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  1. cha

    Adam Schefter
    NFL veteran QB Davis Webb, who spent last season backing up Daniel Jones, is being hired as the Broncos’ QB coach, per sources. The 28-year-old Webb now will be coaching the 34-year-old Russell Wilson in his first NFL coaching job.

    • Roy Batty

      Oh, Denver, what hath thou wrought?

      Am I the only one expecting one of two outcomes:

      1. An implosion the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetimes.
      2. Wilson becomes contrite and focuses solely on football.

      My chips are all-in on option 1.

      • ukalex6674

        Why option 1? I don’t see it at all.

  2. Rob Staton

    The Rams are cutting Bobby Wagner

    • Roy Batty

      If he’s still toting that chip on his shoulder, I would expect him to sign with either the Cards or the Niners.

      • Rob Staton

        Just hope he signs somewhere else ASAP so we don’t have to hear an army of Seahawks fans banging on about bringing him back

        • cha

          Don’t worry they’re about to give Cody Barton a 3 year $14million contract. Just hasn’t been announced yet.

          • Rob Staton

            Don’t even joke about that

            • cha

              I thought you liked a bit of gallows humor.

              • Sea Mode

                We draw the line at a Barton extension lol. (cause it scares us to think how they might actually do it…)

              • Elmer

                At first I thought you were serious and got mad. Crap! What are you doing. The idea is to move FORWARD. Thanks for getting the adrenaline going!😩😩

                • cha

                  At first I thought you were serious

                  That’s the sad part isn’t it? Between Haynes and Bellore getting money, what I joked had enough sense to what has happened lately to maybe be considered legit.

        • Zeke

          Well I’d rather have Wagner @ $4M than Bellore

          • Rob Staton

            This is going to be such a long, boring, tiresome period until he signs somewhere, probably a long time after FA begins like last year

            • Elmer

              Vander Esch (so.?) is a FA. Do you think he could be a good fit?

      • Roy Batty

        And they’re eating $7.5 million in dead cap.


      • Hawkhawk

        Excited to see how TE Darnell Washington tests, I like his game

    • cha

      I hope that $10million was worth it, Rams.

  3. cha

    Rams just cut Bobby Wagner

    Adam Schefter
    Rams and nine-time All-Pro LB Bobby Wagner mutually agreed Thursday to part ways, sources tells ESPN.

    Rams needs more cap space and Wagner wants to win. He will now be a notable part of this year’s free-agent class.

  4. samprassultanofswat

    It will be interesting to see who Bobby Wagner signs with. Also, it will be interesting to see what a team is willing to offer Wagner. Bobby Wagner is one of the good guys in the NFL.

    BTW: Just read where Anthony Richardson is moving up the charts. Its seem that RIchardson is now in the conversation to be the number one overall pick..

    • Justaguy

      Richardson is off your “charts”

  5. Roy Batty

    Is that picture on the header showing the moment before the Collier pick?

    Pete looks like he’s saying, “Yeah, THAT’S the guy.”

    John looks like he’s thinking, “Oh, god, no.”

    • HOUSE

      What’s crazy is Rob mentioned that possibility about 4 months ago. Pundits are just catching up

  6. Ashish

    Rob, are you doing solo or with a guest?

    • Rob Staton

      I will be joined by Robbie & Adam

  7. Denver Hawker

    Surprising to no one, but makes me curious if this impacts timing for Seahawks sale.

    • Roy Batty

      If he pays a record amount, and you know he will, maybe that accelerates the Hawks sale.

      It takes so much time to actually sell a franchise, that it would perfectly align with a sale after May 2024. That’s the last date that the state is entitled to 10% of gross proceeds of the sale.

      As we approach this time next year, they might have someone lined up to buy the team, and finalize the sale by June or wait til after the season and do it in early 2025.

  8. Roy Batty

    Hearing Tariq Woolen describe Russell Wilson looking like a sack of potatoes after meeting him for the first time makes me love the guy that much more.

    It’s a hilarious clip.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m a bit bored of the Russ hate

      • Big Mike

        Thank you Rob.

      • pdway

        I push back on it now…recency bias is strong, esp on the internet…

        • Rob Staton

          Might be a very different dynamic around Wilson after a year of being coached by Sean Payton

          After all, if Geno Smith can turn his career around…

          • cha

            I’ve spent all my frustration with Russ. He “delivered” the #5 overall pick. Time to move on.

