LIVE: 2015 NFL Draft (rounds 4-7)

Today we’ve got a live blog with a brief reaction to each Seahawks pick. We’ll use this as an open thread. I’ll have a longer piece up at the conclusion of the draft.

Seattle’s day three

Ian Rapoport reported on the NFL Network that Seattle was aggressively trying to trade from pick #130 up to pick #100 (the first pick on day three). Tennessee made a pick instead and selected Angelo Blackson (DT, Auburn).

The Seahawks have major needs on the offensive line. Were they looking to get at the guys who dropped (La’el Collins, T.J. Clemmings)?

Carolina traded up from #124 to #102 with Oakland shortly after. The Seahawks were possibly jostling for an offensive lineman with the Panthers. Both teams have major needs on the O-line. Carolina drafted Daryl Williams. Big character guy. Competitive. Not athletic. So basically the prototype Seattle left guard.

Was that the player the Seahawks wanted to trade up for? The Panthers gave up a 5th and 7th rounder to move up.

T.J. Clemmings was taken with the 11th pick of round four by the Minnesota Vikings. Adam Schefter is reporting he fell due to a navicular fracture and there are doubts about his longevity.

The New England Patriots took Tre Jackson with the following pick. The Washington Redskins took Arie Kouandjio right after that too. Offensive linemen are going off the board.

Round 4, Pick 31 (130)
Terry Poole (T, San Diego State)
Tony Pauline called Seattle’s interest in Poole months ago, enabling us to spend some time on him. At the combine he appeared to have a frame that matched well to the center position. Good length, mobile, strong. This is why they could afford to wait on linemen.

Round 4, Pick 35 (134) (compensatory)
Mark Glowinski (G, West Virginia)
SPARQ’d out guard with major upside. The athletic compliment to Quinton Spain on the West Virginia O-line. He could be an immediate starter just like Poole. Again, another player who theoretically could play center.

Round 5, Pick 34 (170) (compensatory)
Tye Smith (CB, Towson State)
Length, size and speed. The Seahawks know what they want at corner and find a guy in this range every year. He’s quite skinny to play outside but could be tested inside early. They had to add a corner.

Round 6, Pick 33 (209) (compensatory)
Obam Gwacham (DE, Oregon State)
Extremely raw with a ton of upside. Gwacham is kind of a Jameson Konz type. Is a TE? Is he a DE? In the sixth round it’s worth a flier.

Round 6, Pick 38 (214) (compensatory)
Kristjan Sokoli (DT, Buffalo)
Uber athletic defensive tackle prospect originally from Europe. Has been touted as a possible convert to the offense a la JR Sweezy. A predictable Seahawks pick given his athleticism and VMAC visit. EDIT — the Seahawks are calling Sokoli a guard.

Round 7, Pick 31 (248)
Ryan Murphy (S, Oregon State)
Tall and fast with the ability to possibly play corner or safety. Murphy is another predictable choice for the Seahawks, who focus on athletic qualities in the later rounds. He’ll come in, they’ll coach him up. Let’s see if he sticks.

Kenneth Arthur is doing another live commentary on day three. I’m unable to join in today but Kenny will have you covered:


  1. warner28

    I could see them being very open to dropping from 130 into the 5th round to add an extra pick in round 7 just to have an extra spin at the roulette wheel. But yeah, movement seems unlikely.

    • Jon

      If they drop to the mid 5th they could pick up a 6th this year or a 5th next. I still want them to get a pick for next year if it is possible. I always like the idea of planning for the future with picks.

    • Mark

      The only likely partners I see, for this year picks only, are NYG (144, 226) or ATL (146,225). I’m not sure it’s worth it as they already have 6 picks remaining.

      • Jon

        Yep, that’s why I like next years picks.

  2. Jon

    Lets go Hawks.
    Hey all, I want to know what you all think of any possible trades of Hawk players that may take place.

    Would it be possible Seattle trades Irvin for a 4th, and a pick next year? I am not suggesting a trade, but if he plans to leave at the end of the year then we should try to get something in return. I really like him on the team and he is a great play maker for us, but if his desire to leave may become a distraction perhaps we get out now. I really don’t see any other players that would be on the trade block or have much value in such a trade.

    A big thing I am looking at here is the reality that if we only select six more players in this draft it will be the smallest draft class for Seattle in the PC/JS era.

    • warner28

      Rather have Irving in 2015 and a comp pick in 2017 than a 4th this year and a similar pick next year.

      You can’t just discount the value Irvin brings to the team in 2015. That is likely more than most 4th round picks would bring over their entire rookie deals.

      • Jon

        I understand this and I agree. Most of my premise relies on whether the Hawks believe Irvin’s desire to leave may become a distraction. Honestly, I hope we take his 5th year option and then extend him next off season. Just want to open discussion.

        • Jon

          I think he is a premier play maker in this league. 6.5 Sacks and 2 INT returned for TD’s is pretty significant.

          • Volume12

            They ain’t moving Bruce Irvin.

        • arias

          I don’t see why it’d be a distraction when he’s in his contract year. He’s on record saying he’s only got one more year before he can go to Atlanta. I don’t see the press in Seattle making any issue over it unless he does.

        • Robert

          Irvin has a despite to leave?

  3. warner28

    I think Turbin is a better candidate for such a trade. Not that I expect it but he is a better candidate (probably be lucky to get a 5th or 6th for him but still).

    • Jon

      Yeah, he was another I thought about, but this trade would not include much draft capitol at all as you said.

  4. Volume12

    Just watching some of Eli Harold’s tape. How the hell did we think he was “Seahawky?’

    That kid quits on the football field. Plain and simple.

    • Jon

      That gives something for us to look at. Interesting. What tape are you watching so that we know what you are looking at.

    • bigDhawk

      He’ll make a great Whiner, then,

    • Barry T

      Probably his measurables. Talent is there but obviously something was off for him to fall

    • arias

      Exactly Vol12. I really can’t understand anyone who claims that Harold was a better fit than Frank Clark. Absolutely no way when he’s the polar opposite of a “high motor guy”.

      Also Harold was absolutely terrible against the run. Clark has the potential to be an every down guy. He gets after it regardless of down. No one should be criticizing Clark for churning in place after getting stuffed at the line while in the same breath pushing Eli Harold whose play against the run could be summed up with that very description.

      There are enough holes in Harold’s game that it’s hard to believe deification of his potential by others here was anything more than cynical but rather obvious attempt to downgrade the Clark pick.

      • Steele1324

        Your deification of Clark is just as biased.

        • arias

          Yet I’ve supported him being a top talent by citing facts.

          I hope you know that your vilification of those wrongly accused of DV doesn’t really help DV victims. It’s actually harmful to their cause of justice when you lump the wrongfully accused in there.

          The Seahawks did due diligence and concluded he was being honest when he says he never laid hands on her. So either the Seahawks are grossly incompetent in their investigation of a player Schneider admitted they spent more time scrutinizing than any player ever, or they are telling the truth.

          What I do know is that there’s no way you could possibly know what happened and I trust the team to have a better idea than you do and would not have drafted him if they found him lying about what happened.

  5. Ho Lee Chit

    It sounds like we are going to move up to 100

    • Volume12

      LOL With what ammo?

      • Jon

        Player or future picks

      • Ho Lee Chit

        It was reported on NFL network. No mention of the details. They would have to offer a 3rd next year to move into the 4th this year.

        • arias

          Yeah when I first heard that rumor my instant reaction was “with what ammo” too because it’s hard to think of how ‘aggressive’ they could have been with only one of their own non comp picks left.

          I wouldn’t want to give up a 3rd next year for a 4th this year. No surprise that didn’t happen.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        I think they wanted Daryl Williams but missed out.

  6. Volume12

    Ton og good O-lineman left in this draft. Seattle will get some really good players today.

    IMO Grady Jarrett is overrrated. Sorry, I said it. He’s not Aaron Donald guys.

    • Drew

      He’s a poor man’s Aaron Donald, hence why he still isn’t drafted yet.

  7. HOUSE

    Picks #130 and #248 are our ONLY tradeable picks. Comp picks (134, 170, 209 and 214) are NON-TRADEABLE.

    Today will be a fun day…

    One tidbit… Here is the point value of the trade chart (ppl will go back and forth about it being legit/not) but here is what the Lockett traded showed:

    SEA Received:
    #69 (245 points)

    WAS Received:
    #095 (120 points)
    #112 (70 points)
    #167 (24.6 points)
    #181 (19 points).
    Total: 236 pts

    We gave up enough pts to pick up pick #70/71. We didn’t overpay

    • bigDhawk

      I don’t mind the trade up as long as it’s for a field-tilting player. Still not convinced Lockett tilts the field that much. Hope I’m wrong.

  8. bigDhawk

    There’s been a number of middling OLmen taken ahead of Cummings. Must be something wrong with him physically. Can’t understand it otherwise. This guy is Greg Robinson from last year’s drat otherwise.

    • Lenny James

      A bs foot injury report per his agent.

  9. Lenny James

    Move up for Clemmings.

    He’s down right NASTY. Pause.

  10. bigDhawk

    Crap there goes Daryl Williams.

  11. bigDhawk

    This is gonna take all day. NFLN is determined to eek every last second of advertising time out of each pick.

  12. James

    I guess you could call me a draft-nik. I love this blog, and I love following my beloved Seahawks, and I love playing GM and trying to guess what John and Pete are going to do, but I swear, some of ya’ll need to chill.

    Going apoplectic over John picking someone else instead of the guy you have spent all of 15 minutes scouting is borderline crazy. We can view every single all-22 tape of every game a guy has played since pop warner league, and still we would know 1% of what John and his scouts know about a guy. And John has only proven himself, along with Pete, as one of the best talent evaluators in NFL history, right up there with Bill Walsh and Jimmy Johnson. The fun in all this should be trying to guess what these genius talent evaluators, John and Pete, are going to do, and allow ourselves to be surprised and amazed at their thinking processes. This should be fun, not a source of outrage.

