CFB week one notes: Brown impresses for Auburn

Washington vs Auburn

This was a competitive albeit strange game. Auburn were physical, fast and tough to start. For a time it looked like they might smother Washington, the SEC again flexing its muscles against an overmatched PAC-12 opponent. To their credit Washington weathered the storm and developed into the superior team. Auburn had no answer to the deep ball and Jarrett Stidham looked flustered and average.

Even so, the Huskies couldn’t get out of their own way. They had two redzone possessions and collected zero points. They scraped ahead when really they had every opportunity to run away with the game. It cost them. This was a big opportunity missed to get a very achievable statement win.

Trey Adams (T, Washington) didn’t play due to a back problem. That’ll need to be monitored going forward. Adams had a serious knee injury a year ago and he’ll need to prove he can get back. He has legit first round potential but needs to stay healthy. The news after the game from Chris Peterson was concerning.

Greg Gaines (DT, Washington) was typically busy and physical, hammering Stidham on one play after chasing him to the sideline. Gaines will get a chance at the next level. He likely won’t go as early as Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn) however. Brown was immense here, clogging running lanes up the middle, absorbing double teams, running to the sideline and playing with power and quickness. He looks a bit bigger this year compared to 2017. Brown has a chance to be a first round pick in 2019.

Other notes

— Nick Bosa (DE, Ohio State) could be the #1 overall pick next year and he had a great start to the season. In a big win against Oregon State he had two sacks and scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery. I’ve watched the game and he was virtually unstoppable. Dre’Mont Jones (DT, Ohio State) — a favourite of some (not me based on his 2017 tape) — also started strongly with two sacks. That’s twice as many as he had last season already. On one of them he just overwhelmed the center to barge his way into the backfield. On the Bosa TD he showed great quickness to force the pressure leading to the fumble. He looked very good here and justified some of the first round talk. Jones was a bit too aggressive at times though. On one snap he conceded way too much space inside trying to rush the B gap, allowing an enormous running lane for the RB. A 42-7 scoreline at the time possibly played a part here but gap discipline is something to watch with Jones. He looked terrific as a rusher.

— Also from the Ohio State/Oregon State game — running back Artavis Pierce is one to watch this year. His combination of breakaway speed, agility and lower body strength was highly impressive. He finished with 168 yards on 11 carries and two scores.

— Ed Oliver (DT, Houston) is another contender for the top-five picks in 2019. He didn’t get a sack in a 45-27 win against Rice but he did record 3.5 TFL’s and 13 (!!!) tackles.

— Clemson’s all-star D-line also had a productive start. Clelin Ferrell and Christian Wilkins both had sacks against Furman while Dexter Lawrence shared a TFL. Tougher challenges are ahead for Clemson’s top-notch defense.

— I watched Michigan vs Notre Dame on replay specifically to focus on Rashan Gary (DE, Michigan). The former #1 overall recruit has been highly touted as a future top-10 pick but so far he’s had a fairly underwhelming college career. He looks the part for sure — he’s big, physical and explosive. However, he doesn’t make enough plays. In this game he was solid defending the edge, controlled blockers in the run game and was able to provide a level of consistent stoutness despite the high number of snaps he played. Yet as a pass rusher he was a non-factor. He had two decent rushes at the start of the second half but the Notre Dame tackles sealed off the edge and he barely troubled the QB. Even on stunts he struggled to create pressure. Gary is a fine physical talent but I’m not sure he has the quickness, variation or bull rush to compensate for a lack of great get-off/speed as an EDGE rusher. He looks solid but not a game-wrecker.

— Receivers Deebo Samuel (South Carolina) and A.J. Brown (Ole Miss) scored touchdowns in week one. Samuel had a score and 56 yards against Coastal Carolina while Brown had a 7/93/1 stat-line against Texas Tech. Samuel’s TD (see below) was particularly impressive.

— Alabama defensive lineman Isaiah Buggs might be the rest run defending end in college football. His size and power is ideally suited to early downs at the next level. Does he have the pass rush ability to be a high pick? He had a sack against Louisville. His agility and quickness testing could be crucial because there’s no doubting his physical quality.

