Rob Staton & Jacson Bevens talk Seahawks


  1. Simo

    Looking forward to it Rob! Hopefully you can discuss how the Seahawks intend to increase their 2021 draft stock. There’s absolutely no way they sit tight with only four picks, and there’s no real good way to accumulate more without executing some trades.

    Of course we’ve been discussing trading RW for a bit now, and also trading Jamal as well. Assume for a minute they work out a truce with Russ and extend Adams contract, what options would still exist to get back in this draft?

    Thanks, and love the content as always!

    • Rob Staton

      Got some great topics to get into. Wish we could start right now!

      • TomLPDX

        Hopefully 30 minutes isn’t a hard stop for you guys. You could talk for hours about what is happening.

        • Rob Staton

          It is unfortunately — we’re due on another podcast at 3pm

          • TomLPDX

            If the following podcast is live, drop a link here. If not, let me know which one so I can take a listen later.

            • Rob Staton

              It will be recorded. I will embed on the blog when it’s published.

              • TomLPDX

                Cool, thanks Rob

    • dcd2

      Oooooh boy. That might be our worst case scenario. Merely delays the trade for another year of good-not-great, nothing really changes and now we’re getting a lesser return for RW and are hamstrung by the most expensive SS is NFL history.

      Couple that with losing Shaq, KJ, Carson who would qualify for comp picks and replacing them with lesser versions who cancel the comp picks out… Then we also need to replace Dunlap and at least some of the other 20 free agents we have, which will eat into the little cap we have left.

      I honestly think trading RW is the only way forward at this point. That way we have draft capital to fill holes and don’t have to spend big and early in FA (negating the comp picks). We also don’t have to feel bound and determined to target OL/TE/WR/RB with our limited resources. Get back to taking BPA. Build the defense, wait for FA to come to us and focus on getting back to being the bully, instead of casting off the bullies, so that it can be the QB’s ‘team’.

      • Simo

        Ya, I hear you! Trading RW would definitely return some decent 2021 draft picks, as well as future picks and current players. I’m also holding out hope they realize their error in giving up the farm for Adams and try to recoup some picks this year, but as many have said it seems more likely they extend him.

        So, what options does it leave if RW and JA are both on the 2021 roster? Trading Bobby probably doesn’t return a whole lot. Would they dare trade Jarran Reed? Anyone else?

        Like I said, I just can’t see going into the draft with only four picks, and one in the first three rounds!

        • JimQ

          As I understand it, a common thought is that a pick 1 year in the future is diminished by 1 full round, IE: as in 1-st round pick has 2-nd round value. I’d assume that a 1-st round pick that is 2 years in the future must then be equivalent to a 3-rd round pick. Is that right? If so, the more 2021 picks that can be obtained by trade for current use may end up being better than waiting on a 1-st rounder 2-3 years in the future, at least that sounds reasonable to me. Add in the only 4 picks problem this year and this may make some sense from a “win now but – how – with only 4 picks?” standpoint.

          The point I’d make is 2021 2-nd & 3-rd round picks have current value that is at least close to the future years high picks in the 1-st rounds of 2022/2023 in terms of value. It may be that a 2021 Rd-1, Rd-2 & Rd-3 have equal (or close) value than future years picks 2 or 3 years out???? However with JS’s drafting methods, future 1-st round picks likely get traded down for more picks and I guess that has value too, but then, maybe I’m off on my thought processes a bit due to my “cabin fever” (for 12 months & counting).

          • dcd2

            That kind of approach has seen us spend future picks for all manner of non-contributors though.

            When did “Win Forever” become obsolete? Was it RW’s first contract extension?

            It feels like as soon as we paid him and tied all that money to QB, there was a philosophical change from “win forever” to “all in”, while this QB-in-his-prime-window is open. I get it, but that ship has sailed.

            If you’re legitimately going for it this year, then sure, a 2nd is comparable to a 2022 1st. If we deal Russ, we aren’t in that category though. Draft stock next year is as important as this year IMO. We aren’t going to fix this overnight, so stock up. Trade a 4th for a 2022 3rd, unless there is someone there you really love.

      • J.P.

        Said it yesterday, team needs another reset whether Russ is here or not. There’s just no other way unless you just want more of the same. Last year was what they were building towards and that was their shot at it. It’s time to reset again.

        If they’re intent on keeping Russ, trade everybody anyways. He’s not going to sit out anyways, we all know this, but this year, bet on yourself to build up a new team from scratch around him. If things go well, it might be too good for him to want to leave.

        Spend on the trenches, build it up on both sides, make it a priority. Everywhere else, just go young, cheap, see what you got as the season goes on. Flip every stone, always compete, etc. With a strong O-Line, and Russ at QB, they might still sneak into the playoffs anyways in a rebuild year.

        This is in the case Russ stays obviously. I’m not against trading him either.

  2. Mike

    Cant wait for some cigar thoughts!

    • CHaquesFan

      yeah its one of my favorite columns on FG too

      • Sea Mode

        he’s a talented writer

        • God of Thunder

          I hate cigars … but I enjoy his column.

  3. Trevor

    If a trade is going to happen this off season it would have to be before the start of free agency right? How do you build a roster or target free agent if not.

    • dcd2

      Have to think so. For both team’s sake. To a lesser extent the teams that are still negotiating as well. They’ll need to know what’s happening.

      Then again, we seem to have zero to one plan for the DL every off-season and just kind of ‘wing it’ a few days before opening day.

