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Got some very interesting info to share in the Hangout.

I’ve also got two articles ready to roll for this week. A seven-round Seahawks mock draft (two scenarios, likely posted Thursday) and some details from the combine that haven’t been touched on so far.

Plus don’t forget to check out the new mock draft (click here) and the latest podcast appearance (below):


  1. Patrick Toler

    Thanks for everything you are doing this off-season Rob, I am sure that with 2 kids and a job you are busy!


    1) Now that we have arm length for DL and CBs, are there any previously under the radar players you would suggest watching?

    2) Durham Smythe had a lot of buzz after the Senior Bowl, but that seems to have cooled after a somewhat uninspiring combine. Thoughts on what range he will be drafted?

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you for the questions and the kind words 🙂

  2. Rob-Not that Rob though

    With WR being down this year in the draft, do you see the Hawks rolling with what they have currently on roster, making a play in FA, or using a low round pick on one?

  3. H

    I dont know if he was mentioned in the other hang outs, i dont recall anyway but please ignore if you went into detail on him already.
    But if not what are you thoughts on Braden Smith? Whats his draft range now hes “TEF’d” the combine? Will his size (6’6) be a detrimental factor in blocking inside for the Wilson?

    Another player ive enjoyed watching the last week is Equanimeous St Brown, any thoughts on him?

    • Trevor

      + 1

      I would love to here your thoughts on Smith and Brown as well.

  4. Nick

    What’s the “very interesting info”? Can’t wait!

  5. JD

    Big fan Rob, really appreciate everything you do and I look forward to reading and listening to every piece of new content.

    Apologize for the long comment so here is my question: What would be the trade value of Richard Sherman after the disappointing combine of cornerbacks?

    And below is my reasoning behind my opinion and also context:

    You mentioned that trading Richard Sherman wouldn’t be a good idea as of now because of how bad the cornerbacks looked at the combine. I agree with your point that trading him wouldn’t be a good idea because our options wouldn’t be good to replace him through the draft but wouldn’t that make his value grow increasingly through trade with other teams? What is your trade off for that and what do you think would be his trade value now after the combine? It was reported that his trade value would go down after the surgery to his other achilles but my opinion is that the clean-up surgery would only enhance his value being that he has two solid achilles now with lesser risk for reinjury.

    The Marcus Peters trade is a weird comparison because he is much younger but he did seem even more troublesome a personality than Sherman. Sherman is older but does not win with speed and I can see him having consistent play for a couple more years. The Chiefs received a 4th this year and 2nd next year.

    I can see Sherman’s value now being a 2nd round to be honest. As you have said multiple times, Carroll is a wizard in coaching up defensive backs and if we have Earl Thomas (which I think we should sign long term), I feel that plugging in cornerbacks that we train will be successful.

    I think other than Earl and Bobby Wagner, giving out third contracts to players might be a mistake (as we have seen with Kam and Michael Bennett). Earl and Bobby feel to me that they are young enough and will remain elite in their third contracts. Getting some value from Sherman while we still can and in a sweet spot of the draft might be the best move in my opinion.

    I am fully committed to the idea of cutting Jeremy Lane and while I don’t love Byron Maxwell, I believe he would be a good signing in FA with or without a Sherman trade. I love what Justin Coleman and Shaquill Griffin have done and would like to see what Deandre Elliot can do when healthy and also Mike Tyson in his transition from safety. The depth is not huge behind Sherman but it would be serviceable. I think by trading Sherman, there would be great competition which is what makes the Seahawks successful.

    Trading Sherman (2nd rounder) and Bennett (3rd or 4th rounder) could net us what we lost for the Richardson and Brown trades.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the question and the kinds words about the draft coverage — will answer the Sherman question on the hangout 🙂

    • FresnoBrad

      +1 that’s how I see the CB class is so bad, huge demand for Tall CB’s. No brainer I’d trade for Sherman he’s worth it!

  6. Jason

    Lions are looking to trade Ebron. Any thoughts on a Bennett for Ebron trade/

    • Ed

      Don’t think Hawks need another $8 + soft TE. Would rather get a 5th rd pick

  7. Drew

    I’m thinking of a similar situation to the 2015 draft when we traded up for Tyler Lockett. Do you see any players that could see PCJS trading up from the 4th using some of our 6 picks in rounds 5 & 7 to move and go get?

  8. Darin

    Rob, Nick Chubb and Ronald Jones seem to be your top two target for the Seahawks at running back, what are your thoughts on Derrius Guice? Many are comparing his running style to that of Marshawn Lynch which we all are missing and at 224 and running 4.49, does he really get a strong look from Carroll and Schneider?

    • Rob Staton

      Hi Darin thanks for the question — I will answer fully in the hangout but I don’t think Guice and Lynch are comparable personally. That said, we’ll never see another Marshawn.

    • Nick

      You’re right. It just seems like Chubb and RoJo tick all of the Seahawks’ boxes. Chubb in particular.

