Live blog: 2018 NFL draft (rounds 2 & 3)

I’ll be updating this piece with thoughts on every pick as they come in. Please don’t tip picks in the comments section before they’re announced.

Second round

#33 Cleveland Browns — Austin Corbett (T, Nevada)
Fantastic pick by the Browns and this clearly legitimises the suggestion Cleveland was looking to trade up to #18 to get a tackle. Corbett doesn’t have the incredible length but he and Isaiah Wynn were the best two left tackles in college football in 2017. Great value.

#34 New York Giants — Will Hernandez (G, UTEP)
The Giants signed Nate Solder in free agency, drafted Saquon Barkley at #2 and now added Will Hernandez. They are turning their offense into a scary force. People will quibble about what they’re doing but the Giants are going physical, tough and explosive. They’ll win games in 2018 with these moves.

#35 Cleveland Browns — Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia)
If the Seahawks had traded down from #18, collected #33 and #35 and then drafted Corbett and Chubb — a lot of people in this community would’ve been very happy. The Browns smashed it out of the park with their first two picks. Baker Mayfield, Austin Corbett and Nick Chubb are great picks for their offense.

#36 Indianapolis Colts — Darius Leonard (LB, South Carolina State)
At the Senior Bowl he looked fantastic. At the combine, not so much. He ran only a 4.70. However, he has 34.5 inch arms and he’s all attitude. Hits like a hammer. Given time he can be a nice addition.

#37 Indianapolis Colts — Braden Smith (G, Auburn)
The most explosive O-line tester we’ve had since starting TEF. Smith is a right guard with power and major athleticism. The Colts’ interior line now consists of Quenton Nelson, Ryan Kelly and Braden Smith. That trio has the potential to be the best in the league. Auburn set the tone up front with their running game.

#38 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Ronald Jones II (RB, USC)
The Buccs have already won the draft for me. Give them an A-Grade. They traded down, collected two valuable second round picks and still drafted Vita Vea. Now they get Ronald Jones II, the second coming of Jamaal Charles. Bravo, Buccs. Bravo.

#39 Chicago Bears — James Daniels (C, Iowa)
James Daniels is really athletic and he’s right up there with Frank Ragnow and Billy Price. The Bears are having a solid draft so far with Roquan Smith and Daniels. They added weapons in free agency and now they’re drafting some solid pieces.

#40 Denver Broncos — Courtland Sutton (WR, SMU)
This could help nudge along an Earl Thomas trade. The Cowboys were said to be targeting Sutton at #50. That pick is edging closer. It’s now or never for a trade. Sutton is a big target with exceptional agility. They need some weapons on offense.

#41 Tennessee Titans (via Oakland) — Harold Landry (DE, Boston College)
The Raiders traded down 16 picks to #57 so it’s a big jump up by the Titans. Harold Landry was one of the more overrated players in the draft for me. A one-dimensional speed-rusher who needs to win with initial quickness or it’s over. He had a rough day against Notre Dame’s O-line. He’s not a bad player he’s just not as good as many people projected coming into the draft.

#42 Miami Dolphins — Mike Gesicki (TE, Penn State)
He had an outstanding combine. He’s explosive and an enormous target. He doesn’t block. So you’re taking him to be a big slot receiver and red zone threat. He’s a long strider so his forty yard dash (4.54) doesn’t show up on tape.

#43 Detroit Lions (via New England) — Kerryon Johnson (RB, Auburn)
The Lions moved up from #51, jumping ahead of the Redskins. Jay Gruden went public about Washington’s desire to add a running back. Was it a wise move? Love this move by the Lions. Frank Ragnow and Kerryon Johnson is a great duo for the Lions. Johnson turned Auburn into a contender in the SEC. That’s five running backs off the board by pick #43. My prediction was 6-8 and that Derrius Guice would last beyond the names already taken.

#44 San Francisco 49ers (via Washington) — Dante Pettis (WR, Washington)
With Detroit jumping up and taking Kerryon Johnson, the Redskins trade down. Coincidence? Nope. Jay Gruden really shouldn’t have talked about their desire to draft a runner in round two. The Niners jumped up 15 spots to get to pick #44 and select Dante Pettis. Great return man, reliable target. This one won’t go down well with Huskies/Seahawks fans.

#45 Green Bay Packers — Josh Jackson (CB, Iowa)
The Packers took a corner with their first pick at #18 and now select a corner/safety hybrid. On top of that their first pick a year ago was Kevin King. That’s a lot of draft stock in the secondary. Jackson had a horrendous combine, having to re-start multiple drills. He only ran a 4.56 too. He did have big time production on the field last year.

#46 Kansas City Chiefs (via Cincinnati) — Breeland Speaks (DE, Ole Miss)
The Chiefs (without a first round pick) move up eight spots from #54. John Clayton said this morning they contacted Seattle about dealing for the #27 pick. That would’ve been a huge drop for the Seahawks, too far. Love this pick though. Speaks had a freaky 1.65 10-yard split at 283lbs. He works the EDGE like a much lighter pass rusher. If you watch his highlights you’d think he was a first rounder. The long-form tape shows some inconsistency. However, he’s an exciting talent worthy of going this early. He has length too (34 inch arms).

#47 Arizona Cardinals — Christian Kirk (WR, Texas A&M)
In our mock we had the Seahawks taking Christian Kirk at #50. He ends up in the NFC West but with the Cardinals. He’s a great special teamer and he takes the top off the offense. This is a weapon for Josh Rosen to grow with. Great character, great work ethic. There’s some Golden Tate to his game. He’ll be a weapon.

#48 Los Angeles Chargers — Uchenna Nwosu (LB, USC)
Going into the draft the feeling was LA needed some interior beef to defend the run. Instead they’ve taken an EDGE/LB hybrid and a box safety. Nwosu plays with intensity, he’s a leader and a great character. He’s undersized but they’ve taken defenders with this kind of profile in the past.

#49 Philadelphia Eagles (via Colts) — Dallas Goedert (TE, South Dakota State)
The Eagles trade up three spots to get ahead of the Cowboys. Originally they traded down from #32 to #52 (the Ravens took Lamar Jackson). This would’ve been Seattle’s second round pick (the one they traded for Sheldon Richardson). I like this pick for Philly. Firstly, they jump the Cowboys (potentially looking for a replacement for the retiring Jason Witten). Secondly, they lost a TE in free agency. They use their tight ends well. Athletic guy. Nice get for the Eagles.

#50 Dallas Cowboys — Connor Williams (G, Texas)
Is this officially the end of the saga? The Cowboys don’t trade for Earl Thomas. They spend their second round pick. Are the Cowboys trying to play off Seattle’s desperation and get them to give up Earl for a third rounder? Maybe. The Cowboys take Connor Williams here. Some teams were concerned about his make-up. His 2017 tape wasn’t great. The Cowboys love to take offensive linemen early. They don’t fill holes at receiver, tight end or safety though.

#51 Chicago Bears (via New England) — Anthony Miller (WR, Memphis)
The Patriots traded this pick for a later round selection and a 2019 second rounder. They clearly didn’t like the options on the board here. Anthony Miller was the top receiver in the draft in my opinion. Gritty, competitive, makes plays, elevated Memphis. Great pick.

#52 Indianapolis Colts — Kemoko Turay (DE, Rutgers)
There was a big belief that Kemoko Turay would go in round two and here he is. His potential is through the roof. He had some injury issues with his shoulder. He had a great Senior Bowl week.

#53 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — M.J. Stewart (CB, North Carolina)
Having praised Tampa Bay so much for their first two picks, this is a head scratcher. He lacks length, he isn’t fast and he isn’t big. They needed a corner but Isaiah Oliver is a far superior player.

#54 Cincinnati Bengals — Jessie Bates III (S, Wake Forest)
Really like Jessie Bates III’s potential. The Bengals needed a safety. In his redshirt freshman year he was a ball hawk and teams stayed away from him last season. Good character and he’ll continue to develop and improve at the next level. There’s some value taking Bates III this late in the second round.

#55 Carolina Panthers — Donte Jackson (CB, LSU)
There was always a belief the Panthers would target a corner and a receiver early. They took explosive D.J. Moore in the first round and add electric Donte Jackson here. Two big time athletes.

#56 New England Patriots (via Tampa Bay) — Duke Dawson (CB, Florida)
The Pats move up from #63 to jump ahead of the Oakland Raiders. This is such a Patriots move. Duke Dawson is very much a New England type defensive back. He’s a 4.46 runner with 31.5 inch arms. I thought both Dawson and M.J. Stewart would go later than this.

#57 Oakland Raiders — P.J. Hall (DT, Sam Houston State)
This is a big move. P.J. Hall had a sensational pro-day workout and was getting a lot of publicity in the media building up to the draft. He was a production machine in college. He’s a squatty, physical bundle of power and effort.

#58 Atlanta Falcons — Isaiah Oliver (CB, Colorado)
Isaiah Oliver finally leaves the board. The Falcons went for value with both their early picks. Calvin Ridley in round one, Oliver here. He’s a long press-corner. I thought he was the best corner in the draft. You’ve got to love Atlanta’s secondary.

#59 Washington Redskins — Derrius Guice (RB, LSU)
Derrius Guice probably owes an apology to Dan Hatman. The character concerns clearly were legit among NFL teams. At this point it’s a value pick for the Redskins. But he fell for reasons people were unwilling to accept throughout the draft process. Mike Mayock also stated on the NFL Network a potentially ’embarrassing’ issue that could come to light for Guice and the team that drafts him. There’s also this.

#60 Pittsburgh Steelers — James Washington (WR, Oklahoma State)
The Steelers always do a good job finding value at receiver. They do it time and time again. James Washington can get downfield and make big plays. He has a unique body shape. He’s shorter and squatty but he has really long arms and a nice catching radius. He can separate, he can take the top off a defense.

#61 Jacksonville Jaguars — D.J. Chark (WR, LSU)
The Jaguars took an inside/out rusher with their first pick and now take a receiver. They haven’t addressed their run defense up the middle or the way they defend deep passes downfield. Which is surprising. D.J. Chark is very quick and had a great Senior Bowl. But he was majorly inconsistent and occasionally very frustrating (see his game against Alabama, 2017).

#62 Minnesota Vikings — Brian O’Neill (T, Pittsburgh)
He’s a converted tight end and it shows in both his exciting athleticism and his quite ugly tape. He was bullied at the Senior Bowl, pushed around and beaten like a drum by multiple different EDGE rushers. He’s an upside pick who needs major work.

#63 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via New England) — Carlton Davis (CB, Auburn)
The Buccs knocked their first two picks out of the park. This is a really good pick too. Carlton Davis is long and looks like a Seahawks type cornerback. Getting him this late in round two is great value.

#64 Indianapolis Colts (via Cleveland) — Tyquan Lewis (DE, Ohio State)
The Colts move up a few spots from #67. I’ve been higher on Tyquan Lewis than most. He’s incredibly explosive. He’s tough, physical, all-business and will be a leader on defense. He can work inside/out and he was great at the Senior Bowl.

That concludes the second round. The Seahawks didn’t trade Earl Thomas for the #50 pick and didn’t find a way back into the second frame. However, there is still a ton of value on offer in round three at multiple positions, including tight end and D-line (two possible target areas). And for that reason — don’t rule out a Thomas trade just yet.

Third round

#65 Oakland Raiders — Brandon Parker (T, North Carolina A&T)
Some teams really liked Brandon Parker. Bob McGinn’s sources had some nice things to say about his major potential. He’s big, long and a prototypical looking tackle. They’ll try and develop him. Tom Cable gets two rookies to work with.

#66 New York Giants — Lorenzo Carter (LB, Georgia)
An underachiever with major talent, Lorenzo Carter has first round skills. He’s fast, explosive and showed against Notre Dame he can be a devastating SAM/LEO. The Giants needed a pass rusher and it’ll be interesting to see how they use him. Justin Houston (ex-Georgia) was a third round pick back in the day. Carter has the potential to be a steal too.

#67 Cleveland Browns (via Indianapolis) — Chad Thomas (DE, Miami)
It’s interesting that Chad Thomas came off the board before a number of other players. Some teams had concerns about whether football was his priority in life. He helped produce a song with Rick Ross and he plays a number of instruments. He’s talented but is he fully committed to being a great football player?

#68 Houston Texans — Justin Reid (S, Stanford)
This is Houston’s first pick in the draft and they get a player many believed could land in round one. He’s a 4.40 runner but doesn’t always show it on the field. He’s more of a box safety than a rangy free safety. He doesn’t hit like his brother but he closes just as well. He was worth a second round pick at least so this is good value.

