Turn $6m of his $13.5m base salary into a signing bonus. It would flip flop his cap hits the next two years gaining them $3m in cap space. It could be resigning Poona Ford.

        • Rob Staton

          He’s not going to announce his own contract restructure

          The fact that the team retweeted this makes me think it’s some team related. The throwbacks will surely be announced before the draft because it’s a major money-making ploy to allow you to get the drafted players’ jersey

          • MountainHawker

            I’ll be a sucker for that money making ploy if we take Richardson…throwback #15 please and thank you

      • Big Mike

        Oh geoff, that was funny in a sad kind of way.

        • geoff u

          I actually felt bad making the joke and almost asked for it to be deleted, two people died and that shouldn’t be made light of. Rob, feel free to delete these.

          • God of Thunder

            It’s okay with me, FWIW. You’re making a joke about Carter, not mocking the deceased.

            • Big Mike

              Agree GoT

      • icb12

        I keep seeing this inference online. Is there some news or something that I missed? Why are people blaming Carter for the deaths?

        I genuinely am curious. I’m not stirring a pot or offering any sort of support for Carter at all or justifying his poor decision making or draft position or making any sort of personal attack.. I’m just curious why this is?

        The last reports I read (admittedly a while ago), he was sober, stayed at the scene, left when allowed, and returned when asked. The crashed vehicle was driven by a young woman who had a blood alcohol content over 2x the legal limit, driving a company vehicle at speeds over 100mph and essentially missed a curve. Reportedly there was video of her speeding through downtown prior to the actual racing occurring, and she had a history of speeding.

        Is there a factual basis that Carter initiated the race or pushed them off the road or something? Or is this simply societal assumption and ignorance of facts at play? What am I missing?

        • 805Hawk

          He’s not the direct cause, but…it takes two to race. They left the club together and he didn’t stop her from driving, in fact he starts racing her. If he doesn’t floor it, she doesn’t either and they are all good. Really poor decision considering he’d been ticketed before for racing and he’s got so much on the line with the draft coming up. Just my take.

        • Malanch

          Jalen Carter’s most recent racing incident is noteworthy because deaths were involved, but if we try to focus only on his NFL prospects (assuming the GM’s point of view), the incident itself is probably not nearly as big of a deal as his broader character concerns—particularly the bad practice habits and questionable work ethic.

          • Rob Staton

            We don’t need a hierarchy of issues

            They all add up to form one big picture

      • Russell Clifton

        To soon bro

    • cha

      The news

      Seattle Seahawks

      A Draft Party hosted at the
      . 🤩

      News broken by

      • Roy Batty


        If not, then must be a fundraiser for charity.

  11. Brodie

    One of the nice things about the thought of AR to us is that it’s a foregone conclusion that he’ll need to sit a year, thus giving Geno a bit less pressure and longer leash. If we got Stroud, how soon before fans are calling for him to start? Two bad games? Three?

    As for Detroit, Witherspoon seems like the call. The personality fits Campbell like a glove.

  12. hoggs41

    Im not a big believer in Wilson either but how do you think he would fit if they had him gain 10 lbs (get to 280) and be more of a Dremont Jones type player?

    Also Q Diggs says he has some big news coming soon.

    • Rob Staton

      You can’t just add 10lbs and become a totally different player

    • GrittyHawk

      Seems more likely than him sticking at OLB but that is way too high to draft a guy for such a risky play, particularly when this draft is incredibly rich with later picks who already have the size and experience at that position.

      • hoggs41

        I didnt actually mean be a different player, I meant be more of a front three guy instead of an edge/OLB. He just doesnt fit as an OLB but he could as a 3-4 DE.

        • GrittyHawk

          He would have to become a different player, though. According to PFF, 75% of his snaps this year he lined up as an OLB. Having to add 10 or 15 lbs and learn to play as an every-down 5-tech is a lot to ask of him, and just further increases the risk of taking him that high.

    • Malanch

      Wow, does Chris Simms love Tyree Wilson. He went with the ol’ “it’s not even close”—and even threw in a “this is not really a discussion”—when insisting Wilson is the best edge in the class. He puts Wilson all alone in the top tier, comping him to Myles Garrett while raving about his bend and first-step quickness. Will Anderson is consigned to fourth-best in the second tier (after Lukas Van Ness, Nolan Smith, and Will McDonald).

      If nothing else, I like that Simms’s assessment goes against consensus, just so long the analysis is legit (i.e. not driven by some other motive).

      • Rob Staton

        It all sounded legit. When he was speaking, he didn’t come across like he was doing a bit. But I think he’s trying too hard to make these things noticeable and it’s coming across a bit hyperbolic

  13. Ukhawk

    PFN has added proposed player trades to the draft simulator.

    Weirdly Okudah was included

    Diggs and Fant come up for us

    Interesting to see who comes up for other teams

    • GrittyHawk

      That explains a lot. I did a bunch this morning and the trade proposals were wild. Minny offered Dalvin Cook for a 3rd rounder or something crazy like that. Arizona offered Hopkins and Budda Baker for picks, too. They’d have been better off leaving player trades out with such a poor implementation.

      • Roy Batty

        The Bucs are always pushing Mike Evans on me. I keep rejecting the trade, then he comes up again in the next mock.

        • jed

          I like it when you trade a player to a team and then they come back later and try to trade him back to you.

          Sorry, you’re stuck with Quandre, Fant and their guaranteed $ now, suckers.

    • Sea Mode

      I just got Brian Burns…

    • Madmark

      Since I drafted a TE early I usually am able to trade using Fant in the later to move a pick and free up the cap money.

    • MountainHawker

      I can see teams wanting Diggs the player. I don’t see any teams that would want the contract when you look at the current safety market.

