Thoughts ahead of day two of the draft

— For those interested in the Huddle Report mock draft accuracy scoring, I finished in the top-10 again this year (and am now in the top-10 for five-year average).

— I think based on how Pete Carroll spoke on Wednesday, the Seahawks are primed to draft for what they will perceive to be value. Trading down from #56 would seem like a near certainty with only three picks but my prediction is they won’t drop any lower than the range they took Damien Lewis a year ago (#69 overall).

— There are plenty of attractive options available, with strong depth on the O-line, receiver and at cornerback (all possible target areas). I hope the Seahawks would also be willing to consider a player with outstanding upside at a different position, such as Texas A&M defensive tackle Bobby Brown.

— What could the Seahawks have done at #23 had they not made the Jamal Adams trade? Looking at what’s available, they could’ve traded down into the top of round two and still had a shot at Elijah Moore or Dyami Brown, any of the top centers, Javonte Williams, Teven Jenkins or rolled the dice on Azeez Olujari. There are plenty of good players at great value on the board.

— Here are some of the names I’m keeping an eye on and why…

Elijah Moore (WR, Ole Miss)
Having assumed he would be a top-25 pick I’m intrigued to see where he lands. He plays above his size, is incredibly competitive and dynamic. It’s a surprise Rashod Bateman and Kadarius Toney went ahead of him.

Dyami Brown (WR, North Carolina)
Brown does two things really well — he gets downfield and makes huge chunk plays and he runs the routes to enable you to move the chains. I’ve had him pegged as a top-40 pick but if he lasts, he would be a fine option for Seattle.

Bobby Brown (DT, Texas A&M)
Quite simply one of the best athletes in the draft. The Seahawks have had a lot of success in the late second and early third going for upside. Brown is 6-4 and 321lbs with 35 inch arms. He ran a 1.68 split, a 4.58 short shuttle and he’s explosive. His tape is good too. He has massive potential.

Ben Cleveland (G, Georgia)
Whether guard is a need or not any more, there isn’t a tougher player in this draft. He’s the Mountain from Game of Thrones and he’ll kick your arse. The Seahawks need more players like this.

Quinn Meinerz (C, UWW)
He ticks every box for the Seahawks — explosive traits, size, length, character, strong Senior Bowl performance. If he lasts to the late second he should be seriously considered.

Creed Humphrey (C, Oklahoma)
A very explosive, dynamic center who plays with an edge, excels at combo-blocking and loves to reach to the second level.

Josh Myers (C, Ohio State)
Big, physical and consistent. Myers should find a home in the top-50 but if a lack of testing drops him, get ready.

Landon Dickerson (C, Alabama)
His injury record is horrendous but someone, eventually, will take him and he has All-pro potential.

Javonte Williams (RB, North Carolina)
He screams Seahawks. A tough, punishing runner who is a yards-after-contact machine. He probably won’t last too long today.

Kendrick Green (C, Illinois)
A player as explosive as Quinn Meinerz simply without the length. As an alternative he could be a good option. Like Meinerz he’s played predominantly at guard but he’s spent a bit of time at center.

D’Ante Smith (T, East Carolina)
Long, explosive, athletic and tough. He had a good Senior Bowl. He needs time in the gym to work on his pro-physique but he’d get that in Seattle, settling behind Duane Brown.

Spencer Brown (T, Northern Iowa)
Incredibly athletic, explosive tackle who is a lot taller than Seattle usually goes for but many people see him as a project left tackle who just needs time to work on his technique.

Dee Eskridge (WR, Western Michigan)
Ultra-quick and dynamic, a player who can both move the chains and get downfield. He competes for the ball and he’s a special teams dynamo.

Buddy Johnson (LB, Texas A&M)
A much loved, heart and soul linebacker who shone at Texas A&M and had the agility testing Seattle craves at the position.

I could add about 20 more. There are plenty of others who also ‘fit’ the Seahawks. I just didn’t fancy writing out my whole draft preview again (click here to see it).

Here’s an updated horizontal board with the players already taken removed:

— I loved the Jets trade in round one, essentially only really giving up a third rounder to go from #23 to #14, to get Alijah Vera-Tucker. They are building through the trenches and now have two studs to anchor their O-line. Superb.

— I was very content to see San Francisco take Trey Lance. He is not worth three first round picks. And sure, neither was Mac Jones. I was a lot more fearful though of Jones executing in Kyle Shanahan’s offense though.

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  1. David Ashton

    Excited for tonight even with the limited capital.

    I thought Jets gave up both their 3rd rounders to move up! Might be wrong though..

    • Hoggs41

      They did, picks 66 and 86 I believe.

  2. Bigsteviej

    Great work, as always, Rob. Not just great content, but crystal clear writing.

  3. Sea Mode

    Predictions for top 10 picks of R2? I gave it a shot.

    33 Jacksonville Jaguars- TE Pat Freiermuth
    Secure the only good one left in this draft; a young offense grows up together with Lawrence and Etienne; Eifert is 30 and oft-injured.

    34 New York Jets- WR Elijah Moore
    They need a speedy weapon for Zach Wilson, can take over full time slot duties from Crowder next year and share time this year when Crowder inevitably misses time.

    35 Atlanta Falcons- C Josh Myers
    Go all-in on Matt Ryan’s final years. They pass on Landon Dickerson because of injury concerns and instead go for a picture-perfect fit for their zone scheme. Too early for RB Michael Carter, who they would love to pair with Mike Davis, so they will wait and hope he’s still there at the top of R3.

    36 Miami Dolphins- RB Javonte Williams
    Young QB’s best friend. Tone setter. ‘Nuff said.

    37 Philadelphia Eagles- LB J. Owusu-Koramoah
    Fills a need and hard to pass on value of a guy who very well could have belonged in R1.

