Geno Smith’s contract is a win-win for all concerned

Geno Smith’s new deal gets a thumbs-up from me

The details are out and we can now properly analyse Geno Smith’s contract extension with the Seahawks.

Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk provided this assessment:

The basic information suggests that the guarantee applies to all of 2023, with another $12 million guaranteed in 2024.

That makes it a two-year, $50 million deal (plus incentives). It also means the Seahawks could potentially move on after one season. They’d owe $12 million for 2024; possibly, he’d get that much (or close to it) on the open market, offsetting Seattle’s obligation.

The total breakdown will shed more light on the deal. For now, it’s not crazy to think that the contract makes it easy for the Seahawks to indeed use the fifth overall pick on a quarterback, who would sit for a year or two behind Smith — just as Smith did behind Russell Wilson.

From a Seahawks perspective, this is good news. There’s no long-term commitment, so they can get out of the deal next year if they wish. They’ve also hedged perfectly for the draft, meaning all options are on the table.

Smith has a financial incentive to succeed. If he leads the Seahawks to where they want to go — he will be rewarded. This deal dangles a significant carrot — providing even more motivation than the deal he had a year ago.

Great news for the team on all counts.

For the player, it’s also a win. I suspect the reason this has happened so soon after the combine is simple. Smith’s agents checked on his market in Indianapolis. It wasn’t that extensive. They’ve quickly agreed terms, avoiding the need for any drama that drags into free agency. This way, the Seahawks can plan accordingly to improve the roster next week.

Not only will this give Smith the best chance to succeed — he gets a nice pay rise from a year ago. He’d earned $17,446,078 in his career so far according to Spotrac. This new deal is a decent raise.

It was never realistic that Smith was going to get $30-40m after only one year of production, as he approaches his 33rd birthday. This is a fair offer.

People may question whether the Seahawks could’ve gone even further if his market was cold, by waiting until later in the year. Did they bid against themselves?

I don’t think that’s realistic. For starters, you have to consider optics. Smith performed above expectations in 2022. If the team essentially played hardball with him on a contract, what message would that send to other players?

‘Come and play in Seattle and if you play well enough to win ‘comeback player of the year’, we’ll fight you for every last dime!’

Now they can legitimately say to prospective free agents — ‘we reward success‘. That shouldn’t be underestimated the week before the market opens. Geno Smith will be a selling point for this team during free agency talks. ‘Come and be the next Geno‘ will be something the Seahawks can say with meaning.

Next point — they got a good deal. No, it’s not dirt cheap. But it’s also not expensive. This contract doesn’t appear to be that prohibitive ahead of free agency.

I’m also not sure there’s anyone you’d want to pay big money to available on the market, so what exactly would you be saving money for? The names I’m focusing on are people like A’Shawn Robinson, Zach Allen and Cole Holcomb — Uchenna Nwosu-level targets at a good age and a good price. Maybe Allen gets a decent wedge but we’re not talking about mega-millions here.

You’ve also bought some degree of loyalty I think from Smith. By doing him a solid here, he’s going to be more receptive if you spend the #5 pick on a quarterback. If you’d forced him into a long free agent process, which could’ve been quite humiliating if the market was weak, he’d already be pissed off. Now you’re saying, ‘we’ve looked after you, now we’ve got to get on with what we need to do‘. That might include drafting his eventual replacement. It’ll be easier for him to stomach, now that this deal is done with the minimum of fuss.

The final point is the benefit of having Smith if they do spend #5 on a quarterback. If you were starting Drew Lock or another cheaper veteran in 2023 — Sam Darnold for example — what happens if they struggle early in the season? The pressure to turn to the rookie would be intense. Any plans to redshirt the younger player would be ruined. Just look at Pittsburgh a year ago with Mitchell Trubisky.

If Lock struggled in the first month — fans would be chanting the name of the new guy. Or Geno Smith. It’d get toxic.

If Smith struggles that might happen anyway. But at least you’ve got someone who’s shown he can deliver to the extent that he’ll likely avoid any of this. The fans like Geno enough to be patient with him, allowing the young quarterback to learn.

That way — you can create what I’ve always thought was the best case scenario. You set up your own version of Alex Smith passing the torch to Patrick Mahomes.

Remember — the Chiefs were able to trade Smith for a third round pick and a player (Kendall Fuller). If Smith has a decent 2023 but the Seahawks want to go with the rookie in 2024, they might be able to work with Geno to send him somewhere he can start and get something back.

The deal gets a thumbs up from me. It works for all concerned. I think it sets the team up perfectly at #5 to consider drafting a quarterback or Will Anderson if he lasts (which I don’t think he will). Then you have #20, #38, #53 and #84 to add at other positions.

If you missed my live stream with Jeff Simmons earlier today, check it out here:

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  1. Ian

    Rob, are you buying into the notion that, because there are now 4 qbs generally recognized as potential top 10 picks, the trade value of the Bears’ top pick is now less valuable? that the thinking of a team like the Colts is better off to stay at #4 than to give up picks to move up? And, therefore, that only teams way farther down the list would be wanting to move up, something that might be less tempting for the Bears who still would want Anderson or Wilson and so want to stay in range?

    • Rob Staton

      I would agree… if the Panthers weren’t so desperate

      • Ian

        Desperate team requiring desperate measures; might be pretty costly to get the Bears to move down to #9.

      • AndrewMR

        I’m thinking JS will either know, or have an excellent idea of what Scott Fitterer intends to do. As a result we may need to move up. And we can trust that JS will what do what he needs to.

        Makes me more excited about Rd1 and not as nervous.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Pete said something about that in his interview this morning, “With only 4 picks in front of us it makes it real easy to predict what will happen.” We may not know until draft day. But they know.

        • Rob Staton

          To be fair it’s not Fitterer making that call

          It’s Tepper and Reich

      • QAgrizzly

        For what its worth seems to be increasing buzz connecting Jimmy G. to them and Tannehill to Jets

        • 509 Chris

          If we’re saying signing Geno doesn’t stop the team from drafting a qb I don’t think the likes of Jimmy G or Tannehill would stop them from going after a qb if they think one is worth it.

      • QAgrizzly

        sorry put reply in wrong spot below , Jimmy G to Carolina seems to be gathering some steam.

        • Rob Staton


          • QAgrizzly

            Ryan Leafs XM show this morning, that said it was also discussed that he could serve as a bridge to a young QB

  2. Steve Nelsen

    Seattle’s off-season is off to a really good start.

    Get Ryan Neal signed to an extension.
    Get Uchenna Nwosu signed to an extension.

  3. Hebegbs

    Great take Rob. I think your subject as a “win/win” hits the mark perfectly as well.

    Hope Hawks are able to add to D-line in FA and perhaps a center. Then let the draft unfold. I’ve not been this excited about the Hawks future since Russ and Hawks lost to Atlanta in the playoffs years ago. You just knew that team was becoming something. This team isn’t there yet but after this draft we might feel that way again going into 24’ season.

    • Happy Hawk

      I don’t think they have any free agent money now that Geno is signed.

  4. cha

    We may be seeing the second year of a Seahawks rebirth in the offseason.

    The RW trade, the Bobby Wagner cut, the Nwosu signing, a great draft and avoiding the pitfall of reaching for a comfort veteran at the QB spot all summer.

