LIVE mock draft — 3:30pm PST

Today I will be hosting a live mock draft stream at 3:30pm PST. This will include trades, thoughts on each pick/player and I’ll talk through scenarios. Send in your questions and reaction as we go along and use the Super Chat feature to support the blog/channel.


  1. BoiseSeahawk

    Who would you rather have between Tevin Jenkins and Ben Cleveland?

    Both are true tonesetters in the trenches, I hadn’t seen Jenkins’ tape until today. He’s freakin nasty.

    • Ukhawk

      Both? Ben at Guard, Teven at Tackle

      • Big Mike

        Trade Adams and it could be done

        • Ashish

          will be so happy to hear that news, Adams to XXX and get 1st and 2nd ..

          What in the world JS/PC were thinking trading Adams… They should ban to do any trade involving super star

      • BoiseSeahawk

        perfect answer

        • BoiseSeahawk

          Best possible group:

          Jenkins, Dickerson/Meinerz, Cleveland.
          and.. Javonte Williams.

          run. dudes. over.

  2. cha

    See new Tweets
    Adam Schefter
    With teams locked into the first three overall picks, the Atlanta Falcons now have received trade calls from multiple teams and “are open to moving” out of the No. 4 spot, per source.
    8:17 AM · Apr 6, 2021

    • JJ

      Watch Bears move up to 4.

      • schuemansky

        It would cost them 3 firsts and probably 2 seconds to get Fields or Lance. No way for me!

    • Sea Mode

      Was just gonna post that. Here’s another one to add:

      Dov Kleiman

      The #Falcons have a conflict about what to do with the 4th overall pick.

      While head coach Arthur Smith believes Matt Ryan has at least two more seasons, GM Terry Fontenot is focused on taking a QB.

      The QB they’re probably targeting is Trey Lance, according to @mortreport

      • Ryan

        I’m old enough to remember when first round QBs used to be sprinkled throughout the first round (Watson 12, Jackson 32), not just 1-2-3-4. It’s like everyone in the NFL got absolutely desperate for QBs at the same exact time.

        • Trevor

          Not that desperate based on the offers the Hawks got for Wilson.

          I think they are desperate for young quality QBs on a rookie deal.

        • Lewis

          Well, the trade up to #3 has shaken things up. Now there is likely a team or two at 6-10 thinking their guy would fall to them now believing they have to move up. Meanwhile, a couple of teams are going to have amazing players drop to them that never should have in a normal year

      • cha

        That’s a great way to drum up interest.

        “We may take the 4th QB on the board, we might not. Convince us to trade down.”

    • Big Mike

      Falcons are in a perfect position to take a project like Lance what with Ryan’s contract.

      • TomLPDX

        Definitely agree with you Big Mike. He could potentially sit for 2+ years behind Matty-Ice and learn a ton!

  3. Sea Mode

    So that’s his secret…

    • cha

      Gotta wash down those Skittles somehow

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Just waiting for them Henney flavored skittles. They should call them Beast Pieces

        • cha

          You can replicate it by making yourself a Sidecar:

          2 oz cognac/brandy
          2 oz triple sec or other orange liquer
          2 oz lemon juice

          Shake over ice and garnish with orange or lemon peel

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I like it. And if we drafted a certain Oregon State EDGE we could call them Hamilcars.

    • DC

      Dammit I love Marshawn. Just brings a smile to my face. Favorite Hawk of all time.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        That incredulous look on Marshawn’s face when Peyton asks him “a shot of what?” is fantastic.

        • John Roberts

          The bar’s in my backpack!

  4. Strategicdust

    The Seahawks have seemingly come to a standstill. The staring contest between the team and Russell hasn’t solved anything and we’re left with unhappiness between both sides. A front office that can’t find another team to pay what they feel like Wilson is worth ( shades of both the overvaluing of Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman) and stuck in their front office philosophies that prevent them from trading the players they need to say goodbye to (Adams and Wagner) in order to move forward with a younger, hungrier team. This is how good teams turn into poor ones. The Seattle Status Quo is not going to work

  5. Alec

    I’ve ran more than my fair share of mock drafts, and built a spreadsheet template to handle them if you’d like to use it. Comes with some scripts to allow you to make trades between teams effortlessly.

    If you would like, I could help you get started on using it.

  6. Gaux Hawks

    crazy offseason so far… looking forward to seeing some more action!

    thanks for keeping the great content flowing, rob!

  7. Ashish

    Question: With lack of intent shown by Hawks to trade Adams or Wagner will that be parameter in your live mock?

    • Rob Staton

      Well the Seahawks will only go into this mock with what they’ve got

      • Ashish

        That will be so tough on us, watching good players go in front of your eyes.

      • Big Mike

        The key words here are “go into” You go Rob!

      • Ryan

        The pick at #55 was… tough to see. Would suck to come that close.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Milton Williams is my 2021 draft crush.

  9. JimQ

    I’m still trying to find a gem at WR for the Seahawks Rd-7 (throwaway pick?) or signing as a P-UDFA. I feel the Seahawks will go OL/CB/DL or RB with their current 2 higher picks before they may get a WR later in the draft or thru UDFA’s. This kid may very well be one to watch after his recent pro-day. He just might be a late bloomer with some significant upside? Tall, fast Twin towers with Metcalf & Harris, with Lockett in the slot, could be a great combo, at least a guy can hope?

    WR-Jacob Harris, UCF: 6′ 5″, 219 lbs, 9 1/2″ hand, 33 3/4″ arm, 81 1/4″ wingspan, Vert: 41 (94th),
    Broad: 133 (97th), Bench: 15 (60th), 40-yard: 4.39 (86th), Short Shut: 4.31 (33rd), **3-cone: 6.54 (99th)**. 2020 #’s: 10-games, 30/539/17.97-ypc/8-TD’s; Career #’s: 23-games, 48/987/20.56-ypc/9-TD’s.

    Currently ranked #426 overall on NFL mock draft consensus board, with his recent pro-day #’s, I’d expect he’ll rise up quite a bit. A potential Round-7/Priority UDFA for a role opposite Metcalf? Sure has some nice workout #’s (6.54 3-cone at his size?) and he may just be a late blooming monster at WR with some good coaching? Size & speed can’t be coached & this kid has both, so that’s a very good start. A sleeper WR=?

    • JimQ

      Not a lot of tape available on the above WR-Harris on U-TUBE: (A Miles Boykin NFL comp). From his profile, only played football 1 year in high school, started college as a walk on, was on the scout team, played 2 fairly productive seasons, only starting as a senior, sounds like the very definition of a late bloomer. He looks quick, fast & a hands catcher who can contort for contested catches. Raw as sushi but his potential for greatness may be developed with good coaching and help from a full WR room of his peers. I could see him as Metcalf’s little brother. – Check him out! –

  10. Gaux Hawks

    baffles me that miami and chicago aren’t putting a historic haul of picks/players on the line to trade for wilson… it is crazy to me that wilson is even available… imagine if the script was flipped: seattle has a great defense and the draft stock to “buy” an elite quarterback, we would be banging the table for the front office to take action!

    dalton? tua? really!?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes but… If Chicago trades away 3 or 4 first round draft picks and more, they will become what Seattle is now. They will be an imperfect team with a great (and cheap) quarterback, but no top draft picks for years. They may make the playoffs but probably don’t go any farther. If I were Chicago I’m not sure it’s worth it.

      • Scot04

        Yet Seahawks have 0 problems trading two 1sts a 3rd Nd a player for Adams and a 4th. Horrible, Horrible trade.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes – It’s crazy. Since Pete hasn’t publicized trading Adams, I just hope that he will somehow improve at coverage next year. He’s a gifted athlete. Making a bunch of big hits, batting the deep balls away, and a couple of interceptions would go along way to quieting the criticism.

  11. Volume12

    If KJ goes elsewhere and Ohio St LB Baron Browning is on the board at 56 or wherever they pick, anyone pulling the trigger?

    • TomLPDX

      That’s a tough one because now we are relying on Cody Barton to fill KJ’s SAM shoes…which I somehow thing will be too big for him.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I mean, if he’s the top player on your board…

      But really, I might in a normal draft with a normal number of draft picks. But not this year. Unless something changes.

      And for the record I like Browning.

    • Spectator

      Absolutely, but it all depends who’s still on the board. I can’t see Browning making it that far, but from his profile, hard to say no if the top iOL are gone and RBs are gone. Would be sad to see us put more resources into LB position tho, with so many other holes. Personally, i just hope we go BPA at this point.

    • CaptainJack

      Like we say, no.

    • Rob Staton


    • BoiseSeahawk

      But if Jamin Davis is there…

      • CaptainJack

        He won’t be.

  12. cha

    Omar Ruiz
    “He’s with us… here to stay,” Carlos Dunlap summarizing his conversation with Russell Wilson after the QB gave his assurance he’d be with the #Seahawks in 2021 before Dunlap re-signed with Seattle…
    1:23 PM · Apr 6, 2021·

    • TomLPDX

      I was just going to comment on that and post Florio’s article as well.

      If Russ is lying to his own team mates, that spells trouble. I think this can of worms is either going to explode in Russ’s face or get kicked down the road until next year.

      • AW

        If Russ was here to stay, why don’t the Seahawks come out and say as much. Until PCJS come out and say Russ is our guy and will not be traded, there will be trade talk.

        • Rob Staton

          Correct, AW

      • pdway

        Dunlap has zero reason to lie here, and if we assume that’s he’s speaking honestly, why assume that Russell is lying to a teammate’s face? Because he’s in recruiting mode? I guess, but he just as easily could say something like, “it’s a business”, or, “it’s not all up to me”, etc.

        I take this as a positive.

        • TomLPDX

          I’m with you here, pdway. Dunlap has no reason to lie, nor does Russ. I guess it’s why I’m thinking this can gets kicked down the road for a year and Russ is playing for the Seahawks in 2021, just needed some validation from others on here.

          • Denver Hawker

            Unless Russ expands his list, it’s not happening this year. They haven’t restructured yet which keeps the door open.

            At this point I’m more interested in some smoke around a Jamal Adams trade. I just can’t believe JS will go into the draft with the current picks.

            • pdway

              question – assuming the Hawks feel ok about their capspace situation for ’21 at the moment – I’ve seen here and there that they are $6M under – and maybe that’s enough to sign KJ or Sherman and the rookie deals. But just assuming that, given that they have RW under contract for 3 more years, what’s the benefit to the Hawks of re-structuring his deal right now?

              • cha

                Room for more deals.

                They’re light at several positions.

                • pdway

                  understood – and that makes sense. hard to know how active/inactive we’re going to be – seems super quiet on that front right now – despite a lot of well-known names still unsigned.

              • TomLPDX

                I just looked at OTC ( and it says they have ~1.8M cap space. That won’t get KJ or Sherm back at the moment or any of our 3 new rookie picks. If they restructure Russ’s contract they can convert his current 2021 salary of $19M to the minimum (about $1M?) and take the 18M and spread it over the remaining years of his contract, freeing up $18M. Smarter minds on here will correct my numbers.

                • Rusty

                  Lockett’s restructure still isn’t there (supposedly + $8m in cap space), maybe some other signings aren’t there, not sure

                  And a third of Wilson’s signing bonus would go to this year still, so it’d open about $12m not $18m

                  I’m not sure if I’m a smarter mind but there’s a few number corrections lol

                • cha

                  They don’t have Lockett or Al Woods’ deals on the list yet, so yeah figure about $5-7m of cap room.

                  The max they can open up with a Russ restructure is $12m.

              • Denver Hawker

                Russ restructure is just a chip really. They can wait until they need it. I recall free-agency starts to slow leading to the draft as teams see if they can sort needs there before signing more free agents.

                Hawks will absolutely need more cap room. They have other options to do that besides Russ’ contract for now.

                • cha

                  Exactly. For sure the Hawks will need more than Carlos Dunlap saying Russ has told him he’ll be around to move forward with a restructure.

                  If they went all in with a restructure it would mean they’d have $56m of dead cap to deal with this year if they traded him, $38m in 2022.

          • Submanjoe

            Russ has to hedge his bets. If he stays, he wants to win, he needs Dunlap etc. Russ can always come back and say after he is traded…”it wasn’t up to me, it was the Seahawks”, therefore he didn’t “lie” to Dunlap.

        • Rob Staton

          You should take it as irrelevant.

          Because guess what — Wilson & Carroll can put this all to bed now. They don’t need Carlos Dunlap to be their messenger.

          And they choose not to.