    Take me, for instance. I am about to spend the next hour sweating bullets as OL come off the board, hoping that two good ones are still there for our picks at the end of R4, and the Seahawks are just as likely to go CB and S. And even if they go OL, it probably won’t be the guys I am tracking (Glowinski, Mason, Matias, et al) and they will probably go instead with someone not even on my radar (Hickey, Mancz, Feliciano???).

    One final thing…. the local sports reporters, especially some on the radio last night, really embarrassed themselves with their holier-than-thou feigned outrage over the Clark selection, a guy who has been OK’ed apparently by the prosecutor (reduced charges to disorderly), the justice system, his college coaches, his girlfriend, the Seahawks scouts, coaches and investigators, you name it. Obviously, this was a couple’s argument that got carried over the top, but which may not have been what it initially seemed. Don’t these reporters know that they are covering football, the most explosive and violent sport on earth… who do they think plays such a game? Maybe they would be happier covering the Franciscan Monastic Community… but then they wouldn’t get to play Woodward and Bernstein.

    • James

      ….and poor Hugh Millen, who has hated every draft pick John and Pete have made since Okung. From Earl Thomas, to those mid-round reaches for obscure players (Sherman, Chancellor, Wright, etc), to Russell Wilson, whom Millen basically bet his career was going to be an utter bust (somehow Millen survived a vow to eat his microphone if Wilson ever amounted to anything). I have learned that if Millen hates a John & Pete selection, the guy is on his way to the pro bowl.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Nice summary!

      Here is there next dilemma ,,. La’el Collins. Pete and John did more due diligence on Frank Clark than any player they have ever drafted. Collins is going undrafted because there is no time for teams to do any due diligence into the facts of his situation. The risks are high and coaches need to reduce the risk of failure. On the other hand, Collins is a huge talent at the position we need to fill with our next pick. Will big balls Pete have the courage to pull the trigger and select Collins based on blind faith? If we had a media kickback from Frank Clark, what will it be like if we draft Collins? I would do it, but I doubt PC/JS will.

      • Dave

        HLC, I want Collins too, but his agent said that Collins would sit out next year if he wasn’t selected in the 2nd/3rd round yesterday to re-enter the draft in 2016. Is this still true today? What if he gets selected by a Super Bowl contender who has Open OL competition?

        • Ketch1

          NFL report that says the NFL won’t let him enter the draft in 2016.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          That justs adds to the risk, doesn’t it? I would bet the numbers of sitting out do not pencil out well for Collins. He has been screwed. The best he can do is join a team, take the reduced pay check and hope he has an employer that makes it up to him when his contract comes up for renewal.

          • Dave

            He passed a polygraph. Beating a polygraph wasn’t in his draft analysis strengths. We need to get him. Shaquille Mason and Andy Gallik are still out there too, right?

            • Meat

              Sorry to say passing a polygraph means little.

    • Trineman

      Exactly, James. Well said.

      At the end of day two, we were only going to have two picks on the board … out of 99. Not very emotionally satisfying. But, we got a 63 and a 69. Two very good players. How good? It’s a little early to make that decision. A fan might want to watch them play for a couple years … before jumping off a building.

  13. Madmark

    I was trying to figure out how Seattle could move from 120 to 100 they don’t have any picks left to trade this year.

  14. bigDhawk

    And there goes Clemmings. To the Vikings. So we can trade for him in two years.

    • James

      …haha, good one. Sounds like worries over a long term foot injury caused his slide?

      • bigDhawk

        Probably, but wow, what an absurd steal at 110.

      • HOUSE

        The word on Clemmings is that he has been dealing with stress fractures in his foot and Clemmings claims he has felt no pain. Sounds good, right? Wrong. Problem with a stress fracture in a foot is that it never fully heals and more than likely will be degenerative. I broke my foot in 2007 and have had to had the bone re-broken to reset proper growth. I’m 5’9″/175lbs. I’ve had to change the type of shoes I wear and the way I run. Imagine the ramification of a 6’4″/308lbs guy…

        I pray that the kid has a healthy, productive career and I can easily see how teams were worried about taking him

        • vrtkolman

          I’m tired of injured O linemen so it’s for the best we didn’t have a chance to draft him.

    • Lenny James

      I like that!

  15. Barry T

    Vikes take TJ CLemmings. Would have liked to have seen Cable work with him.

  16. Lenny James

    Fahk there goes clemmings

  17. bigDhawk

    All that mid-round OL value is getting cashed in now.

    • Volume12

      No it’s not. Spain, Matias, Glowinski, Myers, Poole, Jamil Hamilton, etc.

      • Volume12

        Or is it Jamil Douglas?

      • bigDhawk

        Williams, Jackson, Kouandjio…Didn’t say they were all gone.

  18. Nate

    wow o line is flying off the boards.

    • Volume12

      Not really.

  19. Volume12

    Tre Jackson actually graded out as one of the worst O-lineman in the country. I still liked him. He also had health concerns.

    TJ Clemmings has a foot injury that surgery might not be able to fix.

    Arie Kouandjio has arthritic knees just like his big brother from last year.

    Nothing unqiue about Darryl Williams other than his temperment/character.

    The Dolphins got a a good O-lineman though.

  20. HOUSE

    I think La’el Collins @ #134 would EXPLODE the draft. lol

    • bigDhawk

      He won’t sign now. Can’t imagine he’s still on any board at this point

      • HOUSE

        I’m listening to Danny’s Live cast now and Collins would be a FOOL to not sign with a team that drafts him today. If he sits out this year, he takes a HUGE risk re-entering in 2016. He’s lost a year (could potentially fall out of shape) and what would his ceiling be? a 3rd rd pick at best? If he gets picked by a GOOD team, he better sign…

        • bigDhawk

          I might use a late 7th rounder on him. Nothing earlier. At any moment this guy could become Aaron Hernandez. I could handle wasting a late 7th. Nothing more.

          • HOUSE

            I think #134 will be our shot at him. I don’t know why, I just got a feeling. We’ve had 8 picks (3-5th rds) not even make this squad.

            We’re gonna find out in the next 10-14 picks…

          • Dave

            I think we should blow it up. Collins passed a polygraph. He got screwed by a terrible situation. I heard he won’t be allowed to enter the 2016 draft.

            • HOUSE

              AGREE… I’m calling Grady Jarrett/Michael Bennett/La’el Collins at one of our coming picks

              • Ketch1

                I’d add Shaq Mason to that list (good list).

            • bigDhawk

              Or he could be Aaron Hernandez. Aaron Hernandez wasn’t “Aaron Hernandez” until he was, if that makes sense.

              • HOUSE

                Totally makes sense… The difference between A-Hern and Collins is about $42M

  21. Jon

    Thing about all the OL coming off the board is they are all inury flags. Seattle needs OL who are not injury risks. Plus these are early round OL that we never considered mid rounders. Our mid round opportunities are still their.

    • Volume12

      Exactly Jon. There’s 6-7 really good O-lineman that could’ve gone in the 3rd.

  22. Jon

    I am glad we did not choose to trade a future pick. We will have 4 top 100 selections next year.

    • bigDhawk

      Yup, Detroit did that at 113. Gave up a 2016 third rounder for Gabe Wright.

  23. bigDhawk

    Oh good. The Whiners drafted a TE that won’t be Kaep’s first read and therefore will never be a threat in the passing game.

    • HOUSE

      My sentiment exactly. lol

    • Jon

      haha, Nice work their. Looks like our 5th rounder in Luke Willson has worked out better than the 49ers pick in the second of the other Rice TE from the same year!

      • bigDhawk

        Exactly 😉

    • Meat

      My concern for rival turned to Rams with their picks and defense.

      • bigDhawk

        The thing is, though, that is the Ewe’s story every year. Always in the top ten, tons of high and…what? Nothing. They are a very poor player-development team, lack schematic identity on both sides of the ball, and will likely continue thusly under Fisher.

        • bigDhawk

          …tons of high “picks”, even.

  24. Ketch1

    Josh Shaw just went. Who’s left at CB that’s worth a pick? I liked Shaw

    • HOUSE

      LaDarius Gunter (U of Miami) and Julian Wilson (Oklahoma) are guys I’m hoping for

    • Volume12

      Tray Walker, Robertson Daniel, Dexter McDonald, Curtis Riley, Imoan Claiborne, Tye Smith, De’Vante Bausby, yes Julian Wilson, Nick Marshall.

  25. Ketch1

    With six picks left, I’d think: 2@OL, 1@DT, 1@CB/SS/FS, 1@QB (Sims), and 1@???

  26. Dave

    Vin maybe going to the Browns. I know a bunch of you liked him.

    • Dave

      Vince Mayle, not Vin Maybe

      • Ketch1

        Guessing Blessed Auto-correct

  27. bigDhawk

    There goes Mayle for all the Cougs out there.

    • Ketch1

      Yeah, I liked Mayle for a mid- to late-round pick

  28. Ketch1

    Would anyone take Ekpre-Olomu? Think it’s worth it? We don’t go for short CB’s, but good cover guy.

    • bigDhawk

      I would love him to groom as a backup to ET. Very similar players to my eye.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      He is a great nickel corner. I would take him. We need help in the slot.

      • Ketch1

        We could build an All-ACL team…

  29. Ketch1

    Okay, I’ll bite: I’ll go Shaq Mason at 130, Ekpre- at 134 (and he wasn’t on my board; what a fool I am).

    • Saxon

      I’m guessing Mason, too. Best drive blocker at center.

      • Dave

        I love me some Shaq Mason

        • Saxon

          Maybe Crisp at OT too.

      • Ketch1

        Agreed. He’s not Scherff (man, I laughed watching Scherff finish every single block on top of some poor guy), but he’s good.

  30. HOUSE

    After #130, we only have #248 as a tradeable pick. The rest of the day will be interesting!!!

  31. bigDhawk

    Waller at any point from here on would make me happy.