            Now I want Russ to take down Patrick Mahomes in the AFCW for the benefit of the rest of the NFL.

    • Mick

      I didn’t like the moment. Tariq is just a kid and Wilson will always be a symbol for Seattle.

    • 805Hawk

      I didn’t find it funny at all. Have some respect for one of the greatest to play in a Seahawks uniform, rookie. The revisionist history is driving me crazy.

      • ErickV

        Felt the same way. Kinda felt like channeling my inner Will Smith and tell Tariq to keep my quarterbacks name out of his F’in mouth.

    • 509 Chris

      The legion of boom doesn’t win that superbowl without Russ. He threw a lot of touchdowns that season, and I seem to remember some 4th quarter heroics too. It sucks that things ended the way they did but Russ brought a lot of joy for all of us as fans for years. The seahawks would have been like sacksonville (or whatever the jags were getting called a few years ago) after the lob fell apart if it wasn’t for Dangeruss carrying the franchise through everything. I’ll admit maybe Pete kept the cuffs on for better reason than we believed at the time, but Russ was still an amazing qb and during the first decade of his career statistically was behind only Brady and Rodgers in almost every category. Revisionist history indeed.

  9. Justaguy


    • Justaguy

      Oops meant as a reply

  10. Peter

    Have to say. Still love this line up. Hopefully there can be one or two more with combine and free agency.

    Awesome work Rob, Robbie, and Adam.

  11. Sea Mode


    • Mick

      I’ll have Wagner back on a one year, vet minimum deal. They could have offered the same to KJ.

  12. Sea Mode

    He drop any other tidbits?

    Brady Henderson

    Interesting note from Schneider on the scouting process and the breadth of players they study. Said they started with around 1,150 and, in the last couple weeks, have whittled it down to around 300 on whom they have a draftable grade. It’ll drop to ~220-250 after the combine.

  13. Sea Mode

    Canales on the OCs he’s worked with:

    • TatupuTime

      It’s a super interesting little read.

  14. Denver Hawker

    I think this was widely speculated, especially here- now being reported Russ gave the “them or me” :

    • Trevor

      Not surprising and the Hawks clearly made the right move but Russ had a point PC/ JS had been dismal for 5-6 yrs prior to last off season. The Russ trade clearly marked a transition and new beginning for the front office and I hope they keep it going this off season by not paying Geno big $ or big money to bring back Bobby. Stick to the plan and keep adding as much young cheap talent as possible.

    • no frickin clue

      My first reaction was that I was not surprised by this rumor.

      My 2nd reaction was that it is getting increasingly difficult to square Russ’ desired public persona with the apparent reality. For all of his interest in brand management, it’s tough to argue that you’re a clean-living Man of God when you work behind the scenes to enact a palace coup.

      The core issue I think many people have with Russ is his inability to be authentic. He never wants his fingerprints on any of the behind the scenes stuff. Like in Feb. 2022 when he started talking in interviews about how he “hoped” to remain a Seahawk. Dude. You had a no-trade clause. If you don’t want to be traded, then you’re not getting traded. I think he’d have won more respect from the fans if he simply said that he and Pete had creative differences and it would probably better for all involved if he moved. But he can’t bring himself to say anything incongruent with his brand goals, and so most of us who have listened to him over the years, we know we’re only getting what he wants us to think.

      I do hope he turns around the ship with Payton this year. For all of his inauthenticity, he still helped bring my team a championship 10 years ago.

    • cha

      Seahawks trying to win the breakup still. Great.

      None of this is surprising.

      My only takeaway is how badly the “Seahawks are never trading Russ and you’re stupid for even suggesting it” reporters and media were off the mark. Like, maybe you should reevaluate your profession off the mark.

      • Rob Staton

        Seahawks trying to win the breakup still. Great.

        Exactly what it is

        • Matt

          This fanbase is really difficult to be apart of. There is a hubris and holier than thou element that I can’t get past with many of these people.

          If you were to never watch RW play or live here; you’d have thought he was the worst QB in the NFL history on top of being a bad person. I can’t stand it. Was never a huge RW guy, but the slander and revisionism is out of control.

          This becoming truly pathetic.

          • cha

            The ‘my country right or wrong’ mentality of the fanbase is out of control.