— I’d urge everyone to watch Miami vs LSU on Sunday. There are several possible high picks involved including the brilliant Devin White (LB, LSU) plus Joe Jackson (DE, Miami) and Jaquan Johnson (S, Miami).

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  1. Volume12

    Mizzou WR Emmanuel Hall ain’t a top 50 guy or anything, and he drops some easy balls, but that kid has some juice! A little bit taller and bigger than he was coming out, but not unlike PRich.

    You able to get any of this Michigan/ND game at all Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Sadly not. We only get the ESPN/CBS games.

      • Volume12

        Well, it’s turned into a thumping. Miami/LSU should be great. VA-Tech/Florida St on Monday should be a good one too.

        So, do you get the ABC night games since they’re an ESPN affiliate?

        • Rob Staton

          Yep we get those

        • Isaac

          My in laws are from Tallahassee and now live in Virginia Beach. They drove down to watch the seminoles game with friends of theirs.

      • Volume12

        ‘Bama S Deionte Thompson is a playmaker. His range and kayaking ability is ridiculous. What a show he’s putting on. Not sold on Seattle being in the market for a S super early unless they lose Earl and Thompson/Luani bomb, but this dude would be hard to not pull the trigger on. Grown a** man.

    • Volume12

      Michigan LB Devin Bush (5’11, 220 lbs.) You hear it a lot, but he truly possesses sideline to sideline to speed. He’s a head hunter man. Seems like he’s more suited for that hybrid S/LB role at the next level.

      Alpha male.

  2. Ben Ft. Worth

    I’ll be at the game in the endzone 9 rows from the field!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!

    • Saxon

      Go Canes!!

  3. Coleslaw

    Ya know I actually like the roster cuts this year. None of them are likely to get picked up on waivers, maybe Darboh but he hasn’t played much at all, teams would just grab him cause he was a 3rd round pick.

    Other than that I think they all have a shot to make the practice squad. Hawks obviously willing to gamble to get as much young potential under club control. This roster definitely has the looks of playing the long game. And they should be, you can build this roster back up but without depth you’re not that good, love this approach and can’t wait to see this group improve this year.

  4. Coleslaw

    Also we now hold picks in the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds in this draft. 4 picks.

  5. Pedestrian

    Seahawks acquire shalom Luann from raiders for a 7th. Seems like a great pickup, I’ve always thought he would’ve been a good fit for Seahawks when he came out of college. Fills void for injured McDougald or Thompson if he isn’t ready to go. Either way good depth move.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    53 man roster is pretty much what I had week one haha and I missed the last three games.

    Biggest surprise has to be Austin Calitro, right? As far as pre camp buzz, everyone else was pretty well covered and hyped.

    I had seen a lot of projections with only 4 RB. Thought that was a little benighted.

    Glad we traded Marcus Johnson. Too good to cut. And Shalom Luani is a blog favorite for more than just being a WSU alum.

    • Pedestrian

      Raiders Twitter mostly unhappy about losing Luani or at least believe he was a promising player

  7. icb12

    I was really hoping to keep Keenan Reynolds over Thorpe or

    Ah well.

    • Pedestrian

      +1. Honestly think Hill may still get cut, and possibly why they brought in competition. Injuries are also a concern at the position so depth is needed – earl not likely coming back anytime soon, so I can see their justification for keeping Hill & adding Luani.

      • Miles

        What they may do is try to sign M. Alexander after week 1 to avoid guaranteeing his salary (if he isn’t scooped up before then). Then they could cut Hill and try to slide him to the practice squad. That may work because teams already have their whole rosters set.

        I also think Seahawks are short a tackle and I see Breno Giacomini is back out there.

  8. coach

    What are your thoughts on Dan Bailey at K? Personally, I think he would be an upgrade for us. Cut Seabass and sign Bailey and win close games again like we used to!

    Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      I’d seriously consider signing Bailey. One bad year and for me, worth investing in.

      • CHawk Talker Eric


  9. Awsi Dooger

    Felt sick for the Huskies. What a waste. I never understand why wide receivers on the intentional pick plays remain square and execute an actual block. All they have to do is simulate a block and turn their head back toward the quarterback. The refs will never call that and it accomplishes the exact same thing.