#69 New York Giants — B.J. Hill (DT, NC State)
This is the pick New York collected for dealing Jason Pierre-Paul. And what a pick it is. Hill was the leader on the NC State defense. He’s big, nasty, tough, physical. He helps set the tone. He had a great 4.53 short shuttle (a key test at defensive tackle). The Giants are having a fantastic draft. Saquon Barkley and Will Hernandez on offense (playing to the strength of the first two rounds) then Lorenzo Carter and B.J. Hill in round three (playing to the day two value). Bravo, Dave Gettleman.

#70 San Francisco 49ers — Fred Warner (LB, BYU)
Speaking of the importance of the short shuttle, Fred Warner ran a 4.28. It’s an important test at linebacker too. Another player considered a leader. This is a high character, athletic, mobile, productive linebacker. Solid pick.

#71 Denver Broncos — Royce Freeman (RB, Oregon)
I thought Freeman would sneak into round two. The Broncos needed a running back. They added two ‘names’ on offense — Courtland Sutton and Royce Freeman. They need both to produce. Freeman is a big back who plays small/quick.

#72 New York Jets — Nathan Shepherd (DT, Fort Hays State)
I remember the first day of the Senior Bowl. Here was this small school guy, absolutely bossing the LOS. Then he hurt his hand and was unable to do any more in Mobile. Even so, he made an impression. Great pick here in round three for the Jets.

#73 Miami Dolphins — Jerome Baker (LB, Ohio State)
Very athletic and mobile linebacker. Does well in coverage but not a thumper and didn’t have enough splash plays in 2017. You kind of wanted to see more. He was an explosive tester at the combine.

#74 Washington Redskins (via San Francisco)– Geron Christian (T, Louisville)
The Redskins moved up here. There was a feeling he could sneak into the late first round. Nobody really thought he was going to declare. Long arms (35 inches) and big hands. Lots of potential to work with here. He’ll be a redshirt in 2018.

#75 Kansas City Chiefs (via Oakland) —
The Chiefs jumped ahead of the Seahawks. Were Seattle preparing to take Derrick Nnadi? They had him in for a meeting. He’s a tough interior defender with sneaky ability as a pass rusher. He could be Brandon Mebane.

#76 Pittsburgh Steelers (via Seattle) — Mason Rudolph (QB, Oklahoma State)
The Seahawks traded down three picks to #79 with the Steelers. They only got a seventh rounder in return (#220). It’ll be interesting to see if they were targeting Derrick Nnadi. Pittsburgh took James Washington a few picks ago and now go and get his former quarterback. It was time for the Steelers to start planning ahead. They jumped ahead of the Bengals.

#77 Cincinnati Bengals — Sam Hubbard (DE, Ohio State)
It’s a bit of a surprise Hubbard fell this far but he had a disappointing 2017 season and didn’t elevate his stock. He had a nice three-cone at the combine.

#78 Cincinnati Bengals — Malik Jefferson (LB, Texas)
A big time athlete and former SPARQ star. The Bengals fill another need and continue to draft solidly this year.

#79 Seattle Seahawks — Rasheem Green (DE, USC)
The Seahawks get their inside/out rusher. There was a feeling Rasheem Green could’ve been a top-10 pick next year had he opted not to declare. He had a great inside rush against Billy Price in USC’s Bowl game. The Seahawks needed to find another pass rusher and replace Michael Bennett. They do that here. Shortly before the pick was made I dropped my laptop on a hard floor and it’s broken. Great timing!

#80 Houston Texans — Martinas Rankin (T, Mississippi State)
I was never a big fan of Rankin’s. He might have to move inside to guard or center, yet Houston’s need is at tackle.

#81 Dallas Cowboys — Michael Gallup (WR, Colorado State)
The laptop is well and truly broken so I’m going to keep this brief from here on in. Hopefully Orlando airport has some good deals on Apple Macbook Pro’s. Gallup had a nice Senior Bowl but the Cowboys left it late to address their need at receiver.

#82 Detroit Lions — Tracy Walker (S, Louisiana Lafayette)
Not a player I spent much time watching but he was seen as a late riser and the Lions needed a safety.

#83 Baltimore Ravens — Orlando Brown (T, Oklahoma)
From Orlando airport to Orlando Brown. His father player for the Ravens. He had a terrible, historically bad combine. That dropped him from a potential first round pick to a third rounder. Eventually someone was going to take a shot on him.

#84 Los Angeles Chargers — Justin Jones (DT, NC State)
Really like this pick. The Chargers needed to do something to help their interior run defense. This is it. Justin Jones is so physical, intense and combined with B.J. Hill did a great job defending the run at NC State. He had a terrific Senior Bowl week.

#85 Carolina Panthers — Rashaan Gaulden (S, Tennessee)
He’s not the biggest or the fastest safety but he’s tenacious and flies around making plays.

#86 Baltimore Ravens — Mark Andrews (TE, Oklahoma)
The Ravens take a tight end in rounds one and three. Andrews was a bit overrated during the season. He ran the same handful of routes for Oklahoma. Another non-blocking TE. Not a physical mismatch in terms of size/speed.

#87 Oakland Raiders (via LA Rams) — Arden Key (DE, LSU)
A year ago people thought Arden Key was a possible top-10 pick. His 2017 as a year was a mess. He didn’t play well enough when he finally made it onto the field. He’s worth taking a shot on in the third round but can you trust him to make it happen?

#88 Green Bay Packers — Oren Burks (LB, Vanderbilt)
Like Fred Warner, a leader on defense and a very agile, quick linebacker. He was expected to go in this range so this is fair value.

#89 Los Angeles Rams (via Oakland) — Joe Noteboom (T, TCU)
This is LA’s first pick in the draft. Some teams really like Joe Noteboom’s potential. They might be able to redshirt him and develop him. There’s plenty to work with here.

#90 Atlanta Falcons — Deadrin Senat (DT, South Florida)
He’s battled a lot of adversity. I didn’t spend enough time on him to judge properly here but the Falcons needed to add to their D-line at some point.

#91 New Orleans Saints — Tre’Quan Smith (WR, UCF)
This is only New Orleans’ second pick this year. They spent their second rounder on Alvin Kamara a year ago. Smith has some major athletic potential.

#92 Pittsburgh Steelers — Chukwuma Okorafor (T, Western Michigan)
We’re seeing a lot of players with ‘potential’ coming off the board in round three. It’s a little bit of a surprise to see Tim Settle and one or two more ‘proven’ players still on the board. I watched a fair bit of Okorafor during the season and was underwhelmed.

#93 Jacksonville Jaguars — Ronnie Harrison (S, Alabama)
I’m not sure why Ronnie Harrison is still on the board. Todd McShay said on ESPN ‘you’re not drafting your best friend he can be a bit ebrasive’. Did he rub people up the wrong way? Either way it’s great value here. He’s not going to solve Jacksonville’s issue defending deep passes though. He’s a pure strong safety.

#94 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Alex Cappa (T, Humboldt State)
He gained a lot of admirers at the Senior Bowl. Mike Mayock raved about him. He’s edgy and plays with an attitude. Can he make the significant step up from Humboldt State to the NFL?

#95 San Francisco 49ers — Tarvarius Moore (S, Southern Miss)
He’s a really explosive player. He wasn’t invited to the combine. Some people thought he was one of the top safety’s in the class. There’s plenty to work with but he’ll need guidance.

#96 Buffalo Bills — Harrison Phillips (DT, Stanford)
I thought the Bills might do this in the late second round. Harrison Phillips is a lot like Kyle Williams and could be the heir apparent for the Bills legend.

#97 Arizona Cardinals — Mason Cole (C, Michigan)
He played left tackle as a freshman. He’ll be an interior guy at the next level. They are clearly trying to build pieces around Josh Rosen. Cole is decent. Nothing special.

#98 Houston Texans — Jordan Akins (TE, UCF)
Another UCF player leaves the board but it isn’t Shaquem Griffin. Another player with big potential. He can stretch the seam and make plays. It’ll be interesting to see him working with DeShaun Watson.

#99 Denver Broncos — Isaac Yiadom (CB, Boston College)
I liked what I saw from Isaac Yiadom. He’s a solid corner with Seahawks size. At the end of the third he’s worth a shot.

#100 Kansas City Chiefs — Dorian O’Daniel (LB, Clemson)
He was quietly a major impact player for Clemson last year. He’s a skull collector on special teams. He didn’t run a fast forty yard dash but he had an exceptional short shuttle.


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  2. Nick

    I have no clue what’s going to happen, but I will be stunned if PCJS only pick once.

    • vrtkolman

      Same here, it just feels like we are going to have 2 or 3 picks today.

      • Rob Staton

        That’ll all depend on the Earl situation.

    • Coleslaw

      There are only 9 draft clues so far.

  3. Ed

    Let’s hope the Hawks can make a trade to get Kirk or Hernandez and then get Griffin in the 3rd

    • Rob Staton

      Tight end a likely target too

      • Ground_Hawk

        If Gesicki doesn’t last to 76, then Ian Thomas would be a good get there, if they go the TE route.

        • Ground_Hawk

          Ian Thomas it is, maybe lol. Thanks again for this platform you have created Rob!

  4. Kenny Sloth

    I think we’ll go TE or DE today

  5. SheHawk

    Can’t we package up several late rounders for a 2nd — Or do you all think no team would take us up on that deal?

    • Coleslaw

      Do they want to? There’s gonna be value with those picks. The goal trading back was always to fill the gap between 18 and 120, they’ve done that.

  6. Morgan

    With two early picks in the 3rd, the 9ers will take Shaquem to keep up their “FU, Seattle” momentum.

  7. Aaron

    Man, I wish the Hawks had at least two picks today!

  8. SheHawk

    maybe but they will be getting Foster back and have other needs. It could be but I am hearing Buffalo likes him a LOT

  9. SheHawk

    Depends on if any team would reach up for him…… is a chump move to separate twins — some chumps in the league though.

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  10. Misfit74

    I’ll be out playing music with the band. Hold down the fort while I’m gone. DVR time.

    Go Hawks!

    Favs for Hawks remaining:
    Crosby, Hernandez, Jamarco Jones, Corbett, Daniels, Co. Williams, (Teller, Richardson)
    Sweat, Landry, Hurst, Shepherd, (Turay, Ojifor)
    Oliver, J. Jackson, H. Hill, (C. Davis, Yiadom, Kelly)
    Goedert, Gesicki

  11. Misfit74

    Corbett gone. Great pick by Browns

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        Have a good show or recording or jam sesh or whatever

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      Please don’t tip picks…PLEASE!!!

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        He was announced in NFLN before I posted that, but ok. My bad if somehow my TV is ahead

  12. JimQ

    They met with TE-Goedert twice, does that mean anything? He or Anthony Miller look like possibilities. An important need is an EDGE and I’d expect that will be one of their next 2 picks.
    But Who?
    EDGE-Kemoko Turay, Rutgers, 6-5/253, 33-3/8″ arms, 4.65/40 A potential Rd-4-ish pick? Turay’s family immigrated to the US from Guinea, a country in west Africa, when he was 3 years old.
    No testing for pSPARQ.. I’m not real sure that this is the right guy for the Seahawks, but maybe?

    EDGE-Ade Aruna, Tulane, 6-5/262 34″-arms 10-5/8″hands, 4.6/40, 18-reps, 38.5″-Vert, 128″-broad, 7.53/3-cone, 4.48/20-yd shuttle. pSPARQ=135, #4 among edge rushers. (with No respect in Mocks) Aruna came to the US from Nigeria and is really new to football. He is very much a developmental guy with significant potential. His combine #’s say he may be drafted in Rd-5/6/7. Aruna’s potential & backstory should be incentive enough to give this somewhat unique kid a chance, he’d be a great story right along with Griffin being added to the roster.

    Some – Other Edge guys:
    Lorenzo Carter, #1 among edge rushers with a 143.1 pSPARQ (Consistency a problem?)
    Josh Sweat, #2 among edge rushers with a 142.2 p (Injury concern ?’s)
    Tyquan Lewis, #3 among edge rushers with a 138.3 pSPARQ (Could be the EDGE guy Rd-4/5)
    Harold Landry is #5 among edge rushers (behind Aruna) with a 134.7 pSPARQ (A big Maybe?)
    Ogbonnia Okoronkw is #6 among edge rushers with a 133.8 p SPARQ. (Short, but quick = maybe?)
    Rasheem Green is #15 among edge rushers with a 123.9-pSPARQ (Could be if in Rd-3/4, maybe?)
    Personally, I’d prefer the EDGE pick for the Seahawks to be: Carter, Lewis or Green or Landry in Rd-2/3/4 or if that doesn’t go down – Then I think they will be all over Aruna in Rd-6/7, AFTER selecting Griffin, TE, WR & OL, et. al.

    • Kenny Sloth

      They seem to regularly take the rusher with the best 3cone I’ve heard.

      Turay and Okoronkwo would fit that bill.

