Live stream (8am PT): Reacting to day one at the combine

If you missed my day-one recap post, click here.


  1. no frickin clue

    I submit that Calijah Kancey and his 30 5/8″ arms demands a new nickname: C-Rex.

    Who’s with me? 🙂

    • Hawk Finn

      Calijah Kantreach

  2. Trevor

    Just watched the Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson pressers. Two really impressive young guys but wow what a difference in physical size / stature. It is going to be interesting watching them standing next to each other doing drills tomorrow that’s for sure.

    • BK26

      Richardson might be the one guy that Young stays away from the most hahaha. He might keep Jake Haener between him and everyone else.

      • Roy Batty

        I thought Young decided no to throw at the combine?

        • Rob Staton

          He isn’t throwing

          • Peter

            So stupid for him. His calling card is lightning fast processing.

            It’ll be cool to see who is going to step up and be a leader for that spot.

            • Henry Taylor

              It’s probably because he’s been focused on eating as many burgers as he can to crack 200lbs, so not in his best condition to perform.

              • Roy Batty

                Or didn’t trust his bladder to hold the 2 gallons of water he drank.

    • MountainHawker

      Where did you see those? Looking on YouTube and not finding them

  3. Aaron Bostrom

    Matt Miller reporting teams have thought Richardson had interviewed the best of any QB and is killing that process.

    • Rob Staton


  4. Forrest

    I think the Seahawks’ plan is to sit tight at #5. If the QB they want is still there, they take him. If Will Anderson is still there, they take him. Otherwise, they trade back (most likely with Carolina for #9, as they have two #2s and two #4s. If someone they like isn’t there at #9 (like Carter, who could bd less risky after a move back) they can trade back again.

    • Peter

      So I just posted this in last night’s wrap up.

      But if the qbs go 1-4 and Anderson is at five with bluntly a less than amazing combine at that point which team is going to move up to five and give us anything?

      Seriously. Is there any single player who is going to rise up so hard they are a must have?

      I’ve been hearing forever about Carter. Now with his legal problems he might be actually out. Anderson I’d still be fine with though for the seahawks give me macdonald.

      Is there going to be a LT that lights it up? Maybe a corner?

    • Wilson502

      Thing is the Hawks have the draft capital to move up and get the QB they want. There’s absolutely no reason to just sit on their hands at 5 and potentially get stuck with the worst QB option or Will Anderson. They to address the QB position here.

      • Big Mike

        Please do it John

        • Big Mike

          You will not have this opportunity again JS

      • Cambs

        I have the sense that we fans feel like we *shouldn’t* have to do it. They were sitting at 3 for so long. Week 18 was such a nonsense. QBs don’t usually go 1-3 or 1-4. Jalen Carter should be in the mix pushing another guy down. Richardson and Levis at least have been so commonly mocked well after 5. There are enticing prospects to talk about with all the other picks. Etc.

        But we are where we are, and where we are is outside the line — barely outside, but outside. Nevertheless, events broke so that they have enough to probably go get the first overall pick, possibly using fewer draft picks than they acquired in the Russ trade. (4 in, 3 out?)

        If they passively let all their targets go off the board it’ll be like the joke about the guy who refuses to be rescued by a boat because he’s waiting for God to do it, and when he drowns God says, “I sent you a boat!”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Not sure I agree.

      And I know this won’t be a popular opinion but I am fairly underwhelmed by Will Anderson. He’s not a particularly gifted athlete. He didn’t pop in any of the drills. He is an excellent interviewer though.

      Not sure I see the value in making him the first pick.

      Not sure I see something in him that I can’t get in Will McDonald at 20. Or maybe Lukas Van Ness in the teens. Those are better values for me.

      I’m pretty biased against any pick but a QB at 5. But I’m also not in favor of Anderson either. Not with such an athletic, deep EDGE class behind him.

      And it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the FO see it the same way. If their QB isn’t there, I see trading down a distinct possibility. Tbh, I see it as a possibility even if their QB is there.

  5. Glor

    Very interesting take on Wilson’s struggle the past couple years. I didn’t realize his mental health coach/doctor pasted away after our first game in 2021

    • Glor

      Pardon the typo

  6. Denver Hawker

    Not combine related, but well done:

    • Peter

      Very good.

    • glor


    • Big Mike

      It’s very funny unless you’re a niners fan

  7. Peter

    I love the thumb nail. Those three look great but give me a break.

    Ade ade looks like 90’s era marvel comics The Hulk or Juggernaut.

    Give me a guy like that in this draft that knows he has to do everything in his power to get great versus any of the guys who think from now until their proday they are going to magic up better results.

    I’m still high on Keion White and was getting crestfallen that he didn’t run but at least he did a bunch of the other stuff.

    I wonder how the hawks will find Tyree “maybe compete,” Wilson…

  8. Ian

    Looking forward to your post-combine horizontal board

  9. Trevor

    My ideal start to the 2023 Draft

    #5 Richardson, Levis or Stroud
    #20 Will McDonald
    #38 Mazi Smith
    #53 Josh Downs or Cedric Tillman

    • JD

      Fully support that plan and hope it works out that way.

      QBOF, EDGE with tremendous upside, Solid DT with upside and WR3 with 1-2 upside to take over for Lockett.

      I am not sure Josh Downs will be available that late. If he is there at #38 and DT’s like Pickens and Benton will be there at #53, would you take Downs at #38 and Benton at #53?

  10. Trevor

    Bench Results
    Mazi Smith: 34
    Keion White: 30
    Jaquelin Roy: 30
    Tyler Lacy: 30
    Moro Ojomo: 29
    Jalen Redmond: 27
    Adetomiwa Adebawore: 27
    Myles Murphy: 25
    Zach Harrison: 25
    Keeanu Benton: 25
    Viliami Fehoko Jr.: 24

    Would love to know Ade’s TEF.

    • Hawkdawg

      34 reps with 34 inch arms is superb.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        It’s really a shame Mazi didn’t test. I think he’d have wowed like Jordan Davis last year. Dude is a phenomenal athlete period, and insanely so at his size.

    • icb12

      Math says TEF=3.76 WTEF=106.03

  11. Steve Nelsen

    The Seahawks have interviewed 3 of my favorites: Juju Brents, JL Skinner and Daiyan Henley. Unfortunately, they all look to go in the 3-4 range and Seattle only has 2 picks. I’m starting to hope for a trade back 🙂

    And we need word on a Josh Downs interview…

    • Glor

      I’m conflicted on this.

      On one hand, you want to believe that we are picking players that we think we need and can use, so from that perspective, how many picks do you really need.

      On the other hand, the draft is kind of a complete crap shoot, you get good, you get lucky, etc. so ya, maybe having 15 picks wouldn’t be a terrible thing..

      I just wonder though, as I feel we have plenty of ammo this draft that if we were to trade back, trade back for future picks vs picks in this years draft so we have more ammo down the line..

      • Steve Nelsen

        I wrote an article for SDB years ago about the confidence bias and how it affects the way both GMs and fans approach the draft. There was a study of draft history that clearly showed more picks was best. You ended up with more players, more starts, more Pro-Bowls and more All-Pros. I have been tracking new studies since then and nothing has changed.

        My big goal for today is to get more info about Darius Rush and I hope the Seahawks interview him. He has a bit of an injury history in college and I don’t know for sure how fast he is. But, he showed up at the Senior Bowl and I think he could be a great project CB for this year’s draft to compete with or replace Michael Jackson.

        • Glor

          Interesting, we should have Rob pull it from the archive and repost at some point. Honestly any of these theory articles would be great content to just repost to the blog during the down season.

          • Steve Nelsen

            He has reposted it once or twice in the past.

  12. GoHawksDani

    My guess is that they’ll move a lot on draft day.
    Trade up to get their QBOTF then move down to get draft ammo
    Something like trade up using this year R2s and maybe next year pick(s). Then trade down from #20 to late R1 or maybe even multiple times into early R2 and pick up 1-2 R2/3 picks.
    Or maybe use #20 and some other to trade up.
    I just hope they don’t use #20+R2s, R3 to trade up. Using 5 picks to select any player would seem like a crazy huge risk and gamble in this draft when they have a ton of ammo to build the roster.

    Who could be trade target to move up? Read #1 but other teams? I bet #5 => #1 would cost a ton (probably #5, #20, R2 and next year R1)

  13. Spectator

    Recency bias is a killer, so the excitement of the DL needs to be a bit tempered. However, gosh there is some depth in the late first, 2nd and 3rd round that is very tempting.

    I think it is very unlikely Stroud, Levis, or Richardson will be available at 5. The consensus in sports media was that Richardson was too raw to go earlier than 9, does that hold true? I dont think so. And I think Young is getting the same treatment as the QBs last year did, pegged to go higher than reality. So with Will Anderson likely gone too as the 4th (Colts trading up to 1 and bears to 4 to grab Anderson and a surprise team not named Carolina goes to 3 similar to 9ers when they traded up for Lance). With Young as the 5th option. Young is a superb player and competitor. But I just dont see him being in the mold of what the hawks are looking for.

    Does Trey Lance land with the Commanders (Rivera thinking Newton 2.0) or Carolina? What kind of QB is Reich looking for even? Could the Commanders be that surprise team that trades up to 3 with Rivera thinking this is last chance to make something happen? If neither trade to 3, would either of those teams be interested in trading up and giving a haul for Young?

    Im really hoping we can walk out the draft with Ade Ade, Mazi Smith, Jack Campell, and Nolan Smith. IDk how. Then JuJu later for our dev corner. As much as I like a few WR and RBs, we could really boost the alpha level on defense with those picks.

    Absolute dream scenario:

    1-4 are Stroud, Levis, Wilson, Anderson. Colts trade up for Stroud at 1, Houston surprises with Anderson, Raiders see Levis available and trade up to 3 with AZ, Wilson goes to the bears after an incredible Pro day, Leaving Young and Richardson on the board. Schneider takes a gamble after feeling out everyone at the combine and trades back with Carolina who takes Young, giving the hawks 2 seconds to move up. Some how Richardson falls to 9 and we run to podium and jump for joy. Giving us 20, 4 seconds, and a third to grab Ade Ade, Mazi Smith, Jack Campell, Nolan Smith and 2 picks still for a WR or RB or T convert or Center.

    More likely dream scenario is all that happens and Richardson is our pick at 5, and we use the remaining 4 picks on Ade Ade, Mazi Smith, Jack Campell, and Nolan Smith (in no particular order).

    • Glor

      I don’t know about Young not being the mold. I see the mold as 5 year control over a potentially great player with a low cap hit. I mean, even if we took him at 5 and got 3 or 4 good years out of him before he broke down I think it would be worth it from a cap savings perspective and our history of wasted 1st round picks.

      • Glor

        Not saying he is my first choice of QB’s but I surely won’t cry or be upset if he falls to us.

        • Spectator

          I never said i would hate the pick of Young at 5, only that JS has kind of told us the mold of the QB he likes, and it isnt a 510 180 pound QB. I could be wrong, but I just dont see him being the one they want to move forward with even for 3-4 years.

  14. BoiseSeahawk

    I was happy to see these 3 on the list for pre-draft visits with Seattle:

    LB Daiyan Henley
    SS JL Skinner
    CB Julius Brents

    This just further proves how good of a job Rob does here in his assessment of team traits.

    I just hope they steer well clear of Kelee Ringo who also had a scheduled visit.

    • Seattle Person

      I’m cool with Ringo if it’s not a 1st or 2nd round pick.

  15. Henry Taylor

    He obviously just means in terms of guys he loomed up to on the field as dual threat, creative types that he wants to emulate. But dude, those are the first 2 to come to mind? Come on man.

    • Spectator

      He did also mention Burrow. But from a football standpoint, Watson and Vick were two of the best in their prime.

  16. GrittyHawk

    This has already been said so many times, but it can’t hurt to say it again: Rob, your content this draft cycle has been next-level freaking PHENOMENAL. It’s amazing how easily I can identify people on Twitter, Reddit, etc, who read SDB because they come across so much more knowledgable and don’t just parrot the ridiculous “analysis” pumped out by mainstream media. Kudos on all the work you’ve done and everything else you’ve still got coming! I hope you get to take a nice long holiday once everything wraps up.

  17. Trevor

    Some guys to keep an eye on today.

    If the Hawks were ever going to grab a CB early then Joey Porter certainly looks the part and has the tape to back it up. Love Brents , Stevenson and Rush. Then My favourite Day #3 guy is Terrell Smith anxious to see how he runs.

    Also Sydney Brown and JL Skinner scream Seahawk to me if the Hawks want to add a young Safety.

    Joey Porter Jr.
    Height: 6’2.5″
    Weight: 193 pounds
    Arm Length: 34″
    Hand Size: 10″

    Christian Gonzalez
    Height: 6’1″
    Weight: 197 pounds
    Arm Length: 32″
    Hand Size: 9 1/2″

    Julius Brents
    Height: 6’3″
    Weight: 198 pounds
    Arm Length: 34″
    Hand Size: 9 5/8″

    Tyrique Stevenson
    Height: 6′
    Weight: 198 pounds
    Arm Length: 32 5/8″
    Hand Size: 9 5/8″

    Terrell Smith
    Height: 6’0.5″
    Weight: 204 pounds
    Arm Length: 32 7/8″
    Hand Size: 9″

    Darius Rush
    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 198 pounds
    Arm Length: 33 3/8″
    Hand Size: 9 1/2″

    Sydney Brown
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 211 pounds
    Arm Length: 31 1/2″
    Hand Size: 10 1/4″

    Christopher Smith II
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 192 pounds
    Arm Length: 31 1/8″
    Hand Size: 9 5/8″

    JL Skinner
    Height: 6’4″
    Weight: 209 pounds
    Arm Length: 32″
    Hand Size: 8 1/4″

    • cha

      Is Skinner testing?

      • Brett

        I thought I saw he tore a pec and won’t be testing.

        • Roy Batty

          He probably will be limited at his pro day too. The pain can be mitigated, to a certain degree, with pain killers and limiting motion, but the first time your flex that peck with force it feels like someone poured acid on your chest.

  18. Brett

    Just did a mock draft. Double dipped at DL and IOL as those are probably biggest areas of need and Seattle had a similar approach last year doing it at OT, CB, EDGE, and even WR. Now seeing they did it at four positions I even wonder if they’d do it at more than IOL and DL. I really want a safety like Sydney Brown or JL Skinner in R3 but couldn’t pass on Brents there. I probably wouldn’t trade down from #20, but with the depth at DT, I would probably be willing to do it at #37 and try to nab another R3 or R4 pick and then pick up a safety.

    #5: Anthony Richardson, QB
    #20: Drew Sanders, LB
    #37: Mazi Smith, DT
    #51: Steve Avila, OG/C
    #83: Julius Brents, CB
    #122: Moro Ojomo, DE
    #153: Michael Wilson, WR
    #156: Eric Gray, RB
    #197: Nick Saldiveri, OG

    • Ashish

      Looks great with minor change in order

      #51: Steve Avila, OG/C => Josh Down / WR
      #83: Julius Brents, CB => McIntosh / RB
      #122: Moro Ojomo, DE => Oline – OG/C

      #153: Michael Wilson, WR => Safety / CB

      • Brett

        I really like Downs and McIntosh… the draft can be such a difficult puzzle to figure out how to fit all the pieces together you want with the limited ammo you have. I don’t envy Schneider & co for having to make those tough decisions.

  19. Roy Batty

    Anyone else tell their spouse that they are most definitely potatoing the couch on Saturday?

    She wasn’t pleased, but I’m not missing the QBs. The rating will be through the roof.

  20. Matt

    Guys…I’m really struggling with Seahawks fans and media’s reaction to Jalen Carter.

    Are we really treating a 21 year old as if they have no control of their lives? “I’m glad you never made a mistake when you were young!”

    Yea no…I never struggled with reckless behavior that could kill people. What a pathetic culture this has become. This is obviously tangential to the draft but I just truly can’t believe what I’m reading.

    Imagine being the family of those victims and the majority of what you are reading is, “what’s the big deal? Dumb mistake. He’s too good to pass up” and your fucking kid died.

    Listen, Carter may end up being absolved of any wrongdoing and that’s not really what this is about. It’s about the callous nature of people to *happily* overlook some heinous things because it would help their team.

    Sorry for the rant; again I’m struggling with this. My best friend in college lost his HS best friend to a drunk driver a week before college. Kid was going to Harvard. I’m tired of the loosening standards we seem to have and the excuse making that is made for people in their 20s.

    I very much hope JS/PC continue the new standard of picking quality people. And lastly, this isn’t meant to be moral preening.

    • Hawkhomer1

      Agreed 100%

    • Peter

      I’m with you.

      My best friend in my early twenties died in a boating accident where the drunk captain drove into a dock throwing my friend. The captain of the boat did time and had a suspended license all vehicles for years.

      But think of his future….why do I care?

      When I was a linesman if you had anything remotely near this on your record you weren’t getting the job.

      Maybe it all blows over.

      Meanwhile the boys will be boys shit can pound sand. I worked at tons of clubs in Seattle and after hours drinking was all the rage. You know what wasn’t the rage? Driving home drunk as we all either walked home or kept the dying cab industry afloat.

      • Matt

        Sorry to hear that Peter – that’s truly awful.

        Your last point is an important one. Nobody expects these guys to be Saints/perfect; but there are standards we *must* maintain otherwise you’re going to see a lot more of these situations.

        Again, I’ve just been genuinely disheartened by the reaction for the mere fact he could be a solution at 3T.

        • Peter

          That and…..guess what he’s a guy with tons of potential and seemingly none of the desire to put it together. Just that alone get me benton, Pickens,ade ade, white, etc….

    • Paul G

      I saw a tweet from Jared Stranger about this that made me think. The guy just left after his friends and people on staff died in a car crash in which he was involved in.

      • Peter

        The replies are gross

    • cha

      It’s painful to me when the average fan’s first thought when something like this comes out is “maybe he will slip in the draft and the Seahawks can get a top talent later!” rather than “does investing in this player even make sense anymore?”

      It just reeks of selfishness and opportunism.

  21. Matt

    Kelee Ringo…yikes.

    God Georgia is a weird program.

    • Rob Staton

      What’s happened?

      • Matt

        33” VJ
        10’2” BJ

        Plus the short arms.

        He needed to test well. He’s always been the “potential” guy – that’s evaporating.

        • Seattle Person

          33? Wow…still a good athlete but really underwhelming for someone as hyped as him.

          • Roy Batty

            Being surrounded by great talent can mask a lot of inadequacies.

            • Elmer

              At some point that becomes the downside of drafting players from programs like Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State. The Combine helps to keep the focus on the individual prospect.

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