Instant reaction: Seahawks draft Rasheem Green

For weeks we wondered if this could be ‘the day’ for the Seahawks. The second round was loaded with talent and Seattle, known for trading down and out of round one, were being linked with another big move.

Instead, it ended up being a relatively quiet second day of the draft.

They took took Rashaad Penny with the #27 pick yesterday and after moving down were able to acquire the #76 pick. They made one more small move to #79 and eventually drafted USC defensive end Rasheem Green. They didn’t trade Earl Thomas and they didn’t work a way back into the second frame.

Strangely for the Seahawks, it was all pretty straight forward.

They now have eight picks on day three, taking the total to ten. Tony Pauline told us before the draft that the Seahawks wanted to pick ten times in this draft.

So what about Rasheem Green?

Having tried to find a solution at this position with Malik McDowell and Sheldon Richardson, maybe it’s third time lucky?

He’s a powerful inside/out rusher with major upside. A few weeks ago I mocked him in the first round to Carolina. When he declared he was being projected as a late first or early second round possibility. I had him in the same talent tier as Rashaad Penny and a top-50 prospect.

With Michael Bennett departing and Cliff Avril’s future unclear, they needed to add a pass rusher. In the third round, this is great value.

Here’s what an anonymous AFC regional scout said about Green courtesy of

“I wanted him to go back to school because he probably would have been a top-10 pick next year. He’s not strong enough to handle NFL guys yet so this year may be a redshirt year for him. He’s got some serious juice though. He’s going to be a dude when it all comes together.”

And here’s what Bob McGinn’s sources said about him:

Third-year junior played DE in a 3-4 defense and moved inside on passing downs. “He’s naturally an outside guy,” said one scout. “One of the reasons he’s leaving is there was word they planned on him continuing to work inside. He sees himself as a defensive end. He’s super talented and super young (will turn 21 in May). He needs to get stronger. Probably would have benefited staying in an extra year. His best football is ahead of him.” Finished with 117 tackles (20 for loss) and 16 ½ sacks. Two teams have major medical concerns about his knee. “Kind of a potential guy,” said a third scout. “He’s got some inside pass rush. He’s not quite man enough inside and doesn’t have quite the juice outside. You’re hoping to project him to 3-technique. He doesn’t like going inside because I don’t think he’s tough enough.” From Los Angeles.

Clearly Green’s not the finished article. You see that when you watch the USC tape. However, plays like this lining up at nose tackle speak volumes for his potential:

Just look at the way be bullies his way into the backfield from an interior position:

It’s these types of plays working inside that really stood out when watching McDowell at Michigan State. McDowell should never have been asked to play as much nose tackle as he was at MSU. He still excelled. And it’s exactly the same situation with Green. He’s an EDGE or inside/out rusher and yet he still won when asked to play as the anchor inside.

You do not see Billy Price beaten like this. I repeat, this doesn’t happen to Billy Price:

Can he rush the edge too? You bet:

There are some concerns too. The splash plays are great but there are also times when he should just drop the anchor, hold his point and defend the gap or side he’s working. Notre Dame had some success handling him with a combo of Mike McGlinchey and Quenton Nelson. That’s a formidable duo to come up against but it would’ve been nice to see him hold his own a little bit more, drop the anchor or come up with a counter:

Is he an alpha? The Seahawks used to have some BAMF’s up front. Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, Bruce Irvin, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Sheldon Richardson, Tony McDaniel. They need Green to help set the tone, not just provide potential and athleticism.

At the combine he ran a 4.73 with a 1.65 split. That’s not bad at 275lbs but it’s not special like Frank Clark’s workout. His explosive testing topped McDowell’s marks (32.5 inch vertical, 9-10 broad).

Once again though it’s the short shuttle that was likely an important factor. He ran a 4.39 which is really good for his size. McDowell ran a 4.53 which was also good as a comparison. The Seahawks generally look for defensive linemen who run a good short shuttle.

So what’s next looking at day three?

According to Bob McGinn, many teams expect the Seahawks to select Shaquem Griffin at some point. They have the picks to make that happen. Multiple other defensive linemen are available (Andrew Brown, Tim Settle, Jalyn Samuels) and there’s a nice crop of tight ends. Luke Falk also remains on the board, as does Kyle Lauletta.

Sadly it looks like the medical concerns are serious for Maurice Hurst and Josh Sweat who remain on the board.

One final general point — it was interesting to see the linebackers who ran well in the short shuttle all going in round three. Fred Warner, Oren Burks and Dorian O’Daniel all left the board on day two.

Tomorrow promises to be a vital day with eight picks to come.

I’m going to be flying back to the UK tomorrow so will do my best to update the blog throughout day three. There will be an open thread and the picks will be posted as they come in. The plane has WIFI which helps. Not helping is the fact I dropped my laptop on the floor just before the Green pick and the screen has broken. Great timing!

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  1. Rowdy

    Unbelievable work this year Rob, getting green at 79 was a steal! tomorrow will be crazy. if we get Shaq and hurst/sweat I’d be ecstatic even with the injury risk, the upside is worth it with 8 picks on day 3

  2. peter

    excellent work rob playing through the pain!

    though the names are s little less exciting with all the picks there should be some interesting finds.

    ian thomas
    troy fumagalli a guy i like a bit
    tim settle !
    poona ford
    ogbonnia okoronkwo
    duke eijiofor
    tony brown
    holton hill

    • Sean-O

      Definitely some surprising bigger names out there still that could be fits (Crosby, Da’Shawn Hand, Settle, Sweat, Deon Cain).

  3. Ely

    What’s the word on settle? Why has he fallen so far? I would love the Hawks to pick him up in the fourth but can he possibly last that much longer?

    • Lewis

      He hasn’t.

  4. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob:
    You gotta watch out for those laptop gremlins. I think the Hawks got a couple of good prospects. They had the second pick of a strong Running Back class. Tonight they got a guy who could wind up being a solid D. Liner. Tomorrow will be the meat and potatoes of this draft for the Seahawks. If they can wind up with 3 or 4 Seahawk stalwarts, this draft will be a rousing success.

  5. RWIII

    I remember the first time I read his profile the name Michael Bennett came to mind.

  6. RWIII

    I guess the question is. Will the Hawks take Griffin if he is on the board with the Hawks next pick?

  7. Sean-O

    Any word as to why Tyrell Crosby has fallen? I read he could go early 2nd. Sure he might not be LT quality but having watched him the last couple of years the guy can play.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Bad weight.

      • Kenny Sloth

        That would be my guess

    • Rob Staton

      I always thought he was a bit overrated. His was bad at the Senior Bowl. Not heard any other reasons why he’s still around.

    • Misfit74

      Medicals about foot/feet and knee/knees was reported today. Could be a steal. He was a fringe first round guy for me.

      • House

        I mocked him going in the 150s and people called me crazy and said he was a 2nd rd pick. Has got to be injury/physical as a bunch of OL have come off the board

  8. Pedestrian

    Great write up rob! I like the pick, but am concerned about being injury prone. Seems like Seahawks always find ‘that guy’ that should taken much higher but slips way down for reason X.

  9. AndrewP

    A thought…

    I really wonder how much PCJS truly like the talent in this draft. Could be why they traded for Sheldon/Brown and weren’t willing to ship out Earl..?

    • Donald

      My guess is they traded for Sheldon / Brown for immediate help to get them into the playoffs. I doubt they did an analysis comparing them to the potential 2018 draft.

      They were trying to ship out Earl, and but since Earl requested to play for the Cowboys, while in the last year of his contract, and being older, there were no buyers for the asking price.

  10. mister bunny

    Oh, sorry to hear about the laptop, Rob. Really terrible luck. Hope that plus the flight doesn’t spoil the big day for you (in terms of the bulk of Seattle’s picks).

    In terms of the moves so far, I’m very happy. Yes, I think they could have traded back into the 2nd and gotten a good back. But it seems sure they wouldn’t have gotten Penny. I’m happy if John and Pete are happy, he looks like an outstanding solidly built 3 down back (where as Nick Chubb is a 2 down back, and RJ2 is lightweight).

    And then to nab a fantastic long-term prospect in Green, falling into their lap in the 3rd (after a risky little trade back to recoup their lost 7th), wow. Nice work PC/JS and team! If the remainder of their selections go as well as these have, (and if the existing roster improves this off-season — looking at you, O Line) this could mark a new era of Seahawk football.

    • mister bunny

      Oh, meant to include that I’m thrilled they kept Earl. I couldn’t stomach seeing him and Sherm go at the same time, and I still hold out hope for an extension or even using the franchise tag to keep him around another year longer.

      If they weren’t going to get a first or two seconds, I’m glad they didn’t trade him. As Jacson Bevens noted — think about if Earl at $11m / season were in the draft. Where do you think he would be drafted? At #50? I think he’d go a hell of a lot earlier than that.

    • Rob Staton

      I had planned to go to Disney Springs, sit and spend my last couple of hours in Orlando following the fourth and fifth round before heading to the airport and doing a write-up and tape study on the plane. With the laptop in the state it’s in, I’ll probably end up following it on my phone instead. Which is a shame. But a great day three loaded with defensive talent and a tight end will make up for it.

  11. vrtkolman

    Major steal getting Green. I’m not too upset about missing the entire 2nd round now, as I thought he was a 2nd round prospect. Sorry about your laptop Rob!

  12. DD

    all the blocking TE Rob were talking about are still available. Maybe they’ll go that direction?

    • Rob Staton

      Very possible. Plus Ian Thomas is still there.

      • EBurgz

        Who is the best run blocking te available? Shultz?