  4. BoiseSeahawk

    I hope we trade either Russ or Adams and invest in the trenches early.
    Sign Minshew and run it with Javonte and Chris.

    If we trade Russ we could get a difference maker on the d line first like Paye or Rousseau etc.
    Sign a OL vet like Linsley and draft Ben Cleveland and try to get Benjamin St. Juste as well.

    I don’t think we need a top 3 QB to make noise and I’m more and more content with the idea of letting Russ go.

    • BobbyK

      Can’t sign a player who has two years remaining on his rookie contract with another team.

      • BoiseSeahawk

        *trade for Minshew then BobbyK. Or Sign Alex Smith.

    • dcd2

      Cynical hot take inbound-

      I like it all, which means almost none of it will happen. Every year SDB has a bunch of guys we like and they almost always end up on other teams. Whoever has the least buzz going into the draft is probably high on PCJS board.

      We will probably trade RW, not extend Jamal (filling the drama void left by RW), then draft a safety with our 1st pick and trade up for Dayo Odeyingbo or Trey Smith.

      FA signings will be: Who, How Much and R.U. Kiddingme

      2021 QB battle will be between Tyrod Taylor, Geno Smith and RG3.

      • Big Mike

        In fairness, Damien Lewis was high on the SDB list last year. I think that’s the only one though.
        I can see everything else you said coming true. And how sad would the “2021 QB battle between Tyrod Taylor, Geno Smith and RG3” be? yet it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

        • dcd2

          Yep, and it was probably our best pick. Certainly more impactful than the pick before, who no one here was banging the drum for.

      • Big Mike

        And FA is gonna be some more BJ Finney type action I’d guess. Benson Mayowa is out there too. Woo hoo!! Sign him up Pete. No need for Dunlap when you have Mayowa and 53rd ranked.

      • Tomas

        I can imagine your envisioned QB battle coming true, or almost so … God help me.

    • Jordan

      I hope they don’t trade Russ. Going from Russ to Minshew isn’t the least bit appealing.

      • Sneekes

        But a pissed off Russ is also unappealing. The tail end of last season was not good QB play.
        Happy Russ > Minshew > Angry Russ

      • dcd2

        I get it, but is – a toxic locker room, year after year drama and a 1st round playoff exit what we’re striving for?

        The same arguments were made about Earl when he seemed unhappy. You can’t go from HOF Earl to Tedric Thompson! In the end, he left and we got pick 90 or so in return.

        We paid Russ, and tried to build around him. For the most part we failed, and now he’s disenfranchised. Last year was a legit chance to go for it. We had the picks, the cap and an easy schedule. This year we have no picks, no money and who-knows with the schedule. Did we blow it in last off-season? Ya. That’s probably part of why RW wants out. If we can bungle an off-season full of resources, what are we going to do with a fraction of that? So, I do worry about capturing that 2012 mojo again.

        We’re stuck with Pete regardless, so…

        If the marriage is over, let’s get what we can in the divorce and make the most of it. Minshew probably isn’t who any of us want to marry, but we can date him while we get the rest of our house in order.

  5. BobbyK

    Carroll and Schneider have proven they don’t care about the future. I wonder if they would consider trading their 2nd round pick next year if there’s a player they like this year in the 3rd round.

  6. cha

    Not sure hawkblogger grasps the low salary cap in 2021 isn’t a “money grab” by the owners.

    Players got their full paychecks in 2020 while playing in front of no fans. That has to be accounted for in the way the cap works in 2021.

    • Roy Batty

      1%er’s care not what some South Alaskan sports team’s fansite thinks about them.

    • Roy Batty

      By the way, cha, did you read Matty Brown’s article on Corbin’s site? Apparently SAM is the Hawks most pressing need in FA and the draft. Not EDGE, OL, CB, TE, RB or (gasp) QB.

      • Rob Staton

        Are you serious???

        He said SAM linebacker is the biggest need???

      • cha

        Well I did now.

        I enjoy Matty Brown’s articles. They’re so far off my own viewpoint I read them to reaffirm my conclusions and make sure I’m not giving my own thinking too much weight.

        He begins his point by praising KJ Wright (rightfully so), then outlines that Brooks has the skills to take his spot and then ends with ‘but wouldn’t it be cool if the Seahawks got a pure SAM?’

        And twice referencing a meme in a professional sports publication? Good night.

        • Roy Batty

          The good thing about the article is that he didn’t just label it “Seahawks Biggest Need in FA and the Draft” as clickbait.

          Otherwise people would be spitting up their coffee/tea/bourbon upon learning what said need was.

          • cha

            Nope. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

            Matty F. Brown
            Replying to
            (the biggest need is actually cornerback but allow me to sell my article thanks)
            8:36 PM · Mar 9, 2021

            • Roy Batty

              A simple wrong would have done just fine.

  7. Sea Mode

    Lol. What a leader personality.

    • Rob4q

      Legendary! We need to draft him!!!

    • MoBo

      Great dude! And his Pro day numbers looking promising: 4,86s on his 40; 1,73s for 10y; 4,47s short shuttle and 7,33 3-cone. Also 32″ vertical and 111″ broad-jump. Bench press will follow next month but looks like he will get above 3,0 in TEF or above 100 in wTEF. Could be our next Damien Lewis.

    • DC

      Love that dude & a ‘must have’ Hawk playing a position of need (LG) with the potential to grow into another position of need (C).

      Make it happen John!

      • Hoggs41

        Love everything about that dude. Could play LG or center.

  8. pinksheets

    My two dads.

  9. Rob Staton

    Quick thought…

    I’m seeing all these names being cut or not tagged.

    I can’t get into free agency. We need a conclusion to this Wilson saga, one way or another. Until then, how do we even consider what happens over the next few weeks?

    • Lewis

      Let’s hope they don’t just sit on their hands and do nothing until there are no/poor options remaining, then panic and overpay for something. Wait… that sounds familiar.

      • dcd2

        I think this is the year to do exactly that. Sit on your hands and wait. Hopefully Shaq, KJ and Carson get nice deals and we get comp picks. Most teams are up against the cap, so there will be some nice deals after that comp pick window closes.

        We have too many holes and not enough cap to be bidding against the likes of the teams with $60M+ in space.

        By the way, has anyone noticed how NE approached the post-Brady transition? They took it on the chin for ONE year (when half of their team opted out). They now have almost $70M in cap space, 6 picks in the first 4 rounds and 11 picks overall. They have a 3,4,4,6 from comp picks. I hope we can take a page out of, if not outright copy that book.

        • Lewis

          I meant with respect to the qb position. I’d like to see them resolve that, so they know what they have to work with in term of draft capital, cap, etc

    • GerryG

      That’s what we need, I dont think we will get it. At least not soon. Gut Feeling.

  10. TomLPDX

    Bills released Quinton Jefferson, I’d like him back as a rotational piece if possible.

    • Rob Staton

      As a rotational guy because they realise Collier and Green aren’t good enough and get rid — fine by me.

      Anything more? Pass

    • Sea Mode

      Seth Walder

      QJeff: Ranked 9th in pass rush win rate as a defensive tackle last season.

      • dcd2

        He led the team in sacks (including playoffs) the year we let him walk too.

        Happy to have him back if the price is right.

  11. GerryG

    Should be great, Ive often wondered if Jackson is as funny in discussion as he is in Cigar Thoughts (the only readable thing on FG for years now)

    • Mike

      He’s a pretty entertaining guy in general. Not surprising that it translates to his writing.

  12. AlaskaHawk

    Maybe you could resume the live stream after your other interview?

    • Rob Staton

      I think pushing two hours of talk is enough for one night Alaska 😴

  13. Rob4q

    Let’s look back at the 2020 Seahawks draft for a minute, these grades are from right after the draft by CBS Sports Chris Trapasso.

    1 27 LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech C+
    2 48* EDGE Darrell Taylor, Tennessee C+
    3 69* G Damien Lewis, LSU B
    4 133 TE Colby Parkinson, Stanford B+
    4 144^ RB DeeJay Dallas, Miami C+
    5 148* DE Alton Robinson, Syracuse B-
    6 214^ WR Freddie Swain, Florida C
    7 251*^ TE Stephen Sullivan, LSU A-

    * Acquired via trade
    ^ Compensatory pick

    Seattle Seahawks 2020 draft trade notes:
    No. 48 acquired from Jets as part of draft-day trade
    No. 69 and 148 from Panthers acquired in draft-day trade
    No. 251 acquired from Dolphins as part of draft-day trade

    If we were to re-grade the picks after one year, how would they do? I would say this is how I feel:

    1 27 LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech A
    2 48* EDGE Darrell Taylor, Tennessee D
    3 69* G Damien Lewis, LSU A+
    4 133 TE Colby Parkinson, Stanford C
    4 144^ RB DeeJay Dallas, Miami C
    5 148* DE Alton Robinson, Syracuse B-
    6 214^ WR Freddie Swain, Florida C+
    7 251*^ TE Stephen Sullivan, LSU D

    For me, Brooks and Lewis ended up being great picks and they were starters as rookies who look like they have long careers ahead of them. Lewis even started a game at C after never having played there before! Robinson showed some flases and should get better with more opportunities. Parkinson, Dallas and Swain all played some and contributed so they could see larger roles this season…especially Parkinson and Swain! Taylor was obviously a huge dissapointment not being able to play all year, but he has a chance to come in this year and be the player they thought they were drafting. Sullivan was worth the gamble on a late pick, but he is no longer on the team.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure Brooks warrants an ‘A’

      • Mick

        I believe A is more for his potential than for what he has delivered, as much as I liked him. He was not at the same level with Lewis, rather just a tiny bit better than Robinson. I wouldn’t put a grade on Taylor just yet, so far the pick itself earned a F. Parkinson is also very hard to judge, wasn’t enough on the field. Dallas and Swain really need to step up. Wouldn’t be too shocked to see them both lose their roster spot.

      • Rob4q

        Because he was taken in round 1, or it wasn’t seen as a position of need or because of his performance? Curious why you think that…maybe a B+ then?

        For a rookie LB, he started 6 games, played in 14 and played well – had some mistakes for sure, but also made some plays. He had 56 tackles, 35 solo and 2 TFL. He had some issues early on with coverage but got better as the year went on and showed he has the ability to do it…

        • Mick

          I rooted for him all season. I wouldn’t say he disappointed, and I’m confident going with him as a starter. But Lewis played most snaps, while Jordyn didn’t manage to win a starting place. It could be that Carroll’s conservative style didn’t advantage Brooks, but I would also say he took time to develop. I simply think A is too much – and to be fully honest, I would also downgrade Lewis from A+ to A. Chase Young is A+.

    • God of Thunder

      Thanks for this! Enjoyed it.

      Dallas was a huge disappointment to me. I didn’t like what I saw. Hopefully it was a reflection of his youth and inexperience.

      • God of Thunder

        IMO Taylor gets a “no grade”.

        It’s like the sub who comes onto the pitch in the 89th minute—not enough time to assess and grade.

        • Big Mike

          IMO Malik Taylor gets an “F”………..oh wait, I’ll give that grade to Carroll for drafting the guy. Never mind.

    • BobbyK

      1 27 LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech B+
      2 48* EDGE Darrell Taylor, Tennessee F
      3 69* G Damien Lewis, LSU A-
      4 133 TE Colby Parkinson, Stanford C
      4 144^ RB DeeJay Dallas, Miami D
      5 148* DE Alton Robinson, Syracuse B-
      6 214^ WR Freddie Swain, Florida C
      7 251*^ TE Stephen Sullivan, LSU F

      • Big Mike

        I’m pretty in lone with this but damn it Bobby, don’t vault Sully all the way up to a D- cuz he got snaps at DE?
        I mean it’s not the kid’s fault that Pete and John had such a shitty-assed plan and execution for their d-line that a guy that played DE in freaking high school was pressed into service there at the pro level.

        • Big Mike

          *don’t WE vault*

    • Matt

      1 27 LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech – B: Positional value is really bad. At least contributed a little bit.
      2 48* EDGE Darrell Taylor, Tennessee – F: Awful process. Truly terrible process and outcome.
      3 69* G Damien Lewis, LSU – A: Really nice pick. I don’t think Lewis is special but he’s a good starter.
      4 133 TE Colby Parkinson, Stanford – B-: Did nothing but love the potential.
      4 144^ RB DeeJay Dallas, Miami – D: Bad pick. I don’t see him as anything more than a 3rd RB. Bad value.
      5 148* DE Alton Robinson, Syracuse – B+: If he becomes an average starting DE, this becomes an A.
      6 214^ WR Freddie Swain, Florida – C+: Looks like your typical 3/4 WR who you are happy to have but doesn’t move the needle and will not be here after his rookie contract barring some major step forward (high floor, low ceiling IMO).
      7 251*^ TE Stephen Sullivan, LSU – B: Yes, I am giving this a B becuase he’s a great athlete and had real potential. What more do you want in the 7th round? He actually played snaps at DE which while dreadful for the Seahawks, shows very well on his athletic ability.

    • Jace

      I feel like Swain should be getting graded a lot higher on here. For a 6th round pick he produced pretty well, and showed promise moving forward. I didn’t love the pick initially but he was a pleasant surprise for me this season.

  14. Roy Batty

    Red Bull with a Monster chaser…and a cardiac surgeon on speed dial should do it.

  15. Ashish

    Not surprised but zero compensatory picks for hawks.

    • Sea Mode

      Now both SF and LAR getting two R3 comps each.

      Remember when it used to be us gaming the system…

      • Sea Mode

        Correction, but still…

        Tom Pelissero

        Update: The NFL plans to send a revised list of 2021 comp picks to clubs, fixing a mistake on the original list. The new rule says the #49ers are supposed to get one third-rounder in each of the next three drafts for losing Robert Saleh and Martin Mayhew, not two picks this year.

        • Simo

          Is that a new rule, where teams get comp picks for losing coaches? So, losing a DC is worth 3 R3 picks?

          • dcd2

            Has to be a minority coach who takes a HC or GM position iirc.

          • Sean

            I think this is the new compensation system to promote more hiring of minority coaches. I think the idea is that it rewards teams that have developed/promoted minority coaches so that they make good head coach candidates. So then when they get a job that is a promotion to a new team, the team losing them gets compensated. They are trying to fix the ‘pipeline’ problem.

  16. Hoggs41

    Zeitler released as well today. Another guard available along with Gabe Jackson. Just because they were cut doesnt mean they arent good.

    • Rob Staton

      Zeitler has only ever played RG

  17. Gaux Hawks

    every day that passes, i lose more and more confidence in this front office.

    looks like carlos dunlap will not be signing with us… sigh.

    why do we continuously go dumpster diving for talent? frustrating.

    • Gaux Hawks

      and now that it has been a full season…

      i think we can all agree that rob was correct last year: we had a terrible offseason.

      • Rob Staton


        I know a lot of people thought I made the arguments I did to be negative for the sake of it. I didn’t — I could see what was coming, simply because it was obvious.

        Just as it was obvious what was brewing with Wilson.

        • Gaux Hawks

          it’s just tough when you have high expectations that your club is building a talented (and nasty) roster… it’s not so much that we were spoiled in the early part of the decade, but that they were close to so many players that many of us have been exposed to or discovered through this blog.

          i don’t need to win the super bowl (every year), i just want a mean and tough team (or BAMFs) to pull for (steelers/ravens/bears). i still believe that defense (or brady) wins championships.

          i’ve said it before, but this is my favorite time of the football season… roster building.

        • Dominic

          I don’t post much here, and I want to say that I was wrong to think Rob was maybe getting too worked up at the beginning of last season, thought maybe we should shift into enjoying the early wins. He was bang-on right, the whole way through, and still is. Also seems to have a better eye for talent than Pete/John which is kind of inexcusable. You’re a pro football Coach and GM with a full scouting department, there’s no way your personnel decisions should be consistently MUCH worse than an unpaid superfan that lives in another country. Also Rob you just cover American football better than most well-paid media people. Full credit and kudos for your knowledge, passion, and unparalleled content velocity and quality.

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks Dominic I really appreciate that

  18. Denver Hawker

    So quiet.

    • Trevor

      Calm before the storm.

  19. Rob Staton

    Mike Silver latest:

    Is it solvable? “On paper it is, but it’s not trending that way.”

    “Russell Wilson is frustrated enough to be eyeballing other places. That is real. There’s a lot of frustration in that building, too. And that would have to be bridged as well.”

    “I believe there will be serious talks, and … it will take a big, big, big price to get him.”

    Jody Allen “has been more detached” as owner. “A more engaged owner” would have dealt with this by now.

    “If Paul Allen were alive, probably Russell Wilson would already have been traded.”

    • Trevor

      That last line “If Paul Allen were alive, probably Russell Wilson would already have been traded.” is quite telling.

      • TomLPDX

        I think if Paul were alive, the opposite would be true. Paul would have had them sit down and hash it out with him probably as the moderator.

        • Denver Hawker

          I agree with this statement. Paul would have helped them find common ground and usher a plan together.

          • Mike

            Not only would he have done that, he was an analytical person. He would have been watching these games, roster moves, known the salary cap and draft capital situation, and had some criticism for both Pete and Russ. The things we discuss on this blog would be things he would strategize around. He didn’t just own the team, he was a prominent public figure whose presence held weight outside of football.

            Jody on the other hand, isn’t at all like Paul. She’s pretty spiteful and sketchy actually. Groping her security guards and having to pay them off to be silent. Day 1 of ownership she chopped every museum under Vulcan because they were “pauls pet projects”. The Hawks make money, so for that reason she tolerates it, but its pretty obvious she handed Pete the reigns so she wouldn’t have to touch it again.

          • Lewis

            Also agree, and perhaps the DE position would have been addressed properly

      • BobbyK

        Or the coach would have been kicked the curb for failing offseason after offseason.

        • Sean

          Yes – this seems like a possibility too. Good leadership would have either headed this off before it became so toxic, or would now resolve it so that PC and RW can coexist, or pick one of them to stay and one to go.

          My opinion is that it having gotten this bad speaks to a failure of leadership by Pete, and if it goes past FA, then that is also a big failure of the owner. Seems like the only responsible option at this point is to trade Russell…the other good options seem very unlikely at this point. Letting it just fester for another year or more would really be dysfunctional.

      • James Z

        It’s just as possible if Paul Allen were alive he might have 2nd thoughts about giving Carroll another 5 year deal like the current leadership has done.

    • Trevor

      Sounds to me like Silver has a source in the the front office and they are saying that they are just waiting for ownership to sign off on dealing him.

      This ends only one way IMO. How does Russ come back and lead this team with any credibility.

    • Denver Hawker

      I’m not sure I totally follow the implication of the last comment.

      Is he saying Jody is reason why Russ hasn’t been trade yet? And reason being she’s detached?

      • Trevor

        Sounds to me like they are just waiting for her to sign off on a deal.

      • Scot04

        It sure comes across as if they had an offer and are waiting on a decision. Hope that’s not the case though. If you have an offer you like you need to take it before its gone.

      • Rob Staton

        I believe he is saying Paul Allen would’ve insisted on a decision.

        And Jodi Allen isn’t getting involved.

    • Big Mike

      Gregg Bell tweet about how there’s nothing to see here incoming in 5-4-3……….

    • Happy Hawk

      Who is Silver’s source for his inside information with the Seahawks?

      • Rob Staton

        I have no idea.

        But you can guess

  20. Trevor

    Rob have you watched Mitch Trubisky at all? I know you were not a big fan of his coming out. Would be worth taking a a throw in if they do a deal with the Bears?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll pass

      Not a fan

      • Trevor

        Agreed I was just curious.

  21. Scot04

    Man I’m already missing Dunlap. I enjoyed those tumble rolls he did after sacks.

  22. Trevor

    Listen to Greg Olsen today rave about how well Pete runs the team, practices and meetings I was left with one thought, why doesn’t Pete just focus on this being the leader and manager, Let the OC run the offense and call plays and then he can have his input on the defense if he wants. Have to think it would be beneficial for everyone. Do what you do best and play to your strengths Pete,

    • Jordan

      Yes, amongst all the gossip it was nice to hear from someone as level headed as Greg Olsen. A lot of legitimacy given his recent proximity to Russ, Pete and the organization.

  23. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Cowboys have restructured the contracts for offensive lineman Zack Martin, Tyron Smith and La’el Collins creating roughly $17 million in cap room, per
    2:28 PM · Mar 10, 2021

    • John_s

      OTC has them as $5 mil projected over the cap in ‘22 before the restructures. Looks like they didn’t add any fake years meaning they will be over the cap even more in ‘22. This could be the last year of Zeke, Cooper and Dak with Cooper and Zeke cut next year

  24. Ryan

    We know it’s crazy to us to choose the 70-year-old coach over the franchise QB, but consider that the person making that decision is the 70-year-old coach.

    • Tomas

      Damn, your 70/70 comment pretty much says it all, sadly enough. Well put.

  25. AlaskaHawk

    After all this trouble you want to extend Russell Wilson? Krikey. We already got Pete Carroll and John Schneider signed for life. Sign Wilson for more years and they can all conquer the shuffleboard tournament on cruise ships.

  26. Ed

    It’s somewhat surprising LV hasn’t (at least via media) must interest in Wilson. I think that’s where Wilson really wants to go. He named 3 NFC teams (1 in each division outside of west) and 1 AFC team. Vegas has the coach and offensive prowess to be really good. It would be the best division in the NFL and Wilson is used to that anyways.

    On the PC side, I don’t know why he hasn’t made the trade already. His ego is so big and his way of football (run run pass punt), would work with a QB making under $20 million, so why waste so much money on a QB that you keep the reigns on. Either let Russ cook and take some bad games once in awhile (just like Rodgers and Mahomes have had) or trade him for 3 1st rd picks and build the team how you want it. Throw the ball 20 times and have a tough D.

    PC just doesn’t make much sense. He wants to pay someone $40 million, but doesn’t want them to be utilized like a $40 million QB should. It’s like he bought a Ferrari and takes it out of the garage twice a year and only drives it around the block. Just nonsense!!

    • Scot04

      Raiders can use the fact they have a starting caliber QB as a way to try to drive price down. If Brees decides to come back and Vegas says they are out of Wilson race that would definitely put the screws to Seattle.
      I guessing quiet is good. Maybe they’re working on something and want to have deal done before anything leaks.

    • TomLPDX

      I’ve actually never been a Gruden fan and don’t think he is that great of a coach.

      • Ed

        No, but he is offensive minded and would let Russ Cook. I bet Gruden would even let Wilson QB sneak on 3rd or 4th down, unlike PC who always hands it off 3 yards deep.

  27. AlaskaHawk

    While I agree that a lot of wins can be credited to Wilson they aren’t any closer to going to the superbowl now than they have been at any time during the last seven years.

    Make the trade! Just think about Pete’s legacy when he moves Wilson and goes to a superbowl with another drafted quarterback on his first contract. Now that’s a story!

  28. Hawks_Gui


    Josina got everyone scared haahhahaha those TT are so good

    • Rob Staton

      Good old Josina

    • Big Mike

      She’s probably about to drop something about the late Christian Welp who played hoops for the Huskies in the mid-80s. Josina, you go girl.

      • Rob Staton

        All jokes aside — it’s a horrendous, attention seeking tweet that deserves the utmost disdain

        Just awful

  29. Rob4q

    If the Seahawks trade with the Bears and have #20 in the draft, who are you taking with that pick? Or are you trading back a little to add even more picks?

    Seems like these guys could all be available in that range:

    CB Jaycee Horn
    OT Alijah Vera-Tucker
    OT Teven Jenkins
    OT Walker Little
    OT/OG D’Ante Smith
    EDGE Azeez Ojulari
    DT Levi Onwuzurike
    RB Javonte Williams
    QB Kellen Mond
    TE Pat Freiermuth
    WR Rondale Moore
    OC Landon Dickerson
    OC Josh Meyers
    OC/OG Quinn Meinerz

    • Sea Mode

      Mond if he’s your guy, otherwise Williams. We’re gonna need to lean on a strong run game to prop up our new offense. Perhaps you can risk a small trade back if you’re confident he’ll still be there and/or you like Najee Harris just as much.

      But of course it also depends on who you sign in FA with the cap space from next year freed up.

      • Rob4q

        I’m thinking a trade back to the end of the 1st and then take Mond. You get the 5th year option on a QB with a lot of upside. But that probably means you lose out on Williams…

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I like Mond but I don’t think he’s good enough to be the “guy” I think he’ll be there at 56 if not into round 3. I get the appeal of the 5th year, which would probably mean something for him because he’s likely to need a couple three seasons to show what he can do. But then again you can always extend him preemptively.

        I’d trade back into the end of round 1 for a round 3, then aim for Javonte Williams first and depending on the round 3 pick, look at Mond.

        • Rob Staton

          I guarantee Kellen Mond will not be there in round three

          He’s going to go a lot earlier than people realise


          • Blitzy the Clown

            No argument from me. I just think he’ll be there at 56. And even if that feels like a gamble, you could use the round 3 pick you got trading down from 20 to trade up from 56 to take him. That way you get both. Of course, it’s possible Williams goes earlier too so…

            I enjoyed the stream. I’ve never seen Jacson before and I’m not much for Field Gulls so it was all new to me. He’s fun to listen to and you had a good rapport with him.

          • ElPasoHawk

            Some are saying the 49ers could take him at 12!!

    • Frank

      I’d load offense the first 3 rounds. Best QB available, Mac, Mond, Fields, Lance, Mills in that order then a bit tricky, if Javonte Williams falls to 52, Cleveland, or Trey Smith, and Eskridge. Bring in Mack, and back Dunlap. Trade Wagner for Minshew as insurance if you want out of paying him and have KJ coach up Brooks. Bring Sherman back, hire him as DC for a year before taking over as head coach 😂.

  30. Ryan

    The idea that was floated that bringing up Carolina and Miami in the media again was meant as a nudge to Chicago to sweeten and/or finalize the offer doesn’t entirely sound off base. If so, this could happen soon.

  31. Sea Mode

    All part of the “plan”… 😬

    Brady Henderson

    The Seahawks have tendered offensive lineman Kyle Fuller as an exclusive-rights free agent, a source tells me. Fuller made one start at center last season. Ethan Pocic, Seattle’s starting center in 2020, is an unrestricted free agent. Expect a few more ERFA tenders this week.

  32. charlietheunicorn

    For the UK contributors and guests on SDB

    The Seahawks offseason has been a “bog roll” so far

  33. Tomas

    Hugely enjoyable, thank you Rob and Jacson!

  34. Rob Staton

    Tony Pauline on Wilson:

    Per someone close to the situation. The Seahawks want to trade Wilson as much as he wants out

    • Matt

      Wow! Expecting news before the end of the weekend.

    • WestSide72

      The time is now… if you are open to a trade next year why would you wait? Whatever happens, let’s build a dominant bad ass defense. I am over the stale Seahawks roster and I do see a path forward.

    • Simo

      This news isn’t terribly surprising I suppose. We shouldn’t think RW is the only one unhappy with the current situation. A trade may actually be a win win situation, by unloading a toxic situation and moving on with an unprecedented return of picks and players.

      I can only imagine they are working hard to get the Bears, Saints, and Raiders “best” offers. They may also be trying to get a few other teams involved in order to add more competition.

      Hopefully there’s some resolution soon!

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      would the jags want to hold on to minshew as trevor’s backup?

    • Bankhawk

      It would have been difficult for me to imagine them not reciprocating the sentiments to some extent the way it has all unfolded.
      As for myself, I try to maintain a balanced stance on all of it, as the tendency to want to choose sides is simply too, too 2020’s as I see it.
      Too much of that stuff in my life already, and I’d prefer to be moving in a more ‘heterodox’ direction. 😏

    • TheOtherJordan

      Can’t keep it straight. He’s one of the people that actually knows, correct?

    • cha

      Pauline immediately followed it up by saying sources are saying the $39m dead cap is an issue that could push a deal into a future year.

      It sounds like the one source was talking about the Seahawks wanting to trade RW and someone completely different was talking about the dead cap.

      Because if RW wants out and the Seahawks want him out, the very same person wouldn’t be talking about the cap as a roadblock.

    • Gohawks5151

      Technically this could mean he doesn’t want out and therefore The Seahawks don’t want to trade him. 🤯

      • BOHICA

        So youre saying theres a chance he wants to stay and they would also like him to stay?!

    • Mike

      Im not too surprised. As much talk as we’ve had about why Russ would be dissatisfied, he isn’t all sunshine and rainbows to deal with either. His public image is highly manicured. In person, he’s much more of a diva than many realize.

      Granted its the NFL, so being a diva isn’t that unusual. There’s always gonna be those types on a team. But it’s not a stretch to think that has worn out its welcome and gotten out of hand.

      • Rob Staton


  35. vbullen65

    In a sign that there may be an imminent trade of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, online sportsbooks have removed futures bets regarding the next team that Wilson will play for. The same thing happened with Wentz right before he was traded..

    • vbullen65

      You can check out Bet Rivers Sportsbook in Chicago.

  36. cha

    Bears desperate for a franchise QB

    “There is a real sense of panic in that building,” as one NFL executive put it. “Don’t underestimate how desperate they are.”

    • swedenhawk

      desperate enough to send Seattle three firsts, three seconds, and Khalil Mack?

      • Rob Staton

        Maybe even more…

  37. Rob4q

    So if the trade of Wilson actually happens, would this really be the first time in the salary cap era that a franchise, HOF trajectory QB was traded in his prime? Is this something that could set a precedent where teams watch how the Seahawks do over the next few years and then consider doing it themselves? If they get the haul we have been talking about, what do the Texans do with Watson?

    Crazy times…I never thought I would want to see Wilson traded, but at this point it almost seems like it needs to happen for both sides. I just want to move on and be a fan of the Seahawks again without all the drama.

    • Simo

      Couldn’t agree more with your last sentence. Just get it done already, and let’s see if Pete can build another winner with young, hungry players like he had in 2012!

    • J.P.

      I reckon if Belichick was our HC, he’d send Russ packing in a hurry since there would be no one to stop him like in NE.

      I’ve made it clear, I’m okay trading Russ, but my gut tells me it’s not gonna happen. Of the two heads, I think Pete is the one that wants Russ here and likes to hang on to his players. I suspect John believes he can find the next guy and with the names he’s been rumored with, it does intrigue me. Wouldn’t surprise me if a news story broke out that Pete and Russ had a great meeting and it ended with Russ saying, “Go Hawks!”

      • BobbyK

        Actually, he tried getting rid of Brady a few years ago and Kraft said no.

        • Rob Staton

          Belichick wanted to roll with Jimmy G… Kraft wanted Brady

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t really agree here.

        Wilson is Schneider’s guy. The diamond he found. There was talk 3-4 years ago that JS genuinely believed Wilson was the best player in the league (or something along those lines).

        The issue is clearly with Carroll. And while I think there’s a very good chance Schneider is tired of dealing with Mark Rodgers and may think it’s best just to move on now… I don’t see any way that it’s Carroll clinging on here.

        • J.P.

          Russ WAS John’s guy. Is he still? I don’t think John is blind. He probably in his heart of hearts doesn’t rank Russ as the best QB, probably not even top 3 right now.

          3-4 years ago Russ was still quick on his feet and was still full of potential. It’s now 3-4 years later and he’s clearly in physical decline while his physical talents are what allow him to play at a high level – the rest of his game honestly isn’t anything to write home about. I honestly fear greatly about giving him a contract extension in his mid 30s where he’s gonna want money out of the wazoo.

          As for Pete, I agree the problem is with Pete, but I think it’s more on Russ’ side and heavily so. Russ seems to have a vision he wants on offense and Pete disagrees, so Russ is mad. I don’t fault either side. It just is what it is. I don’t think at all that implies Pete wants Russ gone or anything. He just thinks he knows what’s best for Russ and the team. If Pete is running the show, why is Russ even here still?