    And now a contract that works for both Geno and the Seahawks.

    They might be able to pull off one of the rarest feats in the NFL – rebuild the entire roster without being the dregs of league for several seasons.

    I’d also like to give Geno and his agent major props for not getting too far ahead of themselves. There was so much talk of guaranteeing two franchise tag-level money in this contract they could have easily developed an inflated view of Geno’s value and not only gotten their tails kicked in the market, but ended up in a really bad fit.

    • Andy J

      Lotta talk about whether the money is right.

      Recurring theme discussed is whether this was a pro-Pete move and frees up Schneider to allow the draft to come to them.

      I would like to underline that one of the most important aspect of this signing is the Win-Now mentality. You prepare for the future… and you play every game, *every season* as if it’s a championship opportunity. Geno comes in as “the guy”. Last year’s offseason was a whirlwind for him. I think him saying “I’ll be better” should be seen as a threat around the league. He ***still*** has a chip on his shoulder. Ball out my dude!!

      Put another way… the NFC is wide-open. The division suddenly seems in shambles. The Hawks put out a good, not bad, defense. We get playmakers at the RB2 and WR3 position. Look out!! I think this could team could be sneaky good. They could be “in the conversation” in the playoffs, not an afterthought.

      I’m fucking stoked. The future is bright. I’m starting to *believe* again.

      • 509 Chris

        I love this post Andy. We often dwell on the mistakes being made and forget that we’re trending up, especially compared to this time last year.

  5. Rob Staton

    Carroll’s interview with Brock & Salk earlier was a great listen. Worth checking out

  6. SeaTim

    Thanks for sharing your take on this, Rob. And cha’s.

    For the little it’s worth I agree completely with all the points made

  7. Tien

    Hi Rob,

    I agree that this contract with Geno appears to set up the Seahawks to pick a QB but man, I’m going to be really disappointed if they don’t trade up to at least the #3 spot so that they’re guaranteed one of Stroud/Levis/Richardson. Who knows when we’ll have this high of a 1st round pick AND plenty of other picks to use to trade up again so I hope the front office goes for it!


    • Rob Staton

      You might like my next mock

      • DJ 1/2 way

        What an excellent tease. There will be SDBers refreshing hourly until we see it!

      • Wilson502

        Has my banging the drum for a move up paid off? Lol, cant wait to see it Rob.

        • Rob Staton

          It hasn’t I’m afraid

          • Spencer

            Hey Rob, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the general consensus that the options at picks 13-30ish will be relatively similar? If so, I could see them packaging their two firsts to move up and not feel like they’re missing out on too much opportunity.

            • Spencer

              *isn’t it the general consensus

    • Lord Snow

      Totally agree with you tien

  8. geoff u

    If we were to re-sign Geno, this would be the deal I’d be fine with. Interesting comments on Pete about potentially still drafting a QB, and this certainly feels like a bridge deal. The only question is, if they get a good read on what the four teams above us weill do and it’s certain all 4 QB’s are gone, do they move up to get their guy? Really hoping these QB needy teams sign a FA vets to big deals. We should have a good idea come draft time though.

    • Cysco

      So if we go QB at #5 and Kancey is there at 20, do you take him?

      • Rob Staton

        He’s one good option

      • geoff u

        If he’s the best available, it really depends on who’s still there at #5. 20 is a good spot to be as there should be quite a few quality players. I’d have a hard time passing on a potential superstar talent like Mayer or Bjon if they slip that far.

        • geoff u

          Oops, i meant who’s still there at #20

  9. Jabroni-DC

    Thoroughly enjoyed the livestream earlier & I’m happy with Geno’s contract for the team’s sake. Gonna be a really interesting FA period to see what areas they address prior to the draft. If Seattle is able to add a DE & LB as you & Jeff mentioned maybe that bumps up where they would select a C if they aren’t able to address it earlier. In that scenario I’d be leaning,

    #5 QB
    #20 TE
    #38 C
    #53 DL

    Build to win the Line of Scrimmage.

    • Bluenlime

      Still don’t understand how the TE position has overtaken all the other huge voids this team has. I get the great talents but men…it seems like we draft a TE every year and never really makes a difference. I’d prefer a DL, LB, CB or even RB before I draft a TE.

      • Roy Batty

        Plus there’s really good value in later rounds at TE. It all comes down to BPA, though.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not about needs though for me

        The key to this draft should be to add talent, not fill holes

        BPA as much as physically possible

        That’s why I want them to focus on the defensive front seven in free agency

        If Michael Mayer is there at #20 — I am running to the podium

        He can be a better version of Zach Miller for the next 8-10 years

        He’s exactly what you want if you’re trying to be tough, physical and want a guy who can convert key third downs

        • Andy J

          Dear Rob:

          I’m fine with the thesis. Talent > needs. Mayer, maybe others, are really freaking good. I think PC/SW want to run their offense out of 2 TE sets.

          But why is there no love for Noah Fant? He’s still young. He’s a testing dynamo. 4.22 (short shuttle), 6.81 (3 cone), 1.55 (10 yr split). He’s produced consistently from day 1. No injury history. Yea, he didn’t come in and blow off the top his 1st year in Seattle. But the plan was always to lean heavily on Dissly. Fant was new to the team and new to the system. By the mid-point of the year, Fant had supplanted him as the #1 dude. The 3 TE package resulted in 109 catches, 1,157 yards, 9 TDs. That’s elite production! I also expect Fant to even be better now that he’s an established player in the Seattle system. The salary difference between a top-20 pick and an elite TE is not that significant.

          I guess my point is… maybe we need one more year to prove this is the case… but good chance that Noah Fant is already a Zach Miller staple for the next several years.

          I just want to see some Fant love.

          And yeah I’m all about grabbing talent. Especially if the value is too good to pass up. But let’s say there’s a moment in the draft, maybe 20, maybe 2nd, maybe 3rd, and there’s a really great TE on the board but also some really great RBs or WRs… I think the Hawks are going to pass on the tight ends. We need TALENT at the WR3 and RB2 position, for real for real. And the TE class also has great depth if you really want to make a Dissly, Fant, Parkinson hedge.

          • Rob Staton

            Fant needs to show us a reason to love him

            Plus he’s a free agent next year so will be a lot more expensive

            The difference in cost will be massive

          • BK26

            Fant has been what he was from the moment he played his first game at Iowa: potential. For all of the tight ends that they have put in the NFL, he had the most potential as a receiver. He hasn’t progressed much though.

            He’s not close to to Miller in that he isn’t a good blocker. He’s ok. He was just so incredibly dynamic and athletic that he got by at Iowa.

            He’s kind of getting to that point where you make a decision on him. If given the option, I would take LaPorta. He is a do-it-all that is more the norm from Iowa. And a later pick. More consistent, much better blocker, and had to shoulder the offense for the Hawkeyes for the last 2 years.

            All of this is coming from a Hawkeye fan that has watched them both for years. Fant could have been the best from Iowa, but it’s just taken too long and he hasn’t kept developing.

      • Madmark

        Seattle needs a lot of Defensive line guys to fill needs they have but this really isn’t the greatest draft for them. Going out taking inferior talent for a need is a mistake. You shouldn’t get so caught up that you miss the shinty the guy from the corner of your eye. You have look at what Darnell Washington could do for your since we like to run the ball. Me I’m looking for new hero’s to help this team. The needs of this exceed the 9 picks we have so we will have to get creative in free agency now and towards the end when better deals can be made.