    38 Cincinnati Bengals- OT Teven Jenkins
    Got their weapon for Burrow, now protect him. They stop Jenkins’ fall.

    39 Carolina Panthers- OG Ben Cleveland
    They need a LT, but the value isn’t there so they go with the next best thing and beef up the interior OL. QB was a thought here, but they have to give Darnold at least some chance to show what he can do.

    40 Denver Broncos- QB Kellen Mond
    They acquire him to compete with Teddy B and move on from Drew Lock. You get a chance to take yet another shot at QB, you take it.

    41 Detroit Lions- WR Dyami Brown
    They took the BPA in R1, which is smart, knowing that there would still be WR talent available at the top of R2. Desperate need.

    42 New York Giants- EDGE Azeez Ojulari
    Concerns about his knee will only make him slide so far with his kind of talent and production. Ossai is also an option.

  4. Producehawk

    Thank you for your hard work and insights Rob. Hope you continue but I understand the burnout factor. Either way you deserve a nice break after this weekend.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not burnout. I’ve just questioned the sense in committing hours a day basically running this hobby as a second full-time job to basically get a load of shit for it because my opinion on the Seahawks right now isn’t complimentary.

      • Sneeked

        I know it’s not your responsibility Rob, but someone needs to hold the Seahawks to account for elements of mismanagement. You’re a valuable part of that.
        Even where people disagree with you, an intelligent fan should recognise any criticism comes out of wanting the best for the Hawks rather than anything more self-serving. You only get shit for it because, well, the internet is full of dickheads.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you

          • Chase

            Rob, you are the hero this fanbase needs but doesn’t deserve.

      • SeaTown

        Rob, been following almost from the beginning. Love this place. More of us support you than you know. Some, like me, just read mostly. Felt like telling you how much I enjoy your insight and please don’t let the mob of idiots get to you. Keep doing what you do. We love it!

      • James

        Hey Rob,

        Having someone who has been honest and objective about where this organization is at has been invaluable in the broader discussion about the team in the media. Without your voice, would these topics even be getting discussed at all? You’ve moved the Overton Window to open another perspective that deserves to be discussed and debated. I can barely stand most of the Seahawks coverage, because no one wants to actually have the discussion of places where the team and organization can improve. It’s doubly frustrating when that flies in the face of the “Always Compete” and “Doing it better than it’s ever been done” philosophies.

        You’re work is extremely influential, even when it’s met with irrational optimism or blind fandom. Thank you for putting into words many of the frustrations of the fanbase.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks James, that means a lot

      • Gaius Marius

        Part of the value you bring is not just being a “yes man”. Far too much of the mainstream media is. There is plenty of room between blind “the Seahawks suck” and “Carroll and Schneider are infallible gods”.

        I found their press conference insulting. It’s insulting to say that there was no issue with Wilson and that there never was. I’ll be frank. I think they’re lying. I think there were real trade rumblings and real offers.

        I do not care to be lied to, even with it being motivated by smoothing things over in a season where the Seahawks and Wilson will go to battle together (even if it’s not one or both of their top preference).

        That you called out what was obvious BS is a value. You’re not joining in on insulting our collective intelligence. You are appreciated for that.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you, that means a great deal to me that you understand what I’m trying to provide here

  5. Roy Batty

    I’m curious how the Rodgers drama will affect round 2. Will a team give up their 2nd rounder and 3rd, with multiple firsts as the cherry on top? I know the Packers stated it isn’t happening, but I don’t see Rodgers making a definitive statement, then tucking his tail between his legs and shuffling back into camp with the likes of Love waiting in the wings. Or, will this draw out into camp and cause a ripple effect on his teammates?

    Thankfully the NFC West teams are now content at QB, with no possibility of us seeing Rodgers 2 times every year.

    • Rob Staton

      The Packers, unlike the Seahawks, have acted swiftly to say ‘No deal’

    • dj 1/2 way (SEA/PDX)

      I loved it when the Packers picked a CB with their first pick. They are clearly not letting the QB play GM.

      • TomLPDX

        They should throw him a bone and get a decent receiver this year though.

        • Roy Batty

          They’ll twist the knife and make it a UDFA. There are only so many Doug Baldwins out there, though.

    • God of Thunder

      The Pack have really screwed up. One question is … was a nasty “divorce” with the prickly Rodgers always going to happen, as he approaches The End Years? Maybe. But drafting a QB without at least greasing the skids by forewarning Rodgers was really dumb. At best it was discourteous. At worst, catastrophic if Rodgers refuses to play and Love is either not good enough or not ready.

      The situation is very different w RW. As far as I know, the Seahawks have not insulted RW so as to render the partnership irrevocably broken. Which is not to say all is well.

      • Chris

        Drama queen’s gonna drama.

  6. David Ashton

    Would you ever consider branching out into the draft entire without the specific Seahawks focus? You clearly have a flair for the analysis, have built a solid reputation in the industry and I am sure the community would stick around.

    • David Ashton

      Designed as reply to your 6.38 post, Rob.

    • Ed

      Been pushing that for awhile too. 32 teams fans from an outside, unbiased analysis of prospects. I only come for about two months (and pay on patreon) during draft time.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a saturated market unfortunately. And it’ll be hard for a British voice to break into it.

      A case in point — I went on various radio shows and podcasts this off-season. People didn’t want to talk to me about the draft, it was all Adams/Wilson stuff. When the draft comes around it’s always other people.

      I think I/we do better draft coverage on here than the vast majority but after 12 years, I can’t say it’s really created much of a ripple.

      • TomLPDX

        Fortunately for us you are a Seahawk fan and have treated us to your insight for years…their loss, our gain.

        Thanks for all you do for us!!!

        • Comfect

          Second this: their loss, our gain, and thanks so much for all the immense work you put into what is ultimately a hobby and a free site.

      • Ed

        Don’t disagree there. Unfortunately, not what you know, but who you know. A majority of popular talking heads are ridiculous and lazy in their analysis. If only people would pay attention to historical data on what people say about prospects and hold them accountable. Like the media in America. Push a narrative and if you are wrong, nobody cares or holds them accountable, just on to the next thing that might get ratings.

