Live blog: 2021 NFL draft (Round 1)

April 29th, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

Welcome to the live blog for the 2021 NFL draft. I’ll be giving reaction to every pick as they come in. Feel free to use this as an open thread but please no tipping picks.

#1 Jacksonville — Trevor Lawrence (QB, Clemson)
The obvious pick. Lawrence gives the Jaguars a chance to be really good in the future.

#2 New York Jets — Zach Wilson (QB, BYU)
He had a tremendous season, jumped off the screen right away and he has the rare ability to play in structure and deliver some improv.

#3 San Francisco 49ers — Trey Lance (QB, North Dakota State)
I think this is good news for the Seahawks. Lance is inexperienced, I thought his pro-day was unconvincing and while he has an ideal athletic profile — I thought he deserved a similar grade to Jordan Love.

#4 Atlanta — Kyle Pitts (TE, Florida)
The right pick. Pitts is a quality player, they’re tied to Matt Ryan for two more years. They added quality and impact.

#5 Cincinnati — Ja’Marr Chase (WR, LSU)
Joe Burrow reunited with his #1 target. A combination that was unstoppable in 2019 at LSU. There’s enough tackle depth to get one later on.

#6 Miami — Jaylen Waddle (WR, Alabama)
They needed a playmaker and he’s a dynamic, downfield threat. As with Burrow and Chase, there’s familiarity with the quarterback.

#7 Detroit — Penei Sewell (T, Oregon)
The Lions take a tackle. Sewell has talent but lacks ideal length. There have been some questions this off-season but you can’t argue with the decision with Detroit launching a rebuild.

#8 Carolina — Jaycee Horn (CB, South Carolina)
I ranked Horn as the #1 cornerback on my horizontal board. He’s long, highly athletic, competitive and his coverage is watertight for a big defender.

#9 Denver — Patrick Surtain (CB, Alabama)
Reportedly a lot of people viewed Surtain as a top-five player in the class. It’s not surprise a rookie GM with a defensive Head Coach went in this direction.

#10 Philadelphia (v/DAL) — DeVonta Smith (WR, Alabama)
I like this move. The Eagles needed a quality receiver and getting Smith here is a justifiable move by Philly.

#11 Chicago (v/NYG) — Justin Fields (QB, Ohio State)
The Bears flirted with a Russell Wilson trade, missed out, and now they’ve moved up for Fields. He has technical flaws, he’s poor under pressure but he’s a great athlete. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

#12 Dallas (v/PHI) — Micah Parsons (LB, Penn State)
He’s a very talented player but it’s pretty clear the Cowboys were deflated when the top two corners went off the board.

#13 LA Chargers — Rashawn Slater (G, Northwestern)
I think he’s a guard although no doubt they’ll try him at tackle. I didn’t think he played with much of an edge.

#14 New York Jets (v/MIN) — Alijah Vera-Tucker (G, USC)
AVT is an absolute class act. This is a superb move — trading up, reinforcing their O-line and building through the trenches.

#15 New England — Mac Jones (QB, Alabama)
In terms of attitude, grit, processing and execution — Jones is top notch. He’ll be on a mission in New England. He has the ideal mentality to try and be the guy after Tom Brady. He won’t be fazed.

#16 Arizona — Zaven Collins (LB, Tulsa)
Tony Pauline is the #1 draft insider for a reason. He called this a week ago. Collins is like a great big bull running loose around the field.

#17 Las Vegas — Alex Leatherwood (T, Alabama)
Mike Mayock has a type and that’s fine. But eventually you can’t let that overrule actual talent and ability. Leatherwood isn’t worth a top-20 pick.

#18 Miami — Jaelen Phillips (DE, Miami)
An outstanding player with elite potential. This is a brilliant pick for the Dolphins. He has everything you look for in a pass rusher.

#19 Washington — Jamin Davis (LB, Kentucky)
It’s fine, adding more to your defense. And Davis is very athletic. Yet there are tons of long and short term needs on offense and eventually you’ll need to focus there.

#20 New York Giants (v/CHI) — Kadarius Toney (WR, Florida)
I’m surprised he’s gone before Elijah Moore. Toney emerged in 2020 and he’s very athletic, quick and has an edge to his play. Yet there are questions about his consistency and whether he’s more interested in a music career.

#21 Indianapolis — Kwity Paye (DE, Michigan)
The Colts often target highly athletic, dynamic athletes and that’s what Paye is.

#22 Tennessee — Caleb Farley (CB, Virginia Tech)
He has length and he has cover skills. There are also plenty of injury concerns and is he willing to get in there and make a tackle?

#23 Minnesota (v/NYJ) — Christian Darrisaw (T, Virginia Tech)
He doesn’t finish well enough, he doesn’t ‘wow’ you. He has a reasonable frame but he never felt like a must-have tackle. O-line was a key need though.

#24 Pittsburgh — Najee Harris (RB, Alabama)
He’s an ideal fit for the Steelers. This is their type of guy. It’s easy to imagine him having a lot of success here.