  14. Trevor

    I think after that trade you can pencil in Witherspoon to to Lions at 6. Dan Campbell is changing the culture of that team and Witherspoon would fit in perfectly as a leader in that secondary.

    • hoggs41

      Good call Trevor. Witherspoon is more of a tough minded hard nosed guy that fits what they want.

  15. cha

    Two sources have told me that Bucs inside linebacker Devin White has requested a trade. Story coming.

    • hoggs41

      You always seem to see this once guys dont get what they want. He is about to play on his fifth year option and Im guessing he wants Roquan Smith money.

      • Roy Batty

        $11.7 million fully guaranteed for 2023.

        The Hawks would have to trade Fant and push money out on a few players reworked deals to make it happen.

        And it’s a one year rental.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Oh, my. Yes, please.

      • hoggs41

        Absolutely no thanks. We dont want to pay another ILB $18-$20m a year again.

  16. LouCityHawk

    Weirdly worth sharing

    I did a PFN mock this morning.

    Computer went 1. Young 2. Wilson 3. Anderson 4. Richardson.

    Did another because I thought that was fluky. 1 young 2. Anderson 3. Wilson (trade with AZ) 4. Richardson

    • Brian Chase

      5. Stroud

  17. AC

    The return on this trade tells everything.

    The Lions weren’t counting on Okdah for anything. If not they wouldn’t have flipped him for a fifth. They might be more likely to draft a corner on day two or three but otherwise nothing has changed.

    Their chances of drafting a corner at 6 are the same.

    • Rob Staton

      I guess I’ll just re-write the article then

      • Roy Batty

        And the Seahawks signed Geno to a contract they can easily get out of after one year, so they aren’t drafting a QB.🤣

      • Peter

        That time they traded Diggs for a fifth , 2019, and then with their first selection the next draft took a corner.

        • Peter

          Diggs who was selected to be a nickelback.

          • geoff u

            And this is how you remind me?

      • Jeff M

        Ha ha Rob,I just love your sense of humor.

    • icb12

      I generally agree here.

      Lions signed Cam Sutton (potential out 2025), and Emmanuel Mosely (1 year deal) already this offseason. Neither are world beaters but they don’t NEED a CB. Those signings could very well be draft hedges as Rob likes to call them.
      Or it could be simply that Okudah wasn’t working out, they didn’t have plans for him, and they moved him. I don’t think that the move has necessarily affected their flexibility in the draft a whole lot. They are well positioned to take the top CB on their board or pounce on someone else that they didn’t expect to be available.

  18. Schadyhawk001

    Lance Zierlein:

    “To me, if Tyree Wilson was there, I wouldn’t blink an eye,” Zierlein said “I would just go Tyree Wilson. Boom, done. He’s a Seahawk. Let’s go. That’s also obviously a position of need. You’ve got two potentially outgoing edges with expiring contracts. Tyree Wilson, to me, would make a lot of sense and he’s got the traits that (Seahawks general manager) John Schneider really covets. It’s easier to get one at five if Tyree Wilson’s there than to try and get one at 20.”

    I am definitely in the QB or bust camp (with Anderson the only consolation that wouldn’t severely bum me out) and comments like this from someone like Zierlein who is pretty respected will keep me nervous right up until the pick is announced. The draft can’t come soon enough

    • Brett

      I also don’t get the “Wilson has traits the Seahawks covet” at EDGE. While I think they would love his length, as Rob has pointed out he’s not a speed rusher and that always seems to be what the Seahawks covet from EDGE rushers (save for Collier, who was likely a panic pick). Bruce Irvin, Frank Clark, Darrell Taylor, Boye Mafe – explosive athletes with a quick first step and can win with speed. Wilson does not fit that bill.

      • Peter

        Tyree wilson has traits Seattle loves….

        Also Seattle: cuts still productive dunlap a near identical physical clone who was actually pretty quick for 6’6″ 277-285.

      • GrittyHawk

        Obviously we don’t have testing results for Wilson but I agree hypothetically. They’ve acquired 3 edge rushers since switching to the base 3-4 last year — Uchenna Nwosu, Boye Mafe, and Tyreke Smith. None of them have physical profiles at all similar to Wilson. Not to say they wouldn’t be interested, but it’s impossible to say at this point what their ideal traits are for a 3-4 OLB.

        Nwosu — 6’2″ 251 lbs / 33.75″ arms / 4.65 40 / 4.27 SS / 7.05 3C
        Mafe — 6’4″ 261 lbs / 32.63″ arms / 4.53 40 / 4.46 SS / 7.24 3C
        Smith — 6’3″ 254 lbs / 33.25″ arms / 4.86 40 / 4.24 SS / 7.06 3C

  19. Bertelli

    Here’s how I think the top 10 could play out.


    Seattle trades #5 & #83 to Indianapolis for #4 – Indy bluffs SEA into thinking they will take Richardson, so SEA moves up one spot and surrenders pick #83

    HOU trades #12 & #65 to ATL for pick #8 – With QB settled at #2, HOU moves up to get their guy

    1 CAR – B Young QB – Seems like he’s the guy CAR wants
    2 HOU – CJ Stroud QB – No way they take Wilson w Stroud on the board
    3 ARZ – W Anderson Edge – ARZ can’t find a partner to trade with and select best Def player
    4 SEA – A Richardson QB – Hooray!
    5 IND – W Levis QB – they get their guy plus a 3rd rounder
    6 DET – BJ Robinson, RB – DET snags best RB in draft to pair w Swift
    7 LAR – M Mayer, TE – Raiders find a replacement for D Waller
    8 HOU – T Wilson, Edge – The player they like at a more reasonable cost
    9 CHI – D Wright T – They like to run the ball and he’s the best T
    10 PHI – J Carter, DT – could be anyone here, but they seem more likely to take a chance on him
    11 TEN – H Hooker, QB – I had to throw this out there…TEN takes local TEN guy to sit for a year

    • hoggs41

      I see no reason why we would trade with the Colts. In this scenario they would just take the guy they want unless they really dont care between the two. Just dont see it though.