        • drewdawg11

          I didn’t like the idea of Ian Thomas as our first pick. However, 4th or 5th round? Sounds good. Also, Tim Settle is still available and that would be fun. Hurst must really be a medical concern for team. I thought he was a second or third round pick easily. I never thought he was a first, but he’s good enough to have been gone in the 30’s.

        • Rob Staton

          Schultz, Dissly or Smythe IMO

  13. SoCal12

    How does everyone think we’re doing so far?

    I think in retrospect picking Penny at 27 was a masterful job by Schneider and Pete at identifying how early the RB’s were going and just grabbing their pick from the pile before everyone jumps on it. They knew they had good defensive options later and were comfortable with getting one in the third.

    If you had told me before the draft that we would trade back our first rounder and picked Rashaad Penny and Rasheem Green with our first picks I would have been really happy.

  14. sdcoug

    Disclaimer: I love Earl and will always be a fan. But I’m disappointed a suitable trade didn’t materialize. It’s been discussed ad nauseam…I just think it would be best for all parties to move on and get some value back.

    Dallas has two 4ths. Would they finally bite? Would you take it? What about a 4th and a 2019 3rd? What say you blog? I know it’s very unlikely at this point, but just throwing it out there

    • Matt

      Right there with you…I wonder if they could do two 4ths and a conditional 2019 2nd rounder (based on a long term contract). Not sure if that’s even possible, but I think it’d be a great play, at this point.

      I’m just worried we won’t even get a comp pick for Earl after next year. And I certainly don’t want to do a big 3rd contract.

    • SoCal12

      To be frank I’m really tired with trade Earl speculation. If it was going to happen it would’ve already. No parties have indicated a strong tangible interest, and I really think we aren’t that desperate for picks. We wanted 10 picks and we have 10 picks now. Let’s just enjoy the rest of this draft as it were.

      • sdcoug

        Gee sorry I didn’t check in with you first. Skip my post if it doesn’t interest you. That’s the whole purpose of this blog, talking possibilities during the draft.

        • SoCal12

          No need for hostilities man. I never said you needed my permission. You posted your opinion and I posted mine.

          • sdcoug

            Sorry, you just seemed a bit salty about it. For as much as it’s been a topic here, it seems unfair to tell someone to cut off the talk and move on, especially while the draft is in progress. As I indicated, I believe that ship has sailed…but weirder things have happened, especially considering this is Jerry with all eyes on his city/stadium/team. Not to mention he watched the Eagles take the SB, throw shade at his party and see the Giants have a dang good draft

            • SoCal12

              Sorry maybe my word choice was poor. I wasn’t telling you to cut off the talk, I’m just expressing the opinion that a lot of the board in general seems to have put tied themselves in a knot over the lack of a trade. I just don’t see it as likely at this point, but I don’t think it ruins the draft like some people think.

              • sdcoug

                No worries. My bad.

                • SoCal12

                  Same. No matter what happens let’s hope our Hawks do well.

        • FuzzyLogic


    • AndrewP

      I was in favor of an early trip, but I’m going to play doubles advocate for a minute…

      Discussed among ‘us’ and those in the media, sure. But are you sure that equates ‘best for all parties to move on’?

      • sdcoug

        Well, maybe a poor choice of words. But from the outside looking in, yeah, I think so.
        From the hawks perspective, why pay him big $ during what is likely a bit of a reset year? Extension? We have very recent examples of 3rd contracts going tits-up. Tag him? Usually leads to contention between player and team. And finally, Earl is starting to get dinged up quite a bit.
        From Earl’s perspective, it’s clear he sees himself deserving of a near-market contract (rightfully so). Dallas seems more likely to accomodate. He’s from TX. And he created a bit of a boondoggle with his “come get me” antics to Garrett. It rubbed a lot of people the wrong way…perhaps even Paul, John and Pete.

        • FuzzyLogic

          And me

        • AndrewP

          Best case scenario: Earl/Wagz are ‘our’ Reed/Lewis… Win a title early, then another in the twilight.

          • sdcoug

            Would be amazing…but the team i watched last year?…yikes.

            • AndrewP

              Wasn’t pretty, I admit. Although every team/organization, even those that will be champs, have their games/stretches.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I actually really dreaded that trade.

      Just makes another damn hole and we wouldn’t get enough for him.

      I just wish we’d have traded down a few more times

      I was actually kind of mad when JS asked Penny if ‘we should take ya here or trade down again’.


      but thats where they had to be to get their guy.
      Just thankful the Packers swooped in and gave us Green.

      • sdcoug

        I totally get that side of the coin. I just don’t think it’s smart to pay him what he wants, so what’s the point of one season (when we’re not likely to be a legit SB contender)? Just my opinion, but I understand those who want him to stay.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Comp pick year of a competitor, some time to build and heal from these other losses you had to take

      • C-Dog

        I’ve been 50/50 on the potential Earl Thomas trade. I got to be honest, when Dallas picked at 50, my first reaction was disappointment, if not total annoyance, but then the dust almost instantly settled and I actually felt relief. Earl Thomas stays a Seahawk in 2018. Seattle stays that much more competitive in the division, 49er and Rams fans are likely more annoyed that a deal didn’t go down.

        Maybe Seattle and Thomas work out a deal, maybe they don’t, but if the cards break right, if Seattle remains in contention in 2018, get into the playoffs and get hot, and heaven’s for betsy make it back the Super Bowl, and Earl is a big part of that, even if they don’t reach a deal and he moves on, having him on the 2018 would have been entirely well worth it. Having him on the roster only increases the chances of that. Having him off the roster decreases it.

      • Simo

        I think the trade we should all look back on in regret is the one for Sheldon Richardson. Not only did it cost us our second rounder this year, we lost Kearse (who had an awful nice year for the Jets btw).

        That 2nd likely would have nabbed us another starting caliber player. Kirk, Goedert, Oliver anyone?

    • Dale

      Earl has talked about wanting in the $15 million/yr neighborhood. I wonder if the soft market for safeties and nobody stepping up in the trade market has been a wakeup call. When he’s up for his next contract he’ll have crested the thirty barrier. In 2018 will we see a disillusioned and uninterested vet or a guy fighting to justify his next big contract?

      • sdcoug

        Good question. Big decisions ahead for the front office

      • SheHawk

        I’d not underestimate his pride. He is an all pro, future HOF player. Why risk his legacy and reputation? Honestly his pride in how good a player he is, is precisely why he wants a big raise. If FS market conditions don’t support it, I’d hope he’s got good enough agent to back off some. Either way not sure what he gains by putting out bad product on field.

    • EBurgz


      • JimQ

        Ring, Ring…….Hey John, this is Jerry, how about one of our 4-th. Rd picks this year and a 2-nd next year for ET, do we have a deal?

  15. STTBM

    Rob, really sorry to hear about your busted laptop! Life’s hard sometimes….Hope things go better for you! Thank you for all your hard work.

    Stoked we got Green, sad I may have been right that Seattle wanted Nnadi and KC snatched him…

  16. Coleslaw

    Time to support the blog via Patreon everybody! Chip in what you can and get this bloke some new interwebz.
    Rob, have you thought about uploading audio or video clips for really busy times? Could be a very quick and easy way to chime in during a lot of action.

    • FuzzyLogic

      ‘Rob, cup your ears’

      “Time to support the blog via Patreon everybody!”. I agree. Rob is an English gentleman that doesn’t beg for charity, so if possible we should support the Patreon for you know…Excellent Seahawk material and broken laptops and stuff:)

      • Coleslaw

        I’d really like to see us as a community organize goals for Rob to take a trip somewhere every year or something like that, senior bowl? Combine? Who cares, it would be awesome for all sides but Robs wife lmao.

  17. James

    Can you do a quick Seahawks mock with the remaining players?

    Just looked and there seem to be some pretty decent talent left from what I read.

    DL Maurice Hurst
    DE Josh Sweat
    LB Shaq Griffin
    DT Tim Settle
    DL Da’Shawn Hand
    DE Andrew Brown
    DE Dorrance Armstrong
    DE Duke Ejiofor
    QB Mike White
    QB Kyle Lauletta
    QB Luke Falk
    RB Kalen Ballage
    RB John Kelly
    WR Deon Cain
    WR Equanimeous St. Brown
    WR Keke Coutee
    WR Dylan Cantrell
    CB Kevin Tolliver
    CB Holton Hill
    CB Troy Brown
    CB Tarvarus McFadden
    TE Ian Thomas
    TE Tyler Conklin
    TE Troy Fumagalli
    TE Ryan Izzo
    TE Dalton Schultz
    TE Durham Smythe
    TE Chris Herndon
    TE Will Dissly
    LT Tyrell Crosby
    OT Will Richardson
    G Wyatt Teller

    • Sean-O

      Does anyone have lists of players (that are still available) who the Hawks have had at VMAC, visited, spoken to, etc as well as a list of CB’s that fit what the Hawks looks for?

      • James

        Copy and pasted From Rob’s blog:

        Surprisingly we’ve come to learn virtually all of Seattle’s ‘official 30’ visits this year:

        Justin Reid (S, Stanford)
        Poona Ford (DT, Texas)
        Maurice Hurst (DT, Texas)
        Foyesade Oluokun (LB/S, Yale)
        Ito Smith (RB, Southern Miss)
        Keith Kirkwood (WR, Temple)
        Khalid Davis (FB, Michigan)
        Devron Davis (CB, UTSA)
        Leighton Vander Esch (LB, Boise State)
        Josh Sweat (DE, Florida State)
        Cole Madison (G, Washington State)
        Kyle Allen (QB, Houston)
        Simeon Thomas (CB, Louisiana Lafayette)
        Holton Hill (CB, Texas)
        Breeland Speaks (DE, Ole Miss)
        Andrew Brown (DE, Virginia)
        Julian Taylor (DT, Temple)
        Jacob Pugh (LB, Florida State)
        Dorance Armstrong (DE, Kansas)
        Ronnie Harrison (S, Alabama)
        Austin Corbett (G, Nevada)
        Kemoko Turay (DE, Rutgers)
        Isaiah Oliver (CB, Colorado)
        Billy Price (C, Ohio State)
        Derrick Nnadi (DT, Florida State)
        Tony Brown (CB, Alabama)
        Jacob Martin (DE, Temple)
        Edward Shockely (LB, Villanova)
        Alex McGough (QB, FIU)

        That’s a list of 29 names, provided by various reports or the players themselves.

