LIVE BLOG: NFL scouting combine (WR, RB & QB)

Live blog to begin at 6AM PST.

We’re up and running with the quarterback forty yard dashes…

These are the unofficial times.

Blake Bortles (UCF) — 4.81 & 4.88
Tajh Boyd (Clemson) — 4.75 & 4.84
Teddy Bridgewater — DNP
Derek Carr (Fresno State) — 4.68 & 4.65
David Fales (SJSU) — 4.94 & 5.03
Jimmy Garoppolo (Eastern Illinois) — 4.93 & 4.95
Jordan Lynch (Northern Illinois) — 4.72 & 4.72
Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) — 4.63 & 4.56
Jeff Mathews (Cornell) — 5.22 & 5.22
A.J. McCarron (Alabama) — 4.94 & 4.91

Here’s some mid-combine reading from Bob MGinn at the Journal Sentinel. He’s well sourced.

He looks at 32 players in this class, with a scouts take on each.

Demarcus Lawrence is included, the guy we had going to Seattle in our pre-combine mock draft.

Here’s McGinn’s report:

“He can fit anywhere,” one scout said. “He’s athletic enough to play outside linebacker. He’s long enough to play an edge 4-3 rusher like Seattle uses. Worker. Good athlete. Second round.” Was suspended three times for team violations.

Note the Seahawks reference. This is a guy we have to look at for pick #32.

There’s a scathing review of Austin Seferian-Jenkins too…

He’s going to be close to Gronkowski talent-wise,” one scout said. “Now he’s lazy and a (expletive). It’s all kinds of just minor stuff. There’s always something wrong with him.” Had 146 receptions in three seasons. Played some basketball for Huskies. “I think he’s a pretender,” another scout said. “Not really a football player. The hype is big, but he don’t want to block and he is kind of half-(expletive) in everything he does. Inconsistent and unreliable.”

Back to the quarterback forty’s — Johnny Manziel had the fastest unofficial time (4.56).

In comparison, Russell Wilson had an official 4.55.


Again, these are all unofficial.

Jared Abbrederis (Wisconsin) — 4.50 & 4.44
Davante Adams (Fresno State) — 4.50 & 4.54
Odell Beckham Jr (LSU) — 4.40 & 4.31
Kelvin Benjamin (Florida State) — 4.59 & 4.53
Chris Boyd (Vanderbilt) — 4.60 & DNP
Corey Brown (Ohio State) — 4.37 & 4.44
John Brown (Pitt State) — 4.30 & 4.35
Martavis Bryant (Clemson) — 4.34 & 4.35
Isaiah Burse (Fresno State) — 4.56 & 4.50
Michael Campanaro (Wake Forest) — 4.46 & 4.44
Brandon Coleman (Rutgers) — 4.50 & 4.53
Brandin Cooks (Oregon State) — 4.30 & 4.30
Mike Evans (Texas A&M) — 4.50 & 4.47
Damian Copeland (Louisville) — 4.43 & 4.40
Quincy Enuwa (Nebraska) — 4.40 & DNF (hamstring)
Bruce Ellington (South Carolina) — 4.37 & 4.31
Shaq Evans (UCLA) — 4.50 & 4.50
Bennie Fowler (Michigan State) — 4.50 & 4.48
Jeremy Gallon (Michigan) — 4.45 & 4.42


Kelvin Benjamin looked superb. He carries 240lbs perfectly. This is prototype, #1 receiver size.

His first time of 4.59 was 0.09 slower than Davante Adams. He’s over 4 inches taller and 28lbs heavier.

His second time — a 4.53 — topped Adams’ 4.54. This is why Seattle will be drooling over Benjamin — and why I don’t think Adams is a likely option at #32.

Brandon Coleman looked chiseled and ran a 4.50. That’s good enough for me at 6-6 and 225lbs to say “job done”.

Interesting tweet…

Been saying this for a while. Don’t sleep on Coleman to Seattle at #32…

Odell Beckham’s second unofficial run was a 4.31. Wow.

The Bob McGinn piece earlier referred to Martavis Bryant being a possible #1 pick. Hmmm. He ran a 4.34 at 6-3/4 and 211lbs.

