My thoughts on day one of the combine

Calijah Kancey lived up to expectations

Here are my day-one thoughts on the defensive line and linebacker workouts…

Adetomiwa Adebwarore is the star of the day

The concept of a 6-2, 282lbs defensive lineman running in the 4.4’s is preposterous, yet that is what ‘Ade Ade’ achieved today. His official 4.49 is a staggering result, paired with a 1.61 10-yard split. He combined this with a set of explosive tests — jumping a 37.5 inch vertical and a 10-5 broad.

This is a rare performance.

You’re left wondering what to make of it. On tape, there are plenty of flashes from Adebwarore and there was enough to warrant a question pre-Senior Bowl to Jim Nagy about his potential. However, unlike the Calijah Kancey’s out there — he didn’t consistently produce and perform.

Was it down to Northwestern struggling? Or will the tape lead teams to ask why he excelled so much at the Senior Bowl — and tested so brilliantly — yet didn’t cause havoc on the field in college?

The fact he has 34-inch arms negates some of the height concerns and could actually create a perfect combo of leverage and an ability to keep his frame clean. I wish he would’ve done the shuttle and three-cone but the ‘prime time’ nature of the combine continues to put players off doing the agility drills (more on that later). The expectation was he could run a shuttle in the 4.00’s.

In Mobile he was the defender who had his team-mates shouting and calling out as he dominated in the 1v1’s. Now he’s tested brilliantly. Could he make for a dynamic inside/out rusher — or at worst a specialist pass rusher?

If you can reason away the lack of great tape — he could easily justify a first round placing. I’ve been thinking he’d be ideal for the Chiefs at the end of day one. They love to draft big-time athletes. Adebwarore has a connection to Kansas City and would like to play for them. I think this performance confirms that range for him, rather than bumping him up much further.

If you missed my interview with Adebwarore you can watch it here:

How does Calijah Kancey compare to Aaron Donald?

This was a big question because the two former Pitt Panthers are so similar physically. While Kancey will never live up to the comparison, his tape did show big-time flashes of pass-rushing quality.

He ran an official 4.67 with a 1.64 split at 281lbs. Aaron Donald ran a 4.68 at 285lbs with a 1.63 split. So, they are very similar in that regard. Their body types, just to look at them, are also very similar. However, Kancey has 30 5/8 inch arms while Donald’s are 32 5/8 inches. There’s a big difference there.

Donald ran a 4.39 short shuttle but sadly Kancey didn’t do one.

Someone will roll the dice on him being even remotely close to Donald and take him in round one. There will always be a fear that at the next level he’ll be washed out at his size and the length is pretty concerning. However — if he works out, even as a rotational rusher — the upside potential is strong.

The Seahawks have made a pretty big deal about length for their defensive linemen, as noted in our big combine preview. I wouldn’t expect them to draft him for that reason. However, Donald excelled for Brandon Staley in LA and they are lacking a disruptive presence up front.

Nolan Smith’s big day

It was hardly a surprise that Smith put on a show. As one of the all-time great SPARQ testers in High School, it was a formality he was going to excel at the combine.

He jumped a 41.5 inch vertical, a 10-8 broad and ran a 4.39 forty (with a 1.52 split).

The big question now is — where do you play him?

It’s doing the rounds online that he’s the heaviest player with a +40 inch vertical and a sub-4.4 forty since 2003. He’s one of only three who weighed more than 215lbs along with D.K. Metcalf and Breece Hall.

Of course this is intriguing but the problem with Smith has always been his tweener status. He’s only 6-2, 238lbs and he has 32 5/8 inch arms. I thought he was unimpressive and ill-suited to play as a pass-rusher at Georgia. He doesn’t scream off the edge that often and at his size there’s no concept of speed-to-power. He didn’t have a counter-move on tape and while he did a better-than-expected job against the run — will that translate to the pro’s?

Ideally you’d play him as an off-the-ball linebacker and then have him rush occasionally. There’s some projection there though for that switch. Plus, what range are you prepared to take a player like that?

The 3-4 teams (like Seattle) could try him at OLB because he’d be playing a lot in space. I’m not sure we’re looking at a sack-dynamo here though, rather he’s someone who will give you everything including the occasional splash.