#25 Jacksonville — Travis Etienne (RB, Clemson)
Familiarity with Trevor Lawrence, plus explosive talent, made this understandable. It’s not a huge need but they’re building for the long haul and acquiring talent.

#26 Cleveland — Greg Newsome (CB, Northwestern)
It’s a bit of a surprise that they went cornerback here. Newsome has some positive characteristics including reasonable size and good speed.

#27 Baltimore — Rashod Bateman (WR, Minnesota)
This is also a surprise. The Ravens have needs on both lines and they’ve not been able to make the most of their receivers. Bateman is solid but Elijah Moore is much more dynamic.

#28 New Orleans — Payton Turner (DE, Houston)
I’m pleased for Turner. He was a great guy to interview. He has a ton of potential with ideal size and length. There was plenty of talk today that he could sneak into the late first round.

#29 Green Bay — Eric Stokes (CB, Georgia)
I’ve liked Eric Stokes for a long time. He’s really consistent with ideal size. He’s a much better coverage guy than Tyson Jackson. Good pick.

#30 Buffalo — Gregory Rousseau (DE, Miami)
What you need to know is in 2019 he had a ton of sacks, he has 34.5 inch arms and he ran a 1.57 split. There’s something to work with there.

#31 Baltimore — Jayson Oweh (DE, Penn State)
I had him going to the Ravens just at #27. He has an elite physical profile but had no sacks in 2020. He did improve his run defense though.

#32 Tampa Bay — Joe Tryon (DE, Washington)
Tryon is a remarkable athlete with bags of potential. Adding him to an already dynamic pass rush will be another feather in the cap for the Super Bowl Champions.

Overall I’m happy with my mock draft and how things played out. Here’s an updated horizontal board with the players taken removed:

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316 Responses to “Live blog: 2021 NFL draft (Round 1)”

  1. no frickin clue says:

    Rob – since the Hawks won’t be picking tonight, which team is the odds-on favorite in your opinion to give all of us the biggest curveball in round 1? 🙂

  2. ElroyNumbers says:

    Rob – appreciate what you do. I dont post much but been reading you since you started.

  3. Mark says:

    Trade Wilson for Rogers.
    I can dream can’t I ?

  4. Kevin Mullen says:

    Hot take: if Justin Fields lasts into late 1st round, Hawks trade back in (a la Baltimore) to select at #32.

    • dj 1/2 way says:

      Never thought of that. It actually sounds good to me, as long as the trade up somehow includes Jamal Adams. I love hot takes that make me think of something new. Cheers, Kevin.

      • dj 1/2 way says:

        Or maybe, Chicago gets him as part of a trade for Russ? Not as attractive. Rather have Mond as a first year starter.

  5. case says:

    Rob – Thank you for getting us here again this year. Are there any players, who if they dropped, you would consider taking at 56? DeVonta Smith dropped to 56 once on PFN, but realistically, anyone that could tempt you?

  6. Hawks_Gui says:

    Looks like broncos and rodgers are very close

  7. Volume12 says:

    Maybe it’s just me. I admittedly haven’t watched as many or as much on these guys this year. There’s just not a ton of guys that make me sit up and think, ‘That’s a Seahawk.’ A lot of good prospects tho.

    IDK man. Just my 2 cents

    • Leo says:

      Is there even a “Seahawk” archetype anymore? Feel like that ship sailed when they picked Penny over Chubb. Now we’re just playing Roulette like any other team and occasionally hitting on some dudes like DK or Lewis.

  8. Jason says:

    Holy smokes this Rodgers stuff is absolutely bonkers… happening right now, so close to the draft? Come on Broncos, you can do it… keep Rodgers away from San Fran!

  9. olsonc says:

    Robert Nkemdiche is our 1st round pick. Any thoughts on that acquisition? Sure would be cool if he figured things out.

  10. Mark says:

    Please tell me these circa-2008 CGI skits aren’t going to part of the entire broadcasst…

  11. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Yessssss! My internet has been out for the last few hours and it just came back on. I live in a very rural area so no internet = no draft coverage online, tv or radio 😳

    I want to thank Rob for another spectacular offseason, made even more spectacular because it was the most unconventional offseason I can remember. Covid, Wilson drama, repercussions from recent previous offseasons… it was a perfect storm of shite and Rob delivered through it all.

    I love the prospect interviews, the honesty and candor, the intense analysis and evaluation, the heavy focus on CF (which is as important to me as the Seahawks). It’s simply unequaled anywhere. Like literally anywhere, for any team, perhaps even any sport.

    Unless we’re in for a major draft day shocker, tonight is going to be pretty anticlimactic for Seahawks fans. But there’s still a lot to love for the draftniks in us all.

    Thank you again.

    And here we go!

  12. Poli says:

    Why on earth are the first two picks taking so long?

  13. CaptainJack says:

    I don’t think Packers are going to trade Rodgers. NO chance.

