Thoughts on round two for the Seahawks

There are a couple of articles I wanted to highlight today. Mike Florio has the Seahawks taking Markus Golden at #63. I’m a big Golden fan but put him to one side after seeing his lack of length (31 1/8 inch arms) and speed (4.90) at the combine. Golden is a high-intensity pass rusher who’s better than those numbers suggest. But there’s no getting away from the fact Seattle hasn’t taken guys like this. Certainly not early.

Jason La Canfora has the Seahawks potentially taking another pass rusher in Michigan’s Frank Clark. He’s one of the SPARQiest DE’s in the draft and for me his tape is very impressive (see below). The character flags are clear and we’ve spent many days talking about Clark. If they can live with the history — and several reports have teams being prepared to do just that — nobody should be surprised if he goes in the second or third round.

There are, of course, other defensive players who could be enticing. Jalen Collins, Eli Harold, Preston Smith, Mario Edwards Jr and Jordan Phillips all remain on the board.

There are two likely reasons why you would take a defensive player at #63:

1. When Dorial Green-Beckham leaves the board, there isn’t another touchdown maker/field tiling playmaker with his upside. They don’t need to force the receiver need for the sake of it. It might be Green-Beckham or move on. And the feeling is DGB will go in the top-15 picks in round two. Seattle would have to be aggressive to get him.

2. The offensive line depth is so strong in the middle rounds. If you don’t move up, you pick four times in rounds 3-4. That’s ample opportunity to get a receiver, running back and two offensive linemen.

Furthermore, the defensive talent wains as the rounds go on. If you want to add a pass rusher, a little reach here might be your best chance. Not that Clark is really even a reach if you put aside the character concerns.

On Green-Beckham, it’s hard to imagine where he might go. He doesn’t make Mel Kiper’s top-25 remaining players on the board. Tony Pauline previously said he wouldn’t take him in the top-50. They both speak to teams. The Bears got their big target. St. Louis and New Orleans have bigger needs. Where does he go?

Ian Rapoport says the Seahawks are willing to trade into the early part of round two. See his Tweet at the top of the page. Green-Beckham won’t be the only target either. They could be looking to move up for a defensive player.

There’s still room for a wildcard — or another team being very aggressive to get him. Or he could fall. And if he gets close to #50 — watch out for Seattle moving up. If they don’t get a receiver early, they could look at Tre McBride later. They worked out Chris Conley and Ty Montgomery seems like a lock to be a Seahawk at some point.

There are so many options on the O-line. There’s no reason to panic there.

Once again we’ll be doing a live Google Hangout tonight throughout rounds 2-3. I hope you’ll join us.


  1. CC

    I don’t want them to pick Clark! But, someone will and it may be the Seahawks. Maybe he’ll change, but men who hit women usually do it again. Yes, they can change, but in his statement, he blamed his girlfriend for the incident. So I hope someone else drafts him.

    I’d rather see an O line or some other DL guy.

    Thanks for all of your hard work Rob! We appreciate all the content and thought that you put into this blog!

  2. Steele1324

    Rob, I really see nothing in Frank Clark. This tape, to take one example, shows play after play with him doing nothing. Doesn’t get past the blocker. Doesn’t bend. No explosive first step. Not great at setting the edge. Just a guy attempting to bull rush unsuccessfully.

    They can do better than Clark, even in this bad draft for pass rushers. Even Markus Golden, who doesn’t fit any of the Hawks standards for measurables, shows more get-off than Clark. Golden is a rd. 5 type, not worth a rd. 2.

    If they really will target a pass rusher high, it must be Eli Harold. Or take a chance on Randy Gregory. Otherwise, they are stuck with the likes of Lorenzo Mauldin, Shaq Riddick.

    The problem is that Seattle did nothing in free agency to address this.

    • rowdy

      I don’t see what your saying at all. His get off for his size is elite and he bull rushes a lot but has more to his game then that.

      • Steele1324

        Rowdy, just looking at the clip on this page, what is Clark doing? He doesn’t get to the QB. He hardly has an impact.