    • Brincke

      I sm on the Waller bandwagon as well.. Would absolutely love that pick

      • Ketch1

        He’s the only tall WR left who was on my board.

  32. HOUSE

    With the #130 the pick, The Seattle Seahawks select…

    • Ketch1

      Billy Kipper, Punter!

    • HOUSE

      Terry Poole… I had us taking him in the 7th

    • Rik


  33. Robert

    I really like Vince Mayle WAZU WR….

    • Ketch1

      Yeah, he just went off a few picks back…

  34. bigDhawk



    • HOUSE

      I like this pick… His name picked up steam last night

  35. Saxon

    And there goes Mason to the Pats…

    • bigDhawk

      PC must really be high on Lewis. Maybe they have Poole pegged to compete at C.

  36. Jon

    There it is Rob. Terry Poole. Next pick may just be RB and things would be falling very near to Robs assessment of things.

    • rowdy

      Josh robinson hopefully

  37. bigDhawk

    Ugh..and Mason goes next to the Patsies.

  38. Ketch1

    And NE takes Shaq Mason. Dang It.

  39. HOUSE

    Mason to NE is an interesting pick

    49ers just took Smelter… A guy I kinda liked that will not get rooted for!

  40. Barry T

    Rob, Terry Pool, wow great pick. One the money once again Rob.

    • Dave

      There are a handful of teams running ZBS. We had to get him before they did. I love the Glowinski pick, but was sad to see Shaq Mason go to NE.

  41. bigDhawk

    Wow, Smelter to Santa Clara at 132. Their type of red-shirt pick, though.

  42. Volume12

    Love the pick. Terry Poole is a SPARQ demon, good size, can play LG and RT, former JUCO guy, former basketball player, huge personality.

    Seattle continues to kill it!


  43. HOUSE

    With the #134 the pick, The Seattle Seahawks select…

    • HOUSE

      With the #134th pick, The Seattle Seahawks select… Mark Glowinski

      • Saxon


  44. Jon

    I think we should all be quite happy now. Glowinski

    • Ketch1

      I am. Two of the three best remailing OL (Poole, Mason, Glowinski), so we’re good. Now on to DT, CB, Safety

  45. bigDhawk


    Rob is just killing the draft this year. Everyone pick so far has been players we have discussed in depth and no head-scratchers so far.

  46. Jarhead

    Wow, Rob DID kind of nail that. I will be honest and say I am more pumped for today’s picks than yesterdays. I think we could have 2 legit new starting linemen

    • Ketch1

      Agreed. Feels like a better day so far (although, fine, I’ll admit we did okay yesterday, just expensive)

      • Volume12

        No it wasn’t the Jimmy Johnson trade chart says they nailed it. Seattle had about 6 areas to address. Not every pick was going to make this team anyways.

        • Jarhead

          The antiquated chart that ceased to be relevant when the rookie wage scale was implemented? Until a current reformat for today’s values is put out, that old chart is invalid

  47. RealRhino2

    Really want Michael Bennett, OSU.

    Instead, Glowinski. Fine, but Bennett is the kind of guy who turns up awesome two years down the road. Interior pass rush is really hard to find, and we just passed on it twice.

    • HOUSE

      I would’ve liked to see Bennett… Maybe 2 Michael Bennetts on the same DL was 1 too many

    • Rik

      I think maybe they passed on Bennett and Jarrett because they’re trying for Ringo and Hamilton as UDFA. And maybe Sokoli in a later pick.

      • Rik

        No way Bennett lasts to 170 sadly.

        • Volume12

          Jarrett is highly overrated.

          • Dawgma

            In Rd 2 sure. In Rd 5 or 6?

      • Ketch1

        Sokoli is SPARQ’y as hell, but I’m uncertain a bit just how well he can play. Worth a 7th or UDFA, probably

  48. Volume12

    Great pick again! Told ya’ll they would take one of these W. Virginia O-lineman.

    M guess is that Glo is being groomed as a project C.

    And all the good lineman were coming off the board right?

    • Ukhawk

      Love the enthusiasm V12

      • Ukhawk

        The main needs are filled, now it gets intereseting

        • Volume12

          Still might want/need a DT and CB that can play outside and in the slot. Think Maxi or WT3.

          • Robert

            Darryl Swag Roberts!

  49. Brandon

    Dang, Tray Walker to Baltimore

  50. Ketch1

    Who’s left on your Wish LIst? On mine: Adrian Amos; Dres Anderson/Waller; Zach Zenner; Blake Sims; then the deeply hidden gems: Brian Blechen, James Rouse

    • Dave

      Darren Waller and Shaq Riddick.

      • Trevor

        Like Waller and Riddick too!!!

  51. bigDhawk

    And there goes Jarrett to ATL.

    You’d think Quinn learned how to draft from PC or something.

  52. Volume12

    Rob said that Glowinski didn’t have the size Seattle liked.

    IMO Glo is going to play C.

    Patrick Lewis is very good. They should be high on him.

    • Jon

      He said this about LG. Poole however is a Tackle Convert to G and has size.

      • Volume12

        Yeah I know. Poole can play LG and RT, but Poole isn’t huge by any means. He’s 1 inch and 6-8 pounds heavier than Glo.

  53. Jarhead

    I think the last 2 guys I am super hopeful for are Sokoli and Crisp. Anyone else, I mean they are coin flip at this point

    • Volume12

      Nah, Seattle’s done at O-line IMO.

      They’ll get their LT and HB next year.

      • Ketch1

        Agreed. If they had their three other picks, they’d go one more OL. Not now.

      • Jarhead

        I honestly think they would be more than willing to take a late round flier on an OT and see what they are getting than wait until Okung has potentially hit the market. We drafted 3 DL in ’12. We could triple dip here

      • Steele1324

        They will do more in UDFA.

    • williambryan

      These two guys and another taller receiver, hopefully Waller. But man, who the heck knows anymore

  54. Rik

    What about Lawrence Gibson or Crisp as future LT?

    • Jon

      yes please in Round 6.

    • Ketch1

      I like Gibson. Not sold on Crisp.

      • Steele1324

        If shutting down Vic Beasley is something you like, you should be sold on Crisp.

  55. Lenny James

    Tre McBride?

    • Rik

      Yes please

    • Jon

      Please take him at the end of 5.

  56. Rik

    One more (hopefully tall) WR – Adrian Coxson or Tyrell Williams? Issac Blakeney? Darren Waller?

    • HOUSE

      I’m thinking Blakeney or Waller will be a Seahawk

      • Volume12

        Lemar Durant too.

        • Trevor

          Durrant will be a UDFA

    • Robert

      Big fan of Coxson potential! Great quickness and speed. Good catcher, like a RB after the catch, ferocious run blocker!

  57. Ed

    Zenner and Riddick would be my hopes.

    • RealRhino2

      Absolutely want Zenner on this team!

  58. John_s

    Dan Quinn and the ATL Falcons are killing it

    • Rik

      Suddenly Ryan has a defense to depend on. Sheesh what a draft for Quinn!

    • Volume12

      Yes they are my man.

  59. AlaskaHawk

    They have done a good job taking care of the offensive line. I’m worried about wide receiver depth. Hope we can snag a tall wide receiver to join Lockette. On the smurf side is Matio alfonso still available?

    • Volume12

      They just filled that role with Lockett who is the next Randall Cobb, I think anyways.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Everyone who drafted on this board agreed that the Seahawks need at least two more wide receivers. Lockette is a good start.

    • bigDhawk

      Waller, or even Dezmin Lewis.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would love Waller, how tall and what school is Lewis from? Hmm tre McBride still available, another smurf anyone.

        I also love the Lockette pick, but he is a smurf do you can’t depend on him to stay uninsured. Love him but keep your fingers crossed. Maybe he will prove to be durable over time.

  60. Jon

    Would we give up a 2016 4th at this point?

    • bigDhawk

      Only for a fourth round talent at a position of need. Maybe Ajayi or Bennett but I’m not keen on either.

  61. Ketch1

    Balls! Amos is out.

  62. Trineman

    “Glowkinski is a tough guard who has some strength and grit to him. He started at right guard for the Mountaineers and could remain there in the NFL. It wouldn’t hurt him to add 10 pounds of power for the NFL though. There are some that feel that Glowinski is a sleeper who is going to be a nice reward for some team.”


    • Volume12

      Yeah, he’s nasty. Said to have amazing practice habits, says a ‘switch’ inside of him flips when he’s on the field I regarda tohs nastiness/aggressive mindset.

      He’s a coal miners son, played T his whole JUCO career at Lackawanna CC.

    • HOUSE

      I think Glowinski and Poole are competing to play LG. I think we’re going to see a surprise starter @ C.

      • Volume12

        You could very well be spot on. Would it surprise us to see Glo as the C or backup to Patrick Lewis at some point?

      • Rik

        Do you think they’re maybe competing for RT? They may have better athletic qualities than Britt, who would then be de facto starting LG.

  63. John_s

    DeAndre Smelter to the Niners? I knew he wasn’t going to last until the 6th or 7th. He can end up being a steal and their best pick in this draft.

    • HOUSE

      I think it was a good pick as long as he knee checks out. Interesting to watch him play

    • Trevor

      Smelter was my favourite mid round WR the Niners got a steal!

  64. vrtkolman

    Surprised no one mentioned SF taking Mike Davis ahead of us, fantastic! Glad we didn’t have the change to blow our pick on him.

    • rowdy

      I cheered for the same reason

  65. peter

    Pretty stoked on Poole and glowinski!

    • Volume12

      Right? 2 perfect ZBS lineman , and 2 of my favorite O-lineman in this draft.

      IMO this is PC/JS best draft since 2010.

      Did I mention that Seattle is killing this draft?

      • Trevor

        I agree Vol I really like all our picks so far. I think all will contribute in 2016.

        • peter

          I have good feeling that all so far will be on the roster

      • Rik

        I’m still sad about Lockett over Montgomery, but the rest of it makes me pretty happy.