  14. Big Mike says:

    Before the 9ers pick…………Drew Bledsoe predicted today (on Cowherd) that the 9ers were faking everyone and moved up for Sewell. As tremendous as it seems Sewell will be and as important as LT is, I just don’t see it. But thought I’d drop it in just in case.

  15. Robbie says:

    A few reasons:

    TV air time! Gotta milk it.
    Wait to see if anyone comes in with a bananas trade offer.

  16. CaptainJack says:

    Zach Wilson is going to be a bust. The Husky defense made him look flat out bad… twice.

    • TheOtherJordan says:

      I’m with you. I didn’t see a #2 pick either. Tough media market, terrible franchise, huge expectations, and a tough division with the best coach of all time………that’s an uphill climb.

  17. brendon says:

    trey lance

  18. Seahawkwalt says:

    Trey Lance wow..

  19. CaptainJack says:

    Huh. Not what I expected.

  20. Robbie says:

    I had a gut feeling. Interesting

  21. Brik says:

    Looks like they’re keeping Jimmy G. this year. Lance ain’t ready.

  22. Blizty the Clown says:

    Kinda relieved they went Lance instead of Jones. At least for the next couple of seasons.

  23. pdway says:

    Niners go high-risk, high-reward.

    As well regarded as he is – this is sort of the make or break pick for Shanahan.

    I don’t know enough about him . . .curious to hear all your thoughts.

  24. Big Mike says:

    My (not obnoxious) 9er fan friend is disappointed. He didn’t want “another” small school guy. Wanted Jones

    • uptop says:

      Surprising because typically non top schools (think bama, tOSU) don’t work out as often as non power schools

  25. Volume12 says:

    That pick hurts man. 1 of my favorites in the entire class. More athletic Dante Culpepper

    • CaptainJack says:

      Lance is inexperienced and he’ll likely sit a year. Good athlete, but don’t hurt too much.

  26. cha says:

    This is the story of the 2021 draft. Niners trade a massive haul to go up and select a player who has real question marks.

    • pdway says:

      That’s exactly right – 3 first rounders for this guy, he needs to be worth it….

    • Big Mike says:

      M ore upside than Jones but much more risk too

      • pdway says:

        feels like a good result for Seattle, no? meaning, Jones was more of the NFL-ready win now guy, and Lance may need more time? Im just looking at his limited number of games, and lower level of competition. So looking just at this upcoming season, feels better for us.

        And soon, Niners will have to pay Bosa and others, real money.

    • Rik says:

      Huge, huge risk on a small-school guy who’s played 1 game in a year. That pick makes me happy!

    • Brik says:

      That’s great for us. They made their Jamal Adams move, so maybe they won’t pull ahead of us haha

  27. Thomas Wells says:

    I’m no expert but I think the niners shit the bed here. That’s a staggering amount of draft capital for Trey Lance.

  28. Brik says:

    Wonder if anyone wants Mac Jones, maybe the Patriots or Broncos trade up.

  29. Tomas says:

    Agree with Rob. What can be more important than accuracy? I think Lance falls a bit short here. I feared Jones more, so … hurray for the pick, says I.

  30. Brik says:

    Had to be Pitts, he’s like Clowney was but at the TE position

  31. Brett says:

    Man, Belichick’s gonna’ get his guy if people aren’t careful.

  32. CaptainJack says:

    That’s a feel good pick, but also the wrong pick. In my opinion.

  33. David Ashton says:

    Excited for this Dolphins pick- feel this could be where things get interesting. I spent longer mocking this single pick than the rest of themock entirely !!

  34. Troy D. says:

    The only picks I like are Lawrence of course and Pitts. The other top 5 guys Im left scratching my head. I guess Chase makes some sense but man I would have gone tackle there. I feel there are so many WR options these days if you have a good QB that they will shine through.

  35. Brik says:

    How often does it happen where a college QB and WR are picked in the first round one year after another, by the same team. All in the top 6 picks.

  36. Big Mike says:

    Was really hoping Sewell would go somewhere besides Detroit since he’s a Northwest kid. Oh well, maybe the new regime will turn them around……and maybe someday the Mariners won’t be shit either.

    • Troy D. says:

      For the first time in nearly 20 years I feel good about the Mariners going forward. They have 4-5 pitchers in the minors that I think could be #2-3 starters and hopefully one can become an ace. Although the 2001 team was a bunch of #2-3 types.

      Anyways on Sewell, I think he will be good and hopefully in a few years he can Tunsil his way out of there.

      • Big Mike says:

        Hope you are right about the Mariners but I am in show me mode. Just too many years of crap.

    • Brett says:

      Well the Lions staff and fan representative sure liked the pick.

  37. MoBo says:

    It’s fun to watch the draft in german television and how they all loose their minds with Chase and Waddle getting picked. Quote: Every mock draft is now destroyed.
    We all know a guy who is 6 of 7 😀

  38. Volume12 says:

    Here for Jerry Jones & his boys to take Devonta Smith lol

  39. Big Mike says:

    Which quarterback does Denver take?