        Wish cream rises to the top. Still hope for you Rob. Hope you try the draft route before you call it a career. Will contribute year round and use some patreon to get higher in those google searches for nfl draft.

  7. UkAlex6674

    Plenty of pickings left for us tonight. I predict the Hawks trying to trade out of R2 a couple of times and pick up extras in 3 and early 4.

    • BobbyK

      Hard to get extras in the 3rd when you don’t have any of them to start with. Not sure any/many teams will give them a pair of 3’s for their 56 (unless they were both crap 3’s late in the round).

      Such bad GM “play” by so many with regard to picks. The Jets traded a pair of 3’s away to trade up for a guard, which is fine – but why not take a guard in the second round and keep both of their 3’s? Then they would have still had their #1.

      Is it really worth having their guard over Cleveland, a 1st round pick and two 3rd round picks? It’s not like they are 1-2 players away from the Super Bowl.

      • God of Thunder

        Who says there are crap 3s (aka late in R3)? Depends who has been taken and who has slipped.

        I’m hoping JS is able to turn the #56 into a few R4 and R5 picks. But I also see the temptation to pick Moore or Brown or a C at 56, foregoing the later multiples.

  8. BobbyK

    The Bears will barely give up much more than three 1st round picks for Russell Wilson, but they will trade picks, including two 1st rounders for Justin Fields. Hope Pace has fun his last year earning an NFL paycheck as a GM.

    • Ryan

      Seems like a smart move to me. Why pay top dollar for a demanding, fat and aging Russ (in both draft picks and contract $$) when you can use two firsts for an exciting young QB who is under club control for 5 years?

      Besides, as many a GM knows, the promise of a developing QB is enough to keep your job for at least one more year or two.

      • DC

        Chicago has an excellent track record of drafting and developing QBs. Just ask any of their fans.

        • BobbyK


      • BobbyK

        But they wouldn’t have had to pay Russ that contract. He’s a bargain financially. Cha said that many, many times and was right.

        • Ryan

          1. How would they have avoided paying Russ? What does that mean?

          2. Does anybody really have an “excellent track record” of drafting and developing QBs? Ron Wolfe and Bill Polian have drafted them, maybe. Different coaches developed them. Andy Reid has developed them, maybe, but he probably wasn’t the guy who pulled the trigger on McNabb. So outside of three guys, maybe? Do we trust nobody to do it? Sometimes QBs just don’t work out. I trust Mike Holmgren, and he picked Brandon Wheeden.


    If Seahawks see Javonte Williams there in the second round, I would take him. They are too dependent on a strong running game to let him slip away.

    Rob – real good job on writing this year, and on inviting guest writers to submit articles. I love the site.

    However – I think we all deserve a vacation once in awhile. So I hope you take a long break this summer.
    The Adams drama (this years Clowney situation) is not worth an entire summer of worry. You could always take some breaks and check back in if something happens.

    • BobbyK

      Agreed. If he’s there – just take him and don’t get cute. I did a total of 1 mock draft this year and that’s what I did. When I saw he was there – I didn’t trade down and got a player I felt deserved to be a 1st round pick at 56 overall. In a year where they have no 1st round pick – him being available there and taking him makes not having our own #1 pick much less painful.

      • God of Thunder

        Yes very tempting to do just this.

        • bmseattle

          What if both Williams and, say, Meinerz are on the board?

          • BobbyK

            You’d have to be careful not to trade too far down. It’d be terrible to trade down 4-5 spots and then for both being gone (if they were your two targets).

            • Rob Staton

              I think they’ll both be gone

              Williams defo will be

              • bmseattle

                I agree, both will likely be long gone.

                BobbyK is right, tho… *if* there is a player that falls that we absolutely want, what do we do?
                Risk losing them by moving down a few spots to pick up a 4th or 5th rounder?
                Or just make sure you “get your guy”.

                I don’t want to see “depressed” Pete and John on tonight’s presser.

  10. Ben

    That late second/early third range is gonna have so many players… get us picks somehow!

  11. Denver Hawker

    Mark Schlereth just said on the radio that his source is Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers told him last night that a deal was going to get done with Denver.

    GB came out saying they won’t trade him, but what do they do if he refuses to play? Could say that just to drive up trade value.

    • Simo

      Seems like Rodgers getting traded is a long shot, at best, but who knows? Aaron is a unique guy and might just be serious about holding out if he’s that disgruntled.

      Then again, the Packers have a first round QB waiting in the wings if Rodgers decides to sit out. Should make for some interesting pre-season drama anyway.

      I wouldn’t mind Rodgers out of the NFC though!!

  12. Dan Riggs

    — “I was very content to see San Francisco take Trey Lance. He is not worth three first round picks”

    The 49ers didn’t give up 3 first round picks. They gave up 2 first round picks (and a third rounder) to move their 2021 first rounder up to #3.

    • Rob Staton

      They spent one pick on Lance and traded two more for the privilege.

      They used three first round picks on him.

      They didn’t magically acquire him. We wouldn’t say the Seahawks didn’t spend a first on Jordyn Brooks.

      • BigSmooth13

        We wouldn’t say the Seahawks gave up a first round pick for Jordyn Brooks. Unnecessary point either way.

        • Rob Staton

          Of course we would

          What did they spend on him? Some magic beans?

          He cost a first rounder. Lance cost three.

  13. Steve Nelsen

    All the centers are still on the board. Some nice WR, G, OT too. And a bunch of guys with a Seahawks physical profile. Fingers crossed for a good day.

    And Rob you have to know that readers of this blog are the only fans in the country who can make anything more than a wild ass guess about specific prospects their team might consider on Day 2 and Day 3.

    • Gohawks5151

      Still a lot of stock where we need help. I think they drop to around 70 and get one more pick unless someone amazing drops.