        • rowdy

          Okay, I didn’t watch the clip but watched others of him and was impressed with what I seen.

    • Trevor

      That is why I was really hoping for Jabril Shread and he was such a steal for NE. Pass rushers and Left Tackles are the two hardest things to find after QB.

    • Rob Staton

      “Rob, I really see nothing in Frank Clark. This tape, to take one example, shows play after play with him doing nothing. Doesn’t get past the blocker. Doesn’t bend. No explosive first step. Not great at setting the edge. Just a guy attempting to bull rush unsuccessfully.”

      I disagree strongly.

      • LadyT

        He can hold the edge as well, not just a pass rusher. Could be an every down starter at some point.

  3. RealRhino2

    I am 100% on board with drafting a defensive player at 63, for the reasons you mentioned. They aren’t making many good edge rushers such as Harold or Clark in this draft, but the interior OL and non-#1 WR class seems to be loaded in that 3-4 round range.

    And FWIW, I’m very okay with some of the red-flag guys once you hit Round 4. Seriously, the Seahawks have practically given away a half-dozen picks in Rds. 4-5 in the past few years, so what’s the difference? Whether the guy can play or the guy ends up in prison, he isn’t contributing to your team, and you move on.

    La’el Collins, Rd. 4, absolutely. Heck, he’s better than one of the weed guys, because if he’s a bad dude you cut bait and move on, rather than dealing with all the roster crud of having a guy for 8 games, wondering if he’s going to be back or you lose him for a year, etc.

  4. Steele1324

    Rob, I don’t agree that there are “no more TD making playmakers” after DGB. As much as I would like them to get DGB, “DGB or nothing” is too extreme a position. There are dozens of options, as well as field tilters who don’t get enough credit. And there are WRs with size who do many of the things DGB does. All the Hawks need are some more parts, outstanding role players, to add to the offense, not necessarily just one guy.

    • Rob Staton

      There isn’t another player with DGB’s size, limitless upside and more important than anything — TD to receptions ratio.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        Rotoworld reporting that DGB could be gone by the 1st pick in the 2nd round. Titans apparently very interested in a new weapon for Mariota.

        • Rob Staton

          Can’t see it. But we’ll find out soon. They have a definite need at WR. They have a lot of needs though.

          • Bill Bobaggins

            Yes we will. Go get a nap in Rob…going to be a long night for you.

    • James

      If the first 20 teams in R2 don’t draft DGB, and if the Seahawks don’t trade up for him, that tells you all you need to know about the matter. Since he is a top ten talent, to fall to late R2 or even later, then every team would have determined that his inner limitations, both behavioral and comprehension of the game, precluded him as a top prospect. They may all be wrong, and he may well turn out to perform up to his abilities, but the odds are against it. In fact, I would say that if DGB has not been selected by #50, basically 20 teams into R2, then the signs are not good about what in-depth scouting has uncovered. If he is still there at #50, I would wait until #63, since you may be the only team that likes rates him worthy of R2.

  5. hawkfaninMT

    I agree with most of this other than the point you make that DGB is the last field tilting WR. I believe in Devin Smith and think he would open up a lot of options. I think that we need to separate what some say he “can’t” do(intermediate, short stuff) with what Ohio St did not ask him to do. The man was sent deep almost every opportunity and he converted TONS of them.

    I would like one of DGB, Smith, or many of the Defensive and OL options you have listed. So with that being said, I would not expect a trade up unless all of those options begin to dwindle.

    heres to hoping we see Hundley, Petty, and some RBs drafted early on today!

    • Steele1324

      Hawkfan, Devin Smith—one of the many remaining field tilting options— does not get enough credit for the short/intermediate. He actually does all of that well, with good technique,too. He wins on contested catches and jump balls. He is undersized but has more physicality than Dorsett. If he’s there, take him, and you have the DeSean Jackson/Harvin weapon.

      Couple that with a tall WR later in the draft (I have a strong feeling that Vince Mayle is a top choice for the Hawks), and a returner, and mission accomplished.

