Live Google Hangout today at 2:30pm PST

September 3rd, 2018 | Written by Rob Staton

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  1. Isaac says:

    Are you surprised the hawks by any moves after the deadline? Is there anyone out there that intrigues you?

  2. Have you watched this season of Hard Knocks? Thoughts and feelings about all of it? Especially including the coaches. What do you know/think about Darrell Daniels, Jordan Simmons and Simeon Thomas? Nobody is talking about Britt. Have you noticed anything about him so far? I was hoping some new coaching might help push him to the next level.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Can we get some picks for MVP, Comeback, Coach, POTY, and ROTY.

      Rob whose your early pick for Man of the Year? Lol

      • dj 1/2 way says:

        Dickson for ROTY. I am predicting a “Linsanity/Fernandomanie” type coverage but with staying power. He could be making a difference for the Seahawks for a decade or two.

        It is not just a few yards difference. His placement and the difficulty of catching his punts will change the game, cause turnovers, help the defense and possibly distract the fans during a season when the Seahawks may be doing more punting than they have in years.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Rodgers, Mike Zimmer, Saquon Barkley are good picks

        I said “pffff” out loud when Rob said Gareth Southgate

  3. Trevor says:

    google hangout question

    Were there any players cut and in waiver wire from the most recent draft you were supposed about? Also were there any you would like to see the Hawks pickup!


  4. GerryG says:

    Very interested on Simeon Thomas thoughts.

    He visited pre draft, seems they must really want him to sacrifice what is very thin DE depth

  5. Hawktalker#1 says:

    Google hangout question.

    Can you provide your opinion on some of the players below (PS or 53), it feels as if there are still some roster upgrade options available.

    Natrell Jamerson (Safety): upgrade candidate given our concerns at the position? Fast and productive in the historically strong Wisconsin defense

    Andrew Brown (Edge): Help with pass rush
    Isaac Asiata(G): Is he not an upgrade over some of our current PS or core roster OL? This guy seems like a beast.

    Tony Brown CB

    *Even though some responses to other suggestions are met with “doubtful, since they just signed so and so . . . “, the still shouldn’t and hasn’t stopped the FO from continuing to make roster upgrade as they determine the value of one player over another, regardless of how recently another player has been signed. I also believe PS players can sign with any team and teams also have the option to offer the PS players a higher signing bonus to lure them from other teams

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      Asiata has very limited athletic ability. He was a total bust last year but lost weight this season and turned into a semi bust.

      As a Dolphins fan I was very annoyed we brought him back to the practice squad instead of merely admitting the error and moving on

  6. Ashish says:

    google hangout question
    @Rob Are you happy with FB Tre Madden’s roster spot? He could have waived and kept any other player Madden was not going anywhere. You’re thoughts?

  7. sdcoug says:

    Darrell Daniels. Nothing more than short-term depth, and simply a case of at least getting something for a receiver you were going to cut? Or do you see enough there to think he might be a longer-term peice?

  8. Nick says:

    What’s your prediction for week one? Denver’s pass rush too much for us?

  9. Volume12 says:

    Question. Was anyone else glad Miami’s uniforms were environmentally friendly since they looked like trash last night?

    And does LSU have the 2 greatest names ever in CFB? Greedy Williams and Brosette?

  10. Volume12 says:

    Did HB Lavon Coleman get signed to the PS?

    • Rowdy says:

      He sure did. Best signing if you ask me

    • John_s says:


    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      He did.

      The 2018 Seattle Seahawks Practice Squad:

      RB Lavon Coleman
      QB Alex McGough
      OT Elijah Nkansah
      G Jordan Roos
      WR Keenan Reynolds
      WR Caleb Scott
      TE Marcus Lucas
      DT Frank Herron
      LB Antwione Williams
      CB Akeem King

      • Volume12 says:

        My man.

        No idea who the OT is. But Caleb Scott? For real?!? Seems like his spot shoulda went to a DE.

