That’s that for another year — Day three draft notes

— Reports emerged right before the fourth round began that Seattle wanted to trade up from #130 to #100 with the Titans. No deal materialised and Tennessee drafted defensive tackle Angelo Blackson instead. At #102 the Panthers did move up to get Daryl Williams. Carolina jumped up 22 spots in a trade with Oakland. Given Williams’ size, character and run blocking qualities, is it safe to presume that’s who the Seahawks were possibly targeting?

— Seattle drafted two offensive linemen in round four — Terry Poole and Mark Glowinski. At the combine Poole looked like he had an ideal guard/center frame and although he played tackle in college — he’ll move inside. Glowinski is a tackle convert to guard with extreme athletic qualities.

— Is it likely the Seahawks will add a veteran center in the next few days (eg Chris Myers)?

— Pete Carroll says Poole will compete immediately for the left guard slot. Glowinski appears to be a right guard. Could they be preparing for life after J.R. Sweezy (a free agent next year)? Glowinski is tailor made for Sweezy’s role. They might not be able to afford him — thus the Glowinski pick.

— John Schneider said in his end of day two press conference they had three players they didn’t want to leave the draft without. They got two of them. Was Mitch Morse the one they lost out on? It’s hard to imagine how they could’ve acquired Morse, Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett. Would they have been willing to trade players and/or 2016 picks to be aggressive?

— No shocks in rounds 5-7. Seattle targets difference making athleticism. Picking in this range is a total crapshoot really. During the Tim Ruskell years, they were pretty much throwaway picks to be spent on long snappers, backup kickers and full backs. The Seahawks know it’s hard to find studs late in a draft — so they go for the guys with upside and try to harness the physical qualities on offer. Two long, fast defensive backs (Tye Smith & Ryan Murphy). A defensive end with experience on offense (Obum Gwacham) and a defensive tackle heading the opposite way (Kristjan Sokoli — played DT but announced by Seattle as a guard). Carroll claims Sokoli will train to be a center. Look at who goes to the VMAC pre-draft and look at the athletic qualities. Nobody knows much about the way these guys play — but based on the measurables you can see who the Seahawks will likely target.

— No quarterback surely means a return for Tarvaris Jackson?

— The Seahawks landed UDFA wide receiver Austin Hill from Arizona. Before an ACL injury in 2013 he flashed genuine first round potential. So far he’s struggled to get back up to 2012 form but he has a shot to make it. He could easily be the next Doug Baldwin or Jermaine Kearse.

— 34-year-old Green Beret Nate Boyer was added as an UDFA. The NFL Network had been running a feature on him during day three’s coverage. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s a long snapper and a long shot to make the cut — but it’s a great story.

— Seattle added several undrafted free agents and minicamp tryouts. Here are some of the names: Alex Singleton, Ron Martin, Rod Smith, Nate Boyer, Quayshawn Nealy, Trovon Reed, Jesse Davis, Austin Hill, Thomas Rawls, Ross Apo, Keenan Lambert, Triston Wade, Michael Hartvigson, Ronnie Shields.

— They didn’t come away with a running back. As soon as they made the trade for Tyler Lockett, picking a RB became very unlikely. They had to spend the two fourth round picks on the O-line. Round five had to be earmarked for an athletic corner (big need).


  1. Volume12

    Loved this draft!

    The only ‘meh’ pick for me was DB Ryan Smith-Murphy. I think him, Dion Bailey, and Eric Pinkins battle it out in TC. One will make the team, one will get cut, and the other will land on the PS.

    DB Ryan Smith-Murphy does have the lenght, fire, grit, athleticism, and size that Seattle likes, so it should be great competition for those 3.

    Love the WR Austin Hill pick. I don’t think this kid is going anywhere! What an addition. Love it.

    • peter

      If and its a big one he has immense potential. I hope he can regain confidence in his knee

    • David M2

      Interesting note, I saw someone at another site write the Murphy is Lynch’s cousin, intriguing if true…

      • David M2

        Also, if true that would mean that we would have BeastMode and BeaveMode on the same team… Being that Murphy went to Oregon St. I think we can get away with that one.

        • Volume12

          LOL. Yeah IDK if Murphy is Lynch’s cousin or not, but he’s got everything Seattle looks for and id highli intriguing/exciting.

  2. smitty1547

    The big surprise for me, is that only 1 WR was drafted, I would have thought at least 2 and would not have been surprised with 3. Looks like a good draft though we got some guys who look like they will be able to play on both lines.

    • Rob Staton

      Keep an eye on Austin Hill. Legit first round talent pre-ACL.

      • ClevelandDuck

        Agreed. And Matt Waldman mentioned that it looked like he was just getting fully back in post-season workouts. If he shows out, he has a good chance to follow in the footsteps of Baldwin and Kearse. I like that Hill is a big bodied guy who knows how to use his size.

    • pablohoney

      Assuming Richardson plays this year, there was really only 1 WR roster spot open (Walters). Personally I would not have tendered Kearse, but he seems to be a favorite of the coaching staff and teammates. Otherwise who gets cut? Baldwin’s not going anywhere. Seems too early to give up on Norwood. Matthews is either poised for a breakout season or will be perhaps the greatest one game wonder in NFL history. Lockette is probably on the bubble but he’s got an edge on everyone else by being a key ST guy and also seems a favorite of coaches and teammates. With Tyler Lockett, that already takes them to 7 receivers. Anyone else they add would probably need to be stashed on the practice squad, which means they could easily get poached by another team.

      • Matt

        That’s why getting Lockett is a perfect fit. He can replace Walters and Lockette with one roster spot. Tyler’s been a gunner on special teams, returned kicks and punts, and will get a lot snaps at WR. The extra active roster spot can go to Norwood or another position. Lockett’s versatility is valued! It’ll be interesting to see if Richardson or Lane go on the IR with a designation to return list. I’m not expecting either to make a comeback until after mid season, if at all.

        • Jake

          Not sure Lockett would make a good gunner in the NFL. Norwood could probably do it though, hopefully he is fully healthy this offseason so he can work on special teams and be the new improved Ricardo Lockette.

  3. hmabdou

    I liked the Tyler Lockett pick, despite the idea that they needed a bigger WR. Lockett creates instant separation with quickness, route-running, and head/shoulder fakes. I think once he becomes a reliable target for Wilson, he’s going to have a ton of catches.

    • Jake

      I was really disappointed because I felt that a big WR was a better match with Russell Wilson’s skill set, but then I looked at it from a whole team perspective. I’m taking the draft as an endorsement of Chris Matthews and/or Kevin Norwood. Matthews has certainly shown the ability to be exactly what we all want, despite his limited playing time.

  4. Volume12

    Guys, if I came off like a jerk I apologize, I sincerely do.

    Rob, what a great draft season buddy! Where else did they break down Frank Clark, Tyler Locket? Discuss Terry Poole, Mark Glowinski, and Kristjan Sokoli? Nowhere! You also do an amazing job of identifying ‘Seahawky’ prospects. The fact that I can even come here to this community and have a debate about the players we pick and everyone knows who we’re talking about, is a testament to your hard work Rob. I know I keep saying it, but I’m just so damn impressed with what and how you do it Rob. Hats off to you sir! Nothing but respect my man.

    • hmabdou

      Yes, absolutely – great job, Rob. I also like listening to you on the Field Gulls and Sea Hawkers podcasts.

      • glor

        I third this motion

        Thanks Rob

        • Mark

          We can’t thank Rob enough for the great job he does in his spare time. Don’t sweat V12, senseless rhetoric can dominate the internet, but this site brings out the best.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — and thank you for your contributions throughout the draft season. They were extremely valued.

      • Trevor

        Great job Rob I have to admit it is pretty amazing that we got to have the Frank Clark debate 3 weeks before everyone else. It was the first time I actually was familiar with all our picks.

        I think it was a solid draft particularly when you add Graham to the list.

        There are always guys we like and think we should have not passed on but that is the draft and every fan feels the same way. You can’t get everyone.

        I am extremely confident we are primed for another SB run. Hopefully without the locker room drama we had last year!

        • Volume12

          Exactly. There we guys I liked and preferred, but it’s not up to me. And just because guys I liked weren’t made with every selection, there was some good talent in the mid rounds of this draft, and it’s why you can’t get too atached to a prospect. It’s setting yourself up for failure, and Seattle made 7, maybe 8 great picks.

        • bigDhawk

          That was my takeaway as well. Last year there were multiple ‘wtf’ moments as players were picked that we never discussed, or had even heard of. This year almost all of the picks were players we discussed in depth .While we’ll have varying degrees of enthusiasm for the picks themselves, it is satisfying as fans to know we scratched the surface of the FO thinktank. Great job Rob.

      • Volume12

        That means a lot coming from you Rob. Thank you.

        Can’t wait for the breakdowns on these guys!

    • ontoic

      Well said, Volume12. I have surfed various sites on draft day, but this is the first year I regularly followed a single site before the draft. I felt a lot more informed and engaged with the draft process. It was a different experience, as you mentioned, to feel like I had advancednotice of the relevance of certain players and to not feel surprised or baffled by a pick. I would be remiss if I didn’t sychophantically congratulate Rob on his great analysis and prediction of draft targets for Seattle. I wish your website was secure so other teams’ personnel couldn’t scoop our front office with your analysis!

      Great work, Rob. This site is also about the other contributors too, so great work to all of you. This was a fun process and a first for me in terms of my engagement and connection to the draft. Thanks Rob!

      • Matt

        Well said Ontoic I feel the same way! This site flat rocks for draft nerds like myself! haha

      • Steele1324

        Yes, major sycophantic thanks to Rob, for not only providing great analysis, but a unique place for discussion. We get very passionate because we care, and it is because of Rob that we have a place to express this passion.

        • Phil

          Here! Here! Rob — wish I could buy you a pint or two!

  5. Bjammin

    Greatly enjoyed the podcast yesterday rob. Haven’t commented much this year but read you often and consider sdb one of the most in-depth, insightful seahawks analysis around. Been fun up to and through draft with your and many of the commentators insight to sift through. Been a blast and can’t wait for more breakdowns of what just happened. Great job. Cheers

    • Rob Staton

      Really appreciate that message man — thanks a lot

  6. JC

    I think the one of the three they missed out on happened after Lockett was picked. If they had to trade away that much to get Tyler, then someone was drafted wayyy before Schneider anticipated if it was a player like Morse taken before either of their picks.

    • Matt

      It looked like JS wanted to say the player we missed out on, but maybe isn’t allowed to. He said it’s a bummer he can’t say. Tampering rules sounds like…lame! Wish we could know, so we’d have an even better idea of players we target. We discussed Clark and Lockett a lot… had been banging the table for Lockett for months. It’s a rarity for me that we get a player I wanted. Excited beyond belief that we got him!!!

    • Belgaron

      After hearing about the one that got away, I had several thoughts:

      -If they had had that 1st rounder, they could have nailed all 3.

      -Seems like they have 2-3 early ‘must haves’ each year but maybe that’s random based on the pool.

      -Was their only 3 because they sized their expectations to what they add? For example, if someone offered them a ‘can’t refuse’ type of deal where all of a sudden they had another 2nd and 3rd, would they have expanded their’ must have’ list beyond 3 or just slid down to pick up more high ceiling prospects at the end?

      • Jake

        I think the third player that they missed out on went somewhere between the Titans two picks in the fourth round. They wanted to move up to 100, but couldn’t get a deal done with the Titans in time. So, if the player was still available I would imagine the Seahawks would have been willing to still move up to 109 and there would have been plenty of time to hammer out the deal.

        100: Angelo Blackson, DT
        101: Trey Flowers, LEO
        102: Darryl Williams, OT
        103: Bryce Petty, QB
        104: James Sample, S
        105: Jamison Crowder, WR
        106: Jeremy Langford, RB
        107: Justin Hardy, WR

        Darryl Williams seems the most likely target, or maybe either James Sample or Justin Hardy. I can’t see them picking Trey Flowers right after picking Frank Clark and I think RB & QB were dropped from the shopping list after losing the extra picks in the Lockett trade. Crowder is a lesser version of Lockett, so he wouldn’t make sense either.

  7. Madmark

    Well their’s my last pick Thomas Rawl RB Central Michigan they got him UDFA. I had also looked at Austin Hill.

  8. 300ZXNA

    Anyone else still kind of unsure about the Lockett trade? Still seems like an overpay and given the opportunity cost. I get that Lockett fills a huge need in PR/KR but given that 3 fewer players ended up drafted, and given how good the Hawks are at finding talent late, I just can’t help but think we let a few guys slip through our fingers.

    • peter

      Perhaps they did lose out. But they lose out as often as they gain in those late round picks…toomer, legree, both wr’ named Kris and Chris so its hard to gauge how much they lost? Anything, nothing? A player cut on camp? A Richard Sherman?

    • Rob Staton

      Quality to quantity.

      • ClevelandDuck

        Well put. We need to appreciate how different this draft was to the PCJS’s history. The Hawks were targetting their guys with trades up. Would have been really interesting to see who they wanted so badly at the top of the fourth. They’ve also done a terrific job of adding quantity in the UDFA phase.

    • John_s

      I don’t mind the pick and giving up as much as they did. At first I was surprised that they traded up and gave up that much but after hearing and reading all the praise for Lockett and after watching more tape, I am content with it. If they felt that he would not come to them and would go high 3rd then you have to give up what you must to get him.

      He automatically a contributor as a returner and he will have a chance to work himself into the offense and possibly give good reason to let Kearse go at the end of the year

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They view the guy as a difference maker. At least they didn’t spend a 5th round pick on a punter.

      • 300ZXNA

        Very good perspective, what in the hell is going on in SF…

        • peter

          If any one here is familiar with modest mouse “this plane is definitely crashing, this boat is obviously sinking,”. It could be good down the road but it doesn’t seem like it now

          • Matt

            Peter- modest mouse “this plane is definitely crashing, this boat is obviously sinking,”.

            hahaha perfect quote!!! The 9ers are going down the drain!

        • Steele1324

          I wouldn’t dismiss the Niners.

          Their existing roster is still there. If the players decide to play hard for Tomsula, they could be a problem for the Seahawks. That is if.

          • Mark

            Well, the players that didn’t retire, leave or just give up because they want a new contract. There is plenty of talent on all NFL teams, but SF seems like a train wreck right now from top to bottom.

          • Belgaron

            I would. Baalke has too big an ego to realize how bad he is at the draft, at some point. Jed has too big an ego to run a great organization, they are going to get worse every year.