        They also had private workouts with Kalen Ballage (RB, Arizona State), Christian Kirk (WR, Texas A&M), Demone Harris (DE, Buffalo), Abdullah Anderson (DT, Bucknell) and Manase Hungalu (LB, Oregon State).

        They had private meetings with Ronald Jones II (RB, USC), Nick Nelson (CB, Wisconsin), Natrell Jamerson (S, Wisconsin) and Shaquem Griffin (LB, UCF).

    • Rob Staton

      I think they will draft a tight end, Shaquem Griffin, a cornerback, another defensive lineman and I could also see a receiver or another RB depending on how the board falls.

      Linebacker depth also vital so that’s an option but they might wait until UDFA.

  18. STTBM

    Tim Settle or Shaqem Griffin next?!

    • C-Dog

      That’s a tough question. I would be quite excited about either pick. I gotta feeling if Griffin is sitting at 120, Seattle would take him there.

  19. C-Dog

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this giddy about a player Seattle took Day 2, maybe when they grabbed Russell Wilson at pick 75. Every time I caught a Trojan game over the past two years, my eyes kept going to 94, and he just felt like a guy Seattle would want. If he stays healthy, I think Seattle got a player who can be really special. I had him going to New England at pick 31. I’m please Carroll is intending on keeping him at 5T. I can see an impulse to develop him at DT, but I think his best game will be as a strong side end once he grows a bit more good weight.

    I feel a whole lot heck of a lot better about this D line now. I think Jarran Reed is an alpha who might well start taking things over. I think Naz Jones has an alpha vibe to him, and Clark is definitely alpha. Add the veteran savy of Tom Johnson, and I think that’s a good looking group to let Green grow up around.

    Onto Day 3.

    120: R4P20

    We know this pick is coming, right? If Seattle walks out of this draft with Rashaad Penny, Rasheem Green, and Shaquem Griffin, and not trade Earl Thomas? That will definitely jack up a bit of a stressed out fanbase. I’m saying book this pick, if he’s still sitting there.

    141: R5P4

    Maxwell coming back, and taking this guy would make the cornerback feel a whole lot better.

    146: R5P9

    Dissley could be their guy, but if Schultz is still having out there, doesn’t this pick make too much sense?

    156: R5P19

    Seattle added Michael Bennett 2.0 in Green. Now grab a guy who can be a bit of that pass rush nose.

    168: R5P31

    Seattle gets their Badger who looks like he can be a Honey Badger.

    186: R6P12

    Seattle doesn’t Coug it by taking this Coug.

    220: R7P2

    Nall will make Seattle fans Beaver Believers.

    226: R7P8

    What the hay, Seattle drafts a QB.

    • SoCal12

      I would love it if the rest of the draft went this way. Shaq and Poona are two guys I’m pretty high on, and I think we will have successfully addressed a lot of our needs if we go with something like this.

      • C-Dog

        I’m right there with you on Shaquem and Poona. Tony Brown is pretty interesting, as well. I wonder with Earl now staying put if they even draft safety. They might try to grab a couple linebackers, maybe even an extra runner.

    • ChrisClem

      That would be an awesome day 3! With Earl staying I would maybe draft someone else than Jamerson, even though I really like the guy. A LB like Genard Avery would provide good debth at that spot. I also think the RB room is pretty stacked now, and I would probably pick a guy like Keith Kirkwood (WR) instead of Nall. I haven’t watched Cole Madison a lot, but if Tony Adams are still on the board, I would consider him at that spot.

      • C-Dog

        I think Madison is going to add some really nice value to a team day three. I think Jamerson is still a interesting player to target, maybe even someone who could work the slot, but the team is pretty loaded up at safety. Griffin is the only one who feels like a must get for me. Would love to see them add more to Edge, Nose, Corner, TE, and LB, and anything else is bonus.

  20. Ground_Hawk

    That’s no good about your laptop Rob. Hopefully nothing important is lost. Best wishes!

  21. Kenny Sloth

    SeaMode’s OL master list.

    Here’s the full list of qualifiers then (+3.0 TEF or +90 wTEF), once again with some arm length exceptions (*) for notable players or bigtime TEF scorers.

    1. Braden Smith, Auburn, 6062, 315, 116 SPARQ, 32.25* arm, 3.52 TEF, 110.99 wTEF
    2. Korey Cunningham, Cincinnati, 6053, 311, 133.7 SPARQ, 32.25* arm, 3.48 TEF, 108.36 wTEF
    3. Kolton Miller, UCLA, 6085, 309, 136 SPARQ, 34.125 arm, 3.31 TEF, 102.28 wTEF
    4. Frank Ragnow, Arkansas, 6051, 312, 118.9 SPARQ, 33.125 arm, 3.29 TEF, 102.55 wTEF
    5. Gerhard de Beer, Arizona, 6064, 312, 110.2 SPARQ, 34.125 arm, 3.28 TEF, 102.34 wTEF
    6. David Steinmetz, Purdue, 6074, 321, 108.3 SPARQ, 34.25 arm, 3.23 TEF, 103.8 wTEF
    7. Wyatt Teller, Virginia Tech, 6044, 314, 109.6 SPARQ, 34 arm, 3.22 TEF, 101.19 wTEF
    8. Brant Weiss, Toledo, 6060, 297, 96.8 SPARQ, 34 arm, 3.21 TEF, 95.46 wTEF
    9. Connor Williams, Texas, 6051, 296, 114.6 SPARQ, 33 arm, 3.17 TEF, 93.95 wTEF
    10. Jashon Robertson, Tennessee, 6024, 292, 107.6 SPARQ, 33.25 arm, 3.16 TEF, 92.32 wTEF
    11.Matt Gono, Wesley, 6040, 316, 112.1 SPARQ, 34.375 arm, 3.14 TEF, 99.13 wTEF
    12. Will Hernandez, UTEP, 6023, 327, 107.7 SPARQ, 32* arm, 3.14 TEF, 102.53 wTEF
    13. Dejon Allen, Hawaii, 6020, 295, 110.8 SPARQ, 32.625* arm, 3.08 TEF, 91 wTEF
    14. Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame, 6050, 325, N/A SPARQ, 33.75 arm, 3.07 TEF, 99.78 wTEF
    15. Christian DiLauro, Illinois, 6054, 300, 107 SPARQ, 33.375 arm, 3.04 TEF, 91.32 wTEF
    16. Cole Boozer, Temple, 6052, 300, 104.4 SPARQ, 33.875 arm, 3.04 TEF, 91.34 wTEF
    17. Beau Nunn, Appalachian State, 6034, 304, 100.2 SPARQ, 33 arm, 3.01 TEF, 91.52 wTEF
    18. Skyler Phillips, Idaho State, 6026, 318, 103.6 SPARQ, 33 arm, 2.98 TEF, 94.69 wTEF
    19. Alex Light, Richmond, 6052, 309, 100.9 SPARQ, 33.25 arm, 2.91 TEF, 90.06 wTEF
    20. Toby Weathersby, LSU, 6043. 317, 91.9 SPARQ, 33.25 arm, 2.85 TEF, 90.42 wTEF
    21. Garrison Wright, Minnesota, 6037, 323, 84.4 SPARQ, 34.25 arm, 2.80 TEF, 90.44 wTEF

    TEF qualifiers eliminated for arm length (sorry, I’m not taking time to format nicely)

    Patrick Morris, TCU, 6023 ,300 ,128.2 ,31.25 ,3.79 ,113.61
    Evan Brown, SMU, 6024 ,302 ,117.7 ,32.5 ,3.64 ,109.97
    Tejan Koroma BYU, 6001 ,298 ,104.9 ,31.25 ,3.35 ,99.69
    Michael Henderman, Liberty ,6026 ,298 ,114.9 ,32.625 ,3.34 ,99.45
    Adam Ploudre, ,Missouri ,6032 ,307 ,104.2 ,31.625 ,3.19 ,97.82
    Austin Pratt ,Texas-San Antonio ,6012 ,292 ,96 ,32.25 ,3.19 ,93.15
    Trey Martin ,Rice ,6011 ,298 ,91.5 ,32.75 ,3.19 ,94.99
    Austin Schlottman ,TCU ,6052 ,296 ,111.7 ,32.25 ,3.15 ,93.33
    Jacob Ohnesorge ,South Dakota State ,6022 ,294 ,103.7 ,30.75 ,3.13 ,91.93
    Dylan Cline ,Jacksonville State ,6032 ,288 ,98.5 ,31.125 ,3.12 ,89.8
    Scott Quessenberry ,UCLA ,6035 ,310 ,117 ,31.75 ,3.09 ,95.86
    David Niehaus ,Cincinnati ,6015 ,293 ,87.7 ,31.125 ,3.03 ,88.81
    Tuni Kanuch, BYU, 6017, 306, 104.9, 29.875, 2.99, 91.37
    Jovann Letuli ,Akron ,6032 ,340 ,107 ,31.25 ,2.98 ,101.24
    Will House ,Southern Nazarene ,6027 ,314 ,97.8 ,32.125 ,2.95 ,92.66
    Rick Leonard ,Florida State ,6070 ,311 ,32.25 ,2.91 ,90.59

    Notables close to TEF/wTEF

    Austin Golson, Auburn, 6046, 304, 100.9 SPARQ, 32.25 arm, 2.95 TEF, 89.57 wTEF
    Colby Gossett, Appalachian State ,6047 ,311 ,92.5 ,33.875 ,2.86 ,88.89
    Brandon Parker, North Carolina A&T ,6075 ,305 ,103.1 ,35 ,2.84 ,86.73
    Martinas Rankin ,Mississippi State ,6043 ,308 ,33.75 ,2.82 ,86.99
    Brian O’Neill ,Pittsburgh ,6067 ,297 ,117.9 ,34.125 ,2.74 ,81.38
    Mike McGlinchey ,Notre Dame ,6077 ,309 ,34 ,2.73 ,84.27

    Seahawks interest

    Austin Corbett ,Nevada ,6043 ,306 ,100 ,33.125 ,2.55 ,78.07

    Uh oh…

    Brett Toth Army ,6056 ,291 ,90.1 ,33.375 ,2.27 ,65.93

    • Kenny Sloth

      Such a damn good job again SeaMode

      • Volume12

        Yeah that’s awesome. Never seen that before.