        • STTBM says:

          Scott over Malik Turner?! Obviously they hid Scott, because Turner looked really good–albeit vs backups–while Scott was invisible.

          Guess they know what they are doing. Cause I liked Turner and he’s gone…

        • FresnoHawk says:

          Vanderbilt pro day ran 4.40 and had a 37 inch vert huge improvement from High school 4.69
          Lots of clutch catches at Vanderbilt, academic honors.

        • teejmo says:

          From what I found about Nkansah, he’s basically an OT with average explosive traits (26 bench press, 28″ vert, 8.5′ broad – 2.71 TEF, which would have been 13th best at the combine) with above average agility traits (4.66 shuttle, 7.51 3-cone, which would have been 9th and 7th at the combine respectively). He was also 1st team all-MAC at Toledo, the #1 offense in the conference at over 500 ypg, so there’s that, too.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Rob mentioned today he hopes to see the bottom of the roster churn we’ve had in earlier years

  11. VMM says:

    Clarification: 2:30 Pacific Standard Time, or Pacific Daylight Time? We’re at GMT -6 on the West coast of the US, now.

  12. Sea Mode says:

    For hangout if you feel like maybe taking a couple minutes to step back:

    As we begin the new NFL and CFB season, what might you like to see improve on the blog in general as a community?

  13. Isaac says:

    I donโ€™t think the hawks were ever going to commit the draft capital or money to Mack that the raiders would have wanted? Do you think Seattle makes any trades to recoupe some later round picks?

  14. Regan says:

    How do i access the hangout?

  15. Kyle says:

    Link to the hangout?

  16. FresnoHawk says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised Jordan has a better year than Clark.

  17. FresnoHawk says:

    Now I know why #10 Caleb Scott was in the 2 minute drill 1st half of the San Diego game. Size, speed, hands, clutch receiver, and all academic honors. Boys I think we have a kid that was purposely kept off the radar!

    • Elmer says:

      Yes! I really like #10. We got our best two remaining WR’s through to the PS IMO.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Maybe I’m mixing Scott up with someone else, but last game I watched he wasn’t catching anything that was thrown his way. I preferred Reynolds and Stringfellow. Reynolds is still with the team, but where is Stringfellow?

  18. FresnoHawk says:

    Rob love the format and how you get straight to the point. I share all of your present day concerns and the future of the DLine but we’ve been here before and along came Clemens, Bennett, & Avril. With all the talent choosing to play D one would think our odds are better at picking up cheap stud FA’s especially when teams get caught up signing players to massive contracts. Although I have no clue how where gonna build the D Line long term I have faith Pete will do it like he always has done in the past.

  19. CestrianHawk says:

    Excellent broadcast Rob. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  20. Old but Slow says:

    Timely and good broadcast, Rob. It seems surprising to me that we have not taken a look at any pass rushers, even on the practice squad.

  21. FresnoHawk says:

    Most improved players: Calistro LB, Griffith CB, DE Jefferson, Pocic G, Hunt C, Moore WR, Vannett TE, and RB Carson. Watched Hunt play C,G, & RT against 3rd string and he looked better than Ifeldi, it was awesome! Thorpe is suppose to be much better this year too. That is a lot of players who got much better & we added almost all our draft picks who all looked good with the 1st round pick yet to be graded. Minus the 7th round QB. I think we get an A+ for training camp even though we dumped several guys. The real test comes when the season starts that’s when we can determine how much improvement is needed ahead. However we already know RB position & SAM position is significantly better than last year.

  22. Pedestrian says:

    Agreed with just about all your points there, rob. Expectations for this season are low just because there are so many question marks and a lack of depth across the roster. Iโ€™ll be looking for new figures to emerge as leaders and potential 2019 breakout candidates.

  23. Kenny Sloth says:

    Yessss i *strongly dislike* fsu and hc taggert

  24. red says:

    Lockett contract numbers vs cap.

