Thoughts on Russell Wilson’s interesting comments

I, for one, hope Sunday isn’t Russell Wilson’s final game in Seattle

Without any prompting by the media, Russell Wilson delivered the following line in his press conference today:

“I know for me personally, I hope it’s not my last game (in Seattle). But at the same time, I know it won’t be my last game in the NFL. I’m just focused on today and getting better today. That’s my goal. I love this city and I love this moment. I love these guys and we gotta make sure we get better today. That’s all that matters.”

Wilson looked somewhat uncomfortable after this answer, I thought. But then that’s no surprise. It’s an uncomfortable situation.

I don’t think any of this is a personal issue between Pete Carroll and Wilson. I think the pair share a significant amount of mutual respect.

I think this is purely down to a difference in philosophy — with Wilson determined to max-out the second half of his career and believing a different approach to Carroll’s is the only way he will achieve that.

Thus, we’re set up for a big call to be made almost as soon as the season ends.

Will ownership make changes at the top and replace the Head Coach and General Manager? Will they seek a new approach, with a more offensive-minded coach leading the charge?

Or will they fall in behind Carroll and John Schneider, inevitably leading to Wilson requesting a trade?

There’s no running this back. Running it back in 2021 was the ‘one more go’ year. They’re 5-10 and out of the playoffs. It’s the worst season in both Carroll’s tenure and Wilson’s career.

Change is coming, it’s just a case of what that change looks like.

Despite all the statements from people about what will or won’t happen — the truth is nobody knows. We don’t know anything about Jody Allen or her opinion. She certainly isn’t the type, it seems, to ring Adam Schefter or Jay Glazer and fill them in.

So all we can do is wait, while acknowledging what the two scenarios are.

Change at the top, or change at quarterback.

I won’t waste your time with a prediction.

I can only tell you what I think would be best…

— I think the 2022 draft class is so poor at the top, it would be a titanic risk to trade Wilson during the next off-season. Your chances of using that stock to acquire blue-chip talent are incredibly slim. The quarterback situation in college football may never have been uglier. This is the worst time, in my opinion, to consider a ground-zero rebuild.

— As poorly as Wilson has played this year, after suffering a finger injury, we are about 14 months removed from a stretch of games where he looked like the best player in the NFL. I think it’s more plausible than some people would have you believe that he can return to performing at the highest level. And that, for me, should be Seattle’s priority over the next five years. Returning Wilson to his best and enjoying the benefits of that over the next few seasons.

— I think there are two ways to enable this to happen. Firstly, I think the person leading this franchise as Head Coach should be a proven offensive mastermind who is flexible and creative to tailor a system around Seattle’s best players. This is why I think Jody Allen — one of the richest people on the planet — should use her clout to bring Sean Payton to Seattle and sell him on the project. He would coach Wilson hard, be demanding — but he’s also shown he can win games with different quarterbacks — from Drew Brees to Taysom Hill and most recently, he beat the Super Bowl champs with Trevor Siemian.

— If Payton simply isn’t attainable, Doug Pederson would be a perfectly logical Plan B.

— A fresh set of eyes at GM should be sought. My proposal remains Ed Dodds — who spent 10 years in Seattle before being poached by Chris Ballard to be his right-hand-man with the Colts. He is a highly respected talent evaluator and the Seahawks need to get back to drafting well. The Seahawks under Carroll and Schneider lost their mojo there a long time ago.

— I see a lot of people saying you can’t transform a roster quickly. I don’t agree. The Seahawks have approximately $43m to spend in the off-season and can easily create another $20m by cutting Bobby Wagner and Chris Carson. Prioritising the lines and adding talent to the O-line and D-line will enable this team to move forward quickly. With the weapons Seattle has at receiver — and with a properly schemed and effective offense — you will win a lot of games if you can also win the battle in the trenches.

— The next Head Coach should be challenged to build a top-level staff — something I’d argue Carroll has failed to do in recent years.

These changes would give the franchise a jolt. I think the Seahawks would benefit from fresh ideas, a new set of eyes looking at the roster and a refresh behind the scenes.

I genuinely believe the Seahawks can return quickly to a position from which they can compete at the top end of the NFC.

Look at the Cowboys. Six wins a year ago, now 11-4. Green Bay won six games in 2018. They’re on track for three successive 13-win seasons after that. Tampa Bay went from six wins in 2019 to Super Bowl Champs in 2020.

The common factor is all had capable, experienced quarterbacks, all three have drafted well and all made the necessary changes to be competitive.

That, to me, is the potential for Seattle.

I don’t think this is a black-hole situation. I simply think the current regime has reached a natural conclusion to their tenure and a fresh start is needed. From that fresh start, an opportunity to get better quickly is plausible.

Like Wilson, I hope this isn’t his last game in Seattle. I think he can return to his best form because his very best form was witnessed by all of us just over a year ago. With the necessary changes and cap space to spend — this franchise can return, quite quickly, to contention. I truly believe that.

New leadership, new ideas, renewed commitment to the trenches. That’s the plan.

It’s going to take some painful decisions being made regarding individuals who will always deserve to be considered Seahawks greats.

I hope ownership is prepared to make those difficult decisions and that they channel the ambition and vision Paul Allen showed when he landed Mike Holmgren and Pete Carroll — as he transformed this franchise forever.

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  1. Cysco

    Well said Rob.

    It really feels like this franchise is at a crossroads. I sincerely hope Ms. Allen picks the path that gives the franchise and fans hope for the future. I, and I’m sure many others, don’t have the stomach/desire to handle the status quo.

    The next few weeks will be huge.

    • Rob Staton

      I wish this was still a 16-game league for a number of reasons.

      #1 being we could get on with the off-season after this weekend if it was.

  2. cha

    He is a highly respected talent evaluator and the Seahawks need to get back to drafting well. The Seahawks under Carroll and Schneider lost their mojo there a long time ago.

    Agree but I think that is only half the story of the malpractice.

    They have consistently buried the talent they do find in the draft with their complete inability to implement them properly onto the field.

    Colby Parkinson has 131 snaps and 4 targets. He has been on the roster for two years and is the only contracted player for 2022.

    Marquise Blair was pushed aside to accommodate Jamal Adams and has played three positions in three years and looked shaky in all three. Carroll has admitted Ugo Amadi won the job but ‘he wanted to get Blair some reps as well.’ They may have ruined him.

    Alton Robinson, Darrell Taylor and even Carlos Dunlap have been pushed to the bench in favor of Benson Mayowa, Kerry Hyder and Rasheem Green.

    They cannot get DK Metcalf more involved. How is that acceptable to anyone?

    Top pick Dee Eskridge has been completely underutilized in his rookie season.

    They found a gem in Damien Lewis. There’s your RG for the next 10 years, locked. Let’s move him to the left side for…Gabe Jackson.

