Is a Russell Wilson trade coming?

There are a lot of connected people when it comes to Russell Wilson.

Colin Cowherd is close to Seattle’s quarterback. Mike Florio and Jason La Canfora use Mark Rodgers as a source. Adam Schefter clearly gets info from the Wilson camp.

There’s another journalist who is particularly reliable when it comes to the Seahawks.

On December 17th, 2017, Michael Silver shocked the NFL.

He wrote an article, just before the end of the 2017 season, claiming the Seahawks were about to part ways with several big names. Richard Sherman was on the way out. Earl Thomas would be shopped. Michael Bennett, only a year after signing a big extension, would be dealt despite a large dead cap hit.

Many people questioned the validity of the report because it seemed so outrageous. Especially the Bennett news. Much like the current Russell Wilson chatter, the recurring theme was he couldn’t be traded due to the financial penalty the Seahawks would incur.

Yet it all came true. Every last word.

It was the end of the LOB era.

Now, Silver is on the case regarding Wilson’s future.

Initially he revealed the starting point for trade talks would be three first round picks. Last week, he said the situation was far worse than he initially thought. He suggested the Seahawks wouldn’t be doing their jobs properly if they didn’t listen to trade offers, making it clear that’s what they were doing.

On Monday, he produced this update…

Silver is pulling back the curtain.

“There is smoke and there is fire. We don’t know what the outcome’s going to be but there absolutely are trade talks between the Seahawks and other teams.”

“Remember, this isn’t just the Seahawks saying, ‘hey we want to see what’s out there’. You have a player who is clearly very, very unhappy and I think people are naive, who would look at a situation where a players agent publicly says, ‘we’re not saying we want to get traded but these four teams are the ones if we get traded’. If you think that is normal for a player who wants to stay with his current team, to put out publicly you’re vastly misreading this situation.”

“Right now it is absolutely frosty and this is a fluid situation and I think we’ll have a lot more resolution by next week.”

So there you go.

If this is going to happen, it has to be done by next week. Any buying team needs to be able to plan accordingly and so do the Seahawks. You can’t start building a roster in free agency and then trade your quarterback after the first flush.

Neither can you sign free agents with uncertainty hanging over the franchise. Who is going to commit to Seattle with this issue lingering? Likewise, let’s say the Bears trade for Wilson. That’s a major recruiting tool they otherwise won’t have.

So one way or another this needs to be done by the 15th March, unless the NFL delays the start of free agency due to the mystery surrounding the salary cap.

That means some form of public truce between the Seahawks and Wilson — potentially with a statement move such as a contract extension.

Or it means parting ways.

I wanted to raise two other issues today.

Firstly, what does it say about the state of this team when DJ Reed is tweeting this immediately after Carlos Dunlap was cut?

If I were the Seahawks I’d be quite concerned that someone like Reed feels emboldened to criticise the Dunlap decision.

It makes you wonder what the social media reaction will be if they trade away a franchise quarterback.

What are the players thinking right now? They’ll be seeing all this Russell Wilson trade stuff doing the rounds. Clearly Wilson is unhappy and will talk to other members of the team who might share his frustration.

The fallout of trading Wilson could be significant, short of making a subsequent power move like trading for Deshaun Watson (which is frankly impossible when you don’t have your native picks to pair with any additional picks you get for Wilson).

This isn’t franchise mode on Madden where you end up with loads of resources and just carry on. Players will react to a Wilson trade. They will have opinions. They might feel like if they create enough of a fuss they can get out too.

Keeping the lid on this is going to be extremely difficult. The problem is — I’m not sure forcing a clearly unhappy Russell Wilson to stick around is a better option. Either situation seems highly toxic.

Next, if a Wilson trade occurs there will need to be subsequent moves made by the Seahawks. For all the talk of rebuilding if it happens, there is no way Pete Carroll will see it that way. He and John Schneider will set out to create a competitive team.

Whether they achieve it or not is a different matter. Yet they won’t be playing a long game.

Silver provided some thoughts on what happens next…

It’s interesting that he’s already talking about life beyond Wilson and perhaps even revealing what Seattle’s plan is.

If/when Wilson is dealt, it appears they will make a corresponding trade for another quarterback rather than rely solely on the draft.

As noted before, they simply don’t have the firepower to deal for Deshaun Watson. They don’t have their own picks thanks to the Jamal Adams trade. Teams like Miami and the New York Jets possess multiple first and second rounders and they can offer an easy route to a replacement QB in the top five.

You might suggest that Watson would prefer to come to Seattle. Really? Right after Russell Wilson just forced his way out?

Even if the Seahawks acquired three firsts and three seconds from the Bears, that probably wouldn’t be enough to simply parlay into a Watson trade.

So who else is out there?

Sam Darnold might be an option. It’s easy to forget that in 2018, a lot of teams had him graded as the top player in the draft (or at least the top quarterback). He was seen as a potential franchise saver.

Some disagreed, including those with blossoming reputations relating to quarterback evaluation.

It hasn’t worked for him in New York amid a chaotic situation.

There are a couple of issues here.

Firstly, what is the compensation? For a mid-round pick, Darnold’s a worthwhile flier. Are the Jets willing to let him go for that kind of price though, even as they seemingly prepare to draft a new quarterback with the #2 pick?

The last time the Seahawks negotiated a somewhat desperate trade with the Jets, they ended up giving away a kings ransom.

I would argue anything more than a third rounder would be pushing it for a player who hasn’t shown enough in three years in the NFL to think he’s franchise quarterback material, regardless of how he was viewed coming into the league.

Secondly, he’s in the final year of his rookie contract. You could use the fifth year option in 2022. After that, he’d need a new deal. So there’s little long-term security here and not much in the way of financial benefit.

If the Seahawks wanted Darnold their best bet would probably be to wait until the Jets (presumably) take Zach Wilson with the second pick. By that point, they’d have no leverage and time would be of the essence.

However, look at the 2019 draft. The Arizona Cardinals took Kyler Murray with the #1 pick. They didn’t trade Josh Rosen until day two of the draft — and they still got the #62 pick back in a trade. Granted, Rosen had years left on his rookie contract. Even so, it’s not obvious whether you’d get much of a discount if you waited all the way until the end of April for Darnold.

Making matters worse — there are still suggestions that the 49ers might make a move here, despite recent public backing for Jimmy Garoppolo. The thought of the Seahawks getting overly aggressive in a trade battle with a division rival over a quarterback is terrifying. The thought of the Seahawks making any kind of aggressive trade is terrifying, given their track record (Harvin, Graham, Richardson, Adams).

Jordan Love could be an option. Again, it will largely depend on what Seattle’s impression of Love was going into the 2020 draft.

The Packers drafted him to be the heir apparent to Aaron Rodgers. Yet Rodgers went on to win the MVP and play some of the best football of his career. He turns 38 in December but doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Tom Brady has also shown age is just a number these days, as long as you keep producing.

Green Bay only gets another three years of generous club control with Love. They may decide it’s best to wait and see what happens for another year or two. Or they may decide to show some commitment to Rodgers, given what he achieved last year, by trading Love and using that stock to improve the existing roster.

I’m not sure they could realistically expect to get a first round pick back. Depending on how a team viewed Love, a second rounder could be plausible.

It’d be the same kind of situation as Rosen. You couldn’t really blame the Packers for trying to plan ahead and then deciding, with hindsight, they’re better off just doing whatever they can to support Rodgers.

Love flashed extreme physical potential at Utah State but there were question marks relating to his processing and decision making. If the Seahawks did deal for him he’d only cost $1.1m this year, $1.7m next year and $2.2m in 2023. That in itself would be valuable. It all comes down to how you graded him a year ago and whether you believe you can win with him.

Some people thought he was the third best quarterback in the 2020 class.

Marcus Mariota and Gardner Minshew could be targets. Mariota would need to re-work his contract because his salary jumps from $10m to $20m if he starts. Minshew would be cheap and cheerful. If nothing else he’d provide some fireworks. With both players you would need to add competition, either from a veteran or a rookie.

A more outlandish suggestion could be Matt Ryan but the Falcons appear set on him starting in 2021 with a quarterback being drafted with the #4 or #35 pick to develop.

Silver is pretty clear though that if Wilson is dealt, they’re going to go hunting for someone they think they can win with. None of these options are going to ‘wow’ anybody. The reality is, if they deal Wilson — which is possible — they’re going to replace him with someone you’re pretty underwhelmed with. The key is going to be whether they can utilise their new found cap space and picks to create a roster capable of competing.

After all, this is a list to remember:

2015 — The Broncos win the Super Bowl with an ineffective Peyton Manning at quarterback, having spent the regular season rotating with Brock Osweiler

2017 — Nick Foles vs Case Keenum in the NFC Championship game

2017 — Nick Foles wins the Super Bowl and is named MVP

2017 — Blake Bortles plays in the AFC Championship game and comes within minutes of reaching the Super Bowl

2018 — Jared Goff plays in the Super Bowl

2019 — Jimmy Garoppolo plays in the Super Bowl

2019 — Ryan Tannehill plays in the AFC Championship game

Not to mention Eli Manning won the Super Bowl twice and Joe Flacco also won the Super Bowl and was named MVP.

So while it is clearly important to have a very good quarterback — recent history tells us success is not exclusive to those with a top-five signal caller.

Nobody has traded away a franchise QB in his prime for an obscene amount of compensation. The Seahawks, if they do it, will be a litmus test for the rest of the league. Paying an elite quarterback versus trading them for a haul. Managing the cap and spreading out your resources. It’ll be fascinating to see what the results are.

This is especially true in light of Dallas’ mega-deal with Dak Prescott.

One of Wilson’s four preferred destinations is also now off the table. Will he replace them with another suitor? Will the Bears or Saints make a big move in the coming days?

Will people start taking this seriously and stop obsessing about dead-cap hits and the fact the Bears only own the #20 pick this year?

It should be an interesting week.

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  1. Rob Staton

    The Patriots are trading for Trent Brown (T, Raiders)

    • Trevor

      The Patriots always start with building the OL / DL first. Wish PC/JS would do the same.

      • Robet

        Where was John on that trade? This trade is a steal for New England.

        • Rad_man

          he’s a little occupied at the moment

          • Hoggs41

            No thanks on Trent Brown. He is a typical Patriot OLineman that plays well with a quick passing offense and plays below average once he gets paid on another team.

  2. Peter Sellar

    Rob – no mention of Alex Smith? Is he not to be taken seriously?

    • Rob Staton

      I was specifically talking about trades here

      • BOHICA

        Rob, do you believe a guy like Tyrod Taylor could be a solid fit if(when RW departs town) and step into a veteran stop-gap role while the Hawks invest a bit of draft capital that they would inhert by moving Wilson on a rookie such as Kellen Mond? Taylor to step in as your day one signal caller and give Mond time to sit and learn.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve never really bought into Tyrod as anything more than a backup

  3. Neville

    With each passing day, the more certain I feel that a trade is inevitable. I just don’t have any confidence the Seahawks will be able to win any meaningful games with the current setup and I believe Pete is the reason.

  4. Henry Taylor

    I’m encouraged by the fact that Silver is expecting a resolution of some kind soon, I’m less excited to hear the Seahawks would be looking to trade for a veteran to ‘win now with’.

    Perhaps it should be expected with a 69 year old head coach but without Wilson I dont see this team as anywhere near ‘win now’. I really think the best course of action is cheap veteran and take a swing on a rookie, back yourself to find another Wilson and repeat the formula you last won with.

    Fwiw I liked Love a lot last year, he was my #2 behind Burrow, but that was largely because I wasn’t a fan of either Tua or Herbert (so 1 for 1 I guess).

  5. Sea Mode

    Definitely feels like something, one way or the other, has to go down this week.

    If you are PC, what is the cost of making it work with RW? Giving him and Waldron free reign to be aggressive on offense and promising to sign Linsley and then draft a LG with the top pick? Is that enough? What is RW demanding here in reality, if it is even possible to come to an agreement?

    This is feeling more and more like RW wants out, plain and simple.

    Interesting topic about PC simply being a better fit coaching a young, hungry, unproven team rather than managing a roster of superstars. Seems to be proving true once again. Maybe his best chance truly is just to start over again…

    • GerryG

      I’m not sure it can be repaired since Pete would have to relent his philosophy, but Russ laid it out there: play fast, aggressive, try to score 28 points in the first half.

      My opinion as well regarding protection, is it’s not simply about the resources on the OL (although that’s a part of it) but the scheme and gameplan as well. When Aaaron Donald is constantly in the backfield, maybe pump the brakes on the slow developing 5 step drop deep plays and provide a gameplan that is constantly used against Seattle that allows the qb to have the ball out before any pressure can arrive.

