Seahawks trade Bennett, Sherman next?

The end of an era is forthcoming.

Michael Bennett is being traded to the Eagles. Richard Sherman has reportedly ‘said goodbye’ to team mates. With Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor unlikely to play for the Seahawks again too, a legendary defense is moving on.

And none of this should be a surprise.

Michael Silver called this weeks ago. Following the 42-7 blowout against the Rams, Silver (who was in Seattle for the game) reported a very detailed breakdown of what was going to happen in the off-season.

“…reality bites — and next year, in all likelihood, the Seahawks will look very, very different. It’s something the front office has refrained from referring to as a rebuild, instead preferring the word transition. Yet given the Seahawks’ salary-cap situation (the team is currently pressed up against the spending limit) and the wear and tear on so many of their defensive stalwarts, big changes could indeed be coming, including a death blow to the Legion of Boom.

“Of the four Pro Bowl defenders who missed Sunday’s game, only outside linebacker K.J. Wright is likely to return in 2018. Safety Kam Chancellor’s season-ending neck injury, suffered last month, could be career-threatening; if he does try to keep playing, it likely wouldn’t be in Seattle.

“Fellow Legion of Boom stalwart Sherman, who tore his Achilles tendon in November, will be 30 next spring and is due to make $11 million (with a $13.2 million salary-cap number). The Seahawks shopped him in trades a year ago and are expected to move forward without him in 2018.

“Avril, who turns 32 in April, suffered a season-ending neck and spinal injury in early October which may end his career; either way, his time in Seattle is probably done. Improbable as it sounds, it’s possible the Seahawks would also move on from another accomplished defensive end: 32-year-old Michael Bennett, a versatile player who signed a three-year, $31.5-million contract extension last Dec. 30.”

This wasn’t hearsay or a hunch. It was clarity.

So why is this happening? Here’s my best guess:

1. The Seahawks need to get cheaper on defense. As noted in early January, they spent $93,714,666 on their defense last season, more than any team in the NFL. The split between offense and defense was 36.37% vs 55.98%.

Of the 12 biggest cap hits on the roster, nine were defensive players. The three offensive players were Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham and Luke Joeckel. Graham and Joeckel are both free agents.

There needs to be more balance in the spending. It’s probably no surprise that while there’s been this huge difference in offensive vs defensive spending, the running game has collapsed and the offensive line continues to struggle.

2. As we’ve talked about a lot during this crucial off-season, some of these moves are not being made for 2018 financial gain. Many talked about the likelihood of Michael Bennett staying in Seattle because the potential saving this year was minimal. This was never really the point.

By trading Bennett now, the saving in 2019 is much more significant. And at the end of the day, Pete Carroll’s mantra is ‘win forever’ not ‘win for one more year’. Especially when the likelihood is Seattle wouldn’t be a top contender in 2018. Those days, sadly, seemed to have passed. The 2017 season wasn’t a mirage.

Now they can accelerate the churn. They will always be competitive with players like Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright on the roster. Wilson is one of the very best players in the league, let alone quarterbacks. The Seahawks might not be a top-10 favourite for the Super Bowl in 2018 and, realistically, probably won’t win it.

But by 2019 and 2020, they might be back at the top. It didn’t take the Philadelphia Eagles or Atlanta Falcons very long to change their fortunes, after all. Both of those teams reloaded with an injection of youth at key positions. Seattle can do the same.

3. The Seahawks need to get younger. Former writer for this blog Kip Earlywine recently suggested during a conversation that we might be experiencing a repeat of Pete Carroll’s time with the Patriots. An older, veteran locker room where the message didn’t quite resonate. Carroll has enjoyed incredible success working with younger players at USC and predominantly younger players in Seattle. Perhaps the message of competition, buying in and playing fast requires an element of youth?

Here’s a quote from Richard Sherman from December 2016:

“It’s always Pete. It’s always Pete,” he said. “We going into the Kumbaya meeting room and sit there and, ‘Kumbaya.’

“They are effective. It’s a different element for the younger guys. Older guys, we kind of see it every year, so the younger guys, give them something different.”

At the time it sounded like Sherman was being dismissive of the type of meeting that might’ve resonated when he was an outspoken young corner blazing a trail during his second season in the league.

It’s immensely difficult to keep a core group of players for such a long time. It’s a challenge to keep winning and keep the message fresh. There’s a reason why the Patriots consistently churn and work around the two focal points (QB and HC).

4. Injuries destroyed the team last year. Not just the players missing games — the sheer number of players on the injury report or not practising. It’s very difficult to preach ‘always compete’ when what you’re really doing is ‘always managing the health of the roster’. Age plays a part in this. Seattle acquired a bunch of warriors who gave everything for this team. After nearly a decade together, it’s no surprise the injuries started to stack up.

Those are just my initial thoughts. Whatever the reasons, one thing is clear. This defense, along with Marshawn Lynch, gave Seahawks fans an era of football we could only dream about. What a journey. I’ll never forget the growth in 2012, the march to a Championship in 2013, the ‘tip’, the comeback against Green Bay, the agony of that New England Super Bowl loss.

From a personal point of view, all of this happened at a time in my life when I got married (2010) and had two kids (2013 & 2017). I’ll never forget the amazing comeback in 2013 against Houston. My son was born and I didn’t think anything could make that day any more perfect. As Richard Sherman returned that pick six and eventually Steven Hauschka kicked the winning Field Goal, I thought to myself, ‘now I know this is the best day of my life’.

What a ride it has been. We’ll likely never experience anything like it again. And we should all be eternally grateful for experiencing this amazing run.

Meanwhile Ian Rapoport is also reporting the Seahawks are meeting with Brian Cushing today.

I’m going to push everything back a day in terms of the blog. I’ll still do the Google Hangout later at about 3:30pm PST. The piece on the combine details we haven’t discussed will be published tomorrow and the Seahawks seven round mock will wait to Friday. After all, they might have some more picks by then.

As things stand they have this haul: 1, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 7, 7


  1. Millhouse-serbia

    Earl has interesting post on instagram. Maybe he is leaving to.:o

    • vanillatoast

      what interesting thing did he post? looks just like him with a backpack lol

      • Nathan

        What do you do when you put a backpack on?

        Go somewhere.

  2. LandOfBoz

    So does this mean we can afford to keep Richardson?

    • Aaron

      Paul or Sheldon? Paul is likely gone, Sheldon is 50/50 imo. If he wants over $12 mil/year I would pass. If he wants 7-10 then I’d sign him. Likely he wants over 12.

      • LandOfBoz

        Sorry, didn’t even think about the ambiguity there. Talking about Sheldon. Seems like we would need him more than ever with this move.

        • C-Dog

          My hunch is that they are going to make a push to sign Sheldon, especially if they trade or release Sherman.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          We do. But like Rob pointed out, part of the goal here is to get cheaper on D. Can’t do that handing out a huge contract to Richardson. They want him back but they won’t overpay for him.

          Still no word (even rumor) on Malik, which obviously would have a big influence on the urgency of keeping Richardson. He didn’t have a great season (statistically), and he was a bit of a headache for NYJ. Maybe his market isn’t strong enough to price him out of SEA’s reach, and he resigns for a reasonable amount. Ideally less than $10M apy

          • FresnoBrad

            Next year 2019 is Stacked with DL Houston’s DT could go #1 Bosa brother is currently #1, Michigan has a stud DE. If we trade Earl were not gonna win a Super Bowl maybe we should go after a 4th/5th 3 tech. Don’t forget our 5th round picks should get us a P & PK we can keep our Vet through camp & trade him for a 6th.

  3. Rowlandice

    Seems rather light return for MB. Thought we’d at least get a 4th.

    • Rowlandice

      Any word on which selections? PHI have 166 and 184 and Hawks have 226,248, 250

      • Comfect

        Yeah, this would make a big difference. 250 and 166 would be very different from 226 and 184.

    • Aaron

      5th and a player who is a hedge for PRich and likely a ST contributor should he make the 53. Seems good to me. This is about 2019 cap savings.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Bennett is 32. That’s not young.

      Also, it seems the market is farily lukewarm considering how little LAR got for Robert Quinn who is in his prime.

      If you look big picture, this makes more sense if you look at it from a 2019 perspective. Seattle is going to have a lot of picks that year. And our bad contracts are all lined up to expire by then. Dropping Bennett now doesn’t help a lot for 2018, but it does for 2019.

      As you’re watching these developments unfold, it’s critical to look at the potential moves from a 2019 cap perspective. That’s the major contract cliff for us. It also has looked for a couple seasons like our targeted ‘break up the band’ year.

    • icb12

      For a 32yo DE with chronic back, knee and foot issues, a history of penalties, that was an UDFA to begin with and his production is waning recently..

      I’ll take the 5th and count my blessings that we got anything in return.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Don’t forget Marcus Johnson. He looks pretty good on paper.

        His pro day numbers, at 6’1″ 215lbs:

        4.39s 40 (1.53s split), 4.39s SS, 37″ VJ, 11’3″ BJ, 22 BP

        And he’ll be only 24 yo this season

  4. Brandon Miller

    Time for the fireworks to start popping off. JS is notorious for being a supreme negotiator, you have to think he is going to find the best value for these players.

    Bennett – I’m torn. i would have loved to see the Pelvic thrusting reduced down to a smaller role to benefit his age and watch production raise back up to the 2013 level. which is what philly will get out of him with that DL rotation. Im happy however to get the attitude and 3-5 penalties a game off the team and get younger and hungrier on our line.

    Sherm – Likely gone. very sad about it. favorite of mine all throughout his career and going to be bitter seeing him in anything other than navy and action green. all time hawk. all time great. end of an era for sure.

    Earl- glad to have one remaining member of the LOB. sad to see sherm get cut in trade for a few more years of ETIII greatness. i hope he produces.

    much love as always Rob! Go Hawks

    • Dylanlep

      supreme negotiator got a 5th for bennett, i dont know man

      • Mark Souza

        Don’t know about that, Dylanlep. KC got a 2 and a 4 for 25 year-old Marcus Peters, arguably the best DB in the league, and had to give back a 6th rounder to get that. Considering Bennett’s production and age, I think a 5th and a WR are a pretty fair return.

        We as fans get attached to these guys and tend to value them more than anyone else does.

        • GerryG


    • Rowdy

      His trade history is far from great. He buys high and sells low

      • Brandon Miller

        His trade history found us Marhsawn, Cliff Avril, Bradley Mcdougald, AND Michael Bennett at one time or another. I trust his process. he knows when to buy in and when to sell. (see Percy Harvin.) this is a business as much as we don’t like it.

        • Dylanlep

          fwiw, only marshawn was a trade

        • vrtkolman

          McDougald and Bennett were free agent signings.

          • TatupuTime

            But he gets credit for Chris Clemons right? 😉

            • drewdawg11

              This is hilarious. He’s living off of his 2010-2012 reputation, but he’s been bent over a barrel in most trades. His 2017 offseason was a massive trainwreck. This is a proving year of sorts.

              • vrtkolman

                He’s certainly been buying high and selling low the past several years. There are only a few assets on the entire team that you can “sell high” on at this point, and Russ and Wagner are not getting traded. Earl is the last realistic one left.