Mike Evans’ 4.47 was excellent. That should be enough to put him in the top 10-15. It might not be enough to put him ahead of Sammy Watkins as the #1 guy.

From Group 1 — it wouldn’t be a total shock if Benjamin, Evans, Beckham Jr, Cooks and Coleman all went in the first round.

What a year for receivers.


The receivers are running downfield, the quarterbacks get a chance to show off some arm strength.

Blake Bortles is throwing. Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t appear to be doing anything today.

A.J. McCarron throws despite suggesting he wouldn’t. His first attempt downfield was a shocker, way off target. His second attempt was much improved.

Brandon Coleman looked as smooth as caramel on his route. Great strides, caught the football. He’s killing this so far.

Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin didn’t look quite as comfortable. Evans made a nice adjustment to a loose throw from Bortles.

Now it’s time for the gauntlet.

Jared Abbrederis had a drop. Davante Adams looked sharp. Odell Beckham Jr is one of the most natural catchers you’ll ever see.

Kelvin Benjamin avoided drops (shock horror) and looked pretty good after a false start.

Got to say, Martavis Bryant has looked extremely good so far. He caught the ball away from his body. Made a difficult grab on one wayward pass.

Brandon Coleman had zero drops and also caught the ball away from his body. He hasn’t put a foot wrong so far.

Mike Evans showed strong hands, just looked like a natural out there.

Man this is a receiver class and a half. And we’ve still got Sammy Watkins and co to come later.

The record number of receivers taken in the first round is seven.

That is going to be smashed this year.

Now the receivers are running in-routes. Benjamin made a lovely high grab on a pass thrown behind him.

Bryant just laid out to get an errant pass, but couldn’t bring it in.

Another nice job by Coleman and Evans. Smooth route, nice cut. Both caught their passes.

Evans looked crisper on the curl route than Benjamin. Coleman looked a little safe on his, focusing too much on catching the ball and hesitating a little.

A.J. McCarron after a tough start looked good throwing the ball. Bortles really warmed up on the deep out throws.

Coleman rounded off his deep route. Benjamin looked really good — and Beckham Jr was even better. Evans got the timing on his route all wrong and didn’t catch the football. It was messy.

I’m crossing over to Camera 2 now to watch the forty yard dashes for the second group of QB’s and WR’s.


Stephen Morris (Miami) — 4.62 & 4.57
Aaron Murray (Georgia) — DNP
Bryn Renner (North Carolina) — 4.85 & 4.88
Tom Savage (Pittsburgh) — 5.00 & 4.85
Connor Shaw (South Carolina) — 4.58 & 4.55
Logan Thomas (Virginia Tech) — 4.60 & 4.57
Dustin Vaughan (WTAMU) — 4.91 & 4.94
Keith Wenning (Ball State) — 4.88 & 4.85

An unofficial 4.57 is superb for Logan Thomas. He struggled the last two years at Virginia Tech, but he’s got a ton of potential as a longer term project.

And don’t rule out someone taking him much earlier than expected.

The time will increase talk he could switch to tight end.


Robert Herron (Wyoming) — 4.45 & 4.50
Cody Hoffman (BYU) — 4.54 & 4.53
Josh Huff (Oregon) — 4.45 & 4.47
Allen Hurns (Miami) — 4.53 & 4.55
Jeff Janis (Saginaw Valley State) — 4.30 & 4.44
T.J. Jones (Notre Dame) — 4.40 & 4.50
Jarvis Landry (LSU) — 4.65 & DNP
Cody Latimer (Indiana) — DNP
Marqise Lee (USC) — 4.50 & 4.44
Marcus Lucas (Missouri) — 4.52
Jordan Matthews (Vanderbilt) — 4.40 & 4.44
Donte Moncrief (Ole Miss) — 4.40 & 4.35
Kevin Norwood (Alabama) — 4.39 & 4.48
Tevin Reese (Baylor) — 4.40
Paul Richardson (Colorado) — 4.35
Allen Robinson (Penn State) — 4.60 & 4.56
Jalen Saunders (Oklahoma) — 4.42 & 4.41
Willie Snead (Ball State) — 4.60
Devin Street (Pittsburgh) — 4.53 & 4.47
L’Damian Washington (Missouri) — 4.43 & 4.43
Sammy Watkins (Clemson) — 4.34 & 4.37

Jeff Janis out of Saginaw State Valley — wow. An unofficial 4.30 and a fairly big guy. That’s impressive.

