LISTEN: 710 ESPN appearance with Jake & Stacy

Earlier today I was invited on to 710 ESPN to speak to Jake Heaps & Stacy Rost. You can listed to the segment below. Let me know what you think…


  1. Peter

    Not listened yet. Pretty stoked for you that you’ve taken this hobby of yours this far. I know it’s a bummer to have to put up with nonsense from comments but as a super long time reader it’s pretty cool thst you get on the air.

    Fingers crossed brock hears you one day and you can get an even bigger audience.

    I’d be happy to hear you to do more near weekly spots throughout the season and of course during draft time.

    Still not sure how Jake Heaps found you or vice versa but find it pretty cool that he reads your site…at least that’s how I have it in my head!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Peter

      I really enjoy these invites and the opportunity a random bloke from Rotherham gets to discuss ideas and opinions around his favourite team. Every chance is really appreciated and I would love to do more.

      Having the opportunity to interview Brock, or have a conversation with Brock, would be a big deal for me. I respect him as a broadcaster and a radio host immensely. As someone who works as a radio host and commentator myself, I think I have an idea of who’s really good and worth learning from. I think Brock is at the top of his game.

      • TomLPDX

        I like Brock too, good analyst for sure.

        • Canadian Hawk

          I’m not sure about that Rob.

          Perhaps a random bloke situated in Rotherham is exactly what the Seahawks could use.

          Is there anyone that’s written as extensively about the Seahawks and the draft over the past 12 years? If someone from the organization was paying attention – they’d be able to see your track record. Truly it speaks for itself. The fact you did it part time? With an 8 hour time difference? Remarkable. It’s part of the reason why I read and come back to the Blog. Well thought out, logical informed opinions. Saw that again in 2021. From the very start you said this wasn’t a good football team and outlined the reasons why. You took heat, stood your ground and were proven right. (again)

          So yes, I don’t expect to see you replacing Daniel Craig.

          But as a consultant?
          In my opinion it would be a smart, outside the box hire.

          • Rob Staton

            Thank you 👍🏻

      • Tomas

        Stacy on 710 just a second ago described Rob Staton as a “brilliant guy, so smart, of SDB.” She held you up as an adherent of replacing Pete, as opposed to Matt Hasselback, who sees “no success without Pete.” Stacy said she’s stuck in the middle.” Stacy is not wrong in her favorable assessment, Rob.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks for passing that on, I didn’t hear it.

          That’s really nice of Stacy to say.

          I think Jake & Stacy are both awesome and I fully appreciate them inviting me onto their show. I’ve only been on two shows in Seattle — Jake & Stacy and Softy. And it means a lot to have that opportunity.

          Plus, I think they are both terrific broadcasters who are willing to talk about serious topics regularly.

          • Whit21

            I dont like their show all the time.. but its nice to hear a sensible hot button take.. most shows on 710 always make “bump the brakes” like comments on RW, PC and JS… but the fact is.. when anyone is secure in thier position and a power dynamic thats flawed.. these topics need to be discussed and pressure needs to be added to jody allen.. i generally like to listen to KJR because they’re more fans that get frustrated and have rational takes on things.. 710 stays more cheerleaders and demean the listeners… mostly Bob Stelton..

            So.. was by chance i flipped over to 710 and heard you on the show.. good to hear of all the missteps in FA and drafting thats been discussed on here for years and some options for this offseason.

  2. GaiusMarius

    Great piece!

    It’s funny how you can lay out all of the points on why the Seahawks should consider a lot of changes (including coaching) and you have Stacy at the 39 minute mark being emphatic that “that’s not going to happen” (on repeat).

    I guess it takes at least 2 terrible seasons in a row before sufficient thought is generated?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      She said “that’s not going to happen” a couple of times right after Rob left around the 15 minute mark. Which is when I stopped listening.

      I don’t live in Seattle, so I have no idea who Stacy Rost is. Never heard of her before this article. Is she related to John Clayton?

      • Thomas Wells

        Didn’t listen to this segment, but I’ll defend Stacy Rost any day. I really dislike 710 management but she’s great at what she does in my opinion.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Well I did listen to this segment, which is the only thing from Stacy that I ever have listened to, and I’m not impressed.