    2018 $4,446,688

    2019 $6,657,000

    2020 $10,250,000

    2021 $11,500,000

    2.2 mil dead money on year 2021 . I like the structure of this deal open thins up for 2019 when Wilson will most likely obtain new contract. If seattle wants to do Clark Coleman Wilson KJ they could do all this for 2019 and still be maybe 25-33 mil under cap depending what they want to do with KJ.

  25. FresnoHawk says:

    Beating Denver would be huge in my opinion. Altitude, Secondary will get tested, big battle for OL and whatever else Denver throws at us. Also it gets an old monkey off our back, pre PC era we never ever beat Denver.

  26. Al Ussher says:

    Thanks Rob, I really enjoy these. An hour seems like a decent length although, to be honest, I’m always happy for any content you can provide. Keep up the great work and good luck on the Humberside.

  27. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    This is pretty cool

    It's worth noting heading into Seattle's week 1 matchup at Denver that Mike Solari's Giants beat the Broncos 23-10 in Denver last season. Orleans Darkwa rushed for 117 yards on 21 carries. Their signature running play? A picture perfect trap block by D.J. Fluker.— Parker Lewis (@ParkerLewisJR) September 3, 2018

  28. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    I think I like the hangout better than 3000 ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    • Corey says:

      I agree. I have a hard time listening to Kenneth. He’s a good writer, but hard to swallow as a speaker.

  29. Trevor says:

    Absolutely love the Google Hangouts Rob! One of my favourite content things you do. 30-60 minutes is perfect.

  30. What I want to change about this blog is a slight change in emphasis away from the draft. I love following the draft, but I am a fan of the Hawks in its entirety. I know you already write on games and the team as it unfolds throughout the season, but the name and general discussions continues to keep the draft front and center.

    Jeez… got a job with the BBC. Congratulations.

  31. Ashish says:

    @Rob Google hangout is the best agree with “CHawk Talker Eric” better than 3000. I can hear you for 2 hours never a problem, everything is to the point.
    1) Technical issue with blog – I do face same issue, comments takes for ever to show up. I’m working with Web technologies for (>18) years now, if you need any help it will my privileged to contribute this amazing blog. Any thing troubleshooting the issue, moving to new platform etc.
    2) Regarding SeaMod question about blog community: Rob, If you planning to come for Seattle home game this year we can arrange a tail gate party or meet up for drinks for this community members. It will great to meet you and blog community members.

    On Seahawks 2018 season, i feel like this will be year we will find new players to watch next 5-7 years most likely in offence. Next year we will get some more players on defense based on draft strength. How are we going to get draft capital, i don’t know JS will find a way, and PC will find a way to be good (not great) this year.

    No hopes for current year, so just relax and enjoy the game,

  32. Georgia Hawk says:

    Did anybody see the Bama LT, Williams I think, completely stone two rushers….one with each hand?
    I’ve seen him rated somewhere in mid round 1, but that was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen.

    • Volume12 says:

      I like him quite a bit. A lot actually. Prefer him to Udub’s Trey Adams. Matter of fact, I’m not convinced that Adams is even the best O-lineman on his own team.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        I’m glad someone finally said it. To my eye, Adams is overrated.

      • teejmo says:

        Well, with a back injury that might take months to heal, there’s a pretty solid chance Adams won’t be going in the first round, if not the first four.

  33. JimQ says:

    I really like the hangouts, it’s so much better than the rambling 200 word/6 question rants followed by, “what do you think Rob?” The +/- 1 hour time frame is great. The content was timely and I’m sure your opinions are highly valued by all on his blog. Will we have a weekly google hangout, before or after games? Seahawks info/college players to watch for the draft with questions answered from the group is an excellent 1-2-3 format.

    I agree the defense will be one of the keys to any success that the Seahawks have this year, the major concern IMO are when the B/U’s have to play on an already thin roster, if and when injuries to starters happen. They will have to stay as uninjured as possible or the outlook is questionable. Hopefully, with RW & the new running game, the Seahawks can score in the 1-st 3 quarters and keep games CLOSE for the 4-th quarter comeback wins that seem to have become RW’s forte. If the offense can score a few more points to make up the difference in points that the defense will give up, then this may be a better than expected year. No major injuries to the top players, for a change, would sure help a lot in that regard. If things go well, I would guess 10-12 wins, if not, then that would probably result in something like 8-9 wins at best. The 4-5 win “expert” predictions are obviously stupid with RW still on the team.

