Live Chat: NFL Draft 2012

The 2012 draft is here. Instant analysis as round one unfolds.


  1. Doug

    ok, I am here. Cleve messed up my mock before it even started… sheesh

    Lets grab Kuechley! He is the best coverage LB, who can cover rb’s and TE’s

  2. Hawkfin

    I think I’m on board for Kuechley also….

    1. Whitney
    2. Kuechley
    3. Ingram
    4. Hightower
    5. Upshaw

  3. Joe The Jarhead

    We’ve got to not be safe and go for the homerun. No settling. Average is what we’ve known, now it’s time to chase exceptional. Production, not potential is the order of the day

  4. Michael

    Trade back end of rd 1one has great value

  5. MJ

    Please no Kuechly.

  6. Michael

    Lots of trades in top 5 wow

  7. Ralphy

    Love the pace and love the trades!

  8. Michael

    Top ten action amazing

  9. Michael

    Tannehill is falling!

  10. Joe The Jarhead

    This is certainly very not what I was expecting from the Top 10. Mark Barron a number 7?Earl Thomas was only a 14. Wow, anyhow as long as we get anyone but Ingram or Coplesand we’re sitting pretty after round 1.

  11. Michael

    Think hawks will get a trade partner now?

  12. Joe The Jarhead

    Oh wow, Carolina Panthers- GAFFE!! That was not well thought out Panthers. So much for striking while the iron is hot…

  13. Barry

    Not to get crazy but I did call trade 😛 deep draft .. Great trade!

  14. Hawkfin

    Great Trade

    Please no Coples or Jones though..

    Come on Whitney or Hightower

  15. AlaskaHawk

    Wow, we get our trade with the Eagles, down to 15, and gain picks 114 and 117 in the ffouth round

  16. Hawkfin

    Or Ingram

  17. Michael

    Hightower is your man

  18. Hawkfin

    BOO – Reach again. 3-4th round pick.

  19. Michael

    Boo is right im more upset than the curry or carpenter pick

  20. Joe The Jarhead

    I can not believe this. This is completely unfathomable. I just don’t understand taking a total head case who isn’t even the strongest talent on the board. We have not drafted a starter nor made our team better

  21. SeattleAztec

    Well Rob I’ve been telling you it won’t be Upshaw for a while, and with him still on the board we passed on him for a SPEED rusher Bruce Irvin. Great source you have

  22. AlaskaHawk

    Bruce Irvin, a fast DE is our first round pick.

  23. Christon

    Wow! I like Bruce but that seems like a reach.

  24. SAMMY


  25. Ryan

    WTH? Huge over-reach.

  26. Hawkfin

    Rob said a rusher would be the pick. That was the source info. It was right.

    This should have been Whitney or Ingram

    What a fing reach. bad bad bad

  27. meatwad

    I have to be honest, not what I wanted at all, at least not with this pick.

  28. God

    How about giving the guy a chance before judging. Just cause you know nothing about him doesn’t mean PC/JS don’t…

  29. jman425

    He was mocked here as a late 2nd rounder. Feeling kinda robbed after pulling a great trade out of #12.

  30. AlaskaHawk

    Rob said it would be a pass rusher and that’s what we got. I can hear the national pundits now: Pete Caroll just earned himself a D+ in drafting someone he could have got in the second round. My one hope is that he can turn Irvin from a one dimensional pass rusher into a well rounded linebacker.

  31. Andy

    Im trusting in Pete and Schneider.

    Schneider has 10 pro bowl picks so… I believe. Go hawks

  32. meatwad

    I think Irvin is good, situational rusher, but i would have loved him as the 2nd pick after Hightower or upshaw

  33. smitty1547

    wow what a reach, and head case to boot. Huge disappointment with so much talent on the board

  34. Michael

    Way over reached by everyones standard. They left way too much on the table.

  35. dogma


  36. Kevin S.

    Bruve irvin? (Head scratch) I guess they really were going for a aldon smith type pick. Seems like a reach but if he gets 10+ sacks ill be satisfied.

  37. Nolan Thomas

    just when you think you know, they pull the rug out from under ya…. I am confuesed/intrigued this pick better work and they better have a good season or thier will be a lot of people wanting this F/O thrown out. Not saying I am one of them but there will be a lot of people ridding that wave.