      • Rik

        If we get Smith, Mayle (or Dez Lewis, Dres Anderson, Chris Conley, etc.), and Montgomery, I will be a happy man. And, even more importantly, Russell Wilson will be a happy man! (It’ll probably make Bevel happy, too, but thinking about Bevel makes me grind my teeth.)

  6. peter


    Agree on the round four picks and Collins. As I stands he’s a person of interest and not even a suspect. If he lasts til the fourth and he’s a criminal mastermind honestly so be it. He’s gone with the likes of guy, Durham, Harper, legree. But if he’s not then you score an almost first round talent for nothing.

    I like golden a lot but he’s got AFC north written all over him. And he’s seriously off their type. I wonder how FA Harold drops?

  7. Steele1324

    The 49ers signed Philip Wheeler. Their positions of need include WR, CB and LB to replace Willis/Borland. This move might make a move for DGB more likely.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I really hope the 49ers pick DGB so the Seahawks fans will stop fixating on DGB like he is some freaking god of football. With the 49ers expert coaching and training (har har) he will matching Crabtrees amazing record in no time at all.

      • Volume12

        Its’ not about that. It’s about finding unique/field tilting skill sets and DGB has that in spades. His ceiling is ridicuously high.

        Right now he wins on sheer size and athleticism. Imagine what he could be with a little fine tuning? He has the ability to take over games and doesn’t even really understand the finer nuances of the game or WR position.

        He’s a freak that can win at multiple levels on a football field. You just can’t teach what he has and does well. Guys like DGB don’t come around often.

        Plus his upbringing/back-story is so ‘Seahawky’ and it shows a kid that has dealt with extreme adversity, toughness, grit, and leadership.

        He’s a knucklehead, but Seattle’s locker room is a great fit for him and what he needs.

      • Dawgma

        Amen. I’d rather have Crabtree 2.0 (now with domestic violence package!) on the 49ers than on our roster.

      • Rob Staton

        “I really hope the 49ers pick DGB so the Seahawks fans will stop fixating on DGB like he is some freaking god of football.”

        When has anyone been ‘fixated’ or referred to DGB as a ‘god of football’? He’s a legit option, reports have revealed Seattle’s interest and he’s been discussed (quite rightly) on the blog.

        We’ve also spent a ton of time critiquing him and his character too.

    • Rob Staton

      Corner or linebacker for San Fran IMO. They added Torrey Smith.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        I think there’s a good chance that the 9ers look at DGB as a very viable option here though. The road to the NFC West (and NFC really) goes through Seattle. You’re looking at a guy who can match up against Richard Sherman and actually be longer than he is. Has to be going through their minds.

        • Rob Staton

          Very possible. I just think they’ll see LB and CB as an even more pressing need. They do have Smith, Boldin and one or two others. They are very light at CB and LB.

          • Nichansen01

            Didn’t they loose their two starting corners? I haven’t heard anything about the 49ers signing any corners in free agency.

  8. Derek


    If you take Frank Clark’s checkered past out of the picture, where would you rank him amongst the top DE’s in this draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Near the top end. Certainly in the second wave. Not above Eli Harold but worthy of a second round or third round grade.

  9. Volume12

    Steele, I’m not sure what’s not to like about DE Frank Clark’s on field play. I counted 9-10 plays in that clip he impacted. Are you expecting him to win every time? This isn’t Dante Fowler, jr. here.

    He sets the edge on run plays, puts the OT on skates numerous times, times the snap well, explodes into the backfield, gets the QB off his spot/hurries his throw, knifes through the O-line, gets his hands into passing lanes, etc. It isn’t all about sacks. You can still be an effective pass rusher without racking up sacks.

    Clark definetly needs to work on his hand technique, but that’s extremely easy to coach up and fix.

    We’re not going to find a perfect prospect without flaws ever.

    • Steele1324

      “This isn’t Dante Fowler”. Actually that is the level it needs to be. Far closer to that, especially if you are talking about a pick in the top half of the draft.

      There is a big difference between someone who “almost ” makes plays, and a guy who does. Clark is more the former.

