LIVE: 2015 NFL Draft (Rounds 2 & 3)

Live commentary on rounds 2 & 3 with Rob Staton, Kenneth Arthur and Danny Kelly.

Seahawks picks:

#63 — Frank Clark (DE, Michigan)
Long, explosive pass rusher who just makes splash plays. The pick won’t sit well with some fans, given the reasons for Clark’s dismissal from Michigan.

The Seahawks traded up in round three with Washington, giving up a 4th, 5th and 6th rounder.

#69 — Tyler Lockett (WR, Kansas State)
High character, occasionally explosive and very productive receiver. A day one kick returner and special teams dynamo. No surprises Seattle coveted a guy.


  1. J2 MED

    Wooooohoooo let’s goooo! so pumped

    • William Centen

      I like the pick. Just NOT in the 2nd round. If you like Locket so much you could have drafted him first. Then take Clark in the 3rd and save 3 draft picks
      That was really dumb.

      • Rob Staton

        Clark would not have been there in the late third. Nothing dumb at all in that decision.

  2. bigDhawk

    This could be interesting. I like Rob’s previous post about a possible Marcus Golden pick at 63. Measurables aside, that guy is a baller.

  3. UKHawkDavid

    Any draft clues from PC yet?

    • bigDhawk

      Just checked a moment ago and nothing.

      • bigDhawk

        Check that. A new clue just posted

        • bigDhawk

          Lots of ‘gold’ visual cues in that video. Could be Eddie Goldman or Marcus Golden.

          • Volume12

            WR Chris Conley?

        • bigDhawk

          Eddie Goldman gone. Must be Marcus Golden then.

  4. Kyle

    Rob, just for fun, could we hear you put on your best generic American accent for a pick?

  5. Guy

    Calling it.
    63 DT Jordan Philips, Oklahoma, 6’6 334lbs #1 Run stuffer
    95 DE Frank Clark, Michigan 6’3 271lbs #3 Pass rusher
    112 C Hroniss Grasu, Oregon 6’3 297lbs #1 Center. Injury concerns
    130 RB David Cobb, Minnesota 5’11 229lbs Bruising running back
    134 WR/KR Kenny Bell, Nebraska 6’1 197lbs #1 Blocking WR
    167 Slot CB/KR Darryl Roberts, Marshall 5’11 187lbs
    170 WR Jordan Taylor, Rice 6’5 204lbs Huge possession receiver
    180 DT->OG Kristjan Sokoli, Buffalo 6’5 293lbs DT most think is OG stud
    209 LEO/SLB Jordan Hicks, Texas 6’1 236lbs Fast pass rusher
    214 CB Tray Walker, Texas Southern 6’2 219lbs Big, aggressive CB
    248 LB Reshard Cliett, S. Florida 6’2 235lbs Super fast LB

    • Rik

      I think they are going to pick up 3 or 4 on OL, and probably 2 picks to compete at C.

  6. Producehawk

    Been a fly on the wall here for a few years, just wanted to thank Rob for all the work he does. Will not try to guess what the Hawks will do. Go Hawks!

  7. Volume12

    Here we go boys!

    Tennesse trading that 33rd pick indicates this could be an exciting 2nd round.

    Can’t wait for our selection.


    • bigDhawk

      Cost them a 4 and a 7 to move up 6 spots. Gives an idea what it will take for us to move up 15 or so for DGB.

  8. bigDhawk

    Pfft. Donovan Smith at 34. There goes my Penn St bookends in 2016.

    • UKHawkDavid

      Seems high, doesn’t it? Especially considering Jake Fisher is still there.

      • bigDhawk

        I was higher on Smith than most. I would take him over Fisher and pretty much any other tackle besides Collins and Clemmings at this point.

  9. peter

    well theres one down form the list Mario Edwards jr.

  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Raiders are killing the draft so far. Good thing I’m not in their parking lot.

    • Steele1324

      They would be idiots if they don’t kill this offseason with that much FA money and nothing to lose. I do think the AFC is tightening up. The Patriots and Broncos will not have it easy.

  11. bigDhawk

    Whoa TJ Yeldon at 36 to JAX. Well at least we can’t waste 63 on him now.

  12. peter

    seems like a round early or so for Yeldon?

    • Volume12


      Just goes to show that teams are willing to reach.

  13. Volume12

    In the latest PC clue, could it be Georgia WR Chris Conley?

    Conley reportedly wear a suit and tie to every interview, meeting, etc. with teams. In that video Common in a suit and tie is one of the 1st things you see.

    Common’s from Chicago, so that might be a clue as well.

    • Steele1324

      Rob is pretty staunchly negative on Conley, thinks he is an overrated workout warrior who didn’t distinguish himself in four years. I disagree. Conley was in a run-heavy system and was still highly productive. He was capable of making great plays, and that is what he carries forward. Put him in an NFL camp, coach him up, and he will be good.

      • UKHawkDavid

        I don’t mean to put words in Rob’s mouth (or on Rob’s keyboard I suppose) but I haven’t got that impression from him (not “staunchly negative” anyway). I think Rob has him as one of the many good WR options in rounds 3-5.

        • Steele1324

          UK, Rob just said it in exactly those words. Overrated because of his workout, didn’t do anything for four years, only got attention because people noticed his numbers, doesn’t buy the excuses including the offensive system and QB. That’s staunchly negative.

          I appreciate that opinion and disagree.

      • Volume12

        I don’t remember that.

        No one can deny he’s one of the best characters on and off the field. Very mature, freak athlete, he was good not great, but his potential is sky high. He is raw.

        I think he plays almost afraid of contact at time, but maybe that’s something that drives Conley mad, motivation wise.

  14. Steele1324

    Damn the Jets for grabbing Devin Smith.

  15. peter

    Kind of good but odd pick from Bowles and CO.

  16. Steele1324

    I would be surprised if they make the move for DGB. Time to prepare for soul crushing disappointment.

    • Volume12

      Why? There’s probably 10 very exciting prospects left. Not including DT Eddie Goldman.

      • peter

        Bears finally pulling the plane back up. That’s a super good pick for them

      • Steele1324

        There is an entire draft of exciting prospects left.

        • Volume12

          I meant guys that could or should’ve gone higher.

          Your right, there is.

  17. peter

    How awesome would it be if Chicago picked someone like ajayi/Coleman….and just let their terrible defense get worked next year?

  18. peter

    Come on Scott McCloughan….yeah yeah he could have traded down and still got Scherff but that’s a solid pick and now Preston Smith….

    • Volume12

      I agree. I still think Washington is one of the most improved teams in the NFC, and this guy is the face of it. Mccloughan, that is.

      • peter

        no doubt. THey could be a real handful next year

  19. JC

    Beckham is gone to Titans

    • Steele1324

      And there it is.

      Don’t jump off any buildings, guys.

    • peter

      Honestly Seattle should have done something like that when they got Russell. Don’t care how or where but they have got to give him at least 1-2 REAL options this year. I know Graham. But at his age he’s not really someone he can grow with.

      • Meat

        Agreed. Too bad. Strong maybe?

  20. bigDhawk

    Bye bye DGB. Perhaps for the best.

    • Steele1324

      Look on the bright side. He isn’t in the NFC, and isn’t in the division playing for the Niners.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      The announcers on ESPN really trashed him. I am glad he is gone. Perhaps we can discuss someone else now.

      • H M Abdou

        I agree, good riddance, I didn’t want DGB

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yeah, if the Seahawks had picked him that’s ALL we would have talked about for next four months.

  21. Nathan

    Part of me is relieved to see him off the board.

    • bigDhawk

      I hear ya. Now it’s wide open what we will do.

  22. dawgma

    Thanks Titans, maybe I can stop hearing about him every thirty seconds now.

  23. John_s

    Carolina gave up a 2,3 and 6 to move up to 41. I don’t think JS will give up his 3rd to move up

    • bigDhawk

      Yeah the price for us to move up would have been exorbitant.

  24. Nathan

    Trades starting to happen now, Texans just moved up for the Browns pick.

    • Nathan

      Texans still have the 51st pick, wonder what was traded.

      • peter


      • John_s

        Texans gave up 51 also a 4 and 6

        • Nathan

          Thanks, the draft tracker on has been updated now.

  25. peter

    Seriously I don’t know what some of you guys are talking about. The titans got Mariota and gave him a former parade magazine number one player in America, who LITERALLY would have been picked no lower then the third wr off the board except for off field stuff. his on field actions were exactly what his hype pre college said he would be

  26. Ed

    Looking good for OL or DL. WR might need to wait until 3rd for Montgomery McBride or Conley

  27. bigDhawk

    New draft clue:

    Again, lots of ‘gold’ visual cues. The spotlight is an amber gold. Gotta be Marcus Golden like Rob posted earlier.

    • Volume12

      I’m a fan of Golden’s game, character, and his background is ‘Seahawky.’ Just didn’t think he had the length or speed for Seattle’s style/scheme. Maybe he does.

      • bigDhawk

        JS is on recent record saying he’s made the mistake of getting seduced by measurables and passing on obvious ballers. That kind of describes Golden.

        • Volume12

          Great point. Nice heads up on that.

        • Jarhead

          Couldn’t be more correct. I think a large percentage of our previous 2 drafts fall in to this category. We should temper our expectations from pure SPARQ athletes. We need football players

  28. Nathan

    What a shocking trade, they probably could have stayed where they were.

  29. dawgma

    Wow. They gave up an extra third for Funchess? I would have been disappointed if we picked him at 63.

  30. Steele1324

    And Funchess to the Panthers. Message to LOB: get ready.

    • Steele1324

      A lot of overdrafting already so far. I don’t think Funchess is a top 50.

    • Volume12


      • Volume12

        Carolina has no O-line to keep Cam healthy.

    • peter

      No way! Funchess when he’s on he’s on. willl not argue that, but he’s this drafts’ “who’s Jimmy,” when he’s off

  31. bigDhawk

    Carolina building a towering receiving corps that I’d like us to have.

    • Steele1324

      Yes, unfortunately true. They can still construct that kind of receiving corps, if they choose to.

      • peter

        yup, waller, lewis, are go for some athletes that can go p and get it, strong, coates, Montgomery….

        • Nathan

          Are they over compensating for Cam’s over throwing.

  32. JC

    Funchess feels like a reach, especially considering they gave up a lot to move up those spots.

  33. bigDhawk

    Jalen Collins gone now. Keep ticking them off…

    • peter

      Dan Quinn needs to get a grip! and Pete Carrol needs to lay off his policy of wanting his guys to move on! jk

  34. peter

    I wonder if JS/PC start getting an itchy trigger finger at some point about harold

    • bigDhawk

      Or Clemmings. He’s look great replacing Okung next year.

      • H M Abdou

        Why replace? Clemmings can play guard

        • bigDhawk

          Why? Huge cap savings and with a year of coacing Clemmings will probably be a flat out better tackle than Okung.

          • H M Abdou

            There’s no guarantee Clemmings will pan out. And btw I want Pete/John to draft Grady Jarrett at 63.

  35. bigDhawk

    Good for Kikaha. Wish him well.

  36. Steele1324

    Saints take Kikaha!!!

    • H M Abdou

      Solid pick, maybe a bit too early. I guess they loved him.

  37. dawgma

    Wow, higher than I expected for Kikaha.

  38. Ed


    All guys we all expected to be picked by now. And still have Morse/Marpert/Grasu/Conley/McBride

    Sit tight and still make out

    • bigDhawk

      Add Clemmings to that list. I’d love to move up for him pretty soon here.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Should be some good offensive linemen at #63. I think moving up is unlikely when it requires two additional draft picks.