I’m sure some mocks are going to go over the top after the combine but nothing really changes for me. Anyone aware of SPARQ and Smith’s game knew he was a fantastic athlete and a world class character before the combine. We also knew he was a tweener.

I had him in round two and still feel that way to an extent. I might bump him to a fringe first rounder because there is some separation there with his workout compared to someone like Trenton Simpson. Yet I wouldn’t expect Smith to become a leading pass-rusher in the NFL and I do think teams will need to create a role for him.

10-yard splits are key

Anything in the 1.5’s is considered ‘elite’ for an edge rusher. Last year there was a dearth of players who ran a 1.5 — there were only three (including Boye Mafe).

This year the numbers were better. Here’s a list of players who ran between a 1.5 and a 1.62:

Nolan Smith 1.52
YaYa Diaby 1.56
Derick Hall 1.59
Nick Herbig 1.59
D.J. Johnson 1.59
Tyrus Wheat 1.59
Will Anderson 1.61
Adetomiwa Adebawore 1.61
Byron Young (TEN) 1.61
Lonnie Phelps 1.62
Robert Beal 1.62

It’s particularly impressive for someone like Derick Hall who is a big, nasty, physical edge-setter. He’s a bit stiff bending the arc but a 1.59 split is a big positive you can work with. He can clearly get off the ball and when he initiates contact he’s a powerful, driven competitor.

Tyrus Wheat has flown under the radar for too long. He has an unorthodox frame but running a 1.59 split at 263lbs is impressive. He was used to drop into coverage a lot in college and he could be of interest — especially after he was shown to have 33-inch arms (32 7/8 inches officially).

Adebawore’s 1.61 split at 281lbs is barely believable as we’ve discussed. YaYa Diaby had a good Senior Bowl and followed it up with an excellent combine. He’s a very interesting player with major upside. That’s a brilliant 1.56 split and it’ll do wonders for his stock at 263lbs. D.J. Johnson is a reasonable day-three project as a pass rusher and a good athlete.

Here are the top defensive tackle splits:

Calijah Kancey 1.64
Bryan Bresee 1.71
Jalen Redmond 1.71
Dante Stills 1.72
Zacch Pickens 1.74
Moro Ojomo 1.77
Nesta Jade Solverà 1.77

The Seahawks have tended to show more interest in length (+33 inch arms) and agility (short shuttle) here.

The NFL continues to fumble the combine

The move to ‘Prime Time’ has had no discernible benefit. The plan to move the combine around the country is in the trash, with the event seemingly set to stay in Indianapolis because that’s what the teams want.

We also continue to have players skipping the important agility tests because it’s too late in the day to do them. It’s also high-time the NFL found a way to incentivise a full workout so that the players are encouraged to do everything. Loads of players sat out drills or runs or jumps. Give them a greater reason to compete here and not rely on a pro-day.

Only 11 pass-rushers ran a shuttle:

Jose Ramirez — 4.30
Lukas Van Ness — 4.32
Andre Carter — 4.36
Ochaun Mathis — 4.36
Isaiah Foskey — 4.41
Habakkuk Baldonado — 4.44
Caleb Murphy — 4.45
Colby Wooden — 4.52
Tyrus Wheat — 4.54
Isaiah Land — 4.56
Tavius Robinson — 4.62

The shuttle is vital for defensive tackles but only nine ran one:

Jalen Redmond — 4.51
Dante Stills — 4.61
Zacch Pickens — 4.62
Keeanu Benton — 4.65
D.J. Dale — 4.80
Jerrod Clark — 4.83
Siaki Ika — 4.99
Jaquelin Roy — 5.00
PJ Mustipher — 5.03

Long gone are the days of logging on to and pouring over critical short shuttle times. I miss those days. Why on earth has the NFL ruined the combine?

Lukas Van Ness could be a Seahawks target

Well done to Van Ness for actually running a short shuttle. It means we have a reasonable idea that he’ll be on Seattle’s radar. He has good size (272lbs) and he could play as a five-technique.

I suggested this week that the Seahawks might show interest in Zach Allen as a free agent. Van Ness is a very similar tester:

Zach Allen
4.36 ss
7.34 3c
32 inch vertical
1.74 split

Lukas Van Ness
4.32 ss
7.02 3c
31 inch vertical
1.64 split

Obviously Van Ness is lighter and quicker — but they share very similar agility and explosive testing numbers. They could both interest the Seahawks — could it even be a possible either/or situation?