  10. Jabroni-DC

    On a side note, I believe that Baltimore is HOPING someone else signs Lamar & they snag 2 1st rounders out of it. To reach a Super Bowl they are looking at a great wall of AFC QBs to overcome. Mahomes, Burrow, Lawrence, Allen, Herbert & Wilson (bounce back).

    • Seattle Person

      It could also be they know not many teams are going to shell out a full-guarantee contract and 2 first picks.

      • geoff u

        They really put themselves in a spot to win no matter what. Either someone gives up two 1sts, or they get Lamar back at a more reasonable deal.

        • Beastie

          Except that if nobody bites they have an unhappy Lamar to deal with. There are already talks that he will hold out next year. You have to be careful pulling something like this because you can lose your locker room

          • geoff u

            They won’t lose the locker room, they’ll lose an unreasonable player who doesn’t want to be there and who hasn’t finished a season since 2020 and has only won 1 playoff game in 5 years. They’ll trade him for a pittance or cut him so he can become somebody else’s headache. If fact, it may just be best to move on if this continues past the draft.

  11. JP

    So far so good. Hindsight and all, but while I don’t want to force a QB, I hate to imagine in a couple of years if they pass on like Young or Levis and they’re tearing up the league. Taking a QB to sit is hardly going to destroy the franchise considering the Jamal Adams trade already happened and everybody involved in that is still here.

  12. KennyBadger

    Rob makes excellent points. I still want one of the 3 qbs and I think JS does too, my concerns are the price to move up or their confidence in that their guy falls to them.

    • Gary

      Rob also said he doesn’t believe that Will Anderson will last to 5, meaning that if one of the teams ahead of us takes Bryce Young, one of Stroud, Levis, or Richardson would be available for us without trading up!

      • KennyBadger

        I’m concerned about that If. I hope Bryce has a very productive pro day.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Getting one of the big 3 without a trade is best, and like Rob, I think that all four could have good careers. Since we have already cheered for a sub 6 foot QB, I am hoping for other than Young (even though he may be the best of the bunch), and I think that Pete is going to prefer the more vocal Richardson and Levis. Do they both go before 5? While I am looking forward to the next Mock that Rob is doing, and I would like to root for AR for the next decade, I prefer sticking at 5 and getting who drops.

  13. Pugs1

    Playing devils advocate here I know everyone seems hell bent on trading up for one of the QB’s. Personally I’m not against that if John feels like he needs to get his guy. But let’s say they decide to not select a QB at #5 and trade with Carolina and are able to get their 2024 first round pick. Using it to select Jalen Carter ninth. I understand the character concerns but the Seahawks would get one of the top defensive talents in the draft and at least shield themselves from the risk by picking up a future #1. Personally I want no part of Carter at five but him plus a number one is something I could get behind.

    • Gary

      I want no part of Carter, period.

      • Big Mike


      • God of Thunder

        Carter is not a certain train wreck, but he’s a potential disaster. Look, he’s not even been drafted, hadn’t played a pro down or cashed a pro pay cheque. He KNOWS he’s under the microscope and he still does that shite. Idjit.

    • BK26

      I can’t. Get the quarterback now, solve the problem now for 10 years. A pick next could be at the end of the first. There are 3 of the physically impressive qb’s in years. To miss on getting one would be a big regret. And Carter instead would add salt to the wound.

      • Bluenlime

        Any team besides the seahawks can gamble on Carter. We learned our lesson with McDowell

        • BK26

          They have HAMMERED character in players this year too. Schneider said that it was a key to the rookies contributing so well and so quickly last year: all very high character players. Why would they backtrack against that now?

          Also, at some point talent can’t outweigh tape and availability. Seattle won’t take that gamble. It will be a team that is starving to win.

    • TJ

      No on Carter. Drafting a reportedly immature player with conditioning and legal issues is bad idea, whether that’s at 5, 9, 20, 37, etc.

  14. Cawww

    I want to preface this by saying that I have always been on the side of using the #5 pick on a QB, and believe that is their plan with how they’ve structured this Geno contract.

    But, I want to take a devil’s advocate view due to how open Pete and John have been in the media about their interest in a QB at #5. Do you think they could be doing this to get teams like Vegas and Carolina to both trade up ahead of them, have QBs go 1-4, and push Anderson to 5?

    • Rob Staton

      Doubt it

      The Seahawks aren’t going to get people to trade above them for a QB… by signing a QB

    • Pugs1

      Personally I think everything is on the table. I have a feeling some folks are setting themselves up for a big disappointment if the don’t take a QB with their first pick.

      • Rob Staton

        Sure, everything’s on the table

        I just don’t think there’s any value in reading into what anyone says

    • Elmer

      It’s hard to know what the Hawks are thinking but your post reminds me of an interview that I heard Dave Wyman doing this afternoon. I heard only part of the interview and I didn’t get the name of the person he was interviewing, but it was highly critical of all 4 QB’s.

      Richardson: “Belongs in the decathalon, does not belong under center”
      Levis: “Erratic as hell”
      Young: “Too short, too small”
      Stroud: “Nobody (QB) out of Ohio State ever did anything”

      The one genuinely excellent player in his opinion is Anderson.

      I need to be clear that I don’t agree with these opinions and am not sharing them in order to support them. It simply shows that there are differences of opinion out there. To be fair, I got no indication that Dave Wyman supports these opinions either.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        “El Hombre” was the guest. I do not normailly listen but had to make a trip to Seattle. He is on for entertainment and commentary and is no expert. He is a Michigan grad and hates anything Ohio State.

        Earlier in the day Hugh was on KJR and I was surprised he had little good to say about any of the QBs. His one good take was that AR has the highest spread on ceiling and floor of any QB he has seen. Same tune with Warren Moon later in the day. He thought they should skip the top four QBs.

        It just goes to show that you cannot count on radio in the Seattle Market for any competent commentary on the NFL. It is entertainment and that is all.

      • Peter

        I don’t know if this was in jest or serious.

        But every mock I read. And a few seahawks heads I listen to all seem to think the qbs in this class are very good to potentially great.

        If we had a real media I’d love to know what the plan at qbotf is?

        Seriously. Geno and the hawks signed essentially a reward meets gentlemen agreement contract. Very very good money for a guy with one year of experience and with very few suitors.

        With the rarest of exceptions is dline coming in to change this team so let’s say they double dip and go keion white, ade ade or some other combo….

        In two to three years when the defense is humming but unfortunately geno is trending down ( unless he’s Brady and no one knows it. Or rodgers) what is the plan then?

        Spend a ton of picks on who knows who is in that draft? Or best yet. All the feel good geno, Pete, John love is gone because we are literally as bad as AZ has been for most of the last five to six years?

      • Wilson502

        When it comes to anything offense related, Homer Wyman doesnt have a clue what hes talking about. Stick to defense and LBs.

        • Big Mike

          Last I heard he was still defending the trade for Adams. That tells me he doesn’t know defense either.