        • Kenny Sloth

          It was all bolded out too…

          • Volume12

            Sounds about right. He bolds it and I miss it

    • Josh Emmett


    • Misfit74

      Teller is a guy (along with Crosby) I’m eyeballing

      • Kenny Sloth

        I wouldn’t mind a piece of Austin Golson later on

  22. Ashish

    Next pick will be Ian Thomas TE if available. JS/PC missed on TE in last draft

    • Volume12

      Pretty likely they do go TE early tommorow. That’s where the pocket of talent, position wise, is strongest. Either that or Griffin.

  23. Volume12

    Seattle has to hit on each side of the ball once and 1-2 UDFA. Will be a big success if they can.

  24. Volume12

    Was the Rasheem Green clue the Katt Williams gif of him in the green velvet jacket?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ugh. USC Will Ferrell?

      • Volume12

        On sh**. That coulda been it too. Didn’t even think of that. I wish Pete would at least reveal a couple of them every year.

        • Kenny Sloth

          No f*** the fans. He’s a genius and we’re garbage.

          Ever wonder how his hair gets so white?

          It’s from the ground bones of fans.

          Giants make bread, Pete makes hair dye

          • Volume12

            Hahaha 😂

  25. Volume12

    Rob, just a quick heads up on your piece which is really good as usual BTW. Pete mentioned they timed Green with a sub 4.7 40

  26. Volume12

    Not only was BJ Hill a great pick for the Giants but a man named ‘BJ’ was drafted at 69? Amazing. Can’t make this stuff up.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn


  27. Kenny Sloth

    Remaining visits list. Dorance Armstrong Jr. The next most likely ino

    Kyle Allen^, QB, Houston (WOR, PRI)
    Alex McGough, QB, Florida International (PRI)

    Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State (WOR)
    Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa (SR)
    Ito Smith, RB, Southern Mississippi (PRI)

    Khalid Hill, FB, Michigan (PRI)
    Ryan Nall, FB, Oregon State (COM)

    Keith Kirkwood, WR, Temple (PRI)

    Will Dissly, TE, Washington (COM)

    Cole Madison, OT, Washington State (PRI)

    Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan (PRI)
    Poona Ford, DT, Texas (PRI)
    Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple (PRI)
    Abdullah Anderson, DT, Bucknell (WOR)

    Josh Sweat^, DE/3-4OLB, Florida State (PRO, PRI)
    Dorance Armstrong Jr., DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Kansas (PRI)
    Jacob Martin, DE, Temple (PRI)
    Demone Harris DE Buffalo
    Tee Sims (DE, Appalachian State)

    Shaquem Griffin, OLB, Central Florida (COM)
    Foye Oluokun, OLB, Yale (PRI)
    Jacob Pugh, 3-4OLB/OLB, Florida State (PRI)
    Zaire Franklin, LB, Syracuse
    Ed Shockley, ILB, Villanova (PRI)
    Manase Hungalu, ILB, Oregon State (WOR)

    Nick Nelson, CB, Wisconsin (PRO)
    Tony Brown, CB, Alabama (PRO, PRI)
    Holton Hill, CB, Texas (PRI)
    Simeon Thomas, CB, La.-Lafayette (PRI)
    Devron Davis CB UTSA

    Natrell Jamerson, S, Wisconsin (PRO)
    Marcell Harris, S, Florida (PRI)
    J.T. Gray (S, Mississippi State)
    Chris Cooper, FS, Stony Brook (PRI)

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s almost like we were planning on going offense early and focus in the defensive depth later on….

      • Volume12

        They’re definitely taking a speed rusher at some point tommorow.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Does Quem count as that?

          Or do we grab Dorance first.

          Didn’t the Kansas AD tell us to draft Ifedi (he did)

          • C-Dog

            I would count him as one.

  28. Coleslaw

    LB and TE are the most glaring holes right now. They’re both very thing compared to the other positions. And if that’s tier 1, tier 2 of our needs is CB, WR, OL

    • Coleslaw

      I also think a receiving back is up there in tier 2. That’s 6 picks for 6 positions, leaves 4 more picks, I say RB John Kelly, FB Nall, QB Kyle Allen and CB Simeon Thomas. Then get a couple more fullbacks in UEFA. If we keep our same # of picks, we’ll have 13 spots to make 90, UEFA is gonna be exciting as ever!

  29. Pran

    Per John Clayton, it’s Sam Hubbard or Green at 76. They chose to trade down confident that they will get one. Bengals took Hubbard at 77 and hawks took green at 79. Let’s see who turns out better.

    • Volume12


      Watch them pull up on Arizona DB Dane Cruikshank

      • Kenny Sloth

        they love those agility tests.

        Hubbard didn’t have very good times except for the cones. Best in the class.

  30. Old but Slow

    If you had told me before the draft that we would take 2 in the first 3 rounds, I would have been critical, but I am liking what they are doing, and the options ahead seem solid. Tony Pauline on Draft Analyst has a list of available players after round 3, and there is a lot of potential there.

    Only a couple of days until the laughable draft grades are handed out. And that after listening to the draft on ESPN radio (no TV) in which a panel of ex-spurts (most with NY roots and open about it), seemed flabbergasted that Vander Esch went in the first round, and that Ridley did not go to Dallas at 19. I also followed it here on line, and that kept me from disabling my radio.

    Good job, Rob, carrying on after the great crash of ’18, I assume on your phone, which is almost heroic in these times.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    Remaining guys that fit Seattle’s measurables at CB 32-4.3-7.2 arms-ss-3^

    Holton Hill
    Christian Campbell
    Justin Martin
    Cameron Roane
    Keion Crossen
    Jordan Thomas
    Chris Jones
    Joseph Putu
    Levi Wallace

    These guys were so close they deserve a look

    Devin Butler
    Chris Seisay
    Brandon Facyson
    Reggie Hall

    • McZ

      Don’t count or Nick Nelson. Without his late injury, he would be a solid 3rd rounder.
      I guess, Wallace it will be, R6 or even 7.

      Then definitely Dejon Allen, blind side specialist as a hedge behind Fluker and depth behind brown. Cole Madison would equally be possible.

      Marcel Ateman or Lazard as WR.

      I’m quite, forced zo choose between Griffin and Holland, they would draft the latter earlier.

      But what do I know…

  32. astro_domine

    Any idea why Ian Thomas is hanging around? Just too raw?

    • C-Dog

      Probably. I don’t think he lasts long Day 3.

  33. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody else notice Tomasi Lauille running a 4.77 at 301# for BYU

  34. Kenny Sloth

    DE: Cliff Avril, Frank Clark, Dion Jordan, Marcus Smith, Rasheem Green, Branden Jackson, Christian French, , Noble Nwachukwu, 8
    DT: Jarran Reed, Tom Johnson, Shamar Stephen, Naz Jones, Quinton Jefferson, 5
    LB: Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Barkevious Mingo, DJ Alexander, Josh Forrest, Paul Dawson, 6
    S: Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Bradley McDougald, Maurice Alexander, Delano Hill, Tedric Thompson, Akeem King, 7
    CB: Shaquill Griffin, Byron Maxwell, Justin Coleman, Dontae Johnson, Neiko Thorpe, DeAndre Elliot, Mike Tyson, Alex Carter, 8

    Defense: 34

    OL: Duane Brown, Germain Ifedi, George Fant, Isaiah Battle, Tyrus Thompson, 5
    OG: DJ Fluker, Ethan Pocic, Rees Odhiambo, Jordan Roos, Willie Beavers, 5
    OC: Justin Britt, Joey Hunt, 2
    WR: Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Jaron Brown, Amarah Darboh, Marcus Johnson, David Moore, Cyril Grayson, Tanner McEvoy, 8
    QB: Russell Wilson, Austin Davis, Stephen Morris, 3
    RB: Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, Mike Davis, CJ Prosise, JD McKissic, 5
    FB: Jalston Fowler, Tre Madden, 2
    TE: Ed Dickson, Nick Vannett, Tyrone Swoopes, 3

    Offense: 33

    Kicker: Sebastian Janikowski, Justin Myers, 2
    Punter: Jon Ryan, 1
    Long snapper: Tyler Ott, 1