    Regarding the Canes tomorrow, Ahmmon Richards is probably the second highest potential draft pick on Miami’s roster, if he remains healthy and decides to turn pro early. Ridiculously smooth and instinctive but last year not only was he injured almost all season but he didn’t seem to be in sync with erratic quarterback Malik Rosier. During his true freshman season with Brad Kaaya at quarterback, Richards was awesome and looked like another Reggie Wayne. Nick Saban tried to steal Richards away from Miami in the final weeks of recruiting and was sick that he missed out.

    At linebacker, Shaq Quarterman has lost weight attempting to raise his production closer to his freshman level, and also to improve stamina. He is highly rated and may turn pro early. The other linebacker Pinckney is a decent pro prospect also. The third guy McCloud is often linked to the other two since they all came in all true freshman starters together, but he is a cut below the other two and I don’t view him as much of a prospect.

    Wild card for the Canes is defensive lineman Gerald Willis. 5 star recruit who started out with Florida before transferring after off the field issues. Those off field issues continued with Miami. He missed all of last season due to problems and wasn’t necessarily going to be a starter in 2018 until defensive tackles RJ McIntosh and Kendrick Norton declared early, for no apparent reason. Norton was cut by the Panthers today.

    Willis has supposedly taken advantage of the opportunity and has been dominant in spring and fall. But we’ll see. He has been touted several times previously as a collegian but failed to deliver. Wiry frame and more of an upfield type than run stuffer. Can play either end or tackle.

  10. C-Dog

    Loved watching Derrick Brown play today.

    A few thoughts on the 53.

    It’s interesting that the team traded for Luani and Darrell Daniels in that they are both youngsters with upside under club control. I think this is pretty clear further sign that they want to build it with youth over experience. Lani makes a ton of sense, but I’ve always liked Daniels coming out of Washington.

    Love that they kept Poona. Interesting that they have 6 DTs and 4 ends. Looks like they want to get back to being a run stopping team with bigger 5-techs. Will be interesting to see if they make a move on an edge rusher via trade at some point around the corner, or bring in another vet.

    6 running backs kept and 5 WRs. If that doesn’t spell a recommitment to the run, I don’t know what else does.

    While I don’t have huge expectations on the season, I can genuinely excited to see what comes out of this youth movement. I still feel that this team could end up a lot better than a lot of folks think.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve got a piece on the roster coming up today or tomorrow. I think the offense is really set. The defense, to me, is extremely underwhelming and a concern. And if they want to contend from 2019 onwards they’re going to need to draft their hearts out to make that unit great again. The pass rush and cornerback positions are a cause for a concern — there are question marks at safety too.

      • Sea Mode

        Well, they definitely got a decent start at the reload; someone on FG pointed out that all draftees made the roster (assuming McGough makes PS):

        1. Rashaad Penny – (Final 53)
        3. Rasheem Green – (Final 53)
        4. Will Dissly – (Final 53)
        5. Shaquem Griffin – (Final 53)
        5. Tre Flowers – (Final 53)
        5. Michael Dickson – (Final 53)
        5. Jamarco Jones – (Injured Reserve)
        6. Jacob Martin – (Final 53)
        7. Alex McGoo – (Hopefully Practice Squad)

        Poona Ford – (Final 53)

        This will also be interesting to study once Spotrac gets it all updated:

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a decent start. I think the success of this group has been overstated by the local media though. Given the state of the current roster I’d be very worried if most of the rookie class hadn’t made the roster. And for the defense to be really good again they’re going to need solutions in the secondary and the pass rush. At the moment, there are major question marks in both areas.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            Was a bit surprised we kept 10 DL(12 if you count Mingo and Martin). Jackson and Jefferson play the same DE/DT role. 5 pure DTs seems like 1 spot there is flexible, maybe we try to sneak Poona onto the PS. Some interesting names on the waiver wire at DL:

            Bronson Kaufusi, Daeshon Hall(PS eligible), Nate Orchard, Andrew Brown(PS) Mario Edwards(Norton connection could help/hurt, plus he’s had a very hard time staying healthy)

            Like the Luani trade, especially with the Norton connection. The lack of depth at nickel corner is glaring. Love Coleman, but who is his back up? Luani?
            Tony Brown would be a great pick up. Thought he played really well against Seattle. Fantastic athlete who can deliver a lick.

            • Elmer

              Jackson is gone.

