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  1. cha

    Matt Lombardo
    As others have suggested, #Falcons’ interest in Lamar Jackson is very real

    “The #Ravens’ Lamar Jackson deal talks with Atlanta progressed tremendously in Indy,” I’m told

    • Rob Staton

      Can also imagine Washington outbidding everyone

      • Ghost Mutt

        I’d rather Washington. If the ravens get the falcons’ native pick they’ll be loaded to move up the board and take a QB.

      • Steve Nelsen

        The best rumor I heard is that Snyder will sign Lamar to a fully guaranteed deal before selling the team as a way of sticking it to the rest of the owners who are colluding to put the brakes on fully guaranteed deals.

    • cha

      Welp, never mind

      Dianna Russini
      The Atlanta Falcons will not be pursuing QB Lamar Jackson, per sources.
      12:16 PM · Mar 7, 2023

  2. cha

    Jeremy Fowler
    Source: #Bucs are releasing LT Donovan Smith.

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m increasingly curious about the possibility of cha’s hypothetical of Seattle trading Darrell Taylor, the 5th pick and 51st picks and perhaps another player or mid round 2024 pick to Chicago for the top pick.

    Taylor immediately solves a gaping need for the Bears with cheap control for a couple of seasons of solid, albeit sporadic, pass rush production. Moving him creates room for Mafe and perhaps a rookie from the current draft class. It’s kind of a win-win.

    Obviously, something like this depends on what other teams are willing to offer. Up to last weekend, I’d have put money on Indy trading up and Carolina staying put (or trading up behind Indy). But after hearing the post Combine buzz, it looks like the opposite is more likely. Carolina is probably going to sell out to get in the top 3, if not to #1.

    But like Indy, Seattle have an inherent advantage over Carolina to the extent of the value difference between #5 and #9, which is not insignificant. If Schneider wants to pick his man and is set on moving up, Carolina will have to spend a lot more to beat them. One could argue Darrell Taylor is more valuable to Chicago now than what’s likely to be a mid R1 pick next year from the Panthers.

    • Sea Mode

      That would be amazing, but I don’t see how they don’t simply insist on getting #20 from us.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Because #5 without #20 is better than #9 without #20, which is probably their next best alternative.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          What I would consider is 5 + 20 + 83 + DT for 1 + 53


          Yeah I’d take that deal

  4. Happy Hawk

    Jimmy G signing with the Texans is rumored today. It goes on to say they will also draft a QB with one of their first round picks and let him understudy with Jimmy G – some texan fans think that means they are leaning A Richardson.

    • Dj 1/2 way

      Teams are copying the Super Bowl winner. Rob had it right all along. As usual.

  5. Palatypus

    In about an hour a bunch of dominoes are going to fall on this Rube Goldberg machine.

    Rube Goldberg – Sports Super-Agent.

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    Ari Meirov @MySportsUpdate

    BREAKING: #Ravens are placing the non-exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson.

    Lamar will be allowed to negotiate with other teams and bring an offer back to the Ravens. If Baltimore doesn’t match, they’d lose Lamar and get two 1st-round picks. Here we go.
    12:03 PM · Mar 7, 2023

    This is the only interesting FA QB situation out there. And yet it could really upset the top of the draft depending on how it shakes out

    • Palatypus

      Thanks. I was waiting for this.

    • TomLPDX

      I’ve just never gotten the love that Lamar gets. Smart for the Ravens to take this course.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I don’t know about the amount of his next contract, but the cost of signing him off the non-exclusive franchise tag is cheaper than trading up for the #1 pick. And I think that’s pretty tempting for Carolina. Not to mention he instantly elevates their offense, whereas any of the current soon-to-be rookies will need time.

        And then there’s Houston.

        If it’s Atlanta LV or even TB, then obviously that wouldn’t make much difference for Seattle at 5

    • Peter

      Yikes. Two firsts and whatever nonsense he and his mom cook up for a contract.

      Plus injury history.

      Plus he’s. Not that great at the qb part of being a qb.

      • Dj1/2way

        Two low firsts vs two high firsts is a big difference, but the system does not distinguish between them.

      • JR

        I would be ecstatic if the Seahawks traded two firsts for a 26 year old former MVP, who is one of the most electric QB’s in football.

        I would say there is less than 10% chance that Richardson turns out to be as good as him, and this entire blog is willing more than two first rounders worth of draft capital to draft him, Levi’s, or Stroud.

        • Peter

          Lamar Jackson was exactly Richardson coming out in the draft. More games played. Never really took a leap in skills. And richardson has plus jackson potential just in traits.