  34. Hawk Eye says:

    feels like an 8-8 season.
    really hoping it will be better, but it looks like there are a lot of “ifs” on the defense. Not sure where the pass rush comes from and the secondary does not fill me with confidence.
    the offence should be better, but we have to see if it will be top 5 in order to make up for the worst Hawks D we have seen for some time.
    now lets see what Pete can do and get this defense to a level we are not expecting

    liked the hangout, felt like 15 minutes, went by quick

  35. AlaskaHawk says:

    Just listened to your Earl Thomas talk, yes it’s a bad situation. Perhaps it’s time for Seahawks GM to play hardball on the situation. If Earl doesn’t show up soon = don’t accept him on the team when he does. And then get your lawyers ready for a long fight. Accept that he won’t be around this year, but you will make a statement about holdouts. The money has been spent already anyway = try to claw some back.

  36. John_s says:

    Amara Darboh waived by the Pats and is having surgery.

    I was never a fan of this pick, but Iโ€™m surprised that Seattle didnโ€™t put him on IR since they invested a 3rd rounder for him.

  37. GerryG says:

    Hangout was great, as have been previous ones.

    I would not get caught up in what the right length is; the number of questions, and relevant developments from the week (college games, and hawk games/personnel decisions) will dictate if it needs to be 25 minutes or 55 minutes.

    This ran 55 minutes easy because we had an entire roster and week1 CFB to digest.

  38. FresnoHawk says:

    Thank you Paul Allen! Best owner in the NFL! Seahaaaaaaaaaawks!

  39. McZ says:

    To add a new perspective on this rookie class, PFF All-Preseason Rookie Team’s out… aaaand….

    Alex McGough best QB
    Rasheem Greene second best DE

  40. Nickhawk says:

    The Earl Thomas situation is interesting. From what I read he will be fined 500,000 every game he does not show up for. 500,000 x 18 games totals 9 million for the 2018 season. According to his base salary is 8,500,000 and 1,900,000 signing. Assuming he was fined for each day missed at trading camp and preseason games. His entire 2018 salary is completely wiped out, I could be wrong – not sure how NFL contracts work. But this man absolutely has no leverage at all.

    • Hawk Eye says:

      it is not a fine, he just does not get paid for games he refuses to play in. The $500 K is just someone rounding off the actual number. There have been significant fines for missing camp and they can get back part of his signing bonus. And they will collect, they did with Kam, apparently every penny.
      He has to show up by game 7 I think, or he loses the right to be a free agent next year.
      so I predict he either shows up or gets traded by game 3 or 4 this year.
      I would not say he has no leverage, but he does not have a lot, especially compared to Donald and Mack.
      He is putting stress on JS to get something done, as he is an asset that is not being used. Really depends on whether or not they can compete this year. If they see it as a “competitive reboot” year, they wait for the right trade to come along. If they look good and think they can make the playoffs, they keep him and let him leave next year.
      but at least it will keep twitter chirping for the next month or so….

  41. DC says:

    The hangout is great. Iโ€™ve said it before and itโ€™s worth repeating that you are clearly a sports journalism professional. Being a pro communicator, passionate Seahawks fan with a dose of humility mixed in to your views make this place what it is. Iโ€™m aware of so many more players entering the league because of the contributions of folks here. Itโ€™s like having access to a mini Seahawks scouting department. The Q & A is a keeper.

  42. GoHawksDani says:

    Hey Rob, didn’t know you’re an Englishman ๐Ÿ™‚ Will you go to the Raiders game?