They have liked players with this kind of profile before. Rasheem Green ran a 4.39 short shuttle at 275lbs and also a 1.65 10-yard split. That’s very similar to Van Ness.

I think some of the top-10 projections are a bit much but in the second half of round one, Van Ness has the profile of a potential Seahawks target. He also looked silky during drills — making most of the tests look easy.

Are there any obvious defensive tackle targets?

With so few people running a short shuttle it’s hard to say. They drafted the following players in the first four rounds (all had +33 inch arms):

Naz Jones — 4.63 ss
Jaye Howard — 4.47 ss
Jordan Hill — 4.55 ss
Jarran Reed — 4.75 ss

Of the group, these two players fit the bill:

Zacch Pickens — 4.62
Keeanu Benton — 4.65

Pickens had an excellent day — looking extremely smooth during drills and adding some explosive jumps (9-8 broad, 30.5-inch vertical) to his résumé. Benton also looked very sharp during drills with little wasted movement or stiffness at his size. Both players could be potential day-two options.

What can we make of Will Anderson?

With Jalen Carter’s ongoing issues and Tyree Wilson not doing anything at the combine, this was a big opportunity for Anderson to create some separation as the top defender in the draft.

Did he manage it? Not really.

He might’ve done to the extent that he’s possibly the best talker you’ll ever hear. His interviews are world class, he hits all the right notes and teams will fall in love with his personality. That is worth a few extra points in grading.

His on-field drill performance was fine. He didn’t ‘wow’ at any point but he didn’t look bad. It was unspectacular for a 253lbs pass-rusher.

In terms of testing, a 4.60 is perfectly fine. Given he’s 30lbs lighter than Adetomiwa Adebwarore, who ran a 4.49, it’s hard not to be left wanting a bit more. He didn’t do any jumps or agility testing either. With a 1.61 10-yard split, he didn’t crack the elite 1.5’s.

I think he’s left the door open to not be the top D-liner taken. Can Tyree Wilson put on a show at his pro-day? If so, he could threaten Anderson.

The key will be his short shuttle, assuming he runs one. The elite pass-rushers all ran brilliant shuttles — regardless of size. See below — and I’ve included the forty times and 10-yard splits too:

Von Miller — 4.53 (1.62) at 246lbs (4.06 ss)
Myles Garrett — 4.64 (1.63) at 272lbs (DNR ss)
Nick Bosa — 4.79 (1.62) at 266lbs (4.14 ss)
Khalil Mack — 4.65 (1.53) at 251lbs (4.18 ss)
Will Anderson — 4.60 (1.61) at 253 (DNR ss)

If he can run in the 4.0’s or 4.1’s in the shuttle — then that will be a big thing for Anderson if wants to be compared to the best.

Linebacker shuttle times are worth paying attention to

As noted in our big combine preview, this is an area Seattle pays a lot of attention to — along with overall outstanding athleticism.

Only six linebackers ran a shuttle. Again, how disappointing:

Jack Campbell — 4.24
Charlie Thomas — 4.34
Jeremy Banks — 4.38
Henry To’oTo’o — 4.40
Shaka Heyward — 4.40
Anfernee Orji — 4.43

Nobody ran in the elite 4.0’s or 4.1’s. It’s still an impressive time for Jack Campbell though. He’s an old-school linebacker and on tape looks a bit stiff. However, this agility testing warrants another look — especially given he also ran a 1.59 10-yard split and a 6.74 three-cone at 249lbs. His 4.65 forty was also better than I expected. I think he’s an early day three type but I might have to bump him up after these numbers. He does lack length though (31 7/8 inch arms on a 6-5 frame).

Other highlights

I thought Moro Ojomo looked great. He had no bad weight on his frame and he looked like a Terminator running drills. He’s explosive (33-inch vertical, 9-4 broad) and ran a good 5.04 forty at 292lbs. With his 34.5 inch arms he’s ideal for the five-technique role and should be someone to monitor at the Texas pro-day, where he’ll hopefully do agility drills.