          • Jake

            I am almost ready to dismiss them because of their terrible roster building lately. They used a good pick on a punter, the fourth rated punter no less, but they have Andy Lee. I can understand a 7th round pick, but they might as well have packaged that pick and moved up in the 4th or something. They need help, their roster is getting weaker because of poor drafting the last couple of years and age. The Mike Singletary 49ers roster is retiring and breaking down, now they need to pick good players and they did some weird things.

    • Steele1324

      300, I am as strongly against Lockett as anyone in here. Overrated as well as a huge overpay that sacrificed a lot of potential quality additions. A lot of names were ignored. not just slipped through their fingers.

      I am particularly concerned that the passing attack still has not been upgraded enough. JSPC is betting huge on the existing roster.

      I am not pleased. EranUnger probably isn’t either. Nothing to be done unless they sign a bunch more WRs in UDFA.

      • Ray bones

        Steel take a chill pill dude. How can you possibly say the passing game hasn’t improved when the real first draft pick is a legit all pro TE/WR?? Jimmy freakin Graham man!!! As for Tyler Lockett… If he doesn’t catch a single pass ( highly unlikely) he is still a massive upgrade on the human fair catch we ran out there last season. Word of advice… Dont quit your day job in pursuit of an nfl player personnel gig.

        • JW

          I actually think Lockett is under rated. John Moore’s Phenom Index likes him a lot. He was extremely productive with a bad QB in a limited passing attack, and he is stellar in special teams. He’s got skills that correlate closely to NFL success for a WR in terms of route running and polish. I can see not liking the trade up, I suppose, but I cannot see why anyone wouldn’t like the player. I think it’s due to a very rigid conception of size requirements and, imho, a misguided idea of needing variety in the WR corps. Duplication is valuable as well.

        • Steele1324

          Ray, Jimmy freakin Graham is a tight end. I am well aware he is there. The receiving corps is in need of more diversity, not just Jimmy freakin Graham playing tight end alongside.

          The special teams issue isn’t just the returner(s), but also the blocking. That human fair catch machine named Walters was a good returner for the Chargers. For the Seahawks, not so much. Did he suddenly lose his skills? No. Doug Baldwin has wheels. Why didn’t he do better? Lockett, in addition to everything else, is not a panacea for the return game. We will see.

          You have not been paying attention to our discussions in here.

          • Jeremy

            You know who else plays with a dominating pass catching TE and a bunch of surfs? The world champs.

          • Angrysquirrelstyle

            Walters – a total of 8 returns for SDG, with a long of 13. Yeah, he was really tearing it up over there. His return average was actually better in SEA.

            Golden Tate was one of the top PRs in the league with pretty much the same blocking.

          • Jake

            Jimmy Graham is so much more than a TE. He is a true weapon. He can line up wide and dwarf every DB in football (even Browner). In the redzone with the way Russ throws the back shoulder he should nab a cool 15 TDs at least. He’s going to decrease the amount of times we see Haush-money out there for gimme field goals.

      • Belgaron

        Another year…another post like this…happens every year.

    • pablohoney

      I agree that the cost was too high when viewed from the abstract. I’ve got to think having 4 draft picks (albeit later picks) gives better odds at finding 1 or more significant contributor(s) vs. pinning all your hopes on one guy. As much as I like Lockett, and as much as he clearly fit a desperate need for a quality KR/PR, it’s been demonstrated many times over that there is no such thing as a sure thing in the draft.

      • Volume12

        Your right there’s not. But odds are, all of Seattle’s selections this year make the team. Starters, backups, red-shirts, PS members, and I’d argue that WR Austin Hill and DT Tory Slater are just as good as anybody they would’ve/could’ve got with the 3 picks they spent to go up and get Lockett.

  9. vrtkolman

    This draft was great, I haven’t been happy with their drafts since the ET/Okung draft. There are some elite-caliber guys along with some plug and play starters. Clark can be an elite DE. Sjokoli is on the same level of freak athlete as JJ Watt. He could be a fantastic guard. Glowinski and Poole can probably be plugged into the starting line right now and do fine.

    Lockett has higher upside I think than people are giving him credit for. I think he is more dynamic and explosive than Edelman and Welker. He could be an outside WR in this league – his route running is superb and his cuts are nasty. He has great playmaking ability. I’m not sure he will develop completely in this offense, but his floor I think is a slot guy with day 1 kick and punt returning ability.

    Our NFC West foes had pretty poor drafts IMO. The 49ers helped us out greatly by taking Mike Davis right before we had the chance to blow our 4th round pick on him. Aside from Smelter I thought their draft was very bad. Arizona is just obsessed with reaching on small school guys. Keim looked devastated after Denver traded up to take Shane Ray right before them. I love the Gurley pick but then they took two unathletic tackles back to back.

    • Madmark

      I tell it will be a miracle if Cable gets Poole to start at the beginning of the year. He’s a juco transfer and play ROT which he does not have the build. He was destine to move inside and I think they’ll groom him as a center for a year. I think JPL will be gone the next year and Lewis and Poole will compete for the spot.

      • Volume12

        Sokoli is our C of the futrue. Pool is a LG, Glowinski is a hedge against losing Sweezy, and even if they keep Sweezy, Glowinski provides great depth at LG, RG, and RT.

        • Matt

          “If Alvin can come through and do what you hope, you’re going to need to replace him in that versatility,” said Cable. “I think either one of these guys gives us the chance to do that.”

          As of now Bailey is our starting LG. Both Glowinski and Poole will fight for the starting spot, and have the versatility to backup basically all 5 positions. When Okung gets injured we can slide Bailey over to LT or insert Gilliam or maybe Poole in a pinch. Our OL got that influx of versatile talent that we were all calling for. Add Sokoli as a high upside C convert a truly rare breed of athlete. Excited to see what he can become under Cable. Sounds like he’ll do whatever it takes to make the squad.

      • Steele1324

        I don’t think Poole has build or footwork to play either tackle position, except in emergency backup. As a guard, better.

        • Volume12

          And I think your wrong.

    • Robert

      The 2012 Draft was kinda good, yes???

  10. Madmark

    I think Morse, Sambrailio, and Marpet was the 1,2, and 3 option and when Tampa jump up and took Marpet they ended up taking Frank Clark.
    I don’t mind Lockett. He actually a great guy to grow with RW since they have a lot in common. The price well lets just no OT or DT to groom for the future. It could be next year we will be scrambling for a Tackle for Okung and as many as 2 to 3 DT for Mebane, McDaniel, and a rubie. We’ll see after this year.

    • arias

      I don’t think so. I think they had their eye on Clark the whole time, as reported by Jason La Confora, who has always been a pretty consistent and reliable mouthpiece for accurate FO thinking.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, I agree. Frank was their guy the whole time.

        • Matt

          “It could be next year we will be scrambling for a Tackle for Okung and as many as 2 to 3 DT for Mebane, McDaniel, and a rubie.” Madmark

          Agree that DT will be a need this time next year. It’s alright to have a couple glaring needs. We have a pretty deep and talented group at DT, with MeBane, McDaniel, Rubin, Hill and Bennett, Marsh and maybe Clark can rush inside on passing downs. Kevin Williams could come back as another run stuffer in case of an injury to the top 3 DT’s. We are loaded on the DL now…once again! I see us resigning Okung,who’s already making big money(won’t affect cap space much), or going with Bailey or Gilliam.

          • Volume12

            They’ll address DT in next year’s offs-season.

            Getting W Georgia DT Tory Slater was huge! What an addition. Him and WR Austin Hill..

            • Rik

              I agree. I can’t understand why Slater wasn’t drafted, especially watching some of the obscure names that were coming off the board in the 6th and 7th. I’d like to see one or two more big receivers as UDFA, but I’m happy Hill is on the list. Rawls may be a great pick up as well.

  11. lil'stink

    Disappointed with the Frank Clark pick in numerous ways. He certainly deserves the benefit of the doubt, and I hope he can become a productive player. I’m not as optimistic as I would like to be, though. People like to say trust in PCJS, I guess I will have to do one better and just trust in Rob Staton on that one.

    I love grabbing Lockett but not sure about the capital we had to use to get him. Jarrett and Waller could have easily been snatched up with 2 of those picks. Missing out on Jarrett especially was painful to watch as he dropped to the 5th round. Perhaps not going after another WR in the late rounds like Waller or Tre McBride means PCJS are confident in Norwood and Matthews?

    Was hoping we could get good slot CB. 32″ arms are nice, but not getting destroyed by small, quick receivers to lose the SB is nicer. It will be interesting to see how we try to stop guys like Golden Tate and Antonio Brown next year. Maybe Burley will develop in Jerem Lane’s absence.

    • Volume12

      Tye Smith is an amazing pick! This kid will be a big part of the LOB for years to come. He’s the next WT3, with Sherm’s tackling ability.

      • arias

        I agree, I love everything I’ve read and seen so far of him. He seems destined to be another of those overlooked gems dismissed by the rest of the league. It definitely looks like he’s got flexibility to play the slot real well too, he measures are sharp. I’m impressed.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The Patriots scooped up the guy, 1 pick in front of Seattle… that would have been perfect.. Darryl Roberts

      • Volume12

        Probably didn’t have 32″ inch arms.

        I can’t stress enough how unique and rare nickel/slot corners are with 32″ inch arms.

      • Steele1324

        Swag is going to be good for the Patriots. They have had a very good draft and offseason, post-Revis.

        • Matt

          Yeah they have…dammit! There’s a reason they’ve been so successful for so long. We’re building our resume to match them. Prolonged success with championships mixed in. We’ve got PC and Wilson. They’ve got Belichek and Brady-who can’t play forever right?!

          • Matt

            I hate what I just said, can’t stand the Pats!!, but it’s true.

      • arias

        Doesn’t surprise me the Pats scooped him. They’ve always prioritized finding versatile corners that can cover the slot so this was just another in a long line of them that they’ve mined pretty well.

    • Steele1324

      Stink, yes, missing on Jarrett was terrible. There were many they passed up.

      The FO clearly is banking on the existing WRs. All they really did was add a returner with Lockett. Austin Hill is a reclamation project.

      • bigDhawk

        Regarding Jarrett, we picked up Tory Slater in UDFA, a player that comps very closely to Jarrett and had a lot of buzz going into the draft. I’m actually shocked he made it to FA. I’m thrilled we got Slater and it mitigates whiffing on Jarrett and RNR for me.

      • EfrenHerrera4President

        You conveniently ignore every skill he has as a receiver to focus on his return game. How many Kansas State games have you watched over the last few years?

        • Volume12

          Tory Slater was an amazing get. He could of gone in the 6th. Him and Austin Hill, if I were a betting man, which I’m not, would be tje 2 UDFAs I’d put money down on that they’ll make this team in shape or form.

          • CC

            Agree V12 – these are guys who can make the practice squad and if all goes well become contributors. If Hill hadn’t been injured, he would have been drafted. He gave the Huskies fits so happy that we have him. And let’s face it – we like UDFA WRs.

      • Rob Staton

        The FO has to play the cards it’s dealt. With DGB going early, as noted the week leading up to the draft, they were unlikely to go shopping for the mid-round WR’s. They had other needs to address there.

  12. dave crockett

    Has Seattle signed any RBs in UDFA?

    Looks like they may be comfortable with what they have for now. Or, they’ll be comfortable playing a kid.

    • Magmatizer

      They just got Thomas Rawls. His NFL draft profile seems promising, as he is seemingly both shifty and powerful. With that said, he has had problems with the law, allegedly stealing a woman’s purse. I am unsure of his character at this point, but we don’t lose much in giving him a shot.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I like the risk, Rawls has upside. If they are willing to take on the DV concerns with the 2nd round pick, then why not a UDRFA RB. I can easily see him making the team as the 3rd back…..

      • Steele1324

        They signed two RBs with problems. Rawls. And Rod Smith, who failed drug tests, left the team to deal with personal problems, was inconsistent throughout college.

    • Madmark

      Thomas Rawl

      • Steele1324

        Madmark should be pleased. Rawls has been one of his favorites. Power back.

        • Matt

          I viewed RB as a luxury pick that had little chance of making the roster, and was against taking one. That said Rawls is one of the handful of useful looking RB’s I wouldn’t have been upset drafting in the 6-7th. Nice UDFA pickup!

  13. Forrest

    So…great draft. Drafted 8 guys, and I see at least 6 making the final roster. Clark will be in immediate rotation, Lockett will be a day one KR/PR and will get a few snaps at WR as the season progresses. Glowinski an Poole will be quality backups/starters, Smith can develop behind Sherm and Williams. Gwacham either blows everyone away and becomes a dominant defensive force, or maybe switches back to WR, or he’s this year’s “project;” anyone of those could be true. Sokoli is too athletic to pass up on in RD 6 (no matter the position he plays); just imagine him at center…if he succeeds, then we just drafted 3 future, high upside, starters for the o-line. Murphy is intriguing…a year or two behind Kam could produce a superstar. Hill is a steal…from a potential 1st rounder to underrated; talk about a chip on the shoulder!!!

    • Volume12

      Nailed it. That’s what Seattle wants out of their WRs. And can you imagine the chip on Lockett’s shoulders, being told he’s too small and so are his hands?

      • Steele1324

        Chip is going to have to get him into the weight room to gain 30 pounds of muscle. Because NFL corners are going to be fighting him and laying wood. Starting with the LOB in training camp. Ice up, little son.

        • Volume12

          That’s right, because smaller players haven’t shown they can hang in this league.

          Steele, the NFL is changing buddy. This isn’t the 70s or 80s were brute strength and size are the name of the game.

          • Matt

            “This isn’t the 70s or 80s were brute strength and size are the name of the game.” Vol12

            Exactly. The defense has to allow a “defenseless” receiver catch the ball before hitting him. The NFL has changed drastically from even 10 years ago let alone 30. Hell even clean hits are 15 yard penalties, at times, in this day and age.

    • Steele1324

      Forrest, Hill doesn’t so much need a chip as a pretty dramatic tissue regeneration. ACLs are not joke. Even recoveries can leave athletes slower.

      I wouldn’t say Hill is a steal unless he can play.

      There are many other unsigned receivers out there.

      • Forrest

        Oh obviously, but if he is fully recovered and feels like he was slighted by not being drafted…watch out.