      • Ground_Hawk

        Okoronkwo in Seattle would be great. He’s an “all ball” type of player.

  13. Ed

    This really makes it seem like that Browns deal was set for Miller.

    • vrtkolman

      Are they going to play Corbett at tackle? Their interior line is pretty much set already.

    • Coleslaw

      Had to have been, see NE and Cleveland trying to make guards into tackles? Cause McGlinchey and Miller were the only real tackles good enough to go early.

  14. Ed

    Giants are having a great draft. Run Barkley, run.

    • Coleslaw

      He can be my top fantasy pick, I’m down

      • Ed

        Yep. Run first team for sure now

        • Coleslaw

          Tip for anyone, Melvin Gordon is gonna have a great year behind that beast ass offensive line

          • Ed

            Talking Chargers now?

  15. Volume12

    Giants cleaned up these past two days. Adding Barkley and now Hernandez?

    • vrtkolman

      They are going to run and run some more.

  16. Cameron

    Good luck keeping up with this pace Rob!

  17. Misfit74

    Giants made a brilliant pick. LOVE Hernandez

    • Kenny Sloth

      Same. One of my favorites in a loong time.

      Gritty background

  18. SheHawk

    Its gonna be rough watching some of the SDB favorites come off the board and waiting for our pick — JS must hate it — Hawks are working hard to get in there if possible

  19. House

    Cleveland and the Giants great first three picks in round two

    • vrtkolman

      Cleveland definitely wanted Penny after seeing this pick.

  20. Volume12

    These picks are coming in fast and furious

  21. Matt

    Browns…just killing it. Gonna be one of the most fun teams to watch going forward.

    • Coleslaw

      Amen to that! If they load up on defense now…. watchout

  22. Ishmael

    Have to dig what the Browns have done early. Getting some tough dudes in there. Great pick for the Giants as well. Eli might be a wet noodle at quarterback, but man they’ve got some fun players around him.

  23. Volume12

    That’s the definition of a reach with Darius Leonard. Whoa!

    • vrtkolman

      Go home Colts, you are drunk

      • Morgan

        Maybe could have traded down some, but he’s fantastic.

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    At least it going quickly Its painful waiting

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  26. Coleslaw

    But holy shit Indy has Quenton Nelson and Braden Smith.. Luck is gonna be fine now

  27. Kenny Sloth

    Look at this run on OL

  28. Morgan

    Thought exercise – lets say we had CLE’s two early second rounders, and the Browns got Penny in rd1. Would you be happier with Penny, or Corbett\Hernandez + Chubb?

    • vrtkolman

      The latter.

    • icb12

      Hernadez + Chubb No doubt in my mind.

      Imagine: Brown, Hernadez, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi with Chubb running Power behind them…

    • Cameron

      Tough call, knowing Pete & John clearly had Penny as THEIR guy. As much as I want to maximize talent intake, I also want guys who are unquestioned fits, that the FO is enamored over.

      I also am more on the side of coaching will be the difference in the OL, rather than needing to spend more draft capital.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s hard to imagine any scenario in which a team wouldn’t improve with the Browns four picks!!!

  29. Coleslaw

    Ok guys I don’t care for picking an OL anymore I’ll stop banging the drum

  30. SheHawk

    We better hope Pocic hit the weight room and Solari can work his magic and Schotty play calling fixes a lot. Rob is right – have spent a lot of draft capital on OL so we need to give new coaches a chance to “de- cable” them

  31. Volume12

    Bucs killing it too

    • vrtkolman

      Great pick.

    • Morgan

      I live in Tampa. My FB feed has been insane since last night.

  32. Coleslaw

    Nice. I can still happily root for Rojo and Vita Vea in the NFL! I’m stoked for my 2nd love’s draft so far.

  33. drewdawg11

    The run on linemen is under way. Chubb and Jones off the board. That’s how high they would have gone lol. The people who had Chubb going around 50 were way off. And ANOTHER lineman in James Daniels to the bears.

  34. H

    Dang, bet youre pretty jealous of the Bucs so far Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Very, very, very jealous.

      This could be a defining draft for Tampa Bay.

      • drewdawg11

        They are still tied to Winston. They had better have a great team
        Around him to overcome him and still win big.

        • Rob Staton

          Hey, Nick Foles won a Super Bowl, Case Keenum and Blake Bortles need got there. They can win with Jameis.

        • Coleslaw

          ? Winston is still ahead of Russ in all of the “to start their career” records. He was banged up last year cause he had no running game and got preyed on week in and week out. This year is going to be way different Tampa ia playoff bound.

  35. Aaron

    C’mon Hawks…please get another pick or two today…this waiting is killing me…

  36. Coleslaw

    I just don’t see us moving up more than 20 picks TOPS, and that’s only if our guy is the guy we HAVE to have and someone else is gonna take him, if not we’re going to sit, too many needs to justify reaching/overspending for 1 hole and hurting another

  37. SoCal12

    The Penny pick makes a lot of sense now with all of the RBs coming off the board now.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Would have been slim Pickens if we were waiting for a running back at #40

      • SoCal12

        Another RB. We were right to pull the trigger 27.

  38. SheHawk

    my second favorite team is Texan ( not the owner ) but after our game – thought they were fun to watch- DesShawn, their fans were cool. Overall — good vibe — kinda wanted to find an AFC team to root for.

  39. Volume12

    Sitting here wondering when the run on the pass rushers will start

  40. Volume12

    Great pick! Love that one. Denver having a great draft too

    • icb12

      I thought they would go Rolls Royce Freeman there.

      But like Sutton for them

    • vrtkolman

      Does this mean Demariyus Thomas or Sanders is gone? Good pick I agree. And now Dallas is upset, their guy is gone.

      • Volume12

        Even better now that the ‘Boys are butt hurt

        • cha

          And now a TE just went off the board

  41. SheHawk

    maybe they will trade us 50 now as part of an Earl deal ( not that I dont love Earl) but …..

  42. Volume12

    Josh Sweat here maybe?

    • Volume12

      idiot. Does Vince Young know how to read?

      • vrtkolman

        Holy crap, I was just going to post this… he looked up at the camera after trying to say Harold like “am I doing this right?”

        • Volume12

          Took too many head shots I guess

      • cha

        “Honor” Landry?

      • icb12

        well. He clearly couldn’t read his bank statements

        How do you explain blowing 26 million in 7 years otherwise.

        • Volume12

          My god. Heavy shots

        • Ground_Hawk

          Caring loved ones

  43. vrtkolman

    Rob you are the man! Analysts and reddit are dumbfounded that Harold Landry and Derrius Guice haven’t been picked yet. Great call on them dropping.

    • Mac

      Haha ‘Honor Landry’

    • Lewis

      Was just thinking, “where did Chad Reuter have Guice at?”

  44. SheHawk

    Last year I watched on NFL network Now forced to watch ESPN cuz Im out of town watching on my phone Not bad coverage — except Mel ( OMG) that man

    • Volume12

      FOX has the same coverage as NFLN if you prefer them

  45. Coleslaw

    Harold (aw-rolled)

  46. Trevor

    Titans trade up for Landry then the Pats will take Turay I bet.

  47. Trevor

    Bucs are having a sick draft so far

  48. SheHawk

    Cool thanks — 🙂

  49. Volume12

    DolFANS? Mami? These dudes brains are mush

    • Trevor

      It is really sad. I would never let my kid play football.

      • Volume12

        Unless you enjoy watching your kids get in a car crash every time they step on the field

        • Ishmael

          I’m finding it harder to watch every year tbh

  50. vrtkolman

    Dolphins having a meh draft so far.

  51. Volume12

    Probably wrong here, but Detroit going for Guice or Conor Williams?

    • cha

      Shut. Up. Nate.

    • Volume12

      Wrong again. I’m striking out

      • vrtkolman

        No one wants Guice.

  52. vrtkolman

    Hey Nate, just get to the pick please.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Yeah but nice speech? LOL

  53. Trevor

    Lions focused on improving the run game. Ragnow and Johnson will help.

    • vrtkolman

      Their run game might have been worse than ours last year.

      • Trevor


  54. SheHawk

    The Patriots traded back sneaky BB accumulating picks – oh the hoodie is planning something…

    • Hawktalker#1

      That is supposed to be our game

    • Coleslaw

      Idk I see it as a failure for them they traded Jimmy G trying to get an early pick, maybe their target was Landry or someone else who got picked?

  55. Hawktalker#1

    If Dallas trades with Sea for ET, would it need to be announced only right before pick #50?


    • Cameron

      Maximum suspense and drama in Jerry-house.

    • Trevor

      Not happening

      • Hawktalker#1

        Come on now, let’s be positive!!

      • Greg Haugsven

        I dont think its happening either.

  56. SoCal12

    With Chubb, Michel, Jones, and Kerryon gone it looks like we were right in predicting where the RB cliff was going to come.

    • Trevor

      Yep they flew off the board.

  57. SheHawk

    Im am soooo happy for Pettis

    • vrtkolman

      Me too but… interesting pick by the 49ers. They already have a slot guy I thought.

      • SheHawk

        He is $$$$$ in return game

  58. Trevor

    Guice was pick for player who would fall the fartherest. I wonder if he even goes in Rd #2?

  59. Volume12

    I like that pick. 9ers are building themselves one hell of a roster

    • Trevor

      Yep Lynch has done a nice job so far.

    • icb12

      Did they think GB was going to take him to replace Jordy??

  60. Cameron

    NOOOOOO! Now I can’t root for Pettis anymore…

    • Donuts!


  61. Coleslaw

    Ok, one scenario I could see Seattle trading up is if Isaiah Oliver makes it to around 60

  62. Aaron

    Good luck in San Fran Pettis

  63. Coleslaw

    Earl to Dallas for Isaiah Oliver would be the ideal payout for shipping Earl early.

  64. SoCal12

    Buddah Baker on the Cards, Marcus Peters on the Rams, Dante Pettis on the 49ers.

    What’s with our rivals and stealing our Dawgs?

  65. vrtkolman

    Green Bay spends more draft resources on DB’s than we ever have on OL, lol.

  66. Trevor

    GB add two playing making CBs

    • vrtkolman

      They have been adding corners for years now, none of them have worked out. Let’s see if their new coaches can actually develop them.

      • Trevor

        With King, Alexander and Jackson they have 3 studs. They need Pete to coach them up.

        • vrtkolman

          They should have hired Kris Richard in the off season.

  67. Volume12

    Love what GB has done the past 2 years

  68. Hawktalker#1

    Would love to grab Oliver after he has dropped so far.

  69. Trevor

    Chief trade up for Oliver ?

  70. SheHawk

    We still love our dawgs no matter where they play:) Hawks have to up their game – Division is getting tougher Actually it will make us better == no room for penalty laden / beating ourselves.. Everyone is being held accountable and up for the challenge – PC can out coach most. Some of the stuff the Rams are letting into their locker room bound to cause problems sooner or later.

    • Hawktalker#1

      You draft some nice posts, like this one.

  71. Donuts!

    Do the Seahawks pick a WR just to make the Cowboys trade their pick?

    just kidding. probably.

  72. Hawktalker#1

    My lukewarm take. Oliver will only be taken after a trade up.

  73. Volume12

    Gonna get interesting in about 7 minutes or so

    • Hawktalker#1

      . . . Do tell

      • Volume12

        In regards to the whole ET/Dallas trade rumors. Nothing more, nothing less

        • Hawktalker#1

          Gotcha. Although I love a good mystery, just not during the draft. LOL

  74. Volume12

    Man this KC D-line is ridiculous

  75. Volume12

    Smart. Get Rosen a guy to grow with

  76. SheHawk

    damn the cardinals are having a good draft — they already have a D and a running back SHOOT

  77. vrtkolman

    Fantastic pick by the Cards.

  78. Ed

    Dang, Kirk would have been nice

  79. Coleslaw

    Great. Now cards have Rosen and Kirk… they’re back into it as much as SF now IMO. NFC West is insane.

    • Donuts!

      If Rosen is any good.

    • Morgan

      Remember when we drafted a QB in the first and subsequently wideouts to ‘help out’?

      Dan McGwire
      Doug Thomas
      David Daniels


  80. Coleslaw

    Might make it more likely Dallas devalues #50

  81. Volume12

    Meh on that pick

    • vrtkolman

      +1, not a fan

      • Hawktalker#1


    • icb12

      Gus gets some speed

  82. vrtkolman

    Eagles trade up right in front of Dallas, LOL! Love it.

    • Mac

      For a tight end!!!! Hahaha

  83. drewdawg11

    One pick away from the Dallas pick. It feels so weird that we haven’t heard anything yet, but maybe they really do want this to go down to the wire. I say keep him. Eff Jerry.

  84. Hawktalker#1

    Kirk a good story, playing back at home in AZ.