  40. CaptainJack says:

    I love the Waddle and Horn picks. Sewell is overrated.

    • Paul Cook says:

      Say what? Sewell is the best LT I’ve watched in the Pac 12 in as long as I can remember. Incredible talent. Lions got a steal.

  41. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Jurrah! 😫

  42. Big Mike says:

    Cowpatties didn’t get either corner.
    In my best Nelson from The Simpsons voice “ha ha”

  43. Leo says:

    Clearly teams aren’t as high on Fields as the media is…

  44. David Ashton says:

    Dallas are fumin. They took our guyyyss (the two corners)

  45. Volume12 says:

    Oh. Philly jumped NY for Smith.

  46. CaptainJack says:

    Yeah, I don’t think the 49ers needed to trade up if Lance was the guy all along, Jones and Fields dropping like stones.

  47. Troy says:

    Wonder what boys got in the trade back.

  48. Allen Mattsen says:

    Interesting draft so far. Loved the Chase pick. SF didn’t totally screw up like I’d hoped. Let’s hope for more fun along the way.

  49. Volume12 says:

    Dammit Dallas!

  50. Allen Mattsen says:

    It really feels like the NFL is finally catching up the analytics and the modern NFL trends of offense, WRs, CBs to put it simply. Lot’s of quality playmakers going early in this draft and not much in the trenches so far.

  51. CaptainJack says:

    Philidelphia took smaller speed guys in two consecutive first rounds now.

  52. BobbyK says:

    Was it Waddle or Smith (one of the two Alabama WRs) who said that Mac Jones was better, without a doubt, than Tua? I would assume it was Smith?

  53. Volume12 says:

    Chicago is taking RW my god!

  54. cha says:

    Adam Schefter
    Chicago is trading up from No. 20 to the Giants’ turn at No. 11. QB time….

  55. Scot04 says:

    3 WR’s reunited with their QBs. Amazing to think about

  56. BobbyK says:

    Burrow-Chase, Tua-Waddle, but didn’t Hurts throw some passes to Smith at some point in college?

  57. Big Mike says:

    Fields or Jones to be the next QB bust in Chicago

  58. jopa726 says:

    Chicago hopes they found their Russell Wilson.

  59. Paul Cook says:

    The Bears are QB cursed. No matter who they pick, they will disappoint.

    • Big Mike says:

      Too bad they didn’t make an offer for RW. I mean Pete said it didn’t happen so….

      • Paul Cook says:

        Both Jones and Fields are bust potentials relative to where they are drafted.

      • BobbyK says:

        Had the offer actually been legit, Wilson may be a Bear. Instead, GM Pace goes for Fields and the unemployment line next winter.

  60. BobbyK says:

    Bears GM should really be fired on the spot. Hahaha.

  61. Volume12 says:

    Dallas go Slater, Parsons, or JOK?

  62. TomLPDX says:

    I like this Bears pick. Good luck Justin!

    • BobbyK says:

      I wish Fields no ill will, I just don’t think he’ll be good or anything close to a franchise QB. Wouldn’t be the first time I have been wrong though.

  63. uptop says:

    Are we starting to think that there was smoke around Jones?

  64. Rik says:

    It won’t surprise me if Justin Fields turns out to be the best QB of this class.

    • Paul Cook says:

      It will me. I think he lacks a certain element of field generalship that you need in the NFL. I could be wrong. We’ll see.

      • Hughz says:

        I disagree. He’s a leader and baller. I think he’s got massive potential.

        • Paul Cook says:

          He could have been grabbed by the Jets or 9ers. They passed for a reason.

          Like I said, I could be wrong. Time will tell.

  65. Big Mike says:

    Belicheat gonna take Jones?

    • Volume12 says:

      Zaven Collins

    • Tomas says:

      Big Mike, you’ve proved on the mark. I prize Jone’s accuracy and brains, and fear Belichek has pulled-off a masterful acquisition. What do you think? Cheers.

  66. RWIII says:

    Detroit, Atlanta, Carolina, Philadelphia and Denver all past on Justin Fields. Why???

    I can’t believe Fields fell this far.

  67. CaptainJack says:

    What happened to LVE?

  68. Volume12 says:

    Chargers got the pick of the litter here w/ all the O-lineman.

  69. JJ says:

    OL run going to start?

  70. vanhawksfan says:

    Is WFT going to pay the price Minnesota is going to try and extract for Jones?

  71. Steve Nelsen says:

    The Niners didn’t move up for Trey Lance. They overpaid to move up to #3 and then changed their mind on who they wanted after the trade. They could have just stayed where they were and drafted Mac Jones, their original target.

  72. hawks31 says:

    3:00am… yikes Rob! Thanks for staying up with us with content!!

  73. Paul Cook says:

    Solid pick for the Chargers.

  74. CaptainJack says:

    solid oline addition, promising qb, promising new coach… are the rams now the second best team in LA?