    Special Teams: 4

    Total: 71

    • Kenny Sloth

      5Tech: Dion Jordan, Rasheem Green, 2
      NT: Jarran Reed, Shamar Stephens, 2
      3T: Tom Johnson, Nazair Jones, 2
      LEO: Frank Clark, Marcus Smith II, Christian French, 3
      SAM: Barkevious Mingo, Paul Dawson?, 2
      MIKE: Bobby Wagner, Josh Forrest?, 2
      WILL: KJ Wright, DJ Alexander, 2
      CB1: Byron Maxwell, Dontae Johnson, 2
      CB2: Shaquill Griffin, Neiko Thorpe, 2
      CB3: Justin Coleman, Deandre Elliott, 2
      FS: Earl Thomas, Delano Hill, 2
      SS: Bradley McDougald, Maurice Alexander, 2

      Defense: 25

      LT: Duane Brown, George Fant, 2
      LG: Ethan Pocic, Michael Roos, 2
      C: Justin Britt, Joey Hunt, 2
      RG: DJ Fluker, Rees Odhiambo, 2
      RT: Germain Ifedi, Isaiah Battle, 2
      QB: Russell Wilson, Austin Davis, 2
      RB: Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, Mike Davis, 3
      3DRB: CJ Prosise, JD McKissick, 2
      FB: Tre Madden, 1
      TE: Ed Dickson, Nick Vannett, Tyrone Swoopes, 2
      WR1: Doug Baldwin, Jaron Brown, Amarah Darboh, 3
      WR2: Tyler Lockett, Marcus Johnson, 2

      Offense: 25

      K: Sebastien Janikowski, 1
      P: Jon Ryan, 1
      LS: Tyler Ott, 1

      Special Teams: 3

      • Andrew

        Mo Alexander might be the backup at SAM. Or play close to the line on obvious passing downs, like how they used Atari Bigby. Didn’t Pete say he was gonna play LB and safety?

      • Ground_Hawk

        Thanks for this Kenny!

      • Simo

        Nice list Kenny! It will be interesting if any of Avril, Kam, or McDowell are cleared to play, as it would throw a big twist into things (a positive twist I should add).

        You also have to expect several of the rookies we draft today will make the final 53, further altering the list. Bring on that competition!!

  35. schuemansky

    With Kirk and Pettis in the NFC West the Hawks should really focus on ST on day 3.
    I would even trade up to secure Shaquem and maybe look for Jamerson at the end of R5 or R6.

    • SheHawk

      Agreed if we don’t take Griffin next I’m going to freak out. JS got ? about him during press conf. Wouldn’t answer – understandable….but how long is too long?… lots of LBs taken end of 3rd -let’s not get cute and take him asap….maybe use a late rounder to move up.

      • JimQ

        One would think (hope?) that the intangibles and feel good story of Griffin would have somewhat more value to the Seahawks than any other team, perhaps as much as a full round of difference in how he’s ranked?

  36. Coleslaw

    27. Rashaad Penny RB
    76. Rasheem Green DE
    120. Shaquem Griffin LB
    141. Ian Thomas TE
    146. Keke Coutee WR
    156. Tony Brown CB
    168. John Kelly RB
    186. Natrell Jamerson S
    220. Cole Madison OL
    226. Kyle Allen QB
    Wait on FB til UDFA, they’ll know they can get on the field here, we’ll be a prime target for FBs.

    • East Side Stevie

      Alot of those dudes will be off the board by #120.

      • Producehawk

        Might have to trade up into the fourth to get Quem and Ian.

  37. Kenny Sloth

    Rasheem Green loves rain and star wars.

    You know this boy a straight millenial. His favorite movie is star wars REVENVE OF THE SITH.

    I got that shit on bootleg for my 9th birthday like 6 months before it was released.

    He has a pet chameleon cuz “he’s real pretty… low maintenance”

    He said he likes “classic r&b like from the early 2000’s” hahahaha
    And I’m only 2 years older than him too.

    He’s pissed he went so low.

    • STTBM

      Awesome Kenny! Sheesh, Classic r & b in the 2000’s…my ass! Somebody get that boy some Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, etc…Y’all making me feel old and I’m barely 40!

      • Group captain mandrake

        Followed by some O’jays, Temptations and Curtis mayfield stat!

        • Hawk Eye

          good taste in music

          and LOVE your handle, wonder how many people here know where it comes from.
          That movie should make a comeback,

  38. Troy

    I’m not saying… I’m just saying

    120: R4P20-Maurice Hurst- DT

    141: R5P4-Josh Sweat- DE

    146: R5P9-Tim Settle- DT

    156: R5P19-Holton Hill- CB

    168: R5P31-Shaquem Griffin- LB

    186: R6P12- Hercules Mata’afa-DE/LB

    220: R7P2- Bo Scarbrough- RB

    226: R7P8- Will Dissly- TE

    • mac

      sub Bo for Ito Smith and I love it.


      I was shocked about the Penny pick, however, I’m choosing to embrace the guy. I wasn’t angry about the pick I just felt like we could get him later on.

      If we add:
      Rashaad Penny
      Rasheed Green
      Mo Hurst
      Tim Settle
      Shaq Griffin
      Ito Smith
      I would be over the moon.

      • GerryG

        I’m sure this was brought in an earlier comment section but JS said a team called him after the fact inquiring about Penny, which shows he was in demand.

        Pure speculation on my part: But I’m guessing it was one of the teams that was still to pick rd1. Can’t see anyone calling who couldn’t return a 2018rd1 + a later pick to get Penny from us. Since NE drafted a RB, and Philly trades back, I’m guessing it was one of those two teams. If so Penny was never making day2.

    • Trevor

      I would like them to take a flier on Sweat and Hurst too. Clearly issues with the medicals but if one of them hits you are getting a steal at a premium position.

      That would be a pretty sick day 3.

      • Sean-O

        Agree. I think you get to a point where the risk is worth the potential reward.

    • East Side Stevie

      Alot of those guys will be off the board by #120.

    • C-Dog

      Would be an amazing haul. I’m nervous about Hurst’s heart condition. If Seattle grabbed Settle, put him at Nose and Reed at 3T on run downs and good luck with running on those two. Would be tremendous get for Seattle Day 3.

  39. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think a TE is coming soon.. 4th, but probably 5th round. Ian Thomas would be a fine fit.
    I keep thinking a nice RB will be available when they pick in the 5th as well. I guess it could be a FB/RB type of guy…… they just need a guy who can be a hammer.

    I also think Griffin is going 4th round.. not sure who… just feels right spot for him.

    And finally, I think WR is coming as well… very likely 5th round. I’m looking for someone unique…. Equanimeous St. Brown comes to mind. Draft guides had him 3rd round…. so I guess he has slide slightly.

  40. Trudy Beekman

    Based on remaining positional scarcity, need, and talent, I would like to see them take one of the following guys w/ their next couple picks:

    WR Equanimeous St. Brown – A big body w/ athletic upside at what I think is our biggest position of need. Anthony Miller, Tre’Quan Smith, Michael Gallup, plus St. Brown and Justin Watson are the 5 names I was hoping lasted to Day 3 that projected to have shots to start in the NFL. Only 2 remain.

    TE Ian Thomas – Last TE I think projects to be more than a JAG blocking TE.

    OT Tyrell Crosby – Last guy other than a flyer on Jaryd Jones-Smith that I think could be a starting OT.

    NT Foley Fatukasi – One of my favorites. 3T in base, NT in sub-packages. Monster player.

    DT Andrew Brown – Everyone here is familiar w/ Brown.

    DT Dashawn Hand – Surprised he didn’t go earlier just based on Alabama player premium.

    EDGE Duke Ejiofor – Didn’t test and might be slow, but mega-producer in the SEC w/ 34 TFL and 17.5 sacks last 2 years.

    EDGE Josh Sweat – We all know him.

    LB Shaq Griffin – Goes without saying around here.

    OG Wyatt Teller – Maybe the last guy left that I think could compete to start on day 1 and not just be a project/depth guy.

    I still think LB and OG are deep, but there’s a cliff after Griffin and Teller IMO. S and CB also deep and able to be addressed later or in UDFA.

    • Sea Mode

      Great analysis. Some very good options still available today.

      Tim Settle is also still on the board. He may have tested poorly, but the tape don’t lie.

      One of my favorite S is as well, Armani Watts. Less of a need now that it seems we will hold on to Earl, but still, gotta take talent when available.

      Ian Thomas is good value in R4.

      Will Griffin last to us in R5? Are they willing to chance it?

  41. Forty20

    After getting a chance to ruminate on the pick for a while a player that somewhat came to mind is Danielle Hunter from the Vikings. Both are physical specimens that came out of college quite raw at a very young age (~20/21) and have clear upside that needs to be coached up. As fate would have it both were taken in the third round as well.

    Hunter is more of a pure EDGE guy as opposed to how Seattle will presumably use Green inside/out but Danielle had a decent rookie season in 2016 before exploding in his second year as one the most fearsome players on a stacked defensive line.

    Seattle will obviously be hoping for a nice dose of production from Rasheem in his rookie campaign but Hunter shows how much you can coach up a player that has that rare combination of talent and genuine youth. Green actually edges Hunter out significantly for college production so hopefully that manifests this season.

  42. Sea Mode

    Well, Kenny beat me to it, but I was just going to re-post the remaining TEF qualifiers (+3.0 TEF or +90 wTEF), once again with some arm length exceptions (*) for notable players or bigtime TEF scorers. Here they are!