    They moved DJ Reed to his unnatural side to accommodate…Tre Flowers.

    I’m almost…almost…convinced that if the RW/Matt Flynn situation arose in 2018 or so, Flynn have been the starter the last 3 seasons and we’d all be asking if we’re ever going to get to see that dynamic young guy on the field before the end of his rookie contract.

    • Mike

      I think when they are practicing together everyday it’s fairly clear who the better players are. RW was so much better than matt Flynn they had to put him in.

      Tre brown was clearly the best option at corner so they put him in. They’ve also benched a 1st rounder in lj collier because it clear he wasn’t very good. So I don’t think evaluation of the guys on the roster is the issue.

      I do agree with tre flowers. I have no idea how they allowed that for so long, he was so bad.

      • bmseattle


        If not evaluation, would you concede that player development has been lacking?
        If you believe in your scouting and evaluation, it seems like getting the young players much needed playing time to develop them (even if they aren’t as good as the vets) has been a missed opportunity.

        If the answer is that the young players just aren’t good enough, then that’s a whole different problem.

        • Seattle Person

          I think this is where the team probably have missed on as well. When Carroll came on board, he brought a lot of exciting and often times young coaches on to develop the players. They were really good at their jobs too. I don’t know if it’s the same. The culture might be the same but I don’t if the players are being developed the same. Our coordinators and coaches used to be hot names or household names. Not so much innovation now.

      • Roy Batty

        Players fail all the time, when removed from their comfort zone in practice. They aren’t going up against the same people, day in and day out, when thrown into an actual game. They need to adapt and lift their play in dynamic situations. Many didn’t do that and fell flat on their face. Yet Pete glossed over those failures, time and again, by touting their play in practice. How many times did he tout Tedric Thompson or Jaron Brown, only for them to be exposed on game day? There are other examples, but those two have always stuck out to me.

        Always compete might be a catchy phrase when at the VMAC, but it has been MIA come game day.

    • TomLPDX

      This has always baffled me Curtis. And they keep doing it over and over and over.

    • Ralphy

      Great post Cha.

      • Big Mike

        Ditto from me. Fantastic cha

    • bv eburg

      Spot on Cha,
      Draft AND Develop.
      Is it possible that the players drafted weren’t bad over the last 5 years but their development was? Rob has alluded many times that Carroll has gradually surrounded himself with mediocre coaches.
      And take it one further and go back to the beginning. Were they that great at drafting or were the coaches just excellent at developing? As examples, they took a player from the CFL (Browner), a late round wide receiver from Stanford (Sherman), Free agents (Baldwin) and developed the hell out of them. Throw in journeymen (clemons) and what you get is a bunch of misfits they coached up so well they became great.
      So maybe what’s changed over the years is Johns drafting ability but Pete and coaches development abilities.

      • bv eburg

        So maybe what’s changed over the years ISN’T Johns drafting ability but Pete and coaches development abilities.

      • McZ

        Cronyism is a critical point, that has to destroy a competitive culture at some point. The question is, how much of a crony is Jody Allen?

    • McZ

      This is what the Rams are excelling at… with each and every pick and UDFA signing, you can see a clear and present use case and integration path.

  3. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob: Your arguments are well thought out. I’ve been looking at Carroll in his public appearances and he looks like a guy ready to bow out. One of your points that may not pan out is replacing Schneider at GM.

    His drafts have been highly influenced by Carroll. Carroll has final say on the roster. Schneider and Carroll have had a “partnership” in personnel that Schneider would not be hampered with if a new H.C. is hired. I think that Schneider is still a top rate personnel evaluator.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s hard to determine the extent of Schneider’s influence on decision making.

      But I think it’s very hard to look at the drafts since probably as far back as 2016 and call him a ‘top rate’ evaluator, without at least questioning WTH has gone wrong since then.

      And if Schneider stays, Wilson won’t. I don’t think either party will have interest in pursuing a relationship IMO.

      • LouieLouie

        You may be right about Wilson / Schneider. I’m not aware of any rift between the two but you have more info than I do. One item that would support your argument; the Seahawks have had one of the worst O-lines in the NFL for most of Schneider’s watch. That has not been on Carroll, and was the main gripe he was making before the 2021 season.

        • Rob Staton

          The relationship between JS and Mark Rodgers is a problem

          • LouieLouie

            I think no matter what happens with Wilson and Schneider, Carroll may be ready to call it quits. There are many stories floating around about his lack of enthusiasm.

          • jeff

            I have missed the pieces that establish this as fact. Can someone link me to quotes?

            • jeff

              Please don’t get me wrong. The conclusion makes sense and it is completely in line with my own understanding of the situation, but I don’t remember seeing any quotes that support it.

              • Rob Staton

                It’s just my understanding Jeff

  4. Pran

    JS must go..if there is one who did more bad than Pete and Russ its JS. Poor drafts, trades and FA decisions for years. If you think we do not know how much freedom JS has after all these years in position, then he is not fit for the job.

    Russ deserves new HC+GM, at least for another season. He has severely under performed for 2 seasons in a row, hope its just mental due to differences in philosophy. If he does not turn around cut your losses and trade before deadline.

    • BobbyK

      I have a hard time totally blaming him for being a puppet. I can’t imagine any competent GM trading what they did for Jamal Adams. He was in no position to tell Pete ‘no’. Pete is involved and has final say in so much – I can’t imagine JS has agreed with all this wasting of money. I just don’t know what to think of him. I’d say the Diggs and Dunlap trades help salvage seasons, but then again – he’s Pete’s puppet who needed to salvage a season because what they had spent all offseason doing wasn’t good enough.

      • Big Mike

        Agree b100% Bobby. GMs want draft picks, the more the better.

        • Roy Batty

          We discussed this in a prior article. How can anyone not see Pete’s fingerprints all over the Adams debacle? A head coach, who was considered a DB guru and is the head of player personnel, and was also under fire for not acquiring good pass rush talent.

          All signs point to a desperate HC demanding they trade for a flashy safety for whatever it took.

  5. Mike

    This thread between brian and Paul sums up my feelings pretty well. It might be time to move on from Pete, but it speaks volumes that former players will publicly defend Pete but not russ.

    • Rob Staton

      Meh, I think if you actually look you’ll see plenty of people have spoken glowingly of RW over the years.

      I feel like Brian, for some time, has been on a mission to confirm his own priors.

      • Mike

        Yeah there’s some truth to that. At some level everyone is on the internet is trying to do that, there’s plenty of nuisance and difficult decisions to all of this. I just think it’s interesting most former players at least seem like they are on Pete’s side.

        • Rob Staton

          In fairness though, I don’t think everyone on the internet is.