  75. Scot04 says:

    The way it’s going Rob could have 15 of the top 15

  76. Volume12 says:

    Robert Saleh coming to get Jaelen Phillips?

  77. TomLPDX says:

    NE is going for a QB?

  78. Paul Cook says:

    My home town. Evanston IL and Northwestern. I wish Slater the best.

  79. Gaux Hawks says:

    NE… Kellen Mond

  80. Big Mike says:

    Anyone know what the jets traded to get up to this pic?

  81. Leo says:

    Oh man, listening to 710 saying Adams was a no-brainer trade is grinding my gears…”Any personnel guy would kill to have the problem of paying Jamal Adams.”

    • Scot04 says:

      It was a no brainer trade. You needed to have 0 brain to make the trade for the price they paid

    • BobbyK says:

      I would agree with them if Adams cost them a singular first round pick.

      These idiots don’t seem to comprehend the Seahawks did not trade a singular first round pick for Adams. It’s like the Seahawks traded for Adams and got herpes in return. They are going to keep paying the price for it well after the first round of this draft (like the 3rd round pick this year, the eventual contract, the 1st round next year). Kind of like Ryan Braun and his “MVP” season. He’ll never live that down. Hahaha

  82. BobbyK says:

    Was it Waddle or Smith (one of the two Alabama WRs) who said that Mac Jones was better, without a doubt, than Tua? I would assume it was Smith?

    Does anyone know?

  83. Paul Cook says:

    The Jets will pick Mac Jones. Just to make sure.

  84. JJ says:

    Come on vikings. 23rd and a 3rd round pick for Adams.

  85. Scot04 says:

    Congrats on getting 15 of the top 15 Rob

  86. CaptainJack says:

    The idea of Mac Jones at 3 seems pretty funny now.

  87. Paul Cook says:

    BB sits and waits and might have got the guy he wants right where he was. I’m mild on Jones, but we’ll see. He’ll have a coach who will give him a helluva chance to remain a winner.

  88. CaptainJack says:

    That’s perfect… because I always thought Jones was a Jimmy G level quarterback.

  89. Leo says:

    Brock Huard just said he would rather have Gabe Jackson than Alijah Vera-Tucker….I’m really lost for words. And I like Brock…

  90. Volume12 says:

    Arizona took this player last year

  91. CaptainJack says:

    Paye was constantly mocked to Minnesota. They traded down. Not a single defensive lineman has been taken yet. Two corners, two linebackers, five qbs. Three oline. Three receiver. Tight end. No dline. Paye is falling. So Oweh probably falls.

  92. Ryan says:

    Watching the draft at home right now, every minute hoping to hear a Jamal Adams trade announced and Seattle back in the first round…

  93. Isaac says:

    The longer I watch the draft tonight. The more annoyed I get that we traded 2 first round picks and a 3rd for Jamal Adams.

    • Ryan says:

      and Bradley McDougald

    • Jason says:

      It’ll be interesting to see the players that are around when the Seahawks would have picked.

      • clbradley17 says:

        We could’ve signed Tre Boston or Eric Reid in FA and had to give up 0 picks. Or drafted Jeremy Chinn, who had over 100 tackles for the Panthers as a rookie in 2020, instead of Darrell Taylor.

  94. CaptainJack says:

    They lost Reddick but now they have two huge freak show linebackers. Good luck, russ.

  95. Jordan E says:

    Adams is not going anywhere. He’s a game changer type of player. 50% of 1st round picks are busts… add in the lower competition this year and the Hawks need to win now. Let’s not trade Adams for late first rounder- esp. considering seahawks track record of early round picks…

    • McZ says:

      So, what game did he actually change?

      • Jordan E says:

        Adams had a down year and still was recognized as all-pro and pro-bowl… insiders such as Tony Pauline think he’s a great addition to the team. LJ collier, Malik, Penny , James Carpenter & Ifedi weren’t pro bowlers.

        • McZ says:

          So, the fact, that the last five or six Seahawks drafts were crap and Seahawks scouting us getting worse and worse, is the reason they traded three first rounders?

          Perhaps, we should fix the real problem?

          Adams had a down year, because the system is no fit.

      • BigSmooth13 says:

        Falcons and one of the Rams game.

      • Positrac says:

        He gifted that TD to the Rams in the playoffs.

  96. Volume12 says:

    Mayock/Gruden draft like Seattle. I love this pick.

    • CaptainJack says:

      They blew up the oline this offseason. So this is hardly a surprise.

    • Paul Cook says:

      The argument would be that they could have traded down and still gotten him. But I guess they really wanted him and lord knows they depleted themselves there.

  97. Brik says:

    I’m guess Vegas wanted Vera-Tucker. My assumption was that 2 of their top 3 picks would be O-line, so far so good. Still, wow.

  98. Leo says:

    First head-scratcher of the evening, classic Gruden.