  39. John_s

    Philly traded up to get Miami’s pick. Jake Fisher, Oregon? Or a defensive player

    • John_s

      Philly gave up 2, and two 5’s for 47 and a 6

  40. Volume12

    On Pete’s latest clue, could it be someone whose lost their dad, physically or figuratively? That’s what the Neil Young song is about.

    WRs Jaelen Strong and Sammie Coates have both lost their fathers. Strong might be off the board real soon, but something to think about.

  41. Madmark

    63 Ali Marpet G
    95 Mitch Morse C
    112 Marcus Hardison 3-tech
    130 Tony Lippett WR/CB/ST
    134 Kenny Bell WR/PR/KR
    167 Tyeler Davidson 1-tech
    170 Tyrus Thompson T
    181 Alania Fua OLB
    209 Greg Mancz OL
    214 DeAndre Smelter WR
    248 Thomas Rawl RB
    I understand Rob that he has a ideal center’s body but I don’t see it as an absolute. Morse has height for tackle but the arms of actually nobody but center would be the best fit. The ZBS makes up for a lot of falt’s OL men have as long as they have a great motor, field vision, and athletic ability.

  42. Steele1324

    Tartt to the 49ers. Interesting. Nasty strong safety. A bit of a reach. He’ll be productive for them.

    • Steele1324

      The Tomsula era is a bit vanilla so far. Armstead, meh. Tartt, okay but a reach. Look at the guys they passed up! Oh well, let the dumpster fire burn. Let the whole draft pass them by. (But they do have some good guys on the existing roster, so I won’t write them off entirely.)

  43. bigDhawk

    SF wildly reaching for Tartt. Hilarious.

    • Volume12


  44. peter

    San FranClara is getting way out of their depth…sucks they were a fun rival. Hope the Rams can bring it this year…not give us trouble but really bring it to everyone. I think it’s better when the NFC west is respected

    • bigDhawk

      The wheels are completely falling off in Santa Clara.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Hmm a bit too early to tell. Let’s see how they look after preseason.

  45. peter

    AHhhh Eric Rowe…LOB east

  46. Volume12

    Surprise! Chip takes another PAC 12 guy. But, Rowe is a good CB/S.

    • Steele1324

      Why on earth did SF pass on Eric Rowe?

      • peter

        I know man. two for one. Up and coming CB who needs more refinement and unlike myriad reclamation projects where people say “oh if he can’t play CB he can always play SS…” Well Rowe CAN actually play safety if the CB thing doesn’t work.

    • peter

      the mad visor strikes again. And like Pete he’s got maybe one more year to draft within his previous wheelhouse of college players he planned against.

  47. Madmark

    San Fran got old and Seattle was getting younger.

  48. Adog

    Maybe cable is roughing up coach Carroll demanding a trade up for Eric fisher. I like Grady Jarrett also. Have to think that way the 2nd is playing out that a ol or dl is the best value at our pick.

    • H M Abdou

      Jake Fisher would be perfect at LG. if he goes before we pick, then Grady Jarrett.

  49. Jarhead

    We had better not get TOO smug on SF’s reaching. We have been known to reach as well ie Carp, Michael, Richardson, Britt. Let’s make a pick we all like before we get to excited. Seeing all these names disappear has me a little nervous. I was totally against trading back, but if we can get future picks I would be for a jump back in to the third. Otherwise I think our current pick would not be good value

    • peter

      Fair. But SF wasn’t picking at the bottom of their respective rounds. SF is picking in a sweetspot to go BPA or Need. Honestly it seems like they are doing neither.

  50. H M Abdou

    How about (if he’s still available) Jake Fisher to play LG

    • bigDhawk

      Rather have Clemmings. Best player still on the board imho.

      • peter

        actually I think I’ll use my reply on your comment as well. I just honestly thought Clemmings/Fischer would both be gone

    • peter

      awesome choice for me. a guy who could actually play LT after/if Okung leaves next year

      • H M Abdou

        Yup. Gives the team leverage vs Okung

  51. EranUngar

    Everybody ignores OL and there is a rush on DB/LB….works for us….

    • H M Abdou

      Jake Fisher! Hopefully he’s still available close enough to trade up to get him LOL

    • peter

      both ways. actually three ways. Almost near top tier OL still available. Still the last few good DT/DL…..still some pretty interesting WR’s.

  52. Madmark

    Randy Gregory teammates said they like the guy but he was complex.

    • John_s

      NFL network said he was 30 mins late to meeting with Oakland and completely missed another meeting without informing the team.

  53. Jarhead

    With 14 picks until we get a shot and a dwindling talent pool for top talent can we afford to not make a small move up the board before all the remaining solid players get scooped up? Clemmings, Fisher, Jarrett are going to get nabbed by SOMEONE- and I hope we make the sure to assure it is us…

  54. Volume12

    Fisher, Golden, Clemmings, Strong, Coates, Harold, Conley, Clark, etc.

    • peter

      I think it’s less likely now then ever that they move up….there are in my estimation a good deal of players still available. Certainly more then I thought there would be.

  55. bigDhawk



    There goes the draft.


    • Bishop

      the draft has been busted

      • Kyle

        PANIC BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • bigDhawk

        JS is pacing around the room now. He was sitting before.

        • H M Abdou

          He’s on the toilet LOL

        • Volume12

          You guys aren’t serious, are you?

          • Bishop

            how can we not be?

          • H M Abdou


  56. AlaskaHawk

    Oops, KC picked Mitch Morse.

    • Kyle

      There he goes. Still a lot of talent left though

    • Bishop

      let’s just go ahead and pencil in Ali Marpet….

      • H M Abdou

        I like Marpet, but at 63 rather have Grady Jarrett.

        • Bishop

          Owa wouldn’t be a bad choice either if he’s still there

  57. peter

    Whoa…Excellent Call to Rob for seeing Morse being a guy who climbs three rounds a week or so before the draft!

    • H M Abdou

      Yup. Rob knows his stuff for sure!

  58. HOUSE

    Everyone that said “SEA would be settling on Morse @ #63” was wrong… KC got a helluva OL coming their way

    • Bishop

      Rob was wrong, we get it, time to shut down this website….

      • HOUSE

        I wasn’t saying Rob… I was talking about everyone that said “Morse is a 4-5th rd pick. No need to take him @ #63”. Didn’t even make it there

    • bigDhawk

      I think was a huge reach with a physical freak like Clemmings still available.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They will be competing with Seahawks for mid round wide receivers.

  59. peter

    Nate ORchard….thanks Cleveland for keeping more players on the board!

  60. peter

    Good move on miami

  61. Nathan

    Fack, what sort of D line will the Dolphins have?

    • peter

      phillips and suh….gonna be ugly for the east with the Jets bolstering their d as well

  62. bigDhawk

    Jordan Phillips. Nice value for the Phins at 52.

  63. Jarhead

    I think Marpet is a bit of a reach at 63. Once again we need FOOTBALL PLAYERS. He is a small school SPARQ guy. Not necessarily technically sound. I don’t think we need to reach that drastically for a player. The talent pool is dwindling but is isn’t so completely dry just yet

    • Volume12

      The talent pool isn’t dwindling at all there’s still 25-35 extremely good prospects left. And those are just the 2nd and 3rd rounders, ‘value wise-‘

      • Jarhead

        25-35 good prospects? That is a pretty generous number. If that were the case would we see teams reaching for Orchard, Tartt and Kikaha? I would say closer to 10 on the high side. And those are picks that warrant a legit second round selection- even at 63.

        • Volume12

          Not much seperating these next 2 rounds. There’s probably 6-7 guys that could’ve gone in te 1st or earlier.

          Did teams reach on them, or did they have Tartt, Kikaha, and whoever else, rated higher than others?

          The draft is subjective.

          • Jarhead

            Yes it is subjective, but the results are objective. We will all find out, but I would still give maybe 10 or so guys real top value in these next couple of picks. Other than that, you are correct- it all washes together to be players who have similar value. Meaning we would get less value at 63 than a team would get at 80 or so. That is what I am saying

  64. Madmark

    There went Mitch Morse didn’t even make it to 63

  65. Nathan

    Lions still don’t have a 4th rounder, probably our only remaining chance to trade.

    • peter

      but for who? at this point…

      • Nathan

        No idea. Hahaha.

        • Nathan

          I like Jarrett, Cowboys would potentially nab him from under our noses.

          • Nathan

            Or the colts, but they’ll pick another receiver.

    • bigDhawk

      Too late. Pick is in.

  66. bigDhawk

    Ickey Woods steals the show. Cold cuts for everyone.

  67. Nate

    Dang it i wanted Fisher.

    • Greens24

      Same. He’s a really good tackle

  68. bigDhawk

    Abdullah gone. Scratch off one returner.

  69. Volume12

    Love the Abdullah pick. Tougher than he seems.

  70. H M Abdou

    If Ameer Abdullah gets the fumbling under control, he’ll be the biggest steal from this draft

  71. Nathan

    Ravens sneaking one pick ahead of Pittsburgh.

    • Nathan

      Strange, why did they trade up? He only had to get past the Steelers, Rams and Cardinals.

      • John_s

        Steelers would’ve taken Maxx

  72. Jarhead

    Well there is still Harold, Clemmings, and Jarrett. Maybe there is a chance one of them just flat out falls to our spot. That could almost be too good to be true

    • bigDhawk

      If one of those three is still on the board at 63 we better not take Golden.

      • Jarhead

        Hahaha It would almost be our luck. I never thought Harold or Clemmings would be close. Jarrett I was late to the party on, but I would be stoked for any of those three. All at positions of need also.

  73. bigDhawk

    Maxx Williams. Solid, typical Baltimore pick.

  74. bigDhawk

    I can’t believe Harold and Clemmings are still on the board.

    • Volume12

      And Strong. Coates kind of too.

    • Bishop

      Clemmings due to injury

  75. BradCanuck

    Don’t mess with the best, cause the best don’t mess!! Thanks a lot for doing this boys!

  76. bigDhawk

    Havenstein to the Ewes. Another lol pick by an NFC West opponent. I’m really liking this draft and we haven’t picked.

  77. bigDhawk

    WOW! Golden to the Redbirds. The draft just officially exploded.

    • bigDhawk

      I’m clueless now, Pete.

    • Steele1324

      Golden is the kind of solid contributor a team would want. Not necessarily a star, but possible foundation type.

  78. Steele1324

    Sorry to see Morse go.

  79. Volume12

    It must be Golden!

  80. John_s

    Golden is gone. Strong should be there at 63

    • Volume12

      I know. Someone said the clue revealed Golden.

  81. Nathan

    I smell a trade back.

    • Nathan

      Bucs have moved up into the colts spot.

  82. bigDhawk

    Harold likely doesn’t make it past Dallas.

    • John_s

      RB? Duke Johnson?

  83. JC

    Ty Sambrailo off the board to Denver

  84. John_s

    Sambraillo to Denver

    • Kyle

      Damn, that one upsets me a bit.

  85. Steele1324

    And there goes Sambrailo to the Broncos. The whole world steals the Seahawks mock draft board!

  86. HOUSE

    He’s battling Cancer and has thanked the DEN Broncos for supporting him

  87. peter

    excellent pick for the broncos

  88. John_s

    Gregory to DAL

  89. Kyle

    And there goes Randy Gregory……

  90. Bishop

    Rob was wrong again, about Gregory…..the anarchy!

  91. bigDhawk

    Gregory to the Girls. Dallas assembling the all-rapsheet team.

    • Bishop

      I’m jealous….though Seattle would end up with that incredible value pick

  92. Nathan

    Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy and Dez Bryant.

    Top blokes those cowboys.

    • bigDhawk

      Don’t forget Josh Brent. And (dis)honorable mention to Sam Hurd.

    • peter

      it’s their DNA….