          Add that Lamar is injured. And is currently trending down from his mvp year by a, wide margin

    • cha

      Don’t forget the X-factor here:

      Lamar can pick the team he wants to go to, whether it is with the contract offer or a tag and trade deal.

      • Ralphy

        It’s an interesting point JR. He’s young, former MVP and he’s never had two WRs like TL and DK. The problem is you don’t get five cheap years of a potential superstar. I would not be upset though if they did that.

        • Ralphy

          Sorry, five cheap years.

    • Glor

      very smart move – as a team, I would absolutely take the 1sts for him considering his mobility is at question now.

  7. JJ

    Have terms for Geno come out yet? Keep hearing $25 mil/yr, but nothing official.

    • Sea Mode

      This is what we have so far:

      Mike Garafolo

      The #Seahawks’ deal with Geno Smith has a base value of $25 million per season (three years, $75 million) with $40 million fully guaranteed at signing, sources say.

      Smith will earn $28 million in the first year of the deal. He has $30 million in incentives.

      And per Florio:

      The deal also has $40 million fully guaranteed at signing, with base cash flow of $28 million in 2023, $22 million in 2024, and $25 million in 2025.

      We’re waiting for the full and complete details. The basic information suggests that the guarantee applies to all of 2023, with another $12 million guaranteed in 2024.

      That makes it a two-year, $50 million deal (plus incentives). It also means the Seahawks could potentially move on after one season. They’d owe $12 million for 2024; possibly, he’d get that much (or close to it) on the open market, offsetting Seattle’s obligation.

  8. Sea Mode

    Hmmm, wonder who. Donatell…? 😬

    Brady Henderson

    Pete Carroll, on @SeattleSports with @BrockHuard and @TheMikeSalk, said the Seahawks are hiring an assistant to fill Sean Desai’s role on their defensive staff. Declined to name him. Said some of their coaches have worked with him before and that he has experience in their scheme.

    • Rushless pass

      It would probably go over a lot better if they renamed him Fred Bonnatell and had him wear the Groucho glasses

      • Peter

        Fingers crossed its Pete’s kid.

        Feels like a while since he’s been shuffled to a job he has no prior experience in.

        • Big Mike

          I’d be shocked…..oh wait, uh no I wouldn’t.

          • TomLPDX

            I was wondering if it is Kris Richard. I would love that.

  9. Cysco

    Nice segment from Cowherd. He gets it. Says look for seattle to be very interested in Richardson.

    • Palatypus

      Someone on NFLN just said that one GM called AR “a faster Cam Newton.”

      The truth is, if you look at their combine numbers and measurables, AR is a faster Derrick Henry.

      • Sea Mode

        A faster Derrick Henry… who can also launch the ball 70yds downfield off his back foot…

        • Peter

          Tbf I thought we’d maybe find out of Henry could do that last year when guaranteed seahawk Malik Willis was flaming out all over the field.

          • Rushless pass

            Bullet dodged

            • Sean

              AR = Malik Willis 2.0?

              • Peter

                Richardson = potential.

                Willis = guy who wasn’t even good at a borderline high performing high school level.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Speaking of which…

        Henry is in line to be released by the Titans. Talk about a thunder option to pair with Walker’s lightning….

    • James

      Has anyone looked at Kiper’s mock update? He has the hawks trading down with Carolina, they select Levis, and Richardson still falls to us at 9. Man… one could dream right? Getting Richardson, and MORE picks

      • James

        oops nvm, that’s the Feb 28th one.

        • Hoggs41

          He cracks me up how he manipulates the conversation to turn everything into his belief. Drew Lock is actually bigger than Geno but not when Colin is trying to prove his point. That being said, AR is the perfect pick at 5.

      • GrittyHawk

        That would be funny, but completely realistic. No way on earth JS would trade back behind 4 of the most QB-needy teams in the draft and opening the door for any one of many others to trade up ahead of us. If he wants Richardson and he’s on the board at 5, that’s where he’s being taken. That would be a massive risk to take and only get like a late 2nd rounder in return.

  10. Rushless pass

    Forgive me if this has been addressed already! Do you think this contract is an indication that Geno didn’t have that strong of a market?

    • Cysco


      I believe this was a case of both parties wanting to get a deal done. the fact that it’s so reasonable shows that Geno’s camp knew this was probably his best bet.

  11. cha

    Daniel Jones: Standard “wait for the real numbers” caveat applies.

    Ian Rapoport
    It’s going to be a 4-year deal worth $160M, sources say, with $35M more in upside. They are finalizing.
    Quote Tweet
    Mike Garafolo
    The #Giants and QB Daniel Jones beat the clock on the franchise tag, agreeing to terms on a long-term deal, sources tell me and @RapSheet.