      • Bertelli

        The idea was the Colts really want Levis over RIchardson and in this scenario they still get Levis and a 3rd for moving down one spot.

      • Sean

        Trading up for Richardson would be a major blunder. If the board falls the right way and he is available later in the first round, sure, take a flier. I just don’t understand the top 5 talk and especially don’t understand the desire to trade up for a guy that finished his college career with 25 passing TD’s to 16 INT’s and completed 53% of his passes.

        The people advocating for Richardson are watching his combine and pro day workouts, not his game film. Watch his film against Kentucky, he was awful. Are we really convinced that a year on the bench will fix all these issues? I just don’t get it.

        • group Captain Mandrake

          The game against Kentucky was, what, his 2nd or 3rd start ever? He would also not be the only QB to ever have a bad game. His numbers at the end of the year were 15 TDs (I think) and 2 INTs in the last 6 games. And that is what you really want to see: improvement. It may not be ideal to take him at #5, but if you think he is available at 20, let alone 10, you are going to be disappointed. Opportunities to get a franchise QB don’t happen too often, so sometimes you have to gamble a little bit.

        • Lord Snow

          As long as you were saying you were out on Josh Allen as well

        • Malanch

          “If the board falls the right way and (Richardson) is available later in the first round, sure, take a flier. I just don’t understand the top 5 talk.” –Sean

          That’s a perfectly legit, widely shared opinion, Sean. Picking Anthony Richardson that high up is indeed risky—but so too is not picking him. And where I take issue with your post is in your citing stats with the nuance of one who’s just not that into the draft. Thing is, you’ve entered draftnik territory at SDB, where some attempt at contextualization is expected.

          So, try something for me, if you would…and we’ll keep it unnuanced, don’t worry. First, consider five facts:

          (1) Anthony Richardson logged only one season as a true starter (excluding his one-off baptism by fire against #1 Georgia in 2021), for a total of only 12 legit starts.

          (2) Your above unnuanced statline for this span runs 17 passing TDs to 9 INTs with a 53.8% completion rate.

          (3) These stats exclude rushing statistics, which are a major component of Richardson’s game, while still including the first three legit starts of his fledgling career—during which stretch he went a quite rough 0 TDs against 4 INTs.

          (4) These stats were amassed playing in the best conference in college football by a country mile.

          (5) Richardson is the greatest physical phenom at quarterback in the history of the NFL draft.

          Now, my question is this: Would you feel any differently about the Seahawks drafting Richardson in the Top 5 if his unnuanced statline for the first 12 legit starts of his college career instead ran 13 TDs against 4 INTs with a 56.3% completion rate? Would you be willing to spill that kind of capital on a quarterback with numbers like that?

          …Because I know a team that did this very thing not so long ago—and was celebrated for it.

          (Now, to make a complete apples-to-apples comparison between Richardson and this other mystery quarterback, we’d need to get nuanced…but I promised you I wouldn’t do that.)

          • Sean

            I would not feel differently, even after the nuanced/unnuanced breakdown you just gave, which was very thorough, by the way.

            Just be careful taking a quarterback based on his athletic traits alone. Agree that his ability as a runner should not be discounted, but at the end of the day in the NFL, a quarterback needs to connect on throws to hit stardom. I just don’t think Richardson is cut out for that, and I hope he proves me wrong.

  20. Peter

    I like the weirdness and razzle dazzle.

    I’d also like to say McDaniels and mayer….baby gronk or Witten 2.0….it actually makes a ton of sense.

    • MarkinSeattle

      Mayer has shown excellent quickness and acceleration along with great hands and body control. His long speed is pretty good for a TE but not elite. There have been plenty of physically impressive TE’s before who either can’t get open and/or have a small catch radius/struggle to bring in passes that aren’t between the numbers. I think that he would be a great safety valve and red zone target. Opposing teams would struggle to cover and bring down both DK and Mayer. Mayer strikes me as a multiple future pro bowler.

    • Bertelli

      The draft always seems to have some weirdness and razzle dazzle to it. You know someone will select a player in the top 10 that we all projected would go in the 20’s. Happens every year. My guess this year is Ade Ade will go much higher than we expect. Someone will bite on those testing scores. It’s sad because I’d like to get him at 20.

  21. Sluggo42

    What’s wrong with you all?
    hawks are taking Carter at #5!
    I’ve seen it in every mock draft out there, because Carroll knows how to handle the problematic youngsters!
    It’s a done deal!
    The internet told me…

    • geoff u

      Now hold on there buddy, it could also be Tyree Wilson. In any case, definitely not QB, since we are set for life there.

    • Big Mike

      See now here’s someone that gets it. You did leave out that him visiting Seattle seals the deal tho. Just further proof.

    • Lord Snow

      I know you’re joking but there are people that actually believe Pete is some kind of magic psychiatrist who can turn lead into gold and Jalen Carter into Aaron Donald

      • KitsapHawk

        But can he turn LARD into gold?

    • JimQ

      They took Frank Clark, so they’ll take anyone regardless of red flags. PC can make them into good players. They don’t need a QB because Geno is ……bla, bla, bla.

  22. Troy

    Sounds like an ideal scenario for Seattle to move up, not to 3, but 2. Let’s face it, Cards aren’t going to bend over for Seattle to get a potential starting QB that will light them up for a decade. Houston can still take Wilson or Carter at 5. Seattle could dangle a 1st pick in 2024 plus a 2nd round this year. Gives Texans the ammo for next season to get serious about Caleb Williams for example.