              • Drew

                I actually like how he trades. Pay’s a little more premium and sells a little lower…makes more teams willing to trade with you. If you always want premium you’re going to make less deals.

                • icb12

                  It’s bad business.
                  Selling low because of sentimental value is not a good way to run a business. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, which is worth something as far as humanity is concerned. But it’s bad for business.

                  And you won’t make less deals. If you have assets WORTH a premium, people will pay a premium. The deals will happen if what you have is worth it.

                  If you hang onto it so long that it isn’t WORTH a premium, and are STILL asking a premium, than yeah- no deals for you.

                • drewdawg11

                  And not get fleeced when you do.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’m nobody to criticize him, but it’s hard to argue he didn’t overpay for Harvin or Graham.

      • JC

        I agree with this.. JS has frequently overpaid on the buy side, last year included.

    • AlaskaHawk

      JS trades and contract extensions are the reason this team is rebuilding. Its fine to overpay and overextend when the team is on the way to the Superbowl. But when the injuries piled up it was over. Not enough cap to sign anyone, not enough draft picks to find anyone.

      And not just crippling for this year, but for next year too. I had forgotten till someone mentioned it here, not only is the team missing a 2 and 3rd round draft pick this year, they are also missing a 2nd round draft pick next year. JS traded away the future for a handful of promises. Now the team has to dump even the hall of famers.

      • Fairlawn

        I suspect we agree but I’d frame it as the contract overhang being the byproduct of the draft failures: no talent in the pipeline means you have to pay the penalty. No matter whether that penalty is keeping overpaid veterans too long, paying up on the free agent market, trading away future cost-controlled talent by burning draft capital for trades, or plugging in lower-quality starts from an eroding back of the roster, there’s no good choice when you’re in mouth of that trap. 2018 is the four-year, rookie-contract echo of the dead 2013-2014 drafts.

        That makes the reset button necessary. But if the draft magic doesn’t return the reset won’t matter either — they’ll just reset to being a bad team held out of the dregs by their quarterback.

        A melancholy situation considering how flush they were with youth, cap flexibility, and seeming personnel acumen before the curse of Percy.

        • DCD2

          Missed this comment yesterday, but very well put.
          2013: 11 picks – Only Luke Willson (4th Round) still on the team & not really ever a starter
          2014: 9 picks – Britt (failed at T, failed at G) but turned into the best pick of both drafts & PRich only guys still on the roster.

          Most of the guys drafted in those 2 years aren’t even in the league anymore. Too early to tell on 2017, but we haven’t hit on a guy past the 2nd round from 2013-2016, except Alex Collins, who we waived to keep Lacy. That’s 4 years of not re-stocking the shelves.

          • Elmer

            Yeah, Alex Collins makes you wonder. How was it that he got cut here and went on to thrive in Baltimore.

            Was it (1) that they did a crappy job of evaluating the RB talent that they had on the roster last year or was it (2) that the O line personnel or the scheme was better in Baltimore?

            Either way, it probably did not help Tom Cable keep his job.

            • FresnoBrad

              No it didn’t sickening it may have costs us Super Bowl you never know

      • EBurgz

        What were his big blunders? Seems like a good GM to me. We’ve had less guys on bad contracts than like any team in the league. Harvin was a mistake and signing Lane was too but other than that I don’t see many really bad moves. Kam got hurt, it wasn’t a bad contract, it’s football.

      • Lewis

        True, though I don’t think it would nearly as bad without the Malik McDowell debacle, which I don’t think can be pinned entirely on JS. And while spending a 2 for is likely a one year rental of Richardson is unfortunate, given where they thought they were when the season started, I don’t hold that against him. If anything, I’d say their biggest mistake was not recognizing a year ago that they shouldn’t be extending high-priced guys on defense and that this time was coming. But I don’t really blame them for trying to make one last push.

        • drewdawg11

          Those stats don’t lie. Most of those guys aren’t in the league, we certainly don’t have a ton of stars from the last few drafts. Also, the Malik pick was widely panned by lost of us who didn’t want to take him, and the fact that he may never play again is just a dagger in the back to boot. Eddie Lacey, Puke Joeckel, giving up the extra 3rd for Brown… he’s been getting worked and making bad signings more often than he should. Just saying he’s on the hot seat if it happens another off season. Not taking the pats’ offer for Bennett because he wanted to “honor” the trade with phikly… he should have asked them to up the offer. This is not a big deal. If he wants to be BFF’s with everyone he will have plenty of trade partners lining up… to take him to school.

  5. EP

    Exciting stuff, who knows what we’re going to look like next year.

  6. Ty the Guy

    A move to get the bigger personalities out of the locker room. Seems like PCJS are trying to get young and hungry again.

    IMO, the return was not equal to the production Bennett would have had this upcoming season. The only way this makes sense is for cap space, which I don’t know the numbers on, and/or culture reasons.

    Hope these moves pan out. Would prefer to keep Sherm and ET.

    • Ghost Mutt

      Kenneth Arthur on Field Gulls is saying it’s a $2.2 million cap saving this year. It seems minimal for losing someone who’d be at the very least an effective part-time player, but I’d guess it clears him off the books for 2019?

      • Comfect

        Yeah, it clears him entirely after 2018. I hope this means they’re high on Marcus Johnson, though I’m not sure why they would be, but if he sticks with the teams it does potentially reduce the need to draft WR/re-sign PRich, which would be a minor plus to the deal as well.

    • vrtkolman

      How do you know what his production will be? He’s turning 33, he could fall off a cliff at any point.

      • Ghost Mutt

        Just to clarify, I understand the D needs to make changes and I’m only surprised at this move, not angry.

        But he played a lot of snaps through an injury last year and put up 8.5 sacks. It’s reasonable to have the opinion that he could replicate those numbers if we were keeping him fresh.

        • vrtkolman

          Fair. I think the Eagles will utilize him better as a 3rd down pass rush specialist. His run defense has really fallen off, that was the most noticeable thing about him last year. He’s still an effective pass rusher who commits too many offsides penalties. I won’t miss him diving at opponents knees on kneel downs though.

          • EBurgz

            He was trying to win the game the only way possible not trying to hurt guys haha. I’ll miss him but I understand the move to trade him at this point. Bet he makes some huge plays for the eagles next year.

            Who plays DE opposite Clark next year? Dion Jordan (hopefully he can stay healthy)? Draft pick? Free agent?

          • Mark Souza

            I don’t think it was so much about the money, and more about the “all in” culture. We were going to have to move on from Bennett one day anyway. It just came down to what his value on the field was, what his value in a trade was, and was his production on the field worth coping with the sniping on the sideline, locker room, and meeting rooms.

          • drewdawg11

            Bennett is not a third down pass rusher. He’s a guy who got his production as a versatile guy who could move inside on third downs as well. He’s never been a beat you around the edge guy. He gets half of his cheap sacks on stunts inside anyway. He’s a guy who plays the run. Playing him only on passing downs cuts down on some of the things he’s good at.

  7. Aaron

    Well Rob…guess you’ve got plenty of material for your hangout today.

  8. Thomas Wells

    Gut reaction is that we got fleeced…gave up a pro bowl performer to the defending champs l for what amounts to a trade up a round and a half and a wideout I never heard of. Rob please do what you do best and talk me off the ledge with a nuanced and unemotional take

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Too soon to say how far they moved up until we know the actual pics. Could be they swapped one of their last picks (248 or 250) for the original R5 (156) they sent to PHI for Tobin.

      Marcus Johnson looks pretty good on paper. His pro day numbers are impressive, 4.39 40 (1.53 split), 37″ vertical, 11’3″ broad, 22 bench.

      • Thomas Wells

        Good points. It’s not a given that we traded native picks, so not yet fair to comment on how far we traded up. And Johnson’s measurables are tantalizing in a Ricardo Lockette sort of way, so he may prove to be mort than a throw in. Also, they know more about Bennett’s health situation than anyone. Maybe he is nearer the end than I think.

  9. Ghost Mutt

    Dang. I’m from Ireland, been a Hawk fan for over a decade now. Can’t afford a trip to Seattle, so I’ve been hoping the team played a road game in England for years. It’s still going to be great, but it won’t be the same without seeing 25 on the corner.

    He’s always who I watch straight from the snap – an all time great player. Hope he gets healthy and has a great year, it’s just going to absolutely suck seeing him wear anything but the green and blue.

    • EP

      I feel the same. I’m from Scotland and was planning to come down to watch in London this year. Primarily to see the LOB in action.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Ireland and Scotland! Clannad and Capperccaille are two of my all-time favourite most influencal bands! I used to listen to a ton of Celtic music and it’s my Favourite Culture of all time. I also Just Love the Pogues best drinking music ever!

        I also have my username from a band from Scotland Mogwai. They have an album “The Hawk is Howling” which is obviously sarcasm.

        Kip Earlywine, I hope that’s his actual Surname!

        I used to have an expression. “If it’s afternoon, it’s not too Soon”

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Will you go to the game in London?

      Been thinking of going myself. Would be cool to meet up with some fellow SDBers at the game.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I would so Love that Eric! I better start looking into it, at the same time it’s fair to give the seat’s to the UK and European fans I’m thinking. I don’t know how many seat’s there are in this new stadium?

        We shall see my Friend

        • Ghost Mutt

          I’ll be going to the game for sure, with about three other guys.

          The more the merrier, it’d be cool to meet up with some folks after the game. We might even get Rob involved!

  10. Millhouse-serbia

    Based on shaguill post on IG he wants no25 jersey.

  11. BobbyK

    Seahawks traded 7 sacks and 14 penalties from its roster with this deal. No complaints. Perhaps if the said player was in his twenties, but he’s not.

    For anyone who has coached at a high level, the importance of players buying into the program cannot be understated.

    Bennett (and Sherman) were great and I’ll always like them and be thankful for ’13, but like with anything, I guess it’s time to move on… Seahawks certainly didn’t become more talented, but they may become a better team.

    • BobbyK

      *projecting sacks/penalties for ’18.

      • Seatown

        They’ve been trying to band aid this thing for several years. Time to rip it off and start over.

    • EBurgz

      I like that. Less talented but hopefully better. I think the hawks want to be better every year, this isn’t about being better in 2019 it’s about continually striving for greatness every year.

  12. vrtkolman

    Your post on this was fantastic Rob! I agree, these moves are not about this year at all and are entirely to better position us in the future. Carroll also does his best work with young, hungry players. Sherm and Kam were both late round picks who had massive chips on their shoulders. We need those guys back.

    My question is about Earl. Say we are retooling the next two years AND we re-sign him to a big contract. Three years later and we are ready to compete for a Superbowl again, Earl is 31 and his cap hit becomes massive. Is he still going to provide as much value? I’m unsure if the trade/re-sign period for Earl is over yet.

    • Rob Staton

      After today’s incredible news — Earl is the most interesting storyline now.

      Are they moving Sherman and Bennett to keep Earl?

      Or are they making massive changes and rebuilding the defense?

      • Hawk Eye

        ahh, the $64,000 question
        or to be more accurate, the $64 MILLION question

      • Mishima

        Or S. Richardson?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’m not a gambling man, but I would bet ET gets traded.