  38. AlaskaHawk

    6’3″ Height
    33 3/8″ Arm Length
    245LBS. Weight
    9 5/8″ Hands
    Bruce is a compelling prospect whose athletic ability is as unique as his path to the NFL. An electrifying pass rusher who will fit as either a specialist DE or an OLB in a 3-4 scheme, Irvin uses a flurry of moves and his uncanny athletic ability to maneuver his undersized frame around and through offensive linemen to produce massive sack production in his limited views at West Virginia. A player who is hampered by his size and amount of snaps taken at a high level, Irvin should be selected within the first two rounds of the draft by a team looking for a boost in their ability to get to the quarterback.

    Strengths: Irvin has an array of moves that he uses when working the outside on an offensive tackle. He can use an explosive plant and drive that allows him to get up under the chin of a tackle and disengage quickly to gain separation, or simply use his short area burst to dip and run around a blocker. He is a stellar outside run defender and rarely lets plays get outside of him even though he struggles to hold an edge at the point of attack. His athletic ability is what allows him to be a read-and-react player in the run game, yet still be effective. He can keep his balance even when shocked by much bigger linemen and is a reliable tackler when he gets to the ball. Bruce would be an ideal option at outside backer in a 3-4 defense where he can focus solely on rushing the passer.

    Weaknesses: Although he was effective as a run defender in his senior year, for the better part of Irvin’s career he struggled to stay on the field on non-passing downs. He is inexperienced as a three-down defender, and it remains to be seen if he can be a reliable option defending the run. He also, surprisingly, struggles when given the task of covering tight ends one on one, and up to this point has been widely considered a pass rush only option for the West Virginia defense.

  39. God

    Oh here we go with firing the F/O talk again…

  40. God

    Must be some reason none of the other teams have picked upshaw yet

  41. meatwad

    So 2nd round would be great to see a playmaker on offense. Maybe a rb like martin drops, or wr hill

  42. Ben2

    I understand getting your guy, just wish they would’ve gotten this guy in rd2

  43. AlaskaHawk

    Yes we could have had coples/ingram/upshaw in the first and Irvin in the second. If that was really PCs strategy he my as well have traded down farther with New England.

    I like Irvin and hope he can hold up to pro football, but that was a reach by everyones standards. He would have got the same reaction if he had picked Polk as a RB in the first, everyone would go what?????

  44. AlaskaHawk

    New England drafts Chandler Jones and Donta Hightower. Now that’s how you draft.

  45. Joe The Jarhead

    Honestly NE just had the first I wish WE would’ve had. Yikes…

  46. meatwad

    yes, I like new England’s picks, and they gave up little.

  47. Damin

    Mercilus was the better option. Irvin was a late 2nd grade, could have traded down in 2nd and still gotten him. I had DeCastro, or Ingram as a possibility with a desire for Hutch 2.0. Irvin is a criminal and one dimensional. I said last year that I will trust their judgement, but Carpenter was a big reach, Moffit was a slight reach, and Durham was a huge reach (possible free agent signee). Now this! Thank god Pete and John can draft in the 6th and 7th rounds!!!

  48. God

    I guess go to the Seattle Times for positive comments regarding out pick…

  49. SeattleAztec

    If PC/JS had Bruce Irvin as the #1 pass rusher on the board (ahead of Coples, Jones, Upshaw, etc.) then I see no problem taking him at #15. We go by our big board, not the “experts” who can’t even get a job in the NFL. No guarantee he’s there 2nd round (I heard the Packers wanted him bad). People are complaining reach now, but will be cheering like crazy for him come football season.

  50. Damin

    I would swap with Green Bay right now, straight up — Perry for Irvin.

  51. meatwad

    who’s complaining about having Irvin? Great pass rusher specialist. Everyone has their favorites. I am not reading into anyone hating the player at all. Watch some tape, nice specialist. I personally am a fan of hightower and ingram

  52. meatwad

    Poor Upshaw, not picked unless giants snag him, or someone trades up. Sweet if he drops to hawks!

  53. God

    Well stated SeattleAztec. Read that too. And hey we got two additional well.

  54. Ben2

    What’s up with the “Packers wanted him” comments after 1st rd this yr and last yr. ? Seems like combo. Schneider being here and a mentality of “well the packers are good and they liked the guy so it justifies our pick/reach” cause we reached last year too

  55. Ben2

    Hope Irvin kicks some ass!