    Iron price for Stroud worth it….yes!

  23. Danny Z

    Honestly, if there is an arms race for Wilson/Anderson, I say let the rest of the league have at it. If that happens at 2 & 3, the Colts pick and ours become significantly more interesting.

    • MattyB

      Let’s hope this unfolds, we then might end up with choices at#5

  24. Bertelli

    I’ve mentioned moving up w HOU, but the discussion never gained much traction. It would take a lot to move up, probably at least 5 & 20 plus a late pick. I’d rather not trade future picks if at all possible. I’m not even sure how they value future picks in trade value charts.

    If they moved up to #2, would you select CJ Stroud or A. Richardson? It seems everyone thinks Stroud is the superior player, but I still have doubts in the back of my mind about drafting Ohio St or Alabama QB’s. They just don’t ever seem to live up to their pre-draft hype. Maybe I’m wrong on this, does anybody else have similar doubts? For me, I’d take Richardson over Stroud.

    • Dregur

      I don’t really, at least with Stroud. With how much movement in OC’s and HC’s in College football, looking at historical positions by college and how it affects how you draft is a waste of time.

    • TatupuTime

      I’m taking Stroud every time between those two. Yes Richardson has an unreal ceiling, but Stroud comes ready made from the QB factory. Great accuracy and plus leadership skills with a great frame and strong arm. There is way less projection for Stroud than Richardson. I have a hard time seeing Stroud fail in the NFL unless he goes into a truly awful situation.

      I haven’t been high on any of the recent Alabama/Ohio quarterbacks either – but I don’t think that says much about Stroud. Yes you have to project more because of Ohio scheme and talent gap over the teams they play, but I still think it’s possible to make that evaluation. If that projection from Ohio to the NFL scares you, I think the projections that you have to do with Richardson from where he’s at to where he needs to be are even greater.

      Would love Richardson as a Seahawk, but I’d take Stroud over him.

      • Hawkster

        Ditto. I mean I think Richardson would be an absolute blast to watch. A Newton/Favre/Bigben tribrid. Is he going to run over everybody, just stand there shaking defenders off his back, or chuck it all around the yard for good or ill. It’d be some fun-ass football.

        But given the choice you have to take, what was that, the dogs bollocks?

      • Bertelli

        Thanks for the feedback, I’d be happy with either one and would be ecstatic if we were in a position to even have that choice!

      • Phil

        Agree with everything you said.

  25. Rob Staton

    Raiders and Lions meeting with Stroud on official visits.

    Do NOT let him go somewhere else.

    • Wilson502

      What are you suggesting here? Seahawks make a play for #2 and take Stroud?

    • Sea Mode


    • Hawkcrazy

      Pay the Iron Price… the entire draft will be a succes if get him.

  26. Ashish

    Just listen to Brock and Salk, Lance mentioned Levis is most hated QB. Brock making fun off eating banana without peeling and mafyo coffee. It should be fun hawks drafting Levis. I don’t mind people don’t like levis.

    • Rob Staton

      I find the Levis hate a bit weird at this point

      • Trevor

        It’s almost like a concerted effort to drive his stock down. Don’t really understand it either. Wonder if he has an Aaron Rodgers type fall on draft day. Still think he goes to the Colts at 4 but stranger things have happened.

    • Sea Mode

      Geez, he even said in an interview it was just a joke…

    • Malanch

      “Lance mentioned Levis is most hated QB.” –Ashish

      Lance Zierlein said that? What was the exact quote? Because I missed that. Did he provide a Most Hated QB ranking or something? What other QBs are also hated? How much less hated were they, given Levis was #1? I’ve listened to the Zierlein interview twice now, but I must not be getting all of it, because all I can find is analysis.


      Mike Salk: Why do you have Levis ahead of Richardson?

      LZ: Well, I don’t in my ranking… I think Levis is a back-end of the second round type guy in my own personal draft grade.

      MS: Do you have Hooker ahead of him?

      LZ: No, actually I have Hendon Hooker slightly behind… Now, here’s the thing: I feel safer with Hendon Hooker than Will Levis… But if you told me, ‘Now, I need you to find a guy who has a chance to really lead us. We want an explosive passing attack,’ I just think Will Levis has more of that kind of stuff than Hendon Hooker. But you’re also projecting. If you gave me a floor and ceiling, oh—floor is much higher on Hendon Hooker than it is on Will Levis. Will Levis, to me, I just think NFL teams are gonna look at the fact that Liam Coen was playcaller in 2021, a guy with an NFL pedigree; (Levis) played his best football under Coen. He’s big, he’s got a big arm, he’s got arm talent, he’s got mobility, he’s extraordinarily tough, willing to play through injury; he’s got a lot of things that NFL teams can talk themselves into. My problem is that I don’t think he has the intangibles, and I don’t think he has the right mentality from the standpoint of poise in the pocket… I’m not sure we’re ever going to see that guy that has the mental makeup that it’s going to take to be a great quarterback. But I think an NFL team will talk themselves into Levis. That’s why I put him (at #7) in the draft. And if you look at Nick Caserio, and you look at the offense Bobby Slowik is going to run from a passing standpoint, coming from San Francisco, you could make an argument that Levis could fit that.

  27. Rob Staton

    I’m going to be on VSiN PrimeTime with Tim Murray and Shaun King today (5:30pm PT) to talk Seahawks. Tune in if you can.

    That’s the channel with Michael Lombardi on, with the recent Jim Nagy hit

    • Ashish

      that will 1:30 AM for you?