Jarvis Landry slower than expected — his first run is an unofficial 4.65. He didn’t run a second attempt, complaining of a ‘right hamstring injury’.

Marqise Lee’s first run of 4.50 is the same as Brandon Coleman’s at 6-6 and 225lbs.

Here is a video of Carroll’s reaction to Lee’s first run.

Lee’s second attempt was a 4.44.

Jordan Matthews’ 4.40 is very impressive. That’s much better than I expected.

Donte Moncrief also managed a 4.40. Again — that’s impressive. Can we afford to say again how good this wide receiver class is?

Another shock — Kevin Norwood with a 4.39? We’ve got to wait for the official times, but man.

Allen Robinson got a 4.60. Not a shock — he was never expected to run a good time. He’s shifty in the open field, but not an explosive athlete.

Most ill-advised comment of the combine so far? That award goes to Oklahoma State quarterback Justin Gilbert…

The NFL Network/ killed us again during these runs, going away from any live action to show talking heads.

Some of the second unofficial runs won’t be listed here. But at least we got to hear Charles Davis talk about Sammy Watkins (unbelievable).


Jarvis Landry is back on the field despite not running a second forty yard dash. He is struggling with the hamstring though.

Despite their good runs, Jordan Matthews and Donte Moncrief just don’t look as big as the earlier guys (Evans, Coleman, Benjamin). Both very athletic, but are they what Seattle is looking for.

The first drill is a short out route.

L’Damian Washington ran a sloppy route, followed by Sammy Watkins dropping his catch.

Matthews and Marqise Lee looking smooth on the deep routes. Paul Richardson high pointed the ball nicely.

Stephen Morris floated his passes a little too much. He’s athletic, but doesn’t have a great arm.

Connor Shaw was putting a little too much juice on his throws, while Logan Thomas completely under-threw his guy.

Allen Hurns had a hot-potato drop on his deep throw. L’Damian Washington had two attempts — laying out and failing to get one, and spilling the other.

Sammy Watkins had one of the best gauntlet runs. Very soft hands, flawless movement.

Jordan Matthews equally looked good. Donte Moncrief made hard work of his, dropping one ball and looking a little awkward.

Allen Robinson was a little tight but didn’t have any drops.

I liked Marqise Lee’s gauntlet runs. Like Watkins — very smooth, very natural.

Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell led some of the wide receiver and quarterback drills:

Defensive back measurements

These are starting to filter through. You can see them here via Walter Football.

Bashaud Breeland is 5-11 and 197lbs.

Official forty times

These are starting to filter in.

Logan Thomas — 4.61
Stephen Morris — 4.63
Connor Shaw — 4.66
Johnny Manziel — 4.68
Blake Bortles — 4.93
Derek Carr — 4.69
A.J. McCarron — 4.94

Sammy Watkins — 4.43
Allen Robinson — 4.60
Jordan Matthews — 4.46
Donte Moncrief — 4.40
Brandin Cooks — 4.33
John Brown — 4.34
Marqise Lee — 4.52
Jeff Janis — 4.42
Jarvis Landry — 4.77
Kelvin Benjamin — 4.61
Odell Beckham Jr — 4.43
Martavis Bryant — 4.42
Mike Evans — 4.53
Paul Richardson — 4.40
Jared Abbrederis — 4.50
Davante Adams — 4.56
Brandon Coleman — 4.56

I’ll do a review piece later going into some of the big stories from today. But Marqise Lee running a 4.52 at his size is very disappointing.