  93. bigDhawk

    Eli Harold now likely to be on the board for us. Doesn;t fit with Tampa or GB. This is amazing. We better take him.

  94. Steele1324

    Randy Gregory to Dallas. Hardy and Gregory. Jerry Jones is not afraid of controversy. Balls or arrogance?

  95. peter

    I’m starting to wonder if Harold has some sort of issue that came up in physicals ala Jesse Williams a few years back

  96. bigDhawk

    Clemmings likely to go to TB next.

    • Bishop

      even though they took Donovan Smith already?

      • bigDhawk

        Did you see their OL last year?

        • Bishop

          did anybody?

          • John_s

            They’re taking Ali Marpet

            • Kyle

              I’d be happy with Collins or Harold.

  97. Nate

    BigD you seem obsessed with Clemmings. Your cousin or something?

    • Kyle

      Guys from Pitt have a good track record….

      • peter

        he’s also got a lot of potential and versatility

        • John_s

          Mayock mentioned he’s got a medical issue but didn’t expand on it

          • Bishop

            stress fracture in his foot I believe

    • bigDhawk

      I just had him rated a late first round pick. He has freakish athleticism like Greg Robinson last year.

  98. Bishop

    ok, so Ali Marpet isn’t to worry about anymore

    • AlaskaHawk

      Hmmm getting close

  99. Bishop

    the War Room finally woke up

  100. peter

    For the OLine guys: who you got now that Sambrailo/Marpet/Morse are gone. Are they really only going to pick two guys….


    Sokoli is the new Sweezy

    Grasu at 63

  101. Ho Lee Chit

    Take Le’el Collins

  102. peter

    ahh hell yeah! on the clock

  103. bigDhawk

    Kenny Easley . Sweet.

    • peter

      Easley getting a lot of love this year

  104. John_s

    Frank Clark!

  105. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks get Frank Clark, de

  106. bigDhawk

    Frank Clark.


  107. peter

    Well nice work yet again Rob Staton….

  108. Bishop

    I had Clark in my 4th round mock, would have selected Owa instead. But they have more access to the players than I do

    • peter

      I think there is something not right about his hips

    • peter

      injury concerns….fourth round

  109. Steele1324

    Frank Clark over Eli Harold. Hate this pick.

    • Bishop

      Needs: OL, WR, DB

      Pile up that DL

    • peter

      what if Harold has some injury concern? It has to be something like that

    • bigDhawk

      JAX will get their LEO now.

      • Bishop

        another one?

        • Bishop

          Seahawks traded up

    • ontoic

      I encourage folks to trust John and Pete. These guys sat down with Frank Clark. In the absence of the domestic violence allegation, there would be no real problem with this pick. Don’t condemn the guy until he has a chance to show you how he grows from his poor choice and how he takes advantage of this opportunity.

      • Jarhead

        But does the talent warrant suspension of disbelief that he is reformed? I would think that other players who have similar skill sets or equivalent talent at positions of need without all the red flags would have been a much better choice

  110. Dawgma

    God damn it.

  111. Bishop

    And you guys thought Randy Gregory had issues….

  112. Jarhead

    Eesh… Harold was an all heart leader and productive. So we get a player at a position that is not a true need who has a very checkered past. Can’t say I am excited. I think that we overdrafted once again

    • peter

      well he’s a bit of a need as that Bennett/avril are getting older and there are upcoming gcap concerns

      • Steele1324

        Peter, yes, it is a need, but Clark just isn’t a great pass rusher.

      • Jarhead

        So we take one of our strongest positions and get insurance against their age/cap? That seems a little obsurd with other strong players available at positions where we don’t even have legit starters. I don’t think we should try and spin this one. This is another Michael pick and I think we blew. But that is my opinion. I wasn’t remotely responsible for making the pick

        • peter

          Listen I wanted a massive upgrade at WR…this year and am still hoping for it. But value for the oline is totally present in the 3-7 round and it doesn’t change if we picked them at 63

          • Jarhead

            Clemmings, Grady Jarrett were both supposed to be long gone. Tell me you wouldn’t have been more excited and felt better if they had been the pick?

    • Steele1324

      All of the horrifying character issues aside, I don’t see how you can compare Frank Clark to Eli Harold. Not unless we find out, for instance, that Seattle’s scouts identified some injury problem with Harold that nobody knew about or something like that.

      I hate this pick. A pass rusher who can pass rush. Just a guy who rumbles around without finishing plays.

      • Jarhead

        I know you meant to say “can’t” pass rush, as I agree that I hate this pick

  113. Chris

    And following their yearly tradition, this year’s quality receiver passed by is ….

    Jaelen Strong

    • Bishop

      maybe they are planning on trading up?

      • Steele1324

        I somehow doubt it.

        • Bishop

          and somehow you were wrong

  114. rowdy

    Absolutely love the player but hate the background. People do change and he’s young enough to do just that, hopefully!

    • Bishop

      can’t deny the talent, but all the talk about Gregory…..Seattle takes a guy with an All-Dallas wrap sheet

      • Steele1324

        Well, I think I will deny the talent. What is Clark? A somewhat average pure defensive end with no pass rush. A lineman. They could have gotten that lower in this draft. And look at the list of talent they passed up. How on earth did they toss aside Eli Harold?

  115. Ketch1

    Well crap. Issues only part of it. Other is, I don’t see him making it. With what’s off the board, I wanted lemmings, Conley or pj williams

  116. Ketch1

    Steele1324–Exactly. True, we needed a DE. But not Clark

  117. Volume12

    I love this pick. LOL. Saw this coming.

    What a weapon. He’s a mix of Michael Bennett and Bruce Irvin, ceiling wise.

    Welcome to the PNW Frank Clark!

    • peter

      No doubt!

    • David M2

      WOO HOO! Clark it is V-12 Love the pick! He was the one guy besides DGB I wanted in this draft. Hoping we get Mayle at 95.

      • David M2

        Hadn’t seen that we moved up to 69. When I saw it I was hoping for Lockett. We got Lockett! Now hoping for Mayle somewhere in the 4th or 5th…

    • Steele1324

      He is neither Bennett nor Irvin, Volume.

  118. connor

    Frank Clark is a beast. If he didn’t have the history he has, this would be an ultra exciting pick. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pete and John wanted to take on the challenge of turning around a guy with a domestic violence incident, and set the precedent that they’re the team that can take these guys on and turn them around when they like the talent and see a bargain.

    That could be reading into it way to much, but if he keeps his nose clean he can be a really good player.

  119. Screeching Hawk

    Look if Pete and John where comfortable with this pick then so should we. People are emotionally beings and we all make mistakes. I think that there are two types of people in this world good and bad. Good people do bad things sometimes. We weren’t there when shit went down, welcome Frank to the Seattle Seahawks!

  120. Madmark

    Does every team in the NFL read this website or what? Morse and Marpet gone before we got to pick. WOW

    • Madmark

      Oh I forgot Ty Sambrailio

    • Madmark

      It appears to me that they will continue to push Cable into miracle worker on a crappy OL.

      • Ketch1

        The only thing is, Cable’s been doing it. Top rushing O-line. Who can complain? I think they go three O-line draft picks, but they are doing fine with late picks, UDFAs, and Cable

  121. Ketch1

    That leaves for our next pick, Conley, PJ Williams, or Clemmings / Glowinski. (strong will be gone, likely Williams and Clemmings)

  122. bigDhawk

    Seattle trades up to 59!!!

    • bigDhawk

      69, even

      • John_s

        Swapped 3’s and gave up a 4,5 and 6. Wow that’s a lot

        • bigDhawk

          Ouch. Better be good. Maybe…ugh..La’el Collins?

        • peter

          Three picks to move up 26 spots…hope it’s awesome

  123. Ketch1

    Madmark–Yep, bummed we missed Morse, and Orchard. Botched my board.

  124. Greens24

    hawks trade up

  125. Jon

    Seattle Just got the 5th pick of the 3rd round.

  126. Jarhead

    Hold the phone- what are the terms of the trade? I can’t watch live at work

    • Jarhead

      But this better be for an absolute boss!

      • peter

        please let it be amazing

    • John_s

      Swap 3’s and gave up a 4,5,6

    • bigDhawk

      See above.

  127. Volume12

    Frank Clark will be a monster once PC gets him into his laboratory.

    Best player on the board.

  128. John_s

    Tyler Lockett are the reports

    • Bishop

      he was their guy for a very long time

  129. peter

    brain fart is it 8 picks they have or 7 picks

    • Ketch1

      Had eleven, gave up three, sitting eight

      • peter

        thanks that’s still a pretty good amount to do some damage

      • Greens24

        9. they gave up 3 but got 1

        • Ketch1

          I think they traded three’s, so a push, then gave up a four, five, and six. Should be eight, yes?

          • Greens24

            yeah youre right haha miscounted :p

            • Ketch1

              Maybe we’ll trade our five and get two sixes and a seven back.

    • Bishop

      well, Lockett was my original 2nd rounder for the past 3 months….I’m happy, but I’m not

  130. Volume12

    Guys, all the talent is in the next couple rounds. Not every pick was going to make this team.

  131. Steele1324

    Nightmare draft for me. Happy for many of you. Tyler Lockett.

    • Steele1324

      Even if you like Lockett, he was not worth moving up 30 spots, tossing a bunch of draft picks for him.

      • Jarhead

        Couldn’t agree more. I feel the same way I did last year. Just kind of deflated. If anyone is psyched hey good for you. But this is the 3rd straight draft where I can’t really feel pumped up about who we got.

        • JeffC

          I’m meh as well. 3rd straight year. Of course, drafting at the bottom doesn’t give many home run shots.

      • Ketch1

        Agreed. I had Justin Hardy for a slot and return man, plus our own Daniels. Seems a lot to have paid to move up that much.

        • Steele1324

          Ketch, exactly. There were plenty of similar and talented slot WRs they could have gotten anywhere in this draft without massive overinvestment and sacrificing important picks for it.

          There is/was still rd. 1 talent on the board, and they do this?

          • Ketch1

            I know we all get told they know what they’re doing. But sure seems to have tied our hands re getting some OL, a CB, and a safety. And DAMN, PJ Williams just went to NO. Not I’m pissed…

            Lockett better have a 30+yd avg on KO’s and 18+yds on punts. But I don’t believe it.

      • Bishop


  132. bigDhawk

    Tyler Lockette. Ok player but wow did we pay a lot.

  133. Jon

    Rob is on to something with the first two picks of this draft. Tyler Lockett.

  134. Volume12

    Steele, this is for you!

    Seattle is killing this draft my friends.

    Rob, well done my man.

    • peter

      Montgomery? is he off the board because of this pick?

  135. connor

    Come back with a Great character guy and a very good player. I’m really liking the Seahawks draft right now!

  136. Dawgma

    Well, hating this draft so far. You know you could have just Not blown 4 picks and picked Lockett in the first place and probably STILL got your DC wonder at the end of round 3.


  137. Nate

    Blech, why trade so much capital for him? me no likey.

  138. Steele1324

    And the Texans smartly take Jaelen Strong. Kudos to them. And Eli Harold is still on the board for some lucky team.

  139. Elliott

    Tyler Lockete is a beast, I was hoping we would pick him earlier in the year, love this pick.

  140. peter

    Strong to Houston? kind of redundancy for them

  141. peter

    Steele, there’s still a lot of guys out there with 8 picks waller/conley/glowinski/ your man lewis….

  142. Madmark

    I pushed him for fun , I didn’t think they’d trade the world for this guy. I still hate this pick but it seems like one of those small smurfs Seattle likes.

    • Jarhead

      Haha Seattle has minimum length for corners and Maximum height for WR’s. The only difference is one is working brilliantly, the other is oy veijh….

  143. Ho Lee Chit

    Tyler Lockett is just what we needed. We do not need another big target down field. We need a guy that can get separation in a short area like Baldwin. Lockett is also a great returner. I preferred Montgomery but I am glad they came away from the draft with the two guys they absolutely wanted. Now our pass rush and return game will be solid.

    • bigDhawk

      Is Russell going to get him the ball in time to take advantage of that separation? I think more tall receivers is exactly what we, and Russell, need.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        Why do you think Russell is running around? No one is getting open. Baldwin is the only WR we have that can improvise when the play breaks down. That is why Baldwin is our leading receiver. It is the same reason Steve Largent was successful for so many years. They were always looking for a big outside receiver when we had Largent, too.

    • Steele1324

      Ho, we absolutely do need another big target downfield. Even with Jimmy Graham and Chris Matthews—if he produces—that still leaves something that opposing defenses can cover. Only with another tall target do you completely nullify that.

      The other problem is that Russell Wilson’s passing style is better suited to tall targets.

      Another smurf replicates what they already have in Baldwin and PRich.

      Even if you love Lockett to death, how was he worth what they just gave up?

      They only have four picks left. Half the draft for Tyler Lockett.

      • bigDhawk

        6 picks, but yeah. Lockette’s ST ability is the only mitigating factor from being a completely terrible pick.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        I disagree. All of our receivers can get deep. It is something we can do well. Kearse, Baldwin, Matthews even Richardson can do it. But you need to do it by breaking a guys ankles at the LOS.

        If you watched the film on ESPN that I just saw you would realize that Lockett, 1. returns kicks, 2. covers kicks as a gunner 3. goes deep and 4. works underneath. He is a better version of Golden Tate.

        What we lack is a guy that can fake Malcolm Butler out of his shoes on the 1 yard line when all we need is a simple slant pass. Lockett gets instant separation. If we had him in the SB Butler would have never beat our receiver to the ball.

        • David ess

          Lockett being 5’9-5’10 could instead of blocking will just be thrown by browner in the instance were at the 1 year line.

          Don’t mind the pick I’ll wait and see

          Never thought we needed a returner as much as the blocking was crap.

    • Madmark

      Yea we have a backup for Baldwin and a returner. it only cost us 4 friggin picks. if they wanted him that bad they should have took him at 63.

  144. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Clark and Lockett….. and then trading away 4th and 5th round picks : /

  145. Meat

    I love the player….I just hate they gave up three additional picks for him. Well and Strong was still there. At least we got our kick returner

  146. CA

    They know things we dont. I would have also preferred harold but Clark is a good scheme fit, just needs to get his head straight. Lockette will tear up the inside. WR seem to be rounding out well especially if Matthews continues to develop… repair the OL find a CB next

    • Ketch1

      Need .a center / OG (Clemmings? Mason?) and a CB (Williams?). Man, I love Shaq Mason and PJ Williams

    • Steele1324

      Lockett only makes sense as a Doug Baldwin replacement who can return. And maybe that is the goal, if Baldwin bolts for free agency.

      Lockett is not unique. That is the problem. Way overvalued by JSPC.

      • sdcoug

        Can we all quit speaking in Absolutes? We may like the picks, we may not…but let’s quit suggesting we know value and talent better than JS/PC

        • Ketch1

          Well, I hear ya, but I don’t actually get to make JSPC do what I want them to do, so this is what I got.

          I’m saying, get PJ Williams, Shaq Mason, Blake Sims, trade Russel Wilson for three firsts, and let Sims start next year. Three year run at the SB from them on.

          And I still don’t like three picks for Lockett.

      • CA

        yes, very similar in style to DB, but this team needs a return specialist that can win on third down. They got that player in Lockett. Now our other Lockett can stick to special teams

  147. SunPathPaul

    Tyler Lockett! YES!!

  148. Matt

    Lockett!!! Stoked we got the guy I really wanted! Been singing his praises for months on here. Now we get to see what he can do in a Seahawks uniform.

  149. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The good news, all of us have found heard of both of these guys…. no surprises. 😀

  150. Steele1324

    So the only picks left are

    rd 4 130
    rd 4 135
    rd 5 171
    rd 6 214
    rd 7 248

    Is that it?

    • John_s

      There should be another 6th in there

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        8 total picks….. after the trade

    • Madmark

      its either we have 112 or 130

      • Steele1324 has the remaining picks as

        4 -130

        • Ketch1

          If that’s so, we didn’t give up a six.

          • John_s

            Yes we did. We had three 6’s. The natural 6th, comp 6th and ny jets 6th. They face up the nyj 6th

            • Volume12

              Is that it? Becausing having 8 picks is bad?

              1 potentially dynamic talent/field-flipping talent is better than 2 average players.

            • Ketch1

              Yep, you’re right.

  151. CharlieTheUnicorn

    4th round Sokoli.. the way this draft is looking like it will play out now

    • Steele1324

      I predict Mike Davis. Maybe they trade up the rest of the draft for him, too.

      • Ketch1

        I didn’t think we needed OL in the first or second (and no first for us), but in the 4th, we need OL. Three of ‘me, plus a safety. Dang, and corner.

  152. Trevor

    I have to say I liked both picks but I would have taken Harold instead of Clark. Clark will be a player though.

    Like Lockette and he will be a special teams star but wow that was a lot to give up!

  153. bigDhawk


    8 – Vic Beasley
    42 – Jalen Collins
    73 – Tevin Coleman

    Not bad, Quinn.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They have a A- draft so far. Coleman in 3rd was a coup

      • Matt

        Agreed. Falcons have made out so far.

    • Ishmael

      Making out like bandits. That’s an unbelievable draft. Their fans must be over the moon.

  154. Isaac

    It looks like Ty Montgomery is off the table now?

    • Rob Staton

      Yep. But Lockett a fine alternative to return kicks.

  155. peter

    I guess I don’t see it as a lot to give up. You have your 53 man roster, but only 45 suit up. You have your reserves/ practice squad guys….

    Mathematically it’s kind of crazy with all the picks as that 10-11 guys are really going to make the team in any capacity? What the team needs is players who can contribute right away especially since the ST was so poor last year.

    • Jarhead

      That is the problem. Half of our last two drafts don’t even suit up on game days. Hell, I haven’t been excited to watch a new pick play since 2012. Can’t say much for this crop so far either. Are people going to be realistic when these guys are don’t contribute much akin to Michael, Richardson, and others? We have to be real. Schneider and Carroll may be making the picks but it doesn’t mean the picks are going to pan out. Some of you are saying “Trust their judgment”, but when was the last time their judgment really provided an impact player? I am just giving an opposite angle in this debate

      • peter

        Jarhead, I actually don’t trust their judgement. Deandre Hopkins, Bitonio, there are others. I’m trying to see the logic in the thought process. And to me they must trust the depth they have and can build on.

        I don’t actually agree but I would’ve taken tons of other players, not traded for graham, not traded for percy, and most definitely not drafted a RB in the 2nd round

        • Drew

          Would you have traded for Marshawn Lynch or Chris Clemons?

  156. rowdy

    Did we give up the graham pick? Way to many picks for him

    • bigDhawk

      YEs. Our other 4th was a comp that’s not tradeable.

      • rowdy

        We have are 4th too, 3 total in the 4th

  157. Madmark

    I’ll say this if locket goes down with a leg injury, you will see one of the biggest pissed off fans ever.

    • Ketch1

      Two of us. And what the hell happened to having BJ Daniels return punts/kicks?

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        When the Seahawks are competing for the Superbowl late in the season in 2016 I’m sure EVERYONE will be up in arms about the 3-4 starters and handful of scattered backups who are on the injured list–especially a rookie 3rd rounder.

        C’mon fellas! Enough overreacting. This front office has done more to inspire confidence in their acquisitions than any NFL organization in recent memory.

    • Steele1324

      What difference would that make? He replicates Baldwin, Prich and Ricardo Lockette. Lose him, the others are there anyway. Sideways.

      • peter

        How is it sideways? those guys all suck at KR/PR..Baldwin once upon time looked like he was going to be good. Plus Lockett has a whole other style of game to him besides “being a smurf,”

    • peter

      wait what? Really why? How is the talent at the next round a guarantee of success? for every Sherman there are two Marc Legree’s

      Listen Tyler Lockett is not my favorite player but he’s got a LOT of Tate in his game including the return ability. Seems we all liked Tate just fine

      • Ketch1

        Tate was tough a freakin’ nails. I dunno, is Lockett like that?

        • peter

          dunno seems he played in all but 4 possible college games over four years including three missed as a freshmen.

          two time biletnikoff nominee, a ton of awards for his return skills/ big 12 conference awards

      • Madmark

        It’s so funny someone must be playing a game with me cause I talk about taking Lockett in the 2nd round for 2 weeks and I was ridiculed. I even said I hated the pick but it was a Seahawk pick. My arguments for was he filled special teams, loves to block, and he’s a film rat that would help him with chemistry with RW. I got ripped by everyone for a 2nd. now they take him for 4,5,6 and 3rd swap and that was never my plan.

        • peter

          I’m not going to look up a nearly irrelevant draft chart but I would surmise that those picks and the swap probably get pretty close to a 2nd rounder! ha nice work

  158. Donald

    I am skeptical about Lockett. The good is his speed. The bad is his size. He has small 8-3/8″ hands. Does he drop a lot of passes?

    • rowdy

      He has drop problems and I probably wouldn’t throw to him in wet conditions

      • Steele1324

        Lockett is not even that fast. 4.5 40. He has been caught from behind. Small hands, which he doesn’t use that well.

        • Ketch1

          Exactly. Not to piss people off, but what did people see to rate him SO highly? Not bad, yes, but doesn’t seem like greased lightning.

          • Dawgma

            Yeah. I wouldn’t have like him at 63 (although I’d take him over that dirt bag we actually picked). I freaking hate him for 5 picks.

        • peter

          4.4 top performer 40 yd dash/ 20 yd and 60 shuttle

        • sdcoug

          Did you all even watch any K-State games last year? Dude is just a good, quick, gritty player. Made play after play even though the D knew it was coming to him. And we just got a huge upgrade at KR. It’s not all about a measurement; the guy knows how to play. You all are acting like that was just a 1st Round pick

  159. HOUSE

    Both of these guys (Clark and Lockett) fill HUGE needs…

    Clark: Rotational DE that gets to a QB and has POP. When Avril went down in the Super Bowl, we were screwed… Not with Clark. I’ll completely admit his off-field is a MAJOR concern… Was the DV a 1-time thing? Has he grown up and is going to continue bettering himself as a man?
    I personally wouldn’t mind seeing this:

    Lockett: Our ST Return game was HORRIBLE last year. When we start “experimenting” with our ALL-PRO FS, its just scary. I see Lockett as a Golden Tate 2.0 that comes in with better route running is much more mature/game ready than GT was.

    • Steele1324

      House, no way Tyler Lockett runs better routes than Golden Tate. No way.

      • HOUSE

        GT’s route running was one of his BIGGEST knocks coming out of Notre Dame. He was deemed very athletic, productive, hungry, but a POOR route runner… Same analysis on 6-7 different sites. I remember being in Baghdad, Iraq at the time when Tate was drafted and a Notre Dame fan telling me the same thing…

        Quotes I’ve found about Lockett’s RR:
        “Superb route runner; very sharp footwork, savvy head fakes, sudden in and out of breaks”

        “Perhaps the biggest reason for Lockett’s collegiate success was his route-running ability, an area in which he is arguably better than any other wide receiver in the 2015 draft class.”

      • Matt

        Tyler Lockett is a superior route runner to Tate going into the league. Tate didn’t take off til his 3Rd year. Lockett is ready to contribute at WR, KR/PR, gunner. Fills multiple roles fantastically. My only question is how much we gave up to getc him. Love the player though.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          I absolutely agree. Golden needed two years. Tyler Lockett will fit right in and take Richardo off the field on 3rd downs.