        • EBurgz

          I’ll bet ya.

      • Elmer

        Rob, a question regarding Sherman. Is it OK per the latest CBA to cut someone when they are injured, or because they are injured? It seems like there must be some kind of protection for injured players.

        If they can’t trade Sherman, cutting him and making him a free agent would seem to be the financial alternative from the team’s viewpoint.

        • Rob Staton

          There would need to be a settlement but not sure what that would likely entail.

  13. Steele

    Realistically, the D has not been ok but not dominant for years, and these veterans are not young, injured, and past their primes. And as Sherman suggests, they’ve become jaded, not motivated like kids would be. Time for fresh youth.

    They are actually a bit late. They could have gotten more return last season, or even the season before that. There was a market for Kam before. Now, not so much. Sherman and ET have tread left, and would be valuable to contending teams for a season or two.

  14. Ed

    I was for making this move (as well as moving on from Kam/Avril/Sherman/Thomas) last year. So a year late, but at least it’s happening. Maybe an added benefit might be Hawks not leading the league in penalties and offsides again.

    • vrtkolman

      Can’t disagree.

  15. JimQ

    Rebuild? I think it’s more of a mid-course correction to their long range (4-5 year) plan for the team.
    Bennett will be missed as an on-field player, off-field not so much. Not that I disagree with his message but I think he caused way too much distraction from the actual football games. With the possibilities of Sherman and/or Thomas also being traded, I have to keep reminding myself that it is a young mans game and every player eventually hits the wall of poor performance due to age. Trading said players before that time has proven to make a lot of sense for teams like New England.

    The Seahawks obviously need to get younger in a lot of positions and bring in players from the draft and FA to mold into a highly competitive team in the future years. The 2018 season IMO isn’t “tank time”, but more about replacing their older players with younger versions and coaching them up. Kind of like trading in your current old car, it’s old and subject to more frequent breakdowns, so you trade it in for a new model that still has tread on all it’s tires and will be more breakdown free for a few years. Hopefully, last years “injury bug” had it’s fill & will move on to other teams.

    • Patrick Toler

      I agree that this is a mid-course correction instead of a rebuild. Of course this is semantics to some extent. But for sure they are looking at how to be competitive for another title in 2018 and beyond. They obviously felt moving Bennett would help with that. It can’t be about on the field, but about the influence he wields in the locker room.

      I’m still holding out hope that Sherman stays. Not so much because I am attached to him (though I am to some extent), but because I still think he’s a borderline all pro quality player, I think he’s extremely committed, and I think he profiles as a CB who should age well. We can of course move on and still be in decent shape with Griffin and Maxwell on the edges, and significant money saved. This is fascinating and I hope it ends well. Love this team.

      • Mark Souza

        Sherman is an interesting case. We don’t know what he’s going to be after his recovery. We all hope he doesn’t skip a beat, and some on this list practically guarantee it, though that result is rare with this type of injury for athletes where quick acceleration, deceleration and change of direction is required. We won’t know what player we have until he gets out on the field.

        By the same token, no team can be sure of what they’re getting if they trade for him either. For that reason, he doesn’t have much trade value. That’s why I thought they’d keep him. Let him come back and hope he is what he was, in which case you’ve struck gold. If the Hawks trade him, it’s a clear indication they want a change in the locker room, less dissension, and more total buy in to Pete’s message.

        • GerryG

          I love Sherm to death, but one of the reasons he is so great is how hard he worked, not only film, but on his body. Not only is he coming off a long rehab, but he wont have his off season training. Really dont know how effective he will be to start the year

        • Patrick Toler

          Absolutely true that we don’t know how his recovery will go. There is risk in the unknown future for all players, and certainly more so for 30 year olds coming off significant injury.

          • Mark Souza

            The only way I can see them moving him is to reduce the risk for the other team. Maybe a 7th this year with a conditional pick based on how well Sherm performs for his new team in 2018.

    • Mark Souza


  16. Hawk Eye

    well, kudos to Rob, he did call it. I doubted they would do it, but the game is afoot.
    If Sherman is gone, then maybe time to trade Earl also, strip it bare and bring in a ton of kids, stock up on picks and cap space for next year, go with the Russ and Bobby show.
    I doubt they can compete for a SB next year, might not even make the playoffs, so hoping we see a repeat of the 2012 Hawks when you knew they were close

    LOB 2.0, coming to a stadium near you…..

  17. BradCanuck

    If we lose Richardson, we’ll likely get a 3rd in 2019. We may suffer as fans a bit this year, but I see us being younger and hungrier and ready for more in a few year’s time. Here’s to 2019 and beyond!

    • vrtkolman

      Sheldon’s off season history scares the crap out of me. I always thought this was a one year rental.

      • BradCanuck

        I can’t really fault Schneider for going all in last year – age and injuries caught up. He knew the time to win big was ‘now’.

        • BradCanuck

          Especially with Malik and Fant injuries…

        • FresnoBrad


  18. Southpaw360

    My take on this is we didn’t get a lot in return for Bennett but this means Malik McDowell will be playing next year. Wishful thinking maybe? I hope I am right.

    • Mark Souza

      You may be on to something.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Thought crossed my mind as well.

  19. vrtkolman

    Rams just traded Ogletree. They are getting really thin on defense.

    • Hawk Eye

      just saw that, for a 4th and 6th, salary dump
      great athlete, ok football player, overpaid

      • Jason

        Making room for Donald.

        • Drew

          They had plenty of room before the salary dump

      • Del tre

        That describes pretty much every signing from the fisher era. They’re putting a lot of pressure on Donald to be the guy.
        Theyre going to struggle stopping the run losing those two guys, i suspect McVay is going to have some bumps in the road year 2

        • vrtkolman

          It’s interesting because this is the year for them to make a run. Soon they will be paying top dollar to Peters, Donald, Gurley, and Goff. Their key LT is going to retire in a few seasons. They will be a top heavy team.

      • FresnoBrad

        1st pick day 3 and a late 5th sounds better that way

  20. FresnoBrad

    Marcus Johnson must be good considering the STRONG market for Bennett, at least he’s faster than Richardson, 37 vertical and has made a 1 handed catch. Watched an interview seems like a nice kid that our TE & other crapy Texas QB couldn’t hit. He had 3 first down catches for DEEP WR Phily squad.

  21. Barry

    Pete coached the Pats from 97-99 a very short time for his message to wear thin. Lawyer Milloy once said when he joined the hawks at the beginning of Pete’s tenure he thought Pete was on the verge of getting things going in NE when he was let go.

    • Hawk Eye

      good point

      plus, Pete said he did not coach the way he wanted to before. Older coaches always told him his theories would not work.
      He decided after getting fired in NE that he would coach his way and if it did not work, he was ok with that.

    • Rob Staton

      Perhaps I worded it poorly. The point I was trying to make was the Pats team was a veteran team and perhaps they didn’t take to Pete’s message. And that it’s a message that works best with younger players (as seen at USC and Seattle).

  22. Millhouse-serbia

    So that’s it. Sherm is gone. Beverly Sherman just tweeted it.

    • Southpaw360

      She also just took it down. I won’t believe anything until it’s reported on a “real” website.

    • Del tre

      She didn’t know, just reacted to the news she saw, Sherman is meeting with the team, i assume to negotiate a new contract or to see himself to another team. I always hoped sherman would become our DBs coach, really hope we keep him at a reduced rate.

      • Southpaw360

        I agree Del tre. I think he would make a great coach.

  23. Aaron

    Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) Tweeted:
    Following #Seahawks CB Richard Sherman’s meeting with team brass, they are expected to explore trade options, I’m told. They could trade him or release him, or potentially keep him (likely at a different salary).

  24. Hawk Eye

    wondering if they go after Wilkerson instead of resigning Sheldon.
    No comp pick for Wilkerson as he was released, plus get the pic for Sheldon, better talent, same issues on work ethic, etc. Probably lower salary now also.

    will be interesting t see what they do in FA. If they do not go after any big signings, it would seem to indicate grabbing the comp pics and making a splash next year

  25. Heliopause

    “By trading Bennett now…”

    Speaking for myself, I speculated that maybe they would keep him another year rather than CUT him for the paltry cap savings. Turns out he had more trade value than I would have guessed. As the old saying goes, better to get rid of them a year early than a year late.

    Condotta is reporting that they are attempting to go down a similar path with Sherman. Maybe I’ll be surprised again by the trade value available. As a hypothetical GM I wouldn’t trade much, if anything, for either of them, but perhaps that’s just me. It’s also being reported that they haven’t ruled out keeping Sherman one more year.

    Also being reported that they are talking to Brian Cushing, which wouldn’t make any sense given what we’re talking about here, even at vet minimum. Also, depending on who you believe, they are talking to Thomas about an extension. At the moment I don’t have a lot of clarity about the general direction things are headed, but that’s what’s fun about offseason.

    • Patrick Toler

      I think this is not so much about getting younger, as it is about getting hungrier and generally changing the culture. Cushing was evidently manically devoted to the Texans, was voted a captain (again) when he returned from his suspension. In his statement after being cut he apologized to fans for not bringing them a super bowl. He seems exactly the kind of veteran they would bring it, but he would need to be cheap.

      Bennett’s cap savings certainly aren’t equal to the production your losing – this is about culture change. The way Carroll talked about Sherman at the end of the year I was convinced they would keep him. I’m on the edge of my seat to see what happens next.

      • Heliopause

        Cushing is 31, has missed a third of his career with injuries, and vet minimum is 600K or so more than rookie. I just don’t see the sense of it, other than maybe it is just a courtesy thing from Pete Carroll.

        • Patrick Toler

          I don’t think it will be courtesy, but about his leadership and voice in the locker room. But yeah, $600K is something and I’m not exactly head over heals about the idea of bringing him in. It could be another signal that they are wanting to replace some of their vocal leaders.

          • Comfect

            Well, the minimum for a player, period, is around 480k, isn’t it? So it’s really only 150k over that when you include the veteran cap benefit rule (where a player with 4+ years of experience only counts as a 2 year player on a minimum deal). So if (big ifs) they signed him to a 1-year, vet minimum deal, that wouldn’t be a lot of cost. But that does go out the window I think if the deal is >1 year or not for the minimum.

        • FresnoBrad

          Cushing is a warrior still has ball left just like Sherman!

          • Hawk Eye

            lots of injuries and a couple of PED strikes against him, and too old.
            giant pass for me

            • John_s

              IMO only reason why they’re bringing him in is because he was a PC USC guy

              • Greg Haugsven

                They could give Cushing what is called an MSB contract. You pay him the vet minimum and he only gets the cap hit of a two year player. No money guaranteed might not be terrible.

    • Mark Souza

      On the Sherman front, I think they would be better off asking for a 7th this year, and conditional pick next year based on Sherman’s performance. Minimal risk for the other team, and if Sherm returns to form, everybody wins.