          I’ve made it clear what my preference is. Yet I’ve still outlined, in lengthy articles, topics such as what a rebuild could look like, players to target if it happens, why we should be rooting for the Jets and Texans and I’ve written detailed articles on the individual quarterbacks in the 2022 draft.

          That, to me, is a balanced look at the situation while also offering my own preferred path.

          I think Brian too easily and conveniently brushes off or ignores counter arguments to his position, while claiming not to really have one, then creates long twitter threads to confirm his priors.

          And let’s be right here — Matt Hasselbeck saying firing Carroll would be a mistake is neither here nor there really, is it? He didn’t explain why. He didn’t have a response to the way this reset has been handled, or push back against any of the valid concerns raised.

          So it’s as easy to dismiss what he said as it is Brian to dismiss, say, the Green Bay model as a plan for the Seahawks, or the QB situation in college being dreadful, etc etc

          Because neither Brian nor Matt Hasselbeck have explained what exactly the plan is moving forward if PC remains. Other than, presumably, Carroll trading Wilson and having a load of picks to spend. How has he managed resources the last few years?

          The frustrating thing about this topic is there are a lot of opinions being thrown out and it’s incredibly rare that these opinions are detailed and fleshed out. It’s a prior confirming process.

          • Roy Batty

            The Lockett take made up my mind that the back and forth was simply a way for both these people to air their dislike for Wilson.

            Bringing up Lockett not attending Wilson’s off season workouts is laughable. Why would an established vet, who already has one of the best game day connections with his QB in the entire NFL, pass up time with family and friends, relaxation and recuperation? To state that as an example of a disconnect with that player is a baseless reach to prove a point.

            The whole thing stinks of two men staging a bit of theater.

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve not read the thread. But if that point was made, it’s a poor one. There could be a multitude of reasons why Lockett doesn’t attend. And DK Metcalf, who seemingly does have beef with Wilson, was there. So how do you work that one out???

              Like I said, there’s a lot of convenient ‘prior confirming’ going on. And alternative suggestions — Green Bay model, horrible QB situation in college football etc — are just brushed aside, while ‘Matt Hasselbeck has an opinion’ suddenly gets promoted as something of major significance.

              • Andrew M

                Buried in that thread is a John Clayton quote that finding a great coach is way more difficult than finding a franchise QB. Quoting Clayton in this year of our Lord 2021 does not make for a great argument.

                • Rob Staton

                  The quote is also, frankly, bollocks.

    • Troy

      I go back and watch DVR copy of games from 2012-2017. This team was stacked, tough and incredibly fun to watch. Elite defense. BAMF running back, and a young stud at QB.

      To look back now and see the drama that has unfolded over the years just makes me shake my head. Former players don’t like Wilson. Wilson has a beef with Carroll. Stories leaked in the media. The Seahawks are a complete circus act.

      • Mike

        Agree with you completely. Say what you want about mahomes, rodgers, Brady, Manning there aren’t ESPN stories coming out with teammates quotes that the qb is fake and the coaching staff is too easy on him/treated him like management.

        I mean it’s so interesting to me that Pete carroll defended and catered to Russell to much and russ is now turning on him.

        • Ok

          Salk says the same thing…Mike.

          Dude. Rob. Thank you. This season has been joyless. At least I knew it was coming, because of this blog. I really appreciate the hopeful plans you’ve laid out, gives me something to look forward too.

          • Mike

            Yeah there are reasonable arguments on both sides. At the end of the day it’s up to the ownership group. In my opinion russ gets far less criticism than he should from fans/media.

            Idk if Salk has the same view, but if he does cool there are reasonable people who are on both sides of Pete/russ and I’ll take salks side then if what you say is true.

        • Rob Staton

          Turning on him isn’t no longer buying into his philosophy

    • cha

      I’m late to the game on this one.

      But I’d like to point out something that I feel needs more context. Sherman and Baldwin, etc not being aligned with Russ was prime 2017 or so. That’s four years ago now. How about we talk about now instead of then?

      What’s happening now in the building?

      I’ve listened to every Pete Carroll press conference in that time, and I can categorically say if there is any coddling going on in that building, it is on defense. Pete has shrugged off their lack of pass rush, made excuses for their constantly getting burned in pass coverage, told us they got the better of the Jamal Adams trade time and time and time again, and when the defense occasionally has a good game (most often against a poor opponent), he crows like a rooster at sunup about how awesome they are.

      He has spent his time and reputation trying to convince people (and himself probably) that this defense is worthy of the Pete Carroll brand. And it’s not.

  6. Seattle Person

    I have not looked too much in this year’s draft prospects. Rob, you’ve mentioned it is not loaded at the top. Is there a sweet spot in this draft class? Or, is there a position that stands out more than most?

  7. Robert Las Vegas

    I just have a feeling watching Russ tonight that he wants out I got two more games and peace out.not much go Hawks these days.

    • GerryG

      I think he’s wanted out almost all year. The offense has never looked like a cohesive unit where everyone is on the same page.

  8. Justaguy

    Russ is an enigma to me. He wouldn’t have a Super Bowl victory with the Hawks without the vaunted defense yet he is enough to wonder what still could be possible. As far as drafting a qb I would wager money that Caleb Williams makes a huge leap next year. Potential top pick…

    • Peter

      Why I am pro russ and think it’s tome for pete to move on…

      Brady, rodgers, mahomes, roethlisberger all won their rings with top ten defenses. Ben both were top five. Rodgers, 2nd best defense. Brady had three rings with top five defenses.

      If russ played like this year but every year since the reset, post LOB this was a top 10 defense I would reverse my position. Russ is expensive people say…so was Rodgers, big ben, manning (both on their second rings, peyton on both) it’s not easy to build a roster with an expensive QB…but it is possible with your resources.

      Russ has been a bummer this year. Not gonna say he sucks because there are actually bad qb’s in the league. He’s not winning games like he used to. In five seasons however PC -not Russ- has turned a top 10 defense into what may finish in the bottom five.

      • Justaguy

        I was done with Pete before the last reset. I never said Russ sucks but his ability to deliver another super bowl are questionable. If Russ stays then okay great but I will be the one surprised if he delivers.

        • Starhawk29

          It is incredibly difficult to win a superbowl. Let’s not forget that at the moment, Brees and Rodgers have only 1. Dan Marino, a player I’ve heard people argue is the best “pure qb” ever, never got a ring. No man is a whole team by themselves. You need 21 other guys to support you. Saying Russ may not be able to deliver another ring is fair, but its also just the reality of HOF careers. It takes more than a great QB.

          • Justaguy

            It will be very difficult for Drew Brees to win another super bowl. Russ would have won two except, well… you know

      • Roy Batty

        6 of 8 divisions are being lead by expensive QBs.

        The “teams with big QB contracts can’t win” myth has been busted many times over.