  14. Ashish

    I hope Hawks trade down like Rob did in mock draft. More importantly pick right players finger crossed 🤞.

  15. TheOtherJordan

    The continued ability of Tom Cable to get his GM’s/coaches to reach for lineman way before they should be drafted is confounding. I’m so glad he’s no longer a member of the Seahawks organization.

    • Rob Staton

      The continued willingness to blame Cable for picks instead of the people actually drafting them confounds me too…

  16. CaptainJack

    Question for the community. Who had the best picks in the first round?
    Got to say for me it’s Arizona, Miami and Philidelphia at the top. I like what Buffalo did, Giants pick was also exciting. Detroit’s pick looks really good on paper but I’m a Sewell skeptic (generational left tackle prospect who’s been training to play right tackle…. ok). Indy getting Paye might turn out to be one of the best picks of the night also. Thought Carolina, Denver and Green Bay all made picks that will turn out well for them in the secondary. Personally was a fan of LA Chargers getting slater where they did. ETN to Jacksonville to join big Trev is going to make them a team to keep an eye on offensively next year (under Bevell as well, Chark, Shenault, Marvin Jones at WR). Tampa picking Joe Tryon was a cool moment for local fans and UW fans, but I personally think he’s going to take a season or two to “get there”. What does the community think?

    • Ryan

      Basically I don’t like all the teams you said you liked lol. Just kidding, it’s just that there are so many question marks. Miami might have hit a home run, or Phillips might have concussion/motivation issues that plague him his entire career. Collins might be great with Arizona, but color me a skeptic about them knowing how to use a “positionless” defender after seeing Reddick and Simmons not do much.

      Philly and Davonta Smith; love him, but will he crumple on his first hit? 170-lb. WRs haven’t been great in the NFL thus far. Like Paye’s athleticism, where’s the production. His highlight plays all seemed like just hustle plays to me. Thought Etienne to Jax was a waste; useful player but too high, more needs.

      I’m also a Sewell skeptic but I know he can maul in the run game if nothing else. Agree with Chargers and Slater being a great pick, liked Stokes and Surtain for Denver. My favorites were probably Denver, Chargers, and I thought the Ravens did great. Bateman should be a volume receiver right away and I like Oweh’s athletic profile for what Baltimore does.

    • David B.

      Jets. Picked up a “possible” franchise QB and got another oline stud.
      Patriots. Got their future franchise QB at 15. At half of what Trey Lance will make on his rookie deal.
      Cowboys. Missed out on both corners and still ended up with maybe the top defender in the draft.
      Giants pick was odd considering what transpired with DeAndre Baker.
      Seahawks. Got two first rounders molded into a singular “weapon”……..

  17. Sea Mode

    Tom Brady drafted: April 16, 2000
    Trey Lance born: May 9, 2000

    Also 😂:

  18. Mick

    I’d be extremely happy to see the Hawks pick a player at 56 and turn him into a starter.

    • Chris

      Don’t you think 56 is a little old to be playing football?

  19. Sea Mode

    Zierlein Day 2 mock:

    Gives us Milton Williams

    • Rob Staton

      I would say unlikely.

      But I like Williams (and he’s a Seahawks fan)

    • Henry Taylor

      I’d be super down with that, big big fan. Then get on the phones and see if anyone will give us anything for Green/Collier.

      Although with guys like Dyami, Meinerz, Bobby Brown, Dickerson all still on the board in that projection I might be a little dissapointed. Perfect trade down scenario though.

  20. TheOtherJordan


    Do you think the Jets pick Ojulari or Javonte Williams at #34? If they take one of those two, seems like they had a pretty good draft.

    • Rob Staton


  21. Chris


    Love the work you do. I appreciate how much thought and effort you put into research, so that us fans can read outstanding articles that are fact based and not part of the Hawks PR world.


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Chris

  22. Happy Hawk

    Rob fantastic job as always. Best content anywhere! Rob I think the big question for today is what player would have to be available for the Hawks not to consider trading down because he was too good to pass up at pick #56?

    • Russ

      Not Rob obviously, but I’d lean Quinn Meinerz for all the reasons Rob lists in his description above.

      • Scot04

        Unfortunately the way the Seahawks are; if Meinerz is there at 56 they still trade down & the Rams take him at 57.

        • Russ

          Stop saying things that are so accurate.

      • Ryan

        The thing I don’t get is how people are clamoring for Meinerz because they see Pocic as our biggest weakness, at C. As if Meinerz is going to step in immediately as our center.

        Unless I’m remembering wrong, Meinerz has never even played center in a game. He was a guard who taught himself to snap between the season and the Senior Bowl, then played a bit of C in the Senior Bowl practices. So all of a sudden, with a truncated offseason and no game experience, he’s going to be our starting center?

        If we pick Quinn Meinerz, Ethan Pocic is going to be our starting center. So why are we picking Quinn Meinerz again?

        Don’t get me wrong, I’d be fine with the pick, but I see it as more of a long-term play where he takes over for Pocic or Gabe Jackson next year.

        • Rob Staton

          They drafted a defensive lineman in round seven and started him at guard in week one of his rookie season. He had a good career.

          I wouldn’t rule out Meinerz starting right away.

          • Ryan

            Guard is easier than Center, IMO. And he started week one as a replacement, didn’t start again until the final two games of the season. Is that what people mean by Meinerz taking over for Pocic at center?

    • cha

      Kellen Mond but I doubt they’d go that route. Russell is going to be a our QB ‘for a good while.’

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure really, it’s a hard sell to only pick three times.

  23. Jordan

    If they go with OT of the future is your clear preference Smith? Sizable gap to Little, Brown, Christensen?

    • Scot04

      Of those 3 I’ll take Smith.

    • Rob Staton

      Christensen is a no-no at tackle for me.

      Brown is too tall — will always struggle with leverage.

      Little not played for two years.

      Smith best profile for me

      • Jordan

        Cool, thanks.