      • Seahawks_Smash

        There was this certain RB that one of our divisional rivals picked up in the first round this year who was in need of “dramatic tissue regeneration” of the knee ligaments. It appears that advances in modern medicine has erroneously inflated their value in him…

        • williambryan

          Don’t let the facts get in the way…

    • Forrest


  14. Volume12

    Juat found this out, but maybe Frank Clark’s nickname should be ‘Lucky Charms’ or ‘Lucky.’ Apparently he ate like 2 boxes of the cereal on his vist to the VMAC. LOL. You heard it here first. Frank ‘Lucky’ Clark.

    Said that him and the Seahawks had man crushes on each other.

    Also said that he’s coming with the mindseta of an UDFA. Saying ‘I haven’t earned anything. I have to come in with that mindset.’

    Said he doesn’t care where Seattle plays him, just wants to contribute and be part of this team.

    He’s also really looking forward to playing in front of the Seattle fans and is ‘blessed’ to be a part of the culture.

    • bigDhawk

      I was actually impressed with the audio of his initial post-pick interview. He came across as genuinely enthusiastic and appreciative, effusive even. Granted, he dodged direct questions about the details of his DV incident, but he didn’t come across as conniving.

      • Matt

        We talk a lot about players having a “chip on their shoulder”. Clark had the game taken away from him his senior season for what our front office obviously believes wasn’t to blame. I’m going to roll with that, as JS said over and over how much investigating we did on Clark and his entire situation. Clarks on field passion is undeniable. Once again the game was taken away from him for a crime he was accused of…not guilty of. He paid the price and has to be as hungry as ever to do work! Avril, Bennett, Irvin, Clark, Marsh with Owacham as a high upside pass rusher. We are flush with fantastic depth to get after QB’s along the entire front.

        Owacham’s WR to DE conversion is rare. He’s an intriguing prospect with great length and athleticism. He’s got a lot to learn and room to grow. He went from trying to make CB’s miss to OT’s. The difference is drastic, but the principles are similar. When he gets in the clear his burst to the QB or ball carrier is impressive! Now time to bulk up a bit and learn some moves from Avril and Bennett!

    • Robert

      Funny story. A woman kitchen staffer warned that if the Seahawks drafted him, she’d have to take the Charms away. He retold the story like he regressed to a 7 year old kid fumbling for words that would allow him to forever eat boxes of Charms at VMAC!

  15. Trevor

    We are going to have an incredibly athletic OL it appears. Perfect for the ZBS. I just hope they can pass pro a little better.

    It is my thinking based on this draft that they plan to re-sign Okung and let Sweezy walk next year. I like Sweezy a lot but I have to admit finding an above average LT is much harder to do. If Okung can stay healthy I think it is almost a must to resign him.

    I really hope they pick up Myers as a veteran Center to help with the transition to these 3 young guys.

    • Volume12

      I actually hope they don’t. LJP is more than adequate enought to teach Lewis and Sokoli.

      I’d rather they re-sign TJAX.

    • Robert

      I have this LT fantasy that Gilliam adds weight, strength and experience, eventually taking over at LT. He has the length, athleticism and SPARQiness to possibly develop into a good – great LT!

  16. David M

    Austin Hill, if confident and fully regains strength from the Acl can be a beast. his pre acl injury 2012 stats:

    81 catches for 1364 yards, and 11 touchdowns. not to mention he is 6-2 and 210lbs

    • Trevor

      When did he have the ACL? Most guys see a big improvement in the 2nd year back. If he can get his explosiveness back he could be an incredible pick up.

      • David M

        hurt it in spring of 2013. missed all that season.

        • Trevor

          Thanks I was just checking his tape and wow if he can get back to anything close to the 2012 level we got one hell of a player. Even last year he ran good routes and had great hands seemed to just be missing the explosion.

          My fingers are crossed for him. Hate to see a guy with so much talent get derailed before getting his NFl shot.

          • Steele1324

            Check the link to the cllp below.

            Hill in 2014 was clearly not right. Everything was off.

      • Thomas

        2 years ago. This last season was his first back.

        • Steele1324

          Here is 2014 Austin Hill struggling to do the job.

          Let us hope for a return to 2012 form, because this version of Austin Hill would not make the team.

          • Matt

            Yep. If Hill can regain his form he could contribute in the future. If not no big deal. We have better depth at WR going into 2015 than 2014(excluding Harvin). Norwood is healthy and I expect him and Matthews to step it up as our big WR’s. Oh and Graham is a decent target as well.

            • Robert

              And dont forget about Mcneil. Size, speed, quickness, hops, high pointer, hands catcher…a lot of potential!

              • williambryan

                Is there any video of McNeil?

                • Rik

                  McNeil college tape:


                • Robert

                  His Arena league tape is pretty awesome and relevant in that the game is much more compressed and demands development of smal area quickness and suddeness, which can really come in handy in the NFL when he is trying to create separation. The tape also reveals excellent ability to pluck, high point and win contested balls.

              • JaviOsullivan

                McNeil is Lockette 2.0. Fast, quick, potential, future depth WR. Like

    • Seahawks_Smash

      That would be great! It seems like a safe pick up for a UDFA. Good luck to him, and I hope he can contribute to the team!

  17. Trevor

    I hope Bailey comes to camp in great shape and that Gilliam has added strength. We could have sone great battles for the OL spots as most guys can play multiple positions.

    • Robert

      If Bailey drops 30 pounds of blubber and Gilliam adds 20 pounds of muscle and strength like Sweezy did last off season, there will be a hell of a fight for the starting 5. I’ll bet Britt is working on foot speed, slide steps, hands fighting etc. PC always says these kids make a major jump in year 2! Our team is much better this year…I’m jazzed!

  18. Steven

    Hey Rob, AMAZING job this year! Can’t wait to read your draft review with position analyst!

    I am fairly happy with this draft. I don’t think we needed to trade up to get Lockette and I am sad we didn’t get Waller in the 5th/6th.

    Hear anything about Rob Crisp or Kasen Williams? I’d love to get both into camp and potentially on the PS for a year. I am a fan of the Austin Hill pick up though.

    • Rob Staton

      Crisp signed with Arizona. Clearly the injury issues that dogged his college career are worrisome.

  19. Steele1324

    Many still undrafted. Among them:


    Dres Anderson- Undrafted!!! Even after a good workout for 12 teams. Is his injury still an issue?
    Josh Harper
    Kenny Cook
    Rannell Hall
    Titus Davis
    Tyrell Williams
    Isaac Blakeney
    Nigel King
    Adrian Coxson


    BJ Finney
    Reese Dismukes


    Kurtis Drummond
    Durrell Eskridge

    • Trevor

      That is an impressive list Steele

      I hope we get


      All would have a chance to truly compete for a spot IMO

      I like the Austin Hill and Tory Slater signings.

      • Steele1324

        Tory Slater. Finally an expected signing from the VMAC visit list.

        • Robert

          He looks amazing vs small school competition. He has an abundance of raw physical talent.
          Good highlight film on YouTube.
          I think the Packers might have nabbed Coxson, which is terrible because I want to root for this kid…but the Packers.

      • bigDhawk

        I’d love Blakeney.

  20. David M

    austin hill 2012 tape. HE’S GOOD

    • Trevor

      If he gets that explosiveness back in year 2 after his ACL we have our #1 WR.

      That is a big if though. My fingers are crossed for him and us.

      • j

        Showed good explosion numbers at his pro day, which is promising.

    • Robert

      Thanks for the link. Good size AND creates separation with speed and route running! Consistently wins contested balls. A lot to like if he gets his wheels back to speed!

  21. Trevor

    Based on our not taking a big WR it seems PC must have faith in Matthews, Norwood and Mcneil. I hope between those 3 and Austin Hill we can get two solid big WR targets.

    • Steele1324

      I would love to believe that Hill comes back, but that is a tough one.

      • Trevor

        It’s a bit of a long shot but well worth the minimal risk.

        • Steele1324

          It is a big long shot. Those of us hoping for more receivers don’t look likely to get it.

    • williambryan

      Carroll, in the press conference, said he was excited for Matthews to take the role of the big WR this year. He sounded genuinely enthusiastic about it too, which isn’t always the case.

  22. Lewis

    Good for Nate Boyer. I saw the feature on him earlier on NFLN and said “I bet Pete would love this guy.” I hope he finds a way onto the team as a core special teamed or something. I’d love to buy his jersey.

  23. Ho Lee Chit

    Good place for a discussion, as always. I believe we missed out on Ali Marpet, but Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett should fill two critical needs. The rest … well, they’re JAG. We shall see if any of them develop into starters of the future.

    The one outstanding item from the draft is the future of La’el Collins. It will be interesting to see which team he chooses to be a part of once his legal issues are cleared up. With the hometown New Orleans Saints select Andrus Peat, LSU’s Collins may want to go elsewhere. I would expect the Seahawks to be high on his list. We have an opening on the O Line at LG that he could step into; he might move to LT if Okung leaves; and playing for a SB contender could net him an extra $186,000 per year. Will he consider the Seahawks? Will they consider him? Stay tuned!

    • Steele1324

      Ho, there is equal chance that Clark and Lockett are JAG, and the rest could surprise and be the better choices.

      • arias

        “Equal Chance”? Surely you don’t believe that. Clark and Lockett have shown they are more talented at their respective positions than the guys drafted later are at theirs, and the stats wouldn’t support your argument of later round picks having “equal chance” of earlier round picks to find success in the pros.

  24. footballnerd

    If Glowinski is going to replace J.R. Sweezy at gaurd and Poole is a Carpenter replacement then what is the plan at center? Do they put Glowinski there for a year (until Sweezy’s contract runs out) and then move him to guard and draft another center? Or do they pick up B.J. Finney as an UDFA? Do they sign Chris Meyers and role with him and Patrick Lewis? What do you guys think?

    • John_s

      Patrick Lewis and Lem Jean Pierre are your center options. Carroll also said that they will start Sokoli at center

      • Matt

        Myers would be a nice post May 12 pick up option. Lewis and LJP were serviceable last year, but I think Myers is an upgrade over them. We will see. Regardless our OL depth is vastly improved after today.

        • arias

          No doubt a 2x pro bowler would be a vast improvement over Lewis and LJP. No question about that. So it’s really all about the bottom line, at what price?

          In the press conference yesterday when JS was asked whether they’re going to pick up Irvin’s option or not he said they hadn’t come to a final decision yet and planned on having a sit down with Irvin and Pete to figure it all out. I think whatever decision comes out of that will certainly impact future FA signings.

  25. Jarhead

    I still don’t get why people aren’t excited about the back half of our draft. People are so sure that the first two picks are future stars but I honestly think that we got our best future players in rounds 4-7. The same people thought Michael and Richardson would both respectively be home run hitters and while one has achieved nothing, the other didn’t really even get off the ground before he reinjured his knee and he may never play again. We don’t KNOW if critical needs were filled because no one has played a down yet. And I still don’t think, after watching every game, that a third situational pass rusher was the most dire need that we had to address. The pick is what it is- but I said the same thing in ’13. I see it as a luxury. But the UDFAs and later round selections have made me feel kind of excited about rookie camp and training camp

    • Steele1324

      Jar, day two has been better. But Lockett took away so much of the opportunities that they were left with filling the need positions instead of having a the full 11 pick draft to be creative as well as address depth. The luxury of a deep draft was lost.

      UDFA has also been better, but they also signed some typical JAG/ST/practice squad types.

      The back half did not land any of the players at positions I thought were important. I see no big new play makers.

      • Demitrov

        i think the need for another DE was, perhaps, an underrated need for the team. if theyre confident that frank edwards can be an explosive pass rusher that gets to the quarterback, his selection goes a long way towards addressing the depth that was exposed when cliff avril went down in the Super Bowl. those players are tough to find in free agency nowadays and are a vital component of the Seahawks defense.

        • Steele1324

          Demitrov, Frank Clark might as well be “Frank Edwards”, because he does have some Mario Edwards to him.

          I do not see Clark as “an explosive pass rusher”, regardless of how he is granted that designation. He is not a sack specialist. He has only 11 sacks in his college career.

          What he is is something else. Optimistically, he is a D lineman who crashes the line, covers the run okay, sets the edge okay. He needs help around him to stunt, etc. for him to get to the QB, which he does not do often until long after a play has broken down. So basically he is rotational. On the Hawks, his deficiencies can be covered up.

          But if he is anyone’s shoo-in to replace Irvin, Avril or Bennett, I doubt it. And I don’t think he is not a starter either.

          Finally, Dem, I don’t think it is that tough to find pass rushers. They are just expensive. A team has to be committed to paying up for it in free agency. In a draft, they have to scout well among sleepers past rd. 1.

          • Matt

            One thing that can’t be questioned about Clark is his motor. He lacks moves and technique, which can be taught. Effort and will cannot. Clark has these, plus a huge chip on his shoulder from the game being taken away from him. As for the slight reach at #63- JS said there was a noticeable drop off in talent at DE around there and I see it. With DE/edge rushers Edwards, Smith, Kikaha, Orchard,Golden, Gregory going before Clark in the 2nd, and Owa, Harold, Mauldin, Hunter and Grissom going after him. Only Owa had the higher Sparq rating, while having 2 major hip surgeries on his resume. I would’ve been cool with Owa or Harold at #63. JS/PC wanted Clark and I trust their evaluation!

          • Robert

            Clark’s film indicate he is much better than okay at setting the edge and covering the run. His potential to develop into a pass rushing terror is clearly endorsed by PCJS as demonstrated by the selection. Let’s remain optimistic and get behind this young man! He could be very similar to Bennett!

          • Hawksince77


            Interesting take on Clark. After watching several games, what I noticed is that the only way the QB could complete a pass was if he threw it in less than two seconds or so, or ran around with Clark chasing him.

            Perhaps it was the lower level of competition, I don’t know, but after a while (I watched 4 games I think) I started looking for it, and Clark couldn’t be blocked. Either the QB threw the ball immediately, or was forced to move, or Clark tipped his pass, or he got sacked. Every time the QB dropped back.

            Sometimes Clark rushed himself out of the play, or was on the opposite side of the play, but he seemed very disruptive. And relentless.

            But I have almost zero experience scouting such players and will rely on the opinion of those who do. Those are just my impressions watching the tape.

            • Demitrov

              Ya, thats exactly what I saw. The same type of play I see when Bennett is on the field. Lets hope it works out. Im optimistic.

            • Steele1324

              Hawksince, appreciate the detail. Clark is high effort and relentless, I will give him that. What I am looking for is finishing. And a lot of sacks. Pressure, disruption, influence, that all contributes, but the single quality of reaching the QB on a consistent basis sets the great ones apart. I see everything BUT that in Clark’s tape right now.

              Hopefully that will be developed.