  56. Ben2

    The run on 2nd tier rb position has begun…

  57. Ben2

    If we get Upshaw in 2nd I’d be pumped

  58. AlaskaHawk

    The Packers won’t pick an undersized pass rusher in the first round! I like Irvin, i’m just saying we could have had him in the second.

  59. Aussie Rich

    Apparently the 49ers war room was visually upset when Irvin was drafted

  60. Christon

    Hey, Rob. You were totally right in that you knew that Pete and John would draft to their own beat. No one was really projecting Upshaw to us with 12 and you went out on a limb and took a risk because you knew they wouldn’t do what everyone expected them to do. Hats off to you in calling that – I’m sad that Upshaw wasn’t the pick. It’s hard to believe that wasn’t draft on day #1.

  61. Kevin S.

    I wonder where exactly the F/O has upshaw on there board, because he is still an option if we trade up. hopefully…

  62. Madmark

    43, 75, 106, 114, 172, 181, and 225, 7 picks left and pete knows defense talent in the late rounds.

  63. Barry

    Mike, stink and John clayton all over with doubt on espn radio. I can dig that since they are saying what we’ve heard trade back more and still get your guy….

  64. adam

    i like this pic…a total surprise i suppose…but pc/js stuck to their board, and Irvin has some crazy speed. Look for a lb in the 2nd and a rb in the 3rd.

  65. SeattleAztec

    Ben2 – I’m not saying if the Packers wanted him he must be good; I’m saying that we wouldn’t have been able to get him later because Pack would’ve picked him first round.

  66. Madmark

    I remember my Detroit fan draft we traded for there 25th and 54th for 12th. He got Mark Barron and I did
    25th Dont’a Hightower MIKE
    43rd Doug Martin RB
    54th Bruce Irving LEO
    75th Nigel Bradham WILL
    I did this before F/A thinking neither Hawthorne and Hill would be back. Clemons had only one year left. How wrong could i get. HeHe

  67. Madmark

    I think I’m more upset that the running back David Wilson gon. I’d hoped that was going to be the sleeper pick in the 2nd.

  68. Tezlin

    I have to think that PC/JS know more than we do about where he might have been taken. I was actually excited when I had no idea who we took. In the press conference PC said he scouted him in JC and tried to get him into USC. I think this is the college connection paying off again… think Doug Baldwin. JS said they didn’t want to get “too cute” knowing that they were drafting possibly high, but were cutting it closer than they wanted too if they moved back again. To me this sounds like insight into other organizations, that may have had an interest in “their guy”. They think he is the best guy in the draft, so I am excited. I think they knew their man better than anyone else did. If not, I am sure they will get destroyed for it in the media. Kinda like last years draft….. which worked out pretty darn well for us.

  69. matt

    love the doubters.jc/ps have an excelent track record based on spot-on evaluation skills .they have done something in the nfl that has never been done before,completely rebuild an nfl football team in 2 years.never been done,(and with a sky’s the limit).so now they draft irvin,much better than chandler jones,or coples,a motivated young man. On 3rd and 6 or more the seahawks now have 2 speed rushers,bulls in the middle,a very good secondaryand with 7 more picks,a shitload of udf”s,their making this team a powerhouse.great combination of speed and mean.maybe rob gets his second with zack brown?pure speed also.i like ronnel lewis or lavont david.the hawks already have some great thumpers,more speed in crucial positions will do the trick,rush the passer,cover the TE,great safety play.tough.thats what id say to the dont like it tough.spend 45 years intimately involved in the game,then wi’ll talk.the men in the F.O. know what their doing.should be a great 2 more days.

  70. Richard

    Bruce “No G” Irvin this nickname may not catch on. But I bet he would appreciate it.

  71. Ben2

    Oh Jesus Matt some semblance of conventions would be nice/legible.

  72. Ben2

    SeattleAztec – here what you’re saying about anticipating the the draft; what I was implying its that the GB stuff seemed contrived to justify a reach (2 yrs. in a row). Maybe I’m just overly suspicious.

  73. Hawkspur

    Rob – last night we had a poll gauging our ‘initial’ reaction to the Irvin pick. Any chance that early tonight we might have a repeat to gauge the enthusiasm, or lack thereof, 20-odd hours later. My initial reaction was meh, I’m now well and truly P & J’d, as it were.

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