    Love this blog. Usually, read a couple of other news sources/blogs too, but just because need more input, but couldn’t find any that is such as insightful as yours (even if I don’t always agree with you ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    Not a WP expert, but working in the business, so if you write down the issues I could ask colleagues about it. I read that comments don’t show up immediately. That might be a setting to apply some delay, but if it only came up recently without any change by your side I guess that’s probably database issue on your hosting provider or the server cannot process the amount of data already in the DB plus the requests coming in.
    You could try to talk to someone who knows your site’s backend or can look into your hosting provider and DB, server setup to check how’s the health of this stuff. You could also try to implement lazy loading of the comments (only load x when a page is loaded in the first time, then the user can load more comments by either scrolling down or click on some comment pagination numeric links), or if this is the native, built-in WP commenting surface, you could try some third-party plugin for the commenting section. Usually, I’m against using many 3rd party tool in CMS, but you could use one or to from trusted sources (that is regularly updated).
    (DB = database, WP = WordPress, CMS = Content Management System like WP and Joomla for example)

    • cha says:

      He himself has said it
      And it’s greatly to his credit
      That he is an Englishman


  43. Logan Lynch says:

    Like others, I really enjoyed the Hangout format. No lollygagging around, just straight to the point Seahawks and draft coverage. One particular thing I really enjoyed, Rob, was the fact that you talked about players that were cut that you had really liked (Andrew Brown, Natrell Jamerson, etc.)…not avoiding them entirely. It seems like too many people are quick to talk about how they were right with a player evaluation and gloss over some players that they may have missed on for one reason or another. Jim Nagy (former SEA scout and now head of the Senior Bowl) did a similar thing recently on Twitter where he listed 4 players he didn’t see making a 53 man roster and congratulated them. Self scouting is an important part of this process too.

    Second thing I want to talk about is how much I like David Moore. I honestly think he has the greatest potential of any WR currently on the roster if he can put it all together. Who does he remind you guys of? His measurables are relatively close to DJ Moore out of Maryland. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but when I watch Moore for some reason I get a vision of Andre Johnson. Not saying he’ll end up being that good, but he has that combination of physicality to go up and get the ball and also the speed to take the top off the defense.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Big Moore fan as well. The (lazy) comparison i made last year during the preseason was Golden Tate, purely on his ability to fight for the ball in the air and his toughness going over the middle. Remember they cut Dwight Freeny to keep him on the 53 last year after there was word he could get signed off the PS by another team. He has come out this year and looked so explosive ans polished compared to last year. He could be a Andre Johnson but i think he is a little more explosive. Maybe a diet version of T.O. ( in the best way possible of course).

  44. Georgia Hawk says:

    Aside from the really obvious “how does the OLine hold up” or “where does a pass rush come from,” the one big question I am most curious to see answered is “How does Shaquem G. hold up in place of KJ for the week?”

    I think how he plays could dictate a lot of how this game goes. If he can hold his own against the run I think we have a more than decent chance. If he struggles….

  45. Logan Lynch says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere, but Rob Rang and Scot McCloughan have a new draft podcast called Instinctive Scouting Podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet, but we’ve talked about Scot’s reputation as a talent evaluator before, so it may be a good listen.

  46. cha says:

    ET reporting to the Seahawks today, per Josina A & Schefter.

  47. Hawk Eye says:

    Earl is showing up for game 1

    I guess losing about $500K per missed game makes a difference

  48. John_s says:

    Earl is going to report to the Seahawks per his Instagram

    Sounds like from the ESPN article Dallas increased their offer to a 2nd rd pick and Seattle wants more.

    I hope that the Seattle FO is not clouding their judgement and not make a sound football decision. If Dallas is offering a 2nd for a disgruntled Earl Thomas who will not sign after the year, I am all over that. I don’t care that Earl gets his way and goes to the team he really wants to go or that Dallas has screwed Seattle in the past in the draft.

  49. H says:

    Wow, Seattle rejected a 2nd round pick from the Cowboys and now he’s planning to report today!

    Im absolutely shocked by all of this, that the Cowboys offered up that pick, that Seattle turned it down and that ET is coming back before the deadline.

  50. Georgia Hawk says: