Parsing Adam Schefter’s Russell Wilson reporting

For the last couple of weeks, Adam Schefter has regularly appeared on ESPN’s ‘Get up’ show and insisted it’s still plausible that Russell Wilson could be traded.

Today, he reiterated that thought (the piece starts at the one minute mark below)…

I think it’s time to try and work out what’s going on here.

While many will immediately dismiss or reject this, that would be unwise.

What has the NFL’s leading insider got to gain by constantly pushing this as a possibility, if in fact there’s no chance of it happening?

Schefter is as connected as anyone in the league. He is peerless as a news breaker. When it comes to contacts, reputation and track record — he is top of the class.

Today he broke the news that Sam Darnold was being traded to the Panthers.

He isn’t saying this stuff unless he believes it. He is a journalist — he doesn’t host a show twice a day like Mike Florio, or every day like Colin Cowherd, where he needs to generate talking points.

If Schefter doesn’t have any news, he doesn’t say anything. He never chucks out random rumours and speculation.

Case in point — all of the many, many weeks in his career when he hasn’t been talking about the future of a franchise quarterback.

Plus, he has no real reason to keep discussing this at a time when Deshaun Watson is making news, the 49ers just traded up to #3 in the draft and Aaron Rodgers is being mischievous about his future in Green Bay ahead of a stint hosting Jeopardy.

I’m afraid you have to be slightly ignorant and/or naive to say — ‘I am not buying this, I am paying it no attention and I do not accept this information.’

So why is Schefter reporting this?

The easy answer is that even if it’s unlikely — it’s still possible. That’s it. Optimistic Seahawks fans think a few Wilson tweets, a Tyler Lockett extension and a Gabe Jackson trade have cured all ills.

The reality is neither party has said anything about Wilson’s future since Schefter reported, on the record, the list of teams he’d be willing to be dealt too.

This story could’ve been nipped in the bud ages ago.

Admittedly Schefter always hedges his bets. He’s not saying, ‘Wilson will be traded’. Neither is he saying it’s likely. If it doesn’t happen, technically he hasn’t made any error in his reporting.

Yet he’s emphatically establishing himself as the individual keeping this story alive.

That at least warrants a discussion as to why.

If you’re willing to connect the dots, a pattern emerges:

1. The Seahawks haven’t, unlike the Packers and Texans, insisted Wilson isn’t going anywhere — ending the story immediately

2. They haven’t restructured his contract, despite not requiring his permission to do so at a time when they needed the money

3. Tony Pauline recently reported, “What I was told by someone close to the situation is that the Seahawks want to trade Russell Wilson as much as Wilson wants out of Seattle”

4. The Seahawks, according to Schefter, are willing to move on if they’re presented with a viable quarterback solution as an alternative

To me it’s obvious if you’re willing to embrace the information presented above.

The Seahawks are ready to move on.

They don’t want to screw themselves by shifting a franchise quarterback and then picking through the scraps of what’s available currently.

That’s hardly a surprise.

If that means going through another year where everyone tries to get along, so be it.

But the signs point towards a team that is very prepared to trade Wilson. It’s just a matter of timing and contingency.

Look at what Schefter’s saying in the video:

“I continue to maintain, that if the Seahawks came up with a solution in which they were ensured of getting a quarterback they believed in, I think they would be open and interested in moving on from Russell Wilson”

Jeff Simmons made a good point when he took part in one of our recent live streams. When Schefter speaks, you have to try and work out who’s speaking to him.

Who wants this information out there?

Who does it benefit?

This is what Schefter does for a living. He speaks to people. He has their ear. He collects information and he distributes information.

There can only be two plausible explanations for a video like the one above.

Perhaps Mark Rodgers simply wants to keep this in the news agenda and therefore is telling Schefter a trade is still possible?

I’m not buying this. Why would Schefter then explain that Wilson’s four listed teams have ‘moved on’ and then offer that the Bears are pretty much out of it because what they offered before wasn’t enough?

It’d be a bit of a weird plant for Rodgers to suggest — talk about the trade but then rule out the teams we gave you as our list of suitors.

The other option is this is information from the Seahawks. They’re letting the world know — our door is still open. Our phone is fully charged.

This actually makes sense. Because Schefter’s right — Chicago’s offer couldn’t get it done. They pick 20th overall and they have no quarterback solution.

That whole segment felt like a ‘give us a call’ plea to other teams. It was perhaps also a message to the Wilson camp about the need to expand their list to make this happen.

This doesn’t have to be a definitive statement on Seattle’s position. They would be well within their rights to say to Wilson — it’s simply not plausible to trade you to the teams you listed, for a multitude of reasons. So if you want out — let’s do this properly. If not, then what are we messing around for? Let’s get on with the job and not have this conversation next year too.

After years of flirting with a baseball career, leaks to Rodgers’ friends in the media and most recently the passive aggressive trade request — it’s also possible the Seahawks have simply had enough.

My own personal, unsourced opinion is that might be where John Schneider’s at.

When it was reported that the Seahawks had rejected Chicago’s offer for Wilson, it was suggested that Schneider had talked and met with Ryan Pace and that during a visit to North Dakota State’s pro-day, they hashed out a deal that was presented to Pete Carroll.

After thinking it over, Carroll rejected the offer.

I don’t think Schneider would present an offer he didn’t believe in. I think he is probably fed up with Mark Rodgers. I think he’s pig-sick of all this drama.

I think he looks at a draft with three picks and no first rounder next year and thinks he can do a lot with a new haul and masses of extra cap room.

Alternatively I think Carroll believes he can manage any scenario — including an awkward relationship with the quarterback for another year.

So I think he’s less inclined to take whatever offer drops on the table and is more inclined to hold out for an offer he loves.

Ultimately he’s a 70-year-old coach. A five-year rebuild isn’t going to cut it. I don’t think Carroll will believe he needs Wilson to compete — but I do think he’s realistic enough to know replacing him with Alex Smith would be a recipe for mediocrity.

The end result is the position somewhat hinted at by Schefter. A team open for business but needing a great result to make everything happen.

That likely means more suitors being welcomed to the bidding table. It likely means either a quarterback to start in place of Wilson, or a draft pick in the top-10 where they can select a replacement.

I think the message from Schefter is one from the Seahawks. Chicago couldn’t get this done. The other three teams have moved on. So let’s get Miami, Denver and Philadelphia involved otherwise what are we doing here?

That is how I would parse Adam Schefter’s reporting.

I think his reporting is very much from the Seahawks side of this debate currently.

If I had to put money on what will happen, it’d be this:

— Wilson refuses to add teams to his list

— The Seahawks don’t receive a good enough offer from Chicago

— Both parties just carry on awkwardly and we won’t be able to avoid this topic for 12 whole months

That’s why, to me, it’s time for both parties to be really brutally honest with each other in the next two weeks. Serious talks are required.

Either make this trade happen now and move on. Otherwise, you need to renew your vows in the form of a new contract that ends this talk once and for all.

The alternative — a year of media shenanigans, constant questioning over Wilson’s future and the dysfunction that’ll come with it — would be a potential disaster for this franchise.

By the draft the Seahawks and Russell Wilson either have to make this right or they need to go their separate ways.

I’m afraid the more realistic scenario will be they just progress onwards for another year, pretend the last six weeks didn’t happen and we’ll be having these same conversations throughout the regular season and beyond.

The Darnold trade removes another possible option for the Seahawks as a contingency plan. Unless of course the Panthers plan to make a run at Wilson and now have the quarterback replacement to offer Seattle to make it work.

The Seahawks were heavily linked to Darnold at the time Chicago were said to be in the hunt for Wilson. Now — that option has seemingly gone and it’s Scott Fitterer, formerly of Seattle, making the move for the Jets quarterback.

But an unsuitable divorce shouldn’t be an excuse for prolonging the marriage. If they’re going to try and make this work — there needs to be a new commitment.

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  1. drrew76

    Darnold just got sent to Carolina.

    • cha

      2021 6th, and a 2nd and 4th in 2022.

      • Rob Staton

        So three firsts and Darnold for Wilson…

        • Rob Staton

          So many people are going to lose their shit about me writing that

          • Rob Staton

            And the article clearly points out my own personal prediction for how this plays out…

          • RugbyLock

            Maybe… but this scenario seems much more likely. I may not always like what you have to say but your opinions are always backed by very solid logic so keep at it!

          • Gohawks5151

            Yeah. But that just seems so light a return in light of what the Niners just traded for the rights to Mac Jones. Honestly, with the way all all parties act I don’t rule out 2 awkward years and just letting him go sign elsewhere. They let others walk before too.

            Also “pig sick”. Learning new terms everyday haha

            • Rob Staton

              I wouldn’t try to compare any Wilson trade to the Niners deal.

              The reality is, I’m afraid, that three firsts plus is probably the market for a QB. Whether you’re trading up or trading for a 33-year-old proven starter.

            • Albert Bryan Butler

              In American that is “Swine Flu.”

        • Trevor

          I prefer Darnold, Brian Burns and 2021, 2022 1st round picks

          • Rob Staton

            You’re not getting that

        • BruceN

          But Panthers are not on Russell’s approved list (for now). Rhule is a tough coach and Brady worked with the explosive LSU offense as the passing coordinator. They do have the 8th pick. This has a chance.

      • TomLPDX

        I’d say that was a pretty good trade.

        • cha

          Put another way that’s a 2021 3rd, a 5th and a 6th (bumping the 2022’s back a round)

          I can see someone trading a 5th and 6th to move up in the 3rd round.

          So far that package they got a starting QB for one cheap season, and a potential for another.

          Not bad.

  2. Dan Kirshner

    Hard to imagine Russ waiving his no trade to Carolina. Russ is in win now mode.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, I’m spitballing. I don’t think he will extend his list of teams.

  3. Mick

    Lots of events for Easter Monday:
    – Jets got more than expected for Darnold. Quite sure they liked Zach Wilson and they are going to get him at #2. I also think the Panthers have improved, Darnold is better than Bridgewater (btw I wonder if the Panthers now trade him).
    – the Wilson news. First of all, it seems to me that Seattle went for normal roster moves this FA, and they weren’t doing them to please Wilson. They needed a LG, it only made sense to get the TE that their new OC wanted, extending Lockett is again a very natural move. I think getting RW pleased would have required a different approach, going for bigger names in FA for the OL. I must say this more balanced approach might have its advantages. With this in mind, I think Schefter’s comment is valid: we are ready to part with Wilson under the right terms. I have my doubts someone will come with an offer where we get a replacement for him this year, so we’ll have to make things work for a while and expect better times. There is a chance, not sure how likely, that the O will run closer to what Wilson wants and that the results this year will be so good that Wilson will no longer want to leave, and I don’t think we’re going to force him to leave.

    • Big Mike

      Agree. I also think signing Antonio Brown would be a sign of doing something to please Russ.

    • Uncle Bob

      I was with your observations that the moves made so far weren’t really aimed at trying to please RW. Your closing thought is where I have some strong counter to (rather than argument). Russ has violated the Carrol prime directive: “Team First”. He, Russ, may be making efforts to patch up his locker room persona, but he’s clearly staked out his turf………….he wants his fame. This is a shift for him, as he was once a team first guy, almost to a fault. Many here try to lay the blame on Pete, and he may be in line for a bit of it, but I’d bet there’s something more difficult for the team to deal with than we know. Yeah, as Rob points out, dealing with Mark Rodgers is a real pain, but there are other “professionals” who now have RWs ear as well. Ciarra is a high profile entertainer as well (and I’m not casting her as the evil witch, just making the point that she’s an important part of his life and has significant input) with her own “management team”. They see Russ as an entertainer as well, and are applying their world view in conversations with him about how he might better manage his career. In some ways their point of view may be accurate, but they also don’t work in a world where team synergy is as important to on the job success. Sure, Ciarra needs effective promoters, sound engineers and directors, etc to help produce her music and shows, but she doesn’t have to “fight” with her musical competition on stage, live, each performance. I can see her peeps telling them that Russ is wasting away in a pot stand town like Seattle where they don’t give him enough importance. He’s the Star Attraction and not only deserves all the money, but all of the say in team management as well. That kind of mind poisoning can be deadly. And I doubt Pete will be willing to fully forget the breach of Team First behavior without a significant mea culpa. RW ain’t likely to do that either.

      My concern now is that PC/JS will do what they’ve done before. As fans we will almost always over value “our guys”,. especially talent like Russ. But we’re not part of any NFL franchise, so in reality what we think is realistic value doesn’t really count. There are probably 3-4 teams that wouldn’t want/need Russ at any price, and of the other 27 probably at least half wouldn’t value him anywhere near as highly as the world might think. Their version of “right price” will be lower due to constraints they have to live within. I didn’t think much of the Bears offer, but………..there is a chance, however slight, that it may, in time, prove to be the best offer they’ll ever get. If reports were any kind of accurate, they were offered a decent haul for Sherm back when, but stubbornly passed because they wanted more. They ended up getting nothing instead. Yeah, that was due to injury, but there is that “bird in the hand…….” thing. They did the same with Earl. And close to the same with Mike B. Russ is pretty durable, so maybe the injury thing is less of a concern, but he is getting older. It’s possible that some number of teams see the reality that his style of play makes him more susceptible to sacks and potential injury. The NFCW has improved on each team and regardless of the Seahawk team changes and offensive scheme change that games that went their way last year could go the other this next season. The team record goes down which could lead other team management to believe his skills are starting to wain. Next year at this time his market value could, justifiably, be less than it is now, or ever. I say it’s a chance, not a prediction. We fans don’t define player value, other teams who have actual skin in the game do. We are rightful to talk about it, but we don’t see the world the way the actual teams do………….both good and bad.

      • DJ

        Easier to be a team-first guy when you aren’t the one carrying the team. The defense and run game have been non-factors for how many years now?

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      Darnold is healthier and younger than Bridgewater. Better? Not much.

    • Corneillius Clark

      It’s funny you say Darnold is better. I like him, but he actually lost the competition to Teddy 8n the preseason before. They traded Teddy, so Sam wouldn’t be looking over his shoulder and for draft capital. I get its because he was a #3 pick as well… I guess that’s why I don’t like politics in sports…
      Maybe if they started Teddy and let Sam mature he could have done better…

      • Rob Staton

        Teddy Bridgewater is not good

  4. Forrest

    So, what are the realistic trade options for THIS year? Setting aside Wilson’s willingness to accept a trade and the other team’s desire to trade for Wilson, I see the options as:

    *This seems like the most likely scenario (but perhaps the least likely to be accepted by Wilson). The Seahawks could leap SF to pick their preferred QB. The Jets could also include #23, 34, 66, 86 and next year’s 1st. That’s probably enough to get it done.

    *Does Seattle want Tua? I think it comes down to that. Sure, Miami could offer #6, #18, #36, #50, #81 and SF’s 1st round pick next year. But, that doesn’t solve Seattle’s QB problem, unless they like Tua or someone falls to #6 on draft day.

    *They don’t pick until #12. The Seahawks may think Jalen Hurts is an okay QB. But, I don’t see them having enough to offer THIS year. Maybe the Seahawks would trade with them next year.

    *Did they just trade to get Darnold to make a deal with Seattle? Unlikely. They have #8 this year and not enough else.

    *I doubt the Seahawks want Drew Lock and they don’t pick until #9.

    • pugs1

      Spit balling here PHI could trade Hurts the 12th and 37th this year. and two of their three number ones next year. Thats if Russ would take a trade to Philly.
      Three number ones, a high second and Hurts would be a pretty good hall in my book.

  5. Trevor


    I think your prediction is exactly what would happen.

    For me the best case scenario is that the Panthers decide to make a run at Russ given Watsons legal issues. If they do they have the draft capital and players to get a deal done


    Hawks trade Russel Wilson to the Panthers

    Panthers send the Hawks: Sam Darnold, Brian Burns, 2021 1st round pick, 2022 1st round Pick

  6. Denver Hawker

    Down to Miami, Carolina, Denver, and Philly.

    Now that Carolina has a QB, might trade back with a QB needy team to jump Denver. Denver has young offensive weapons and Drew Lock to offer, but Lock isn’t good. Miami seems more intent on the build to me.

    All in all, I think the options to match a dance partner are very low.

    • Rob Staton

      I would say it’s down to…


      And that’s it. And either they find a way somehow to offer an appealing deal to Seattle, or this will get kicked down the road until next year.

      So strap in everyone. You’ve got 12 months of Wilson trade speculation on the way.

      • Denver Hawker

        Fair, I was operating on the premise of an expanded list. What can Chicago offer that gets it done?

        • TomLPDX

          At this point? There entire 2021 draft.

      • Denver Hawker

        Do we also strap in for 2-3 draft picks this year?

        I’m all in on an Adams trade, but that seems like the only option to get legit draft capital at this point.

  7. Rob Staton

    I’m starting

    • Gaux Hawks

      Hypothetical: what would you (NYJ) trade for RW3 ?

      • Gaux Hawks

        (FWIW, I wouldn’t make a trade)

      • Mick

        #2 so Seattle can take Zach Wilson, Seattle’s round 3 from 2021, Seattle’s round 1 from 2022, Panthers’ round 2 in 2022.

    • Trevor

      If they did not have a toxic owner I would think they had a chance to build something special there.

      • Ralphy

        Rob, Could a team like the NYJ make an offer to Seatte and also negotiate through them (since his agent cant talk to teams besides SEA), and tell RW and Mark Rodgers that if he agrees to the trade, they will also extend him to a record breaking contract?

        • Rob Staton

          Doubt it

          As far as I’m aware Wilson has zero interest in the Jets

          • Ralphy

            Sure but he also appears to be as motivated by money as anyone in the league, and him and his wife certainly care about their “other” careers and NYC could be a big part of that.

            • Rob Staton

              Sure — but they’ll have considered all of that before determining they have no interest in the Jets

              And it’s very much my understanding they have zero interest in the Jets

    • Feindt

      Constant reminder how bad the Jamal Adams trade was.

      • Rob Staton

        My first thought too…

    • Ryan

      Must hurt not to have any R7 pick though. 🙂

  8. HaroldSeattle

    Darnold getting traded, but not to the Seahawks kind of shows that the Jets were the team looking for a trade ( and likely pushing the rumors), not the Seahawks. Jags drafting Lawrence, Jets drafting Zack Wilson, Dolphins commit to Tua by trading down ( then back up a bit). It should be more and more apparent that Russell Wilson isn’t getting traded, hasn’t been on the trade block and hasn’t asked for a trade. Yet some are doubling down insisting a trade will happen ( while hedging at every step). It’s good entertainment at a time when FA signings are down to shrubs, Watson drama has become silent and the gap between now and the draft needs to be filled with some thing

    • Rob Staton

      Darnold getting traded, but not to the Seahawks kind of shows that the Jets were the team looking for a trade ( and likely pushing the rumors), not the Seahawks.

      I wouldn’t assume that at all

      It should be more and more apparent that Russell Wilson isn’t getting traded, hasn’t been on the trade block and hasn’t asked for a trade. Yet some are doubling down insisting a trade will happen

      Literally nobody is doing that

      It’s good entertainment at a time when FA signings are down to shrubs, Watson drama has become silent and the gap between now and the draft needs to be filled with some thing

      Yeah the Watson thing is so silent. I mean, only in the last day it’s been revealed that one of the accusers has contacted the police, adding a fresh new dynamic to the story.

      Let me know if it’s warm and comfortable burying your head in the sand. I’m always open to trying new things.

    • Rowdy

      To be fair, I haven’t heard people saying a trade will happen. They are saying it’s still a possibility but not likely this year at this point. Honestly a trade was never that likely to me because the limited teams and the haul of resources it would take to get him. I still at one point was expecting him to be traded this year and still feel it’s more likely then not that he’ll be traded next year. Some of the thing that make the trade hard this year won’t be there next year, like no first round pick, dead money and the lack of cap. Both sides need to work together for it to work but it seems both sides are half a**ing the work it will take.

  9. Pran

    Rob, i think you are right in assuming Panthers are preparing the table with Darnold’s trade. They are looking for a franchise QB not a project. they are going to make a run at Wilson with Watson out of picture. Seattle will be happy to deal with a friendly GM and a risk taking owner at Panthers.

    Schefter’s message is to Wilson and his agent, if you want to get out of Seattle expand your list of teams.

  10. cha

    Adam Schefter Retweeted
    Jonathan Jones
    The Panthers will exercise QB Sam Darnold’s fifth-year option, per source.
    1:10 PM · Apr 5, 2021

    • TomLPDX

      I guess that makes this a legitimate move on the Panther’s part. They’re going to see what they have and give him a chance to prove it. Good luck, Sam…and I mean that sincerely!

  11. Big Mike

    Rob said:

    “That whole segment felt like a ‘give us (the Seahawks) a call’ plea to other teams. It was perhaps also a message to the Wilson camp about the need to expand their list to make this happen.”


    He also said:

    “I’m afraid the more realistic scenario will be they just progress onwards for another year, pretend the last six weeks didn’t happen and we’ll be having these same conversations throughout the regular season and beyond.”

    Again, I fully agree and to me that stinks badly of poor team mgmt by Pete Carroll. Feels like it’s going to be an ugly 12 months. The one thing Pete won’t have to worry about is much push back from the Seattle media. They’ll be too busy asking about how great is it to have a leader like Bobby on the team. The national media however, will be on this nearly constantly.

    • TomLPDX

      Nor will Pete have to worry about pushback from ownership. Sad…I am starting to not look forward to next season. 🙁

      • Hawkster

        Sad thing is, I was looking forward to next season … but with RW in CHI. Dont get me wrong, SEA forever, season tickets the first 4 years, etc. But I also like football. And I live in tge NFCN area, and RW in CHI taking on GB 2x a year or more would be fun to watch. The bottom line is if one puts fandom aside it would be hugely exciting. RW, Rodgers, the old MSU rival Cousins … that’d fun. Funner than a hyped box safety blizing all day and a reluctant QB chucking rainbow bombs for a thin shot at a win wekk after week. They have become not fun to watch. It is not because it is Pete ball, it is because the broader vision and tge meshing of personell decisions to o field strategy is just broken. Seeing I live in a diff broadcast area , I just watch different football. PC is just unchecked, without cohesion, he’s just lost his rudder. Lookubg forqard to seeing what Rams look like, the 49ers, the fins, another year of the Bills, the Pats in y2 post Brady, can Lafleur keep GB clicking, what will the Saints look like. , ,, but SEA? Sadly, they just look haphazard and confused.

  12. hawkfanforetenity

    If Wilson ends up staying then he, and Carroll, are immensely lucky that they’re in Seattle where the local media mostly suffer from severe ostrich syndrome and will be happy to ignore all of this come training camp. I can’t imagine this flying under the radar in a place like Philly.

    • jed

      My coworker from Philly is from a family of Eagles season ticket owners going back to the 60’s. Last week we were talking about them trading for Wilson next offseason with their 2, maybe 3 1st round picks.

  13. Andy J

    I’ve always thought the Patriots would be a possible destination. Curious why RW3 didn’t have them on his list.

    • Big Mike

      Absolutely ZERO chance Belichick lets Russ have one ounce of say in anything.

      • TomLPDX

        My thought exactly. Russ wants control and he definitely WON’T get it NE.

    • Rob Staton


  14. Big Mike

    And by the way, Cowherd flat out stated today that Lynch and Shanahan are at odds about who to draft with the 3rd pick. He said Shanny is all in on Mac Jones but Lynch wants I believe he said Fields. He cited no sources so maybe he’s just talking out his ass. Can’t imagine the trade would’ve been made if both weren’t on the same page, but stranger things have happened.

    • TomLPDX

      Shanny runs that org…It will be Mac.

      • Ralphy

        That is an absolute smoke screen.

  15. GoHawksDani

    I’m already sick and tired about the drama we’ll endure for the next 12 months.
    I see almost 0 chance RW will be traded.
    He doesn’t want to expand his list.
    Those teams don’t want Russ or don’t have enough to get him
    PCJS won’t let Russ run the show.

    It’ll be a burning, awkward trainwreck.
    I really hope Russ will get so fed up in this weak that he’ll be willing to add a couple more teams to the mix…or it won’t be pretty and everyone who doesn’t like as much drama as you can see in a Latin-American soap opera will have a hard time 🙁

  16. cha

    Chicago GM Pace is being freshly pilloried by fans. Could have had Darnold but opted for Dalton.

  17. Lazlo Whittaker

    If Schefter “doesn’t say anything” if there isn’t news then how do you explain him Tweeting that April Fools prank at Mina (as opposed to just texting it to her) since everyone knows she’s a Seahawks fan…?

    • Rob Staton

      Are you being serious?

      Please tell me you aren’t being serious

  18. lil’stink

    While Rob is probably correct in how this will play out, I wonder if PCJS aren’t just waiting until draft day.

    If PCJS really like Kellen Mond they won’t want to tip their hand. Most people seem to think he won’t go in the first round, and they’re quite possibly wrong. If Mond is available at #20 perhaps a trade with the Bears is more of a realistic possibility. Their front office has been getting slammed by fans for the Dalton signing. Maybe they up their offer again approaching the draft. Maybe Mond being on the board at #20 is all the extra incentive Seattle needs to make a trade.

    While I doubt anything happens, I think the trade rumors will ramp up around/on draft day assuming that they still haven’t restructured Wilson.

    • Ralphy

      I do agree that there is a chance a deal could be in place but the Hawks don’t want other teams to know they are looking to draft a QB at 20.

  19. Happy Hawk

    The saga continues. Another team out of the running. I for one am glad. Losing RW makes Seattle worse no matter how you cut it up. At least we can stop the Darnold, Dalton, Minshew, Jimmy G, Tua, Fitzpatrick, Flaaco, Mariotta, Cam, etc. talk about them as a real option to improve. Nobody viable QB’s left. Nobody on RW’s list left. No high draft picks available to select a QB replacement left. Rob is 100% right – kicking this can down the road for another year seems unwise and tedious! PC and RW need to sit down and get on the same page and lead this team to a another championship together.

  20. Rob Staton

    Tweets like this:

    Are what makes Seattle’s media obnoxious.

    Better to ignore the Wilson story and then make snarky jokes about stuff like this than actually report on it.

    Meanwhile people are sending me Corbin Smith’s tweets as a counter to Adam Schefter’s reporting.

    Adam Schefter. The #1 NFL insider.

  21. cha

    For what it’s worth, the Seahawks sent out a season-ticket reminder email today with RW’s picture in the message.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, didn’t the Jets send theirs out with Sam Darnold last week…

      • Tomas

        So now the Seahawks MUST retain Wilson, else risk the waves of litigation warned of by Florio. Right.

  22. cha

    Oh my goodness is this hilarious!

    • Rob Staton

      First class planning ahead by that contestant

    • Big Mike


  23. Alec

    Got bored, decided to run TEF on Defensive Prospects:

    Milton Williams crushes the competition in wTEF, same with Jonathan Marshall.

    @Rob, where did you get Quinn Meinerz’s Bench Press for your TEF calculation of him? To my knowledge he had a broken bone in his hand, and did not bench yet.

    • Rob Staton

      I used his own personal projection on what he expected to do

  24. Hawkhomer1

    You are spot on Rob. Nothing is going to happen and we get to watch this train wreck all over again.

    I hope they at least bring Sherm back so we can here him tell Wilson he sucks again in practice.

    Who is Sam Darnold’s manager? If I was JS I wouldn’t sign anybody repped by Mark Rodgers evvverrr again. Please Mark, stick to ruining baseball.

    • Gross MaToast

      The idea of Pete bringing Sherman back, in part, to heckle RW in practice is hilarious – if you like that kind of thing.

      I do.

      I thought maybe after resigning with the Hawks, JS got some agreement that Pete would cede a little power and let him be the functioning GM, but with Pete making the final call on the Bears trade, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. What the Hawks really need, above all, is a proper organizational chart – not one where every road ends at Pete, although that’s awesome, if you’re Pete.

      The worst thing the Hawks could have happen is Russ playing out his contract and leaving without Seattle receiving anything in return. It’s a spectacularly real, disastrous probability and the franchise is whistling past that graveyard.

      • Brik

        It’s always possible Schneider went to Carrol and said, “I’m not blown away by this offer, but I’m willing to take it if you are”.

        • Rob Staton

          That doesn’t sound like the kind of language you use when contemplating trading a franchise QB

  25. cha

    Top marks to the Panthers social media team

  26. TheOtherJordan

    Didn’t Fitterer end up as the panthers GM?

    • Rob Staton


  27. Rob Staton

    Seahawks fans in full-on denial mode on twitter today

    • TomLPDX

      SOME Seahawks fans, not all.

    • cha


  28. Happy Hawk

    Interesting question. If RW begrudgingly stays for another year what happens if JSPC draft a QB like Mills or Mond this year? How would that fly? Would they even attempt to try it?

  29. Rob Staton

    Quinton Dunbar to the Lions

    • TomLPDX

      Would it be terrible of me to say “good riddance!” I was never impressed with his abilities.

      • Simo

        Nope, not at all, he was basically worthless as a Seahawk! If we still need a CB, let’s bring back Sherm!

    • BruceN

      Time to sign Sherm. I wonder what it would take to sign him at this point. 2 years for $24M might be out of each for the Hawks.

      • Peter

        Sorry. Love sherm. But his last contract was 3 years 27 mil. So I’d do more lie 2 years 5 million at this point

        • BruceN

          I’ll take those numbers. Doubt he would. Hope I’m wrong.

  30. drrew76

    Dunbar signs with the Lions.

    I’d still like to see another CB brought in, but options are dwindling.

  31. DC

    Any thoughts on Georgia C Trey Hill?
    I assume since he’s not on your board that you’re not too much of a fan.

    • Rob Staton

      Just a late round pick for me

  32. KennyBadger

    Just for conversation, who at #8 if Seattle was picking?

    • Scot04 l

      If you’re saying we traded with the Panthers and got Darnold, I’d be hoping Sewell somehow dropped to 8. Similar to how he did in Rob’s last Mock draft.

      • KennyBadger

        Should’ve clarified- yes assuming darnold.

        • Scot04

          Then definitely Sewell

  33. Steven

    We can guess that if the Seahawks couldn’t get someone with the talent like Mahomes or Josh Allen (they were interested in both), they wouldn’t give up Rusell Wilson that easily. The key to this is Rusell, but somehow I just got a feeling that he doesn’t want to leave. He couldn’t tell us what he wants because he doesn’t know either.

  34. Sea Mode

    Solid point

    Tony Pauline

    Haven’t seen this mentioned in any of the articles I’ve read about the Darnold trade: An additional benefit for the Panthers in this deal is the return of the Darnold-Robby Anderson connection, which was lethal during Sam’s first two years with the Jets.

  35. Ashish

    I like Clayton but sounds like he tends to agree everything what hawks do.

    • TomLPDX

      Ashish, I stopped listening to Clayton a long time ago. He doesn’t seem to be in touch with the team anymore and sometimes what he says is garbage. I take him with a huge grain of salt now. Your mileage may vary.

      • KennyBadger

        The ESPN commercials of him living in his moms house were based on a true story.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s more of a cheerleader than commentator

      • Tomas

        Minister of Propaganda, secretly on the Seahawks payroll.

  36. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… I don’t remember scouting him. Anyone have notes? Worth a shot in camp?

    Bob Condotta

    One player not to forget when discussing the Seahawks’ cornerback spot is former Husky Jordan Miller. It didn’t work out for him in Atlanta, but he’s 6-1 and the Seahawks could view him as a legit potential factor at one of the boundary CB spots.

    6007, 185, 32.75 arm, 76 5/8 wing, 4.49 40yd, 37 vert, 10’05” broad, 4.38 SS, 7.30 3C

    • CaptainJack

      Well I remember his husky days. Rail thin and easily injured are the two traits I remember most.

      • Ben

        Disagree. He was a solid player & coming along nicely, until the freak injury at the end of asu game. Not someone I’d bank on making an impact but worth the gamble.

  37. WildBill

    I was sorry when they brought Clayton back from layoff and not Jim moore, at least Jim was a funny character.

  38. BobbyK

    I’m starting to wonder if it’s going to be a year of Wilson throwing to DK, Tyler, and Antonio Brown. The AB signing as the bone thrown to RW. Then it’s either win a Super Bowl and all is well or it’s Wilson and AB gone (since I’m sure he’ll only do a 1-year deal). Might be one last chance at a Super Bowl with Wilson as QB of the ‘Hawks, though I’m not sure how that will be possible with all of the holes remaining on the roster and only the 56th pick in the draft offering any potential impact player remaining from now until the start of the season (provided they do throw Wilson a bone with AB).

    • Rob Staton

      Personally, I highly doubt the Seahawks sign Antonio Brown

    • BruceN

      Similar to last year AB is using the Seahawks to negotiate a better deal with TB. That’s where he wants to be.

  39. Rob Staton

    I have no idea why Chris Carson is doing this:

    Any time you have to balance one leg on a ball with a weight on your back while you balance and hold yourself up… to me this just looks like a great way to hurt your back or fall flat on your face.

    I might not be a pro-athlete or trainer but I’m pretty sure you can do some pretty intense core work without including the kind of gymnastics my kids do in the front room.

    Guess the trainer can get some nice social media views though…

    • BobbyK

      Chris Carson and hurt in the same sentence?

      My prediction for tomorrow – the sun will come up whether it’s clearly or cloudy skies.

      • Big Mike

        I’m gonna even further out on a limb here Bobby……..the sun will come up in the eastern part of the sky.

    • Scot04

      I did many years of fitness and lifting while playing Ice Hockey before an accident ended my ability to ever play again.
      Watching that just made me shake my head. There really is no purpose to what he’s doing that he can’t do in a much safer manner.
      If I’m the Seahawks and saw this, I would tell him no more.
      It’s bad accident waiting to happen.
      If it’s an actual competition between him and another player, they both need to fire their trainers.

    • Brik

      I would guess it’s to work on balance. There are much better ways though. No wonder he keeps getting hurt.

      • Rob Staton

        Unfortunately it’s not working on anything other than practising how to get seriously injured and some minor gymnastics

        • Brik

          haha right. Just do ballet like a real man

    • Ben S

      While that doesn’t look overly safe, exercises like that are meant to work the small stabilizer muscles to help improve functional strength. When you lift with weights on a set track (smith machine, leg press) you’re really isolating specific major muscles and strengthening a very specific movement. When you start to free that up (dumbbells) you have to use more stabilizer muscles to keep the weight “on track.”

      Exercise bands and balls require you to use a lot of small stabilizer muscles in order to complete these movements, which is really important for functional strength on the football field. You’re rarely going to be making simple push/pull movements. So, that exercise may be dangerous, but probably less dangerous than having athletic freaks hit you in the head 20 times a game, and it helps strengthen all the muscles you need to pull of the complex movements in football with power and balance. I’m sure it also helps with injury prevention, as the smaller muscles that would normally fail under awkward movements are now being strengthened.

      So, probably not something you want to see in your local gym, but for a professional athlete like Carson I’d say the reward outweighs the risk.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m still not convinced. I’m not trying to claim a level of expertise myself but I’ve been around a lot of experts and I’ve trained for six years with an absolute legend of training.

        Anything that requires you to balance on a gym ball like that, with weights hanging off you, is nearly always a crap personal trainer doing stupid stuff that can get you in a lot of trouble simply to appear creative and/or show off.

        The fact that video made it to social media says it all really. There are so many dumb videos like this, with athletes doing stupid workouts that serve no real purpose. But hey — gotta get them likes I guess.

  40. CaptainJack

    Gonzaga with a Seahawks playoff-style start

    • CaptainJack

      Baylor is just bigger faster and stronger

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        Baylor is not bigger.

        • CaptainJack

          They absolutely were. Not in terms of height but in terms of weight and strength, yes.

    • Malc from PO

      I hope they prove me wrong this time, but Gonzaga never have proven me wrong in predicting they won’t win the NCAA championship in any given year. They always find a way to blow it. Prove me wrong, Bulldogs, please!

    • Big Mike

      Amazing what playing actual defense does for a team isn’t it? Terribly disappointing watching the Seahaw………….er, Zags lose, especially in the fashion they did.

  41. Albert Bryan Butler

    Clearly, Adam Shefter is like Lord Baelish on Game of Thrones and is the conduit of information for everyone trying to stab each other in the back.

    • CaptainJack

      Lol, accurate comparison

      • Justaguy

        What in the fuck with these Game of Trolls references. Absolute spanker trash

        • CaptainJack

          Lol. Spanker is a new one for me

  42. Aj

    Shafter doesn’t tell us anything that we don’t know about long before he yaps about it.

    • Rob Staton

      You definitely sound like someone with their finger on the pulse.

      I’m sold. Move over ‘Schafter’, there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is AJ…

  43. Russ

    Rob, a thought on this –

    The Seahawks clearly don’t want to make a move without a QB. Schefter has said that it’d likey be closer to the draft at this point.

    If they know they could get Kellen Mond, or whoever they wanted, at 20, do you think we see a draft day trade where the Hawks pull the trigger?

    • Brik

      Not Rob, but this is the scenario that I speculated could happen. The only thing is; where will anymore picks come from. If they plan to use that pick for a QB then they can’t trade down for more picks. It would be a very brazen move if they did, not out of character I might add. You can’t really mess around if you think you have the QB of the future. You would have to be getting a 2nd round pick this year from the Bears as well. Along with the next 3 1sts after this one (can trade 4 on draft day).

    • Rob Staton


      It’d be unprecedented but so is flirting with parting with a franchise QB

      But as Brik pointed out there’s no real advantage this year. You have to use your top pick on a QB, presumably without trading down first

      • Russ

        Appreciate the thoughts from both of you.

        I guess the only advantage is if they really thought that a QB sitting at pick 20 was the heir apparent for RW. That and the benefit of finally leaving this all behind.

        They’re not getting the draft capital they want, but then I think it has to come down to the players they could get in the trade as well.

        They could get something like:

        3 Firsts
        2021 2nd
        Khalil Mack
        Jaylon Johnson

        Jaylon is still on a rookie deal for a couple more years, so they might consider that an additional “pick”.

        • Rob Staton

          I think any shot at Mack evaporated when they restructured his contract

          • Russ

            That’s a pretty important detail that I forgot about.

            12 more months of Russ drama it is! (Unless he expands his team list to include someone like Miami)

            • DT

              Especially if the Hawks struggle, and the Saints – who have not committed and probably don’t have a viable option at qb – also struggle. The amount of speculation for RW to NO would likely be ridiculous. It could also be reasonable, given the saints may have better draft capital next year.

              • Russ

                Very fair point DT.

                We could be getting weekly RW to NO chatter all through the season if that happens. Would make for a very long season…

                • DT

                  For Sure

  44. SeattleLifer

    The part that sticks out to me is Schneider buying into the Chicago deal and then presenting it to Pete. I’m not so sure it’s about Schneider being sick of Russ/his agents shenanigans. I think either Schneider was told by Pete to get me a deal(any deal) i can decide upon or John yet again showed up how poorly he can misjudge deals of a higher caliber. Either way not a good look – he’s either Pete’s total and complete yes man lackey or he’s just bad at judging and making bigger deals.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think this is right at all.

      Schneider, in my opinion, has had enough of this

      • SeaTown

        But has JS had enough of this? He’s had a few opportunities to leave and run his own show yet he has decided to continue playing second fiddle to PC. I don’t get that. Now if they are both on the same page, well then that frightens me.

      • SeattleLifer

        I still just don’t see John as the type to take things personally- he’s widely regarded as a genuinely good person/high character fellow and I believe professional enough as well to not allow his difficult times with Russ/his agent move him to a place where he’d just want to get rid of his hall of fame franchise QB.

        • Rob Staton

          I think you’d be surprised

  45. SeattleLifer

    Russ to Carolina for Darnold, three 1st’s and an above average rookie contracted player with some upside at any one of these positions : CB, LB, DT, WR or DE.

  46. uptop

    “If the Seahawks’ cornerback situation is dodgy, the defensive line has:

    Kerry Hyder Jr, Carlos Dunlap, Poona Ford, Bryan Mone, Benson Mayowa, L.J. Collier, Rasheem Green,
    Alton Robinson, and hopefully in 2021 we’ll see what Darrell Taylor can do.”

    They think this is a group to be excited about, oh boy. The D-line has gotten a lot worse without Reed. Personally I am not very sold on Kerry Hyder, I am keeping my expectations very low on this line.

    • KD

      What was Darrell Taylor’s injury anyways that is so bad that he may never play a down?

      • Peter

        Nothing. Fibia or tibia. Its 100% in his head. I’m not being facetious. Reports are he’s 100% healed. He just doesn’t want/can’t yet get over the prospect of cutting, driving on his bad leg.

        • Brik

          There is talk about how he got a rod put in his leg. It can lead to discomfort, basically just doesn’t feel right trying to use it. Also heard they can take it back out and let it heal up again. I’m not sure how that works since if they felt it needed to be in there then why would it be ok to take it back out.

        • Mac

          It’s a little bit more complex than that, if you’ve ever had a hernia repair with a mesh or metal rod placed in you, you can tell physically that there’s a foreign object in you. Movements that felt natural before feel strange.
          I empathize with Taylor and I hope he’ll be out there soon. When it comes to him feeling that there’s something not right, he may just have to get used to that feeling permanently.

          • Big Mike

            Or he may never be comfortable enough in the violent world of pro football to ever play

          • Peter Jakubisin

            I have a rod and a plate in my leg. And an ankle that looked like crushed rock after an accident. And I don’t have type flight care. Expert physical therapy. Or millions to gain from playing football. And yet at 20 years older than Taylor I’m back at being a contractor.

            Or if we’re doing football comparisons. Pretty sure Suggs are back to play after tearing his Achilles which for most is a career killing injury.

            Sorry. But Rod schmod, if it bothers him take it out and heal. He’ll still have to learn to trust it and that is in the head not the leg

      • CaptainJack

        Losing Reed was hard for me to deal with. Really it’s a pretty unimpressive unit as of now. As is the rest of the defense. Never been less excited about the upcoming draft, training camp and season. I just don’t care much at all.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s Field Gulls…

  47. Sea Mode

    Mike Garafolo

    Quinton Dunbar’s position coach with the #Lions will be Aubrey Pleasant, who was with him in Washington to start his career. Dunbar and Detroit DC Aaron Glenn also hit it off during his visit, with Glenn being a former CB and a very good communicator as a coach.

    You mean our very own “DB whisperer” and master communicator wasn’t more attractive…?

  48. Kip Earlywine

    It’s a little interesting to me that Carolina traded for Darnold, they probably made that decision with the idea that none of the top 5 QBs reach the 8th overall pick.

    I agree that Schefter is being sourced by the Seahawks. They want the message out there. If JS is going to deal Russ during the draft, he’ll need to be making those calls right now, it might take a 3 team deal to make it work.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a little interesting to me that Carolina traded for Darnold, they probably made that decision with the idea that none of the top 5 QBs reach the 8th overall pick.

      I’m not so sure on this. A lot of the talk this off-season is David Tepper is impatient and wants a proven, quality quarterback to come in and elevate the team to the next level. Clearly their intended target was Deshaun Watson but that’s now not happening.

      If you draft a QB at eight… you are going through the growing pains of a rookie, you have to give them a set amount of time to show what they can do and develop, you might not be able to start them in 2021.

      With Darnold they basically get a 1-2 year look at a more experienced player they can start this year, with no real commitment beyond 2021 if needs be. They could even trade him as part of a package for a Watson type if they wanted in 2022.

      For me what they’ve basically done is present themselves with a short-term QB solution that could be a long-term QB solution and if it all goes tits-up… they haven’t done anything to prevent themselves making a big trade for Watson or whoever down the line.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think Trey Lance is very much on Carolina’s radar. Darnold gives him the space to develop until he becomes their long term starter.