        • sdcoug

          my personal opinion is that Lockett is a much better, more well-rounded WR than Montgomery, and you’re still getting a skilled KR

  66. Robert

    Great Draft for the Seahawks so far! Throw in Graham and Burley!

    • Volume12

      Great point about Burley! Completely forgot they used a 6th from this draft on him.

  67. Volume12

    For a CB keep an eye on BYUs Robertson Daniel. I heard that Seattle heavily scouted the BYU team this year.

    Of course they probably won’t take Daniel, but he’d be a fantastic fit.

  68. HOUSE

    Here’s our draft board right now (* = Compensatory Pick = Non-tradeable):
    031. TRADED to NO (Jimmy Graham)
    063. Frank Clark (DL, Michigan)
    069. Tyler Lockett (WR, Kansas St)
    095. TRADED to WAS (Tyler Lockett pick)
    112. TRADED to WAS (Tyler Lockett pick)
    130. Terry Poole (OL, San Diego St)
    134. *Mark Glowinski (OL, West Virgina)
    167. TRADED to WAS (Tyler Lockett pick)
    170. *
    181. TRADED to WAS (Tyler Lockett pick)
    207. TRADED to IND (Marcus Burley)
    209. *
    214. *

  69. HOUSE

    WOW… The Packers just took Hundley. He’ll be tradebait in 2-3 yrs

  70. John_s

    Brett Hundley in the 5th to the Packers is a potential steal. Learning from Tom Clements and Aaron Rodgers good for him

  71. bigDhawk

    Hundley to GB is an interesting pick.

  72. HOUSE

    Quiet time… Picking in 16 spots. Predictions?

    • bigDhawk

      Waller please. I’m beating the drum now.

      • HOUSE

        I think Waller could be a big threat in 2-3 yrs

    • Dave

      CB Darryl Roberts

      • Dave

        AKA Swag Roberts

        • HOUSE

          LaDarius Gunter is my pick here… STUD

  73. bigDhawk

    Jarvis Harrison to the Jets. I liked him.

  74. Ed


    • Ed

      Sorry, Zenner

  75. Brandon

    well there goes Tony Lippett. Was really hoping we could draft him as a corner.

  76. Jon

    Michael Bennet, CB/S hybrid, OL, Big WR. These are directions we could pick end of round 5

  77. Dave

    Tony Lippett, he gone!

    • Dave

      Shaq Riddick gone, this is depressing.

    • john_s

      and he was drafted by Miami as a CB…damn

  78. bigDhawk

    Cable with a great live presser right now on seahawks dot com

  79. bigDhawk


    Shaq Riddick to Arizona. That makes two of our favorite LEO prospects to division rivals.

  80. john_s

    Tre McBride or Bobby Richardson

    • Rik

      Both great picks!

  81. HOUSE

    ARI just picked Shaq Riddick… Nice pick

    • Trevor

      That’s too bad I was really hoping we could get him and he goes in division. They got a great pick I think.

  82. Ed

    There goes my number 1 choice.

  83. Ed


  84. CharlieTheUnicorn

    5th Kristian Sokoli, DT, Buffalo (OL?)

    6th Justin Cox, CB, Mississippi State

    6th Laurence Gibsen, OT, Virginia Tech (OG)

    7th Akeem King, SS, San Jose State (FS/CB/ST)

  85. Brandon

    Kenny Bell to Tampa Bay

  86. bigDhawk

    Kenny Bell gone. I know he had a lot of fans here.

    • Steele1324

      Sad to see him and lots of others we like going to the enemies.

      Taking Lockett ensured that anything remotely similar would not be taken. Bell would have been triply redundant, on top of Lockett, who was also redundant.

      The Seattle Slothawks.

  87. Rik

    Crap. Kenny Bell just went to Tampa Bay.

  88. bigDhawk

    The Girls will probably take Bennett here…

    • bigDhawk

      Or not.

      Wow, what’s up with Bennett? Injury?

  89. HOUSE

    SF yanked a P early

    • bigDhawk

      And a LS to the Patsies.

    • peter

      SF bringing the heat this draft….though they probably will need a field flipping punter

  90. bigDhawk

    Santa Clara drafts a punter for the win.

    • Jon

      yes! Now we can take an all pro player at WR. Who is it that selected a P before RW in round 3 of 2012?

      • Jarhead

        Haha The Jags. Pat Anger I think

      • bigDhawk

        JAX. Angerer was his name, or somesuch.

  91. HOUSE

    NO just traded up into WAS’ spot (they got from us)

    • bigDhawk

      I just hope Waller gets past Carolina.

      • HOUSE

        They took Funchess already… I think he’s safe

  92. Screeching Hawk

    I Love you Rob Staton, I so appreciate your dedication to us that listen, read, and mostly watch our beloved SeaHawks. You are awesome. I believe we have definitely become better through this draft. That is what is most important!

  93. Jon

    And the Patriots draft a LS in round 5. It is good to not need a P, K, LS, FB, going into a draft!

    • peter

      New long snapper for outdated two long snapper trick plays with eligible reciever option

      • Screeching Hawk

        That was funny! American Football rules!

      • Jon

        You said we couldn’t use cheap OL trick plays. F you NFL, we have an extra Long Snapper.

  94. HOUSE

    Seahawks on the clock…

    With the #170th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select…

    • bigDhawk



    • Brincke

      Waller would be nice…

  95. bigDhawk

    Nice. Carolina takes a LB.


    • Steele1324

      Time to give up the idea of big WRs. They don’t appear to be going that route.

      Going exclusively with Chris Matthews. That’s the gamble. (Yes. I know. Jimmy Graham. He’s not a WR.)

  96. HOUSE

    Tye Smith

  97. Brandon

    Tye Smith

    • john_s

      NFL.COM Comments on Smith

      Shows some closing speed. Good awareness in zone coverage, with length to challenge the catch. Will hit open-field receiver with some force. Hard worker. Brings competitive attitude to the field.

      Looks rail thin in the uniform. Skinny through entire lower body. No sand in his pants to take on physical wide receivers. Complete non-factor tackling size on perimeter. Play strength is a major issue for him. A little sloppy opening up out of press.

      Bottom Line
      Average athletic traits with decent ball skills but a substantial deficiency in play strength. West Virginia peppered Smith with hitches to wide receiver Kevin White and Smith was unable to respond favorably. He can make it into a camp, but likely lacks enough meat on his bones to become a roster factor.

      • john_s

        • HOUSE

          He reminds me of Jeremy Lane

          • Steele1324

            Exactly. He is a bit of reach. Developmental. They do need insurance for nickel anyway.

      • bigDhawk

        No flattering. But at 6′ and 32″ arms he seems a Jeremy Lane comp.

        • HOUSE

          I just said the same thing. LOL

      • Ketch1

        Hmmmm….I disagree. I see sand in his pants. He hits with gusto, and closes like a snake. For this late, I like him.

        • Steele1324

          Yes. He hits.

          We need nickels who can hit Edelman the next time around.

          • vrtkolman

            80 and 100 tackle seasons is very impressive. I like that he attacks the ball carrier – Sherman and Lane do that very well.

  98. bigDhawk

    Tye Smith.

    6′ 0″

    32″ arms.


  99. Ketch1


    • peter

      Nickel cb

  100. Ketch1

    This is where I say, “Who’s Tye Smith?

    • Steele1324

      A very good corner.

      • Ketch1

        Thanks, Steele1324. Looks like a ball hawk, good anticipation, on the little film I can find.

        • Steele1324

          Nickel. I don’t agree with that report above. From what I’ve seen he is not afraid to hit.

          • Matt

            Agreed Steele! 300+ career tackles from a CB doesn’t happen if he didn’t like to hit. Smith lays down to boom in the highlight video multiple times. Reminds me of Lane as well. Nice pick!

          • peter

            Its a strange report…no sand in the pants but can hit?

  101. Steele1324

    Tye Smith. Good pick.

    • Robert

      I am glad you’re having a better day, buddy! You were a wreck yesterday….

  102. Jon

    haha, the normal unknown 5th round CB with 32″ arms. here we go!

    • bigDhawk

      ugh…another loooooooooong wait now.

  103. Trevor

    Too bad I was hoping if we took a CB it would be Nick Marshall. Don’t know anything about this guy but sound like a typical Hawks CB pick.

  104. CA

    damn, no Tre McBride? Like the position though. I like the positions they have addressed at the times they have addressed them. Perfectly done. They like these guys so I like them.

    • Jon

      this is how I have taken to analysis of Seattle Picks. Sometimes I don’t know exactly what is up, but thats when I realize the Seahawks know so much more than I do, and I like it that way.

      • Steele1324

        I can’t subscribe to that way of thinking. Use your own minds. Have your own opinions. They aren’t perfect. They screw up as much as they succeed.

        We will see.

        • Jarhead

          Yessir. That statement is what I have been preaching. They have flubbed up plenty in their drafting over the last few years. The jury is out on this year and we won’t know anything about this draft until the rookies take the filed

        • CA

          Was that not my own thought from my own mind?because now I’m confused. Did I not show preference for another player in my post? Understand this regime sent us to back to back Super Bowls with the decisions they’ve made. I’ve watched 0 seconds of Towson tape this year. I’ve sent 0 teams to a Super Bowl. Will lose 0 sleep over the fact they picked a player I didn’t prefer.

          • Jarhead

            Technically he was responding to Jon’s comment. Maybe that would clear it up

          • Steele1324

            CA. not so much anything personal about you as a general comment on the “trust (insert football team management here) no matter what” mentality. JSPC has made plenty of mistakes. Every decision deserves scrutiny. Their drafting has been hardly perfect.

            You can make a strong argument that the last Super Bowl should not only have been a win, but a dominant one, if they had not made personnel mistakes that left a injured, thin team without adequate depth to make up for it, without more receiving alternatives, without a better OL, etc. etc.

            As good as JSPC is, they could do even better.

            They just dumped half of a draft for one undersized slot receiver. Think of what else they could have done instead.