        I think I’d be leaning OT if it isn’t forced. Maybe not an immediate need given Shell’s relative competence, but a proactive move with future benefits.

      • WallaSean

        Smith or Cleveland? I would trade back as much as I could, take the one that is left.

  24. JJ

    Just curious can Brandon Shell play LT?

    • BobbyK

      I would guess no. He can barely play RT.

    • CaptainJack

      Like we say, no.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Brandon Shell
        Snaps – 673 – 52nd
        Penalties – 4 – 30th
        Sacks – 3 – 26th
        Grade 72.7

        Shell’s grade suffered after his injury. He is a quite acceptable right tackle.

      • clbradley17

        The bar was set so low after Ifedi. But he missed over a third of the season (5 1/2 games), gave up lots of sacks, pressures and hits from game one on. Any speedy edge rusher seemed to get by him, starting with Fowler and McKinley in game 1 vs. Atlanta to the sad playoff game where our whole OL looked bad. I’d like to see us draft a RT to come in and replace him almost as much as a center for Pocic.

  25. Happy Hawk

    What do we think of Tommy Tremble and Cade Johnson as possible fits for the Hawks in this draft?

    • WallaSean

      I like the idea of Tremble as a FB/TE, not sure if that is worth what it would take. I would like 2 receivers, Johnson paired with a late round pick or UDFA would be my floor, I would prefer Schwartz in that range.

  26. RWIII

    Guys. What does it say about Trey Lance. San Francisco was willing to trade for Aaron Rodgers. They wanted to trade for 3 or 4 years of Aaron Rodgers. Instead of getting 15-18 years for drafting Trey Lance.

    • JJ

      I don’t think it says anything about Lance. It is Aaron Rodgers. With that roster they could win a couple super bowls with him.

  27. CaptainJack

    How shocked will people be when they opt to go defense?

    • WallaSean

      Draft a LB to replace Irvin and then sign KJ on Monday.

      • Big Mike

        Draft a box safety

        • Ben M

          This made me LOL

          • TomLPDX

            Don’t encourage him!

    • BobbyK

      Considering CB opposite Reed is questionable and the DT depth situation is horrible, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Lots of holes on the roster. Can’t fill them all with one pick.

      • Roy Batty

        Sure you can. They drafted Jamal Adams in round 1 didn’t they?

        • BobbyK


  28. Henry Taylor

    The Jets should draft Creed Humphrey with their first pick today, great fit for their scheme and I love the idea of pairing a young QB with a fantastic young OL right out the gate.

    • Qoolio

      Seems like a solid plan… Adjustments as a rookie are hard enough when they aren’t running for their lives.

      If Russ is moving on next year, I’d like to see the Hawks invest in the deep OL group this year to build a solid foundation for the next QB.

  29. Qoolio

    As I read Day 2 mocks, I had some questions for the wider community:

    1) Is there anyone that the Seahawks may want (or that you want them to get) so bad, that they decide not to trade back at #56?

    2) If not, how far back do you think they will trade?

    3) If Kellen Mond somehow dropped to the end of the third, is there any universe where the Seahawks would take him?

    My thoughts:

    #1- I feel they have a group of players and will talk themselves into being ok with any of them. Without trading their 2nd rounder, I think the best they could get without trading future picks would be a 5th, two 6ths, and two 7ths. It’s not like a late 4th has that much value. I’m not sure anyone could drop to change their mind.

    #2- I’m torn between #80 and #89. Both the Raider and Browns have multiple picks in the mid-third. Oakland could be a 3rd, 4th, 5th and/or future picks. Cleveland could give both 3rds plus. They will likely go elsewhere, but I’ll say #89 is the latest.

    #3- I wish there was, as I don’t think Russ is here beyond next year and next year’s QBs don’t look great. I give actual probability of 0.003%

    • Scot04

      The other thing would be what they can get.
      Teams know Seattle wants more than 3 picks, So we have to hope there’s a player a team really wants at 56.
      I could see us getting less return for 56 than expected, because other teams will see us as desperate.
      Similar to the Jets for Adams. If teams know you’re desperate they will take advantage. I’m gonna hope Minnesota really wants someone at 56.

    • Scot04

      Minnesota has four 3rds & three 4ths, two 5ths

    • Ryan

      1) I think under these circumstances, they will want to trade back (almost) regardless of who is there at 56. Trading back from their second pick just wouldn’t net them very much. I can only see them staying put at 56 if there’s no willing trade partner (which might happen).

      2) Probably no farther back than the 80s.

      3) Well they should absolutely take Mond if he’s there as a hedge against Russ leaving next year, but I fear the Aaron Rodgers/Jordan Love drama might scare them from doing it (because they will do everything to pretend there is no problem there).

    • Ryan

      The only guy still on the board that would make me not want to trade back is Teven Jenkins. Ran through every position, not one other guy that would make he hold pat.

  30. Hoggs41

    Im sure there are guys they would not trade back for, who they are we have no idea. If I was a betting man I would say they wouldnt go to far past 70 with there first pick.

  31. Mike

    Elijah molden would be fun, draft him get trade one of your other safeties to get some other picks. My bet is they trade down and take some reach that no thinks should be picked that early.

    • Roy Batty

      I think they’ll bite the bullet and save the reach for 2023, when they’ll finally have their 1st round pick.

      Historical data points in that direction.

      • Mike

        Lol you’re probably right round 2 seems to be good. No rashaad pennys or LJ colliers please.

  32. DAWGFan

    IMHO it looks to me the VIkes got the better end of the deal. Minnesota got the player with higher upside and (2) 3rd round picks(#66 and #86) for a fourth(#143). I’m not sold on Vera-Tucker he is limited athletically and is purely an interior lineman, Darrisaw is a high end tackle prospect who’s biggest weakness is he needs to finish every play and that can be taught.

    • Volume12

      I agree.

  33. HawkFanGA

    My prediction is that Hawks will trade back to around pick #70 to acquire more draft stock and then select Landon Dickerson.