Antonio Andrews (Western Kentuck) — 4.76 & 4.69
Dri Archer (Kent State) — 4.29 & 4.28
George Atkinson (Notre Dame) — 4.41 & 4.39
Kapri Bibbs (Colorado State) — 4.60 & 4.72
Alfred Blue (LSU) — 4.63 & 4.78
Ka’Deem Carey (Arizona) — 4.65 & 4.62
Isaiah Crowell (Alabama State) — 4.50 & 4.50
David Fluellen (Toledo) — 4.69 4.66
Devonta Freeman (Florida State) — 4.50 & 4.53
Tyler Gaffney (Stanford) — 4.43 & 4.48
Jeremy Hill (LSU) — 4.63 & 4.63
Carlos Hyde (Ohio State) — 4.62 & DNP
Storm Johnson (UCF) — 4.50 & 4.50
Henry Josey (Missouri) — 4.40 & 4.40
Tre Mason (Auburn) — 4.44 & 4.50
Jerick McKinnon (Georgia Southern) — 4.38 & 4.35
LaDarius Perkins (Miss State) — 4.40
Silas Redd (USC) — 4.68
Bishop Sankey (Washington) — 4.47
Lache Seastrunk (Baylor) — 4.45
Charles Sims (West Virginia) — 4.48 & 4.47
De’Anthony Thomas (Oregon) — 4.34 & 4.40
James White (Wisconsin) — 4.52
James Wilder (Florida State) — 4.78 & 4.78
Andrew Williams (Boston College) — 4.54 & 4.53

To put Archer’s 20 reps into perspective, earlier today Jadeveon Clowney managed 21 reps.

Once again the feed has jumped away from the action. It’s pretty obvious the NFL wants you to watch the NFL Network (or in my case, spend money to watch it).’s coverage this year has constantly jumped away at the worst times. Frustrating.

Once again the forty’s above will be incomplete as a consequence. I’ll keep an eye on the running back drills but otherwise I’m ready to call it a wrap for this piece.

I’ll have a review of the day on the blog shortly, discussing some of the key talking points.


  1. Will

    Not that bench reps are super important for receivers but I saw that Beckham only had seven. Just can’t see the Seahawks taking him despite a lot of people mocking him to Seattle.

    • CC

      They may pick up a speedy guy at RB/WR at some point, but not early on. The WR has to be tall – Petey loves those guys.

  2. CC

    Cannot argue with what they are saying about ASJ – disappointed that he didn’t come to play. Hate to say it, but I don’t want him on the Seahawks! No grit that’s for sure!

    • Eli

      Agreed. I gotta say, I wonder if that was a little bit of the ‘hit squad’ trying to drive his stock down a lil’ bit in order to maximize his value later. Some of the stuff seemed a lil’ harsh for a guy with his most serious transgression being a DUI. Full disclosure, I’m a Ducks fan, but I think the critique was just a tad over the top.

  3. kevin mullen

    Beckham has a small frame, not too surprising on his bench press results. I could see him in a NE type spread offense, very much like Edelman’s role.

  4. CC

    Benjamin looks like mini Megatron! If only…

  5. CC

    Martavis ran a sub 4.4? I’m in love

    • CC

      4.34 – please let one of these tall guys get to us at 32

      • Eli

        Bryant, I would like as a Hawk please. When you have Watkins and Hopkins on in the same WR corps, you get limited chances to shine.

  6. Cysco

    man, Evans bust’n out a 4.5 flat. That dude is going to be a star

  7. Will

    Ugh, seriously I don’t care about Manziel, NFLN/ Show me the 40s.

  8. bigDhawk

    Nice to see Coleman running the 40. At least his knee has passed the medicals enough to work out. 4.50 is a decent time. Wish his hand size was bigger though.

    • Eli

      I’m impressed by his showing so far though, despite Mayock’s critique that he is double catching,-the guy is taking this serious and performing. He or Bryant I would like to see in the SB run next year.

  9. CC

    I’m up early to watch these guys (after watching Sweden get beat by Canada) and these NFL network guys can’t show every 40?

    • bigDhawk

      Watch the live web feed – less commercials and 2 cameras.

      • CC

        Cool thanks

  10. CC

    Abberderis looks like a fluid athlete and we know he can catch! Maybe a toy for RW?

    • Rob Staton

      I think we have guys like him already.