              • arias

                But Michael Bennett doesn’t reach the QB and consistently finish with sacks, but it’s undeniable he’s a top nickel DT/DE rusher in this league because he creates plenty of pressure.

                Generating pressure is far more than sacks and a guy can wreck havoc in the backfield without notching sacks. But I’m sure you already know that. If a guy has a motor and willingness to learn and adapt, that’s what you look for when looking for a guy that can be developed. I’d far prefer that to a speed edge rusher that notched a ton of sacks.

                Like Rob’s mentioned many times on this blog, a lot of times guys that get a ton of sacks as an edge rusher in college gets to the pros and they disappear because they always relied on their one trick and they weren’t blowing anyone away off the edge anymore in the pros. That’s the downside of overvaluing guys that “finish” as the primary thing you say you look for, instead of watching how they go about getting it done. I think more important is body control and knowing how to use it to out leverage guys to shed blocks and just a raw tenacity to continue the play to the bitter end. Clark needs a better jump off the line sometimes, I’m hoping Bennett can show him some things there because he’s really proficient at his get off and wasn’t always so. But I really don’t see a lot of downside with Clark as far as limitations that can’t be overcome with experience and refining his technique.

                I really don’t see the downside or why you’re limiting him to someone who can’t rush the passer. It’s totally at odds with what I see.

                • Volume12

                  Well said Arias.

                  • David

                    And lets not forget that at Michigan, Clark was probably the best player on the line, facing double teams and creating disruption. With the Seahawks he will probably be the 3rd or 4th best player on the line at the snap (after Bennet, Avril and Irvin if they bring out the Nascar package) – you can’t double team all 4 of those guys…. I can see Bennett/Avril opening some space for Clark

              • footballnerd

                Didn’t people also say that about Bruce Irvin. He can get pressure but not the sack

            • EranUngar

              Interesting take Hawksince. I have watched those games and did not pay attention to it.

              What i did try to see is to feagure what Clark was attempting to do (I.E. – pass rush, set edge, shed and tackle etc.) and is he stopped by the oposing blocker from doing it.

              My take was that in most cases he gets the advantage over the blocker to do what he wants. He rarly gets pushed away from the edge, he usually gets into the pocket when he rushs etc. He gets his job done. Sometimes it’s not helping the play but that is a team strategy not a personal issue.

              I’m not sure it will translate immediatly when facing NFL caliber offensive linemen but no one will have an easy job trying to enforce his will over clark.

              My take is that he is an upgrade of schofield already and may develope into a key player in a year or two.

          • arias

            Again, I ask you Steele1324, which games have you watched of Clark? Because your impressions of him appear to be strictly gleaned from the Northwestern game in which he didn’t appear near as impressive or dynamic as say, when he went against Notre Dame, Uconn, or Miami-Ohio. It’s hard to resolve your description of him being unable to “set the edge” or lacking pass rush skills to what pressure he appeared to generate in those games that inevitably forced the QB to throw prematurely.

            • Volume12

              Exactly. He’s looking for sacks which is such a numbers obessessed, antiquated way of looking at things.

              • arias

                IKR, I’m still surprised to see when guys in this day and age still do that. For the average fan not into advanced stats I’d sort of expect they’d still see rushing the passer as all about the sack. But I’m still shocked to see guys on this blog who IMO should know better treat the sack (which should be treated as a tackle for loss because that’s what it essentially is) as the be-all-end-all.

                Especially in evaluating prospects at such a preliminary stage like college where due to the limited number of game experience coupled with the talent gap between someone likely to be drafted in the pros usually gives them such a natural advantage that they never have to develop their games and can easily become overly reliant on one dimension of their abilities to get sacks that won’t necessarily translate well to the pros.

            • Steele1324

              I have watched publicly available tape on Clark. Same ones you looked at. Not just that one. I stick by my opinion.

              I did not say he couldn’t set the edge. I said he doesn’t get sacks.

              • Volume12

                That’s what Arias is saying.

                • arias

                  Old habits die hard. 🙁

              • Dave

                When I looked at Clarks tape I thought he would have had many more sacks if his DBs could cover. QB always seemed to be rushed throwing the ball and it was primarily from Frank.

                I came away liking him because to me with better coverage a lot of those pressures turn to sacks or picks. Since our strength is an all time great secondary I think it will work very well.

                It still sits uncomfortably with me around the off-field stuff. I can’t help that. But I will give him a chance as everyone deserves that in my book. On field stuff however I can certainly see why Pete and John liked him.

                • footballnerd

                  That makes a lot of sence

                • pablohoney

                  This might be interesting to Steele:

                  Frank Clark was virtually tied for 2nd place in all of college football for pass rushing productivity last year (sacks-hits-hurries/passing plays). The guy is a pass rusher.

                  Technically yes, he didn’t get a lot of sacks, but that’s like saying a CB doesn’t have good coverage skills because he doesn’t get enough interceptions.

                  • arias

                    Exactly. I’ll also point out that advanced stats looks and treats a sack through the neutral prism of being a tackle for loss, because that’s ultimately what it is … just that the guy tackled happens to be the QB which the NFL tracks as a “sack” and it’s glorified by that name.

                    But I think it’s pretty short sighted and a bit hypocritical to slam Clark for not wrapping up sacks while choosing to blatantly ignore his 13.5 tackles for loss he had in 10 games. That demonstrates a consistent ability to get behind the line of scrimmage and wrap up his target.

  26. bigDhawk

    Love Slater. And Nealy is interesting. As a teammate of Waller at GT, I posted a couple times early in the college season about Nealy amidst my Waller sunshine. Nealy won’t break the SPARQ spreadsheet, but he is very instinctive and a solid playmaker at ILB. Worst case he will be a solid ST contributor and serviceable LB depth.

  27. MoondustV

    Draft day 3 can rate B- maybe?

    Urgent needs in O-Line are filled with some guys at least. The Nigeria WR converted DE seems a tricky pick. And another J.R.Sweezy mode. Seems very good comparing to day 2.

    • Steele1324

      If you include UDFA, maybe a C+.

      • Matt

        Day 3 grade A-. Stop being so gloom and doom guys. We got versatile athletes to improve our depth day 1, and got some high upside athletes that could be special. We can’t expect to find multiple day 1 starters throughout the draft, not on a roster that is coming off 1 SB victory and 1 SB loss. I wouldn’t be surprised if Poole, Glo, Smith and Sokoli become starters in the future. Obum has some raw talent to rush the passer and will compete on special teams. The Hawks are deeper and more talented top to bottom after these last 2 days. Go Hawks!

      • Robert

        I give you a D- for optimism and faith. Nobody knows shit for a year or two while the players develop and blossom into their potential. In the meantime, it seems ridiculous to me not to accept that these are our guys and possibility is a wonderful thing!

        • Steele1324

          I’ll take a D- or even an F for optimism. I am pessimistic, outraged after that Super Bowl. I wanted to see a major reload towards avenging that game—-specifically taking down the Patriots in the next one. Giving them no more mismatches to exploit and scheme against.

          Jimmy Graham was a good step in that direction. Since then, I don’t think they added enough firepower. You think they did, I hope you’re right and I am 100% wrong. Apparently the FO is confident they didn’t need to do that in the short term. We’ll see.

          • Robert

            The Superbowl was a fluke and the Patriots were very lucky. If the LOB was healthy, the game is a blowout because Kam would have blown up the short crossers early and often like he did in 48. Hill blows up his calf days before the game was another big factor as was the Avril concussion, Lane injury and not activating Burley. We still would have won the game if idiot Bevell lines RW under center forcing 6 guys in the box to dive at the goalline as soon as the ball is snapped. Play action fake to Beast, RW rolls right and has a great look at his targets for the EASY throw, tosses it out of the endzone to kill the clock and reset for Beast run, or simply run it in himself. The Pats benefitted from a perfect storm of lucky breaks to beat a much better team.

  28. Brandon

    Was looking at our UDFA list and was surprised to see only one OL on there. Went back to the list of other OL and saw a couple of good players that I think are still available. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that
    Rob Crisp
    Josue Matias
    And Reese Dismukes were still available. Do we not have enough cap space to sign anymore guys? If not, why not give one of these guys a call. Maybe Tom Cable doesn’t see them fitting in into there scheme?
    Was sad to see that BJ Finney signed with Pittsburgh and Nick Mashall signed with the Jaguars.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think the hold-up is that Seattle is close to the 90 man roster limit. So they are being prudent about signing anymore guys, until the work out the back-up QB situation and perhaps bringing on more veterans onto the team, for depth purposes.

    • James

      Tom Cable was pretty revealing in his presser today. He said that he wants an OL about 6-4 or 6-5, and about 305 to 310. Any taller and their core is too high off the ground to get leverage, and and shorter and they can be driven backwards because they cannot go chest to chest. Any heavier and they don’t have the quicks to stay in front of the new breed of smaller and faster DLs.

      Re Matias, he failed his physical and no team drafted him or signed him as an UDFA… sad for him.

      Cable got his three guys and doesn’t need or want any more. He said that he does not like to take a bunch of guys and make them battle it out, he knows what he wants and decides before he drafts them, and so he is ready to get to work and develop them when they arrive. There they begin the process of competing for a job.

      Poole seems to have the clearest path toward starting game one. He just needs to beat out Pig Bailey, who is almost more valuable to the team as their first reserve. Cable must really like Poole because he seems to have been his primary target heading into R4. As noted above, Glowinski will begin at RG behind Sweezy, and would be in great position if Sweezy is a cap casualty after next season. Amazingly, Kristjian Sokoli will begin as a C, where he not only has to learn how to play OL, switching over from DL, but also learn to do the line calls and provide anchor leadership. They must think very highly of him, but it is hard to imagine him playing C this season as he learns the trade. The job is Patrick Lewis’ to lose, and Lem J-P is well positioned as well.

      • Steele1324

        James, thanks a lot for that update. Really interesting view from Cable. Explains a lot about why so few O linemen taken. He got his guys. Whatever he wants.

        • Volume12

          So few O-lineman? They took 3!

          You were expecting Seattle to find their LT of the future in a draft that severly lacked depth weren’t you?

      • Volume12

        James that’s very interesting/revealimg. Thank you my man!

        TC is exactl right. Defenses in today’s NFL are so athletic and fast that it makes total sense they’d want guys that can move well and try to match that said athleticism.

        I’m glad TC brought up the height,core,waistline issue, because it’s exactly why you don’t see many tall offensive or defensive lineman. Very raw, kind of like Tony McD. It’s why they re-signed him last year.

        You’ll learn a lot if you read TC quotes, pressers, etc. If you didn’t already know, which I’ll assume you do.

        • Volume12

          Should say very rare, not very raw.

      • footballnerd

        I don’t understand what you mean by “He said that he does not like to take a bunch of guys and make them battle it out, he knows what he wants and decides before he drafts them, and so he is ready to get to work and develop them when they arrive. There they begin the process of competing for a job.”

        • Matt

          Basically it means that Cable targets a certain player type. He knows how and where they’ll fit on the OL. There’s no need to flood the roster with players when Cable gets his guys, which we got 3 of to support a thin OL unit. Cable is happy about getting Poole, Glowinski and Sokoli, as am I!

          • purpleneer

            I take more as meaning that in-camp competition is not always necessary to differentiate players. At OL, you even get the benefit that the vast majority in college don’t truly rotate or specialize beyond position, they face whoever the defense lines up across from them, and weaknesses can be attacked so easily.

    • Robert

      See Cable interview on Seahawks site. He identifies his guys, obtains them and develops them. He does not want too many new guys with the idea that he’ll see which ones work out best. That is his approach according to him.

  29. Brandon

    Also I heard that Ryan Murphy is a cousin of Lynch and lived with him for awhile. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Steele1324

      Ryan Murphy:

      A future Kam Chancellor? He is certainly a good story.

      • HOUSE

        As crazy as it may sound, He’s a hybrid of ET and Kam. Great centerfield ability (ET) and can play up in the box and delivery a bang (Kam). I think he will do great replacing Jeron Johnson.

        • Volume12

          I agree. He y also be the b#backup KR/PR too. I was pretty excited they got a Jeron Johnson type, but bigger and faater.

          House, great comp. He has Bam Bam esque size, but certainly plays more along the lines of ET.

          Living here in PAC 12 country, the PNW, I get to see my fair share of OSU or Beaver games. Murphy is an intimidating presence that plays fast, communicatea well, pkays with tons of swag, and can line up a defense.

          ‘O-Booom!,’ well this kid is a flatout freak. High character, explosive, great motor, he’s going to be quite the effective project IMO. Can’t wait to see this kid play in space at the SAM spot. As a former WR he should already have quite the advantage in pass defense.

          • purpleneer

            I’d back off from the “Bam Bam esque size” statement. He measured in under 6-1 and like 215.
            And the receiver experience really only helps with ball skills; the main part of pass-defense is being reactive, which is completely different.

  30. Kyle

    Rob, next time you are on a podcast, I want to hear you do your best attempt at a generic American accent.

    • Rob Staton

      I will try 🙂

      • Mylegacy

        Rob, don’t you dear try – I love your voice as is. Your voice is very “Seahawky – by that I mean different but brilliant in its own way…

  31. Steele1324

    Anyone have the latest updated Seahawks UDFAs?

  32. footballnerd

    So you think he’ll make the team?

  33. bobbyk

    Thanks for a great draft season, Rob. You’re a smart guy and it’s obvious in your writing. I love your passion for the Hawks. You were so spot on with many things like Sambrailo, Morse, and I think DBG was the player they didn’t want to leave this draft without. Those aren’t the only ones.

    I really thought we’d take a Leo with our first pick, but did not expect Frank Clark. I also hoped Michael Bennett would be a Hawk and am shocked he lasted until the 6th round. Wow.

    So, who are we targeting for the 32nd pick in the draft next year? Time for a DT or RB? 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Bobby appreciate it

  34. Robert

    Yes, many thanks Rob for creating such an awesome place with such thought provoking articles and an awesome community! Go Hawks!

  35. CC

    Thank you Rob for another great year of information and prospects! I love football and the draft, and when I found this blog, I got the best of both worlds. The level of research and analysis is exceptional!

    Thank you also to all of my fellow commenters, Between Rob and all of you, there is always something interesting.

    This year’s draft looks pretty good – I like the O line choices and I think Lockett is going to make big plays, but also solid plays as well. I’m hopeful that the CBs and DL guys can make an impact and give us some depth.

    I also hope that somehow Russell and the FO are able to get a deal done!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks CC — it means a lot

  36. Steele1324

    6-3 WR Ross Apo is a Seahawk.