      • Rob Staton


    • Scot04

      Any links to watch from?

      • Rob Staton

        You can listen for free here:

        • geoff u


        • Trevor

          Thanks for the link.

  28. MountainHawker

    Boy. A mock with the Texans taking Wilson at 2 makes things a lot more interesting for us. More big decisions to be made.

  29. clbradley17

    In addition to bringing in DT Carter for an official top 30 visit, they’re also bringing in DT/DE Ade Ade of Northwestern U. and DT/NT Calvin Avery of Illinois for top 30 visits.

    • Sea Mode

      Woof, that first one is violent!

  30. Brodie

    I’m curious why Richardson never gets mocked to Houston. Is it just that people feel Stroud/Young are 1-2 regardless? Houston isn’t going anywhere this year, so why wouldn’t they be looking for deferred gratification more than anyone?

    If I’m Houston, and Young goes #1, I might be trying to swing a deal with Indy, so they can get Stroud. “Fair” value on that deal is #2 for #4, #35 and a 2024 2nd. Then I’m taking Richardson and filling needs with 12,33, 35, 65 & 73.

    Then you’ve got two 1’s and two 2’s next year and AR ready to take the field.

    • Geoff u

      Occasionally it happens, to Houston or Carolina, I’ve even seen Levis going to Houston, but not on the main mock drafts.

      Unless you consider this humorous one, which will probably be as accurate as any other anyway:

    • Malanch

      “I’m curious why Richardson never gets mocked to Houston.” –Brodie

      I’ve wondered about this, too.

      I mean, Anthony Richardson is just such a giant unknown; there’s so little game experience to go off, so mocking him up at the top would be a difficult step to take. He’s broadly characterized as a classic boom/bust prospect (although I disagree with that), whereas C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young have accrued the production backlog necessary for a second-year GM (with a brand-new head coach) to feel comfortable picking either of them.

      Also, Rob frequently brings up year-one readiness as a driving factor behind Indy preferring Will Levis over Richardson, so Houston could be looking at their situation similarly; there’s no doubt Stroud and Young are better equipped to start immediately, and this could outweigh Richardson having more upside than both of them.

      Further, mockers tend to move their boards according to which way the wind is blowing in a given week, so maybe consensus (aka groupthink) simply hasn’t settled in that direction yet. Mainstream media prognosticators like to remind us that their mocks are based on inside information, but if one of them were to channel insider intel to the public (read: to the rest of the league) via mocking Richardson to the Texans, the possibility of it being disinformation of some sort would have to be considered. And who knows, maybe Richardson not being mocked to Houston is a direct result of them planning to draft him.

      I’m just guessing at all this, but I could imagine one or more of these possibilities factoring into it. Personally, that second suggestion bothers me: I would never let year-one readiness trump overall upside if I believed the rawer prospect had the goods to succeed—but then that’s pretty easy for me to say with no skin in the game.

  31. cha

    Schefter: I don’t think it’s a lock that Houston goes QB at #2

    • KennyBadger

      Is this just ESPN creating interest during a slow news cycle? Because it’s working on me. Houston going D at 2 is a game changer.

      • Rob Staton

        If Schefter’s saying it

        And Lance Zierlein in Houston is saying it

        I’m inclined to listen

        • Peter

          Geoff u mentioned it but with two picks already for next year they are fairly well situated to wait and see just go BPA this year if so inclined.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          This was Rob’s early take when draft chatter season began. I actually think they SHOULD take defense and grab a QB next hear.

        • Troy

          I hate the belabor the trade opportunity with Houston, but if they wanted to go D, why wouldn’t they seriously consider a trade back to 5 and secure a choice of at least 2 of Anderson, Carter, Wilson?

          Iron price 5+20, gives them 4 (!) first round picks. Seattle can package up some mid to late picks to recoup perhaps a 2nd, or 3rd. Still have 8 or 9 draft picks.

          Non division trade partner unlike Indy, Texans would be setting themselves up for a haul and likely still a top 7 pick for next year. Heck, instead of 20, offer 2024 1st….Seattle will be around the 20th pick likely. Houston can use that for a move for Caleb next season.

          CJ Stroud would be the kind of player that we could realistically not feel outgunned facing a Mahomes, Herbert, Allen in a Super Bowl

        • Jhams

          Yep. 4 WBs have went top ten once in the last what 20 or 30 years or something? And have never gone 4 in a row. All this talk of QB QB QB QB reminds me of the “Seahawks need to trade up in the 1st or they’ll miss on Malik Willis!” stuff not that long ago.

  32. KennyBadger

    I understand the ramifications for the Seahawks here are more important but I’m really surprised ukodah went for a 5th rounder. I’m not oblivious to the injury history, it just seems like it’s premature to throw in the towel on him. Does he need to pass a physical?

  33. GoHawksDani

    Couldn’t resist and did some mock drafts. My last one was my favorite. Doesn’t feel totally unrealistic, but would be pretty lucky 😀

    #5 Will Levis (or it could be Richardson) – QB
    #20 traded with the ‘boys I think for #26 and #90
    #26 Michael Mayer – TE
    #37 Jahmyr Gibbs (feels a bit late maybe but not sure. I wouldn’t hate Charbonnet here either) – RB
    #52 Mazi Smith – NT (feels like the rest is graded much lower than him. It’s a need and if he’s good at taking up a huge space from inside runs and maybe have an upside to push the pocket I’m fine taking a true NT here)
    #78 traded up with someone for maybe #123 and #87 or whatsourpick to secure…
    #78 Luke Wypler – C
    #90 Moro Ojomo – DE
    #151 YaYa Diaby – EDGE
    #154 Riley Moss – CB (doesn’t feel like a huge need, but a value pick as he’s rated higher than this)
    #198 Ventrell Miller – LB (wanted to secure a decent LB)
    #237 Byron Young – I think he’s an EDGE in 3-4