        • Peter

          The Venn diagram of being unable to build a winner with an expensive QB and let’s just find a HOF qb in the third round is a circle.

          These ideas are born from Seattle’s total inability to build a dominate team after the LOB left and Seattle finding Wilson.

    • Adam

      Wilson was great when he moved around and was a running threat. As a pocket passer he’s not that accurate. Trade him while we can

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah, he was terrible at the start of last season wasn’t he? Throwing from the pocket.

        And who can forget his 300 yard rushing seasons in 2018 and 2019, where he looked like Michael Vick (while throwing 66 passing touchdowns and collecting 7500 passing yards).

        There isn’t half some bollocks talked about Wilson at times.

        • Adam

          Then if you’re going to judge Russel on what he did in the past, should you not afford Pete the same? Pete hasn’t been great, Russ hasn’t and you’re favorite Sean Payton hasn’t been to Super Bowl for over a decade.
          Russel was exceptional because he also ran, but it seems that’s now an irrelevance. Just because someone’s opinion differs to yours doesn’t qualify it as “bollocks” and is likely to be as wrong or right as your opinion.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s bollocks because it’s bollocks, not because you happen to disagree.

            I’ve already highlighted why it’s bollocks. You can’t answer to my last reply, that’s why you ignored it.

            I’ve gone to great detail to explain why I think what I do. You just sound like a Carroll apologist with no convincing arguments.

          • Peter

            I’ll bite.

            Russ has had one poor year after three great years where he actually ran less but got better as a passer.

            Pete however has control over the whole team has built a bottom five defense that has gotten worse year over year for five years. And he built a bottom five rushing attack.

            This is why they get held to different standards. One guy has a down year. It sucks for fans. But hey we get a high pick…oh wait…nope because the other guy gave up two firsts for a box safety that gets injured every year.

        • Adam

          What about 3 team trade suggested by Corbin Smith whereHawks obtain Deshaun Watson?

          • Rob Staton

            Let’s be realistic here

  9. 805Hawk

    I’ve got to get off Twitter. I am shocked and disheartened at how many fans think everything is fine, this was just one bad year, and they should run it back. More shocking is John Clayton. He’s lost his mind. His comments today to Salk (who is a whole other issue) about Jason LaConfora’s views are just confounding. Thank you for your rational analysis of the situation, Rob.

  10. Strategicdust

    I think we’re just about all in agreement that a clean sweep of the coaching staff and front office needs to take place. Ownership and their appetite for change is the frustrating unknown. Without having a public go-between like a Todd Liewicke to offer advice and serve as the right hand man, we may be left stuck in the “easier to just give them one more year” default. If Carroll really has taken over running the franchise, it may be difficult to dislodge him and his supporters ( unless Pete leaves willingly).
    I truly hope this change happens for all involved. This organization need change and I hope we get that fresh start so badly, let’s hope it can escape its own inertia.

  11. HOUSE


    As always, well written and articulated. Russ’ comments throw me as well. It to me sounds like he has sunk his heels in and is saying “I’d like to stay in Seattle, but not if PC is still here”. I believe the majority of the division is between those two and I don’t quite know where JS stands. Regarding JS/Rodgers, I know there is another layer of disdain and turmoil there.

    With little draft capital, $60M (using the Wagner/Carson cuts), do you think that there is enough to entice Payton to come to Seattle? I remember the 2010 roster and the consistent churning; will Wilson/Payton be up for that in your eyes. We definitely can address some big spots in FA, but it seems to me like prominence would still be 2-3 years out.

    I truly appreciate your input and its cool to hear something pop up and I can tell people “Rob said that months ago, but no one was listening”.

  12. JJ

    Looking back at the beginning of the PC era they had a ton of roster churn. What happened to that? I feel like we go with guys for a long time even though the average fan can see someone like flowers isn’t working out. Everything is so just ho hum now. I am just bored and want something to be excited about

    • Mike

      Yeah it is odd the were very quick to get rid of players they didn’t like.
      I think in there minds the roster is okay and that they would have been okay if russ was healthy. I disagree with that.

      The defense is okay like there isn’t many terrible starters on it besides maybe ugo amadi. In Doug baldwins words they just “aight”. No difference makers.

      The offense with no injuries is okay at skill positions and the o line is okay except center is dreadful and Damien Lewis has been up and down. They just need Russell to go back to a couple years ago and they will be the solid but not spectacular team that they’ve had post lob

  13. Gross MaToast

    I think this was designed to get the attention of Jody Allen. To me, it indicates there have been no conversations with Russ re: what comes next. He’s still open, but it’s her move.

    That’s less than optimal if you want change.

    And the cha reply above – that alone is enough to bring in a new regime.

  14. Charles Hirsch

    Exciting, fresh and creative is what Seahawks are missing. Trying times that are reinforced by comments from Pete about his future. Seems like Pete will not be leaving anytime soon(based off of interview with Salk on the Monday radio show). It would be a good move to see the younger players like stone, curhan, eskridge and collier as examples to see what they can offer with more snaps. A management cleanup is required. Here is hoping for change!

  15. Pendleton

    Can the Seahawks really rebuild to Super Bowl contention with a new GM and Coach with the limited draft picks they have and the present salary limitations they have? So, they keep RW and the new coach/GM fails to turn the team around next year…. RW’s trade value drastically falls, he leaves and they get nothing. Better to trade RW now, and maximize the return. Jody Allen should hire an “advisor” to watch over all football operations, specifically the potential draft picks. RW is not a pocket passer, his success was being elusive and throwing on the run. Amazing athlete he is but I am not so sure anymore he has the speed to leave the pocket. There will be free agent quarterbacks available (Mariota, etc.), perhaps there are trade QB candidates potentially available considering the number of 1st Round picks they will get for RW. Time waits for no one…we have to move on.

    • Rob Staton

      Salary limitations?

      They could have 60-70m to spend

      And what if Wilson works it out? You’ve given up on a prime QB at the first sign of trouble and for what? To be a team spending years looking for a replacement and potentially never getting there? It’s a much more realistic prospect than Wilson never returning to form.

      • Roy Batty

        Just by cutting Bobby, Carson and Myers, won’t they have well over $60 million?

        And that’s only three players.

        By contrast, the Saints are $61 million over the cap for 2022 and a good QB away from being a contender this year.

        As you stated, Rob, imagine what Payton would accomplish with that much cap space as a Seahawks HC.

        • Rob Staton


          And look — sometimes you’ve just got to make things happen.

          Eg — how many people predicted Lincoln Riley to USC?

          Sell the vision and the dream. Get the wallet out.

          Payton joins a team with Wilson, Metcalf and Lockett. He could do a lot of damage with that alone. Then you give him $60m to spend to build up your O-line and get another pass rusher?

          It makes sense.

          It makes a lot more sense IMO than trading the QB and saying to Pete and John, the architects of the reset since 2018, the guys who’ve squandered picks and money for years, the people who conducted the Jamal Adams trade — have another go lads, but this team you also need to find a new QB.

          Some people are cleverly trying to portray that scenario as viable while dodging all the valid counters.

          • Peter

            I haven’t had a real go at the FA pass rushers yet. Seattle definitely has the cash to sans draft rebuild the oline add a weapon or two. And dig around for some dline talent.

            I’m super over talking about Wilson as a pocket passer. Guess what. Get a “pocket,” and then come talk about it.

            You’re more dialed in than me. All I know is on just current salaries alone you can get two good/great interior linemen for just south of 30 million. Move Lewis back. That still gives you with cuts 35 million. Can’t find a rotational pass rusher, a DT, and a weapon with that….maybe you shouldn’t be running a team.

            How they are going to spend….not cut Bobby. Let Diggs walk but pay Keanu Neal one million less per year.

  16. 805Hawk

    Pretty good article in, surprisingly, the Guardian. A rare article that emphasizes the poor roster management of this regime, while still pointing out RWs faults. Good read.

  17. Hoggs41

    The question is to keep Pete or Russ. I agree it will be letting Pete go and keeping Russ. I also think they will keep Schneider and give him a chance to see what he can do without Pete interfering. Payton would be awesome but I just dont see him leaving NO. Peterson could be the perfect fit.

    • Rob Staton

      If JS stays, Wilson goes

      • schwefelfell

        Are you really that certain about this? Is Mark Rodgers‘ and JS relationship so broken? What if JS stays as GM after PC leaves and assures Wilson that he‘ll build around him?

        • Rob Staton

          Yes, I’m certain. The relationship is broken.

          My firm belief — which is based on more than a guess — is that JS would’ve traded Wilson last off-season.

          And I also believe, again based on more than a guess, that the relationship between JS and Mark Rodgers is well past the point of even grudging acceptance.

  18. Rob Staton

    Tony Pauline: “Some people in the league believe Evan Neal will have to kick inside to guard”

    👀 #justsaying

    • Cysco

      Hey Rob! Sounds like you are now considered “In the League”. Congrats. 😉

  19. Denver Hawker

    While not at all the outcome I’m hoping for, my read of this is that trade discussions are very active.

    My more speculative view, is that Russ (and agent) have made their unhappiness clear to the FO, possibly ownership. FO has probably responded they’d consider a trade, but needs to be for xyz, which leaves little in way of options. All this points to ownership staying with PCJS and a reasonable likelihood of Russ staying if they can’t get the trade haul desired. Again, not what I want, but that’s my current read based on comments.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure I agree with that.

      I don’t think anyone knows what is going on. And we’ll find out in 10 days.

      My read on this isn’t that trade talks are happening. They wouldn’t happen now anyway. And certainly I don’t think it should be assumed that the status quo will remain at the top.

      Besides, I maintain I don’t think Carroll has any interest in a ground zero rebuild.

      • Denver Hawker

        I certainly hope you’re right, and it would be a better outcome to be sure.

        Picks are close to being slotted and QB needy teams out of the playoffs are under a ton of pressure to deliver. I have little doubt those teams aren’t calling now to get the jump. I also don’t think Rodgers and Wilson are only discussing their future to address media speculation. I think it would be inappropriate for there to be any discussion or reporting on trade talks during the season.

        • Rob Staton

          I very much doubt there are calls going on. GM’s might chat behind the scenes but this isn’t the time for talks. Not during the season. And Jody Allen doesn’t mingle with other owners anyway, so she certainly isn’t debating it.

          All in good time. I wish this was the last game so we can get on with it.

          • Peter

            This is interminable. Two totally pointless games to slog through. That would be bad enough. Hopefully not months of leaks and stories that according to “the professor,” aren’t stories.

            I’m with Cowherd on this. If a trade is happening don’t bone it like Seattle has for nearly every trade in a decade and wait til Rodgers and/or Watson to go so they get caught with their pants down and deal Wilson for a panicked Stafford level compensation on draft day. Forget plan D or whatever. That to me is the likely outcome an undervalued trade getting back a pointless nothing QB and a free agent dual in camp.

            At least there’s an interesting game today with a few players to watch for Seattle.

    • Ashish

      Ownership != not happy with performance and not one year thing
      Pete != not interested in full reset. I.e. trading Russ
      Seahawks == changed OC and DC
      Russ == Needs change (win)

      Everything points to bye bye Pete (and John) on 10th Jan.

  20. Blitzy the Clown

    I just watched Wilson’s presser and I don’t agree that his comment about hoping this isn’t his last game as a Seahawk was “Without any prompting by the media”.

    He was asked a specific question by Greg Bell about Bobby Wagner’s previous comment that obviously there are going to be changes to the Seahawks this coming offseason (“because there are always changes but especially after a year like this one”), and apparently it was Bobby who first said this maybe being his last game as a Seahawk.

    In other words, Russell’s comment seemed totally organic to the presser and the question Greg Bell had asked, and not something preplanned that he intended to drop, or something at the forefront of his thoughts that he felt he had to get out right then. It just seemed like a natural extension of his answer regarding what Bobby had said.

    I think things inside the team are much like they are outside – nobody knows what’s going to happen this offseason, including Russ. Everyone knows big changes are coming, but nobody, with the possible exception of Pete Carroll, knows exactly what those changes will be yet.

    As you said above, all in good time.

    I will add that I do think Wilson would like to remain a Seahawk. I think he would very much like to win all three of the Super Bowls he says he aspires to win with this team.

    • Rob Staton

      What Wilson said was completely unprompted.

      Nobody asked him about whether this could be his last game in Seattle.

      He mentioned that alone.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I agree, nobody asked him point blank: is this your last game in Seattle? In that sense it was an unprompted comment.

        But apparently somebody asked Bobby Wagner that question earlier, and I guess I saw Wilson’s comment in the broader context of Bell’s question to Wilson about big changes coming in the offseason, and how Bell framed it around Wagner’s comments about what those changes might be, and how, when Wilson made his comments about maybe this being his last game, he brought it back around to Wagner having been asked that earlier as the segue.

        But, it was a long, rambling question/answer exchange, so I can see how it stands alone.

        Though, I think it’s important to note the very pointed follow up question Bell asked Wilson before the comment:

        Do you think you can win those three Super Bowls with the Seattle Seahawks in the direction that it’s been in right now?

        • 805Hawk

          I think Russ could have answered (and a few years ago would have answered), “Absolutely! We are almost there. We just have to cut out the mistakes and continue to strive for excellence (or some other cliche).” Instead, he brings up Bobby’s question and goes down the last game tangent. It was just…unnecessary. It’s how he could have answered that and stayed out of the headlines but didn’t that says something.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            It’s undeniably on his mind.

            I just didn’t hear his comment as a deliberate, intended message to ownership, so much as stream of conscious response. Particularly because right before he said the quote Rob posted in his article, he said “I’m just living in the moment” which thought process likely led him to think about what’s after this moment, and hence the comment.

            • 805Hawk

              That’s completely fair. I’m sure he didn’t go into the interview saying, “Hold my beer…” knowing he was about to add to the firestorm. But, I’m not sure that’s any better. Like Rob, I just want to get on with it.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                But, I’m not sure that’s any better.”

                Good point well taken. And apologies to Rob if that was his point.

                • Blitzy the Clown

                  Messed up my html tags

                  • Big Mike

                    How does one quote someone in green?

                  • TomLPDX

                    Big Mike, use the HTML tags blockquote (within brackets ) followed by /blockquote within brackets

                  • TomLPDX

                    The brackets didn’t print. they start with

                  • TomLPDX

                    Damn! the lessthan and greaterthan brackets

  21. Peter

    Alabama is too stacked to ponder. But cincinatti has some bames to watch:

    Desmond Ridder QB. Fairly accurate live arm. A lot too like. Does throw a few too many of those college passes where the QB doesn’t look and just throws it to a spot. I am not crazy high on him but might be my favorite QB in this class.

    Jerome Ford RB. Former alabama recruit and four star athlete. Super fast straight line speed. Not the shiftiest but a home run threat if he gets open. Willing blocker but won’t knock players back. Not a great pass catcher. Not a ton of drive but will follow blocks and doesn’t bounce outside when unnecessary.

    Coby Bryant CB. Thorpe winner. Very, very good technician. Not seen quite enough stuff to determine tackle willingness. I think he’s a player to watch for Seattle.

    “Sauce,” Gardner CB. First round draft pick so not much to say here. Built out of a lab run by the old Pete Carol.

    Alec Pierce WR. Long. Strong. Not explosive to me. in some ways the opposite of Metcalf. Instead of supreme athletic talent it feels like he may have had to work on his craft more. Gets arms out to catch. Will box out defenders. Will be interesting to see him against Alabama.

    Darrian Beavers LB. I literally do not know why this is the case but he is my favorite player in the draft. I’m not going to say in any universe he is Urhlacher. But he has had a very similar path. A borderline scrawny lanky WR for Uconn. Then a safety. Then added about 80 pounds kept the speed and field knowledge and became a very good LB. It’s just a gut feeling but i think he ends up great at the next level. If not great then better than KJ Wright for a long time and I get that’s not flashy but damn if Seattle couldn’t use a young faster KJ type now.

  22. Big Mike

    Damien Lewis out Sunday. Covid.

  23. Aaron

    There’s a lot of changes the Hawks should make this offseason, trading away Russell Wilson is at the very bottom of my list. If we were to clean house and let go of Russ we may very well be in that black hole where we aren’t relevant for years. That, or we would have to draft a QB or try to bring one here, both a challenging prospect for different reasons.

  24. Joshua Smith

    Seems to me that Wilsons comment comes at an odd time..why say that now? Two weeks left. Maybe because he knows teams can start requesting interviews with coaching candidates and this is it a slight nudge to Jody Allen? The season is over. Let’s move on from Pete and start the process to find a new coach, a new direction…NOW. No point in waiting.
    He said “I hope it’s not my last game in Seattle”. We could read between the lines… What are the reasons it WOULD be his last game? The obvious one. If Pete is still coaching he wants out. If the team moves on from this coaching staff then he will likely be willing to stay in Seattle if they hire the new coaching well.

  25. Rob Staton

    Blog favourite… I had him in R2 when I did my early grades…

    • Peter

      Let’s not bring up old wounds. Reason four million the JA trade was lame. This class may be a down year across the board but theres maybe 4-5 safeties that I would prefer to him and cheaper in this draft.

    • clbradley17

      Definitely a BAMF

  26. Don Logan

    Lew Nichols, Central Michigan. Looked good today, interesting to see how he tests out.

  27. JJ


    Hope you are getting a chance to watch some of the bowl games and finding some gems for us to obsess over for the next 4 months.

    • Rob Staton

      At the moment my in-laws, my wife and kids have taken over the TV with Mario Kart.

      But the Cincy vs Alabama game is recording and when the kids are in bed it’ll be going on 🙂

      • cha

        Mario Kart! Now we’re talking.

        I won quite a few lunches off my friends playing Battle Mode on the Gamecube version.

      • Peter


        When you watch this season out….is Bryce young really good or just yet another ‘bama qb with way over the top talent around him?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sold yet

  28. Derek

    This is an interesting article someone else on this site likely already noticed earlier this month…

    Basically, Jody Allen fired the Blazers GM for “violations of Code of Conduct” earlier this month (same GM who fired Terry Stotts). The article goes on to say:

    “Jody Allen opened an investigation into Olshey and the working environment he created in the front office following reports of intimidation, bullying, and profanity-laced tirades, all of which turned the Trail Blazers front office into a toxic work environment. (However, some in league circles think the charges were drummed up so that Allen could fire Olshey and not pay the remainder of his contract, which ran through the 2022-23 season.)”

    Wikipedia states: “O’Melveny & Myers LLP is an international law firm founded in Los Angeles, California in 1885. The firm employs approximately 740 lawyers and has offices in California, Washington, D.C., New York City, Beijing, Brussels, Hong Kong, London, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.”

    I have no idea what this means for the Hawks but Jody Allen seems to have been fine to clean house in Portland, albeit under different circumstances. The NFL is a much bigger stage than the NBA and there’s no way Jody is not hearing some of this noise. I hope she takes a similar approach to get an informed independent third party’s opinion regarding the larger issues going on with the Seahawks.

    She should come to the conclusion that the following are true to some degree:

    1- Pete is liked by most of his players and coaches. He is loyal to them, often to a fault. Pete is a great motivator but questionable game manager, as he often will admit he can get “hormonal” during games. Pete’s a brilliant defensive mind at his core. His defensive approach is to limit explosive plays and he rarely changes his defense to game plan against his opponent, relying on variations of his scheme instead. Having the right players in that scheme is of utmost importance, early in their tenure, Pete and John were able to find great player fits and that may have led to a false confidence in recent years, where aging players and misses on player acquisitions have led to bad fits on defense and inconsistent results at best… or stubborn decision-making putting the wrong players and coaches in ill-fit positions with poor results, at worst. Pete believes in protecting the team and he does everything in his power to keep all negative press from getting out, which makes assessing the reality of the team from the outside quite difficult.

    2- John is a bit of an enigma. As it has been said multiple times on this blog, it’s difficult to determine how much John is involved in player acquisitions, or to put it another way, where Pete’s involvement in personnel ends and John’s begins. Without knowing more of that context, it’s hard to judge John fully. Taking the draft, free agency, and trades at face value does not bode well for whoever is ultimately involved.

    3- Russ is the best QB the Seahawks have ever had behind center, and is almost a certain Hall of Famer. His work ethic, toughness, and dedication to his craft is elite. He’s a bit odd, though. Perhaps even a full on diva, as various rumors have indicated. A friend of mine is close with former roster bubble Seahawk, Jake Luton, who is now in Miami. Take these comments with a grain of salt, but Jake claimed Russ often referred to himself as “the chosen one” in the locker room and that Seahawks “management” hung on every word Russ said and was essentially worshiped by the front office and staff. Whatever the truth is, Russ has an awkward personality but most elite QBs are divas to some extent and I would argue only what negatively affects the play of the team is important. Also, it’s hard to know how much Russ may be at fault for the offensive stumbles. Clearly his efforts to extend plays and go for the big chunk plays can backfire and it’s at least possible that Russ is not at the same elite mental level as Tom Brady, Payton Manning, etc.

    At the end of the day, we’ll see how Jody Allen responds in a couple of weeks.

    • TomLPDX

      Trailblazers vs. Seahawks is night and day different. Why even bring it up? The whole management team is a huge unknown but John and Pete have not created a toxic environment for the Seahawks. It’s a difference of opinion on how things are being run. Frankly, I think Russ is in it for himself first, team second. He will do what is best for him first and foremost.

    • Rad_man

      ” it’s at least possible that Russ is not at the same elite mental level as Tom Brady, Payton Manning, etc.”

      That is not even a question, as few if any ever have been to their level. But Russ is not very good at this part of the game. I think Russ’s presnap game is pretty terrible. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a team show blitz and he doesn’t audible out and gets absolutely pasted or it’s a busted play. This is perhaps his greatest shortcoming as a player. I blame Pete as much as Russ for this, as he never had a savvy veteran QB on the roster to coach Russ up on that, it’s always been random QB hacks and rookies with him in that film room. That’s on Pete.

      • Peter

        Agree with the audibles.

        But when people want to bring up elite football IQ I start to zone out.

        Manning had a lot of seasons where he was a pick machine. Something like 7 out of his first 12 seasons where he threw a pick per every two td’s, or worse. Wilson has only done that one time.

        Brady is the goat and has had a phenomenal late career run. He had that awesome 50 td year. But it’s going to be hard for people down on Wilson to hear this….Brady had a lot of downright wilson-esque 30 ish td’s to 8-9 picks years.

  29. cha

    Breer on Cowherd

    ‘If Russ had questions after a 12-win season, how do you think he’s going to react after a 5-win season?’

  30. cha

    Peter King and Florio on RW’s best landing spot if he is traded

    Would Pete Carroll immediately get another job if he is fired by the Seahawks?

    Florio thinks Chicago is an opportunity for JS/PC if things go that way in seattle.

    • pdway

      hadn’t even contemplated Carroll coaching for another NFL team whenever the Seattle run ends….

      • cha

        Probably never happen, but I think the Jacksonville job would be a very intriguing possibility for both PC and the Jags.

        They have an ugly, defeatist stench about them that they cannot blow away. At this point it isn’t even about winning games, just actually building an organization that belongs in the NFL. Khan may be the whole problem, he may not be. But Pete could come in as a guru-in-chief and immediately instill a culture there. A positive, forward-thinking culture. And his resume of success at the NFL level would be impossible to argue against.

        It would be an admission of guilt by the franchise, a mea culpa and a splashy choice all rolled into one.

        As for Pete, working with a top QB prospect, some good pieces on defense and the #1 or 2 pick, while being hailed as a hero culture-builder and paid handsomely in a no-income-tax state in a sunny locale…I could see that being very attractive.

        As for his age, they don’t even need him to be there 10 years. Maybe as little as 3. Just make them respectable and build a program.

        But that’s probably about a 5% chance of happening. Probably less.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Reading this felt like poetry. Like an epilogue to Shawshank Redemption. Your words paint vivid images. Happy New Years!

          • cha

            I find I’m so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it’s the excitement only a free man from Seattle can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it to Jacksonville. I hope to see Trevor Lawrence and shake his hand. I hope the Jags uniforms are as teal as they have been in my dreams. I hope.

    • Jordan

      Pete wouldn’t get another gig really quickly if he wanted to do so, no doubt.

      Say what you will about the way it has petered out, but JS/PC inherited a terrible roster in 2010 and shepherded an era that saw a decade of winning, a Super Bowl victory, and multiple conference and division championships; merchandise, primetime features, madden cover.

      Owners of downtrodden franchises would covet that upside.

      Much like Andy Reid and Tony Dungy found work immediately after being fired from successful stints.

      • Rob Staton

        100% if he wanted another job he’d get one

        But he’d insist on full control

        And I don’t think it’d work out. Nothing lasts forever. The man is 71 in 2022!

  31. TomLPDX

    Florio is like an old witch standing over a simmering pot of gods-knows-what and cackling.

    • cha

      He’s not wrong that the local press has been playing it incredibly soft. One question today about who advises Jody Allen. No questions about what Russell said yesterday.

      Bob Condotta got called on for an ‘extra’ question at the end of the session and he declined to ask anything. He declined!

      • TomLPDX

        He ISN’T wrong, and one of the things I respect about him…but he loves to stir the pot. I actually go to Florio first for stuff and he is very careful about publishing trash…he pretty much doesn’t.

        • cha

          I got a kick out of how Seahawks twitter excoriated him for reporting that the Seahawks have made their best offer to Jamal Adams and they’re done, and then Adams’ camp saying ‘fine he’ll fight the franchise tag safety designation’ as just stirring things up, making up stories to get clicks.

          A day after Adams signed his deal, who had a copy of his contract in his hand, and published all the details before anyone else?

          Adam Schefter? Nope. Ian Rappaport? Wrong again. Jay Glazer? Field Yates? Josina Anderson? Negative.

          Mike Florio.

          Adams himself confirmed it was a contentious negotiation and that he wanted to fight it out and his mother talked some sense into him to back down and take the deal.

          Apparently everyone was too busy labelling Florio as a gasbag to notice that this was obviously 1-correctly sourced information, and 2-an arranged swap. Florio walked their dog around the block in exchange for the contract details. You don’t give a spewing gasbag a scoop of that level days after he’s put out that hot of information.

          That being the case, it might be worth considering what he says.

          • Rob Staton


  32. Rob Staton

    Glad I lumped on Alabama -13.5 and Georgia -7.5

    • Jordan

      Much return on either of those? Even as a parlay?

      Nothing in the betting market looked particularly tasty for either of today’s games imo.