          The road to crappy journalism is paved with “never gonna happens”

          She’s entitled to her opinion, but as a journalist, she should at least present an argument for it.

          • GaiusMarius

            Yes, that was my take.

            At least go into why Carroll’s job is safe…
            – Seahawks aren’t bad enough, I mean, we beat the Niners…twice!
            – We were 12-4 last year!
            – It’s just a down year, like my portfolio.
            – Jody Allen is secretly my godmother and told me so last night.

            Give us something, but no, it’s the 710 “that is not going to happen” line I also hear from Salk and Clayton. They’re the weather forecasters that see snow in the models, but are afraid to predict it.

            One of two things will happen this offseason…

            The Seahawks are moronic and do not make big changes this off season (which might force Wilson to MAKE a change for them).

            The skill and judgment of various local media types (including Stacy Rost) will drop even lower, which I was not sure that it could at this point.

            • TomLPDX

              – Jody Allen is secretly my godmother and told me so last night.

              That was funny! Good one GaiusMarius!

  3. TomLPDX

    Sure felt like they cut you short this time, Rob.

    • 12th chuck

      not Rob, but yeah it seemed short. I know they rescheduled, so there is that.

  4. Seahawk_Dan

    Hey Rob,

    I’m not sure if this was ever brought up but if the opportunity ever presented itself, would you take a job as part of the scouting team in Seattle if hypothetically offered? You seem like you have the connections in sports, has that ever popped up as a realistic chance?

    • Rob Staton

      It hasn’t Dan, and I’m realistic enough to know that the chances of them offering a UK based journalist an opportunity to scout players is as likely as me being named the next James Bond.

      • Belfasthawk

        I think scouting is a fairly difficult existence too, involving lots of travelling. I think a more interesting question would be given the paucity of talent on Seattle radio would be if you would take a job there if one came up, Rob?

        Enjoyed the segment.

        • Peter

          “Paucity.” Really. This is exactly why Stacy shuffled Rob off.

          You’re using paucity correctly and as soon as i heard Rob say “hubris,” out loud I could see the control room lights go on to cut the segment…..😀

          American talking heads need hot rambling takes and simple to understand words.

      • Timothy Burch

        So your saying there is a chance?! Lol. Great listen. Enjoy your take and would be giddy as a school girl if Sean Payton came to Seattle. With your BBC credentials I would love to hear you asking Pete questions. I dont think he would be a fan. Lol

      • L80

        Stelton…..Rob Stelton.

  5. BobbyK

    Kam tweets the other day he would like to visit with Jody Allen about change and today Cliff Avril tweets about how stupid it would be to make any changes after one bad season (never mind the changes in talent keep getting worse to get to a low like this point).

    • 12th chuck

      I think Aviril was on the payroll of 710 as well. I don’t think he made the cut when they trimmed down last time so maybe he is trying to get brownie points

      • BobbyK

        I actually thought that.

  6. swedenhawk

    Nice segment, Rob. Out of curiosity, how much prep do you do for guest spots like these? For example: do you do a run through beforehand with the hosts; do they send you their questions in advance; is it scripted?

    • Rob Staton

      Nope, we just get into it

      • TomLPDX

        That’s kind of surprising to me. I’d think they’d want to give you an idea of what to talk about so you can be more prepared.

        • Big Mike


          “We don’t need no stinking preparation”

  7. Blitzy the Clown

    Anyone watch the Alamo Bowl last night? My goodness Oklahoma’s offense should be nearly unstoppable next year.

    OU RBs Kennedy Brooks and Marcus Major…yes please.

  8. Call Me AL

    Typically I post less than popular thoughts and ideas that are contrary to the thoughts and opinions expressed by Mr Staton in his articles. And lets just say that for the most part my posts don’t generate much debate or feedback and are for the most part ignored lol. Maybe thats because I simply have bad/wrong opinions and/or I simply don’t follow what I feel is has been the theme of SDB for years. After Mr Staton writes an arcticle expressing his thoughts and opinions, it seems it is somewhat expected that we stay with in the parameters of posting comments expressing our praise and admiration for what I will call his very good analysis of all things Seahawks. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe that he deserves all the adulation he receives for all of his hard work and effort he puts into SDB! The problem I have is Mr Staton tends to only want to focus on the narrative in his arcticles. While he’s willing to debate the finer points of his arcticles and correct readers who misinterpret his message, he for the most part wants comments focused on his thoughts and opinions. And it seems that most readers of SDB are fine with this. Maybe its just me, maybe I’m the oddball here.