    • Dingbatman

      This is feeling more and more like RW wants out, plain and simple.

      The complete and utter lack of any kind of public response from the team makes it seem like the feeling is mutual. Pete could’ve put an end to this weeks ago with a simple “RW is unavailable” statement. They’ve done nothing to stop or even slow the story.

    • line_hawk

      Lets make a team of young hungry unproven guys like Tedric Thompson, LJ Collier, Cody Barton and Rashaad Penny.

  6. Marcus

    I think PC needs to finish the way he started in Seattle. Overturn every stone. Explore every open. Look for unique, field-tilting traits. Find roles for players to excel in.

    • Marcus

      Explore every option*

    • Jeff

      “Get unreasonably lucky”

  7. Trevor

    Unless they can get Darnold for a 3rd or less then I think Minshew would be my #1 option. Both guys are athletic enough to run a Rams type offense and have tons of potential. Neither the Jets or Jags had any real weapons for either QB to work with. If the Hawks built a solid OL and run game I think both guys could thrive here. Plus their attitudes would be like a breath of fresh air for the franchise IMO.

    Rob I know you think other players will be upset if the Hawks trade Russ and I think a couple like DK will be but if the reaction from old team mates is any indication I don’t think the backlash will be what you think.

    • bv eburg

      Agree with you here Trevor “plus their attitudes would be like a breath of fresh air”.
      I think not only could Minshew do well but could thrive in a Rams offense. My gut tells me once they start having success on offense the amount of fun DK and Tyler would have with Minshew would just bring joy back to watching the Hawks.

      Rob, I see in previous thread you are coming around to teams X and Y (philly, atlanta in your case) possibly being in picture. What made you add them to the original 4 teams on Russ’s list?

    • Ghost Mutt

      What’s the thinking on what Minshew would cost? I don’t see the Jags wanting to give him up for anything less than a low 3rd / high 4th.

      He’s a capable backup that’s going to cost them $2 million against the cap combined over the next two years.

      • bv eburg

        In a thread with Rob a couple days ago my scenario for the hawks was if Russ was traded bring in Minshew to compete with whoever they draft (mond, mills, etc.) He has a great attitude and would be a good mentor and might possibly be the real deal.
        Having said that, it could mean the Jags feel the same way and your points about low cost and capable backup hold true for them. It probably would take a 3rd or 4th to pry him away.

    • Big Mike

      Short of a trade with LV that brings Carr to Seattle, Minshew is definitely my first choice too Trevor. And as far as team attitude is concerned, he’d be much better than Carr.

      • BruceN

        Minshew is a good (nothing great) QB. His PFF score was 67 for the season compared to 90 for RW. He’ll need a solid team around him to win games. Even then I’m not 100% he can game-manage a team to the playoffs.

    • Producehawk

      I agree. Minshew is a NW mini icon and would be give instant fan interest. Plus, I think he is a winner if you give him a line.

    • GoHawksDani

      If they trade for Darnold my dream scenario would be:
      Seahawks give Bears’ next year R1 and R2 which we get from the Russ-trade
      Jets give Darnold and our original R1 for next year.

      It’d provide a great security blanket.
      If the Hawks would do good this offseason I think around 8-8 can be expected and that’d mean around #20 pick for our original ’22 R1. But if they suck that could mean a top 10 pick we traded away.
      Bears next year pick would likely mean between 22 and 30.
      So we’d give up a late R2 for Darnold and swap picks that’d mean drafting 10-15 picks earlier. If it’s too little for the Jets, I’d be fine throwing in ’21 Bears’ R3 also

    • Pugs1

      Totally agree on those two options. One they would be thrilled to be out of their current situations. I agree about not paying too much but I would think the Jets at least be pushing for a 2nd and I don’t think the Jags have any motivation to trade a cheap cost controlled backup that they could sit on and at worst get a third round comp pick in a few years.

  8. Denver Hawker

    Sounds like Leonard Williams getting the tag. Wasn’t realistic to get him but a boy could hope.

    • Big Mike

      LJ and Green much better options. Ask Carlos Dunlap

  9. Sswisshawk

    Hey Rob, you mentioned a view times that the bears are desperate to make a move and acquiring a franchise QB has never been done before. What is your personal guess on the HAUL we might get from them? What do you see as “appropriate”?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to predict. Loads of picks, at least one quality player if not more.

  10. vbullen65

    I would feel better about a possible Wilson trade if I still had confidence in the Seahawks ability to draft wisely. Unfortunately, the last several years have eroded my faith in the front office. How in the world do you take McDowell over TJ Watt? JS gets paid millions to make these decisions and I hope he is being held accountable.

    • Ross

      I don’t think we can be sure that JS is making all the decisions. I think PC has a lot of pull when it comes to draft picks. Your point still stands, though: neither of them are being held accountable.

    • JJ

      Is it JS making these decisions? I am skeptical that he has much freedom.

      • vbullen65

        I see your point. I just don’t understand why he would agree to an extension if he frequently gets over ruled.

        • JJ

          Only options we have ever heard from him are packers and lions. Why would he go to the lions? Been a joke for years. If he leaves he is going to a storied franchise. Unfortunately for him packers went another way.

  11. Roy Batty

    If Russ let’s it be known that he is OK with 1-2 more teams being added to the trade list, this will get done really quick. Teams building their case with the Hawks will scramble to up the ante.

    The soap opera continues.

    • DC

      Is Charlie Whitehurst available?

      • dcd2

        You mean Surface Pro Jesus?

        • Big Mike

          OK I literally LOL’d at that one dcd2. You win the thread so far.

        • Sea Mode


      • vbullen65

        Remember, the Seahawks swapped the 40th pick in the second round with San Diego’s 60th pick and also sent the Chargers a third-round pick in the 2011 draft. If they want Sam Darnold, they will probably offer a couple of 1st rounders lol

      • crazykind

        not available, currently dating the musician Jewel, some are born lucky 😉

    • Simo

      I think this is what the Hawks will be hoping for actually! They need to tell RW to add at least one more team to his list, but preferably 2-3 more. Let’s get Atlanta in the mix, and why not Miami as well assuming they aren’t sold on Tua.

      Adding more teams to the list would definitely ramp up the pressure on the Bears (and the others) to come forward with an obscene offer. They would have to put all their cards on the table, as they know they can’t compete with the current year picks Miami could offer. We need several teams battling over this trade and one upping each other!

  12. Big Mike

    Revisiting yesterday’s news of the release of Dunlap I have a question for those that are knowledgeable about the cap situation:

    Wouldn’t trading Adams free up like 7 million and if so, wouldn’t that be enough to pay Dunlap while pushing the rest (of the 14 mil I think it was) on to next season?

    If that’s the case, once again I truly question the priorities that Pete has for his defense.

    • Rob Staton

      Trading Adams would save $9.8m this year

    • GerryG

      I believe Adams cap hit is 9M, and since its 5th year and he was traded none of it guaranteed, so would free up all 9.

      They could afford Dunlap, but apparently agreed to let him test FA if he didnt sign an extension. While I think they should have kept him, I believe they are rolling the dice assuming the open market wont command very high prices, and like always PC/JS think they can bargain shop.

      Thus far, from what ive seen, I dont think players will be seeing salaries that are significantly lower, I think we will see a ton of teams adding these void years to end of the contract, to push the damage down the road, and Seattle will once again be paying the middle class of free agents, expecting top line production out of them.

      • clbradley17

        There’s always going to be a good market for pass rushers that not only deliver with sacks, but make the whole team’s D better as Dunlap did. Early season before he got here we were one of the worst Ds in history and one of the bottom pass rushing/sack teams. After he arrived, from game 1 against Buffalo, we had about 7 sacks and were one of the top sack/pass-rushing teams the rest of the year. Teams notice that and like they paid JJ Watt last week or Justin Houston in 2019 10-12 mil or more, some teams like Jacksonville are 70 mil under the cap and can afford to pay that to make their D much better. Hoping we can re-sign him. Would be crushing if the Rams, 49ers or Cardinals got creative and were able to sign him.

      • Simo

        I think you’re absolutely right, in that the Seahawks will be the one team who try to bargain shop because they refuse to kick any cap costs into next year and beyond. They have been completely against operating this way in the past so will probably remain very conservative, even though this is the year to borrow against the future a little bit.

        It’s really not that risky to push some money into next year if you know the cap is very likely to increase by upwards of $40m in 2022. Most other teams will operate this way and free agent costs won’t be drastically reduced. In just the past week we’ve seen teams pay another $40m/yr QB, and $14m/yr for an oft injured aging defensive lineman. Those don’t sound like depressed salary numbers to me.

    • Big Mike

      Thanks for the info guys. If it’s me I’m trading away Adams and using the money to keep/extend Dunlap. But hey, let’s go into another season with LJ, Green and God knows what other scrubs at DE. I mean that plan worked so very well before Dunlap’s arrival last year and all.

      And btw, even if the Hawks trade Wilson to the Bears and get Mack, I still keep Carlos. Talk about 2 REALLY good players at DE……….

  13. Rob Staton

    Joe Thuney testing free agency, no franchise tag

    • Mick

      I’d be all over the phone with RW asking if this move would convince him to stay.

      • clbradley17

        Unless this is just a big prank by Pete, Russ/his agent etc., if we do get Thuney, Linsley or another great OL, it will be for our next QB. Seems like the whole “tired of getting hit and need a better OL” scenario was just a smokescreen. Now that we know about the meeting where RW stormed out, and he leaked a list of teams with only offensive minded head coaches, it’s obvious that Russ just wants out, but doesn’t want to demand it like Deshaun Watson has.

        • dcd2

          Agree. Rob and some others in the media (who aren’t just passing this off as a non-story) have identified it correctly IMO. It’s not the OL in and of itself. He doesn’t believe in Pete’s vision for the team. Maybe more importantly he doesn’t think Pete’s plan will help him secure the “legacy” he sees for himself.

          Rob made a comment last night that we could get Hulk and Thor for the OL and it wouldn’t matter.

    • steele

      Pats could keep Thuney and deal Isiah Wynn instead.

  14. bv eburg

    I see in previous thread you are coming around to teams X and Y (philly, atlanta in your case) possibly being in picture. What made you come around to the idea of them adding to the original 4 teams on Russ’s list?

    • Rob Staton

      No, I’m not coming around to them being in the picture.

      In a discussion about teams doing so — I suggested the Jets wouldn’t be an option and pitched those two teams who might be in a specific scenario where other teams enter the running.

  15. DriveByPoster

    If we look back at what happened last time the ‘hawks needed a QB, they added Matt Flynn, drafted Wilson & then let them fight it out with TJack for the starting spot. My guess is that they will have a similar process this time. So Geno is the man in possession but I guess they will bring in a younger backup with game experience & some evidence of potential (Minshew comes to mind, Darnold is possible I guess). If they don’t think there is anyone in the draft either in range or good enough then perhaps they will bring in another vet to make it a three way fight. I wouldn’t be averse to a year of Fitzmagic, assuming he doesn’t retire. I don’t see McGough making an impact off of the practise squad, tbh.

  16. clbradley17

    “Titans trading former 1st-round OT Isaiah Wilson and a 2022 7th rounder to the #Dolphins for a 2021 7th-rounder, per AlbertBreer. Wilson played only 4 snaps in a rookie year that included multiple off-field incidents. Low-risk, potential high-reward, low cost deal for MIA.”

    Huge OT who played great for GA in 2019. How come we will trade the next years’ 6th rounder for the last 2 years to get players in the late 7th who have barely seen the field or been cut already, and we won’t take a chance with a 7th rounder on a “Low-risk, potential high-reward, low cost deal”?

    Only happened yesterday, but still pissed about Dunlap. Saw a 710ESPN 2 min John Clayton clip about releasing him, and he stated that according to ESPN, 47 of 48 times Dunlap was in pass rush situations, he won the %. And it was obvious he made the team and several players like J. Reed and others much better when he joined the team. Also saw an article recently that we could have converted most of his and others base salary to signing bonus and would’ve reduced his cap hit this year by 3/4. This just seems like another stupid desperate move to clear space to sign FAs and/or trade RW, instead of giving a 10+ mil. signing bonus check to a much needed player from a multi-billion $ team. Which would have also had about the same effect as cutting him and cleared up most of his cap space this year.

    Once again, you’re correct and backed up by Scheffter on the Bears and their coach/GM’s tenuous situation and needing desperately to get a franchise QB like Wilson to save their jobs. If they are willing to let us dictate the terms, then get Mack and a couple other promising young players along with several 1sts and 2nds. Wouldn’t mind Minshew or Kirkpatrick along with Mond or Davis as competition at QB. The Raiders or Saints aren’t in dire straits like the Bears front offices and coaches, and would probably give much less. Not sure I’d want Carr anyway. He always has double digit picks and had 13 fumbles with 0 recoveries last year. Definitely wouldn’t want safety Abram in a deal – at PFF his 2020 grade was 35.9, worst in the NFL as 94th out of 94 safeties. Go with the low-cost M brothers at QB in Minshew and Mond, and build the rest of the team with FA, the haul of draft picks, and Mack & other Bears in the trade.

  17. Big Mike

    “The thought of the Seahawks making any kind of aggressive trade is terrifying, given their track record (Harvin, Graham, Richardson, Adams).”

    Well said Rob

  18. Ryan

    Even if Pete somehow smooths things out with Russell this offseason… anybody think they’ll give Russ $40-45M a year when his contract is up?

    • Trevor


  19. clbradley17

    Maybe just coincidence, but saw a Seahawks Wire article mentioning that a letter to season ticket holders a day or 2 ago completely left out our franchise QB, but talked about Lockett, Metcalf and others. Do you think the Packers, Patriots or Chiefs would’ve sent letters to their season ticket holders 2 years ago totally leaving out their #1 player QB Rogers, Brady or Mahomes, but talking about their wide receivers? Possibly the Dunlap release wasn’t just about FA, but an imminent RW trade.

    • CHaquesFan

      It also didn’t contain Adams and Wagner. Does that mean they are being traded? Not necessarily.
      Maybe they didn’t want to include him in the case that he was traded, or because Metcalf is the up-and-coming sensation.

      • clbradley17

        “Maybe they didn’t want to include him in the case that he was traded”
        Yes. It’s a huge part of the business. Always trying to upsell more and next year’s season tickets to them, family, friends with good news about the upcoming season’s best players. Again, any year would the Chiefs ever not mention their only franchise player, their QB Mahomes – contacting them to get them excited about the upcoming season? May be nothing, but he’s the team’s president and in the know from PCJS and common sense/news reports whether it’s 60-40, 50-50 or less RW may not even be there very soon; So why even mention him?

      • Scot04

        It had Adams in it

  20. dcd2

    Please let it be Minshew and a rookie. Dude just oozes swagger. He’s the type of big but not toxic personality that would be so refreshing after years of RW. He also seems like he’s be the perfect litmus test for Pete’s approach. A game manager who is still a leader but doesn’t come off as entitled.

    Darnold doesn’t excite me at all. Maybe Gase broke him like he did so many that he coached. Maybe he was always cut from the same cloth as Rosen. He just seems like a dud that no one on the team will be excited to have as the de facto ‘leader’.

    Love worries me too. A first round pick that couldn’t beat out Tim Boyle as backup and was inactive for every game? Assuming we draft a QB, we’d essentially have two rookies and Geno for our QB battle. Also, the cost may be prohibitive.No thanks.

    Gardner costs the least and checks the most boxes for me.

    • dcd2

      Toxic is the wrong word. Cringey is more appropriate

    • Ryan

      We thought Gase had broken Tannehill too until Tannehill left. I wouldn’t be opposed to Darnold, depending on the price.

      • dcd2

        That’s true. Quite a few have found success after getting away from Gase.

        He just seems like the least inspiring option to me. Hard to get excited about him.

    • James Kupihea

      Minshew…no please. He “oozes swagger” no thanks. I wouldn’t call it that. I want a QB who is going to stand in the pocket, move with the pocket, throw the ball on time to the right place. Of your three options, I feel Darnold has the highest ceiling and would thrive in a PC dull and bland offense.

      We just had 9 years of hero ball from Russ. I didn’t mind it. But I don’t want more of it. You’re not excited by Darnold? All the better. This offense is not exciting. He absolutely got stuck in a bad situation.

      “Often times, Minshew took too long to move on from his first read when it wasn’t open, which resulted in chaotic pocket movement. He tended to put his head down and force scramble drills rather than keeping his head up and continuing to scan the field, even with viable pockets.”

      Perhaps you’re just looking for the closest thing to Wilson? I’d rather have a pocket passer.

      • dcd2

        23 games – 93.1 QBR, 62.9 comp %, 240 yd/gm, 37/11 TD/INT ratio, Rush YPG 21.6 (Minshew)
        38 games – 78.6 QBR, 59.8 comp %, 213 yd/gm, 45/39 TD/INT ratio, Rush YPG 11.0 (Darnold)

        They were both sacked 2.6 times per game, so that quote doesn’t mean much to me. How about Darnold being mic’d up and saying he’s seeing ghosts?

        Darnold has also missed at least 3 games per season.

        The stats show Minshew to be a more effective QB. The TD/INT ratio alone makes me wonder what you mean by inferring that Minshew was playing ‘hero ball’ and Darnold was somehow playing… conservatively?

        • Big Mike

          TD/Int stat is gigantic in my eyes.

          • Rob4q

            James, I believe in today’s NFL you would be in the minority in wanting a “pocket passer” to replace Wilson. To me, just watching them both play a little, I’m taking Minshew over Darnold all day…and he’ll cost less as well. Minshew, Geno + a rookie I would think would do it.

            • James Kupihea

              I don’t see it in Minshew. Never have, never will. Moreover, I don’t think Minshew is a fit for Pete Ball. I don’t think Darnold is the better player. I think Darnold is boring, flat, and more or less a future Alex Smith. I also think that’s what the team needs. A boring-as-shit, will definitely hit the check-down, and not move outside the pocket and try to heave it downfield. Stats be damned.

      • Tomas

        Minshew TD/int ratio: 37/11.

    • BobbyK

      Minshew would be one of my top choices because he has something all the other guys don’t have… youth. He’s at the age where he can improve. Some of these 30-year old retreads are just that… you know what you’re getting with them. At least Minshew has potential not to suck. I certainly wouldn’t trade for him and expect him to be the answer. I’d still want to draft a Mone or Mills and perhaps even sign a vet like Dalton (or whatever retread QB you think about).

  21. Rad_man

    So they’re going with a 70 year old coach instead of a franchise QB in his prime.


  22. Ty the Guy

    Completely spitballing here….

    Wilson for Mack, ‘2021 1st and 2nd round picks, 2022 1st and 3rd round picks

    Sign Alex Smith or Gardner Minshew for vet competition.

    Is there a QB to be had at #20 or 2nd round?

    Extend Adams. (Adams, Wagner, and Mack?!?!)

    Work some magic, get more draft capital, rebuild OL, restock CBs.

    I don’t want Russ gone, but what else can you do?

    • James Kupihea

      I’m partial to bringing in Sam Darnold. Landing in New York in this era…ugly. Just say no to Gardner Minshew…always please.

      • BoiseSeahawk

        Nothing wrong at all with Minshew as an option. Did you go to UW or something?

        • Producehawk

          He was a Coug and a spectacular one at that.

        • James Kupihea

          don’t watch college football. Just don’t see how replacing russ with a less accurate, less dynamic, less athletic version of the same guy, with the added inability to make a decision past the first read.

          • Mario

            Yup. Definitely biased husky fan.

            • Ty the Guy

              Minshew proved he belongs in the NFL in Jacksonville. I think he has a similar path the Kellen Moore to coaching eventually (not on KM’s level, but assistant level)

              Alex Smith or Minshew would be veteran stop gaps until you can find a more permanent solution. I believe both guys have that “It” factor that teammates can rally behind.

              This is completely based on the idea of playing “Pete ball” I for one prefer a more balanced approach and FOR SURE a stronger emphasis on short and intermediate passes to alleviate some of the pass rush.

              Go Hawks. Go Cougs.

    • Scot04

      Add another 1st round pick

  23. Trevor

    With all the discussion and my thoughts focused on trading Russ and hopefully Adams I have not really even looked at the Free Agent list except for Thuney and Linsley for the OL.

    Would love to hear everyone’s top 5 free agent options for the Hawks assuming they can free up 20 mil or so in cap space.

    • James Kupihea

      Remember they can be flexible with next year’s cap, especially if they do trade Russ. They can go for anyone.

    • dcd2

      Curtis Samuel seems like a good fit for the jet sweep, misdirection, get-it-at-the-LOS-and-make-YAC type of offense that Waldron has been a part of.

      No idea on his cost though and WR looks deep.

      I also would prefer Gerald Everett to a rookie TE. Rookie TE is probably the last position to get up to speed in the nfl. Everett knows the system and had success. Depends on cost of course, but I think you can get him relatively cheap.

      Mike Davis has been mentioned a few times and makes sense as well.

      • TomLPDX

        I like Everett also. Don’t forget we need a CB not named Griffin.

        • dcd2


          My hope is the CB from CHI comes back to us and we draft St Juste or some other rookie.

          Wonder if we’ll bring Dunbar back. 1 year, $2M type of deal?

    • cha

      I hear Carlos Dunlap is really good at bolstering a saggy pass rush.

      But what do I know.

      • Big Mike


    • dcd2

      Keanu Neal, if he doesn’t get the tag (unlikely) and we deal Jamal is another.

      • DC

        Sheldon Rankins, in the hope he recovers fully from past injury.

  24. Trevor

    Option #1 Hawks sign Linsley and draft Ben Cleveland next years OL would be

    Brown – Cleveland – Linsley – Lewis – Shell

    Option #2 Hawks Sign Thuney and draft Meinerz or Dickerson


    Which option do you guys prefer? I think either gives us a top 10 OL group but I think I prefer going wiht the veteran Center in Linsley and drafting Cleveland.

    • clbradley17

      Wouldn’t mind a third option if we got Linsley, and drafted one of Rob’s interviews Meinerz or Moore at G/C, and also drafted another in OT/G Smith. Would like to have other options in case Linsley or other players are injured, and OL draftees that can play multiple positions.

    • TomLPDX

      Option #1 for me. I want an experienced C and Cleveland is a beast!

      • Sea Mode


    • Gaux Hawks

      option c:
      draft cleveland and meirnerz (backup c/g)
      sign linsley

      brown, jones
      cleveland, haynes
      linsley, meirnerz
      lewis, haynes
      shell, jones

      (focus on tackle next year)

  25. sonicreducer

    Anybody listen to the Danny and Gallant comedy show just now? The use of canned laughter edited in with Florio’s comments from yesterday really rubbed me the wrong way. I think I’m done with that show. Don’t understand why they completely dismiss the fact Russ could be dealt. Why can’t they just have an intelligent, thoughtful conversation about it?

    • Matt

      That show is a joke. Absolute joke. That whole network has turned into the Seahawks version of the DPRK. Pathetic.

      • Mike

        😂 thanks for that imagery. Its fitting.

      • Ty the Guy


        I don’t like to be mean, but Gallant isn’t even good at comic relief. I no longer listen to that show.

    • Trevor

      It has been awful long before now. I used to listen to Brock and Salk almost daily. I tried to listen to to Danny and Gallant and it was perhaps the worst sports talk show I have ever heard. Two guys who seem to know nothing about sports with the most annoying mannerisms and voices of all time. How is it still on the air?

      • Big Mike

        They’re on the air because the parent company doesn’t have to pay them like they did B & S.

  26. Zxvo3

    Here would be my offseason plan for the Seahawks. Let me know what you guys think.

    – Seahawks Trade Russell Wilson to the Bears for a HAUL:
    2021 1st Round Pick (R1P20)
    2021 2nd Round Pick (R2P52)
    2022 1st Round Pick
    2023 1st Round Pick
    DL- Khalil Mack

    In Free Agency:
    – Sign OL- Corey Linsley
    – Sign DB- Richard Sherman
    – Sign RB- Mike Davis
    – Sign QB-Alex Smith

    – Trade a 2022 3rd Round Pick to the Jaguars for Gardner Minshew to get some major QB competition.

    In the Draft:
    Seahawks Trade Jamal Adams to Dolphins for R2P36 + R2P50

    Seahawks Trade R1P20 to Falcons for R2P35 + R3P68

    Seahawks Trade R2P56 to Bengals for R3P69 + R4P111

    2nd Round: (4 Picks)
    P35: QB- Kellen Mond (Mississippi State)
    P36: RB- Javonte Williams (North Carolina)
    P50: DB- Benjamin St. Juste (Minnesota)
    P52: OL- D’Ante Smith (East Carolina)

    3rd Round: (1 Pick)
    P69: OL- Ben Cleveland (Georgia)

    4th Round: (2 Picks)
    P111: WR- Jaelon Darden (North Texas)
    P129: TE- Tre McKitty (Georgia)

    5th Round: (1 Pick)
    DL- Janarius Robinson (Florida State)

    • BobbyK

      That’s not enough for a franchise QB in his prime. I would at least want Johnson and their 3rd round pick added. Minimum.