    So…future QB, a star RB to go with K9, a star TE that could help the rookie QB next year, 4 guys for the DL, a scheme fit C, an old-school LB and a good value CB

    I didn’t get a WR or an S or an OG. Maybe instead of Moss or Diaby I could’ve choose for those position but I think a haul like this would immediately make our offense better and push our D to a better place

  34. crazykind

    kinda interesting to play with, though the data is taken from mocks so…

  35. Allen M.

    “I’d struggle to justify taking a player in the top-five who can’t scream off the edge”

    It seems this could also be true of Anderson, couldn’t it? I mean, he’s more developed and lighter, quicker but he’s not really a scream off the edge type, either. I’m just saying that statement could also be applied to Anderson. Wilson’s length and power, wingspan is exciting, but like you, I just don’t see the fit in our 34 defense as much as Anderson. I wish Anderson tested…same for Wilson.

    Now, Nolan Smith in the other hand…

    • Peter

      I can see Seattle liking Nolan smith.

      My problem is what I call “the Georgia paradox,” where everyone is so good, they are so loaded, and a new one for me….that they got so on top of everyone that players sat and that’s why their production numbers are low….

      Unlike Alabama. Perennial try hard team filled with a bunch of unranked JUCO guys just happy to be invited to the game.

    • Michael

      This. 4.6 40 with a 1.6 split, on a notoriously fast track. Did not test at pro day. Got worse senior year. Team underachieved. Tape does not express explosiveness. Hard pass.

  36. Tezza

    Hey Rob, have you seen Chris Simms Edge rankings? Even your higher on Andersen than Simms who and him kind of agree with Andersen that he lacks any elite physical traits . I cannot stomach taking a guy with no elite traits at 5.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, you say ‘even you are higher’ on Anderson — but I’ve been on board with drafting Anderson throughout this process

      • Tezza

        If Seattle select Wilson at 5 will you think it is good selection?

        • DK

          Rob has said numerous times that if the Hawks walk away for the two 1st rounders from the Russel Wilson trade with Charles Cross and Tyree Wilson he will be somewhat underwhelmed.

          Will Anderson has 27.5 sacks over the last two seasons in the SEC. Tyree Wilson has 14.5 sacks the last two seasons in the Big-12. I do t recall who said it , but someone said, “If you can be a successful pass rusher in the SEC, you will be successful in the NFL.”

          The comparisons for Will Anderson I have seen and Khalil Mack and Demarcus Ware. While Tyree Wilson’s comps have been Ziggy Ansah and Carlos Dunlap. Remember, Dunlap was let go by the Hawks be the didn’t really fit the new defensive scheme.

          • Tezza

            Anderson has lot of sacks due to scheme in some instances against no blockers. Listening to Simms talk about Anderson made me look at his tape and he has valid points, he thinks it not even close that Wilson is better so hard what to believe.

            • Rob Staton

              Alabama has always been stunt heavy

              And if you ever watch a video where someone breaks down a play and praises what someone did on a stunt, turn that video off

          • Malanch

            “Rob has said numerous times that if the Hawks walk away for the two 1st rounders from the Russel Wilson trade with Charles Cross and Tyree Wilson he will be somewhat underwhelmed.” –DK

            I would be, too—unless both those players become perennial Pro Bowlers, that is. Still, the poetic justice seeker in me wants that capital specifically to deliver Russell Wilson’s long-term replacement. How delightful it would be to study Denver fans as “their” franchise quarterback leads the Seahawks into another championship window. I’d subscribe to Brandon Perna’s channel just for that alone.

  37. Sea Mode

    Alright folks, I’ve finally got OUR tracker up and going for this year, continuing the tradition (see tabs at bottom for past years).

    As always, please help me to fill in whatever might be missing or incorrect!

    Seahawks visits/meeting/interest tracker

    Scroll down to the bottom to see helpful tips (highlighted in green) for sorting and commenting. Enjoy!

    • Zeke

      awesome thanks!

      • Scott

        Interesting very few WR’s and zero TE’s

        • Sea Mode

          Well, these are only the ones we know of. Most of the guys we draft say they did meet or visit at some point, we just don’t find out until afterwards.

          Also, the WRs they might like early are pretty clear evaluations (Downs, Mingo), so perhaps no need to bring them in.

          I was intrigued to see Charlie Jones’ name on the list. I had looked into him when deep diving into WRs especially because he has the lowest drop rate in the entire class and put up great stats in his year at Purdue. Has the walk-on backstory that the Seahawks tend to like:

          The Big Ten’s Leading Receiver: Charlie Jones | Purdue Football | The Journey

          • Seahawkwalt

            Yes on Charlie Jones!!

          • LouCityHawk

            Hell. Yes.

            Love the player, love the fit.

            • Sea Mode

              I don’t know. I just wonder if he might be one of those good college players that won’t make much of an impact at the pro level beyond a ST + backup role. He does have the sure hands and good athleticism going for him though.

              Was it really just QB play and lack of opportunity that was holding him back? That’s probably what the Seahawks are trying to figure out as well.

    • Brodie

      Great resource! Thank you

    • Rob Staton


    • Rob Staton

      I think Kelee Ringo is part of the local prospects day rather than an official-30 FWIW

      It seems like most of the official 30’s happened on Tuesday but Ringo is down the line, which is when they’re having the locals guys in town. Ringo is from Tacoma.

    • vanhawksfan

      Seamode, thank you very much. One of things that stands out to me right away is the lack of interest in a third wide receiver, perhaps recognizing the weakness and top heaviness of the position. It looks like 5th round or later based on the visits.