  11. Cysco

    This receiver class is N-U-T-S

  12. bigDhawk

    Wow…4.47 For Evans on the second run. Hello top 10.

  13. Cysco

    Given my pick of the two, I think so far I like Coleman over Benjamin. Bigger, faster, stronger.

    You look at Coleman and he just looks like a superior athlete.

    • Morgan

      I’m not sure Coleman has made any plays like this, though:

      The second .gif is drool-worthy.

      • Rob Staton

        Perhaps not, but his stock would be other worldly with Jameis Winston throwing the bombs instead of Gary Nova.

        • Morgan

          Gary Nova! /faceplam

          They both have a lot of catching inconsistency. Hope they can develop that.

          • Eli

            Yeah great name for an early 80’s rock star or Hogan/Piper era WWF wrestler but as a QB? Not so much.

        • Cysco

          My take as well. You put both players in the same playing situation and I think you’d see Coleman more than hold his own.

          I also thought his gauntlet drill was among the best. Confidently snatched the ball out of the air. Fluid mover. OBJ’s was off the charts, but Coleman was really solid, especially given his size.

          • Morgan

            Brandin Cook’s gauntlet was insane, too. So explosive. Another guy we’re probably not really looking at, though. I thought Evans and Coleman we’re a bit too deliberate through the gauntlet, but maybe it just looked that way since they are so bulky. M. Bryant seemed to move through it faster.

            Has anyone seen Jeff Janis? I’m watching NFL Network and haven’t seen him but I could have sworn he was an invitee. Maybe he’s on another camera. Curious how he’s doing as a later-round tall guy as he was insanely productive, if against low competition.

            • Rob Staton

              Janis is in the second group of WR’s that are set to run any minute now.

              • Morgan

                4.30. Excellent time, especially for his size. That’s some good clay to work with.

  14. Cysco

    well the good news is that OBJ is doing amazing, which means he probably won’t make it to the 49rs pick. Heh.

    • Morgan

      Whomever they pick, I hope they blow it again – I hope they pick the one crappy WR from the class, the ‘Brandon Weeden’ of this year.

  15. Eli

    I don’t what his hands are like, but the 6’2 kid from Nebraska blazed a 4.40 on his first and he is built solid. Only 700+yards but 12 TD’s, red zone guy.

    • bigDhawk

      Quincy Enunwa. I like him too. Looked like he pulled a hammy in his second 40 run though.

  16. CC

    Wow – there is a lot of talent in this WR class! We’ll get a good player at 32 if we go WR

  17. Eli

    The Rats WR, Cooks, appears to check every box save size.

  18. Eli

    Jeff Janis,small hands or not, blazed it 4.30 at 6’3 218!!

    • Robert

      Great value and upside. His QB throws a nice deep ball and can really zing it into tight windows!

  19. Eli

    If this kid kills it a the 3-cone, vertical leap, long jump-Hawks need to consider this guy. Excellent looking athlete who has that competitive chip on his shoulder about not getting a scholarship to a bigger school.

  20. Ben

    4.4 for Matthews, I want this guy.

    • Ben

      Same thing for Moncrief.

      • dtrain

        So far, Moncrief looks exactly like his tape…meh.
        Random thoughts…Washington, Snead, TJ Jones and Hurns havent pulled themselves out of the 6th/7th/UDFA grouping. Norwood intrigues me. 5th round redshirt candidate (bulk him up!). He catches away from his body smoothly and can sink his hips for a long guy.
        I still want to know who the best punt return guys are in this draft in case Tate walks…anybody know??

        • Kenny Sloth

          OBJ and Lee.

  21. David Mast

    Man what a loaded WR Class. I don’t think we can go wrong with whoever JS/PC pick at 32. I just REALLY REALLY hope it is a BIG WR

  22. Morgan

    Jordan Matthews’ production in college seems weird for a guy his size. 46% of his receptions were screens, and another 18% between 1-5 yards downfield. Just seems odd for a guy with his dimensions. Makes you both wonder how long it would take him to adapt to the Seahawks’ more downfield-oriented pass plays and then if he did take to it, how great he could be. He DEFINITELY has the mental make-up, guy seems so determined. Slightly above average drop rate according to Greg Peshek’s count.