            The number of times you want to have a discussion about how they can improve – and to do that you have to first identify the problem – only to be met with revisionist history and holding up middling results as evidence they are on the right track, is amazing.

            • Big Mike

              “middling results”

            • Matt

              Spot on.

              All most of us want is a conversation where different ideas can be discussed about how to proceed forward.

          • Huggie Hawk

            Actually what’s insufferable are people like you on this blog creating a false image of “the fanbase” to bash, in order to make yourself feel superior.

            • Matt

              Huggie – I know you are very emotional about my stance; but outside of this blog – this fanbase is unwilling to have dialogue about moving forward while being hysterical about RW. He can’t hurt you anymore. It’s time to move on.

              I’m not trying to be superior here. I’m trying to have conversations, which again, outside of this blog, is becoming nigh impossible with this fanbase.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            I may be wrong here, but I would say that this is how it is with almost any fan base for any professional team. Always has been. Seattle is not special in that regard. We just have social media to expose it.

    • Peter

      Meh. Sources or no go for me.

      I’m fully over the bespoke Wilson coverage.

      There have been actual factual murderers, domestic abusers, sexual assault perpetrators, people that have killed people in DUI’s, a guy running a dog fighting ring playing in the NFL.

      Best I can gather about Wilson is he’s the villain because he wanted to move on like many of us at jobs or marriage. After his boss, John, wanted to get rid of him. He’s corny according to his social media which btw whatever platform you use or don’t is fake. He standoffish says his teammates who literally can not let it go. His name is an a charity….oh wait that turned out to be a non story.

      And people have had the chance to drive traffic to their platforms because of him. Wilson sucking was the best thing that ever happened to several dozen YouTube.

      • Denver Hawker

        It’s definitely reached the beating a dead horse phase of coverage. I don’t know anyone outside the media and a few pathological Seahawks fans who really give a shit anymore. Denver fans have moved on already and it was much worse for them last year.

        • Peter

          Denver fans had it rough.

          But should be mildly excited to see what Sean Payton can bring.

          Though I think he should have kept the DC.

          • Denver Hawker

            Definitely. This report also highlights how Russ wanted Peyton so that’s what they’re taking away from it.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s definitely reached the beating a dead horse phase of coverage.


          It’s high time everyone moved on

          • Madmark

            I already have moved on but I will say this I’m grateful that Russel Wilson was here to win a Super Bowl win and that’s all I have to say.

          • Elmer

            Yes, please! For me, all of this creates compassion for RW the person more than anything else. Let’s keep focused on the 2023 Seahawks.

      • Matt

        This is perfect.

      • Big Mike

        Not to mention any number of posters here.

        • DC1234

          This is my take on the Russ situation.

          Its a win for the seahawks. They traded a player in his prime and got a haul in return. You can say Pete/John had foresight and saw the impending decline. Idk

          Pete/John needs to keep this mentality for the future. Learn from what the chiefs just did and traded Tyreek Hill. Picked Hill in the fifth round. Got excellent value during his rookie deal and move on when he is asking for too much in salary.

          No more overpaying your own players (Bellore/Haynes). Please dont overpay for Geno.

          • Hoberk Unce

            They traded a player in his prime and got a haul in return.

            Haul yes, but you can make a case that he wasn’t in his prime. He hasn’t played a quality quarter of football since his finger injury.

  15. Trevor

    Rob another great video and really like your ideas for the off season.

    Don’t like the idea of trading #38 to Washington for the right to pay Payne $20 mil + for a couple of reasons. First is that prior to this year he was a solid not spectacular DT on a loaded DL. This year he was great but can he be that type of player if he is focus of the other teams protection schemes instead of being an after thought like he was in Washington. Second that pick at 38 is the ideal spot to take a guy like Benton, Mazi Smith or perhaps even Kancey. You could then add a guy like Derrick Nadi or David Oneymata plus a quality LB like Germaine Pratt or Termaine Edmunds for the $20 + mil allocated to Payne.

    So basically I think a combination of Benton, Nadi, Pratt or even better Kancey, Oneymata, Edmunds you more bang for your buck than Payne if that makes any sense.

    • Peter

      Trevor you make some good points. I do think Payne could be a one man wrecking crew but there’s some sense for sure to load up in a few pieces.

      Some value veterans to mix in with one to two draft picks might make more sense.

    • Ok


      I like the train of thought, and specifics you present.
      I personally would prefer Payne: marquee player at a good age, and less the ‘value’ approach the hawks have used in the past.

      Good shout tho

    • 509 Chris

      The advantage to Payne is even if he doesn’t hit last year’s form for the next 2 or 3 years he’ll still be a good presence and make plenty of plays at a position that has very few blue chip players. I look at Frank Clark a lot. Statistically he’s not really blown it out of the water in KC but he shows up big in the moments it really matters and has definitely played a big role in both superbowl wins. I see Payne that way. Kancey or Benton might be good, or even great, but it’s a gamble and will take a couple years to find out. Payne seems to just now be coming into his form. I can agree with you though that anytime you pay a guy close to 10% of the cap you really want him to be a big contributor.

  16. cha

    March 8, 2022 RW traded and then Bobby cut.

    Let the healing and the sanity begin.

    Feb 23-24, 2023. RW smear dirt and Bobby cut again.

    Anyone care to guess what the headlines in Feb-Mar 2024 will be?

    RW and Bobby face off in the Super Bowl?

  17. Matt

    What’s happening with Seattle fans is that the hot chick dumped them and they are trying to pretend she was never good in the first place. They are also trying to Peter end their new woman (Geno) is just that much better, and yes in fact, “we never think about you, Russ.”

    Man…I’m really struggling to not outright despise this fanbase.

    • Big Mike


      Now the hot chick did gain 25 lbs since the breakup, but they all also know it’s possible she loses that weight and becomes homecoming queen next year. What are they gonna say then?

      • Matt

        I just wish everybody would move on. I was never even a big RW guy but can’t stand what’s going on and feel the urge to defend him from this ridiculous stuff.

    • Huggie Hawk

      This is a terrible and inaccurate take. This is pretty close to a straw man argument.

      • Matt

        I’d invite you to take a gander at Seahawks Twitter; this is reality. It’s over the top and embarrassing.

        • Brett

          If I had to guess, I’d say of the total Seattle fanbase (people who go to or watch the games), probably 30% are on Twitter. A study came out last year that said 23% of Americans are on Twitter and I think the nature of the platform enhances a vocal minority. Twitter can be handy for a number of things, but it =/= reality.

          • Matt

            I don’t disagree but my comment is on the fanbase that is vocal on social media. I obviously don’t know what’s going on in the heads of people who aren’t actively fans on the internet.

            So I’ll amend my statement saying the “active fanbase on the Internet is becoming unbearable.”

            • Brett

              I hear you and am really just covering my own ass. I left Twitter a few weeks ago because I just found it to be too mentally draining and don’t consider myself a part of Seahawks Twitter and don’t want to be lumped in with them lol. I hope that the “silent majority” of the fanbase not on Twitter are more sensible, though I guess you wouldn’t really know except on blogs like this.

              • Matt

                We are on the same page.

                For the portion of the fanbase that engages in this stuff – very few are willing to have real dialogue.

                And I get you on Twitter. I deleted my account and started just an account for my baseball coaching. The algorithm has picked up on sports and Seattle so I’m inundated with Seahawks Twitter despite not following these folks.

                I let my frustration get the best of me because Rob’s site shows what is possible – rigorous debate, mulling ideas…I mean Rob presents so many “options” with good rationale and still, it’s never good enough. This is the line and you must toe it.

                Cheers to a good weekend.

  18. ErickV

    Was watching a clip about the Russ stuff from “ The Carton Show” and I stopped watching as soon as they started making personal digs at Russ and saying how his wife should leave him. That made me pretty angry, I’m not gonna lie. Fox Sports , do better.

  19. Peter

    Watching one of Rob’s competitors this morning….I kid about competition of course but I think I have found the apotheosis of Seattle fandom.

    Apparently because we were pretty competitive for one half of football against our arch nemesis that’s all we need to know about how good we really are.

    That drafting a rookie qb is a waste because the (unsigned) current qb is more interesting then many realize that’s how we build teams.

    And that since we most likely won’t be picking this high again (???!!) That’s why qb is a bad move.

    It’s like the laws of physics, space, and time just don’t exist. Water doesn’t find its level. And 33 year old qbs with a season of tape in a new system have never been found out.

    What is going on?

    • Big Mike

      risk aversion, pure and simple

      • Peter

        It’s wild that you and I have been Seattle sports fans so long that this is literally the song that never ends in that city.

        Can’t let players go.

        Everyone injured is going to come back better.

        That time they flashed is the real player just wait and see.

        This is why I brought it up on the podcast about packaging picks to move up..

        Not that they need to but one year ago…..we were certain they’d go hard for a qb. Now we’re set did I just watch the wrong seahawks all season?

        • Big Mike

          Well summed up. No idea why it’s like this up here. Maybe it’s the endless dreary weather and if there’s a ray of sunshine of any kind, these people glom on to it like a remora on a shark.

    • 509 Chris

      I watch a guy on YouTube sometimes called Brandon Nelson. He’s usually down to earth on most of his takes and just kind of reports what’s going on around the team. Most of the seahawks content is just insane though. A lot of fan bases want their team to win so they hold them accountable but I feel like it starts at the local media, and Seattle’s local outfits have always been pretty soft on our teams. My wife is from Green Bay though and Packers fans can be pretty delusional too. Maybe it’s a smaller city media thing?

      • Peter

        I’ll watch almost all of them for different reasons.

        I like Nelson. He creates some wildly varied stuff that keeps it interesting.

        Just a ton of stuff seems to center around Pete, Pete’s legacy, Pete’s coaching, hope so and so does well because it’ll reflect well on Pete.

        It’s the seahawks.

        Not the pete-hawks.

        Or the unwavering faith that Geno is gonna rule forever. Hell maybe he does. But the completely blind faith with no mixing it up drives me batty.

        Part of why Robs site rules is the zillion permutations. Carter at five? Check. How to build with geno? Check. Hey folks maybe hooker in the second round.

        You don’t have to like all or even any of it but there’s some stuff to sink your teeth into.

  20. cha

    NFL on ESPN

    “I can’t remember a bigger variance league-wide on a feeling about a QB than Anthony Richardson.”


    • Rob Staton

      Not surprised at all

      I think if you’re running a scheme like Shanahan — we’ve seen that you need someone who can run it. Trying to insert an athlete in there doesn’t necessarily work

      But if you are running an offense that is prepared to tailor to his physical tools, like Josh Allen, it can be a huge positive

      • Rob4q

        Interesting…and I agree. It really makes their decision to go after Trey Lance a strange one for sure. And giving up all that they did too!

  21. AL

    Interesting thought this morning, what if Jody had fired PC & Js, kept RW and hired Sean Payton…

    Well, I’m sure glad that didn’t happen. Theres a certain level of comfort knowing that PC & Js are driving the ship, no surprises in free agency thus far and high expectations for the draft and the season!

    Hey how about the Phil Haynes and Nick Bellore signings, you have to hand it to Js, he was able to sign those two talented players before the rest of the NFL was able to scoop them up and all for the tidy sum of 8 mil, I know right! Lets be honest, it’s hard to find soon to be age 34 special teams aces in the NFL, just doesn’t happen and all for what, just 4 mil. We are sooooo lucky as a fan base!

    But, now that we spent 8 mil of our 31 mil in cap space, are we still going to have enoug money to convence Poona Ford, Cody Barton and Ryan Neal to resign with the expected pay raises? And lets not forget Austin Blythe and the job he did last season. Sure hope Js has that contract in the works!

    Wait, hold on, almost forgot the elephant in the room, QB. We don’t have a QB signed yet. Think about that… If we fill out our roster, how are we going to be able to afford Geno Smith? Or any other free agent QB? Wow, I can’t wait to see Js work his magic on that one!

    I heard Justin Fields might be available, just a thought…

    Not lookin like there will be much money left over for any big name free agent acquisitions though.

    Yup, just another typical Seahawks off season. I can sit back, relax and just enjoy the ride! No surprises. Run it back with the same roster, because we all know were just a few players away, box checked. No risky big name free agent signings, check. No major losses from our talented coaching staff, check!

    Yes sir, this ships on cruise control, no deviations from prior off seasons. PC and Js have it under control, so quit worrying, sit back relax and let the magic happen! Trust in Pete Carroll.

    Like you thought you had a choice

    • Big Mike

      Now that I’m done crying, I’ll comment: until Jody sells and/or Carroll’s contract expires, we have ZERO choice
      but you already knew that. Great post man.

      • AL

        Thanks Mike, it is kind of depressing.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      no surprises in free agency thus far

      Well we’re still 3 weeks away from the opening of FA, so not sure what surprises you’re expecting at this point

      and high expectations for the draft

      Based on the last draft, my expectations are quite high

      Hey how about the Phil Haynes and Nick Bellore signings, you have to hand it to Js, he was able to sign those two talented players before the rest of the NFL was able to scoop them up and all for the tidy sum of 8 mil

      I exchanged perspectives with cha about the Haynes extension previously and I get his point. Why not structure the deal more like they did with Geno’s 2022 deal? Lower base guarantee with more incentives. Especially with a guy who only started a handful of games last year.

      I can’t argue with the logic of that. But I think it’s hard to argue that the roughly $2m in difference between what Haynes signed for and what cha proposed is somehow gonna make the difference in 2023. And just because we don’t think Haynes has a FA market doesn’t mean anything, unless you want to claim inside knowledge. It could be Seattle saved some money taking him off the market early.

      Taken by itself, there’s nothing about the Haynes deal that should concern anyone. He’s the 27th highest paid OG for 2023 — dead middle of the road for the position. Moreover, signing him now sets them up to move on from Jackson (a net gain on the cap of $2.5m before incentives) and gives them some freedom with respect to OG in the draft.

      I fully understand that it’s ‘of a piece’ with some other questionable extensions they’ve done in the last few years. I’d add Bellore’s deal to that heap. I’m not a fan of $3.75m in 2023 (let alone beyond) for his production on the field. But I don’t think that’s all he’s being compensated for. He’s practically a player-coach at this point. And just because I can’t see his contribution on Sunday afternoons doesn’t mean he’s not worth the money. I may not agree with it, but I can understand it.

      Wait, hold on, almost forgot the elephant in the room, QB. We don’t have a QB signed yet.

      Wait, you want them to sign Geno early? For big money (because that’s the only way he’d sign early)? I thought we were all in agreement they should NOT do that.

      Please don’t come back and tell me to lighten up because you’re just joking. You’re not just joking, you’re also grinding. And that’s your right.

      As is my right to step in and say I think the basis of your grind is poorly substantiated and petty. As is your insult of Schenider by not capitalizing his last initial.

      Happy Friday everyone

      • Chris

        ” it’s hard to argue that the roughly $2m in difference between what Haynes signed for and what cha proposed is somehow gonna make the difference”

        Unfortunately it’s not $2m in difference. It’s $2m here, and $2m there, and $1.5m there, and 2.5m there, etc, etc, etc.

        There’s a systemic problem in their decision-making process that appears on nearly all their signings.

      • AL

        Blitzy, come on.

        Every year they blow all their FA money on over paying their own free agents. They don’t have a QB signed. Please, tell me what outside of the organization big name free agents or any free agents for that matter are they going to be able to afford?

        You think Haynes and Bellore are good/ok signings, opinions vary

        I honestly hope they don’t sign Geno and really doubt they will be able to afford him anyways.

        If your ok with and support Pete and John thats ok, but I’m not going to apologize for voicing my frustration with them.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I don’t think Bellore is a good signing. But I understand why they did it. I’d call it an investment in locker room morale. He’s remarkably popular among his teammates, in large part for his work ethic and enthusiasm. Rewarding him after a (relatively) long career is good business. I wish it wasn’t that much, but what am I gonna do?

          I don’t think Haynes is a bad signing. It’s reasonable money for one season for a decent OG. It may not be a good signing by itself, but when you factor in the savings of moving on from Jackson and not being forced to take an OG early, it’s reasonable. I am so much happier paying Haynes as much as $5m than I would be paying Jackson any amount, let alone another $1.5m on top of that.

          I don’t support or oppose Schneider or Carroll. You said it — we don’t have a choice.

          Like you, I’ve taken my criticisms of both here many times. Neither of us is right, neither is wrong.

          But at least we agree about Geno

      • James P

        But that’s a problem right there. If we’re making him the 27th highest paid guard that means we’re paying OG1 money for a guy who whilst promising has never proved he’s starter material.

  22. cha

    Just sort of mentally free-associating out loud here.

    Rob did a podcast in Feb 2021 I think that was something like ‘Why RW could save the Seahawks.’ The premise was PC was stale and not getting the job done on his end and Russ was/could be using his position to effect positive change in the org to elevate them to contenders.

    It is possible, that through all this ugliness, that is exactly what is happening.

    Russ forced the trade, and through that forced PC and JS to take a hard reflective look at things. Maybe (as has been speculated) Jodi gave JS more control over the draft.

    Result – the best Seahawk offseason in years. A great 2022 draft, a nice addition in Nwosu and some pretty smart decisions made about the QB spot.

    Would all of that happened if Russ hadn’t forced things?

    I wonder.

    Not that Russ was right or wrong, or Pete and John were right or wrong. But the end result put the Seahawks on the path to finally get pointed toward improving.

    • Red

      It seems like the breakup was the best thing for the hawks, regardless of who stayed or not. The split forced PC/JS to take a step back and hopefully look at how they had been doing things are realized they had strayed for what worked for them prior. They then had a draft where they took who they thought were BPA and high character folks, leading to our best draft in almost a decade.
      No idea how it would have played out if Russ had stayed, but I for one am rooting for him to get back to the top now that the draft ramifications are over, the russ hate is tiring, He did a lot for the city. He has his flaws for sure, but we all do.
      My biggest concern is that PC/JS will abandon some the standards they set last offseason and revert back to old ways, thinking we are closer to competing than we actually are. The Haines and Bellore signings look a little like the old ways, but I think we have to give them the benefit of the doubt after last year and hope they continue on that renewed path and build for 2024/2025.
      This is one of the most exciting offseasons in recent history for me. Big thank you to you and Rob for the great work, its made me really enjoy the breakup and watching where this team is headed.

    • Submanjoe

      It’s like the chicken or the egg, what came first. Of course the Seahawks were relying on Russ to carry them. Of course when Russ was gone the Seahawks had to change. But would the Seahawks have ever changed if Russ had stayed? Would Russ have ever carried the Seahawks further than the 2nd round of the playoffs? The whole situation had become untenable. Good for Russ for wanting to force something. Good for John for being willing to look at other qbs before Russ was gone. Pete? Stubborn SOB.

      It seems to me that all the great QBs have carried the team they were on, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable that the Seahawks and us fans all expected Russ to carry the team. We just get into the minutiae of what exactly carrying a team means.

      • Big Mike

        The only problem with your post is it fails to take into account horrible drafting during the last 5 years of Russell’s time in Seattle. Had they drafted better it might have been a different story.

    • Gross MaToast

      As someone who is in Year 3 of trying to get Pete and John fired, I think there’s likely a lot of truth in this, although we’ll never know – at least until Pete writes ‘Win Forever II – Winning From Time to Time.’

      Also, buried in the context here, is that they took RW for granted and didn’t surround him with choice pieces. I think we’ve covered that in great detail over several months-long stretches for years.

      I agree that the fallout from the trade likely shook up the status quo enough for Pete to lose total and complete power over every aspect of the franchise and John is now the GM. The next step is to take away his ability to hire assistant coaches.

      Rob – hell of a week, man. Great stuff.

      • vbullen65

        “Winning From Time to Time”-that was funny as hell and made me laugh out loud!

    • Big Mike

      Your post cha, your post Red and your post Gross are perfect examples of why I only frequent this site to talk Hawks. Well thought out and level headed. Throw in Rob’s always strong content and I’m here nearly daily and more than once.

  23. qwert

    So happy to have you say “Best Player Available”

    This team needs quality players. The SB teams this year had how many pro bowl and All Pro players? 6 each?

    The Seahawks need talent anywhere they can find it. If they just go BPA for the entire draft I think they will be well served.

  24. Old but Slow

    My needs are simple, good food and spirits, a snug roof, transportation, a QB at #5, and a team that can execute and defend the screen pass.

    • TatupuTime

      For first four all seem like sound and reasonable desires, but a Seahawks team that can execute and defend the screen just seems fantastically far fetched to me.

    • Madmark

      I thought I was replying to your post but it posted on the website. I’m old so I’m blaming it on the phone.

  25. Peter

    Watching John with Wyman on YouTube and a thought came to me.

    This cartoonishly symbiotic relationship has one benefit ad I see it.

    If John drafts a qb, moves up for a qb. Heck doesn’t resign Geno (btw I think geno gets resigned) these folks will ride a unicycle, juggling flaming batons through a wall….THAT day to say how it tge smartest decision ever made. Even if they think Geno is the best QB to ever don the blue and green one minute before it happens.

    If it does that is.

    • Big Mike

      Wyman do John’s bidding? Say it isn’t so.