  85. vrtkolman

    Rofl Akers is laying it down

    • Hawktalker#1


    • vrtkolman

      LOL they took Goedert right in front of Dallas, that is amazing. Well done Philly.

      • Trevor

        Love it!

  86. drewdawg11

    Oh my god! I love David Akers!!?!

  87. Cameron

    That was a pro troll job! Well done Akers!

    • Morgan

      And a pro troll pick, taking a TE lol

  88. Coleslaw

    LOL perfect speech!!!!
    Oh and by the way, you’re not replacing Witten today

  89. Morgan

    Eagles kicker, KICKER! giving it to Dallas haha

  90. Volume12

    That was great. Just ethered Dallas. lmao

    • Volume12

      And Dallas wanted a TE with Witten gone?!? Yes!

  91. SheHawk

    so glad they stole Jerry’s tight end…

  92. hawkster

    that was insane – wow

  93. Hawktalker#1

    Come on come on come on

  94. Coleslaw

    This is when Jerry realized Earl is his best option and we get 50 plus 2019 2nd

  95. Hawktalker#1

    They don’t need the pick anymore, trade it

  96. Cameron

    Pick is in. ET will not be traded.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Thanks for that time delayed newsflash

      • Cameron

  97. Ed

    Nope. Earl is a Seahawk

  98. Trevor

    Love that Eagles took Goedart on the Cowboys.

  99. Volume12

    Ohhh!!! Dallas gets a steal anyways

    • Coleslaw

      That’s why you pick OL when you don’t “need” one. They’re back to the #1 O line by a long shot

  100. Aaron

    No Earl trade then…what are we gonna do with him then??? Just let him be upset this year and walk after it…sad sad sad!!! Sure hope I’m wrong and Earl balls out.

    • Donuts!

      sign him and have a great safety.

      • Aaron


        • Donuts!

          k never mind

    • Ed

      He will, it’s Earl. Maybe Dallas trades next years first for Thomas. I would do that too

      • Trevor

        I would take that because I don’t think Dallas is that good.

    • Trevor

      Let him play this year and then franchise tag him next year. Then he can walk to Cowboys when he is 31.

      • Hawktalker#1

        That’s what I’m thinking. Play him let him play great and then keep franchising him

    • Volume12

      That would be the most PC/JS move ever. Just let an All-Pro S walk for nothing? Sounds about right

    • Ishmael

      Sign him and enjoy his Hall of Fame career. Eric Weddle is 33 and still playing FS to an extremely high level.

    • Rob Staton

      Basically they’re going to do what they did with Sherman.

      Keep him one more year then lose him for nothing.

      • vrtkolman


      • Hawktalker#1

        Oh Rob, that sounds like a little bit of attitude coming from you buddy.

        • Hawktalker#1

          I’m feeling a little bit of disapproval.

          • Rob Staton

            No attitude. That’s what I think is going to happen.

        • peter

          i think the attitude is warranted after last years player/picks debacles.

      • hawkdawg

        Unless they have the space to tag him after next year, and he’s still at the top of his game…

        • SheHawk

          Safeties less expensive tags than CBs its possible

      • Cameron

        At the very least, Earl will be eligible for a comp pick. Better than the nothing for Sherman.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Tampa, Indy, and Cleveland are the other places I could see him traded to, so long as the, “PRICE IS RIGHT!” *P.R. theme song commences*

  101. Ishmael

    Good stuff, hate the Cowboys. Earl playing for them would have been awful.

    • Rob Staton

      Seattle made trade him for a third.

      • Ishmael

        That’s true. It would be pretty wild if he was considered as valuable as Martavis Bryant though

        • Hawktalker#1

          There is still the concept of, something is better than nothing. We’ll see how that concept plays out.

  102. Morgan

    I suppose it’s still a possibility every other NFC team implodes and we’re good by default, and we’ll be glad we have Earl, even if it’s just for the year.

  103. Matt

    Disaster. Keeping Earl is going to be a disaster. We are saddled with a bad 3rd contract or hoping for a comp pick in 2020. This is not good. I don’t believe for a second that he’s going to be quiet and a good teammate about this contract situation.

    Sorry for the sky is falling deal.

    • Hawktalker#1

      No no no. We are not saddled with any kind of contract. We can franchise Him if needed, but keeping him does not make it a foregone conclusion that will pay you big money on a third contract.

    • SoCal12

      To be honest I feel like fans are more upset AT Earl than Earl is actually upset. I see very little outside of speculation that suggests he’s this big locker problem that he’s being made out to be. Seems just like a weird guy to me.

      • Hawktalker#1


      • Ishmael

        This. He’s a super weird cat, lot of fans having a massive sook.

  104. peter

    seattles gonna have to get real creative tomorrow. theres still alot of interesting names out there.

    but man, have to stop trading picks even next with the empty second round.

  105. Volume12

    Make a strength stronger. At least Dallas knows who they are love them or hate ’em

    • peter

      a middle of the pack, no dog in the hunt team for almost a quarter century getting roasted by a kicker….

      jones kid may know who they are but jerry looked “lower than a cripple crickets ass” in that war room

      • Ishmael

        Beautiful stuff, will always enjoy watching him suffer

      • Ground_Hawk

        “Lower than a cripple crickets ass”! OMG dude! That’s hilarious

  106. SoCal12

    I suspected Earl was staying. The conditions just didn’t feel that right. We were asking for a lot and I don’t think Pete and John wanted draft picks that badly.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they were desperate for the picks.

      The problem is, Earl wants top tier money. And Dallas doesn’t want to give up high picks.

      • SoCal12

        I agree and sort of disagree. I think they were desperate up until they got the third rounder deal. PCJS to me have shown that they are very particular about the guys they want playing for them. When someone is valuable to them like Earl they don’t want to just give him up for more bodies for cheap.

  107. SheHawk

    Early ALWAYS balls out. The dude has pride and won’t let his play suffer. He is 100% all football just a strange dude. Maybe the changes we made in locker room will improve his attitude — even though his BFFs are not there — so long as KAM is around ( assistant coach ) its a good thing. Lets not kick ET3 to the curb so fast.

  108. vrtkolman

    Pretty deflating if we are only picking twice in the first three rounds.

  109. Volume12

    Great pick

  110. Coleslaw

    Great pick for Chicago. Outstanding pick.

  111. Ishmael

    Browns are having a great draft, lot of really solid picks

    • drewdawg11

      They took Mayfield first and then the corner at 4. I wouldn’t say that they’re having a great draft. It’s okay. They should have done so much better, I believe.

      • Ishmael

        Ha, sorry I meant to type the Bears!

        Although I actually think Mayfield was the right pick – him or Jackson. Ward at four was a bit much though, agreed.

      • Hawktalker#1

        I like them picking a QB that actually has some fire. Something they have been sadly lacking for a long time. Look out, add a little fire to all that talent they been collecting with high draft picks for years and that could be trouble before long.

  112. SheHawk

    Patriots keep trading back — SHOOT they are gonna turn the 2nd round pick they got for JimmyG into a TON of players. what a seahawk move They’re taking one from out playbook

    • DC

      The Patriots ARE the playbook

    • hawkster

      SEA playbook seems to be to trade top picks for established players, NE trades established players for draft picks.

  113. Trevor

    With Turay gone there are almost no Edge rush option left. Sweats knee has to be scaring teams.

    • Volume12

      Rasheem Green, Dorance Armstrong, Lorenzo Carter, De’Shawn Hand

      • Volume12

        Mo Hurst too

        • Trevor

          Forgot about Hurst!

  114. Coleslaw

    This has to be Oliver

    • WALL UP

      Whoever does will get a PB CB for many years.

      • Coleslaw

        Agree 100% he’s lockdown. Asomugha

        • WALL UP

          NE will probably pick him.

          • WALL UP

            Atlanta got a great pick!

  115. drewdawg11

    Carter is going to go soon, most likely. Again, Sweat should be a day 3 pick. The knee is still
    A problem. I feel like the Hawks will do what they do and reach with their next pick. Griffin seems like a foregone conclusion. I think if we left this day with only Griffin, I would say that would be a slight disappointment.

    • Volume12

      Would love Griffin

      • drewdawg11

        Me too, but not in the third.

        • DC

          Unconditional love for Griffin. I’d take him in the 3rd

  116. House

    TJ Douche-man-zadeh…

  117. DC

    The Earl Saga won’t be over until he’s traded, retires or signs elsewhere. If it’s not during the draft then it could be an injury driven trade leading up to or into next season. NE could score another coup for their #63 and one of their 2 R2 / 2 R3 2019 picks. At this point I’d like to turn the page.

    • Brandon

      I agree.
      The Jets held out before trading Sheldon Richardson, and received a pretty good return.
      Of course, we have a history of overpaying, so maybe that isn’t a good comp.?

  118. Ishmael

    😂That dude was an OT like three years ago. The combination of PEDs and grotesque amounts of food needed to keep that sort of weight on is wildly problematic and not talked about nearly enough. It’s completely unnatural.

  119. Hawktalker#1

    Isn’t it fun waiting so long in between picks? We should trade away our future pics more often!

    • Hawktalker#1

      Could be worse and would have been if we kept our 18 pick like many wanted.

    • Aaron

      At least we aren’t the Texans…sheesh they got nothing this year

  120. Saxon

    We better not trade Earl for a third. We’ll set a precedent and never get fair value in a trade again. Schneider needs to stick to his guns.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Multiple pics with an increasing amount of value could still be OK

    • JimQ

      A 3-Rd this year and a 2-nd next year should be close to the minimum they accept. IMO.

      • Lewis

        I was hoping for a 2 and 3 all along, so that’s not a whole lot worse (equivalent to 3/3)

    • peter

      does seattle get fair value now? honest question.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Agreed, fair question. Now we just need another team to give us a fair answer

  121. Hawktalker#1

    I liked some of his highlight tape, but he seemed a little hot and cold, on and off in game tape.

  122. Volume12

    A lot of CBs left.

    • Lewis

      And DTs

  123. Volume12

    Great idea tom put the draft in Dallas. We get non stop trolling

    • Lewis

      It’s like all these guys are lamenting that they didn’t have WWE careers.

  124. Natethegreat

    Why is Isaiah Oliver dropping? I would have been happy if we picked him at 27. I realize we don’t pick CB’s in the first but man I wish they would move up and nab him now.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Right? Would love that guy. Don’t get it.

      • Natethegreat

        And just as I say that he is gone. BLEHHHH

  125. Morgan

    Argh, PJ Hall. Another draft crush gone. Didn’t think he’d ever go here.

  126. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I really like what the Colts have been doing. Very solid draft so far.

  127. Kyle

    The board just hasn’t fallen the way the Hawks needed it to to get their extra picks. They didn’t fight the board and got the back they wanted , and did a great job not tipping anyone off on him. They didn’t dump Earl for a bad deal. . So this is a case of making lemonade from a series of lemons.

    However those lemons are pretty bitter right now. A lot of good players are coming off the board and it’s hard to watch. It’ll be hard to find gem after gem in rounds 4-7.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Lemonaid, not sure.

  128. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Guice has some major character thing hiding from view… thus his slide down the draft.

    • Lewis

      Schefter reported he told teams he plans to kneel.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        It is something way more significant than that

    • Volume12

      some team is gonna get great value.

    • Trevor

      Not hiding from view he lies about the questions teams asked him in the interview process to create drama and add attention to himself. Who needs that drama.

  129. Volume12

    Exactly DJ. About time

  130. Aaron

    Of course Dan Quinn picks Isaiah Oliver…of course

  131. Hawktalker#1

    Yep, Quinn is no idiot

    • WALL UP

      You got that Right!

  132. Coleslaw

    Trufant, Oliver and Neal is LOB South

  133. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Favorite quote from the podium

    “Cowboys have not won a SB since before these draft picks were born…”

  134. drewdawg11

    Atlanta got a good one… a Seahawk type corner… damn Dan Quinn.

  135. JimQ

    Vick “I never lost to Dallas”. Classic!!

  136. Trevor

    Falcons nail another draft! Two really good picks.

  137. Hawktalker#1

    Reid gotta go soon

  138. Volume12

    YES SIR!

    • Volume12

      Nice looking offense in DC.

      QB- Alex Smith
      HB- Guice, Perine, Thompson
      WR- PRich, Doctson, Crowder
      TE- Reed (if healthy)

    • Trevor

      Vol that is actually a good spot for your guy Guice he should be the lead RB from day #1

      • Volume12

        Agreed. If Jon Allen and Montae Nicholson stay healthy on D, that could be a sleeper team in DC

  139. drewdawg11

    Rob said all along that Guice had some lingering concerns about character. Falls all the way to Washington. I’m glad he’s not our problem.