    • Frank

      Few, far between and arguable on what you consider a QBs prime. Rules change and effect what type of players have what careers, but my observation has always been big guys who prefer being a pocket passer with exceptionally strong arms tend to age well, Farve, Rodgers, Manning, Palmer, Testiverde, George as even when they lose a bit of arm strength still have more than most the league. Brees and Manning are the only exception to the rule I can think of, but they had extreme field vision, timing, perfect touch, and steel nerves. I don’t see a comparison in my lifetime for a player with his skill set and physical attributes aging well. Most QB prime is 26-32, I definitely have the feeling RW best days are him. His processing is atrocious, field vision worse, arm is meh, general panicking out of an easy 5-10 yards to either get sacked for ten yard or hit a Hail Mary, and then there the instagram persona to turn fans off and the whole fake nice guy has rubbed all the real OG on this team absolutely nuts. I admit, just can’t stand him even if he’s a top ten QB every year. I’m a fan of the team, and if you think your bigger than the team GTFO, especially when they paid you to do the job!! The argument that he has a right to be the coach, or make personal decisions after being paid so much is absolutely the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard. That like me showing up to work after a massive raise and saying I’m not happy placate me in a way that compromises the goals you hired me for. I won’t/can’t understand that type of thinking, and maybe it’s just sports being sports but in any real world application it’s absolutely laughable. I don’t love having a big fat question mark at QB, not even for part of an off season but man I’ve been so over the RW show since about 2015.

      • Frank

        Didn’t mean to have Manning in the strong arm prototype obviously 🙄.

  38. Chris A

    Pleasure to have Jacson, miss Cigar Thoughts since I abandoned Field Gulls..

    Hurts to think about that 3-game stretch in 2012 where our offense was dominant.. never thought it’d come to this.

  39. Scot04

    Lol. Fansided just proposed my Orlando Brown Jr trade.
    I proposed Jamal Adams for Orlando Brown and a 3rd.
    They proposed Orlando Brown Jr and a 3rd also for Adams; but it gets bumped up to a 2nd because we include Brandon Shell.

    • Scot04

      Sorry 12th Man Rising did

      • Scot04

        I even had my option 2 with a Brown trade. My early offseason from February 25th. This was obviously with hoping we keep Wilson:

        Option 2

        Bobby Wagner to Jacksonville for 2021 picks 65 & 146
        Jamal Adams to Baltimore for Orlando Brown Jr. & 2021 pick 104
        Seahawks sign Orlando Brown to extension as part of trade.
        ( Trade made with with Chargers after agreement with Ravens for Orlando. )
        Dwayne Brown to Chargers for picks 2021 picks 77 & 160
        Seahawks make agreement to resign Carlos Dunlap to 3 year 30M
        Seahawks extend Jaran Reed

        2021 Draft Picks
        56, 65, 77, 104, 119, 129, 146, 160, 209

        Seahawks pay up early to get O-line done early
        Seahawks Sign Free-agent Center Corey Linsely to 3 year 35M (18M Guaranteed)
        Seahawks Sign Free-agent Guard Joe Thuney to 4 year 58M (30M Guaranteed/15M signing bonus)
        Seahawks Sign Free-agent CB Richard Sherman to 2 year 24M (14M Guaranteed)

        New O-Line
        LT:  Orlando Brown Jr
        LG: Joe Thuney
        C:   Corey Linsley
        RG: Damien Lewis
        RT: Brandon Shell

  40. Volume12

    Hawks just tendered Mone

    • Trevor

      He has been a real pleasant surprise IMO and a so,I’d rotational DT.

  41. DougM

    Why is Landon Dickerson’s name highlighted in red on your draft board?
    Is it because of his injury?
    I see that he has been injured in in every year of his 3 years at Florida State. What a disappointment.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep — injury flags

  42. Poli

    The idea of trading Wilson, then ending up in the bottom 10 for two straight years after trading both 1st round picks for a Safety is a bit depressing.

    • SpennyDunks

      Well one is a first this year so we’d only lose one top 10 pick, could also trade said safety to recoup another still.

      • Poli

        I don’t know what I was thinking lol

        • SpennyDunks

          Its induced from the depression from not having many picks.

  43. SonGoku

    Seahawks had a scout at Quinn Meinerz’s pro day per Corbin Smith FWIW.

  44. D-OZ

    Just wanted to get this out there. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mond a lot But a QB who I think may end up being a better pro is Jamie Newman, who transferred to Georgia then opted out. He throw’s a fantastic deep ball. I think it was a mistake on his part as he needed the work. He has nice size and moves well in the pocket. When he is on it, he is able to go through his progressions well. when he takes off he is tough to bring down. Check out his 2019 tape. Go Hawks!!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Newman was absolutely horrendous at the Senior Bowl. He and Mond worked out at the same time and for me, the difference was incredibly stark. Newman was a total mess in every scenario. Mond was the best QB on the field throughout the week.

      I would give him a late day three grade at best. Not sure what he was doing pulling out of the 2020 college football season and missing the chance to start for Georgia. Huge own goal and potentially a costly one.

      I think Mond’s on a different level personally.

      • D-OZ

        I also saw that @ the SR. Bowl week. It was a head scratchier for me, as he did not at all look like the same player I watched in 2019.

  45. Jordan E

    Random note. 100% Agree with Mike Rob’s assessment of the RW saga. We let or supported all of the alpha males out/leaving the team that threatened Wilson (LOB, Beast Mode, ADB) so that the team is Russ’s. He got paid and became one of the richest men in the entire NFL and complains that we can’t surround him with talent. Wilson needs to be held accountable for this as well. Let’s not forget, he was outplayed by Baker Mayfield at the end of this year.

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