    But when I read an arcticle like “My Plan A, B & C for the next era of the Seahawks”, I looked at Plan A and thought great plan, maybe in a perfect world this happens. More likely it only happens in fantasy football (Harsh statement, sorry). Plan B, another great plan and maybe the most likely of the three to happen. Plan C I just couln’t buy, if you trade Russell Wilson, you better be prepared to enjoy watching someone on the talent level of Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback for the next few years. But heres the thing that bothered me, where was Plan D?

    While Mr Staton laid out these plans very well and any of the three could possibly happen, I personally feel none of the three are the most likely outcome. This arcticle would have been complete if Plan D had been included. Plan D is Pete, John and Russ are all here next year. The reality right now is this is the most likely scenario. Given that Pete is now indicating that he plans on being here next year. I also feel that Mr Staton no longer feels that Pete is retiring at the end of the season as well. And I just don’t feel Jody Allen will fire Pete. I like to deal in realities and honesty. I would have very much liked to hear Mr Statons thoughts on what he feels happens next year if Pete, John and Russ are still here? I think he owes it to the community. Its great to lay out your plans with each plans best case scenario, but I also think its important to say hey, we also have to consider that this may occur as well and this is what may happen if it does.

    Its your blog and your certainly entitled to do things as you wish. But when you write an arcticle like this and only lay out best case scenarios, I think you set the community up for failure and disappointment. Look around the NFL, their are many unhappy and disappointed fan bases for a reason. NFL teams typically don’t follow fan bases wishes. Your the leader here, people listen to you, follow you and take your word for things. You have a responsibility that goes beyond just giving them best case scenarios. Thats all I’m saying.

    • Big Mike

      “And lets just say that for the most part my posts don’t generate much debate or feedback and are for the most part ignored”

      Weren’t you one of the people that claimed Geno Smith would be better at QB than Russell Wilson? I’m old so maybe my memory is such that I’m off base here but boy it sure seems that way. If so, it’s not surprising that’s the (lack of) reaction you get.

      As for “Mr. Staton” not putting forth the Plan D you suggest is the most likely scenario, while I’m not “Mr. Staton” I can assure you he has stated many, many times he absolutely thinks there is zero chance that happens. While I’m not here to speak for Rob, I’m pretty confident he’ll be here soon to say exactly that.

      • Call Me AL

        Mike, appreciate your feedback! And a BIG NO, I never claimed Geno Smith would be better than Russell Wilson! What a terrible thing to say about someone, my already tarnished reputation would certainly be ruined lol.

    • Peter

      I like your stuff.

      I praise Rob because he does this for free in a whack timezone to be following a west coast team. And I praise Rob because while he’s put there writing and writing goofs at CBS are getting paid actual money to say Seattle would trade Wilson to bring in a garbage QB from a nothing school with the fifth pick of the draft. Malik Willis, btw.

      On to Plan D as it were. Last year there was a legit offer from the bears to trade Wilson. That sort of thing doesn’t just materialize out of nothing. Seattle hasn’t extended Wilson and word has leaked that he has increased his tradeable teams.

      For me I personally can not see a situation where Wilson is here next year with Pete. Whether he has said it or it is speculation it seems understood that Wilson does not want to continue playing in this style of offense. And now even that style is non existent.

      What’s the plan moving forward? The entire line needs a retool. There’s no running game to speak of. And maybe Dee Eskridge breaks out next year. But in an offensive league this team has two WR’s.

      There was a late post yesterday from commenter Cover2 about free agency. Is Seattle going to get after Brandon Scherff and Ryan Jensen? Turn the oline into a strength?

      Do they let Everett walk? Or my preference sign Everett, David Njokue, and oft injured but very talented Will Fuller? Do they look at Dameon Price in the third round?

      Realistically how does the center hold on this team? A tanking defense, a bad running game, and if Wilson is mortal this team sucks. Say what you will about Seattle’s OC’s but pete cans amicably Schottenheimer because Schotty won’t run Pete’s nonsense yet, Wilson was objectively better the three years he played under him while the run game went from strength to weakness and pete/Ken norton’s defense got worse and worse.