    He counted Jarvis Landry dropping TWO passes all year, which is nuts.

    • Ben

      Matthews does look at home running deep routes and beating single coverage. He’s second on my wish list this year.

      • dtrain

        I liked Matthews tape…seemed like offense flowed around him and he responded against good competition. I honestly didnt expect such good combine #s…now I am in love. Larry Fitzgerald-lite. He plays and works with a chip on his shoulder. He could be the Big Sid replacement.
        Janis adjusts to the ball well. If he slipped to the 4th, he seems like another Seahawk WR flyer in that round. Lockette may be the guy they’ve been trying to find in that role though (5th WR/special teams/big but can back up all the WR positions).

      • me

        Yeah, I really want Matthews. I’d almost go so far as to say that of the guys we have a shot at he’s the only one I’d be okay with at 32 as deep as the WR class is. His targets are maybe a bit skewed a bit because he’s a classic ‘only bullet in the chamber’ type at Vandy and the game plan got constructed to give him his touches.

        I almost wonder if the group slides a bit layer into the bottom of the first round. If you’re a top 15 team you’ve gotta figure you can pick a good receiver in the topof round 2, but the dropoff in some other critical areas is supposed to be pretty severe this year, notably OT and CB.

  23. jeff

    If only Cooks were bigger. The guy is a player and will be a very good NFL WR, wouldn’t mind adding that speed but see the need for a big guy like Coleman or Benjamin.

    As a Beaver though all I hope is he doesn’t end up in SF.

  24. Ben2

    Insane WR class! I wonder if everybody picking WR drops someone down the board that we swoop in and get – like Hageman ….and are still able to pick up a really good WR with our 2nd pick. I’ll bet there will be runs on the WR position in pockets or tiers this year in the draft. I can’t wait to see who the new Hawks will be!

  25. David Mast

    Hey rob do you have the link to the online split screen? Can’t seem to find it. thanks

  26. dtrain

    Rob, what do you think of Paul Richardson in the Baldwin role in the Hawks offense? Not that it would happen, but I’m trying to find a comp for him. Not an X, maybe a Z…is he a fast, YAC slot?

    • Ben

      More of a deep threat to me. He’s not as tough as Baldwin is.

      • dtrain

        I guess thats what I’m thinking…Baldwin is arguably the best deep ball slot in the league. This kid has a ton of tough catches/middle of the field receptions on tape.

  27. Cysco

    Bryant has really impressed in the drills. 39-inch vertical is impressive. That’s a good 6.5 inches higher than both Coleman and Benjamin. Combined with his 4.42 time in the 40 and you’re looking at one hell of an athlete

    • RadMan

      His measurables are very similar to last year’s Justin Hunter. Hunter is a terrific jumper, a little more slight of build, but not much.

  28. pqlqi

    Albert Wilson looks like a late round clone of ADB. He displayed great hands in the gauntlet, good speed, KR/PR skills from college.

  29. red

    Landry pull a hammy?

    • Rob Staton


  30. red

    Watching Norwood do the drops drill looked great I like this guy, also Willie Sneed ran a nice drops drill late round slot guy.

  31. Jon

    Anyone notice Clowney with the big bench numbers. Haha, only 21 reps. What if he isn’t the athlete everyone thinks he is. Not that that is the case, but a time in the 4.6 or 4.7 range in the 40 would be quite an ordeal.

    • David Mast

      Bench shouldn’t tell anything in my opinion, Marshawn Lynch only had 20 reps, Brand Quinn had 24

      • David Mast

        Brady quinn***

        • Jon

          I figured.

      • Jon

        I know, I just find it funny that he is a “freak” and his first performance is the epitome of average. A punter put up more reps than him 23 reps. I am not saying that 21 reps on bench is some horrible thing, but it doesn’t help me buy into the “freak” status though I certainly believe he has elite potential..