  15. Allen M.

    It’s so rare you have a pick in the top 5. Plus, we have a quality but older and still somewhat unproven QB in Geno, who I’m happy we got a good deal done with. I think we are in position to set the franchise up for the next decade with this draft – specifically at QB. I don’t understand why folks quibble over “the price” of moving up. We are 4 spots from the #1 overall selection. The time is now to make certain you get one of your guys. Your future Seattle Seahawks franchise QB. I wouldn’t bat an eye if we gave up a pick or two in order to move up. Pay the price and get it done if that’s what is required.

    • UkAlex6674

      Yes I think this is a pivotal draft for Seattle and the future, and have no issue or worry about moving up to #1 or #2 or even #3.

    • Ukhawk


  16. Jabroni-DC

    Scenarios a plenty.
    If #1 & #2 are QB, QB, & if AZ wants Anderson & Indy is still sitting at #4 there’s a chance we could trade up to #3 if our guy is still there. Folks have said that “AZ would never…” but if they get what they want out of it they’d certainly consider it.

  17. Jordan

    A tidy piece of business all the way around.

    Geno has really been a breath of fresh air.

    • Peter

      I don’t follow.

      We had good to great qb play for a decade from king crap goofus.

      Then we had very good qb play from a jackass.

      Sort of feels like six of the same half a dozen of the other.

      • Matt

        Yep…no idea where this “he’s such a good guy” BS came from.

        Apparently in Seattle; drinking and reckless driving makes one a good guy while simply being a weirdo is just beyond the pale and makes one a terrible person.

        Just the weirdest thing I think I’ve ever seen in sports.

        • Roy Batty

          Just curious, but is Marshawn Lynch a jackass, too?

          • Matt

            From my experience; nobody was trying to make Marshawn out to be a really good guy, unlike this weird Geno phenomenon.

            But yes, if guys can’t avoid legal troubles; I’m fine with calling them jackasses. This is not a high bar to clear – don’t break the law.

            • Peter

              All this.

              I loved marshawn as the player. And he became a great person post football.

              But ask the fans of Buffalo how they felt about him as they basically gave up on his potential for peanuts.

              Geno’s a good solid qb. Maybe there’s more there. Maybe this it.

              And from Carter, to geno, to the boys will be boys that’s our guy crowd. It’s literally super easy to not do truly stupid stuff.

              Re: geno. Replace him as the qb from your favorite team and switch him to Larry in accounts payable. If “larry,” got pulled over driving like a maniac, drunk, and then argued with the cops… probably wouldn’t be “ahh Larry. Always doing silly Larry things….” you’d probably think he was a jackass..

          • STTBM

            Geno was an asshat to the cops and was doing 90 mph drunk as hell. Lynch was polite and cooperative and wasn’t driving like a bat out of hell.

            Two very different situations.

            • bmseattle

              I heard a funny story told on the radio the other day, on a nationally syndicated show (I forget the host telling the story).

              He was covering the draft in 2013, and he had a sit down interview with Geno at some point in the pre-draft process.

              The host asked Geno if he’d heard any rumors about which teams might be interested in drafting him.
              The host said that Smith just looked at him…didn’t say anything.

              Then the host kind of re-asked the question in a different way, and Smith said…

              “Are you clueless?…I’m going to be drafted 1st overall.”

              If was funny the way the host told the story…the inflection he used when Smith asked…”Are you clueless?” made it sound like Geno thought the guy was an idiot…that *everyone knew* he’d be picked 1st overall.

              The guy told this story after they’d spent the segment speculating on Geno’s future. He didn’t sound bitter or anything, just that it was a memorable story to him.

        • Peter


          As a non religious person who truly respects religious people, I’ve settled on the thought that whether Wilson is a good person, a bad person, or just a person all that is immaterial.

          People want him to be a bad person because that makes them feel better about themselves.

          The charity stuff. The firing stuff. The making fun of him for visualization stuff. We just want something to prove all that time and money at Children’s hospital was a front for something more nefarious.

        • Spectator

          Since when did making a mistake = being a terrible person for eternity without any way to lose the label?

          He was an idiot and reckless with what he did drinking and driving, for sure, let me make that clear.

          I dont give two shits if he talked back to police, without knowing how the police approached the situation, police can be real dicks and act above the law. The issue is endangering fellow drivers on the road. Thats stupid and he should have been punished for it. There is no excuse for making such a terrible decision, but that doesnt equate to being a terrible person for the rest of your life.
          Very very few things should automatically equal being a terrible person forever. All who keep saying it does should take a long hard look at themselves and their lives. By some of your’s comments, drinking under the age of 21 makes you a terrible person that doesnt deserve anything, because you broke the law and should be labelled a terrible person no matter what. Shit, I bet most of you break the law everyday and dont even realize it, because there are some dumbass laws.

          • Matt

            I don’t quite know how to respond to someone who apparently doesn’t understand the difference between under age drinking and getting drunk while recklessly driving at 100 MPH while showing ZERO remorse for their actions. Certain “bad behavior” doesn’t endanger innocent lives – this one does.

            The genesis of this whole thread is this dumb talking point that Geno is some great guy. That’s it. And it usually comes from the crowd that wants to accuse RW of being a bad person simply because he’s goofy.

            Nobody expects these guys to be Saints. I don’t particularly care. I do care when their behavior endangers lives and then people have the audacity to pretend that person is such a good guy. Geno is a great example of fighting through adversity. He’s not some great guy. To me, it’s that simple.

        • HS

          Gushing over the Guy-Who-Replaced-The-Legend-That-Dumped-Us seems like the natural human reaction, whether or not that love is earned.

          Fans desperately want to see Geno as the Seahawks version of Mike Cameron.

      • 509 Chris

        I don’t see why everyone is so set on the DUI. People are human. If it’s his 3rd one or 5th failed drug test it’s definitely an issue. One dui in 10 years in the league just doesn’t ruffle me that much. I want him to play football not babysit my kids.

        • Matt

          When you know someone who was killed by a drunk driver; it tends to be more than “meh.” It’s also quite possibly the easiest situation to avoid when you are a millionaire. There’s zero excuse.

          • Matt

            Furthermore; he showed no remorse and now people are acting like he is a wonderful guy that we need to fawn over and be grateful for. That asshat is lucky Seattle ever give him a chance – nobody else was going to.

            • 805Hawk

              100% agree with you, Matt. A DUI, especially with the circumstances surrounding this one, is not a mistake but a willful act of extreme negligence for his and everyone else’s lives. Then the reported conduct after, verbally abusing the cop and having to be strapped down to take blood despite team security attempting to calm him down just puts me over the edge. Combined that with what led to him getting his jaw broken tells me enough. I’ll cheer for the Hawks, but never for Geno.

              • Matt

                If Geno showed some contrition; I’d be happy to say “hope he learns from his behavior” and I’d start being supportive. There was a comment above about making a mistake and being condemned for life – not my intention at all.

                Very similar to Jalen Carter. If there was an ounce of “my behavior has been reckless and I have a lot of growing to do as a person in order to even think about reaching my full
                Potential as a football player,” I’d be more inclined to take a chance on him.

                What I can’t get behind is reckless behavior followed by ZERO remorse or even acknowledgement of said actions. In their eyes; they did nothing wrong and that’s the source of my problem with this stuff.