  99. Ed says:

    Telling you Rob, make this a draft site. I’m not even watching ESPNothing but nonsense. You become the draft guy that all 32 teams follow with all your in depth pieces all year long.

  100. Volume12 says:

    Mismi stays killing it! Best pass rusher in the draft. Hands down. Love him.

  101. uptop says:

    The run on edge players is about to begin. Money on Azeez at 20

  102. CaptainJack says:

    Miami is killing it, in my opinion.

  103. BobbyK says:

    Mayock is proving to be a guy who sounds smart on TV (and IS very smart) but there’s a reason he’s on TV rather than making picks in real life. Oh, wait, he was on TV and will be again in that role soon after he continues to reach. Like last year, he took the OSU CB about 30-50 picks before he should have. Forget his name (too lazy to Google it) but it’s a bit ridiculous.

  104. CaptainJack says:

    Football team front seven,,,, absolutely terrifying

  105. Leo says:

    I’ve seen Owusu-Koramoah comped to Jamal Adams and Derwin James, and he’s falling because teams don’t quite know where to fit him into their defense. Sounds awfully familiar…

  106. Paul Cook says:

    As a Seahawk fan, we don’t even get the familiar trade down or head scratching first round pick tonight.

    • CaptainJack says:

      I guess Las Vegas supplied us with that. And maybe Washington football team? I barely studied this class though.

      • Paul Cook says:

        It’s like standing behind a soundproof glass barrier watching a great party going on inside.

  107. CaptainJack says:

    Toney! Didn’t expect that, with Sterling Sherpard, kenny Golladay and John Ross.

  108. uptop says:

    G men must’ve really wanted a wideout, just missing out on DeVonta and trading down still taking Toney

  109. Paul Cook says:

    Colts had to do something on D. Quick.

  110. Justaguy says:

    Elijah Moore would make a superb #3 WR for the Seahawks

  111. no frickin clue says:

    Why is no one attending Caleb Farley’s draft party??

    Sonny Weaver wouldn’t have used a 1st round pick on this guy, that’s for sure. 😉

  112. Paul Cook says:

    My personal bias query now. Does a Washington Husky slip into round one? Molden will be a great pick, but probably not in the first round. Maybe Levi late.

    • Uptop says:

      Tryon most likely, heard a lot of Levi to titans but didn’t happen

      • Paul Cook says:

        Tryon is SUCH a gamble as an early pick. He barely played in college. I watch every Husky play. I hardly remember him. It’s all specs and potential with him. It’s like putting a bunch of your money down on number 17 on the roulette wheel if you make him a high pick.

  113. uptop says:

    Najee is going to be great in Pittsburgh

  114. Volume12 says:

    Najee to Pittsburgh is a match made in heaven.

  115. dragonhawk says:

    If the Seahawks had retained the 23rd pick, who would you have picked and why…

  116. Justaguy says:

    JAX has to take Jenkins, right?

  117. CaptainJack says:

    A common theme this draft continues… reuniting skill positions and QBs

  118. Kenny Sloth says:

    Happy draft day, the real fun starts tomorrow though

    • MyChestIsBeastMode says:

      …Or Saturday.

      Real question though, what do we think the over-under on how far we trade down is?

      56 -> trade to 60, 70… 90?

  119. vanhawksfan says:

    Rob, you are just killing this draft. I swear you are going to win the Huddle Report this year!!!!

    • Rob Staton says:

      Would be even better if I hadn’t traded Detroit out of #7. I had Sewell to the Lions in my penultimate mock.

      • vanhawksfan says:

        Still, hell of an effort.

        I always notice how Baltimore seems to agree with your analysis of players much more than the Seahawks. I can’t believe the way the first round is falling for them in terms of their needs – pass rush (Owsu-Koromoah), right tackle (Jenkins), wide receiver (Moore)… they’ve got a Super Bowl title in their near future….

        • BobbyK says:

          Patrick Mahomes insists you hold his beer, while he’s playing in the SB and the Ravens are watching on TV.

          • Michael Dinn says:


          • Paul Cook says:

            I still can’t believe how well KC was game-planned in the SB. I thought KC was going to win in spite of their depletion on the O-Line. TB exploited in a big way.

            Take note Seattle. Prepare for every opponent as necessary.

          • McZ says:

            Mahomes will be lucky to win his division. The Chargers have to be the most improved team. Let them take Javonte Williams and a vertical red zone target like Nico Collins, and they will have a fearsome offense.

  120. Kenny Sloth says:

    Petition to have local kids announce all the picks. Shoot might as well air it on Nickelodeon too

  121. Ryan Mallady says:

    Jealous of how the Browns are building their team. That should be us.

  122. TheOtherJordan says:

    So the Seahawks likely could have done their usual, almost inevitable trade down and still had either Ojulari as a pass rusher or Moore at WR. That hurts.

  123. CaptainJack says:

    Baltimore made a fantastic pick. Perfect for what they need

  124. uptop says:

    First big wow of the night for me, other edge names available:


    • CaptainJack says:

      Tryon is really really far off from being an NFL starter. Rotation guy in pure pass rush situations.