        • David Mast

          Haha, the sarcastic side in me had to put that stat out there, but I fully agree with you. If he is such a FREAK, he should have been able to put up more reps than that

        • Robert

          I don’t think the bench press is a great indicator. Beast is not great at the bench press drill, but he is one of the best EVER at running through behemoths and freak athletes hell bent on tackling him with abuse. And his stiff arm is lethal. After each explosion, he saunters back to the huddle and his mind and muscles prepare to do it again. Bench press is more about exerting a lower % of your strength and sustaining it, which does not necessarily correlate well to the explosive exertions of intense play followed by rejuvenating huddles.

  32. Stuart



  33. dtrain

    Andre Williams is big, fast enough, and runs with a wide base. I bet he is #1 RB on Hawks board. I doubt they put that draft capital into an RB with C-Mike in the stable, but this guy is a Lynch clone.

    • dtrain

      But boy is he poor in the pass game (routes/hands).

    • Kenny Sloth

      He has nowhere near the acceleration that Lynch does. Decent bruiser, though.

      • dtrain

        Pretty comparable on film and at combine…Lynch 1.53, 4.46, 35.5″, 10’5″…Williams 1.56, 4.56, 38″, 10’9″…Lynch weighed 215, Williams 230. Lynch much better receiver and pass blocker (he’s as good as there is), but these guys are built nearly identical. Lynch had the benefit of sharing the load in college…I wonder if that’s why he has maintained effectiveness so long.

  34. red

    Hey Rob you seen any tape on mike campanero Wake Forest 39 inch vertical 4.46 forty 20 reps good numbers for 5’9 slot guy.

    • Rob Staton

      I have. Nice little player. Would look real good in New England.

  35. Ben

    I’m not the only one that wouldn’t mind Dri Archer in the 5th round?

    • Eli

      Nope. I know we got Percy, who is a lot thicker, but to have this guy on kick offs/punt returns-can’t have too many guys with lightning speed.

      • j

        I think we’d have to take him with our second. We don’t have a third and its unlikely we trade down to pick one up. And I don’t think he lasts all the way to 4.32. Due to his size and injury concerns he just isn’t worth a second to me.

        I would love to have him on our team – (a) just imagine him and Percy in the same package and (b) Percy insurance. And given his elite traits I think its probable he’s on our radar.

      • Ben

        That’s what I’m thinking. And if we lose Tate we could use a PR, and since Percy’s had injury problems it’d be nice to have a player we could plug in and not lose too much in the gameplan.

      • David Mast

        If Tate doesn’t return( I’m thinking he returns) I can see Lockette being a punt return guy.

        • Kyle N

          I don’t. Lockette has great straight line speed, but I don’t think his skill set make him an ideal return guy. You want guys like Tate who are fast, but also really quick and shifty and who squeeze into tight holes and scrap for as many yards as possibe. Just don’t see Lockette as that guy.

  36. bigDhawk

    Latimer had the most bench reps at, what, 21 or something? Too bad he didn’t do anything else. I really like him, better than Moncrief even who is close comp physically.

    • dtrain

      Latimer is a player…good route runner, blocker. He may drop a round because of today’s absence…good for the Hawks! Moncrief has tools but no polish. He looks disinterested on film. Chris Harper-esque.

  37. Jeremy

    I keep hearing all the talk about a big, strong receiver. I think that would be a preference ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL. The team has consistently shown that they will look for guys with elite traits and won’t focus on negatives, instead adjusting their gameplans to allow guys to succeed.

    I would have to think if Beckham (for instance) was the best receiver on their board and they felt he had the best chance to compete and win a spot on the roster that they would figure out how to adjust the gameplan to make it work. Did the Patriots back away from getting a second tight end because they already had Gronk?

    The Seahawks tend to buck conventional wisdom by following their model: focus on guys who have special qualities, find guys that want to compete, and build the game plan on personnel available.

    • CC

      Pick 32 will be interesting – do they really think Chris Matthews is the guy? If not and someone like Allen Robinson is there do they take him? Or do they take someone like Dee Ford too early? It might be easy if there is a big talented WR there, but you’re right – anything is possible!

    • John_S

      The Pats drafted Gronk and Hernandez in the same draft.

      Odell Beckham IF he falls to 32 which seems very unlikely considering his day today, I would love the Hawks to draft him.