  18. Hebegbs

    So many of the updated mock drafts still have Seattle taking Jalen Carter. I’m 99.9% sure Seattle will not take Carter with his heavy set of baggage and question marks at #5. Feels like really lazy mock. Meanwhile they show Levi’s mostly in range 7-9.

    Richardson sure moved up to the top in many. I still believe Young will ultimately go #1 to Indy. Will see if Carolina moves into 3. Gotta be a pretty heavy price to get there.

    • Palatypus

      So much of this Jalen Carter story reminds me of Henry Ruggs III. But, would you rather have taken this risk on Ruggs? I would. And look how that turned out?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Carter had the opportunity to train with some of the best college coaches available and he was too winded to make the field. An elite tackle would play every play. I just don’t get the love for Carter. I don’t see it on his tape either. And since he has legal troubles and hasn’t even tried to show his athleticism in the combine … I wouldn’t touch this guy with a 10 foot pole.

        • Peter

          Just look at a guy like Ade Ade. Goes to northwestern where you don’t get in just because you play sports. *somehow* gets through his boys will be boys years with no b.s. and trains himself to be one of te all time freakish specimens I’ve ever seen at the combine.

          You could easily work with that. Over a guy who just doesn’t seem to be bothered all that much to take his game to the next level.

          Per the tape. I agree. Sure I see flashes. I also see guys I wouldn’t mind Seattle draftingike Wypler and Wright handle him pretty easily.

          People say well Carter was doubled. Okay. Then why are there d tackles that were freaky dominate in college who outperformed him? Teams weren’t scheming to stop Aaron Donald, Suh, Mccoy. It’s all stat padding?

          Or. Unpopular take. Georgia like Alabama are teams where they are greater than the sum of their parts.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Yes I agree that they are greater than the sum of their parts. But also they can recruit the best in the nation. If Saban showed up on my doorstep – I would sign.

  19. UkAlex6674

    This is great news. Set up just as we had hoped.

    Little by little the FO are regaining trust after years of poor decisions.

    Cannot wait for the first FA wave – give us a bit more of an indication on what we can expect in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Little by little the FO are regaining trust after years of poor decisions.

      There’s a long way to go yet

      • Wilson502

        They can start regaining trust by getting one of the 3 QBs by whatever means necessary.

        • Hawk Finn

          This right here is it for me

          • Big Mike


        • GrittyHawk

          Seriously. The more we talk about it here, the more I feel like I’ll be absolutely devastated if we don’t come away from this draft with one of those three guys. No disrespect to Hooker but if he’s the QB we end up with after this saga… it will be very disappointing.

        • Rob Staton

          They can also fix the pass rush

          Make the defense look respectable for more than a handful of games

          Stop frittering cap space away

          • Sea Mode

            But the collective sense of humor on our team is top notch…

          • cha

            “we need the defense to be more connected”

            • Big Mike

              SIGH 😕

          • Wilson502

            Hiring the pass rush specialist was a start. Honestly I think coaching is playing a bigger factor in this than people realize. QB has a much bigger impact on the team overall than a good but not elite pass rusher.

        • Lord Snow

          Nailed it.

      • STTBM


  20. MattyB

    I like what Seattle is doing this off season, really feels like their PlanA for the draft is currently on track which gives hope the draft will go well without panic. 4QBs and Will Anderson worth picking means one desirable player will be there at 5. Hopefully someone takes Carter in the top 5 or even Wilson if Anderson goes #1 leaving us a choice at #5

    Could be a really fun first hr of the 1st rd draft this year

  21. AL

    This could be a very interesting draft for the Seahawks. Consider this,

    #1 Chicago – Long down the road on trade for #1
    #2 Houston – Taking a QB
    #3 Arizona – Open to trade talks for #3
    #4 Indianapolis – Taking a QB
    #5 Seattle

    If both Chicago and Arizona trade their picks, it will most likely be to a team trading up to take a QB. Which could mean there is a very real possibility that the first four picks could be quarterbacks.

    At the very least three quarterbacks will go in the first four picks. Its probably safe to assume those three QB’s will be Richardson, Stroud and Levis. Possible Young sneaks in their, if so, Levis may be the guy to fall to #5 in this scenario.

    Now these are just assumptions on my part, but you have to think that theres a chance the first four picks could be quarterbacks. At the very least three.

    I’m sure John Schneider and Pete Carroll have very good insight as to which teams want to move up in the draft and what players will be potentially be taken with the first four picks.

    So if Js and PC do in fact want to draft a QB at #5 and don’t trade up, then I would have to think they know/believe one of the four QB’s will fall to #5 and are comfortable taking that player.

    Personally, I think they do want to take a QB, have planned to all along and I think that quarterback is Anthony Richardson (Checks a lot of boxes for Js). Now that they signed Geno and as Rob has said, they now have the perfect situation for a rookie QB to sit and learn for a year.

    If they do want Richardson or one of the other QB’s, they are probably going to have to trade up, most likely to #1 with Chicago. Seattle may have an advantage here if they desire to trade up as the #5 pick is a great landing spot for either Chicago or Arizona to trade down to and still be able to get one of the top players in the draft.

    Just my two cents.

    • Cysco

      The counter to any talk about CHI and ARI trading down is that once Wilson, Anderson & Carter (I suppose) are off the board, the perceived top-shelf defense prospects are gone. If you are a defense needy team like CHI or ARI and you value getting one of those guys it’s going to be tough to swallow moving out of the top-5.

      I can just as easily see the colts and bears swapping picks and both ARI and CHI taking defenders. That leaves two QBs on the board at 5.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Hey AL, what’s with not capitalizing Schneider’s last initial?

      Did he do you wrong?

  22. Ukhawk

    Absolutely ecstatic with signing Geno and this deal on so many levels!!

    SDB has been ahead of the curve on all this.

    Feel like PCJS are betting their mojo back and starting to do things again others don’t/can’t/won’t.

    On to FA and the draft, hoping they attack the front 7 and draft a QB moving up if they have to.

    Go Hawks!!

  23. Robert Las Vegas

    If the Tennessee Titans keep unloading guys I wouldn’t mind Jeffrey Simmons just saying.

    • UkAlex6674

      I’ll 2nd and 3rd that!

  24. Robbie

    I’ve been playing around a lot with Mock Drafts and it’s fun to come up with crazy scenarios. I’m starting to come around that a QB will fall to us. Two things need to happen though, 1. the Bears will want to move down but no further than five, I think they want to stay in that range and get a good player. I don’t see them trading down a ton just to trade. Unless the Panthers give up the farm I have a hard time seeing it. 2. Someone has to fall in love with Bryce Young and rate him higher than the other 3 QBs.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Panthers are going to be their best trade offer

      The other are too far down the board and I think with four QB’s — Indy will stand pat

      • Roy Batty

        Will Irsay lean on his GM and make the GM pick who he wants?

        That’s the only wildcard I can see in this that makes it so intriguing.

        • cha

          If you want a little fun viewing, this is not the first time an Irsay has stepped in it publicly about drafting a QB:

  25. Trevor

    Anyone else listen to Pete’s interview yesterday on 710. I think it was great insight into Pete’s mindset and what sets him apart as a leader and teacher more so than as a football xos.

    In particular when he was talking about how he never gives up on players even the ones trying to get him fired. It felt genuine too and made me think of guys like Sherm and Beast Mode who despite differences have been brought back into the fold.