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt Lance is to be honest

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I wouldn’t either but the guys who get paid the big bucks think Lance is special so…

            FWIW I prefer Lance to Fields as the 4th best QB prospect in this class.

  49. JamesP

    I’ve been having a play around with PFN’s Mock Draft Simulator (dangerous I know), and I think I’ve found my ideal option. If we trade JA to Miami for a 2nd and 3rd (36 and 81), and then trade out of 36 down to the 50s to pick up another 80s, that would give us two picks in the 50s and two in the 80s. That seems to align pretty well to the strength of the class. I am extremely dubious whether all of these players will be available in these slots, but I took:

    55 Quinn Meinerz
    56 Daviyon Nixon
    81 D’Ante Smith
    87 D’wayne Eskridge
    129 Benjamin St Juste

    I ended up with two 7ths due to a small trade down somewhere else, using them on a RB and a speedy LB.

    This seemed to give pretty much the best outcome I could have hoped for – plug and play starters at C and DT, OT of the future, WR 3 and CB depth. Clearly this is just rosterbation, but I do think it shows what type of draft we could have if we could get into that 50-90 range a couple of times. If only we had all our picks. Sigh…

    • Sea Mode


  50. Ukhawk

    This is the $64m question… who is the prospective solution if the Hawks are “willing to move on if they’re presented with a viable quarterback solution” ???

    • Rob Staton

      That is indeed the question.

      I am not sure to be honest. I can imagine a world where JS/PC are enamoured with Fields and Lance. And Mond.

  51. Ukhawk

    Pushed send too quickly

    Interesting take on Darnold:

    Will be fascinating to see not just if but how they move on from RW

  52. Cambs

    If Darnold really was a part of the Chicago trade conversations as Rob has speculated, the Jets might have been a little penny wise and pound foolish about him. It’s just not every day that you have the chance to wreck the QB room of a team whose future first-round pick you own — that’s the main chance, not maximizing the price tag on your discarded backup.

    Had the Jets accepted a cut-rate compensation for Darnold to facilitate a Wilson three-team trade, like a fourth-rounder or equivalent, they’d have made Seattle the clear worst team in its own division and been set up to perhaps own two top-ten picks in 2022. Trade down from there to 15 or 20 or wherever you’d reckon the Wilson Seahawks would have finished and you’ll net way more than a second-rounder.

    It’s true that this might not all go to plan, but the upside odds strike me as way out of proportion to the ante.

    • Rob Staton

      If Darnold really was a part of the Chicago trade conversations as Rob has speculated

      Let’s be clear though — I didn’t speculate this. It was reported by the Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News and Colin Cowherd. I only talked about Darnold because the Seahawks reportedly had interest.

      I think you’re probably right though. If the Seahawks were legitimately interested, it probably made sense for the Jets to be pushing this.

  53. Rob Staton

    Just deleted a long rambling, ridiculous comment that included the words:

    “Perhaps because you’re English you don’t understand Wilson’s value to Seattle”

    The stupidity among some people who follow this team has been an eye opener over the last 12 months

    • Simo

      Personally I think there is probably a very similar amount of fan stupidity and ignorance regardless of which team they follow! That behavior is certainly not limited solely to Seahawks fans!

      • Rob Staton

        You’re probably right.

        I think it’s a poor reflection when they’re so desperate to undermine an argument that me being British is seen as a viable counter.

        • TheOtherJordan

          In fairness Rob, you guys did burn the White House down in 1814. So maybe the guy just holds a grudge.

    • cha

      I can’t refute your logic so I’ll just attack you personally.

      Let’s see what do I know about Rob. He’s from England. Bingo!

    • Rory

      Good grief. That’s ridiculous. Stupidity runs deep in this country, within sports and without. Sorry Rob.

    • Ukhawk

      Rob, Gotta say as an American living in England, this happens to myself all too often as well.

      My working premise is: Dont engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed !!

  54. drrew76

    There is ZERO truth to what Brandon Marshall is saying, and if Zierlein is trying to claim there is, he’s an idiot.

    In a previous lifetime, I worked at a very very low level job in the Sonics front office. Between sorting mail and sending faxes, one of the fun parts of the job was reading through player contracts which were stored in our office.

    That being said, using this as an excuse not to believe Marshall is silly. I personally don’t believe he has any specific info/insight for other valid reasons, but using this as a reason/excuse is dumb.

    • Brik

      He’s not completely wrong, but he is off base with his statements. There are people who come in for tryouts or during the preseason, and people who have 2-way contracts. They almost always keep the players who have guaranteed contracts though. The thing is there are only 15 players on a NBA team and injury is less of a concern. My first thought is if they need a change in football it should have to do with paying players who are injured, and adjusting the salary cap. If a player gets hurt they should make a portion of their contract, and it shouldn’t count against the cap since they need to find a player to take his spot. In my mind you’re comparing apples to oranges when you try to compare sports.

      • drrew76

        He said at most 4 people on a team have guaranteed contracts. That is 100% wrong.

        There isn’t an NBA team that currently has fewer than 12 guaranteed contracts, and most have a couple more than that.

        It’s not “off base” it’s factually incorrect.

        • Brik

          That’s one statement, so saying he is “completely” wrong isn’t taking in account everything else he said. You can’t take one thing someone said and say they are wrong about everything. He was obviously mislead, but there can always be words in contracts that trump this idea. Yea it’s guaranteed, but is it guaranteed if they don’t play? I’m guaranteed to get paid a certain amount per hour, but does that mean I get paid for 40 hours every week? No, I have to work those 40 hours.

          • drrew76

            Yes, every NBA team has at least 12 players on contract that are guaranteed for the entire season, even if they don’t play.

            NBA contracts are crazy. Monta Ellis hasn’t played in the league since the 16/17 season. The Pacers are still paying him through the 21/22 season.

            Andrew Nicholson hasn’t played since the 16/17 season, the Trailblazers will be paying him until the 23/24 season.

            • Brik

              You said there was “zero truth” to what Marshall said, and have only given me a single point along the lines of 5 or so points he was trying to make. Maybe he meant to say that 4 people on each team DON’T have guaranteed contracts, which is very near accurate according to what you say. You’re so focused on trying to prove your one single thought that you fail to see the many other ways of thinking. Honestly I don’t even care, good luck

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