    • Peter

      Hope Rodgers can also play dline at Paynes level and mlb.

    • Rob Staton

      More chance I’m the next Bond

      • james Cr.

        At least you would be better than Lazenby!

        • cha

          Personally I loved OHMSS.

          • James Cr.

            I did too! Movie itself was great, just not a fan of Lazenby as Bond.

      • BobbyK

        You’re in decent shape though. Never say never.


        Win Forevever! Except when you trade for Jamal Adams.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think the world is ready to see a Bond going around in a Top Gun Maverick hat

    • Mick

      We don’t have the money to pay him. And thanks but no thanks, I would so much prefer a hungry youngster.

      • Big Mike

        ditto and ditto

      • BK26

        I’d rather spend a week stubbing my toe over and over again….

        • Sea Mode

          I laughed…

    • cha

      I would need a 4 day darkness retreat to process this.

      • Peter


    • Madmark


    • BobbyK

      Going against the grain, I’d totally take Rodgers and be happy about it. With anything, it depends the cost though. If there’s no picks left to go defense early and often – then we’re not winning the Super Bowl anyway so who cares? Good thing we spent $8 million recently on a guard who isn’t great and an old special teams player. Using that money “wisely” again, I see.

  26. Gaux Hawks

    When should we expect a Ryan Neal extension?

    🙏 🙏 🙏

    • BobbyK

      5 years, $75 million with $50 guaranteed ought to do it! BJ Finney coming back again, too.

  27. Madmark

    I love your comments Old and Slow you have be at least as old as me. You make to much sense. I’m going give you a hint at how old I am. The first Super Bowl I remember watching with Dad and 3 older brothers was the Dolphin undefeated season with the no name defense of which to this day I can’t tell you the name of them. Pittsburgh and Steel Curtain was my favorite team for a few reasons. First off Seattle didn’t have a team, my Dad was a Cowboys fan, and I was playing LB at the Eastside Boys Club. I remember when Seattle and Tampa Bay came into the league before free agency and they had 12 round drafts. A lot people don’t all the teams that year got 7 picks and the 2 expansion teams got all 5 of the other teams so they could fill out roster. I do remember Seattle traded there 1 round pick to the Cowboys who drafted Tony Dorsey. I old and I’m lucky to have work hard to have the amendables you talked about.
    Pick 5 I think JS returns to his Green Bay roots and drafts a QB. They always had drafted Qb on the bench on a rookie contract. When we pick I see 2 QBs on the board and JS will at that time walk over Shane Waldron an him which one he wants for his offense. You analyzed that one of the oldest plays in football the the screen pass Seattle definitely have a major problem running it and defending it. I will wish the best Old and Slow sitting in my warm house drinking a pint of Danish Ale.

    • Joe Strummer

      I remember the first Super Bowl, not because anyone in Seattle back then cared about it, but because on the same day my Dad took me and some neighborhood kids to the Seattle Auto Show, where we saw the Batmobile. That and the Camaros, Firebirds, and Mustangs made the day memorable for us nine or ten years-olds.

      • Big Mike

        I’m so old I’ve seen every Super Bowl. I was 10 when the first one was played in January of ’67. I did have to VHS a couple in the 90s and watch them a few hours after the conclusion of the game due to work commitments, but I faithfully did so to make sure I never missed one.

        • Old but Slow

          My hint is that I was born during World War II.

  28. Cawww

    I was looking into free agents on the younger side, trying to see if there was anyone that could be similar to the Nwosu signing. Rob has mention Zach Allen a few times recently, he would be a solid signing.

    But I came across David Long, the Titans LB. He is 26, graded well via PFF (76.2), and ran a 4.45 at the 2019 combine; however, he does seem undersized (5’11” 225). Anyone have further thoughts on him?

    • Ben

      There are nine sub-6′ LBs in the NFL according to PFF and 4 of them scored 74+ grade. One of them was Nakobe Dean who went in the 3rd round in the 2022 NFL Draft, but he only played 47 snaps.

      Long at 225 is smaller than the other highly graded LBs mentioned at 237 and 240 lbs. But his run defense grade is 4th best in the league. Of course, who knows how much that counts for when Bobby Wagner is top of the list in Run Defense and graded 1st overall, then just got cut by the Rams.

    • Ralphy

      I don’t love offense with the second first round pick but it’s a better mock.

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