    If he and Austin Hill make the roster, EranUnger and I will have what we have been wishing for.

    I now upgrade day two to a solid B.

    • Steele1324

      Yes. More of this is what we want.

      • Donald

        I saw the youtube video and I am not impressed. Average at best, not a difference maker in a Superbowl.

        • Steele1324

          Probably not at this stage. At least it is the type of receiver who can fill a certain role.

      • Donald

        This is the UDFA WR I was hoping the Hawks would sign:
        Adrian Coxson

        • Donald

          now is signed with Green bay

          • Steele1324

            Donald, Coxson was extremely productive, and that film does stand out.

            There are many players who went undrafted, and who knows why.

            Not to make you feel worse about the Hawks not looking at him, but this draftnik wrote an analysis of Coxson’s effectiveness.


            • Steele1324

              Green Bay got a good one.

        • Robert

          Me too. He might be the most ferocious run blocker I have ever seen. Speed, quickness, routes, catching, YAC…so much to like. He would have had a great career at Florida and probably emerged as a 1st round prospect. But his father became ill, so he dropped out and moved close to home, eventually playing for a small school.

    • Robert

      B? Way to pick up your emotions by your bootstraps! I appreciate your comments even though you have been pretty whiny during/after the Draft. Your immense passion for your team comes through loud and clear. Thanks for the link. Apo looks to have great potential. That is 4 big WR’s on the roster competing now. As I was listening to the PCJS post Day 3 of the Draft presser, I made a mental note to share with you. Que it up to the 17 minute mark where they discuss their effort criteria and WR philosophy a bit. They do not want to only field one type of target ie. tall guys. They want to have many different types of targets so they can take advantage of matchup opportunities vs all opponents. There are teams that Lockett will just destroy. Other teams will struggle to matchup when we throw 3 TE sets at them or 2 TE’s and 2 big WR’s etc.They want the flexibility of having many different types of targets.

  37. Steele1324

    Dres Anderson to the 49ers. Too bad.

  38. Ed

    OK Rob, you pegged a lot of these guys as targets. Time to start pegging next years Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve already got a list of names to post later in the week

  39. Hawksince77

    The folks at have some balls, grading the Seahawks draft below:

    Seattle Seahawks
    Draft pick: DE Frank Clark (No. 63 overall), WR Tyler Lockett (No. 69 overall), OL Terry Poole (No. 130 overall), OL Mark Glowsinki (No. 134 overall), CB Tye Smith (No. 170 overall), DE Obum Gwacham (No. 209 overall), DT Kristjan Sokoli (No 214 overall), S Ryan Murphy (No. 248 overall)
    Day 1 grade: N/A
    Day 2 grade: D
    Day 3 grade: C
    Overall grade: C-
    The skinny: The Seahawks don’t get a Day 1 grade because they didn’t have a first-round pick, but their grade would be an A+, considering they turned the second-to-last pick in the first round into a Pro Bowl tight end/receiver in Jimmy Graham. Yes, the price was high, but Graham is a proven commodity who can help get this team another ring. Frank Clark had a ton of character concerns entering the draft, and getting him in the second round was a massive reach. The team managed an average Day 2 grade, however, because the selection of Lockett was a home run.

    Bottom line: Moving up to get Lockett was a big win. Otherwise, the team’s braintrust reached on almost all of its picks as the Seahawks look to restock the back end of the roster. There are a lot of athletes in this class, and maybe some will pan out, but they’re betting a lot on coaching up raw talent.

    • Steele1324

      Hawksince, you can’t expect the national mediots to judge any Seahawks activity with a lot of nuance. I had serious issues with day 2, but day 3 was much better, and UDFA was quite interesting. The bottom went a long way towards making up for the top. I still would have liked to see them use a different approach, don’t completely agree with JSPC’s outlook, but they addressed the needs to their satisfaction.

    • Matt

      “There are a lot of athletes in this class, and maybe some will pan out, but they’re betting a lot on coaching up raw talent.”

      Yep that’s pretty much how we’ve become the force that we are! haha Terrible analysis. Terrible! Does the writer have any idea on what the Seahawks are all about?! Obviously not. Mel Kiper stopped knocking the Hawks picks after the 2012 draft. At least Kiper is wise enough to know that JS/PC are better at player evaluations than him, and to keep his mouth shut to avoid looking like a fool.

    • peter

      It’s literally like I’m rereading the 2012 draft grades. It’s actually kind of awesome. When teams in the fifth round are taking punters and Teams like Chicago with the bottom three worst defense last year are taking wr’s with a the most overpaid no ball control QB in the league…but we’re reaching?

      I agree with Matt it’s basically what separates the seahawks….coaching

      • Matt

        “It’s literally like I’m rereading the 2012 draft grades.” peter

        Agreed. We all know how that’s gone. I haven’t been this excited about a draft class since then. JS/PC know what type of attributes and intangibles they want in a player and coach them up. Coach them up to the tune of prolonged dominance.

    • Robert

      Seems a bit high. I would be happier with F’s like they gave us in 2012. Actually, the experts looked so stupid after their assessment of our 2012 draft, that they are still nervous about announcing to the world what they really think…hence the C’s.I agree they are betting heavy on raw talent, which is brilliant considering the current roster and our team’s extraordinary ability to mine for and develop diamonds!

  40. Steele1324

    Where some UDFAs wound up going:

    Some UDFAs still out there include many favorites of ours:

    Corey Grant
    Akeem Hunt

    Derrick Lott
    Kaleb Eulls
    Quayshane Buckley

    La’el Collins

    Kevin White

    Jeff Luc

    Kurtis Drummond
    Durrell Eskridge
    Ladarius Gunter
    Tevin McDonald

    • Volume12

      Yeah, boy Auburn HB Corey Grant’s straightline speed, lack of suddenness, no change of direction skills and the fact he couldn’t even get on the field with a team that love unqiue/dynamic playmakers, sure is exciting. LOL.

      • Steele1324

        Jacksonville loves Corey Grant’s straightline speed, lack of suddeness and change of direction skills. Doesn’t matter if you don’t.

        • Volume12

          And it don’t matter if you don’t like Seattle’s draft either.

          Point is, kid went undrafted for a reason.

          • Steele1324

            That is not much of a point.

            • Volume12

              It’s directy related to your point that he was some great back. Had amazing/unique speed. So unique he went undratfed. Seatle isn’t using a change of pace back without size, sorry.

              As Rob said, you might as well call out your play.

              • Volume12

                Let me know when the London Jags make back to back SBs and aren’t a cellar dwellar anymore.

              • Steele1324

                I have posted a link to an article to let others see where some of these UDFAs are signing, and the fact that many of the undrafteds are the ones we and Rob,and even you, have followed and regarded highly.

                Any other digressions are irrelevant and zero sum.

  41. Volume12

    Alright boys, for those excited about next year and which position to focus on thia summer, take a look at HBs, LTs, and unqiue DTs like Oregon’s DeForest Buckner and Baylor’s Shawn Oakman. Those types of prosepcts. They’ll address the interior the D-line/run-stuffers in FA like they do every year, and don’t be shocked if DT Athyba Rubin is our 1-tech of the future.

    Pay attention to those LTs, HBs, and 3-techs with unqiue length.

    By the way, DT Tory Slater is a freak. He’s a steal at the DT position.

    • peter

      Tory slater I am super stoke on.

      I’m already gearing up for next year’s prospects. RB is going to be a priority regardless of Lynch’s contract it may be time to move on.

      Bruce Irvin not being picked up on his fifth year to me is a long view approach to the team. He plays out of his mind, gets paid somewhere else and it’s a third or fourth round comp pick. SAM becomes a need or a Rush DE. OR alternately he stays the course he’s on which is good, very good and the cost to retain him is less significant and he can sign a very good contract for what will probably be his last time.

      Avril/BEnnett I don’t see both playing out their contracts.

      I like Okung but money and injury may be a hurdle for him staying on the team.

      I know AlaskaHawk wanted the line of the future but hopefully we have 4/5ths of the line of the future this year needing to focus on one spot next year.

      I’m going to be looking hard at CB’s due to two factors at play here. Cary Williams will be 31 at that time, Simon will be either good or bad but unfortunately for the Hawks if it’s the former they will need someone else or unfortunately for the Hawks if he’s good it will get cost prohibitive very nearly in the future to retain him.

      Sadly I will be looking at SS’ I think Kam may be entering his swan song with all the injuries. Perhaps one of the three pinkins/baily/murphy will be what he was to Milloy?

      I’m stoked on the Lockett pick but wonder how hard I will follow WR’s it seems to be a vast departure from the Green bay model for JS but the team just seems to not put the stock into it as many of us would like to see. Then again a 25 pass team per game team with everyone getting 6 targets each it probably doesn’t need to be. I still think Kearse/Lockette can be improved upon and perhaps Matthews/Norwood/Mcneil/Apo (sp?)/Hill may provide that relief. Nothing like a good old fashioned camp battle to set the course straight.

      I’m pretty optimistic for this draft of course and hope through their methodology that Seattle gets 9 picks next year (7 plus 2 comps) and the pattern I see is believing right or wrong that they have minimal needs to fill come draft time allowing them to take as was stated after the first draft players that they feel improve the current roster as opposed to filling needs.

      Contract wise Wagner and Wilson will obviously have huge impacts on spending for other areas though I think JS probably knows a thing or three about contracts for star QB’s coming from Greenbay where Favre got paid handsomely and of course Rodgers and they seem to be able to retain a ton of their players.

  42. Donald

    Adrian Coxson, super stud WR UDFA, signed with Green Bay. 4.3 / 40 . He would have change my attitude about the below average draft the Hawks had.

    • Volume12

      Really? An UDFA would have been the missing link huh? Interesting.

      • Steele1324

        Possibly. How do you know?

        • Volume12

          Because Steele as ou never let us on SDB forget, Kerase needs to go, Baldwin isn’t anything great, Coyle needs tp be upgraded, and ‘Pig’ Bailey isn’t anything. Notice a pattern with those names?

          • Steele1324

            That has nothing to do with Adrian Coxson, a prospect that Donald has followed.

            • Volume12

              But if those guys can’t cut it on a SB roster, how will Coxson on GBs?

              It’s the same thing, sliced two different ways buddy.

              • Volume12

                All I said an response to Donald, was that it was interesing he thought an UDFA would’ve made Seattle’s grade better. Maybe he would’ve, and maybe he is a good receiver.

                You came on and made a smart a** remark. It is what it is.

                • Volume12

                  Donald if I came off indirectly, I apologize man.

  43. Volume12

    Why is this draft below average? Oh that’s right, because people’s favorite players, guys they preferred, and all the big name players that ESPN and NFL network chronicled or featured weren’t selected. Got it.

    • Steele1324

      Why is this draft great? Because you think it is?

      • Volume12

        Because they got guys that tilt the field, great athletes, guys with tons of grit, versatility, guys that fit their scheme, fit in the locker room, and addressed the areas that needed it. Shall I go on?

        • John_s

          Agreed my man

          • Matt

            I love our draft haul! Honestly there’s not a need left unfilled with an exciting prospect. Was skeptical about not drafting a DT, but then we got Slater. Boom! need filled. This is the haul of players at the positions I was hoping that we’d get.

      • Robert

        Because PCJS got their guys and now we know who they are. Now we can watch them grow as they develop. Guessing that our draft was cruddy when we won’t really know for 1-3 years is completely foolish. Why not be excited, hopeful and confident that our system will develop the potential in our prospects?

    • Seahawks_Smash

      I am content with how the draft played out. It seems that the Tyler Lockett pick was the final nail in the coffin, for some people, after Frank Clark. Clark’s selection had sent some into high-alert and after Lockett was picked it was as though the “plane has crashed into the mountain” (Mr. Lebowski). The expectation was that the FO would draft a big WR to add to the mix, but that acquisition did not occur until UDFA. Jimmy Graham’s future presence has not tamed the fires of desire for more size, for some. Oh well, not everyone can be pleased. Go Hawks!

      • Belgaron

        If they want to go big (tall) for the red zone, seems like some sets with Graham, Willson, and Matthews would win some jump balls. They should be in good shape there.

        • Seahawks_Smash

          I agree, and with some of the prospective UDFA’s thrown in the mix with the current squad it will be fun watching how it all plays out!

    • David M2


      Like you, I don’t think this draft is below average at all, unless you’re discussing strength of draft position.

      This is the Hawks best draft since 2012 hands down. With what the FO had to work with in this draft, to come away with the level of talent and upside that these athletes have to offer is incredible. Going on to add guys like Hill and Rawls as UDFA’s is impressive too.

      Everyone is freaking out because they didn’t go and add a 6’5″ receiver or OL with their high picks, but I think they wanted DGB or Morse and they were the ones that got away. Well, so be it, that’s the NFL draft for you.

      This team will have a 6’3″ WR on their roster next year. I think Norwood is a roster lock at 6’2″ and then it’s going to be a battle between Matthew’s, McNeil and Hill who are all 6’3″ plus and may the best man win.

      I think there may have even been a point back in late February or early March, if I recall correctly, where John Schneider may have hinted that they were more comfortable at the WR position in regards to a tall receiver than outside observers may perceive. All in all, I don’t think that tall WR was a need for them in this draft, but more or less would have been a luxury to land someone like DGB if he had fallen to a range where they could get him. As for trading away all of the extra picks, quality not quantity in this draft is exactly what they needed.

      Also, if you really look at the drafts over the past 3 years the Hawks are drafting to address needs that are coming a year or two down the road. They’re just working on staying ahead of the curve.

    • CC

      I like this draft better than last years. This year it seems like we addressed positions of need better, we got the returner, which I believe is a need, O line and some edge rushers.

      We should remember that picking in the bottom of every round limits the talent that is available. Also remember that Seattle drafts guys who fit their system – and that may not always jive with the supposedly best player. Lots of great players have been used improperly and end up doing nothing. Players who were consider sub par have excelled in Seattle’s system.

    • Donald


      Well for starters they needed a starting center, and had the opportunity to grab a plug and play center Grasu who was a finalist for the top center in the country with the first pick at #63. Thy compounded the problem by not getting any center in the draft and now they have to convert somebody. The center is only the QB of the offensive line so who calls the blocking schemes, so that is kinda important.

      Instead they get a DE Clark, is he a bigger priority, when you have Marsh, Hill etc coming back from injury?