  34. Blizty the Clown

    The more I think about it, the more I see Shaun Wade as the must-have in this draft, especially if he’s on the board at 129, which I’m not at all sure of despite pfn’s simulator rankings.

    Whatever questions I previously had about his desire to play have been answered. His athleticism is evident. His measurables are undeniable. And he’s as Seahawky a CB prospect as I can remember. Honestly, I might even make him my first pick depending on how far Seattle trade down (basically any pick outside the top 90). He’s a top 20 player who fell because of a weird Covid season, a nasty turf toe injury and who knows what else. But he looks and sounds totally dialed in and I want him in our defensive backfield.

    Speaking of trade downs, I’ve run multiple pfn sims since last night with the updated board and it is possible to trade down into the mid 70s and pick up multiple Day 3 picks, especially if Seattle are willing to give up some Day 3 capital from next year (which I’m not opposed to if it’s reasonable and the prospect is worthy). I don’t know if they’ll get enough by trading down once to the mid 60s, but that really depends on who’s willing to trade with them and who’s on the board at the moment. I think if they can, they’ll trade down at least twice while remaining in the top 80.

    But again, I want Shaun Wade on this team.

  35. bmseattle

    Great job on the top 10 finish in the mock draft rankings, Rob!
    Are you able to figure out how high you would have been if you had stuck with your Detroit pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably a place or two higher only I’d guess

  36. Julian Langdon

    I hope if one of their guys is at #56 today they do take him.

    My guys at this pick would be Quinn Meinerz, Javonte Williams, Elijah Moore, J Owusu Koramoah, Bobby Brown III, Tevin Jenkins or Kellen Mond.

    I feel one of your guys is so much more valuable than two guys you have less hope for.

    With taking a pick at #56, the way back into the draft later on is to trade a 2022 3rd round Pick to get back early in the fourth this year and then trade (if possible) #129 for perhaps two 5ths and a 6th? I’m not sure we’ll miss the 2022 pick.

    Whether it’s a positive or not, I think there is every chance Seattle may be getting high future draft capital from a trade or two by this time next year.


      I agree with you that they should pull the trigger at #56 if one of those players is available. They can always go for UDFA players to pad out the tryouts. Realistically this will be a good draft if they can get 2 starters out of their picks.

  37. Sea Mode

    A serious consideration? Seriously? I mean he’s a stuck up dude, but give up $23m to hang it up coming off an MVP year? This has got to just be a media play for leverage here:

    Ian Rapoport

    If Aaron Rodgers retires (to host Jeopardy or just retire), he would have to repay the team $11.5M this year and $11.5M if he remains retired next year — all from his signing bonus. Unless the situation is repaired to his liking, this is a serious consideration, I’m told.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Good for him, wish Jordan Love all the best.

      Unretire and pop up playing for Vegas 👀

    • TheOtherJordan

      How funny would it be if Rodgers retired to host Jeopardy or if the Packers had to trade Jordan Love in order for Aaron to feel they are “committed” to him? I mean, he’d easily make as much as Alex Trebek did which was 10 million a year.

      • David B.

        Well he is a partner in an investment firm as well as part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. Not too mention the money he saves with the “Rodgers rate”.

        • Rohan Raman

          Clearly you haven’t heard that State Farm just offers everyone great rates.

  38. Henry Taylor

    Got bored did a second round mock. Only trade I did was the inevitable Seattle move down, they take a risk on a player that is only available because of injury concerns – Seahawks twitter is divided.

    JAX 33. Christian Barmore, DT Alabama
    NYJ 34. Creed Humphrey, OC Oklahoma
    ATL 35. Javonte Williams, RB North Carolina
    MIA 36. Teven Jenkins, OT Oklahoma State
    PHI 37. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB Notre Dame
    CIN 38. Wyatt Davis, OG Ohio State
    CAR 39. Elijah Moore, WR Mississippi
    DEN 40. Azeez Ojulari, EDGE Georgia
    DET 41. Baron Browning, LB Ohio State
    NYG 42. Ben Cleveland, OG Georgia
    SF 43. Levi Onwuzurike, DT Washington
    DAL 44. Kelvin Joseph CB Kentucky
    JAX 45. Pat Freiermuth, TE Penn State
    NE 46. Asante Samuel Jr., CB Florida State
    LAC 47. Milton Williams, DT Louisiana Tech
    LV 48. Quinn Meinerz, OC Wisconsin-Whitewater
    ARI 49. Samuel Cosmi, OT Texas
    MIA 50. Joseph Ossai, EDGE Texas
    WAS 51. Kellen Mond, QB Texas A&M
    CHI 52. Alim McNeill, DT North Carolina State
    TEN 53. Dyami Brown, WR North Carolina
    IND 54. Spencer Brown, OT Northern Iowa
    PIT 55. Josh Myers, OC Ohio State
    GB 56. (TRADE) Terrace Marshall Jr., WR LSU
    LAR 57. Trevon Moehrig, S TCU
    KC 58. Rondale Moore, WR Purdue
    CLE 59. Richie Grant, S UCF
    NO 60. Bobby Brown, DT Texas A&M
    BUF 61. Daviyon Nixon, DT Iowa
    SEA 62. (TRADE) Landon Dickerson, OC Alabama
    KC 63. Dillon Radunz, OT North Dakota State
    TB 64. Trey Smith, OG Tennessee

    • Sea Mode

      Nice. I did one up above and was also thinking the Falcons would like a RB to go all in on Matt Ryan’s final years. What an offensive firepower it would be with a solid OL (at least I think) and those skill players.

      My only question is: if Dickerson does fall that far, meaning his injury proneness is that concerning, can we really afford to spend our top pick on him in a year when we only have 3 (or maybe a couple more on day 3 after some trades down)?