            • CA

              I completely understand, but it’s reassuring to me that they if they were willing to give that much up for Lockett in the first place then they must have truly seen special value. We can make the argument that they could have gone about it in a different order to save future draft capital but how can we know it plays out that way? Maybe we miss out on the two guys we wanted going about it another way, who’s to know?

              To me, they got guys in R1 and R3 this year that they can go to on 2nd and goal from the 2 to win the SB, guys that can get enough separation in their own way to get it done when the stake are highest. I’ve been partial toward getting a larger WR but by targeting a smaller WR they very well could be seeing Matthews stepping up. We’ll know more here in about 30 minutes after these two 6 rounders go through. Maybe we get McBride, maybe we get Waller. Maybe we go DL again. All I know is that I can’t wait to see what they do next. Getcha popcorn ready

              • CA

                Thats a no-go on Waller now. Scratch that

            • Robert

              I see lockett as a win now addition that instantly improves our return teams dramatically. And he is a very accomplished route runner who is extremely sudden, which will be a huge matchup problem for teams that do not babe a cb that can change direction like a dragon fly.

  105. Scott Allen

    Fix your audio dude

  106. Scott Allen

    Its fairly unlistenable

  107. Ehurd1021

    Glad they took my guy Tye Smith…. people loved his tape when I posted about him on here a few months ago.

  108. Steele1324

    I like Tye Smith, but I would have preferred Devante Bausby.

    • Trevor

      I thought N Marshall had the most upside after Lippett as a developmental corner but after watching Smiths tape he certainly does look like a Seahawks corner.

      • bigDhawk

        He’s Jeremy Lane, essentially. Hope he’s a ST baller like Lane too.

        • Dave

          Lane ran 4.4. Smith runs 4.6.

          • peter

            Good hops, good splits, giood press though

  109. AlaskaHawk

    I like the thrill of the chase for the next unknown pro bowl cornerback!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Go Tye!!!!

  110. Jon

    So I wonder. If the Hawks do not take a tall WR in this draft, can we conclude that they at very least, like what they see out of Chris Matthews

    • AlaskaHawk

      I have always been optimistic about Matthews, the Super Bowl confirmed it to me. He will be an excellent receiver for the Seahawks. But we can always use more weapons! So I hope we get another wide receiver out of this draft.

      • Jon

        I agree. I have been a Matthews supporter since we got him last off season.

    • bigDhawk

      I certainly hope so. Don’t forget we also got that 6’3″ Douglas McNeil guy from arena league. Would still love to get Waller or Lewis, though.

    • HOUSE

      I think we take 1 one WR today. We do have 2 big WRs: Chris Matthews (6’5″/218lbs) and Douglas McNeil (6’3″/204lbs).

    • Steele1324

      Jon, that seems to be the gamble. We still do not know if Chris Matthews is a starter or a one-game wonder. The non-smurfs—he, Doug McNeil, and Norwood—must break out this season.

      This offense will still be vulnerable without another taller WR if they do not.

      There are still some options at the bottom and in UDFA.

    • Steele1324

      High on my wish list is that “Ocho Dougie” McNeil becomes a showtime playmaker for the Seahawks. That would make up for a lot of things.

      • Robert

        His college and arena film make him look very sudden with quickness, speed and dominant contested ball skills!

        • Ketch1

          You’ve got to wonder if PC has this somewhat in mind, given the lack of our drafting a tall WR. And we had our chances. So maybe DMac and Matthews are going to compete for the “tall guy on the outside”.

  111. bigDhawk

    Bennett to the Fighting Bradleys. Immense value.

  112. bigDhawk

    Fabuluje to da Bearsss…Got to see a lot of him at TCU here in Dallas. He was a big part of their offensive breakout last season. He could eventually be an NFL LT taken in the 6th round. I’ll watch his career.

    • HOUSE

      He is a BIG dude

      • bigDhawk

        He is. A bigger Alvin Bailey in terms of play style is a good comp. Has a nice little glide to his game like Bailey.

  113. bigDhawk

    Dang, the Vikes got Clemmings and Tyrus Thompson in this draft. We’ll probably trade for both in a year or so.

    • Jon

      haha, are you the one that said that earlier when they took Clemmings? I dont want to sift through the last couple hours.

      • bigDhawk

        Guilty as charged.

    • vrtkolman

      Clemmings has a serious foot problem that can’t be operated on, I don’t like his long term potential.

  114. vrtkolman

    McBride lasting until the end of the 6th? I guess scouts don’t like his lack of competition? Something else?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I would go with Waller…. get the big WR late in the 6th.. sign me up

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        *Shakes fist at Ravens*

        • Dawgma

          Almost sucks that we gave up an early 6th…

  115. HOUSE

    FUKK… BAL just took Waller

    • bigDhawk

      …just 5 picks in front of us.

      I’ll get over this…eventually. Dang, that was my man crush. Oh well.

  116. bigDhawk


  117. Trevor

    Ravens got Waller in the 6th that is a steal. He will be a great deep threat for Flacco.

    • bigDhawk

      I’m devastated at the moment. I’ve wanted this guy since the start of the college season last September.

      • Trevor

        I know I really likes both him and Smelter. Thought we might get at least one of them. That is the crappy part of the draft. You research a guy and get to really like him then poof just like that they are on a team you are playing that year.

        He was my Martavius Bryant of this years draft.

      • arias

        Condolences bigD. I was really hoping to see them swoop in on him too this late in the draft. Guess he was never really on their radar, at least not enough to make him anything more than a 6th round pick.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I was hoping for waller.

  118. Brandon

    DE, Obum Gwacham

    • Brandon

      6’5 246lbs.
      Bruce Irvin replacement?

      • bigDhawk

        And apparently he was a WR convert last season.

        • Brandon

          That’s one big reciever!

      • Trevor

        Poor mans Shaq Riddick. But he definitely has explosion and potential.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Maybe he can play dual positions. Use him where we want.

  119. bigDhawk

    Obum Gwachum.

    He’s not Darren Waller.

    So I don’t care.

    • Mike

      Waller is overrated. Hope we get McBride with our next pick.

      • bigDhawk

        McBride is overrated.

    • vrtkolman

      What’s crazy is he used to be a WR, maybe he would play Waller’s role as a big red zone target? Hah!

      • bigDhawk

        That thought just flashed across my mind actually. I’m still butthurt, though.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes. This could be a shrewd pick as a duel threat.

    • Dave

      We have another pick soon, looks like Gwachum competition at LEO, long arms, 34″.

  120. Rik

    Shoot, GB just grabbed Ringo.

    • Rik

      I was hoping we’d pick him up in the late rounds.

  121. Sean

    Hey, there you go, everyone who wanted a big WR! Except he plays defense now. Small quibble. Ha ha. What a weird transition.

  122. Trevor

    Steelers got one of my favourites Chickillo.

  123. bigDhawk

    Cliett and Chickillo gone.

  124. CA

    c’mon McBride c’mon! #214

  125. HOUSE


  126. Brandon

    There you go, DT Kristjan Sokoli !!!!!!

  127. Trevor

    Really like the Sokoli pick!

  128. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Two out of 8 picks.. not bads

  129. bigDhawk


    SPARQ hero with underwhelming tape.

    • Jarhead

      The tape is irrelevant when he is almost assuredly a convert. Watch Sweezy’s tape from NCSU, it is average at best. Then look at him play Guard for us. HE has started since week 1 of his rookie season. That is unheard of

  130. Trevor

    Would have preferred Mcbride but Solkoli adds some youth to out DT position unless the convert him to OL.

  131. David M2

    V-12 your boys Obum Gwacham and Kristjan Sokoli. You’re correct. This is Seattle’s best draft since 2010

    • David M2

      Sorry, meant 2012 not 2010

  132. AlaskaHawk

    Hmm Seahawks really looking for defensive ends and LEOs this draft.

    I’m a little bummed we didn’t get Waller or Josh Robinson. I wanted to see the bowling ball run behind our line, bust some tackles.

  133. no frickin clue

    Sokoli is athletic, but how many DE’s can we draft? Is it possible this guy is a convert to the O-line, like Sweezy?

  134. Rik

    So we went in with highest priority needs at OL and WR. I think we filled in at OL, especially if Sokoli shifts to OL as discussed. At WR we have added one smurf with KR/PR capabilities. Can’t say that we have done much to change a “pedestrian” WR group. McBride, Coxson, and Ty Williams are still out there. It’s difficult to imagine that McBride will still be there at the end of round 7.

    • Brincke

      Sokoli was mentioned as a Guard not DT, so i guess that the plan is to convert him like JR Sweezy..

  135. Forrest

    #1 overall SPARQ d-linemen…Sokoli is great pickup here!!!

    • Kyle

      150.8 SPARQ. That’s pretty amazing

      • Ehurd1021


  136. Jon

    Does the Sokoli Pick and the announcement of the selection being a Gaurd mean that we will likely be seeing the end of Sweezey after this season. Money savers.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      No, they will convert him Sok to 1 OG, then the other 2 guys will be a future OC and perhaps OT (or depth)

      • Jarhead

        I see it the same way. Sokoli LG, Poole back up LT, and Glowinski probably kicked inside. If he is smart and comfortable, he and RW3 will get 10000 snaps before the first preseason game. Although of course that is enitrely a projection

  137. Trevor

    Looks like there are going to be some nice players available in the UDFA market.

    Anyone have any insight into who they might target?

  138. AlaskaHawk

    Well PC has surprised me. I like the players. Question all the picks we gave away. Filled the holes we need to fill. It would have been good to pick up another wide receiver, but we know how much they like UDFA receivers.

  139. Brandon

    I hope that this draft is somewhat like the 2012 draft. All the “analysts” will grade Seattle’s draft a C or lower then they produce 3-5 starters and a couple backups. I’m feeling pumped for pre season!

  140. Jon

    Crazy thing is we all said before the draft that all our picks will not make the team. At this point I think it is a legitimate thought that the 7 picks to this point will in fact make the team.