  140. Hawktalker#1


  141. Ishmael

    Not my favourite player, but I haven’t enjoyed the way Guice has been slandered by all the brave anonymous scouts all off season. Hope he has a good career.

    • Rob Staton


      He fell to pick #59.

      They were right.

      • Ishmael

        Yeah. I think anonymous pot shots at his character – or anyone’s for that matter – is cowardly. 59 feels about right for his value as a player to me.

        • Rob Staton

          They aren’t anonymous pot shots.

          Guys were reporting, accurately, that teams had concerns about Guice.

          And they were proven to be 100% right.

          People need to stop being so precious and defensive with Guice. He fell for a reason.

  142. Aaron

    Why do people compare Guice to Beast Mode. He’s Thomas Rawls’s clone

    • Hawktalker#1


  143. Coleslaw

    Who’s even around at 76? Do we just trade back and grab Griffin?

  144. Volume12

    Oh man. I loved Rod Woodson growing up

    • Trevor

      He was awesome! Easly was my first love then Woodson!

      • drewdawg11

        The man tore his ACL in the opener while trying to tackle Barry Sanders and he cane back that season to play in the super bowl. He was a specimen.

  145. Volume12

    Great scheme fit for Washington

    • Volume12

      * James

  146. Hawktalker#1

    Nice QB options still left

  147. Coleslaw

    Wow Steelers WRs are good. AB, Juju, and Washington.. how many teams can matchup? 1?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      That is the point, to out score the opponents. And you didn’t even mention their RB.. who is “ok” 😉

      • BradCanuck

        RB = serviceable.

    • Hawktalker#1


    • peter

      jax for starters. too bad that defense is a sieve.

      • BradCanuck

        Once Jax improves that DL and secondary they can make some noise.

  148. Volume12

    2 VMAC visitors at safety left in Justin Reid and Ronnie Harrison

    • Volume12

      And 4 D-lineman they’ve showed interest in. Green, Armstrong, Hurst, and Sweat. Last and not least, Shaquem Griffin as well

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Griffin and Hurst are ones to watch.. a bit surprised Hurst still available.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I guess Sweat would also be a guy to monitor, but I think he is going early 3rd

        • Volume12

          Harrison too. Pete loves his ‘Bama guys

      • Volume12

        Add Nnadi. Lorenzo Carter is still out there too

    • SheHawk

      i’ve lost track when is the Seahawks next pick — anything tonight?

      • Volume12


  149. Volume12

    Jacksonville might be having the best low key draft outta anyone

  150. BradCanuck

    At pick 63 I can’t imagine the Seahawks trading Earl unless we get a two this year, and a future 2.

  151. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Is it me or are the Browns actually picking better prospects the farther into the draft they get?

  152. Volume12

    Trev’s guy at WR Equanimous St Brown. Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado St I thought was the best blocking wideout in the draft. W. Michigan OL Chukwuma Okorafor is a sleeper man

    • Volume12

      Hubbard out there too

      • Coleslaw

        Now that really surprises me.

  153. Coleslaw

    Had a feeling Tampa was gonna go CB CB with their 2 2s but before they traded down. They’re absolutely killing it.

  154. Volume12

    Who was pick 62?

    • Coleslaw

      Brian O’Neill

      • Volume12


  155. Trevor

    Tampa Bay are having the best draft I have seen a team have in a while.

    Three elite players IMO.
    Carlton Davis

    A+ draft IMO

    • Coleslaw

      Real nice team fits too. Every pick so far has been A+ aside from that first corner but I only say that cause idk who tf he is!

  156. Thy Hawk is Howling

    For those of you who thought Dante wasn’t Fracking Amazing, #44 ain’t too shabby aye?

    Now that I’ve Cried and Died.
    I have been reborn to American Football and the Prophecy will be Fullfild!

    Trade #76 for #90 and what you can get.

    Just looked up who has #90. It’s Fracking Atlanta!

    Dan Quin is a part of The Prophecy!

    This would make me so Happy because the Love of a Brother is such a Beautiful part of Life!

    I want that so Bad!

    I’m Happy for those of you that Have it!

    Go Loving Thy Brother!

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      This was my Last Post

      I say Heart Felt Words and I am sincerely Always Real.

      I was hoping to find a Seahawks Fan Like me.
      I don’t even know why I’m Fucking Writing this?
      I found this Blog the Night of the Interception
      I was in such a Bad place. I had insane Insomnia where I could only sleep for 3 hours at a Time for around 2 God Damn year’s. I spent the rest of my time wanting to Die while Drinking Beer.
      I found out now that a Benzo namely Xannax would most likely of helped me sleep and find Peace.

      Since I was an Alcoholic and I have enjoyed many a High!
      They would only give me Seroquel.
      I wasn’t wanting to get High , I just needed to sleep. Most of you have no Idea how it determinates your body and mind.

      I Lived in a World of Constant Despair.

      I have been reborn as a Person and I am so very Thankful that I can Sleep! I’m so much more appreciative of Life and Love!

      I’m feeling Alive and Happy finally since around six years.

      This Blog isn’t the one I should be spending my Energy on. I was just reaching out for someone who felt like me.

      So for those of you I bother, your wish has been bestowed.
      I’m going to focus my energy on My Music!

      Kenny Duck – you’ll always be my Brother and it showed me the kind of Man and person you are for supporting me on a Damn Seahawks Blog.
      You’re going to be just fine Laddie (Kido)!

      Vol. – We share the same Passion for Seahawks and I understood your Pain and how much you Loved(Still Love) your Mother.
      I see Mrs.12 every night when I See up unto the Cosmos.

      Old But Slow – We’re Both From Wenatchee ( Wet Snatchee) you’re automatically Radical! “Apple Blossom” !

      C-Dog – You’re one of my Favourite Fanatics on here. We both live in Seattle and I Still want to toss The (Hogskin) around with some of Y’all!

      Trevor – You’re one of my Favourites as well and you are Hardcore
      For a Canadian, just jesting I don’t even think sincerely down on people.
      It’s just part of Societies Humor. Thanks for being appreciate of my Thoughts for the tragedy in Toronto. I’ve been well maybe not ignored but let’s say it means alot to me when people appreciate me for Caring.
      For that is the kind of person I want to be!

      Hawk Eye – Do you Live in an Igloo or a Double wide in a trailer by chance? I my fececious humour get’s mistaken for being rude so much it really sucks. You’re a smart guy (well you’ve read 2,000 books) and You figured me out. I read your response to my Comment about you and it means so much to me! You’re the person I’d want to have a couple Pints with thy Most, Along with you Kenny Duck!

      I appreciate the other conversation with people I have had especially you DCD2! You and my Brother Kyle would probably be good Mates!

      I’d really Love to chat with anyone who is reading this and would like to become M8’s (Mates) that’s how Robbie says Friend’s!

      To End – Robbie Staton – You’re Fucking, oops Fracking Brilliant! ( That’s How he says Awesome) ! Cheers for Being a Hawk!

      I’m always down to have a Laugh and I’m here if any of you just need someone to talk to who Wilson listen.

      Go Hawks!

  157. Lewis

    Wondering what sort of grade they have on Reid. Getting close enough to move if they want

  158. Volume12

    My guess? Seattle knew the run on D-lineman would start here soon in the 3rd

    • Volume12

      Another guy I just thought of. Texas LB/EDGE Malik Jefferson

      • Volume12

        Holton Hill as well

  159. Trevor

    Really sucked not having a Rd #2 pick but still lots of talent on the board. Day #3 will be fun.

    Will see some of the developmental QBs come off the board in Rd 3?

  160. SheHawk

    pick Griffin at 62

    • SheHawk

      oops typc 72 — what pick did we use on Shaquill? would be cool if it was the same #

      • Coleslaw

        90 was Quill

      • Hawktalker#1

        I want him as much or more than anyone, but that just seems too early.

  161. CharlieTheUnicorn


    • Coleslaw

      Ruining the Raiders since 2007

      • Trevor


  162. Volume12

    Like that pick a lot.

  163. Coleslaw

    Carter was underrated all draft season, now he’s the best LB on his team and he’s been there 60 seconds.

  164. Trevor

    Bucs and Giants killing this draft. Hitting on elite talent in positions where they have major needs.

  165. SheHawk

    ooooooo texans – nice

  166. Coach

    Is 76 too early to draft Griffin? Could we use him like we did Bruce Irvin? Just bring him off the edge with speed on 3rd down?

    Go Hawks!

    • Hawktalker#1

      Unfortunately, I think so

  167. Volume12

    Houston has 1 pick in the first 3 rounds and absolutely nails it

  168. Coleslaw

    Were gonna draft Shaq, its gonna be a “reach” and we’ll get an F grade for the draft, in 3 years it will be considered an amazing haul, just like all of our successful drafts. They were full of “reaches”

    • Hawktalker#1

      If we can’t trade down and get him at a better value, it’s going to be a challenging decision.

  169. CharlieTheUnicorn

    GIANTS….. another solid pick

  170. drewdawg11

    My nightmare is coming true. Carter, B.J. Hill off the board. Reid as well. Never trade a pick for a rental again!

    • Trevor

      Those 3 going in front of us really sucked.

  171. SheHawk

    OK we’re getting close – if we trade back I will scream

    • Coleslaw

      I hope we do honestly.

  172. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Top 3 teams drafts so far in 2018

    Tampa Bay

  173. Trevor

    Wow the Giants are nailing pick after pick. Two impact starters on offense and now two on defense.

    • Rob Staton

      Giants & Buccs killing it so far.

      • HawksGal

        Buccs nailing the draft.

  174. Volume12

    All these VMAC visitors still left. Do they trade back?

    • Hawktalker#1


      • Volume12

        Could do a small trade back and pick up a 4th along with 2 3rds

    • Volume12

      I’m thinking the board is going their way

  175. Coleslaw

    Robs top 2,3 and 4 inside/out pass rushers are all available. Sam Hubbard, Rasheem Green and Andrew Brown.

    • Trevor

      Green would look good in this spot. I wonder if they take a flier on Sweat?

  176. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Denver take QB Rudolph here?

  177. SheHawk

    Niner grab a line backer – dont see them taking griffin now Who else do we need to get past ?

  178. Ishmael

    Time to trade down, value isn’t there

    • BradCanuck


  179. Hawktalker#1

    Ok, Already then

  180. Tecmo Bowl

    Ian Thomas is going to be there, if nobody trades in front of us. We should draft him!

  181. Volume12

    Hell yeah! Love that fit for Denver

  182. Coach

    Is DE Green USC a level above all the other pass rushers left? Would he play right away?

    • Volume12

      I love him. Bit of a project though, but sky high potential

    • Coleslaw

      He’s as good as Marcus Smith and Dion Jordan probably so yeah I’d say hed see the field

      • Volume12

        Hes got as potential as any D-lineman in this draft. Had he stayed 1 more year we’re talking top 25

        • Coleslaw

          Yup. I think we have top of the league DL coaching I’m confident they’d get himready to play come September

      • Coach

        Is he better than Ejiofor? Who’s the best rusher left and is there a cliff?

        • Coleslaw

          Ejiofor is a guy I could see them loving. Scout the career not last year and yeah I think Dukes better right now

  183. Volume12

    HAHA! They cut it off

  184. BradCanuck

    Jets drafted a Canadian – nice!

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Aboot Now, The Funk Soul Brother’s
      Check it Oout Now,
      The Funk Soul Brothers!

  185. Trevor

    There goes my guy Sheppard to the Jets. I think he is going to be a beast!

  186. drewdawg11

    I am not in love with Thomas. I would be ok with waiting to take a TE. We need a lot of things, though. What’s left in the WR cupboard now?

    • peter

      time to start looking into the fifth round……trequan smith?….i still like carrington as a 6th through udfa

  187. Volume12


    • Volume12

      Small trade back to 79

  188. CharlieTheUnicorn

    76 to 79 TRADE

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Prob got a free 5th round pick

  189. drewdawg11

    We traded down to 79!

  190. House

    Traded down to 79…

  191. Rik

    Hawks just traded down.

  192. Cameron

    And there’s that trade down. Gets us the 10th draft pick presumably.

  193. Grant

    Give me Shaquem or give me…well, not death, but like…indigestion.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      **A BEER!

      • Grant

        I’ve got that covered, either way! Reuben’s summer IPA!

        • Grant

          it’s not drinking alone if you’re WITH your buddies from Seahawks Draft Blog

        • purpleneer

          Love Reuben’s. My brother actually still does the paperwork for the shop next door.

  194. Coach

    I was going to ask about Cain or Gallup at WR? Seems like we could wait on WR. I say front 7 – Griffin or Green!

    • Volume12

      I agree on Green and Griffin but theres a ton of talent left. A LOT

  195. hawkster

    so they get another 6th?

  196. Volume12

    Another trade?