      Brandon Coleman has solidified himself in my mind as the guy to get @ 32. Problem is though, the 49ers still have a need for a WR and I could see Baalke and Harbaugh take him at 30 does Benjamin and Colement both last til 30-32? That would be interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s about adding what you need to improve. Seattle doesn’t need another sub 6-0 receiver, they have three of those already. They really lack a genuine red zone threat, a jump ball specialist and a true #1. If that guy isn’t there, then for me they look at other positions. They don’t need any old receiver. They need a certain type of receiver.

      And regarding New England, they drafted Gronk in round two and Hernandez in round four in the same year. They didn’t have a good TE on the roster at the time and knew they could field both players. Plus, they had no idea what either player was capable of pre-draft — so the concept of adding both is not the same as Seattle having three proven sub 6-0 receivers and then adding another.

  38. Kenny Sloth

    After reviewing the tape, I’d love to have Martavis Bryant on this team. Not sure where we’d take him, though. We’d have to move up in the second.

    • Kyle N

      He’ll be taken before Coleman. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t.

  39. Eli

    Rob awesome job with your write up, the blog and this thread. This is the best site to visit on either combine or draft days in all of Hawk nation period. Love the near real time analysis.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — we’ll be back tomorrow and Tuesday as well.

  40. j

    Bryant is Stephen Hill 2.0. Great speed, but tape don’t lie and I don’t like the tape. To me he’s a guy you take in the mid-rounds, stash for a couple years as a WR6 and hope he develops. Not first or second round material though.

    Love Moncrief. Similar to Coleman in that he didn’t have a great QB situation. Good deep speed, shows explosion, both on tape and at the combine. Not a long strider by any means. Good hands, great catch radius. Some drops at times but nothing obscene. I have him above Coleman or Benjamin, in my mind.

    Archer showed it all – speed, quickness and surprisingly strength (21 reps at 225). Better version of Tavon Austin? Also like Ellington in the same mold as a quick slot guy – but not sure if we have room for that on the team. I’d love to add someone in this mold but not sure if its feasible.

    Odell Beckham to me disappointed with his 7 reps in the bench press. Didn’t show much strength. Love every other part of his game though – except for his blocking. Like Jarvis Landry too – if his injury affects his stock, I would be interested. Very Tate like in some ways. Also like Davante Adams. Didn’t impress but I like his tape. Might be better off trading down or waiting til the second for a WR.

    Not sure if the seven WR in the first record gets “smashed”. Its likely it will be beat, but lots of teams have needs elsewhere.

    • Rob Staton

      By smashed, I did really just mean ‘beaten’. But see my updated post new on the blog. Still a lot of question marks regarding this WR class.

  41. red

    Tony Pauline posted that Carlos Dunlap might be cap release should help the seahawks in the Bennett market.

    • Eli

      Wow, didn’t they sign him to a contract just last season????? Man the Bengals are cheap, Mike Brown lol.

  42. Phil

    With all these 6’3″ and taller WRs entering the NFL, who’s going to be playing CB against them?

    Why not draft a couple of these tall WRs and see if you can turn one into a big CB? Sound impossible? Remember Sherm was a WR at Stanford ….. Sounds like a pretty Seahawky idea to me …

    • Rock

      Sherman converted to CB in college and played the position two years before being drafted by the Seahawks. It is hard to replace that experience.

  43. Ben

    OBJ is the best KR and PR by FAR………….!!!!!!!!!!!! Jarvis Landry catches everything and reminds me a ton of Doug Baldwin with better hands. No way Evans, Benjamin, Coleman, and OBJ make it to 32. IF they do Seahawks will have the opportunity for highway robbery or lobby the pick to other teams to acquire more picks! I’m leaning Coleman/OBJ if they were both available which they wouldn’t be. Also OBJ has the most ridiculous hand size I’ve ever heard of!! They’re literally baseball glove-sized hands!

  44. Ben

    I once saw OBJ pick a kickoff return out of the sky on a touch with ONE HAND!!! He simply plucked it out of the sky!!! Ridiculous!!!!

  45. Ben


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