    • Brandon

      I agree, this draft is looking like it’s ready to contribute on day 1. Whether it be starters, backups, rotational pieces or special teams!

      • Robert

        Agree and that is just phenomenal! Then throw in Burley. And Graham transforms or offense by sourcing defenses that date to stack the box. He also causes or mediocre red zone and 3rd down efficiency to sky rocket! I love this Drafts potential…time will tell.

      • Saxon

        I see three practice squad guys, but that’s okay. Coach them up for a year and then unleash them on the league. Who let the dogs out?

  141. Magmatizer

    Zach Whitman just called Sokoli a unicorn on the podcast. To say he is enamored with the pick is an understatement.

    • bigDhawk

      It’s nerdgasmic, and a little embarrassing. He’s comparing Sokoli to JJ Watt.

      • Ehurd1021

        He compared his SPARQ rating to Whatt.

        • Magmatizer

          He definitely jumps out of the gym in terms of measureables. I wonder who we will get with our 7th considering that we have focused on supplementing the D-line. Tre McBride is still looking to be picked. Anyone think there is a chance he is available when it’s our turn?

          • Robert

            Coxson, damnit!

          • CA

            Now I’m not so sure there isn’t something we don’t know about McBride. What’s with the fall? If he’s fallen this far, for reason, do we even want him anymore? Personally, let’s snag him!

            • bigDhawk

              Rather have a Seahawk outside CB – Nick Marshall or George Farmer.

              • Magmatizer

                Nick Marshall intrigues me. Having QB experience seems like it can only be an asset as a CB. Solid athlete as well.

            • David M2

              Someone wrote on the blog a while back that they had a family member or friend who was on the William & Mary squad who said McBride was a real dick in the locker room. I don’t think anyone took much value in what was said, but maybe there is some substance to what was said?

              • Magmatizer

                I am surprised to hear that about McBride. Having watched some interviews, he seems like a high-character guy. His Twitter account indicates that he has received several calls regarding being a priority free agent, so it appears there are quite a few teams that don’t intend to spend a draft pick on him.

  142. JC

    I wrote here a couple days ago about keeping an eye on Mark Glowinski and Kristjan Sokoli as OG convert here a couple days ago based mostly on SPARQ ratings.. Darryl Roberts (CB), Brian Parker (TE) and Nick Easton (C) could fit round 7, though Easton would be a surprise given 3 OL drafted already.

  143. Rik

    Looks like we’ll be finding QB, RB, TE, and S depth for training camp as UDFA. I’m still surprised at some of the WR who haven’t been picked.

  144. Saxon

    This draft is so SPARQLY I need shades.

  145. JC

    Not picking a RB to this point I guess is showing support for Christine Michael, as it had been discussed prior to the draft about Turbin in his last year and Marshawn quite possibly being in his last season. Although that is partly due to trading a net of 3 picks away to get Lockett.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They will pick a RB next year when Turbins contract runs out and CMike is a year closer to getting off his rookie contract. I was rooting for Josh Robinson in late rounds.

    • Greens24

      If we somehow got Ezekial (sp?) Elliot from Ohio State next year, I’d be one happy camper

  146. Ehurd1021

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Seattle draft Nick Marshall ( 6’1″/ *32 inch arms.)

    • bigDhawk

      Him or George Farmer – former USC recruit that PC knows.

      • Ehurd1021

        There is a video of George Farmer on youtube of a track meet between him and DeAnthony Thomas in high school and he smokes Thomas….. don’t know if he has that same speed after the ACL at USC but the kid can fly.

  147. Ehurd1021

    I feel bad for Ifo ekpre-olomu. Kid was a early to mid round pick before he tore his ACL leading up to the Rose Bowl. Now he might not get drafted….. feel bad for him and his family

    • bigDhawk

      Sad. It’s a story that happens every season, unfortunately.

    • bigDhawk

      Ifo to the Brownies.

      • Ehurd1021

        Now I wish him the best, until he plays the Seahawks.

    • John_s

      What mayock said was that he tore more than his ACL and he had two surgeries. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and he has a nice career.

    • David M2

      I don’t think he’s feeling that bad. $$$$$$$

  148. Jarhead

    I was away but came back to see Sokoli and I am pretty stoked. I wonder what the H the Hawks do with him. His baseline athleticism is greater than Sweezy and he is a solid RG. If they convert him, he could have potential to be an unprecedented steal!

    • bigDhawk

      That’s the talk on twitter. The team wants to convert him to guard.

      • Jarhead

        I have no knowledge of the OSU DE, that one is a complete unknown, but as meh as I am about the first two picks- I am stoked about all the day three picks. Just like last year. I think the back half of our draft will totally overshadow the front half. Tye Smith seems a little light, but Lane and Thurmond also played light. They may have been more athletic and we need to see how Smith translates to the NFL game. It is all about on field production, but I am hoping that our O-Line can become dominant this year. It is at least young

        • bigDhawk

          I’m still uber-bummed about Waller, but I feel a lot better about this draft than last year, even the top two picks.

    • Ehurd1021

      OG convert I would think. Its hard to really get a feel because Buffalo has him out of position IMO — they made their best talent on the D-line play NT, makes no sense.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m not buying into the guard convert talk, we already picked two offensive linemen

        • bigDhawk

          Cable talked to him personally during pre-draft visits. They definitely want to convert him to guard.

        • Jarhead

          Why not? Who do we have on the line right now? Britt, Okung, and Sweezy. Then like 6 JAGs. Why not infuse the weakest position group with the most young talent. I love the move. Honestly their most successful OLineman was made in just this way. I love this pick more than Clark or Lockett

  149. bigDhawk

    oi…Dezmin Lewis gone now. if not a CB maybe Blakeney. I would like a tall receiver that’s not a currently a DE.

  150. Brandon

    There are so many UDFA that I would love Seattle to call.
    What if Tre Mcbride keeps sliping?
    BJ Finney?
    Reese Dismukes?
    Nick Marshall?
    Blake Simms?
    Rob Crisp?
    Tyler Moore?
    Laurence Gibson?
    Josue Matias?
    Ladarius Gunter?

    So many good players still who may have been snubbed!

    • bigDhawk

      Can’t argue with any of that. I’d add Isaac Blakeney.

    • bigDhawk

      lol scratch Gibson. Just went to the Girls.

  151. bigDhawk

    Whoa! McBride will be catching passes from Mariota now.

    • Magmatizer

      Rats. I was hopeful with just 3 picks before he got to us.

    • John_s

      DGB and Tre Mcbride. Nice pickups by Tennessee

  152. Jarhead

    Oy, Larry Gibsona nd Tre McBride with a one-two combo. Yeeouch! I know they had a lot of guys hopeful.

  153. bigDhawk

    There goes Marshall CB Roberts. Seattle next…

  154. David M2


    They took our Supa Bowl, then they took our Swag…

    • David M2

      Murphy a nice touche though. Very SPARQ’y

      4.48 – 40yd
      39″ Vert
      10.05 Broad
      7.06 3 Cone
      1.54 10 yd

  155. bigDhawk

    Ryan Murphy? Not even and nfl dot com profile on him. google searching…

    • bigDhawk

      6’3″, 214# safety from Oregon State. OK. Addresses the safety depth need.

      • Jarhead

        He certainly has the size. Between Guy, Pinkins and one whose name escapes me, we haven’t has a lot fo luck w late round safeties. But he has the size

        • David M2

          see above ^^^ Very SPARQy

  156. Magmatizer

    Just picked FS Ryan Murphy from OSU with our 7th. I can’t say I know too much about him. Could anyone kindly provide some insight?

  157. Jarhead

    Okay at this point don’t we HAVE to be calling La’el Collins’ agent and absolutely blowing up his phone? What do we have to lose if he gets locked away. HE will cost next to nothing and has 1st round ability. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I read he wasn’t drafted…

    • bigDhawk

      No way he signs with anyone. Worst case he is a 3rd round pick next draft, barring a conviction of course.

      • John_s

        From what was said is that he cannot re-enter the draft if he go undrafted. The only way to re-enter was to get drafted

        • Jarhead

          I was also under this impression but I don’t know the official rules at all

        • bigDhawk

          Yeah, NFLN just reported he will meet with police tomorrow then, if cleared, will sign an UDFA contract.


          • Jarhead

            Bully for us if we can sign him. His agent better have like 10 phones. We could turn our weakest unit into our strongest with him. Hey if they took Clark who is a known woman batterer why wouldn’t they want a better player who could be completely exonerated by police tomorrow

            • hawkdawg

              Take it easy on the “known woman batterer” crap. He pleaded guilty to a 4th degree misdemeanor that has nothing to do with battering. The DA offered the plea because he or she know that a DV charge wouldn’t stick. The Hawks don’t “know” he is one, and in fact are convinced he isn’t..

              Allegations aren’t evidence. Guilt is proven by evidence.

              • Jarhead

                Yeah, thanks for the Kool Aid. I read the article just like everybody else. I don’t need a playground lesson in law on SDB. He plead out to a lesser charge which likely inpmlies that he felt that he could be convicted in a jury trial. He wouldn’t have plead out if he felt that we would be acquitted. DA’s offer pleas in lieu of trials as it saves money, time and makes it easier on everyone. It’s all semantics. What about the laptop? If you don’t like woman batterer (Jim Rome pregnant pause) “allegedly” than thief works too.

                • Ho Lee Chit

                  That is not true at all. You know nothing of his situation. There are many reasons people plead to a lesser charge. Often, they just want it over with and their attorney recommends the plea deal as the least expensive option. If the DA thought he was guilty he/she would have gone to trial. DA’s do not like to lose. They, too, prefer to settle out of court to keep their conviction rate high and their budget under control.

      • Jarhead

        It isn’t always that simple. He will be out of football for an entire year. I know he wants more money, but HE could be much lower rank in a pretty stacked OL class next year. I may agree that he probably won’t, but he may live to regret it.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      If there is a silve lining in this awful situation, Collins gets to pick his team as an UDFA. Seattle as a LG spot he could step right into.

  158. j

    Like the individual players we drafted – all of them

    But only one WR means both Kearse and R. Lockette will be on the team next year. And not only on the team, but taking a lot of snaps.

    Would have loved to pick up another WR. Only regret.

    • hawkfan91094

      There was some hype around Douglas McNeill in the summer. Maybe he or Norwood will beat Lockette out for the last spot

  159. Rik

    So let’s get Adrian Coxson, Tyrell Williams, and Issac Blakeney in as UDFA. Can’t believe we only got one smurf at WR.

  160. CA

    Murphy returned a kickoff 97 yards for a TD against USC, so he has some kickoff return experience and production. Potential ST impact there

    • CA

      Another team captain type

      • Jarhead

        I would laugh hysterically if Murphy is a better returner than Lockett. That would be our luck. I mean no one knew that Tamerick Vanover or Jermaine Lewis would be their teams homerun returners until they went on the field and proved it

        • Steele1324

          This is possible, Jarhead! Let no one say they did not draft help for special teams.

  161. Rik

    I wonder if Russell Wilson is looking at Tennessee’s draft and shaking his head. They picked up DGB and McBride as talented wideouts to grow and learn with Mariota.

    • Ehurd1021

      Seattle went out and got Wilson the ultimate safety blanket in the NFL this offseason.

      I really don’t understand how anyone can look at the weapons the Seahawks have — including Lockett — and think he doesn’t have talent around him.

      • Steele1324

        You have to put aside the “we got Jimmy fucking Graham” and judge the rest.

        They could have done far more with the draft than they did. They could have added far more talent.

        They ended up with no significant additions. Just patched up obvious holes, some developmental depth, and one overrated slot receiver who is not better or different than what is already on the roster.

    • vrtkolman

      DGB and McBride are better than Graham?

    • Rik

      I didn’t say that they were better. I said Tennessee went out and got young, talented wideouts to grow with their young, talented quarterback. I just want to see investment in WR that maximizes Russell Wilson’s talent. Graham is 29 years old and a great player. But for how long?

    • CC

      Russell is probably happy that we drafted O line guys rather than the WRs.

  162. Ketch1

    I think we go six WR this year, two TE and one more, likely a third TE. So, for WR: Baldwin, Kearse, Richardson (PUP), Norwood, Matthews, Lockette, and Lockett, with either Norwood or Lockette bumped when PRich returns. (I think we keep Norwood). TE is Graham, Willson, and likely Helfet once McCoy gets hurt again (and I’m sorry to feel it will happen. I sure wish him well, and he’s now our best blocking TE. Man I’m gonna miss Miller).

    • j

      I think we’ll take 9 WR and TE – whether that is 5 WR and 4 TE or 6 WR and 3 TE is up in the air.

    • Steele1324

      McNeil will compete for a starting WR job. Make it or break it for Norwood. Lockette should go. Kearse should also go, but they love him and his inconsistency.

      Not too impressive.

      • Ketch1

        What a dunderhead. I meant to include McNeil. Here’s the issue: He could be in instead of Helfet or Matthews (and Matthews now has team sentimentality), but otherwise, we just don’t have room.

    • CC

      Ricardo Lockette might be on his last legs. The little Lockett was a gunner and a returner, add that to Matthews, he might be the odd man out. Norwood is another guy who’ll have to stay healthy and be better.

      • Ketch1

        I’ll tell you what about Norwood. If he gets a chance, he could light it up. Sadly, lots of guys get close, with huge talent, and due to just whimsical circumstances never get across the threshold. In truth, I’m way more excited by Norwood than PRich–and I like PRich.

        • Steele1324

          The ideal scenario is that Norwood develops into the reliable possession receiver they have needed badly. He has the hands for it.

          Hope for the future possession target is in the hands—literally— of Norwood and Austin Hill.

  163. Madmark

    I don’t like this draft for Seattle. I thought we lost a lot of talent with the trade up. I think Jax and Atlanta kill their drafts which I applaud our 2 most recent defensive coordinators.

    • Steele1324

      This draft was mediocre. A mix of very bad and some minor good.

      • Madmark

        It just seems like a scramble to fill holes instead of draft a year ahead and coaching them up for a year. Gilliam after this year will only have 1 more year. I really thought they grab a tackle to groom for a year. They could have had a Tyrus Thompsom or a Lawerence Gibson at 181. Not one DT to groom for the future. It just feels like the 2005 Seahawks that for the next 3 years after that super bowl was scrambling to fill holes from players leaving.

    • CC

      I think the O line picks were solid and I think they are underrated. I like Poole a lot and he fits the z blocking scheme.

      We’ll always lose out on “top” talent picking at the bottom or each round – but that happens when you go to the SB. It will be hard for these guys to make the roster – we have all pros and pro bowlers in a lot of spots.

      There are always lots of talented players who don’t win SBs or last in the league. I’m happy with today’s picks!

      • Steele1324

        CC, that is not true. Just look at what NE just did. A far more disciplined draft than Seattle’s, that boosted their talent. They didn’t squander picks. Quality depth.

        Being at the bottom of rd. 1 doesn’t mean you don’t have access to “top talent”. It’s what you do with the picks you have.Tossing aside many of them is stupid.

        • Greens24

          we didnt have a pick at the bottom of round 1. and you can argue that every team misused picks including the pats. Richards in the 2nd was a reach and a long snapper in the 5th. They could both pan out but Malcolm Brown could also be a bust. You never know. They didn’t toss aside picks for nothing. They got a guy they really like in a draft where they had 11 picks

          • Greens24

            also the pats didnt even draft a receiver or a CB until round 7. If I were a fan with the loss of Revis, I’d be upset at that. No draft or team is ever gonna be perfect with depth at every position

  164. Ketch1

    Frankly, I think we are short another safety. We’re awfully thin and I think this is gonna be a tough year for ET and Kam. Lack of good backup at NT suggests to me maybe KWill is planning on returning, and certainly that they are keeping Mebs.

    • Ketch1

      Well Frickin’ finally we got our safety. JSPC torturing bastards!

      • Madmark

        Do you think this guy will beat out a Bailey, Pinkett, Snead who are on the roster still.

  165. coachmattson

    I’d like to see us sign free agent C Chris Myers and have the rookies compete for one starting spot on the line at LG. Thoughts?

    Otherwise, I think it’s a great draft! Many contributors, which I thought would be tough to do starting at the end of the 2nd round.

    Go Hawks!

    • Ketch1

      Yep, I’ve been high on Myers for awhile. Still playing excellent center, per Pro Football Focus.

      Question, though: second choice is Brian de La Puente. He’d be super cheap, playing better than anyone else we have on the team. How come no interest?

      • Steele1324

        I predict they will not go for Chris Myers and just stick with Patrick Lewis.

        The theme of this entire offseason besides Jimmy Graham is “we like what we’ve got”. Patch up obvious holes. Add nothing much else.

        Even if that is how they feel, I think it was ill-advised not to better use this draft to stockpile more depth and add talent that is different, that would diversify the attack.

  166. peter

    I think this draft was great! I know a lot of you talk about lost talent but who? Most everyone discussed could have been drafted if the FO really wanted them besides dgb and marpet. Seattle could have drafted Conley ir McBride….even after the trade a tin of names were there sitting on the no mans land of relative value meaning its irrelevant if they go four, five, or beyond…..seattle simply didn’t want Waller bad enough

    • Steele1324

      Who? Just look at the talent that went to other teams. They passed up a s—-load.

      They dumped half the draft for Lockett. That was an opportunity for depth, for creativity and diversity, and they dumped it. UDFA awaits, but that doesn’t change the fact that they sacrificed far too much for an undersized overrated slot receiver.

      “If the FO really wanted them”? Can you read the minds of the FO?

      Bottom line, we can agree or disagree with this FO.

      We will see how this draft is judged soon enough.

      • Jarhead

        I tend to agree with you on this Steele, but you will fight a losing battle. The honks run think in Hawks country. I personally don’t like Clark or Lockett as picks, as I didn’t like Richardson, or Michael for that matter. But most will be adamant that we “nailed” this draft. I am excited about rounds 4 and beyond. I think THAT is where we killed it. And I always tell people to temper their enthusiasm until the players get some time in pads and we actually SEE their contribution. Let’s ask ourselves- how much have our 1st 2 selections contributed since ’13? Including this year as they will be tested. Britt is a starter but the weakest O Lineman. But he is a starter. Other than that? What do we have? Let me see it on the field

        • Steele1324

          Jar, I am not thrilled about the bottom half that much either. It was better than yesterday’s spectacle. Which is not saying much.

          • peter

            Steele its pretty simple if Seattle wanted any of the available talent….besudes the two names listed they could have drafted them. Its not honkish its facts. They could have said with the 95th pick the Seahawks pick whomever. which top end talent did they pass on? That’s all its pretty simple really. They didn’t miss anyone they simply passed on them

  167. John_s

    The guy everyone loved on here, Josh Shirley signs with Oakland

    • Steele1324

      Another of dozens of lost opportunities.

      • peter

        How? They should have drafted a udfa? He can choose to go wherever

        • Steele1324

          It’s called making offers than can’t refuse.

          • Greens24

            It’s called a salary cap and 53 man roster

  168. coachmattson

    Can you update who we sign as UDFA? Thanks!

    • CC

      Fieldgulls on twitter is tracking the guys – someone said they had 6 spots available:

      LB Alex Singleton, Montana State

      LS Nate Boyer, Texas

      RB Rod Smith, Ohio State

      LB Quayshawne Nealy, Georgia Tech

      OL Jesse Davis, Idaho

      DB Trovon Reed, Auburn

  169. CC

    Happy girl!!!

    I really love the O line picks! Obum is a nice pick up too – a bit like McDaniel, but shorter, and maybe with some coaching he can become a rotational guy. Raw talent.

    I sent out an email to a couple of people with my list of possible picks – about 25 targets – and highlighted about 12 guys – Clark and Poole – were highlighted, and Lockett as the other. I love the draft and the process!