      • uptop says:

        For picks in this range it’s all about athletic profile which he has

        • Mike says:

          Plus he is going to a good situation. That line is stacked with good players and coaches. There’s very little pressure for him to perform immediately. He can basically redshirt and be mentored.

  125. CaptainJack says:

    Payton Turner goes to saints. They like drafting small school DEs in round one.

  126. Volume12 says:


  127. CaptainJack says:

    Green Bay LOVES going secondary in late round one.

  128. Gaux Hawks says:

    Tampa Bay… Kellen Mond !!!

  129. Paul Cook says:

    Will the Bills do good again? They’re on a hot streak. Maybe that RB Rob loves.

  130. Volume12 says:

    Asante & Tredavious would b a fun combo at corner

  131. CaptainJack says:

    Length, Upside, good pick.

  132. drrew76 says:

    Is Rousseau the first opt out pick? No problem with guys that went that route, but didn’t seem to work out like some thought it would.

  133. CaptainJack says:

    No surprise there. Ravens needed pass rush badly.

  134. CaptainJack says:

    UW HUSKY IN ROUND ONE! That being said his run defense needs major work. Vita Vea probably put in a good word.

  135. vanhawksfan says:

    Rob, 26 picks – damn well done!

  136. Paul Cook says:

    A Husky makes it into round one! I thought it might be Levi, but Tryon is an edge. TB can afford to take a gamble on him. I hope this Husky does good.

  137. CaptainJack says:

    End of the first round and I’m not furious, disappointed or confused, as I usually am, desperately trying to justify the Seahawks selection.

    Kind of nice.

  138. uptop says:

    I guess that’s an I told you so moment

    • BobbyK says:

      Kind of like Javante Williams is better than most of these 1st round picks are going to be?

  139. CaptainJack says:

    Seeing Joe go round one made my night. Pretty high chance I won’t recognize the name of who the seahawks take tomorrow. Goodnight all.

  140. Jordan E says:

    ARod situation should be a warning to all Seahawks fans who want Hawks to draft a QB early this year.

  141. Hawk Mock says:

    Pretty stoked considering we drafted Jamal Adams in the first and we get to add another Jamal Adams in the 3rd and even a third Jamal Adams in the first next year! Winning.

  142. Volume12 says:

    Again, we see what just 2 or 3 guys not going being a certain pick does. Domino effect. Look at all this talent left and this is like, a third of it.

    Christian Barmore
    Elijah Moore
    Levi Onwuzurike
    Javonte Williams
    Azeez Ojulari
    Teven Jenkins
    Asante Samuel, jr
    Trevon Moehrig

    • Rob Staton says:

      Ojulari’s injury issues are clearly legit.

      But of that group, I’ve always thought Barmore was overrated. I totally get why Teven Jenkins didn’t go in round one. I’ve never thought Moehrig and Samuel were R1 guys. As much as I like Williams, I can see why he’s not a R1.

      The only shocker is Elijah Moore IMO given which other WR’s went in R1. Even with JOK — I get why teams are put off.

      • Volume12 says:

        Point is, and u know this, those names push others down the board.

      • clbradley17 says:

        I thought the Bucs were going to choose Javonte Williams like the Chiefs did the LSU RB last year – the rich get richer. That would have been an A+ pick for them. But they could pick anyone, return all 22 starters and have to be the favorites to repeat with a great D, O-line and offensive weapons.

    • Volume12 says:

      Ya’ll ‘member a couple years ago when the board went exactly the way Pete & JS didnt want it to and the draft day presser was like being at a funeral?

      • DC says:

        It’s been a while since they had ‘the eye of the tiger’. Joy has left the building.

    • McZ says:

      Most of them are R2 talent. I fear, the Chargers will bite into their arses for not ta taking Farley in R1 and possibly Jenkins in R2.

      But then, you have forgotten Owosu-Koramoah, who is a solid Top 25 pick. And will be better than Brooks within a season, depending on who selects him.

      What strikes me of this first round is, how Chris Ballard once again is blessed by sheer unimaginable luck. He has NYG sitting in front of him, who only lack a last piece at DE to be the dominant force in NFCE. And then, they reach for Toney, who IMO will be ist of this league in two years time.

      The Bears going all-in on the QB, who was lazy vs subpar competition, but ruthless an d energetic vs peers, is a very interesting match up.

      And the Seahawks? Best case, we have “drafted” the best safety-linebacker hybrid available. Worst case, we miss out on a couple of really solid DE, OT and LB prospects. If the second half of the season wasn’t a sign of bad coaching but of a franchise QB needing to reinvent his game, I fear we may be up for a nasty wake-up call mid season.

  143. DC says:

    If we could add a plug-&-play Center & a good WR3 I’d be pretty stoked. Also want to find a stud RB & a smattering of DB hopefuls late/udfa. A LB or 2…

    • BobbyK says:

      Kind of like almost every other team in the NFL. Get 5 stud players added to your roster and you’ll actually be really good.