  38. Aaron Bostrom

    Any reason why the Seahawks would send everyone in a private jet to see the QB pro days and post selfies with them but then not have them out to Seattle for a visit?

    • Sea Mode

      No questions left to be answered about them.

      • Big Mike

        Naw, it’s cuz they’re gonna draft Carter.

  39. Sea Mode

    Rob bringing the energy on the airwaves at 1:30 am!

    • cha

      Well done!

      And LOL at one of them describing Will Anderson and Tyree Wilson getting picked before 5 as a ‘doomsday scenario for Seattle.’

      • Sea Mode

        I know! I was thinking: CJ Stroud, here we come!

        • jed

          Agreed. That’s the ideal scenario. Choice of 2 QB’s.

          Well done Rob. Enjoyed the conversation.

          • Wilson502

            IKR? If anything the QBs being off the board is the worst case scenario. A QBoTF will elevate the team much more than Will Anderson or Tyree freaking Wilson

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for listening!

      Could be back on next week too FWIW

  40. j hawk

    Nice job on the podcast Rob-you represented well. Thank you for all your efforts they are much appreciated.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍

  41. Chris

    I thought that same conversation was intriguing. It made the possibility of drafting Carter more digestible if it actually happens. With Sherm name dropping Malik McDowell, very, very interesting.

  42. Big Mike

    Any chance you could link the interview for those of us that couldn’t listen?

    • AW

      You can listen on the link Rob provided above:

      It is in the 8:00 – 9:00 PM EST hour about 30 minutes in. App says audio is available for 24 hours after airing.

    • Lupe Green

      YouTube link:

      • Rob Staton

        Look at the state of the comments

        What a fan base

        • Wilson502

          Im becoming more and more convinced ever since the trade of RW the “fanbase” has shown its true colors to be mostly delusional clowns that dont have a clue.

          • D

            tbf thats most fan bases! Unfortunately the hard of thinking seem to be the ones most confident in their hot takes and shout the loudest.

            • Wilson502

              I dont think thats “most fanbases” some fanbases tend to be more well informed than others. What youre currently seeing with the Seahawks fanbase is rather unique to this fanbase.

        • Rob Staton

          Feel free anyone to jump into the comments section on that video and shine a positive light on the segment to counteract such brilliant reviews as:

          “Rob has an agenda (!!!) to draft a quarterback”

          In a video piece where I say several times Will Anderson is probably their ideal pick.

          (God forbid wanting your team to draft a QB btw)

          • Wilson502

            I can leave a couple comments to back you up. Even though you argue Anderson is probably their ideal pick, it really shouldnt be. QBoTF should be priority #1 over anything else.

            • Rob Staton

              Appreciate it

              • Wilson502


  43. MontanaMike

    Yes i would like that as well

  44. Jon

    This is the ultimate trade back class from PFN simulator. Not because I wanted to but because the 4 qbs were off the board and 4 teams tried trading up with Will Anderson still on the board.
    I was offered 7 and a Vegas 2024 1st rounder. I could not pass it up and from there figured I’d just trade down as many times as possible with only 2024 stock as compensation. I would take offers and counter for future stock with the 1 round up mentality. This is what I got, by the way very unrealistic but aren’t they all?
    20 Bijan Robinson
    37 Josh Downs
    45 keion White
    52 Nolan Smith
    83 Jordan Battle
    98 Jonathan Mingo
    105 Byron Young (Alabama)
    151 Juice Scruggs
    198 Chris Rodriguez
    237 Keondre Coburn

    My stock for 24’
    Vegas 1
    Baltimore 1
    Houston 1
    Baltimore 2
    Green Bay 2
    Carolina 2
    Green Bay 3
    Carolina 3

    Also unloaded:
    Diggs and Fant. Wish I knew how to add a player like Adams instead of Diggs. Simulator set it and I just ran with the trades as long as they were offered.

  45. Volume12

    Sea Mode, ya left off Trenton Simpson

    • Nick

      Interesting to see them bring him in…

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks, Vol!

      I see that just happened.

  46. JD

    QB, DE, RB, WR, DT, C, S, G, CB, RB. 1 trade was 20 and 237 for 28 and 60. Just missing a TE from my wish list. Missing Edge but if we don’t get Anderson or McDonald, I’m not really intrigued by anyone else and we have starters and depth on the roster already. All drafted players have clear paths to contributing early. Anything unrealistic?

    5.Will Levis
    28.Adetomiwa Adebawore
    37.Jahmyr Gibbs
    52.Jonathan Mingo
    60.Keeanu Benton
    83.Luke Wypler
    123.Jammie Robinson
    151.Anthony Bradford
    154.Cory Trice Jr.
    198. Chris Rodriguez

  47. Tezza

    My friend is a Titans fans he is saying they may trade up for a qb if they offer a 2024 1st and 2023 2nd will you trade down Rob?

    • Rob Staton


  48. Huggie Hawks

    I wouldn’t trade #5 for that

  49. Thomas

    I don’t really think this means corner at 6 for the Lions. This reminds me of when we traded Kelly Jennings.

    I don’t know the Lions well enough. I’d assume BPA.

    I’m also seriously beginning to wonder if we could see three defensive players go in the top 5. I’m including Carter.

    Do you think the Seahawks could grade Anderson higher than any of the qbs?

  50. Sluggo42

    I was a Carter fan early, then swayed away by all of Robs logical reasoning, but then I just watched another collection of clips, as well as some comments by others at the pro day that claimed it was a difficult session that he did well at for the most of it-
    Yes I know I’ll be torched, but I still want that dude on the Hawks defense

    • Rob Staton

      The pro day is the least of the concerns

    • GrittyHawk

      “it was a difficult session”

      Was it more difficult than a game? And if it was so difficult, why did no other player have any struggle whatsoever completing it?