    Thank you to Rob! And also thank you to all my fellow SDB commenters – I learn so much from all of you every day!

  170. CC

    Updated UDFA

    LB Alex Singleton, Montana State (6’2″/233, 4.65 forty, 15 bench, 31″ vert, 10’00” broad, 4.25 shuttle, 7.13 cone)

    LS Nate Boyer, Texas (5’10″/216, 5.03 forty, 18 bench, 4.57 shuttle, 7.63 cone)

    RB Rod Smith, Ohio State (6’3″/231)

    LB Quayshawn Nealy, Georgia Tech (6’0″, 236, 4.69, 20 bench, 35.5″ vert, 9’08” broad, 4.34 shuttle, 7.17 cone)

    OL Jesse Davis, Idaho (6’6″/309, 5.28 forty, 26 bench, 30.5″ vert, 9’00” broad, 4.85 shuttle, 7.41 cone)

    DB Trovon Reed, Auburn (6’0″/191, 4.54 forty, 35.5″ vert, 10’01” broad, 4.44 shuttle, 6.90 cone)

    SS Ronald Martin, LSU (6’0″/200, 4.61 forty, 10 bench, 33.5″ vert, 10’01” broad, 4.47 shuttle, 7.10 cone)

    FS Triston Wade, UTSA (5’11″/185, 4.57 forty, 7 bench, 35.5″ vert, 10’01” broad, 4.20 shuttle, 7.33 cone)

    • Steele1324

      Heavy emphasis on defensive depth.

      No tall receivers.

      No running backs.

      Depending on what they do with Sokoli (offense or defense?) just three additional O linemen.

      Nobody from the VMAC visitor list so far.

      • Steele1324

        Correction. One RB.

    • Jarhead

      That RB from OSU is a Man-Child. 6’3″ 231 lbs. That is a beast of a man

      • Jarhead

        Austin Hill WR from Zona. 6’2″ 214. Not bad measurables. Shouldn’t be hard to get tape either

    • vrtkolman

      We signed Austin Hill, 6-3 212 lb WR from Arizona. Honestly I didn’t even know he was in the draft, if he was I would have paid a lot more attention to him. He was a monster in 2012, missed 2013 with an injury, and had a rough bounce back last season. He’s an interesting project if you think fully healthy he is at the level he was in 2012.

      • Steele1324

        Hill disappeared in 2014. That is why he went undrafted.

        If he gets his form back,he is a solid possession receiver. Hallelujah. One in a row.

    • Dave

      Don’t know anyone on this list. You guys have any insight? That Ohio State RB is huge!

      • Volume12

        Rod Smith is a FB in the NFL. He ain’t no HB.

        LB Quayshawne Nealy is a tackling machine at MLB/WILL? Plays with a lot of heart and passion. He’s a very good one.

  171. Madmark

    I remember writing on here about what Graham would have to do to make it in the locker room. Wola

  172. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Sokoli – Seahawks during press conference said he will be competing at the Center position right out of the gate.

    • Volume12

      Sokoli is the NFL first ever 4 sigma athlete, and is right now, the best athlete in the entire NFL based off of SPARQ.

      • peter


  173. Volume12

    WR Austin Hill is a great UDFA addition as is LB QuayShawne Nealy and the LS Nate Boyer is a former green beret with a huge personality. Total Seahwak type of guy.

    What a freakin pick in Gwacham. This kid is raw, but what a frefak. He’s that hybrid edge rusher I tried to talk about. Can put his hand in the dirt and LEO and will make a ton of playa in space at SAM, When this kid turns/opens his hip, he is explosive! And you know he can play in space being a former WR.

    • Jarhead

      See THIS we agree on. I think he is the prototypical LEO. Length, speed, agility- raw as he may be, if he can be coached up perhaps his ceiling can be JPP lite. Which would be nothing to sneeze at, I say

    • Steele1324

      Volume, I will join you in applauding these two late additions.

      Hill was a promising receiver with the right size and game with an injury. He did not regain his form coming back from that. The gamble is that he will. Here’s hoping.

      Gwacham is extremely raw but he at least flashes some pass rushing ability. Unlike Frank Clark, he can be a true speed edge rusher.

      Finally, some good news at the bottom.

  174. Steele1324

    I will not drink the “this was a great draft” Kool-Aid. Another draft that saw JSPC passing up talent, sacrificing important picks, reaching, forcing themselves into a corner on day two and coming out of it with a few adequate prospects, but nothing great.

    We came into this draft hoping for “field flipping” playmakers, starting caliber. We got none. Depth/rotational types who are, in my opinion, incapable of replacing existing names on the roster, and not different in their games to add significantly to this team’s strengths. Instead of added diversity on offense, they again shortchanged the offense for more defensive depth, including at positions where depth is already adequate.

    Tyler Lockett was not worth multiple picks. Small, questionable hands, frail in the face of physical defenders, and a slot receiver not different enough from Baldwin/PRich/Kearse to “flip the field”. They overpaid, dumping about half a draft’s worth of picks for a returner. Even if you love Lockett (drink drink Kool Aid), the price was very high.

    Clark is a disgusting character. I do not believe a word of his “apologies”. That aside, he is not a great pass rusher.

    His sack totals:

    2011- zero

    Just 11 sacks in four years of college. Many of you are eager to find fault with Eli Harold just because you want to justify the Clark pick. Okay, let’s just say Eli Harold is garbage. Well, he had 17 sacks in a shorter time period than Clark. The Seahawks needed a starting caliber PASS RUSH SPECIALIST, and did not get one. Instead, you have a effortful line crashing type who is average against the run, who doesn’t get to the QB. And a character nightmare that is certain to alienate the fan base.

    Day two? Okay but not great.

    Terry Poole- decent choice as a guard, clumsy as a tackle.
    Mark Glowinski, K. Sokoli- SPARQ champion picks that fit the Seahawks formula
    Tye Smith- a reach,but a decent nickel corner prospect
    Ryan Murphy- sleeper safety

    I see no starters. No upgrading. Just second tier to fill the obvious holes.

    Essentially, the theme of this offseason is “we will not change or add much because we are satisifed”. That’s it. JSPC is doing a San Antonio Spurs, gambling on the existing roster to just repeat the same. They think adding one Jimmy Graham is enough.

    Would the Seahawks have dominated the Patriots in the Super Bowl with the added names from this offseason?

    • Rob Staton

      Too much focus on sacks again.

      Splash plays. It’s all about splash plays.

      • Steele1324

        Rob, I think the Seahawks need sacks. Specifically. For a rd. 2 investment, a prospect should be good enough to deliver both sacks AND splash. Getting Tom Brady on his back would have won the Super Bowl. more than indirect disruptions, which NE would have dealt with. A pass rusher on Brady’s face is unstoppable.

        I am hopeful that Obum Gwacham, the newest Seahawk, will provide that.

        • Rob Staton

          Example: Clark breaks into the backfield, forces the QB off his spot and he has to step up. Jordan Hill makes the sack but it’s down to Clark’s splash play that it even happens.

          A perfect case as to why splash plays matter and sacks not as much. You’re focusing too much on one statistic.

      • Jarhead

        Rob, I will question your statement with this- what does Clark do that Avril/Bennett do not, even in regard to splash plays? THAT is where I have qualms with the selection. Is he a unique skill or is this just an additional common skill set for what we already have? That is where I question the place at where he was selected. I prefer to try and add unique skill sets with our earliest picks. Something new that would be an added dimension to the team

        • Rob Staton

          Splash plays are splash plays. It’s not about finding players who get into the backfield in different ways. It’s about finding guys who do it period. Clark’s a great bull rusher. So is Avril. Doesn’t mean because they both excel in that area it’s a reason to be concerned.

          The Seahawks brought in a guy who is adept at either making TFL’s or impacting plays for other players to prosper. It doesn’t matter how he does it.

    • Trevor

      Add Jimmy Graham, Attaya, Mebane, Hill, Lockette, Clark, Marsh to our SB team last year and yes we would have dominated NE.

      We would have had
      -Interior Pass Rush (Hill and Marsh)
      -An Edge rusher when Avril went down
      – A kick returner which was a major issue in SB
      ** Most importantly we have the best red zone target in the league in Graham

      So to answer your question yes!

      • Steele1324

        I hope so, Trevor. And now the target has shifted again. Many teams added more talent than the Seahawks have.

        • Trevor

          I liked a lot of the same guys as you Steele so I completely understand where you are coming from. There were numerous guys we passed on particularly some big WR who I thought could have really helped.

          I am trying to focus on what we did get now and the quality of our roster.

      • Ehurd1021

        + 1.

  175. Steele1324

    Rod Smith

    A failed drug test guy with personal issues, who left the team to deal with them. Inconsistent production.

  176. Steele1324

    Here is what we want from Austin Hill. To be the 2012 Austin Hill.

    High point. Hands. Willing blocker. Gets open.

    • Steele1324

      And with the good comes the bad.

      Here is Austin Hill from 2014, noticeably slower, dropping passes that he used to make.

      So the question is whether he can still do it.

  177. Steele1324

    There are some surprising names still undrafted. Lael Collins tops the list.

    I have invested a lot in some of the WRs, so why stop now:


    Dres Anderson- Undrafted!!! Even after a good workout for 12 teams. Is his injury still an issue?
    Josh Harper
    Kenny Cook
    Rannell Hall
    Titus Davis
    Tyrell Williams
    Isaac Blakeney
    Nigel King
    Adrian Coxson


    BJ Finney
    Reese Dismukes

    These two are among the top centers. Undrafted?


    Kurtis Drummond
    Durrell Eskridge

    Two safeties that got a lot of coverage from Rob, rd. 4 projections. What happened.

    • Rik

      That is a really good list of receivers. I hope that Seattle is trying to get Coxson, Blakeney, Anderson, and Williams into camp. That could make a big difference in how this class ultimately grades out.

    • Rik

      Drummond would be a super addition as well.

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