    Jones’ agents and the team worked hard to get this deal done in time. Jones has six fourth-quarter comebacks in his career. Make it seven.

    • cha

      Albert Breer
      Giants QB Daniel Jones will take home $82 million over the first two years of his four-year, $160 million deal, per source. So the base of the first two years of his deal bests the three-year base in Geno Smith’s deal.

  12. TomLPDX

    Pete’s interview on Brock and Salk this morning…

  13. TomLPDX

    Is getting Frank Clark back on the squad a possibility?

    • Rushless pass

      If he’s very cheap

  14. Kuya

    McShay’s new mock has us selecting Tyree Wilson at 5, Myles Murphy at 20.

    1) IND – Bryce Young
    2) HOU – CJ Stroud
    3) AZ – Will Anderson
    4) LV – Anthony Richardson (CHI trades down again)
    5) SEA – Tyree Wilson
    6) DET – Christian Gonzalez
    7) CHI – Peter Skoronski
    8) ATL – Nolan Smith
    9) CAR – Will Levis
    10) PHI – Bijan Robinson

    Other Notables:
    12) HOU – Jalen Carter
    15) GB – Michael Mayer
    18) DET – Lukas Van Ness
    27) BUF – Keion White
    30) PHI – Calijah Kancey

    I feel that this mock was a little lazy (from a Seahawks fan standpoint) by McShay and mirrors a lot of other general mocks posted.

    Best case scenario of landing any of the top 4 QBs: HOU selects Will Anderson and hold off of selecting a QB until next year and AZ selects a top DEF (Tyree Wilson, Jalen Carter, or Will Anderson). I honestly feel that AZ / new GM Monti will covet Tyree Wilson due to his length and compare him to Chandler Jones (whom he scouted while in NE), as well as Will Anderson who has Jamie Collins like traits and workout numbers.

    In this scenario:
    IND (Trade w/ CHI) – Bryce Young
    HOU – Will Anderson
    AZ – Tyree Wilson
    LV (Trade w/ CHI) – Anthony Richardson / Will Levis / CJ Stroud
    SEA – Will Levis / Anthony Richardson / CJ Stroud
    CAR (Trade w/ DET) – CJ Stroud / Will Levis / Anthony Richardson

    • GrittyHawk

      His comment on #5 doesn’t even make sense. Poona Ford is gone and Nwosu will be a free agent next year. Uh, so? Those two players don’t even play the same position. Why on earth is relevant to reference both of them when mocking them an edge rusher? Like my goodness, these dudes get paid millions of dollars. I’m sure it’s too much to ask them to actually do the barest minimum research, but I would have at least thought they’d have a team of interns or something to do that for them. But I guess it doesn’t matter, his job is to drive traffic to their website so they can make more money from ads, not to actually provide prescient or even accurate information.

    • samprassultanofswat

      In regards to McShay’s mock draft. Nice to see that McShay has Bryce Young going number. Hope it happens but I don’t it will. 2) Carolina is going to move up to get a QB. 3) If Will Levis is still on the board and Richardardson, Stroud and Young are off the board the Hawks will take Levis.

  15. cha

    Seahawks have $12.6m of effective cap space pre-Geno.

    That includes pay for all the 2023 draft picks.

    If Geno’s 2023 cap hit is anywhere near that, the Seahawks are tapped out of money.

    They need to find about $16m to spend just for the basics – $10m to keep Ryan Neal and add a starting LB and Center and another $5-6m as buffer money.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      One has to think they wouldn’t have made this particular offer to Geno without anticipating the roster moves (cuts, extentions, etc) that would be necessary in light of said offer… right?

      • cha

        That’s a logical conclusion

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          “Who ever said (Front Offices) were logical?” – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

        • Sean

          Cap money can easily be manipulated, ask the Saints.

          • PJ in Seattle

            Yeah, the Saints were in cap hell and still signed Carr to a huge deal. They still have some cuts and restructures to make, but don’t seem worried about the cap, which they’re still like 25M over right now.

            All kinds of shenanigans can be had with contract structures. But the downside to shorter deals, which we sign a lot of, is there’s less room for those gymnastics. Will be interesting to see if we can come up with the $$$ to land even one decent free agent (Aside from Geno) this year.

    • GrittyHawk

      They’ll almost certainly cut Gabe Jackson. Most likely Q-Jeff too. Have to think they’ll try to restructure Harris instead of cutting him. Maybe restructure Adams too? I’m not too worried about the cap but it doesn’t seem very likely we’ll be landing a player like Daron Payne.

    • Happy Hawk

      Adding Geno right before FA = we are broke and can’t really participate this year or next in Free Agency. It is all on the draft to fill holes the next 2 years.

    • JR

      Looking at OTC they can cut:

      Gabe Jackson: $6.5 million
      Shelby Miller: $8.9 million
      Quentin Jefferson: $4.6 million

      They can also extend Nwosu & Noah Fant which would save around $10-12 million in cap space.

      Those 5 moves would open up 30-32 million in cap space, which is more than enough to sign an impact DL FA, Ryan Neal, a LB.

      • Madmark

        Add Bryan Mone cut 3 million and some change.

      • Peter

        Qjeff though? I’m not a fan or a hater but he played decent enough to me at the end. At some point we need actual bodies.

        • Madmark

          3 man defensive line 6 spots and I’m pretty 4 are gone and need to fill. Al Woods I believe is safe but Harris is the question mark because cap saving. If it’s 4 then draft 3 and get superstar in free agency. Do really want to fill another spot?

  16. Madmark

    I only traded 1 pick and keep giving and I got guy I had to get with this pick without reaching. He will be at 52 but I doubt he’s there at 83. I take The Bills offer 52 for 59 and 151. At 59 the chiefs offer me 63 and 134 but I also give up 198. Finally the Cowboys take 63 for 74 and 112. 74 I take Luke Wypler OC. Draft picks left 83,112,123,134,151,153,156. I ended up filling the gaps from 83 to 123 to 153. Who knew that a center pick could so valuable.

  17. cha

    OK this is hilarious

    • Dregur

      I had to doublecheck if that twitter account was real.

    • Rob Staton

      That is golden

    • Trevor

      That’s classic!

    • Brett

      That was awesome. Sauce replying 4 times and deleting the first 3 is pretty great too.

    • Peter

      Pete carrol. Sometimes the old dog still has it.

  18. Trevor

    The Russ trade and contract was one of the worst in history for the Broncos. The Deshawn Watson trade was one of the worst contracts.

    Whomever trades 2 first round picks for the Lamar and pays him $250 mil guaranteed will take over the mantle of both worst trade and worst deal.

    • Brett

      I don’t think 2 R1 picks for Lamar is a bad trade at all. Russ, who’s older and was showing some signs of decline, fetched 2 R1s, 2 R2s, and 3 players. $250M guaranteed is too rich a deal in my book, but considering his injury history I don’t think a team will offer that.

      • Trevor

        The the combination of 2 first round picks and $250 mil guaranteed.

        • Brett

          I don’t know, I think I’d do 2 R1 picks and $250M guaranteed for an MVP QB with no off field issues (but injury history) rather than 3 R1 picks, 1 R3 pick, 2 R4 picks and $230M guaranteed for a QB who didn’t play for a year and had a suspension looming due to off field issues. I feel like Watson got a pass last year because of the rust he had built up for not playing for so long, but he didn’t look very good. May be a worse deal overall (trade and contract) if he doesn’t play up to the level he did in Houston.

          • Peter

            I’ll split the difference.

            I think oth Watson contract and lanars will suck.
            .Watson isn’t a winner in tge pros and a whole mess of terrible off field.

            Lamar might be declining faster than Wilson did. I juries and when he’s played the last two years it’s not good.

    • Peter

      I think Robs spot on here. Snyder will do it and fully guarantee that contract on his way out of Washington.

    • Jordan

      When we see the trade compensation received for Lamar and Rodgers, if they’re traded, I bet it will look like the Seahawks traded Russ not a moment too soon. I can’t imagine those two will fetch 2x 1sts, 2x 2nds and 3 players.

  19. Crosljam

    Seeing as all the mock drafts still seems to be putting Tyree Wilson to us at 5, I thought I’d have a look at his highlights tape, i know, the worst kind of scouting!

    All i came away was thinking is wow his get off is slooowwww, yes, he’s getting a load of sacks against overmatched linemen, but watch the rest of the DL move 1/2 second before he does on every single rep – and this is his highlight video!

    • Peter

      His testing is going to be super important.

      He’s very active. Does indeed look strong. But yeah his get off his not good.

      He also struggles with getting off blockers. Like he’ll over power guys but stay locked on instead of breaking off for a sack or tackle.

      • bmseattle

        Tyree Wilson at #5 just screams “underwhelming need pick” to me.
        Nothing about him indicates elite potential.
        I would be very let down if he ends up being our pick at that spot.

        Not to mention…does he even fit our scheme?
        He’s 270lbs, which seems too light for a 3-4 end, and to big for the edge/LB position.
        He’s already not quick, so gaining weight doesn’t seem like a great idea.

        • Rob Staton

          Jeff made a great point about Wilson’s fit in this scheme and he was absolutely spot on

          • bmseattle

            Cool…listening right now.

  20. Thomas

    I haven’t finished the stream yet, but here’s my take.

    Pete had to have Geno..

    John gets to do whatever he wants with 5 but can’t trade up. If only Young is there of the QBs he’ll try to get a future first from Vegas, Atlanta, or Carolina.

    Center at 20.

    Best defensive tackle available at 37.

    John and Pete negotiate over the rest of the picks as the draft unfolds.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Could fall out that way but pigeonholing certain draft slots towards specific positions leads to reaches at those positions. IMO, we should be looking at BPA for every selection made. No Collier type reaching because of need.

      Not sure why Schneider wouldn’t be permitted to trade up if he, Pete and Vulcan were on board. If Vegas or Carolina trade up to #1 to grab Young or Stroud, I’m not sure that JS would sit on his hands if he thinks that making a trade for Arizona’s #3 will land them the player the feel they need.

    • vanhawksfan

      There isn’t a center worth #20. I think that they go #5 – quarterback, #20 – best defensive player who falls, 37 – receiver/tight end, #53 – defensive lineman, #83 – cornerback

      • Thomas

        Taking a center at 20 is not what I would do, but I think it’s what they will do. They have to have one.

        I wouldn’t have resigned Smith. I just think Pete told John he could do whatever he wanted with number 5 as long as he resigned Smith and filled the needs at center and defensive tackle with the first two picks. Only two centers fit their profile so I doubt they wait until 37.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think there’s any chance at all they take a Center at 20

          1. There isn’t a player worthy of that pick at center

          2. There are two guys who fit them perfectly who will be there on day two

          Remember, not many centres go in round one. There’s not that guy this year

          • Thomas

            I hope you are right Rob. Thanks again for your work.

    • Rob Staton

      I think John was happy to get Geno too

      To be his version of Alex Smith

  21. PJ in Seattle

    Could fall out that way but pigeonholing certain draft slots towards specific positions leads to reaches at those positions.

    ^^^This. BPA. At least for the first 2 rounds. Let the draft come to you. Don’t miss out on value and talent by pigeonholing a particular pick to a positional need.

    • vanhawksfan

      i agree with you 100%. I’m just thinking in terms of value in the draft and the Seahawks tendency to draft cornerbacks later.

  22. Pugs1

    I realize everyone is enamored with Stroud, Levis and Richardson but I just want to get on the record for my favorite QB in this draft and that’s Dorian Thompson-Robinson. I trust John Schneider when it comes to QB’s. I respect Rob and everyone’s opinions but I’m gonna bang the table for DTR! I’m calling my shot that DTR will be one of the better QB’s to come out of this draft.

    • ElPasoHawk

      I too really like DTR, watching him in person at the Sun Bowl he was dynamic and was very accurate. He also clocked at 62 MPH throwing at the combine which tied Josh Allen for the fastest ever. The one issue I did see was he didn’t see defenders in intermediate windows causing two poor picks. If we miss out on the top guys, I hope we target DTR on the third day.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        I keep thinking that the Seahawks may double up on QBs in this draft. They could take one at #5 and DTR or HH later on. If they cut Geno after a year then they have a starter and a backup ready to go.

  23. Madmark

    Seattle change defense to 3 man defensive line but they really didn’t have the right personnel to fill the 6 spots. This is the roster last year.
    Al Woods NT
    Bryan Mona NT
    Poona Ford RDE free agent
    L.J. Collier.RDE. free agent
    Shelby Harris
    Clinton Jefferson
    Off the bat, I say Byran Mona, L.J. Collier, and Clinton Jefferson are gone. I love Poona Ford but he just doesn’t fit the scheme and think it’s time to let him go to free agency. The last could be cap cut casualties that of course lead to replacing all 6 spots. Al Woods is going be here the cap savings for him is small. Where Harris save is much bigger. How many spots will have fill this year?

  24. no frickin clue

    If you’re the Bears, and given how few really top-echelon defenders there are this year, are you really going to entertain trading down to #9 with the Panthers? Poles coming out and saying “yep, sure, we’d trade down to #9” could just as easily be a feint to try and extract more out of the Colts, and then getting Anderson at #4.

  25. HOUSE

    Just put on the movie DRAFT DAY… Love this movie and it felt like the right time to watch it!

  26. PJ in Seattle

    Hope the dogging of AR and Levis keeps up.

  27. bmseattle

    Any chance that Jeff invites you to guest on a Real Hawk Talk podcast, leading up to the draft?
    I always wonder why they never ask you on that show.

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