    There is no doubt he has flaws as a coach and I don’t think he is the best xos guy for sure but as a leader and motivator he might be one of the best ever. When I think a genuinely positive person he is the first guy that pops into my head.

    All this to say I think he would be perfect coach to develop a young QB like Richardson, Levis or Stroud to give them the confidence and leadership skills they will need to succeed long term.

    • BK26

      100% a hunch and a hope, but I think that if Richardson showed how excited he was to meet Pete, that would mean a lot to him. We know he makes connections and loves that part of the job. Richardson was very obvious in how real he was in his interviews.

      I think/HOPE that all of that resonates with Pete. Also seeing how much the kid did with his situation in Florida. I can dream haha.

    • Peter

      One can dream.

      Big, strong, exciting player with holes in his game. Seems like the perfect Pete player for him to coach up. Plus I think Pete’s fountain of youth mindset is fulfilled by somehow someway connecting to young men to make them the best they can be.

    • McZ

      Question: if the playoffs are at stake, will Pete play the old pal or the young guy, who turns the ball over.

      The answer is pretty obvious, as we have been there.

      I’m ready to eat crow if I’m wrong, but PC will draft defense, because we are so close, in his opinion. And then he will add Hendon Hooker, which is the most PC-esque QB in the draft.

      FA is basically over in Seattle.

  26. PJ in Seattle

    I’m hoping there is some truth to this. If so, Richardson is likely there for the taking at #5 without a move up. Seemed that was highly unlikely just a week ago.

    Seems legit – of course he is raw with relatively little experience under center. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the capacity to learn to read defenses quickly and understand what is and isn’t likely to be available on any given play. As much as he dropped jaws during his testing, him being less than impressive in front of a whiteboard, breaking down tape, or discussing mechanics with a coaching staff wouldn’t necessarily surprise.

    He is first and foremost an athlete with rare size, speed, and arm. Seems to me the Seahawks are in the perfect position to make the gamble on him being able to put it all together and spend a year learning. The teams ahead of us or those moving ahead of us to take a QB, with the possible exception of Houston, need a QB to start next year. I can’t see those FOs giving up capital to move up and take a guy that conventional wisdom says is not ready to start in the NFL without at least a year of development. They will have to be hedging for those QB’s which they believe can take the field and put butts in seats Week one, which means, Stroud, Young, and Levis represent the safer options. Someone as raw as Richardson could easily flame out being thrust into the position of having to run an offense against NFL defenses a few months from now. And if you ruin the guy’s head and confidence in that scenario, you have yourself the next Sam Darnold or Zach Wilson.

    Richardson at #5 might be a highly likely scenario – still a very high pick for a QB but pricing in the lack of football experience and proven production that one usually sees in the QBs taken at the top of the draft. I can already hear the pundits reacting on Draft Day – “Perfect landing spot for AR”, “No pressure to come in next year and be the guy” , “Seattle takes the best athlete of the bunch, we’ll have to wait a while to know whether they may have gotten the best QB”.

    I”m just pumped on the way this whole thing has set up and that we have a plethora of options available to us.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Maybe I’m stretching here but… could it be a positive that he isn’t a finished product? People that are told they’ve got it all figured out, have the fixed mindset that they are already great, set in their ways and habit could potentially have a more difficult time adjusting. In contrast, AR knows he has work to do and is ready to put in the work to learn and adapt. Of course this means having a high quality QB coach is integral to the pick being a success

      • PJ in Seattle

        Sure can. No doubt, a growth mindset and self-awareness are positives. Zach Wilson comes to mind. He always struck me as someone in love with himself and his physical abiltiies. Not the guy who can face up to his shortcomings and commit to improving his game. It’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. And look where that’s gotten him.

        • HawkfaninMT

          Good call on the mindset of Zach Wilson as the potential outcome of a player that thinks they’ve got it figured out.

          I know PC has had Carol Dweck (author of Mindset) on campus to work with the team in the past. So I would assume growth Vs fixed mindset is something that will come into play when looking at prospects.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Between his bouts with inaccuracy to all levels of the field and perplexing decision-making, it’s abundantly clear that Richardson only started one full season at Florida and, frankly, the results from that one year weren’t all that impressive overall.

      That’s something a lazy stat-scout would say, someone who didn’t watch every Florida game in 2022 would say. It’s missing a crucial piece of information that only someone who did watch every game (or who went back and scouted every game) would notice: Richardson’s growth arc over the course of the season.

      I don’t know where Richardson will end up being drafted, and frankly I don’t care (I couldn’t place a bet on him going first overall), as long as it’s Seattle who drafts him.

      Also, it’s seems like Zierlein is conflating the x’s and o’s portion of team interviews with the personal/character:

      I did not hear that he “killed it in interviews”. Heard all the QBs were just okay in interviews.

      Everything I’ve heard about the personal/character portion for the big 3 has been glowing.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Florida sure looked like a Pop Warner team in their bowl game without him playing.

      • 509 Chris

        I saw the same thing. A young guy learning fast on the fly. I watched a video with some of his high school coaches. He genuinely seems like a winner and a positive guy. If foot all didn’t work out he was doing a junior fireman training kind of thing. I gotta get behind a fireman everyone likes them!

  27. Sluggo42

    All of this just makes me wonder what’s wrong with Drew Lock-

    Perhaps nothing! Maybe the Hawks are planning to resign him, and still believe he is going to be the future. Maybe they do trade the farm to the Panthers, and they grab 4-5 solid D players along with a center…

    Maybe not tho. But I thought he had some mad skills coming out of college, and maybe Denver ruined his head. Maybe he is the one who needs another year behind Smith

    I’m still not a geno fan, but I’ll cede to the deeper thinkers in here who say it’s a good signing… but it seems to me Minchew or someone of that ilk ,could have been the Bridge… and all the rah rah, about FA’s wanting to come here because they overpay for weak players is a marginal concept to my eyes

    • BK26

      He’s just not good. Great physically but he hasn’t done anything since he’s been in the league. He was a trade throw in.

      He was in college exactly what he was in Denver: big arm and athletic, but pocket pressure and decision making were a liability.

      I can see him going to KC. Sit for a year behind a coach and staff that could salvage him, at least as a viable backup. Their only option is Shane Buechelle who was undrafted and on their practice squad. And he’s from down the road. Could also go to Tampa if Canales thinks there is something there.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I think this off-season will be telling. If his QB coach Canales really believes in him, he will get an offer from Tampa with a chance to compete for the starting job. If not, does Seattle believe in him enough to sign him as a backup after a year learning our system? If neither Tampa nor Seattle makes him an offer, then that shows the people who know him best think don’t think he is an NFL QB.

    • UkAlex6674

      I think we need to separate a couple of things here.

      It’s a good signing as far as cost goes. It’s superb.

      As far as QB play goes, I’m still not convinced he will get us to another Superbowl. I’d love to be wrong of course, and maybe if the D shores up to be something half decent who knows.

  28. UkAlex6674

    Good shout. What other QB needy teams are in a position whereby they don’t need to start one straight away, and further, have a QB in place that would be a good mentor for Richardson?

    I’ve said it before – and I don’t know the guy obviously- but Geno seems to me to be a guy that would want to help and see a rookie progress, and take him under his wing, even though its his job at stake. I may be wrong but I don’t think so.