  26. DCD2

    Those of us who have served in the military can probably relate to what is going on in the locker room right now. Young guys come in and have everything to prove, they are like sponges soaking up everything that is told to them and buying into the idea/mission/message. Tell them to do pushups for a minute and they crank out as many as they can. Run 2 miles? Same thing young guys trying to beat each other, while the older guys run in a group and maybe break a sweat, but don’t give it everything. The older guys do enough to not get an eyebrow raised in a bad way. The thinking is: been here, done that. If this were a combat/game situation, I’d be giving it my all.

    That mentality is contagious and frankly easier and easier to adopt the longer you are in the same situation. ‘Practice how you’d play’ or ‘train how you’d fight’ is an easy sell to new rookies/recruits. It gets harder and harder to motivate guys with a little salt. Once you lose them, it’s almost impossible to get them back under the same leadership.

    Time will tell how these moves pan out, but to me this is as much about the locker room as it is about cap/compensation or competing next year. Up until last year, I thought Earl was a guy that still bought in. Maybe he does, but the Dallas game just sticks in my head. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is gone as well.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Thank you for protecting myself and my family DCD2! Your analysis make’s alot of sense. I will add that a veteran moving to a new team gives them something to prove again.

      What does your username mean? My first thought was it was a play on words for R2D2?

      Go Droids

      • DCD2

        Appreciated. I agree with you. A lot of times a change of scenery can work out both ways. Look at when Bennett first came here from TB.

        I picked DC and another poster already had it, so I deferred to him as I just started commenting a few weeks ago. You hit the nail on the head. Rather than DC2, I paid homage to the unsung hero of the rebellion!

  27. Kenny Sloth

    Mmmm those tasty tasty 5s

    Think we’ll package to move around?

    I really like the third and fifth rounds this year

    • Nick

      I would be stunned if we didn’t give up two fives or so. Kenny, what are you thinking about all of these changes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

      • Kenny Sloth

        It’s about time

        I was jealous of that young hungry defense with the loud mouth young corner.
        Shame that it was Jacksonville.

      • Kenny Sloth

        We have pieces in Frank, Reed, Griffin to go along with Bobby.

        That’s enough to build a defense around.

        I think this team is at its best when it’s playing moneyball and keeping the cap space open.

        Even if you can afford it, you DONT WANT a superstar at every position.
        It just never ends well, long term.

        We need to start trading on our players as we develop them, because their valye depreciates so significiantly so quickly.

        Bobby and Russ will be gold dust until they retire. Pretty much everybody else is expendable but for the culture.

      • Kenny Sloth

        You know who we need to build around? Germain Ifedi! Jarran Reed

        He can be a weapon on the right side. Let’s get a dope RB that he can make look good.

        We have bookends. We have a pro bowl center. We have some competition at guard.

        Lets reload at skill positions and on defense with some excitement.

        Sick of article after article about the OL additions. I want more Shaq Griffins and Chris Carsons

        • Nick

          One Nick Chubb please.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I won’t be upset in the least if it is Chubb.

            But man, I really want RoJo. Just too rare a prospect in my eye.

        • C-Dog

          I would add Naziar Jones to that list.

          • Greg Haugsven

            We keep going we might have every pick in the fifth round.

  28. NeilJ

    We need draft ammo

    I love Earl Thomas but this is the time to trade him. we need to load up on defense and address the run game. We don’t necessarily need first rounders but several from the second and third tis year.

    • Rowlandice

      I’d even take a 2nd this year and a 2nd or 3rd next year!

  29. Drew

    Apparently Pats offered a 3rd & 5th for Bennett. Hard to believe JS would pass that up

    • Coleslaw

      It was a 3rd for Bennett and a 5th

      • FresnoBrad

        It means our new WR is a stud! Justin Coleman was a good trade last year 2int 2 TD’s

      • Hawk Eye

        apparently offer came in after they agreed with Eagles, but deal was not official

      • TatupuTime

        Definitely a better deal, would have been nice to get that 3rd – but they must have had a verbal agreement with Philly already. The report is that the Pats deal came “too late” and they couldn’t go back on Philly. Similar to draft trade when Denver took Paxton Lynch (apparently Dallas offered more late). I’m OK with this. Having a reputation of being good to deal with only helps in the long run.

    • DCD2

      That would have been awkward. They cut his brother today!

    • Mark Souza

      What’s the source?

  30. Coleslaw

    I haven’t seen anyone bring this up so I guess I will. Rapoport and Ian furness said that New England offered a 3rd for Bennett and a 5th. They chose Philly…

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, if they shook hands on a deal with Philly I don’t blame them for sticking to their guns.

      For all we know, they aren’t finished dealing with the Eagles this off-season.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        If that’s the case I’m glad we honoured our agreement!

        Go Honour

      • Coleslaw

        If that happened that’s one thing but the tweet said “They chose Philly” so I just assumed they had both offers on the table.

        • Rowdy

          Considering yesterday they were talking to ATL I’m guessing you’re right. Why would you give a team a better deal in the nfc in hopes they may give you a good deal later, that’s just dumb. If anything MB didn’t want to go to New England so they went with Philly. Which is dumb to imo

        • John_s

          I listened to the segment. Rap said that Philly and Seattle had an agreement then NE made their offer. They chose to honor their agreement with Philly instead of renege.

      • BobbyK

        Could also mean they really like the WR they received in the deal.

      • C-Dog

        That was my thought. I think they are still looking to wheel and deal, and don’t want to piss anyone off.

        • drewdawg11

          I’m sorry, but I feel like our team is playing by different rules and wants to make e eruone they trade with happy. Houston sure didn’t honor the original trade for Brown. Get the third, man. Get the third.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, seems like you have been pretty down on them for a while now.

            • FresnoBrad

              MJ tore it up in pratice destroyed Eagles CB’s, we got a future stud.

      • Drew

        Now that more info has come out, that’s exactly what happened.

    • j

      Pats third is like an early fourth. So getting an early fourth as opposed to a mid-fifth but giving a fifth as opposed to a seventh. Factoring in the player we got I can see it.

      • nichansen01

        eagles fifth is basically early sixth

  31. Patrick Toler

    There has to be more to that report. Schneider is human and capable of making mistakes like anyone else, but he isn’t stupid. There is more to the story for sure.

    • mishima

      Maybe they involved MB in the decision, out of respect. I’m sure Bennett preferred to play for Lurie rather than Kraft, all things considered.

      5th + M. Johnson – 7th, better than expected.

      Class organization and player.

  32. JimQ

    With the more increased likelihood that Sherman gets traded, perhaps that escalates the need to draft a CB, replacing Sherman’s roster spot. IMO-The RB/OL and EDGE needs are still priority #1/2/3 (not necessarily in that order). In search of a potential long range CB to replace Sherman, I’ve just spent some time looking at the CB combine testing. I think I may have found 3 later round/UDFA DB’s that may be of further interest to the Seahawks due to their workout #’s.

    Rd-7/UDFA CB’s – that MAY appeal to the Seahawks (who like to mold physical DB freaks)
    IMO: Combine performances have increased the value of these 3 CB’s and they should be
    considered as value options in the coming draft in Rd-7 (Hill/Thomas) or as P-UDFA (Sullivan).

    –CB-Holton Hill, Texas, 6-015/196, 32″-arms, 9-5/8″-hands,
    4.49/40, 14-reps, 31″-vert, 10′-0″-broad, 6.83-3cone, 4.15-short shuttle
    Career: 25-games, 122-tkls, 92-solo, 1.0-TFL, 3-INT (3 for TD’s), 8-PD, 1-FR, 1-FF
    A reasonably solid overall combine performance, has the size/length the Seahawks like.
    Not top tier in any particular drill, but did everything pretty well. May move up some – pre-draft.
    Currently ranked #253-overall, Proj. Rd-7 (Looks like a Seahawk DB for development to me.)

    –CB-Jordan Thomas, Oklahoma, 6-001/187, 32″-arms, 9.5″-hands,
    4.64/40(?), 4-reps(?), 38″-vert, 10′-4″-broad, 6.28-3cone, 3.94-short shuttle, 10.85-60yd-shuttle.
    Career: 45-games, 148-tkls, 121-solo, 4.0-TFL, 8-INT (1 for TD), 27-PD
    1 of 4 tied at 41.5″= for 1-st place in vert.
    3.94-short shuttle tied for 1-st place.
    6.28-3cone was alone in 1-st place.
    10.85-60yd shuttle tied for 3-rd place. (Do all the good #’s offset the bad = ?????)
    Other than his 40 & reps which are on the poor side, an overall excellent combine performance (he’s explosive, meets size/arms #’s, slow 40 & 4-reps drops him down some but still = sleeper alert.)
    Currently ranked #345-overall, Proj. Rd-7/UDFA (drill #’s will likely move him up into Rd-6/7-ish.)

    –CB-Chandon Sullivan, Georgia St. 5-106/194, 32-3/8″-arms, 9.0″-hands,
    4.60/40(?), 15-reps, 40.5″-vert, 11′-2″-broad, 4.36-short shuttle.
    Career: 48-games, 182-tkls, 147-solo, 6.5-TFL, 2.0-sacks, 7-INT (1 for TD), 1-FF, 2-FR (1 for TD).
    40.5″-vert = tied for 3-rd
    11′-2″-broad = tied for 2-nd at 2018 combine. (A little bit slow/short, but explosive)
    Currently ranked #424-overall, Proj. UDFA (may be a slot corner, only concern is long speed?)

    • DCD2

      Props to you for calling out Jordan Thomas! Rob just went into detail about how impressive his 3-cone and short shuttle times were. 4 reps is legit weak, but nice find!

  33. Rob Staton

    Hangout coming shortly. Will start at 4:30pm. Apologies got delayed.

  34. FresnoBrad

    Falcons & NE had late 3rds & Clev had early 4th for Bennett & a fifth. Phil doesn’t have any 3rds only late 4ths and a mid & late fifth. It’s those late 3rds & early 4th we passed on to get WR Marcus Johnson who happens to run sub 4.4 37 vert with plenty of tape.

  35. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Rob I think I’ve decided on Wynn as our first pick because I trust your Analysis for player’s and you’re the Best in the whole Universe.

    My Question if I may ask please.

    You’ve compared Kerryon Johnson to Chris Carson so by that rationale it makes sense to go Chubb, Michel, etc. I really want Ronnie Jones II though I don’t know how it would be feasible to get Wynn and Jones

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Wynn + RoJo would be my dream draft (or maybe Hernandez + RoJo). But not sure that’s feasible unless they make a good trade for Earl.

      Been going back and forth on Wynn and Hernandez. Wynn is so smooth and makes it took so easy, but he’s not nasty like Hernandez, who I rate much higher after Senior Bowl and the Combine. He really rose to both occasions. But Wynn is just so sound…

  36. DCD2

    It’s so obvious why they are doing these moves. OPTIONS!

    Now we go into the draft needing OL, RB, TE, WR, DE, *DT, LB, *CB, SS, *FS, P, K.

    We can’t miss! Someone we like will be there at a “position of need” at every pick. Mystery solved.


  37. FresnoBrad

    We should get a 2nd for Sherman.

    • Rob Staton

      By the sounds of things, they’re going to get absolutely nothing.

      • nichansen01

        Crazy how they can’t even get a 5th or 6th for sherm.

      • Steele

        Cleaning house. “Legion of Broom”.