      • Henry Taylor

        I go back and forth in my mind about whether we cant afford to use our only pick in the first 3 rounds on an injury risk, or whether we cant afford not to take a player as good as him with only one pick in the first 3 rounds.

        I’m currently leaning towards we have to take a swing, if he works it might even smooth things over with Russ.

  39. Brett

    Did a bit of research re. trade values for tonight’s draft. These values come from (, which made looking up pick capital by teams fairly easy. Of course, these are rough value estimates. Tried to focus on teams in the top 10 picks in round 3 to trade down with, and emphasized teams who had enough picks to consider a multi-pick swap.

    Here’s what I came up with for SEA 56 (worth 340 pts):

    2 pick trades…
    NYJ 66(260), 107(80); value is even

    3 pick trades…
    ATL 68(250) 108(78) 187(15); value is SEA +3 (343 points)
    CIN 69(245), 111(72), 190(14); value is CIN +9
    DEN 71(235), 114(66), 152(29); value is DEN +10

    4 pick trades…
    NYJ 66(260), 146(31), 154(28), 186(16); value is NYJ +6
    PHI 70(240), 123(49), 150(30), 189(14); value is PHI +7
    CAR 73(225), 113(68), 151(29), 191(13); value is CAR +5

    Food for thought.

    • Sea Mode

      Great work. I’d jump for joy if the Jets offered us the 2nd pick of R4 just to move down 10 spots. Would be ideal.

      And potentially having one of the top picks of day 3 gives teams all night to think about who they might want to trade up with Seattle for.

      I would recommend using the more updated “Rich Hill” trade chart though.

  40. Pran

    possibly Hawks will pick twice today. thinking they will get back in to round 3.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ll trade down into R3 and try to get a R4 and a R5.

  41. Sea Mode

    Interesting board from Zierlein here. If Mond makes it to R3…

    • Rob Staton

      I love the R3-5 value on that board

  42. Rob Staton

    This is one of the worst tweets I’ve seen in a while:

    • Sea Mode

      Lol, I swear if they hit again by missing on the player Jerrah really wanted (like Dak vs. Paxton Lynch)…

  43. Happy Hawk

    Do we think there is a chance the Hawks do not pick tonight at all by acquiring only day 3 selections?

    • Rob Staton


      It’ll be one pick tonight.

    • Sea Mode

      Personally, I don’t. I can definitely see them moving down into R3 with several moves, but all the way to R4 would be quite tough both to pull off (find enough trade partners) and pass several times on players some of whom they are sure to like.

  44. Sea Mode

    Trade rumblings per Rapoport:

    Ian Rapoport

    With the #Jaguars soon to be on the clock at 33, it’s likely they make that pick. And the #Jets are receiving significant interest in a potential trade at 34, I’m told. We could see some early action as teams scramble up for players they thought would be first-rounders.

  45. Sea Mode

    Not sure if it’s a scoop or just his guess, but will be interesting to see which direction the Jags go. My guess is still Freiermuth.

    I have a hard time seeing CB after they just drafted CJ Henderson last year and signed Griffin to a big deal, so…

    Albert Breer

    Two names to watch at 33 for the Jaguars: Alabama DL Christian Barmore and Georgia CB Tyson Campbell. Lots of good players left out there. Corner is definitely a spot to keep an eye on early.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve been linked to corners a lot and I’ve no idea why

  46. Volume12

    Granted, I haven’t seen every single 1 of em, but it might b my favorite characteristic outta this years class. The confidence Benjamin St-Juste has.

    • Sea Mode

      I’ve liked him ever since discovering him watching Sr. Bowl 1v1s, but I ended up liking Shaun Wade better. (interview and potential)

      Zierlein has him in R5. Let’s see…

      • Volume12

        Who does he have in R5? Wade?

  47. JimQ

    6 of my day-3 Sleepers; I hope the Seahawks can land a few of these guys. I really believe that JS will trade down frequently to get more lottery tickets and that may mean several 7-th rounders will be available, but who do they pick? Here are my personal preferences that I’ve been looking at for months. Additionally, I see a big haul coming from the UDFA signings, some of the below may very well fall into that category.

    –In no particular order–
    (1) WR Jacob Harris, Height: 6’5″ (98th percentile), Weight: 219 (88th), Arm: 33 1/2 (91st), Hand: 9 1/2 (69th), Vertical: 41 (94th), Broad: 133 (97th), Bench: 15 reps (60th), 40-yard: 4.39 (86th), Short shuttle: 4.31 (33rd), 3-cone: 6.54 (99th), 2020: 10-games; 30/539/17.97-ypc/8-TD’s. —->Physically, very similar to DK Metcalf, with very similar college stats. Note his exceptional 3-cone. I see this kid as DK Metcalf’s “little brother” and eventual replacement in a couple years. A 6.54 3-cone is exceptional (top 10-15 ever at combine historically) especially compared to Metcalf’s pretty poor 3-cone (that caused his draft fall). Since his pro-day his ranking has taken a bump up, potentially as high as Rd-6/7 currently.

    (2) DE/LB-Janarius Robinson, Fla. St., 6-05/266, 87“-wing, 35-3/4“-arms, 11“-hands. Perhaps more of a developmental pass rusher with ++++ length? – One of, if not the longest, players in this draft. He could possibly be a viable alternative at EDGE or possibly LB on day-3. You can’t teach length! If he drops a few lbs. would be a potential viable replacement of KJ? If he adds a few lbs. then a base DE or EDGE? Again, 87″ wingspan (7.25 feet), 35-3/4″ arms! This would be an exciting use of a day-3 pick IMO. Find a spot for him somewhere, anywhere on the defense. Currently ranked around Rd-5/6/7-ish.