      • Rob Staton

        Come on. Fowler Jr was the #3 overall pick. You really expect that level at #63????

      • peter

        If were using that criteria then nearly all picks discussed won’t fit that. Not sambrailo, marpet, Montgomery, et al.

        • Volume12

          Great point Peter.

          LOL. The 63rd selection which is a 3rd rounder should equal or be better than the no. 3 pick in ths draft? OK. Talk about misplaced expectations.

          • peter

            Vince mayle in the fourth? First Seahawks pick in that round?

    • Rob Staton

      Totally agree. Plenty of splash plays on show here.

  10. Madmark

    63 Ali Marpet G
    95 Mitch Morse C
    112 Marcus Hardison 3-tech
    130 Tony Lippett WR/CB/ST
    134 Kenny Bell WR/PR/KR
    167 Tyeler Davidson 1-tech
    170 Tyrus Thompson T
    181 Alania Fua OLB
    209 Greg Mancz OL
    214 DeAndre Smelter WR
    248 Thomas Rawl RB

    • Rob Staton

      Can’t see Morse being there at 95. Also can’t see Marpet at guard — he has the ideal center frame.

  11. Trevor

    I am just happy the Hawks are part of the action today. I just kept thinking of Russ hitting Graham on a corner fade to close out Green Bay in week 2 🙂

  12. lil'stink

    Went back to re-watch all the Ty Montgomery film I could find to try and convince myself I should like him… While his return skills are nice he just looks so bad at times as a WR. I wonder if he wouldn’t make an ideal 3rd down RB, though. He is built more like a RB than a WR, anyway.

    • Rik

      But he also looks really good at times at WR. And his YAC potential is outstanding because of his strength and elusiveness. He was the best returner in college football last year, so that alone represents a major improvement for the Hawks.

      • Turp

        Sounds a lot like Golden Tate to me. And I am quite happy with that 🙂

    • Steele1324

      Lilstink, Montgomery’s receiving game is not bad. Correctable. Here is an hour’s worth of breakdown.

      It is a work in progress that is close. The route running is there. You see him using good technique. Why the bad rep? Concentration drops, small angles, mediocre QB.

  13. JC

    For what it’s worth, projects DGB to Hawks at #63…

    • Rik

      Interesting draft. He’s got Marpet going to the Dolphins at 47 but Grasu and Morse still available at the end of round 3. Also Frank Clark. That’d be a heck of a draft if it fell out for the Hawks like that.

      • Volume12

        The Seahawks will load up on some great talent here boys. Watch.

        I could see something along the lines of this…

        2. Mario Edwards,jr., DL, Florida St. or DGB, WR, Oklahoma/Mizzou
        3. Ty Montgomery, WR/R/OW, Stanford or Frank Clark, DE, Michigan
        4. Mike Davis, HB, S. Carolina
        4. Derron Smith, S, Fresno St.
        4. Quinton Spain, OG, W. Virginia
        5. Vince Mayle, WR, Wazzu
        5. Zack Wagenmann, DE, Montana or Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DT, S. Miss
        6. Curtis Riley, CB, Fresno St
        6. Darius Allen, SAM LB/DE, CSU-Pueblo
        6. Andrew Donnal, OT/OG, Iowa
        7. Cornelius Edison, C, Portland St.

        Blake Sims, QB, Alabama
        Chris Harper, WR, Cal.
        Earnest Pettway, TE/FB/H-back, Villanova
        Justin ‘Juice’ Hamilton, DT, UL-Lafayette

        • peter

          No sokoli?

  14. Saxon

    This is what I’ve been hoping all along. More D-Line please. OL and WR can be had in the middle rounds but DL is going to dry up fast. Goldman, Edwards, Clark, Golden would all really help. Even Grady Jarrett would be great as a Mebane clone. I hope PC/JS go this route.

  15. Nathan

    Is Grady Jarrett an option? We’d all love a bit more interior pass pressure.