Bryan Bresee & Keeanu Benton both looked great in the defensive tackle drills, with Bresee in particular giving maximum effort. His short arms will be an issue for Seattle you’d think.

I wish Gervon Dexter played as well as he performed drills because he showed a lot of potential and moved superbly today. His frame looks great. His play is just so maddeningly average though.

Tuli Tuipulotu didn’t run or jump and his short arms and stubby frame make it difficult to know where he plays at the next level. However, I loved the way he attacked drills and flashed power, quickness and effort.

I was very underwhelmed watching Tennessee’s Byron Young on tape. However, a 4.43 forty at 250lbs catches your eye. He added a 38-inch vertical and an 11-0 broad jump. Those are some good numbers but he’s an older player (25) without many ‘wow’ moments in games.

Will McDonald didn’t look 100% as he has been suffering with illness. Teams will love the fact he competed out there despite this and he still managed to look more athletic than most in the on-field section. He didn’t run a forty.

Mazi Smith was among a handful of ‘expected top testers’ who didn’t work out (including Myles Murphy and Zach Harrison — while Keion White only did on-field drills). It’s a shame because Smith was set to put on a big show. However, his biggest win might be that he measured with nearly 34-inch arms. He’ll get his numbers at the Michigan pro-day to boost his stock significantly. Having this kind of length to go with his size (6-3, 323lbs) and traits makes for a very interesting player.

Final thought

Within the first 20 minutes of the NFL Network broadcast today, John Schneider appeared on set to be interviewed. He was the first live guest.

It’s a curious situation. Schneider has barely done any media since being appointed as GM. In the last few weeks we’ve had two long-form radio interviews, this combine interview and the start of a new weekly show on 710 Seattle Sports every Thursday.

What’s the reason behind this? I suspect he’s well aware that the team is going to be sold in the near future and is probably trying to raise his profile. This is still very much seen as Pete Carroll’s team. With Carroll’s career getting close to the end, it seems like Schneider wants to take on a more public profile ahead of new owners coming in.

Of course the best way to draw attention to himself will be to keep having drafts like the 2022 class. Perhaps even hit on a quarterback at #5. Nothing will propel his stock more than being the guy who drafted Russell Wilson, traded Russell Wilson and replaced Russell Wilson with a star.

I’ll be doing a live-stream at 8am PT on Friday discussing day one of the combine. Please join me — I’ll post the video on the blog (or subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification button for a reminder).

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  1. Nick

    Amazing work Rob. Thank you soooooooo much.

    Love this note on JS and his psychology going into this draft: “Nothing will propel his stock more than being the guy who drafted Russell Wilson, traded Russell Wilson and replaced Russell Wilson with a star.”

    • Dave

      Just another reason to believe the Seahawks will be going with a QB at 5.

      I hope it is Anderson.

      • Dave

        (I meant to say Richardson)

  2. Ian

    These last few posts were clearly written by an Artificial Intelligence program. There’s no way so much quality content could be generated by a human.
    (thanks, Rob)

    • AMartin

      Funny enough, I just wrote a Python script to read the front page on SeahawksDraftBlog into an MP3 Format. Although the audio is VASTLY inferior to the live streams, it would make “reading” these at work a lot easier.

      Echo the sentiment, appreciate all the quality content Rob!

  3. Steve Nelsen

    I feel that the options for Seattle at 20 increased today.

    • cha

      I don’t disagree but I almost feel more comfortable with QB at 5 + a special offensive player at 20 because the depth in the 30’s looks to be so good on the DL.

      • Rob Staton


      • Mick

        I hope everyone is bummed by the DEs and CBs and we get Meyer, Bijan or one of the first two WRs.

      • Mick

        Agreed on the DL depth, but given Seattle’s history, it might be more likely they trade back from 20. I could see a world where Buffalo send picks 27 and 59 to Seattle for pick 20 and a day 3 pick.

      • Ben

        While that is true, I’d prefer to stock up on d-line talent and start to build a kind of rotation like we had in 2013 and like the Eagles had this year.

      • Hawk Finn


      • Steve Nelsen

        If Seattle got Richardson at 5 and Downs at 20 on Day 1, I would be ecstatic.

  4. Trevor

    Great coverage today Rob, really enjoyed the live blog and updates.

    Pickens, Yaya Diaby, Yasir Abdullah are three guys I need to go back and study a little after today.

    I want Nolan Smith on the Hawks so bad for his attitude and leadership but I agree he is a tweener and don’t really see how he fits with the Hawks and that sucks.

    The biggest news for me was Mazi Smith arm length. That definitely puts him in play the the Hawks at 38 and maybe even 20.

  5. jed

    Great work, thank you. Hope you find some time to rest when the combine is over 😂

    Do you think the guys that skipped the shuttle will do it during Pro Days? Especially because more teams than just Seattle would like to know that.

    It is interesting with JS. He’s a smart guy and knew when to be quiet and now knows it’s time to be vocal. He’s got to try and keep this job for the new owners and also prove to the current owners he can be the guy to hire a new coach if that’s first. Corporate politics are a real thing.

  6. Mick

    Very impressive Rob. Again makes me wonder if you sleep.

    Do you think Van Ness looks better on tape than Ade?

    I’ve read Seattle met with Henley so we might have an answer at LB.

    • Rob Staton

      I am absolutely knackered already

      And it’s day one

      Ade’s tape wasn’t that good at all really — he had flashes

  7. cha

    Excellent coverage today, Rob. Thanks so much.

    It feels like from your writeup that the process of reconciling game tape and combine performance will be more critical than ever, with so many players you’re grading as decent on tape and showing out today in drills.

  8. Wilson502

    Excellent coverage as always Rob. I’m getting the feeling JS is going to have to move up to get one of the QBs not named Bryce Young. I just don’t see somebody like Levis, Stroud or even Richardson falling to us

  9. John

    Another fine read Rob (as are all your write ups)
    You always get me looking into subjects I was not real aware of.
    This time it is arm length, particularly inside lineman.
    It is rare for a “stud” (maybe just someone >6’2″) to have sub 33″ arms from my research.
    of course as you stated Donald was 32+ and Kancey “only” 30+ (I really like Kancey)
    My question would be if Kancey (for example) is so much quicker off his spot than the opposing player,
    wouldnt that negate the 3″ of arm length?
    Will game tape trump measurables? the same size differential is in the major colleges also.
    I have no tape, but Adebawore looks like a great end for the 3-4.
    The performance of j.Campbell looks great at his size. Would fit great as a thumper MLB
    Thanks for all great work.

  10. KD

    Given his testing results, what would Ade’s SPARQ number be? He might be a legit three sigma athlete

  11. Daniel D.

    I can’t help but think it’s going be Levis and then a DL they fall in love with at 20. I say Levis because I’m assuming that Carter will drop out of the top five (but not much further. QBs 1-3 will fill out the top four, along with Anderson, who’s meh numbers won’t obscure his plus production, motor, and character. Someone will fall in love with Richardson, Stroud will go high, then Young, though I’m not predicting the order. Levis is 1A in that group.

    Whether or not JS loves him hardly matters. It’s the asset– a possible starting QB on a rookie contact has a surplus value much greater than a a prospect at any other position. Unless you hate the guy, and assuming you can’t bank on day one production from one of the other defenders, there’s really not much to think about. Nor is there much doubt that the Seahawks will be glad to draft one of the intriguing DLs at 20.

    One last prediction: Geno is going to sign elsewhere, and the team and player already know that despite what they’re saying. It’s not that the Seahawks don’t want or like Geno, but that the marginal value he brings them is less for the Seahawks because they’re in position to draft a QB, unlike TB, Jets, Saints. The reason why the Seahawks are still talking Geno up is because they’re happy to create a market for him so that he gets paid. When the tag deadline passes without a deal, we’ll know how they really feel.

    • Nick

      I see what you’re saying Daniel. But I’m just not sure we can bank on Levis or Richardson being there at 5. I think there’s a very real chance that we are left with Bryce Young or Anderson/Wilson. If they skip on Young in that situation, I assume they then have to go get Hendon Hooker. Maybe even a round earlier than they think, because they simply cannot come out of this draft with no QB.

      • Daniel D.

        I’d love a QB in this draft but I don’t think it’s do or die.

        If the team doesn’t have conviction for whomever falls to 5, guessing that another team will be willing to trade up to 5 for its firsts this and next year. If that’s Carolina and you can get 9 and another pick that’s likely to be just as high, and assuming that you don’t love the QB at 5, that starts to look pretty good.

        • BK26

          Just to have your opinion, what would you do at qb with Geno gone and no rookie? Personally I think it is do or die. If we don’t get one, I see mediocrity for years and years. Borderline playoffs and lower seeds.

          • Daniel D.

            I wouldn’t panic, just like the team didn’t this year. Go one step at a time and add talent as it comes to you. If the choices are trading three firsts to go from 5 to 3, or trading down from five and to 9 and adding Carolina’s 2024 first, I’ll take door #2. Gotta remember that as a valuable as it is to have a QB on a rookie contract, it’s a still a crapshoot, and you could burn three picks on a bust (hello niners).

      • Wilson502

        This is exactly why I’m such a strong proponent of moving up to 3 or 1 to get the QB of the future. Sitting on your hands and hoping one of the 3 QBs falls to you at 5 just doesn’t sit well with me. I would argue it would sting much more not get the long term answer at QB than whatever price we pay to move up.

        • Big Mike


          • Daniel D.

            The cost would be crushing– a combination of firsts from this and next year. Then you have a QB prospect but lose two first rounders, players you need to get over the top. We’ve got recent experience with a good QB but little surrounding talent.

            Absent some compelling info or analysis otherwise, you take the best asset available at 5, the best QB still on the board, and let the talent come to you.

            • Wilson502

              The problem with that line of thinking is if it ends up being Bryce Young as best QB on the board, then hes an inferior prospect IMO to the other 3. His height and frame are troubling and theres serious questions he will have teh durability to handle the NFL. Id rather trade up and get the best QB prospect and figure out the rest later.

              • Daniel Dietz

                Odds are that 1 QB will be a star, one will be passable, one will be a backup and one will be out of the league. Teams have no proven ability to predict those outcomes before the draft.

                It’s still a great play asset-wise to draft a QB, but we can’t know who will be good and who won’t. I think you can absolutely make the case that Young is the one you want because, despite the size concerns, he seems to have the most ability at QB at present. Especially if you’re less concerned about his second contract and trying to win in the short-term, you can make the case that he’s the asset you want.

                I read enough SDB to be a Richardson stan like everyone else but Young is as good an asset play as the others.

                • Wilson502

                  Gonna have to strongly disagree with Bryce Young is as good as an Asset play as the others. His height and frame concerns should automatically make that suggestion to be more than likely not true. We already dealt with a decade of having a short QB and having to gameplan around his limitations. At least Russ had large hands and a noticeably larger/thicker frame that wasnt really a concern like with Bryce Young.

  12. Denver Hawker

    Today felt like a win for the “underwear Olympics” people. By that I mean the ex-pro radio hosts and fans who jest at the combine not being real football.

    No doubt some players put up some incredible athleticism worthy of notice. But at face value, guys that showed up on tape had okay testing and guys that didn’t show much all season crushed it today.

    Might take some time to square it all. Might be a weird take- but it’s how I’m feeling right now.

    For example, I just don’t know what to make of Kancey. Watching him run the 40 was like watching some mythical beast. His proportions just look weird, yet on tape, the dude produced. I can’t say if it’ll translate to NFL either. It’s just kind of murky.

  13. Mick

    Skinner would be great. Henley looks pretty decent too.

  14. Thomas Wells

    Jalen Carter may indeed be looking at a vehicular homicide charge in the future:

    The article has a pretty jarring quote from a Georgia defense attorney (and former judge/prosecutor):

    “Defense Attorney Jackie Patterson, a former judge and prosecutor, told Channel 2′s Ashli Lincoln that he thinks Carter’s status with the football team determined the outcome of the initial charges, and that they could be upgraded. “Although he’s charged with a misdemeanor. Now, once it gets over to the solicitor’s office or to the district attorney’s office, it can be upgraded to a felony,” Patterson said. “And it is no doubt that if he was not a University of Georgia football player, he probably would be charged with felony vehicular homicide.”

    This is starting to look very bad for all concerned. Carter, the university, local law enforcement. Seems like particularly bad news for Carter. Looks like local law enforcement and the university tried to keep a lid on this. That lid has been blown off. How do I think this will shake out now? People will be scrambling to cover their asses now. There will be pressure for heads to roll. It will become politically expedient for the DA to seek more serious charges against Carter. I would not want to be in Jalen Carter’s shoes.

    • Rob Staton

      Well done Yahoo for doing more than just writing this off as a young lad doing young lad things like so many have done

      • Big Mike

        Michael Bumpus doesn’t like your post

  15. Coach has their winners and losers from Day 1. They have Drew Sanders and Byron Young (Bama) as losers. Here’s what they said:

    Considered one of the most athletic linebackers in this year’s class, Sanders chose not to participate in any testing on Thursday. While the former Arkansas linebacker measured at 6-foot-4 3/8, his 235-pound frame and average arm length (32 1/8 inches) are unlikely to excite teams. He looked quick moving in a straight line during position drills, as expected with his lean build, but he’s not elite when it comes to change of direction. Sanders has received first-round buzz, but on Thursday he reminded me more of 2022 Day 2 selections like Troy Andersen and Chad Muma.

    Young weighed in at 294 pounds but did not move as well in position drills as some players who were 10 or 20 pounds heavier than him. He was upright and relatively slow in his movements during short-area agility drills. Young did not run the 40 and his vertical (26 inches) and broad jump (nine feet) did not compare well with the rest of the group. He’s displayed versatility playing different spots on the line for Alabama, but his lack of quickness as a sub-300 pounder probably won’t endear him to NFL teams.

    Maybe that’ll be a blessing in disguise and we can get them a little later in the draft than expected?

    • Rob Staton

      Young’s mobility was fine

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      If Sanders is a bit slower than thought, would MLB be in his future. HIs agggressiveness toward runners and open holes is phenomenal.

  16. Griz94

    Great summary, now I need to watch the interview with Ade Ade. Pickens did way better than I expected. It looks like we have great options at both DL and Edge.

  17. Dregur

    Looking at Ade’s highlights, I think the lack of consistency in production is the lack of a really good pass rushing move. He has your basic swim move, and the athleticism plays (especially on stunts), but I don’t think I see a lot of technique. A lot of his sacks came from the second and third pushes, and he shows a fantastic motor, but unless he develops a better pass rushing repertoire, he’s going to have some difficulties against NFL lineman.

    That said, I’d be willing to draft him in the bottom of round 1 if the coaching staff think they can develop his pass rushing ability, his outstanding motor, athleticism, and run defending ability already puts him a step ahead of a lot of dlineman coming out of this draft, and I’d be willing to bet he’ll succeed rather than not.

  18. Schrub

    Chiming in just to say thanks so much for the summary and detail. Such amazing coverage the last several weeks.

  19. James P

    Is Jalen Redmond someone you’ve watched Rob, or plan to watch following this showing? Looks like he posted some good numbers albeit slightly shorter than ideal arm length.

    • Rob Staton

      The arm length is a big issue there

  20. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy

    Most overlooked freaky thing from #NFLCombine Day 1 is Louisville DL YaYa Diaby’s 1.56 10-yard split at 263 lbs.

    Georgia OLB Nolan Smith’s 1.52 10-yard is highly impressive but he’s 25 lbs lighter.

    Diaby’s explosive take-off is ELITE for his size.

    And he had 9 sacks this year.

  21. Ukhawk

    Rob unbelievable coverage and commentary!! You’re like a fine wine. Please pace yourself

    QQ. Getting nervous our chances are of a shot at one of the bigger 3 QBs is diminishing- maybe it’s just hype time. what’s you’re view?

    • Rob Staton

      I share those fears I’m afraid

      • GerryG

        Agreed, Carter news doesn’t help at all either.

        • Big Mike

          John needs to move up, that’s all there is to it. He has the draft resources to do so.
          Oh, and screw the Colts for tanking in week 17.

          • Peter


            People need to start rolling this around their heads as an option.

            A thought experiment:

            Denver goes 8.5 wins.

            Seattle goes 5.5 wins.

            The picks end up being about let’s say: #7 and #16.

            There is no Geno mania. Then what was the plan? Do nothing and resign one of a half dozen musical chair veterans and try again in 2024 when we have one pick in the first and one in the second? Yeah sorry I don’t think so.

            Also if the qbs are all gone by pick four who is moving up to #5 and giving is a future first? For what or whom? Tyree wilson? Christian Gonzalez? Doubt it.