          • Hughz

            Couldn’t agree more Rob. The run defense is my biggest concern after watching the preseason. Also out 2nd CB opposite of Griffin will be picked on all season.

            • Rob Staton

              I think the run defense should be fine. My big concern is the pass rush and secondary.

              • Hughz

                On paper our run defense should be fine. That chargers game is what concerned me. They ran on us at will in the first half.

              • McZ

                Seahawks have just claimed Simeon Thomas off waivers. Another project.

  11. Sea Mode

    Natrell Jamerson was waived by the Saints…

    • clbradley17

      Jamerson has 4.4 speed and played great for Wisconsin last year. Saw an article at Field Gulls about prospects for the practice squad:

    • Coleslaw

      What! I would’ve traded a 7th for him over Luani

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Could be splitting hairs, but I think SEA need help at S more than CB.

        • Rob Staton

          IMO Tedric and McDougald are less of a potential liability than whoever plays across from Griffin.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Like I said, splitting hairs. We agree both positions need improvement. The main reason I think S is the greater one is because I think SEA already have their RCB of the future in Trey Flowers.

        • Coleslaw

          They’re both safeties

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      NOS have a strong roster, even after cutting some good players. And even though it was a preseason game, they steamrolled LAR.

      I’m not opposed to claiming Jamerson, but who do SEA cut to make room for him?

      • Hawktalker#1

        If I’m in the Hawks FO, I find a way to get Natrell Jamerson on the team on one capacity or another.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Probably unlikely now that SEA claimed Simeon Thomas CB/S from Louisiana-Lafayette (drafted this year by CLE in R6). He’s 6’3″ 190lbs with 35″ arms

          • Elmer

            Another project. In the mold of what the Hawks like at CB though. Like Flowers, could pay off in the future.

            Interesting that they added two projects when depth doesn’t look strong. Shows focus on the future.

            We may have seen the last of Maxwell. Don’t know whether he is eligible to return from IR this year.

  12. McZ

    Watched that Alabama game… the poor pal inheriting from Lamar Jackson was sitting on his arse most of the time. It was a demonstration of defensive play.

    The only TD for Louisville came from consecutive penalties. What I like about Saban is, that he doesn’t discuss those penalties with an official, he takes on the player and gives him his due.

  13. Volume12

    Gary has no bend. He’s stiff. Great talent, but not a top 10 pick.

    I’m noticing with Michigan the same problems Harbaugh had in SF. He wants to win with his specific way/brand so bad that it leaves his team’s unprepared when they get nervous or stressed.

    • Rob Staton

      Watching Nick Bosa after Rashan Gary is not good for Gary. One is unstoppable. The other just provides nothing off the edge.

      • Volume12

        Agreed. Bosa is just on another level. Hands down the most talented dude in the country. Special.

      • Hawktalker#1


        I know Mack is a proven performer in the NFL and Nick Bosa is not yet, but let’s assume for a minute that the Hawks FO was considering a huge pick trade for Mack in addition to giving him a huge salary with the understanding a high performing pass rusher is one of the final pieces the Hawks need to get to the next level and just couldn’t get it done, then . . . how aggressive (as the FO) would you be in trying to trade up enough to get “the unstoppable” Nick Bosa to fill that role knowing we still need a lot of help there?

        Thanks & Go Hawks

        • Rob Staton

          It’s tough to say because we’ve seen Mack dominate. If you’re going big in a trade I’d rather get proven quality. Bosa is very good but the last thing you want to do is spend the farm on a rookie IMO unless it’s a QB.

        • Pedestrian

          Also depends on where Seahawks native #1 ends up. Hard to imagine that’ll be in range to get Bosa (1st-3rd pick). If it does happen, it’ll be cause something went horribly wrong this season – probably having to do with Wilson. Let’s hope for a healthy season and unearthing some gems in 2019 draft to build out the new team/era.

          Also would have to wonder what PCJS would do with such a high pick they haven’t had since drafting earl Thomas. Probably trading down since we don’t have a 2nd and multiple position needs. Passing on Bosa (or any top five prospect) would be painful though for sure.

  14. STTBM

    Odhiambo waived. Darboh claimed by Patsies. Lame. I think Seattle wanted to keep him on the PS. Two wasted third round picks…

    Still wish them both well.