  9. Trevor

    Great teaser Rob! Looking forward to it.

    Rob this is non draft related but I would love to hear your thoughts on the free agent WR group this year as based on JS comments at the draft seems like they will address area in free agency rather than the draft.

    Also on a related note how do you feel about Terrell Pryor as a fit with the Hawks to perhaps replace some of the red zone targets with Graham leaving?

  10. Trevor

    Also Rob given the lack of talent in this years TE draft class, what are your thoughts on the TE free agent group. In particular ASJ, Trey Burnett and Levine Toilolo (no comp). Or would you prefer they resign Willson?

    Particularly interested in Toilolo as veteran blocking TE as they will not loose a comp pick for signing him.

    • nichansen01

      Levine Toilolo interests me, ASJ seems like a poor mans Jimmy Graham, which is something we don’t need.

    • DCD2

      Eiffert should be available too. With his injury history, 1/$4M might get it done. He has always been a solid blocker and good RZ target. I hesitate to go after a guy with as much of an injury history as he’s had, but that’s why he’d be cheap.

  11. EP

    How early do you think we would be willing to take a LB and to your mind would it be back up to Bobby and KJ or someone with a more versatility as a Sam or as a pass rushing LB?

  12. nichansen01

    One of my favorite prospects this year is Tim Settle… any chance Seattle goes after him in this draft?

  13. Sea Mode

    Rob, you’re on fire this week! Hats off to you, really.

    The front office seems to be looking to recapture the magic of their first rise to the top. We know they have a proven winning formula and are going to do everything they can to get back to it.

    1. What’s your personal biggest reason for doubt and biggest reason for hope when you look at the Hawks moving forward?

    2. How do you think the process might look different now that this time around we have a proven, veteran, still-growing QB to lean on and build around?

    Thanks as always!

  14. Mark Souza

    Any educated guesses at the Hawk’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot picks for 2018 – the out of left field head-scratchers they seem to make every year?

  15. no frickin' clue


    Your site is destination reading – thanks for everything you do.

    One comment and then a question. Many of us have expressed an interest in a trade down out of 1.18 in order to recoup something in the 2nd or 3rd round. However you’ve also said that the real value in this draft arguably lies in those very rounds where we have no picks. If other teams see the same relative lack of value in the bottom part of round 1, then Pete and John may discover they aren’t getting a good enough offer to trade out of 1.18.

    If that scenario comes to pass, and all of Wynn, Chubb and Ronald Jones are still on the board, who do we pick?

  16. Del tre

    Rob, do you think the Hawks might go after a big wide out to replace Jimmy Graham? Courtland Sutton, Chark, Equiminious St. Brown, or Jaleel Scott (who i think is perfect to replace Richardson’s crazy catches)
    I have problems with Chark catching with his body but the other three all seem like options, especially considering our new OC.

    • Jason

      I like the tape I have seen from Cedrick Wilson.

  17. JamesP

    Whilst WR isn’t a massive need we will need someone to help replace Graham’s red zone production. Luckily, whilst this isn’t a great year for WR it does seem to be blessed with guys over 6ft 4. Who do you like as a day 3 pick? I’ve not watched much but as a pure red zone threat I could get behind Auden Tate. What sort of range do you see him going in?

    Don’t post here much but an avid reader – just wanted to thank you for your output. Quality and quantity blows me away every year!

  18. Millhouse-serbia

    Jeremy Lane just tweeted this:”that text message get my heart hurting…damn 25 was ny DAWG”…

    Maybe we traded Sherman???

    • pran

      Kam too..

      Sherman to Pats?

    • Aaron

      Thought you can’t trade a player who can’t pass a physical. Maybe they asked him to take a pay cut and he refused, so they’re cutting him to make him a UFA. It would save I think over $10 mil in cap room (Clark extension, SR?) With this weak CB class I was thinking they’d keep Sherm for 2018 then let him walk in FA in 2019. Tough decisions, but I’m ready to see this team get younger, cheaper, and hungrier.

      • Patrick Toler

        If they can resign Maxwell for cheap, then they are in decent shape. I’ve got to say I’m shocked. I thought Thomas had a pretty good chance to be traded, but I don’t see the upside in moving on from Sherman now.

        • icb12

          The upside is 11 Million Dollars.

          • DCD2

            Plus a 3rd round comp pick.

            • Christian

              If they Cut Sherman they don’t get a comp pick

      • Drew

        They can, it would be conditional based on games he’s active for or % of snaps played, etc, so we could potentially receive a pick this year and next year, with next years depending on how much he plays, or we could send a pick back next year with the same caveat. It would save $11M. Hopefully he’s traded and not released and we get at least a 3rd.