      • Zxvo3

        That could be true. One aspect I don’t like about Johnson is the fact that he doesn’t have 32 inch arms. Maybe Pete Carroll’s opinion on CB’s has changed with DJ Reed, but imo I don’t think he’ll be included in the trade. I’d rather increase the picks to make it worth it for a franchise QB.

        • IHeartTacoma

          There are some pretty good 31-inchers out there:

          • DC

            All that 32” arm limit has done is kept us from drafting good corners. If they’re good and they have 32” arms then great. If they’re good and they have 31” arms… no thanks we’ll pass. We’d rather have someone crappy with the old ‘32 incher’.

            Kinda like how our RB profile has worked out. We’ve drafted some real winners sticking with ‘the Seahawky profile’.

            • Big Mike

              And DJ Reed absolutely proves your point DC. Sub-optimal Petey measurables and all he did is come in off the 9ers scrap heap and outplay every other corner on the team.

              Guessing he’s gone in another year after the tweet about Dunlap he posted yesterday. It’ll be great watching him make the pro Bowl for another franchise.

    • Sea Mode

      Really like the direction you go with that.

      I would ask the Bears for another player and/or mid-round picks so that we don’t have to trade down so far and can secure Mond/Williams or whoever we want in late R1 and also have the 5th year option. Especially at QB, if you let Russ go, you’ve gotta go get your guy and not get too cute trading down.

      As much as I like St-Juste, I highly doubt he will go top 50. I’m thinking more around the top R4 somewhere, right outside the top 100. But I could be wrong. Kevin KIng, who he comps fairly well to athletically, went with the first pick of R2 IIRC. But King also had more starting experience and 5 INTs over his final two years, whereas St-Juste has no career INTs and is more raw. He’s still a ball of clay, but a heck of one for sure.

      • Zxvo3

        Thanks for feedback. I’d honestly rather have picks than players, especially with the Bears because other than Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith, there isn’t really anyone appealing to me. With St. Juste, I really do think his athletic background with SPARQ and his play in the senior bowl could get him into the second round. Teams are always looking for fast and tall cornerbacks. Plus, the Seahawks do sometimes reach for players in the draft.

        • Hoggs41

          The problem is if you trade Russ away free agents arent going to want to come here later in there career as they want to win.

          • Rob Staton

            Depends how you replace him, how much you’re willing to pay, how you sell the next project. Plenty of FA’s sign places without elite QB’s.

    • Gaux Hawks

      love this… but get me some tremble and meirnerz!!

      (and sign a vet receiver)

    • GoHawksDani

      I think this plan is closest to reality between those I read.
      But I agree with Sea Mode. If we want Mond and have the opportunity to draft him in late 1st I’d do it. 5th year option and making sure you get the guy you want.

      I’d be not over the moon but relatively happy with this outcome.
      Instead of Alex Smith I might try to sign Keanu Neal. Blair could play nickel or big nickel but more because we need quality depth at S. Apart from Diggs and Blair we don’t really have anybody for backup safety

  27. cha

    Sounds like the Seahawks are in preparation for a separation.

    Thank you, thank you.

    I’ll be performing at HaHa’s in Cleveland on June 10th and don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

    • RugbyLock

      Oh. My. Lord. That was just hideous… LOL!

  28. Strategicdust

    I understand the wishing for a large haul in any trade for Wilson, Adams or Wagner but keep in mind that wishing and hoping often leads to disappointment and “nope-ing”. The Seahawks have painted themselves into a corner and other teams know it and will be trying to pay as little as they can for your players ( Adams and Wagner in particular). I do think Wilson should get an attractive offer but it may not be he size and scale many are hoping for. As Rob as mentioned, the Seahawks could keep him but at what price to team chemistry? Other teams who would be acquiring need as many picks and quality players as they can to build around Russ, otherwise they’re in the same leaky boat as the Hawks are now. Adams has exposed his deficiencies this past year which limits the teams interested in him and what they’re willing to pay. Wagner is an aging linebacker with an expensive contract. It’s easy to overvalue players on your team. Keep that in mind in terms of setting expectations.

  29. Sea Mode

    Some interesting names in Feldman’s R1 mock with insider quotes, especially a couple guys who might be off the radar a bit after opting out.

    And look who he gives us…

    56. Seattle Seahawks: Alim McNeill, DT, NC State

    Pete Carroll needs big help in the middle of his defense, and he’ll be very fortunate that the Wolfpack powerhouse will still be available. The 6-foot-2, 325-pound former four-star recruit was on the 2020 Freaks List. NC State coaches say he can run in the 4.9s, and he vertically jumps in the mid-30s despite his mammoth size. Some of that athleticism was showcased on the pick-six he made against Virginia. In the past two years, he’s had 12 TFLs and 6.5 sacks.

    • Sea Mode

      And the Pats get Devonta Smith at 15. Interesting quote on his football smarts, too:

      “He doesn’t drop a ball ever. The most impressive thing, though, is after each series, he’d come off to the sideline and tell their coaches, ‘They did this and this and this.’ He really knows coverages and what defenses are trying to do. Our guys came back to the sideline and said he’s calling out what we’re playing and telling their sideline what our coverages are and how we’re playing our man coverage. God almighty, that’s different.”

    • Trevor

      That would be a solid pick at 56 IMO.

  30. RugbyLock

    How the hell did they mess it up soooo bad that we’re on the brink of trading a top three franchise QB who is on an HoF trajectory… I want to puke…

    • Happy Hawk

      Agree 100%. Not just puke but volcanic explosive puke. Losing a HOF QB in his prime has never happened.

      • IHeartTacoma

        There’s a chance Russell is a bit overrated. Better than what we’d have next, but maybe not worth what he’s getting paid.

        That’s what I tell myself anyway.

        • RugbyLock

          Yeah, and there’s a chance that monkeys will fly out of my butt…

          • IHeartTacoma

            Sea monkeys maybe?

            • RugbyLock

              You never know! Especially after going on a bender!

          • Lewis

            I mean, it could happen

    • Trevor

      I would prefer at least 7 QBs over Russ if I ran an NFL franchise given their age, contracts and intangibles.


      • AlaskaHawk

        Add Lamar Jackson to the list. I’m surprised no one ever talks about his running ability. It used to be one of Wilson’s strengths.

      • Big Mike

        No way on Murray for me and not yet on Lawrence. As for Lamar, no to him as well. Like Murray his legs won’t last forever and he’s shown that he is inconsistent throwing the ball. Murray is too small and is going to get hurt too often.

        That leaves 5 for me and I see Watson and Allen as about equals to RW. That leaves Mahomes (duh), Rodgers (painful to say) and Herbert who’s contract makes him more desirable AT THIS POINT.

        • TomLPDX

          Right on it, Big Mike. Agree 100%

  31. cha

    Does anyone on site have a PFF account?

    I heard tell of an article behind the paywall discussing Mike Tannenbaum’s “pay back some bonus money to lower the dead cap and new team cuts the guy a check for his trouble” strategy.

    Wondering if there was any new insight, or just rehashing the possiblity.

  32. Happy Hawk

    Some random thoughts:

    1. Minshew, Smith, Fitzpatrick, Darnold etc. are just plainly below average and that is why their teams don’t ant them. So why would we?
    2. Next year’s QB crop of Purdy, Slovis, etc. are as Rob says “Awful”.
    3. The Cowboys signing Dak and the Raiders trading OL (Brown) and cutting OL ( Incognoto) SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the Hawks leverage and playing field…leaving only the Saints ( Highest Over the Cap spot in the history of the NFL) and the Bears left on RW’s list. Not Good.
    4. Florio and Simms said today they think that Carolina will enter the mix if RW approves – which may help
    5. The reason the Cowboys paid a QB with a broken ankle $40m per year is that franchise QB’s are rare and nobody wants to lose them.
    6. Cutting Dunlop was part of the original deal with him and it helps Seattle swallow the RW cap hit better if they move on this year.
    7. We need more teams bidding on this trade for it to work out for the Hawks.

    So my take today is reduced leverage and no viable QB options – saddle up for an epic fall into the dregs of the NFL. Please stop the Minshew is the greatest QB and full of bravado leading the Hawks back to the promise land talk. Why not go without a real QB and run the wishbone that’s what teams do like Air Force does when they can’t recruit a decent QB- it fits our run first narrative.

    • Big Mike

      As someone who has Minshew 2nd on his list behind Carr, I for one have no illusions of Gardner leading the Hawks “to the promised land”. He is a decent QCB which outside of somehow getting Watson (VERY unlikely) is what Seattle will end up with at the position.

      I agree with you that we fans had best be prepared for being part of the dregs of the NFL. I believe it’s coming and soon.

      • RugbyLock

        Back to QB hell… wonderful…

      • dcd2

        Ya, I’m with Big Mike. I don’t think Minshew is going to turn into an all-pro in Pete’s offense, but he’s my favorite of what’s out there. He’s had some success, he’s young and he’s cheap.

        People talking about Dak and Deshawn were/are kidding themselves.

        I’m not quite as bleak about the overall state of things. We’ll take a step back, for sure. The idea of coming at things with some cap space, picks and a fresh perspective appeals to me in a way that the status quo does not.

        If the relationship is beyond repair, and RW will be moving on sooner than later we can:
        1. Hope for the best
        2. Resign ourselves to despair
        3. Root for a new team

        I’m all for #1, with the right to move to #2 if PCJS keep faceplanting in the off-season.

        • Rad_man

          Anyone here seen Minshew work with anything but a terrible roster?

          Didn’t think so.

          Anyone here see Russell shit the bed for half a season?

          Thought so.

    • Tomas

      Re Minshew: Lousy team, OL, yet a 37/11 TD/int ratio.

  33. Noah

    I’ve just done this mock draft on Pro Football Network, and was interested to see what people thought(its probably awful, I’m no expert!)
    Firstly, I couldn’t trade away any players, so it is assumed that Adams stays and that Russ is not traded, although he still wants improvements

    Trades I made were:
    Picks 56 and 209 to HOU, for 67 and 122
    Pick 122 to HOU, for 148,190,203 and 209
    Pick 190 and a 2022 7th to DAL, for pick 179
    2022 6th to TEN, for pick 216

    This leaves us with picks 67,129,148,168,179,203,209 and 216.
    67- Quinn Meinerz, OL, Wisconsin-Whitewater
    129- Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
    148- Chauncy Golston, EDGE, Iowa
    168- Kendrick Green, OL, Illinois
    179- Frank Darby, WR, Arizona State
    203- Nick Eubanks, TE, Michigan
    209- Ben Mason, RB, Michigan
    216- Mustafa Johnson, DT, Colorado

    Ideally, there would be more picks from an Adams trade, and I know I’m no expert, but this is my attempt and it would be nice to see what people think.

    • jujus

      You can easily Get any pick from any team by initializing the trade and providing no compensation and selecting (Force Trade)

      Then say writing the mock out for us inform us it was for Adams / bobby.

  34. Sea Mode

    C’mon, Pete, for old time’s sake! This will win Russ over for sure…

    Ian Rapoport

    The Falcons will be releasing OL James Carpenter, source said.

    • James Cr.

      Never forget the look on Saban;s face when we drafted him!

      • dcd2

        In an HBO movie with Saban and Belichick, they were talking about the draft and Saban said something to the effect of – There are teams that draft my players without even talking to me. If they’d ask, I’d tell it to them straight. I don’t understand how you can spend a high pick without talking to the kids coach.

        My first thought was that he was almost certainly talking about Carp.

        • Jordan

          I’d say Carp has had a career he should be proud of , no?

          121 starts over 10 seasons, won a Super Bowl, $ 36 million+ in career earnings.

          • dcd2

            No argument there. He was universally viewed as a ‘reach’ when we took him though and Saban was clearly shocked. When he said that bit in the conversation with Belichick, I thought was likely in reference to Carpenter. That is just me guessing though.

            • Thomas Wells

              He had a very successful career, especially in relation to the tackles taken right after him (Anyone remember Derek Sherrod or Gabe Carimi?)

  35. Tomas

    The iceberg is growing ever closer. Jody Allen may not give a damn about football, but how about respecting the legacy of her late brother? She needs new advisors. Fire Pete, avoid the iceberg. Top-notch article, Rob. No better sports analysis, and writing, anywhere.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tomas

  36. Ky Swift

    I just did another mock draft on Pro Football Network using their simulator.
    While I think the Bears would give us the best trade package – Khalil Mack would be the best player we could get back. I went ahead and traded Russ to the Raiders as they have been clearing up cap space (trade of Trent Brown to NE).

    Raiders – Russell Wilson
    Seahawks – 2021 picks 17 and 48, 2022 Rd 1 & 2, 2023 Rd 1 & 2, Derek Carr, Damon Arnette, Maxx Crosby

    I also kept Adams in this scenario, therefore not getting Jonathan Abrams back in the trade.
    Arnette was a high pick last year, he does have short arms but I like his physically tenacity (DJ Reed has been an outcast to the 32+ inch arms). Need some depth on the dline – Crosby has been productive in his first two years. Could maybe ask for Clelin Ferrell, he has not lived up to being the 4th pick in the draft a couple years ago and could use a fresh start.

    Mock Draft Trades
    Traded 17 to CIN for 38, 39
    Traded 38 to TEN for 53, 85
    Traded 129, 209 to NE for 139, 159

    Pick 39 – Javonte Williams: Perfect RB to be our new bellcow and set the tone for the new era
    Pick 48 – Asante Samuel Jr: Need a CB, not sure if we will take one this high – could also target St. Juste
    Pick 53 – Rondale Moore: He was available in the simulator, not sure if he actually will be. Eskridge could be another solid option for the #3 WR role
    Pick 56 – Ben Cleveland: Hawks get the mauling guard they need
    Pick 85 – Quinn Meinerz: Follow up the OG selection with the Senior Bowl standout to boost the interior of our oline.
    Pick 139 – Jaylen Twyman: Undersized DT that has pash rush skills, could also target Darrius Stills
    Pick 159 – Janarius Robinson: I’ve seen some selection on him as a later round target. Has the length and athleticism Hawks need on the EDGE.
    Pick 168 – Tre McKitty: Not sure if he will still be available, but would be a solid TE that Rob has mentioned.

    • Jordan


      May I ask how you trade a current player prior to the start of the simulation? I can’t seem to find that.

      • Rob4q

        Jordan, you can’t do that in the SIM – it’s only for draft picks. So we are just saying the trade for current players would be x, y, z…etc…

      • Ky Swift

        Just like Rob4q said, you can’t trade players just picks. So, I actually drafted as the raiders and kept picks 17 and 48. I then traded the rest of their picks to the Hawks for all of their picks. In order to to do that I threw in a 2022 round 1 pick of the raiders. So I had:
        Raiders picks 17 & 48
        Hawks picks 56, 129, 168, & 209
        I then had a bunch of trades during the mock draft.

        • Rob4q

          Ky Swift, select both teams and you can also trade the picks from the Raiders to the Seahawks and then select who you want…I just include a swap of 2022 7th round picks to make the deal work in the SIM.

          So my trade looked like this in the SIM:

          LV Received:
          2022 SEA 7th

          SEA Received:
          Pick 17
          Pick 48
          Pick 121
          2022 LV 1st
          2022 LV 2nd
          2022 LV 7th

      • dcd2

        Easiest thing to do is pick with who you want the trade partner to be. If you want to sim with the Bears picks, use them. Then just trade every pick of theirs that you won’t include in a real life deal (plus future picks if needed) to the Hawks for all of our picks. You’ll end up with the right picks and just draft with the Bears (for the Hawks)

    • Rob4q

      I’ll play a trade game with Raiders! If the Seahawks want to draft a QB, then go with Mariota in return and rework his deal. If they want to hold off on drfting a QB this year, than get Carr in return and subtract one of the draft picks from the Raiders. I’m guessing the Raiders would prefer the Seahawks take Mariota so they could then flip Carr for more picks.

      Raiders get:
      Russ Wilson, SEA 2022 Rd 7

      Seahawks get:
      Marcus Mariota, Clelin Ferrell, Amik Robertson, Keelan Doss
      2021 Rd 1, Pick 17
      2021 Rd 2, Pick 48
      2021 Rd 3, Pick 121
      2022 LV 1st
      2022 LV 2nd
      2022 LV 7th
      2023 LV 1st

      Than the draft goes like this with a bunch of other trades:

      39. Javonte Williams, RB North Carolina
      48. Walker Little, OT Stanford
      56. Kellen Mond, QB Texas A&M
      73. Payton Turner, EDGE Houston
      95. Benjamin St-Juste, CB Minnesota
      121. Trey Hill, OC Georgia
      129. Jaelon Darden, WR North Texas
      142. Darius Stills, DT West Virginia
      168. Jaylon Moore, OT Western Michigan
      177. Erroll Thompson, LB Mississippi State
      209. Forrest Merrill, DT Arkansas State

      • Jordan

        Ahh Got it ! Thank you kindly.

    • Scot04

      I don’t think the Bears could beat that package of picks and players. I also can’t See the Raiders giving up that much.
      Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs, 2021 picks 17 & 48, 2022 1st, 2023 1st.
      Can’t see 3 1sts, 3 2nds. And 4 players though.
      Hope I’m wrong and we get offers like yours though

      • Rob4q

        Well, if they aren’t including Carr and it’s Mariota instead, then I could see what I proposed above – three 1st, two 2nd, and a 3rd with the four players. And of the four players, only Ferrell would be considered a known commdodity and he hasn’t lived up to his potential yet. Robertson and Doss are high upside, young cheap cost-controlled players…

        But if it’s Carr instead of Mariota, then yeah you would probably take picks out to compensate…I mean Carr is a more proven QB than Mariota and is worth more in trade.

  37. BobbyK

    Seahawks and RW are flirting with a lose-lose scenario.

    The most valuable commodity in pro sports is a franchise QB. Pete’s about to let that go?

    If RW wants to succeed “his way” somewhere else, does he not understand what it’ll cost that team to acquire his services? He’ll be closer to 40 by the time his franchise gets to have a No. 1 pick again. And we’re not just talking about a few picks his new team will be giving up, we’re talking about pillaging many, many future drafts. RW can’t/won’t win in that scenario. If Pete doesn’t win without RW, he’ll be vilified. Lose-lose for both. Loss for us fans, too. Not that anyone truly cares about the fans.

    • RugbyLock


    • Gaux Hawks

      agree completely. but this looks more like a lose-win scenario in our favor…

      • BobbyK

        Only if Pete wins. Winning the offseason or being declared the winner of a draft is meaningless without winning during the season. I think back to how bad our 2012 draft class was supposed to be, yet it became historic. Even if the Seahawks are much improved next year, there’s a good chance they won’t finish 12-4 again. They got lucky with that record and we all know it with that schedule (and look how healthy the team was overall at the end of the season). I fear the worst will happen even if we get lots of picks (there’s a reason the Bears will offer so many picks – franchise QBs doesn’t ever get traded in their prime).

        • Gaux Hawks

          i just love having a badass defense, tough o-line and nasty run game. blue collar, old school football.

          • BobbyK

            For all the talk of wanting to be the bully, they’ve been the team that’s pushed around more than not. Frustrating.

    • king.

      Do you think Russ and his camp don’t understand this? He has to veto any trade that strips his future team of too many of its resources.

      As you said, ‘Russ can’t/won’t win in that scenario.’ So why would he accept that trade if winning is his primary motivation?

      I hate to say it, but he is better off making life miserable for the Seahawks until they trade him to a team and for compensation that puts him in position to contend soon.

      Even if that takes a couple of years, which it won’t, he’d still be in better shape in 2023 than letting Seattle get a king’s ransom in a trade now.

      I’m not saying that Russ won’t make a mistake and bet on himself, but I am saying I agree with you, the only way Seattle wins a trade is if Russ loses.

      I think Russ and his team understand that.

      • Rob Staton

        This simply isn’t true.

        The Bears won eight games with Trusbiky and Foles playing musical chairs. They were 5-1. They were 12-4 in 2018.

        If they lose future draft picks and Khalil Mack it won’t matter.

        They’ll recruit free agents because they’ve got Wilson and they’ll have a game-changing quarterback.

        This whole idea that they’ll be gutted is just wrong.

        Wilson wants out. The Seahawks will get a haul when he moves on. Now it seems it’s just about working through every aspect of this to reach a conclusion. And Seattle’s latest step seems to be seeing if they can get someone else involved.

        • king.

          The way to contend in the NFL is by getting roster value. You just wrote an article stressing it. The best source of roster value is draft capital.

          Rob Chicago of its best player, at a dead money cost, and the lion’s share of its draft capital, then in 2 years the Bears will be looking at having to pay the guys who went 12-4, will be without their defensive game-wrecker, and won’t have the resources to restock the shelves with roster value.

          Wilson will be right back where he is now with regard to talent on the roster, though he will be in undeniably better shape with regard to franchise commitment to him and a decent offensive scheme.

          Wilson will almost certainly be in a better position in 2 years if he vetoes that kind of compensation now and waits it out to get the trade package he wants.

          • Rob Staton

            No king, as I’ve explained the dead money thing isn’t an issue because it creates a ton of room for them in 2022. Plus they get a legit franchise quarterback for $19m for the next two years and $22m in 2023. So they are NOT taking on some huge financial dead weight.

            And sure, it’s inconvenient losing high picks. The Buccs just went from 7-9 to Champions because they made smart FA moves and acquired a legit quarterback.

            So let’s not act like a bold move for Russell Wilson is going to leave Chicago’s roster looking like the Nazi’s at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  38. RugbyLock

    It just keeps getting better and better…

    • JJ

      Wonder if Florio has been talking to Rodgers. Lot of talk about Carolina in that clip.

      • Rob Staton

        Can’t see it.

        Weak market, hard ass coach.

        Not much to offer the Seahawks.

        Not likely.

        • dcd2

          Not much to offer? How about Utah Gross MaToast?

          In seriousness, they do have Jeremy Chinn, Brian Burns and Derrick Brown. They also have pick #8, which would be worth a lot via trading down (#24 + #28 via the value chart).

          No idea if they would consider trading those young defensive pieces, but they have been linked with Watson quite a bit.

          Charlotte isn’t Vegas or Chicago though.

          • Rob Staton

            I’d rather have #20 and Mack than #8 and any of those guys

            • Utah Gross MaToast


              • dcd2


  39. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Seahawks won’t franchise tag standout CB Shaquill Griffin given their cap situation, though they’ll work to retain him in free agency, source said. He’ll be one of the top players at his position.
    10:57 AM · Mar 9, 2021

    • Mick

      I hope 49ers sign him with a high salary.

      • Big Mike

        Naw, they’ll get Dunlap (or the Rams will).

    • Cortez Kennedy


  40. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Giants have officially tagged Leonard Williams, source said.
    11:04 AM · Mar 9, 2021

  41. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Bears placed franchise tag on WR Allen Robinson, per source.
    10:43 AM · Mar 9, 2021

  42. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Seahawks informed RB Chris Carson that they will not place their franchise tag on him, per source. Carson set to hit free agency.
    11:19 AM · Mar 9, 2021

    • TomLPDX

      I figured if they were going to tag anyone it would have been Griffin, and then trade him. Looks like they won’t tag Griffin either.

    • Mick

      That’s understandable but we need a replacement.

  43. MountainGump

    Colin Kaepernick, the new Seahawks QB

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not happening

    • Benjamin Shanley

      My top 3 replacements are 1. Minshew 2. Kaep 3. Bortles. If we’re going to restart, let’s get crazy!

      • BobbyK

        My top 3 replacements are 1. Mahomes, 2. Lawrence, 3. Rodgers. 😉

        • Ben S

          Wow, what a terrible list!

    • Silly Billy

      2017 called… they want their hot take back

  44. John

    This is going to be a crazy off season, I think JS is an awesome wheeler dealer so I hope that Pete gives him some room to operate. Another thing is that we do not know what is going on behind the scenes, I was a big fan of Dunlop this year and was hoping we could keep him but if we’re getting Kalil Mack is it such a disappointment if we lose him? If Russ wants out so he can be a national celebrity then why try to hold onto to him? Selling high is not the worst thing in the world, if we get a young awesome defense, a super powerful running game, a quality veteran qb like Fitz or Dalton (he slung it pretty well against us) and good developmental qb behind them I’d be stoked. It’s not that I want to get rid of Russ (though the fame, adulation, and money seem to be taking their toll ie. being mad at Pete and John for not thinking he is a top 5 qb of all time…), it just doesn’t necessarily have to be a disaster if he does go.

  45. no frickin clue

    As the war-drums for Russ talking his way out of Seattle are getting louder, Seattle sportswriters stand resolutely firm on the ‘he ain’t getting traded’ soapbox. Categorically reject this notion.

    Seems to me that these guys may be suffering from Premature Rejectulation.

    ok, now I’ll just show myself out. 🙂

    • Big Mike

      Man, you and cha just killing it at Ha Ha’s in Cleveland today.

      Oh, and you forgot to say “tip your waitresses”.

  46. MountainGump

    Why not Rob? Not sure this can be dismissed so quickly. Think about it, particularly the position PC/JS are in. Do they believe they can build/win with a QB that has Super Bowl experience, played for defensive-minded coach and power-running team, and would be surrounded by a haul of new players and picks obtained in the RW trade. And is available and cheap? Would enjoy hearing your counter argument.

    • dcd2

      He’s been out of the league for 5 years and wasn’t that great in his prime.

      • no frickin clue

        I’d say no to Kaepernick because it’s been about eight years since his prime (half of 2012, and all of 2013), which he followed with three mediocre years in 2014-2016 – not because his prime wasn’t good. Compare:

        Passing Statistics
        Colin Kaepernick 2012-2013 – average passing yards per attempt of 7.9, TD-INT ratio of 31-11
        Russell Wilson 2012-2013 – average passing yards per attempt of 8.1, TD-INT ratio of 52-19

        Rushing Statistics
        Colin Kaepernick 2012-2013 – 155 rushes for 939 yards, average of 6.1 yards per carry, with 9 TDs
        Russell Wilson 2012-2013 – 190 rushes for 1028 yards, average of 5.4 yards per carry, with 5 TDs

    • Simo

      I think the main reason Kaep isn’t a realistic option is because he hasn’t played competitive football in nearly five years! Simply working out and throwing to guys while in shorts doesn’t cut it! He would be a total unknown essentially, and you cannot count on that as your starting QB!

    • Matt

      My sense is that if Kaepernick’s politics didn’t align with yours; you’d see a guy who hasn’t played for half of a decade, was benched for Blaine Gabbert, and clearly has demonstrated that football is not very important to him.

      I’d like to see the Seahawks win a Super Bowl, not be the face of social change.

    • Mike

      See, the odds are he wont play again. He’s got other priorities now.

      But at one point Pete said he was a franchise QB. If Russ is gone, there’s gonna be a carousel of middling QBs on the roster. The FO is gonna take some serious heat for losing Russ. I can see some point where PC makes a call to gauge Kaep’s interest. That call may lead nowhere. It also, may mean bringing him in for a workout. Kaep may come in and not be up to shape to make the roster. But, he may be brought in for some competition for whoever started the season on the roster (who is underperforming). It’s a harmless flier that has a chance of working out. And if he does come in, you can be the “hero” for saving Kaeps career. Kaep may just do it as a media stunt to bring attention to his agenda and issues.

      So yeah. Prolly not gonna happen, but I’d say there’s at least a chance.

      • TomLPDX

        I think this is the only scenario that would work for Kaep for any team wanting to check him out.

      • Spectator

        Kaep is not going to come in for anything less than 30 mill guaranteed. It wouldnt be a “flier”. He is not desperate for a job and he doesnt need to play in the NFL. He makes more being able to play the victim that cannot get a job in the NFL.. And that is not attacking him for it, its business and he is playing the game.

    • Rob Staton

      What are you asking me to counter?


      He hasn’t played in four years. He’s 34 this year.

      It ain’t happening.

    • Big Mike

      The one thing about signing Kaep that would benefit Pete is that the press would focus on his political activities instead of endlessly asking Pete why he traded away a likely HOF QB in his prime. The perfect diversion!

      • Matt

        Oh yea…not to mention Kaepernick would be a God to the Greg Bells and Danny O’Neils.

  47. J.P.

    Hopefully he adds a team or two to his list to give them more options. I think parting ways now make sense for both sides.

    In the long run, I don’t want to extend Russ in his mid 30s anyways, so at most I see a couple more years with him, probably painful ones where he starts up drama every off-season through his agent. Just rip off the bandage already and blow it up.

    If he does stay, I’d still suggest to blow it up around him and try go on all in on the trenches. Maybe 2021 is not the year, but build towards 2022. If things go well, maybe Russ will like the direction of things and not cause drama.

    • TomLPDX

      The Panthers look like a good team, Russ…just saying. You’d be the Belle of the Ball (like what I did there! 🙂 ).

  48. cha

    Jeremy Fowler
    Saints franchise tag safety Marcus Williams, per source.
    12:20 PM · Mar 9, 2021

    Wow, OK. So that’s what, 3 safeties tagged? Nobody wants to sign their safety to a long term extension.


    • BruceN

      Because the tag value is $11M/year where signing a good safety may cost north of $13-$14/year (or higher in the case of Adams).

    • pdway

      I mean, we could tag Jamal after next year, right?

      • cha

        Sure, but he went from “JET FOR LIFE!” to publicly trashing the coach and owner in a pretty short while because they didn’t get a contract worked out.

        • pdway

          I know, but if we do figure out a way to resolve this RW saga, feels like maybe we have to call some bluffs like other teams do on their high-end players….

          buys us some time at least, to see how the team is looking, and how he’s performed.

    • Silly Billy

      That 2017 draft class was really deep with DBs.

    • Big Mike

      Pete IS going to extend Adams and WILL regret it down the road.

      If I’m wrong I will happily chow down on a large plate of crow (I prefer mine deep fried with ranch please).

      • Rob4q

        Mike, you end a lot of your posts with a line like that…how much crow have you eaten in your life?!? And is it any good with ranch??? Haha!

        • TomLPDX

          He won’t be eating any crow with that statement. Pete isn’t trading Jamal.

          And, BTW, everything tastes better with a side of Ranch dressing.

          • Big Mike

            Correct on both accounts Tom.

  49. TomLPDX

    Really like what the Buccs have done so far trying to keep the band together for an encore performance.

    Along with tagging Godwin, they might just pull off a repeat performance.

    • Volume12

      FA signings at DE, speed at the 2nd level, some size at corner, and good-great safety play. Hmmm….🤔

      • Silly Billy

        On the bright side, if trading Wagner is in the cards (as mentioned on this blog), then this might help us get some additional value out of it.

        Leaguewide, there’s only like 3-4 real veteran LBs worth signing now (KJ is one of them), and now there is one less. Teams looking for LB may need to give us a call.

      • Rob Staton

        Pro-active franchise

        • Scot04

          Not only proactive, but they actually seem like they have a plan when doing things

  50. Volume12

    DJ w/ an interesting conference call.

    Said Rashawn Slater ran a 4.9 flat 40 w/ 33″ arms. Can play 5 positions.

    USC’s Alijah Vera-Tucker is 1 of the cleanest players in this draft.

    If you need a corner this year, better take 1 in the 1st or 2nd. Says they’re gonna come off the board quickly.

    Worst DT class in the last decade. Possible that none go in RD1 Barmore has the biggest chance.

    • Volume12

      * NC’s Javonte William’s has been told he’s Chubb 2.0.

    • Volume12

      * Likes this years group of tackles, but would rank Wirfs, Wills, and Becton over Sewell & Slater.

      Big agree for me there

      • Volume12

        * whispers* take Darrisaw

        • dcd2

          Have you checked out Chris Rumph from Duke, Vol? Not much buzz, but he looks like a baller. Might need to put on a few pounds, but he flies to the ball/QB.

          • Volume12

            Oh yeah.

            Definitely needs to add weight. Big fan of his game though.

      • dcd2

        I’m admittedly no expert on grading OL, but I’d take Sewell over all of them. Outland trophy winner as a Sophomore… over Wirfs, Wills and Becton. Top graded college OL in PFF history. Zero sacks allowed in 926 snaps.

        Sewell is going to be a stud.

        • Volume12

          I don’t disagree that he’ll be a stud. But right now, he’s much more athlete playing OL rather than an athletic O-lineman.

    • Rob Staton

      “Not as good as the DT class when I was in Baltimore and we drafted Haloti Ngata”

  51. Andy J


    At least bring him in to challenge for a spot.

    • DC

      🤢 🤮

    • Matt

      I really hope you’re just trolling.

    • Silly Billy

      I mentioned this in a earlier comment…. but you’re 4 years late on this hot take

    • Rob Staton


      He’s not played in four years

      It’s time to move on

  52. DC

    Did we ever get measurables on Quinn Meinerz?

      • DC

        Awesome, thanks Rob!

        Quinn’s got 33” arms which I was happy to see. No T-Rex here. Every year there is a guy you just know is gonna be a winner & Seattle passes. I really hope we add Meinerz. Seems like an anchor for the OL for a decade.

        • Rob Staton

          Meinerz ticks every box they look for

          Length, size, explosive traits, great Senior Bowl

    • BOHICA

      Who cares, the kid is a freak and can flat out play.

  53. Volume12

    Ooohh baby. My guy Greg Newsome, N’Wstrn corner, w/ a 4.3 40. Can we stop sleeping on him. Please 🙏

    Georgia CB Eric Stokes w/ a 4.28?! 👀

    • Volume12

      Newsome is a borderline 1st rounder man

    • Volume12

      Newsome has virtually met w/ GB & their GM was at N’Wstrn’s pro day/combine.

    • Sea Mode

      Short arms/wing, though.

      Jim Nagy

      Toughest phone call last summer was when @NUFBFamily told us junior CB Greg Newsome wouldn’t be December grad for @seniorbowl. Cleanest feet of any CB in draft. Easy first-rounder.

      8 7/8 hand
      31 1/8 arm
      73 6/8 wing
      40 VJ
      10-3 BJ
      4.28 SS
      6.94 3-cone
      18 reps

      • Volume12

        That’s true. I dont think he was a target for Seattle, just 1 of my favorites in this class.

        Nagy also said Seattle looks at arm length for corners, not wingspan

        Those #’s are insane bro.

    • Rob Staton

      Pro-day hype

      Never trust a pro-day 40

  54. Rob4q

    I wonder what Russ (and the Seahawks!) would think if Riverboat Ron would call from the WFT and ask about what it would take to reach a deal? Russ is from Virginia, so would be going home and there is a plenty big market there. Seems like they have some pieces in place and a good QB could take them places Russ wants to go. Would have to play on that crappy field and in some bad weather though, so that may be a hard no from Russ!

    Biggest question is if Ron would let Russ cook like he wants…

    And I guess from the Seahawks point, does WFT have the resources to offer?

  55. SeaTown

    Pat Kirwan just now on Sirius/XM’s Moving the Chains:

    “My announcement of the day. Russell Wilson is not going anywhere. It’s not happening.”

    Thanks for clearing that up Pat.

    • TomLPDX

      Screw Pat. He is one of my favorite talkers on SXM but he is forever lording the fact that he and Pete are tight. Did he bring up Pete’s name at all during this proclamation???

      • SeaTown

        Ha! He prattled on about the dead cap hit and how the Bears could in no way have enough ammo to trade.

        • TomLPDX

          There’s a reason Pat is a host on Moving the Chains and not in a front office somewhere. Still love the guy, though.

    • ElPasoHawk

      If he is in contact with Pete this could be meant to drive up the cost. Message: Hawks aren’t trading him for what’s being offered currently, gotta come much larger if we are giving up a Hall of Fame QB.

      • Big Mike

        That makes sense

    • Troy

      I agree 100%

    • Rob Staton

      Problem solved then. Nothing to see here. Someone let Michael Silver know.

      And when Russell hear’s Pat’s announcement apparently he’s just going to be ‘pumped and jacked’ and ready to rock. Go Hawks!

      • Lewis

        That got a genuine laugh out of me. I do love listening to PK, though.

  56. Volume12

    Hawks have virtually met w/…

    Purdue WR Rondale Moore
    Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz
    Charleston WR Mike Strachan
    Ohio St. DT Tommy Togiai
    Tulsa EDGE/LB Zaven Collins

    • DC

      Thanks homie. Glad you’re out of hibernation.

      • Volume12

        lol. No problem my guy. Apologize if this has already been posted.

        Looks to me like they want a slot receiver. Zaven Collins would be incredible.

        • Trevor

          Sign me up for Collins please would love that pick. I like Rondell Moore as well. He would have blown up the combine I think.

          • Volume12

            Agree about Moore.

            Collins would be something else huh? Maybe they see him as a version of KJ w/ more pass rushing ability?

          • Volume12

            Thinking about it Trev. Seattle might see Collins as LEO convert.

    • Volume12

      A preseason, consensus top 50 pick who didnt have a 100% healthy season? Stop me if we’ve heard this before.

      1st thing that jumps out at me when watching Moore besides the obvious? The toughness & physicality for his size.

      • Trevor

        I agree he could be a more explosive version of Golden Tate. Actually kind of a combination of Tate and Harvin. If there was a combine this year he would not be in range for the Hawks.

        • Volume12

          There’s some Percy to his game for sure.

          • UkAlex6674

            At least Togiai turned up for one virtual meet then.

  57. AlaskaHawk

    I would be happy if the Seahawks acquired Love or Minshew and drafted Kelly Mond. That would be enough competition to get things going next year. Mond could be drafted in high to mid 2nd round, and he has a real talent for throwing the long ball.

  58. Trevor

    We can’t afford him and have bigger needs but I would love Kenny Golliday as WR 3.

  59. Simon McInnes

    Enjoyed the list of average QBs (at the time) playing in the last three games of the season. We don’t have to think back all that far to recall what a sound signing that Trent Dilfer was for the Seahawks, in the circumstances that they found themselves at the time. Anyone ready for the Jordan Love and Ryan Fitzpatrick show?

    • Happy Hawk


  60. Trevor

    Can you imagine how ugly this year could get if Russ wants to get traded and the Hawks don’t move him or give him what he wants?

  61. Paul Cook

    It’s almost more interesting to me concocting realistic scenarios as to how PC will eff things up in the event that they move RW. I just have this gnawing feeling that I would be underwhelmed by what the final product will be come day one of next season.

    Trading RW will present the franchise with a MASSIVE public relations problem all the way around. As someone around here mentioned before, the Seahawks positive “culture” thing will have lost much of its luster.

    My one thing that must happen this coming draft if they move RW is that they are SERIOUS about drafting a potential replacement for him this spring. If they like Mond as a prospect, for instance, then they better make damn well sure that they get him, even if it means trading up to do so. We just can’t not have at least someone in the wings to pin some hope on.

    You’ve been awesome on this unfolding drama, Rob.

    • Big Mike

      Good post man,
      “It’s almost more interesting to me concocting realistic scenarios as to how PC will eff things up in the event that they move RW. I just have this gnawing feeling that I would be underwhelmed by what the final product will be come day one of next season.”

      Watching the slo-mo train wreck will be nothing if not entertaining.

  62. Mike

    The salary cap needs to become more relevant, it’s dumb when they add fake voidable years into contracts to lessen the current cap hit.

    • BruceN

      CAP is quite relevant. Some teams choose to borrow from the future to pay for a deal now. It eventually catches up with them at the end.

  63. Milwaukee Hawk

    Forget Jordan Love. Give me some Aaron Rodgers!

  64. Volume12

    More names the Hawks have virtually met w/:

    Syracuse DB Trill William’s
    N’Wstrn CB Greg Newsome
    L’ville HB Javian Hawkins
    W. Virginia DT Darius Sills
    Stanford R/WR Connor Wedington
    BYU WR Dax Milne
    Jacksonville St TE Landon Rice
    Florida St CB Asante Samuel

    • Volume12

      And throw St. Juste & TE Brevin Jordan to that list

      • Mike

        Any qbs?

        • Volume12

          Not that I’ve seen. Doesnt mean they haven’t though.

      • Trevor

        That’s a solid list.

    • Rob Staton

      Another gentle reminder though that Jim Nagy has already noted that teams will meet with everyone

  65. Rushless pass


    • TheOtherJordan

      Yeah sorry Chris but who has Zach Wilson played? The game I watched live against Washington in 2019, he looked ok. In 2020 he played against literally nobody. Now that’s not his fault, he isn’t the AD and doesn’t schedule opponents. But there is a very big difference of a national stage with all the pressure and beating Louisiana Tech on ESPN 8. Wilson has the potential and can make all the throws against dreck but the NFL graveyard is littered with QB’s that for that description. Let’s see what happens when he faces a little adversity like for starters being a part of the NY Jets organization.

  66. Mac

    If we had to trade Russ, I would send Russ to the bears for three 1st, and two 2nds, Khalil Mack and see if you can get additional comp. Trade Jamal to Miami for 18, and maybe a 3rd or 4th next year, trade Wagner for a 3rd.

    I would send a 3rd for Minshew, he’s a very accurate qb with a weaker arm but he’s kind of bizarro baker mayfield. Like the inverse of mayfield, you can win with him if you pair him with Najee orJavonte, draft Ben Cleveland, Dickerson and bring in a vet center.

    You then create a ton of cap room. It would be an obvious down grade at qb but the ceiling is still pretty great.

  67. Volume12

    Trey Sermon & his family’s background is insane! Good lord.

  68. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy

    Wisconsin-Whitewater OL Quinn Meinerz with 32.0 VJ at 320 lbs. Only OL at 2020 Combine that jumped higher at 320 lbs was Buccaneers No. 13 overall Tristan Wirfs, who jumped 36.5.

    • Sea Mode

      Jim Nagy

      Quinn Meinerz was 4.95 and 4.99 on first 40 attempt and 4.92 twice on second run (shown here). He’s now officially big AND fast. 💰💰

      (and he’s shirtless, I would add…)

  69. Sea Mode

    Field Yates
    · 8h

    If you’re an NFL team looking for an offensive lineman in free agency, here’s what Joe Thuney offers: he’s 28, been an All-Pro guard who has also started games at center and played offensive tackle too.

    He’s been called for 3 total penalties over the past two seasons. Standout.

    Geoff Schwartz

    Seattle… this tweet is for you.

  70. Sea Mode


    · 20h

    Mentioned in recent Seahawks’ letter to season-ticket holders: DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Shane Waldron, Andy Dickerson.
    Not mentioned in recent Seahawks’ letter to season-ticket holders: Russell Wilson.


    Also – Russell Wilson has removed the blue and green crayons from his kid’s Crayola box.

    • Big Mike


  71. Albert Bryan Butler

    I got this weird feeling they’re going to somehow draft Zach Wilson and give him #3.

    • BobbyK

      That’d be funny! Only as long as he turns out good!

  72. Trevor

    If we had the draft capital I would absolutely love to see the Hawks draft Quinn Meirenz and Ben Cleveland. Combine them with Damien Lewis and you have one nasty young interior OL to build around for years to come.

    • BobbyK

      I’d love to see that as well but lets not pretend that two rookies and a second year player will have a great season on the interior in 2021. In that scenario, I really think they’d need to sign an Alex Mack to play C in ’21. If you’re going to roll out a second year RG and rookie LG – you’d better have a veteran C if you’re going to compete for a Super Bowl that season. But if you’re looking to write off ’21 to a certain degree with an eye towards ’22, then by all means get their growing pains out of the way together.

      • BOHICA

        Who said anything about a super bowl?

        • BOHICA

          I’m definitely in favor of either scenario. A1- Quinn Meirenz and Ben Cleveland
          or A2- Ben Cleveland with Corey Linsley/Alex Mack. That being said and all thinga equal I really prefer option 1A- Corey Linsley and Ben Cleveland.

  73. Bertelli

    Great write up, Rob. IMO, the Saints is where Russ would really want to go, though I doubt the Hawks would be in favor of trading to a conference rival. However, if they’re offering a Lattimore and/or Jordan/Thomas plus picks, I’d be interested. I’d take Winston or Hill as well. I liked the Hawks best when they were running that run-option play with Wilson that they seemed to eliminate from the playbook. Either of those guys would fit right in to a system featuring that style. Just my thoughts. Thanks

  74. Poli

    If they end up getting a huge haul from Wilson, what would you say is a realistic trade to offer the Dolphins for pick #3 if Zach Wilson is still on the board?

    • Rob Staton

      I see no chance of him being there but your proposal would need a starting point. Are we saying from #20? Because it’d probably take a lot of the stock you’ve just acquired

      • Simo

        I’m sure he’ll be there at #2 though, so the plan to get him would have to include another trade with and fleecing by the Jets! Probably all the picks they get from a RW trade!

        • Albert Bryan Butler

          A plausible scenario would be that a team like the Bears gave us their 1st round picks for the next three years plus multiple picks/players this year. THEN, you give the Dolphins three 1st round picks to move up. But a better target might be the Jets.

          • Albert Bryan Butler

            Actually not the Dolphins. I meant the Jets. The medication after the surgery is messing with my head.

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        Rob, I find it curious that after BYU started clamoring that Zach Wilson should win the Heisman Trophy and they would take on all takers, they balked when the University of Washinton threw down the gauntlet. How good is he?

        • Rob Staton

          There was a reason for that though. If UW were told to play someone else in the PAC-12 (I think it might’ve been Utah?) then the game would’ve been off.

          In fairness going to play Coastal Carolina in 2020 wasn’t exactly a cakewalk. And it produced the game of the year.

          • Albert Bryan Butler

            There is no way they were ever going to put a game between Coastal Carolina and BYU on television here in Florida. It would have a better chance of being on Wandavision.

  75. Paul Cook

    Lawrence is a done deal for the Jaguars. Wilson and Fields would cost too much to get. We need to get the best QB prospect we can beyond those three. It gets crazy in the draft with QB’s. We might have to move up to get the 4th or 5th rated QB in the draft as it is.

    • Rob Staton

      Fields might be there at #20. He’s not that good

  76. BobbyK

    Seahawks acquire Rodgers and Love. Packers receive Wilson. Though Rodgers is better, Packers may consider this due to the age of Rodgers/Wilson. Seahawks trade Love for a #1 pick in ’22 to help alleviate the stupidity of trading for Can’t Cover Adams. Win-win.

  77. clbradley17

    Key sign emerges Russell Wilson’s time with Seahawks may be over | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports Chris Simms and Mike Florio on The Letter

  78. Mike

    Michael Robinson saying trade russ…

    • TomLPDX

      Did you hear what Mike Rob was saying though. Dude sounds pissed. They got rid of all the alpha males except for Bobby and KJ, who are old school dudes, and got rid of the rest of us alphas to make it Russ’s team.

      Tell me how you really feel, Mike Rob!

      • TomLPDX

        Threw some shade at Jimmy Graham also. Dang Mike!

      • Mike

        He might be pissed, but he still makes valid points. The 2013 Seahawks core doesn’t like that russ got chosen over them. They believe and THEY won that Super Bowl. And for the most part they are right.

        Russ has no idea how good he’s had it. Send him to Chicago.

        • TomLPDX

          Oh, I totally get it, nice to hear them speaking out about it also…but from Mike Rob, professional sportscaster, careful dude.

          • Mike

            It’s not any different from listening to Brandon Marshall, except Mike rob is more against russ.

            • Trevor

              He is all the way against Russ. No love lost there for sure. Common theme from all the guys on those SB teams it seems.

              • TomLPDX

                That’s what’s so amazing…LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD! Get the F#$% out of the locker room, Russ!

                • Frank

                  His ego, and selfishness will always be why the best Hawk and arguably one of the greatest teams ever assembled didn’t end up as a true dynasty. I question in a way if it was right to ever resign him the first time, the locker room hated him, many fans as well although to parlay him into 3 first round picks, maybe a superstar and a few 2-3 rounders seems genius. We should have done it in 2015.

      • Trevor

        Funny how all Russ’s old team mates don’t seem to have much good to say about his character. Always hear what a great talent he is never what a great leader he is. Speaks volumes

        • Matt

          That whole SB era team was a ticking time bomb. Even if they had won that 2nd SB – that whole thing was destined to be a mess. Too many massive egos.

  79. Rob Staton

    Dan Orlovsky has his finger on the pulse. Which says a lot about some of the local voices on this, that he actually gets it and they don’t:

    • Trevor

      Local media are either mindless sheep or old ostrich with their head in the sand.

  80. Rob Staton

    Adam Schefter also telling it how it is:

    Amazing how dismissive some are in face of so much evidence. As Michael Silver said yesterday: ‘naive’

    Graziano still stuck on the dead cap hit. Lame

    • cha

      I listened to Bell as a podcast guest yesterday just to see if his live words matched the tone of his tweets.

      They didn’t.

      They’re worse.

      He claimed a lot of this is ‘manufactured drama’, that ‘there’s no games for 7 months, there’s no combine, people are usually fretting about 40 times and QB hand sizes, so this fills time’

      ‘Everything else – even the stuff coming from Mark Rodgers is smoke and mirrors.’ Brought up the Ciara and NY thing a couple years ago as an example.

      Sounds like he took a shot at Schefter for reporting the 4 teams thing from Mark Rodgers. Mockingly said doesn’t meet a journalism test because it’s second hand third hand could be.

      Then this rant:

      ‘anyone with a keyboard and ears can write anything and it becomes news. And just because someone says something doesn’t make it. This is a leverage play for 2-3 years down the road when they start renegotiating. Everything else is manufactured’

      • dcd2

        Wow! What an ass.

      • Rob Staton

        Sadly, he’s just making himself look ridiculous

        • no frickin clue


          There’s an old phrase that goes something to the effect of “It’s hard to get a man to understand something if his salary depends on him not understanding it.”

          Do you think this front office is the kind of place where criticism of the GM and the head coach are held in such low regard that they feel like they can’t afford to criticize? Is it possible that a Seattle sportswriter, for example, would lose the ability to secure interviews by being too negative? It just seems like there are too many people here who are being willfully stubborn about this.

          • Rob Staton

            Nope, not at all.

            This isn’t China where dissenting journalists face the prospect of being jailed. People are free to criticise the Seahawks. No sportswriter is ever going to be banned for making legit points or asking necessary questions.

            Personally I think it’s simply an unwillingness to think outside of the box, perhaps a little bit of laziness in not wanting to have to deal with it and that all-to familiar issue of once you’ve committed to something on social media, feeling like you’ve got to see it through to the bitter end

      • Lewis

        Manufactured drama happens all the time, that’s true, but is should be his job to separate that from actual stories. Blindly dismissing this one is no better than what he accuses others of doing.

    • Denver Hawker

      If Russ gets traded, I’d like to see a full mashup of every tweet and statement recorded by him on the matter. It’s not a good look for him or anyone for that matter.

      • Big Mike

        Sure will be interesting how he reacts when the trade happens.

  81. Rob Staton

    New live stream tomorrow at 2:30pm PST

    Jacson Bevens will be the guest

    You can watch on the blog, I will embed the video. You can join in the live chat on YouTube too if you want to ask questions

    (We’re also recording a podcast with the UK Seahawkers just after but had already agreed to do a live stream, so we’re going to get both done back to back)

    • Trevor

      That should be interesting.

    • TomLPDX

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll be tuned in.

    • cha

      What’s the post on his twitter TL apologizing for using an anti-semitic slur on a live stream about?

      • Rob Staton

        It seems a reporter made an ill-judged remark and Jacson is referencing Thom Brennaman in a reply

        • jed

          It’s 100% a joke about how bad an apology that was from Meyer Leonard.

    • Aaron Bostrom

      That’s awesome. Jacson is a Seahawks legend!

  82. trippsixxes

    1. Seattle Seahawks are currently for sale

    2. NFL shares revenue

    3. NFL team ownership ROI virtually decoupled from local revenue

    4. Vulcan has every incentive to slash ACTUAL cash spending commitments
    4b…for current AND future ownership

    Consider it sound business to say goodbye to EVERY option that doesn’t do this.
    Quarterback is gone. No big $ extensions or signings.
    Salary cap floors, ceilings, dead monies, etc… mean nothing here and now.
    The “narratives” all serve to distract from these and one other leaguewide dirty truth

    • TomLPDX

      Salary caps are controlled costs. Every Corp loves that…its just noise to the bottom line.

      What is your “dirty truth?”

  83. JLemere

    So is this the predicted offseason plan?

    1. Trade away RW and trade for Darnold
    2. Bring back Carson at reasonable rate
    3. Sign random #3 WR in FA or draft
    4. Sign Jonnu Smith at Market Value or just above
    5. Draft a LG
    6. Sign Blythe to play C
    7.Khalil Mack will be new LEO, have Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson be rotational guys
    8. 2nd round tender Ford and EFRA tender Mone. Let Reed play out his contract
    9. Bring back Dunlap at reasonable rate to play 5T?
    10. See if KJ Wright is willing to come back as SAM (at reasonable rate), if not then sign journeyman SAM in FA
    11. Bring back Shaq Griffin at reasonable rate, let DJ Reed be #2 CB, cut Tre Flowers?, and draft a CB or 2
    12. Give Adams his extension. Maybe sign a journeyman S, or resign Lano Hill, or draft a S for depth.

    Sounds like a 7-9 record if this is the plan.

    • drrew76

      7-9 would be generous.

  84. All I see is 12s

    The problem with the Greg bell is that he is in a very comfortable role as the beat writer for the Tribune. He shows up to the press conferences- he has a couple of media sources with the Seahawks but nothing he does moves the needle. No originality. No scoops. He might as well be an employee of the Seahawks for how much of a party line he kicks out.
    The worst part of him though is how much disdain He seems to have for fans and his readers. Any dissenting opinion is quickly condescended to. And heaven forbid any sort of social justice issue which provides him excuse to be self righteous hornet or can be excused to mention his West Point education to once again condescend to his readers.

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s it. It really does seem like he has utter disdain for the reader/follower. Whether intentional or not, that’s how it comes across.

      And I’ve never understood the appeal of wading into politics on social media. People’s obsession with politics is having a huge impact on our culture

  85. clbradley17

    Dan Orlovsky discusses the current situation between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks | 03/09/21

    He mentions Miami and the NY Jets as other possibilites near the end. But if the Jets just got 49ers D coach to be their new head coach, that should rule them out, wouldn’t it?

    • Rob Staton

      I would imagine so, yes

    • Hawk Finn

      Why? He’s also a former Hawks coach

    • Scot04

      Unsure if Miami is a fit either you have another defensive minded head coach. Their dual OC’s are internal promotions, I’m unsure if they really want to move on from Tua yet.
      Definitely gonna be an interesting week.
      I wonder what other teams might be option Wilson would be open too.

  86. charlietheunicorn

    With the Dunlap FA move, it appears Seattle is closer to going full rebuild than just a tune-up.
    I agree in one sense with the Seahawks management. What they had on the team was not going to win a SB…. so you have to find some way to retool or rebuild on the fly and still have a fighting shot.

    With or without RW I don’t know if they could win a SB next season, unless they pull some rabbits out of hats. Without RW, it is a 98% lock they wouldn’t make it, with him…. you got a 20% shot.

    I guess we will know in 7 or so days what the fates will bring.

  87. charlietheunicorn

    Ok, now I know it is serious (thanks Sea Mode)


    Also – Russell Wilson has removed the blue and green crayons from his kid’s Crayola box.

  88. Tomas

    The omission of Wilson from “the letter” becomes even more glaring when one calls to mind that he set a personal and all-time team record for TD passes this year – yet His best receivers are mentioned, and their record-breaking achievements. 710 am hosts laugh off or discount the significance of the discrepancy. Fools, I fear.

  89. BruceN

    Rob, what are your thoughts on possible QBs in the draft that Hawks could target? A few realistic possibilities are Mond, Mills and Trask. How would you rank them? I think you like Mond the best (comes from a good pro style system). Mills has the tools, a quick release, and the arm (but no wheels). Trask could be a dark horse. Anyone else worthy of a look?

    • Rob Staton

      Check recent articles I’ve written about them

  90. Sea Mode

    Nice. I’d love to see the same from Taylor.

    • 206

      Obviously I don’t know a lot about Taylor, doesn’t seem many many people do, but I’m getting strong “don’t care about football vibes”. If you look on his Instagram, no pictures of the hawks, uniforms, nothing. Not even draft day! Seems like something to be proud of. He might have get his couple Mil and bounce

      • Big Mike

        You mean Malik Taylor?

        • 206

          ATV season bout to start

          • BobbyK

            They’ve been at this long enough where you’d think they’d have learned their lessons by now, whether it’s drafting a player with character concerns or other red flags.

            Schneider loves to talk about the guts and character of a player but if we judge his actions instead of his words – we see he really doesn’t care like he says he does.

            They say they want players who care about football, but then sometimes draft players high who really don’t seem to care.


  91. SonGoku

    Greg Olsen to Colin Cowherd.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, beat me to it. 👍

  92. Sea Mode

    Greg Olsen on Cowherd podcast:

    Chris Cluff

    Greg Olsen, a #Seahawks TE in 2020, on a possible Russell Wilson trade: “If you’re taking the odds today, he’s back in Seattle. They fix the things … that need to get better to push the organization forward.”

    Olsen says Wilson “wants that weight on his shoulders. … Are they willing to allow him to operate the Seattle Seahawks in that manner? I think that’s the crossroads they are at right now. After being there a year, I’m not exactly sure which path they take.”

    More Olsen on Wilson: “His legacy matters to him. … He wants to win multiple Super Bowls and he wants it to be on his back. … Will the Seattle Seahawks ever just say: ‘Here are the keys. Go win us the Super Bowl offensively.’? I’m not sure.”

    Olsen on Pete Carroll: “He’s one of the most impressive people running an organization I’ve ever been around. … He runs a football team incredibly efficiently. … His team meeting is 35 minutes, and you sit there on the edge of your seat because it’s not just wasted fluff.”

    And Olsen on the power struggle between Carroll & Wilson: “Both guys know that they’re capable of being the all-time best; they just have a different philosophy of how it’s done.”

    More Olsen: “Success has … spoiled (the #Seahawks) a little bit. If they don’t win the Super Bowl, it’s a massive failure. Most organizations (would) cut off their leg to win 12 games. … (The Hawks) have set such a high mark that it’s Super Bowl or bust, which is awesome.”

    • Mick

      I thought he would be bitter for not being more involved in games.

    • TomLPDX

      Anyone know the time mark that Olsen starts?

      • TomLPDX

        Found it. Starts at 32:25

        • Hoggs41

          That is a fantastic listen with Greg Olsen. Love him talking about James Harrison.

  93. matty

    everyone talks about a franchise QB being the absolute to a teams success, in my opinion some franchise QB can actually strangle and hold back some teams financially and more importantly create the wrong vibe in the dressing room. as Rob has pointed out many teams reach success with a good or even average QB.
    RW has now through the press done a lot of finger pointing which will piss off as many people as those that agree with him. the upshot being a divided roster/coaches and staff around the building.
    time to do the deal of the century and rebuild because for me i was much more fearful/concerned about the future of the team after LOB was split than i currently feel about RW leaving.
    as for who takes over at QB is a massive question and all of the suggestions are interesting to read.
    i may get told its a stupid idea but i still reckon there might be a good season or two with Cam Newton or even Fitzepartick against the like of Minshew or Darnold

    • Trevor

      At this point trading Russ is a good thing not a bad thing. All assuming they get an appropriate return in any trade. That locker room will be toxic on so many levels next year if he returns.

  94. Sea Mode


    Source: 2021 salary cap is “almost definitely” going to be $182.5M per team.

    • Sea Mode

      That earlier report proved accurate:

      Adam Schefter

      Last year’s cap: $198.2 million.

      This year’s cap: $182.5 million.

  95. Denver Hawker

    Can anyone read Barnwell’s the Russ trade proposal article on ESPN?

    • Rob Staton

      I have read it. I wouldn’t bother personally. The trade proposals are pretty much all over the place.

      • Hoggs41

        Its absolutely terrible. The Miami one especially. The only one to consider would be the one with Carolina. Would people pull the trigger on this one?

        Seattle gets:
        #3 and #36 from Miami this year
        22 first and 23 first
        Robert Hunt and Tua

        Miami gets:
        Russell Willson

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not a fan of Tua. Watching him waste DK, Lockett and one of Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase (they could take Sewell) would be massively frustrating.

          • Ralphy

            The good thing about the Barnwell article is that he is aware of the caliber of players that would need to be involved. I don’t think the compensation is nearly enough though (mainly with draft picks). I think RW is even more valuable now when you see what Dak got and you’ve got him for three years. Just like in baseball, the longer the player has left on a good contract, the more you can get in return. That part is not being talked about nearly enough when people mention dead money.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think he was that aware of it. I thought they were poor proposals. A big build up but a disappointing climax.

        • icb12

          If RW really wants out, then yeah I pull the trigger on that. I’m not a Tua fan either. But the reality is that the starting point has been stated as three first rounders. This scenario nets you that, plus a high 2 this year, plus a pretty dang good RT who was recently a top 40 pick, and also nets you a QB on a rookie contract that at the very least can compete with whoever else you bring in. Also, I’m not convinced that Tua’s value will ever be higher than it is now- so if you wanted to trade him again it’s theoretically possibly that someone would be interested. Could you flip Tua to the Bears for Mack straight up? Maybe with a later round pick swap?

          I don’t love it, but I’d do it.

  96. Frank

    I’m a big fan of this draft class of QB, seems like there’s enough talent someone is bound to slide to the 20th pick. Chris Simms podcast put a little fear in me that the league would start seeing things the same way I do and my preferred options could be gone bye then. If Lance or Fields slides, assuming a deal gets done with the Bears to the 20th pick I have a modicum of concern we end up with another guy like RW who can throw bombs but can’t operate a timing offense. It’s really hard for a coach to draw up a winning game plan when you have a QB who is less than average at throws less than 15 yards down field. Love Simms since his playing days, was so bummed for him when he took that shot to the spleen, but damn Simms shut the hell up before the rest of the league gets a clue on this class.

  97. Scot04

    Watch Dunlap end up in Baltimore. Ugh

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