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R4 — #102 — TRADE
The Seahawks have traded the #102 pick to the Denver Broncos. They’ve moved down to #121 and get a fifth and sixth round pick back from the Broncos (#136, #207). They also gave the Broncos #235. Denver moved up to select Oregon receiver Troy Franklin.

R4 — #118 — Tyrice Knight (LB, UTEP)
Knight plays with reckless abandon. He just flies around the field and he’s a better run defender than coverage linebacker. There’s very little structure to his play (being in the right spot at the right time) but there’s no doubting his commitment and effort. He was an official-30 visitor to Seattle. There’s nothing striking about his testing (4.40) short shuttle). They clearly think he can be developed by Mike Macdonald and his staff. I had him graded in round five, so they had him higher than I did. I thought there were better options available.

R4 — #121 — A.J. Barner (TE, Michigan)
Barner is a 251lbs blocking tight end. So basically he has the size of a move-TE but the playing style usually reserved for players who are heavier. He has small hands (9 inches) and only ran a 4.84. His short shuttle was a 4.41. I had him graded in round five. I think it’s an unspectacular, average pick. I doubt he’s going to offer much upside and will be a role player. I think there were better players available in round four with both picks. The 49ers took Malik Mustapha after this pick.

R5 — #136 — Nehemiah Pritchett (CB, Auburn)
I had Pritchett graded in the round 6/7 range. I didn’t like the way he tackled at all, I didn’t like the way he struggled to track the ball and his frame just felt especially lean — so there’s no surprise he wasn’t great vs the run. He ran a 4.36 at 190lbs which is decent — but he’s smaller so you expect quickness. If you were adding a cornerback, I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t take a chance on TJ Tampa in round four. The Ravens took him, so it’s not as if he wasn’t a fit. I’ve found this day three to be extremely underwhelming.

R6 — #179 — Sataoa Laumea (G, Utah)
I had a sixth/seventh round grade on Laumea so they took him in the range I expected him to go — but I had far more highly rated players available at this spot including at guard. I thought he struggled a bit at the Senior Bowl and his testing profile was poor — he isn’t explosive and he didn’t do any agility testing. Weirdly they’ve taken two players who’ve only ever played on the right side of the line, so what’s the plan here? I’m just being honest with you, this feels like another underwhelming pick.

R6 — #192 — DJ James (CB, Auburn)
I had a fifth round grade on James, so it’s a value pick based on the projection I made on the player. It’s my favourite pick on day three so far but I still had other players graded higher still on the board. He’s a corner who plays in control and I liked his coverage skills. He wasn’t a good tester — running a 4.41 short shuttle at 181lbs and even a 4.42 forty is fairly mediocre for a 181lbs cornerback. He’ll have to play inside at nickel. As with Pritchett, he’s not impressive vs the run. James was the guy who gave up ‘that’ play to blow a game against Alabama.

R6 — #207 — Mike Jerrell (T, Findlay)
He worked out at the Ohio State pro-day and was said to have impressed more than the Buckeye linemen. He certainly tested better — putting up eye-catching numbers including 4.94 forty at 309lbs and a vertical jump of 32.5 inches. He took an official-30 visit to Seattle. He’s a major project with upside, who’ll come in so they can have a good look at him in camp. Based on his testing profile and potential, I had him as a round 6/7 player on my board.

Day three updated horizontal board

The Seahawks 2024 draft class

#16 Byron Murphy (DT, Texas)
#81 Christian Haynes (G, Connecticut)
#118 Tyrice Knight (LB, UTEP)
#121 AJ Barner (TE, Michigan)
#136 Nehemiah Pritchett (CB, Auburn)
#179 Sataoa Laumea (G, Utah)
#192 DJ James (CB, Auburn)
#207 Mike Jerrell (T, Findlay)