  144. DC says:

    As much as I despise Aaron Rodgers I’ve gotta admit that being that close to the Super Bowl & coming up short would make you wonder whether a 1st round WR could have changed the outcome vs TB rather than adding a 3rd string QB. Lucky for me I think it’s hilariously funny. So close bro… and yet sooooooooo far…
    The only scenario where I’d root for Rodgers to win another ring is with the Hawks.

  145. line_hawk says:

    Is it too crazy to think that Belichick created the smoke screen that they were into Fields when Mac Jones was their ideal target all along?

  146. Henry Taylor says:

    Didn’t stay up for the draft this year with no Seahawks pick. A few quick thoughts:

    Lance to the 9ers is the best news I’ve heard all offseason, he was my QB6. Shanahan probably makes him good tho.
    Super pleased Jaycee Horn was rightfully the first corner taken, that secondary in Carolina is stupidly athletic.
    Leatherwood to the Raiders is just awful, and very Raiders.
    Biggest shock is JOK out of round 1 completely, my #1 linebacker.
    All the top centers still on the board, the dream lives.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Same here. Unfortunately, couldn’t get out of work commitments this year. But I’ll be there tonight!

      I was just going to mention I bet we see all the centers come off the board in R2. Someone will likely snag Javonte Williams early because the cupboard is bare after him for lead backs (though I really like Michael Carter). And obviously the WRs will keep flowing too.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      And I love matching Simmons with Zaven Collins in Arizona, loads of creative options with those 2. Can be used to match up with any number of packages the offense is running.

  147. Sea Mode says:

    Rob tied for 10th place and is at #10 over the past 5 years. Congrats!

  148. Sea Mode says:

    I literally thought of this when I saw Mac Jones walking out!

    • Rob Staton says:

      That is a world class tweet

      • Sea Mode says:

        I actually wonder how their personalities will mesh though. I guess if “the Joker” could get along with Saban, he can do the same with Bill. Who knows, maybe Bill will lighten up a bit in his later years…😅

  149. McZ says:

    Trey Lance is still a very young guy. He is far from the final package. The problem is, he might never reach his ceiling, if he doesn’t play.

  150. Sea Mode says:

    I have to agree. Raiders take the cake, but this is questionable as well. Not a big fan of Bateman to the Ravens either.

    Tony Pauline

    Shocking pick by the NY Giants. No way to justify that selection with Kwity Paye still available and a bunch of other speed wide outs on the board.

  151. Sea Mode says:

    Predictions for top 10 picks of R2? I gave it a shot.

    33 Jacksonville Jaguars- TE Pat Freiermuth
    (secure the only good one in this draft; a young offense grows up together with Lawrence and Etienne; Eifert is 30 and oft-injured)

    34 New York Jets- WR Elijah Moore
    (they need a speedy weapon for Zach Wilson, can take over full time slot duties from Crowder next year and share time this year when Crowder inevitably misses time)

    35 Atlanta Falcons- C Josh Myers
    (Go all-in on Matt Ryan’s final years. They pass on Landon Dickerson because of injury concerns and instead go for a picture-perfect fit for their zone scheme. Too early for RB Michael Carter, who they would love to pair with Mike Davis, so they will wait and hope he’s still there at the top of R3)

    36 Miami Dolphins- RB Javonte Williams
    (Young QB’s best friend. Tone setter. ‘Nuff said)

    37 Philadelphia Eagles- LB J. Owusu-Koramoah
    Fills a need and hard to pass on value of a guy who very well could have belonged in R1.

    38 Cincinnati Bengals- OT Teven Jenkins
    Got their weapon for Burrow, now protect him. They stop Jenkins’ fall.

    39 Carolina Panthers- OG Ben Cleveland
    They need a LT, but the value isn’t there so they go with the next best thing and beef up the interior OL. QB was a thought here, but they have to give Darnold at least some chance to show what he can do.

    40 Denver Broncos- QB Kellen Mond
    They acquire him to compete with Teddy B and move on from Drew Lock. You get a chance to take yet another shot at QB, you take it.

    41 Detroit Lions- WR Dyami Brown
    They took the BPA in R1, which is smart, knowing that there would still be WR talent available at the top of R2. Desperate need.

    42 New York Giants- EDGE Azeez Ojulari
    Concerns about his knee will only make him slide so far with his kind of talent and production. Ossai is also an option.

  152. Mick says:

    Congrats for the result, Rob. ESPN mocks Basham as our pick, how does that sound?

    • You know when I was watching I couldn’t help but think huh very interesting Philly and Dallas heated rivals in the same division trading 1st round draft picks perhaps I am wrong I just can’t see the Seahawks and 49ers or Rams trading first round drafts picks not that we have any but nevertheless even if we did I can’t see happening any time soon. Maybe I am wrong.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’d say that’s unlikely