    • McZ

      Plus Chad Hansen, another WR prospect, who seems to be the prototype Pats project.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think they have to try for better backups on the offensive line. I only count 7 starters there, with Fant and Hunt being #6 and 7. Sweezy is a maybe, lets see how he comes along. We can find issues with all three of those players, but maybe with coaching they will improve this year.

      I actually think the defensive line is in better shape than offense just because they have a lot of interchangeable players.

      I am concerned that wide receivers Stringfellow or Reynolds didn’t make the starting squad. I liked their potential more than Darboh’s, So i’m hopeful they will stick around.

    • AlaskaHawk

      With Odhiambo gone, the Seahawks have seemingly found his replacement, by claiming guard Jordan Simmons off the waiver wire. Simmons is listed at 6’3” and 339 lbs, entering his second-year in the NFL out of USC. He spent last year on the Oakland Raiders practice squad.

      Now there is an interesting choice, and backs up my thoughts that they will look for more offensive line.

      • McZ

        Plus, Elijah Nkansah signed to PS, awaiting medcheck.

        What is absolutely mindboggling, the Eagles are the absolute boss of drafting OL. Eagles fans are already betting on the day, when Jordan Mailata takes over one of the T spots.

        Braden Smith, Austin Corbett, Tyrell Crosby, Joe Noteboom… all names discussed here for day two, who are firmly entrenched in their teams, having more than solid preseasons. You will hear nothing from Will Hernandez, he is just there, starting for the Giants. Same goes for Billy Price and Feank Ragnow… Price, not a single pressure! I think, 2018 will turn out as one heck of a OL class, and this absolutely includes JJ.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Agreed. Can only keep a non-performer (regardless of the talent level) on the team and consuming a roster spot so long. Need to keep moving forward and not get too hung up hanging onto draft picks just because they they were higher picks. Wish them well and wouldn’t be surprised if Darboh does well with the Pats. IF he doesn’t perform, he won’t be there long as they have less tolerance for non-performers on the roster than we do.

  15. Hawktalker#1

    Reposting, I’d like some feedback guys:

    Does anyone know if the money that the community raised for the purpose of replacing Rob’s laptop ever got to him? If not, and he has already fixed that, which I believe he has, perhaps we can direct that money to him still and use it to upgrade the website and reduce the posting delays. For me personally, the delays seem to be very long. If nothing else, as a community, we should have some accountability and integrity when we say we are collecting funds for Rob or a community purpose.


    • Bigmarinerfan

      After the draft it was posted that the funds were sent to Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      I can provide an update here.

      1. I received the money and was able to repair the laptop. Thank you to the community for that and especially the gentleman who organised it. It’s much appreciated.

      2. This week I contacted a local wordpress designer about redesigning and upgrading the site. The quote I received was way, way, way out of price range. I will see if I can find a cheaper alternative. But I am trying to fix this situation.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Thanks for the replies. I read the blog very throughly, but didn’t see that the funds had been sent. That is outstanding.

        Like many, I also work in the tech industry and work with many front-end HTML guys, several of them know WordPress well. If I have a developer that can be of assistance, I’ll let you know.


        • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      I have no idea about the money, but Rob has already said he neither experiences the delays nor does he know of anything to be done on his end to fix them.

      If anyone in the community has found a solution, PLEASE let us know because it is hard to actively participate in a conversation with the posting delay.

  16. Volume12

    Oh man. Clemson CB Trayvon Mullen is so intriguing. 6’1-6’2, 195 lbs. I love Texas corner Kris Boyd, but this dude is real close. Probably the more athletic of the 2.

    Looong, press corner with ideal physicaliy. Classic zone scheme guy. Pretty good run defender, sees the field well, love his ability/technique to stay in his receivers hip pocket as he trails. His transitions can be a little clunky, but there’s a lot to like about this dude. 👀

    • Sea Mode

      Staying on the topic of secondary, I have a SS in my notes from last year:

      SS JORDAN FULLER, Ohio St.
      6-2, 207
      Great effort, 4 star athlete, aggressive. Ran to make the tackles Jerome Baker would not.