    • peter

      First time I saw Garrett…i said a wiseass comment like “welcome to the Seahawks, come on down!”. I dont think it’ll happen but he’s who I’m hoping for

  16. Steeeve

    Rob, I haven’t been following closely this year so you probably already covered this, but where do you see Chris Conley being picked? I’ve seen him comped to Cody Latimer a few times, who you were very high on last year. 3rd round? 4th? From what I’ve read he’d be a good physical fit but perhaps lacks the toughness they look for.

    • Rob Staton

      Round 3-4 for Conley IMO.

  17. Trevor

    Finally we are ready to make some picks. I hope we trade up for Harold, DGB or J Collins but here is my final mock assuming no trades.

    Rd 2 Mitch Morse (Guard / C)
    Rd 3 Frank Clark (DL)
    Rd 4 Chris Conley (WR)
    Rd 4 Shaq Riddick (LEO)
    Rd 4 Ty Montgomery (WR/KR)
    Rd 5 A Chickillo (DL)
    Rd 5 T Poole (Guard)
    Rd 6 N Marsall (CB)
    Rd 6 T. Crisp (OT)
    Rd 6 K Sokoli (DL)
    Rd 7 A King (Safety)

    I just hope we can get 3 starters and 4 rotation guys out of our 11 picks + UDFA

  18. Saxon

    True or False: Ty Montgomery = Devin Hester?

    • Volume12

      False. He’s more Cordarrelle Patterson/Percy Harvin.

      • peter

        Less explosive to me then them….but a WAY better pure receiver which is a huge plus….plus a little of tate’s YAC…IMO

  19. John_s

    Ian Rapaport says Seattle is a team looking to move to the top of the 2nd

    “Teams I hear want to come up into the early part of the 2nd round: The #Steelers, the #Seahawks, the #Falcons.”

    • Volume12

      Nice. I hope they do. 11 picks plus 2-3 UDFAs ain’t making this team anyways. Go get DGB, Mario Edwards,jr. or Eli Harold.

      • Volume12

        Maybe even WR Jaelen Strong.

        • peter

          I’ve got a strange feeling about him being the pick dont know why. Flaws in the game but essential negates kearse/lockette on the field minus special teams. Its a shame he’s got no wiggle can he can go up and get it with the best in this class

          • peter

            Not “can he go up,”. but “he can go up with the best of them,”

    • Rob Staton

      There we go. DGB not the only target either BTW.

      • John_s

        Grady Jarrett? Eli Harold? jaelen strong?

        • Rob Staton

          Harold would surely be on the list. Preston Smith, Jordan Phillips, Jalen Collins, Donovan Smith. Possibly Mario Edwards Jr. DGB definitely NOT the only target. Some reservations inside on DGB. But also a lot of appreciation too.

  20. AlaskaHawk

    From the Seattle Times:
    Now, updated second-round mock drafts and who they have Seattle selecting with their comment (if there was one). All of which assume, of course, that the Seahawks don’t trade up (which might be more likely this year with 11 picks already) or down:


    Garry Peters, CB, Clemson: Despite a 4.61 40 time, Peters was very strong in coverage last season, allowing only 16.7% of passes to be completed when targeted on passes over 10 yards. He also has the size Seattle looks for in their cornerbacks.


    Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn: A player with the size and home-run speed of Coates will give Russell Wilson and the Seahawks a true deep threat.


    Michael Bennett, DT, Ohio State: Winning with quickness is a Seattle trademark, and Bennett is a plus pass rusher from the interior spot.
    Hroniss Grasu, C Oregon: The ex-Duck knows the Pacific Northwest and should walk into the lineup as the replacement for veteran Max Unger, who was shipped to New Orleans in the blockbuster Jimmy Graham deal.​

    Second round:
    Ali Marpet, C/OT/G, Hobart: The Seahawks could use some help on the offensive line to give Russell Wilson more time in the pocket. The rising Ali Marpet is a great fit for the blocking scheme, and he can pretty much play anywhere up front.
    Third round:
    Grady Jarrett, DT, Clemson: The Seahawks were really missing Brandon Mebane. They need some help at defensive tackle, even once Mebane returns from his hamstring injury next year.
    DE Markus Golden, Missouri.