    Remaining TEF qualifiers

    2. Korey Cunningham, Cincinnati, 6053, 311, 133.7 SPARQ, 32.25* arm, 3.48 TEF, 108.36 wTEF
    5. Gerhard de Beer, Arizona, 6064, 312, 110.2 SPARQ, 34.125 arm, 3.28 TEF, 102.34 wTEF
    6. David Steinmetz, Purdue, 6074, 321, 108.3 SPARQ, 34.25 arm, 3.23 TEF, 103.8 wTEF
    7. Wyatt Teller, Virginia Tech, 6044, 314, 109.6 SPARQ, 34 arm, 3.22 TEF, 101.19 wTEF
    8. Brant Weiss, Toledo, 6060, 297, 96.8 SPARQ, 34 arm, 3.21 TEF, 95.46 wTEF
    10. Jashon Robertson, Tennessee, 6024, 292, 107.6 SPARQ, 33.25 arm, 3.16 TEF, 92.32 wTEF
    11. Matt Gono, Wesley, 6040, 316, 112.1 SPARQ, 34.375 arm, 3.14 TEF, 99.13 wTEF
    13. Dejon Allen, Hawaii, 6020, 295, 110.8 SPARQ, 32.625* arm, 3.08 TEF, 91 wTEF
    15. Christian DiLauro, Illinois, 6054, 300, 107 SPARQ, 33.375 arm, 3.04 TEF, 91.32 wTEF
    16. Cole Boozer, Temple, 6052, 300, 104.4 SPARQ, 33.875 arm, 3.04 TEF, 91.34 wTEF
    17. Beau Nunn, Appalachian State, 6034, 304, 100.2 SPARQ, 33 arm, 3.01 TEF, 91.52 wTEF
    18. Skyler Phillips, Idaho State, 6026, 318, 103.6 SPARQ, 33 arm, 2.98 TEF, 94.69 wTEF
    19. Alex Light, Richmond, 6052, 309, 100.9 SPARQ, 33.25 arm, 2.91 TEF, 90.06 wTEF
    20. Toby Weathersby, LSU, 6043. 317, 91.9 SPARQ, 33.25 arm, 2.85 TEF, 90.42 wTEF
    21. Garrison Wright, Minnesota, 6037, 323, 84.4 SPARQ, 34.25 arm, 2.80 TEF, 90.44 wTEF

    Remaining notables close to TEF/wTEF

    Austin Golson, Auburn, 6046, 304, 100.9 SPARQ, 32.25 arm, 2.95 TEF, 89.57 wTEF
    Colby Gossett, Appalachian State, 6047, 311, 92.5 SPARQ, 33.875 arm, 2.86 TEF, 88.89 wTEF

  43. Trevor

    My Day 3 Top 20 Hawks Big Board

    Shaq Griffin
    Josh Sweat
    Mo Hurst
    Quenton Meeks
    Tim Settle
    Ian Thomas
    Equinous St. Brown
    Natrell Jamerson
    Foye Oliokun
    Holton Hill
    Durham Smythe
    Leon Jacobs
    Dalton Shultz
    Nick Nelson
    Foley Fatukasi
    Khalid Hill
    Mike White
    Dorance Armstrong
    Tony Brown
    Nic Simoneck
    Arden Tate
    Michael Dickson

    I would be happy with even 2 or 3 of these guys on Day #3

    I think 5 most likely are Griffin, Jamerson, Brown, Dickson and Hill.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Some good players left. Not sure who would be a better pick now that it appears Earl is sticking around: S N. Jamerson, or CB T. Brown?

  44. Sea Mode

    Link to Day 2 presser if anyone missed it.

    Really interesting for me was at the 4:15 mark. Explained why they value Day 3 picks so much. Because teams have similar grades on most of the guys through the first three rounds, so you are taking guys off the top of your board constantly. But then, starting in R4, teams start to diverge on their player evaluation and to take players who are not even on your board for medical, scheme fit, or other reasons. So your board starts to stay almost the same even as teams are picking, and this allows you to just sit there and keep adding your type of guys all the way through.

  45. Trevor

    Given how little draft capital we have I feel so much better about Day #1 and 2 than I did last year.

    I hated the McDowell pick because of his effort level. I thought Griffin was a typical solid developmental CB pick and that Pocic, Hill, Darboh were JAGs at best.

    Griffin looks like a steal in retrospect, McDowell an all time bust and the jury is out on the rest.

    With Penny and Green I think we have two potential long term stud building blocks who will be impact rotational players year #1 and elite starters at important positions for the Hawks by years 2-3. If that is the case then I think these two days would have to be classified as a success.

  46. Trevor

    Now that the Earl trade drama is over what do the Hawks do with him? If they do not plan on extending him then don’t they want to start playing guys like Tedric Thompson and anyone they draft more snaps to see why they have in those guys for when Earl leaves next year. That won’t sit well with Earl I assure you.

    I just see that whole situation being a year long fiasco starting with will he sit out or report to camp.

    JS has completely bungled his handling of Sherm and Earl. To let two All Pro players walk and get nothing but a 2020 comp pick for Earl would be inexcusable IMO.

    • Millhouse-serbia

      There is no guarantee that we will get comp pick for.him. If in a FA we add more players than we let go we will get nothing for him.

      I dont tjhink drama is over, and based on everything you said, and i completely agree with you, i think that JS will trade him tonight. He wont let that last night, and huuuge gap in round 2, happen again next year. He will trade ET for 4th round and next year 2nd.

      • Trevor

        You could be right.

    • Rob Staton

      That is my fear, to be honest. That with Sherman and Earl all they’ve done is set themselves up to get absolutely nothing for either within a 12 month period.

      • Trevor

        It really has been handled poorly I have to admit and way too public IMO.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree. I think it’s been a mess. They hedged their bets just like with Sherman with the ‘we listen to any offer’ stuff then seemingly indulged in a staring contest with dallas through the media. And neither team blinked. But for Dallas, they likely just sit tight for 12 months now. What do we do? People can talk about the Franchise tag. The Seahawks never use it. There’s a pretty realistic chance ET walks in a year straight to the Cowboys. And there’s also a chance Seattle gets nothing in return because they’ll have to sign replacement FA’s at various positions. Just like this year.

          • Trevor

            JS has this need to be transparent and open about things but sometimes it is best to just keep quiet with media. Focus on dealing privately and get things done. Afterwards you can explain things to media.

            Look at the Eagles and Pats. They make tons of trades for vet players and none of it is played out in the media.

            I love JS but he Sherm and Earl fiascos are 100% on him.

      • clbradley17

        I’m still frustrated that we didn’t get at least what we got for Mike Bennett in a trade for Sherman, if not a 3rd or 4th.

    • schuemansky

      There probably won’t even be the comp pick with the abundance of cap space the Seahawks will have in 2019.

    • C-Dog

      I think one of three things likely happen in this order.

      1; 40% chance Earl plays out his final year and leaves via free agency.

      2; 40% chance Earl is dealt before the start of the regular season for another player, and pick(s).

      3; 20% chance he signs an extension in Seattle.

      Even though a trade didn’t happen during the draft, I don’t think that kills the possibility Seattle doesn’t ultimately still deal him. Some team that feels like they are really close to competing for a ring might get triggery during preseason. Take the Jaguars for example. With Taven Bryan added, they are ridiculously loaded up front. Maybe they offer Abry Jones and a 2019 R2 pick for Thomas. Maybe Dallas offers a player and a pick.

      I said this in an above comment last night, but if the worst that happens is Earl plays out his deal and then walks, IMO, it wouldn’t be necessarily terrible, especially if his presence lends to a bounce back year for Seattle when they are grooming a new young nucleus. I’m a glass half full kinda sort, though. So this is how I choose to approach it.

      • Rawls

        Curious why not franchise tag? The number for safeties is actually pretty low. Use the franchise tag threat to get a better deal on a long term extension or let him play out the franchise tag and either sign him at the end or let him walk at 31.

        • C-Dog

          I don’t think Seattle will use it, but in the case of Earl, they do have that option, maybe either to buy one more year of his services, or force a trade, if Dallas is intent on waiting him out. I think it’s pretty unlikely. It would probably severely piss off the player.

          • Producehawk

            My hope is they find a way to keep him in away that makes him happy until retirement. First ballot HOF and ring of honor dudes are rare.

            • C-Dog

              I wouldn’t argue against it.

  47. Trevor

    Waiting 20 picks on Day #3 is really going to suck. Going to be a ton of guys we have talked about a lot on here go early in Rd 4.

    Would not mind seeing JS trade a couple of 5ths to pick up an early 4th for someone they really want.

    • Producehawk

      That is my thought.

  48. Trevor

    The Rams have a huge need at Edge rusher. I will be so bummed out if they take Josh Sweat and his knee ends up not being an issue. They would be getting a 1st round talent at a premium position and that is the last thing we need.

    • SheHawk

      Yes please move up and get Griffin. I was a stressed mess end of 3rd. We can reunite twins and he’s awesome! LB is thinning JS go get our guy please!

  49. Millhouse-serbia

    I am huuuge seahawks fan from Serbia. I really hope that you will be seahawk for next 10 years, and i wish you all the best in green and blue uniform!

    • Millhouse-serbia

      I send this text to rasheem 15 days ago via twitter (private message). 😀

      • Trevor

        That is awesome!

      • Sea Mode

        Cool! Did he reply?

  50. DavidinBellingham

    Really happy with Rashaad Penny and Raheem Green. I think the Earl Thomas trade could easily happen day three. Jerry Jones makes a big trade on the final day, with the majority cost to him coming next year?

    • schuemansky

      Would be fine with their 2 R4 picks and their 2019 R2.

  51. EP

    If we select Ian Thomas and I would be happy if we do, the 2017 college football would have come full circle for me. He was the first live touchdown scorer I saw form 2017. Indiana vs Ohio State. Thought he looked decent in that game as he scored two TDs.

    • clbradley17

      Tony Pauline has Ian Thomas on the front of his “best player available after day 2 page” –

      Would love to get Thomas at TE, but since we don’t pick until 18, don’t see him lasting until then. And a lot of the picks he has at the bottom of the page rated as 7th round for Andrew Brown and FA for Poona Ford should go much higher.