          • David M2

            It may be fairly tough for Ricardo to make the team this year. I think it may even be tough for Kearse to make the team. Time will tell…

            • HOUSE

              I was thinking the exact same thing. Has Kearse even signed his tender? I haven’t seen anything saying so. I do not believe he is worth $2.36M this yr. Lockette has been great for us on ST and showed some nice catches last year, but I think he’s very replaceable and possibly has already been with Lockett

      • Meat

        It took Tate 3 years to run the route tree

    • Steele1324

      Clark does not get to the QB. That is the problem. He is a mauler, yanks and scratches in traffic, but does not finish off plays.

    • HOUSE

      Lockett is doing a phone interview on Sounds very poised and speaks articulately. “I’m ready to help my new teammates” is a GREAT quote from a young kid!

      • Steele1324

        He should be grateful they sacrificed a huge chunk of a draft for him. He had better become TY Hilton or Antonio Brown, or this will be viewed with regret.

      • Volume12

        Could not agree more House.

        I peferred Montgomery, but they were the 2 best returners in this draft.

        IMO, this is the type of receiver they were screaming out for.

        Lockett fills the biggest need. Seattle’s one glaring position that lacked any excitement or electricity was the return game.

    • Jarhead

      HUGE needs? Come on. Bennett and Avril are two of our best players. So the 3rd DE was a huge need? That is a bit much. Quite frankly if Bennett or Avril do go down then there SHOULD be a talent drop off. Where is our LG? Where is our C? We are drafted 2nd teamers when our 1st teams are not solid. Maybe it is a need but people need to stop with this idea that a 3rd DE was a huge need

      • peter

        Jarhead…I think the clark pick is to hedge against that drop off and honestly send one of them packing next year for money reasons.

        I agree they need a LG…but there are still a good deal of olinemen not just the ones discussed here that they can get to play in the later rounds.

        As for center. This is where I don’t agree. Mason maybe…but past that I’m pretty sure Lewis is going to be starting next year since he did a pretty damn good job last year relative to be a backup

      • HOUSE

        I do agree that OL needs to be addressed, but have a little faith in what we’ve done. How many OL in the past 5 yrs were taken in the 1st 3 rds and are still on the roster? I can name 1… I don’t think that is coincedence. I am sure OL will be addressed tomorrow and in depth.

        Clark will play DE when Bennett slots inside… DO you not see how important that is when the opposing team is trying to convert a 3rd down? Are you content with a HUGE drop off on the DL if Bennett or Avril get hurt? Avril going down in the Super Bowl was a big reason we lost.

        Lockett is one of the BEST return guys in this ENTIRE draft. Can you dispute that SEA could’ve been in a better position last year with a player like Golden Tate?

        • peter

          Thank you HOUSE. I’ve agreed with that part about the oline for a long time now

      • Volume12

        And people need to stop that a 2nd round C n this draft is any better than Lewis , LJP, or a later round pick.

        You can never have too many pass rushers. If they ever lost Bennett or Irvin, which doesn’t seem like such a ridiculous idea lately, then you get a giy in Clark that can do a little of both.

    • peter

      Agreed. They basically redrafted Tate.

      • Steele1324

        Tate was better.

        • peter

          Actually and factually…in college he wasn’t. Tyler locket put up Tate’s number in nearly every category, and though tate had a better senior year Lockett did it better longer as that he was a four year player.

          So no. Tate wasn’t better.

          • HOUSE

            Agreed… Yes Tate won the Biletnikoff, but his numbers weren’t as good as Lockett’s. Tate had a better QB in a more prolific pass offense, was less mature and it took him 2 yrs to be productive in SEA. I think Lockett is a better player/guy all around…

            I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong (I am NO EXPERT), but this is a guy that we SHOULD and WILL be excited about

  160. bigDhawk

    Chris Conley to KC. Let the tears flow.

    • Donald

      I am pissed actually, because I was hoping the Hawks would get Conley. Conley is a better WR than Lockett. He is faster, taller, much larger catching radius, larger hands at 10″ vs 8-3/8″. I am really depressed actually.

      • sdcoug

        he is not a better WR than Lockett. geesh

      • Matt

        Donald-Conley is a workout warrior. Lockett is a playmaker. Look at tape not measureables.

        • Steele1324

          Matt, this idea that Conley is just a workout warrior is dead wrong. In a run-heavy offense, Conley’s production was outstanding and underappreciated. He made huge plays when his number was called. He can be a huge playmaker with just a little training.

          Lockett’s tape does not impress me. Questionable hands, speed overrated, undersized, not physical.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        Where would he play? You have to have a position for him.

        • Matt

          Steele-If Lockett’s tape doesn’t impress you then you should re evaluate what you’re looking for. I know you don’t like him because he’s under 6’2″, but there’s so much more to the game than size and speed. Edelman killed us in the SB and has “it”. Lockett has “it.” If you haven’t seen it yet you will in the next 4+ seasons. Dude is a flat baller who has shown he wants to be great by improving throughout 4 stellar years at KSU. He fills multiple special teams roles as well as being able to separate from DB’s at WR. This saves roster spots. Maybe instead of suiting up Walters and Lockette in the SB we could of suited Lockett and Burley. The versatility that Lockett brings to the table is to be valued. Stop hating on the Hawks picks because they’re not the guys you want. JS and PC want them and obviously value both Clark and Lockett greatly!

  161. Ketch1

    Damn, lost Conley

  162. Ketch1

    KC has rocked this draft so far.

  163. Madmark

    Instead of Clark I would have taken Carl Davis and I really believe Lockett would have been there at 95. I’ll give them a break for the past but last year was a mediocre and this year isn’t promising. The only one worse at drafting in the NFC west is the 49ers. The Rams have clearly made ground on us and it they get a QB we are screwed.

    • Ketch1

      STL is going to be a problem. Well, with a QB, which Foles can be.

    • bigDhawk

      I fairness, it would be hard not to gain ground with the multiple top ten picks the Ewes have had for years. PJCS had their first two drafts in the top half of the order and they won a Super Bowl in four years. Now we are a championship contender picking at the back of the draft and the Rams are still in the top 10. Welcome to championship problems. I’d rather be us than them.

    • Dawgma

      Pretty much my exact position. Sorry but they’re on their way to completely crapping the bed three times in a row.

      • peter

        I’m confused Seatttle is crapping the bed or the rams for getting great players and not having an ever loving clue on how to get over .500

      • Steele1324

        I viewed this draft as decisive for proving if JSPC was just lucky with his first few. Looks that way. So far, not good, and impulsive.

        • peter

          how on earth can you know if this draft sucks yet? after the best draft in Seattle’s history most fans (reference every argument ever over Flynn vs. willson) basically thought seattle had lost their minds and nearly every pundit and writer on earth said the same thin (the famous f grade form bleacher report) Irvin, wags, willson, turbin that was a crap sandwich when it happened…and then there was the superbowl

          • Sean

            Agreed. I should probably just stop reading comments on draft day, because every year they are just dominated by people whining that their guy wasn’t taken, a trade gave away too much, and suddenly our fantastic GM and coaching staff suck and are idiots who just lucked into one championship, two consecutive Super Bowls, three straight years with the best D in football, etc.

            Take a breath everyone and realize that your projections of these players are no more accurate that anyone else’s, which means the opinions you’re so certain about today are only marginally more likely to be accurate than your horoscope. Let’s enjoy finding out what these guys can do and how they’ll fit in and save the dramatic proclamations for a few years down the road when they actually have some merit.

            Great blog Rob, I’m excited to read your take on the new additions.

            • sdcoug

              This ^^. Thank you

  164. icb

    Jay Ajayi still out there. Interesting.

    • Madmark

      He doesn’t block

      • HOUSE

        Same thing as Christine Michael. Michael’s talent is superior, but shitty pass pro gets a RB no burn

  165. Steele1324

    What on earth is up with Eli Harold? Must be some kind of problem for him to fall this far.

    • bigDhawk

      And Clemmings.

      • Ketch1

        Good. Maybe we can get him in…I dunno, one hundred picks?

  166. Lewis

    I kind of get the feeling they expected to take Lockett at 63, but didn’t expect Clark to last that long. So they took Clark, then went back up to get the guy they intended to take all along.

  167. Isaac

    I dont see why cb is this huge need. We did pick Carey Williams and Harold Simon is young. He will be a good corner soon.

    • Ketch1

      Well, here’s the issue: Lane is injured and won’t be back in time. Lucky to have him by week eight. Tharold Simon is injured (try Tharold without autocorrect f@ck1ng it up), and he needs another year to realize he doesn’t suck after getting poned in the SB, Burley is solid but not spectacular, Thomas is injured and will start slow, Sherman is healing and can’t carry both sides of the field. Pinkins might find his feet, but he won’t tear it up. Cary Williams will do better in our system than at the Eagles. He has attitude. But he’s good, not great. We need depth. So gotta draft a PJ Williams…which I think we just lost. Or some CB.

      • Steele1324

        Ketch, they got Will Blackmon to hold down the fort, and Kris Richard, for some reason, loves Cary Williams, who was burned badly as an Eagle and he has a bad attitude on top of that. And that’s it. They are taking their chances with these two, confident in Burley.

        They don’t seem worried about Lane, Sherm or ET in terms of their recoveries.

        I think this is a dicey situation.

        I think the OL is a mess, too. They don’t seem too urgent about that, either.

        Bottom line, they like their existing guys and reserves so much, it’s like this draft is free money.

  168. Steele1324

    This Lockett move has Bevell’s fingerprints all over it. He got them to pay up for Harvin. Now they have another supposed version of similar. Bubble screens. More bubble screens. More bubble screens.

    • Volume12

      LOL. This what they needed all along. An explosive weapon.

    • John_s

      I don’t think it was Bevell who wanted Harvin. Carroll wanted Harvin since his USC days and didn’t get him.

      I can understand your negativity regarding the pick but he was not a
      Bubble screen guy. He ran all routes. I had other WR’s in mind but he can contribute immediately as a returner

      • Steele1324

        Trust me, John. Bevell will blow the dust off of the Harvin playbook and ask Tyler do all of the things they never got Percy to do.

    • Lil'stink

      Lockett is a great route runner, though. And a good person. His tiny catch radius is a bit of a concern, though.

  169. bigDhawk

    Eli Harold to Santa Clara. Dang. Well, at least we’ll get to see him two times a year.

  170. Steele1324

    If they had gone Eli Harold even Randy Gregory, then traded up for Jaelen Strong, I would have been okay with that.

    Now Eli Harold is a 49er.

    • bigDhawk

      Wonder where he fits? He is not a prototype 3-4 OLB and certainly not a 3-4 five tech. Maybe he gets poorly utilized and we pilfer him off the practice squad scrap heap in a couple seasons.

      • Ketch1

        Okay, I like that thought. I was feeling depressed. We’ll continue the PS exchange between SEA and Santa Clara. I’m feeling just a bit sunnier.

  171. Ketch1

    SF all defense so far. Good. We like it that way.

  172. Madmark

    Evidently this draft hasn’t gone the way they wanted it to. If they didn’t give up the farm DGB like they did for Lockett. They probably thought they would get a Marpet or a Morse. When that plan fell apart I think they lost their minds.

    • Donald


      Morse, Fisher, Sombralio, and Tampa Bay traded up right before the Hawks and got Marpet. The Hawks didn’t know what to do.

    • Steele1324

      If they had given up the farm for DGB, and they could have, it would have been understandable, even expected.