  197. SheHawk

    Did we trade out pick to pittsburg? why are they showing up at 76?

    • Mark Souza

      Yeah saw that to, anyone have the skinny?

    • Volume12


    • House

      Traded down to 79. I believe we got PIT’s 6th

      • Kenny Sloth

        That’s ten

        • House

          *7th rd pick (#220)

      • Volume12

        HAHA for a 7th

  198. Volume12

    God that KC D-line is scary good

    • House

      Yup… There are going to be a lot of terrorizing DLs

  199. House

    Chiefs took Nnadi… dammit

  200. drewdawg11

    It was a 7th…

  201. Hawktalker#1

    Mo still there wow

    • peter

      heart problems

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      At least 15 teams have taken him off their board due to heart issue.. according to telecast

  202. CharlieTheUnicorn

    bah, 7th round pick

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      this is the kicker pick

    • House

      We’ll grab a FB or something… lol

      • peter

        good seattle needs one

        • BradCanuck

          3 drops for 7 is good.

          • Lewis

            That’s a pick they can use on someone that would have been a priority udfa

  203. peter

    some of these late picks need to start panning out or all these trades are pointless…..please dudes open competition for nearly everything

  204. drewdawg11

    Looks like we are taking a kicker or Punter lol

  205. Coleslaw

    We got 220, probably gonna use it to grab a QB

  206. HENRY

    Even Mark Cuban says this is too much Tankin

  207. Hawktalker#1

    By nature . . .

  208. Hawktalker#1

    YES!!!! Trade

  209. BradCanuck

    I knew Seahawks traded when they didn’t go to commercial.

  210. Hawktalker#1

    Sweet!!! What did they get?

    • House

      #220 to moving down 3 picks

  211. Volume12

    This board had to fall exactly how they wanted it

    • Volume12

      Here comes the run of EDGES/pass rushers IMO

      • Coleslaw

        Cincy should take one, Geno isn’t getting any younger

      • House


  212. House

    James Washington & Mason Rudolph getting to stay together… nice move PIT

    • Ishmael

      More teams should do that – especially with QBs

      • peter

        wynn michel…..grady jarret vic beasley….teams should do this with tons of combos…..thats just me

        • Ishmael

          Great point. No surprise to see the teams that are doing it already.

  213. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Rudolph to Steelers.. nice fit

  214. drewdawg11

    Gotta think they will take Griffin next, or Green perhaps.

    • Volume12

      Wouldn’t hate Okorafor either

  215. Hawktalker#1

    They get a 7 the rounder?

  216. Mark Souza

    What’s going on with Mort? He looks gaunt and can hardly finish a thought. Is he sick?

    • BradCanuck

      Had cancer.

  217. peter


    • HawksGal


  218. peter

    not gonna hate ian thomas or fumagalli here

  219. BradCanuck

    Hurst/Sweat/Oronkwo ?

  220. Donuts!

    Anybody better than Shaquem Griffin on the board?

  221. Mark Souza

    Maurice Hurst?

  222. drewdawg11

    Guest would be a total bengals pick. Wasn’t Atkins a third rounder?

  223. Hawktalker#1

    Go MO

    • Hawktalker#1

      If you can’t trade down again

  224. Mark Souza

    Tim Settle?

    • Coleslaw


    • peter

      please let it be theres the inside pressure

    • Volume12

      would be a good one

  225. drewdawg11

    Hurst* they took another Buckeye anyway.

  226. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Malik Jefferson… gone


  227. olsonc

    Rasheem Green DE

    • House


  228. House


    • Mark Souza

      Yup. Hope he plays better than the video ESPN just showed. He didn’t look very sudden or quick.

  229. Ishmael


  230. Volume12


    That’s my guy

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hell yeah!!

      • Mark Souza

        He looks really slow and unpolished.

        • Volume12

          He is unpolished and his balance can be off but hes a raw ball of clay

  231. House

    HELL YEAH!!!

  232. drewdawg11

    It was green.

  233. Hawktalker#1

    Nice!! I’m good with this

  234. peter

    awesome get!!!

  235. Ishmael

    Green. Splashy dude, inside out. Don’t mind it, sort of guy we needed with Bennett gone. He’s super young as well isn’t he?

    • Volume12

      20 and his body is still growing

    • C-Dog

      20 years young. Fabulous pick.

      • Ishmael

        Just a kid.

        Glad we didn’t panic and grab Griffin to be honest. Badly needed more line help and we got it.

  236. Volume12

    Scary good how good he can be.

    Thought when JS went to USC to scout it was for him.

  237. Forty20

    The Green Machine! Love the pick!

  238. C-Dog


    Seahawks get a flipping steal. Excellent pick.

    • Volume12

      How much did we talk about him? His ears mustve been burning

      • C-Dog

        I’ve thought for the last two years that dude was a Seahawk kinda DLiner, every flipping time I watched him.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Some dreams stay dreams, some dreams come true. I love the Green pick!

  239. Cameron

    I like the pick, now extremely nervous Griffin will be gone by 120.

    • Saxon

      He’ll be there.

    • Coleslaw

      Can always trade up.

      • D-OZ

        Won’t have to…

  240. Trevor

    Nice pick for the Hawks! Young guy with a ton of upside. Our new Mike Bennett.

  241. drewdawg11

    Only 20 years old.

  242. Saxon

    Will be interesting to compare Green’s career with Sam Hubbard’s. But I love that we took DE.

  243. Morgan

    I’m cool with Green. Lots of upside, lots of potential.

  244. DC

    YESSIR! Thank you

    Now trade just make sure to get Griffin

  245. House

    Rashaad, Rasheem, Shaquem… LET”S GO!!!

    • Saxon


  246. Trudy Beekman

    Thank God. Like him a lot to fill the Bennett role and great value for a guy that I thought had an outside shot to crack Rd 1 w/ lack to top-end DE talent.

  247. peter

    12.5 tfls 10 sacks. cant legally drink until next month! thats a steal

    • BradCanuck

      Imagine doing anything with sobriety – could be amazing! 🙂

      • peter

        ha nice!

  248. BradCanuck

    Niners draft bloggers wanted him – 20 years old!

    Think 2019/20/21 when we have cap and growth after this ‘retooling’.

  249. Coleslaw

    Dallas got a steal, a guy who I thought was a smaller Dez Bryant.

    • HawksGal

      +1 excellent replacement for Dez!

  250. Trevor

    Vol I know you were banging the drum for Green you must be loving that pick. I have to say he seems like a great pick with so much upside.

    • Volume12

      OMG my man I’m shaking I’m so excited. His burst is incredible

      • FresnoHawks

        Great pick Vol!

    • Volume12

      Did not think he’d last into the middle of round 2 let alone round 3

      • DC

        He’s only the 3rd guy I’ve ever mocked correctly to Seattle except I had him in R2. All 3 were DL. Irvin in R2 and Clark in R2. Green can be a devastating disruptor. Love the pick. 10 sacks last year. Preaching to the choir. Stoked!

      • Trevor

        I am shocked a 20yr old with his talent lasted that long. If he had gone back to USC he was a 1st round lock next year.

        A+ pick

  251. Donuts!

    Oh no! Somebody make a gofundme for Rob’s laptop.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I’m in

    • Troy

      in for $10

  252. brett

    Love Green. Huge upside.

  253. Hawktalker#1

    Our next is #120 right?

    • House


  254. Volume12

    Ton of DB talent still left. Hope that lasts into tomorrow. One of them or Griffin

    • Dave

      Are you thinking Hilton Hill in the 5th?

  255. FresnoHawk

    Green thumbs up can’t believe we got him

  256. Cameron

    All I want for the rest of the draft is to walk away with Griffin and Meeks.

    • House

      I’d love BOTH of those picks

  257. HawksGal

    Love the pick! Woop, my buddy and I have a contest on draft day, I’ve landed my first pick. Great work Hawks… 🙂

  258. Volume12

    Who took Martinas Rankin at 80?

    • House


      • Volume12

        Thank u. Good pick

  259. Coleslaw

    I think we’ll be taking about who’s the bigger steal? Frank Clark at 58 (iirc) or Green at 79? The answer might be Green, he’s that good.

  260. Hawktalker#1

    Now the waiting game to see if Quem lasts until #120

  261. Hawktalker#1

    What did we get in return for that last mini trade down?

    • Coleslaw


    • Lewis


  262. Coleslaw

    Whos the most Seahawky corners with good tape left?

    • House

      Quentin Meeks

    • Volume12

      Holton Hill, Quenton Meeks, Tony Brown, Isaac Yiadom to name a few

      • Lewis

        Would love to get Hill. His tape was fun to watch. Always seemed to be looking for someone to hit.

    • Lewis

      Hill and Yiadom?

    • EBurgz


  263. Volume12

    46 total pressures is crazy

  264. Coleslaw

    Wyatt Teller at 120 would be sweeeeet!!

    • Hawktalker#1

      And no Quem?

  265. EBurgz

    So stoked we drafted Penny and the green machine! Go hawks.

  266. Troy

    Throw up a gofundme for a new laptop and ill chip in $10 Rob

    • Hawktalker#1

      Rob, you use a Mac or PC?

  267. Volume12

    How have the Rams not selected yet? That seems like it could backfire on them in couple years if they don’t get a ring

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      they traded multiple picks for players….. and went all end last year (this year)

      • Volume12

        that’s right. I forgot all those moves they made

  268. HawksGal

    Yiadom, I watched all of his combine, he’s very Seahawky.

  269. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Rob needed a beer… it is early in London…. very EARLY

    • Hawktalker#1

      Is he backin the UK or still in Florida?

    • Lewis

      Except he’s in Orlando…

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        then it is only 10PM…. needs to pick up the drinks at the bar

        (who cares if family is with him) ;D

    • BradCanuck

      In Florida, no? He’s got to pick it up!! 🙂

  270. CharlieTheUnicorn

    If the DT Hurst lasts until the early 5th.. take a swing on him?

    • Ishmael

      Depends what the heart condition is. Not going to be a great look for anyone if he dies on the field

    • Cameron

      Second and Third opinions supposedly cleared him, a 5th seems reasonable for the risk.

  271. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Guy with problems… drafted by Raiders…. SHOCKER

    • Hawktalker#1

      Although I’m a little surprised Gruden, as early as he has in his career there, is already good with rolling the dice.

  272. Volume12

    Green was asked to play inside and out for Seattle. Likes playing DE more but says hes just as good inside

    • C-Dog

      I think most of the guys who are inside/out would say they prefer working from the outside. Even the guy he’s set to replace has said that. Takes a special kind of monster to prefer working inside.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Great scouting this year Vol! You definitely made an impression around here IMO.

  273. Nolan

    Where can I get an update best of who’s left list?

  274. WALL UP

    Atlanta has had an exceptional draft so far.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Quinn, miss that guy. Couldn’t we have made him president or something to keep him with the organization?

  275. Mexican Hawk

    Send me your paypal Sir. I’ll chip in for laptop.

  276. Volume12

    Pete gets another guy he presumably had an eye on since HS

    • Hawktalker#1

      The problem is he has seen so many kids, isn’t that a pretty easy, yet still truthful, claim?

      Love smoky Petes comments.

      • Volume12

        Yes. Would also depend on how many camps he attends at this point

  277. House

    nice pick PIT

    • Hawktalker#1yep


    • Hawktalker#1

      Oh yeah

    • Volume12


  278. Hawktalker#1

    Well there is Jacksonville’s safety help.

  279. House

    great value pick for JAC

  280. Volume12

    Jacksonville cleaning up this draft

  281. Cameron

    Glad we don’t play JAC for another 4 years.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Yep brutal

  282. Bigmarinerfan

    I’m in at $100 for a new laptop. Will about 19 more of you join me. Rob, let us know where to send the funds.

    • Rob Staton

      Hey I appreciate it guys but it was my stupid fault so I should be the one to pay for it. Got up to get a Coke Zero and it slipped off the couch and landed on a hard floor. Now half the screen is broke. Nightmare timing!

      • Cameron

        Any chance the screen can be repaired if sent in? Or is it that bad?

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve booked an appointment. You can never tell with these things. I’m going to call them in the morning for an estimate and then decide whether I need to buy a new one.

  283. Cameron

    Okay, if both are on the board at 120, who would you all rather take, Settle or Griffin?

    • Lewis

      How about Griffin, then Hurst in 5th?

    • Hawktalker#1

      Might be one of the toughest questions I’ve heard in a long time.

      Love Settle, really would like to have his disruption in the middle. However, I would have to take Quem’s speed, play making and athletic ability along with all the other positive culture changes He would bring to Seattle. Might also be some serious JuJu with the twins we can’t even imagine right now. Hard to put a price on that kind of value.

    • John_s

      Griffin 100 out of 100 times. Settle tested so poorly.