    (3) S-Tyler Coyle, Purdue/UConn, Height: 6’1″ (66th percentile) Weight: 209 (70th) Arm: 32 3/8 (78th) Vertical 39 (85th) Broad: 133 (96th) Bench: 24 reps (97th) 40-yard: 4.36 (97th) Short shuttle: 4.00 (93rd)
    3-cone: 7.14 (18th) Career 274-tkls, 172-solo, 7.5-TFL, 3-INT-(2-TD’s), 16-PBU, 2-FF, 2-FR. Ranked as an UDFA = A very FAST & explosive sleeper at Safety? May be able to play single high safety? Rd-7/UDFA?

    (4) CB(slot)-Avery Williams, BYU, 5-83/187; Hand: 9, Arm: 28 3/4, Wingspan: 70 1/8, 40-Yard Dash: 4.43,
    20-Yard Dash: 2.57, 10-Yard Dash: 1.55, 225 Lb. Bench Reps: 19, Vertical: 33 1/2, Broad Jump: 10’01,
    20-Yard Shuttle: 4.00, 3-Cone Drill: 6.88. —- Career: 48-games, 152-tkls, 111-solo, 4.5-TFL, 4-INT, 22-PD,
    1-FR, 5-FF (2020 Consensus All-American) + 82 PR for 948-yds.,11.6-YPR, 6-TD’s = (#9 in NCAA since 1976 that’s over the last 45 years), 15.7-yds. per PR this year & 38 KR for 1042-yds, 27.4-YPR, 3-TD’s; = + return
    experience with 9 total return TD’s. Williams could even be drafted exclusively as a “return specialist” (just watch his exciting tape). He = Leon Washington 2.0. I know kickoff returning is possibly going away, but a very good punt returner still has some very NICE value, especially when they score a lot of TD’s or change field position frequently. Playmakers can come in all sizes. Currently ranked in the Rd-6/7 area.

    (5) EDGE-Raymond Johnson, Georgia Southern, 6-3/270 = Very Productive –A small school– stud at EDGE.
    Played in 50 games, Produced 36-TFL, 16.5-Sacks, 6-FR, 2-FF in career. A little stiff but was a man among boys at Georgia Southern. A developmental sleeper at EDGE with some inside potential. May go Rd-7 or as an UDFA signing due to playing at a small school, either way he could develop significantly. Heard some scouting buzz about him earlier, not much lately, don’t know why. A likely UDFA, camp body at least?

    And last, but not least, a playmaking Sleeper at TE (my biggest -underrated- SLEEPER of this draft).

    (6) TE (& punter)-Zach Davidson, Cent. Missouri: 6′ 6 5/8″, 245 lbs, 9 1/2″ hand, 32″ arm, 77″ wingspan, 4.64 40, 17 bench, 37.5″ vertical, 9′ 9″ broad, 4.26 shuttle, **6.95 3-cone** – @ pro-day. He should be considered more of a WR/hybrid & H-back that could contribute as a move TE. Not many TE’s average over 22 yards per catch NOR are there very many that score 15-TD’s on 40 catches. Small school or not, those are “beastly” stats for any TE. Currently ranked Rd-6/7-ish.

    Davidson was a Division II AP – First-Team All-American in 2019 and really cemented himself as a premier tight end in the league after scoring 15 times on 40 receptions and nearly 900 yards. But there is more to him than receiving talent. He was also an All-American Third-Team punter and averaged 40+ yards per punt on the season. Not only will Davidson’s length impress you, but his athletic ability at his size will also too. While he’s still a fairly raw talent at the tight end position, Davidson offers tremendous value late in the 2021 NFL Draft as a player with loads of potential. Davidson is truly a special and rare talent. Again, this kid is a top level college punter and that adds some value as a B/U as well as his potential 15-20+ yard per catch abilities as a receiver with a high TD rate. Considering RW’s need for more playmakers would be a viable receiver option IMO. — In order to transcend the level of competition, especially on the Division II level, serious NFL prospects have to consistently dominate the competition level. That is something that was littered throughout Central Missouri tight end Zach Davidson’s film, to the tune of 894 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns on just 40 receptions (22.4 yards per catch).

    To couple with his + production, Davidson boasts a next level frame that still has a ton of room for future physical development. A team that can recognize his potential should be able to bulk him up and teach him to block with all of his positive traits. At present, he seems to be a hybrid move TE that runs deep a lot with blocking not being a very big strength. Jimmy G. comes to mind as he kind of fit that mold as well. I would sure like to see what the 6′-7″ Davidson can do against 5′-10″ – 6′-0″ DB’s with his 37.5″ vertical (that’s nearly 10 feet on jump balls). A big red zone target? Well worth a Rd-6/7 pick, if he’s there – IMO.

    • Trevor

      I would love to see the Hawks get Janarius Robinson with his size, length and athletic profile he has legit potential if coached up.

  48. BobbyK

    Getting Williams would be my ideal scenario, though I know it won’t happen. Meinerz, yes – a good backup plan. Mond if he’s legit long term? Yes!

    I’m okay with QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, CB… just get someone who is actually good.

    So sick of all the years of drafting for need the way they did Collier, Pocic, etc. and missing out on good/great players at other positions because they were so hell bent on fitting square pegs into round holes.

    • Sea Mode

      Agree. I’m afraid they might feel pushed to try and replace Reed with their pick today, just because they weren’t planning on losing him.

      But I think before that, they were setting up for a WR pick.

    • Paul Cook

      Really. With our scant pickings, I’m just looking for one true legit starter out of the draft. That would be a win. It could be most anywhere on the field but a few positions. We probably have a better chance finding another starter with UDFA’s if we really did our homework.

  49. Trevor

    If the Hawks pick any of these 10 players on day #2 I will be pleased. Ideally after a trade back.

    Creed Humphries
    Landon Dickerson
    Quin Meinerz
    DAnte Smith
    Ben Cleveland

    Rondell Moore
    Dee Eskridge
    Javonte Williams

    Bobby Brown
    Benjamin St Juste

  50. Hawk Mock

    2 firsts and a 3rd for this pick and Adams wouldn’t seem as bad right now…

  51. Matt

    Loved Eskridge. Hate this pick.

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