    It does seem promising.

    But remember we are only one Jamal Adams type trade away to screw it all up…….

  29. Peter

    Rob and Jeff mentioned a lot of things in regards to Geno and contracts.

    And I agree with most of it. If Geno has a down market you can’t realistically from an optics stand point hold him over a barrel price wise.

    This contract with incentives such as I assume win the superbowl could make Geno a massive amount of cash. Which frankly if Geno one the superbowl or became league mvp would be awesome for him and awesome for us.

    If they press down in his Financials it could look terrible to other free agents.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The counter argument is that the Seahawks are a soft touch and it’s easy to get maximum contract out of them. That sets up unreasonable expectations for other vets. Vets like Clowney and that other defensive tackle they had for a year.

  30. ShowMeYourHawk

    Thanks for keeping the content and conversation going, Rob!

    Respectfully, I’m not sipping the Kool-Aid on Geno. While I’m certainly grateful that the front office didn’t panic and give him a full $35m per year, I’m not buying that he’s quality enough of a starter that we’d still handicap our FA prospects by giving him any of our cap. I just don’t believe in him. I still hold that he had a Tommy Maddox season of very good results on a crap career.

    And yes, the way the contract is set up, we can dump him after a couple seasons if he reverts back into the pumpkin he’s been most his NFL stay. However, who in FA are we missing out on that could’ve been a solid contributor to give a “good story” some more airtime? I still think Lock could given you 2/3 of Geno’s play last year for 1/3 the cost.

    If Geno balls out, great. If the defense is still shite and we miss the postseason or go one-and-done again, who cares? Draft the future QB at #5 (or move up). This team needs to stop with half measures and finally go for it.

    One man’s rant. Thanks again for all the great content in the community.

  31. Old but Slow

    What do we know about Karl Brooks? There was a flurry of talk about him a few weeks ago, but he did not make the Combine, and I have not heard his name for a while. Rob has him as a round 4 DE/DT, which, to me, means he has something to offer, but what?

  32. Andy J

    In free agency, the Seahawks are going to target draft hedges.

    1 RB (lotta options)
    1/2 DL (fewer options)
    1 LB (lotta options)
    maybe 1 OL (options)

    What’s the best guess for current expected cap space?? Close to zero? Maybe in the red? Cutting Jackson, Harris, and Jefferson nets $20 millie. I still think you can talk Diggs (maybe Adams) into moving some money around if Bobby wants to re-sign. I’d be down with bringing back Penny as a draft hedge if it was a low low low cap number (but there’s a good class of other FA options). Re-signing Harris could be a draft hedge. I still hope they sign a Nwosu type young guy at a premier position that could be a talented starter. There’s enough talent and low salaries for them to even target 2 LBs.

    LET’S FUGGIN GO!!!!!

    • Peter




      20 million is nice. But cutting the dline guys puts us in a real deficit where we’d only have the money for sub optimal players. Maybe. Restructuring might get the money for at least one to two nwosu type deals.

      • Andy J

        The d-line are already sub-optimal players. 30th in Run Defense!! Maybe worse than sub-optimal… last year they were *liabilities*.

        I’m fine with restructuring. I’d like to see PC/JS wait until camp so Jefferson and Woods have limited options, but that has not been their MO. They might not even wait on Jefferson. Harris has to get cut earlier; he’s not worth the $9 million we’d recover.

  33. cha

    Adam Schefter doesn’t get worked up very often, so it’s a treat when he does.

    Watch him take down the collusion talk on Lamar Jackson:

    He’s absolutely right.

    • Denver Hawker


      There’s a bizarre narrative being spun around Lamar Jackson- seems like mostly players, former players, and some media are hell bent on making this a bigger issue.

      Most I’ve seen centers on pointing to a few bad contracts/trades as precedent comps for what Lamar should get. As if to say, that’s “market” now, and since he’s better than them he should get more.

      • cha

        I also think some teams are not crazy about dealing with players who can represent themselves.

        Players save some money by not using an agent, but they remove that buffer that helps both sides do business.

        Teams fully intending to sign their player – but at the right price – find themselves struggling to have the hard conversation without an agent because players are so tuned to believe in themselves and be confident as part of their on-field mentality, to hear the top official of the team doesn’t think you’re the absolute best in the league is very challenging. Some players hear that and it could irrevocably damage their relationship to the team.

        I still think Bobby Wagner caused himself a lot of grief by not having an agent. He goes into 2022 with a huge cap hit with very little guaranteed. He’s not a young man anymore. The defense was awful in 2021. The team fires the DC. PC steps to the podium at the combine and says ‘they’ve been arrogant’ and ‘they need to make hard decisions’ and refused to categorically say Bobby is part of the team going forward.

        Those are giant red flags. If Bobby had an agent, he’d be camped out on the VMAC lawn until he knew what the Seahawks were thinking about him.

        But instead, Bobby says he hears word he might be cut, calls the Seahawks, they say come on in let’s talk and he says no and is upset about the way he was treated.

        I’m not saying the Seahawks handled it perfectly. But this is a two-way street. If an agent had not rationally prepped Bobby for the chance he’d need to move on, or been in contact with the Seahawks, or reached out to feel out the options (trade, cut, extension, renegotiation), he’d be negligent.

        But no. Because it’s a player representing himself, it’s all on the Seahawks and all their fault? No.

        I can see teams collectively backing away from players who want to represent themselves. Just too much drama.

        • Steve Nelsen

          When I listened to Pete yesterday talk about the communications with Geno so there weren’t any spaces where people can start going off track I thought about Baltimore and Lamar. That organization just could not manage that player’s personality like Pete successfully did with so many.

          • cha

            I tend to lean towards giving the Ravens’ FO the benefit of the doubt. They’ve played things pretty straight up and have as good a track record as any team in the NFL with personnel.

            I think Lamar is too mercurial and would cause drama for any franchise, even the Seahawks.

            • Tien

              I’ve seen the collusion talk also and I don’t buy it. Lamar is great but his greatest strength is his dangerous running. He’s getting older and has also been injured the last two seasons and yet he wants a fully guaranteed contract. I think this is just the market telling him that he’s not worth a fully guaranteed contract.

              • cha

                For sure.

                I’m especially getting a kick out of people crying collusion, particularly after the Ravens owner and GM have publicly said for darn near two years that they’re trying to get Lamar to meet with them and talk contract.

                Some of the language they have used in the press has been near begging.

                He simply has overplayed his hand.

                Since Watson got his deal, the league hasn’t followed suit.

                Kyler Murray couldn’t get a fully guaranteed deal. Russell Wilson (with the Broncos bent over backwards for leverage) couldn’t get a fully guaranteed deal. Aaron Rodgers got injury guarantees but not fully guaranteed.

                The league is treating the Browns situation as a one-off at this point.

                Lamar’s best play at this point may be to play on the tag and bet on a fully healthy year. Burrow and Herbert will sign mega deals this summer or fall, and if they can wrangle a fully guaranteed deal, Lamar might be able to join them after playing a full season and winning a playoff game or two.

              • CHaquesFan

                Where I’m lost is why they would collude – Lamar’s a former MVP and an electric talent

    • Rob Staton

      Spot on from Schefter

    • geoff u

      He’s a great player, but he hasn’t finished the last two seasons. Any team would be stupid to fully guarantee his contract.