  284. C-Dog

    Yup. I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m awake and not dreaming that we flipping drafted Rasheem Green in R3. I would have been jacked if he was taken at 27.

    • Lewis

      Got a game you recommend to watch?

  285. BradCanuck

    Hey guys and gals. It took me a while as I’m on my iPad, have had too many beers, and it’s my first time doing it.

    Rob dropped and broke his laptop. Let’s pitch in and show him some love, as he’s shown us for so many years.

    I’ve set up a gofundme for his new Lappy.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah patreon is down
      I’ll be contributing later on!!

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate the support guys but it was my mistake and I should be the one to pay for it. This community is the best 🙂

      • Troy

        Rob include a link to this so us fans can make sure you get the best laptop money can buy!

    • Troy

      Just put in my $10 for Rob, but realized later it was Canadian…

  286. House

    Damn… There goes Yiadom

    • EBurgz


    • HawksGal

      Bummed we didn’t get him, dang he went a little earlier than expected.

  287. EBurgz

    Please stop fanning the flames for an earl trade. It was always a bad idea unless we got a first and change. Now it would be a terrible idea.

    Seriously, Stop. It isn’t happening and your shouldn’t want it to happen.

    • peter

      why? i mean he plays next year and walks for nothing……the situation is pointless

      • EBurgz

        We should sign him to a new contract

        • peter

          why? i love earl but a cold market plus him already making top dollar and he would be 29….i just dont see the value.

          seriously though…..what do you pay him 20 million for two years?

          • EBurgz

            20 mil for two years would be great. I’d offer what we gave Kam. If he doesn’t accept make him play out his last year and try to sign him next offseason. Thanks for the replies guys.

    • Cameron

      Um… Nobody has mentioned Earl in quite a while.

      • EBurgz

        It’s mentioned multiple times after #50 was off the board. By rob and others. Today.

        Sorry, just getting off work. It’s legit a bad idea and it always was.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Not sure if you are pissed off or what, but leave room for people to say what they want here. Heck, we even let the “Trade Russ” folks express their opinion, and trading ET doesn’t even approach that.

          • EBurgz

            I’m stoked we aren’t trading him and we got good picks. You should be too. Go hawks. Obviously anyone can say whatever they want. I said please I didn’t demand it

            • Kenny Sloth

              Why even ask? An altruistic pang for everyone’s peace of mind?

              It’s not like we’re voting yea or nay democratically.

              • EBurgz

                We have talked about many deadlines for the earl trade. #50 was the most recent yet it still keeps getting talked about. Should have been dropped after the Rapoport report. It is still being talked about (for day 3 picks!!! Madness!)

                I ask because it’s been beat to death and it isn’t happening and I enjoy the discussions here but that particular one just drives me up the wall.

        • Cameron

          Just be aware, whether or not you think it’s a bad idea, it’s a prevailing storyline tied to the Seahawks draft and still carried a small chance of happening even after #50, given such a move is not reliant on our opinions.. It will be an ongoing point of discussion. I understand frustration around the topic, but be aware it’s gonna be a thing.

          • EBurgz

            Fair enough bro. Thanks for the replies

    • Hawktalker#1

      I get you have a opinion on this subject, but you can’t tell everyone else they can’t have theirs.

      • EBurgz

        I never said you can have an opinion. I just said it’s a bad idea and you (and everyone) should stop talking about it.

        That ship has sailed if you haven’t noticed. Why keep whipping a dead (and stupid) horse?

    • EBurgz

      Unless we get a 2019 1st that is

      • EBurgz

        And it isn’t going to happen

      • Kenny Sloth

        *as he fans the flames*

        • EBurgz

          Lol right. Ima never bring it up again here but just had to have my lil outburst.

          I’ll drop it and just watch earl ball out next year.

          • Hawktalker#1


  288. Volume12

    Great pick for Denver. They’ve had one of the better drafts for me.

    Round 1- Bradley Chubb DE
    Round 2- Courtland Sutton WR
    Round 3- Royce Freeman HB & Isaac Yiadom CB

    • Hawktalker#1

      Yep, nice work, as expected from Elway.

      • Ed

        Not really, he is overrated as a GM. He convinced Manning to come

        • Hawktalker#1

          If you’re saying he did a bad job with those picks, just let me know.

        • Simo

          How was Elway convincing Manning to come to Denver a bad move, and how does that make him overrated? Even though he was at the end of his career, he got them into two Super Bowls and won one of them!

  289. Gohawks5151

    A lot of teams having strong, well thought out drafts. Seattle very disciplined. Not willing to give up picks. I can see a move up tomorrow. Back into 4th probably . Make use of the draft board and work UDFA and other avenues. Is it 2010-11?

  290. Matt

    I’m gonna be that guy…what are we doing?

    I don’t get it.

    The Seahawks are half in and half out when it comes to resetting this team. Do they think we are close to a Super Bowl?

    If not, then why draft a RB in R1 (and no, I’m not an anti-RB/Run game person)?

    If yes, then why draft a developmental DL/DE who won’t contribute for several years with your second pick (Green)?

    What are we doing with Earl Thomas? Are we really going to pretend he’s going to be a good guy and play at 100% and show up to everything without a new contract? Are we going to foolishly do the 3rd contract thing despite that literally ruining the state of the team (right now)? Want a comp pick? Well then, we can’t sign anybody once our cap space explodes. Again, what the hell are we doing with ET? This has the makings of a disaster scenario (I’m not trying to be hyperbolic).

    I’m very frustrated. I don’t claim to know more than PC/JS but it just feels like they really don’t want to commit to anything. Cutting Richard Sherman and trading Michael Bennett were great starts, but hardly a “gutsy move.” Then we stop there?

    This team is nowhere near sniffing a Super Bowl, but half of our actions make it seem like they think we are close. The other half of the decisions say, “we are resetting.” So what is it? Pick a direction and go for it. I don’t care to win 7-9 games. I want a Super Bowl. If it takes a sh*tty year or 2, then so be it. Occasionally, limping into a wild card does nothing for me.

    Apologies for the frustration, but I gotta say I just don’t get it. Their actions come across as aloof and directionless.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I mean. I think Rasheem Green is the absolute perfect pick.

      One of my favorite inside out guys in the draft

      Both of our draft picks are gonna come in and compete for snaps day 1

      Penny will be behind Carson and Green will probably start behind Jordan to begin the year.

      They’ve already filled their two biggest needs after resigning Maxwell.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hoping for LB, TE, WR, FB, DB tomorrow.

        We have 8 more picks

        And many of Those could also be year 1 contributors

      • Matt

        Agree to disagree on Green. I watched every USC game and was completely underwhelmed by him. Yes, he played out of position, but in a weak conference, he was very underwhelming (my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, he physically looks great…I just saw an Under Armour model, not a great DL.

        I won’t argue they filled needs; I just think this was a really poor way to address it. It’s just my opinion, but it feels like this team has no plan, at all. It’s just throw stuff against a board and hope it works. I saw too many other teams really look strategic addressing needs.

        In the Seahawks defense, they were behind the 8 ball with draft picks. But again, they put themselves in this terrible position. And factor in the last 4 drafts – it’s hard for me to be positive about the direction of this organization.

        I really hope you are right and I am wrong. I really do. I just can’t help but think this thing is off the rails. And I don’t say off the rails because I think Penny and Green are doomed for failure – I just don’t see a clear direction with conviction from team leadership. It’s a lot of half in, half out.

        • D-OZ

          You must have missed the 2016 Husky game… 😉

          • Matt

            I was at that game and I meant every USC game last year.

            Again, I really hope I’m wrong.

          • D-OZ

            Matt, your glass is getting below the half way mark dude. 😉 Fill er up man!!!

        • Kenny Sloth

          Care to expand on their perceived lack of direction?

          I’m very interested in your opinion of this team in that regard

    • Del tre

      A running back was the second pick in the draft and if Penny pans out he would get us to 11+ wins sooner than any other selection. Especially one that can create yards on his own like Penny. He is a 3 down back.
      Rasheem could have 5+ sacks as a rookie, great value pick!

    • Lewis

      Not sure where the confusion is here. The offense has barely functioned the last couple of years because we can’t run the ball. Running the ball takes pressure (figuratively and literally) off Russel. Give him a little more time to do his thing and he becomes much more dangerous.

      • Matt

        I won’t argue that point at all. What I will argue is the order and strategy behind fixing the run game. We have the worst OL in the NFL. This was an incredible draft for Run Blocking interior OL and we passed on that. I think that was a really, really bad move considering how bad Pocic (young but he was awful last year) and Ifedi are and how average Justin Britt is. We had a shot at a cornerstone type of OL and we passed on that for a RB in a class where guys were available deep into day 2, that I don’t see as that much worse than Penny (Royce Freeman for example).

        In no way do I see Rashaad Penny as such a massive upgrade over other guys available, that we needed to get him in order to fix things. I think there was much better value available at 18 and 27. And they could have waited it out a bit longer for a RB and been aggressive trading their plethora of later picks to go up and get a guy.

        I really, really hope I’m wrong, but I see this team being at the bottom of the league in Rushing next year. I like Penny. I just hated the value at 27.

        • SoCal12

          Ethan Pocic made the All-Rookie team in his first year, I don’t understand the hate at all. We have a completely different OL coach and system now to which should improve things.

          We identified the cliff for RB’s early on and correctly. We didn’t get a good offer to trade back so we decided to take our pick of the bunch instead. You’re assuming this is like Madden or mock draft sims where if you spam trades you’ll eventually get one you liked. That’s not how that works at all in real life.

          • Matt

            Yes. I thought this was Madden and we were just going to spam picks by signing free agents and trading them (which I’ve done in Madden, ha).

            We don’t agree. We can leave it at that. I was under no impression that we were magically going to acquire 10 2nd round picks.

            You love the picks. That’s awesome. I’m happy you do. I haven’t like a draft for 4+ years. I’m hoping I’m wrong. I want this team to succeed, badly.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think you’re underrating the OL

          Who was this cornerstone OL we passed up?

          Kolton Miller? Will Hernandez?

          Staying at 18 and taking a c/g is just bonkers to me.

          One day you have to just take your medicine on the OL and develop your guys.

          And dont give me that crap that we can’t develop guys.

          They got their guy at RB. They didn’t want the other guys as much. Maybe they know something about him that they learned from you know actually meeting these guys that offered a preference.

          We can talk about the players, but obviously you never heard of ‘in PCJS we trust’, cuz I trust their evaluations. Especially given the disaster from the early second last year

          • Matt

            First off, I don’t understand the hostility here. You have wonderful takes and I appreciate your stuff. I usually avoid boards when I have a differing opinion on stuff.

            You are probably right that I am probably underrating the OL, but they have yet to prove it. I hope I’m wrong. Frank Ragnow and Billy Price are guys that I have loved during the season and throughout the process. I think they are difference makers.

            Kolton Miller is terrible. Classic Cable pick.

            And yes, I do agree that at some point we have to develop guys. However, we don’t have “the guy” for the long haul. Duane Brown is older. Justin Britt is very average. I want a younger guy who can be the rock for a long time. I think we passed on that.

            I am not claiming to know more than PC/JS. Would never say that. And obviously they have met these guys and gone through the process. I’m simply saying I don’t think we approached this the right way and I don’t think we maximized value of our picks. That’s all.

            This is a message board. My opinion literally means nothing.

            • Kenny Sloth

              No hostility, we just can’t keep throwing picks at that OL.

              Eventually something’s gotta give and you have to give them a difference maker to raise the competition behind them.

              I actually completely agree. It wasn’t my pick at all.

              Shit dropped my jaw.
              But it was their pick.

              I do disagree that youe opinion doesnt matter. It’s the opinions that make this blog.

              If less people were afraid to be disagreed with, perhaps we might have had Penny more on our radar.

    • SoCal12

      Not sure if you read my response to you above, but I really don’t understand all your animosity towards Earl. The whole Dallas locker room thing was dumb but I think it was blown out of proportion and he has since clarified that up. His agent and John Schneider have both confirmed that he won’t hold out this year, and he has done nothing to suggest he’s going to a problem in the locker room. I’m sorry but all of this anger towards him just seems really displaced to me.

      • Matt

        I have zero anger/animosity towards Earl. Not sure where you are getting that from. I can be frustrated by the direction of this team without hating or being angry at a player.

        How many 3rd contracts have panned out for this team?

        I don’t believe Earl and his agent for one minute about no hold out or no affect on him. You are asking someone to defy human nature. Done nothing to suggest he’s a locker room problem? His spat with Bobby was a pretty big deal. It was just overshadowed by the rest of the dysfunction on this team.

        I am frustrated by the direction of this team. I don’t get it. Again, I don’t hate Earl.

        • SoCal12

          The spat with Bobby was also overblown to me. Teammates aren’t perfect and get into spats all the time. They seemed pretty buddy buddy at Sherm’s wedding.

          If I were you I would take a chill pill. We addressed two positions of need with good players tonight. PCJS have been a winning FO in this game for a long time. To me there’s no point in getting frustrated at something we have no direct experience in or control over, and yet seems to do quite well for itself.

          • Matt

            This was very productive. Apologies for having a differing opinion. I will take a chill pill. You should do the same.

            • SoCal12

              I’m pretty happy with how the drafts going so far so I’m already pretty chill, but thanks. I get where your coming from though man. We both want the Hawks to succeed badly, so I am with you all the way on that. I just think in the end though it’s a ball-game for our entertainment where our team has been doing well this last few years so there’s no real reason to be upset. Just have fun and enjoy the ride.

              • Matt

                I agree, but again – I’m not upset or angry.

                I’m frustrated at how this front office evolved from a clear concise mission at the start of their tenure into what seems like a like of clarity for the last 5 years. Building is different than maintaining and I’d argue they are not good at maintaining.

                • SoCal12

                  Fair enough. Well despite our different feelings on the situation there’s really nothing we can really do now but root for the team we both love and appreciate. Go hawks forever and forever!

    • Hawktalker#1

      This thread was a good read. Thanks all.

    • FresnoHawks

      So far the draft has turned out better than all my Seahawk mocks. I’m real happy! I wasn’t convinced there was a 2nd 1st round RB in the draft, turnes out 3 RB’s were taken in round 1. Don’t forget RB is a position Pete Carroll is a stud at aquiring, name another coach in the league that has had better RB’s over his career. Add college to that and it’s game over. DE Green is perfect.

    • Shadow

      Honest question: what would you have done? If you were able to step in as GM starting on Thursday after the offseason we have had, who would you have picked so far? What other moves would you have made?

      Not trying to be hostile; I’m honestly curious. It’s easy to say, “I don’t like what they’ve done” or “they should have addressed this position,” but what SPECIFICALLY would you have done instead?

  291. SeahawksForLife


    So sorry about your laptop. I’m among the many who think Griffin to the Seahawks would be fantastic on many levels. What chances do you see in that playing out with their next selection? Seems like #120 is the spot if they really want him.

  292. Aaron

    PC and JS saying that while they entertained offers for Earl, that a trade was really something the media hyped up. Earl is “our guy” according to Pete, and they’re happy to have an All-Pro back. I’m worried about Earl. Not his play, not his discipline to his craft, but his goal. Is it the next big payday for HIM or competing and winning for the TEAM. Making sure Earl is all in on 2018 for the TEAM and not himself is going to be a challenge, but most of it is in Earl’s court on that.

    • FuzzyLogic

      I think Earl will ball-out no matter if he wants to be here or not. It’s just in his DNA.

    • Ishmael

      Why? It’s a business.

      Earl wants to be remembered as the greatest safety of all time, he also wants to get paid what he’s worth. They aren’t incompatible. People want players to sacrifice for the team, but they never want the team to sacrifice for the player.

      • Hawktalker#1

        That is just the behavioral nature of a business when the owner is the employer and the players are the employees. Who generally hold the cards in those situations? Typically, not the employees. There is no sacrificing, you agree to a deal (and keep it) or you don’t do the deal and part ways. The nature of the beast.

  293. Kenny Sloth

    DE: Cliff Avril, Frank Clark, Dion Jordan, Marcus Smith, Rasheem Green, Branden Jackson, Christian French, , Noble Nwachukwu, 7

    DT: Jarran Reed, Tom Johnson, Shamar Stephen, Naz Jones, Quinton Jefferson, 5

    LB: Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Barkevious Mingo, DJ Alexander, Josh Forrest, Paul Dawson, 6

    S: Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Bradley McDougald, Maurice Alexander, Delano Hill, Tedric Thompson, Akeem King, 7

    CB: Shaquill Griffin, Justin Coleman, Dontae Johnson, Neiko Thorpe, DeAndre Elliot, Mike Tyson, Alex Carter, 7

    Defense: 32

    OL: Duane Brown, Germain Ifedi, George Fant, Isaiah Battle, , Tyrus Thompson, 5

    OG: DJ Fluker, Ethan Pocic, Rees Odhiambo, Willie Beavers, 4

    OC: Justin Britt, Joey Hunt, 2

    WR: Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Jaron Brown, Amarah Darboh, Marcus Johnson, David Moore, Cyril Grayson, Tanner McEvoy, 8

    QB: Russell Wilson, Austin Davis, Stephen Morris, 3

    RB: Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, Mike Davis, CJ Prosise, JD McKissic, 4

    FB: Jalston Fowler, Tre Madden, 2

    TE: Ed Dickson, Nick Vannett, Tyrone Swoopes, 3

    Offense: 31

    Kicker: Sebastian Janikowski, Justin Myers, 2

    Punter: Jon Ryan, 1

    Long snapper: Tyler Ott, 1

    Special Teams: 4

    Total: 69

    Trimmed to:

    QB: Russell Wilson, Austin Davis, 2
    FB: Tre Madden, 1
    RB: Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, CJ Prosise, 3
    WR: Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Jaron Brown, Amarah Darboh, 4
    TE: Ed Dickson, Nick Vannett, Tyrone Swoopes, 2
    OT: Duane Brown, Germain Ifedi, George Fant, 3
    OG: DJ Fluker, Ethan Pocic, Rees Odhiambo, 3
    C: Justin Britt, Joey Hunt, 2

    Offense: 21

    DE: Frank Clark, Dion Jordan, Marcus Smith II, Rasheem Green, 4
    DT: Jarran Reed, Tom Johnson, Shamar Stephens, Naz Jones, 4
    LB: Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Barkevious Mingo, DJ Alexander, 4
    CB: Shaquill Griffin, Byron Maxwell, Justin Coleman, Dontae Johnson, Neiko Thorpe, 5
    SS: Bradley McDougald, Maurice Alexander, 2
    FS: Earl Thomas III, Delano Hill, 2

    Defense: 21

    K: Sebastien Janikowski, 1
    P: Jon Ryan, 1
    LS: Tyler Ott, 1

    Special Teams: 3

    45 man roster

    We have 8 picks left, who should be added to the depth chart, and what positions need some love on day 3.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sad how easy it is to trim ~25 names from this roster. Yucky

    • D-OZ

      Hill is a SS, Thompson- FS…

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m not trippin about our backuo safety designations.

        I almost combined the f******s

    • Hawktalker#1

      Nice work. Appreciated.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Of course, you guys are the best and deserve every resource to discuss and inform your conversations

    • Hawktalker#1

      Which positions normally carry more players in the 53 roster?

  294. Coach

    Loved the Green pick!

    My prediction for tomorrow:

    Seattle will trade up to take Griffin in the 4th round. Will bring us a playmaker on defense!

    Then in 5th I’m hoping for Hill CB Texas.

    Is there a playmaker like Cohen for Chi or a fast wr that we can find in the later rounds that can add juice to our offense like Griffin will add juice to our D?

    Go Hawks!

    • D-OZ

      I like Hill but he has issues. He is not on Seattle’s board.

  295. Neil

    If the Steelers wanted to jump ahead of the Bengals to get Rudolph bad enough, why in hell did the Hawks only get the 220th pick? I don’t think Schnider and Carroll have what it takes to play hardball.

    • FuzzyLogic

      Agreed somewhat. It does feel like over the years we have overpaid for picks and players….and traded back for less than we should have. At the same time if we hadn’t traded with the Packers we wouldn’t have Green right now.

    • Hawktalker#1

      So what was the point difference on the trade?

      • Hawktalker#1

        Also we sure jump to negative conclusions a lot when we have no idea of what the trade situation or discussion was. If we don’t get the exact points we want then we just say screw you and forget it? or is the real value adding position for the team to take something rather than nothing? We got a 7th round pick. So if we play hard ball and be tough like we should we get nothing. If I’m the owner I say something is better than nothing. At the same time this is not justification for making a bad trade in general, but did Seattle get fleeced on this? Not a chance.

        • FuzzyLogic

          It was only a 3 pick drop.

  296. RWIII

    You wonder if The Duke of Earl is going to be BITTER because the Boys didn’t trade for him?

    • FuzzyLogic

      Who cares? Earl has shown he would rather play for the Cowgirls.

      I believe we are in a 3-4 year rebuild and hanging on to Earl might end up being a bad thing for the new players in general. Earl will probably be in the HOF someday but for me it will be a tad on the bitter side. We have done everything Earl could possibly want as an organization….Millions of dollars, Fame, Super Bowl and so on. Did you see Ray Lewis or Ed Reed or any other HOF potential players going to another team to ask them “to come get me”? How about Richard Sherman and his comments? Pathetic.

      We had a great run with some great homegrown players that could’ve been in my heart forever. I know it’s a business but it would’ve been nice to actually have some HOF type players in years to come that I could have been proud of. Well here’s hoping for Russell and Wagner.

      • Hawktalker#1

        This is just not true. Would rather play for the cowgirls? His comments continue to be blown out of context. He never said that at all.

        • FuzzyLogic


          Following Seattle’s season-saving victory over the Dallas Cowboys, the Seahawks safety attempted to enter the Cowboys locker room and told Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, “If y’all have the chance, come get me.”

          • SoCal12

            It was a dumb thing to say but also a real nothingburger to me. I’m willing to bet most players say shit like this all the time and it’s just not picked up by cameras. There was that report just recently that Odell was telling his Rams buddies that he ‘wants in’ on what the Rams have been doing. Players don’t treat this sport like the gang warfare that the fans seem to. It’s a business that they love doing and they know that teams can just cut and trade them on a whim at any time.

        • SoCal12

          You would think with the way people talk about him Earl like personally went to their house in a Cowboys jersey and took a dump on their couch while screaming ‘I LOVE DALLAS. PLEASE TRADE FOR ME GARRETT’. Like I never understood the appeal of gossip magazines like the National Enquirer or the Daily Mail and garbage like that, but this offseason has really shown me how people just seem to love misinterpreting and fashioning narratives out of nothing for no reason other than boredom I guess.

          • FuzzyLogic

            Ok, who cares about any players on any team then. I’m sure nobody would care in Baltimore if Ray Lewis came out and said I wish I played for the Steelers all these years…. right?

            • SoCal12

              That’s completely not my point. If a Baltimore rioted because TMZ shot a low quality footage of Ray Lewis saying ‘You Steelers players are alright’ that would be more similar and still be completely unjustified.

  297. SheHawk

    Earl is a baller. He goes 100 mph. That’s all he knows on field. Off field is quirky. (The guy wore a crown and a cape for his wedding.) He has tons of pride and isn’t gonna play down a level. Especially if he wants someone to give him a big contract next year.
    I’ve managed teams of high achievers. A few people can completely change the dynamics of the entire group. It only takes removing a couple of these people and a whole different dynamic emerges. The cuts and trades were well thought out. After the fact comments from the players make it obvious it was worse than we all know. The hawks have sports psychologists on staff and believe me there is a plan.
    Ever stop to think that Earl may have made those Dallas comments cuz he wanted out of what our locker room had become???. It needed a reset and PC is on it. So he’s strange guy but he is OUR Guy! The road to the franchise we are now started with that draft. Please stop the ET3 hate and let’s go get the other twin turbo – Griffin! This draft is key to our next phase and both griffins are big part of it!

    • FuzzyLogic

      “The guy wore a crown and a cape for his wedding” WOW….we should all bow down to

      Let him walk

      • Hawktalker#1

        And that’s a smart value move for the team, let a pro-bowler walk for nothing when he is not a disruptive player? Kicking or hating on a guy because he wore a crown and cape . . . ?

        • FuzzyLogic

          Who have you ever heard of wearing a crown and cape at their wedding?

  298. hughmungusfan

    My Best/2nd Best Scenarios for 4-7 rounds & UDFAs

    Wyatt Teller/Tony Adams OG
    Shaquem Griffin/Tegray Scales LB
    Jalyn Holmes/Dorance Armstrong DE
    Armani Watts/Kyzir White FS
    Parry Nickerson/Nick Nelson CB
    Dalton Schultz/Will Dissly TE
    Jordan Lasley/Keke Coutee WR

    Others: Luke Falk QB
    UDFA: Peter Kalambayi, Jarryd Jones-Smith, Brandon Facyson, Eddie Piniero, JT Barrett

  299. BradCanuck

    Hey folks, somebody mentioned this is Canadian (that’s where I’m from). Does that affect anything? I know the CDN $ is way weaker, so 15 US is probably 20 can. Anyway if there’s any issues or problems please let me know.

    • FuzzyLogic

      Rob’s from England. He doesn’t like taking charity.

      • BradCanuck

        Let’s not look at it as charity.

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