  173. Miles

    Tyler Lockett is a shifty receiver with great speed who can return kicks and punts. He can also high point the ball well. If he ends up able to do what Golden Tate did for us, I think the trade was worth it. I do understand the concern over the price, but if he’s Golden Tate 2, we got a really nice player.

    • bigDhawk

      Tate-lite, maybe. Not Tate 2.0

    • Donald

      Look at the tape, the highlights. Lockett is NOT a hands catcher. He uses his body because he has 8-3/8″ hands.

      He is no Tate, maybe Tate 0.5

      • peter

        Donald, you have to remember how dunderheaded tate was when he first came out. It’s a bit harsh to say locket is 1/2 tate.

        • Steele1324

          He is not even 1/2 Tate. And as Donald says, Lockett’s hands are not good. I’m sick of watching Kearse and his body catches, and now we have another one.

          As for Lockett high pointing, he is not a great jumper. And he is 5-10. Good luck skying over a tall cornerback for a contested ball.

          • peter

            steele, he had a better vert then tate and one of his strengths is fighting in the air

    • Madmark

      I know all the positives I debated them with everyone here for 2 weeks. He’s a RW type guy. He studies, film Rat, likes to block, good route runner, good combat skills, and a excellent returner. I know the guy and the spent to much. It feels like the Rick Mire or the Dan McGuire picks in the 90’s.

  174. Donald

    Is there anybody besides me who is a little discouraged about the Hawks draft so far. It seems almost every team is doing better than the Hawks. Now Eli Harold has gone to the 49r’s, Gurley to the Rams, the NFC west has caught up in talent with the Hawks. Could Lockett, or someone similar, have been taken later in the draft? Conley would have been more useful, and got Lockett or Super Mario Alford in the 4th.

    I’m just not as excited about the picks. Am I alone thinking this way?

    • Dawgma

      +1. Really poor draft so far.

      • Ketch1

        Yep, I’m a bit unhappy. But sdcoug does have a point (damn it), Graham, Clark, Lockett does sound fine. Other than, WHERE’S THE OL, for crying out loud?

        • AlaskaHawk

          I think the draft has been mismanaged. I’m okay with the players.

    • sdcoug

      Jimmy Graham, Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett? Think we’re doing pretty well

      • H M Abdou

        Don’t forget losing a great center like Unger.

        • Ehurd1021

          A aging center with a HUGE cap hit for Jimmy Graham.

          The Seahawks just picked up two very explosive athletes at great value with more picks to come. Makes no sense to say that the draft has been disappointing — unless people are just pissed that PC/JS didn’t draft certain players YOU wanted.

          • sdcoug


          • Ho Lee Chit

            They drank the Koolaid that we had to have DGB.

            • Rob Staton

              No such Koolaid existed. Or sentiment that they had to have DGB. The (sourced) suggestion was — if he fell beyond a point they would consider moving up to get him. That is accurate information. He did not fall anywhere near far enough.

      • peter

        honestly when you lay it out like that it looks pretty good

    • H M Abdou

      The draft is disappointing so far.

    • bigDhawk

      It’s very possible Lockette wouldn’t last to our pick at 95. So if we absolutely had to have him then a trade up was necessary. He had a solid second round grade on most mocks. The problem is, did we absolutely have to have him? We had more picks than would make it onto our 53, so trading up for a field-tilter was a good idea. But does Lockette tilt the field? If he goes on to be a pro bowl kick returner and a functional slot receiver, maybe so. But nothing short of that.

      • Donald

        I am all for trading up, I think Locket should not have been the pick, especially for the price. It should have been Conley. Then get a return guy later.

      • Steele1324

        bigDhawk, I don’t think they absolutely had to have him. I don’t think he tilts the field, doesn’t offer anything unique. Just one of several undersized receivers in this draft.

    • peter

      THe NFC west should catch up they haven’t won jack in forever. Of course the Rams have great picks and Santa clara…..As for AZ their QB is who? an old as sin dude with a ton of leg problems who has basically turned into a smarter Byron Leftwich. Color me unimpressed with FOles who was good until there was tape on him and absolutely nothing for an oline

  175. Ehurd1021

    How can the Seattle draft be any better? really don’t see how it can.

    • H M Abdou

      Being sarcastic, I think?

      • Ehurd1021

        No need for being sarcastic. I love both picks.

        • Dawgma

          I thought no you mean ‘all five picks’, since that’s what we spent on our dirtbag and smurf combo pack.

          • AlaskaHawk

            That’s a good one!

  176. Magmatizer

    49ers just got Eli Harold. Makes up for their odd picks earlier on.

  177. Derek

    I don’t get all the Tate comps. Watching his film, combined with his body type, he looks like Antonio Brown 2.0

    • Derek

      Wish they would have taken Lockett at #63 and if the Hawks insisted on Clark getting him at #95 and save the picks. I would think he would have still been available given all his red flags.

      • HOUSE

        I see Antonio Brown in him… I personally thought Lockett would’ve been gone before #63 and I had us taking Clark @ #95 just like you said. I don’t know if SEA feared someone snatching Clark (Gregory did just go off the board and IMO you can never trust NE drafting).

        Here was my Mock last week:
        031. TRADED to NO for Jimmy Graham
        063. Mitch Morse (OL, Missouri)
        095. Frank Clark (DL, Michigan)
        112. Chris Conley (WR, Georgia)
        130. Henry Anderson (DL, Stanford)
        134. Corey Robinson (OL, South Carolina)
        167. Julian Wilson (DB, Oklahoma)
        170. Darren Waller (WR, Georgia Tech)
        181. Shaquille Riddick (DE/OLB, West Virginia)
        209. LaDarius Gunter (DB, Miami)
        214. Justin Varga (RB, Yale)
        248. Terry Poole (OT, San Diego St)

        I understand the questions about trading the picks for Lockett. Our board now looks like:
        031. TRADED to NO for Jimmy Graham
        063. Frank Clark (DL, Michigan)
        069. Tyler Lockett (WR, Kansas St)
        095. TRADED TO WAS
        112. TRADED TO WAS
        130. Henry Anderson (DL, Stanford)
        134. Corey Robinson (OL, South Carolina)
        167. TRADED TO WAS
        170. Darren Waller (WR, Georgia Tech)
        181. TRADED TO WAS
        209. LaDarius Gunter (DB, Miami)
        214. Justin Varga (RB, Yale)
        248. Terry Poole (OT, San Diego St)

        Time will tell…

        • Trineman

          Crunching the numbers on the “outdated” VALUE CHART .. the value of pick 69 is 245.

          The value of the picks we traded is 234: 120 +70 +25 +19.

          So, all in all … a pretty fair trade on value. Of course, we’ll never know who we might have picked at 95, 112, 167, and 181.

      • peter

        now that may have been the better structure, but if I’m wrong on the Tate comps and he’s Antonio Brown then winner winner…I’ll take it either way

        • HOUSE

          As long as he’s not a Percy Harvin (F’ing Headache), then I think we’ve won.

          • Derek

            Further distancing himself from the Tate/Harvin mold is the fact that he was widely regarded as one of the best, if not THE best, route runner in the draft. Percy and Golden were very raw in regard coming out of college.

      • Dave

        Ditto man, woulda saved us 3 picks

  178. Jeremy

    Quote from Seahawks Director of College Scouting last year: (from Fieldgulls)

    “Pete and his staff have done a great job of telling us what exactly they’re looking for,” Fitterer notes. “And then some guys just have such a unique skill set that our coaches are great at adapting and letting players come in. If they think they can make plays, they’ll figure out a role for them. They’ll create a role if they have to. The flexibility of this staff is incredible that way.”

    • Ketch1

      Well, none of the typical Seahawks high SPARQ players. No Marpet, no Conley. Weird.

      • John_s

        SPARQ is only one component. The tape has to match up.
        Marpet was picked ahead of Seattle and Conleys tape and production doesn’t match his SPARQ #’s

        • Jeremy

          Frank Clark was #5 DL (95 percentile for NFL).

          • John_s

            And his tape matched…

        • Ketch1

          Not saying I’m a SPARQ guy–I wouldn’t have taken Marpet–but it is Seattle’s way. So, what I meant was, unusual for them.

  179. bigDhawk

    Sammy Coates to the Stealers at 87. Shades of Martavis Bryant form last year.

  180. jujus

    Ive been preaching it for months. But if you dont think we needed a LEO you are BLIND DEAF DUMB STUPID. We win that sb with clemons over OBS.

    Our D-line was elite when we could line up avril and bennett next to another. We became average when avril had to be LEO. And forcing bennett to play 80% of snaps.

  181. Greens24

    Mannion is going to be a good QB

    • peter

      I like mannion living in the area but I have doubts about his decision making and his ability to stay collected if he makes mistakes

    • bigDhawk

      Not under Jeff Fisher.

    • Ketch1

      I don’t like Mannion, actually. Something “slow” about him. Now, Blake Sime, I’m in on him. Very much like RW.

      • Greens24

        But now they have MANnion and GURLey!!! Just get them a Boyd or Boykins.

        But I honestly think Mannion is very underrated. He has the size, played in a pro system, and did so many things with a less than stellar supporting cast (besides Cooks). I said he would be drafted before Petty and I think there is a good reason he was. Going to Oregon, I saw what he could do firsthand.

  182. peter

    Well I stand corrected about eh Rams…their so stacked at Oline and secondary that they brought in the big guns in Sean mannion…now it’s on like donkey kong…oh wait it’s actually way off

  183. AlaskaHawk

    I think Pete Carroll has lost his mojo as a draft specialist. We haven’t had a high round hit in years. Then he trades away a bunch of draft picks! He should have picked Lockette first and waited for what ever player fell in his lap at the end of the third. Oh well.

    It is also really hard to sit till the end of the second round before making a pick. Please stop trading first round picks.

    I’m not going to dwell on it. Better luck tomorrow.

  184. Volume12

    Seattle just got a late 1st round type of pass rusher in Clark if it wasn’t for the off the field bs.

    And Tyler Lockett is a legit mid 2nd rounder they just got with the 69th pick!

    They’ll address the O-line tommorrow where a lot of good players are still left. A lot.

    The Hawks are killing this draft! Could not be more happy.

    • sdcoug

      and you forgot Jimmy Frickin Graham

      • peter

        honestly it’s a pretty freakin solid draft with graham. And I agree with those who hated the cmike pick, these guys will probably see the field

    • Brandon

      Completely agree! I’m excited to see what JS, PC, and Cable plan to do to solve LG and center. This draft hasn’t been a bust IMO

    • Rob

      Finally someone who is not losing their minds. It’s been a good draft! Still plenty of picks left. People just need to relax, we have a great football team and we are adding pieces. People are acting like the world is ending. Games haven’t even been played yet.

  185. Madmark

    Tyler Locket
    We do have the 2nd oldest coach in the league, Senile maybe?
    Remember we traded 95+112+167+181 for 67 and this guy.
    I still need 3 to 4 OL, CB, WR, 1&3 Tech, OLB, SS.

    • peter

      Points wise they almost gave up the exact right amount fro where they were to where they picked.

      As for 4 ol…I don’t know why people are so surprised JS said they were not going to going crazy with that positional group so it was probably foolish for people to thing other wise.

      • Ketch1

        I don’t think Madmark meant 4 OL, I think he meant 4 among OL, CB, WR, etc.

        • peter

          If that’s it then I’m buying the math. Otherwise I know there are some serious oline folks on this site but it was stated it wouldn’t happen this year.

          I still think they can get with 6 picks, 2 oline, 1 db, I wr, 1 safety, 1 lb or rb and they have great success attracting udfa’s

          • Ketch1

            I’m solid with those numbers. And, my wild card, Blake Sims. And James Rouse as a UDFA. Check him out.