      At #63 they could have got a big fast WR to add a down field threat to take the attention off Lynch and Graham, and provide another option in the redzone. I was hoping they would take Conley with 4.35 speed and is 6’3 and 10″ hands. We don’t have anyone with those measurements. That would have made a
      difference in the SB

      How about a GOOD RB? The Hawks are just a Lynch knee injury away from a disaster season. Do you think Turbin or CMike will get us there? Tevin Coleman was there for the Hawks as well in the third instead of Lockett.

      They spent too much on Lockett when Mcbride and mario Alford would have been just as good with much less cost.

      Need I go on?

      • Robert

        Your assessment of the current roster and Draft prospects has nothing to do with reality. It is just a guess. Try looking at the Draft as a demonstration of PCJS’s evaluation of current roster and Draft prospects. Now we have many clues about what they believe!

      • Volume12

        Who’s to say that McBride and Alford will pan out? Obviously the rest of the league was not high on those 2. McBride seems to be an awful/selfish teammate according to rumors or reports.

        You can never have too many pass rushers in this day and age. It makes the LOBs job that much easier. It’s all about athletic freaks with spped in today’s NFL.

        They have their C of the future in Lewis or Sokoli. Just because Grasu was highly rated, doesn’t mean he’ll be better than Lewis. There’s nothing wrong about building from within. Someone mentioned the San Antonio Spurs method. How long have they been dominant? 17-18 years now?

        Conley plays timidly. Size does not equal success. That’s misplace thinking. They got their big target in Jimmy Graham. No rookie in this class can do what he does, and no rookie in this class compared to WR Chris Matthews in terms of measurables and SPARQ cobined other than DGB.

        Yeah IDK actually do think that Turbin, C-mike, and RWs scrambling ability could carry he rock if Lynch went down. How was a number 4 HB on the depth chart a need though? They’ll find their back in the next couple drafts probably. The HB position is fairly loaded in terms of backs coming out of college the next couple of years.

        You can’t address every need in a draft unfortunately. Just have to prioritize. And if Seattle can’t keep Bennett or Bruce, they got Frank Clark and Obum Gwacham to fill those roles. A RDE the size of Clark is a rare breed in today’s game .

        How can a rotation like this not be exciting?

        RDE Michael Bennett- Frank Clark- Cassius Marsh- Bruce Irvin- Tony McDaniel
        1-tech DT Brandon Mebane- Athyba Rubin- Jordan Hill
        3-tech DT Tony McDaniel- Jordan Hill- Michael Bennett- possibly Tory Slater?
        DE LEO Cliff Avril- Cassius Marsh- Michael Bennett- Frank Clark- Obum Gwacham- Bruce Irvin
        SAM LB/hybrid edge rusher Bruce Irvin- Obum Gwacham

        That’s some great versatility or mixing and matching that will give opposing DCs nightmares and take a TON of pressure of a banges up LOB.

        • Matt

          I too am very excited about our DL rotation! It’s back to being the best in the league. Applying pressure on QB’s every week shouldn’t be a problem. Even if we have 2 DLinemen go on IR we will be alright.(as long as Bennett isn’t one of them)

        • Donald

          Thanks Volume12,

          Conley does not play timid, he usually is well ahead of the defenders to catch balls, and if not he high points the catch over the CB using his 34″ arms and 10″ hands. Again the Hawks do not have that combination of size AND speed.

          I am reasonably sure Lockett will be servicable, maybe make a long return or two. Is that worth the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th picks in the draft? Is he really going to make that much difference compared to Mario Alford (who is just as fast, larger hands, and one of the better returners also)? Think of the players you could have to chose from with those 4 picks. Lockett is also frail, easily tackled. Another Richardson body type and injury waiting to happen, unlike Tate who is thicker and can take the hits.

          Clark will be okay. I am not impressed with his 11 sack total in three years at Michigan. But if we are going to draft Clark because we can’t keep Bennett or Bruce, shouldn’t we also look to the future and say the same thing about Lynch. The Hawks are lucky that Lynch has been healthy, because he is such a main part of the running success. He provides about 75% of the running offense and 50% total offense. Should we also consider using a pick like Tevin Colemen not only for insurance with Lynch here, but look to him as a replacement in the future?

          • David

            Lockett is small, but it seems you are severely undervaluing his accomplishments at KS as well as his abilities at WR (commonly seen as one of the best route runners in the draft, ability to get open). Who knows if his size translates to the NFL (other small WRs have excelled) but I don’t believe you find someone with his his skills in the 4th/5th round. Yes you may find someone bigger/faster but not nearly as effective.

      • Rob Staton

        Conley became incredibly overrated during this process.

  44. EranUngar

    Another year is in the books guys. In 2-3 years we’ll know how good it was.

    Thank you Rob for an amazing job. I can’t remember knowing so much about the Seahawks’ picks when they were called in. You are truly the best by a big margin.

    It’s over guys. We can cry over it or love it. It won’t change a thing. After venting whatever frustration we have (I did already after day 2…), allow me to offer you an alternative perspective on it.

    We are the worst possible evaluators of it all. We are the “knowledgeable idiots”. For every minute we spend looking, reading and learning there are professional people who actually get paid to spend days on it. Whatever we think we know – We don’t. Even our great leader is making his living covering soccer in the UK and has not been on the sideline of the games following those players for years.
    With the above in mind and our basic understanding of the sport there are obvious conclusions to be made after this draft. Assuming this FO does know what they are doing my conclusions are as follows:

    JS loves hording picks, trading back is his trademark, if he decided to trade 3 additional picks for Lockett – This guy is special and will play a major role on this team way beyond KR/PR.

    PC has always been looking for tall red line receivers. The effectiveness of Matthews in SB must have been fresh on everybody’s mind. The fact that none was taken speaks volumes on the confidence they must have with those type of players already on the roster. (Matthews, McNeil, Noorwood…)

    The OL is transferring into a classic TC type ZBS OL. No more 340 pounds behemoths. I think Bailey will be the odd man out. I’m not sure how it will work for pass protection but they will be quick and athletic ready to take advantage of the thinner boxes they will face due to the Graham effect.

    Lewis and LJP are more ready to take over at center then we thought.

    The OL will remain the cheaper position in the roster allowing the Cap to be spent elsewhere.

    No DT picks means they are confident Mebane and Hill are physically ready for this year. Mebane will not be cut to add cap space, maybe restructured…

    Picking Clark and all that was said about it afterwards indicates they are 100% sure about his character’s red flags. Picking him with our first pick in spite of those red flags and the needs at WR/OL speaks volumes regarding the very high expectations they have for him on the field.

    Take a deep breath, smile, we have won this off season already with Graham and this draft class will only add to it.

    I’ll just hope that Conley has a Cordarrelle Patterson career rather than a Jordan Matthews career. I hate when my favorites are doing great for someone else.

    Go Hawks

    • Steele1324

      Thanks, EranUngar. We do get very (shall we say) insistent in here, having invested a lot of “idiot” time on this annual entertainment. Your perspective is appreciated. It does take going through the entire process before getting more clarity on what the strategy was. It is quite clear that JSPC has confidence in much of their existing roster.

      I will be curious to hear any followup thoughts from you on “Size Over Speed” as things proceed. The job is on Matthews. We did not get our wish in this draft, unless Austin Hill or the very raw Ross Apo make the team, but who knows, right?

      • EranUngar

        I still believe that size is RW’s best friend. However, not having it affects the game plan so it can’t be tested.

        If we’ll see a lot of Matthews and friend on the field we’ll find out more. If we don’t and the smurfs that got us to the SB last year will finish the season 19-0 i’ll take it.

        It is playing GM and voicing what we believe in but once it’s over we should remmeber that the time we spend on our day job seriously impacts our chances to replace JS and co. LOL

    • David M2

      “We are the worst possible evaluators of it all. We are the “knowledgeable idiots”.”

      This is very true, and if you want it in even higher volume does just head over to Fieldgulls…

    • Trevor

      Awesome summation EranUnger I could not have said it better myself!

      There are always guys we love that get missed that is just how the draft works. I am sure there were lots of fans on other teams who liked Russ in 2012 and talk about how their team could have had him. We we fall in love it is hard to see them with another team.

      • Matt

        “Knowledgeable idiots” hmm I guess so. Some of us are more outlandish than others. Have to say I’m pretty happy about banging the table for Lockett the last few months and JS/PC obviously valued him the same way I did. Pretty sure I was the first one on here mentioning and pushing for him. Sorry I just have to give myself some credit there. 🙂 Haven’t had as much fun debating over prospects in the draft as I have this year! It’s been a pleasure fellas and gals. Of course Rob is thee guy for running the whole show on this splendid site. Cheers and Go Hawks!

    • Jeremy

      This is a fantastic point. I remember a few years ago learning that they liked unique athletes, so I started looking for those. Last year, I remember the comments about gritty guys and guys who had to be able to compete in the different position groups. This year, it’s guys who don’t quit on plays. I distinctly remember a quote from JS where he said (paraphrase) “We aren’t going to take guys who don’t finish plays. Don’t be surprised if we pass on highly ranked guys who aren’t finishers.”

      Now, we have another draft under our belts to see even more data of what they like and that can even more closely help us narrow down the picks. This site serves two fold. First, to have an intelligent discussion about future Seahawks. Second, it’s to have a discussion about future excellent football players. I’m sure this board will follow the career of Joel Bitonio closely over the next several years.

      Rob, thank you for all this amazing content you generate as a labor of love. This site is a daily must read for me. Go Hawks!

  45. Jeff M.

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned, but Kiper had the Seahawks as his top-graded draft (included credit for Graham, but he also loved the Lockett pick). Niners and Rams both in his bottom five. McShay had the Hawks as his most-improved out of the NFCW and basically said “they grade players differently than me, but they always end up right so I give up.” Sounds like both have learned something from looking foolish bashing previous Schneider drafts.

    • arias

      That is so awesome. But what it seems to reflect is that past draft record strongly affects how these guys formulate their grades.

    • CC

      It is funny and finally shows some respect. McShay also has them having the best draft in the NFCW.

      • Matt

        Haha that’s awesome! Like I said in a post above Kiper has learned enough to know that JS/PC are better than him at player evaluations. He won’t make himself look like a fool bashing our front office any more. Haha Now he’s graduated into praising the Hawks. Love it!

        • Volume12

          Kiper aka ‘The Hair’ was gushing over CB Tye Smith. I mean he went on a rant about the potential longevity of this kid in the LOB. Couldn’t say enough great things about him.

          • Matt

            Missed that Vol12. Kiper validation is pretty cool. I don’t know much about Smith, but he looks legit! Really like how he lays the wood!

  46. peter

    Again I think this draft was awesome! and it’s kind of cool to see the Hawks thought process come into focus with each passing year.

    1. The first main take away I have is that physical traits matter to some positions it’s a hard line.

    I see references to Jarrett among the poster as a guy “they didn’t get,” but even me an ardent supporter had doubts with his arm length. And it was revealed today with the many chances they had to draft him. It’s a deal breaker. Same with Xavier Cooper and RNR. Have to have long arms or it’s off the board for ya.

    Same with Corners. Every year people talk up some short CB who’s numbers aren’t great but is a ball hawk and every year it’s “next,” on the list.

    2. There has been seriously dire prognostications about the receiver picked. But the new bottom line is production, production, production above all else. If you’re going early on the board you have to have it. Tate, Richardson, Lockett had it in spades. Sure Conley was as sparq monster and last year it was Martavius Bryant. Waller as well. But none of them did anything with production in college and I think that’s a major knock against them.

    3. Production: And how it relates to other players; I saw Danielle Hunter and Shaq Riddick especially the latter a lot in mocks on this board but why no Obum Gwacham? Well I can’t answer the why hut as per my statement above I think guys like Hunter and Riddick get downgraded due to lack of production when rated against a guy like gwacham. With the pattern seemingly being you can have all the physical traits in the world but if you have never put it together for meaningful consistent traits then I believe it’s viewed as negative. Gwacham is truly raw and probably wont be anything more then a konz like project but I have high hopes for him with a bit of weight, and his hard work habits in place he may be a real neat find. And heck if he gets two sacks next year he already ties Schofields total.

    4. And finally people on this site and “analysis,” can grade this draft anything they want. Curve, letters, percentile points, heck use color charts for all I care. Where Seattle truly dominates is in it’s coaching of it’s core positions.

    Step one find the one corner who has explosion and length and is Jeremy Lane’s exact size doppleganger. Step 2 coach him up. Step three Lane/Smith/Burley when all are healthy seem like a pretty damn good way of stopping the small receivers.

    With that. Patience is the Seahawks best weapon. Tharold Simon was injured and out of his depth at times last year. That’s the bad. The good. He was playing sooner into his learning arc then Maxwell and will have a chance to work on his negatives. Plus Williams gives him a buffer to get even better. It’s this way will a ton of players on the roster. Sokoli I think will be a boss at Center but if not they have completely viable players and Sokoli can play guard. If not that he can play DT rotation. But if they teaching and the patience pay off…watch out. Okung/ Poole-Glowinski/ Sokoli/ Sweezy/ Britt. I know Glo is projected for a hedge against the right side but he’s got to play wherever he can make the most noise at. For all of you who clamor for a classic jones/hutch line it aint. But what it is…at least to my eyes is run blocking, second level getting machine, that will actually be able to fan out and take on multiple looks from athletic defenders as Russell and the team do him no favors with his deadly scrambling. Having players with that level of athleticism I think is absolutely critical in dealing with pass rush but also how Seattle crafts it’s play.

    • Trevor

      Great post Peter I agree completely.

      • peter

        Thanks man appreciate it!

        • Tien

          Awesome post Peter! I think we all overreact to the draft, from the doom & gloom guys to the super optimistic “they’re all gonna be Pro Bowlers!”, so we just need to remember that none of these guys have even made the team yet, let alone played the 2 or 3 years so that we can make an informed conclusion about their boom/bust status. Having said that, I’m much happier about this draft than last year’s. I totally understand why the selections were made, whether it was a player I really wanted or not. Who knows if any of these players will pan out (sure hope so!) but athletically and skills wise, they all show potential and fit some of our needs…and that’s all we can hope for in the crapshoot that is the draft. Really looking forward to seeing how our 3 super athletic OL picks develop! The only draft pick that I’m still troubled by is Clark. He seems like he could be a great DL for us but based on his record, he also seems like a bad dude and I’m a little bummed that he’ll be on our team. Here’s hoping that he’s learned his lesson, is a better person now, and develops into a great player for us. Go Hawks!!

          • Matt

            Great post Peter! One thing: “I saw Danielle Hunter and Shaq Riddick especially the latter a lot in mocks on this board but why no Obum Gwacham?”

            I did probably 6 mocks, a couple I posted on here, 2 or 3 of which I included Obum. Don’t remember if he was included in my shared mocks, but thought I’d throw that out there. He’s a cool prospect we can groom much like we did with Mayowa. You’re right on 2+ sacks from him effectively replaces Obi. I think if Obum is given as much opportunity as Obi has gotten the past 2 seasons he’ll get that 2+ sacks. Obum has a high ceiling, as a very raw prospect, and I hope he can reach it with the Hawks!

            • Matt

              To be fair I had Riddick in a couple as well. Arians had a pretty nice draft too. I had Clark in the others, but way later(5-6). I liked Harold a lot too, but he never fell in the mocks like he did in real life. Those were my 4 DE prospects I wanted that I felt we had a crack at getting…and we got 2!

              • Volume12

                Peter, great post buddy. I always look forward to your posts, and bouncing ideas off each other, debating prospects, ec. Glad your here my man. Very well said.

                I actually think Gwacham might be fine at 246-247, but if they see him as more of a LEO than a Bruce Irvin type, your right, he will need to put on 7-8 pounds or so.

                • Matt

                  An Irvin role might be in the cards for Obum down the road. PC said Obum is going to put his hand in the ground and rush the passer. At least in the beginning of his career that’s what we can expect to see. Think they said pretty much the same thing about Irvin after taking him… It’ll be fun to see what happens.

    • Donald

      Good thoughts Peter.

      Though I agree with production being a trait that is considered very important, you have to also take into account the context and conditions. I am a believer of Conley’s abilities, and his talent is right up there with the top WR’s. The reason he was not rated as highly had to do with the run oriented offense system Georgia uses rather than his ability. Passing was not emphasized, thus his “production” did not show as much.

  47. peter

    Rob yet again kudos for this site.

    Two questions.

    1. I know a few years back or last year (can’t remember) there was a change in your ability to view games over there. How do you view games? Just what is on a limited basis and then highlights? ESPN mobile?

    2. How did you do with your Hudl mock this year?

  48. Phil

    It may be obvious to some, but I think it needs to be emphasized. There has been a paradigm shift in the way the Seahawks FO approaches the draft. Instead of asking who the Seahawks will pick with the 32nd pick in the first round of next year’s draft, we should be asking who they will trade that first round pick for. And, instead of asking who the Seahawks will pick with their remaining 10 draft picks, we should be asking how they can combine those picks to move up in next year’s draft.

    Think about how many folks on this site have said that the Seahawks will not move up in the draft “because that isn’t what they have done in the past.”

    Rob hit in on the nail with his earlier succinct post, “Quality over quantity.”

    • peter

      exactly Quantity was needed when the SEahawks were coming off the Mora/Holmgren meltdown. Just bodies, get them in, and see where it goes. Now with tighter contract margins, and stronger positional groups the payers that come in are going to have to be better. I still don’t see the loss in the draft picks for Lockett and 8 players plus udfas, plus folks on IR, plus PS players is a TON of players to have great camp battles to field the best team possible.

      One thing I absolutely love about this team as opposed to many teams out there and the old Ruskell teams is everyone truly seems to have a chance to do something when they arrive. 7th round guards, third round qb’s, fifth round DB”s, udfa WR’s, I love how Pete runs it like spring games for college even at this level.

      • Nichansen01

        Nobody will question the picks spent on Lockett if he becomes an Antonio Brown caliber player, which I think he will become. I suspect that they waited to trade up in the third because New England was closely eyeing Frank Clark as well. You can’t deny that Clark immediatly improves this defense.

        • David

          and from what I’ve read, it seems that the Texans (who picked Jaelen Strong one spot after) had serious interest in Lockett, which explains why they traded so much right then to get him.

    • Cameron

      I don’t think there is a paradigm, let alone a paradigm to shift. Pete and John are nothing but naked opportunists. If the roster and quality of draft dictate drafting quantity, then that will be the route they pursue. If an opportunity comes to add an immediate impact, pro-bowl quality player at the cost of a late 1st round pick, that will be the route they pursue.

      This FO is nothing if not adaptive.

  49. Hawkfan77

    Does Steele always complain like this? Wow it seems like he had to make a reply to every comment complaining about Lockett, not getting tall WRs, telling people Hill won’t recover from his ACL tear, Frank Clark isn’t a good pass rusher. Sheesh…

    • CC

      I think it is hard to see guys that you like, end up on other teams. I wrote up above that when you are picking in the bottom of each round, it is hard to get the best talent. But I also think we need to remember that Seattle drafts for its’ system – and just because someone was a good college player, it doesn’t mean they will be successful in the NFL or fit the team they were drafted too.

      I like this draft better than last year – and think the veterans better bring it.

    • Phil

      Hawkfan77 — I think there are some folks (like Steele) who form such strong opinions about things (and draft picks) that they kind of close their eyes to any other points of view. In my experience, they usually pick up on the fact that their behavior doesn’t sit well with everyone and then they change. But, then again, some never do change …

      • John_s

        Everyone has the right to their own opinions. I respect Steele for having conviction in his thoughts. It’s nice to have differing opinions and have a nice discussion

        • Hawkfan77

          Who said they shouldn’t have their own opinions? I’m not talking about his opinion, I’m talking about his repetitive badgering

          • Jarhead

            Let’s be fair. There are also some (12) who are just as bad the other way. If you doubt a pick there is a page response saying why the pick is brilliant. Let people have their time. Not every fan has to like every pick. I know I was a bear about the Flynn signing and how much I hated it. It probably bothered some optimistic fans but hey as soon as we got RW, more people started to come aboard with pumping up Wilson instead arguing about Flynn. So let people vent and scroll down, it will all come out in the wash through training camp anyhow

            • Tien

              ^^ Exactly! It’s good to have passion & conviction as long as it doesn’t get personal, which doesn’t happen on this site.

            • Hawkfan77

              Trying to see what your comment has to do with anything I wrote…

              • Volume12

                Thanks for the shout-out Jarhead. LOL.

    • David M2

      Steel had a rough day. It’s all good. We love his passion!

  50. CA

    AWESOME job this year again, Rob. I think I speak for everyone when I say that having SDB after the Super Bowl made this off season far more bearable.

    As for this draft, I’m pleased with the positions they took. The fact of the matter is they can’t get everyone and to hope they draft all the guys that you like is an exercise in futility. They needed the dynamic playmaking WR/KR: check. Add competition and depth to the secondary: check check. They needed to bolster the depth at LEO and reinforce the pass rush: check, check. They needed to restock the OL with versatile, athletic, scheme fitting maulers: check check. Fill in the gaps in UDFA, sprinkle in a couple larger bodied receiving projects and you have a well rounded draft this year without spoiling our draft capitol at positions like RB that can wait for next year.

    And don’t forget the Chris Matthews bandwagon is filling up quick so get on it while you still can. He’s our big bodied #1 type. He knows the offense already. He’s made big plays in the biggest stages already. This passing attack is reloaded heading into the summer. Trust the system that rebuilt this franchise to where it’s at right now because sometimes the sexiest picks aren’t always the most practical, as goes with women.

    • CC

      I was happy to hear that Pete thinks CM is their tall receiver and that it is his job to lose! That he showed them something at the end of last year and in the SB, and that they were expecting him to step up and claim that spot.

      • Hawksince77

        I realize it was a fluke special teams play, but Chris Matthews made that play that resulted in Seattle playing in the SB in the first place.

        Right place, right time, making the right play. Something to be said about that as well…

  51. Hawksince77

    I find it interesting that some posters here rate their judgment above JS/PC. For me, despite any opinions I had prior to the draft, what the actual draft does is validate or repute those opinions.

    For example, I was mistaken about the WR position. I was certain that a minimum of 2 WRs would be drafted, more likely 3. What the actual draft told me was that the Seahawks are fine with their WRs. Period.

    We all thought the o-line needed to be addressed, and the draft tells us we were correct. Seattle added 3 offensive linemen to the team, appearing to fit exactly what they need.

    Many of us thought they would draft a tall WR. I was convinced they wouldn’t take a smurf. I was wrong, not PC/JS.

    Everyone thought they wanted to upgrade the kick/punt return game, and what the draft told us is, absofuckinglootly. They wanted the best returner in the draft and paid a high price to get him.

    Point is, what actually happens tells us what is actually the state of the team, not what we speculated beforehand. This is said not as a criticism of all of the great discussion prior to the draft (something we really enjoy) but only as a response to those critical of the actual picks, as if their judgment of the state of the team, and the quality of the prospects, was somehow superior to JS/PC’s.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think PC did a good job plugging holes this year. I wanted the offensive line fixed and he has plenty of players to do that. Fixed the return game, even found two UDFA running backs to try out. That’s pretty cool.

      So not to be argumentative but; PC is a great coach but he has had some missteps. The Harvin incident blew it for me. So it is okay for us fans to question draft players/strategies. PC does not know best, he’s taking a chance on players just like every other coach. It is more like taking an intelligent bet on players.

      • CC

        I agree with you, I don’t think we have to be sheep to support our team and be fans. They are not perfect, and will have misses and missteps. The Clark pick bothers me – and the explanation that the victim ended up corroborating Clark’s version of the story – as the basis of feeling good about the pick, rubs me the wrong way. But, I’m not going to let that overshadow the rest of the picks or the team.

        Pete thinks he can fix every player – and obviously he can’t (Harvin). And my cynical nature makes me think signing Nate Boyer is the move to counteract the Clark drafting.

        Pete said he expects Matthews to be the tall receiver going forward – which is why they didn’t need to draft one.

        • Hawksince77

          I failed to make my point clear.

          We can all argue about the future, and how a decision works out, and some of us will be right and PC/JS will be wrong. That’s the nature of predicting the future, and that’s what draft decisions ultimately do: predict how a prospect will develop (or not) in the NFL.

          My point is specifically about the draft, and the now, the present. What the actual draft tells us is how PC/JS actually view the current roster, and how they value the various prospects.

          It doesn’t tell us anything about how Lockett will actually do as a returner (if he wins the job); it only tells us that PC/JS really thought the team needed to upgrade that aspect of the team, and that Lockett was the best opportunity to do so (as opposed to Ty Montgomery, for instance). For those who thought that Montgomery would be considered the best option now know they were mistaken. (Again, this doesn’t mean that Montgomery won’t actually be better than Lockett, only that PC/JS believe it to be so.)

          I don’t know if this makes sense or not. But to fault PC/JS from not drafting a tall WR seems to be missing the point. They obviously don’t believe the team needs another one (presumably because they like Matthews and Graham).

          That’s how I view the draft. The day after, we know what JS/PC actually thought, as opposed to all of our speculation prior.

          To repeat: this doesn’t mean I think they are infallible, or that in a perfect world they couldn’t have done better, or that every pick will turn out like they want. Only that we now know more about how they assess their team, and how they ranked some of the prospects.

          • Matt

            Hawksfan- It makes sense, and I agree that the aftermath of the draft shows us how JS/PC view our roster, draft capitol and value prospects. That’s why I wish JS had been able to reveal the third player that they really wanted. Tampering charges? He said Clark and Lockett were 2 of the 3 players, and it was a bummer he couldn’t say who the third player was.

          • AlaskaHawk

            There is also a slim chance he will sign a veteran free agent wide receiver, and then there are the people who are cut or put on the practice squad that the Seahawks could evaluate. Player picks continues for awhile.

          • Phil

            Hawksince77 — I agree with what you clearly wrote, with one exception. IMHO, the fact that a tall WR was not selected may be more reflective of the caliber of the tall WRs who were available to choose from rather than PCJS thinking they did not need one. In other words, I think that PCJS believed that the tall WRs available at #63, or elsewhere within grasp of the Seahawks, did not offer the same value to the team as other players who were available.

      • Belgaron

        Sounds like you had a lot more patience through the trade for Charlie Whitehurst and signing of Matt Flynn which were their earlier mistakes.

        Team chemistry is a thing that many people mock and may have more to do with winning but the real mistake of Harvin might have coincided with the loss of some of the guys that really kept the clubhouse sane before he got there. Were they overconfident in the leadership maintaining the sanity? Or did they underestimate Harvin’s imbalance?

        • Hawksince77

          The Harvin debacle defies all logic. They had every reason to know better. And then to transform their offense around one guy that obviously could not be trusted. There is no justifying the decision that I can think of.

          Whitehurst and Flynn I understand better. They did everything possible to upgrade the position. They stretched and things didn’t work out so well.

          Although we need to recall that Flynn was signed with TJack the only QB on the roster. The year TJack was the starting QB was awfully rough on all of us.

    • Belgaron

      I agree that their actions help show the state of the team but there were some preferred actions that didn’t happen because a player they really wanted got away and their were probably some lesser upsets as well. So I’m also interested in learning more about what they wanted to do but had to go plan B.

      It seems like now with Washington and Atlanta looking for the same types of talent, Seattle will have to find some cutting edge areas to outmaneuver the competitors who know them.

      It helps that SF now seems content to grab guys that aren’t on Seahawks list.

  52. Trevor

    I really like 3 of the UDFA signings.

    Austin Hill- I hope they let him spend a year on the practice squad and training to get that knee and confidence 100%. If he can regain his pre ACL form he could turn into a #1 WR

    Tory Slater- Great character, high SPARQ and good length. Ideal DT developmental guy in the lines of McDaniel

    Thomas Rawlings- He was a beast in the MAC and a true workhorse that runs angry. I have no doubt he will impress in camp and be our #4 RB likely on the practice squad with a chance to play a much bigger role next year.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I was intrigued by the two UDFA running backs. I don’t know anything about them.

  53. Trevor

    One big surprise no one seems to be mentioning is that we never picked up a developmental Tackle.

    Perhaps we could still pick up La’el Collins if he is cleared or even Rob Crisp as he has not signed as far as I know.

    This is very telling and a strong indication they plan to resign Okung not Sweezy. Either that or they have tremendous confidence in Gilliam. Not sure which is the case. I know a starting LT is hard to find so I am sure they have a plan.

    • Belgaron

      I agree, unless they bring in Collins I was also wondering if they would bring in a LT and dev QB. It does appear that these are being treated as luxury needs and not imminent. They do seem prepped for the loss of Sweezy and Irvin.

    • John_s

      Bailey also played LT as well. I think if anything happens, they are comfortable with Bailey playing LT if/when Okung gets hurt

    • Rik

      I think there are two things at work that explain why we didn’t pick up a developmental LT. First, once we used 4 picks on Lockett, we only had enough picks to fill immediate needs. No leftovers for developmental players at any position. Second, next year’s draft appears to have many more good LT options than this year’s draft. We were lucky to have OL needs in a year that was so strong in interior OL. Plus Bailey did a really good job filling in for Okung last year.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Also Poole is reputation to be able to play any position.

        • Volume12

          Didn’t they add Idaho OT Jesse Davis? I think his SPARQ score was through the roof, if I remember right.

          • Old but Slow

            You remember right. His SPARQ was 118.3 which was a percentile of 85.6 and a z score of 1.1, which is way up there.

    • greens24

      Crisp signed with arizona

  54. Madmark

    I project Lockett at 63 for a couple of weeks so I know all about his upside. Strengths Good play speed. Has twitch at top of his routes and gets separation for quarterbacks to make open throws. His father was a standout wide receiver at Kansas State and played in the NFL. Intelligent player on field who has clearly learned from his father. Nuanced route runner with ability to sell. Will vary route speed and is proficient with double moves. Scouts say his personal character and football character are top-notch. Has a knack for making explosive plays as a receiver and return man. Steps up his game when matched up against top competition across from him. Likes to block.
    Bottom Line Highly competitive with a history of production at Kansas State. Utilizes great routes and suddenness out of his breaks to get consistent separation. Lockett is a film rat who can come in and compete for a slot receiver spot right away and should be an NFL punt returner.
    What I didn’t like was the price. They should have just took him at 63. Frank Clarks rap sheet could possible made him drop to 95. I mean 95, 112, 167, and 181 you could have grabbed 4 Pass rushers to come in and compete isn’t that what its all about in Seattle. We better be lucky this year and hope that OL can stay healthy because the depth is not there. The same can all so be said about the DL.
    We didn’t mortgage the farm for Lockett we did it for Clark. We could have taken Lockett at 63 and I would have felt better in taking these 4 guys.
    95 Grady Jarret
    112 Marcus Harrdison
    167 Michael Bennett
    181 Christian Covington
    Leterrius Walton
    or how about a Tyrus Thompson to groom for tackle
    If you run your camp with true competition to win a spot. You need to bring in that talent to compete and in this 1 spot they ignored their motto for 1 guy with a rap sheet. He’ll probably make the team because there isn’t really anyone for him to compete against and because of this I don’t like the Frank Clark pick. They should have grab Lockett at 63 and got Clark at 95 or if he was gone look at some of the others I mentioned. This is just how I feel. I’ve got my fingers crossed that no injuries happen during camp because the depth is looking pretty thin from what I see.

    • Rob Staton

      You wanted to take four interior defensive linemen?

      • Madmark

        I wouldn’t mind at least 3 DL, 1 and 3 tech plus a DE, 1 OT would have been nice if OKung doesn’t come back I like some competition there at the tackle spot with Gilliam having only 1 year left after this next one. The list was to show what guys we could have had for one Frank Clark. Hardison to replace a McDaniels, Jarret, Bennett, Covington, or Walton to replace a Mebane and Rubin. Look the drafts done and I accept it but that doesn’t mean it changes my thinking that they over spent on Clark. It doesn’t change my being a fan of the Seahawks but I have a right to question and feel the way I do. I felt the same way years ago when they was looking for a QB and got Mirer and McGuire. I hated those picks and just because it PC/JS doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything they do. PCJS have made mistakes but they at least cut the cord quickly when it apparent. that the guy isn’t working. They gave up a 4th for Lendale White who lasted 1 day in camp so they do make mistakes. I don’t think a team can have to much depth it’s a ruff sport with lots of injuries. Frank Clark fills a hole but putting so much capital to me does go against the team game philosophy that there trying to shove down RW throat for a smaller contract.

        • Belgaron

          A near 3rd round pick is not a lot of capital, especially when guys graded so low in the latter half of the first round. This was not a strong draft overall.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not saying you have to agree with what they do.

          Clark would not have been available in the late third round though. And for me none of the players you’ve listed (some of which clearly dropped due to injury concerns) have the potential to impact the team in the way Clark can. I’ve just put a new piece on the blog reviewing Clark’s play. Check it out — you might feel better about the deal afterwards.

    • Belgaron

      This approach would be quite a bit different that what has made them successful. They like guys like Clark because of the high ceiling. Time will tell, but Clark could really put some ferocity into their defense like we haven’t seen. He adds a dimension.

  55. HOUSE

    After watching a BS boxing match last night, going to bed frustrated and waking up this morning and watching tape on our draft picks, I feel REALLY good about this draft class.

    Clark: Rotational DL that applies pressure. Will be a tremendous asset in 3rd down plays when Bennett kicks inside.

    Lockett: Immediate upgrade to the return game. Great in/out of cuts, gets separation and an amazing route runner. He is very cerebral and I think he is going to become Wilson’s guy.

    Poole: Versatile OL that will compete for LG immediately. Has the ability to play some RT in a pinch and adding depth to a depleted line group was much needed.

    Glowinski: Versatile OL that will compete for LG immediately and possibly the replacement for Sweezy @ RG. Nasty player that loves to engage and plays to the whistle.

    Smith: Reminds me of Jeremy Lane and can compete to play NB immediately. Lane did play a few games outside as well and did ok. I think Smith has the same capability and his ceiling would be replacement for Cary Williams.

    Gwacham: His tape reminds me a lot of Benson Mayowa. Very raw, but a hardworking kid. Could eventually fill the void left by Schofield.

    Sokoli: Word is he is converting to C. It appears Lewis/LJP will fight to start and Sokoli could be added to the mix (depending on his growth)

    Murphy: I really like this pick. IMO, a hybrid of ET & Kam. Losing Jeron Johnson was actually a pretty big hit. He was a ST ace and was vital in 3-S sets. Murphy should contribute immediately

    I haven’t done enough research on the UDFAs yet, but being Active Duty military, I love the Boyer story and if he was somehow able to supplant C. Gresham, it’d be the ultimate feel-good story. I hear rave reviews about WR Hill and DE Slater and thats got me excited. I saw someone above talking about WR Apo and I’m not wow’d. His highlight reel reminds me of J. Kearse.

    • David M2

      I don’t think that Boyer would necessarily replace Gresham because Gresham just signed a 3 year extension, however he may make the practice squad and be an option for 2016 or 2017. Understood he’ll be 36 by then, but he hasn’t taken the abuse over the years and could still be in great shape and have a few years left in him.

      • HOUSE

        I know… I’m hoping no one yanks him off our PS

  56. Mylegacy


    I’m stoked. About the draft, about the picks, about the physical freaks and spectacular football talents we’ve lined up – Go Seahawks!

    BUT I’ve two main takeaways from this “Draft Season.”

    ONE – is Frank Clark. No matter that “she” started it, no matter that she threw a TV remote at him, no matter that she threw an alarm clock at him and no matter that while he was pulling her by her blouse (his account) that she bit him on the nose…no matter…

    I have this to say to Frank Clark. Being a man is not about being able to show you can respond with violence when a woman (whom you live with) throws a TV remote at you when she doesn’t get her way. Being a real man – not a boy – is being able to resolve the argument with words – if you can’t – then Man Up and just leave. Surely, Frank you were big and strong enough to be able to escape her wrath. Violence (other than when in immediate real danger) is at least inappropriate. When violence is targeted against a woman – in the circumstances Frank was in – it is totally, inexcusably, beyond the pale. Does a man deserve a second chance? Of course. Well Frank forgiving you this will be your third chance – you already used your second when you stole that laptop from a fellow students room at the University. This is my first and last comment on Frank Clark.

    TWO – Rob Staton. Rob you are simply spectacular. You should be hired by some major media outlet in Seattle and paid a bloody fortune. I still can’t get over your amazing Podcast. Your knowledge is near encyclopedic, your verbal skills and sharpness of mind and memory are other worldly. You are a prodigy – and we get the undiluted pleasure of reading your opinions and the reports of your investigations year round. I NEVER have a day pass, 365 days a year, without visiting your site, most days I visit multiple times. Thank you for your work, your gift and most of all – for sharing it with us guys in the cheap seats. Bravo Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      You have no idea how much it means to read those words. Thank you, sincerely, thank you.

      • Saxon

        I agree that Clark should have simply walked away, but you seem to be ignoring that alcohol was involved, he is still very young and, apparently, she wanted to watch The Kardashians, which in my house would be cause for justifiable homicide. Frankly, she got off light with just a scratched cheek…

        Of course, I’m kidding. Relax.

        However the whole hysteria over DV has me a little confused. Feminism has demanded sexual equality and essentially gotten it over the the last 30 years and yet expects women to be treated as the weaker sex in incidents like this. So, which is it? Are women equal to men or not? If so, how is this any different than if Clark got into an altercation with a man? After all, the military has women in front-line combat roles. There are female cops and boxers. I’m 6’2″ 200 and bench 350 but I’m pretty sure Serena Williams could beat the crap out of me. Why is this more of a thing than if Clark had punched a scrawny hipster dude? You can’t have it both ways, Feminists. Either you are equal or not. If you are then you can defend yourselves.

        I’m not advocating violence against anyone, male or female. But to suggest this type of violence is more severe than if two men were involved strikes me as very hypocritical, especially in this day and age. It even hints at some justification for a patriarchal society which I thought was anathema to feminists.

        Anyway, sorry for the cultural rant. I am very excited for Clark the player. His field awareness is sensational. He tips balls like JJ Watt, which is huge. Tips kill downs and lead to picks. Can’t wait to see him play.

        • Seahawks_Smash

          I think it has to with the nature of domestic violence being targeted towards a partner or family member, someone we are connected with more than a random person at a bar talking trash. If this story had been, “Frank Clark hits a guy at a bar after the guy threw a bottle at him,” it would have been received differently, I think, because of the random relationship Frank Clark and the bottle thrower shared. It is a good thing to have dialogues of this nature, however off topic they may be from the game of football itself, but I suppose they have to occur somewhere.

    • Seahawks_Smash

      You say that, “this is my first and last comment on Frank Clark.” That statement is probably inaccurate because at some point in time he will be brought up again, and I mean outside of this great platform that Rob Staton has provided the community of Seahawk fans. I respect your view because I also believe that resorting to violence is the epitome of failure in a civilized society. However, bundling together theft and violence as though they are equal and having that image representing another human being is a bit out of line. I am not saying Clark is the paragon of morality, but forgiving the transgressions of others is an ongoing task that lasts a lifetime; hopefully the fewer instances of requiring forgiveness in our lives the better. It is Frank Clark who will have to learn and grow from his mistakes, and make the most of this opportunity that has been granted to him. As a fan of the game of football, and more importantly a fellow person, I hope that he can show that he is reformed, humbled, and grateful that he has been awarded with the honor of playing a game to make a living. Hopefully he can prove himself worthy on and off the field. Thank you for honest insight. Go Hawks!

  57. AlaskaHawk

    Nate Boyer on tv. Happy to get an opportunity to compete. Giving plugs to his gym and rich?? Show. Served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Going to be humble and compete his butt off. I thought they just resigned their long snapper to 3 year contract?

  58. Matt

    One big tell that can be taken from this draft regarding the trade up for Lockett. JS/PC view the comp picks as a finite commodity making the normally allocated teams picks(1-7) expendable for the right player. 11 draft picks is ridiculous, especially for a loaded team like the Hawks. I was surprised at the amount given up for Lockett, yet loved the move! Giving up all those picks did not kick us out of rounds 4,5 and 6. It simply thinned a draft class that honestly doesn’t have very many active roster spots to compete for. Like Rob, and others, said quality over quantity. The resulting 8 picks were more than enough to fill needs and provide some luxury high upside types in Sokoli and Obum, plus the UDFA’s coming in. Can’t say enough about how happy and excited I am about this draft!

  59. yesh

    Thanks for all your hard work Rob! This was my go to website up to the draft, here’s an interesting video for the OSU Football Dunk Contest, last two dunkers are Obum and Murphy

    • Matt

      Whoa Obum’s free throw dunk is impressive! What an athlete!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the link

  60. Ukhawk

    Love the day 3 presser from JSPS. Gives lots of confidence in their choices

  61. Trevor

    Last year there were very few true competitions for roster spots. I think this year there will be a lot more battles for roster spots and that is a great thing. We have gotten spoiled with depth at all positions. Free Agency and the draft seem to have done a good job of replenishing that depth.

    The competition at WR and the 3,4 corner spots will be a lot of fun to watch and for the first time in years there should be great competition for starting OL spots.

    Everyone seems worried about the loss of Maxwell but I actually think Kerry Williams will be an upgrade. He is ideal for our system and it is a lot different playing corner for the Eagles than the LOB with Earl playing deep and Kam underneath.

    The LG spot should be an upgrade as well.

    My only concern on the roster is Center as it will take Sokoli a year to develop and I am not sold on Lewis. Would love if they could get Myers on a 1 yr vet deal.

    We are poised for another SB run IMO.

    • Volume12

      I agree about CB Cary Williams. Lets’s what Maxi can do in defense that doesn’t play Cover 3, no Sherm opposite hi , no Bam Bam or BWAGZ roving the ‘dark part of the field,’ and no RoadRunner aka ET behind him playing centerfielder.

      • Matt

        I don’t agree about Williams being an upgrade over Maxwell. Williams is a great fit and will look a lot better in the LOB than he did in Philly, but he’s not as good as Mad Max. The essential trade of Maxwell for Williams and a 2016 3rd round comp pick is a victory for JS/PC. Plus we save like $3 mil a year.

      • yesh

        Maxwell did plenty in the Eagles game last year to prove to me he is not just a product of the system, he’s not elite but you could do much worse as a #1. The jury is out on Cary but he does have the length and speed that Pete requires it’ll be up to Richard and the rest to figure out his competency, only time will tell.

  62. Phil

    The biggest question I have going forward is who is the heir apparent to Beastmode? Should we read anything into the results of this draft? Is the heir already on the roster? Will they pursue a RB in the next draft?

    I’m not sure that Lynch is going to play out his new contract.

  63. HOUSE


    You have done an amazing job.I stumbled upon this site a few years back. I have been on several other Seahawk fan/analysis sites and they can’t hold a candle to your indepth analysis and sense of community that is here. I respect the fact that you state your opinion/thoughts, allow others to elaborate and you don’t cram your beliefs down anyone’s gullet. The past few drafts have been awesome!!!

    Thank for everything!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Patrick — thank you so much for those words. It means a lot.

  64. Old but Slow

    It may have been pointed out already and I just missed it, but apparently Keenan Lambert SS (UDFA) is Kam Chancellor’s half brother.

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