      • Trevor

        No chance Thomas gets past Dallas IMO.

        Would love to see JS move up right in front of them to take him then take Shaq at 120.

        • Producehawk

          That would be ideal IMHO. Perhaps a trade for Earl would take care of it.

  52. Trevor

    Not to beat on a dead horse but I think the biggest and by far the best move the Hawks made this off season was getting Solari as the new OL coach.

    Looking at the Raiders picks made me so thankful we don’t have to sit through another year of that. The Raiders has a great OL that I assure you will be in the bottom 1/3 by 2020 I assure you.

    I think the impact of Solari and having one OC calling all the shots without a run game coordinator is the most under rated postive story line of the Hawks off season. People liked to bang on Bevell but he was never given free reign with the offense and that was Petes big mistake IMO.

    I am so excited for this years training camp it is like 2013 all over.

    Kill it today JS and let’s get this thing rolling.

    Day 1 and 2 of draft
    – Dynamic Home run hitting RB and new kickoff returner
    – Our new 20 year old Mike Bennett without the drama.
    – Starting CB signed

    Sounds like two good days to me!

  53. JaviOsullivan

    Rashaad Penny and Rasheem Green, I like the picks. They are not super exciting but I think they are great players. I hope

    For today, I would like to trade up, join two of the 5th rounds picks to get another 4th. My selections:

    4-112/114 – Tyrell Crosby, OL Oregon
    4-120 – Shaquem Griffin, LB UCF
    5-156 – Cedrick Wilson, WR Boise State or Wyatt Teller, G Virginia Tech
    5-168 – Durham Smythe, TE Notre Dame
    6-186 – Brandon Facyson, CB Virginia Tech
    7-220 – Ed Shockley, LB Vilanova
    7-226 – Kicker

    • Trevor

      Some nice picks.

  54. clbradley17

    Really happy with our draft with Penny having a monster year at RB, plus great at kickoffs and receiving too, and Green looks like he has a ton of talent on the DL. The only bad thing I’ve heard and read several places about Penny is that he is a bad pass blocker.

    Who do you think has had the best draft so far? Tampa Bay couldn’t have done much better with their 1st 2 picks than Vita Vea and Ronald Jones. Indy had several good picks starting with Nelson at guard, and ending with Turay and Tyquan Lewis at edge and DE. But it looks like the Giants really cleaned up so far with Saquon Barkley, Will Hernandez, Lorenzo Carter and B.J. Hill.

    • Trevor

      Tampa and Giants have had A+ drafts IMO.

      I think both teams are playoff contenders as a result. The NFC South is really good.

      Falcons have had a great draft as well.

      • East Side Stevie

        Some how, Some way.. The Jags just keep finding ways to build the NFL’s most talented roster. Its unbelieveable.

        • East Side Stevie

          I might have jumped the gun on “NFL’s most talented roster” But, I think its hard to dispute them having the most talented defensive roster..

  55. Trevor

    My Dream Day #3

    Trade Hawks send #141 and #168 to Houston for #103. The Texans need more picks

    Rd 4
    #103 Josh Sweat or Mo Hurst (whichever medical the feel better about) flier on 1st round talent at a premium position

    #120 Shaq Griffin – Green room explodes

    Rd 5
    #146 Holton Hill – protype Hawks corner and one of the best in this draft in run support
    #156 Equinious St. Brown – Huge deep threat and red zone target

    #186 Natrell Jamerson – legit FS in our scheme

    Rd 7
    #226 – Michael Dickerson- best college punter in a long time
    #248- Will Dissly- Hawks add their blocking TE.

    Simeon Thomas (CB/L Laf)
    Khalid Hill (FB/ Mich)
    Kyle Allen (Qb/ Hous)
    Akeem Victor (LB / Wash)
    jT Barrett (qB/ Ohio St)

    • Sea Mode


      You know I’m not a St. Brown fan, but I could get on board with the rest of those picks.

  56. schuemansky

    My day 3:

    R4/105 Shaquem Griffin (Seahawks trade 120 and 168 for Giants’s 108, picking right before the Redskins who could be a potential competitor for Griffin)

    R5/141 Dylan Cantrell

    R5/146 Nick Nelson

    R5/156 Seahawks trade back with Rams getting 183 and 195

    R6/186 Leon Jacobs

    R6/183 Will Dissly

    R6/195 Jullian Taylor

    R7/220 Cristian Campbell

    R7/226 Justin Watson

    A selection of the following in UDFA:
    Ryan Nall, Nick Bawden, David Wells, Sean Wells, Ja’Von Rolland-Jones, Jacob Pugh, Abdullah Anderson, Ito Smith, Logan Woodside, Joe Ostman, Jeremy Reaves, Keion Crossen, Korey Cunningham, Brandon Smith, Simeon Thomas,

    • Sea Mode

      Really nice. Love the Nick Nelson and Leon Jacobs picks!

      If I could object to something, it would be to adding two WRs at this point who have the same profile as Darboh. I would suggest just picking one. (and take a look at Keith Kirkwood from Temple if you haven’t already. You might end up liking him even better than those other two.)

  57. East Side Stevie

    Lets all chip in to help Rob get a new Laptop!!!

    • Cameron

      Easiest way in my opinion is starting/increasing Patreon pledge.

      • East Side Stevie

        Great point.

  58. Sea Mode

    It’s CB time again. I’m lowering the arm length cutoff to 31.75 because we’ve known in the past that sometimes Seattle will measure them a bit higher. This also adds two interesting names to the mix for Seattle. One of them particularly I am coming to like a lot.

    The other criteria are sub 4.31 SS and sub 7.2 3C. Once again, 16/18 CBs acquired during PC/JS tenure have met those benchmarks. And 40yd dash in the 4.5s.

    If a guy has a shortcoming in any of the criteria, I will mark it with an asterisk. But he had better be special in the other areas to make up for it. (like Shaq Griffin with his 4.38 speed makes up for a shorter 74.125 wingspan, even though 77.5 is their usual cutoff)

    Off the board already are Isaiah Oliver (ATL), Isaac Yiadom (DEN), and Carlton Davis (TB) (*7.3 3C, but made the list with a 4.44 40yd at a bigger size- 206 lbs.)

    Remaining “Seahawky” CB qualifiers (by order of SS time)

    Jordan Thomas, Oklahoma, 6001, 187, 132.5 SPARQ, 32 arm, 77.75 wing, 4.64* 40yd, 3.94 SS, 6.28 3C
    Holton Hill, Texas, 6015, 196, 111.1 SPARQ, 32 arm, 77.25* wing, 4.49 40yd, 4.15 SS, 6.83 3C
    Justin Martin, Tennessee, 6017, 192, 108.9 SPARQ, 32.125 arm, 79 wing, 4.56 40yd, 4.17 SS, 7.12 3C
    Christian Campbell, Penn St, 6006, 195, 139.8 SPARQ, 33.5 arm, 79 wing, 4.55 40yd, 4.18 SS, 6.77 3C
    Quenton Meeks, Stanford, 6010, 209, 133.2 SPARQ, 31.75* arm, 76.25* wing, 4.54 40yd, 4.23 SS, 6.72 3C

    Just missed the 4.31 SS time

    Reggie Hall, Jacksonville State, 6007, 201, 109.7, 32.5, 80.125, 4.56, [4.32], 7.08
    Brandon Facyson, Virginia Tech, 6014, 203, 32.625, 78.5, 4.53, [4.35], 7
    Jamarcus King, South Carolina, 6006, 185*, 95.7, 32.875, 78.375, 4.58, [4.38], 7.2
    Chris Seisay, Portland State, 6007, 197, 122.4, 32.125, 77.25, 4.5, [4.4], 6.71
    Tarvarus McFadden, Florida State, 6022, 204, 121.8, 32.5, 78, 4.58, [4.45], 7

    Disqualified for slow 40yd

    Tyrin Holloway, Western Illinois, 6002, 194, 119.4, 31.875, 75.375, [4.63], 4.19, 7.03
    Kameron Kelly, San Diego State, 6015, 204, 104.5, 31.75*, 74.625,[4.66], 4.28, 6.94
    Devin Butler, Syracuse, 6007, 191, 108.5, 32.375, 77, [4.69], 4.31, 6.97

    My comments on the 5 qualifiers:

    Jordan Thomas, Oklahoma
    6001, 187, 132.5 SPARQ, 32 arm, 77.75 wing, 4.64* 40yd, 3.94 SS, 6.28 3C

    Anyone with 32″ arms and a sub-4.00 SS will catch the Seahawks’ eye. There have only been four to do it since 2010, and the Seahawks acquired 2 of them (DeAndre Elliot, Tye Smith) and very well might have been interested in the other two. (Kevin King, Byron Jones). Justin Coleman also ran sub-4.00, but only has 31.25 arms.

    Jordan Thomas’ 40 yd time was unimpressive, especially considering his size, but they may be compelled to take a look at him late today or in UDFA just based on their draft history alone.

    Holton Hill, Texas
    6015, 196, 111.1 SPARQ, 32 arm, 77.25* wing, 4.49 40yd, 4.15 SS, 6.83 3C

    The fastest 40yd of the group (4.49), aggressive tackler and very physical, but the least explosive by a good margin in the jumps and has the off field question marks (immaturity, multiple failed drug tests). He may not even be on Seattle’s board, depending on the information they were able to gather at his visit to the VMAC.

    Justin Martin, Tennessee
    6017, 192, 108.9 SPARQ, 32.125 arm, 79 wing, 4.56 40yd, 4.17 SS, 7.12 3C

    With a 4.56 40yd, he is the “slowest” of the group, albeit by a mere hundredth of a second. Was also the only one of these five with a 3 Cone above 7 seconds. (6.90 is Seahawks historical average for CBs). JUCO transfer guy who played for 3 years for the Vols. With only 1 INT and 1 PBU this year in 10 appearances, at this point he’s just a piece of clay. R7/UDFA prospect.

    Christian Campbell, Penn St
    6006, 195, 139.8 SPARQ, 33.5 arm, 79 wing, 4.55 40yd, 4.18 SS, 6.77 3C

    The athletic freak among athletic freak CBs. 98.6% SPARQ in the NFL. 4.55 40yd was the only average number he put up, cause the rest were all out of the ballpark. The one size drawback are smallest hands in the group at 8.75″. Only a one year starter though and needs a lot more development than the first two guys on the list. Still, 1 INT, 12 PBU, 2 FF his senior year showed growth. R6 type guy.

    Quenton Meeks, Stanford
    6010, 209, 31.75* arm, 76.25* wing, 4.54 40yd, 4.23 SS, 6.72 3C

    This is the guy I really want to talk about. Why not replace one CB out of Stanford with another? He is 15-20 lbs heavier than the other guys on this list. He jumped 39″ in the vert and 10.67 broad. His SPARQ score puts him at 93.9% in the NFL, tied for 5th best in this CB class. Monster 10.25″ hands.

    Tony Pauline’s scouting report says teams learned not even to test him much. PFF confirms this and adds that he allowed just 3.6 yards after the catch per reception allowed last season.

    Physical and an aggressive tackler, on par with Holton Hill, but without the character question marks. Check this out:

    Stanford Football: Quenton Meeks: Student of the Game

    Isaiah Oliver might have never really been a realistic target for them knowing the limited draft capital they have this year and their history of not taking DBs early. I wouldn’t be surprised if Holton Hill is actually the fallback plan if they miss out on their real target Quenton Meeks.

    Watch out though, he has already been in touch with Richard Sherman getting tips for his college games, he idolizes Sherman, and the 49ers brought him in for an official 30 visit. Raiders had him in on a local visit. Rams met with him at his pro day. Raiders pick at 110, Rams at 111. Both have only taken linemen so far. None of those three teams has taken a CB yet.

    I fear we might have filtered him off of our radar too quickly because of a quarter of an inch. I don’t think the Hawks will have though and I am now holding out hope he lasts to #120. (then we can find a way to get Shaquem after that, of course 🙂 )

    • C-Dog

      Sea Mode, you are destroying it, crushing it, killing it.

      I would love to see Quenton Meeks become a Seahawk today.

      • Lewis

        Didn’t even realize Hill had the character concerns, thanks.

      • Saxon

        Great work, SeaMode! Thanks for the effort!

        What are they feeding those kids at Penn St? Some freaky athletes coming out of that program.

        • Sea Mode

          Tell me about it. Must be what their recruiting dept. looks for, idk. Or something in the water there… 🙂

          You are welcome, my pleasure. It’s especially satisfying to turn up a prospect that looks like he would make a great Seahawk.

          Also, shoutout to Vol.12 for posting the link of Meeks boxing as a possible reference of the Mike Tyson Sparring gif that was one of PC’s draft clues. Seems silly, but that was the occasion that made me unfilter my CB list and find out that he was only not on it because of a quarter of an inch.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Jordan Thomas and Holton Hill at CB for me in this draft! Please!

  59. peter

    sea mode. excellent work.

    re:holton hill. i have done about a b level search for holton hill suspension last year and failed drug tests.

    minus one poster one time on this blog mentioning it ive come up with nothing.

    were you able to confirm any of this?

    • Sea Mode

      I think I probably saw it here:

      An NFC Area Scout said Texas CB Holton Hill will “fall farther than he should” in the NFL draft.
      The scout is referencing Hill failing multiple drug tests in college and continued by saying, “He needed a clean, productive season to rehab the perception around him and I felt like he should have gone back to school. He can play. He’s a Day 2 talent, but I doubt he goes there.”’s Lance Zierlein compares him to Steelers safety Sean Davis and projects him to be drafted in rounds 4-5. If a team believes they can change his ways, Hill could be a great value pick in the later rounds as a player with starting abilities but serious off-field concerns. Apr 19 – 8:15 PM

  60. C-Dog

    My heart says Shaquem at 120 today, but looking at this list

    DT Tim Settle
    TE Ian Thomas
    CB Quenton Meeks
    OT Tyrell Crosby
    LB Marquis Haynes

    There is an opportunity in Seattle to come in and take a starting spot within a year. R4 is going to be huge, IMO. May want to consider getting a couple picks in that round.

    • Lewis

      Yeah, I’m wondering if there’s someone else they just can’t leave sitting there and they run the risk of losing Griffin. OTOH, we do have 3 picks in rd 5, so maybe they make a move upward in that scenario.

      • Saxon

        Really hoping we land Ian Thomas. He’s the Rasheem Green of TEs. Will be a much better pro than he was in college.

      • Greg Haugsven

        We actually have 4 picks in round 5. 141, 146, 156, and 168

        • Lewis

          Ah, my bad, thanks. Even better.

        • Sean-O

          I wonder if they’ll try to package two of the round 5 picks if there is someone they really want in the 4th?

    • Greg Haugsven

      It seems like pick 120 has been destined for Griffin for a while. But will all those names still on the board it would be hard to pass on some of them. I wonder if John Schneider has a folded up lime green sticky note in his pocket saying “Griffin no matter what at 120”

      • Saxon

        I really think we could get him in R5. Apart from his handicap, he really doesn’t have a position in the NFL.

        Carroll defense is all about the ball and he is a player who will struggle to intercept and force fumbles. I just see a career special teams stalwart, but nothing else. I would really love to be wrong about that since he is such a special person.

        • peter

          hes not a pick for turnovers.

          33.5 tfls

          18.5 sacks

          9 passes defended

          4 forced fumbles.

          thats the last 2 years. hes an undersized pass rusher. but what id love him to be is kam.

          • C-Dog

            Rufus Porter 2.0

            That’s why I think they have to grab him.

      • C-Dog

        I think he has sticky notes saying that all over his office, on his laptop, on his coffee cup, on his cell, but imagine if you will Tim Settle next to Jarran Reed, or Quenton Meeks opposite Shaquille Griffin, or Ian Thomas over the middle. Going to be really interesting round.

  61. Greg Haugsven

    For what its worth the two picks so far, Penny and Green will end up using about $1.4 million of cap space.

  62. peter


    i wonder if hes all football enough?

    he plays with a drive and a passion and treats football more like a game than a battle. but he came to the combine sloppy and tested poorly. for me i think poona ford is more about the work.

    however if you are looking for a disruptor and a real terror inside i think a roll of the dice on settle who may be an inside pocket collapser better than anyone outside of vea.

    • C-Dog

      I think it’s going to be Shaquem, but if they end up with Settle, good Lordy, C-Dog may have to go outside and do a cartwheel.

  63. DC

    If we keep Earl and he walks next off season then maybe we get a R4 comp pick in 2020?

    I’d still consider ET to New England just as a middle finger to everyone else who had the chance to trade for him. R4 looks so good this year I’d take their R4 #105 & a 2019 R2.

    • Lewis

      He’s not just going to walk next offseason unless they don’t want him here. They could easily franchise him a couple of times. The cost is relatively cheap for a safety.

  64. Sea Mode

    Hey, guys. Doesn’t Pete’s clue of Shaq and the cat seem too obvious to refer to Shaquem Griffin?

    What if it referred instead to a big man who played on the ‘Cats’?

    Cincinnati Bearcats OT Korey ‘Big Country’ Cunningham is our #2 TEF scorer in this class.

    6053, 311, 133.7 SPARQ, 32.25* arm, 3.48 TEF, 108.36 wTEF

    He arrived to Cinci at 225 lbs and was a TE and DE. Quite the transformation!

    Doesn’t meet the 33″ arm length requirement, but after checking out a game (vs. Temple 2017) real quick, he might project better to Guard anyway, I think. Thought he moved well on this pulling play (you get a bonus courtesy of Mike Boone right before it!):

    Anyway, I don’t know how to scout OL, waist bend, hand use, etc. was just throwing that out there for fun on the clue.

    I did find this, fwiw:

    PFF Draft

    Cincinnati’s Korey Cunningham leads the nation’s tackles in terms of most pass blocking snaps without allowing a sack this season.

    10:00 AM – 19 Dec 2017

    Maybe for a projected R7 guy that isn’t so bad?

  65. Natethegreat

    Count me as someone who would love to see Seattle pick Mata Affa with their 4th round pick.

    • Producehawk

      That is a name that is huge. If he falls he would be a great pick. Special teams monster at least.

      • Lewis

        I’d have to get a jersey with “Hercules” on the back…just because.

    • sdcoug

      Agreed. “One Bad Mata’afa” would be a great pick in the 5th in my opinion

  66. Natethegreat

    Known as the toughest guy in the locker room
    Every snap is important to him
    Uses explosive get-off to disrupt play design from a defensive tackle spot
    Impossible to secure him with reach blocks when he’s playing three-technique
    Zombie-like motor
    Gets tackles and sacks thanks to secondary effort
    Good lateral quickness to slide to the blocker’s edge
    Plays with single-minded desire to find the football
    Has leverage to work under and around the blocker once he gets to an edge
    Punishing tackler with heavy pads

  67. Morgan

    I can’t believe Apke went this early. I was hoping he’d slide to us much later. Now I hope no one takes Devron Davis.

    • Morgan

      Oops wrong thread lol

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