          • cha

            I’d guess both sides are silent for their own reasons:

            -The Seahawks are keeping their options open. Seeing if someone would blow them away with an offer. If we’re taking Pauline’s report at face value, they’re tired of the drama and will probably stay silent on the matter up until the draft.

            -Russ has Mark Rodgers likely telling him not to go public saying he’s staying unless the Seahawks do. To do that without assurances he’ll have a seat at the table, he would lose leverage.

            • Rob Staton

              That’s fine. We should all acknowledge that and not take Carlos Dunlap like he is the official spokesperson of the two parties

    • CaptainJack

      For next season, yes. Unless Russ decides he wants to play for Rhule. Which he won’t. So Dunlap is correct.

  13. JJ

    I don’t think Lockett’s deal is updated.

  14. HaroldSeattle

    Rob you do a very entertaining mock draft. Kudos.

  15. ElPasoHawk

    Thanks for the mock Rob. Great work and the pick of WR after trading down seems logical but I just don’t get why they wouldn’t consider drafting Davis Mills if he is there And they like him. I think they are fooling themselves if they think Russ is going to be happy playing for Pete regardless of what moves are made.

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Rob inspired me to do my own pfn mock, but many of the player projections are unrealistic. For example I had opportunities to draft Kellen Mond in the 3rd round, Milton Williams in the 5th, and Buddy Johnson in the 7th.

    Anyway I tried to keep it real, but even then, I’m pretty sure this isn’t realistic (Shaun Wade in the bottom of the 4th?).

    I did trade down several times, having received at least one offer for every pick I had. Most were for a modest drop in this draft plus a 2022 pick that’s worthless in this mock, so I countered for current year picks that were accepted.

    85 – D’Ante Smith, OT East Carolina
    114 – David Mills, QB Stanford
    126 – Bobby Brown, DT Texas
    129 – Shaun Wade, CB Ohio State
    156 – Benjamin St. Juste, CB Minnesota
    250 – Pooka Williams, RB Kansas

    I’d be ok if we actually came away with something like this.

  17. Poli

    I wonder why most mock drafts have the Falcons taking a TE at #4 when a stud OT like Sewell is still there? Wouldn’t they rather just put Sewell or Mathews at RT?

    • CaptainJack

      Sewell is far from a stud. Athletically and physically gifted? Yes. But he doesn’t play with the demeanor of a “stud”

    • CaptainJack

      Everything I’ve seen from Kyle Pitts screams elite talent.

    • Rob Staton

      Pitts is that good plus the Falcons have already invested in the position (twice)

  18. jopa726

    This is absolutely a situation between Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll that cannot be allowed to go into to the season unresolved. Rob is right. Carlos Dunlap’s statement doesn’t end this story. It will actually bring the Russell Wilson trade story back into the sports news cycle. Pete and Russell need to talk, hopefully workout their differences, if they want to put an end to this Russell Wilson trade talk. If all parties went out together in front of the cameras, that would be awesome.

    Following the 2021 season, Russell Wilson will have no more guaranteed years remaining on his contract. No better way to show that everything is all patched up between all parties and that there are no hard feeling, then to give Russell a big, new contract. Russell will be happy say “Go Hawks!” Mark Rogers will be happy! Russell will stay in Seattle, who wouldn’t be happy?

  19. Scot04

    Was a fun and well done live Mock Rob. Appreciate a) the time and effort.

  20. Ky Swift

    I really enjoyed listening to your thoughts on each pick, Rob! Best in the business in my book. I love the Eskridge pick. Now we can just hope Jamal is traded. I’d take a 2nd and 3rd rounder, possibly Miami?? Would love to add in those picks maybe with a trade down or two. Could target Meinerz at 36, then pick Eskridge, and round it out with a St. Juste.

  21. Sea Mode

    K.J. Wright EXCLUSIVE: His Cowboys ‘Dream Team’ Decides To Pass

    Wonder how much he is asking…

  22. Mick

    Rob, the time of your live draft was killing for Europe (I understand why), but I clicked through it to see what you did at #56. I liked your trade, gives us some more picks, and the reasoning for going WR totally makes sense. I wonder who do you get at #109 though – sorry if you already said it in the video, I’ll need more time to watch it completely.

    • Rob Staton

      Probably an interior offensive linemen

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