    Sammie Coats, WR Auburn: Coates is the type of vertical threat outside the hashes who could free up space for newly acquired TE Jimmy Graham. The Seahawks need an upgrade at receiver, and Coates has big upside


    Chris Conley, WR, Georgia.


    Hroniss Grasu, C, Oregon


    Hroniss Grasu, Center, Oregon: A few years ago the Seahawks used a draft pick on Oregon center Max Unger. He’s now gone, traded to New Orleans in the Jimmy Graham deal. The Seahawks try to duplicate the Unger pick with the experienced Grasu.


    Ronald Darby, CB, Florida State: The Seahawks need to upgrade at cornerback after losing Byron Maxwell and Darby’s level of talent should outweigh any concerns about his size in Seattle’s system.
    Michigan WR Devin Funchess: At 6-4, 232 pounds, he’s in the ‘tweener region as a hybrid receiver/tight end. But Funchess is also a mismatch problem the Seahawks don’t really have in their wideout corps, the type of player they could’ve used at the end of the Super Bowl.


    Hroniss Grasu, C, Oregon: The Seahawks acquired tight end Jimmy Graham by trading center Max Unger.


    Tre Jackson, guard, Florida State

    Also, Jason La Confora of writes the Seahawks could go after Michigan defensive end Frank Clark. That’s much higher than where most analysts have Clark going due in part to some concerns over past legal issues. La Confora adds that if the Seahawks take Clark “that might hasten the departure of Bruce Irvin, a kid they took a gamble on as a pass rusher a few years ago.” The Seahawks had Clark to the VMAC for a pre-draft visit.

  21. MJ

    I will be so disappointed if we pick Grasu in Round 2. He will be 24 at the start of the season and is a finesse player. Just hate to see us trade Unger for a 4th then backfill him with a lesser prospect with a 2nd rounder.

    Sit tight…grab Shaq Mason in the 4th round and let him maul folks in the run game.

    • Volume12

      Keep an eye on Portland St C Cornelius Edison as a late round option if they wait on the C position, which wouldn,t surprise me.

      • MJ

        Good note. Just really would be disappointed with OL at 63. I just think there is way too much talent in R4-6 on the interior OL.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’m going to be real confused if they pick Michael Bennett. But seriously, I think there is a 33% chance they pick defense at #63. Because the best wide receivers will be gone, and the offensive line can be picked in the mid rounds.

          • peter

            Not a fan of that bennetts game. I dint think he’s an improvement over anyone on the line abs JS has repeatedly said that’s a criteria. I get Lg/C/WR nearly anywhere but Bennett IMO wouldn’t really bring anything Seattle doesn’t already have.

  22. Hawkfaninmt

    In the spirit of trading up I give you Mr Hsu:

  23. Chris

    With this news, the only dead lock sure thing is that they will NOT take golden or Clark

  24. UKHawkDavid

    Any Pete Carroll draft clues yet?!

    Thoughts on the Cardinals listening to offers for WR Michael Floyd? He could be an interesting deep threat option for a reasonable price.

  25. bigDhawk

    I would like like a pick of Golden. JS is on recent record saying he has made the past mistake of getting seduced by measurables and passing on players right in front of him who could just play. Golden is one of those. Short arms or not he is a baller. I would love to see him in a Seahawks uni.

  26. James

    The Seahawks draft hinges on how Tom Cable, et al, rate the mid-tier OLs vs the higher-tier. If Cable believes he can land just as good a player in R4 as he could in R2, then he can wait, and John and Pete can go for DL and maybe SE in R2/3. Are guys like Josue Matias, John Miller, Robert Myers, Jamil Douglas, Mark Glowinski, BJ Finney, and Shaq Mason as good a prospect as Mitch Morse, Ali Marpet, Hroniss Grasu, Ty Sambrailo and Donovan Smith? If so, then Seattle can cover almost all their needs by R5, and the rest is gravy.

  27. Ukhawk

    Hope Frank Clark is worth the risk?? Bummed missing out on DGB, better character Harold & Lockett

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