  34. God Shammagod


    Lance Zierlein posted his big board recently, with only Carter and Anderson as “elite” prospects. He ranked the four quarterbacks lower than the consensus on SDB–he has their ceilings as “average NFL starters”. Any thoughts as to why he’s not as crazy about this year’s QB class? Is it because so much of the frenzy is based on potential instead of plays on tape?

    Thanks for your work, the dopamine hits when your articles come out.


    • Rob Staton

      Just his reading of the situation. He’s not alone.

      Last year he rated the QB’s far too highly IMO and it showed on draft day. He gave Ridder a 6.36 grade, Corral a 6.40 and Willis a 6.41.

      The idea that Stroud’s grade (6.46) could be so close to Willis’ is preposterous IMO. Or that Corral and Willis should be graded higher than Richardson (6.35) and Levis (6.30). For what it’s worth he also gave Drew Lock a 6.40 and Patrick Mahomes a 6.30. But it’s a game of opinions, Lance puts in the time and I 100% respect his view even if I strongly disagree.

      • God Shammagod

        Understood, maybe he’s overcorrecting for his (too high) rankings of the quarterbacks last year and being bullish this year as a result.

        Much has been said about Levis’s poor numbers this year due to the talent around him at Kentucky. I am terrified of him because he reminds me of a Jay cutler, or jake locker, over-reliant on his arm strength and will take shots on throws that worked in college, using velocity as his (sole) advantage. It also seems like a lot of his missed throws were due to deflections and dropped passes.

        Richardson, otoh, threw out of bounds more often and seemed to understand how to threaten a defense.

        Gun to my head, I’d bet on Richardson over Levis–are you trending the same way? is it fair to compare 2022 Levis with 2022 Richardson? Should we be doing a comparison of 2021 Levis and 2022 Richardson?

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t see Cutler or Locker in Levis at all to be honest

          I like all three of the bigger QB’s an awful lot

  35. DCSeattle

    I’m just looking forward to all the draft “experts” giving the Seahawks an F when they draft a QB at #5.

    • Big Mike

      “Just signed Geno to an extension”
      “Didn’t even need to go QB” (nm that Geno is 33)
      “Waste of a high pick”

  36. Robbie

    I’m starting to think if Richardson lasts to #4 that could be the guy for Indy. Shane Steichen can easily tell Jim Irsay “look what I can do with Hurts, I can make this guy even better!”

    • BK26

      I don’t think we can take the risk of missing out and not getting one of the Big 3. Give something for Arizona and get ahead of the Colts.

  37. Roy Batty

    The SEC guy Salk just had on was about as biased as I can remember.

    The guy shrugs off anything and everything positive about Levis and AR. It didn’t matter what was brought up, he shot it down, with Brock nodding along. No one challenged him on anything.

    On the flip side, he had no problem stating that Carter should go #1 and it’s not even close. He glossed over any conditioning issues as disproven and didn’t even get into his legal problems. Again, no one challenged him on anything.

    And, surprise, surprise, that SEC guy is a former Bulldog.

    • Big Mike

      I’ve always liked Brock a lot but from what people have said here, I’m disappointed in his opinions lately. Is it being a good soldier (shill for the team) like Wyman?

      • BK26

        Never been a fan. His player comps and projections are…preconceived and bad.

    • Rob Staton

      I know a great guest they could have on to offer some alternative views

      • Big Mike

        Hmmmmmm, pondering who that could be….🤔

      • JJ

        Stanger might not be available.

        • Rob Staton

          Darn it

  38. Mick

    Texans signing Jimmy G would be great news, they won’t draft a QB at 2, most likely go for Anderson, and that could make a top QB drop to us.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I think it’s entirely possible they draft a QB to learn behind JimmyG

      It may not be at #2 though. They may roll the dice on Hooker in the 2nd

  39. Tecmo Bowl

    “Now they can legitimately say to prospective free agents — ‘we reward success‘. That shouldn’t be underestimated the week before the market opens.”

    Excellent point Rob! That has to be a big selling point from JS\PC. A ‘prove it’ deal will be be rewarded here, if you earn it.

  40. EmperorMA

    I’m OK with the Geno contract, although I was in favor of letting him test the market. I get the optics of it all, though, and am now somewhat glad he has been signed. I’m hoping we can get something for him next year like perhaps a starting-level LB or a solid rotational DL. I am afraid we wouldn’t be able to get anything more than a 3rd round draft choice for him and even that might be too optimistic. Either way, I don’t put much value in round 3 draft picks so I’d just be happy unloading his salary if we were to take that option. Of course, this assumes we draft a potential QBOF this year.

    I do know that most folks here are excited about taking a QB at #5. I would obviously be OK with it if we get one of the big three (Stroud, Levis, Richardson) but I can’t tell you that any of those players are a “lock” to be an above-average NFL starting QB. I’d imagine the idea that all three could be busts is just as likely. If Pete and John like one of them, I’m all in, though.

    If they don’t like one well enough to pick him at #5, I’d be down with trading someone like the Raiders or Panthers by taking their round 1 pick and next year’s round 1 pick for our #5. Pete and John could then start preparing for drafting a QB next year by having the capital it would take to move up and get him. In this scenario, I’d still want them to pick a QB this year in rounds 3-7, but not one who is a developmental project but more of a polished, experienced player who could make the team as a solid backup with starter potential, a la Brock Purdy. You just might strike gold with such a player, as well. With all the draft capital they have this year, it is worth a shot.

  41. Bertelli

    My gut tells me that CHI will end up staying at #1 as they’re not scaring teams with the bluff of taking a QB and their asking price is too high. I do see some action coming at #2, though. I believe HOU will deal this pick to CAR, who will take A Richardson. #3 will be IND, who will swing a deal with ARZ to move up and take Stroud. This puts ARZ on the clock and I seem them taking either T Wilson or even B Robinson. This would leave us with either W Levis or B Young. Here’s how it looks:

    1 CHI W Anderson
    2 CAR A Richardson
    3 IND CJ Stroud
    4 ARZ Tyree Wilson
    5 SEA W Levis/B Young

    To sum it up, I believe we need to move up if we want Stroud or Richardson. If you’re fine w Levis or B Young, stay put.

    Slightly off-topic – Almost 30 years ago to the day, myself and other Seattleites were anxiously awaiting the upcoming 1993 NFL Draft where the Hawks had the #2 pick and needed a QB. We sure could have used a great forum like this to express our thoughts…..back then, you could only get a mock draft from your local newspaper on the day of the draft! Thanks for everything you do, Rob & others.

    By the way, only 3 QB’s were taken in the top 60 that year….Bledsoe, Mirer and Billy Joe Hobert! Hawks passed on Strahan at 30 to take C Gray CB UCLA

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see the Bears staying at #1

      They will take the best offer IMO even if it’s not mind-blowing

      I think Carolina will give them two firsts at least

      • Bertelli

        You’re probably right on CHI if they can get that kind of haul. I still think the #2 pick will be heavily in demand and I’d much rather trade with an AFC team than deal w ARZ. If we could get #2 for #5, 37 and 51, it would seem fair to me. Any thoughts on HOU? They seem like the team that could go either way in the draft.

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