  19. Shady_Hawkster

    Aw man, “CB Richard Sherman has told teammates goodbye over the past 24 hours, sources say, and that he won’t be on the team.” per Rapoport

    Knew change was coming, but this one stings

    • Sea Mode

      Tom Pelissero


      #Seahawks star Richard Sherman is scheduled to meet with coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider later today to discuss his future, I’m told.

      10:51 AM – 7 Mar 2018

      • Shady_Hawkster


        Josina Anderson


        #Seahawks CB Richard Sherman just text me, “I’m good. Not sure what that’s about…Haven’t been told anything,” in reference to Jeremy Lane’s tweet.

        10:56 AM – 7 Mar 2018

        • Shady_Hawkster

          Alright cap-wizards, assuming Sherman and Bennett are gone, does this mean it’s realistic to think we can keep ETIII and S Richardson around without crippling the rest of the offseason?

  20. Kenny Sloth

    I would cut Richard to pay Earl, if I had to choose.

    • vrtkolman


      • Millhouse-serbia

        But if we cut him we won’t get comp pick for him, right?

        • vrtkolman

          It’s possible that $11 million in cap room this year is more important than a comp pick 2 years from now. We may have a ton of draft picks coming up in 2 years anyways.

  21. Rowlandice

    Well I think they’re just going to ask him to take a pay cut. It’s not likely they’ll get good trade value and he’s still a player worth having on their roster. I don’t think they’d just cut him for the cap savings.

  22. 503Hawk

    Just being reported…
    Bennett and 7th rounder to Philadelphia for 5th and WR M Johnson!

    • Brandon Miller

      Love this! +1000000000000000

      Side note, now the tables are opening up for a trade down out of the 1st round again this year to get more on the second day! You have to love the direction PC/JS have started to go.
      Details on WR M. Johnson 6’1 204 lbs out of Texas listed on the Eagle’s website. Big body,stuck on a talented depth chart, blocks well. Looks to be a hedge for PRich since he’s likely gone.

      • FresnoBrad

        I’m stoked too was perfect trade for both teams. Bennett cheap contract for Philly.

    • icb12

      How many 5th round pick do the seahawks own now? 4?

      Stocking up on trade up ammo.

  23. Brandon Miller

    If we are cutting Richard to save Earl, which would be the logical option if you had to choose, do we look at bringing in any of these CB from this year’s draft in a higher round than previously thought needed? Or do we trust the guys we have in Elliot, Shead, Griffin, Maxi, Tyson, and Coleman (still think lane is gone aswell) and look to next year as a real year of need for CB depth?

    • cha

      I would say Richard is going to save Sheldon, not Earl.

  24. Millhouse-serbia

    Benet + 7th round for marcus johnson + 5h round. Trade with eagles.

    • vrtkolman

      I really like Marcus Johnson. He was stuck on a stacked WR roster. He has decent size and he gets downfield. He flashed a lot in preseason.

  25. PowerPeanut

    I just finished making my dinner and Seahawks twitter blows up.

  26. Rowlandice

    WR Marcus Johnson? Who the heck is that?!

    • Patrick Toler

      Undrafted FA who made the Eagles roster. It seems like they were pretty deep at WR last year. Was the 5th WR for them and was inactive down the stretch. Wasn’t a special teams contributor from what I’ve seen.

    • Shady_Hawkster

      Well this is interesting, MockDraftable’s comp for Johnson is . . . . Ricardo Lockette

      • Drew

        I’ll take that for a 7th if he contributes on special teams

  27. EP

    Damn Sherm is my fav player. Can’t bare to see him elsewhere. If he goes the assumption is that Griffin becomes number 1 and Maxwell steps in at the other side.

  28. Aaron

    And the Seahawks turnover begins…*eats popcorn

  29. vrtkolman

    I’m really glad the team decided NOT to hold onto the aging core for one more go at it. It might be a rebuilding year or two, but that is OK with me. Let’s recoup some draft picks and salary cap and nail the next few drafts.

    I really do think the team tried to move Earl, but were looking at way less value than he was worth.

  30. 503Hawk

    What?! Brian Cushings is coming to the Hawks?!!! Don’t like that one.

    • Drew

      Please elaborate

    • cha

      A team visit per Rapaport

  31. Legend

    Was hoping the Seahawks would take a flyer on Shaquem Griffin, he seems to be a decent player regardless of his hand and seems to have a good backstory to go along with being Shaquills brother. It seems like his stock is on the rise however after the combine, do you think the Seahawks would have interest in him or has he priced himself outside of their price range.

  32. Ashish

    how to join the hangout

  33. Isaac

    If the hawks aren’t going to get anything for why would they just cut Richard Sherman?

    • nichansen01

      Salary cap

    • FresnoBrad

      We cut him to get him back at a reasonable price but if we cut him and somebody else signs him they will have to give him some guaranteed $$. However they could trade for him and give him zero guarantee $$. It’s a no brainer you have to take risks to win a Super Bowl giving up a 2nd is a no brainer it even makes sense to give up a late 1 in 2019.

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