      • Peter

        *edit* dameon Pierce

      • Call Me AL

        Thanks Pete! I appreciate what Rob’s done with SDB as well and have posted as much several times. I don’t always agree with him, but you can’t deny his in depth knowledge and analysis of the Seahawks! He’s made very good recommendations for the changes that he feels need to happen at the end of the season. But so many things need to fall into place, and even if they do, and you get all the right people theres no guarantee it will result in success. Such is the NFL. I don’t know if people realize just how lucky we were when Pete Carroll took over the Seahawks and built them into a powerhouse. It really was a remarkable feat!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      There is no plan d because Russell Wilson will not remain a Seahawk if Pete Carroll remains the HC.

      That’s kind of an unarguable fact at this point, given everything we’ve seen and heard since the end of last season. I’m so confident of it, that I’m willing to bet you any amount of money you want. Are you a taker?

      Anyway, why would Mr Stanton discuss a plan that has virtually no chance of occurring?

    • Rob Staton

      Firstly, I write about what I want to write about. I do it in my spare time, as a hobby. I chuckled when I read your dissatisfaction that there wasn’t a plan D or how you categorised it, I set the community up for a fall.

      The piece is literally detailing what I want to happen, or what I would do. It’s not a prediction.

      If people get their hopes up that’s their problem. Not mine. I am not pitching situations. It’s my plan.

      I am not duty bound to cover every eventuality. And I don’t think your plan D is worth discussing any further than we already have. We’ve covered why PC & RW won’t be back together next year so much already. And we were ahead of the curve with this whole saga, amid much criticism.

      Secondly, no… people are not forced or even steered to agree with everything I say. By nature of the fact it’s a solo blog, the likelihood is most people frequenting the comments section agree with me or are interested in my views. A lot of people who don’t or aren’t either won’t comment or don’t read.

      But given how often I spend debating with people in here, your assessment of the comments is so wide of the mark it’s unreal. I am always open to be challenged. That doesn’t mean ‘anything goes’ and the reason so many people praise the conversation in the comments section is because I dedicate the time and effort to moderate accordingly. Some people don’t like the moderation and complain about it on other forums. And when I see what they write, I wonder why they’re surprised we’re moving on without their contributions.

      The aim is to keep things on topic. The debate is robust and I make no apologies for that. No trolls… and we have a good troll radar.

      If our way of doing things isn’t to your satisfaction I’m inclined to say tough. I don’t know anyone else who puts this much time and effort into content creation for so little in return. I don’t need a review or advice. We’re doing OK.

      And if people aren’t engaging your views as much as you’d like… you might want to ask yourself why, not complain at us for not indulging you to your satisfaction.

      • Call Me AL

        I appreciate your taking the time to respond and clarify your position. As this is not a discussion I won’t comment further about my suggestions. But I will say that what happens at the end of the season has certainly become a point of contention amongst fans and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

        As for my comment “for the most part my posts don’t generate much debate or feedback and are for the most part ignored lol” was in fact a self criticism. I’ll be the first to admit my opinions are generally not mainstream, I focus on the potential negative outcomes and I tend to speak my mind. Not always a good combination. Especailly since most of the community here tends to like to focus on the positives.

        I enjoyed your interview on 710 and appreciated your promotion of trading for Sean Payton for all the reasons you stated. He would definitely be the best outcome for the Seahawks!

    • Scot04

      I’ll bite on your what if D happened:

      We’ve experienced the same thing for 4 years.
      3+ offseasons of poor roster building.
      PC says he feels his philosophy doesn’t need changing.
      So I would expect the same again.
      A poorly built roster patching holes, missed picks & hoping RW comes back to his old self.
      Then that same QB carries that poor roster to the playoffs as he has in the past.
      If he does, we likely get another early round exit & were wonder why we wasted another year.

    • DriveByPoster

      I’m not sure what your problem is. If you don’t like any of Rob’s options then you are quite free to say so, state why & give a sensible alternative. Then we can have a debate about the pro’s & con’s. There is no need for making any of this personal. It’s just one man’s blog about a football team.

      For what it’s worth, unless the Seahawks get a massive trade offer for RW, I also think that all three will be here next season & none of them will be very happy. I don’t think that that is what should happen as, from my rather distant perspective, the ‘hawks have been circling the drain for three or 4 years, but without that trade option they are all kind of locked in for at least one more year.

      • Call Me AL

        It was my intention to make it personal and I did post my thoughts in the comments section.

        I do like Rob’s options, but a lot of things have to happen for any of them to come to fruition, starting with Pete Carroll no longer being the coach in all three plans and John Schneider being removed in two of the plans. Then theres getting the right head coach and gm while all the while hoping ownership is up to the task. I think Rob would even agree it would be no small undertaking.

        For whats it worth, I just don’t see Pete staying without keeping Russell. And if Petes here, I fully expect John will be as well. As much as Russell may not like it, he is under contract for the next two years. If given the option to report to camp or sit out, what do you think Russell would do? How did it go when Kam Chancellor tried this with Pete? It sounds like to me Pete intends on staying and has said publicly that he and Jody Allen are on the same page. So unless Jody Allen is prepared to fire Pete, this may very well be the status quo moving forward. Its really anyones guess right now as to what happens at the end of the season.

        • Mick

          AL, it’s OK to consider the case that everybody stays put and to discuss it. It’s not OK to demand that Rob discusses it for you. And my point of view on things is that the community owes a lot to Rob and not the other way around.

    • Cysco

      “And I just don’t feel Jody Allen will fire Pete. I like to deal in realities and honesty. I would have very much liked to hear Mr Statons thoughts on what he feels happens next year if Pete, John and Russ are still here? I think he owes it to the community.“

      Just because you feel that Ms. Allen won’t fire Pete, doesn’t make it a reality, but rather just your opinion. Rob’s article was an opinion piece. It’s what HE thinks they should do, not a proclamation of what will happen. Rob is confident that change is coming. He has stated countless times that in his opinion, based on past events and the drama of this year, that there is basically zero chance all three are back next year. He’s backed up that opinion with sound logic. His article was written based on that belief. He doesn’t owe you more content to just to satisfy your contradictory beliefs.

      • Rob Staton

        “I think he owes it to the community”

        Good grief

  9. RIP Sonics

    Love it! Honestly hope you can do a regular segment with them.

    • Rob Staton


  10. Mike

    I really want to move on from russ and find a cheap young quarterback, but I agree with you and what the gm said about it being like the ej Manuel/geno smith draft.

    Small hands/glove throwing Kenny pickett seems like a waste of a high pick and seeing him ranked 1/2 in quarterback rankings is concerning I just don’t see it.

    There really are so few good options. I guess keeping russ and taking a mid round flier each of the next couple years is probably the best idea.

    It just seems like we’re in for a lot of mediocre seasons for the foreseeable future no matter what direction they go.

    • Bmseattle

      Can Pickett not wear gloves in the NFL?
      If he’s a potential starter in the league, despite wearing gloves, it seems strange to dismiss him because of that.

      • Bmseattle

        If he has other flaws, that fine. You only mentioned the gloves/hand issue.

        • Peter

          Here’s my flaw: one good season.

          I like to see QB’s get better year over year. Prior to this year he wouldn’t be draftable.

      • Rob Staton

        You can wear gloves but 99% don’t because it impacts control.

        The problem for Pickett is he reportedly has tiny 8 1/4 inch hands. The gloves are likely there for grip and that can be an issue.

        • Mike

          👍Yeah that certainly worries me. The nfl ball could cause additional issues too.
          There could very well be a diamond in the rough in the qbs class but I would really struggle to pick one high as you have pointed out.

          Will be interesting to see how Desmond ridder plays against alabama.

    • Peter

      Mike you seem resigned to mediocrity when that really doesn’t have to be that way.

      Seattle jammed up this draft. Though Rob thinks it’s a down year and it probably is the great thing about being kind of bad everywhere is that there are some pretty good value pieces that at least give the hope that they can outplay current players.

      Second Seattle has a good deal of cash. And legend that he is cutting Wagner nets you an additional 16 milllion.

      Even with poor draft resources Seattle could fill out the oline and add weapons for either Russ or a new guy. Then look at the draft for one of the several corners, DT’s, and yes LB’s that are better than what’s on the team. Heck there’s space for drafting a RB if they priortize their cash right and not get cute and spread it here, sprinkle it there.

      I’m not there with you on the Russ train. Maybe he is done. Too many sacks who knows. I do feel like every single draft able QB this year is a reach. There are no bridge players in free agency I like. Mostly since I’m not comfortable trading Wilson with no game plan for players that are automatically downgrades from Wilson even against this season. If there was a murray, mahomes, allen in this draft I’d be open to it. The problem with a young qb is if you have no plan then you really aren’t doing any favor to your team.

      • Mike

        Not resigned to mediocrity.

        There are no easy answers and I wouldn’t want to be in ownerships shoes. If russ returns to form, we’ve all seen good, expensive russ with a mediocre roster and it likely leads to a first round playoff loss.

        Whereas with a young cheap qb and a lot of draft capital. There is more risk and more reward. I think ownership will try and keep russ and PCJS just because they know the team will at least be okay in a normal year.

        • Mike

          I think best case is to keep russ and try to find a hidden mis round gem lol russ, dak, Davis mills, tony rom etc.

          If they drafted davis mills a year ago they would be in a way better position.

        • Peter

          I think a young qb with a stacked roster has more reward. Us, chiefs, cardinals. I actuallu think draft capital and a young qb is problematic. Browns, jags. Miami is quietly looking like the exception. The nfl will always have this problem…qb’s that are good get paid. And young qb’s aren’t likely to be better. What you need for me is a very clear path of how you win and follow that.

  11. Gross MaToast

    From The Guardian:

    “Carroll deserves credit for his willingness to re-energize the franchise, for trying to evolve rather than getting stuck in his own fuddy-duddy ways. This isn’t the story of a coach who stayed too long, or an organization that went down thinking its way would always be The Way. This is a team that paired a talented quarterback with an excellent coach and an extraordinary roster and ran through the league like few before. Two remain true, yet the final and most important part, the core of the roster, has sunk to depressing levels of incompetence. Now, they need a reboot.”

    After twisting himself in knots to defend the innovative ways of Pete Carroll (seriously), the writer concludes that Pete probably leaves with RW and JS returning. The latter half of the article can be parsed on an almost line-by-line basis with misleading statements and stats that have been addressed here over the past several months.

    If RW stays and Pete goes, the national perception will be that RW had Pete fired. “QBs make too much money and have too much power!” It’s almost a no-win situation for RW.

    • Big Mike

      Your last statement is something I’ve never thought about but sadly I see full logic in it. Considering how carefully Wilson crafts his public image, he really has no choice but to leave unless Pete leaves because he’s retiring.

      • Big Mike

        And even then he may have to go to completely avoid that perception.

      • Peter

        They are both damned. If russ stays he “fired,” pc. If pc/js trsde russ and he’s even near the previous seasons and Seattle reverts back to the tjack era they’ll be the FO that shipped a hall of fame QB to return to mediocrity.

        • Big Mike

          100% agree

      • Cysco

        No one will care if they win.

        • God of Thunder


          Winning is more than a salve, it’s a balm. Do it and everything is forgiven.

  12. MychestisBeastmode

    Rob, random thought/request.

    Do you keep a list of the various player tape you watched or plan to watch? I’m asking because, if it’s not too much trouble, it’d be a fun and interesting hobby to “compare notes” and might further enrich the discussions in what is already an amazing comments section.

    Again, random and please don’t be shy to say this is too much fruitless work for possible little gains.

  13. TomLPDX

    Interesting comments from Russ. I guess this is what you’d expect him to say…

    • Cysco

      That sounds like what you say when you know there’s a good chance you’re not coming back.

  14. Miles

    Does it seem a little odd that when Pete calls out Russell for taking a bad sack in the Bears game that Mark Rodgers floats nuggets to Jason La Canfora? He reported that Russell and his camp had “six boxes to check off for next year” during last offseason. 710 ESPN seems to be playing that sound on repeat and Clayton even blew up and said “Just shut up, Jason.”

    • Rob Staton

      Clayton doesn’t even think the Wilson story exists.

      He’s had his head buried in the sand for a year.

      He’s in no position to tell anyone to shut up.

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