      • Ryan

        Basically becoming a question of whether John wants Anthony Richardson, or not.

    • cha

      I struggle with the idea that Young and Anderson won’t go before 5.

      At any rate the Seahawks are guaranteed one of the 4QB + Anderson. The only downside is they don’t get to pick their guy. They get who is left. But I can live with that.

      • Ukhawk

        Thx guys. Such a great thread.

        Sums up my emotions:
        – Shared fear / worry with Ro
        – Sadness that Carter probably can’t be an option – not after Malik
        – regret we’re not higher
        – logic the we should/would’ve planned to move up anyway
        – rationale that we probably must to get our guy
        – confidence that we have little downside (but I still want my guy, and the I’m not sure about the Hama guys)

        • Ukhawk

          Not sure about the bama guys … just not sure about Either young or Anderson

  22. Julian L

    Considering Seattle were, apparently, set up to take Jordan Davis last year at #9 if Charles Cross had been taken off the board, I think we can assume if Mazi Smith at his pro day, tests at least as well overall as Davis did, as we’re expecting him to, then he’s got to be considered a likely bookies favourite for Seattle at #20 this year?

    • Mick

      I’m not sure what we do at 5 if Anderson, Stroud, Levis and Richardson are already gone. If Schneider isn’t sold on Young, we could trade down and in that scenario Mazi Smith would even be in the conversation for our 7, 9, or whatever we get for our 5.

      • AlaskaHawk

        How can you trust Mazi to be healthy? A tweaked hamstring ? Again. I wouldn’t count on him.

        • AlaskaHawk

          My apologies – I had Smith mixed up with another player . He had a good and healthy season. Also assuming his legal problems will disappear.

  23. Trevor

    My take away from Day #1 are that the only 3 players I think are worthy of the 5th pick are Stroud, Richardson or Levis. At this point I would not be at all surprised if all 3 are off the board when the Hawks pick.

    If they are the Hawks need to hope a team loves Bryce Young and will offer a haul to trade up. I was really disappointed in Anderson as he did not show any of the twitch and explosion all the great pass rushers show. Great character and I am sure he will be a solid NFL player but I don’t see him as a special difference maker.

  24. Trevor

    Really looking forward to seeing how Canadian kid Sydney Brown tests today. I think he is going to light it up.

  25. Comfect

    Thanks for the incredible quality and quantity of work here Rob!

  26. Big Mike

    You’re an animal Rob. Thank you so much for your work.

  27. HawkFanGA

    Your time is appreciated, Rob. Nolan Smith feels like a steal in early second round should the Hawks select him there.

  28. TheVolcanoKid

    This has me so hyped up for the draft. Can we move that to just 2 weeks out?

    Great content and appreciate the work here. I am so curious about Mazi Smith as a potential target, but like everyone is saying here – there’s so many options in that range.

    Before the combine, I was all in on Will Anderson at 5 if he slides because the top QBs would likely be gone, but now I’m just not sure. I’d love to grab Levis, Stroud, or Richardson at 5, then we’re looking at a lot of great options at 20. This draft is going to be a blast, and I am really looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

  29. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    I’m hoping that the new John Schneider media appearances is more because he’s been given approval to be THE MAN. His restraints have been removed. Pete’s not the bell cow anymore in the draft.

  30. Ty the Guy

    If the plan is QB and if Carter is deemed undraftable, what pick would JS target and what is the cost?

    Pick by Pick:
    1) Would JS really trade up to #1?
    2) Is Houston set on QB or would like more picks?
    3) Arizona is not trading with us, would they?
    4) Indy may go for #1, would CHI like to add more picks and still potentially get Anderson if AZ trades out?

  31. Ralphy

    I feel like Maxi Smith is going to be the pick at 20 right now.

    • Cizzle

      Agreed. And I hope it happens. Gimmie ade ade, Nolan Smith to pair with Mazi please.

  32. Cizzle

    It would be nice if someone reported a Bench reps metric that was normalized by body weight and took into account arm length. Simply divide reps by body weight to get everyone on the “same” body weight scale so we can compare scores individuals more fairly but then multiply by arm length understanding that it is more difficult with longer arms….. Seems like a nice simple metric.

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