      • Pedestrian

        Maybe lag on the server? How far back do articles go on this site, + all the comments. Might need to delete some of the older posts

      • Volume12

        I’ll have to check him out. He was out with a bad hammy yesterday. Thanks for the heads up

        Safety wise for me at the moment it’d be:

        1. Jaquan Johnson, Miami
        2. Dionte Thompson, ‘Bama
        3. Lukas Dennis, BC


        1. Greedy Williams, LSU (greatest name for a CB ever)
        2. Kris Boyd, Texas
        3. Trayvon Mullen, Clemson (has some ‘Maxi’ to his game)

        * There’s a dude from Houston, Isaiah Johnson (6’3-6’4 203 lbs.) , who I want to dig into. Former WR with last year being his 1st at the corner position (45 tackles, 7 PBU, 2 INTs)

        The thing I like about the DB position is no matter how strong or weak a class is, guys pop up all the time. Every single year.

        • McZ

          Williams had heckuva game against Miami, while Johnson was not able to adapt to LSUs passing game. TBH, Burrow IMO is also a much better QB than Rosier.

  17. hawktalker#1

    Based on recent waivers, what are some of the individuals you think the Hawks should consider adding (to the PS or roster):

    SAFETY: Natrell Jamerson: Fast, good instincts, good tackler, part of the strong Wisconsin Defense.

    EDGE: Joe Ostman: Great instincts, quick coming around the outside, good hand technique and effectiveness.

    CB: ???
    Given we have some concern at CB, any suggestions for this spot?
    (I thought King was progressing well, but may not have been able to get to the level we need soon enough)

    • Hawktalker#1

      Seems these would be premium targets:

      DT Andrew Brown (CIN)
      G Isaac Asiata (MIA)

  18. Kenny Sloth

    One of my favorites, DB Simeon Thomas was claimed by the seahawks along with Inglewood G Jordan Simmons.

    • Sea Mode

      Just remembering insane pro-day numbers:

      Aaron Wilson

      Cleveland Browns visit today: Louisiana-Lafayette CB Simeon Thomas (6-3 4/8, 190, 35-inch arms, 11-3 broad jump, 39-inch vertical, 4.47 40-yard dash time), has previously visited Seattle Seahawks

      6:51 AM – 13 Apr 2018

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Thomas is 6’3″ 190lbs with 35″ arms!

  19. Sea Mode

    Just rummaging through the cuts list to see if any names jumped out at me of players we (I) liked during the draft process.

    DE Daeshon Hall (CAR)
    DT Andrew Brown (CIN)
    CB Tony Brown (LAC)
    G Isaac Asiata (MIA)
    TE Bucky Hodges (PIT)

    • Trevor

      Did those guys really get cut?

      Hall, Brown and Assiata were all guys I really liked a lot.

    • Pedestrian

      Curious about Asiata.. he was a blog favorite

    • Kenny Sloth

      Tony Brown !!!

  20. HawkFan907

    Khalil Tate was supposed to go off against a mediocre BYU team, but three defenders held him in check. 1. Khyiris Tonga – DT. 6’4” 340lb sophomore who abused the interior of the Arizona O Line reminiscent of the way Vea did for UW. He is all raw power. 2. Sione Takitaki – 6’3” 240lb LEO. He was everywhere and played spy on Tate. 3. Corbin Kaufusi – 6’9” 275lb DE was consistently in the backfield and corralled Tate on several occasions. All three fit needs for the Hawks in 2019.

  21. OC Hawk

    Are Texas Tech’s DBs that small or is A.J. Brown that big? He looks like a man among children in that video! Call me intrigued. Where is his (early) projection?

  22. McZ

    Watched three quarters of Miami @ LSU, switched off, when LSU began rotating their second string early 4th.

    Cannot see all the hype about Miami. They are a team dependent on producing turnovers, LSU answered with a balanced offense, including great ground attack. Took around a quarter for them to get used to Jacksons and Garvins pocket collapsing rushes, but once this was settled, they collected points. Nick Brossette had a good start, and I learned that Leonard has a smaller brother.

    Devin White was ridiculous. He was all over the front, and his motor is driving this great LSU defense.

    Both Greedy Williams shut his corner, Jaquan Jackson was regularly mismatched by intermediate plays. If LSUs passing game wouldn’t have been a drop fest, this thing would’ve turned out even worse.

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