      • Rob Staton

        I was happy to go big because they looked easy money

        • Jordan

          Awesome! Smart man.

  33. Rob Staton

    Tonight Michigan are playing the role of Notre Dame.

    This is why the playoffs are crap

    When Clemson and Ohio State are not good enough, there’s no competition for the top two SEC teams (which is always Georgia & Alabama aside from one year of LSU)

    • TomLPDX

      Let’s hope Texas A&M shows up next year to at least contend. This has been a disappointing day of college football.

    • Jordan


      As long as the homes of the 5 star and/or 1st round defensive linemen and the United States obesity rate maps continue to match, the rest of the country doesn’t stand much of a chance.

    • Peter

      Tbf to the bearcats. I’m sure most people thought this was going to be the outcome of that game.

      Not sure this ride stops until Saban retires. Lincoln riley? Doubt it. Anyone in the pac-12? Big 10? Big 12?

      It’s fun when Clemson got going but honestly this is some of the most boring football

      • Rob Staton

        Riley has a chance because he has a proven track record with QB’s, he can recruit and he could end up dominating recruiting on the west coast and especially California.

        USC smashed that appointment out of the park. I hope the Seahawks do something similar in two or three weeks.

        But even then — can they compete with the SEC powerhouses who churn out so many five star beastly linemen? Doubt it.

        • Peter

          100% on a dynamic hire both for USC and for hopefully the bear future in hawks land.

          I’m sure he’ll recruit like hell. Oklahoma has not been any slouch. But it’s grown ass men playing in the south. Gonna be hard to keep and attract any from going to the draft making powers for a while.

    • Big Mike

      So sick to death of the SEC I won’t even turn the championship game on. Just don’t give a shit.

      • Rob Staton

        College Football has become boring as a spectacle.

        I still enjoy watching specific players for the draft.

        But I never get excited for a CFB game. And with money brought into the mix now and the transfer portal, things are going to get even worse I fear.

        • TheOtherJordan

          100%. College Football will never be what it was. It will become an even more lopsided semi-pro collection of haves and have nots with an inferior product and model to the NFL. There will be 5 programs, 10 at most, that pay the most for players and dominate. It’s completely legal now and will be boring to watch. There’s upcoming issues with insurance and CTE, Title IX, and athletic department budgets in general. It’s going to be a mess.

          • Mike

            Alabama and Georgia were so much better than there opponents it was hard to even get a serious look at some of the draft prospects.

            Evan Neal is a badass
            Jameson williams looked great

            Ridder looked awful and should probably be a day 3 pick

          • GoHawks5151

            I don’t mind watching the best playing the best. My greatest fear in this era is expanding the playoffs to 12 teams. Why? Why would we want to watch six games like last night? It is a waste of everyone’s time and resources. They think this is going to be March madness when the end result is going to be the same. Upsets will be rare. The least offensive option is first and second get a bye and three through six playing a wild card type round

  34. Olyhawksfan

    I just blows me away that PCJS get a pass, i.e. “one unlucky bad season” after doing a terrible job…at their jobs for four years, yet Russell Wilson is trash after not playing MVP football since the second half of last season.

    PCJS have been winning because of Russ.

    Russ has been winning because of Russ. Not PCJS.

    • Rob Staton


    • Big Mike

      Well said

    • McZ

      While this is true, I fear ownership isn’t reading the situation that way. From a football noobs perspective, this is one bad season, where the QB was injured.

      My greatest fear is PC getting a go to pull up another “retooling”, at worst selling RW and/or Metcalf, taking the draft capital acquired to sink into an assortment of Collier-Penny-Brooks. Backup quality players, who cannot do and are not trusted to do what is required.

      And since the team is full of such players, the problem of Bwagz and Brown getting worse, the fact that Diggs is an FA and the idea that Metcalf seeks a payout and possibly a way out, the situation is requiring a full rebuild anyway.

      I don’t think, RW wants to be part of that in any case.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m going to go into more detail on this later today but Carroll has made it clear he doesn’t believe a rebuild is necessary and there’s plenty of smoke that he isn’t interested in one.

        We need to remember this.

        And that’s why I think he will be gone. Because Wilson ain’t sticking around.

        • Henry Taylor

          That’s part of my concern, that if Pete is going to step away it isnt going to be straight away. He’ll wait until it’s very clear that it’s him or Russ and we’ll end up in a situation like the Eagles were in last year, having missed the boat on many of the top coaching candidates.

          • Rob Staton

            I wouldn’t worry.

            Wilson isn’t waiting until the Super Bowl this year to make his feelings clear

      • Ryan Purcell

        Brooks was a good pick and will be our starting MLB next year. Not sure why he gets lumped in with Collier.

        • Rob Staton

          Brooks isn’t a Collier level pick.

          But whether it was a ‘good’ pick or not is up for debate.

          He’s grading 57.4 for this season, still makes too many mistakes and there were better players available when they selected him. I hope he proves to be a good pick but the best I can muster currently is ‘the jury’s still out’.

  35. TomLPDX

    Happy New Year Rob, Cha, Robbie and the rest of the SDB gang!

    Let’s hope this year brings significant, positive change to our Seahawks!

    • Sea Mode

      Happy New Year to you as well, Tom!

  36. Big Mike

    Brandon Marshall weighs in on the state of the franchise:

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah but what does he know?

      Matt Hasselbeck played one year in Seattle 11 years ago and he says Carroll should stay. And people like Matt. So his opinion wins.

  37. BobbyK

    If Carroll gets another year in ’23 I wonder how many draft picks from next years draft will get traded so he can “comPete” in ’22?

    • Scot04

      I’m more concerned about SDB if Pete’s around for 22-23′
      Unsure if Rob could take another year. I know I had difficulty watching this year.
      I’d prefer going into the offseason knowing they’ll be change. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll still be excited to see what a new front office has for ideas.
      With Pete my hope level would be 0

      • Rob Staton

        I can’t keep writing the same article for another year.

  38. Robert Las Vegas

    First of all happy new year to everyone. Here is my thought Rob if Russell wants to win 3 more Superbowls wouldn’t it his best opportunity be with New Orleans my reasoning First is the coach second is dome stadium . Have a running back decent roster. Even the division another dome team in Atlanta. Warm weather Tampa and carolina.i am thinking there is some check marks in new Orleans.

  39. Ashish

    Can’t wait 10th Jan with headlines Pete had create a legacy thanks for your service. New era begins with Doug Pederson or offensive minded coach.

  40. Olyhawksfan

    He might be fine but WHEN they took him is the big head scratcher. A lot of other needs yet you take your backup MLB that won’t see his natural position for years? Maybe if you had a shot at a Micah Parsons.

    • Olyhawksfan

      Sorry, this was for an earlier thread.

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