    • bigDhawk

      Do we need 4 OL? We have Lewis, LJP, Gilliam, Bailey, Isles, and several others to compete for two spots.

      • Ketch1

        Last three years we’ve needed seven starters just to keep an OL on the field. So, we really do need more. Okung, Bailey, Lewis, Sweezy, Britt, Jeanpierre…and? Isles, maybe. Gilliam, not a starter (and, seriously, better at DL. Have you seen him play?). Ummmm….PS (squad) folk. We need two in this draft, and consider Okung is likely gone next year. So two minimum.

      • Madmark

        We lost Scott before camp ended. Carpenter, Ungar, and Schilling(retired) that 4 OL. I figured 2 starters 2 to 4th rd and 2 guys to groom for 5 to 7.

        • Ketch1

          Maybe you did mean four OL in this draft after all. My bad. But we’ll never get that. Lucky to get two now, after losing three picks.

          • peter

            They must love something on the depth or udfa’s with okug/lewis/sweezy/britt…bailey as a swing guy? Maybe Isles is the second coming of someone?! Sokoli as LG?

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            I’m think 3 OL in the last 6 picks. Need a QB, RB and CB as well

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Lockett; “Separation Skills are magnificent. Lockett will Get Open, regularly, reliably, and persistently.”

      Why do you think Russell is holding the ball longer than any QB in the league? I will give you a clue. It isn’t because he can’t see over the line.

      • HOUSE

        I agree… Kearse had an issue getting separation all year…

        Interesting quote about Lockett:
        “A player with a polished skill set who was productive on the field and is mature off it, Lockett has just about everything—except for the all-important measurables—that NFL teams look for.”

        Who does this remind you of?

        • Volume12


        • Derek

          He will fit right in. I think he is my favorite draft pick of the last 3 years.

        • Dave

          Dude has pretty good measurables besides height, ran 4.40 at the combine on a slow track was top 3 in the shuttle and 3 cone. That’s more than alright. He impressed at the Senior Bowl and was a Blitnikoff (sp?) semifinalist. I wanted Conley, but Lockett is legit and more polished and ready to go.

  186. bigDhawk

    Henry Anderson to the Colts.

    • HOUSE

      Great player going to IND. I was hoping he’d be a Hawk

  187. Lil'stink

    We all wanted a WR who can get open – Lockett is open like a 7-11.

  188. Ho Lee Chit

    Ty Montgomery just went off the board at R3.30. We would have lost both of them if we had not made the trade.

    • Steele1324

      If they had missed on both, they still could have landed similar players and perfectly good returners.

  189. Steele1324

    Ty Montgomery to GB. Matt Jones to Wash.

    The nightmare draft continues.

    • John_s

      What nightmare?

      • Steele1324


  190. Dawgma

    Hate it even more knowing we could have just sat at the original puck and taken Tre McBride. Ugh.

    • Steele1324

      He’ll be gone soon.

  191. Brandon

    I don’t think it’s fair to be angry at the Hawks. I do agree that there were players I would have rather chosen (Ex. Aj Cann), but I think Clark and Lockette will be great role players. I think we could have saved the trouble though of sending so many picks to WA by taking Lockette at 63 then Clark at 95, but I won’t complain. I respect Pete and John’s opinion and they obviously see something in them the rest of us don’t. I just hope that we found the next JPP and Antonio Brown (just kidding…maybe)

    • Steele1324

      Well, if there are those who are angry or ecstatic, so be it. No fairness or unfairness involved.

  192. Volume12

    Wow, I knew people were going to hate Seattle’s draft, but man! LOL.

    If you don’t like the pick, then that means it won’t work out right?

    Again unique athleticism, and high character rule the day. Clark is the former and Lockett the later.

    • John_s

      I don’t necessarily agree with the guys picked but they filled needs.

      • Volume12

        It’s a good way of looking it.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      For three years we have heard how the Hawks need a tall, receiver to high point on the red line. Each time the Hawks have gone with a smaller receiver that gets separation. Richardson, Lockette and Norwood are all possession receivers. Norwood is reported to be better than Richardson. We just did not see much of him because of the training camp injury. What we are dealing with is not a problem with the picks but that the board largely does not understand the teams needs. Consequently, they cannot admit they got it all wrong.

      • Volume12

        Could not agree more. I actually think Seattle and RW needed this type of weapon offensively and special teams wise.

        Lockett will be attached to RWs hip. Their work ethic and character are on point. It’s an amazing match.

        Man, I never thought we stood a chance at Lockett!

      • Jarhead

        This really speaks to how I feel. Do any of us really feel that if Clark gets no sacks and makes no impact, or if Lockett doesn’t actually improve the return game that the fans will get a contrite excuse or apology? They blew it on Michael and still no real contrition. And quite frankly aren’t Richardson and Marsh very similar players to Clark and Lockett? Have they already just said screw it on last year’s picks?

        • peter

          no way Jarhead….I need to give no real contrition because honestly from then to now I can say that picked sucked. The end. No more words from those that talk of cmikes sparq score, could careless. RB has got to be the easiest positions on the field to transfer into and dude has done squat.

    • Steele1324

      What is unique about Clark’s athleticism?

      • Volume12

        The fact he has the 10 yard split Seattle wants , the 3rd-5th highest SPARQ score in the draft for edge rushers, used to play DT so he knows how to rush inside, and the fact he can rush standing up over the tackle.

        • Jarhead

          Can he though? I mean that really remains to be seen. Let’s face it, Michigan told this guy to get lost. So they said they were okay without his production against college offenses and as an NFL D Lineman he is supposed to improve our pass rush against NFL competition? When will he see the field? Bennett, Hill, Avril, Irvin, and perhaps even Marsh will all be trying to get time rushing the quarterback. I don’t see where he will help us win games

          • peter

            Michigan was in a two fold situation. 1. Clark caused himself some real problems that needed actual help and results that had nothing to do with football and 2. They sucked so it was probably a fair cry easier letting him go then say SEC powerhouses that routinely let problem players play or say FSU who had a guffawing police force not investigate Winston in a timely fashion because you know we have a championship to play in ….err….he’s innocent.

          • Steele1324

            Clark is at best another rotational. Does he replace Schofield? Not really. Does he eventually replace Irvin? Absolutely not. Does he eventually replace Bennnett? No.

            What is he? He is defensive end/interior depth type.

            • Rob Staton

              He’s a dynamic, edge rushing D-end who can line up anywhere. A splash play artist.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        He is a classic DE size at about 270 lbs. He still has the agility to chase sideline to sideline, stop the run or rush the passer. It is difficult to find that anymore. He is a carbon copy of Michael Bennett.

        • Volume12

          Could not agree more HLC.

        • Steele1324

          Minus the pass rush.

    • Steele1324

      And if you like the pick, you are certain it will work out, right?

      • Greens24

        You seem to be certain that it won’t

  193. Lou

    I like the Frank Clark pick. Disappointed in the Lockett pick. For one Tyler Locket they could have used their picks to get BOTH Tre Mcbride and Ty Montgomery. Mcbride seems like a better receiver for the Seahawks offense. Better hops, taller, great hands, and 4.4 speed. Montgomery may not be a great receiver, but he is a great return man. I just think that would have been the better deal. I understand PCJS are the professionals here, but their record with drafting receivers isn’t good. So I think fans have reason to be skeptical here. I guess drafting Lockett is their way to say they don’t want to put all their hopes on Richardson recovering.

    • peter

      fair points but Lockette is a 4.42 runner and both would/could have been better uses of resources perhaps. There must have been something about Montgomery and mcbribe though, or they are switching it up from draft invitees that they are shying away from.

      • Volume12

        Tyler Lockett was on Seattle radio twice this year I thnk. That should have been more telling, at least for me.

        And I know you know Clark was a VMAC visitor.

        I thought Montgomery would late 2nd-3rd.

        • peter

          I don’t get to hear the groz. (joke) down here it’s all national dudes and some SERIOUS ducks honks that sound like they need hankies if anyone says a bad word about Mariota.

          I am not joking at all…I am so stoked that he went to the AFC…they used to preempt games down here before I moved here form hawks to lions when Harrington played in Detroit…brutal…

          I knew about clark as the vmac visitor this year I think it’s going to be…well it has to be more about the udfa’s that visited ringo, etc.

          If you stay with the SDB community we’re going to have to follow, sparq scores, radio spots, troubled pasts, untroubled pasts…it’s going to be a ton of work.

        • Steele1324

          Who cares if he was on the radio?

    • Volume12

      Totally different receiver than P-Rich.

      Tyler Lockett is the more disciplined, more mature, less athletic, but more well rounded game of WR Phillip Dorsett IMO.

      • williambryan

        Richardson was a second round pick for a reason. His tape was much more impressive than Locketts is.

    • Ketch1

      Richardson might not recover at all. Second ACLs on the same knee seldom stabilize. But Norwood is really great, just needs to be able to play. And, oddly, have you watched Doug McNeil III? The man can ball.

      • Volume12

        Ketch, no I haven’t watched Doug McNeil 3? My curiousity is now peaked though.

        • peter

          The only highlights I’ve seen are arena…but it does look pretty damn good for what it is

        • CC

          I am hoping they have seen something in McNeil and believe Matthews can make a difference. Lockette may be the odd man out here.

      • Steele1324

        I am hoping for big things from Ocho Dougie McNeil and Matthews. If they produce, that would make up for this day. (For me.)

      • HOUSE

        From what I’ve seen of McNeil, I have been impressed. He’s 26 and seems to know he may not get many other chances to play in the NFL. I see him being a big competitor in camp.

        • Steele1324

          His arena football experience will be a factor, I think. Big plays. High entertainment value,too.

  194. bobbyk

    I fully expected a Leo with their first pick. I like Clark the DE. I hate Clark the DV. Time will tell…

    Love Lockett. Not excited about trading four picks for a singular pick. Between Percy and Lockett, they have traded seven picks in hopes of getting a small, quick, kick returning WR.

    As questionable of a character as Clark is, Lockett has no red flags and is one of the best dudes in the entire draft.

    Lets go get some Shaq Mason tomorrow!

    • Ketch1

      Yep, I do like that man. He can make a hole.

  195. Steele1324

    Greg Bell thinks this is the riskiest draft in history. I might agree.

  196. bigDhawk

    Much thanks Rob and Kenneth.

  197. Therick05

    I know that Seattle needed a returner but… They passes on Jaelen Strong TWO times, The guy has the tools to be a number 1 receiver, im sorry, i just cant get over it. where will Lockett play? We already have the Slot Guy and giving that much of picks for just a returner is crazy.

    • Volume12

      He’s not just a returner. He can play the slot, play outside he plays biger than he is. You can move Lockett all around the formation. Baldwin can play outside and in the slot, and P-rich is your prootypical x receiver, like DeSean Jackson.

      Seattle is going to spread the ball around and take advantages of mismatches.

  198. Madmark

    Your talking 4 different players for one Tyler Lockett. for my draft that’s
    Marcus Hardison 3-tech
    Kenny Bell WR/PR/KR
    Tyrus Thompson T
    Aalana Fua OLB/DE
    these were those picks I had for 1
    Tyler Lockett WR/KR/PR
    Tonight that last pick suck and the front office panicked . I think they had a complete meltdown.

    • Volume12

      LOL. OK.

      Not one of those guys is better than Lockett, nor are they collectively.

      • Jarhead

        Well I suppose we will see come September. I seem to remember many were honking about Richardson in a similar way last year, and now seem to think he is finished. Or that he couldn’t play in the first place. Honestly we are fielding 3 sub 6′ receivers, and that is IF Richardson ever recovers, and then Graham. I can’t think of one DC who is scared of that. I think people seem to forget that we were I think 29th in the league in passing last year. So 5’8″ Lockett is going to drastically improve that? Honestly I see a lot of people who are way too excited and way too disappointed. I hated the Michael pick, I hated the Richardson pick, and I hate that we gave up so much for Lockett. But we will see come September. I don’t see a player who will elevate this passing game much above what it already is. But we will see

        • peter

          5’10″….Mario alford is 5’8″ I believe

          • Steele1324

            Mario Alford is faster, just as good a returner, and 2-3 rounds cheaper.

            • hmabdou

              Agreed. I like the player Tyler Lockett, I just didn’t like all we had to give up to get him. Didn’t like the value.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        Before the draft everyone was prepared to mortgage this draft and even throw in a 2016 pick for DGB. Have you all forgotten the plan was to move up in the 2nd round for the messiah? Lockett looks like a bargain by comparison.

        • Ketch1

          Actually, HLC, “everyone” is hyperbolic. Perhaps some wanted DGB, even via trading up. Not most. I wanted a WR1, but that was our fourth need behind OL, DE, CB/safety. Frankly, one could also argue for DT first, with Mebane possibly gone (or being handed his hat) and KWill MIA. But, you’re right, we should show a little gratitude. I just didn’t see all that much in Lockett! And I think the value of returners is over-rated, perhaps the single most over-rated player need. Great PR gets you 15 yds, poor gets you 5. Great KR gets you 30 yds, poor gets you 20. For ten yards more per return, I could live with just adequate if it gets me a 6’5″ guy with great hands, 4.5 speed, and a 40″ VJ.

      • Steele1324

        Whatever your mind tells you, Volume.

    • peter

      madmark why would they have panicked to that degree…it just doesn’t make sense

      • Madmark

        Watch their faces when Tampa traded up and grabbed Marpet. It was clear disappointment and Mitch Morse and Ty Sambrailio was gone already. They planned to address a need at OL in the 2nd.

        • peter

          but it doesn’t explain the panic to spend those draft picks after that pick

    • Madmark

      So funny I was ripped having this guy at 63 for 2 weeks and now it’s a great deal. Unbelievable. Rob I truly want your personnel view of this trade up to get Lockett.

    • Steele1324

      Yes. I think it was a meltdown. Unnecessary and rash.

  199. CC

    Very happy with the Lockett pick – we all knew we needed a returner and for once Pete and John agreed with us and picked one! I expect we hear “tilt the field” tomorrow when they talk about Tyler.

    Now the other guy – well, I wish my team wouldn’t have drafted him. Maybe he has learned, he apologized in his media call – I really hope he has….

  200. peter

    on an aside I would like to thank all of the SDB community. Literally not one player I liked in earnest or had inklings about in my heart has been picked so far but honestly I think it’s because of all the information and debate (some more heated then others! ha!) that I am actually not bummed in the slightest. Disagree at will, I will be right back to argue about the picks with you….but this site is so awesome, honestly in how it’s grown.

    I can remember when it was the Wilson draft and there were way less commenters and they along with myself sucked at our opinions/analysis as a whole. We couldn’t touch a candle to the information that is on here now that Rob brings and we all build off of and as a corollary for me I am now even more stoked to see what happens tomorrow. and going forward with the team.

    Thanks folks.

    And thanks of course to Rob for making this thing…

    now back to the arguing!

    • Volume12

      Well said Peter.

      Here’s to another great draft season!

  201. Trevor

    I am happy with both picks but wish we did not give up so much for Lockette. It was worth it though to have a dynamic KR. We have to remember how important special teams and field position are to this team and he was the best special teams guy in the draft. A great addition character wise to our WR room and a perfect match personality wise along with Norwood and PRich to develop with Russ.

    There are still some great players left for Day 3

    Day 3 Wish List

    DT- G Jarret, M Bennet, Nunez- Roche, C Covington, Sokoli, Irving

    Edge- Shaq Riddick, A Chickillo, D Tull

    Guard /C- Mason, Glowinski, Poole, Spain, Galik, Finney, Tre Jackson

    OT – L Collins, TJ Clemmings, D Willams, R Crisp, L Gibson

    WR- Waller, Lewis, Anderson, Smelter, Mcbride, Hardy

    DB- Lippet, Marshall, Shaw, Ike O, Geathers, Aamos, Swann

    If we got even 4 from this group it would be an incredibly successful draft.

    • Volume12

      Yeah, 3-4 really good players from this class and 2-3 good UDFA, this draft should be considered a success.

      This draft is not incredibly deep, thought it was deeper, but I’ve come to terms with that.

      • Trevor

        I agree completely Vol the depth is not what I thought except for maybe at Guard / C.

        The more I look at our Clark and Lockette the better I feel. If we had both in the SB they would have made a huge difference.

        Areas to address in Day 3

        Guard / Center- Shaq Mason is my favourite. Also really like Terry Poole

        Interior Pass Rush- Grady Jarret would be dream pick or Micheal Bennet.

        Developmental CB- I love the 2 convert guys Lippet and Mashall.

        Developmental Tackle- R Crisp or L Gibson

        Big Developmental WR- Waller would be a perfect pick after taking Lockette. I love Smelter too despite the ACL

        Also big question do you take a shot at L Collins or TJ Clemmings? Maybe one risky pick in Clark is enough.

        • peter

          I’d love to see terry poole and Gibson. Grady Jarrett if it’s possible. Marshall and Damian Swann (udfa so not technically a draft pick so not technically breaking the draft length standards)

          Waller I think would be a great pick…smelter may fall all the way to UDFA territory…limited production and injury

          Josh Robinson and if Lael Collins doesn’t pull himself from the draft to go next year I’d take him. If he ends up having nothing to do with his ex then this is an error and misjudgment of the highest order for him to fall so far.

  202. Mylegacy

    You’ve got four main sections of your team: Offense, Defense, Kicking/Punting, Kick/Punt returning.

    In the SB Avril went down – so did we. In 15 we’ll have (healthy – fingers crossed) Avril, Bennett, Marsh, Clark, Hill, Mebane, McDaniel, Irvin and others. We NEED an excellent rush to give the LOB the edge to hold their tight coverage for as little a time as necessary. Clark is an excellent addition to this rotation.

    With the loss of Harvin and Tate we lost almost 100% of our Kick and Punt returns – Lockett gives us both back in spades! Watch the tape on this kid he has amazing quickness to separate – in college he broke Jordy Nelson’s records. If he NEVER catches a pass his return work and special team gunner work will be a massive upgrade for our Special Teams.

    Unfortunately, Clark’s behavior towards his girlfriend is beyond the pale. No charges were laid (wouldn’t she press charges?) but this man is not the kind of person I’ll easily find myself cheering for.

    Rob – I’ve listened to your two days (so far) of Poding (is that what they call what Pod Casters do?) and the breath, scope and depth of your knowledge about the Draft is nearly encyclopedic. In addition, you don’t just know damn near everything – you bring great insight and judgement to your observations. You’re one man tour de-force was – is – magnificent. Bravo!

    • hmabdou

      Clark is NOT the right addition because our EDGE or outside rush is fine. It’s our INTERIOR rush that was missing throughout the season and especially in SB49 w/out Jordan Hill. How many times did we see Tom Brady step up in the pocket to throw after the 2 DE’s rushed too far upfield and there was no interior rush???

      Is Grady Jarrett still available. Certainly hope he is, and lasts long enough for us to get him. We need INTERIOR rushers.

      • Saxon

        Edge rush disappeared without Avril, hence a need. You can never have too many anyway.

        • Steele1324

          Clark’s edge rush is poor. And frankly (pun intended) his game is better suited to interior rushing anyway. Bulk him up, and that will make him useful. If you expect sacks from outside, he isn’t the type to deliver.

          • Rob Staton

            Clark’s edge rush looked excellent to me.

      • vrtkolman

        The edge rush was terrible once Avril went out.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — I can’t tell you how much it means to read those words.

  203. Saxon

    Best two picks our team has made in years. I don’t drink Kool Aid. I’ve been very critical of PC/JS decisions in the last two drafts but they nailed these selections. Lockett is an actual WR who owns the entire route tree, not just a KR. He tracks the ball really well and makes plays in traffic and wins a lot of 50/50 contested catches against bigger defenders. Unlike Coates, Conley, and Montgomery he is a great athlete that also produces as a player. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t have at least 60 catches next year.

    Clark is explosive but far from a finished product. With the right coaching to harness his physical gifts he can become a dangerous rusher. At minimum he becomes a valuable addition to a rotation that was getting thin. He needs to add strength and work on his hand fighting but when he does, look out. Shame DQ isn’t still here. He could turn Clark into a monster.

    I’m stoked. Now for some OL.

    • hmabdou

      I love the Lockett pick because he can be that Welker and Edelman type of guy who is gnat-quick, runs great routes, gets open, catches the ball, and moves the chains. A nice safety valve for Wilson. I didn’t like the trading of all those picks to jump up and get him.

      As far as Clark, I think we could’ve gotten him (or a similar player) later in the draft, so they really reached for him.

      • Steele1324

        This draft is full of gnat-quick smurfs. There was no need to dump half the draft in order to get one like that. You will not convince me that he was worth it. Nor that he is better than similar players.

        • hmabdou

          I completely agree, which is why I didn’t like the trade. We need guys like Jarrett, Tyeler Davison, etc. 3-technique interior pass rushers. For center, I hope we get Shaq Mason because he specializes in run-blocking.

    • Steele1324

      Saxon, there are many receivers who “own the route tree” better than Lockett does, run faster than he does, have better hands than he has, do better with contested catches, are more athletic than he is (Lockette is in the bottom half of SPARQ for receivers). Many have far more upside.

      Lockett is not unique. He is overrated. Does Lockett have any single quality that stands out as “field flipping”? No.

      Let’s look at the three you mention. Coates, for all his flaws, does. Conley does. Montgmery has as much if not more versatility, and a running back’s attack.

      • Rob Staton

        Lockett is a better player than Coates, Conley and Montgomery — and it’s not even close IMO.

  204. Madmark

    Well looking at my big board I have
    130 Jarvis Harrison G Texas A&M
    134 Tyeler Davidson Dt Fresno St.
    170 Tyrus Thompsom T Oklahoma
    209 Greg Mancz C/G/T Toledo
    214 DeAndre Smelter WR Georgia Tech
    248 Thomas Rawl RB Central Michigan
    wouldn’t be surprised if they slip a Kenny Bell WR Nebraska at 170 if he slips that far
    whatever happens going forward they only have pick 130 that they can trade now. So if they trade it will be back.

  205. Trackin

    Also trying to figure this out….

    I see a lot of open competition at DE/D Line with current roster plus new UDF’s coming in. We won’t make the mistake of being thin at DLine again this year.

    Lockett as a returner? Yes please. Last year was hard to watch.

  206. vrtkolman

    I love the Clark pick, he’s a 1st round talent that dropped. I would much rather have him over 230 lb. Gregory. Lockette meh, although he’s an excellent returner. Obviously Pete knows how bad the return game was last year and wants to fix that ASAP.

    • Steele1324

      It could have been any number of ways. Their bromance for this one guy sent them over the edge.

      • Ketch1

        Complete tunnel vision. Plus we seemed like Dallas. Drafting some guy who smoked pot was a big topic; then we draft the single player with the worst DV case. Seriously?

        Oh, well. Now I just seem like an old grump. Gotta go unknot my knickers.

  207. Trackin

    With Clark “off the board” according to analysts, could we not have got him later? Max Unger provided a level of leadership that will be sorely missed. Do we have our OLine captain waiting in the wings?

    • Rob Staton

      There was a feeling Clark wouldn’t get out of the third round. He was rising. He’d convinced some teams to trust him. When we consider Markus Golden and Nate Orchard had already left the board, it’s likely Clark wouldn’t have made it to round three.

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