      • Sluggo42

        I’m just repeating what was said by others that attended the session- so take that with a grain of salt. But I did watch a ton of clips when he basically destroys plays, and throws a lot of people around-
        Can he get his head back into being a pro and “trying”? I dunno… but , he is a wrecking machine…

        • Rob Staton

          People who were there have also said it was an utter shambles and we’ve all seen the footage of him looking like crap in the drills and the pictures of him collapsing in a heap on the floor gasping for air

  51. geoff u

    Jim Nagy
    One thing has become clear on calls around league past couple weeks: NFL isn’t nearly as high on this year’s WR class as media.

    Frequently seeing 4-5 wideouts in mocks. Have spoken to numerous teams that have only one first round grade at the position. That guy is JSN.

    Checks Rob’s horizontal board. Yep, checks out.

  52. Wallace

    Hey, Rob great stuff keep up the work
    I know your concerns with Carter off field but strictly talent wise how does he compare to Anderson ?

    • Rob Staton

      Carter is the most talented player in the draft alongside Bijan Robinson and CJ Stroud

      Which is why it’s such a shame that he’s risking an amazing career as much as he is

      The baggage is so extensive, crazy and frustrating in equal measure

  53. Saxon

    Who’s the one player you absolutely want the Hawks to draft this year?

    For me it’s Darnell Washington. Tight end isn’t really a big need but I love the way this guy plays. His measurables are elite but it’s his physicality that’s especially impressive. Dude is a violent blocker. You don’t usually see guys with his height winning with leverage but he has incredible body control. He’s going to be a mismatch nightmare for secondaries as well. Soft hands, big target, great speed. Just needs to polish his route running and look out…

    If he lasts to 20 we have to grab him, but I expect him to go earlier than 20.

    So, list the one player that’s your must have…

    • Patrick Toler

      Love Washington’s combination of mauling run blocking and body control + soft hands. I do think he’ll be there at 20 due to his lack of vertical threat and overall strength of the TE group.

      The player I’m highest on vs most is JSN. I don’t have much hope that we’ll draft him, because 5 is too early and he’ll go well before 20, but I think he projects to be a Keenan Allen – Cooper Kupp type, can start in the slot as a perfect complement to DK and Lockett, and has enough quickness, physicality, and savvy to move outside and eventually replace Tyler.

      • Saxon

        Yeah, I trust Jim Nagy when he says JSN is the only legit first round WR. Personally, I prefer my first round athletes to possess elite measurables but I get the intrigue with guys like JSN.

        • Patrick Toler

          Understandable, though I would argue that the fastest 3 cone and fastest short shuttle in the class is pretty elite. I think that ridiculous quickness and coordination is being slept on.

    • dregur

      I think Washington is overrated a bit, his route running is pretty poor, and for an inline TE, that scares me.

      I’d rather have someone like Michael Mayer.

      • Sean

        Washington is kind of like another offensive lineman at tight end. I have concerns about his ability to do damage between the 20’s and find space in the middle of the field.

  54. Hoggs41

    Sam Laporta. Just feels Seahawky to me and we have limited ways to gain cap space and need to trade Fant for his.

  55. Z$

    This may have been shared here before but really interesting interview with Diante Lee of the Athletic shedding some light on Seattle’s defensive struggle last year. Covers scheme, and personnel. The personnel tidbits are particularly interesting in light of recent official 30 visits (Trenton Simpson) and some of the comments made by JS about how they value nose tackle etc.

  56. clbradley17

    This is the itunes link for the podcast which Rob was a guest on Tuesday. Tried to find or download on a few podcast apps on my phone, but wasn’t able to get it downloaded with those. Hope this is helpful for anyone that can’t find it.

  57. Matt

    Hey Rob-

    Has it occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, the reason why we’re seeing T. Wilson mocked in a few places ABOVE Will Anderson has more to do with Anderson than Wilson….?

    Perhaps everyone has been overrating Anderson for years now. That’s not to say he isn’t an awesome person who won’t become a very nice player, but as you’ve said…He’s not a generational talent like Myles Garrett or Nick Bosa.

    The NFL is a league dominated by coaches and executives that drool over measurables and potential…And often to a fault. If you look at Wilson’s measurables you can see a player with a higher upside than Anderson. And it maybe that factor that could be the reason he goes over Anderson.

    I mean look at last year’s draft. Who had Walker going #1 overall a few months before the draft…?

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, but then look how crap Walker played and how well Hutchinson played

      That said, Simms loved Hutchinson a year ago

      • Matt

        Agree, but again we have to take each situation case by case.

        The teams that might have Wilson over Anderson this year might’ve had Hutchinson over Walker last year, so they will continue to trust their boards in 2023.

        What’s so cool about the draft is that us on the outside often are involved in “groupthink” – Even subconsciously. We take an amalgamation of all the mocks and information we see about the prospects and create expectations based off that.

        However the truth is that we’re not in any of these war rooms and all it takes is 1 team to believe in a player. If that team is the Texans with Wilson I welcome that “chaos.” If at 5 the Seahawks have a choice between Anderson or Richardson even better. And maybe even in that case we can get the Lions to swap knowing we’d get one of those guys and grab an extra pick from them.

  58. Hoggs41

    Interested in your guys thoughts.

    1. Will we select at 5 (vs trading up or down)?
    2. Will we select at 20?
    3. Will we select a RB in the first two rounds?
    4. Will we select a WR in the first two rounds?
    5. Will we select a TE in the first two rounds?

    • DW

      1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. No
      4. No
      5. Yes

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