        • Kenny Sloth

          This made me chuckle

      • FresnoBrad

        I think we’re gonna add 25 plus new players between Free Agency & Draft.

  38. Ishmael

    End of an era. It’s been an amazing team to watch, a rare combination of outrageously gifted players with personalities to match. You don’t find many of those guys in the league, let alone on a team.

    Happy Bennet gets to go to an excellent team that will use him the right way. Hopefully he’ll be able to do good work with Malcolm Jenkins.

    What these moves say to me is that it’s time for a reset in the locker room. They needed to get younger and faster, and this is how you do it. Doesn’t take long to flip things around either, just look at how quickly the Saints turned it on.

    • Patrick Toler

      Well said. We are lucky to have been fans for this era. So many memories and the future is still bright, IMO.

  39. Mexican Hawk

    You worded it nicely sir. This was a great era for them, for you and for us. Most importantly I wanted to mention although it has been said many a times, but you were (and are) a great part of this for us fans (standing on the sidelines/sitting on the couch).

    Thanks again and cheers to another great era.

    I believe in PC/JS/RS and SDB community!


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — that means a lot.

      Here’s to the next chapter.

  40. Hawksince77

    Would like to know more about the WR they traded Phili for, Marcus Johnson. Here was the best online article I could find in a quick search. What anyone else could add would be helpful.

  41. Drew

    Earl is now on the table with PCJS listening to offers and apparently Sherman will be released.

  42. Ishmael

    Highly recommend reading Bennett’s statement on his Instagram. Genuinely warm and touching.

    Interesting tweet from Michael Silver, ‘the Seahawks plan to release Richard Sherman in the next couple of days. If he doesn’t land a big deal elsewhere they are open to bringing him back at a lower salary. ‘

    Makes sense. You don’t want to be on the hook for eight figures to a 30-year-old CB coming off an achilles tear, even if they were responsible for the most iconic moment in the teams history. Tough business.

  43. Kenny Sloth

    Equanimeous St. Brown’s little brother Amon-Ra St. Brown will be better than him

    • nichansen01

      What about the brother at stanford?

      • Kenny Sloth

        What about him?

  44. Lil'stink

    If they extend Clark can they front load some of his new contract into the current year’s (2018) cap? Cutting or trading Sherm opens up a good chunk of change, and Clark is going to get paid. I’m guessing 4 years at close to $60 million.

    And if they do cut Sherman and Lane, their CB group is now Shaq and Coleman (presumably). Shead and Maxy aren’t exactly young so relying on re-signing them seems kind of iffy.

    • Patrick Toler

      Maxwell should be reasonable given his failures in Miami and Phili. Maybe Atlanta or San Diego go after him? Shead will be cheap given his injury history. I feel like we can bring them both back inexpensively.

    • Rowdy

      Iffy? Like not signing them and going with 5th round rookies or first time players in Pete’s system? What vet was brought in that even played average in this system?

      • Greg Haugsven

        If they move on from Sherman you have to think that Maxwell comes back, maybe even Shead as well.

      • Mark Souza

        “What vet was brought in that even played average in this system?”

        Coleman and McDougald to name two recent ones.

        • Rowdy

          Coleman was a hawk before he was a patriot and McDougal is a safety

          • Mark Souza

            Actually, he was a Viking and Patriot before he came to us the first time in 2015. And in that 2015 stint, he was a Hawk for all of 3 days, plucked off our practice squad by the Patriots.

      • lil'stink

        Iffy as in due to their age they seem like stop gap solutions, and if you feel you need them to come back it puts you at risk of overpaying for them.

    • FresnoBrad

      Elliot can play

  45. JimQ

    Inside/outside DT’s in the draft to replace Bennett’s — roster spot?
    DE-Bennett was 6-04/274 in 2009 draft class. He had a 5.0/40, 31″-vert, 110′-broad, 24-reps.

    Are there any potential Bennett replacements in the coming draft among these similar size guys?
    Sam Hubbard, 6-053/270;
    Tyquan Lewis, 6-032/269;
    Jayln Holmes, 6-047/283;
    Chad Thomas, 6-050/281;
    Rasheem Green. 6-042/275;
    Ada Aruna, 6-045/262;
    Kyle Fitts, 6-036/263; *& Maybe others*
    IF so, which players and more importantly, with the OL/RB needs likely higher, which rounds?
    IMO: Fitts and maybe Aruna may be available with a 5-th rd. pick, the others likely going higher.

    • John_s

      Duke Ejiofor is another option 6’4” 264 34” arm length

      • D-OZ

        +1 on Duke…

    • C-Dog

      The team has shown interest in Da’Shawn Hand, as well.

      • FresnoBrad


      • Greg Haugsven

        Like Ejiofor, you forget about him because he wasnt at the combine

    • nichansen01

      I really like Aruna as a sleeper there

  46. drewdawg11

    We sort of knew this was coming, but it’s tough to take. I’ll always be grateful to these guys for bringing a title to Seattle. I wanted Sherman to come back, hungrier than ever. That dude helped to give the legion swagger and they were intimidating. It’s time to rebuild this thing and do it before Russell leaves his prime years.

    • Hawk Eye

      yep, they made the Seahawks feared by other teams and hated by other fans.
      Now let’s do it again!

  47. Rob Staton

    The Google hangout has now been added to the top of the article. Have a listen!

    • Trevor

      Thanks Rob this one was awesome really enjoyed hearing your personal stories! It is stuff like that with your son’s birth that we sports fan remember forever and bond is to teams as fans for life. Thanks for sharing.

    • JimQ

      Really like the google hangout, it’s refreshing to hear your clear thoughts without you having to try and answer all of those 200 word, 6 topic questions you use to get on the other broadcasts all the time.

      In the broadcast, you seemed to zero in on the 3.94 short shuttle time of Jordan Thomas. I knew it was a fast time that the Seahawks would appreciate, but I didn’t know how truly fast that time was historically. I would like to point out that there was another CB that equaled that mark this year as well. That would be…………

      CB-Grant Haley, Penn St. 5-092/190, 29-3/4″-arms, 9-1/8″-hands
      Currently ranked #235, Projected Rd-6/7 at
      Career: 47-games, 139-tkls, 89-solo, 6.5-TFL, 2.0-sacks, 5-INT (1 for TD), 22-PD, 1-FR, 1-FF.
      4.44/40, 16-reps, 34″-vert, 9-11″-broad, 6.51-3cone, and…TIED …CB-Jordan Thomas’s 3.94-20yd shuttle

      I would presume that Haley may get some Seahawk interest as well, perhaps as a potential slot corner or maybe (don’t laugh) a convert to FS to eventually replace the similar size and speed of ET? For purposes of comparison, the 2010 edition of Earl Thomas was 5-10/202, 31-1/4″-arms, 9-3/8″-hands and he ran a 4.43/40 + 9′-5″-broad & 21-reps. couldn’t find a vert. or a short shuttle time, (but likely fast). Haley’s #’s
      don’t look all that much different, I’m about to look at his tape and dig a little deeper now.

      Haley’s draft position being probably around Rd-7, seems to match up to me with the available Seahawk picks in Rd-7, and he could end up being a very sneaky & a very good pick as a slot guy or maybe ET 2.0?

    • Jeremy

      Rob, love the google hangout! I rip it into mp3 form, and put it on my phone as a podcast so I can listen at work. Great addition to a great site, thanks again!!

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Jeremy!

  48. DC

    Michael Bennett. One of the greatest people we have had the pleasure to witness as Hawks fans. Blessings on your journey man.

    • C-Dog


      He will always be one of my all time favorites. #72 has been a good number for Seattle defensive linemen. Joe Nash and Michael Bennett.

    • Patrick Toler

      I agree 100%. It’s always a pleasure to root for men whom you can respect off the field. He definitely fits that category.

    • Hawk Eye

      he was a great Hawk and a better person. Despite what some people call a distraction (shockingly all white), it would more accurately be called courageous and brave. Much easier to sing from the corporate hymn book and not make waves. He was a leader in a very unique looker room, a group of successful, alpha males who also took a stand off the field.

      “A man with no enemies has never stood for anything”

      • sdcoug

        Why the need to bring color into this? Making everything about race is part of the problem, no? Just state your praise for Bennett and leave it at that. Perhaps many of his critics are judging him not by his color…but by perceived character and actions. I respect Bennett for his charitable work and his play. I lose all respect for Bennett for his heinous false accusations levied against the LAPD.

        • sdcoug


        • Rob Staton

          Let’s stick to football if we can. Not trying to wipe out an important topic for many people but would rather this didn’t descend into a very heated discussion at a time when there’s so much Seahawks/draft stuff to get into.

          • Joshua Smith

            He was responding to someone else who went off topic.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I think he knows how the thread works

              • Joshua Smith


          • sdcoug

            Sorry Rob, I just didn’t see the need for race to come up. My bad. Football it is.

  49. Steele

    I will miss Sherm as a Seahawk. Never going to forget his finest. SF Turkey game, etc.

    The question is, how well has he recovered from the achilles? That could be a career ender. A team would have to check his current health before committing.

    • FresnoBrad

      We could trade him for 2019 picks determined by Sherman’s 2018 play on new team or if he’s on roster day 1.

  50. nichansen01

    What are the chances earl is also gone? Or are just Sherm and Bennett gone?

  51. nichansen01

    It sounds like Kam and Avril will retire.

  52. Grayson Dunn

    A potential name for added RB depth that I haven’t seen mentioned (prob missed it) is Jerick McKinnon. Any thoughts on him?

    • East Side Stevie

      JD Mkissic can exactly what Jerrick does. With Bevell at OC Seattle didnt ever use the RB position like Minnesota uses Jerrick Mckinnon. However, the variable in all of this is Darrel Bevell & the Vikings OC are no longer with the organizations. So I really think when it comes down to it the Seahawks will draft 2 RB’s.

      2018 RB room going to look something like:

      Mike Davis
      JD Mkissic (Bubble)
      CJ Procise (Bubble)

      • Rob Staton

        McKinnon one of the most explosive runners to enter the league in recent years. Has to be remembered.

  53. 6x2 Stack Monster

    So I was watching Michael Bennett’s best plays over on Field gulls and watched him sack Colin Kaepernick. What caught my attention was that it happen out of Pete’s old base front with McDaniel and Mebane as the 1 and 3 technique, Bennett running Leo, and Red Bryant playing the 2 gap 5 technique. I believe they drafted McDowell last year to play that 5 technique Red Bryant role and try to get back to that core defense with McDowell potentially offering a “Calais Campbell” style run stuffer/pass rusher from that 5 technique. If McDowell is done, what about Mohammad Wilkerson for that role?

    The Seahawks really were tough to run on when Seattle played Red Bryant at defensive end in those base heavy fronts. Those great SF running teams with Iapati, Staley, Gore and crew really had to work hard to get yards….and none of those guys were high draft picks.

    Pete wants to get back to that heavy run stuffing, gap disciplined front, but that wasn’t going to happen with Michael Bennett on the field. Many of his great plays were a result of his freelancing (undercutting blocks, shooting other players gaps). Let’s face it, the dude had a knack for doing it and being effective, but it’s not a sustainable model for being the bully defensively.

    Bennett was tremendous when his snaps where limited and he could be moved all over the D-line….especially in NASCAR package.

    • FresnoBrad

      Da Shawn Hand blue chip prospect from Alabama rated #1 prospect in the country out of high school, benched pressed 40 times as a sophomore. As of now he’s projected in the 3rd. I think he’s our next Elephant DE.

    • Mike L

      Mebane’s presence inside was one of the keys to those dominating Hawks defenses imo. How many times did teams try to run on first down only to get stuffed at the line of scrimmage?? Very demoralizing for an offense..

    • C-Dog

      I was actually thinking that if they bring back Sheldon Richardson, Nazair Jones has a build that could fill that Red Bryant role. Also, I think there’s interesting options in Dion Jordan and Q Jefferson and even Brandon Jackson.

      I’m not too concerned about it, honestly. Much more bigger issues to address on the offense.

  54. Millhouse-serbia

    Do you realise how great.JS is as a man? In a year without 2nd and 3rd round he rejected 3rd round pick because he gave his word.

    Go JS, Go Hawks! Wi will be SB again. Soon!!!

    • Rowdy

      That’s definitely not how you get back to a Superbowl lol

      • Ishmael

        It’s a good trait in the long run. It’s similar to the way they treat players. Do things the right way, and word gets out. There’s a reason why they’re so able often able to trade picks, get players re-signing on decent deals etc. Maybe they didn’t get the absolute best deal they could have, but the Eagles will remember that, and other teams around the league will have taken note.

        • Sea Mode

          Also serves to send a practical message to the other teams: if you’re gonna make an offer, pony up before it’s too late!

    • Patrick Toler

      Tremendous respect for Schneider and how he handles himself. He could easily have a monstrous ego with the success he’s had. And if the narrative about the Bennett offers are true, I respect him for keeping his word. But in that case it would seem that he misjudged the market and agreed to the deal too early. I still feel like we don’t know the whole story.

      • Shady_Hawkster

        It doesn’t seem that far-fetched that PCJS could like Marcus Johnson as much as they like any of the receivers they available in rounds 3-5.

        • Shady_Hawkster

          *they see available*

        • Patrick Toler

          Absolutely possible. Wouldn’t be the first time we acquired someone low key who ended up making an impact.

          • Old but Slow

            Especially if the new player is faster than what you have. Skills? We’ll see.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The receiver has to be taken into consideration. Seahawks need good receivers. It makes the deal equal or better than New Englands offer (I hope).

  55. All I see is 12s

    Rob, not to get too sentimental but the part when you describe your family had me tearing up. Thank you for sharing that with us. Since you shared, here is one of mine.
    During the saints playoff game in 2010, 3 week old daughter was bundled up next to me on the couch. Back then I didn’t have direct tv or cable so I relied on a digital antenna which would skip out on me from time to time. Anyway, the game was coming in fine and then Beastquake happened. However right when lynch hit the first defender the game cut out. I figured he had been tackled, then the game would come back and he was still going. I swear this happened 3 or 4 times during that run, each time right before he got hit – only to skip back on to see him still on his feet. We went crazy. It was a special memory for my young family.

    Then again in 2014. My family was having a real hard time and dealing with some real serious illnesses. It seemed like everything was going wrong. I needed something positive in my life. Then came the 2014 run starting against the Cardinals. From then on it was so amazing to watch these guys come together and dominate the league for each other. I actually preferred this version of the team to 2013 as these guys had really come together to achieve greatness that could have just as easily desinigrated. ’13 Was great but I was truly inspired by the ’14 team and will be forever grateful for it.
    Rob once again, thanks for the blog.

    • East Side Stevie

      Great post. Thanks for sharing. Means a lot!

      • All I see is 12s

        Thank you. I appreciate that.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Thanks for sharing all I see. I really Hope your Family is healthy and doing very well my Fellow Hawk!

      Go Family!

    • Rob Staton

      Great memories, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • josh

      Summer 2013 my wife was pregnant with my 2nd kid, due at the end of February. I told her in August, the Seahawks are winning the SB this year and if they do that kid is going to be named Russell Wilson! Well they won and I settled for giving him the middle name Wilson. Now we all call him baby Russell.

  56. bankhawk

    With Bennett now gone and the Hawks D/DL in the process of morphing into a new form, I want to toss out a few queries about undersized but ferocious Coug D-liner Hercules MataFa. Where is he likely to slot into an NFL sýtem? What is his likely draft range? With Bennett now gone, is thêre some potential spot in the Hawks evolving system that would be a fit for him and make him a value pick for us? As a lifelong Dawg, I not up on him-so school me if you have thoughts on this.

  57. Joshua Smith

    Tragic that they blew up a team that is almost as good as the 2013 team when healthy IMO. I know that will get blowback here, but football is a game of inches. This team had the potential to come back and win the super bowl next year but now we are about to enter a dark age for the foreseeable future.

    Utter incomptent management in my opinion. Why extend Michael Bennett in 2016 anyway? Now we have even more dead money against the cap next year.

    • Sea Mode

      Not trying to bring harsh backlash at all; this purge stings for every Seattle fan who has fallen in love with these players and the success they’ve brought over the past few years. I just respectfully disagree with your premise.

      This team had the potential to come back and win the super bowl next year

      Sorry, but I don’t think it did. That attempt was our 2017 season in a nutshell. Old, expensive, injured on D + No run game on O = no chance.

      The “when healthy” clause is the key where this argument fails. As Rob has been saying, the injury reports have unfortunately been long and there is little reason to hope they will get shorter as these players continue to get older.

      Maybe the Bennett extension was ill-advised in hindsight. I don’t think so, but it’s debateable. Either way, JS has been the first to admit he hasn’t done everything right. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop “going for it” by every means possible, competing to get back to the top. And that certainly doesn’t merit being tagged as “utter incompetent management”. That label belongs to teams that have won one game in the past two seasons despite boatloads of high draft picks and cap space, not teams who manage 9 wins despite severe injury depletion and having to maneuver against a tight cap.

      Don’t allow yourself to fall into the dark outlook either. Look at the Saints. Worst def in the league for a long time turned around completely in 2 years with a couple good draft picks and a run game. It doesn’t take much, and we already have a head start with a few young studs to build around like Wagner, Clark, Griffin, and Reed, so our retool could plausibly take even less time than that.

      • Mark Souza

        The Seahawk’s ranking in scoring defense for the last six years: #1, #1, #1, #1, #3, #11. There’s a trend there. We were getting older, a step slower, and more often injured. There’s nothing there that said we were going to be a dominant defense again by standing pat. It was time to start refreshing the defense. I would argue it was time to start the process at the end of 2016.

        • AlaskaHawk

          The Seahawks have consistently had problems which go back all the way to the Superbowl era. Namely getting defensive stops on third down and finding an offensive line that can block well. Many people have blamed the draft picks, many people have blamed the coaches.

          Now there are changes in both areas.

          • Hawktalker#1

            If anyone was blaming the coaches, we didn’t release any coaches that were to blame.

      • Joshua Smith

        Well I appreciate your perspective, but we will have to agree to disagree to a certain extent. I don’t think that age correlates with injury occurance as much as most poeple think. I’ll admit that my use of the term utter incompetence was harsh, but I do think our higher mangement escapes deserved criticism too often. Part of my doom and gloom forecast is that I think players such as Griffen, Reed, and Clark are a tad overrated, and part because of Pete’s choice of offensive coordinator.

    • KingRajesh

      “Tragic that they blew up a team that is almost as good as the 2013 team when healthy IMO.”

      No. This team was almost five years older than that team. With age comes lost speed, agility, reaction time… They were far from their heyday.

      Mentally, they were probably even further away – with all of the infighting in the locker room the past few seasons, this was a long time coming. You can’t keep everyone together forever. You need to let stars leave in order for the message to stay fresh. Pete thought that Sherman, Earl, Chancellor, Bennett would all follow his direction forever, but they got jaded. They forgot to protect the team.

    • vrtkolman

      Just my opinion, but this mentality is exactly what would bring us into the dark ages. Everyone thinks that their team is just one or two players away, even the teams themselves in some cases. I credit JS/PC for realizing this and getting on with it now.

      • Joshua Smith

        We will have to agree to disagree. If we had this past year’s version of Blair Walsh and Jon Ryan on the 2013 and 2014 teams, we might not have even made the playoffs those years.

  58. Greg Haugsven

    I really think now more than ever that they will sign Justin Pugh to a one year deal opening up the door to trade back in the first round and draft a guy like Taven Bryan or what ever defensive lineman they like. Younger and cheaper on defense and more experienced on offense.

    • Mark Souza

      I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  59. Nick

    Rob et al, it’s so beautiful reading all of these memories about the Seahawks. It prompted me to think back upon the last couple of years. I remember watching the 2013 Texans game at uni in St Andrews. It was the first time I had watched the Seahawks with my girlfriend. She was hooked. We now live in Seattle, but for a year we had to do long distance. During that year, she swung by the PNW in January of 2015. On a whim, we got tickets to the NFC Championship game against the Packers. Truly, that day was one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had. I remember the Kearse catch so vividly. The eruption of noise and energy. I also was lucky enough to see the Seahawks play against the Redskins in
    the playoffs—remember that game? Russ blocking out in front of Marshawn? Magical.

    Shoot, I also remember the lows. Watching the Falcons come back to beat us in 2012. How they marched down the field with barely any time left. Devastating. The Super Bowl interception—what is there to say. It genuinely knocked me back mentally for months. And these last couple of years have been really tough, simply because they had so much potential.

    I’m honestly not sad. This team is really talented. It just needed a new perspective, a new group of competitors. Here we go.

    We still have some magical days ahead—everyone here knows that. Will we get another Super Bowl? Who knows. Regardless, I look forward to experiencing and discussing the Seahawks with all of you.

    • Sea Mode


      It’s not all about the final destination, but enjoying the journey to get there!

  60. LouieLouie

    Good write-up, Rob. Interesting times. I remember in 2010 Carroll and Schneider broke records for number of transactions. They brought guys in, tried them out, then kept or released them. It would not surprise me to see that happen again. The main cogs going forward will be at QB and Middle Linebacker. Right now they are two of the best in the game. I think they’ll keep the O-line nucleus, and draft a RB fairly high. I’m looking forward to the show.

  61. Patrick Toler

    Per Tony Pauline, Seattle was one of 10 teams to meet with Alabama CB Tony Brown at the first Bama pro day. Only 31.5” arms, but a possible nickel back.

    • FresnoBrad

      4th round projection.

    • Sea Mode

      Yes! Have to say I knew they would be interested in him! So much unlocked potential, and can be a key ST contributor while he develops.

      Honestly, I see him more as a safety. He’s much, much better attacking downhill with his speed and intensity than with his back to the QB.

  62. Millhouse-serbia

    Hawkblogger mention something what I think from the beginning. I think that they gonna trade KJ Wright and Brian Cushing is one year replacement.

    Everyone agree that we have really thin chances to be SB contender next year. If that is the case, what’s the point of keeping KJ for one more year?

    • Sea Mode

      Great point. If someone gives you a late R3 or early R4 to get him and you can turn the pick into Darius Leonard for $8m less, heck yeah I would do it.

      • Millhouse-serbia

        And that is where we can start to talk about ET’s extension. If we forget 2018 as a year where we can do something big, he will be 30 years and 4 monts old at the start of 2019. So is it better to re sign him for ,in the best case, 2 years of productivity in the years where is SB window open, or to trade him for high pick (2nd round ) now. We have lost potential picks with no trading Sherm and Kam. But it had some sense because our window was open. What to do now? I would trade ET. Better something (2nd round) than nothing.

        • Mike L

          ..and with the additional possibility of a players strike looming for the 2020 season…I would vote no to a 3rd contract for ET…

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think there’s any chance trade they trade KJ.

      Cushing is just the depth they need, if they even sign him.

      • Sea Mode

        Really? That stance on KJ surprises me a bit tbh.

        KJ is a really good player and I’m not banging the table for him to be traded or anything, but he will turn 29 in July and has an $8.2m cap hit this year. Is that really worth it, especially if they don’t plan on handing him an extension as he hits 30 next year?

        Once again, not trying to say it will happen for certain, but I would think they would be very open to a trade if a decent offer came along.

        • Rob Staton

          K.J. is a silent warrior. That’s what Seattle needs right now. You never ever hear anything from K.J.

          No complaining, no drama. Just does his job.

          He and Bobby are going to be the leaders on the defense in 2018. This isn’t a complete purge. It’s selective.

          Wouldn’t be surprised if he got a modest extension actually.

          • Sea Mode

            All good points. I could go for lowering his cap number with a 2yr extension.

      • Millhouse-serbia

        If we don’t trade him and don’t re sign him we will lost potential 3rd of 4th round pick and at least one year of developing some young player.

        • Millhouse-serbia

          will lose…

      • Old but Slow

        Teams do not run wide against KJ. In my opinion, nobody covers that better. And with his length and savvy, good luck finding his like.

        • C-Dog


    • Del tre

      The Hawks need to add a linebacker, can’t afford to lose one, its a really thin position, we have 2 good players there, if you have 2 good wide receivers you don’t have a deep receiving corps, they need Shaquem or Leonard, adding speed and playmaking while also having Bobby and Wright there to clean up for mistakes.
      Getting back to stopping the run is Pete’s priority #1, expect runningback and Linebacker to be positions addressed with depth and competition.

      • Mike L

        If Shaquem doesn’t blow up the combine with his 4.37 ten minutes earlier..6’3″ 248 tackling machine Leon Jacobs and his 4.48 would have been the talk of the LB’s that day. Not sure if he’ll make it past day 2 after that performance..but if he does..the Hawks need to seriously consider him..

    • C-Dog

      I think KJ is probably the second safest defender to not be traded outside of Bobby.

      If we accept the idea that they are building the defense around Bobby as truth, that probably make KJ all the more valuable. One could say his value could be greater to Seattle than other teams. His chemistry with Wagner makes that duo tops in the league. He’s an elite tackler and is plus in coverage. I don’t see Ken Norton Jr wanting to part ways with that.

    • FresnoBrad

      Sickening but I trust Carroll to make the call!

  63. CharlieTheUnicorn

    710 ESPN was a buzz today…. they were going to talk up the Ichiro signing…..
    then everything went off the rails with tweets, trades and rumors galore.

    I think it is safe to assume…. no one has an idea which way the Seaahwks are going to go in the draft. Who their priority picks would be… or even what position groups.

    A couple of things have popped up. The TE M Bennett is available, would they dare bring him in ?
    Another player that could be of interest, Benson Mayowa…. could fit a weak position currently. I guess there is a rumor of a guy who was on the team in TC last year or year before would be brought in to play FB… I think his name is Kevin Coleman. As with all these names, no comp pick issues arise since they were all cut by their 2017 team.

  64. Old but Slow

    Space travelers. we now enter the empty zone. When all things are possible and the likely never happens. The draft is on a far horizon, and free agency is pure chaos. Sit back and enjoy as we attempt to understand the alien manipulations of our sporting future. Free floating tight ends and linebackers, darting corners and wide outs. The crowd is thronging with offensive guards and long snappers.

    “Can I find a place kicker?” Ah, damn.

    Sorry, I think I need a nap.

  65. Rob-Not that Rob though

    I have to think that trading MB at this point means the Hawks believe either one or both of SR and Malik will be playing with them this year. Uncertainty with Avril and MB gone, and a severe lack of draft capital…it all kinda points to in house options on the DL. They’ve expressed interest in getting a SR deal done. I kinda lean towards Malik never playing a down in the NFL, which again points to a SR deal.

    Personally, I think one of the biggest mistakes JS/PC could make at this point would be to let ET go elsewhere. He is a transcendent talent that literally raises the play of the other secondary guys a level above where they would be anywhere else. The stat disparity from when ET plays and when he doesnt is shocking. Niether Sherm nor Chancellor had that kind of impact on defense. Chancellor has a less tangible impact that is just as vital to the overall health of the defense, just not as directly stat impacting.

    Man, all the rumors swirling around Sherm and ET are killing me. I would absolutely hate to see Sherm in another uniform. I may be old fashioned but I love the idea of my sport teams’ “heroes” staying for their career. I hated when Junior, Unit, and Ichiro left the Ms at various points. There is just something truly iconic to me for a player to play the entirety of a career in one uniform. It may be old fashioned of me, but that’s just the way I see it. RW3. BWagz, ET, and Sherm are on that level for me. They were all instrumental in bringing Seattle the first championship in my lifetime.

    “The Tip” will forever be etched in my memory, even more so than the SB game. One or two plays have an enduring quality that get stuck in your head as an all time special moment. Edgar’s Double against the Yankees and “The Tip” are two for me. Beast Quake is a close third, but it just doesnt have the one picturesque moment that the other two do. I have pictures of the dog pile on Junior, and “The Tip” hanging on my wall. Whatever else happens with Sherm, he will still have that one moment that ALL Seattle sports fans will remember. I completely get the logic and 100% agree with why they are looking to move Sherm, the purist in me just loathes the idea of it.

    • 503Hawk

      Cool write up “Other Rob”. That brought back some nice mental images for me.

      • Rob-Not that Rob though

        Appreciate it, glad it could evoke fond memories!

  66. Kenny Sloth

    Russ is the new host of QB Camp on ESPN

    Too bad he gets to work with Mayfield, Rudolph, and Barrett.

    Oh and Saquon Barkley in a special episode.

    God forbid we get to see what Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are thinking.

    Gotta get another angle on Mason Rudolph

    • Greg Haugsven

      Ill bet its boring and just a bunch of rah rah. I want to see criticism.

  67. 503Hawk

    Check out this tweet.

    Howie Roseman trades:

    -Jay Ajayi for a 4th
    -Darren Sproles for a 5th
    -Michael Bennett for a 5th
    -DeMeco Ryans for a 4th
    -Timmy Jernigan to move down 25 draft spots
    -1st/4th for Sam Bradford
    -4th for Bryce Brown

    Why do other GMs answer the phone when he calls?

    Hard to argue with that.

    • peter

      It’s hard for me to be convinced that a gm who wheels and deals is amazing. Every year another gm is the the of the year and I’m just trying to do d long term success.

      Always a few years back and that team is in a rebuild already. Reggie McKenzie pulled the raiders out of tumult and now they have no idea who they are.

      Snead for the rams was supposedly killing it and now they are jettisoning players to pay one guy.

      Even looking at the names in that list for me Bennett may be the best deal that he’s done if he plays like he did this year.

      Our very own currently (by some) maligned gm at one point traded for a near hall of fame running back for a fifth round and found one one of the top qbs in the league in the third round.

      I guess Wil any of this dealing matter if they don’t go back for he superbowl? Its one of the hardest moves in football to accomplish.

    • vrtkolman

      Lets see what happens now that they are on top. It is a lot tougher to sustain success than to build up a team. Drafting at the end of every round in particular is just crushing.

    • Rob Staton

      Why they’re the champs

  68. UKAlex6674

    Well – who had the Eagles as a realistic contender for the season just gone? I am not writing our chances off completely. We still have a good core. I like to think – and am keeping everything crossed – that whoever we decide to go with at RB will stay fully fit for the season. I think, and have stated before, the O-line will come good (not great). For me this is the absolute key to a good season. We know what Russ can do, let’s get him some help.

    With the D – before we all jump of a ledge, let’s remember Sherm was (is) one of the best (if not the) corners since his entry into the NFL. Whoever replaces him will more than likely come up short in comparison……but that does not mean he won’t be good, just not (more than likely) at Sherman’s elite level. If ET goes I will be concerned. But at the time of this post, a core on D of ET; BW; KJ; JR; SG and FC is a good start, with hopefully SR back on the line.

    • RealRhino2

      I agree with this. Although I am disappointed in the Bennett deal (we essentially traded him for nothing), I think there’s a chance. Young DL, good LBs, rising DBs. Lockett and Baldwin are still good, we never had much at TE when we were rolling anyway. Just need one RB to stay healthy and perform. And of course we need the OL and Russ to get better, but I think that’s at the core of all the high-level offensive coaching changes. I hope that will fix it.

    • Sea Mode

      You can just say “the best”!

  69. SheHawk

    While we knew the time would come to part ways with key players I can’t imagine life without Sherman. Kam bad enough if earl is traded as well the town may drop into Elliot Bay!! One theory is a big conspiracy to sell a TON more Seahawks jerseys in our family collection our youngest sadly saw Tate 81 go – she replaced with a locket #16 ..husky daughter wears Kearse -15 an vintage Moon #1 (who also parted ways with team). Hubby sports Kam #31 and Graham

  70. Kyle


    I’d love some insight into the wide receiver we traded for. It seems he has great measurable a. But I haven’t heard of the guy, or how he was in college?

  71. Mark Souza

    Good post, UKAlex6674. What’s funny to me is, how close we come to the play-offs or Super Bowl run next years isn’t totally tied to having a dominant defense like many think. The critical factor will be improving the offense. Can we run? Can we control the clock and dominate time of possession? If we can get back to that, I think the defense will perform better. You are less likely to get injured if you play fewer snaps. You are more likely to dominate if you are fresh. Those are the gifts a ball control offense can give to a defense.

    We are going to get hungrier and faster next year. There will be growing pains for the fresh faces, but we will get stronger with time. Thanks to heroes that made 2013 possible, but as in everything in life, it’s time to move on, move ahead, and welcome in a new era with new heroes.

    • Sea Mode


      Well said!

      • Greg Haugsven

        Agree completely. You look st a team like Dallas or even New Orleans last year. They dont have great defenses but the teams running game kept the defense off the field.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I didn’t see a heck of a lot of defense in the Superbowl. And it wasn’t from lack of trying. Those two offenses were lights out!!!

  72. SheHawk

    While we knew the time would come to part ways with key players I can’t imagine life without Sherman. Kam was bad enough If Earl is traded the town may drop into Elliot Bay!!

    One theory is a big conspiracy to sell a TON more Seahawks jerseys. Or youngest sadly saw Tate #81 go – she replaced with a Lockett #16 ..husky daughter wears Kearse #15 and a vintage Moon #1 (who also parted ways with team). Hubby sports Kam #31 and Graham #88 in wolf gray . I started with Sydney Rice #18 which I wore for SB48 moved on to Sherman #25 and added #88 last year. So likely good b-day presents coming for many Although I draw the line at action green as no one looks good in that color…

    on a serious not smeone posted Griffin wants to wear #25 – likely in reverence to his mentor… if Sherm goes I’m wearing #25 til it takes its rightful place on the Seahawks ring of honor…. there simply is NO replacing Richard Sherman

    • Hawktalker#1


      I would/will do the same.

  73. Rob-Not that Rob though

    Finally got to listen to the chat session, thanks for the thorough answer Rob!

  74. cha

    Mike Garafalo reports Hawks are hosting Jonathan Stewart for a visit

    Mike Garafolo
    Here’s an interesting one: Former Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart is visiting the Seahawks today, source says. Seattle is looking at all options to get that ground game going.

    • C-Dog

      Makes a ton of sense. Carroll has always been a big fan of his.

      As they churn the roster, I’m starting to wonder if they it’s street free agents they target more so as to not lose 2019 comp picks.

      • cha

        Not a bad thought C-Dog.

        I think they’ll have some kind of veteran added by draft day to hedge against losing the guy(s) they really like by not having enough picks.

      • All I see is 12s

        Is my understanding that this year the teams will know the comp picks for 2019 before the draft (please correct me if I’m wrong.) so if SR, JG,& PR generate two 3’s and a 4th or vice versa, then they could potentially trade those picks to move up in the draft.

        • cha

          My last recollection was they won’t be absolutely known because 2018 performance plays a factor in the comp formula and obviously that won’t be known until the end of the year.

          But teams could put conditional language into the trade. “Seahawks trade the lower of their 2019 4th round pick or their 2019 4th round compensatory to pick to…” so if they get a 5th round comp instead of the 4th they project, the other team gets the Hawks natural 4th round pick. That sort of thing.

          • Hawk Eye

            yes, that is how they can do it. I think it has already been done, I think NE did a deal like that

      • Mark Souza

        I’m hoping we go into 2010 mode, turning over every rock to bring in players to compete – CFL, Arena League, Flag Football, Lady’s Auxiliary, Quilting Bees…

        • cha

          They did it with Marcus Smith, Dion Jordan, Cyril Grayson, Mike Davis, etc in 2017. Need to keep it up!

        • Mike L

          I’m actually quite surprised more players don’t make the transition from the CFL to the NFL. I was really impressed with the quality of the athletes in the CFL when I watched it a bit last summer.

  75. drewdawg11

    Here is the thing about reloading/rebuilding. They have some nice, young players they are going to try and build around.

    Frank Clark
    Maybe Jordan

    They have Bobby for a while longer, maybe KJ as well. When those guys leave… who becomes he Alpha on that defense? Leadership can be quiet like Kam, loud like Sherman, or quietly intense and sometimes vocal like Earl. When they are gone, who fills that void? And also, is that alpha on this roster yet? This is a scary/fun time right now. I hope we get at least 3-4 more season of prime Bobby, but we all know that’s never a given. We need to find a few more pieces later in the draft who can exceeds expectations like their predecessors and take this defense into the next decade.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Its Dion Jordan’s time to shine. He profiles perfectly to fill the void created by the MB departure. Showed flashes of an inside rush, looked like a monster in limited play last year. The former #3 overall pick has taken a long while to get his mind and body ready to cash in on his big time talent. He’s fully healthy now, presumably training to improve, not rehabbing. He’s sober, as far as we know,and in a great spot in Seattle. I’m a big believer that Jordan will take a huge jump forward next season.

      I’d be cool with Clark and Jordan getting 70+% of the snaps. Fill in the rotation with a cheap vet(Mayowa, Attaochu, Lynch, Mcphee, Marcus Smith) and draft in day 3. Let Avril and Sheldon walk. Give Reed and Jones 60+% of the snaps. Fill in with cheap runstuffer in FA(Justin Ellis, Jenkins)Malik is a wildcard both literally and figuratively.Play the youth, see what you have to gauge how high we hit the 2019 draft that appears to be LOADED with true first round DL talent.

      • Greg Haugsven

        There is a lot riding on the 7 third rounders they have selected the last two years.

        Vannett, Prosise, Odihambo (not so much), Griffin, Jones, Hill, and Darboh.

      • FresnoBrad


  76. swisshawk

    Whats the difference?
    Lanes fingertips and Patriots late offer. Damn.

    • Sea Mode

      Agree, would have been really nice to pick up that 3 from NE. Wonder if it was
      1. Seattle wanting to honor it’s handshake deal
      2. they gave Bennett a say in choosing his destination and he preferred Philly
      3. Seattle values Marcus Johnson pretty highly

      • Kenny Sloth

        Things can be 2 things.

        I feel all three have some truth.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Except he probably BARELY preferred Philly.

          NE has a ton of respect for MB.

      • FresnoBrad

        Schneider & Carroll are not going to turn down a 3rd because of a verbal when their careers are on the line in a high profile trade. 3rd for 5th & player is a common trade in the NFL this trade allowed Philly who is over the cap a lot to get a 2.2 million ProBowl DE.

        • Rob Staton

          On the contrary, if you’ve agreed on a deal I could quite easily see them going through with it.

          As I said yesterday, this might not be the only deal they do with the Eagles.

  77. Millhouse-serbia

    We will be in a huge problem if we stay only on one pick in first two days when draft starts. Why? Because everyone will knew that we NEED to trade back. And in that scenario you dont have enough space.for negotiations.

    • cha

      I doubt it. If teams want to trade up they’re hot for a guy. It’s a game of chicken and JS plays it well.

  78. 503Hawk

    Here is an interesting 7 round mock from Fieldgulls

    R2.49: Taven Bryan, DL, Florida

    R3.66: Josh Sweat, Edge, Florida State

    R4.102: Wyatt Teller, G, Virginia Tech

    R4.107: Shaquem Griffin, LB, UCF

    R4.120: Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama

    R5.141: Will Dissly, TE, Washington

    R5.146: Levi Wallace, CB, Alabama

    R5.156: Chris Warren, RB, Texas

    R5.168: Scott Quessenberry, C, UCLA

    R7.226: Lavon Coleman, RB, Washington


    Seattle sends picks 18, 248, 250 to NY Giants for picks 34, 66, 102

    Seattle sends pick 34 to NY Jets for picks 49, 107

    • RealRhino2

      I like a lot of that, but I don’t know if we need to be looking at an interior DL early. Our best years were with Mebane and some pretty pedestrian interior guys. Well, we’ve got Reed, Nazair Jones and QJeff now. Maybe grab one more big body and I think we’re okay. Clark can be Bennett on passing downs.

      I’d take #49 and whatever mid-rounders it took to get high enough for a feature back.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Looks good to me. Not sure those first two guys will be available then and not sure about Scarborough but I would take it.

  79. Volume12

    For a 5th round pick and a bottom of the barrell WR? This league is trash.

    Derrius Guice was asked at the combine if he likes men or if his mom was a prostitute! That team shouldn’t even be allowed at the combine.

    • Volume12

      I also like the ‘let’s get younger while signing old ** FAs.’ Seems reasonable.

      • Volume12

        So are they gonna build around RW or will Pete try to get lightning to strike twice? Meaning, attempting to build a cheap, mid round, elite D?

        If its the latter when do we get that ESPN 30 for 30 doc on the ‘almost Seattle Seahawk dynasty?’

    • RealRhino2

      You know, I don’t like calling a guy out, but I really question whether those things happened. First, Guice has a not so good rep for off-the-field character. Second, if somebody asked if your mom was a pro, doesn’t that seem like it’d be the first answer out of your mouth and you’d be spitting fire if somebody asked you to name the craziest questions teams asked you? I heard Guice, and he was like, man, they ask all kinds of stuff, like, I don’t know, they ask if you like men, or, you know, has your mom ever . . . .

      Finally, I remember Jeff Ireland was BLASTED for asking that of Dez Bryant when he was at the combine. So is it really likely another guy on another team has no idea that happened and is going to repeat the mistake? My spider sense is tingling….

  80. Gohawks5151

    Man…. I hope they don’t get rid of Sherm. Praying for a contact restructure. So that’s really been hard for me to read. A lot of good memories. So much of this is tied to memories with my father who passed away in 2015. The Look on his face when Percy ran the kickoff back, the tip, Malcolm Smith’s interception… And even the following year I can still hear his disappointed groan when the Patriots picked off the ball. So many personal memories we are all having. Truly the end of an era.

    • Volume12

      Its the end of the most legendary run in Seahawks history. It had to happen, but when you trade Michael Bennett for basically Matt Tobin and Marcus Johnson, it makes you laugh out loud.

      Possibly bringing in J-Stew adds nothing new to the backfield, Cushing is washed, and if they don’t fix the O-line they’ll be in the same position.

      • Volume12

        Pete is the epitome of a 1st impression guy isn’t he?

    • Volume12

      I love Shem too, but I’d rather they got rid of him than ET. At least they got Shaq Griffin. They gonna try and replace Earl with Tedric Thompson?

    • FresnoBrad

      The only way to sign Sherman to a 2yr is to release him & offer him more guaranteed $ than other teams. If we release Sherman were negotiating from zero instead of down from 11million. We have all the leverage with Sherman & the other teams who want him due to his contract.

  81. Volume12

    If Seattle is meeting with ‘Bama CB Tony Brown as reported, that says a couple things about guys with 31.5″ arms.

    They drafted Mike Tyson last year who had the same measurements which means when Seattle measures a guy who has that arm length they’ll measure it at 32.” Secondly, quit writing off guys who don’t meet every single little threshold. There’s outliers and exceptions in every. single. draft.

    • Coleslaw

      Thank you for this.

  82. Clayton Russell

    Hey Rob, as usual, I appreciate the time and effort you put into the research and website. First off, some interesting selections for the Seahawks. TE, with the 3rd round pick. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t we draft Vannett for his blocking? It seems that there are better options than taking a TE. Many which you and others have mentioned over the last month and post combine. Which leads me to my question. I’ve followed your mocks as well as others on the board but wanted to ask are you fillng other teams needs after the first round or projecting just who would be available in a said round based upon evaluation, other sites etc? I ask because if you factor those things in there are at least 10 players that we (the board) have discussed that are better options for Seattle. Namely the OL, Edge Rushers and a few LB. If you consider Free Agents as well, the need of drafting a TE that early is even lessend. I’m not saying that the TE, is a bad selection, but rather a little early when you consider who else might be available. At that spot, I would bet the following are still available: Jeff Holland, Derrick Nandi, Malik Jefferson, a recovering Billy Price, Lorenzo Carter, and B.J. Hill. I know it will all depend on John and Pete in the end, but I just cannot see them using an aquired 3rd pick on a TE. Especially when we do know Pete loves defense and tall receivers like DJ Chark. Keep up the great work.

    • Rob Staton

      Just think Schultz will significantly help the running game, might be the BPA in that range at a position of need and Vannett has shown very little in two years so far.

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